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Zero fiddles with golf clubs while Rome burns

While Obama was doing THIS in Hawaii:

"Hey Sweetie, watch it with the O-hair, got it?"

"Hey Sweetie, watch it with the O-hair, got it?"

In Hawaii for vacation, Sen. Barack Obama arrives at the Olomana golf course near Waikiki. Meanwhile, Democrats meeting in Pittsburgh decided on a party platform. (By Alex Brandon -- Associated Press)

Seems like Obama took note of Dubya’s selected-but-not-elected trend of going golfing in the most inappropriate times, like yesterday when the Democratic Platform was presented to Howard Dean at Pittsburgh.  Shouldn’t have Obama been there though, since he’s the new DNC presumptive princess?  Oh silly me, he had to golf to relieve all that stress from dealing with lowly dead-ender voters.  ProudMilitaryMom give’s the play-by-play scoop on what happened.  Many hugs to ProudMilitaryMom next time you see her comment here at the Confluence! 

Also happening while Obama gets his mani/pedi after golfing for all those hours under the hot Hawaiian sun, Hillary was out on the campaign trail hustling for Obama votes:

Hillary Clinton stumps for Obama

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 9 (UPI) — Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is urging her backers to switch their allegiances to likely nominee U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.  

Clinton, D-N.Y., appearing at her first solo campaign rally for Obama in Las Vegas on Friday, told cheering supporters to disregard any lingering resentment from the bruising Democratic primary election battles and instead back the party’s probable nominee, the New York Daily News reported.

“Anyone who voted for me or caucused for me has so much more in common with Senator Obama than Senator McCain,” Clinton said, referring to Obama’s probable Republican opponent, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

McCain, meanwhile, campaigned in Clinton’s former home state of Arkansas, where the newspaper said he is leading Obama in some state polls. Looking to court independent voters, McCain said, “I’m certainly pleased with where we are” in the state.

McCain said his campaign was gaining support among “Reagan Democrats” and others — “some we might call ‘Clinton Democrats’ as well,” the Daily News reported. 

McCain may be gaining some support, but not all of us “Clinton Democrats” are joining the Unity Pony Express or the McCain camp, as we all know here at the Confluence.  McCain, Obama, not even Mama Clinton herself can herd us in.   Yet that’s what the DNC/Obama Camp think.  That it’s HER job to that, not Obama’s.  It’s HER job to talk to  “those people,” while their Presumptious & Precious Post-Partisan Princess goes on vacay and gets his body exfoliating seaweed wrap and cucumber mask.  Well, he does has to prepare for the coronation after all!  Let Cinderella do all the work, since she’s not going to the ball anyways.

Meanwhile in swing-state Ohio, a FBI investigation hits a Democratic Party chief, which may cost Obama and down-ticket Dems votes in the November election:

Inquiry in Ohio Could Hurt Obama Vote

CLEVELAND — A federal investigation of Democratic Party leaders in Cuyahoga County could pose problems for Barack Obama’s campaign in Ohio, party insiders and political analysts say.

If the party’s local campaign operation suffers, some Democrats said, it could cost Mr. Obama votes in a Democratic area where he must win overwhelmingly to offset Republican strength elsewhere in the state.

“There’s no question that this is not helpful,” said Peter Lawson Jones, a Democrat who serves on the three-member Cuyahoga County Board of Commissioners with Jimmy Dimora, the chairman of the county Democratic Party, who is at the center of a federal inquiry.

Is Hillary going to help Obama fix up the problem in Ohio too?  Maybe she can mow lawns in exchange for Obama votes because you know, she did win Ohio by 16% ?  And FL and NV….and PA, MA, NJ, NH, CA, NM, TX, MI, and many others.   

The hubris, the arrogance and the defecation on Democracy by the Obama camp and DNC makes me more PUMA everyday.  Keep hustlin’ Hillary out for Obama votes while Princess Obama  gets his facials & body wraps and manscaping in Hawaii, narcissistic-enabling DNC.  Because every minute that passes while Princess Obama is on vacation, the more Democrats you will PUMAtize.

¡Que viva los PUMAs! (Long live PUMAs!)

47 Responses

  1. Lets see:
    Russia invades Georgia, dnc platform committee meeting, no kids to see grandma, as usual Senator Clinton carriying the weight for democrats, why is backtrack barack the dem presumtive nominee?
    While he surfs the world works.



  2. FEC Investigation of Obama Eligibility The petition

    The signers of this petition request the Federal Elections Commission and Mr. Donald McGahan, FEC chairman, to take responsibility to verify the eligibility of Mr. Barack H. Obama to be President of the United States. Mr. Obama has refused to produce a physical certified, stamped copy of his birth certificate. An electronically-displayed image displayed by his official campaign website has been alleged to be a forgery. We request that the FEC require Mr. Obama to authorize the FEC to obtain an official copy of his birth certificate and if he does not produce the authorization that the FEC reject his registration as a presidential candidate; that the FEC not monitor his campaign finances during the primary or election; that votes cast for Mr. Obama and reported by the states’ boards of elections not be recorded and displayed by the FEC; and that Mr. Obama be considered in violation of 2 USC 437g for filing a false statement on FEC Form 2, as specified on that form

    Help by signing the petition folks

  3. Fred? I’m really uncomfortable with your comment. I don’t think The Confluence wants to be involved in the Birth Certificate issue.

  4. I know I keep saying this, but everything about the way this primary process is going gives me the creeps. In fact, Senator Obama gives me the creeps more and more everyday.

    Why is Senator Clinton doing the heavy-lifting for this narcissistic neophyte?
    Party loyalty is one thing but asking us to support a bully gives me the creeps bigtime. I know this way she cannot be faulted for the division in the Democratic Party but still it is so utterly unfair.

    Wow and they wonder why we are not falling in line…

    a California PUMA

  5. SM77, the more I see CampO pimp out HRC, the more PUMA I get too. (Thanks for giving a name to our collective frustrations, BTW.) IMO, we should flood HRC with entreaties to knock it off and fight back. Maybe an overwhelming show of support will give her more leverage. Though I’m sure she will do whatever she thinks best, that doesn’t mean we have to pretend to go along. In fact, I think it’s imperative that everybody, including HRC, knows that that is not an option.

  6. madazhel, I don’t think anyone is really wondering at all. The whole story is perfectly obvious. But we’re in the middle of a game of chicken and it looks like a head-on collision is our destiny.

  7. I am so not a happy camper.

  8. ATTENTION: Must share this with you guys
    live inside of the Russia and Georgia War
    Go here: http://www.channelchooser.com/
    Click News (for you guys who have been here)
    Then select Russia Today

  9. My Dream:

    It’s the night of the “roll-call” vote. But, the Chairman of the Convention gets carried away with Obama love. And calls for the Nomination of Barack Obama by unanimous acclimation.

    Hillary’s delegates aren’t given a chance to respond.

    As the cheers fade a lone Delegate stands up and makes her way out of the auditorim. Another rises and does the same. 2 more. And 10, 30, 100 — within minutes the aisles are packed as Hillary Delegates from across the country walk out on the Democratic Convention.

    Leaving one half of all the delegate seats empty as Barack Obama is declared the Nominee of our Party.

  10. Isaac Hayes is dead. Man.

  11. Is Hillary going to help Obama fix up the problem in Ohio too? Maybe she can mow lawns in exchange for Obama votes because you know, she did win Ohio by 16% ? And FL and NV….and PA, MA, NJ, NH, CA, NM, TX, MI, and many others.

    I don’t want to be a downer, but didn’t Hillary win OH by 10%?

    and I agree with Katie…no BC story for me xD

  12. I loathe Obama. And the more I see and hear him it only increases. Listening to the talking heads pontificate on his “stand” on the issues makes my blood boil. He has no stand on any issue. He is unfuc*king prepared to lead a parade! Looking to this uninformed lunkhead for leadership is a waste of time. And not unlike our current President Softhead, he is incurious as well. Give it a rest Obama supporters. As it stands now he is flirting with a D minus in the judgment department and it is much too late to bring up the grade!

  13. All I can say is that it breaks my heart to see Hillary stumping for Obama at any level. It is an utter insult to her and a travesty for our nation.

  14. Isaac Hayes was too young 😦

  15. Why are we calling him a princess? Just the fact that feminizing an opponent is considered degrading is bad enough; we shouldn’t justify it further.

    With regards to Obama: I just want this damn election over. It’ll be an even worse repeat of these past two years with the Democrats in control.

  16. Davidson, I agree — And I’ll watch for that term (and other similar ones) in the future. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  17. The golf and the vacations make me think he’s running as GWBush II.

    And we know how that worked out.

  18. I’m not politically correct and chances are that’s not going to change. We’re not calling him princess because he’s feminine. We’re calling him princess because he’s got suitors bending over backwards to give him his way and he always gets it. We call him princess because of his spoiled entitlement.

    Sorry, never been good at politically-correct and I’m not changing my behavior when once again I’m not wrong.

  19. Though, if it makes you happy, you can just as easily refer to him as the Boy King or the Prince. It’s all the same to me.

  20. (blinking)

  21. Does that mean I can’t call Him a whiny b*tch anymore?

  22. hey Kate opps wasn’t my petition but, go emailed from about 20 other bloggers asking to help circulate the petition didn’t mean any harm just trying to help out fellow PUMA’S

  23. He’s the “Gilderoy Lockhart” of our times. Heh.

  24. Just some Sunday musings perhaps appropriate to little. I listened to Hillary campaigning for BO even though I really did not want to do that. It was great to hear her again and see her interaction with the crowd. I think maybe she is definitely smarter than I am because she is winning these BO supporters; they are getting to like her and see her in a whole new light. I am guilty of selling this woman short throughout this election cycle. When she was down early in the race, I did not expect to see the enthusiastic, warrior woman with the great smile and seemingly boundless energy emerge and take over. I did not expect to see her win and wow the white male, working class. And now, I did not expect to see the acceptance slowly developing with the Obama core. I know she has not captured them yet but I think she is going to do it and win back the support of AAs. Right now that is the best thing for her to be doing because it is a long range strategy for winning and I am just too short sighted and into the misery of the moment to see it. We should give her the courage and support to keep this up because as long as she stands up for us and the principles she advanced in the primary, which she is doing, she is still our best hope.

  25. Isaac Hayes dies at US home
    RIP Issac

  26. Davidson

    We call my sister a princess, but not because of her gender, it’s because she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth (or so she acts) and nobody in the family can figure out where it came from 😉 It’s about attitude, not gender. Dawg forbid she get her hands dirty . . . lol!~

  27. Jangles, I can see your point, but do you see any value in my suggestion that we keep letting HRC know we don’t want unity at her expense? I don’t think the two things are mutually exclusive, do you? Anybody?

  28. Politico summarizes the forthcoming Atlantic article (I apologize if someone already posted this):

    Mark Penn, the top campaign strategist for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign, advised her to portray Barack Obama as having a “limited” connection “to basic American values and culture,” according to a forthcoming article in The Atlantic.

    The magazine reports Penn suggested getting much rougher with Obama in a memo on March 30, after her crucial wins in Texas and Ohio: “Does anyone believe that it is possible to win the nomination without, over these next two months, raising all these issues on him? … Won’t a single tape of [the Reverend Jeremiah] Wright going off on America with Obama sitting there be a game ender?”

    Atlantic Senior Editor Joshua Green writes that major decisions during her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination would be put off for weeks until suddenly Clinton “would erupt, driving her staff to panic and misfire.”

    It goes on. Sounds like advisors trying to deflect blame from themselves.

  29. I wish Barry would take up hunting. That way, he could go on a trip with Dick Cheney.

  30. Heidi Li Feldman of the Denver Group has an excellent rebuttal to the NYTimes op ed piece
    about Hillary today….
    she’d like our help disseminating it

  31. Does anyone know how we e-mail Hillary to request that she cease and desist this action on behalf of B.O.? This is getting on my last nerve.

  32. Chay, try this. it’s HillaryClinton.com’s contact page.

  33. The more her fans tell her not to do it the more she will be expected to do it. Remember when PUMA sent out a prowl telling everyone to call the Clinton Foundation to tell Bill not to campaign and the very next day he had to go on record saying he’d do whatever was asked of him? All we do is make it worse.

  34. “Isaac Hayes is dead. Man.”


  35. Or we may be witnessing yet another display from HRC, a brilliant strategic planner. She’s being the good soldier – in the summer, when the nation is inattentive. She’s winning over her opposition’s supporters the way she won over the GOP senators – by her intellect, compassion, open-mindedness and work-ethic – in short, by the strength of her character and her love of country. Meanwhile, her supporters are winning the war regarding the DNC platform.

    In short, she’s setting herself up for 2012. Which means that we have to do our part to ensure that BHO loses in 2008.

  36. regencyg, I’m not sure how sending e-mails and letters to HRC undermines her efforts. The pressure from CampO and the DNC is not going to let up anyway, so why not send Clinton support for her own candidacy?

  37. I don’t know how else to do this, other than to just do it.
    Who among the Confluence regulars is in , or has the immediate means of contacting Riverdaughter?

    Please email me at geemale as soon as possible.

    Not trying to stir up drama or intrigue with this question… it’s important but not desparate matter.
    Thanks in advance.

  38. DancesWithPumas, my email is katiebird@gmail.com I can pass along a message for you.

  39. katiebird… you’ve got mail.

  40. Cinie: It doesn’t undermine her. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that it doesn’t make any of us feel better because whatever we do–like the PUMA prowl I mentioned–they have to go on to do the opposite of what we ask.

    Chay, which is who I was responding to, said this: Does anyone know how we e-mail Hillary to request that she cease and desist this action on behalf of B.O.? This is getting on my last nerve.

    That wasn’t about supporting Hillary’s candidacy. That’s about asking her not to do something she’s already said she’s going to do. Anytime we–PUMAs and all–ask her not to do that, she’s going to come out and say she’ll continue to do that.

    See where I’m coming form? We kind of sucker punch ourselves in the guy that way.

  41. regencyg, not to belabor the point, but I think it’s important that CampHRC is clear that though we support her efforts, we are not buying the unity schtick. I think EVERYBODY should be clear on that point so that they can’t get away with the “appearance is reality” crap they’re trying to push.

  42. Cinie: Not to be belabor the point in return, but nobody thinks we’re unified. They’re sticking their fingers in their ears and singing the national anthem, but they know there’s no unity. Again, CampHRC understands that, but they are also at the mercy of the other side. Anytime we ask her to stop, the other side pushes her to reaffirm her committment and that hurts us–not the movement, just individually because we hate seeing her do this.

  43. Cinie/RegencyG:

    I agree with the both of you – weird, I know!

    What I think though is that our efforts should NOT be focused on Hillary and what she does. We need to keep yelling & screaming of course, but not focus on Hillary, per se.

    We can’t control Hillary’s schedule or what the DNC asks her to do, because she’s going to do what the DNC asks of her, but that doesn’t mean that we should stop yelling & screaming.

    We should focus on the opposition we have towards the DNC selection and not election of Obama, the DNC/RBC Obama vote stealing and that he very much is an illegitimate candidate because of the DNC cheating & stealing votes for him.

  44. Davidson, for a long time in the blogosphere, we’ve referred to Obama as “princess,” “boy king,” “prince” due to the extra-special elitist spoiled brat silver sppon treatment he’s gotten from the DNC & media.

  45. “He’s the “Gilderoy Lockhart” of our times. Heh.”

    Couldn’t have spoken a truer word.

    Slightly off topic but it is a problem that many think he is dumb. IMO it is a dangerous mistake to underestimate him. This guy is unprepared and is not a soldier like our Hill. But he is smart. He is scary smart. He is a master manipulator and an expert at gaming institutions. Please do not underestimate him.

  46. I know one of the reasons I admire Hillary is the way she managed her marriage during the most shameful media assault on a POTUS ever.
    She came out of it with her head high, being elected twice a NY Senator, her husband and beautiful daughter firmly behind her.
    That is why I believe she would make an excellent POTUS. Her character tends toward compromise, working together, understanding problems.
    It is also why I have no respect for Michelle Obama, with her infamous remark about HRC not being able to manage the WH because she could not manage her marriage.
    I agree with SM77-we do what we do, she does what she does. Rosemary Reggello at times gets on my nerves.

  47. The irony of seeing the picture of Hillary behind the “Change you can Believe in ” sign just made me cry.

    Great post sm77.

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