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      Back when Kamala was Attorney General, she worked closely with Beau. I watched as they took on the big banks, lifted up working people, and protected women and kids from abuse. I was proud then, and I'm proud now to have her as my partner in this campaign. — Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) August 11, 2020 … Continue reading It’s Kamala
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Open Thread

Edgeoforever reports from the PUMA Conference in DC.

Is McCain pondering The LieberMonster as his VP?

Discuss – or talk about whatever suits your fancy.

Meanwhile, it’s the Muppets singing the Habanera! In my professional opinion, Beaker needs a little help on the high note at the end.

57 Responses

  1. hey everyone!!! sorry about the lack of reporting from here, but we literally have had no time…lots of great presentations and a general sense that there are a LOT of smart people on the ball in this movement and they have plans, good ones. I’ve got ten minutes to literally leave a comment, use the restroom and go back. Hopefully one of us will have something more substantial later this evening. Ok, now as tim gun would say, carry on….

  2. Gary!!!!

  3. I’m off for a walk — but I’ll be back.

  4. Gary – Mwah! Have a great time – you guys are representing all of us here. I know you, Mawm and RD will have so much to tell us later….:-)

  5. McCain/Lieberman? No chance. Lieberman’s got lower favorabilities with Jewish voters than McCain does; and precisely HOW does Lieberman help McCain with conservatives? I don’t know. Seems like this would be a huge miscalculation on McCain’s part. But, what do I know? I still think it’s wrong to disenfranchise Democrats in order to INSTALL a nominee…

  6. Honestly, if McCain picks Lieberman, it might be the one thing that makes me vote for Obama.

    I could not dislike Joe Lieberman much more. And I hate that they call him pro-choice. Oh sure, he’s pro-choice for the doctors and nurses that don’t want to give rape victims the morning-after pill. When NARAL endorsed him, I stopped giving money to them.

  7. I’m going for a walk too. Have fun, everyone!

  8. The news we have so far coming out of the conference sounds exciting! Can’t wait for more.

  9. What a coincidence (NOT) that the Edwards “secret”, even if ill-kept, is released while Obama is in Hawaii: nope, can’t blame him. I mean, it’s not like him to purge all opponents from the slate, with leaked info. Ask the folks in Chicago.

    There’s a terrific read on Obama and the 7-year old girl’s question, on Real Clear Politics, “What Is Obama Talking About?”, by Betsy Newmark…worth a look.


  10. Can’t see McCain putting Lieberman on the ticket because he is trying to tap into disenfranchised Dems and we don’t much care for Lieberman. Could be one sure way to ensure an Obama win on just that one selection in itself.

  11. Oh. My. God. Is that video berserk or what?

  12. Whatever happened to McCain’s possible VP choice that everyone was talking about over a month ago? The woman who is the Governer of Alaska?

  13. Sarah Palin? What about Kay Bailey Hutchinson? She’s moderate. Either of these would pick up some disenfranchised women.

  14. My personal McCain dealbreaker is Romney, Yecch.

  15. Heh, Beaker sounds just like Obama.

  16. Been doing some research notice McCain has over 24 people to chose as VP and could win with many of them. Obama has really none Webb gone, Gore said No, Rendell said No, 3 others said No. They came up with Bayh realized he couldn’t win with him. Was going to ask Edwards( well we know hes gone)
    Not many are willing to risk their career being junior Senators VP and he can’t win with just anybody. lol he needs Hillary . He needs her now more than ever. The One is in trouble. I hope she says F&*# off and NOT accept any VP ticket NEVER. I will NOT vote for the ticket, unless it’s Hillary on top. Think about it who does Obama have left to chose as VP?

  17. this was Obama’s list of VP’s

    Sen. Evan Bayh

    Gov. Tim Kaine

    Sen. Joe Biden

    Sen. Chris Dodd

    Sen. Hillary Clinton

    Sen. Chuck Hagel

    Gov. Kathleen Sebelius

    Gen. Wesley Clark

    Rep. Chet Edwards

    Sen. John Edwards

    Dobb mortage scandal, Clarke McCain scandal, Kaine unexperince, Sebelius a yes girl, Hagel never, Ewards gone. Who can he pick and win with? Dems pick another LOSER

  18. Hee! Isn’t that video hilarious?

    Fred – That’s why he’s going to pick a Republican. No Democrat wants to go down on Oba-moi’s Titanic.

  19. cdo – lol! However did madamab run across this video?

  20. perries – I read Entertainment Weekly. It’s one of the top videos on YouTube this week.

    Those crazy kids; what are they up to now?

  21. madamab. Then he will lose all the “so called progressives” that hated the republicans. Republicans are losing seats it’s no popular republican. He’s in trouble

  22. I am having such a great weekend! Things are looking up! PUMAS RULE! We miss you Hillary! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVzKAS4f-zo


  24. prplvette85 – Yes please…this election is TheoCon (Oba-moi) versus NeoCon (McCain). If McCain picks Lieberman, it will signal that he will be creating more trouble in the Middle East, possibly bombing Iran. If he picks a moderate woman, it will signal that he’s willing to move in a more moderate, less war-mongering direction.

    Just the way I see it, of course.

  25. I think that (Ben Smith’s Politico article) just shows that Obama doesn’t have a clue about what is going on there. Dangerous lack of background knowledge.

  26. The race-baiters’ manufactured bigotry

    Excerpt: For the first time in history, this country has the opportunity to vote into the presidency a man with obvious African ancestry. Sen. Obama’s success demonstrates something that Americans should be proud of – namely, opportunity for all.

    We are also faced with the extraordinary assertion from far too many quarters that, if we don’t vote for Sen. Obama, our reasons must be racist. It couldn’t possibly be because we don’t want a socialist president. It must mean we don’t like black people, or at least we don’t want black people in positions of power.

    Given the way the campaign rhetoric is flowing these days, I’m willing to hazard a guess that Sen. Obama will lose the election.

  27. Ya’ll saw them talking about Big Dawg “points a finger at the press” on Faux?

  28. um kay baily aint no moderate. im tx. she is a brilliant poltiican though. on a few issues yes-stem cells perhaps. little else. she voted against the home morgage bailout a few wks ago, oppose the medicare fix then flipped on it when we in tx hounded her etc.. but she is not moderate. but shoudl be feared by the dems. she is like a paper shredder.

  29. oh-it doesnt matter if mccain or obama wins in terms of iran. if iran goes down the path of a 2nd holocaust fo the jews israel will pre-emptively strike with american cover. hillary also spoke of massive retaliation if iran does any crap. my bet is iran doesnt try anything, but if it does rest assured the brave men and women of israel and their brave american allies will act.

  30. That home mortgage bail-out has got to somehow come through. My (liberal) heart bleeds that such inhuman people are in the driver seat of our populations’ well-being. Disgusting.

  31. texan4: I stand corrected. Always thought of her as more moderate because of stem cells, not blathering re: Roe, etc.

  32. Inquiry in Ohio Could Hurt Obama Vote
    August 10, 2008

    CLEVELAND — A federal investigation of Democratic Party leaders in Cuyahoga County could pose problems for Barack Obama’s campaign in Ohio, party insiders and political analysts say.

    If the party’s local campaign operation suffers, some Democrats said, it could cost Mr. Obama votes in a Democratic area where he must win overwhelmingly to offset Republican strength elsewhere in the state.

  33. “Think about it who does Obama have left to chose as VP?”

    Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s been trying to woo the head of his “search” team – Caroline Schlossberg-Kennedy. He’s desperate.

  34. Just back from platform committee unity fest. I need a shower and a VERY stiff drink!
    Coward Dean is not looking well at all no sir! he looks almost anorexic he is so thin- SOMETHING is wearing him down- looks like he has the weight of the whole world on his shoulders!
    Pumas met him in Pittsburgh too!

  35. HillBuzz has a post about some Obama voter shenanigans they spotted today in Chicago:
    Here in Chicago, today was part of Market Days — just one of the many street festivals and fairs held in the city, every weekend during the summer. There were about 25 Obama campaign workers moving through the crowd, registering people to vote. We distinctly heard them asking people to not only fill out paperwork for themselves, but for anyone else they knew as well. If someone didn’t know particular information, they were encouraged to just make it up.

  36. Hutchinson and W are the Texan Twins of Torment to me. She and Liebermann are deal-breakers.

  37. Has anyone heard anything about the internal Clinton e-mails the Atlantic is supposed to be releasing next week? lambert at Corrente has a post on it, but I can’t find anything else about it. I would link, but I am computer illiterate.

  38. oh, I just want to puke! I had the olympics on and a bo commercial came on …..in the ad he says he will “create 5 million new jobs” with new energy technologies. WTF….now I went to 5 Hillary rallys, and that is the exact statement she made at each of the rallys……..I turned off the freakin olympics. He just makes me sick, he has nothing of his own…………….

  39. Hillary’s email entry #1:

    Senator Obama is, to put it bluntly, a bird doo head. And he’s got the legs of a geriatric rooster.



    (snark) lol.

  40. “Hillz2DayYeah08”
    That is hi-larry-us. That is almost as funny as Paris Hilton saying “see you at the debates, bitches”.

    I want that for a bumper sticker!

  41. Funny!

  42. I just took a test to see if I’m worthy enough to have Obama as my president, and I didn’t do too well

    You scored 31
    Where do they find “people” like you? Barack is very disappointed.


  43. kiki: I scored 25! I beat you! However, I will be one of the first in the roundup after election day. Hope you are not one of the civilian patrol.

  44. I scored 19 and embarrassed barack. also, when i tried to put the link on my facebook page it shot up a warning that some on facebook found the ‘test’ abusive or offensive.

  45. 19 Baby!!!

  46. I scored 18 and am an embarrassment to Barack.

  47. Guys,

    The cocktail party is up and Murphy and RD are on blog talk radio.

  48. I got a 23.

  49. Off to the gulags with all of us.

  50. You scored 16
    You’re an embarrassment to Barack.

    oh well

  51. Crap! I scored 33. What’s wrong with me, indeed. Should be lower. Ha!

  52. swanspirit: me too.

  53. I scored 13!

  54. I scored an 18. Barack is so embarrassed by me he is red-faced. Ooops. I suppose that was racist. See how embarrassing I am? I guess I’ll just crawl back under the bus.

  55. politico has the emails. I can’t look.

  56. Masslib, which site or where are the emails?

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