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Conflucians Say tonight at 9PM EST

There’s a lot of news to cover since we talked last less than 24 hours ago.  This is the second test segment in the lead up to hosting NO WE WON’T for Sheri Tag tomorrow.  Sheri’s on vacation and she asked me to cover for her (Bwhahahhahahahhaahhh!)

Tonight, we’ll be discussing the heavy hand of Ed Rendell, the intimidation of Sacha Millstone, the delegate in Colorado.  Plus, we’ll talk about what Obama was trying to accomplish with those non-flammable emails.  Join me, Kbird, Gary, Mawm and BB as we are together again for the first time on Conflucians Say at 9:00PM EST on blogtalkradio.

303 Responses

  1. Bwhahahhahahahhaahhh!


  2. All joking aside, I’m really looking forward to the show.

  3. How do I call in if I really can get up the nerve to do it?

  4. BB and KB, please call in. I really want to hear what you sound like.

  5. This sounds like an All Star Line Up! I’ll be listening.

  6. I just hope I don’t continue my habit of talking too much.

  7. PJ, I haven’t heard you either. KB, I think I have heard you announce yourself on one of the JSND calls, but I haven’t heard you speak at length. I hope everyone who comments here will call in, even Angry Black Guy.

  8. Don’t let the speech Hillary gets in Denver go to your heads! It’s not key note, so there!

  9. Corbett on wilknetwork.com is talking about the Rendell memo and PUMAs. Apparently 1000 people called the PA Democrats to complain about Rendell’s heavy-handedness.

  10. Mawm: I may just do that since Eddy Boy has me all steamed up. Since I can barely move around much with my knee still aching I have been immobilized for the last few days and have been blogging like a madwoman!

  11. Hi edge, it was nice to see you at the conference.

  12. #
    scranton, on August 12th, 2008 at 6:54 pm Said:

    Corbett on wilknetwork.com is talking about the Rendell memo and PUMAs. Apparently 1000 people called the PA Democrats to complain about Rendell’s heavy-handedness.

    cool! but where does he have this number from? I doubt the PA Dem Party would say that they received 1000 calls (even if true)

  13. luckyann: Many of us PUMA pac members received an e mail this morning to flood the governor’s office with calls in protest of his directive. I tried a few times today to get through but the lines were fast busy. It would not surprise me in the least that this many calls were recorded.

    Probably jammed up the lines throughout the day which may have prevented the gov from ordering his luncheon take out!

  14. Pat – he wasn’t there. He has been in time out at my house since he got back from your house. He is in the Punishment phase of my mantra!

  15. Carol: And that consists of what exactly?

  16. For him – he can’t watch C-Span and the Republicans. For me – that is when I bring out the shiney, pointy, leathery objects. Don’t worry, I am recording it for YouTube.

  17. Oh goody – That hateful ex-Clinton Susan Rice was just on MSNBC. She is so full of it.

  18. Carol; Look Madame X, go easy on the “goods”. Maybe just picking the pine needles out of the rugs and furniture would be punishment enough! Oh wait, that’s considered “supper”. And quit putting whatever it is you have been pouring into the water as this is not the Eddie I know. I just placed him back to the number one slot of the Worst Person in the World piece on Olbermann. He needs to work himself off that fast!

  19. Those Obama coattails are getting shorter:


  20. If I’m not eating or not asleep, I’ll call in. I’ll definitely be at the chat regardless.

  21. He’s working. Trust me.

  22. I will be there! Sounds like a great show. And RD, You are great on the radio, you have nothing to fret about!

  23. scranton: That is very encouraging to hear.

  24. We now know that the media and the party sat on the Edward story.
    Now the REAL question is….
    How long did they sit on the Rev Write tapes?
    This is scandalous and could of been a stolen election. This needs to be investigated and brought out into the open.

  25. Slightly….Well the conversation between blah and the Rev took place in 2006….the Rev told him that he may have to “distance himself”

  26. this is off topic but just heard on the Chicago news that Jay Z is opening a Fat Burger restaurant in Chicago. What timing eh?

  27. TM just called Lieberman a Traitor! I guess it takes one to know one.


  28. Gosh – I’ve been working my tail off the past few days & look at all I missed!!!!!

    Can’t wait for the show – I’ll definitely be listening!!!

  29. any one heard about this?

    Mark Thompson on Sirius radio said he was shown a document by a “highly placed” Clinton supporter. The document outlined a plan wherein if Obama had a 5 point or less lead over McCain in the polls going into the convention, Hillary would sign the nomination form and force a roll call. It went on to state that SD’s are being informed at this time of her intentions.

  30. luckann, I am sure it was that many or more. I myself called today. PUMA POUNCE!

  31. You guys have to watch these informative video about the history and fact of the Democrat convention. It’s a very good production. And there are 3 parts. Please help spread these video.

    Democrats 08: Connect-the-Dots

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

  32. Didn’t hear about this Dakini, seems interesting.

  33. BsotnBoomer, click on the COnflucians Say and it’ll direct you to Blog Talk Radio link. Phone is posted there, but just in case – it’s 914-338-1477.

    Let’s all call in!

  34. Tell RD to put up the chat room.

  35. SM,

    I’m on hold I think. I can hear RD through the phone.

  36. That’s perfect Boston! Just stay on hold.

  37. Can she tell I’m here?

  38. bb: She will call out the last two numbers of your phone and you will be automatically on. Just say hi when she calls out your name.

  39. Call-in Number: (914) 338-1477

  40. Boston, I think what they have is a little cue on number of calls

  41. We still couldn’t get into the chat room.

  42. Boston – you’re on!!!!!!

  43. what is the link for the radio show?

  44. SM is on now.

  45. click on the “Conflucians say” test in the diary

  46. OMG – they just said Kerry is being vetted for VP! I hope so. They can enter the olympics as a team for windsurfing!

  47. Wolfson and Hannity just reported it.

  48. Alegre’s on – dropping the scoop on the delegate intimidatiuon issue.

  49. Obama renting oceanfront vacation home of campaign contributor
    But here’s the twist: According to the campaign, it is a mere coincidence that Obama, his family and friends from Chicago are staying on a sprawling Kailua beach estate owned by Jill Tate Higgins,

  50. What happened to Paul Johnson? Was he a flake?

  51. Kerry? Can they do anything right?

  52. I think that will be his best choice!

    That should immediately make Hillary get back into the race.


  53. I think it will be Sebelius.

  54. Carol – hi Miss Diamonds!!!!

    I have no idea what happened with that guy – I just hope that it wasn’t a plant from the O-borg!

  55. campskunk: Thank you.

  56. Hi Donna Darko! How are things your way?

  57. Hi SM. Did Will ever email him?

  58. God Bless America!

  59. I have no idea Carol – that hasn’t been mentioned – not even in an underground level – that I know of!

  60. maybe Hillary is not going to be the keynote speaker because they realize she may very well be placing her name in nomination…

  61. Riverdaughter is a pro!

    PAT’S ON!!!!

  62. Eddy says Hi Patty!

  63. Oh we have your number Patty!

  64. No – that doesn’t satisfy. Hillary or Bust!

  65. Please don’t tell me I sounded like a complete idiot!

  66. Okay we won’t tell you.

  67. Carol: (*&&^%!!!!! **&^%$#$#$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. You sounded great. Eddy didn’t like the comments. But, that is a good thing.

  69. Wonderful caller from Washington – saying that “if we lose our right of Democracy – it will take blood to get it back!”

    What a powerful quote!

  70. Carol: I expected you to call in but I suppose you were “too busy” doing other things.

  71. There will be blood!


  72. SM: I wish you and I were on together so we could “bond” even more.

  73. This lady is speaking for all of us! Powerful!

  74. We are watching the swimming. I used to swim Master’s. It is my favorite sport.

  75. Listening to all of you….nice being able to put a voice to a name.

  76. Michael Phelps is unbelievable!

  77. Lezak just won the Bronze on the 100 freestyle!

  78. If Obama gets in you might be swimming for your life!

  79. How long does the radio show last for? Anybody knows?

  80. Good KO is playing the race card again.

  81. Upstate; 10:30

  82. UpstateNY, ¡hola! Hpe all is well up in NY.

    Pat – you have such a great voice!

  83. Upstate: I do? I always thought I sound like Laverne from Laverne and Shirley.

  84. Oh that is the semi-finals.

  85. Pat, thanks.

    Carol…how, what is he saying?

  86. Pat, you mean SM.

    Hola SM, I heard you too.

  87. Pat & anyone: sm_puma@yahoo.com

  88. They make the Sopranos look benign.

  89. KO talking about Lieberman’s statement today about McCain vs. BO putting country first. and on about if “BO had a lilly white father from Ireland………..” wouldn’t it reek of racism.

  90. Going to be, very interesting, but tired.

    Buenas noches, hasta maNana, Upstate y familia se van a la cama

  91. Yeah Phelps is unbelievable.

    And his mother is such a beautiful HUMAN being.

    His sister’s name is Hillary.

    And he has a dog that snores SO LOUD.

    What a refreshing thing to see….

    An all American normal “kid”!!!!

  92. Going to bed. heh.

  93. KO needs to be fired. He is disgusting and to think at time I liked him. Ugh!

  94. nite Upstate

  95. nobomo: He has ADD which is why his Mom put him in swimming lessons. He accomplished so much.

  96. Pat:

    Thanks..I did not know that…yeah what a wonderful Mum and yes he has accomplished so much.

    Yesterday I mentioned that I want him to be a president as soon as he reaches the age needed under the constitution.

  97. This synchronized swimming thing is maddening to watch. Do the judges get to see the dives in slow motion?

  98. Phelps just won the Gold in the 200 Butterfly!

  99. Fantastic!!!

  100. No. They don’t see it in slow motion.

  101. yeah…they are allowed to review the sync. dives under the new rules.

    Just as they have done for gymnastics… review in slow motion!

  102. Really? wow. because it happens so quickly. how can they judge that?

  103. Great show! You learn so much.

  104. OHHH….ok…that seems fair. I guess the first time they dont see it in slow obviously but they can review it. They do that in figure skating now, too.

  105. Senator McGovern said today that Hillary should not allow her name to be put in nomination.

    Old White Men – what a group.

  106. I heard them say the judges did not get to see anything other than the dive.

  107. Phelps is swimming again tonight. He looked tired in the Butterfly. I hope he wins.

    We love you Hillary!

  108. Sheri will never go on vacation again!

  109. Sen. McGovern is senile and has had too much kool-aid. I do not understand, why people are trying to undermine a process that has been in place for over 100 yrs. BO does not deserve a coronation.

  110. It was great to hear your voice, Riverdaughter. You are a
    natural on the radio, just as you are an influential writer.

  111. BO does not deserve anything and that is why it is so puzzling that they come out and support this idiot.

  112. Edward’s Pidgeon is coming home to roost on Fox. That is your gal Pat.

  113. This should be good! Pidgeon O’Brien in person.

  114. They are cheaters that cheat. It’s not that complicated.

  115. Yep, know that one firsthand.

  116. Enjoyed the show. RD, you need to do a show on a regular basis, you are good at this.

  117. I was too late to the phones to get on but, I listened on hold. It was really a good show.

  118. that troll was obnoxious-but hey they sent one over to the show they must be nervous!


  119. Hi katiebird!!

  120. My neighbor that became a close friend had a husband that spent all of his time cheating on her. She finally kicked him out. He married his high school sweetheart that he met at a 20 year reunion. He has spent the last 20 years trying to cheat on the new wife with the old wife.

  121. How many states did McGovern lose. Oh yeah, 49!

  122. that caller christina is the one that runs one of those anti-puma websites and has caused a lot of grief for murphy I believe. I’m sorry for going crazy, but she is a little nazi in training and I wasn’t about to let her spread her BS.

  123. Hi Pat! I heard you — and you’re right. You sounded just like Roz. Only smarter. And funnier.

  124. Reille will be banned to the same spot bin laden is hiding out at. Maybe she can collect the $50 million.

  125. It’s weird to talk to a troll.

  126. Oh no, I am so sorry that I missed the show, but we Baltimorons are required to watch Phelps win all of his medals. He just got another one and I have an hour before he races again.

  127. gary: She sounded like a 16 yr old to be honest. And I was so proud when you jumped in!

  128. Gary: Yeah, well, we have to learn to take the bad with the good. But just like trolls are just pixels on a screen, nazis in training on the radio are just remote voices spewing nonsense. Never lose your cool. You’re the one with the power.

  129. They sounds just as deluded as they read, I’ll say. And they’re reading material is suspect.

  130. rd: Great job as usual! Another talent mined! Sounded like a pro.

  131. Anybody else notice that whenever there’s a question about whether HRC deserves respect, Ed Rendell says or does something inflammatory that causes PUMAs to make a strong show of support?

  132. Kbird: I’m sorry I couldn’t tell which caller was you. You’ll have to send me the last 4 digits of your phone number next time so I can tell.

  133. katie she’s not just some troll. she is spreading lies far and wide from her site and has actually been linked to by some of the more salacious msm outlets. If you have ever read or seen Michelle Malkin, that’s about her level of integrity and truthfulness

  134. Clinie: Wish I could say that his statements was a great “political tactic” but I am going to need much stronger convincing.

  135. Cinie: Funny how that works. It’s almost like he was being deliberately inflammatory.

  136. I’m so sorry I ever voted for McGovern. What a loser!

  137. I guess they don’t think we’re paying attention to them because we have better things to do than troll their sites, but its good to keep an eye on little troublemakers.

  138. Riverdaughter, heh, heh, heh.

  139. I will, RD. We got hung up at the drug store unexpectedly and it was too late to get the info to you by the time I got back.

    Gary, I just meant that here we can delete thread-hijackers. But, it’s a little harder to draw that line on the phone.

    Riverdaughter found a really graceful way to do it though.

  140. We are at war right now is how I look at it.

  141. I could use some lessons…

  142. BB, me too.

  143. The thing with trolls is they kind of wake you up. When one comes on my first instinct is to fire back. This allows me to sit up for once and react. Does my cardiovascular system a world of good.

  144. I saw Dominic today. She grew up – taller – smart beautiful woman.

    I was so proud!

  145. I am with gary next time she calls just say “fuzzy can we drop a house on her” I will be glad to do so at the phone company when we got an abusive caller we would say “please hold for the dial tone!”


  146. RD,

    You were great! Can’t wait to hear you tomorrow night.

  147. just remember to say politely “please hold for the dial tone” blogg talk needs a probama show then they will leave us alone!


  148. no one on this site advocates violence. The few times I have seen it, It is usually already spammed. If there is something advocating violence, I would like for it to be shown to me, and I will take it down.

  149. RD Mawm and Gary it really is a great show


  150. It was pretty ridiculous when the troll caller started reading things and didn’t even say where they were coming from. Gary did well jumping in.

  151. Dammit, I had a glitch right in the middle of Christina’s call. What I think I heard- she tried to spin death threats from Obots all the way around to “Can you tell me what your life will be like under McCain?” Wonder how many times she’s been to Obama camp?

    By the way, trolls took the opportunity during the show to infest About Us and Democrats in Exile threads. I think one has a secret crush on Gary.

    Great show!

  152. if you check out the link I gave above, that’s her MO, to take vile freeper right wing crap and lie and claim that it is puma, just like on the show.

  153. Yep, she appears to be another Ann Coulter in training.

  154. Gee, Christina must lead a boring life if she has time to run a blog that just complains about pumas.

  155. she goes beyond that. she spins lies out of whole cloth and feeds the angry young Obamaphiles. She is dangerous. she is the type of person who willl get the Obamanuts to drive to denver to harrass us. That’s why I have no tolerance.

  156. A trick is, once trollhood is revealed, to say “Hello? hello?,…what just happened to the sound?? hello? we can’t hear you…try again, hello?…oh well, sorry, let’s see if this happens with the next caller…”

  157. Gary,

    How did you figure out who Christina is?

  158. an anti-puma movement is funny. They are anti-Democracy? Anti-Voter?

  159. Anti-independent thought.


    You disconnected me from the air tonight but when I said I knew how to end the delegate harassment, I really meant it.

    1. For delegates in those states with a statutory requirement that delegates awarded as the result of state primary elections must vote at the convention – at least on the first ballot – for the candidate in whose name they were elected at that primary contest (one of your callers tonight mentioned one of these states):

    Walk into the state court of jurisdiction and get an immediate injunction to prevent the state Democratic Party from enticing you to violate state election laws.

    2. For delegates in those states without the statutory requirement in 1) above.

    Individual states only allow candidates for POTUS who are proposed by the major parties, Republican and Democratic, to get onto the ballot for the general election at a date and time subsequent to the parties’ conventions, while other candidates have earlier submission deadlines, because according to the rules of these two parties, candidates for POTS must be determined at their nominating conventions. But, by coercing delegates to make their decision to support a particular candidate – BO – before the convention, the state Democratic Party is in effect violating the spirit if not the letter of state election law.

    Contact the delegate from CO – I understand she has hired an attorney – and propose she could go right into the state court of appropriate jurisdiction to get an immediate order enjoining the head of the state party from pressuring her (or any other delegate) regarding which candidate to support, on the grounds such coercion seeks to make her a party to a violation of election laws in CO, under either scenario 1 or 2.
    I predict taking these actions will have an immediate “chilling effect” on further harassment by representatives of the Democratic Party.


  161. this is her bio on that site….she is so narcissistic she didn’t even try to hid her identity. remember she said she was christina from florida?:

    Christina: The creator of Yes To Democracy and a progressive politico residing in Gainesville who spends her free time chasing after a “certain group of swing voters” gardening, bike riding, and cooking.

    fuzzy, she lives in your community

  162. Hey – Ann has turned into a Hillery fan!

    If someone told me last year I would be listening to Ann, Hannity, Rush, and O’Reilly for the truth about the Democratic Party, I would have told them they were insane.

    Maybe this is a tim burton movie!

  163. someone fix Hillary’s name.

  164. Carol: We are just another piece to the Bush Legacy. Listening to them last year would have required surgery on my part but this is the only channel I can tune into without wanting to slam a hammer over my head.


    YEah, I think she’s also posted at TM. VERY NEGATIVE and a little Michelle Malkin for the O-borg.

    How crass of her to call in. she sounds like she’s 12.

    Christina dear, if you are reading, when you call in the next to bring up stuff – SOURCE Your links.

  166. gary sent a post to that site here it is:

    schilling for Obama-christine you made our bloggtalk show interesting-when Senator Obama returns to Capital Hill for the next Congress I hope he can get some money to de-program you!

    Most of this stuff is lies and the people in hose pics are actually Obama supporters stirring up things. Or maybe they are Aryan nations and white pride/power groups but sorry no Puma’s would threaten Obama’s Life…

    We have a more powerful weapon “than a gun or a knife”(thats obamas quote)We Have Our Vote-that is the most powerful weapon!

    All that manufactured anti-obama stuff in your post is nothing to the barge load of fecal matter Hillary and her supporters had to put up with over the last 6 months-now you are angry that your candidate cant get our cooperation and he is going to lose-well its Karma dear and you reap what you sow!

    Very Respectfully


    sorry I could not resist

  167. bboomer, I’ve been following these groups since they began linking to us repeatedly. when she said her name and from florida I knew immediately. It is her MO (even though they’re evil, they’re still pretty dumb). She makes malkin look like kitten

  168. Oops, I should have proofed this before submission. As far as I know, no one is running for POTS.

  169. Is that KO talking at the girls gymnastics? It sounds like him.

  170. Gary-

    sh*t now she will be harrassing me thank god/dess that I am one of those city employees who’s protected from the “sunshine law” fro trolls like her…I wonder where she live the spitefull wench!

    I am sorry if my post is offencive to her(snark)


  171. I love the Obama people vandalizing Obama for america offices-formerly local DNC offices I will have to go to a Stonewall dem mtg I guess….


  172. By the way, someone needs to teach Wolfson how to tie a tie. His shirt, collar and tie looked aweful tonight.

  173. Evil and Stupid like their candidate-love it gary!


  174. THE LOGICAL point to have made to her (aside from the fact that it didn’t originate with PUMAs) is that there is a huge disanalogy between making a specific threat of harm to an individual because on grounds of disagreeing with that individual’s speech, and a vague remark ABOUT (but NOT TO) a public person on the order of “if he survives that long”. Only the former is harassment and unethical….

  175. One of my neices got to go to camp with Bella in Houston years ago for gymnastics.

  176. I wonder if Christina has donna brazile center folds up in her bedroom-form the sexy SD Calendar 2007?


    Sorry Pat and Carol

  177. I liked mawm’s “karma” statement today to Cafferty. Only I do like Bernie Mac – he made some stupid crase jokes, but he was actually a great family man and good person.

  178. Benjamin Franklin’s opinion was sought
    About what his peers in Philadelphia wrought.
    “A republic, if you can keep it,” he said,
    But which, without vigilance, soon would be dead.
    There was no political party back then,
    The vote was for whites, and only for men.
    The franchise didn’t exist for the rest,
    Outside those circles the right was suppressed.

    Now there’s one party that plays loose and fast
    With the primary votes that were cast,
    Four delegates for one man it seized,
    Fabricating the results as it pleased.
    The price for its perfidy it must now pay,
    As insurrection carries the day
    Now is the time to be buried for good
    Imposture and treachery for which it stood.

  179. Payday is coming and I guess that means I make a donation to Hillary in Christines honor!


  180. Good idea fuzzy.

  181. Well, I guess I will take Eddy out of time out. He looks tired and has promised he was only trying to piss us off to make us stronger.

    I told him to stop it.

    Nite, Nite.

    Phelps is going to swim again shortly.

  182. John in CA, that’s really wonderful!!! Amen to that!

  183. Phelps getting ready to swim.

  184. Good night Carol Diamonds! Ed needs a PUMA backwax soon.

  185. JohninCA: LOVE it! I wish I could write in rhyme. I hope you don’t mind if I feature your poems on the frontpage someday.

  186. Gary, you did the right thing re: Christina on the show. I agree, Christina is dangerous and tells vile lies about PUMA in an attempt to discredit us. I’ve had a few exchanges with her about Darragh and PUMA. She is very misguided and thinks she is savvy, but alas she is on the verge of tin foil hats.

    She also blogs at MyDD as “theantipuma” this is an exchange I had with Christina at MyDD. She is a cyberstalker so please be careful about sharing personal info out in the open. Her and her kind are out in force.

  187. Fuzzy – LOL “SUNSHINE LAW!!”

    Christina needs to take a journalism 101 up at UF.

  188. well all fuzzybear is tired and needs some inspiration for a meditation for tommorrow-I wold love Ideas for tomorrow.

    All I can say tonight is….

    Creator Father/MOther God/dess

    Watch over all my PUMA friends tonight and protect them from Harm. Thank you for bring them home safely. thanks for all they do and for the sound of their voices…they are a true comfort and a gift to my ears more presious than gold.

    I agan thank you for River Daughter I know she did not ask for this fight but sometimes you have to play the hand you are dealt….she has played it well for us.

    For Mawm and Gary they are protectors of our home and we are safe here because of them…and they are the greatest in their moderation of the free thought that passes through this blogg.

    Finally I want to thank you for the wonderful land you have given us and the freedom that still dwells here…may it always be a lighted lamp before the open door….

    blessings to you all and good night!


  189. Good night Fuzzy! I LOVE your prayers – everytime I read them, it’s like hearing your wonderful FuzzyBear voice was reciting them. Thank you & God?Goddess bless you!

  190. Thank fuzzy! Sleep well.

  191. THE BOTTOM LINE IS, it’s just a terrible irony that the first AA or part AA candidate with a shot at winning the POTUS just happens to have all the PATHOLOGIES of B.O. , coupled with the pathological and subversive behavior of the DNC in order to promote him. As a result, there’s scarcely ANY way to CLEARLY AND CONSISTENTLY convey the distinction between opposing his QUALIFICATIONS and opposing the DNC’s subversive actions, on the one hand, and opposing him on bigoted grounds. But perhaps it’s worth prefacing some of PUMAs remarks with this kind of caveat.

  192. RD and company I will try to call in tomorrows show…

    love and sweet dreams to all of you!


  193. well speak of the devil.

  194. Amen, Fuzzy. Sleep well.

  195. Christina – you made accusations without any links or sourcing.

    If that was your goal, to delegitimize our civil right to protest the DNC’s actions and voter intimidation tactics, you need to do your research before you strike.

    None of us here would ever condone, support or push violence – EVER.

    So please before you spread misinformation which already have, do your research if you expect to have any type of legitimacy as a blogger and as a voice.

    It’s ironic that your blog is named “Yes to Democracy” when you are working against it by stifling & discrediting our civil rights to cast a vote in favor of the candidate we choose and would like to see that vote represented.

  196. you are not welcom ehere, and you are certainly not going to post your sick propaganda here.

  197. Just in case you thought Hillary was the keynote speaker at the convention, she’s not. She’s one of four speakers. For the keynote, “stay tuned”. These people are out of their ever loving minds:


  198. Christina, what are you doing here? You seem to dislike us.

  199. christina, I’ve asked you to leave. we do not welcome those who wish to spread lies and smear decent americans. That’s the republicans, I think y ou checked the wrong box on the voter registration card. get lost

  200. Riverdaughter– thanks for the kind words. Yes, you may use the poem. I had meant to say that they’re in honor of your gracious manners and the upcoming protests in Denver. I hope to be writing a few more.

  201. Christina, I live in Florida and would be happy to meet you in person to sit down and discuss why Democrats have chosen the PUMA path. You are very misguided about this movement and have conflated our non-support of Obama with Republicans, racists, and hate groups.

  202. Christina, we are lifelong liberal Democrats – activists & voters, we are true believers of Democratic tenets of one person/one vote, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

    We are fighting for our votes and our voices to be heard – that’s it, nothing else.

  203. Christina, I’m sure you are sincere in your beliefs, so do you have it in your heart to imagine that the people you are vilifying are actually sincere, decent people who just differ from you in their political opinions? Opinions based in facts and not emotion or racism? Surely you can understand how inappropriate and insulting it is to people, who have worked for many years in the Democratic Party towards many of the rights that you may take for granted, to be smeared by you?

  204. christina won’t be bothering us anymore. guys don’t buy her “I don’t hate anybody, i’m just trying to understand” schtick. She is a very disturbed individual. She has made threats, stalked people on different blogs, and become sort of a clearing house for PUMA hate on the web. steer clear of her..

  205. Christina: unless you have evidence of abusive attacks from this source, it’s completely wrongheaded to accuse this source of hypocritical behavior vis a vis personal-abusive attacks! I’m unaware of the link you allege as evidence on your behalf…

  206. Hey Guys, before everyone gos to bed, my son’s been sick so I’ve missed some time. Can anyone direct me to what Ed Rendell said? I didn’t read it.


    PS I noticed the radio show has a local (for me) area code. Is it based in New Rochelle?

  207. Gary, in all fairness, Christina was asked to provide links to the sites with which she was referring on the show. If she has posted them in a comment (but you have not posted it), please look into it and let us know what your findings are.

  208. grl patriot her blod is called yes to democracy .com all one word, you can go check it out there if you want, but I will not allow her to post links on this site.

  209. WTF does this mean, she’ll be one of four speakers? Any other speaker win the popular vote in the Dem primary? “Stay tuned”? F*ck these people. Um, I’m on the edge of my fricken seat. Please.

  210. Gary, is that the only link she provided? Well, that is lame. I’ve been to her site. It is filled with lies about PUMA. I think she is young and obviously very misguided.

  211. actually you’re right, I should let her link stay. but she’s not welcome here anymore. go check it out, its just screen shots of comments on her page. If they are real, she should pursue them as we did here. I don’t understand her point though. She is saying basically that it is all right for them to threaten us because she has been threatened too. I guess she’s one of those bible thumpers who believes in the “eye for an eye” appraoch. typical reupublican behavior.

  212. grl, I just put back the link she gave, go check it out…

  213. On the ONE OF FOUR speakers business…I wonder about a potentially (overly?) sanguine reading of it: if a candidate puts and will have THEIR name in nomination it might stand to reason that they would not be the keynote speaker, whose job is all out plugging for someone ELSE as the nominee.

  214. hatshepsut1988, Oh really??? Becuase Barack Obama certainly did not do that for John Kerry. He didn’t even mention him in his speech.

  215. AARGH! i missed it! I did not get home from work until late and went and listened to DCMedia Girls’ show.
    You all aren’t keeping things from me are you?????

    More advance notice please!


  216. Thanks, gary. I’m looking at it now.

  217. masslib: B.O. most certainly did plug Kerry & Edwards, although, admittedly, it was after he did his Obama Thingamajig, almost as an afterthought—but still that’s the intended role of the keynoter.

  218. hatshepsut1988, well, it must have been some after thought, because I don’t recall that part at all. I recall Obama setting up his own “post-partisan” run and nothing more. Meanwhile, hillary has already been all over the country stumping for Obama. There is no excuse to say she’s “one of four speakers”, like she’s no one, just some Democrat, not the winner of 18 million primary votes. And, then on their keynot, “stayed tuned”, like, hey we have someone way bgger than Hillary lined up. F*ck these people.

  219. Oh shit! Due to my glitch during the Christina call I thought she said “McCain”! I just checked Gary’s link and now I see what was said!! She’s now highlighted a comment from regency “Christina should be arrested” and calling regency a child – due to her beautiful post about Big Dawg the other day. And how old is Christina? That does it…You’re right Mawm, this IS war!!

  220. Just read her post and compare it to regency’s. Wow. Do you think she might get the POINT?

  221. ga gal….ugh, she couldn’t write her way out of a paper bag. All she does is whine about how the world mistreats her and its not fair. lots of all caps and red lettering (I guess to her credit, any help figuring out her claptrap writing is welcome) Anyway, stay away from that place, there’s some serious bad karma over there…night everyone!

  222. Good lord, I’m the child here. Who picked Obama?

    Whatever. I have far too many productive things to do to care what a propagandist has to say.


    And she should be arrested for essentially inciting violence against us by claiming we called for any kind of violence towards anyone else. So, yeah, “the child” stands by her word.

    Back to “Boondocks” and “Coraline” for me.

  223. Good night, GCH.

  224. I’m listening to tonight’s radio show archive. Great conversation, and great to hear all your voices.

    Hey maybe next time JohninCa calls in, he could share one of his poems.

  225. masslib: yeah, well listen to part 2 of the 04 keynote—God, going back to listen to it, one is struck by the glib, neophyte purity he exuded back then—Kerry comes up in talking about our enemies and his recognition of the need for military service….and more or less in the background fr the remaining qualities delineated..

    is the VP nominee one of the 4 by the way?

    anyway, maybe Michelle will keynote, they reported she’s being given a role no spouse ever got…..

  226. regency,
    your work and your words will stand forever. They’re definitely in my bookmarks. Christina wouldn’t know a point if it stuck her in the a$$.

  227. Contrary to some early reporting, Hillary Clinton’s Tuesday night speech at the Democratic National Convention won’t be the event’s “keynote speech,” a defining convention role occupied in 2004 by Sen. Barack Obama.
    The Convention Committee never actually put that out, but it’s been fairly widely reported (and, in a few cases, corrected).

    Clinton “is one of four prime-time headline speakers. We will have a separate keynote speaker,” said Jenny Backus, a consultant to the convention. “Stay tuned.”

  228. GAgal – This is me blushing! Thanks!

    Eh, Christina is just who she is–not very inventive and not very interesting. She is, however, considerably deceitful. Given her political leanings, I’m not surprised. (Take care now, she might take that as a threat to stick her in the a$$, though I gotta say–Eww!)

  229. garychapelhill: Gary, I was trying to tell Ricki about the woman who called and said that the bots were trying to recruit her son to campaing in PA by telling older voters that they needed two pieces of ID. Did she live in PA as well? Or were they asking him to travel?

    Grassroots Campaign (a soros group) are posting fliers all over here trying to recruit people to work for the Obama campaign for $300-$400 per week.

  230. puma-sf, That was millie, from buffalo I believe. She said her son wanted to go with them to campaign in pennsylvanis. they were asking him to travel.

  231. night regency, you’re writing is brilliant, don’t ever stop, no matter what.

  232. garychapelhill: Thanks, I’ll tell her. Also, thank you for telling Christina to bug off on the phone and here.

  233. I’m thinking all this ‘shuffling around’ of Hillary’s speech is a good thing. They now know it’s a possibility her name will be placed in nomination and can’t quite figure out what to do. Poor things…

  234. I know others mentioned it earlier, but I was awed by the woman from Washington state on Conflucians Say. She is right, we don’t think things like that can happen here, but who would have believed this primary? These last eight years?

    It’s partly the fault of our education system that doesn’t teach civics to our high schoolers, but it is bigger than that. I was amazed to see letters to the ed saying they would give up this right or that right to help Bush win against the terrorists. And, now, we should just cede basic rights of voting and nominating a candidate to make it easier for Dems to win this fall?

  235. Evening, or good morning PofEd.

  236. It’s still night to me; Good evening, Prolix.

  237. Isn’t it grand that Obama has brought so many new voters into politics? It’s just too bad none of them know anything about democracy or the democratic process. I wish they’d all just go somewhere else and start their own party. I’d like my old party back.

  238. I was just thinking about how I first used the Internet [no www] more than 20 years ago using Ask Sam software. Everyone waxed eloquent on the promise of the Internet, of free information available instantly to the masses. Everyone would have equal access, our society would be more egalitarian. I don’t think that promise has evolved as planned.

  239. Yes, it is still evening, but I just got here and I’m trying to sort through all this. Wow!

  240. Yes, true — I think it has to do with certain tribal instincts encoded on our brain stems — the louder the drums, the stronger you are perceived to be. Too bad folks still don’t realize that “louder doesn’t equate to righter.”

  241. Puma-SF and parentofed, I so agree and have been thinking similar thoughts which you expressed so much better. The media sure does a crappy job of informing and educating.

    OT, recently viewed a video produced by a non-profit foundation, The Educational Foundation for the Integrity of the Democratic Process, titled “Democrats ’08–Connect the Dots” which is very good and informative for those that haven’t been following the issues. It is in 3 parts on You Tube

  242. I also think:

    1. The media & the DNC over-estimate the numbers on web sites, especially in comments. Too many people know how to game the system, e.g., making dozens of pro-Obama or anti-Hillary comments at numerous sites by using many emails.

    2. SD Democrats who know better are jumping on the Obama wagon, partly because of the Chicago Way [was it Madamab that mentioned this today] through blackmail or money. But some are jumping on board because they’re terrified of a loss this November. Everyone kept saying if the Dems lose this year, they should just dismantle the Party. Some people may dislike what the Party is doing to Hillary, and recognize that it’s wrong, but the Democratic Party is their bread & butter.

    just my $0.02.

  243. parentofed and prolix, your thoughts on why “people” just don’t seem to be curious or want to delve into subjects or question and research?

  244. Reg,

    Not that you need it because you are very evolved, but it helps every once in a blue moon to have a little positive reinforcement. So, with that said, please remember this: If someone attacks based upon an immutable characteristic and I include age here, and they don’t attack or even mention your ideas or opinions, you have automatically won. So, I’m giving you a little virtual chuck on the shoulder and saying, “I’m proud of you!”

  245. I may be wrong but I felt a shift in our society in the 80s when it seemed that getting ahead and looking after #1 became more important than honesty and ethics. My children kept telling me that classmates saw nothing wrong with cheating in order to get the grades they wanted to get into good colleges, etc.

  246. I think most people are just hassled, and don’t have the time or energy to check out everything they know they “should.” If you have kids and a marriage and elderly parents and a job, you’re swamped. We’re supposed to be keeping up on nutrition and health issues and go to church and give to our community and keep up our house. But it takes a lot of money to live the American dream, and we even have to take the right vacation, and if we feel stressed or are overweight or smoke, well, it’s our fault we can’t handle stress.

  247. Okay, so we all know about our very important visit with Hillary in Los Altos Hills and the amazing video that SimoFish shot Finally, there is an article about her but it is at the HuffPo. I’m trying to write a comment but I feel like I need a shower every time I try. The comments are just ridiculous. Perhaps one of you could give it go:


  248. parentofed, I went back and reread because I thought you said civics is no longer taught in high school. is that true everywhere? is it not even part of the college prep system?

  249. Phala, I agree the 80’s were a turning point. Poor Carter, for all his faults, tried to treat us like adults. That damn Reagan [I despise him so much] treated us like children, telling us lies, what we wanted to hear. We became a very shallow, materialistic and snobbish society.

    Back to reality with Bill Clinton, back to make-believe land with Bush.

    Horrors! Everything’s reversed; McCain treats us like adults and Obama is definitely in la-la land. No wonder he admires RR, he’s even more shallow than Reagan..

  250. parentofed, that is certainly true and I remember what it was like before I had to quit work–and it wasn’t a 40hr work week. It doesn’t help when MSM spews misinformation 24-7

  251. Puma-SF–brain is gone tonight as you can probably tell but will give it a go in am.

  252. parentofed, that is the best description of modern history I have read/heard. Explains my visceral reaction to Bush and Obama and why I could not understand the love affair with Reagan.

  253. Phala,

    Everything my friend PofEd said and I would add a couple of thoughts.

    First, there’s an interesting book written by a friend of mine called The Big Sort. It’s premise in a sentence is that from a sociological perspective, we are self-sorting ourselves to gravitate to like-mindedness whether in interests, ethics, economics, politics, etc. It is closely aligned with the work on the Creative Class by Richard Florida and Friedman. This self-sorting can be seen in all aspects of our life, from economic choices to voting patterns to web usage.

    Second, although it is one of the most common characteristics according to research in Positive Psychology, only about 26% of the population have the characteristic called “Learner.” People who are Learners will learn from the womb to the tomb. The other 74% just aren’t interested in challenging their own ideas or notions. Personally, I know my life wouldn’t be nearly as complete without wanting to learn more and challenge myself everyday, but some folks just aren’t wired that way.

    Just my two cents.

  254. Phala in NC: I hear you loud and clear. We’ll get some sleep once Hillary is sworn in. Sleep well.

  255. Phala, I’m not qualified to make a blanket statement, but I do know civics is no longer required in many/most high schools. Geography either. High schools say there just isn’t room for it, and that kids are supposed to pick this stuf up in grade/middle school. My youngest kid is 10 years out of HS, and was in honors classes in a college prep program and took lots of Advanced Placement classes, but didn’t take civics.

  256. I should have said, “Friedman’s books.” He didn’t partner with Florida on his work.

  257. Prolix,I will put those on my reading list. I used to watch Fox News just to get the other point of view (and now to be sure I haven’t totally lost my mind). I felt the truth was usually buried somewhere in the middle. I told my children as they were growing up that I didn’t expect them to always agree with me or vote the same way I did but they needed to know why they were voting for their choice. When you can pick your news to match your opinions with cable it is even easier to hear what you want to hear.

    What I love about this site is the intelligence AND respect and the sense of humor. It is fun, challenging, and entertaining.

    I am looking for the title of a book I heard reviewed some months ago about the mega international corporations affect on politics, etc If you have any idea what I am talking about I would appreciate it

  258. Thank you, Prolix.

  259. parentofed, my “baby” is 28 so similar age and I think it was a 1/2 year course when they were in HS

  260. Phala,

    I’m outting myself as an avarice reader, but I think it might be Dangerous Business. It’s about the risk of globalization and its affect on American society and politics.

  261. Reg,

    You are welcome, but no thanks are needed when you speak the truth.

  262. good night, all, thanks for the wonderful company.

  263. Night PofEd.

  264. I used to read everything I could get my hands on. used to say even matchbook covers–until I developed this neuromuscular problem that affected one of my eyes and made reading any length of time difficult. It is better so am feeling more like my old self now that I have discovered blogging and googling. Will look for the book. I will have to spend less time reading the intelligent posts here though. Ha

  265. Am developing a reading list for after the election.

  266. thanks prolix, am off to beddy bye

  267. I think reading after the election will be a good idea until our books catch fire from the exhaust system under the bus. At least our tires will be properly inflated.

  268. Night Phala.

  269. Clinton “is one of four prime-time headline speakers. We will have a separate keynote speaker,” said Jenny Backus, a consultant to the convention. “Stay tuned.”

    I can hardly contain my excitement! Who out of our vast array of political stars will they pick?????

    My vote goes to continue the Obama theme with yet another tall, thin, gaping idiot, Casey.

  270. Masslib,

    It’s pretty clear that BZero is pinning his hopes on VA.

    Thanks for posting this.

  271. I call Innocuous White Guy–I mean Mark Warner for VP.

  272. He won’t be VP. They keynote is never VP. Maybe Kaine, but not Warner.

  273. Then, I meant Innocuous Other White Guy — Tom(Tim? Oliver Twist?) Kaine for VP.

  274. Warner already said no, didn’t he?

  275. Kaine’s idiocy of this morning will dog him every step of the way if it’s him.

    Since Wednesday is “hawk night” I’m putting money on Reid, Hagel or one of the Generals.

  276. Oops, spelled the wrong Reed, I meant John Reed instead of Harry.

  277. Warner is replacing Warner in the Senate. Yes, he’s already said no. I’m guessing Zinni, Clark or Eaton for VP. I thought Bayh, but since the theme, seems a military man. ‘Course the theme of the keynote night is women’s equality, so….

  278. John Edwards said no then said, yes. I take no one’s no for serious until it matters. Not even our girl’s–though I really don’t think she wants it.

    Harry Reid is so old…well, let’s not give Christina any ammunition.

    Is Wes Clark still on the table or is he really out? They don’t seem to have learned any lessons when it comes to his military service.

  279. Ah, sorry. Got our Re(i)ds confused.

  280. regency, BC is introducing the VP choice, the theme of the night is honoring Vet’s, the name of the night is “Securing America’s Future”, which is the name of Clark’s PAC. Still, Clark seems so obvious. That’s what has me thinking Zinni or maybe Eaton.

  281. I started it — and although Reed’s real name is John he goes by Jack. I think it’s time for me to go to bed.

  282. Ugh–I just hope she’s not party loyal enough to take it, because honestly, as arrogant as he is, he’s doing bad enough that even he might realize it’s his only hope.

    Don’t fall on your sword for BZero

  283. We would really have to inflate those bus tires to be able to fall on anything so I guess it is a good thing being under the bus — we won’t fall for anything.

  284. Did we ever find out if Obama registered for the draft? I was wondering what the consequences might be if he did not and found this (funny how it specifies the “Executive Branch”):

    The maximum penalty for failing to register with Selective Service is a $250,000 fine and up to five years in prison. Failure to register will cause ineligibility for a number of federal and state benefits including:

    A man must be registered to be eligible for jobs in the Executive Branch of the Federal government and the U.S. Postal Service. This applies only to men born after December 31, 1959.

  285. At pajamasmedia.com, they claim to have gotten official word from the Selective Service that he did register:

    “Mr. Owens,

    Barack Hussein Obama registered at a post office in Hawaii. The effective registration date was September 4, 1980.

    His registration number is 61-1125539-1.

    Daniel Amon
    Public Affairs Specialist”

  286. breaking story from dr long-and she got the stuff on the local news
    obama supporters registering folks and giving cash in return.

  287. The line between offering people money to register them and paying them to vote for their candidate is extremely thin here. If it was a nonpartisan group offering money to people to encourage them to register, then that would not be illegal. But if it was a particular political party’s volunteers offering to do that, then I don’t see how they can avoid also influencing people to vote for their candidate for money.

  288. PumaSF and SimoFish’s video has turned what was upside down – upright again. It changed the whole dynamic – the MSM talking heads began buzzing again. It also put alot of of pressure on Hillary, but she knows we have her back. We’ll just keep pushing on… Thanks PumaSF and SimoFish!

  289. Mmm, Rep. Clyburn says Big Dawg’s wrong. He didn’t turn black folks again them.

  290. Joe at 4:19..

    Sounds like Joe has been to Obama Camp too… Fine line between offering money to register to vote or offering money to vote? Ewww… not good. Why am I not surprised?

  291. And the Apple Headquarters in CA is on fire. Damn, there goes the iPhone 3.0

  292. Hello all-christine responded to my post so I had to respond backhere it is:

    I am sorry that you consider an observation an attack-the above post is an outright attack on PUMA. In a court of law most of the above would bring an “objection heresay” with the judge saying “sustained”.

    I live in the same town as you and I can tell you My Hillary signs are inside my windows to prevent vandalization.

    Also I was using the plural “you” for Obama-bots. While you may not be angry…alot of folks at “Obama for America” are, infact your “vero possumus” himself refered to us as “those people” like we should be using a seperate drinking fountians-

    I lived in Mississippi in 1974(before you were born?) I know real racism! Obama has had no verifiable racism directly attributed to PUMA.

    I am a proud Clinton-democrat voted for Bill 2x Al and Kerry-but Senator Obama is our weakest candidate of the seven “originals” and I am tired of trying to make Lemonade from lemons!

    After Kerrys defeat I said I will never support a person whom I feel is not up to the job-Senator Obama is not even in the same zip code as the other guys above who fell short!

    For the record I am strongly considering Cynthia McKinney for my protest vote-an African American woman with real Chutzpah! When I tell my obama friends this they say I am a racist for not voting for an African-American. I just laugh and refer them to USCongress.gov-talk about “low information voters”.

    have a nice day it is supposed to be hot and rainy today so bring your umbrella to work!

    Michael P Varvel

    good day all….fuzzybeargville

  293. garychapelhill, on August 12th, 2008 at 10:35 pm Said:
    that caller christina is the one that runs one of those anti-puma websites and has caused a lot of grief for murphy I believe. I’m sorry for going crazy, but she is a little nazi in training and I wasn’t about to let her spread her BS.

    She’s is also currently the number 1 brown noser on TM. TM even “proves” points by referencing this woman’s website. Sad.

  294. who cares who speaks if hillary isn’t or can’t be the nominee? i certainly don’t; i won’t be wasting my time ….i’ll be campaigning for mccain instead.

  295. SlowBurn,
    Who cares who speaks? You obviously didn’t watch the debates. But that was months ago, so that’s all forgotten by now. Policies and issues have just fallen by the wayside anymore, so what the hey? No one here will be campaigning for McCain unless we have to. But we haven’t forgotten who “speaks”.

    Oh and good morning to everyone else..

  296. GAgal

    Did you watch the video? The officials that received the complain did say that offering money to vote for a candidate was illegal but registering them was not at least in Virginia. Those volunteers were claiming that they were was registering people, but as I stated, I don’t see how they can’t be asking people to actually vote for Mr. Soetoro. I was making a point about his bots being disingenuous about their motives.

  297. Oops. I apologize SlowBurn. I think we’re on the same page. I won’t watch any no/nothing speech of the convention either. Hell, I can’t even watch the news anymore. Pay no attention to the crazy, bitter, old bitch who didn’t sleep last night, okay? Please forgive/ignore me. Peace and good morning again!

  298. Joe,
    I must have missed the link. I couldn’t find what you referred to. But, money offered to vote or just to register to vote is illegal. Period. That’s how Barack bought the SDs. So much for democracy.

  299. Re radio: some of us, especially women, can’t get to the radio to listen to these shows. We’re staffing the spousal units, helping w/homework, bathing the kids: you know the drill. The broadcasts are so important and we hate to be left out. We like to think we count. Can you find a way to transcribe them into print?

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