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Cocktail Party At The Scratching Post: Just Do it!

Hi guys, you guys are probably wondering what we’re up to.  I just have to say how impressed I’ve been with the presentations we’ve had today.  Darragh Murphy is going to have a segment of Meet Me in Denver with Darragh Murphy and Friends to discuss some of the details.  Get your cocktail and join us.  Tonight’s Causmos are $10.00 to PUMAPac to help us to defray the costs of the PUMA  outreach sites in Denver.  Two other worthy causes are two exemplary congresswomen who stuck with Hillary come think or thin, Sheila Jackson Lee and Stephanie Tubbs Jones.  They have been under a lot of pressure for listening to their consciences and going against the flow.  Please, if you have a yuppie food stamp, please send them to these two women and tell them how much their support means to you.  Stay tuned….

There’s plenty of Sam Adams, Corona, Belgian White and Chardonnay.  Gary and Mawm just made a run to the ABC store.  We’re waiting to see their haul.  I am sitting in Taggles bathtub listening to Darragh Murphy.  This cocktail hour is loose and breezy and laissez faire.

240 Responses

  1. Hi Riverdaughter,

    Can’t wait to hear what’s happening in DC. Hope you’re having fun.

  2. Come on. Somebody best my 18!

  3. I am listening to the radio broadcast.

  4. I am in iowa on a business trip / see family / eat a turkey leg at the State Fair.

    Love reading the blogs & all the info. I must say kinda spookie seeing Edwards / Bernie Mac / others have bad fortune after getting off their knees.

    I’ll take a round of pink puma’s for my table.

  5. Is there a donate link?

    I’m assuming I should hop over to PumaPAC, but a clicky link would be great! 😉

  6. Real cocktails are served to accompany our virtual friends here at the scratching post.. we have tequila for margaritas, vodka, and rum….choose your poison.

  7. gary: I will have a vodka on the rocks. tx

  8. […] 2] Riverdaughter at The Confluence is attending the PUMA Conference, but is squeezing in time for a Cocktail Party At The Scratching Post. Also on site, PUMA Pac leader, Darragh Murphy is hosting her Meet Me In Denver blogtalk radio show […]

  9. chatblu I got a 16 neener neener hehehehe maybe its because i joined the resistance ..wait PUMAS Are the resistance 😉

  10. I met Gary and Mawm today and I LOVE them. They are the sweetest guys you’d ever want to meet. We had a joint presentation and I wish we could have gone one for 2 hours instead of the one that we had. It just wasn’t enough. Conferees had so many good ideas about how we reach out to more voters.
    Wonderful, wonderful people.

  11. Gary and Mawm are the best!

  12. Thank you RD, Gary, Mawm, Murphy and other Conflucian/JustSayNoDeal/PUMA supporters. You’re speaking up for the rest of us disaffected bitterbots — wonderfully, I might add. 🙂

  13. Seconding edwardian!

  14. I got an 18 on the test. I’m so disappointed. I was trying for a zero.

  15. Please, please, please, floor fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. swanspirit, I joined the resistance as well. wonder how/where you bested me. still, we should be in the gulags together, with cinie and ben.

  17. awww…riverdaughter, that’s sweet. You’re right, the presentations have been awesome. I feel so energized for Denver…you guys, if you can go at all, do it, it will be one of those things you will remember for the rest of your life. You will be part of history. I am having a vodka cranberry now, and I’m and EXTREME lightweight, so if I start telling everyone how much I love you, don’t give me a hard time about it! 🙂

  18. and I think all of you are the best! conflucians rule! ok, I’m starting now…

  19. gary: XX00

  20. I love you, Gary, and I’m completely sober! Feel free to get emotional. I love all of you guys!

  21. lol, I rushed through the test and chose ‘observer’ without reading all the choices. I may have to go back and take it again.

  22. I am right there with you chatblu ….arm in arm , I just wish we were both in DC waaaahhh

  23. gary: I’m siting in Sheri’s bathtub. I didn’t know where you disappeared to. I was going to make a contribution but you two diappeared.

  24. who is this woman who is talking now?

  25. rd: Just an FYI, Alan Greenspan spends over an hour a day in the bathtub. He looks like a prune. Just a reminder.

  26. Gary , I am on the thimblefull wine drinking team … but my preference is a nice pinot noir … so after a few thimblefulls dont be surprised to find me asleep …….. i hate when that happens

  27. Pat, what a weird factoid. thanks, I think

  28. Before confession, whispers hurt Edwards’ stature-excerpt
    By NEDRA PICKLER – 15 minutes ago

    Without confirmation, the allegations were not widely reported by national media but still were damaging to Edwards. He was not being invited to speak at this month’s Democratic National Convention, out of fear that the rumors could become a distraction at the carefully orchestrated gathering.

    Barack Obama’s campaign is preparing to announce the list of convention speakers in the coming days, and the fact that Edwards wasn’t going to be included forced his hand. If he didn’t tell the story first, it threatened to blow open as reporters explained why the party’s last vice presidential nominee and third-place finisher in the primary was being snubbed.


  29. kiki: She has been in the bathtub for as long as the program has been on.

  30. I got a link up for a PUMAPac donation. Let me know if you trouble seeing it.

  31. It appears that there are a lot of “those people” out there.

  32. I like the fighting ‘for’ rather than ‘against’ idea

  33. and i like the train metaphor a lot better then the bus one

  34. The Tamale Train

  35. that’s weird, I never frequented dailykos (it confused me), but I always thought kos rhymed with moss

  36. Big Democratic Union Charged with Corruption

    Obama’s ties to the SEIU go back years. Now the local head of the SEIU in California is found to be embroiled in corruption. The union has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to firms owned by the wife and the mother-in-law of the labor organization’s president. All under the eyes of Andy Stern.

    California’s largest union local and a related charity have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to firms owned by the wife and mother-in-law of the labor organization’s president, documents and interviews show.

  37. kiki: Kos is a sewer.

  38. wow, I’m proud of Riverdaughter!

  39. Riverdaughter is amazing!

  40. Stephanie Tubbs Jones is not my Congresswoman, she represents Cleveland and I’m in Solon. Cuyahoga is a big county. But she sure is my (s)hero and I’ll send her fifty dollars next week.

  41. I got a 16 and am very pleased to be an embarrassment to BO!

    couldn’t connect to the radio show tonight. Hope someone recaps here…

  42. I used to hang at Buzzflash and HuffPo. Buzzflash went out of their way early on to say they would support all democratic candidates. that’s not what happened.

    to me the big problem wasn’t being FOR one candidate, that wasn’t surprising. it was being so incredibly ugly to another one.

  43. She produces quality material every single day. Along with the other diarists who blog on this site.

  44. We are having a beautiful summer rain in NE Ohio.

  45. It feels like an historic, watershed moment. So exciting!
    Thank you, Riverdaughter.

  46. It is a beautiful summer night here in Western MA as well.

  47. This 46.5% that apparently support The One. Do any of you know these people? I think I know one, excluding African American friends.

  48. An easy summer’s night thunderstorm.

  49. Shari and Mawm are on.

  50. Ben, I actually do know some, and a couple of them are a big problem to me. they’re supposedly ultra liberal feminists, and I just can’t understand where they’re coming from on this.

  51. is that Mawm? he sounds cute

  52. Hey, KiKI!!

    I actually contributed to Buzzflash for about 7 YEARS! Imagine my shock when, suddenly, they were crucifying Clinton. One weekend in May I woke up and decided I no longer wanted my name associated with the site (I did the World Media and Energy Watches and the occasional essay).

    I wrote to them and begged off. And haven’t visited since.
    Then, a few weeks later, I found The Confluence. From here, I went to WordPress and figured out how to do a blog.

    So, I have to credit The Confluence for InsightAnalytical (which was the name of my old site where I posted the Watches and my stuff, apart from it being up at Buzzflash.)

    Now, I’m over 54,000 hits and kenoshaMarge has joined as a contributor. And we are PUMA, of course!!

  53. GRL: Good for you! And Kenosha Marge always has something interesting to say as well.

  54. GRL, I was on their email list and really did like getting all the links, made keeping up with the news easy. I also used to give credit at the Buzzflash store as gifts.

    I didn’t know you were a contributor! good for you, because it was a decent place for a long time until they got so crazy.

    where’s your blog? I have enjoyed KenoshaMarge’s comments here and there for a long time, and I’d love to read yours as well.

  55. Kiki

    I know one guy at work who is just young and stupid. He’s not a problem for me because he’s not a kool ade drinking follower. I think he just wants something “different.” And I know a few undecideds. I just don’t get where these people are coming from on this. But we’ve all been down this road before.

  56. OH….big news! I received my Hillary t-shirt today!

  57. ben: I know of only one person and she is an AA who is for Obama. No one else.

  58. Back from the picnic & hike, and the kid just fixed an incredible dinner. Very mellow….good wine, too….very relaxed….

    So, I took the Obamatest, and I made a 15! Hah, I am a huge embarrassment to The Big O, no hand signals for me…..

  59. I have a PUMA bracelet and it’s very nice. Denitza made them. If you;d like one of your own, click here

  60. I have my Hillary shirt and my PUMA bracelet.

  61. I can’t hear the radio show because mawm is on….I am on my second vodka cranberry :O

  62. I know people who had a problem with Hillary’s initial vote on Iraq. she made a speech to clarify the vote but that never made it into the realm of public conscienceness. had Obama been in the senate at that time, I am certain he would have voted the same way. his votes to fund the war since he has been there prove that.

    I myself had a problem with that vote. I had to work through it for myself. I think preferring Obama because he didn’t cast that vote is ridiculous. he wasn’t even there.

    this is the only reason (the iraq vote) that I can come up with to explain these people’s support of Obama over Hillary. I could ask them…..but I don’t want to. I hate conflict, I don’t think I’ll change their minds anyway, and they are people that, other than this, I do actually like.

  63. Gary: I saw the Absolut at the bar but I’ve been drinking chardonnay and I think it may be too late to mix.

  64. kiki, those same people who always used the iraq trump card as to why they supported Obama are the same ones giving him a pass now for flip flopping on that and every other issue

  65. if anyone’s wondering about the scores we’re posting, it’s from the previous post:


  66. Riverdaughter, Mawm & Gary — It’s so fun to listen to you!

    I wish I was there. I’ve GOT to find a way to get to Denver.

  67. yeah, Gary, and he’s done so much to end the war since he’s been in the senate – NOT

  68. Kiki–

    My blog is listed on the blogrolll here…direct link:


    Thanks for your interest!!

  69. Pat, they have causmos!!!

  70. My score is 15….

  71. gosh, I re-took the test and got a 28! am I a bot???

  72. KB, we’ll pick you up.

  73. kiki: I am still on the Tylenol.

  74. Mawm: Who will pick ME up? I’m in Sheri’s bathtub.

  75. rd must be rehearsing for a role as a raisinette.

  76. 🙂 Mawm — that would be so cool! Or we could caravan if I can talk mister into going.


  77. thanks GRL, bookmarked, and I look forward to reading it

  78. riverdaughter, can’t you get a ride from Hillary?

  79. Uh-Oh, I’m getting sleepy.

  80. RD, you’re STILL in her bathtub? With water?

  81. Wake up! You don’t want me to have to call in, do you?

  82. Just caught a new post, press release from McCain over at NQ as an update on the Georgia situation. I think it is very well done and would be interested in knowing how some of you view it. Seems to me that whoever is advising McCain on this is doing a good job. I’m thinking that Obama may be losing some major ground on national security here. Sorry this is probably OT.

  83. KBird: I’m still in the bathtub. I might stay here all night.

  84. Well there was that woman just recently who sat on the john for two years……………….

  85. (shaking my head)

    That’s so modern! A Radio Chat show while blogging from a bathtub —

  86. hey Pat, there’s something I’ve been meaning to say to you for a couple of days. I’ve read some of your comments when I’m at work and as a rule, I read a little there but don’t comment (I do have a couple of scruples)

    anyway, recently when George Carlin passed away, I was reading about him and he said that a lot of people consider him cynical, but he didn’t see himself that way. I don’t know if this is an original quote of his, but he said “scratch a cynic, and you’ll find a disappointed idealist”

    I think you’ve been saying something along those lines, no?

  87. I was finally able to connect….what a great show! Just sorry I missed the first hour. 😦

    Can’t believe RD isn’t going to Denver. Is it a matter of getting the time off work, or the money?

  88. Jangles, NO — that’s not out of line at all.

  89. I missed RD saying she couldn’t make it. Oh, riverdaughter! Why?

  90. Also, riverdaughter — you are the most generous person I know. Very kind. I can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful things you’ve said about me – and all of us — It always makes me glow.

  91. and while Russia and Georgia are at war, our esteemed president is at the Olympics, riding a bike and playing volley ball

  92. kiki — I totally forgot about that! My expectations of him are so low.

  93. riverdaughter’s great……she’s so quick to spread credit around, she just seems like a really nice nice person

  94. katie, you forget because nobody’s paying attention to him anymore. that’s not a good thing. he still has a few months to cause damage. my understanding is he’s working feverishly (when he’s actually working) to tie the next president’s hands on all sorts of stuff.

  95. katiebird, no one deserves that high praise more than you. I remember when rd asked you to co-blog here. You’re a major part of the reason this blog has been able to grow at light-speed.

  96. kiki: Yes I have said that. Deep within us we want so much to believe in something bigger than ourselves. That is why we react to someone like Edwards who portrays himself one way and we find out that he is no such thing. We were raised to believe to have faith in something as it makes us
    a better person yet when that faith is shaken we become a little more jaded each time.

    I would never have expected say a Howard Dean, who is a trained doctor, to behave so cravenly as he has done as head of the DNC and shake democracy to its limits. This man took an oath as a healer which puts him in a different level altogether yet here he is acting with the same moral disregard as any other criminal.

    So yes, in many respects I am a cynic but my idealism occasionally creeps to the surface and I set myself up once again for disappointment.

  97. wasn’t Katie the very first co-blogger?

  98. katiebird: And seriously, no one can work up as much spit as yourself and aim it at the distance you do from the couch!!! That must be noted for posterity.

  99. RD…did you do that whole radio show in the bath tub?

    Hello everyone…just left the radio show with RD Darragh and Sheri and Aloaha and Will etc… great show ..but tuned in late , because i was at another cocktail party..that started at 4pm…ok…a little tipsy!!

  100. Sherry, Thank you.

    I’m sure I’m blushing. I think it’s Riverdaughter’s talent and vision that’s brought a really wonderful group of people together. And I’m just lucky to have found her.

  101. The Confluence really is the perfect name.

  102. Pat Johnson…are you going to Denver…i like you..like what and how you say things…you’ve got to ber there

  103. kiki, RonK was here before me and a couple of people who don’t comment very often anymore. I miss RonK — I hope he’s OK. Does anyone know?

  104. Ah, Pat…

    Sometimes I think that Obama’s knocked the spit right out of me!

  105. I’ve wondered about RonK too. I miss his posts.

    Oh, I got a 16…

  106. Mary Beth: Sadly, no. I am unable to afford it. Wish that it were possible because I see a major shift and a seachange effect about to occur. Being a part of that would be such a joy but I do not have the resources. I will be depending upon people like you and gary and Mawm who will report back.

    The excitement tonight coming from those active participants in Washington and Pittsburgh is spreading.

  107. katiebird: I hear you. I get that way on occasion and it does not feel good. But then I check into this site when the spirit needs renewal and their words become infectious. Even when we get silly sometimes it often becomes the balm needed to bring me back up. It sounds a little corny but so true.

  108. BostonBoomer and I started at about the same time. I LOVE her post too.

    And when Gary started writing about the North Carolina primary I liked him so much. I remember worrrying that he wouldn’t stay on afterwards. I’m so glad he did.

    AND then Mawm co-blogged at the May 31st meeting. ()Lipstick on a Pig!)

    AND SM inventing P.U.M.A. (and joining on as a blogger)

    AND Madamab’s plays….

    I love this place!

  109. And while our president is playing volleyball and riding his bike at the Olympics our presumptive president at large is vacationing in Hawaii. How many vacations has that guy taken since the presidential election cycle started? He really is another GWB isn’t he. I wonder if he has Bush DNA to go with his Cheney DNA. Now there is a monster thought.

  110. Pat…. Where do you live?

  111. Jangles,

    I remember last summer and fall there were all sorts of stories about how Obama was an extrovert because so many people loved him and he was such a good speaker and, you know — beloved.

    But, I think he’s actual quite an introvert. I think crowds and people are exhausting to him.

    He’s been complaining for months about how tired he is.

    Or maybe it’s just the work. I don’t think he’s used to it.

  112. It is good to be on the side of right rather than with the side that refuses to do right. Odd that this should be a comfort but it is.

  113. Was it McCain indirectly related to George W. or was it Obama?

  114. Obama is indirectly related to Chaney. I think.

  115. Mary Beth: Massachusetts

  116. I think Obama is actually also indirectly related to Bush.

  117. Robin – “The Confluence really is the perfect name.”

    yes, it is. Most all of us have been swept here from our old fora, from every point of the web, and here we merge the old waters and become something new. And better!

    For all the good and bad that’s brought us to this place, it’s been a very exciting event to witness.

  118. Whatever you call it, evil DNA runs through their family tree.

  119. Yes, he’s distant cousins with Dick, but I thought I read he is indirectly related to BO.

  120. I mean, Bush.

  121. I know Obama’s related to Cheney, but when they did the extended genealogy, they came up with somebody being related to Bush. Think it was McCain actually, like a ninth cousin removed or something.

    I just remember distinctly all the people Hillary was related to. Alanis Morrissette. Celine Dion. Madonna. Angelina Jolie.

  122. masslib — I totally missed that. That’s sick. Even if I supported him, I couldn’t now.

  123. Obama is not a people person. A lot like Nixon. But I saw him giving an impromptu press conference on a plane tonight and was struck at how awful he communicates. The hewing and hawing and stuttering and then when he finally manages to end the sentence it makes little sense. Not a great communicator overall.

    Bill and Hillary can stand and speak extemporaneously for hours and still hold your attention. Listening to Obama you want to scream out “get to the goddamn point!”

  124. Obama test —

    I got a 44. Here’s my commands: You show promise, but you must study the writings of Barack, and you must tithe.

    I am off to HillaryClinton.com to tithe. What? You don’t think that’s what he meant?

  125. I didn’t know that Hillary was related to Madonna.

  126. Katie- I also love this place. I don’t post too often, all of you write what I’m thinking, and do it soooo much better than I. I have the left brain thing going, creative artist, not so great with the words. All of the regulars have become great friends and comfort…
    To all of the Confluence PUMA’s, thanks, you keep me sane.
    I do wish we were all going to Denver!!!

  127. HuffPO is effing sick. Look at this hit piece on Elizabeth:


    I literally despise the people at HuffPo. While I think, regardless of what EE says people are going to talk about the Edwards saga, she has every right to ask for privacy. What is wrong with these people? How on earth is any of this Elizabeth’s fault.

  128. Edwards has offered to take a paternity test. Hunter now refuses, demanding “privacy” for the baby. These people are such opportunistic fruitcakes that they deserve whatever they get by way of public shunning. You play with fire, you get burnt.

    Poor Elizabeth. She deserves so much better than this cartoon husband.

  129. How is it Elizabeth’s fault? The same way it was Hillary’s fault when Bill strayed. It’s ALWAYS the woman’s fault, masslib. Didn’t you know that?

  130. Bizarre, I just saw a comment from RonK at TalkLeft….

  131. Hell, he probably wrote that statement she supposedly made. And whatever her reasoning, it is hers. We have no more right to question their relationship anymore than we did the Clinton’s. None of us know what goes on between a husband and wife. But it is through his actions alone that make this tawdry. Elizabeth had nothing to do with it.

  132. I think most of us here also visit Alegre’s Corner, but want to be sure you all don’t miss this amazing video she posted – Judy Collins singing
    Bread & Roses

    I’ve had a lovely earworm from it all day.

  133. a hit piece on Elizabeth? it so pisses me off that when their husbands do something, women become damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

    they’re criticized for kicking him out and criticized for working it out and sticking with him.

    women can’t win.

  134. Bill and Hillary can stand and speak extemporaneously for hours and still hold your attention. Listening to Obama you want to scream out “get to the goddamn point!”

    He drove me crazy with that during every debate. I got so frustrated, and he is BORING.

  135. lol Charles, I think it was meant as a joke, making fun of Obama

  136. Oh, Charles. Was it insane or just silly?

  137. Just dropped by to blow kisses at the Conflucians and to wave at everyone in DC! I’m dying to read RD’s post tomorrow. Hopefully the hangover and wrinkling from the bathtub won’t make her unable to write. 😉

    HuffPoop is very misogynistic. A year before the election cycle really got started, Arianna “F*ck Me!” Huffington ran a different hit piece on Hillary every day. It was deeply sick.

    I’m not surprised they’re upset at Elizabeth. Attacking a woman with terminal cancer is just their speed. Their MAN can do no wrong.

  138. I love reading Charles’ blog. It’s taking the place of newspapers for me.

  139. Charles, with that score, I’m surprised you’re not voting for Obama. 😉

    It’s just for fun. I scored a 26. 🙂

  140. madamab — so true what you said about the HuffPost. They’re not nice people.

  141. Just when I thought HuffPo couldn’t get any lower…

  142. KB – They are just awful there. And the trolls! Good gawd, what a bunch of lunatics. I don’t know who’s worse, the lefties or the righties!

    By the way – I love Charles’ blog too. 🙂

  143. Valhalla, on August 9th, 2008 at 11:30 pm Said:
    Obama test – I got a 44.
    Me too- score 44.

  144. Good night everyone…have a great evening. PUMA!

  145. 44 – That’s Hillary’s number.

  146. g’night, madamab!

  147. I scored a 15 with very little effort on my part. For my participation I was awarded a realistic looking birth certificate, suitable for framing, in any third world country I might select once Obamessiah is inaugurated. I wasn’t too particular since I only had two requests. First, bitter had to be the official languare and two, internet connectivity so I can stay in touch with my Confluhomeys.

  148. Hello my fellow Conflucians.

    I just listened to a replay of the radio show.

    What is it with the score. 44 is what? Obama’s %age in Nov?

  149. Hi, MABlue — it’s the The Obama Test — it’s very silly.

    What did you think of the show?

  150. MABlue, there is a quiz up thread to see if you measure up to BZero standards to be one of his subjects once there is a coronation.

  151. Must.go.to.bed…..goodnight, Conflucians. Sweet dreams to all.

  152. ‘Night, Sherry! Sweet dreams.

  153. “women can’t win.”

    Yes, we can!
    There was a segment on Meet Me In Denver about that… the program should be up soon, in case you missed it.

    Btw, gotodenver@pumapac.org is collecting frequent flyer miles from “familiar” Pumas to redistribute. If you have any that you’d like to share, or you want some to get to Denver, email Go To Denver. They also have some ride sharing offers. Be sure to include your handle and the name of the blog you frequent, whne you email them.


    83 baby! Barack is pleased.

    Yes! I knew Barack would love me.

  155. Charles, Do you think Obama is amused often? I don’t.

    But I think your blog is both amusing and informative. And tonight? Sad.

  156. i only scored 36…i only show promise…oh well

  157. charles…what is your website…i

  158. i don’t think he’s amused, becuz he does’nt have a funny bone!!! hahahaaha

  159. I have my PUMA bracelet & shirt!
    GREAT JOB CONFERENCE PUMA’S; I could tell from the blogradio broadcast.

  160. Prolix — Confluhomeys! You crack me up.

    This is what I love about PUMAs. Everyone’s so smart and funny. I’m putting this besides ‘pumalicious’ in my new dictionary of PUMA.

    HuffPo – ugh, what an execrable site.

  161. I scored 27 of the Obama Test. The response–“Where do they find people like

  162. great state…i also have delta..i’m going to check tomorrow. i think i have AA also..but not many..Delta should be around 20,000..but not sure.
    thanks for the offer..will let you know…are you coming to Denver?

  163. I’m SOO LATE anD i’M SORRY!!!

    I’ve been working my butt off to feed my PUMA cub & Grandma PUMA.

    PUMAs UNITE!!!

    Love you guys and will check in when I have more time.

  164. I just went to website…thanks again..I’ll order tomorrow..not cray for the tee shirt..hopefully will be better at convention!!

  165. Hey SM…you were talked about tonight on the RADIO!!!
    Everybody loves SM!!!

  166. Mary Beth, I WAS?????

    What did they say???

    Who said it????

    Whatever it is, it wasn’t me and I ain’t telling who did it!

    Gosh, I’m mad that I missed all of this, but I have to work on a report/plan thingy that I finally got approved on Friday and is due on Monday.

  167. so sad….besides the main goal of going to Denver, the next best thing will be meeting the people we connect with everyday on the different websites..I’m sorry you won’t be there, but you know, we’ll be together in spirit and we’ll work together and know I’ll carry you with me.
    take care of your daughter, and we’ll work for you.!!

  168. Valhalla, we can soon publish our own unabridged dictionary for Pumaranians who speak Pumaese. It will be illustrated for all the latest in neck snapping and dismissive growling. For those who aren’t too keen on our activities, we will withhold all hairball remedies.

  169. girlfriend..SM..they were talking about how they could’nt be as strong as they are without people like you…and how important you are to Riverdaughter…so much love..!!!

  170. Marybeth: AWWWWW!!! You’re lyin’!!!!! For real???

    That’s too sweet, I have to listen to the program – I can’t today – I’m 75% done with this report/plan thingy and I just want tomorrow to be an easier day than the past 2 days – but I’m humbled and honored to serve the cause!

    I would never be strong without anyone here at the Confluence & PUMAs. RD, Murphy & every one here gives us all strength – it’s and ebb and flow of love & commitment to Democratic tenets (and some humor too!)

    Thanks Mary Beth for your kind words!

  171. SM…they wern’t my words…I’m just the messenger..but i’m glad that i could tell you how important you are to all of us. so stay humble..and hope to meet you in Denver…

  172. Danceswithpumas….if you need them more than i do…please ..i can ask friends of mine to see if they can spare some …don’t worry about me…

  173. i hope i have enough to get me there. help me out…if you can.

  174. Peeps, it was true, the Atlantic piece is indeed a hit piece. Get ready to be shocked and awed. And mighty pissed off. This was perfectly timed. I call either Penn or Solis-Doyle.

  175. AA freq flyer miles: AA only lets you transfer
    15,000. to an individual per calendar year. 45,000.
    will get you to Denver from most anyplace. If 2 others
    with AA miles would be willing to donate 15,000.
    to the same puma-we would be in good shape. I could
    donate 15,000 twice-but not to the same individual. I
    had freq flyer miles with less restrictions, but
    already used those for pumas.

    email to gotodenver@pumapac.org

    sorry for being a pia. I didn’t realize that I was going to get this far off into this… worthy cause.

  176. See politico for a taste of our latest Clinton hitpiece. *eyeroll*

  177. given that your hubby unit scored 15 as I did, I say you married a very wise and astute gentleman. You can find us at the bar sampling bitters.

  178. Mary Beth, on August 10th, 2008 at 1:23 am Said:
    Danceswithpumas….if you need them more than i do…please ..i can ask friends of mine to see if they can spare some …don’t worry about me…
    Thanks. I don’t need them for myself. I’m just trying to spread the word. gotodenver@pumapac is coordinating the project and bundling the miles to assist other Pumas. I’m just a flunky. 😉 But, thank you again.

  179. I have some frequent flier miles that may be of use. I’ve never kept track of totals or know how to transfer them. Any help would be appreciated – I’ll gladly give to do my part.
    If it doesn’t work out between you and Mary Beth, shoot an email off to gotodenver@pumapac.org and they’ll connect you with someone who can use the miles, or they’ll bundle the mile of a few donors and redistribute.

    Thank you.

  180. Interesting quote in that piece from Penn. “Won’t a single tape of [the Reverend Jeremiah] Wright going off on America with Obama sitting there be a game ender?”

  181. regencyg, I saw the Politico piece. I can’t see where it sheds any light. We knew Penn and Solis-Doyle were problems and that there were strategy issues in CampHC. Politico seems to be saying that HRC was a lousy manager, implying Obuhbuh is better equipped to be Cheif Executive, but that argument only holds up if you believe he’s actually in charge of his campaign. I think there’s two chances that’s true, slim and none.

  182. Is it more or less substance free and idiotic than he vanity Fair piece?

  183. Seriously, didn’t see the VF piece. What did they say?

  184. Cinie: I know. We’re talking about it at Bitterpoliticz if you wanna come where a lot of folks are still awake. I don’t think it shows that Hillary’s a bad manager as her staff were bad at following. They didn’t know how to take her ideas and run with them. Maybe they just weren’t used to candidates that thought instead of letting them do the thinking.

    Seriously: It’s got substance–none of it useful, but there’s stuff there. It’s definitely idiotic though. Prepare for a week of that crap.

  185. Cinie: The VF thing is months-old on Bill Clinton and implied everything and told nothing. It came right on the heels of WV. Bill got pissed. Issued a long press release clearing his name and we all moved on, mostly disgusted with the state of loyalty and journalism in America. It was written by DeeDee Meyers’ husband.

    Seriously, that’s the one you mean, yeah?

  186. Yeah, it was really ridiculous. Like, “Bill Clinton is hanging out with players–why? That proves he’s up to no good! Except, Chelsea’s there with him, and they’re rich guys who do humanitarian work and contribute to his foundation. OMG!”

  187. Ah, Sensationalism. It used to be called human interest–then they added exclamation points.

  188. I was actually just considering whether the VF piece could have been considered human interest (because there didn’t seem to be any damn point in publishing it, considering it was nothing but unsubstantiated third hand gossip and innuendo without any kind of point). I don’t think so though because any type of piece on how an ex President adjusts to civilian life would have to include his perspective.

  189. pearl harbor is comming quick for obama guys

  190. Seriously: It wasn’t a serious or accurate comment. I know that. Don’t think too much on it; a lot of what I say isn’t logical.

  191. No I know you were kidding regency, I was just wondering what the hell motivated VF to assign the thing in the first place. Did they think of it as human interest because it sure as hell wasn’t news. That’s all I can come up with, because there was no damn point or even meat to the thing, yet it went on for about 16 pages.

  192. Point. I don’t know who’s assigning this stuff, but it isn’t journalism. Journalism has been dead a few months but no one likes to speak ill of the dead.

  193. Saw the gang – Riverdaughter, Gary and Mawm – and Allegre too! There was an excellent panel yesterday and I added an extra dish entry today once the information overload started to subside

  194. Everybody is still asleep I bet but I wanted to thank you for the links provided to other websites/blogs that are friendly to our interests. Many of us used to go to Huff Post, Rawstory, Buzzflash. We didn’t get far after we declared our support for Hillary. My first shock was being banned from commenting at Huff Post in Jan/Feb when I dared to talk back after a hitpiece on Hillary Clinton. I was perfectly reasonable and civil, but all of a sudden I couldn’t comment at several sites. Thanks for the refuge and the information you all share. I’m in Florida, so we’ve got a big stake in seeing democracy in action via PUMA and The Denver Group.

  195. I have a geography question, based on the picture of “The Confluence” at the top of this page. Is that where two rivers meet, and if so, which are they?

  196. I thought it was three rivers, and they meet in Pittsburgh, don’t they?

    I dunno, I’ve never really been east of that big river in the middle.

  197. Good Morning.

    Still reading other blogs/news… I may be back later.

  198. Same old, same old.

    Some ex H supporting sites are “forcing” themselves to see O under a new “electability” light.

    Other sites remain unrepentant and embittered “trouble-makers”

    We all know that at this point, this is all about the need for reform at the DNC and not so much about O & H, right?

  199. myiq2xu, I looked it up. Apparently “Confluence” means that the Monongahela and Allegheny rivers meet to form the Ohio River.
    To think of all those sports events I watched as a kid at Three Rivers stadium! Nifty picture though– I wonder what bridge that is.

  200. What electability for O? He should be running away with this election. Am I missing something?

  201. I was thinking myself that the name of the park was kismet! Like the PUMA symbol of the Unity NH school!

  202. I’m busy getting ready to meet Hillary TODAY!
    “off” to the East End LI/NY debt reduction F.R.
    It hit me as just today when I said to my “UNITY” husband; “IT’s NOT ABOUT RACE / IT’s ABOUT READINESS”!!!
    I’m a “MIDDLE-AGE”( not gray-haired) “WW”; but I’ll be with “3” “AA”! One is a male around my age, the other male is a bit younger & the final is a younger female.
    **( The 1st gentleman is the founder of the great web-site, http://www.pocpuma.com **it mean people of color against Obama).

  203. No, chatblu, you are not missing anything…I have recently seen among the newly “converted” a “need” to justify their support in terms of if I-can-ignore-this-or tha- set-of-facts he may/might/could (almost/perhaps) make it?

    Oh…and…has anybody checked out that tub?…Is RD still in it?

  204. tpt!! Say Hi to Hillary for me.

  205. Thanks, Upstate. I keep reading about his electability and he appears to be anything but a slam dunk at this point in time.

  206. Politico has the emails.

  207. I read their article, I will now go and see what the “damage” amounts to. Thanks masslib.

  208. Oh sorry. It’s just stories.

  209. Why did my questioning of where the story is get taken out? And where is the story, please?

  210. Huh. The story about the emails is on Politico. I thought the emails were, but it’s just an article about them.

  211. Many people have pointed out that running a campaign is nothing like governing the country.

    Just look at GW Bush, for a very good example. Rove got him elected twice, but was a disaster when it came to policy.

    Also, the media loves to write “xxxxx is in disarray!!!” articles as hit pieces. They wrote about Bush running the tightest ship in history when they loved him. Then, when he fell out of favor, they wrote pieces about the exact same times showing how everyone in Bush’s administration was fighting each other all the time.

  212. Speaking of the Confluence, there’s a Mary Tyler Moore Show episode in which this exact think is talked about. Mary and Rhoda are fighting and Georgette is caught in the middle. And one night when having dinner with Rhoda, Georgette says that Mary and Rhoda are like Pittsburgh. Rhoda, her curiosity piqued, begrudgingly asks Georgette, “Why are Mary and I like Pittsburgh?” Georgette then talks about how the little Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers which aren’t much on their own come together to form the Mighty Ohio River i.e. A Confluence. Essentially, Mary and Rhoda on their own were much weaker than when they were together in their strong friendship.

  213. No pasa nada masslib, I am sure they will be publishing them soon enough….

  214. Sorry. I’m not familiar with the blogosphere—politico doesn’t seem to be on the list of sites on the upper-right-hand site, so it is a non-Hillary site? I will try to put in Politico.com. If it is something else, please let me know. Thanks.

  215. Oh..and the rivers meet in Pittsburgh…

  216. Karolina, it’s politico. I thought they had the emails, but it’s just a story about the emails. Sorry ’bout that.

  217. Ben, I just do not see a “strong friendship” happening any time soon among D’s, then again, maybe it will happen before November….

  218. My PLEASURE-“katebird”!

  219. So…what are YOU going to do when H asks you to support O, either as an elder in the party or as VP?

  220. That is at the Convention, of course.

  221. Obama should have a big lead over McCain right now. Depending on the poll, it’s a close race or McCain is leading.

    I can’t imagine The Presumptuous One’s approval rating going any higher. the question is how much farther it will drop.

    But no matter how bad it gets, the Oborg will keep chanting “It’s Hillary’s fault. It’s Hillary’s fault”

  222. Well, Georgette wasn’t the sharpest crayon in the box. But maybe, this site is like Pittsburgh…bringing all of US together.

  223. I read the Politico article. Nothing earth shattering. of course, hillary is smart enough not to put anything in email form herself. She was an awesome candidate but she had some poor advisers. all of the back biting and stuff I would think is typical in a campaign.

  224. If there were any really juicy quotes in those emails we would have heard them already.

    Instead, we get zip, nada, zilch.

    Rule #1 of written communication is never say anything incriminating or humiliating in writing.

    Assume the opposition (or a jury) will see what ever you write.

  225. I remember that Mary Tyler Moore episode! Good thing I didn’t say “mighty” Ohio– could have been busted for plagiarism.

  226. How did they get hold of these emails and when will they be posted?

  227. Hey, check it out! Apparently PUMA’s are “Scary”. Wow, didn’t realize I wielded the power to strike fear into the hearts of “rational” Dems.


  228. Well, someone anonymous slipped them to the press, which is pretty disgusting. They are not meant for public consumption. I’m thinking who else but Patty Solis Doyle.

  229. Am I in moderation?

  230. Lots of O’s twisters (supporters who will twist their own logic to justify O, no matter what) in the blogosphere.

    Russia/Georgia, latest example.

    United States OBAMerica?

  231. If I were Hillary, I don’t think I would ever trust anyone again. She has been stabbed in the back so many times this year.

  232. I guess not since that last comment showed up. My original one, which seems to have disappeared into the blogosphere has to do with the fact that we’re now “scary”. I mean, I’m used to the accusation that we’re Republicans in disguise (which is funny as hell), but now big, bad PUMA are scaring the “rational” so-called Dems:


  233. It’s always possible that someone may have thought that Josh Green would write a fair piece about the campaign.

    lol, I know, but Democrats IMO are much too trusting of the media, still.

  234. Down, I do not think they explain who provided them…(I may be wrong though, but have not seen it anywhere).

  235. How do we know then if everything talked about is true. This is like when the NY daily said Hillary didn’t want her name on the ballot. I bet there is a lot of truth to this but since most journalists suffer from CDS we can’t know which of it is false.

  236. The harder they attack Hillary, the stronger she gets.

    By the time Obama gets what he deserves Hillary will look so good even the die hard kool-aid drinkers will be lying and claiming they supported her.

    Nobody will want to admit they supported Obama.

  237. myiq, I hope that’s true.

    In my reality, it is.

  238. please email me mbdphoto@aol.com About conversation from last night.

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