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Sunday: It’s on YOUR head, Howard Dean

We have become aware of attempts by the DNC and the Obama campaign to intimidate delegates.  We know how Obama feels about “those people”, like there’s something wrong with us and they should  stay away from us.  Oh, yes, they are trying to make us as unpopular as Michael Moore.  It’s their goal to dehumanize us, to make us objects.  That way they can heap scorn and derision on us  and diminish our power.  The Obama supporters can treat us like less than human without penalty.

Well, that kind of $#*^ has consequences.

Tonight, one of our coalition members is missing.  She hasn’t been seen since she left our conference site earlier this afternoon.  No one has been able to contact her on her cell phone.  Her mother is worried because she knows her daughter has had anonymous threatening phone calls to her cell phone.

We are all very, very concerned.  But this is what happens when you reduce your opponent’s supporters to dirt beneath your feet, easily ignored, dismissed, illegitimate.  This is what happens when you unjustifiably accuse people of being racists and one of “those people” instead of a wife and a mother and a wonderful, caring person.  This person’s only goal is to make sure that voters’ voices are heard.  It allows unstable zealots permission to act on their emotions, unchecked. Someone must be held accountable for these outrageous acts of psychological and perhaps physical aggression against our coalition members.  Someone needs to be held responsible.

Now, it could be that she is sitting on the tarmac and her flight was delayed by rain and that her cellphone battery died and there is nothing to worry about.  We will all be very relieved to hear her voice tomorrow morning after a night of nerves and worry.  But there is no doubt in my mind who those responsible persons are if anything happens to her at the hands of one of the people who has threatened her because of her political activity.  If our friend doesn’t show up soon, Howard Dean and Barack Obama have a lot to answer for.

Update: DancesWithPumas reports that our friend checked in and is safe.  We are all very relieved.  But the point still stands.  We are sick and tired of the smears and dehumanizing speech and the death threats from the Obama supporters (and I have the proof in the spam filter, complete with the IP and email addresses and the Obama cheers. They’re sickening.).  It’s time to reign them in.  We’re people, we’ve got lives and people who depend on us and none of us deserve this treatment from the mouths of the DNC, the Obama campaign and or Obama’s out-of-control supporters simply because we choose to exercise our right to speak freely and assemble.

Enough is enough.  Someone is going to get hurt.

59 Responses

  1. I don’t know what to say. Except, please let all of our worries be relieved.

  2. BTW, I’d appreciate it if no one mentions who we are talking about. With any luck, we are just overreacting to a delayed flight. What is infuriating is that we have to worry about this at all.

  3. . . .

    there are no words.

  4. Prayers going up!

  5. I am stunned.

  6. OMG!!!!!!!!!

    WTF is going on!!!!!! I hope & pray she shows up unharmed and safe.

    Jeezus – this is one of the reasons I hide behind an “SM” instead of my real name. I’m a single mom and I can’t subject my elderly mom & PUMA cub to this kind of O-bot crap.

    PLEASE GOD/GODDESS let our PUMA friend show up soon!

  7. Just spoke with the missing one…
    all is well.
    Finally, I can exhale.

  8. Sending good vibes that she is OK. And ready for the opposite if she isn’t

  9. lighting incense and candles here in the 9th ward!

  10. Oh! Thank you for sharing this with us, RD. I can only imagine how upsetting this is; for her personal loved ones, as well as her PUMA “coalition” family.

    My sincerest thoughts and faith that she returns safe and sound. (((((positive vibes))))))

  11. Many of us at NQ were worried because Texas Darlin’s blog was blocked for several hours. She has also had threats.

    Now another person — threatened and now missing.

    The threats and intimidation of those who do not bow down to Obama — this is one of the prime reasons why I will NEVER vote for Obama.

    I’m hoping that her cell phone is broken — and she isn’t aware of the problem. (Fingers crossed).

  12. Dances, she’s ok????????


    it’s true what RD says, we shouln’t have to be worrying about this. It’s shameful.

  13. OK, just saw Dances with Pumas post.(thank you!) We shouldn’t be going through this. That we have to worry like this – still on their heads.

  14. Apologies. My entire day has revolved around this and the myriad possibilities.
    I should have said: Finally we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

  15. Thank you DancesWithPuma — for the good news about the missing one.

    Safe — and we can breath.

  16. So many of us are mothers with children and family around us that we need to protect. It is so wrong that we need to worry and be afraid. Lighting candles for the protection of every PUMA- now and through the election (and beyond if need be).

  17. Thank you for the update, DancesWithPuma! Very uplifting and comforting news for all her family and friends I’m sure.

  18. Thanks Dances:
    When people say, “EVERYONE” in politics does BAD THINGS”!
    I say “NOT LIKE THIS”!
    Wish the “missing / now found “; our PUMA BEST REGARDS!!

  19. DWP< Don’t worry about the post. I have said the same thing before about my kids. lol

    WE understand.

  20. I amj ust so thankful that all is ok.

  21. I am SO HAPPY that everything is okay.

    But…I think Hillary should know about this. I think the FBI should know about the threatening phone calls. Aren’t there any legal remedies we can take? Seriously, people, this is NOT okay. The O-bots are totally out of control.

    I’ll tell you one thing, if people start targeting me, I am going to scream to the high f*cking heavens. There is no way they will get away with it. I will trace IP addresses, do whatever I have to do.

  22. i am very glad nothing untoward has happened , but you are correct the point still stands . I have not had a Hillary bumper sticker on my car or a sign in front of my home from fear of vandalism and other retaliation . Those fears are real and not imagined . That is only one reason i am determined that this man cannot be the leader of our country. He knows these things are happening and not only lets them happen but does not speak out against it < the same way he does not speak out against the things coming from his supporters to Hillary . I agree that any threats shuold be reported to the police and the press immediately . People need to know this is happening , and where it is being generated . This kind of intimidation comes from the top down .

  23. DancesWithPumas, I’m so glad everything’s okay.

  24. My Irish hubby introduced me to this. It’s from one of the 1916 rebellion leaders, P. H. Pearse –

    And now I speak, being full of vision;
    I speak to my people, and I speak in my people’s name to the masters of my people.
    I say to my people that they are holy, that they are august, despite their chains,
    That they are greater than those that hold them, and stronger and purer,
    That they have but need of courage, and to call on the name of their God,
    God the unforgetting, the dear God that loves the peoples
    For whom He died naked, suffering shame.
    And I say to my people’s masters: Beware,
    Beware of the thing that is coming, beware of the risen people,
    Who shall take what ye would not give. Did ye think to conquer the people,
    Or that Law is stronger than life and than men’s desire to be free?
    We will try it out with you, ye that have harried and held,
    Ye that have bullied and bribed, tyrants, hypocrites, liars!

  25. Someone needs to remind Obama and his supporters that this is America where our rights to free speech and assembly are protected by the same document he has sworn to protect and defend. I don’t think Obama could get elected dog catcher because he is not qualifed for that job either.

    Women have such strength and courage!

  26. I about had a heart attack when I read the opening of this post!
    What the **&* country am I in that we have to worry about this stuff?

    I am so grateful I have a nephew who is a cyber crime detective! If any bots come hassling me they are going to the pokey for a very long time.

    New post up on our amendment that was declared “Out of Order” yesterday.

    Prayers for safety for all!

  27. When I ran for the unicameral in Nebraska the my daughters (then like 2 and 9) and I received threats from Right to Life groups all the time. They were pretty bad. I’d come home to my answering machine every night and they’d describe where both daughters had been that day and then describe some abortion procedure they wanted to perform on them.

  28. I also got threats from groups threatening me because I marched with lesbians in the street … undoubtedly the marches we did celebrating the right to vote… it really disturbed me because the girls were so young

  29. I know people who were afraid to plaster a Kerry/Edwards sticker on their car.
    They lived in Bu$h country. I think the Obamabots have recognized kindred
    soul. A lot of the behavior is similar.

  30. Has anyone heard that M. O. will be the headline speaker on the first night of the convention ??? My initial response to this is why?? do they imagine she will she be running the country with bo?? God/Goddess forbid . What has she done to earn this place ?? Absolutely nothing . My second response is… oh well if they want to put someone in there who manages to turn off more than half the democrats every time she opens her mouth …so be it …

  31. CB, when I was evacuating from Hurricane Katrina, I got pulled over in Tom Delay’s district and i figured out it was because I had a LA license plate and a kerry/edwards sticker …

    he kept telling me, we don’t do things here in texas like we do there …

    I kept saying, i’m just trying to get these two graduate students to the bus depot and the airport, and then I’m headed for my daughter who is in med school in Nebraska and her apt. I had no intention of staying ANYwhere near Dallas!

  32. Riverdaughter,
    if you’re still awake, and if you wouldn’t mind, would you email mail me at geemale, please?

  33. I started worrying about this kind of thing even before the May FL & MI fiasco.

    During the primaries, a slightly older friend whom I have known for a couple of decades, and who happens to be an AA, began to work for Obama campaign as much as her health allowed her, and also began trying to convince me to drink the Koolaide. She told me that Hillary lost her vote because she had begun to smear Obama(?!).

    I told my friend to give me an example. She couldn’t be specific. She asked me if I was not going to support him because he was half black. I knew then she was trying to manipulate my emotions, because she knew absolutely that I was not a racist. I told her, diplomatically I thought, that I wanted a Democrat to win and that Hillary was the most likely to win, because if Obama were to win the candidacy, a huge number of the Dem party would vote for McCain. She said a few choice words about Republicans and then said that if Dems decided to vote for McCain, “there’ll be blood in the streets”.

    This woman had NEVER spoken this way. I was shocked. Her change of character gave me the creeps and, needless to say I have not spoken to her since that time.

    I have always been pretty brave throughout this lifetime :-). However, at this current time, I have a family member completely 100% dependent on me for everything, and my brevity is gone for fear of that person’s loss if something happened to me. I completely understand you SM and all of the other PUMA-Moms, spouses and daughters/sons.

  34. for the first time since I can remember, I will probably NOT be watching the DNC…. i can’t even stand to see Obambi’s face on tv any more, i’ve turned off CNN … count me in that poll that says he’s so damned overexposed I can’t take it any more

  35. Glad everyone is ok.

    My car has been keyed twice – $500 damage. I live in Obama hell. Three of my friends were in the local Clinton campaign headquarters one night when the front door was broken by a .22

    I decided to leave my Hillary stickers on for now and get the car fixed later. Those Motherf*ckers.

  36. The Obama supporters are some of the most vindictive, hate-filled thugs that have ever existed. They think they can strong arm or intimidate anyone who gets in their way.
    I’m disgusted with the nasty behavior that is constantly displayed by them.
    I have a pretty small blog (it’s new) and by the second day, I was already getting hate mail and threats of violence. This is crazy!!!

    I’ll add in prayers for all of you who are in public, getting the real truth out and special prayers for those able to make it to Denver or taking any other flights on behalf of PUMA.


  37. Did it really have to be reported in the news? C’mon, a guy visits his granny? What’s next, Obama pets dog? Barry scrathces himself, film at 11?
    No wonder half the country’s sick of him.

  38. Speech can be a mirror to one’s soul. Intimidation is nothing more than fear of self-reflection revealing the soul’s absence.

    Good people should never have to suffer intimidation at the hands of the fearful.

    I am glad and thankful that all is well.

  39. The more visible the better we will be and the more they will stay away. Lets face it, we are just regular people, some are sons, some are daughters, some mothers and grandmothers who just love this country. They are family and friends of Americans…

    If they harm us, they harm the essence of the American spirit… Free Speech, Freedom of Associations and one’s Right to Participate in the political process, beyond VOTING (since it was not counting the votes, giving them away and taking some away that motivated us to get involved). We do this because we love this country and will walk, march, protest, scream, organize and write till things are set RIGHT once again.

    I wish everyone a good night and good thoughts to you all.

  40. CB, speaking of learning from Bush, there was a piece in the NYT about Obama supporters having this organized effort to send threatening letters to Mccain supporters. And they used the ironic excuse that it’s a preemptive strike against swiftboating. I’m sorry, but while making up lies about public figures is not nice, it’s not exactly as disturbing or scary as threatening private citizens over campaign contributions. They were upset that laws that keep contriibutions private were hampering their harassment.

  41. We are sick and tired of the smears and dehumanizing speech and the death threats from the Obama supporters (and I have the proof in the spam filter, complete with the IP and email addresses and the Obama cheers. They’re sickening.).

    there is a mirror with your name on it calling.

  42. Said it before and I will say it again, “Cellphone, call, keep cellphone in hand if traveling to and fro. We need all our friends on our cellphone address books.”

  43. There should be more posts like this. Like you said, someone will get hurt and Dean, Obama, et al will have a lot to answer for. They already have a lot to answer for with all the death threats and thuggish behaviors.

  44. Once you get the word out, the MSM may pick it up.

  45. The warning signs have been there for months.

    The first step on the path of institutionalized violence is to set the victims apart and provide rationalization for the perpetrators’ acts.

    The victims are dehumanized and deligitimatized. They are referred to in derogatory terms, and their actions and beliefs are portrayed as improper and worthy of punishment.

    The Nazis said that Jews were a mongrel race that was conspiring to undermine and betray Germany. The Klan said that black men wanted to rape white women.

    The next phase is escalating rhetoric and ginned up “outrage” over alleged incidents that are either manufactured or blown out of proportion.

    By the time it reaches the point of actual violence, the perpetrators have convinced themselves that the victims “asked for it” and “got what they deserved.”

  46. I’m glad all is well. These obama freaks have me frightened, as well.

    Just yesterday my sister and I were talking about our political — anti-bush — bumperstickers. In all the years we’ve had them, we have never received a negative remark or even a dirty look. It never once occurred to us that the stickers might pose a hazard to our safety. But now we’re glad that we never got a “Hillary ’08” sticker because we’re all but certain that we’d be the target of the obamabots’ rage. That last thing we need is to have some violent a$$hole all hopped up on hopium run us off the road, slash the tires or jump one of us in a parking lot.

    What a wonderful world all that “hope” and “change” has brought us.

  47. Hey, I’m in moderation. I was nice, I swear!

  48. I wonder how many caucus goers for Hillary felt that same sense of intimidation and threat. I wonder how many in those rooms became afraid to say out loud who they supported.

    Just sayin’.

  49. Wow, check out where this web address takes you: http://www.barrysoetoro.com./

    Anyone know anything about this? Pretty strange if it really has been okayed by that campaign.

  50. Just glad to hear that everyone is all right.

    But the fear, the intimidation, the death threats, simply make it abundantly clear that the Democratic Party, as we all knew it, exists no more.

    In their frantic desire to eradicate the Clintons the DNC and the Democratic Leadership has destroyed their own party. They howl about the Republicans while having become as bad or worse.

    You have to laugh in retrospect when Nancy Pelosi claimed after the elections of 2006 that there was a “new party” in town. Different name. Same lack of decency, morality, integrity or character.

    Is a Democratic thug anymore acceptable than a Republican thug?

  51. The new Denver group ad is great http://tinyurl.com/5slvvz

  52. 7 worrisome signs foe Obama – actual headline – and some relevant stuff amongst them
    And please, make a point to comment at the article site – we need to extend the sphere of our voices

  53. Good morning everyone.

    That was a scary time last night when it seemed that the intimidation and potential violence toward a human had really escalated to the criminal level. This needs to be made public, before it gets out of hand. We need to get the strong “big kids” w/ hero personalities to cut the “bullies” in the school yard back into the wimpy creeps that they were before Bama gave them lessons on how to frighten the smart “nerdy kids” with glasses.

    And then the principal needs to expel Bama from this school and send him far, far away permanently.

    School yard deja vu? 😉

  54. edge —
    my problem with that article is how point number one is that white people may not elect a black guy….. this meme is so frustrating that americans see his color first before his ineptness…. the fact remains that his race has gotten him this far and is not the reason he is unable to seal the deal.

  55. Sorry, but that Denver Group ad looks very unprofessional. To be taken seriously, we can’t show something that looks like that. Even just the way the type is placed and carried in the text is very poor.

  56. I am not looking at how it was designed, I am looking at what was written and that I like.

  57. The design of an ad is just as important as its content. I hope that this is just a rough draft.



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