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Eeny-Meeny, Chile Beany, the Spirits are about to Speak!

It was two months ago when I wrote the first couple of posts on the PUMA movement.  In one of those posts, I wrote about how they were going to frame us:

Like adolescents, they insist on making their own decisions and yet expect us to get them out of a jam later. They hate us because of who we are and yet they need us in order for them to get what they want. And the superdelegates are the too permissive parents who are giving in to them because they can’t handle the screaming and guilt trips that will follow if they don’t.

This is where we come in, PUMAs. We will fill the role that the superdelegates have abrogated. It is our job to say “no”. We do not want to lose in 2008. We do not want another four years of Republican rule. We want 4 years of intelligence, competence and courage in a time of what will surely be a very critical time in our nation’s history. Terrorism is still out there. There are two wars going on. Our military is stretched so thinly that our national security is compromised. We have an energy crisis and many families are hurting. Our financial institutions got themselves over their heads. And there is a serious environmental catastrophe at hand in global warming.

Now is not the time to put a love object in office, a weakling who will be entirely dependent on his power elite enablers. Or worse, he may be a dissembler who has barely disguised his contempt for the voters.

There will be a lot of calls for “Unity!”. But let us acknowledge what this really is. “Unity” is a weapon that the party is going to use against us. It is the emotional blackmail of the teenager. “If you don’t let me have my way, it will be all YOUR fault if something bad happens!” “If you don’t get in line, it will be YOUR fault if we lose.”

Of course, the old political blogosphere, especially the Big Orange Cheeto, has been foaming at the mouth for about a month now about how we are going to lose the election for Obama and it will be all our fault if McCain wins.  We now have the pundits making this same case.  Listen to Diane Mantavoulos and Susan Estrich debating the matter on To The Point today (Click on the Hillary tab at the bottom).  As Susan spins it, our movement is going to end up electing McCain and it’s better to give a show of quiet unity at the convention, no matter what.  She waxes nostalgic about how she was a young’un in 1980 when she worked to get Ted Kennedy the nomination.  “Ahh, yes, those were the days.  We were all babes in the woods and had no idea what we were doing” stuff.

Please, Susan.  Kennedy had about 600 delegates tops.  He was so far behind Carter it wasn’t funny.  There was no possibility of overturning the will of so many *pledged* delegates.  You weren’t suffering from youthful inexperience.  You were suffering from stupidity.

This convention is a completely different animal.  Hillary is well within striking distance, the superdelegates are going to decide it regardless of the nominee and once the credentials committee gets around to acting on Obama’s letter asking for MI and FL to be restored to full strength, he won’t have enough delegates to be the presumptive nominee anymore.  (I suspect the Credentials Committee will meet at around 11:55pm on the day before the convention so he can ride this baby all the way to the end and make Hillary look like an usurper if she unsuspends her campaign.  Yeah, we’ve got your number, Axelrod.)

What Susan seems to be missing, but what she oddly catches onto just before the segment ends, is that you can not fake unity.  You can put Hillary’s delegates on mute.  You can threaten and intimidate them until they are afraid of their own shadows,  You can lie to them so they have no idea if they are supposed to vote for Hillary or Obama or Julius Caesar.  It can certainly be made to *look* like 3400 pledged delegates voted in unison for The One while they all held hands and sang “I want to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.”  But the voters don’t give a flying f%&*  When you have 36,300,000 million voters in your party and you choose to ignore a little more than half of them, all you end up with is frustration, not unity.  You take away the voters right to influence at the convention.  Remember “self-determination”?  Yeah, we used to broadcast all around the world urging citizens of other countries to insist on it and accept no substitutes.  But in this country, in this election year, it is perfectly OK to squelch the self-determination of half of your party for a predetermined outcome.  That may be a very satisfying short term goal.  Sort of like an orgasm with 75,000 of your closest friends in a football stadium.  But when it’s over, the party is going to find that it screwed over the wrong people.

Hey, if the DNC and Obama and all his supporters want to go this route and bully, swagger, cheat, steal and suppress the party because they simply must have their way, well, there isn’t much we can do to stop them.  THAT is the superdelegates’ job.  If the superdelegates just go along to get along and nominate a guy who is over his head and unelectable, that’s their fault when he loses.  We tried to talk some sense into them.

We are just voters who wanted to nominate the best person for the job.  We may be shut out now, but come November 4th, we are going to have a chance to exercise our constitutional rights and tell the DNC exactly how we feel about being given a choice between a rock and a hard place.

Enjoy the afterglow while it lasts, guys.


You can find more on the subject at US News and World Report in an article by Bonnie Erbe: Barack Obama Needs to Carefully Handle Hillary Clinton’s Supporters.

More radio!  Check out Diane M. on Clintons4McCain Radio, on now!  (Disclaimer: Friends don’t let friends vote Republican so you’d better make Damn sure Hillary’s on that ballot.)

Addendum:  I’m taking over for Sheri Tag on NO WE WON’T on Wednesday night and in preparation, I thought I’d try a segment of a show.  I’m calling it Conflucians Say.  It’s premiering tonight at 11:00pm EST for an hour.  This is just a test.  Let’s see if we can get this baby up and running.  (Hope I don’t fall asleep first.)

170 Responses

  1. Great post, rd! I was planning on turning in early but I will stay up to hear you at 11pm.

  2. DNC new offer to raise some cash for a $ 50.00 donation for you can get a Nancy Pelosiautographed pink princess phone circa 1981 your choice of rotary dial or touch tone! hurry while supplies last these are expected to go as fast as the DR Howard Dean self enema kits and the Donna Brazile home bikini wax sets!

    fuzzybeargville trying to make people laugh-

  3. I wish I could stay up but gotta get to work early…Sob! cant wait for RD on wednesday!


  4. PUMA!

  5. That’ll be great, RD. Good luck!

  6. Micheal, Yea!!!!!!!!! Funny.

  7. Conflucians say the darndest things?

  8. Btw, Gerry Ferraro wants Hillary on the nomination ballot.

    *smooches* to Gerry.

  9. I meant Michael, sorry. I was going to fast.

  10. Totally O/T, but the Kid went back to Lexington & took her fabulous locovore cooking with her. We are eating leftovers & will be back to ordinary food tomorrow. Fortunately, she left the local wine……..

  11. Pat, don’t stay up on my account. It’s a test. I don’t have music or anything. The segment is very bare bones.

  12. Pat, is your knee back to normal?

  13. You weren’t suffering from youthful inexperience. You were suffering from stupidity.

    Why do I get the feeling I’m going to be saying that more and more from this point on for the rest of my life…

  14. Hey, Riverdaughter, everybody, what’s up with the defeatist attitude that seems to be spreading over the PUMAsphere? Did something happen? Is it the weather? What? We should be happy, at least Obuhbuh’s on vacation. C’mon let’s buck up and find a silver lining! Where’s our PUMA roar? This is a perfect time to strike, like I said, Obuhbuh’s on vacation!

  15. {{{Gary}}} {{{Mawm}}} I am no longer youthful!

    but age and treachery will beat youth and vigor every time!


  16. No, rd, I want to hear you. It should be great.

    parentofed: Yes, it is much better, thanks. Took some Ibuprofren for the swelling and the dog left this afternoon so I did not have to worry about walking her. The next door neighbor took her out around 11. Other than that I am fine but I have been sitting on my rear end for 3 days.

  17. Yes Obama is taking a vacation form his vacation sounds so george bush!


  18. Pat what did you do to your leg remember I was MIA this weekend was I missed?

    My Vusta platform sent me alot of updates and my computer went nuclear on me by the time it was safe to use it it was sunday night!


  19. Yup, that’s EST, assuming I don’t crash first

  20. Fuzzybear, I laughed–I wanted one back in the day.

  21. just got a video of Barak obama as: Flipper-now that is just mean to Dolphins!


  22. Fuzzybear, I heard he will need the dolphin vote to win Florida???

  23. I mean dolphins are intellegent and alturistic creatures and they are cute too-refering to Obama as “Flipper” is just down right repug mean!


  24. If we took a trip together down Memory Lane we would be able to quietly point out all the wonderful things that have happened as a result of this blog.

    What began as a small cry for civility blossomed into a huge roar. What could be better than this? From a silly little rant about party unity, PUMA was born on June 1st! We have stuck this out together through thick and thin. We have experienced the same highs and low, laughter and tears, expectations and disappointments.

    We have had our share of trolls but we also attracted many more like minded friends out there who were grateful to discover and become part of the Confluence. Our own blogmeister found a voice on radio. She has been noticed and through that the cause grew. We are no longer a mere particle of the blogosphere but have become a steady beat of opinion.

    We’ve traveled together. Worried over one another. Praised the contributions the diarists provided. We seek each other out when feeling low or disappointed. We check on each daily and revel in the back and forth. We no longer talk to ourselves but to one another.

    We should celebrate our good fortune for together we mean something.

  25. Fuzzybear, meant to add that Pelosi’s autograph is a deal breaker so guess I will have to make my donation elsewhere.

    BTW, I received my Hillary shirt today. Not my best color but will be wearing it regularly in hopes to encourage conversations such as others reported last week

  26. wont get the dolphin vote told them he was a Minnesota Fan!-
    (get the footballs biggest superbowl loser reference)

  27. Riverdaughter, it’s off topic but a friend sent this to me today and iI thought you might be interested:

    “In the race for Congress in New Jersey’s 7th district, the Republican candidate trails an independent in cash on hand. State Sen. Leonard Lance has just $80,792 in his war chest, as of his most recent Federal Election Commission filing, and Michael Hsing, a Republican Councilman from Bridgewater who briefly challenged Lance for the GOP nomination and is now running as an independent, has $91,637. Democrat Linda Stender, a State Assemblywoman, has $1.2 million in the bank.”

  28. Pat: glad it’s ibuprofen. My 85 year old father tries to be independent & active, but this spring he became very listless. I discovered that he was doubling the Viccodin for his arthritis and taking it every day around the clock. Said it felt good. I told him the stuff was addictive, and that 85 is too old to become a drug addict, so he pretty much stopped it completely.

    Man, I’ll bet there’s a lot of doped-up elderly folks out there who don’t have a kid that checks up on everything. Scary.

  29. Thank you WigWag. I will be sure to put in a plug for DownTicket Dems tonight on the radio.

  30. Michael: I was dog sitting for one of my sons who went to Lake George for 5 days. In taking the dog out for a walk on Saturday she lurched at another dog and I fell to the pavement directly on my knee. It swelled up like a balloon and I was on Tylenol and Ibuprofren for the last couple of days. I’m find but was immobile to some extent. It hurt!

  31. also got my T-shirt today. It’s very nice, high-quality.

  32. I want my hillary shirt!-RD I think stender is going to win hope she will be a voice for core democrat values!


  33. Received my tee shirt last week and I agree, it is nice quality. Along with my PUMA bracelet I am a walking ad!

  34. Got my t-shirt on Saturday! It’s loverly!

  35. is it made in america? the Hillary shirt? I am a union Man CWA!


  36. We are getting closer to that 2 million mark!

  37. Hey, riverdaugther, I never succeded to listen live to No We Wont radio. I can only listen to the archive files. I there something I’m missing, like registering to be able to log on? By the way. Are you any close to route 38?

  38. I look for the union label whin I am buying my shirt or hand bag beecause I know that somewhere out there is an american working hard…(from th ILGWU)


  39. Michael, Made in USA by Bayside. Thanks so much for pointing that out.

  40. It is becoming more and more difficult to find a Made in the USA product.

  41. Pat, this OT, but I will share my experience from a couple of years ago. It may be good for a laugh.

    I had developed a neuromuscular problem that caused some weakness in my right leg. I had a doctor’s appointment and was partially dressed and started down the stairs from upstairs when my leg gave and I tripped down the last couple of stairs landing awkwardly on one foot twisting it and the knee on the other leg. I was laying at the bottom of the stairs unable to move when the doorbell wrang with the UPS man. I lay there trying to decide whether to call for help when I was laying there in my undies–all the old jokes about UPS and delivery men came to mind. I caught my breath, hobbled to the freezer grabbed a bag of peas and one of corn and called my husband to ask him to come home that I had a bag of corn on my right foot and a bag of peas on my left knee and couldn’t drive. He had trouble getting past the vegetables to understand I was hurt

    My heart goes out to you. Have you had X-ray, MRI to check for a torn meniscus?

  42. Pat I know it is so exciting isnt it RD?
    we are so proud of our little “those people” site!


  43. We should have known, folks, that it would be USA-made. We can trust our Gal Hil.

  44. Phala: No, I am fine. I just bruised it when I went down. I felt ridiculous as there was another couple walking their dog who came over to help. That must have been a funny story to relate AFTER you got to the ED.

  45. rd: If you are still here, what is your format for tonight?

  46. Well you know us Blue collar Democrats clinging ot god and guns….we look for the union label -Good for Hillary supporting American Labor-but did we have any doubt? I bet all Obama’s stuff is made in china!


  47. For Obama, definitely imported and all designer labels. Nothing but the best for a king in waiting.

  48. parentofed-we were channeling each other!


  49. Michael: I saw you VP pick and I answered you on the other post.

  50. Pat, my husband still teases me about the UPS man and I’m glad it was not a serious injury.

  51. “Btw, Gerry Ferraro wants Hillary on the nomination ballot.”

    pumapac is writing thank you notes to Ms Ferraro this evening, as an expression of gratitude, support, and encouragement. Everyone is invited and welcome to join in.

  52. Phala: I love the King of Queens and there was an episode where Doug went to the door and the guy met him wearing nothing but a loose towel around his waist. He did not know where to look. Cute.

  53. Do you guys think Wes Clark will be Obama’s VP pick? That would sort of break my heart. But with the Wednesday night honoring of veterans and BC giving the intro it seems possible.

  54. President Presumtious-Elect Barak Obama I am sure He enjoyed his arugulla blast smoothie tonight…

    and a waffle-


  55. speaker on Anderson Cooper just said that there had to be a roll call vote because if they try to do it by acclamation there will be over a thousand outraged Hillary delegates and it would make a devastating news clip.

  56. masslib: Saw that too. It will be interesting to see who he finally finagles to play Nearer My God to Thee on the sinking ship.

  57. Frankly, i think it’s been a fairly typical mecury going retro week — totally mess up communications…

    however, my suffering aside, I think it was a bad week for o bam bam … his response to the Russian invasion of Georgia reminded me of Dubya reading My Pet Goat. And the press are re-running Hillary’s 3 am ad.

    McCain’s on presidential podiums speaking details of his buddy the president of Georgia and his many trips there …

    Obambam did a video on what could only be called a nasty looking track suit from the exotic state of Hawaii …

    I’d say, media wise, Obambam had a heckuva job bambam week

  58. If they attempt a vote by acclimation you will definitely see fists flying on that floor.

  59. does anybody knows how to listen to No we wont radio live? I can only listen to archived files. Am I missing something?

  60. I really don’t understand people going all the way back and posting on hours-,days-, and weeks-old posts.

  61. Masslib: Wes Clark would break my heart as B0’s VP pick as well. I still won’t vote for Obama, but I’d dislike voting against Clark.

  62. regency: I am not sure what you mean.

  63. The pundits, DNC, the media, and Obama minions remain in a state of denial. Nothing I can do to change the idiocy.

    All I can do is that which I am doing and will continue to do. That being, remain steadfast, oppose Obama under any and all circumstances, take comfort in the knowledge that I do truly own my vote, and use that vote to prove that I, and others like me, actually matter.

    PUMA is a state of mind, a tribute to rational judgement, and a statement regarding conscience and principle. We have coalesced in spirit, and neither bow, nor yield, to anyone.

  64. I am going to go put the horse up now so I can be there!

  65. Pat, that was the scene I couldn’t face and while I was holding my breath, he left. I missed that King of Queens episode will look for it on the reruns.

    Fuzzybear, thanks for helping with my low-carb diet–no waffles

  66. FrenchNail: That happened to me too. Firefox wouldn’t clear its cache. You might try rebooting. Or try a different browser.

  67. FrenchNail: Just scroll up and click the highligted link for Conflucians Say.

  68. they have richardson out there giving obama’s predicted responses to international crisis since obambam can’t be bothered during his vacation . …

    wish that meant richardson was on his way down the drain with the Obamination

  69. FrenchNail, Hit “Click to listen,” then in the new page that comes up,hit “Play in Default Audio Player” up in the right hand corner of the page.

  70. Actually little known fact the dance bandonthe titanic played “Autumn” not “nearer my god to thee” as the ship sank FYI…


  71. Pat Johnson: just noticed a few folks posting on Monday: Puma Power and another post from early this morning. It wasn’t relevant, just a comment.

  72. Thanks guys. I’ll try. Riverdaughter please email me. I thihk we live close by to each other.

  73. Cimdy Sheehan is planning on running against Nancy Pelosi. Good for her!

  74. regency: Gotcha! When are you leaving for CA?

  75. Pat J: Not going after all. So far, it’s seeming like a less than great decision, but you live and learn. Got most of my core taken care of here but I can’t get into any of the introductory bio classes–all full. That’s fine since I’m not even sure I want to do biology anymore.

  76. regency: Where do you go from here? Community college for a few semesters? You cannot waste your talents.

  77. I wonder if the “pink” princess phone rang to give ol’ Nancy “impeachment is off the table” “no bargaining chip” Pelosi the news she will not be unopposed?

    Personally I call he 9% Nancy 91% hot air!


  78. http://www.newsvine.com/_news/2008/08/11/1740870-report-clinton-told-to-cast-obama-as-un-american#entercomment

    and here’s some of the spin begins… since Barry is so crappy he can’t even continue to carry the people he previously won…they are dragging up a campaign memo about how to counter the Precious….

    blame the victim for you inability to perform… Barry is probably like dating a guy with erectile dysfunction…it must BE YOUR FAULT if he can’t get it up…

  79. Regency, I don’t know if it will help but I still remember being in an auditorium with my son with a room full of students invited for a scholars weekend at a college, all trying to decide between the schools they were applying to, all competing for scholarships, etc. The chaplain got up to speak and told everyone that he hoped they would decide to attend but “it is not like a marriage. You can change your mind.” You could visibly see the tense shoulders in the room relax. I know it is much more complicated with scholarships and transfer credits. All of here have the utmost confidence that you will be successful irregardless of the path you choose. I frequently speak of the insightful, intelligent young woman I have met here and tell them about this site and yours.

  80. Pat J: No, I’m going to the University of Houston. I got a scholarship from there, too. Thankfully, they take all my credits, so I’m out of freshman English&Comp, US Hist, Psych, Soc, Macro Econ, & Tech. The only downside is that I’m not great at math so basically, Bio & Chem are out as majors because they require SO much math. That’s okay though since I was going to double with Poli-sci anyway. Now, I’ll probably just take that and minor in Anthro.

    SOD: I do love writing like a ton, but I hate being made to write for assigments, so I worry that my writing suffers for it. We’ll see though. I had advising today and I have an orientation on the 22nd. I’ll talk to them and see what happens.

  81. SOD: By the way, thanks for the compliment! Those sort of comments always build me up because I constantly find myself wondering who cares what I have to say. Thank you! and thank your daughter for me.

  82. Phala: Thank you! That quote definitely helps. Though, in my case, it’s like agreeing to marrying one suitor, only for him to say that he’s still thinking about it. To move on to another, only for them to say you’ll be so happy here if you give up everything you’ve ever been and all you have. Then, moving on to somone who claimed to be so right for you, then getting to the altar and seeing that they’re lying to you.

    You’re back where you started. With that childhood friend you swore was no good for you and who still isn’t perfect, but s/he’s there and they love you. Eventually–you hope-you’ll fall for them too.

    Gah, I hope my life isn’t like that.

  83. What do you mean, who cares what you have to say? If I were closer I would come right over and knock you up the side of the head! First the right side, then the left. After that, the Time Out Corner for you and no Big Dawg pictures either. You are GIFTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Pat J: Heh. Thank you! Forgive my emo moment. Not seeking compliments, but I ain’t turning ’em down either.

    I’m taking my laptop with me and there will be Big Dawg pictures there. Trust me on that one.

  85. Regency, sounds like my life before I met my husband. Perhaps it is more like a pause in time so you can impact this election and have other options open for you. All I can say is those “guys” were nuts and something better is coming your way and you will be that much stronger and wiser when it arrives. {{{hugs}}}

  86. Phala, {{{hugs}}} right back. Thank you for thinking of me and I hope you’re right. Things don’t always go the way we want when we want, but they do go.

  87. Hey, isn’t it time for Riverdaughter’s show?

  88. tonights prayer mditation or affirmation….

    Creator father mother god/dess

    I apologize for not asking this the other night but stregthen your servant Elizabeth Edwards she has been dealt many hard blows in this life…I ask is it fair that the spouse always suffers most for thier others infidelity?

    Make her strong and heal her she has been a bright light on us all. Her strength in her fight against the cancer in her has been an inspiration to us all. The dignity she shows in the face of public scandal is so like our Hillary.

    I have always been in awe of your creation Creator and the strength that I see in these women whom you have allowed me to share in their lives i am truely humbled and greatful.

    Our Puma hearts go out to elizabeth we Identify with her and we see in her struggles the strength that comes for m the feminine and it is truely devine.

    Creator make known to her that she is loved and respected by us here at the confluence as we send out to her our strength. A steady stream of love to heal and bear her up. Elizabeth you have our support.

    I now thank you for bringing our Puma sisters and brothers home safely from the confrence and I hope they with their renewed spirit lead us on to victory how ever we are able to achieve it in Denver or November. Again Bless our great work.

    Watch over our Hillary ensure she hears only the voices necessary so she can stay strong if it is not your will to have her as our nominee in November then council her to wait give her patience and calm. for we know as Dr Angelou said Rise Hillary Rise…

    Blessings to you all and good night seet dreams to all of you living in Hillary’s world of peace justice and prosperity


  89. O’Reilly is calling the DOJ tomorrow and will report their response as to when the FBI will be looking into the money paid to Rielle. He had a campaign attorney on that said everything you do once you become a candidate concerning money is regulated under Federal Law.

  90. Amen, Fuzzybear

  91. Why is Jon Voigt going to be on the O Factor? Quois?

  92. fuzzy – Thank You.

  93. Carol: Did you see the girlfriend of the girlfriend named Pidgeon O’Brien? Good God!

  94. He may be “black listed” (I know, I know, that is r*cist) for coming out and saying what a fool BO is.

  95. No, where was she?

  96. Just wanted to say “Hi!” I’m exhausted, so I’ll probably have to read the thread tomorrow.

  97. “Pidgeon” says the affair has been going on longer than he admitted to.

  98. What is going on? where do I read to be able to understand what you are talking about?

  99. I think the issue about the Clinton camp memos is BO’s attempt to get out in front of any issues that may arise from his time in Indonesia…. whatever all that entails.

    That was my sense after watching the ABC Nightly news with Shrum hollerin’ about things anyway… they are trying to wear the edges off any charges from McCain…

  100. I love that McCain is playing with his food (BO) with all of these cutesy attack ads before he moves in for the kill (It will be nonstop quotes from the Dems, mostly Hillaryduring the primary).


  101. Hey Old Coastie— I got exactly the same feeling this evening from watching 30 seconds of CNN! Same tactic as when he told everyone that “they” were going to try and scare everyone, EXCEPT any idiot w/ 1/2 a brain who is going to read those e-mails, is going to think “Hmmmm, Obama really doesn’t have an American perspective. Hmmmmm, Obama shouldn’t be elected in a war year….or in any year. Hmmmmm…..”

  102. Who is Pidgeon O’Brian?

  103. If BO ever shows up for a debate, he will have to send Hillary in when he unexpectantly develops laringytis.

    Or better yet, maybe he can just move his lips and Hillary can have her hand up his back and be the puppet master.

  104. Yeah – Phelps 3 World Records and 3 Golds.

    Soni from USC won the Silver 100m Butterfly (my favorite)

  105. Oh well. Have a nice evening.

  106. hey –
    isnt this delegate petition effort organic? i know natl delegates who are calling other natl delegates in a very precise manner. other important folks are as well whom I cannot mention on this blog. i do not think that this organically orginated peition movement is in need of other folks calling delegates etc. this creates a very confusing situation. some of the threats to clinton delegates are getting are from clinton supporters. i now because i know some of them quite well and am trying to get this to stop. i just wanted to note this alegre. this is a very touchy situation right now. this is suceeding but i dont want more repeats i have seen in the past few days of clinton supporters really harrassing delegates. this does none of us good! I hope no one here is angry about this post-but tread very carefully..

  107. I don’t know who Pidgeon is. I think she is a friend of Reilly’s that is spilling the beans. I tried to google her but she hasn’t made the big time yet. Probably will be on all of the talk shows starting tomorrow.

    Why does he continue to lie? It’s always the lie that gets you into trouble. Ask Martha Stewart, Bill Clinton, …………. That is the only thing I ever liked about Bush – he said “Yep, I did it, deal with it, lump it or leave it, I’m the deciderer, ……….” He may be stupid, he may be misguided, he may be criminal, but he was definately ballsy!

  108. Edwards makes me sick. Hillary could have had his votes. The lying bastard.

  109. Great article on http://www.foxnews.com about elephants, and how the older matriarchs are the ones that have always saved the tribes with their long memories that kept them safe.

    Am I the only one that sees the parellel between them and us old bitter hags?


  110. Carol: I am still a lovely young elephant!

  111. That was a great post by Dakinkat!

  112. Eddy is back. He didn’t like the dog watching! He is a hound but he isn’t an exhibitionist.

  113. Aren’t PUMAs (pumas) matriarchal, too?

  114. Ok, how about Anthony Zinni. I wrote about the possibility of Clark because it has me pretty bummed, but then I thought Zinni. Italian American from PA. What do you think?

  115. Clark is just biting the bullet for Hillary. She will make him Secretary of Defense once she takes office.

  116. Don’t know Zinni.

  117. Carol: I honestly think our Eddy is a houndog in the real sense of the word if you follow my thinking.

  118. I love and respect Zinni. He came out strongly against the war. He is a former general.

  119. Pat – do you think his wife knows about us?

  120. Would not be surprised. She is a judge.

  121. Funny, the dog never bothered him while here.

  122. The Chinese gymnist’s are tearing it up.

  123. YEAHHHHHH! Great JOB River Daughter!

  124. China = the new east germany

  125. Those athletes work so hard to get there and it is awful when they don’t win first. They are so dedicated.

  126. radio show just ended. Great Job Riverdaughter! an hour seems short though…goes by fast.

  127. Riverdaughter was marvelous. Sounded like an old pro!

  128. Nite, Nite – I pray I wake up from this National Nightmare in the morning and Hillary is about to be sworn in.

  129. Carol: I am with you, girl! Bring back Hillary!

  130. Well, when is the text message due? i’d like to know which General Obama’s running with. BO has a problem with ethnic whites, so I’m thinking Zinni. I mean all signs point to Clark but the BO campaign loves surprises.

  131. I like Zinni myself. A straight talker.

  132. Thanks, guys, I’m bushed. Deep in Morpheus Arms I lie, Off I go to beddy bye…

  133. “Aren’t PUMAs (pumas) matriarchal, too?”

    They are now!

  134. Good job riverdaugther. And thanks for the instructions guys. I was able to hear this time.!

  135. Oh great. I missed the radio show. I didn’t read that part of the post. 😦

  136. I like Zinni too.

  137. I’m crashing too. Wishing you all a good night’s rest so we can continue on, But Carol, I too hope this is just the worst nightmare ever and soon over.

  138. Good Job, riverdaughter!

  139. state of disbelief…you still here?

  140. i wanted to know if you gave your FFmiles to DanceswithPumas?

  141. I missed the radio show tonight..hopefully it’ll be on tomorrow in re run! Too many things happening at same time.
    Does anyone know about the meeting in D.C. ..I havent’ hear a THING

  142. Pat..you still here? you would know about the conference in DC,,also what ever happened to that guy Paul who was on last week saying all those things that were supposaedly going to happen?

  143. The interesting thing about Zinni is he agreed with McCain about the surge. He literally said “I agree with Senator McCain”, when discussing the surge in ’06. So, that’s interesting…

  144. Just so ya know the good folks at MyDD have a message for all here.

    We need to ‘Get Over It!’ Yep, allus some AssClown in a Josh Orton thread over there who can’t seem to understand that Obama has not been elected.

    I pointed out that if Obama is ‘selected not elected’ that will be the nail in his well-deserved coffin in the GE.

    McCain will just mention that the Democrats and Obama care so little about democracy that they don’t even allow their party members to vote.

    Game over. Hillary is back in 2012 and Obama can go back to…

    …whatever hole he slithered out of.

  145. The longest gapI’ve seen of nobody talking in a long while. Guess this is it.

    Night, folks.

  146. #
    Pat Johnson, on August 11th, 2008 at 10:26 pm Said:

    If they attempt a vote by acclimation you will definitely see fists flying on that floor.
    Hillary delegates have already been through hell – especially those who have been through the caucuses and witnessed all the dirty tricks in the book the Obama followers pulled. And then the state conventions – don’t even get them started, more Obama dirty tricks…

    At this point, I think “catharsis” is probably exactly that – a desire to unleash those fists. If the vote is by acclamation, the Hillary delegates will likely explode with anger – last straw.

  147. This site should be so proud.
    A movement started here that may change the face of politics in this country for the better.
    A group of regular everyday people came together to do the best they can for this country.
    I am so happy to be able to learn from all of you, laugh with all of you, shout at the trolls with all of you .
    The PUMA PARTY will exist long after this election is over.
    We will watch and roar with outrage when the parties forget who they are supposed to represent..
    Thank all of you for what you are doing for America and her future.



  148. Derek:

    It’s past your bedtime, isn’t it?

    But in response:

    1. We expect Obama to lose worse than McGovern

    2. We know that PUMA and Hillary will be blamed anyway

    3. We would rather see McCain win than an unqualified race-baiting empty suit who stole the nomination. Obama is the evil of two lessers.

  149. Does anyone know where the link is to Senator Clinton’s statement from January of 2008 that she would fight to have the delegates seated? I’ve been looking for it and can’t find it. Any help is appreciated.

  150. Buh-bye Derek. You’ll be tossed out with the morning trash.

  151. Do you expect Obama supporters to back Hillary in 2012?

    Actually yes, because she is the most qualified candidate.
    Hillary ’08.

  152. morning all Derek is note he cant sing except the obama fight song! If Hillary is the Nominee the Obamist will actually be relieved in the end they may not thank us but -like teen agers who wanted to borrow the car and do a little underage drinking and driving-they will realize we have their true best interest at heart….


  153. Derek I appreciate that before you posted your comments you stopped by Obama for America and picked up your Daily PUMA talking points but really you will have to sell it somewhere else we aren’t shopping for what you are selling!


  154. It just occurred to me how difficult selecting the vp must be for HisObamaniss. He’s flipflopped on everything, frequently changed his position in the same sentence, tossed twenty-year alliances aside at the first hint of trouble. Once the selection is announced, he’s stuck with it. There won’t really be enough time to change horses after the selection.

  155. And whose talking points are you using?

  156. Anyway….good morning.

  157. edgeoforever, on August 12th, 2008 at 6:30 am:

    I went to your site and enjoyed the thrill.

    Once it “enters into their consciousness,” it becomes VIRAL!!!

  158. Good morning Fuzzy, Upstate et al.!!!

  159. The hard part for Obama in picking a VP nominee will be finding someone that is minimally qualified who isn’t far more qualified than he is.

    Finding someone less qualified than himself will be impossible.

  160. Oh man, this is so sad.

    “Like the vast majority of PUMA attacks on Sen. Obama, the recipe for this is one part wishful thinking, one part wingnuttery, one part lies and smears, a dash of racism, baked for weeks in an echo chamber, and devoured by the JSND crowd unthinkingly.”

    “A dash of racism”…. so now TM condones this narrative, eh?. yeah, baby.

  161. […] What Riverdaughter said. […]

  162. Obama can always choose Claire McWhateverthename. She’s got her suitcases packed and waiting to move into Vice White House.

    What is the JSND?

  163. Just Say No Deal

  164. Thank you. Good to know who the unthinking devourers are.

  165. Pat, you got to it before I did. Thanks. See you at the next thread above.

  166. Any parallels you can find here:

    updated 1 hour, 12 minutes ago
    BEIJING – A 7-year-old Chinese girl was not good-looking enough for the Olympics opening ceremony, so another little girl with a pixie smile lip-synched “Ode to the Motherland,” an official said.

    In the latest example of the lengths Beijing took for a perfect start to the Summer Games, a member of China’s Politburo asked for the last-minute change to match one girl’s face with another’s voice, the ceremony’s chief music director said in an interview with Beijing Radio.

    “The audience will understand that it’s in the national interest,” Chen Qigang said in a video of the interview posted online Sunday night.

    Good to see the DNC has branched out!


  167. Derek, I’m not interested in party Unity, thus Party Unity My Ass. The Dem party has shown itself to be totally corrupt. I want the corruption excised, therefore the first order of business is either Clinton as the nominee or Obama must lose.

  168. rd,

    I remember reading the original post. Look how far you’ve come from a post to an influential blog. You go, girl!

  169. I am furious about HRC being just one in four speakers on Tue. night and not the keynote one: so this is what 18 mllion votes are worth to the DNC???

    MoDo needs urgent physchiatic help.

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