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Those People, or Some People? (A Follow-Up to “Friday: ‘Those People’ are Voters, Barack”)

When I read about how Barack Obama had referred to Hillary Clinton’s supporters as “those people,” with trademark dismissal and contempt, I was reminded of two things:

1) It’s On Purpose.

2) Mama Rose.

For those that are unfamiliar with the musical “Gypsy,” it is based on the true story of the stripper Gypsy Rose Lee. Her mother, Mama Rose, was the classic narcissistic stage mother, whose insistence on making it in show business (despite her lack of talent) ruined her family and drove her crazy. Mama Rose didn’t care about anyone but herself, and forced her children to live a life of lies in order to further her personal ambitions and delusions of grandeur.

Eventually, Mama Rose is finally forced to face the reality that she is washed up, never had it, never will, and that her dreams will never come true. But this reality is too much, and she soon sinks back into her dreamworld.

Sound familiar?

In any rational universe, Barack Obama would not be considered qualified for the office of the Presidency. He has a resume that would shame another State Senator – a record of non-accomplishment that had to be puffed up by his mentor, Emil Jones, at the very end of his undistinguished tenure. As for his current record, it’s decent but scanty, since he began running for President the moment his rear end hit that chair.

Obama has never won a strongly contested election – his successful state senate run, thanks to his underhanded tactics, had no opposition, and he won his current seat against that electoral juggernaut, Republican wackadoodle Alan Keyes. Yes, yes, he “won” the primary election, if you weigh votes from red-state caucuses as heavily as you do primary votes from blue states and swing states. But only the Democrats would be moronic enough to do so, since the entire nominating process is meant to select a General Election winner. As we know, but Obamans do not seem to realize, the General Election is not a caucus, and Idaho, Utah and Kansas will not be going Democratic this year. In order to feed Obama’s delusions, the DNC enabled him by kneecapping Hillary’s strongest, most delegate-rich states in the primaries. Had Michigan and Florida “counted,” Hillary would be the nominee right now.

So, why would Obama Rose think he has what it takes to be President? On what basis did he decide that he deserved his shot at the big time? A non-existent resume. A thin voting record. A couple of good speeches. Seemingly-sound policies and positions that he changes or discards at a moment’s notice.

Does he really think he’s got the right stuff?

The American people don’t think so. He didn’t win the popular vote. He didn’t win any of the big swing states in the primaries, and now the polls show he’s losing them to John McCain, or is winning them, but within the margin of error. Moreover, he is massively underperforming generic Democrats on a whole range of issues, including the war in Iraq and the economy. Sorry, folks, that’s the electoral kiss of death.

But Obama Rose shoulders on, insisting it’s his turn no matter what. He pooh-poohs “those people” who don’t understand His Greatness. They don’t deserve him. They don’t listen to him. They don’t understand him. His fingers are in his ears and he’s singing as loudly as he can.

Unfortunately, Senator Obama’s fate is in our hands. Somewhere, somehow, I believe he knows it, and that we, the “some people,” have rejected him as soundly as Mama Rose was rejected by Broadway. Down deep in his narcissistic soul, Obama Rose knows he is going to lose this election. Due to his overweening, unreasonable desire to be President, we are now going to be stuck with four more years of Republican ownership of the Executive Branch. His grasping ambition has ruined his family (the American People) and himself.

But it’s not his fault. It’s all because of “those people.” Right, Obama Rose?

Cross-posted at Oooh, nuance!

183 Responses

  1. Gosh, madamab- You made my day with this one! I’m actually scanning second by second for the news ticker on Hillary’s visit to FL talking to “THOSE” people while Obama ROSE (LOL!) gets his Mani/Pedi in Hawaii.

  2. !! This is THE perfect analogy, madamab. But, why are so many people who should know better supporting this no-talent? Mama Rose would have killed for Obama’s support. Why did they flock to Obama?

    I still don’t get it. I’ve been getting in crazy discussions with my mother (who is a Hillary supporter but NOT a PUMA) — she doesn’t agree that Obama’s unelectable. None of his weaknesses seem that bad to her and she seems to think that’s good enough.

    I think that’s goofy. But apparently the Democratic Leaders agree with her.

    It’s funny to realize that Broadway Producers are a more serious bunch than the Democratic Leadership.

  3. Great Post

  4. Thanks Madamab!

  5. Thanks, SM! 🙂 My tech accomplishment du jour – figuring out how to load video in WordPress. LOL

  6. KB – I think it’s pretty obvious why “some people,” aka the voters, flocked to Obama – he was running a feel-good campaign, he was well-marketed and slick, Oprah told them to, etc. etc. etc.

    Now, he’s not doing well, but I think most people still trust the “D” label on his package. We are all just so sick of George W. Bush that many of us will do anything to prevent another “R” in the White House.

    Unfortunately, both McCain and Obama are “R’s,” in my opinion. Not much of a choice there.

    Poor Obama Rose, He wants it soooo badly, but he just is not going to get it.

  7. MadamaB: And you have not just one video – but two! And with 2 mega diva goddesses – I love it!

    OBAMA ROSE – mental image is made me LOL, thank you, I certainly need it right now!

  8. Katiebird: I am in total agreement with you. I have been told time after time, to “just vote for the damn guy, okay?” “We can’t have another 4 years of the same” or “he’s better than the alternative”.

    Don’t they understand that at some point we have to say, MY VOTE COUNTS, IT IS MINE AND BY GOD IT IS IMPORTANT.

    It is more of the just fall in line BS that I am not swallowing any more.

  9. I feel like I am being scolded for being petulant.

  10. I posted this on the prior thread but I need to clear my head by expressing this. I know I may face a lot of opposition but it is how I feel at the moment. Not good.

    Then someone please explain to me why Hillary is so eager to campaign on his behalf? She will be covered today at 3pm where she will make another “feel good” speech encouraging voters to support the same man who stole her votes, allowed her to be portrayed as a ra*cist, permitted the media and his own campaign to resort to sexism, dismissed her husband and his achievements, disses her supporters as “those people”, and whose inexperience she had previously highlighted during the campaign.

    If he is not good enough for us what propels her to undergo this “tour” of support on behalf of such an unprepared candidate? And if we are so committed to dismantle the current members of the DNC, his win will only solidify their tenure.

    Better she would just give lip service to his presumed nomination and let the chips fall where they may. As far as I can tell, she owes him nothing. Nor does she owe the DNC, who employed every tactic imaginable to bring her to defeat.

    It is quite disappointing to me as this is one savvy and brave woman who stuck it out to the end with the slings and arrows pointed in her direction. Someone with her guts should be able to tell this Obama machine to go to hell and put an end to this charade.

    A vote for Obama is another validation of the DNC which is one of the tenets of PUMA. For Hillary to be campaigning so vigorously on his behalf is against my beliefs and is knocking the pins right out from under me to be honest.

    The possibility of an Obama win with the expectation that she can bring in her supporters presents 4 yrs of what we oppose and only strengthens the Donna’s, Nancy’s, Howard’s of the DNC. What Hillary is urging makes no sense to me.

    And although I may be going out on a limb by saying this, I expected better. Insisting that this will strengthen her chances with the party 4 years hence is wearing thin. Unless there is some sinister role at play, I am not buying it.
    Her support of him could be just the ticket needed for him to limp over the finish line. Then what?

  11. Katiebird, I had a housefull of NY relatives yesterday who jumped on me like a pack of hyenas all because I have a Hillary fridge magnet.

    They looove Hillary, they voted for her for her 2 senate runs, but drank the kool-aid after she suspended. So I said to please let’s not talk about it and they still were hammering me, all the while I’m trying to play the gracious host. I wanted to scream “I’M A PUMA – don’t you get it????? “

  12. PJ – this is how I responded to you on the last thread. Please add a hug in for good measure. 🙂


    PJ – If Hillary goes against Obama, she has no future in the Democratic Party. That’s the simple truth. The Democratic Party has been taken over by the Chicago Machine. It calls itself Obama for America now.

    I personally wish she would embrace that reality, and become an Independent, like Bernie Sanders. But I don’t think she will do that until after they refuse to nominate her and Obama loses.

    I don’t blame her for refusing to give up on the Party that she has belonged to for so many years. And you know she wants to run for President again if she doesn’t win this year. Would she be viable as an Independent? I think so, but she is carefully considering these things, you can bet your life on that.

  13. SM, that’s like the conversations with my mom. I keep saying, “Look I voted for McGovern & Mondale & Dukakis & (Gore) & Kerry — BUT they lost!! Do you really think Obama is a stronger candidate than they were? THEY actually won the primaries after they supposedly had The Math. But Obama lost again and again long after The Math supposedly proved that he was the Presumed Nominee.” She just glares like I’m being stubborn. I don’t get it.

  14. It’s a pretty sad world when you’re not even allowed to have a fridge magnet. Is your little fridge magnet that powerful? 😉

  15. katie isn’t it typical of cults to set expectations WAY above reality? that way when it doesn’t happen, the cult members have so much already invested that they are willing to accept any excuse for why the prophecy didn’t materialize. they will be told that its all Hillary’s fault, and their “movement” will continue even after he loses

  16. Since we are doing musicals…….I think “Nothi9ng from A Chorus Line seems pretty apt. Substitute DNC for Carp and I could be Morales.

  17. SM, do they know you are the ORIGINAL PUMA?? 🙂

  18. Gary! I forgot that part. How could I do that? SM — you INVENTED P.U.M.A. !! Do your relatives know that?

    (getting a shiver over that thrill)

  19. Is the group “those people” a step up from the “bitter, holding on to their guns and religion” group?

    Mountain Sage

  20. I LOVE “Nothing!” 🙂

    SM – I had a different experience last weekend at my friend’s house in NJ. My friend put up her Hillary fridge magnet, and we all started talking about how Obama sucks and Hillary would have been much better. The only one who disagreed even a little was someone who works 80 hours a week and hasn’t had time to keep up with things.

    It was quite heartening and sad at the same time.

  21. Pat, I wrote something similar yesterday and some jerk named ‘fuxxy’ called me a troll. WTF?! I am aghast at how she has bent over!!!! What is going on? Personally, I feel until she releases her dfelegates she is still in the race – I think anyone with a brain sees that too. So, how can she get out there and proclaim Obama’s suitability to be president?

    In short, I am confused, too.

  22. Gary & Katiebird – LOL! I think they’d disown me. Nobody knows except my mom & daughter. ANd I’ve sworn them to secrecy too – I just can’t let “THOSE PEOPLE” know how involved I am.

  23. Madamab – I wish I had your Hillary fridge magnet moment!

  24. to continue from my previous post, I really do know that she has to do this – but, somehow, the fact that she ‘has’ to do this, and she ‘is doing’ it just hurts so much.

    Every cell in my body is outraged at this SEXISM – and that is what it is, IMO!

  25. Cate – It is sexism, and it’s okay to be angry at what Hillary has to do, and even at Hillary herself.

    Hillary is not perfect, and sometimes she will do things that make us go “huh”? However, she has a reason for it – that I am sure of. I just think she is trying to keep her own career alive, because if she doesn’t, how will she be able to do what she needs to do to get her own goals accomplished?

    Fuzzy is actually a great guy – emotions are running very high right now, I think.

  26. I too am disappointed by Hillary’s overreaching support of Obama. It saddens me that our National leaders allow themselves to be bullied by their Parties. What does that say about them? I read a comment to a Newsweek article blaming the Clintons for Obama’s drop in support, and the poster said there is a growing movement in NY to defeat Hillary in the next Senate election unless she behaves herself and doesn’t give Obama any grief at the Dem Convention.

  27. I’m with fuzzy, who is a great guy.

    Blaming Hillary and/or expecting her to be a totally free agent is completely unrealistic.

    She is no more able to say f*ck you to the dominant factors in her life than we are in our own lives.

  28. Here’s the thing. Why should any of us believe that the MSM wouldn’t try to crucify Hillary if she decided to run again in 2012. Hillary hate will spring up again. Would she really want to go through this again?

  29. Dear Madam, I know what you are saying and I appreciate the comforting hand. Pat and I are having a hard time with this.

    As for Fuzzy, his remark yesterday about me being a troll was uncalled for. He just didn’t ‘listen’ to my words. ..too busy trying to be clever and just popped off is my guess.

    Anyway, thanks and let me take another moment to tell you how much I love your plays…

  30. Oh, NH, I fear you are dead on. It may be 100 years before there is a woman in the Oval Office.

  31. Cate: When Hillary speaks both sides sit up and take notice. What she says does not go unexamined. My whole point in making the statement, which has been puzzling and niggling at me for a few weeks now, is that by her support, she validates all that has been done to both herself, her husband, and to us.

    I hear that “she has to do this”, but my feeling is that the still carries an awful lot of weight with her supporters. Pushing, pleading, urging them will automatically guarantee that some will waiver and fall into line. That may be enough to push him over the finish line and does nothing to mitigate the DNC and their tactics which we have all come to loathe. We want the changes to start there as well and an Obama win is not going to accomplish this.

    If what we suspect has been a purge of the Clintons from the leading ranks that led to stealing votes and delegates, that permitted ra*ce baiting to become the norm, that allowed surrogates like Donna B to openly dismiss us which led to our disaffection, why would she, under these circumstances, allow herself to travel all over the country in support of this abomination that is the Obama campaign?

    This is not merely a difference in policy that they may have had, it is a difference in the integrity of the candidate which we know is lacking. I am finding it difficult to just shrug it off as easily as that. Better that she just pay the necessary lip service that is required than to see her participate in this dog and pony show.

    The message that I am taking away from this is get over it, get onboard, let’s unify and elect this moron. It is not that easy for me. It is going against my core values and the issue of fair play. I’ll let it go at that.

  32. by her support, she validates all that has been done to both herself, her husband, and to us.

    No, she doesn’t. This isn’t absolute.

    This is politics. You go along to get things done that you want done.

    When she went into the Senate, she worked with Republicans who voted to remove Bill from office. Her actions didn’t validate what they did. She just knew she had to work with people to get things done, and she did.

  33. Poor Obama…he doesn’t want to deal with “those people”.

    Well I’m one of those people and I’ll deal with him myself when I don’t vote for him in November. Barry will then see there are a lot of “those people” and he’ll see that he got an ass-whuppin’ from a 71 year old. 😛

  34. Pat – 100% behind you. If you remember in the beginning all of the advice they gave her was dead wrong. She finally stood up to it. I still think she has been brain washed and given the wrong advise. I pray she and Bill say “F*ck This Sh*t, I’m outting all of you!”

    I pray for her strength, I know she has it.

    This ruse is sickening. And, that it appears that some might attempt to fall in line behind him because they think he might throw us a scrap is disgusting. That is why I left TM and other sites. Integrity is all to me. I can’t compromise – McCain is at least a decent human being – I don’t believe BO is.

    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008


  35. I wouldn’t give the Republicans the time of day.

    But I’m not Hillary — and I’ll never have anything like her achievements.

  36. It’s all in how you look at it — we feel disappointed at Hillary’s overreaching support for Obama, but meanwhile the Obots are mad that she isn’t doing enough. I admire Hillary, I know she would have been the best President this country has had since FDR, but I can think for myself (to paraphrase our own Mawm) and I’m not ever going to vote for Obama. Furthermore, I am hoping against hope that something will arise between now & the convention (that Hillary knows about) and she is positioning herself to be able to be the nominee without having alienated any voting bloc, such as the AA community, by not campaigning hard for Obama.

  37. madamab: I think that I would prefer to see some righteous indignation coming for someplace other than our voices in the blogosphere. I want someone to do what Gerry Ferraro had the guts to do and stand for principle instead of their next election.

    If I sound as if my cynicism is overtaking my idealism than you will have no argument from me. We are all reaching for something to believe in which often translates into our emotions taking hold over reason but I am tired of watching idealism fade into the shadows.

  38. Yeah, Pat, I agree. I just got another letter from an SD “Charlene Fernandez, First Vice Chair Arizona Democratic Party, Obama Superdelegate” telling me that she got on board with Obama in April and while she admires Hillary, she wasn’t jumping ship. (Can you figure out why? I can’t.)

    Shoot me but I am beginning to feel we better accept that Obama is going to get the nomination and Hillary’s chances of being President are almost zero. It’s a hard and bitter pill…hey! Obama CAN call me ‘Bitter” now!

  39. PJ, Cate – I think this is all valid and should be discussed.

    I think the last thing Hillary wants to do is validate the DNC’s treatment of her and her supporters. And we have to remember that what she doesn’t say is as important as what she does say.

    She has never told PUMA to give up. She had a great opportunity yesterday, and she didn’t do it. Why not?

    And frankly, I think this is a very half-assed effort on her part to convince us to fall in line. She has done hardly anything to support Obama. Sure, she’s in Florida. So what – it’s a lost cause. You don’t see her going to WV, KY, OH, PA or any of the real swing states, do you?

    As for worrying about how other people will vote or react to the Unity stuff, I just can’t concern myself with that. I personally know that Obama is unelectable. In order to win, he needs a huge amount of Democrats to vote, AS WELL AS a large percentage of Independent votes.

    He’s not getting those – John McCain is. Of course! That’s precisely why the Republicans picked McCain.

  40. PJ – I think Hillary must stay in the “game” until the final card is played… and she’s playing the best she can while being hogtied….

    I’m willing to bet she, while perhaps not being able to see the solution at this moment, knows she’s got to stay in any way she can… You never know what might pop up in the next couple weeks – you just never know what life’s surprises might bring and neither does she…

    I’m not giving up yet…

  41. The WSJ just reported that BO supports a stronger dollar. Wow, why didn’t they tell us that sooner!

    Was was his other choice?


  42. plural: You are probably right in saying that this is just politics. But I guess I would want more than what “politics” expects us to embrace. You may fault my argument but you cannot fault me for wanting to see a return to some semblance of faith in the system. To that I plead guilty.

  43. Ha Ha! Old Coastie! I love your optimism! I have to go to work and I’ll tuck it away inside my shirt to warm me! See you all later…

  44. plural – That was a really good point. Heck, Hillary even sat down with the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and gave an interview! She went on Tweety’s show. Does that mean she thinks those people are fine and dandy?

    No. You have to work with people who don’t agree with you in politics.

    Like it or not, this is her job, and she’s trying to keep it the best she knows how. I trust her and am giving her the benefit of the doubt.

  45. Pat, but her profession is politics.

    The nature of politics is compromise and give and take.

    She’s chosen it, and I’m really glad to have somone of her caliber serving us. If all the principled people up and quit, we’d be in big trouble.

    I don’t have a problem with her kind of compromise. What I do object to is people like Donna Brazile, who think manipulation and trickery is the only way to do politics.

  46. Carol: So what am I supposed to do now with all that Monopoly money I was squirreling away? He wants a stronger dollar? What a brave and courageous position to take! Idiot.

  47. Guys, getting inside my head: I am deathly afraid of an Obama win. Very much so. And having someone whom I so deeply love and admire like Hillary makes me very nervous. Does this clear up why and how I feel this way? It is not so much her supporting his as this is the politics as usual bullcrap. It is his possibly walking away with a win in November that is so unsettling.

  48. madamab, yes! She got Scaife to endorse her.

    That’s my girl! She’ll talk to anybody, try to persuade anybody. Which explains how strong she finished in the primaries.

    Remember the woman from MI who called in to “No we won’t” the other night? She said she had listened to the media in the 90s and so thought Hillary was a she-devil. But then she saw Hillary in the primaries and realized it was all wrong. Because Hillary put herself out there and kept fighting.

  49. Pat, there is no need to fear that Obama will win. He’s unelectable — and that means there is NO chance he will win.

    What we should fear is WHY an electable candidate is being rammed through the convention.

  50. Afternoon folks, madamab thanks for your usual amazing post.

    From the “what it’s worth department, here’s a take” — it’s sorta like the hunter being caught in the tree with an angry bobcat and he tells his hunting buddy, go ahead and shoot. His buddy says, “I can’t I might hit you,” but the guy caught in the tree says, “Go ahead, one of us needs some relief.”

    That’s sorta the way I see Hillary, she’s caught in the tree — she has to do something. If she doesn’t, she will get the blame (wrongly) for BZero not doing well. She has to do something even if it is wrong otherwise she will be awash in the throes of events as they unfold.

    To turn her back on the D party is not an option for a continuing Senate career or a future run. Doing nothing will surely engender animus in four years no matter the outcome so doing nothing is not an option even if it is something that is personally repugnant to her. She and her name will never assuage the Dean camp so all she can do is eliminate one criticism of her.

    My best guess is that she understands what many of us do, that BZero will loose, run for governor of IL in 2010 and be out of the picture in 2012. Her best option is exactly what she is doing. I don’t like it, I find it philosophically distasteful, but it is what it is — her best option at the moment. Just like the hunter, neither is good, but inaction isn’t an option.

    By her actions now, she demonstrates what we all know about her — she’s bigger, braver and more stalwart than those who have and will condemn her even if she has to hold her nose while doing it.

  51. PJ – If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that Obama won’t win the White House.

    Even if every HRC supporter got on board, he still would not win. John Kerry had all the Dems and he still lost.

    It’s not enough to unify the Party. Obama has to appeal to the swing voters too. Anyone think that will happen?

  52. Read about the “Dean Plan” to
    find out what criteria the Manchurian Candidate (whomever) had to fit and the plan to get that person elected. Hint, it could not be filled by Hillary Clinton.

    For background reading go to ….an excerpt follows:


    Did you get that? Obama’s road to the White House was already being paved in July 2004, months before his election to the U.S. Senate was assured. As Stix indicated, the plan for Obama’s media “coronation” had, indeed, already been set in motion; it was well-planned, originating with a source well-known to many in the Democratic Party, while, at the same time, it was hidden in plain sight and unsuspected by nearly all except perhaps the Party elites.

    The Plan

    #1: Influentials

    The “ten percent of the U.S. population who engage in two-step-flow, or tell their neighbors ‘what to buy, what politicians to support, where to vacation’.”
    Engaged in “making a political contribution to a candidate or political party, reading political email; forwarding it on, visiting a political web log, participating in a political chat room or visiting a news site for political information.”
    “A far larger percentage of them than the public at large is concerned that interest groups wield too much influence in the political process.”

    #2: Web influentials [go to link]…. #6: Change the media landscape,
    create a movement.

  53. Prolix – Quelle surprise, I agree with you completely. Very well-said.

    Especially about how amazing my post was. 😉


  54. I’m not too worried about the moves Hillary is making. She is going above and beyond the level of effort to “help” obama. They will try to blame her when he looses, but she will be able to say she did more than any previous opponent EVER. She will also be able to point to this as a lesson on HOW NOT to treat the supporters of your opponent.

  55. prolix: What do you have against the people of IL that you would wish him on them as governor?? If he loses this race I think he loses. Unless Alan Keyes is willing to sacrifice himself once again in opposition.

  56. Hillary knows that it will be easier for her to work within a
    Democratic framework, no matter how lame. If Obama were
    qualified, or at least knew of unqualified he is and wasn’t arrogant,
    if the caucuses hadn’t been gamed and had the DNC not shifted the
    rules in his favor, then I’d be holding my nose and voting for him.

    The fact that he is part of the Chicago machine and that his
    being railroaded into the Presidency based on advertising and
    brainwashing, makes me fear that the Chicago machine will be
    moving to Washington, too. He is the tool of big business. His
    campaign contributions from the top financial institutions far exceeds
    those given to McCain. I have also never picked up any
    integrity in the man. John McCain is not Chicago machine, has some
    integrity, and has the good of the country at heart.

    I also believe for the good of the party that the current DNC
    power structure needs to be overturned.

  57. Pat
    posted on last thread – but I’m with you on Hillary campaigning for O-

    I feel the same way. I think I feel worse, if possible.
    I realized she had to play the game a bit- but this campaigning for him is too much. Like you said she owes him or the DNC nothing! Does anyone honestly believe they will ever play fair or back her in the future – regardless of what she does? Honestly, where are the steel balls? She did her part- said the right thing yada yada yada- enough already! Why the fuck must she be HIS workhorse? While he’s on vacation no less- WTF! Let him get those assholes- Judas, Edwards and Dodd out there – leave Hillary alone. I love Hillary and will support her, but she’s disappointing me big time. She’s behaving like an abused wife. The media will always critize anything she does, accept it and move on.
    I’ve always been for Hillary, she was my first choice, Dodd my second. I liked her as a first lady and felt sad that an accomplished, talented, smart woman had to keep her head down to please others. Her comment about staying home and baking cookies was on the mark- granted she wasn’t as politically savvy then and it came out wrong, but I think what she meant was that working towards a common good or goal was something she enjoyed and shouldn’t be ashamed of. Not that staying home was not important but that SHE enjoyed a different path and had a right to pursue it without having to apologize for it. Sadly, she learned the hard way that she had to be twice as good and work twice as hard to get anywhere… but even sadder is that she won’t be allowed to get where she wants EVEN if she dots all I’s and crosses all T’s . So I say fuck it- she should do as any other candidate, lightly praise the Dem nominee and then move on with her work in the Senate

  58. madamab: I don’t see much support so far from swing voters. The number for them is pretty high as undecideds. I am hoping that when they step into the voting booth, and Obama is on the ticket, they go McCain based on experience if nothing else.

  59. As for governor of Illinois, isn’t Gov. Blag, Rezko’s #1 man
    the one in Patrick Fitzgerald’s crosshairs? Obama is Rezko’s second
    choice. After corrupt Republican Governor Ryan (behind bars) and
    Dem. Gov. Blag (very questionable ethics),are the citizens of Illinois going
    to want another Rezko protege? Gov. Blag may be imprisoned,
    unless Chicago influentials can get everyone pardoned.

    Also, what about the informant who said that Obama had almost
    daily contact with Rezko during the investigation? Didn’t Obama
    tell us on TV that his relationship to Rezko was limited to 4 hours or
    so of corporate case work? Does this man lie on TV?

  60. I like that take on Hillary’s actions, but mine is more the if I have too do this then I will. Kinda like all the times, back when I was a married woman, I said okay, even though I wasn’t in the mood. I knoew if I didn’t, there would be an argument, so I did the doting wife thing, even though in my head I was planning tomorrow’s dinner. May make me sound like less of a woman, but, we all know we have done it.

  61. Hiya madamab and Pat, two of my favorite and bestest humans evah!

    Before BZero even won the Senate in the sack r@ce that it became, he was talking about the IL gubernatorial race. He hates the Senate, he’ll be a bored to waffle batter without an audience for his lovefest speeches. There just isn’t enough love in the Senate to keep him interested so his next biggest pond in which to swim is IL.

    I know all this feels wrong — it does to me too, but of one thing of which we can be sure, his golden parachute won’t land on the Senate side of the Capitol, he’ll be heading back to Springfield.

  62. CB: First he lied about Rezko, barely knew him. Then he admitted to rather reluctantly having more contact than he originally “remembered”. Then it came out that he and Rezko had vacationed together and that sort of “tweaked” his memory. Then he said that he only had received about $60,000 over the years from Rezko for his various campaigns. But then he discovered that it was more like $250,000, ha ha. It was then that he had to admit that during one of his campaigns Rezko was the financial adviser and they were on daily calls back and forth.

    So much for “Johnny, I hardly knew you”. More excuses than the Florida Mom who can’t remember where she left the child.

  63. prolix: “Bored to waffle batter”!! I am screaming laughing out loud over here.

  64. madamab: Did you see Patti Lupone’s video as Rose? Unbelievable!

  65. I agree with OldCoastie. I think Hillary is “holding her freinds close, and her enemy’s closer.” I think she has chosed the best way possible to be in place when the Obamamania falls apart. She continues to show that she is a person of her word, she is campaigning for him as promised at the same time continuing her Senate work. She continues to be in the news because of both. I even wonder if the “live chat” was a way to put out feelers to see if there would be enough response about putting her name into nomination. She cannot right out go looking for or asking to see how strong her support continues to be, or she will be targeted by the MSM.

    On Fox News this morning, they spent quite a bit of time trying to determine if Hillary and Bill have something up their sleeves. The author of the book, The Obama Nation was on and he said it is his opinion that Hillary is not out of the picture. I think he meant that as a good thing.

  66. Denise W. The cookies quote was taken out of context and spread by
    non other than Mrs. Alan Greenspan (Andrea Mitchell). She
    approached Bill as he was talking to people in a diner during his
    first campaign for president. She was blathering about how would
    it be for his wife to give up her law practice and be a first lady.
    Bill told her to talk to Hillary who was in the booth behind him
    talking to potential voters.

    Andrea phrased it cattily, but Hillary has a higher I.Q. She replied in effect,
    “Well, I suppose I could have stayed home and given teas and baked cookies, but
    I felt it was more important to work towards helping women have
    more opportunities at different times of their lives. It might be
    appropriate for them to stay home, work, or do both.”

    Check the exact quote. Remember that you are being fed snippets
    that fit into the larger scheme of the things…either to elect someone
    who is beneficial to the corporations or to grab viewership. I
    was taped in an interview given by a well-known NPR reporter
    during the campaign. She completely twisted what I said to favor
    her article’s slant. (The two times I have been quoted in newspapers
    were also inaccurate.)

  67. Prolix – what about me and Hillary?

  68. PJ – I will check it out! I went with the classics for my post. 🙂

  69. I know that I DO NOT want to vote for McCain. It will be the most nauseating experience of my life. But I will and I will do it to prove that I count. My vote is important and you cannot take that from me. Maybe this is what Hillary is doing, she doesn’t like it, but she knows it must be done.

  70. I’m terrified that Bill is speaking in front of the VP because it is her. Please God NO!

  71. Sorry, Carol, you and Hillary are both also on my all time favorite list, and I might add, quite near the top.

  72. I think there is about zero chance that she will be the VP choice.

    Because I have little faith in Obama’s good faith, I think Bill is speaking before the VP so that the VP will overshadow Bill.

  73. What are you talking about? Is Obama announcing his VP now?

  74. Kim, no, they announced last night that Bill Clinton will address the convention on Wednesday night before the VP nominee speaks.

  75. PJ – Holeee cr*p!

    The difference is, Patti Lupone can really sing the role.

  76. Oh sorry was really sleepy last night, went home took a shower and went to bed. I just read that Obama “offered” Bill a spot at the convention. I just hate that he is in charge.


  77. prolix: Carol is at the “top of my list” but a different one. Ask her where Ed is?

  78. I am wearing my new Hillary shirt today. I look wonderful! Am also dog sitting for the weekend. My life is so full!!

  79. plural – I agree about Bill and the VP. No way in H*ll it’s gonna be Madame Hillary. They want to stick him in a corner. “Nobody sticks Bill in a corner!”

    Prolix, you rock, and so do all the other Conflucians.

    Meanwhile, I am getting closer to being able to cast my vote for McCain. It is incredibly bizarre for me to even write those words, but I cannot let Obama win.

    Let Hillary be the head of the opposition in the Senate. She will be great at it, and who knows, might even be able to do something about UHC and the economy. If Obama were to be President, I’m sure the leadership would ignore her.

  80. Kim, on August 8th, 2008 at 1:40 pm Said:

    I just hate that he is in charge.

    Kim, not to fear, John Edward Smith was the captain of the Titanic and it was supposed to be a lovely cruise.

  81. madamab: You are so fortunate to be a part of performing. It must be so exciting along with all the ups and downs but to be able to “disappear” into a role and create that magic makes me so envious!

  82. Congratulations madamab for another insightful and stunning post. You hit the nail on the head. Today, I decided to go to TalkLeft and see what was up. Under Jeralyn’s post “Hillary supporters want their vote before boarding the unity train” I was shocked to see this response by Jeralyn to someone who stated that the Democratic Party is not united:

    “But we are unified (none / 0) (#100)
    by Jeralyn on Fri Aug 08, 2008 at 12:05:11 PM EST

    You are not unified. The Democratic party will be unified behind Obama once he is the nominee.”

    What a load of rubbish! So maybe if you continue to ignore the 800 lb gorilla, it will simply leave the room on its own. How foolish. I do not think I will ever be returning to TalkLeft again. When posters are incapable of acknowledging reality, they do not deserve any kind of recognition. The Obamabots think that if they repeat their lie enough times concerning Obama and party unity, it becomes the truth.

  83. Carol, have you not given Pat her visitation with Eddie?

  84. Being a “denial of facts” myself, I can relate. Looking at the cobwebs in the corner and pretending they are merely shadows is one of them.

  85. Plural I agree I am lighting candles for Obama/Kerry or Obama/Brazile or Obama/Obama-those are tickets I could get behind…..and do a big lean on to push off a cliff gotcha!


  86. CB- I believe your take on the cookies quote, as so much in the media has been distorted. It is sad that many women continue to point to that quote as the origin for their dislike of Hillary, particularly in my backwoods area. Just the other day, someone asked me about my Hillary support and said she was worried that foreign countries would be put off by her “personality”. I assured her that Hill had nothing but a warm, witty, and compassionate personality that would be well-respected among sane people, and she was shocked. Unfortunately, Hillary is in this predicament due to a continuous drip of misogynist misinformation, as we are well aware.

    In my opinion the reason “why” Obama said what he said in 2004 about “NOT RUNNING IN 2008” was…..
    because it was Gov. Blag that was supposed to be the candidate in 2008. Obama was part of “future” plans. I got this from various things I’ve read.
    When the REZKO problems surfaced & Gov. Blag was “knee deep” ,Obama was “PUSHED-UP”!
    **Think about ALL the LOOSE ENDS…Wright. Ayers…

  88. Also, as Hill stated at the Los Altos benefit, she has done more than any candidate for a “former” adversary prior to the convention in memory. It is a tragedy that she is doing this and I got the distinct feeling from her that day that she secretly resented it. Just say no!!

  89. Just recieved this

    My name is Jasmine Garsd and i’m contacting you from National Public Radio’s “Tell Me More” . We are doing a show on Monday morning about bloggers on different side of the political spectrum, and the question is “Why do you think Hillary Clinton should or should not receive a nomination.” We are also interested in talking to a blogger who is associated or endorses Party Unity My Ass.

    If you are interested you may contact me at jgarsd@npr.org

  90. FLVoter – I had to stop going to TL a while ago. They would rather have a bunch of delusional, misogynistic trolls there than any kind of informed discussion about what’s going on in the election.

  91. Pat – Eddy is yours for the weekend. He wants to head on over to see what the shirt you are wearing looks like on a hanger!

    Have fun – do not send him back with a “pox”!

  92. Pro-Obama Group Threatens Republican Donors
    A new left-wing organization that wants to help elect Barack Obama president is sending letters to nearly 10,000 major donors who contribute to Republican causes, threatening them with potential legal problems if they finance conservative groups.The nonprofit organization, Accountable America, is even offering a $100,000 reward for information that leads to the criminal conviction or fines of at least $10,000 for violations of campaign finance laws or other statutes by a conservative group, according to The New York Times.Accountable America is led by Tom Matzzie, former Washington director of the liberal activist group MoveOn.org

  93. Carol, thanks for the response last night.
    HAKA! 😉

  94. fuzzy is sorry for implying that cate may be a troll I sometimes read to much into what beople say and I have seen so many fauxhiillary supporters I can be paranoid like Mawn sometimes I err on the side of protecting the conflu!

    -FYI I asked if Arabella was a troll once when it was obvios she was not we have become fast friends in fact when she comes down to Jax to visit her family here we are planning dinner out! See I really am not a “Jerk”…just expect people to show there Puma spirit before making comments that could be missconstrued…

    again Cate sorry if I offended you but I have a mailbox full of hate at times and sometimes I over react here but I am willing to admit I am wrong!

    fuzzybeargville-Right Pat!

  95. fred – Does Accountable America know that these groups have most likely funded Obama Rose?

    What a bunch of idiots.

  96. Pat and Cate
    When I get upset about the current politics, I go to two websites.

    julie”s magic light show all about birds beautiful pictures.
    hubblesite-picture album pictures from space.
    Both sites remind me of the beauty around us and renew my faith and uplift me to come back and see what I can do to help. get this election on the right path.



  97. lililam, on August 8th, 2008 at 1:55 pm

    I saw it too. The way she said it you could feel that Hillary anger. She is doing too much and no one is giving her any credit. She can’t win the president for BO just like her bing VP can’t give him experience or qualify him to be president.

  98. This will sound goofy, but I just love all you guys!:lol:

    If it had not been for this site, I do not know how I would have gotten through all of this. You are all wonderful

  99. Kim we love you! Eddy loves you too! You know Hillary loves you.


  100. Madamab, it has been a while since I had been to TalkLeft. I have not commented there for at least a month or two. Before, I would go around every once in while and upgrade regulars like PsstCmere08 who continues to fight a gallant battle of reality at TalkLeft. I do miss hearing from commenters like Kathy. She was always so clever. I remember seeing you there before the end of the primaries. Always enjoyed your comments. But I think that you have “blossomed ” here. Today, my curiosity got the better of me. I wanted to see if Jeralyn had come to her senses since the PUMAs have gotten so much press lately. Between her with all the Dem Party is Unified and BTD with his Obama is a “shoo in”, that site has its head so far in the sand that I think they all can see China. Maybe they have a good view of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

  101. Just when I think they can’t insult me any more, they do.

    So Bill will speak before (read: introduce) the VP/Bayh/whoever. What a f–king insult to HIM, to say nothing of me. He should be speaking on the last day. But God forbid they let him into the stadium.

    My advice to the convention attendees:

    As Hillary speaks, realize you are applauding the woman who could have been elected President.

    As Bill speaks, realize you are applauding not only a man who has been President, but the most astonishingly successful Democratic President since FDR.

    As Barack speaks, realize that you are applauding the reason you will not be applauding a Democratic President again for a very, very long time.

    Now enjoy your balloons, children.

  102. You too, Kim! {{{hug}}}

  103. Eddy? Who is Eddy?

  104. Magdalena – I never know whether to laugh or cry at your brilliant comments. You are amazing!

    FLVoter – Thank you very much! And I hope they enjoy their view of the Olympics – interrupted every five minutes with commercials for Obama Rose!

  105. ALERT:
    Things you might not know about Barack Obama

    Holds both American and Kenyan (since 1963) citizenship.

    Holds both American and Kenyan (since 1963)

    How can this be you can’t run for President being a dual citizen

  106. I agree with KIM …
    I am grateful beyond anything for this and the other sites….
    As for voting for McCain .. I have no problem pushing that button whatsoever … I cannot tell you the horror that courses thru my body and makes me shudder at the thought of bo being president …. That alone makes it a very pleasant experience knowing I wont be voting for him or anyone that supports him .
    I know Hillary has to tow the Demographic party line . I think this has to be one of the most difficult tasks in her enire life, but it will never move me to vote for him , or lose one iota of my admiration for her .

  107. Kim, this oasis of civility, fun and intellect is all the richer for you being here. We all stand a little prouder and stronger when we have one another to lean upon especially since I fall down quite often after the cocktail parties when I get really smart.

  108. Governor Ed Rendell – Pat and I are both having a personal relationship with him in our heads!

    But, I know that he loves you. He is a good man.

  109. Michael: You are the sweetest person on the blog! Kind, thoughtful, sentimental, all the good things. And I do look fabulous in my Hillary shirt by the way! They will more than likely be carrying some of her appearance at 3pm today on the cables. I will be watching and crying into my lemonade all at once.

    Magdalena: Another winning post!

  110. Gov. Eddy — you just can’t get your Philly of him.

  111. I will stand by prolix when he talks about the cocktail parties. Lost count of the number of times we have had to sweep him up along with the popcorn and confetti. It was worth it claiming all the loose change he left behind!

  112. Kim: Eddy loves ME! It is a proven fact.

  113. Pat, I’m at my intellectual best when I’m prone on the floor, not only does it keep the smart juice level in equilibrium, but it keeps me optimistic — everything is looking up.

  114. WARNING…NPR is in the tank for BO. Someone posted the financial reason
    why, a direct corporate connection.

    When I was interviewed and my words twisted, it was obvious that the
    slant was pro-Obama, although I must say that the Hillary contingent seemed
    a heck of a lot more of an NPR audience than the Obama people I saw.

    As for the baking cookies quote. I read the entire quote in the Bernstein book, which took every opportunity to portray Hillary in a bad light, if given half a
    chance. Since Hillary really is a religious person whose goal is service, and then more service, and is smarter than just about anyone, it was hard to
    portray her as a one-dimension, self-serving Obama-type of character. She
    isn’t in love with herself either.

  115. prolix: You are too much! Where do you come up with these zingers? So laugh out loud funny! And you know I do.

  116. Oh that Eddy, not really my type, Bill Nelson is a little more my type.

  117. Pat, like Kim, this place is my only solace right now. I’ve been back home for the past two weeks taking care of parents in two different specialty hospitals 60 miles apart. Sorry for the downer, but this is the only place I can laugh right now.

    But, things will work out.

  118. Yesterday I thought everyone had been “punked” by Paul, but reading the comments today, I feel he was possibly trying to ask us to remain loyal no matter what was said in the “chat” (not!) with Hillary. He did want us to listen, which, I suppose, might indicate to anyone who might have tuned into the “chat” how large her following might still be, but he was unable to enlighten us any further. He just kept stressing to keep tuned in and keep on keeping on and stay loyal.
    Will Bower was going to contact him further; has anyone heard anything further from Will?

    I read about the Daley Political Machine out of Chicago and feel Prolix is right about Obama would go for Gov. of Il. if he does not get Prez. It is all about follow the money, not boredom. You know the machine operates on giving out government contracts, patronage, etc. and he would probably have access to more money than as a senator. But, if this was originally scheduled to promote Gov. Blog, then who is the “boss” of the machine? I think this is very interesting and, considering his political background, quite likely. I have been wondering who was actuallyt the back of this political “coup”.

    Incidentally, I checked over at Denver Group and they have an ad running in Tallahassee, Fl. asking Howard Dean to put Hillary’s name in at the convention!

  119. FLVoter: FYI The person Jeralyn responded to was “Goldberry”

    who is also known as

    “Riverdaughter” (yes THAT Riverdaughter).

  120. Fox News is confirming that Edwards admits to having an affair but denies paternity.

    They will also carry Hillary live at 3:30 today.

  121. The Rocky Mountain news mentions that Obama is a dual citizen. Is this

    Holds both American and Kenyan (since 1963) citizenship
    You cannot run for president with dual citizenship

  122. As RKJ, Jr. said, “We have an indolent Fourth Estate.” The Chicago Tribune has published some investigative articles that don’t get much exposure. Obama admits that he has composite
    characters in his memoirs, but then anyone writing memoirs right after law school might need to fictionalize/embellish a bit.

    What I recommend for Obama 101 are the following, which you have probably run across:


    (This one questions some of the “facts” in the autobiography.)



    And leave it to the sensationalist British press to report on Mr. Obama, Sr. I wanted to find out what happened to him. Barack’s “typical white person” (woman bank VP in the 60s) grandmother
    seems to be in an undisclosed location in Hawaii. She is the only one who might be able to provide information that isn’t controlled by the Obama campaign on his biography.


  123. Edwards just admitted the affair – says kid is not his. What a creep!

  124. Txindy – After the Republicans get finished with Obama, his political career will be over.

  125. @CB

    Thanks for the exact quote. I didn’t know the background info on it but like many just caught snippets of her comment. I still liked her and thought she was great but it shows how powerful media manipulation can be. Even obamaladingdong threw it around during the debates. Asshole.

  126. I just left a message for the author of the Rocky Mountain News article. Let’s see if I get a call back.

  127. OMG, Edwards sleeping with another woman while his (amazing) wife is dying of cancer?!

    That’s just disgusting.

  128. EDWARDS is Finished. Affair while the wife has terminal cancer because she didn’t go to the doctor while he was running in 2004. He is going down.

  129. Wow. I wonder how the Cheetos are reacting to all of this?

    She’s a GREAT LADY & deserves MUCH BETTER THAN HIM!!

  131. TPT/NY – I agree. I think she is far too good for him. That he would desert her in hour of need is really just too awful for words.

    This is really bad news.

    No wonder he dropped out before Super Tuesday.

  132. My heart breaks for Elizabeth Edwards. Any woman having to face both a medical problem and then discovering that your husband is cheating needs our prayers. How low can you go John Edwards? First to cheat on your wife and now denying paternity? He knew this all through his campaign. It takes 9 months to make a baby and that baby appears to be about 5 months old. So counting back, 14 months. That takes us to at least April of 2007.

    He ran, his wife defended him, he more than likely caved to Obama to cheat Hillary of any of his votes. What a loser!

  133. Edwards is a scumbag. Divorce your wife if you want to have affairs.

  134. T: Read the Jeralyn posting over at Talk Left. The interesting thing about the comments is that try as she might, Jeralyn cannot contain those anti Obama posts. They far exceed the pro Obama garbage.

  135. Did the Russians really invade Georgia?


  136. T – Thanks, I did not know that. I knew there was a reason I loved goldberry!

  137. So he had an “affair” but he did not love her and he is not the father of the child but paid a late night visit to a hotel in LA and hid out from reporters and this is all on the up and up? Right. Why bother “visiting” if there was nothing to this report that had him denying it up until 2 weeks ago the veracity of the story? Woudn’t you put a lot of distance between you and the other party out of deference to your wife? I would think so. Unless of course you are the father.

  138. From what I just read the affair took place in “06 and he is saying the child is not his, because of the timeline and that Elizabeth and his family knew about it. However, they did not know he was going to see the woman a few days ago when the National Enquirer caught him.

  139. My father is convinced that there is a conspiracy between Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and … Obama. I do not agree with him on this one. If Obama has no clue on what’s going on in this country, why would he bother to find out what’s going on in other countries.

  140. I said earlier that I do not buy into conspiracy theories and I meant that, but the one that I might actually buy into is the “end of days” thing. There is fighting going on everywhere, things are bad and we are about to put “Damien” in the White House.

  141. FL Voter – LOL! I agree with you.

    Obama Rose probably has no idea where his money is coming from. He’s just schmoozing away cluelessly.

  142. Is it me or are all those that “spited the Clintons” are going down in flames? Richardson, they have your number.

    I don’t care about the affair, I care he didn’t admit it and did it while Elizabeth was sick. Do any of these people have any self control?

    Okay, next we will find out that Hillary has been gettin’ it on with my Eddy! Then I will be really pissed.

  143. Damien is only entering the WH through the Service Entrance.

  144. Charles – What was Condi Rice scheduled to speak about on 9/11/01?

    Missile Defense.

    Those f*cking Bushies. They are the King Midases of cr*p.

  145. Why do these people not use protection? Don’t they know we are about to let McCain overturn Roe vs. Wade?

    Dress up boys, it’s gonna be a long 4 years.

  146. Carol – LOLOLOLOL

  147. Funny thing is if Elizabeth and faimily knew in ’06, then he was free and clear. All he had to do was stay away from the woman. But oh no, he just had to go back. Cheating ass scumbag from hell.

  148. Fox is reporting that the woman was paid money and has been traveling all over the US and staying at some pretty expensive homes. Edwards is denying he paid her but that his campaign paid her for “services”. Also, some of his supporters may have contributed to her well being. Now I am not a member of Mensa, but COME ON!!!

    Are we to be getting our news from here on in from Fox, The Enquirer and perezhilton.com? The press has been sitting on this for months. The hanky panky being perpetrated on the electorate is unbelievably overwhelming. No wonder he came out in support of Obama. Obama and Axelrod must have had him by the short hairs. And this would explain Elizabeth’s absence that day. The Poverty Tour My Ass!!

    Edwards allowed himself to be “used” to siphon off votes from Hillary. The cables are all over this now. They even left Hillary’s speech to cover more.

    And I agree with Carol (on only this one thing) whatever happened to birth control? This woman is 42 for God’s sake! The poor little kid caught up in this is just wrong.

  149. And you can bet the house that Axelrod is behind this disclosure. They sent out word through that awful Don Fowler that if Edwards did not successfully address the issue Edwards would not be allowed to speak at the convention. One down, two to go if they had their way. They will probably let Bill speak but without a mic. Hillary will be on right after the 2am infomercials.

    Obama, Obama, Obama! The coronation is at hand. This has got to be the worst election I have ever in my life witnessed.

  150. And his wife is terminally ill for god’s sake. He is cooked, over, done.

  151. Edwards will also be perceived as having “wronged” a woman who is genuinely loved and respected as is Elizabeth. It is one thing to have an affair, another to bring home the results.

  152. Let’s just say the DNC has done an absolutely horrible job vetting its candidates this year.

    This scandal was surely bound to come out.

    Of course, there are a lot worse scandals in Obama’s past than an affair, but they had no problems putting him forward either.

  153. Okay, next we will find out that Hillary has been gettin’ it on with my Eddy! Then I will be really pissed.

    *&^%$%%&^!!!! *^%%%$*()!!!!!!

  154. Ladies, please. I’m already jealous enough that Hillary gets to sleep with Bill.


  155. Lee Atwater would be so proud of what he wrought. It would not surprise me to learn that the pressure was for Edwards to remain in the race just to pull votes from Hillary since this junk would have come out eventually. Edwards sold his dignity along with his integrity.

  156. madamab: I am shocked to hear this from you of all people!!! Carol and I are a couple of “lowlifes” but I credited you with tons of dignity. Never in a million years would I expect this from such a lady!

  157. hmm… throwing us under the bus… again.

    Great PUMA article and poll.

  158. Well he just signaled another blow to women in his sexist comment, “I never loved her.” What does say about him? From his perspective this excuses his wanton behavior and his attitude about women in general? Give me a break.

  159. PJ – LOL, you and Carol are the greatest! Low lifes indeed!

    We Virgos are very ladylike, but earthy as well. Our raunchy sides are there, but usually fairly well-hidden. 😉

    Charles – I totally agree. I supported Edwards at one time, but it was purely because I thought I “should.” I also thought he was the most electable.

    I am used to picking the wrong candidate, so it doesn’t bother me as much as it probably bothers you.

  160. Yes, he never loved her. Oh, so it was just sex. That’s okay then.

    (rolls eyes)

  161. Charles, about Russia—I can understand that the Missile Defense crap upset them, but supporting the freedom-movement of “states” that had never wanted to be in the Russian Imperialist and later Soviet “protectorate” were the only democratic & humane thing the Bushwacks ever did, though for a self-serving agenda. The war in Iraq is a tragedy, but the coup in Ukraine et al. was a democratic victory.

  162. Fox Now

  163. Hate to break in, but his might be something to watch for…

    Don’t Let the Edwards Story Let This Get By You…Next Week, “The Atlantic” is Possibly Publishing “Leaked Clinton Campaign Memos” on the Internet



    I just posted this with all the info as I heard it….

  164. I knew the Edwards thing was going to hit today, they’ve been all over it locally since last night. I think its funny because so many oborg elite were first Edwards people (I’m thinking of firedoglake people in particular) shows what poor judgement they had….anyway, i’m about to hop on a plane to DC. Talk to you all later!!!! I guess RD and I are going to be travelling all afternoon, so hope you other posters have some great material to put up (perhaps a play? 🙂 ) or a Scratching post…anyway, I noticed Kim’s comment earlier, and I wanted to say how grateful I am for all of you as well. I don’t think we could have made it through this without one another…

  165. Hey madamab, your a virgo too! My Bday is at the end of this month. So for my Bday wish, I am wishing Hillary to get the nomination.

  166. Oh and by the way, she may get it cuz at the end of this month I will be “44”

  167. “Okay, next we will find out that Hillary has been gettin’ it on with my Eddy! Then I will be really pissed.”

    Doesn’t Hillary have at least one freebie coming?

  168. It doesn’t mean they are not in love, and it certainly is no reflection on Elizabeth, it just means he is a creep, his integrity lost.. Many of us didn’t by the product to being with, for me it always seemed scripted and convenient his soul empty hope it was worth it John.

    I read about this possibility when the web sites were shut down so that makes you wonder if the boys in the MSM media sat on this and seeing these guys in action I would not be surprised and there are story’s about others not just Bill too..

  169. Hey – people have affairs – it’s not the end of the world – the bad part is that Elizabeth is sick. I can understand him wanting to find comfort somewhere, but the betrayal is at the wrong time.

    I feel really bad for all of his children. If she dies soon, it will be reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bad. I don’t know how he will recover from the guilt.

  170. Hey all – I put up a new thread for us to talk about Russia, John Edwards and whatever else is on our minds.

    Gary – have a great time with Mawm, RD and everyone else! Wish I could go and be with you.

  171. Watching Fox, it further occurred to me that all of this trashy and/or frustrating stuff is being brought to people’s attention right now, including the HILLARY WILL SHE/WON’T SHE ACCEPT THE NOMINATION?, etc.

    This is stuff that nips on our emotions and pulls us into the wonder-wheel of fear, curiousity, etc. We are not focusing on the economy right now, which is a real in a dangerous condition, and is a TRUE emergency.

    Makes me think of “BREAD & CIRCUSES” while Rome was being run by robbing @ssholes.

  172. Salty: Think of the number of stories from Chicago they have been sitting on. Not just the Rev. Wright episode. By pushing Obama, they choose to ignore what any right minded investigative journalist could probably dig up. So far only that one woman reporter, cannot think of her name, has published a few things but all in all the MSM has been silent. Is her name Evelyn Pringle or something like that? Not much else.

  173. “txindy”
    What I think is she wanted us to tell her how we REALLY feel so she can PROVE SHE’S RIGHT; but
    since she & Bill are still being HELD HOSTAGE she had to do what she did.
    *1st Edwards dirty laundry( not that I care about him)
    *2nd Internal Clinton memos being release?
    Remember WHERE Patti SD works!!
    If Hillary’s memos get investigated, THEN OBAMA’s SHOULD BE TOO…!!
    Obama & crew are THUGS!
    You know they’ve been using this on EDWARDS all along/why else would he withdraw BEFORE SUPER Tues.; remember he started getting tougher on Obama @ the debates.

  174. The “those people” thing reminds me of Ross Perot and his “you people” gaffe.

  175. personally, I think what’s happening much more parallells “Atlas Shrugged”…

    here’s a small installment


    Staring: HRC in the role of Dagny Taggart, BO as Orin Boyle.
    NEXT CHAPTER: Dagny, our heroine, faces the seedy underbelly of the Democratic Party as led by Wesley Mooch (played by Howard Dean) in a futile attempt to at least have the coming Convention offer the opportunity for 18 million of her countrymen to have a voice in the future of the country.
    more at http://clintondems.com/2008/08/the-continuing-sage-of-when-thinking-democrats-shrugged/

  176. PJ—she commits political suicide, if she doesn’t at least pretend she endorses the candidate from her PARTY and the GOP’s would have a FIELD DAY with it, if she didn’t,

    It would destroy her career for any possible future bids as a national leader calling her “traitor”, sore loser, anything to win, etcc…

    They are masters at character assisination, she has to stay below the radar.

  177. it, she’s the best around here, she proved that in the primaries, and we are HONORED she’s with us, and will be with us, She’s dedicated to this STATE—911—-or have you forgotten.

  178. PJ—Geraldine LEFT the campaign, she knew her “truth” would hurt Hillary’s run

    YOU KEEP forgetting about the MASTERS of twist and ugly and character assisination—the GOP’S, give her a chance to do what she MUST, she won’t diappoint you, your just jumping two steps ahead.

    CONVENTION/OPEN/HONEST/HRC in nomination, then we’ll move from there.

    PUMA is here to stay SM, you stick to your guns. June 23rd, we had 250 web-sites, AUGUST 8th, we have 479—–keep your faith and your heart.

  179. Madamab,

    Right on the mark!

    It is obvious that BO and his gang haven’t the slightest clue how to heal the party. I think it is very telling that he will not address “those people” directly, but expects Hillary to save the day.


  180. gotta go to bed and to work, 2 jobs,

    YOU guys, you forget the GOP responsibility in all of this.

    What happens with BO, he usually causes, with Hillary, their SCARED, she has no dirt, so STOP worrying about the memos, if they aren’t true, we’ll know about it.

    They made their first mistake, they made headlines, and let US ALL KNOW ABOUT IT AHEAD OF TIME< our PUMA leaders are good at what they do, we’ll find out what it’s all about.

    Time for some rest.
    Talk to you all soon.

    I’m not new around here, I just read and LAUGH, most of the time, I don’t always answer or comment.

  181. Charles, I just read that as well. Talk about bringing the human face to this whole thing.

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