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Monday: Murphy on Morning Edition today!

Wake up, everybody!  Murphy of PUMAPAC is scheduled to make an appearance on Morning Edition on NPR this morning.  (Or is it Tell Me More with Michel Martin at 7:30 AM today,)  Tune your catchannels to your local NPR station or catch her here.  Audio should be available around 9AM EST. Diane Mantavoulos is scheduled to talk with Susan Estrich and Robert Shapiro at 11:30 AM EST on To The Point on NPR.

More shortly…

Read this passage from the upcoming expose and “analysis” of 200 ill-gotten Clinton campaign memos and tell me which campaign the author is referring to:

He wrote a remarkably prescient memo in March 2007 about the importance of appealing to what he called “the Invisible Americans,” and specifically “WOMEN, LOWER AND MIDDLE CLASS VOTERS”—exactly the groups that helped Clinton beat Obama in key states nearly a year later.

But no one synthesized and acted on the good advice.

If I didn’t know that Mike Allen of The Politico was referring to Mark Penn’s advice to Clinton, which she is supposed to have ignored, I might think Allen was talking about Obama’s campaign.  Is this another attempt to rewrite history?  Is Allen trying to convince us that Clinton didn’t bother to listen to Penn?  Then what the heck was all of that winning all about?

Sometimes, I can’t figure out what it is that the meme generators at The Politico are initiating.  It isn’t always immediately obvious.  Here’s more from the passage:

“The anger and toxic obsessions overwhelmed even the most reserved Beltway wise men,” Green writes. “[H]er advisers couldn’t execute strategy; they routinely attacked and undermined each other, and Clinton never forced a resolution. … [S]he never behaved like a chief executive, and her own staff proved to be her Achilles’ heel.

“What is clear from the internal documents is that Clinton’s loss derived not from any specific decision she made but rather from the preponderance of the many she did not make.”

This is just silly.  She whupped Obama’s ass.  She won CA, NY, NJ, PA, OH, FL, MI, AZ, TX, MA, WV, KY etc, etc.  This was a phenomenally successful campaign.  Hillary figured out what she needed to do and did it very well.  What she could not overcome was the DNC’s withdrawal of FL and MI delegates that deprived her of the critical mass necessary to cruise to an easy victory.

But now we see where The Politico is going with this article.  It is designed to make Hillary look like a weak chief executive.  And in putting this argument out, they completely undermine it.  If Obama is the nominee then there’s nothing to see folks, move along, that’s all she wrote.  Why the hell is it necessary to continue to destroy Clinton’s reputation as a potential Chief Executive? Wouldn’t this article seem to confirm her viability?  D’OH!  Count on a stupid, lower class voter like myself to draw that conclusion.  I will obediently wait for one of my intellectual betters to correct me of this notion.

What I saw during the campaign was a relentless attack on Clinton from the beginning, including an attack on Penn.  Now, I wasn’t crazy about the very top down, controlled, risk averse style of the Clinton campaign that was on display before Iowa.  But I was very impressed by the way the whole operation got its act together after that point.  There probably wasn’t any management style that would have been able to overcome the FL and MI problem.  And the way the delegates were awarded in the caucuses also made Hillary’s path to nomination difficult and steep.  But the reason Obama still seems to need boosters like Mike Allen’s article to snag the nomination is precisely because all the delegate manipulation makes him look like an illegitimate candidate.  The voters of those big states were put on mute in spite of their deliberate efforts to move up their primaries this year so their votes could have impact.  They were deprived of that impact.  There is no correlation between the voters pent up frustration with the outcome and Clinton’s management style.

She doesn’t lead like a typical Chief Executive.   I *suspect* she has a more feminine managerial style: collaborative, consensus building and accomplished through delegation. Sooo, what is the point of this article? That it makes men feel oogie?

It’s like reading tea leaves to look at these 200 emails. *200*! That campaign probably exchanged 200 emails in the course of half an hour. Are we supposed to deduce from these 200 emails that she was a lousy manager and she didn’t listen to her campaign people? This is ridiculous beyond absurd. If anything, it tends to restore Penn’s reputation and makes it look like the attacks on Penn were designed to remove his very good advice from her campaign. I really don’t know. But it never struck me that a guy who won his client MI, FL, CA, NJ, NY, MA, AZ, TN by Feb 5 was a failure. The problem is that none of those states counted when the deck was stacked in favor of the only states that Obama had a prayer of winning- the caucus states. And to try to draw any other conclusion this late in the game is really stretching it.

92 Responses

  1. Good morning, Riverdaughter. I’ll get some coffee and wait for the audio.

  2. There is some confusion as to which NPR show she will be on. Diane told me that Murphy was going to be on Morning Edition but Murphy herself says Tell Me More. She DID say that she did 5 interviews in the last couple of days so Murph should become a household name soon.

  3. Are you hearing her now? I have Morning Edition on and it’s news right now.

  4. Good morning riverdaughter! This is so amazing. We really have gone viral. It’s amazing. I think we are having a much bigger impact than the Cheeto crowd. Obama knows he can ignore them. We haven’t compromised our values. They have to listen to us or pay a real price.

  5. BB: Yep, this is a very important week for us. We are going to be relentlessly on message from here to the convention. Today, it is very important to note that we are a viral, decentralized and “virtual” movement. We are out there and we are not necessarily going to be concentrated in one place in Denver. But that doesn’t mean that our impact will not be felt. We give the disenfranchised and disillusioned a place to go.
    The other thing to note, and I think it’s been brought up before, is that the media LOVES conflict. They are just itchin’ to bring Obama down and make it look like the entire party will fall apart if the convention is contended. Ok, fine. Sometimes, Democracy is messy. It doesn’t have to lead to defeat but sure, let’s go with that frame.

  6. BB, we will never be as cool or relevant as the Cheeto crowd. never, ever..

    Dehumanized “we”, unlike true are full of “anger and toxic obssessions”.

    Can’t we just embrace greatness and move on?

  7. Nice hearing from you RD.

    I was starting to wonder if you had been found floating on your bathtub…(not really, but I am happy to hear you are well and feisty all the same).

  8. Wha? Women, middle, lower class? She didn’t go after those voters? WTH are these idiots talking about?

  9. Oh my….coffee please….that should be ,”unlike true Ds”.

    Don’t you love it when your progressive credentials are being constantly questioned by fellow “librls”?

  10. Question: Now that Edwards folly has been revealed, will this only strengthen the resolve of the Obama campaign to actually withhold her name from a roll call vote on the off chance that his supporters could vote for her and possibly throw the “unity” crapola out the window? Or are they committed to him on the first ballot anyway? Not sure how this works. Other than they are stacking the deck in his favor.

  11. masslib: She doesn’t lead like a typical Chief Executive. I *suspect* she has a more feminine managerial style: collaborative, consensus building and accomplished through delegation. Sooo, what is the point of this article? That it makes men feel oogie?
    It’s like reading tea leaves to look at these 200 emails. *200*! That campaign probably exchanged 200 emails in the course of half an hour. Are we supposed to deduce from these 200 emails that she was a lousy manager and she didn’t listen to her campaign people? This is ridiculous beyond absurd. If anything, it tends to restore Penn’s reputation and makes it look like the attacks on Penn were designed to remove his very good advice from her campaign. I really don’t know. But it never struck me that a guy who won his client MI, FL, CA, NJ, NY, MA, AZ, TN by Feb 5 was a failure. The problem is that none of those states counted when the deck was stacked in favor of the only states that Obama had a prayer of winning- the caucus states.

  12. a relentless attack on Clinton from the beginning, including an attack on Penn.

    RD, exactly. And it ‘s still going on, even though they simultaneously insist she’s out of it.

    It’s axiomatic that campaigning and governing are two different things — witness GW Bush, prime example.

  13. I never understood Edwards withdrawal before Feb. Now I believe I do.

    I never understood what happened on the reporting/interpretaion of results on SuperTuesday. Now I believe I do.

  14. Publishing those e-mails is just another attempt to paint her as a “monster” even though she did not author them. Any criticism of Obama contained within is just another excuse to portray him as the proverbial “victim” and feeds the MSM with a few days of more Hillary bashing. Those memos are more than likely typical of any correspondence conducted by campaigns with regard to strategy.

    What would be more interesting is seeing those that are attached to the Obama campaign with their cries of “ra*cism” which they used as a tactic. Bet those are loaded with far more incindiary statements than just “unelectibility”.

    I would be overwhelmed if these e-mails attached to Clinton
    contained comments of “what a nice guy Obama is” than strategy planning. These people will stop at nothing to gain the WH.

    What are they so worried about if he has this thing sown up?

  15. This whole hit job reminds me of when Hillary won NY. I think it was CNN and if you didn’t know that she had won, you would have believed she lost NY. The reporter talked about how Barky did so well in NY and how that was such a bad thing for Hillary.

    When did these people ever congratulate Hillary for her wins? Even when she won a primary they made it look like she lost. They made fun of her visiting people’s homes and for the first woman to win more than 6 primaries in a row, no one congratulated her for that achievement.
    BTW, wasn’t Edwards the one expected to win IOWA since he had spent more than a year in that state?

  16. UpstateNY,

    I didn’t say we are “cool.” I said we are having more impact. The “cool” blogs rolled over for Obama without demanding anything in return. Hence, they are now irrelevant. We, the nonconforming geeks, are making demands. We aren’t following anyone’s lead–even Hillary’s. That’s why we are dangerous to the status quo–and thus relevant.

  17. RD.

    I’ve been following this leaked e-mail story pretty closely. Honestly, I don’t see how it helps Obama. No matter how the corporate media tries to twist it, the result of this is going to be Obama looking more unelectable.

    The more information we get about how the Clintons don’t believe he can win, the better. Someone said it will give him an excuse not to pick her for VP. I say that’s great! She doesn’t want to be VP on a losing ticket, and we certainly don’t want her to be VP!

    Besides we already know that Hillary was called “a monster” within the Obama campaign. Campaigns discuss their opponents in internal e-mails. Big whoop! I just don’t believe this will help Obama one bit.

  18. Grat point Upstate N.Y..

    I hope that we are able to impact the nomination as well as the election.

  19. UpstateNY, on August 11th, 2008 at 8:25 am

    why do you think Edwards withdrew? Edwards and Barky acted like buddies during the primary and they teamed up against Hillary especially during the whole MLK and LBJ mess. I think something happened before the last debate. Edwards turned against Barky. I think the reason he endorsed him was because BO blackmailed him.

  20. UpstateNY,

    Ever since I heard the rumors about Edwards, I have believed that he got out before Feb. 5 because of threats from Axelrod. We definitely discussed this issue here at the Confluence months ago. The Obama campaign is the dirtiest I have ever seen–worse than Nixon, maybe even worse than Bush.

  21. DownListen: This is why I always questioned the Iowa result. Edwards covered that state for 2 years. He was well known to them. For Obama to take the lead made little sense to me at that time. Now we are seeing some of the reasons why. The caucuses were gamed by his campaign. The irregularities were practiced and rehearsed. People were shut out. Non residents were bussed in.

    But if Edwards was aware of the pitfalls to his own candidacy, he can be held responsible for falsely taking votes from Hillary since this scandal was sure to come out one way or the other. He knew going in of the potential for scandal yet proceeded. For this alone I can never forgive him. He was never honest and now we are possibly stuck with this moron and another defeat. Shame on him.

  22. These emails and the article about them are a ‘distraction’ and in no way represent the excellent campaign Hillary waged. She is not the nominee because of the machinations and dirty politics played against her by Dean, Brazille, Pelosi and Reid long before and throughout the primary season. The fix was in for Obama. He gamed the system with the blessings of Dean.

    A previous commenter asked about Edwards and putting his name in nomination. If history is any guide, Gary Hart’s affair did not prevent him from putting his name into nomination and a roll call vote that year. Theerfore, it should not stop Edwards unless he wishes his name not to be put in nomination. Either way, this has nothing to do with Hillary putting her name into nomination.

    If Obama and the DNC refuse to allow a NOMINATING convention it will fly in the face of history and DNC traditions and perhaps even rules. The last time there was selection of the Democratic Presidential candidate by acclamation and not through the nominating process and roll call of votes was in 1964 after the assassination of JFK and LBJ was nominated by acclamation.

  23. Clinton still beats Obama in polls against John McCain–and she’s not even running. It’s patently laughable that they are still trying to smear Hillary Clinton. But, of course, we do know why: They fear Obama will implode and Clinton will be the nominee. That scares them.

  24. Since BO is boring as hell on his own, they have to bring out Hillary to fire up the “lefties” and give them something to rail against. It’s beyond ridiculous that they are releasing these in August–especially as she is out there stumping for him while he gets in extra work out sessions in Hawaii.

    There were problems in the campaign, like any campaign. They did not have a caucus strategy, and as unjust as the delegate weighting was, Penn should have had a strategy for those states. There was no reason to roll over in February and wait for March. They also ran out of funds because Doyle decided to spend lavishly up front, and they did not think to build a grassroots base before then. That was the magic of it all though: Hillary needed to find her own voice, and when she reached out to her “invisible” supporters, a movement was born.

    My basic question whenever anyone brings this up is: is the candidate supposed to both campaign AND run the operation? Do you really think Obama was running his own campaign? Hillary was stumping 20+ hours a day–when is she supposed to be making all these decisions? That’s why you hire professionals. It doesn’t correspond to governing when you would actually have time to evaluate information. Besides, I think she discovered a deeper power during this campaign as it progressed. She was working against the other campaign, the media, and her own Party, and she STILL won the major states. And for anyone who keeps talking about what a bad job they did, let’s remind them that she won more votes than any candidate in primary history.

    I am so sick and tired of this derogatory Hillary coverage. Can’t they come up with anything original? The good news is: we’ve all heard it before, and most people are desensitized to it. It won’t make any difference at this point.

  25. The emails are a good sign to me. Obama is desperate, and this is just more evidence that the “Unity” schtick is all bogus. If they weren’t still afraid of Clinton, they would never be doing this.

  26. you gotta love fox news. check this out:

    party operatives are still trying to find the appropriate role for the former president and first lady in the crowning of Barack Obama as the party’s presidential nominee. (emphasis mine)

    I guess they picked up on our line that its a “coronation, not a nomination”.

    article here: http://elections.foxnews.com/2008/08/10/democrats-stay-brave-in-face-of-potential-clinton-challenge-at-convention/

  27. I just hope the Clintons have something up their sleeves too. I just cannot believe that Hillary really believes the garbage she is saying about wanting Obama to win the WH. I have to believe she is lying back in the weeds, waiting for the right moment….

    There is no way the Clintons could have been so successful in politics with the wimpy attitude they are showing to the public right now. They are not the kind of people who roll over without a fight. Hillary saw the writing on the wall–they were not going to let her win the nomination in a fair fight. But I can’t believe she isn’t mad as hell about what happened and determined to get back at those who did it. And I certainly can’t believe that Bill is OK with all this.

  28. I don’t see the e-mails as a good thing. The Olympics, the Edwards affair, the war in Georgia, and now this. It is just another excuse to take the dimming spotlight off of Obama and his shortcomings in a effort to deflect his inconsistencies prior to next week.

    The MSM will be able to parse and analyze each and every word and will show her as a poor campaigner and make him look as if he had overcome the Clinton machine. They will more than likely use the term “unelectable” as a code word for ra*cist and tarnish her even more with AAs. That I believe is their goal.

    We may be able to see through the subtrafuge but their are voters out there whose only source of information comes from these talking heads. Don’t be surprised if Keith O is working on a “special comment” section as we speak.

    This group will not rest until she is politically buried for good.

  29. I remember reading ‘back in the day’ that it was Hillary and her devotion to the issues and her campaign that kept it going. That post Iowa call to her staff has been spinned differently. She was clearly upset because her staff was so down and depressed but Hillary tried to perk them up and come up with new ideas and move on to the next battle. She had every right to be frustrated with them but SHE didn’t give up. SHE kept the campaign going. That is what a leader does. When the troops are down, it’s up to the Leader to provide the inspiration. Sometimes it’s the other way around.

    I remember my friend months and months ago sending me that story of the post Iowa conference call. And at that time it read like Hillary was the one with the back of steel forging ahead. Now it reads like she is a …..

  30. BB: did you see Bill’s interview with ABC? He is p*ssed, but will not talk about it until after January, then he’ll “be happy to talk about, because I have some very strong feelings about it all.”

    I do not see them as wimpy. She is not going to make a kamikaze move and destroy the political capital she has built. The entire Party is massed against them right now. They have to wait and see how this plays out. If she came out publicly against BO at this point, the media and DNC would savage her and getting any legislation through Congress would be much more difficult, let alone another run in 2012 if she is not nominated this month. I believe she is focused on exactly what she said she would do in her suspension speech: keep fighting for the issues that she and her supporters champion. If that means she does it as a Senator, she is determined to be as effective as possible in that role, until another opportunity arises. Unlike Senor Narcissist, it’s not all about her.

  31. Look, as far as I know Hillary is just as crook as the Dnc/dean/pelosi and the whole democratic cabal. I mean prior to this year’s bizzaro pimary and overall obama craziness, I would have never believed that the democrats are on parody with the reps in not giving a sh*t about the american pepole. I was under the naive belief/spell that the democrats were the good guys–you know making sure every vote counts, holding the reps to account for iraq, atty generals, politizing everything not nailed down-Not

    So this is what I have learned- the word trust and politician should never be in the same sentence–check that–paragraph together. There are no Mr Smiths!

    Having said that i do believe hillary is the best candidate and should be the democratic nominee but the dnc cabal “ain’t” having it.

    The only people we can trust is ourselves. We can trust ourselves to want the best president because we are America and utimately we have to protect her and govern her.


  32. I do not know “who” approached Edwards, but I do now believe “what” was used to convince him suspension of his campaign was a lesser evil.

    Quite frankly it could have been either one of the other two major campaigns, because in either case, they both could potentially benefit, H by wrapping it up, and O by showing he was viable.

  33. The Clinton’s are not fools. Never have been even in their darkest hours. One thing they know and that is how to fight back. Hillary did not win her senate seat by just showing up in NY. She worked hard to win over those skeptics, especially among Repubs.

    Whatever is going on, and I am certain something is, Bill has telegraphed his feelings by his minimal support of this “know nothing”. If there ever was a consummate politician it is Bill Clinton. He may not work very hard to assure a win for Obama, but I bet his money is on his loss.

  34. They can’t say she was a bad campaigner, because she got stronger as the campaign went on.

    A lot of people were snookered by the crazed media coverage about her, but when they saw her in the debates, they were able to change their minds, and vote for her.

    Any campaign, any administration is going to have fights and disagreements. So effing what?

  35. I do now believe I KNOW “what” …..jeez, more Colombian, please.

  36. We may be able to see through the subtrafuge but their are voters out there whose only source of information comes from these talking heads. Don’t be surprised if Keith O is working on a “special comment” section as we speak.

    But Pat, they’ve done all this before, and people are obviously able to see through this constant Clinton bashing. It’s just another round of “aren’t they awful?” 18 million people didn’t buy a full on assault, this will be a big to-do for a few days and then be gone.

    BTW: I saw that you’re from Western MA–where? I’m in the Berkshires.

  37. riverdaughter, on August 11th, 2008 at 8:18 am
    This is why Hillary stayed in even though she was loosing in February. She knew the next states were primaries and had a chance of winning those. Her plan was actually good. If BO hadn’t cheated in NC and Indiana, Hillary would have done much more better. Wasn’t there a tape of Hillary telling her donors that Bo and his campaign were gaming the system. I think she also said something about Moveon(Ann Coulter wrote about that)
    There was only one journalist that was paying attention and that was Earl Ofari http://tinyurl.com/3a67ch

    Pat Johnson, on August 11th, 2008 at 8:43 am
    Too bad journalists didn’t wonder about the same thing. We could have found out about the gaming of the caucuses before it got worse.

  38. I think I heard that 37 million people watched the Olympics opening ceremony.

    Who among the voters is going to pay attention to campaign e mails.

    As the NY Times piece said, this is just porn for the political junkies of DC.

  39. BB, I know you didn’t use “cool”, but as a geek myself, I so want to fit in with the popular crowd….please, I’ll do anything…what is that?….well, not everything…..

    It is nice talking to you again. Oh how I miss the good old times….

    O sign to you 😉

  40. Michelle is scheduled to speak on the first night of the convention.

    Guess who will be doing laundry at that hour??

  41. fif: Springfield

  42. Remember in November:” I was under the naive belief/spell that the democrats were the good guys”


    I knew better, but like you, wanted to believe that. I guess familiarity breeds contempt (I hope that is how it is expressed in English)

  43. plural: “porn”

    what?, where? how? Oh…never mind.

  44. On Sirius NOW – Sounds like ‘Tell Me More’ is now on!


    Can listen online if you are a Sirius subscriber, but also a free trial if you aren’t.

  45. Upstate: That is the correct adage. And that is why people are taking a second look at Obama. The longer he remains onstage alone, without Hillary as his foil, the less stature he has. Where she was spontaneous and open, he appears more programmed and aloof. Where she had the answers at the tip of her fingers, he stumbles and mumbles and makes little sense.

    The familiarity is not gaining him any lead in the polls because the stage he so eagerly sought is actually empty.

  46. (waving sleepily)

    I was at the ER with my mother-in-law until midnight or so last night. And it took me a while to unwind once I got home.

    I think she’s fine. But, she really needs to live in an assisted living sort of facility. Any advice on how to look into that would be gratefully appreciated.

  47. http://www.sirius.com/siriusinternetradio

    Tell Me More NOW ON!

    Darragh Murphy and Pamela Johnson on!

  48. This was posted at NQ re: BO’s conference call with AFL-CIO. What a complete jerk this guy is. Not only is he NOT the great uniter that they claim, he really has no idea how to connect with people:

    Then blogger J. Justin Wilson reveals the depressing details:

    I just got off the AFL-CIO’s kick-off conference call with Obama. What a tragedy of errors.

    First of all, Sen. Obama was about 40 minutes late to the show. You can image how fantastic 40 minutes of Muzak went over. Finally, John Sweeney introduced Obama.

    Next …

    After rattling off nearly the exact same speech he delivered a few months ago to the AFL-CIO (see above), Obama proceeded to hang up. Click. Just like that.

    Someone at the AFL-CIO muttered something like “is that it?” and then we went back to hold music.

    A lady came back on and made an excuse, saying Obama’s line was cut off and that he would come back on the call. Minutes pass, and then she came back on and said that Obama had left the building. …

  49. Am I a “true/responsible progressive” Si.

    Will I be happy if the Ds loose this election? No.

    Do I believe the Ds will loose this election? Si.

    Am I going to help the Ds win this election? No, as things now stand.

    Do I like McCain? No, nothing personal, but I will not vote R.

    Will I vote third party to the left of the Ds? Yes, unless something major happens (and that does not include “rehabilitation” efforts of the Clinton brand name, VP or not, by the DNC).

  50. kbird, no advice here. Sorry do not know.

    I hope everything is OK with her (and you).

    Abrazos (hugs).

  51. We got some good coverage re: Denver projects at The Hill

  52. BB – Clinton is campaigning right now to get the support of Barack Obama voters. That’s what this is all about. She’s not willing to write off big chunks of voters casually. Obama has split the party and her job right now is to put it back together for her campaign. Obama’s job is to put it together for himself, and he’s failing to do that. There is a chance that Obama’s nomination will go awry. She needs to be able to look his voters in the eye and tell them that she did everything that she was supposed to. Some won’t be won over, but a lot will.

  53. Again Anglachel hits the nail on the Edwards affair. God this woman is brilliant! Go read.

  54. Thanks, {{UpState}}. Hugs are also gratefully appreciated!! And given!

  55. Lori: I rather agree. She needs to prove to those AAs that the label of ra*cist they so easily placed on Bill and herself is just so wrong. I bet there are many out there who are sorry they are backing Obama just out of ethnic identity and nothing else. They know better. This way she can walk with her head held high again. Not that she ever had reason not to.

  56. katiebird: I know how you feel. I have been there. The most difficult thing in the world is not having the wherewithal to make it better. My thoughts are with you and mister since it must be equally difficult for him.

  57. KB – My 95-year-old aunt is at a place called The Fountains. They have facilities in different places all over the country.

    It’s really wonderful. She has a lot of autonomy because she is pretty mobile, but they provide full assistance if you need it. There is a nurse on the grounds 24-7, and they have a cafeteria for those that are unable to cook their meals (or just don’t feel like cooking that day). They have shuttle buses into town so people can do their errands. It’s quite well-thought-out.

    Here’s their website:

    The Fountains

  58. katiebird: I would ask your mother-in-law’s doctor and any other health professionals you know. They can probably point you toward some information sources. Also, maybe Social Services.

  59. This guy is right that Democrats shouldn’t kick Edwards under the bus. Good article although I disgree with him on many points epsecially this

    Edwards became the first Democratic presidential candidate to go where no other Democrat has gone in four decades and talked up poverty, universal health care and economic democracy.

    This is bullshit since UHC is Hillary’s baby. She was for it before it was cool to be for it. She is the one who has fought for health care for veterans and children. She is the one that talked about HIV/AIDS during the primary in IOWA.

  60. fif: Isn’t this just typical of that idiot? His behavior is getting worse if you ask me. He has no regard for anyone. He sincerely believes he has this thing in the bag and need go no further than what you just reported.

    He showed up when it was convenient, did his usual cursory crap, hung up and left everybody sitting there twiddling their thumbs. Rude, rude, rude. An illustration of what to expect as president. Crap!

  61. Latest scoop on ACORN…in trouble again in NM…plus some links to stories on ACORN….
    Tomorrow…another NM/national “youth” group also in trouble….

    Part I: New Mexico “Progressive” Voter Registration Groups in Trouble: ACORN Again…Surprised??


  62. fif, on August 11th, 2008 at 8:57 am Said:

    Very well put. The DNC would LOVE Hill to go off in a huff after telling them, FU. But Hillary is too aware of the shit that would be rammed though congress if she did remove herself. Did people see Hill stop the Medicare 10% pay cut just a couple of weeks ago? Who else would or could do that? Hill has to be in national office of one kind or another with political capital in hand….for all our sakes. She is showing the down ticket she wants to lead, she’s a team player. She won’t walk out, Hillary will have to be pushed out….they are doing their best to do just that. Her victory over theses people is even now, she is still there, ready to go even after all the crap from every corner. Hillary is amazing .

  63. Republican’s Sen: Obama Is A Con Artist Video
    republican’s seem to know hes a con and a fabricator

  64. madamab — THANKS! I’m going to look at your link now.

    fif, I think the advise about talking to the doctor is good. I was going to call the county department on aging today but I’ll do that also.

    Oh, and I should say that she’s mostly OK. I don’t want to say more because of her privacy.

  65. You’re welcome, KB! I went there myself, so I know what I’m talking about. It really is a first-class place.

    And I agree with fif. Talking to your doctor is a great idea.


  66. Kbird: There is usually an agency that covers assisted living facilities. You can usually call the licensing department of your state and see which entity governs them. Pick several facilities that you think cover her needs, then call the agency and ask for any and all lawsuits filed against the facilities, as well as any and all complaints.

    And last, visit the three or so facilities on your list several times, at different times of the day.

  67. Annetoo: she IS amazing. Her inner strength is superhuman. I would be curled up in a ball cursing the fates right now if I was in her position. As Bill said, he’s proud of her because she went right back to work.

    She is truly heroic in my book.

  68. katieb:

    As Kim suggests: And last, visit the three or so facilities on your list several times, at different times of the day.

    I’ve heard that this is very important, because certain places can put on a show for the public during prime time, but can be poorly run off-shift.

  69. She is like the “energizer bunny”, she just keeps going. This is the kind of president I want, someone who always has your back and interests at heart. Hillary could give a rat’s ass about designer clothes and parties, she is a wonk, a do gooder, a woman of her word.

    Instead we have had this lazy slug foisted upon us so that we proudly look back and say we elected the first black candidate. Hey guys, that is not good enough for me nor should it be for anybody else who has a modicum of common sense. He will do little if anything once in office. He does not have the gravitas or the interest. Only for what makes him look good.

    Can we have Hillary back now? She has done her time in the Time Out chair. Let’s get back to what is right for the country not what is right for the AAs and Obama. Enough already!

  70. OT, but Wolfson is saying that Edwards affair not coming out sooner cost Hillary the election.

    Sen. Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic presidential nominee if John Edwards had been caught in his lie about an extramarital affair and forced out of the race last year, insists a top Clinton campaign aide, making a charge that could exacerbate previously existing tensions between the camps of Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama.

    “I believe we would have won Iowa, and Clinton today would therefore have been the nominee,” former Clinton Communications Director Howard Wolfson told ABC News.com.

    Clinton finished third in the Iowa caucuses barely behind Edwards in second place and Obama in first. The momentum of the insurgent Obama camaign beating two better-known candidates — not to mention an African-american winning in sucn an overwhelmingly white state — changed the dynamics of the race forever.

    Obama won 37.6 per cent of the vote. Edwards won 29.7 per cent and Clinton won 29.5 per cent, according to results posted by the Iowa Democratic Party.

    “Our voters and Edwards’ voters were the same people,” Wolfson said the Clinton polls showed. “They were older, pro-union. Not all, but maybe two-thirds of them would have been for us and we would have barely beaten Obama.”

  71. Its amazing how the MSM will find any excuse, no matter how illegitimate, to attack anything Clinton. Inparticular the liberal-elite media.

    Anyway, does anyone else think that when John Edwards, in his explanation, said he was a ‘young’ freshman senator that was catapulted (sic) into political startum (sic) and that it went to his head…

    he was warning everyone about Obama…

    I think so…

  72. fif, on August 11th, 2008 at 9:52 am

    Pat Johnson, on August 11th, 2008 at 9:57 am

    Besides the fact we need Hillary however we can get her, the beauty part of Hillary going right back to work is , there will be no “come back ” or ” can she make a come back ” narrative for our Hill. She never left. Just Hill standing there is a thorn in the ONC’s side. Lol!

  73. Another breathtakingly stupid moment from The Village. I guess these folks think they can take anything and spin it to suit their needs. Hmmm, so HRC didn’t take Penn’s advice and appeal to women, lower and middle class voters? I’m speechless.

    Once again the only way to interpret these nastygrams from the other side are that WE are still a threat and THEY are worried. Less than two weeks to the convention and they’re stooping to “leaked” (yeah, right) emails? HRC and her forces must be alive and breathing down their necks or they wouldn’t give us the time of day.

    We are a force. Can we have Hillary back now?

  74. I was a little worried about the emails the other day, but only because I thought they were from Hillary. I’d forgotten that she didn’t do email. When she mentions the weather, they distort it.

    Frankly, I couldn’t care less what her staff emailed to each other. Nasty? Hectic? Tense? Normal campaign.

    But if they’re trying to show Hillary lost [!] because of a bad campaign, I find that hysterical. It means that 2 weeks before the big Unity Show, they’re still trying to convince voters Obama actually “won” and and not by cheating, but by Hillary’s own fault.

  75. Anglachel’s article regarding Edwards is fascinating. The MSM stood by knowing full well the charges of his infidelity and held out the revelations while allowing the Hillary bashing to proceed in full force. It was okay to use sexism against her but somehow his tomcatting around was a no no. What hypocrisy! And Elizabeth doesn’t come across as any saint in this matter either.

    The “good old boy” network at it again. Double standards still apply.

  76. Hillary and her campaign made some mistakes. They underestimated Obama, but who could have foreseen that a rookie Senator could raise so much money? Not to mention the support he got from the Democratic establishment.

    She was stuck between a rock and a hard place, unable to go negative on Obama because she needed to show that she wasn’t the evil, ruthless b*tch as portrayed in the media.

    She struggled early, then made the necessary corrections and went on to win huge victories in the last two months.

    But the media had already declared Obama the nominee in February. (also in Jan, Mar, Apr, May and June)

  77. the assisted living facilities in my area run about $2500.00 per month which for my income is too steep….I have been looking into it for myself in the future…..Good luck and hope your MIL is better soon….(my area is Montana)

  78. if Hillary wasn’t appealling to the women, lower and middle class, whom was she them appealling to – the elite

    Who were those people that voted for her on super tuesday? Who were the people that voted for her in MA and CA even after Kerry, Kennedy Oprah etc. were telling everyone how BO was The One? If Barky had the elite and college students, so whom did Hillary have:roll:

  79. She did not stand a chance when the party machine revved up. It took the public to ratify her wins. She was up against a corrupt party, the Chicago machine, the spinelessness of the supers, the charges of ra*cism, the MSM. It was the voters who came to her rescue in the end but not soon enough.

    With gamed caucuses the press marked him as a “front runner” and the image was difficult to penetrate especially when he began acting as if this was rightfully his. When calls for her to “concede” went unheeded, she was portrayed as a spoiler. She met the challenge but the roadblocks were more and more difficult to maneuver.

    It stinks.

  80. DownListen: Us.

  81. According to MO it was Barky who was faced with roadblocks. I can’t believe that woman had the nerve to complain.

    Pat – Lets not forget BO’s Dems for a day or those republicans that were determined to vote against Hillary. This primary was a strange one because during the Ohio and Texas primary, Rush and Coulter were telling republicans to vote for Hillary. I wonder if that worked and if it did how many of them are delegates.

  82. the audio is now available for the NPR radio


  83. Pamela Merrit is of no help. She made no sense at all.

  84. […] Patti Solis Doyle cough cough) leaked 200 internal campaign emails to the Atlantic Monthly.  As Riverdaughter says, they probably had 200 emails in one day going back and forth; thus, to present those emails as a […]

  85. hey, guys, check out the link to murphy’s interview on pumapac’s page and copy it on the web shamelessly. She was so incredibly good the interviewer and the other guest were left in the dust.
    Whoohoo! Dean has no idea what he’s dealing with.

  86. Katiebird,

    I’m so sorry about your MIL. I’ve been going through a similar situation here in KC with my aunt for the past 4 years (I’m her POA).

    My aunt just moved out of The Fountains in Indep. after suffering a stroke. It really is a lovely place for those that are still independent-living, but one drawback for some is that The Fountains is private-pay only (they do not accept Medicare). We tried their continuing care when my aunt got worse, and weren’t very happy with it.

    While my aunt lived at The Fountains, she had a couple of hospitalizations that required therapy/extended rehab, so we had some experience with Level 1 nursing care and thought we knew what to avoid.

    After my aunt’s stroke, we moved her to a Level 1 nursing home that I “thought” was a cut above, and it was just awful. Too large, too institutional, too disorganized, and that was when family members were present. I can’t imagine what went on when no witnesses were around. The only good that came of her stay there was the physical therapy department was excellent. She made enough progress that we were able to move her.

    We now have my aunt at a smaller, home-based (40 residents) facility, and she is doing much better with the personal attention and homier atmosphere.

    If your MIL can afford a place like The Fountains, I think she’d be happy there, but I do think you should be aware that another move is not only possible, it’s likely, should her health decline. If I had to do it over again, I’d have tried to get my aunt into a place like John Knox Village, where they really do have a continuum of care.

    If you want more info (since I’m local to you), feel free to email me. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. It is tough.

  87. Katiebird, I have been looking part time after an old lady with dementia for the past ten years.
    She lives at home with her son, a research physicist, he takes care of her late afternoon to morning, and there are two of us taking turns and substituting for each other when needed.
    I think home caring is definitely the best solution. It’s cheaper, better quality, more loving.
    And it helps us single moms to have flexible hours.
    However one person is never enough. We are 3, and when the 2 of us can’t make it, (family probs, sickness, vacation) he stays off work .
    I saw a NYT article about a month ago about the pros and cons of assisted homes. (sorry tried to find it again but couldn’t). It said home care was good, if not, to not make the mistake of selling the older persons private home , to put them in some sort of assisted apartment, but instead to place them in a home with good nursing assistance so’s that they won’t have to move again.

  88. Newsmax has a hell of an article out today. Seven of Obama’s worst fears. One is a roll call vote. It appears that they (Obama) are worrying about a roll call vote and that the only thing that will hold it up is Hillary signing on. I don’t know how to get it done, but if we could get to Hillary or her staff or close supporters to ask her to please please sign on, even if she does not win the nomination, it will show Obama that without PUMA support and Hillary’s supporters he can not win in November.

  89. Jessie Britton, yes, yes , yes!!! Write, e-mail, call Senator Clinton, let her know we want her to put her name in nomination and fight! If she has any doubt about her support, she won’t do it. Heck, she might not do it anyway, but it’s such a weighted decision that I would think she needs to know she has a solid foundation to stand on. JMO, rhough.

  90. WOW, riverdaughter, you did it again! Brilliant!
    My FAVORITE line: “Sooo, what is the point of this (Mike Allen of Politico’s) article? That it makes men feel oogie?”
    I laughed til I cried!
    I also liked the part about Mark Penn. Yes, there are some very disturbing aspects of his involvement but how can anyone ever know what really went on, esp now that we can factor in the mole from Chicago. The bottom line is always what was accomplished!
    Thanks also for alerting us yesterday to Anglachel’s latest blog.

  91. I — honestly — never cared for the “day one” line. I thought ti was too outdated in comparison to Obama and his “youth” message. I thought she did much better without Penn, frankly.

    I don’t see these emails as a “good thing” at all. All the work us PUMA’s have been putting in to get her name into nomination. Now there may just be one staffer who made a stupid remark and the DNC will use this to keep her name out.

    I’ll tell you, if that frickin’ happens, I’ll send the DNC a picture of my big, fat butt every single day until this election is over for pulling this card.

    I think those emails were released by the Obama campaign!

  92. Sorry. I meant it, not ti. I’ve been up since 4 am. Yawn!

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