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Saturday: John Edwards- How Conveeeenient.

Ladies, Do not date this man

Ladies, Do not date this man

So, it turns out that John Edwards really was the phony the media told us he was.  For once, the media was right.  And what does Edwards himself say about his behavior?

“over the course of several campaigns, I started to believe that I was special and became increasingly egocentric and narcissistic.”

Several campaigns??  So, pretty much the entire time he’s been a politician?  I’d like to say I am surprised but I saw right through him during the presidential forum at YearlyKos 07.  He was a one-trick pony.  He has a gift for bringing crowds to their feet with his appeal to their emotions.  Fine.  That’s great for a courtroom lawyer, but not enough to be a useful, dedicated public servant.

But that isn’t what all the kerfuffle is about today.  No, today, we are once again immersed in the details of a tawdry affair by a man with an ailing wife.  The infotainment business is going nuts feeding the public teasers.  Is he the father?  When did it start?  What was he doing “talking” to Hunter in her apartment at 2am?  Yes, it’s fascinating.  It’s juicy.

It’s a huge distraction.  It has swamped news of the convention.  How conveeenient.

Here’s a tip for the ladies going to Denver.  Before you close your suitcase, carefully squeeze all of the air out of any tubes of cosmetics.  I found out the hard way what happens when you open them later in a low pressure atmosphere.

280 Responses

  1. Things are not going well for Obama supporters this week. Bernie Mac has just died.

  2. Bernie Mac R.I.P
    Bernie Mac Died This Morning

  3. Ras

    McCain 44%
    Obama 44%

    with leaners

    McCain 47%
    Obama 46 %

    McCain up 7% over BO in Missouri – good job McCaskill!

  4. Bernie Mac was really a good man. He just made some very crass remarks.

  5. This definitely hurts the Democratic brand so it can’t be a help to Ds in general. I actually voted for that guy in 2004. I don’t really care too much about that cheating on your wife stuff…obviously. But as always its the hypocrisy which gets you in the end. There’s certainly a very sordid story out there about how McCain met Cindy. It’s a story as old as the hills. Man dumps dependable wife for pretty blond heiress whose daddy can get him a better job. But that was ages ago and the parties have seemed to reconcile it. And they say that after being a POW, a marriage doesn’t often survive.

  6. Thanks Carol for the numbers! Gave me a little smile on this beautiful Saturday.

  7. Hillary’s comments on Edwards were very terse yesterday. I glad she said her heart went out to the family and “that’s all I have to say about it.” She doesn’t have time or any desire to hurt anyone. Pure class. I’m sure she thinks Edwards endorsed because of the pressure from BO not to tell.

  8. I prefer Senator Claire or Lady Claire.

  9. ben – I hope McCain hits him like Katrina this week with the ads.

  10. RD, your photo of Edwards and caption is reminiscent of a Designing Women episode.

  11. ben – I prefer – Ex-Senator McCaskill. My sister is in MO, and she wants her banished to another country.

  12. It’s not the affair. It’s the kid. You won’t become President in the same year you have a child with a woman other than your wife. You can take that to the bank.

    Personally, I don’t care about Edwards sex life. I simply wonder what a man who had no shot of becoming President was doing playing a very viable candidate in the 2008 primary, though of course this assumes it was his and not his staffers kid.

  13. I looked at some link from here yesterday to all the state polls. And Obama is in such a precarious position. He’s under 50 in almost all states except CA, NY, CT, IL…the logical wins for him…but then he drops to under 50 and McCain is only a few points behind in most of the rest. So McCain is right to attack now. If he can just shift this race a few points his way…

  14. The media held off reporting because they wanted Edwards to endorse BO to stick it to Hillary. They need to all go down. Like someone said, “New York Times” is biting the dust. Their brand is shit, shitola, no credibility for printing shit from Eugene, Dowd, etc.


    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008

  15. We are definately in the “Punishment” phase of my mantra!

  16. Lots of politicians have interesting personal histories.

    It’s interesting to see the media decide which is to be talked about and which not.

  17. Edwards wasn’t going to outshine anyone at the Convention anyway. As for Hillary’s emails, what worse could be set about her?

  18. I have no idea Ben. But why are they being released?

  19. mass – I still think the Clintons leaked. Whatever is in those will solidify something very scarey about BO. They are willing to take the hit on everything else.

    Sometimes you have to burn down the barn to kill a “Rat”! The Clinton’s have a match, BO provided the accelerant. Burn, Baby Burn!

    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008

    We are going to the White House!


  20. I saw a clip yesterday of Edwards in an interview in Nov. 2007 talking about candidates & infidelity. With great earnestness, he said it is absolutely relevant because it indicates a level of character and an ability to keep one’s word, to inspire trust. If you cannot keep your word regarding a vow to be faithful to someone, then you cannot be trusted with public office.

    How could he say that with such seeming sincerity AND run for the presidency knowing he was lying and would surely be exposed? Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, everywhere we look.

    It also doesn’t make sense that he insists it was over 2006, and yet admits to meeting her in the hotel room. And why was his campaign finance chair paying her money all this time? He’s still lying.

  21. oh…i get it now…i hate to give his campaign so much credit but because he has this problem with media saturation….

  22. Bernie Mac is alive. It was just a prank or something.

  23. On Talk Radio yesterday the host said that MO was so mad and volatile that we will probably find out who BO has been sleeping with.

  24. I was glad to see what Hillary said about the matter, from Carol, on August 9th, 2008 at 9:42.

    I was furious to read that Obama said neither John nor Elizabeth would be at the Dem Convention. Why was that his place to say anything about? What was he thinking?

    Was that a rookie mistake? Couldn’t tamp down his authoritatian control freak and had to tell them publicly they weren’t welcome? Or just no sense of empathy? Pretty low class–he should have said something along the lines of Hillary’s statement. Private matter, for them to work out. He hopes the best for them in this time of pain. Or something Axelrod could have written.

    Instead: It’s get under the bus, you two troublemakers!

    What will really be hurt, I fear, is the cause of universal healthcare. And real help for The Other America that Edwards made a linchpin of his run for the presidency.

    The MCM took Edwards out of contention with junk reporitng about hair, house, and hedgefunds. Now, he’s stifled on his work for the issues he really did seem to care about.

    Intersting. Healthcare and populism. Gee, who else was marginalized bcz she wanted to something about those things?

    This is a very bleak time for the Dem Party and the nation.

    Can a miracle happen at the convention??

  25. I think the timing of these leaked memos, right before the Convention, is highly suspect. Especially, because the story about Hillary’s supporters demanding a vote has been gaining traction. More Chicago tactics? Eliminate the opposition.

  26. I wonder about the source of those emails too. Patti Solis Doyle comes to mind depending on what they contain. She was awfully quick to jump ship and then we find out about her relationship to the Illinois Combine.

  27. The media has been given Edwards’ marriage and Hillary’s staff memos to chew on while they show idyllic pics of Obama and his family enjoying Hawaii.

  28. Remember that Hillary NEVER uses email.

  29. I was furious to read that Obama said neither John nor Elizabeth would be at the Dem Convention. Why was that his place to say anything about? What was he thinking?

    Was that a rookie mistake? Couldn’t tamp down his authoritarian control freak and had to tell them publicly they weren’t welcome? Or just no sense of empathy?

    Is that true?? Does anyone have a link/source? If he did say this, it is just another piece of evidence of how utterly unprepared he is for the role of president. It’s always about BO. His lack of empathy is really disturbing, like Bush’s during Katrina. He just doesn’t feel for people and consequently, doesn’t know how to connect to us to speak to us. It’s the same reason he has NO CLUE how to unite his own Party.

  30. I’m starting to agree that this is all set up. The problem with it all is that I don’t see how it helps the Democratic brand. Why Obama is still hanging in there is because the public is so negative on Republicans. This certainly isn’t going to bring Hillary supporters to his side, but I think they know we are gone. Well at this point it’s just speculation and certainly a distraction why he is on vacation. But when will the idiot realize HRC isn’t opponent anymore? Or is she?

  31. I doubt there is anything in these emails. They don’t have anything on Hillary. And an email by one of her supporters should not reflect on her. Unlike Edwards, Hillary has a record of helping thousands even millions of people in one way or another. She has built up credibitiy and respect and even love that Edwards never has. Like Bill, Hillary can survive any crap they throw at her. I never supported Edwards. For all his talk he has never done anything for anyone that didn’t benefit himself.
    Where was he in 2004 when he could have helped all these poor people he cared so much about. He was running for VP. Even people in his own state thought he was all talk.

  32. Ok, forget it. That source was wrong. Bernie Mac has died. Sorry about that.

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    I think it is twice as sleazy to say Elizabeth will not be attending the convention … unless that is her preference Bo has no class never did doesnt know the meaning of the word he is a narcissist worse than John Edwards .. that narcissim feeds the delusion that they wont get caught

  34. Fif

    You are right that Obama has no empathy. He is completely hollow and that is proven just by looking at his life history. It’s all been one narcissistic endeavor.

  35. Edwards served a purpose during the primary, he took white votes away from Hillary which helped Obama. Whether this was intentional or not, I have no clue.

    In view of the fact that Hillary’s positions on issues were closer to Edwards than Obamas, Edward’s endorsement was particulary hurtful to those of us who had supported him.

    We were a military family when wives of the Hanoi Hilton POW’S living near us were working their hearts out using media and political contacts to ensure their husbands release. Most women were also caring for young children.

    Very few POW marriages survived. Not only because the men instantly became celebrities but wives had changed too. They gained national media and political attention while publicly working for their husband’s freedom and were celebrities themselves.

  36. How has the media gotten the Hunter birth certificate, a private citizen 5 months old, but they can’t get BO’s?

  37. ben, it doesn’t help the democratic brand, it destroys it. All the more room for “obama for america” to take its place. that has been the objective the whole time. The complete takeover of the democratic party.

  38. gary – what’s going on?

  39. LOL Carol! I thought the same thing about the birth certificate when I saw it on TV last night!

  40. Listen – Edwards was outed to keep him from becoming a consensus choice at the convention. That’s the only reason this has come out now. And someone within his and Rielle’s circle as outed him.

    Just imagine if we have a way to upset Obama’s apple cart in Denver. The fastest way for the Dem party to resolve that situation would be to find a consensus candidate that would acceptable to Clinton and to Obama camps – that was either Al Gore or John Edwards.

    Before yesterday, the Dem party had four eggs in their basket – Obama, Clinton, Edwards and Gore. It’s now down to three because you know as well as I do that if Obama goes down, the Dem party is going to try and find someone else besides Clinton to take the slot. What’s happened here is that we have a highly inexperienced candidate, a candidate the party leadership clearly doesn’t want, and a third emergency candidate who has shown no recent interest in the job. Obama, knowing how much the leadership doesn’t want Clinton, has an interest in eliminating all competition for the job.

    I am certain that this is how Obama hammered the endorsement out of Edwards. I also think this knowledge plays a big role in Edwards’ behavior during the debates – why he was the attack dog that he was. It also explains Elizabeth’s frostiness.

    What a bunch of goddamn rats they all are protecting their own little fiefdoms at the expense of a genuinely open, competitive race. I think we ought to check and see if Nancy has a tale tucked under her designer duds. Grrrrrrrrrr……

  41. gary – tell Murphy – loved the post last night!

  42. I will always be grateful to John Edwards for making the 2008 race an issues campaign. If he hadn’t stepped forward early with his position papers I doubt that most of us would have known that Obama’s position on health care included an opt-out provision.

    The press continually tried to make this a personality contest among candidates during the primaries–a tactic that played to Obama’s only strength, because his resume certainly wasn’t a winner, nor were his debate performances. Seems to me the press is still taking that approach. By focusing on Edwards’ personal life or on Hillary’s internal memos, they are going for character assassination, attempting to discredit the issues and ideas of other candidates by killing the messenger.

    Fortunately, as the last three months of primary voting showed, most voters ignored the pundits, listened to the candidates, and proceeded to give Hillary overwhelming victories. Unfortunately, the press is still ignoring the many real issues with Obama.

  43. I agree with you Gary , but I think that destruction takes bo along .. especially with the narcissim word being tossed around and the fact that Edwards endorsed him , I know with the people I am talking to it does .. they associate him with bo especially since he was in the running for VP I am just sorry that he wasnt already bo’s choice before this story came out .

  44. hey carol, we just had breakfast. Everyone just talking and getting to know each other. It was weird actually watching riverdaughter write this post 🙂 I think we are going to get started soon. We’ll try to keep everyone up to date…

  45. Democrat Platform Committee on C-Span. Anyone watching?

  46. I’m not expecting them the emails to do anything but piss off Obama supporters. I imagine they say some pretty incendiary things about him, and should his supporters be flagging at some point at the convention, this might re-fortify them.

    These two actions – releasing the emails and outing Edwards – are both aimed at preventing things from going awry at the convention. Obama isn’t in nearly as good shape as he wants you to believe he is. His poll numbers suck, he knows and he knows the super delegates know it.

    Clinton has been doing a lot of work on Obama’s behalf and making up ground between herself and his supporters. That’ s a big threat to Obama going into this convention. His supporters have stopped hating her quite as much as they did during the primary – some of them have admired the way she has stepped up to the plate. He’s got to kill the reapproachment between them, and this may be the only way to do it. So, if he has hot staff emails talking about the Oborg or such stuff, or speculating on some dirty deed he did, that might kill the buzz between Clinton and the Obots.

    This guy is an unbelievable thug. Surely Howard and Nancy are rethinking their unbridled support. I keep hearing about all the rule changes to the DNC this past year making sure he had the means to win. I wonder who else he is blackmailing.

  47. masslib- I have one thig to say about have a child out of wedlock and running for president-

    Hurray for Maria! Hurray for the Kid! I voted for Cleveland and am Damn Glad I did!

    I know I know different story but it has been done!

    of course the response was-

    Ma Ma where’s My Pa? Gone to the White House Ha Ha Ha!

    morning all


  48. I wish i were in DC with you all..

    I came upon a child of god
    He was walking along the road
    And I asked him, where are you going
    And this he told me
    Im going on down to yasgurs farm
    Im going to join in a rock n roll band
    Im going to camp out on the land
    Im going to try an get my soul free
    We are stardust
    We are golden
    And weve got to get ourselves
    Back to the garden

    Then can I walk beside you
    I have come here to lose the smog
    And I feel to be a cog in something turning
    Well maybe it is just the time of year
    Or maybe its the time of man
    I dont know who l am
    But you know life is for learning
    We are stardust
    We are golden
    And weve got to get ourselves
    Back to the garden

    By the time we got to woodstock
    We were half a million strong
    And everywhere there was song and celebration
    And I dreamed I saw the bombers
    Riding shotgun in the sky
    And they were turning into butterflies
    Above our nation
    We are stardust
    Billion year old carbon
    We are golden
    Caught in the devils bargain
    And weve got to get ourselves
    Back to the garden

  49. Hi Gary! Hi RD! Hi Mawm! Hugs to everyone!

    Here’s what I don’t get: How could either Edwards or Gore be a “consensus” candidate at the Convention? This was the most hard-fought primary I’ve ever seen, and certainly the most divisive and acrimonious. We’ve all made our wishes pretty clear.

    To take the nomination away from either Obama or Clinton at this point would be ludicrous.

    The only consensus will be achieved by one of two things:

    1) Obama and Clinton teaming up in some way, preferably Hillary at the top of the ticket.
    2) Obama imploding before the Convention and Hillary gaining the nomination.

    Anything else will cause the Party to self-destruct. Which at this point, I’m not sure I’d mind anymore.

  50. The only plank in the Democratic Platform I care about is the one that Obama Dean Pelosi Axelfraud and Brazile walk off of as PUMA swordpoint into shark infested waters….

    The sharks probably would not eat them…Proffessional Courtesy!


  51. I think i have a crush on you Michael P Varvel you speak my heart 😉

  52. madamab: I think the obama supporters who were screaming that they “would have” supported Hillary if she won (but didn’t – you know, fair and square, it’s the roolz)… well anyway, I think THEY will NOT vote for her even if the devil were to come and collect on the soul obama sold to game the caucuses.

  53. Letter to Hillary.
    You are at a crossroads now, with choices to make.
    You can continue the Obama lovefest, try for unity, and hope to reclaim some party support in doing so, but there are a couple of problems with that. First, the party will do you the same way in the future that they did this time. I’m from Fl., and everyone here knows that Ms. Harris was given her Rep. seat for the job she did in the 2000 election. Then she got uppitty and wanted to try for the Senate, and the Republicans said no, she had her reward, shut up and sit down. Hillary, you have no more to look forward to from THIS party, including support for your next Senate run, or help in the Senate with your work.
    The other problem with this road is that you can’t change the PUMA’s. We are not angry at you, we are angry at them, and there isn’t an apology I can think of that will make it all better. Plus, the candidate is not close to you on issues, we don’t know what he truly beleives, because he lies, and changes constantly.
    So continuing on as you are isn’t a real good idea.

    You could take another road, and try at Denver. Either you win or you lose. If you lose, it will hurt the party, but no more than it is already hurt. Remember,Donna Brazile wants us gone, anyway, so we will go.
    You could try in Denver and win. We go on to the White House, and that’s all there is to say about that. Or…you could win in Denver, and lose in Nov., and be blamed for it. So what, you are going to be blamed for any Dem loss as it stands now. THey can’t blame Howard, or Nancy, or Donna or (heaven fobid)Barack. They will blame you. So, why not be the true Patriot you are, and take the hard road. It’s not new, you have never taken the easy path.

    We are behind you and Bill and Chelsea. I don’t think you understand how many of us there are behind you, but this is the way we beieve you want to go. Give it a try. The future is in your hands.

  54. All I can say is…

    I wish I were in DC Hurray Hurray
    I WISH I were in DC Hurray Hurray
    In DC Land Pumas Make there stand to and win for Hillary!

  55. I don’t know Fuzzy, it would probably depend on if the sharks were hungry – self interest seems to be first in line.

  56. madamab –

    I’m not saying it would be wise or well-received. I’m saying that if Obama implodes – which is far from out of the question – the first thing the DNC is going to do is try and find someone besides Clinton to take the position. They haven’t gone to all this trouble to prevent Clinton from becoming the nominee just to have Obama ruin all their efforts by getting caught getting a blowjob from Larry Sinclair so some suck thing. Remember – Carl Bernstein says the Clintons have something on Obama that none of the journalists have run with. The DNC would try and find someone else to take the job – and only Edwards or Gore would stand a chance at uniting the party. Obama is obviously worried that he might implode, or he wouldn’t have outed Edwards when he did and he certainly wouldn’t be releasing these emails right now.

    I have to wonder how many people this guy is blackmailing and bribing. How the heck did he get a hold of the party apparatus the way he did?

  57. Democrats on edge as Obama’s high profile fails to deliver big poll lead

  58. ok that was bad….fuzzy did not sleep well was meditating hard for our travelers very worried but seems everybody got there safely!

    thank the creator father mother god/dess


  59. Denver’s the city– there is the place
    Where the party which has well earned its disgrace
    Which dissembled with voters, and overreached
    And the faith of its loyal activists breached
    Must stare aggrieved voters clear in the face
    The penalty for its behavior to face
    The piper it paid; now it must hear the tune
    And face the storm to erupt at high noon.

  60. my computer is auto updating Vista Have to get off will be back soon sorry keep me posted when I get back

  61. This platform committee sounds crazy. “FAITH” is a platform issue now?

  62. Wasnt bad at all Michael 😉 … and sharks absolutely will attack each other if they are hungry and one is weak or wounded …

  63. katie are you serious? WTH? I heard the NARAL lady actually had the gall to use Hill’s quote, “women’s rights are human rights.” Where the hell does she get off?

  64. Masslib, I’m serious. A guy a few minutes ago gave a long introduction saying that the platform was laced with a commitment to “Faith”

    These proceedings are totally incomprehensible to me.

    It seems they were discussing amendments to the preamble.

    Now they’re talking about the next section, “Renewing the American Dream”

    Do I have to listen to this?

  65. “Renewing the American Dream”, actually that’s a Hillaryism. She even wrote a paper with that title, or something similar. I watched as much as I could stomach earlier and it was mostly Hillary’s ideas but then BO didn’t run on anything other than himself so no surprise.

  66. A Hillary Delegate is talking about Health Care. Claims that “Multitalented Nominee” fully endorses quality and affordable healthcare for everyone. And it’s mentioned in the first paragraph of the preamble.

    His comment got a scattering of applause.

    But, this is dry as dust.

  67. if by renewing the American Dream they mean emptying the pockets first and “taking it to the drycleaners” they will be accurate

  68. quality affordable health care? Well, they had better put universal health care in the platform.

  69. Per Jeralyn at Talk Left:

    Update: According to Nightline, Sen. Barack Obama told them today he didn’t think either Elizabeth or John Edwards would be attending the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

  70. “Bernie Mac was really a good man. He just made some very crass remarks.”

    Good men don’t refer to their wives and daughters (i.e. women) as “hos”.

  71. The Bo version that is ..not the Hillary ideas.. bo hasnt a single original idea of his own not one …he has always taken what someone else has done and hijacked it ..since his illinois days ..he hijacked other peoples work and put his name to it that is his standard operating procedure

  72. katiebird: what are you watching? Are you in DC too?

  73. BTW, Joe Cannon has a link to a genuine documents expert who has demolished – DEMOLISHED – Tech Dude’s analysis of Obama’s COLB over at No Quarter. This discussion is now officially over. Any further discussion as to whether Obama’s birth certificate is fake is now completely irresponsible.

  74. Masslib, Maybe I’m a cynic but when rich politicians start talking “affordable” I’m doubtful of their ability to make a judgement. Hillary’s plan impressed me because she talked about people who make $30,000 or less a year and how it’s critical to limit healthcare expenses to a percentage of income. Because current insurance costs are totally out of range for people in those income brackets.

    Obama says his plan will lower costs by a little over $1000 a year. How is that “affordable”? If you can’t afford $12,000 you can’t afford $11,000 a year.

  75. Lori-“blowjob… or some suck thing”? Ha!

  76. Jimtacoma, I’m watching C-Span 1 — it’s the Democratic Platform meeting.

    But, I’m on the verge of dropping out.

  77. Lori, I love Joe Cannon — And I’ve really enjoyed reading his posts on the BC issue.

  78. You know, I hear what you’re saying, but I have to disagree that Obama’s supporters wouldn’t vote for Hillary. A lot of them have buyer’s remorse already, especially after the FISA vote.

    They might be angry at first, but if she asked him to be VP, what would they have to complain about? Aren’t we PUMAs supposed to be satisfied with Hill as VP?


    And if Obama implodes, they won’t be able to vote for him anyway, so gee whiz, who else would they vote for? You know they’ll go to Hillary, especially after she wins them over by destroying McCain in every debate. Mwahahahahaha!

    I just think the die-hard Obama supporters are not nearly as numerous as the die-hard Hillary supporters. Remember those exit polls in the primaries? There are a lot more of us than there are of them, so it’s a numbers game that we would win hands-down.

    It’s the only way I can see to save the Party. But again, I’m not sure it can be saved at this point. Sigh.

  79. CNN is showing the PUMA story again! Yeah!

    I do believe Obama & crew are up to OLD TRICKS!
    However “Carol” you bring up an interesting point regarding HILLARY LEAKING HER OWN E-MAILS!
    It would show they had MUCH MORE INFO & they were really HOLDING BACK!!
    I ALSO FEEL EDWARD’s IS TRYING TO “WARN AMERICA” about Obama. Remember all it would be @ the point is a “LITTLE TIP OVER THE EDGE”!
    I never cared about the Larry Singclaire story; but after
    Edwards MAYBE I DO !!
    Sorry about B-MAC, I did like his work.

  81. I absolutely agree madamab.. she would have ( as distasteful as it might have been) chosen him as VP she said as much ; and they would have gone on to a great victory , becaiuse by and large his supporters wuold have some over .. more than will come from her camp we are seeing that …

  82. http://www.talkleft.com/story/2008/8/9/0235/92344

    Here’s the link to Jeralyn’s post. Plus trasncript of Nightline interview.

    I didn’t watch–I couldn’t stand the thought. Edwards had me at universal healthcare and his announcement in NOLA. I then looked at the candidates and realized Hillary was the one who would get things done.

    I’m feeling slightly sick about all this.

  83. Goodmorning fellow Conflucians, PUMAs and all other true-blue Dems.

    re: Johnnie Boy – as Fred Sanford would say to Lamont: Great day, ya big dummy!

    (waves to KatieB) Hope you’re having a great weekend so far. 🙂

  84. I love this headline at McClatchy about the DNC platform meeting: “Aggrieved Clinton fans attack caucuses as Dems meet.”

    I thought The Precious was the only one with fans.

  85. jawbone – who you tellin’?

    Still, I refuse to dismiss the good works and organizations that emerged as a result of his campaign. While he was getting crunk on himself, many supporters–who invested, earnestly, in his passionate discussions on social injustice and economic inequalities–were making sure the work became reality. And I’ve no doubt it will continue on.

  86. Oooh, I like that they are saying we are attacking the caucuses.

    The issues are coming through despite all the obfuscation by the corporate media…

    As Carol Diamonds would say,


  87. Carol, on August 9th, 2008 at 10:15 am Said

    In CA, anybody can obtain an “Informational” copy of a birth certificate.

  88. Blowback starts: Hunter’s family challenges Edwards to paternity test

  89. Hands down, this campaign has been the sleaziest thing I have ever witnessed. The Dems outshine the Repubs this year in branding. I want Obama to fall so far the only way up is a air balloon. This guy and his associates are the worst thugs imaginable.

  90. Down with dissembling, down the the lies
    Down with the party with no other guise
    To offer disquieted voters this fall,
    Down with cabals where deception is all.
    Down with the standard bearer and hack
    Who lacking a teleprompter can’t back
    Campaign themes of increasing duplicity,
    While the nation prays that it soon spared will be.

  91. Well, sad. RD — they are all lawyers. You cannot believe the research I did yesterday and the whole thing plus the weath displayed last night overseas? Well. We are screwed here, and I’m afraid the new D’s like this have done it to our country. Sick at heart, sick to my stomach and glad we at least lived in a Democracy in our youth,

    Yesterday, I cried over your Indian video. It’s sick what has happened to all the things we have believed in as Dems. Who is responsible?
    Lawyers. Reptiles…..(not that I believe that about any female lawyers) only men. The patriarchy. Since always.
    Better read this! EVERY PUMA.
    The new dems are not pro-civil rights as we all are!


    I really believe the Party is corrupt, and I believe the whole system is as well. The last 8 years have bankrupted our system, and they have let it happen.

    McC and HRC? the last AMERICANS!

    Whatever you do, fight so that we have DEMOCRACY — for our county. O digs the Marxist way. Just like China. Monster. Monsters. Those Indians without clothes? All these years I believed the DEMs had been fixing the poverty.

    LIARS. No loyalty out of me for what they have done. People are dying in the streets in this country of homelessness.

    You know what — that is what I’m going to blog about. How people like Ms. Stewart and the evil corporate Wall Mart takeover have destroyed us. All their products are made over there.

    Bastards. Don’t buy anything made over there. I read people were dismantling bronze statues (historic) in LA to see the metal to China –so they can make all Martha’s pots and pans…

    Ugh. The whole place needs a reform and what if McC and Hillary? Oh it would be great. GREAT! God–I’d go straight to work for them on a reservation helping. I would. I have the biggest treatment plan for the poor–FDR’s way! We have to start to rebuild here. Even if it takes a revolution.

  92. State, you can dream but the Atlantic Monthly would not print anything that would hurt BO, IMO. Isn’t the AM the magazine that printed that sleazy article about BC for which Doyle is rumored to be the source?

  93. Those leaked e-mails are an attempt to make Hillary once again the “monster” they intended. Poor Barack, some not very nice things were said between two or three people handling her campaign so of course she will wear whatever blowback occurs. To even hint that he is “unelectable” will be another indication of “ra*ce” that they so eagerly inserted into every utterance. She will be villfied through the MSM and the spotlight will once again be on someone other than The One.

    He will come out of it looking victimized and she will be placed on the defensive. This is the best and cheapest tactic they have right now to prevent a rollcall vote on the floor. Keeping those supers in line must be quite a feat these days.

    I hate these people.

  94. State of disbelief … I am HOPING there is something to bring him down ….. I wouldn’t mind if the October Surprise came in August 🙂

  95. So Edwards isn’t for gay marriage because, you know, his upbringing taught him that there is just something sacred about heterosexual marriage that can’t be applied to gay relationships. The 17 years I’ve spent with my partner, for example, just doesn’t quite cut it. Not sacred enough.

    Johnny’s marriage is so sacred, in fact, that he screws around on his partner of over 25 years who has stage 4 cancer (which doesn’t go “into remission” when it has spread to the bone, liar boy), while his two children under the age of 10 face the biggest , scariest loss any child can face: the loss of their Mom. Hey Dad, thanks for emotionally abandoning us in our time of need!

    He can apologize all he wants. He’s still a slimeball, a phony, and a hypocrite. Two Americas, John. The one I live in doesn’t allow me the right to marry, but don’t worry your pretty little head over it. I’d never do to my partner what you did to yours, with or without a piece of paper.

  96. Johninca- excellent poem, unfortunately.
    Have you all seen Dakinikat’s post at bitterpoliticz re: the infuriating energy lies of blabla? Theater of the absurd prevails.

  97. Isn’t the AM the magazine that printed that sleazy article about BC for which Doyle is rumored to be the source?

    That was Vanity Fair.

  98. Sully and Ygleisias(sic) write for the AM. It IS BO friendly. Vanity Fair published a sleazy story about Bill by Dee Dee Myers husband. Is that the one, masslib?

  99. Marriages are difficult. People have affairs. It’s because of the break up of the nuclear family. My gen? O’s gen — our parents divorced. There are millions of kids that grew up without one or the other parent and it destabilized our grandparents way of life.

    My sense with all that right wing stuff is that they want that back? Hence the conservativism. The thing is the baby boom? The PUMAS are all from that gen. Half of us are gay and lesbian–truly. Very few people I know stayed married. It’s like the legacy of the freedom of the rock and roll gen.

    Edwards from that gen as well. He maybe wanted to create life from death? It’s just sad that it happened in the age of paparrazi and?
    Not like any of this is new no? All that power and all those little Washingtonian black books. That’s why I laugh that O & Villiagrosa are pals. MO? Well….lets just say that the arrogance could make that dude into the biggest polygamist on earth — with a HAREM!

    Actually, I’d laugh. Marriage isn’t easy for my gen. To stay in one, having grown up as a feminist who read Erica Jong in Jr. High for the naught parts that were never discussed in my WASPY family system!

    McC has a new ad. O has a new law — to tax middle class America to feed Africa. I don’t think we can afford to help overseas anymore–not when our own need help right here. On the reservations and on the streets and in the inner cities. We need the heart of the 70’s activists to return and that is us, PUMAS!

  100. In the Nightline interview Edwards talks about being a young senator and then developing hubris and thinking he was invincible. Is he talking only about himself or is he talking about or *to” Obama?
    “It’s what happened with me and I think happens unfortunately more often sometimes with other people.… Ego. Self-focus, self-importance. Now, I was slapped down to the ground when my son Wade died in 1996, in April of 1996. But then after that I ran for the senate and I got elected to the Senate and here we go again, it’s the same old thing again. Adulation, respect, admiration. Then I went from being a senator, a young senator to being considered for vice president, running for president, being a vice presidential candidate and becoming a national public figure. All of which fed a self-focus, an egotism, a narcissism that leads you to believe that you can do whatever you want. You’re invincible. And there will be no consequences. And nothing, nothing could be further from the truth.”

  101. I figured it out. Edwards suspended. He now will direct all of his delegates to vote BO. Because
    BO will need every last delegate now that the number needed will increase if MI and FL seated whole.

    Dirty Dirty Dirty.

  102. Is there a warning there at the end?

  103. Is the MSM’s attempt to inundate us with this “Edwards” coverage supposed to not only divert attention from BO’s serious electability issues and just make us all thankful for the dem’s “nominee”? Please.

  104. Scan on TM reported “bogus reports of Democratic disunity” – what planet are these people on?


  105. PJ – I agree with you 100%. The memos are retaliation from BO’s camp at Hillary. They do not want to even give her the remotest chance at the Convention, so they steal her private correspondence to try to make her look bad.

    I must say, this is the dirtiest, most disgusting Dem-on-Dem violence I’ve ever seen. If this isn’t proof that Rove is running Obama’s campaign, I don’t know what is.

  106. Robin: “Is there a warning there at the end?”

    Could be. Unfortunately, the majority of mainstream/corporate-owned media is willing to shill for BO to hell and back. Or at least until after the Denver convention.

  107. Obama’s main skill seems to be at making enemies.

  108. “Robin”

  109. Here’s Johnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:

    John McCain quoted at CNN:

    “But even the most stirring speeches are easily forgotten when they’re short on content. Taking in my opponent’s performances is a little like watching a big summer blockbuster, and an hour in realizing that all the best scenes were in the trailer you saw last fall. In the way of running mates, Senator Obama should consider someone with a knack for brevity and directness, to balance the ticket,” adds the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

  110. The memos are evidence that the bo camp is still “fighting” half of its party .. they havent a CLUE and couldn’t buy one .. that when you throw mud some gets spattered on YOU …. all this will do is convince any onlooker that the democratic party is not the party of coice for this election.

  111. Pat Johnson, on August 9th, 2008 at 12:01 pm

    I think that is their plan. Those SDs BO forced to endorse him might just do the opposite while in Denver. So how can PUMA fight back?

  112. Carol, on August 9th, 2008 at 12:33 pm Said:
    ………Senator Obama should consider someone with a knack for brevity and directness, to balance the ticket,”

    LOL. Ouch. Burn……

  113. Robin – you’re right! I continue to be amazed that anyone could think this guy will unite anything, or that he is any kind of progressive.

    He is a hateful, petty, destructive man, and he will never, NEVER be President of the United States.

    “I will vote for a yellow dog if it is a Democrat, but lower than that I shall not go.”

  114. Riverdaughter was at TL the other day and she made a comment about disunity and Jeralyn replied that RD was disunified but that everyone else was unified! Just like that. So we are a wasting our time because everyone’s unified. No worries.

  115. Ok, I have to admit that line of McCain’s re brevity & directness is hilarious. If McCain is elected, he should at least offer Hill a Cabinet post, because his campaign learned a lot from her campaign against the Big O [aka We Are the One].

  116. Joan, do you have a link to the comment?

  117. Jeralyn is smart & nice, but isn’t her statement an oxymoron. How can you say, everyone is united but you. United means everyone; there can’t be any buts.

  118. I’ve just about had it with Jerelyn. I still like BTD, but his assurances that BO will win easily and his urging to have Hillary be VP are wearing thin with me these days.

    That quote from McCain is hilarious. I’m actually beginning to like that guy.

  119. masslib-It was in the thread about Hillary’s role at the convention. Yesterday? My mouth fell open when I read it. WTF?

  120. Wow! Edwards go this way “over the course of several campaigns, I started to believe that I was special and became increasingly egocentric and narcissistic.”

    Just imagine what would happen IF a candidate started out that way!! You might have presidential seals and your own symbol painted on the tail of your jet and even go on a world tour visiting heads of state and setting policy for the United states… just imagine…

  121. I am sick of the media and this Caylee shit! Someone waterboard that murderer and find the little girl!

  122. Karol – yes, it’s hard to imagine…LOL!

  123. And when you are done waterboarding her, I have a lineup of hundreds (all Super Delegates) that I want the truth out of!


  124. Instead of gloating about Edwards’ “downfall,” and by the way, the Enquirer, Globe, and other tabloids have been abuzz with recent stories of Bill Clinton’s alleged current or recent affairs, you better be asking the question of WHO leaked the information to the Enquirer and WHY Edwards suddenly withdrew from the race right before Super Tuesday.

    Somebody from a rival campaign had the information and used it to force him out of the race. Considering a Republican politician in Illinois had to withdraw from the 2004 Senate race because of salacious stories surrounding his divorce, I think it is clear where the Edwards leak came from.

  125. My best-guess scenario has Edwards being taken down before he could pull back his endorsement . Next up, HIllary, with the AM doing the deed. Meanwhile, Obama and his fingerprints are far, far away, vacationing in Hawaii.

  126. # masslib, on August 9th, 2008 at 9:51 am Said:

    This is what has me very worried:


    Exactly masslib. It stinketh too much of the way the dirty linen of Obie’s Republican opponent was revealed in the Senate Race.

  127. I agree with Susannunes; I’ve been all over the net today reading articles, reading the transcript of Edwards on Nightline last night; but mostly reading people’s comments.

    First off, I smell a rat in all of this. The timing just doesn’t fit quite right. I’m reading some people’s “hate” of the Clintons with all of this too – Bill’s “affair”; how Hill didn’t have the backbone to boot him out, blah, blah, blah.

    What’s important to me is this: WHERE was and where is the outrage over the crimes that the Bush Administration has committed? Where is the outrage from the Democrats over the fact that Pelosi says impeachment is off the table? Why haven’t “the people” been screaming in the streets at least in the last four years, let alone the first?

    It takes one little sexual innuendo, and all venom spews forward from the people – both lefts and rights. Interesting.

  128. Obama may be in Hawaii but he is not vacationing- he is trying to fix his corrupt birth certificate mess. Lets hope and pray the truth comes out on his illigitimacy for POTUS.

  129. Signing off. My kid has made Barefoot Contessa gazpacho using our home-grown veggies, local pimiento-cheese sandwiches, local breads, local watermelon & fruits, and we are heading off to hike the hills at a nearby state park.

    There are 3 things KY does very well for both visitors & locals: rest areas, road signs, and state parks.
    Be back later.

  130. Parentofed: Have a good hike with the family!!! Hubby and I are off to hike today, too!! Yahoo – love it. Nice weather in Sacramento area today. I’ll be back.

  131. Wow, that andgarden is a real piece of work. Can’t see why their should be a roll call vote. How about Hillary’s place in history?

  132. Sheri and Susannunes – I think we’re all smelling a rat here.

    If you really think there has been no outrage about the Bush administration’s crimes in the blogosphere for the past eight years, or about impeachment, I suggest you broaden your reading list a tad.

    Time for lunch. Later, Conflucians!

  133. That whole thread was really infuriating. I stayed out for fear oƒ being banned.

  134. I think Edwards smells a rat too:

    ……..”narcissism that leads you to believe that you can do whatever you want. You’re invincible. And there will be no consequences. And nothing, nothing could be further from the truth.”

  135. Well, Madamab: I never said there wasn’t any outrage in the blogosphere over the Bush Admin; but, apparently not enough to boot ’em out. But, here we have a PUMA movement for “crimes of the DNC” shall we say. There should have been more outrage over the past EIGHT years and a movement going on then, too. That is my point.

    I really don’t need to expand my reading – I read all day long; too much (smile). BUT, I am a person of action, I guess. We can all sit here yapping about the wrongs going on; but it takes action – and action has been missing for EIGHT years as far as the crimes of the Bush Admin.

  136. If you are interested in the birth certification issue, sign this petition:


  137. I meant to say: That is my point and yet we re-elected the criminals.

  138. Used to be a time — back when I was a mere tot — I actually believed that to become U.S. President, you have to be one of the brightest, most intelligent people in the world. Seems the opposite is true. If Hillary would just “dumb down” a bit (add a few hem and haws in her responses) she would’ve had this whole thing wrapped up.

    But NOOOOO! Hillary had to be all wonkish, thoughtful, persistently astute and such. Getting all ed-gah-kated and wanna keep learnin’ stuff about places, issues, policies and connecting with folks from all walks of life. When will she learn: the less you know, the more room left for *others* to set you on a seamlessly-carefree path to the White House.

  139. Carol, Said:

    Scan on TM reported “bogus reports of Democratic disunity” – what planet are these people on?

    Really? Scan is still posting there? I’d have thought he would have walked away like the rest of us. Oh well…poor little thing bless his heart. He must have been injected with the kool-aid!

  140. “There should have been more outrage over the past EIGHT years and a movement going on then, too. That is my point. ”

    No argument from me on that. Unfortunately, many of us thought we were exercising political “action” back in ’06, when Dems finally regained control (modest as it may be) in the House. Talk about being “hoodwinked” and “bamboozled”.

  141. Lambert thinks what I think:


  142. Sheri, as we can see demonstrated again by the Edwards thing, America is still Puritan when it comes to sex. Haven’t caught up to Europe, where nobody gives a crap. Easiest way to gather everybody in the area to the town square to watch a tarring and feathering, and give on-lookers a sense of self-righteousness.

    Incidentally, you gays, you can’t be given marriage rights—it would completely destroy the foundation of our American personal values i.e. that females are subservient to men, are meant by nature to produce babies as God brings seed to them, and can only obtain any personal power by roping a man into marriage which he is then required to honor. These have been getting dangerously neglected for decades now, and must be reinforced.

  143. LOL @ Karolina!

  144. Folks, I love the confluence but I detest Edwards bashing. He and Elizabeth were right on the issues and love each other dearly…not unlike Hillary and Bill.
    Please leave them alone. Barry is the problem, not the Edwards family.

  145. Off topic somewhat, but it will be Dirty Linen Night in the Quarter in NOLA.

    They have a thing called White Linen night in the Arts/Warehouse district and of course they had to do a take-off of it in the French Quarter: 😆


  146. I don’t see a lot of Edwards bashing.

  147. Calling someone a hypocrite when it’s true is not bashing…

  148. lauren – I agree!

  149. excellent article!

  150. #

    And contaminating them with the “I treated Hillary shitty” flu. (Kennedy, Russert, Novak, Bernie Mac)
    Lets not forget Wexler, Dodd, Bryd and Rangel

  151. I don’t care about Edwards personal life. Most men in power cheat on their wives. it’s an old story. But I do wonder what he was doing in the race once he knew this woman was potentially having his child, which would necessarily mean he had no shot of becoming President. And that is where I smell Axelrod.

  152. Calling someone out on their lying is not bashing…

  153. Actually, I wonder if Edwards wasn’t giving us a hint in his comments. I mean, he’s describing himself but it sounds like he’s describing Obama, which again leads me to believe Obama is behind this story somehow. And, with him off to Hawaii, with the Edwards story and the Hillary hit coming Monday….I don’t know why the Obamas think destroying everyone in the Party with good public support is going to help Obama.

  154. masslib, Said:

    I don’t care about Edwards personal life. Most men in power cheat on their wives. it’s an old story. But I do wonder what he was doing in the race once he knew this woman was potentially having his child, which would necessarily mean he had no shot of becoming President. And that is where I smell Axelrod.

    That’s the first thing that went through my mind. Smelled too much like the Senate race.

  155. Waterboarding? Really? That’s a joke?

    Disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    I’m done.

    Thanks for everything, RD.

  156. What occurs to me, is.. if Edwards is telling the truth that no way could the child be his.. the situation when he decided to launch an 08 campaign was – he’d had an affair with Ms. Hunter, Elizabeth knew, that was it.

    It may have been reasonable to expect that it would never become public knowledge. If Ms. Hunter got pregnant later on and threatened to go public saying that it was Edwards’ child, *then* they had a problem. Maybe that’s what happened once the campaign had already got going.

  157. Was Corbett(sp) the founder of Turndown Obama invited to the PUMA conference?

  158. So, dg. At that point, you drop out.

  159. lauren, on August 9th, 2008 at 1:36 pm

    How do you know Hillary and BC don’t love each other?

  160. Ohio,said:

    Waterboarding? Really? That’s a joke?

    I do believe it was…

  161. Lauren said they do love each other “not unlike Hillary and Bill”.

    I agree, let’s not do waterboarding jokes. It’s not funny. Ohio, wish you wouldn’t leave over that. I assume you have other reasons.

  162. Ohio — that wasn’t Riverdaughter. Was it? I thought I read it in the comments.

  163. I think Edwards is definitely talking about Obama with those comments about ego and narcissism in that Nightline interview.

    Regarding the HRC campaign memos, I’m so curious.. But the thing is.. this kind of leaking of internal information is not done, is it? I suppose the 70 that won’t be published are so that the source(s) will be protected.. My initial reaction was that it might be someone from BHO’s camp playing dirty as usual. But it might also be a bunch of pissed-off staff trying to cover their own asses and get back at Mark Penn (or PSD?) for screwing up. Time will tell.

  164. Why is Hillary doing this……Why is Hillary doing that……..Why won’t Hillary just quit….

    Why doesn’t the media get it. IT IS NOT HILLARY.

    She has no control over her suporters, and they….they….they …..the suporters……won’t…won’t..quit.

  165. No, it wasn’t RD.

  166. masslib – Sure, maybe that was when he dropped out? I’m just speculating completely.. 🙂

    if there’s a moderator around by the way, I have a post at 2:06 that got kicked into the filter.. thanks.

  167. The baby was born in February. he clearly new she was pregnant before then.

  168. I agree that calling out Edwards on hypocrisy is not bashing. Certainly his private life is none of my business, but he should not have lied about it.

    Look at the Governor of NY, David Paterson. His first couple of days in office, he headed the Republicans off at the pass. He said, “Hey, wife and I swung a bit in our past, and I’ve used cocaine too.”

    Everyone shrugged and moved on.

  169. Well, I don’t want to vote for people who’ve used drugs. But I know I’m in the minority about that.

  170. Come on, I’m sorry, but JE is sound like a lawler here and extremely guilty. I’m not bashing him but this was foolish:

  171. KB – Sure! That’s your preference. But at least you know about it, right? You can make an informed decision.

    If he runs again for NY Governor, I guess he’s not getting your vote. 😉

  172. madamab, I just mention it because one of the first times I was declared a racist was when I said that (way back when) at dKos about Obama…..

  173. I would take John Edward over Obama.

  174. I sincerely apologize to the Edwards supporters here, and I really like Elizabeth, but I can not imagine what would make JE do this interview and say so much about this matter.

  175. masslib,

    What did he say that was foolish? I started watching but, I quit when they broke for the commercial. Was it about why he didn’t want Elizabeth there?

  176. masslib – OMG, I just cannot watch that. I don’t want to hear the details. It’s none of my d*mn business.

  177. So would I. I’d take Elizabeth over both, obviously. But, I still think it was foolish to agree to this interview. Makes no sense. What was the benefit for him?

  178. masslib, If he wasn’t worried that the child was his why would he have told Elizabeth about the affair? Do men who do affairs always tell their wives?

    This might be a dumb question but, I don’t know the answer.

  179. I’m sorry, madamab, I agree. It’s none of our business. Look, I am the least puritanical person you could meet. I could care a less about this as a voting matter. But, politically, I’m intrigued that he would do this, and he comes off as both lawyer and defendent. I don’t get it.

  180. KB – Really? I’m sorry – I had no idea there was history behind that remark.

    Wow. I would imagine a lot of people feel the same way as you, including people of color.

    I will never understand the r*ce-craziness of the Obamans.

  181. Do you think it has something to do with an almost religious need to publicly confess?

  182. Yes of course, men often admit affairs where no children are involved. it’s the timing. He says he told EE and the affair ended in ’06, thus the little girl born in ’08 couldn’t be his.

  183. katiebird, on August 9th, 2008 at 2:25 pm Said:

    Do you think it has something to do with an almost religious need to publicly confess?

    Nope. I don’t think so. I think he wanted to get out in front of the story but I don’t think this was helpful. He was so careful with what he said, except agreeing to a paternity test, so I think while trying to do this tell all interview, the lawyer in him was trying to watch every word for surely ensuing litigation.

  184. KB – from the video, it sounds like he was paying Ms. Hunter not to talk, and she called him to ask him for more money, which is why he was at her hotel.

    Maybe he told Elizabeth about the affair because Ms. Hunter had threatnened to tell her first. I don’t know…

    No need to apologize to me, masslib. I’m just grossed out by the media, as usual. Same as the Starr Report telling every tiny detail of what Bill and Monica did. Who freaking cares?

  185. madamab, I was really hurt by the accusation at the time. But, I’m inured to it now. I just wish I knew then what was coming. I’d have fought harder against it. Instead of slinking off.

    Now? We’ll get the pleasure of hearing Obama tell us all about his drug experiences in Republican ads. Since it’s all in his audio book.

  186. “Who freaking cares?”

    Not me. That’s for sure.

  187. Is this blog about ……the DNC…….The convention……HILLARY……..Obama…….The nomination …….or….F….ing John Edwards.

    GOOD BYE for the day.

  188. This platform committee makes it clear why so many can’t stand politics. Are they deliberately making this so dull it’s unwatchable?

  189. Well, I care in that I again wonder what he was doing in that early part of the primary if he knew he’d never make it to the oval office, what with the possibility of a child with a woman who wasn’t his wife being born in the election year. I care because I smell Axelrod in this somewhere. So, I think there’s more to this story on the political end. That’s why I found his description of himself perhaps a hint about Obama. Of course, this is purely speculative. But, the timing of this story with the Hillary emails all while Obama is tucked safely away in Hawaii smells fishy.

  190. Katiebird—she’s a brilliant woman, she probably figured it out and confronted him IMHO.

    I really believe that this trash is being purposely played out so we are emotionally caught up in it. Probably JE was got a command from ON HIGH to do the interview. This makes it like watching reality TV cranked up to non-stop live. Keeps us from being as mentally functional as we might be, paying attention to all that is happening all over the government and in REAL power positions. Probably most effective on the non-web-doing public.

  191. Well, if people leave so abruptly we can’t exactly address their issue….

  192. masslib, I mean the details of the encounters…

    Although I’ve got to say, I’d rather have a Baby Daddy as President rather than Mister Sitting-In-God-Damn-America Church.

  193. Edgeoforever is doing a liveblog on the DC PUMA Conference!

    Check it out.

    Meanwhile, I’m not sure why people are stomping off in a huff today. I’m sure that later we will hear from the Conflucians at the DC Conference! Are we not “allowed” to even discuss this? It’s a pretty significant event, especially with regard to Hillary’s memos being leaked…

  194. Gee, I am sorry. I don’t have any attachment to Edwards. I think he’s fine, but I never supported him or anything, maybe that’s why I see this completely unemotionally. I just think this story breaking right now seems Axelrovian. I see no benefit for JE here. So, I’m curios what the political decisions behind the scene were. That’s all. Nothing to get huffy about. I don’t care about his sex life. But if it is that upsetting, I won’t ever bring his name up again. Geesh.

  195. Lori,

    The “official” birth certificate has been digitally altered–at least its borders), but
    there is no proof that it was his sister’s birth certificate. Could have been
    Obama’s with some work done on it to make it appear fake. Fake out
    those who think it might be a fake. “African” as a race is kind of odd.

    Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

  196. So, what happens to his delegates? Was this part of the possible Obama job on Edwards…get HIS delegates out of the way, too…ie, no voting for him, either??

  197. madamab, I think if someone has something else to say (like me mentioning the platform committee) they can just say it. But, If no one’s particularly interested (like my platform comments not getting much attention) there’s no good way to force a conversation.

    We’re treating this as a more or less open thread. I think.

  198. Yeah, I would prefer Edwards to BO myself. It’s not the point though. This country is highly puritanical, so from a purely political perspective, once his mistress got pregnant with a baby due election year, he was not going to become POTUS. Ok, I said I wouldn’t mention this again since it seems so upsetting for people, so I won’t. That’s all.

  199. GRL – Good point! I think that’s what this is really about. Why is all this slime coming out while Obama Rose is in Hawaii?

    KB – LOL! So, you want to talk about the platform, or what? 🙂

  200. yeah, good ol’ boy edwards is just like bill clinton, except edwards was never near to going to the white house as bill was in 2009.

    mccain 2008!

  201. (snort!) No, that platform committee is dull, dull, dull. Also? I don’t believe it’ll have any impact on public policy since Obama is a loser. Also again? I’m sort of glad “Universal Healthcare” isn’t included. It might be the deal-toll.

  202. Sorry if this is OT, but on Fox there was just a sound off on their Election Central show. They were talking about unity among Ds this fall and the exchange went something like this:

    Lady Commenter: Hillary was in Las Vegas yesterday and there were calls from the crowd about VP and Hillary for President. Her supporters love her and they aren’t convinced to move to O.

    Male Commenter: What I’m talking about here is PUMA and it doesn’t stand for sneakers, it’s Party Unity My A$$. The Clintonistas hate the Obamaphiles and the Omabaphiles hate the Clintonistas. There won’t be unity any time soon between them.

    At least there is some evidence that some people are getting it.

  203. What really icks me out is the Jimmy Swaggart “I Have Sinned” tone that Edwards took on “Nightline.” That egotistical and narcissistic lingo is hard core Christianist come to Jesus dog whistle.
    When did the USA become one never ending tent revival?

  204. Uh, devi, Bill Clinton didn’t have a pregnant girlfriend. Edwards could have easily become President with admitted affairs, but a pregnant girlfriend in an election year is what would have sank that boat. Jesus, this is politics 101. What’s there to be offended about? McCain ’08 my ass.

  205. Edwards-another slime ball that cheats on his ailing wife.

    Disgusting piece of protoplasm…..

    It is hard for mne to find words to explain how utterly revolted I am…

    I spit on Edwards…..

  206. “Is this blog about ……the DNC…….The convention……HILLARY……..Obama…….The nomination …….or….F….ing John Edwards.”

    I think the subjects are all inextricably linked – I think that the discussion about JE is the timing of the outing and not the actual relationship with JE and RH. We’re not doing a Starr report – I get the feeling many of us are curious about the timing and who is behind the curtain.

    This whole primary reeks of intrigue and that it’s Dem on Dem makes it even more curious to some of us – again, why would this happen and who, exactly, are the behind the scenes players.

    I also think that many of us are sensing the unknown energy that is swirling around – I know I do. I’m on edge, waiting at times with anticipatory dread. I’ve not seen anything like this – it’s almost mythic in proportion to me.

  207. One thing was a little interesting at that Platform meeting.

    One woman stood up and groveled to the committee for a minute or so (that’s how you know it’s a Hillary Delegate) then said she wished the the Platform Committee would support the concept of One Person, One Vote. That the actions of the Rules and ByLaws committee showed that it was a problem for the Democratic party. And that we should remember that the whole country is watching what we do.

    The chairwoman said that would be addressed by the Rules Committee.

    And she was dismissed.

  208. What delphyne49 said.

  209. Sometimes things just are what they are w/o deep dark maneuverings.

    There is no good time to confess something like that and I choose to believe he had had it with the speculation and perhaps had figured out that the NE was closing in on total verification.

    Sorry, cannot buy some of the conspiracy theories floating around on this.

  210. I agree with Sheri. I don’t give a rat’s behind about someone’s sexual indiscretions and certainly don’t think that their spouse should be tarred for staying in the marriage the way Hillary has been. A couple’s relationship belongs to them and is no one’s business. (And before Gary Hart, I might add, the media had the common sense and respect to refrain from lurking in bushes.) So I will not gloat over this Edward’s thing. He wasn’t my candidate, but this thing is between John and Elizabeth and everyone else should just butt out. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Obama is behind this. Wouldn’t really put anything past him and his cohorts.

    On another matter. Sheri, I live in Turlock, about 80 miles south of you. I’m kicking around the idea of driving to Denver if I can find someone to ride along with me. Is there any way that we could talk in person?

  211. So wait, the fricken platform doesn’t include “universal healthcare”? Effing idiots!

  212. Prolix – It’s in Fox News’ interest to get it. For once, our enemies are the only ones telling the truth! My world is upside-down….

    SweetieSue! – I was always glad that the Democrats tried not to inject religion into politics, but this year they appear to be trying to out-Jeebus the Republicans. It really sickens me.

  213. masslib, the only phrase I heard was “affordable Healthcare” Which. When affordability is decided by people who don’t have a care in the world is well, stupid.

  214. affordable? This seriously has become a Party of hacks. “affordable” is code for not universal.

  215. Sorry – delphyne49 is me. I logged into wordpress and forgot to log out.

  216. masslib: Yep.

  217. Exactly, delphyne49. Never has the unseen hand been so visible as in this election season.

  218. Ah, KB, it figures. They want to keep the caucuses.

    I am so furious with this Party right now….

    Masslib – LOL! Politics 101 indeed.

  219. Delphyne, you can stay logged into WordPress and keep your preferred display name. In your profile, create a nickname and choose that for your display name.

    I had to do that here because katiebird was already taken (can you imagine?)

  220. madamab, I know, I’m always somewhat light-headed from the world being turned upside down.

  221. Thanks, KB – I’ll head over there and do that. This is my first experience with wordpress – virgin that I am.

  222. Politics 101: If you did drugs as a young person exercise stout denial. Don’t write a best selling biography about the experience AND don’t get a grammy for reading it aloud.

  223. I should say IF you’re planning on being President. You can run. But, you can’t win.

  224. O.T. I don’t know if this is a topic of intrest for any here?

    Without prejudice towards either side, it is becomming a humanitarian issue.

    Russian Jets attacking Georgian Apartment complex’s.


  225. LFR – We did talk about that last night too.

    I just feel like our foreign policy is so screwed up that we have lost all our standing to help out in these situations. I mean, Condi should have gone there right away, but they hate her over there because of her insistence on the missile defense shield (Star Wars) going right on their doorstep.

  226. My intuition, about the John Edwards affairs is that the Obama’s campaign new about his infidelities awhile back and when it came time for Edwards to decide whom he was going to support, the Obama campaign blackmailed Edwards with that knowledge.

    John Edwards supported Obama when we were almost sure that he would support Clinton, since they had more in common. But he supported Obama instead!

    Of course, we all thought it was for a position in the cabinet, but now we know why it was to save Edwards’ reputation and political career.

    But now that Obama does not need Edwards, his campaign leaked out the affair,;in order to not have to worry about positioning Edwards in the Obama cabinet, that is IF Obama wins.

    But Obama forgets that if they place H.R. Clintons name in Nomination in the First Roll Call, Edwards pledged delegates will happy change their minds and support Clinton, because they (Edward supporters) will know by then if there had been an original bribe….

    John Edwards you are no longer on the bus, you have been pushed under the bus.

  227. Katie, this is how the AP reports the health care platform:


  228. The Hillary memos might make obama look like a victim again, but being a victim wimpy guy really won’t help AT ALL. He needs to NOT be a victim for the general – IMHO.

  229. madamab,

    Putin might not be the friend W saw when he looked into his eye’s.

    I agree that the State Dept. should be over there.

    Oh and don’t forget Obama chairs a committee on NATO.

    Leaders, Leaders everywhere, and not a one to count on.

  230. The phone is ringing…it’s 3 a.m.
    Can we have Hillary back now?

  231. LFR – LOL! I keep thinking of that too. But really, it was our fault for pushing Pooty-Poot too hard on our billion-dollar Star Wars boondoggle.

  232. Waffles, anyone?

  233. Democrats Blowing The Election


    “Let’s snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.”
    “We never met an election we’d like to win.”
    “Why get elected when you can be defeated!”

    These have been the mantras of the Democratic Party. Beginning with their stunning inability to defeat the most detested politician in American history, Richard Nixon, and continuing through their stunning inability to defeat the most detested politician in the world, George II, the Democrats are the masters of blowing it. And they don’t just simply “blow it” – they blow it especially when the electorate seems desperate to give it to them.

  234. Not a big conspiracy theorist here, but does anyone else see a “confluence” of events here in the last months of “M’s” (that’s a W, but I figure since he has his head up his a$$ he’ll be able to read it correctly) tenure, things are going to hell in an oil drum.

    Oil prices out the roof — I see shades of W’s and Cheney’s smudge prints all over it courtesy of the secret Energy Committee. Georgia invaded over NATO admission, a failed missile defense and oil pipelines. Iraq, a simmering pot ready to boil over the entire Middle East. Being mired in Afghanistan where spelunkers fight in hand to hand combat. While we have south side Chicago politics playing out on a national level. The economy teetering on the brink of home foreclosures and the national psyche is caught up in a lout who had an affair with someone he met in a bar and put on the payroll to make home movies.

    Clancey and Ludlum in their best days couldn’t write anything near this preposterous.

  235. Edwards’ delegates have already switched or been replaced with O partisans. Some of her delegates have been replaced and she hasn’t even conceded.

  236. Fred – There are some great things in that article – thanks for linking. 🙂

    That said…Michael Moore is still blaming everyone but Obama for Obama’s problems. And he still thinks Michelle Obama is an asset to his campaign. LOL.

    Michael Moore is a j*ck*ss for choosing Obama over Clinton, ESPECIALLY since he came out with “Sicko.” How DARE he pick the candidate who does NOT support UHC?!

    Sorry. I’m just so tired of all the knives in HRC’s back from liberals who should know better.

  237. Zambezi is an SNL joke. Hillbuzz is being humorous.

  238. Michael Moore is a liberal du jour. Whoever or whatever is the newest, most different is his pick of the day. He has shamelessly bashed the Clintons for years while espousing issues they have tried to address. As his book details, history isn’t his strong suit, but neither is day-to-day relevance.

  239. Prolix – LOL!

    Remind me never to get on your bad side. 🙂

  240. madamab, you could never be on my bad side because we will always be sitting together watching from the same set of wine goggles.

  241. Prolix – (giggle)

    As long as Joaniebone walks me to the car, I’m all good. 🙂

  242. Warrior Princess wrote to Hillary: You are at a crossroads now, with choices to make.
    You can continue the Obama lovefest, try for unity, and hope to reclaim some party support in doing so, but there are a couple of problems with that. First, the party will do you the same way in the future that they did this time. I’m from Fl., and everyone here knows that Ms. Harris was given her Rep. seat for the job she did in the 2000 election. Then she got uppitty and wanted to try for the Senate, and the Republicans said no, she had her reward, shut up and sit down. Hillary, you have no more to look forward to from THIS party, including support for your next Senate run, or help in the Senate with your work.

    Me: Do you think the comparison between Katherine Harris and Hillary holds up? Was she really an effective Congresswoman with enough supporters in Florida to win as a Senator. I thought she was promoted from Secretary of State to the House because she threw the election to Bush. Being that blantantly dishonest, she
    was never going to go very far.

    Hillary has accomplishments and supporters.

  243. Where is that Joaniebone? She makes me laugh.

  244. Puzzling.

    Whatever happened to safe sex, that Edwards would give a ‘the timing is wrong’ response to the question about a child being his?

    Dumber than a box of rocks. No wonder he described Elizabeth as ‘furious.’ I wonder how he talked her into another run for the presidency in ’08 with all this in the closet?

    Perhaps they thought Bill got away with it in ’92, why not John?

    To top it off, he stages this incredibly stupid interview, saying far too much and raising new questions.

    Good grief. Hubris in spades.

  245. Oldpro – that’s an interesting take. I guess even if they were practicing safe sex, there is always that .01% chance…

    Or maybe he wanted to give the impression that the affair was over long ago.

  246. CB: Katherine Harris was elected to a brand new district created for her in Longboat Key area. We all assumed that this was for throwing the election. When she made her ill-fated Senate run against Bill Nelson, some friends in Republican circles wuoyed her as saying that Jeb had promised her the Senate and she planned to collect.

  247. oops- wuoyed=quoted.

  248. If Edwards has been thrown under the bus with the rest of us I would advise him to leave his Viagra at home! It is already crowded under here as it is.

  249. I think this will go down as one of the all time worst lines in any political statements courtesy of Johnny boy,

    “I’ve been laid bare by these events…”

    Oy, how utterly Freudian — Mr. Edwards your slip is showing…

    One thing that hasn’t been answered and may never be answered, the Nat’l Inquisition had been tipped two weeks prior to actually catching him. This was a sting perpetrated by killer bees whoever is behind it.

  250. Pat, how’s your knee?

  251. Hi PJ!!!

    Prolix – No he didn’t say that! O.M.G.

    I smell Rove. Not Axelrove, the Original. Only Rove could be this nasty. And, we know that the Republicans are dying to keep Obama as the nominee – he’s the only one they can beat…

  252. Oh, Hell, Pat…we’re going to need a fleet of buses before this is over.

    And John’s station is down by the exhaust pipe, far away from the bar and the girls.

  253. My knee is stiff but I had to take the dog out for a little while. I looked like Chester from Gunsmoke walking down the street.

    Like katiebird, had C-Span on and it is a big yawn. Not that they ever stick my these platforms, but to hear that universal healthcare is not fully supported is maddening.

    Have any giant waves or hideous squids invaded Hawaii yet?
    Wishful thinking I know.

  254. Madamab, yes, I’m afraid he did in his written diatribe. It was discussed on CNN last night by Paul Begalia as being beyond dumb.

  255. That picture of Edwards attached to this tread looks more and more like Hillary Swank if you stare long enough.

  256. Pat, a stiff knee calls for extra smart juice this evening — always worked for Chester.

  257. I’m in the middle of cleaning out closets, so I didn’t get a chance to read the entire thread. This may have been mentioned before. If so, I apologize. Did anyone else see Curtis Sliwa on Fox News earlier today? He was one of the talking heads asked to give his take on some topics, one of which was “Democratic Unity”. Curtis says, “I have one word for you, ‘PUMA’, Party Unity My Axx” and then says the Clinton and Obama camps hate each other and are only pretending.

    Nice to hear “PUMA” getting another mention.

  258. Imagine – I thought Edwards was the most electable candidate! He wasn’t my first choice, though – HRC was. I did go back and forth several times…

    I’m batting like -1000 when it comes to picking winning Preznits.. However, I think I’ve learned from John Kerry’s campaign…which many of my fellow Democrats don’t seem to have done.


  259. PJ – LOL!

  260. Spoke to a friend today who went on vacation for 10 days and refused to turn on tv, radio, or read newspapers. She asked for a summary of what she may have missed and after I told her she said, “you have got to be kidding, you are making this stuff up? This has Obama’s pawprints all over it!” It does read like a pulp novel when you think about it.

  261. Heh heh heh, PJ – you just gave me an idea for my next play! You are my muse. 🙂

  262. We all may suffer here from a touch of cynicism but I think deep down we are all idealists at heart and this is why we react as if we do. I could not care less if Edwards was caught sleeping with a boy in the back of the chorus line but you want to believe that he and his wife “shared” something special, that maybe what he was saying had some merit. Instead you find that he is nothing more than any other sleazy husband looking to find a little fun when the wife is not looking and it is all show.

    But it is the timing that is most curious. Why now when they have been sitting on it for months. Timing is everything in politics and souffles.

  263. madamab: My role in life has just been upgraded! From dog sitter to muse!

  264. I have to admit, this is the worst splatter control since they called Merry Maids after the St. Valentine’s Day massacre.

    He’s created eighteen questions for every one he tried to fumble through.

  265. This is just turning out to be a great weekend on my street and in my family. My daughter just called from the ER because my son in law down the street cut himself across the instep with his weed wacker and needs stitches! Between my knee and his instep it is going to look like Shiloh all over again up here!

  266. Prolix – LOL! What was JRE thinking…

    Pat – OMG! Too many injuries…your poor son-in-law! I hope he is okay…

  267. Pat, ouch and ouch^squared. Gotta call in Col. Potter and his MASH unit.

  268. At least we don’t have to worry about this phony-baloney being shopped around every four years any more. I never understood the appeal. The combined loser ticket of Kerry/Edwards almost made me vote third party – or even worse for Bush in 04. At the last minute I could not go through with it – held my nose, fell in line and voted for yet another losing ticket. But not this year!! I will vote for McCain with great satisfaction if HRC is not at the top of the ticket!

  269. Pat, Please baby that knee. If you have a cane or even a crutch that would be good.

    OH, your poor son-in-law! was he wearing shoes?

  270. Hey everyone – got an open thread up for you.

  271. katiebird: I think he had a pair of flip flops on because she said it cut through. He is going to be fine, just needs the stitches.
    What a weekend! I do have my Mom’s old cane handy. The swelling has gone down pretty much.

  272. I don’t care about Edward’s sex life but I do care that he is a hypocrite.

    I’m so sick of lying politicians.

    Mountain Sage

  273. “distraction” being the key word in your piece. Who REALLY cares, at this point? Is John Edwards running for anything, right now? No. Is he posturing for the VP slot? No. This just repressed America, getting it’s vicarious thrills, by talking about other people’s private matters. PATHETIC!

    Uncle Rave

    “Listen to your uncle!”


  274. Ummmmmmmm, so what’s the problem? You didn’t get that he was charismatic and wouldn’t be a ladies man? I knew that from the beginning. Same with Bill Clinton.

    I don’t care who he has sex with, where, and when, that’s his wife’s issue. I care about what kind of legislator he’ll be. Clinton was one of the best presidents we have ever had…… You cannot deny that his presidency was all about balancing a budget and not being indebted to our enemies for money.

    I’d rather have a womanizer than George Bush who kills innocent people for his own agenda. Thank you!

  275. According to what I read, the person Hunter has been living with has stated responsibility for paternity. Hunter agrees according to this report agrees that it is not Edwards. Also, Edwards finance chair stated that he relocated the couple (Hunter and the father of the child) because the Enquirer/paparazzi push trying to substantiate the affair had become a daily harassment for Hunter.

  276. Well, in light of the truth about J. Edwards, I have some gripes about the women that refused to support Hillary because she stayed with Bill (a more accomplished and exciting man, Bill is, IMO)…

    How can we overlook these snippets from his interview on ABC:

    EDWARDS: Oh it was way before. This was in 2006. I decided, it was clear to me very quickly after this happened that I had to tell her that I loved her, she was central to my life, she had to know it and it was painful for her. Hard and painful for her, but she responded exactly like the kind of woman she is. And then she forgave me and we went to work on it. I’m not saying she thought it was okay, I’m not saying that, but she did forgive me. Listen, she understands what I understand which is that I am imperfect and anybody, anybody watching this broadcast or who hears about this who wants to beat me up for this, they should have at it. The truth is you can’t possibly beat me up more than I have already beaten myself up.
    WOODRUFF: Why did you continue to deny it [publicly] and not tell the truth?
    EDWARDS: Because I did not want the public to know what I had done. Fair and simple. And there’s also a lot of these you know supermarket tabloid allegations are just lies, they’re complete lies. But this, this mistake, is the truth.

    WOODRUFF: When Elizabeth did find out about this, how has she coped? What was her reaction to that?
    EDWARDS: She was mad, she was angry, I think furious would be a good way to describe it. She didn’t understand. We both went through a process of trying to figure out how it happened, why it happened. But she was amazing, she’s just an amazing person. Elizabeth and I have been married 31 years. The admiration she gets from the public is deserved and, but nobody can see — Bob, you’ve been married a long time, nobody can see inside everybody’s marriage. … This is not something Elizabeth did, this something I did. And I continue to love and admire her because she has just stood with me.


    I have an issue with women that are against Hillary because Bill had an issue with fidelity… I know many that would have voted for Edwards… because they were disgusted with Hillary for staying with Bill after his sexual addictions became public.

    OK, now , by your rules, Elizabeth is another Hillary…

    I never did understand that argument.

  277. This may have been mentioned, but I don’t have time to read all the comments:

    Obama & Edwards shared “media manager” Axelrod. So no surprise that the “scandal” was hushed until it could be hushed no more – luckily for Obama right before the convention, where he looks like a shoe-in. The plug remained intact on this “scandal” back when Edwards was endorsing Obama and when the men were dividing caucus votes among each other (in order to oust Hillary).

    The timing of this enabled Edwards to do his dirty work in supporting Obama without ever having a real chance at the Presidency. He is a fake and was used by Axelrod to push Obama further up the ladder. The true SCANDAL is that the NATIONAL ENQUIRER broke this instead of any other “investigative journalists”.

    Heart goes out to Elizabeth, but the story right now is how this affected Obama’s rise and Hillary being ousted.

  278. thanks to those of you who supported my plea to stop bashing Edwards (and yes, any righteous denunciations are bashing to me) It is SO like the targeting of Bill Clinton…or MLK. And men are fallible…I have reason to know.John and Elizabeth are magnificent people who stand for everything that is good. He resisted endorsing BO despite ENORMOUS pressure to do so for a very long time. If I can forgive my own husband and myself for infidelity, then for God’s sakes I must forgive John Edwards.

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