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Delegate Intimidation at the Democratic Convention

In Obama’s Democratic Party you are disloyal if you aren’t thrilled to vote for the Presumed Nominee.

Commenters fred & fif brought a frightening story linked by Count Us Out to our attention:

Colorado Democrats Threaten Delegate’s Status (The Denver Channel)

An e-mail sent from the Political Director of the Colorado Democratic Party threatened the status of a national delegate, alleging she made “disparaging public remarks” about Sen. Barack Obama.

. . .

Millstone acknowledged she was frustrated over how the Obama campaign was treating delegates who supported Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and told a fellow delegate, in what she believed was a private e-mail exchange, that she was not sure she could vote for Obama at the Democratic National Convention later this month.

The other delegate apparently filed a complaint with the state Democratic Party suggesting Millstone lose her status as a delegate.

Apparently the Political Director of Colorado’s Democratic Party, William Compton, took the suggestion very seriously and told Millstone via e-mail, “You are directed to come in to the Party Headquarters and explain your comments and why you should remain a national delegate…”Millstone, who worked on the campaign for Hillary Clinton, considered the e-mail a threat.

We’ve all heard the story of Debra Bartoshevich a Wisconsin Hillary Delegate who was ultimately stripped of her credentials for rashly pledging to vote for McCain if Obama gets the nomination. And while I’m beyond saddened by the harshness of her treatment (as with all stories this one had wheels within wheels,) I can understand the logic.

But, with this development we learn that planning to vote for Hillary – the winner of at over 18 million Democratic votes – is an act of defiance. An act of Disunity.

Friends, we’ve never been here before.

In every other year contenders for the nomination have their name entered in nomination with little or no hoo-haw. They get a nice nomination speech. Their delegates wave signs and cheer. They cast their votes with lovely preludes (“We proudly cast 24 votes for the Great Senator from…“). We’ve never analyzed these activities. It’s always been a part of the show, part of the fun. Nominations are part the pageantry of the convention.

But not for Hillary Clinton. Not for Hillary’s delegates. Not for Hillary’s 18 million voters.

Looking back at the 2008 Primary season and the steady chanting of “When will that Stupid Bitch Quit” we should have foreseen this summer’s efforts. We should have known that we’d have to work for a presence in Denver.

But HOW could we have ever expected that Hillary’s pledged delegates would be threatened for wanting to stay true to their pledge?

I DO want Hillary back. But, even more, I want my party back.

122 Responses

  1. I have no idea why this crap even is surprising at this point.

    I am most glad that these delegates have not gone quietly. I’m sure there are others who are being intimidated and not saying anything.

  2. My husband has a cousin who used to be a high-ranking worker/minister for the Southern Baptist Association. Back in the late 80’s, he ended a visit with, “Pray for us before our annual convention next week. We are being overtaken by fundamentalists who want power, have lots of money, and defame you if you don’t support them.” His wife said bluntly,” They are thugs.” They were right, and they did take over the SBA and they were the ground work for the evangelical takeover of the Republican Party.

    We’re seeing the same thing in our Party, and the impetus is from people who work for the Dems. It’s funded by activist thugs of a religious/political movement [some form of Black Liberation] by the likes of Brazile & Daughtry, sympathetic white liberals looking for more power, and a front man who may or may not further their agenda [just like we weren’t sure of Bush]. Daughtry is having a powerful role in keeping Hillary out of nomination.

    It reminds me of the old Yes, Prime Minister/Yes, Minister, only the party workers [civil servants] succeeded in taking over with a vengeance.

  3. Katiebird – this is so well-done. Brava!

    I’ve got a slightly different view on this issue. Seems to me that The Chicago Way has taken over The Party Formerly Known as Democratic (PFKD).

  4. “But, with this development we learn that planning to vote for Hillary – the winner of at over 18 million Democratic votes – is an act of defiance. An act of Disunity.”

    Backers want Clinton nominated at convention
    “Since 1884, we’ve had a roll-call vote. … It’s a nominating convention, not a coronation,” said Garry Mauro

    We are clearly in new territory, the Democrats are keeping the top contender with the popular vote off the floor and from a roll call vote. Why? WHY? WHY?

    It is no longer about Hillary, but rather about the VOTERS and Hillary as a citizen of The United States of America. The voter’s rights are being tossed out the window and her rights as a citizen (candidate) both are being abridged. When will it STOP!

    NEW VOTER’S RIGHTS ACT is needed to reform the parties and to protect the VOTERS as VOTING RIGHTS ARE CIVIL RIGHTS! We will not surrender our CIVIL RIGHTS EVER!

  5. Katiebird, Gov. Rendell send a letter to Hillary delegates asking them not to sign the 300 petitions because of negociations going on. on the pumapac.org
    Why are we even talking about negociations? Since when mandated delegates have to negociate their votes. And what’s wrong about voting undecided or abstaining if O is the only choice. Isn’t it how FREE elections/nominations are defined? This is not my party.

  6. My father says that Obama is like the communists in Cuba, what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine and remeber vote for Fidel!

  7. A mass walkout from the convention would be loverly teevee for the nation, wouldn’t it? 👿

    What the hell is the party coming to? This ain’t no way to promote “unity”.

  8. Now is not the time for us to back down. When I called the PA DNC this morning the idiot on the phone said the letter was send to the delegates because they still weren’t sure what Senator Clinton wanted and that it was all being worked out with the Obama campaign. I told him that she has said she wants her name put into nomination. I asked if he has seen the video and that I had heard her say it in person. He was so fucking dismissive. I said what about our votes, why did we we bother voting if they aren’t going to count and he said “well, that is a very narrow view”. WTF?

  9. FrenchNail – I called Rendell’s Northeast office – the mailbox was full and no one answered. LOL!

    I am borrowing Carol’s signoff:


  10. The Delegate Walk Out idea was something I heard when I was in DC for the 05/31 “rip-off”!
    I’m SOoooo SCARED that Obama WILL PICK HILLARY!!
    Why else would he give up that “JOINT” APPEARANCE Photo-Op??
    On Sunday I was able to say to her FACE:FACE…

  11. There’s no doubt that massive fraud has occurred this primary. I think you’re right that this is the reason we’re hearing a renewal of the ‘Hillary lost fair & square and it’s because she’s ran a bad campaign’ meme that’s currently yelling it’s way through all forms of media.

  12. Oh, did Obama win 2,209 delegates and just forgot to tell the rest of us? Right.

  13. Angry Black Guy: Our candidate didn’t lose and yours didn’t win. The democratic process calls for Hillary’s name to be put into nomination and that we have an honest and open roll call and convention. Why is that not happening. Do you have a problem with that?

    I’m surprised anyone still supports him after his flip flops especially on FISA. What? Did he inspire you? The guy is an empty suit lying hypocrite who isn’t qualified to even be a senator. Go away and kiss my ass.

  14. “I said what about our votes, why did we we bother voting if they aren’t going to count and he said “well, that is a very narrow view”. WTF?”-PUMA-SF

    They are suspending our VOTER’S RIGHTS to nominate him! Anything for ‘The One’. If our votes don’t count NOW, why vote in November?

    A NEW VOTER’S RIGHTS ACT is needed!

  15. Woman Voter: you got that right. Apparently, the DNC only wants Barky’s money and they don’t really care about winning back the White House.

  16. “The guy is an empty suit lying hypocrite who isn’t qualified to even be a senator.”

    Or hall monitor. Just thought I’d throw that in, while we’re assessing the status of his “qualifications” ‘n’ all.

  17. Why do you support Obama, what legislation did he get passed that impressed you so?

  18. The Delegate Walk Out idea was something I heard when I was in DC for the 05/31 “rip-off”!

    tpt/ny, I’m not sure what you mean by “rip-off.

  19. It’s amazing how Obama’s supporters still manage to play the victim no matter what happens, isn’t it?

    What about MEEEEEEEEEE?

    How ridiculous. Is your candidate getting nominated at the Convention with no muss or fuss?

    Then shut the f*ck up.

  20. edwardian: right or even a crossing guard.

  21. OMG, my assigned troll ‘Angry Black Guy’ has followed me?!?




    I am being stalked… by a man that says nasty things to a ‘Dear Ole Granny’. Honestly, the lengths that they will go to! They must have a google machine(he follows me to my favorite blogs…), but it must not be working because I posted about the HORRID THINGS THEY HAVE POSTED ABOUT JEWS ON THE ‘OFFICIAL’ OBAMA site and last I looked they were still there! Shame on you…

    Are you coming to my house next or are you only assigned to stalk in cyber space?

  22. I’m a Clinton delegate and come hell or highwater, I will be voting for her at the convention or else you will see the largest walkout of the a Democratic Convention since … well, that’s not the greatest example (1948), but anyway…don’t piss us off.

    I mean, it’s just a bone to throw at us anyway. A vote of Obama and Clinton delegates, Obama wins, case closed! Jeebus, you’d think we were asking for the world. If they are scared of something that, theoretically, they already know the result of, how do they feel about election day??

  23. Woman voter: Where else has angry black guy been?

  24. Somewhat OT, but related, re: Stephen Colbert. I used to kind of enjoy his show, but stopped watching during the primary because of his pandering to his (&Obama’s) angry frat-boy audience against Hillary. I decided to give him a try last night and lo-and-behold there was simofish’s video featured in his “The Word”! The Word was “Catharsis”. He is against it. He seems very angry; his name is not going to be in nomination either ….


    no direct link, but look for:
    The Colbert Report
    The Word – Catharsis

  25. PumaSF – Angry Black Guy is a troll from over at Tennessee Guerrilla Women. He’s best ignored.

  26. Katiebird- I just read the same article and posted on my blog about it. Sasha Millstone is a true heroine! that was a great article! glad to see some folks are standing up against the intimidation. Smart thinking of her to get a lwayer involved.!

  27. Woman Voter – sorry about the troll. 😦 Maybe KB will take care of him, cyberspace-wise.

  28. PUMA-SF — I’m convinced that not only does the DNC not care about winning back the WH, they actually do NOT want to win it back — that keeps Pelosi, Reed, Kennedy, Kerry in stronger positions as the “highest ranking Dems” nationally.

  29. OOPS! I actualy wrote about the same story but it appeared in the Denver Post- guess this is getting some play out west thank GOD!

  30. What’s truly sad is seeing the Democratic Party becoming all of the things it hated about the Republican Party. I’ve noticed over the years that some people eventually become what they so harshly judge. It’s one of the reasons I refuse to turn a blind eye when the party I once supported acts so much like the other party….I at least strive for consistency in what I find acceptable and unacceptable.

    Mountain Sage

  31. Delphyne: I figured that was the case but I really felt like yelling at someone especially after my call to the PA DNC so it felt pretty good. I think he’s just bitter.

  32. I am just so damn tired of trolls claiming it is about race. I mean waht else could it be? His record (nada), his experience (zilch), his strategy (he has one?).

  33. Angry Black Guy, on August 12th, 2008 at 2:29 pm Said:

    Hello Woman Voter. I assume that you’ll be attacking me shortly.

    I have never said one nasty thing to you, I merely can argue my points very well and I let you know that chanting ‘Hope and Change’ doesn’t do it for me. Cite policies and past accomplishments by your candidate! Please, if you can and ‘Welcome’ I am sure the others will be thrilled with your postings.

    I think you got upset when I said ‘Purse Power’ and posted the link:

  34. Obama is not having a problem because he’s black, he’s having a problem because he’s green.

  35. I know this is OT, but I just had to share it (riverdaughter, how can we email you items so we don’t hijack threads?)

    Yes, this comes from HotAir but there’s video you can watch and see for yourself


    To which was added this hysterically funny comment:

    “And lo, there was a conflict in Georgia, and the sound of it reached the Obamessiah’s ears, and he was not pleased.

    And lo, the Obamessiah stretched forth his hand, and said unto Atlanta, “Let there be a cease-fire!”

    And verily, the peoples of Atlanta replied unto the Obamessiah, “Wrong Georgia, pal.”

    And lo, after much um-ing, and er-ing, and uh-ing, the Obamessiah turned his face upon the correct Georgia, and called out unto it, “Let there be a cease-fire!”

    And verily, it did come to pass, that a cease-fire was announced (though no one truly believed it to be so), and the Obamessiah saw it to be so on MSNBC, and he pronounced it good.

    Let the Obamessiah bless the reading of these words until election day.


    Frozen Tex on August 12, 2008 at 12:23 PM”

    Good stuff there (rightwingers, like broken clocks, can be correct sometimes).

  36. Fredster, on August 12th, 2008 at 2:42 pm Said:

    Woman voter: Where else has angry black guy been?
    He’s been ‘every where’ and he is several people/names and I thought he had given up on me, but maybe not. He should know by now that I won’t give up nothing, only name and rank:
    RANK: Mom/Grandmother!

  37. Millstone handled this situation beautifully. Maybe that’s one advantage of the press Debra B got; Hillary delegates have a heads-up on the intimidation.

  38. Puma SF – I figured as much. He’s more than bitter – I think he’s got serious mental problems. He’s definitely stalker material. And misogynist as all get out.

    I lived in the Bay Area for 30 years – I always miss this time of the year out there, what with the upcoming crush in Sonoma.

  39. “Fredster”
    When the DNC/RBC “RIPPED-OFF” Hillary & “US” by
    GRANTING Obama Delegates he DID’NT EARN!!

  40. MODERATOR: SOmeone posted some pretty ugly stuff on Sunday: It’s on your Head Howard Dean, might want to take it down

  41. Millstone told a fellow delegate, in what she believed was a private e-mail exchange, that she was not sure she could vote for Obama at the Democratic National Convention later this month.

    Private e-mail exchange — hmmm, looks like BZero’s vote on FISA is working out for him.

  42. Prolix – Big Brother Obama is watching YOU!

  43. Hey Folks,

    We can intimidate back. DNC nervous? Heck yeah. SDs nervous? Heck yeah.

    Want Hillary nominated? Heck yeah.

    Game Changer?

    Hello fellow PUMAs.

    We finally have some momentum on our side wrt a blistering viral video campaign. One Theme: Obama Fails Commander In Chief test — 3am moment has come and gone, but Obama fails.

    Please help us with scripts, resources, ideas or just simply passing the link along.


    It will take a couple days before GeekLove’s friend can begin the construction of the videos.

    Once created and distributed to SDs, Media and Internet… This WILL HELP us change the game.

    There is no way that all SDs will continue to push such a WEAK candidate.

    I have faith. Do you?


  44. Hi, Prolix.

    Newhorizon: Saw the video & comments, Jeez Louise, what is this: a race for the Democrats to look stupid? Tim Kaine sounds like a blithering idiot.

  45. Robin, on August 12th, 2008 at 2:43 pm

    What does he know? He thinks it is right not to have Hillary’s name on the ballot while the men have always had theirs. What is wrong with these people?

  46. Stanley Kurtz has a new article out with information from Obama’s time in the Illinois Senate. Pretty interesting stuff. This information could really hurt Obama, especially with Hispanics.

    Mountain Sage

  47. Hiya PofEd and Madamab.

    The wheels are about to come off BZero’s surfboard. After 4 days he’s still trying to say something relevant about Georgia other than peach waffles sound good.

  48. When the McCain campaign does an ad on Russia/Georgia, I’ll bet they use the Kaine voice over a pic of BZero surfing in HI. Any takers on the bet?

  49. Delphyne: I’ve never lived anywhere else except for one freezing year in Ann Arbor. Cheers with a glass of Sonoma’s best to you tonight.

  50. PofEd, wanna bet Olby does a Speshul Komment on it too? Calls the Best. Analysis. Evah.

    Of course, if there’s any fighting still going (which appears to be the case), it’ll be Hillary’s fault, ‘natch.

  51. Woman Voter, on August 12th, 2008 at 2:13 pm Said:

    You are right about needing a special forum for voters’ rights in light of the corruption in play in the Democratic primary. I think this needs to be on the PUMA Prowl List.

    OldCoastie, on August 12th, 2008 at 2:54 pm Said:

    I wish I could remember the link, but someone posted on another site that Obama’s color is yellow (cowardice). Refuses to debate HRC; refuses to Town Halls with McCain; refuses to place Clinton’s name on roll call. This is one frightened man, growing weaker and weaker by the minute.

  52. Ms. Millstone needs to make public the name of the Stasi informant who turned her in to the Obama headquarters for questioning. Everyone in the world needs to know that person cannot keep any kind of confidential information to her/himself and everyone can avoid them, including employers.

  53. ‘ Yessuh, Democrats, get in line here for the Say or Look Stupid Democratic Roller Coaster Ride. No hurry, folks, don’t crowd, there’s plenty of time before November…… no, not you, Hillary, everyone knows you can’t ride this one.’

  54. Downticket, I totally agree, but isn’t it great that simofish’s video has gone viral into the heart of Colbama Nation and they are NERVOUS.

    Of course, Stephen showed himself to be the uninformed misogynistic jerk that emerged during the primary.

  55. just read that Hillary willNOT be speaker on tuesday, she has been moved to speak w/others on the econ.
    Don’t know yet who will replace her. WTF!!!

  56. One of the things that has really boggled my mind is how ignorant Obama supporters actually are of the process.

    I mean it’s obvious McCain is the nominee because he got enough delegates through elections to win the nomination.

    Obama did not so he has NOT won … why do they just keep chanting she lost, get over it? She did not LOOSE … no one has won or LOST … is it the pathetic state of education in this country or just an embrace of expedient stupidity?

  57. even the news calls him the presumed nominee .. that should tell them something!!!!

  58. Prolix – Peach waffles! OMG.

    Are we sure he really didn’t say that?

    As for this tactic of giving Oba-moi credit for developments in the real world – such as the timetable thing (Maliki agrees with Obama!) and the ceasefire in Georgia (already violated!) – well, it’s inane beyond words. Newsflash, Oba-moi IS NOT THE F*CKING PRESIDENT. No one cares what he says except our drooling press corpse and his robotic minions. Pooty-Poot is certainly not basing his foreign policies on the vague mouthings of a very junior Senator from Illinois.

  59. I think jesse jackson was beaten by some one who hacked off Obama’s balls a long time ago, he’s obviously afraid he’ll get outmaneuvered in the convention and loose

  60. Janet – Isn’t it interesting?

    It would never occur to these so-called Democrats to even think that we mave have a point about anything. All they know how to do is mock and ridicule.

    I find the constant accusations that we are Republicans absolutely hilarious. Yes, no one but Republicans could possibly be concerned about Obama’s lack of qualifications, his serial flip-flopping, his vote AGAINST the Fourth Amendment, his nasty and divisive campaign…

  61. ‘Overall, between 1972 and 1992, 10 Democratic candidates who lost the nomination in the primaries went on to have their names formally placed in nomination at the convention. Significantly, however, none of them publicly endorsed their opponent months before the convention, as Clinton did in June”

    They’ve made her ride that unity pony until they both drop from exhaustion while Obama body surfs at an undisclosed Hawaiin beach looking like an idiot with his first press release on the Russian invasion of Georgia.

  62. Janet, that was entirely expected. Young men particularly like to use ridicule to diminish women, as they think we all are over here. I couldn’t care less, this isn’t some English assignment on clever insults, and it still doesn’t doesn’t give them my vote.

    Besides, I make fun of them; who could resist teasing the silly Obots? Pretty soon, they’ll be a national laughingstock, the more America learns about them and The One.

  63. parentofed, they certainly know how to keep us motivated, don’t they?

  64. dakinikat – Thanks for that CNN article!

    The corporate media should only dream that Clinton puts her name in nomination. It will make for some awesome teevee, especially if she un-suspends and takes a genuine shot at it.

    Their ratings will go through the roof.

  65. parentofed, Colbert had the same motivating effect on me yesterday, too.

  66. I just love all of you guys. I would be so miserable and feeling defeated thinking all of these thoughts alone. I’m so glad to be READING them as they are in someone else’s mind.


  67. Karolina NYC – sending PUMA vibes to you…:-)

  68. Sen. Clinton is supposed to campaign for BO in Florida on Aug. 21st. I have called every number, including the BO campaign for info. I told them that I had been a Clinton supporter and wanted to hear what she had to say about Obama, since he is the “nominee”. Not one person would tell me where or when she was speaking.
    I guess that the crowds chanting her name in Las Vegas, at the BO rally where she spoke, unnerved them.
    Anyone knowing the details of the Florida event, please leave a comment.

  69. AP/Yahoo Headline:

    Pelosi, Michelle to kick off Dem Convention

    Whoops, looks like AP inadvertently omitted part of headline, should read:

    Pelosi, Michelle to kick Hillary off Dem Convention

  70. lol

  71. Cafferty file vote on whether Hillary’s name should be put in nomination. Used terms like humorless, threatening, and demanding to describe Denver Group–diminishing historic nature of Obama’s nomination.

    This is BS but would hate to see “poll” with one sided results so am going to vote

  72. “KarolinaNYC”
    If you want to connect with PUMA’S in your area e-mail
    “pocpuma@aol.com” in the SUBJECT tell write that you
    were sent by “Toni” & then mention this site. There’s a
    group in NYC that have been “canvassing” against Obama!

  73. Since he just “solved” the Georgia/Russia crisis (pay no attention to the gunfire you may still hear) will he now solve the energy crisis before winter? What’s next, the parting of the Red Sea?

  74. It is so hard to keep upbeat with new !@#$#@ every day. How do they come up with this stuff? I feel like I’m in reactive mode every day.

    I am so grateful for this and other sites where we can find a safe place to both vent and get called to action.

    The first woman in history to win a primary and we are not “allowed” to acknowledge it?

    Someone needs a timeout!

  75. Has anyone seen the Joshua Green article with the Clinton memos?

    Here is a quote from Green: ” and the candidate herself evinced a paralyzing schizophrenia—one day a shots-’n’-beers brawler, the next a Hallmark Channel mom.”

    The article is a hit piece. I would love to know just who leaked all of these memos.

    Mountain Sage

  76. I am back. What a challenge civics teachers are going to have this fall, trying to explain this BS!!!!!

  77. This is another thing I have learned this primary season…”WTF.” My mother alsways told me that if I wanted to learn a new word to use it three times. I have now used it three times today alone.

    It is now part of my vocabulary. I’m sure mom would be proud.

  78. All right, I will say it again.

    Covention, day 1: Michelle will tell us about O: wonderful father, husband, community organizer…
    O supporters will be happy. H’s not so much.

    Convention, day 2: Chelsea will tell us H is a wonderful mother, women rights activist…,
    H supporters will be happy, O’s not so much.

    Convention, day 3: Bill will tell us about H: wonderful wife, first lady, senator…..and introduces her as O’s VP
    H and O supporters will have mixed emotions but mainly acceptance/relief from both sides (catharsis is achieved)

    Convention, day 4: O will tell us what a wonderful future awaits America under the Ds.
    H and O supporters march to the “Free speech zone” and stone all PUMA/JSND protesters. Media proclaims Obama/Clinton winners of the GE.

    Victory is guaranteed.

  79. Mountain: My Guess is Patty SD

  80. Upstate – LOL!


  81. Didn’t some one say they just pulled Hillary off the keynote spot and hid in the economy day with 3 other speakers?

  82. dakinikat, I have been looking for a list of those candidates–do you have a reference site?

  83. it’s the cnn site right above the quote, Phala …

  84. dakinikat, facts can be decieving…suspend your disbelief….

  85. or deceiving….heh.

  86. Wonderful video in thread above.

  87. Ms Millstone is on Neal Cavuto now.

  88. Sacha Millstone, the Hillary delegate from Colorado, was just on with Neil Cavuto. She did a pretty good job of defending her right to remain as a delegate and is fighting to keep that position. Says there is no unity without Hillary on the rollcall.

  89. I just checked out the Cafferty File and the comments regarding Hillary having her name on ballot are awful. Cafferty is so in the tank for Obama that there is little room for any reasonable offering. I am so sick of this junk. Obama is a Nobama!

  90. I’m livid. Where wil that get me?

  91. Could someone give a source for the statement upthread that Hillary’s speech has been moved out of ‘keynote’ status and dumped in with ‘economy’ speakers?

    I went to the DNC Convention site (it was very hard but I did it, will be showering shortly), but didn’t see anything.

  92. I took on the real B, or C over at my pad. I’m really happy about Cindy Sheehan going up against her. You are not seeing Civil Rights because the Dems no longer care about civility.

    Personally, I’m going McCain after all these years of being a Dem because of what they have done this year.

    Come by, you can watch me use the C word. And, pass it far and wide. It’s about Hillary too.


  93. ABG, Yes I want McCain to beat Obama. Is that simple enough for you? I want divided government. These Dems are corrupt to the core. I have never voted for a Republican in my life, but I cannot let this corrupt group of thugs take over the party I have worked for and donating to for 20 years.

  94. I sent a message to the Colorado Dems on their website. Fascists. Now her delegates can’t even attend the convention unless they keep mum. I think they would love to replace Clinton delegates with Obama delegates. I suppose they could just steal the spots as in Michigan, but this is allegedly justified.

    What is ABG doing here? I thought he limited his ranting to TGW.

  95. ABG,

    Your ears wouldn’t “hear” the logic anyway. Try using your eyes and read the threads that have appeared here over the last several months. See if you can understand what has been going on.

  96. Why are we allowing our esteemed guest to hi-jack the various threads in progress? ABG: Please pick a thread and stick to it. Everyone isn’t interested in having a conversation with you.

  97. Nobody’s lost and nobody’s won at this point. The process is to get pass the magic number in the primary. Nobody did that. There are NO winners or losers at this point.

  98. i think it’s very possible obama could NOT win on a first ballot and I think he wants to avoid that because it just shows how weak he is at the moment …

    do you have any idea how many votes it took to put Roosevelt up to the presidency?

  99. i firmly believe an obama nomination means a mcCain presidency period …wouldn’t make any difference WHO i vote for or if i stay home

    whereas, I think a clinton nomination means a Clinton presidency …

    I’m the one trying to stop McCain .. not you angry person of color with an overidentification with his sex and race

  100. ABG, that is exactly why congressional Dems hate the Clintons. They do not cave to them. I don’t know how old you are, but if you are old enough to remember when Bill Clinton came to power in 1992. He did not kowtow to the Dem congress, and they stubbornly wouldn’t give an inch. Kennedy was especially ired. The Dems got so little done, they lost to the Rpublicans in 96. When Clinton crossed party lines and worked with Republicans it really got the Dems goat.
    Hillary is the same. It is why Pelosi, Kennedy, Kerry and the rest are so eager to elect a weak, no experience, sock puppet like Obama. They think they can control him. It is why they stole the nomination for him.

  101. As far as the consequences of McCain, you do know that Kerry asked him to be VP in 2004, and McCain turned him down. If McCain was such an evil monster like the Dems want to make him into, why would Kerry make him second in line?
    The truth is McCain is a moderate. He fought his party on campaign finance, immigration, and environmentalism. What the Dems are doing right now is smearing him. They are really hypocrites. McCain isn’t my first choice, but he is miles ahead of Obama, the schmoozing vote stealer.

  102. WHy do you guys go to the old threads? Are you afraid of everyone else?

  103. McCain voted against Bush’s tax cuts, he is adamantly against tortue and he is an evironmentalist. It is Obama who voted for the Bush-Cheney Energy bill. McCain voted against it.

    You guys need to get your facts straight. You sound like low information voters to me.

  104. ABG, Obama is a big race-baiter. He successfully used it against Clinton in SC and other heavily AA states in the south, but McCain put a stop to it. I’m sure Obama will try to paint everyone who doesn’t agree with him as a racist again, but I hope the American people are watching his disgusting tactics, and will make him pay for it at the ballot box.
    Race baiting is disgusting.

  105. Talk about flip-flops

    Campaign Finance
    His Church
    A woman’s right to choose

    The list is endless. Obama is a liar, and a fraud. He would be a disaster for this country.

  106. Those who don’t support Obama make that choice on principle. It isn’t about what helps or doesn’t help Hillary’s career. There are issues about the tactics of Obama’s campaign. There were unacceptable things he said and his surrogates said about the Clintons that are disqualifying IMHO. There are issues about what he is doing to the party, moving us further to the right, in a year when we could have moved the other way. That is depressing. Seeing many “progressives” in the netroots and elsewhere who didn’t stand up and fight back against lies and smears of the Clintons, that’s depressing. Seeing them refuse to criticize or hold Obama accountable, that’s depressing too, given all the times he’s changed position since the primaries.

  107. AGB, now you start with the race-baiting. He is a sock-puppet. He has no clue what he is doing. Did you hear his remarks about the Russian conflict? He suggested the security council take it up, but I guess he didn’t know that Russia has a veto on that council so it would be useless. Obama is clueless.

    You guys try to paint anyone who has a cogent argument against Obama as racist and it won’t stand.

    Prepare to be banned!

    Your race-baiting is over the top!

  108. Well, when I’m not impersonating an obscure 1st Century BCE Roman poet in the blogosphere, I’m a Boulder County Democrat and a member of the CDP Executive Committee. I know Sacha (although not particularly well). I sent the following to her and to the CDP chair today:

    My apologies for not writing sooner – I’m on the East Coast on business and
    didn’t hear of your problems with the CDP
    until I saw it on the blogs. I think it’s really unfortunate that some in
    the party, in their understandable desire to
    achieve unity in the fall, seem to have forgotten that the only legitimate
    way to achieve unity is through persuasion rather
    than through bullying or intimidation. Attempting to sanction a legitimately
    selected delegate because of privately expressed
    doubts over a specific candidate, particularly when that candidate has not
    yet officially secured the nomination, is
    unworthy of a party that deems itself “Democratic”. It delegitimizes the
    nomination process, and calls into question the
    party’s commitment to openness, freedom of expression, and (small “d”)
    democratic principles.

    We won’t beat the Karl Roves of this world by becoming them.

  109. My biggest problem is I never see Obama willing to stand up for anything or anyone if it might cost him, politically. I don’t see any core principles, I see him telling this or that group what he thinks they want to hear. And I think experience does matter. Clinton had several terms as a state governor, Kennedy several terms in Congress as well as military service. I don’t particularly know what to say as far as historical parallels to Lincoln except that it seems we live in a dramatically more complicated and interconnected world than in those times.

  110. well, the major disagreement we have, ABM is that I do not see Obama as remotely qualified. I see him as completely over his head. He’s never held down a full time job, his public service is thin and less than stellar, his lack of knowledge on events and issues is appalling evident, and frankly, I believe he had to sit in Rev. Wright’s pews to learn how to be black.

    He does not support Universal Health Care. He voted for FISA. He voted for the Bush/Cheney energy bill.

    None of this these things are consistent with democratic values and they are not consistent with HRC’s position.
    She may need the party apparatus to get her agenda pushed forward, but the only agenda I have is to see my children raised in a better and safe america.

    I see the same qualities in barrack obama as I saw in George Dubya Bush 8 years ago, and we all know how that worked out

  111. Andrew Sullivan is a complete tool. He used to tell the Gay community they were too promiscuous and needed to have faith in their lives. Then we found out that he liked to go to group sex parties and have bareback sex.

    He is a total Hypocrite and completely infected with Clinton derangement syndrome. Pick another writer.

  112. I don’t trust a word Andrew Sullivan says. Where was he to stand up against the war when it counted. Oh, that’s right – he was calling those of us who did, a fifth column.

  113. I live in the ninth ward of new orleans and i know what an incompetent, dilletente of a president can do … I won’t even pretend I know from the perspective of the average iraqi, but I just also read the first news release on the Russian invasion of georgia by obama, also, and my i say, it was BAD, and Madeline A must’ve thought so too, because he completely changed his tone and position within less than 12 hours…

    this was a my pet goat moment for Senator Obama

  114. Pat Johson: I went over to Cafferty and posted this:Obama did not win the nomination because he did not get enough pledged delegates in the primary/caucus process. This is why the Obama campaign is trying to block what is traditionally a process to place in nomination other candidates. The two of them are very close in numbers. Any change of mind on the part of super delegates could put her name ahead of his.

    This should be a fair and democratic process not a dog and pony show for imaginary unity. Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, Gary Hart, Shirley Chisolm, Jessie Jackson and others have had their names placed in nomination. Why shouldn’t Hillary Clinton?

    Is it because with a few more weeks to go, who knows what could come flying out of Obama’s closet? Or perhaps, he could have a few more My Pet Goat moments, like his original reaction to the Russian Invasion of Georgia. His less than stellar showing in the polls right now should be sending chills up every superdelegate’s spine.

    If he wasn’t afraid of that he may not come out of this, he wouldn’t have a problem with it. This is definitely a show of weakness on his part.

    A group of about five of us on Camille’s posted our comments there and posted them to the thread.

    Each of us were put into moderation and then our comments were zapped.

    DailyKos and HuffingtonPost ALL OVER AGAIN.

  115. This is the second time I have posted something like this to the cafferty file and had it zapped

  116. Andrew Sullivan is in love with Barack Obama. He cannot pay enough tribute to him in his columns. He refuses to look beyond the fluff and awards Obama with attributes even Michelle would be hard put to recognize. If Andrew Sullivan had his way he would be the first to pick up Obama’s dirty socks!

  117. In PA the Governor ordered the Exec Director of the Dem Party to send out a memo – I have a copy of that memo directly from the head hincho in my hot little hands right on my computer. The actual email I got it from one of the delegates who has had enough. It includes the email addresses of all the delegates who are being strong armed as well.

    From: “Rachel A. Moore” rachel@padems.com

    Dear Clinton Delegates,

    Please see the following memo from Mary Isenhour, Executive Director. Should you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at the number below.

    Thank you,

    Rachel A. Moore, Office Director
    Pennsylvania Democratic Party
    300 North 2nd Street, 8th Floor
    Harrisburg, PA 17101
    ofc. 717.920.8470 / fax 717.901.7829
    TO: All Clinton Delegates

    FROM: Mary Isenhour Executive Director

    DATE: August 11, 2008

    RE: Nomination
    If anyone approaches you about signing a petition to place Senator Clinton’s name in nomination at the Democratic National Convention, the Governor has asked me to ask you to refrain from signing such a petition until we know what Senator Clinton and Senator Obama have worked out. As always, please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

  118. Sadly, we all know what this is; we just don’t want to say it. We’ve seen this same election played out over and over in other countries where “the one” receives 100% of all the votes.

    We just can’t believe it is here, right now, eating away our Democracy just like in Panama, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Indonesia, Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela and so many more countries around the world where election monitors were sent to to stop the intimidation and threats made against the voters.

  119. What about this?
    Yesterday’s Republicans for Obama conference call hosted by Jim Leach was notable for the image of nonpartisan appeal it projected — and not simply because the people on it were Republicans. The rhetoric employed by the Republicans endorsing Obama reveals part of the Obama campaign’s fall strategy — to position Obama as the traditional, common-sense candidate and McCain as the dangerous radical.


  120. What a resume Ms. Millstone has – Wow


  121. Ok, I know we still hear plenty of nasty disparaging comments about Hillary, but this comment really hit me:

    Today at appx. 6:40 pm (E) on CNN’s “Situation Room”
    A bearded guy (sorry, I forgot his name!) said Hillary needs to “behave herself” at the convention if she wants to run in 2012.

    enough said.

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