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Friday: “THOSE PEOPLE” are *Voters*, Barack

It’s so much easier to ignore people when you don’t acknowledge what they really are.  Apparently, Obama has relegated us to the “Those People” category:

As to those avid Clinton supporters who still haven’t warmed up to him and may even resent him, Obama said, “We’re not talking to those people, we’re talking directly to the Clinton campaign people and staff.”

As in:

“Tsk, tsk, isn’t it sad what happened to those people in that Pakistani earthquake?”


“You’re not hanging out with those people.  They’re nothing but trouble.”

It puts a distance between the speaker and the target.  He’s not one of us.  He’s not one of “THOSE people”– over there– underneath the bus.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.  When you find yourself in a hole, it’s best to stop digging.  We’re not THOSE people,  We’re voters.  Does he consider all of the voters illegitimate or just Hillary’s?  I guess HIS voters are HIS people.  But we in the big states like NJ, NY, CA, MA, AZ, MI, FL, PA, OH and TX don’t really count.  He does not have to speak to us.  He only has to speak to Hillary’s campaign.  Doesn’t he know that Hillary’s campaign is a relatively small operation and THOSE PEOPLE represent 18,000,000 votes?  You’d think with the latest tracking polls shaping up the way they are that he’d be sucking up more to THOSE PEOPLE.  Apparently not.

This is the brilliant politician with the bestest judgement in the world?  Seriously?

Ooo, I see that the word of the day is ‘discord’. Well we musn’t have that.  It’s just embarrassing and gauche.  Much better for Obama’s campaign to deprive THOSE PEOPLE of their right to be heard by strictly enforcing notions of civility and decorum.

Real Democracy is so unpleasant and embarrassing.  We’ll have none of that.

Here’s a video from the original THOSE PEOPLE

OK, this is a parody too far.  Masslib found this post at Tennessee Guerilla Women about the new Obama Salute.

The Big O or the Big Zero?

The Big "O" or the Big Zero?

177 Responses

  1. When I heard that “those people” my hair started on fire again! Sheesh – when is somebody in his camp gonna tell him that he sounds like an elitist, unpatriotic nit. I hope never, then maybe the SDs will stop kneeling and praising and do their jobs.

  2. With that comment-BO has made it abundantly clear he does not respect Hillary’s supporters, nor does he need or want us around. In that spirit- unless Clinton is at the top of the ticket- I will never vote for this pompous a**.
    OK- onward to fight for Hillary to be placed in nomination…..

  3. my favorite quote from the piece is….

    Obama was asked whether allowing Clinton’s name to be placed in nomination might lead to a catharsis for the party, an emotional coming together that relieves pent-up stress.

    “I don’t think we’re looking for catharsis. I think what we’re looking for is energy and excitement,” he said.

    and then, of course, there is this statement…

    “As is true in all conventions, we’re still working out the mechanics, the coordination,” Obama said. One such issue is whether there will be a convention roll call on Clinton’s nomination, he said.

    someone should explain to Obama that “in all conventions”, there is no question that a roll call vote takes place with all the major candidates names placed into nomination.

  4. Obama’s own worst enemy is himself. Every time he opens his mouth he manages to say something insensitive. Arrogant is absolutely the correct word to describe him, and the voters know it.

  5. I can pretty much guarantee that if there is no catharsis, there will be PLENTY of energy and excitement. I will be very energized and excited about not casting my vote for him.

  6. Such a flood of emotion watching that video. I detest that man more each day.

  7. Wow, if only the MSM had real journalists and not BO campaign staffers, this would be on every show, over and over. Certainly, if Hillary ahd said “those people,” they’d be screaming. (Perhaps they might even suggest that it was r*cist code…)

    Yo, BO: There’s another word for “those people.” We’re called voters. And I know Rove and Brazile convinced you that you don’t need us to win, but just be clear: we’re gonna watch you like a hawk with your newly registered voters and your overseas voters. We know you’re gaming the system.

  8. So he can call us “THOSE PEOPLE” & get away with it. He can call Grandma a “Typical white person ” & get away with it ALL DUE TO HIS ENABLING MSM!
    I just watched Nicole Wallace from McCain camp ( she’s great) on Morning Joe & she brought Obama & more oil $$ than MAC.
    Well, Mika almost collapsed, then she got HER PEOPLE TO “CLEAR THIS UP”!
    **Finally they have’nt on the #1 author of “Obamanation”; but they had on some guy RON with a book about Bush. However he brought up an interesting point… that people need to look beyond the speeches & look beneath the surface!!

  9. That’s because “those people” won’t do the salute. File this one under sh*t you can not believe:


  10. My comment was lost in the filter.

    I just watch Obama’s rep. LIE about that energy bill VOTE, Obama voted “for” & McCain & Clinton AGAINST!!
    I introduced myself as one of “THOSE PEOPLE”!

  12. When I read that he accused the media of “creating” the issue of Clinton’s name being in nomination…let’s just say if I wasn’t poor, this laptop would have gone across the room…

    Why does he make it easier for me to want to vote McCain? He could at least TRY to make me feel bad about it…

  13. Have you seen the new Obama salute?

    It reminds me of an obscene gesture.

    Appropriate, I guess.

  14. myiq, I posted a link to it. But it’s in the filter.

  15. We’re almost at 2,000,000 hits.

  16. It’s amazing to me that he is so arrogant and makes so many gaffes day after day and the SDs and the MSM act like it’s nothing. That fix they have in for the GE must be idiotproof.

  17. I think we have got this whole thing wrong. We should support Obama’s nomination and encourage him not to pick Hillary for VP. I think a better pairing would be someone like Donna Brazile, for the following reasons:

    1. She is a true uniter. After all, if it wasn’t for Democrats like her, we PUMAS would not be so united.
    2. She has a lot of experience in the battlefield which would help Obama with Iraq and Afghanistan. Her mouth has been her own nuclear weapon, she just can’t stop shooting it off.
    3. Her foreign relations experience is invaluable. Good relations with “those people” are foreign to her.
    4. Energy Policy. Donna agrees that tire pressure is an important aspect to saving energy. Additionally, by throwing your fellow Democrats UNDER the bus, you conserve gas.

    Since, I could go on all day, please feel free to add your own reasons.

  18. Please “defilterize” masslib so I can see the bestest salute eveh….Thanks.

  19. I do not trust this guy, nor the evil forces behind him. The MSM needs their butts whooped–this charade has gone on long enough. We’re on to them and we need to let them know in a big way.

  20. According to SadlyNo it’s a bogus story.

    Sounds like something Obamanation would do though.

  21. What is a bogus story? the salute? Oh man.

  22. Ok, this is fun…no one has shared more beer with Joe and Jane Six Pack. So, she really gets those working class, white alcoholics.

  23. So when Bill introduces H as the VP…. is that catharsis?

  24. It looks like 1/2 of someone simulating giving a Lewinsky

  25. oy, it looks like an big a**hole expelling gas or something…

  26. myiq: you are baaad.

  27. She ran Al Gore’s presidential campaign so she’s been there before and has a track record of success.

  28. They are simulating the MSM reporting on Obama

  29. masslib: are you talking about Donna?

  30. She’ll attract Republicans because she knows how to marginalize gays.

  31. Upstate, yes.

  32. I’m playing along with terrirobin. It’s fun.

  33. She’s Karl Rove’s protege. She’s learned well. She knows how to win elections even when you lose the popular vote. Very helpful in a GE. Just ask George Bush.

  34. I salute Donna (and her wonder team mates, P and D) with “my” new O salute (I have co-opted as my own).

  35. Those people. Well, look at the bright side. At least he didn’t say “you people.”

  36. She’s got mad political skilz and may be able to convince repubs to turn the GE into a giant caucus.

  37. True, JohninCA, but remember, he was probably talking to the press and “they” are in the tank for him, so he had to use “those”….

  38. Heh. Upstate, that’s funny, I have my Obama salute too. It’s wicked cool, and I hope the whole crowd at Invesco will give Obama the salute with me.

  39. Amazingly touching video. Hard to believe that huge portions of our people are living in such poverty…

    BO never ceases to amaze me either, and how he can continue to make such stupid remarks day in and day out erases any image of him being the clever guy that everyone seems to think he is. What an idiot!

  40. that salute reminds me of something we used to do in high school called “bagging” someone. You’d make an “O” with your fingers and if you got someone to look at it you got to punch them in the arm. yes, I was a stupid adolescent boy once….ahhh memories….

  41. Riverdaugher- What a wonderful use of this video! I live by where I believe some of it was shot and any time this story is told for what ever the reason is great. Obama should be ashamed of himself and anyone else who didn’t show up or voted against this bill. Nobama ,No Way ,Ever! GO PUMAS!

  42. Gary, that’s funny. We used “bagging” too but it meant something completely different than that.

  43. Grangatita: O is going on vacation and will come energized and gaffe free, all ready for the convention…Hand-circle to you (better than the Vulcan salute)

  44. Hillary had a Native American Agenda plan

  45. Masslib,

    If your BO salute includes lifting the middle finger and hiding the rest you’ve stolen mine!

  46. Grangatita, that’s it! Is it yours? Congrats, I hear it’s sweeping the nation!

  47. Thanks “myiq” for the link..
    Here’s what I said about, “BZERO”:
    “Is he running for President or Dictator??!!

  48. He’s running for Prom Queen

  49. UNY

    I wonder if he’s going to get much rest. Why, with so much to do trying to find (fix?) his B-certificate…

    Hand circle to you too.

  50. From one of “those people” – BO, I salute you (middle finger waving bravely in the wind)

  51. Thanks Masslib, from the moment I started to used it every time that BO appears on TV, I had the feeling that it would do great. But, sh****t, sweeping the nation? WOW!

    Anyway, since now My salute is probably being used and abused by everyone on earth, I think that we should try to make our own salute to obliterate the O’s. What about making a P with both hands?

  52. I noticed a few posts around the blogosphere lately referring to the fact that Hillary won the popular vote.

    Funny how that topic disappeared from the MSM and Obot discussions when she took the lead, isn’t it?

    At least the Obot trolls had the decency to drop Roe v. Wade after Obamalamading-dong flip-flopped on the issue.

  53. Heh-heh, I think we can use the one-fingered salute for PUMA.

    That’s what the Dem Party is giving us, so we can give it right back to them!

    (Morning all.)

  54. The Ori fabricated a religion called Origin, which they use to control non-ascended beings. They try to destroy anyone who rejects it.

  55. The thing that bothers me the most is that we will be responsible for his losing (in his eyes and those of his supporters). It will be “those Hillary people”. He just can’t seem to recognise that voting for McCain is going to be damn bitter pill to swallow. I have never voted republican and now I have to, because this asshole cannot give me one GOOD reason not to vote for McCain.

    According to him, I am irrelevant, I have been thrown under the bus, I am r@cist, old, bitter, clinging to guns and religion, I am a hillbilly and uneducated, you know the type, one of “those people”.

  56. Hmmm…where else have I seen a charismatic political figure with hypnotizing oratory skills, who brainwashes the masses, refers to a sector of the population as “those people”, and unites his mindless minions with a hand signal?

    (in best churchlady voice) I don’t know, could it be…HITLER??

  57. Myiq –

    At least the Obot trolls had the decency to drop Roe v. Wade after Obamalamading-dong flip-flopped on the issue.

    Tom Vilsack said on Cavuto’s show yesterday that the Supreme Court was the reason we should vote for Oba-moi.

    He’s a day late and a dollar short.

  58. Let’s take this the salute as seriously as we take Obama. Village People- talk about memories.
    Y M C A

  59. Of course they will blame us and Hillary. Remember when you point a finger in blame 4 more point right back at you.

    I don’t care what they blame, they still can’t be allowed to win.

  60. Kim – I KNOW! I do NOT want to vote for McCain. We hates him, preciousssss.

    But if it makes you feel any better, remember that Obama does not want you to vote for him. You are just honoring his wishes.


  61. PUMAA I am such a non-ascending being, may O is his wisdom elevate my worthless self.

  62. myiq2xu, Did you look at the link provided by US News for the story on the two handed salute to O. It is an ad agency called The Loyalty Inc for god’s sake. Their own logo looks like the double imperial eagle of the czars. That is a really democratic symbol he uses also. The authoritarian crap is getting way out of hand. This is more about people wanting someone to tell them what to do and think than it is about O’s charms. Can you imagine putting the Romanoff insignia on your company website?

  63. I will give the big eared rat bastard what he wants.

  64. Excerpt: Brenda Krause is tired of fear mongering among the Democrats.

    The 55-year-old delegate to the Democratic National Convention doesn’t think the party – or its unity – is in any way compromised by her voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton at the roll call.
    When Clinton dropped out of the running, Krause mourned that her generation likely isn’t going to see a woman claim the Oval Office.

    That day, she vowed to stick with the New York senator.

    “I’m not going to be coerced into something I don’t believe in,” said Krause, who lives in Colorado Springs and owns a real estate office. “That makes me less unified. If they let me have my voice, I’ll feel more unified.”

  65. Hallowed are the Ori.


    We will resist!! PUMA!!!

  66. What always strikes me about his incredibly lack of empathy or connection to “other people” is he has been cast as the Great Uniter & Healer??

    Didn’t his wife say that he is “the only candidate that can heal our souls?”

    More importantly, if he can’t reach out to people in his own Party, how is he supposed to conduct difficult foreign policy? Even Maliki was annoyed because he didn’t seem to be listening to him.

    This guy is a complete fabrication. No surprise that some ad agency came up with the stupid salute.

  67. Kenosha Marge and I team up with a post for a lot of PUMA women among “those people” (and others, too…)



  68. Brenda is a dissenter, she must be taught a lesson.

  69. FEC Investigation of Obama Eligibility
    The petition

    The signers of this petition request the Federal Elections Commission and Mr. Donald McGahan, FEC chairman, to take responsibility to verify the eligibility of Mr. Barack H. Obama to be President of the United States. Mr. Obama has refused to produce a physical certified, stamped copy of his birth certificate. An electronically-displayed image displayed by his official campaign website has been alleged to be a forgery. We request that the FEC require Mr. Obama to authorize the FEC to obtain an official copy of his birth certificate and if he does not produce the authorization that the FEC reject his registration as a presidential candidate; that the FEC not monitor his campaign finances during the primary or election; that votes cast for Mr. Obama and reported by the states’ boards of elections not be recorded and displayed by the FEC; and that Mr. Obama be considered in violation of 2 USC 437g for filing a false statement on FEC Form 2, as specified on that form.

  70. Hey Conflucian PUMAs…shortly I will need to shut off this PC and leave on my vacation. I don’t expect to have Internet access, but if I do, you can bet I’ll be coming here first.

    I will miss you all–I can’t believe how I have come to care for people I don’t even know in such a short space of time. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with those in DC as well as with those here blogging. Be well. If things get tough, go back to the previous posts and re-read Michael V’s prayers for us.

    Please do not give up or give in while I am away…

    PAT J: Check your email (including the Spam folder!).

  71. SophieL – have a wonderful vacation!

  72. Ok, so the final joke on the American people by our criminal president is that HE is the one that is going to end the war in Iraq….

    Iraq and the U.S. are near an agreement on all American combat troops leaving Iraq by October 2010,

    He IS the decider…..

  73. Thank you madamab! I intend to.

  74. Sophie have fun! I get to see my son one more time before he ships out. So that is as good as a vacay. Some protocol says they get one leave prior to deployment and he just happens to be an hour and a half away. YAY!!!

  75. It’s not just us — He’s this dismissive of his own children too:

    Asked about Obama fatigue and why he’s ceding a week of press coverage to McCain Obama said:
    “I’m going to see my grandma who I haven’t seen in almost 18-19 months and who’s getting to the age where I want to make sure I’m spending time with her on a consistent basis so that she can see her great grand children and I want to spend time with those children as well.

    Have you ever heard of ANYONE calling their own kids, “those children”?

  76. Confederate Yankee takes the Big O sign one farther, and says His theme song will be “Don’t Fear the Reamer”

  77. Kim, enjoy your visit with your son. Prayers to your son and his colleagues as well. On behalf of The Confluence (if I may be so bold), please thank him for his service.

  78. Obama losing steam in Wisconsin, from Rasmussen

    down from an 11 pt BO lead

  79. myiq: Excellent! (Also by BOC, Godzilla)

    On a related (sort of) note, after watching a few videos of O’s rallies, I saw a pattern in that the first song they play after he finishes speaking is usually “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.” I don’t know if they meant to be that obvious, but…

  80. SophieL:

    They’ll be playing “Return to Sender” in November

  81. Has he listened to the words to Signed Sealed Delivered?

    I’ve done a lot of foolish things that I didn’t really mean, I could be a broken man but here I am.

    Great choice BO

  82. My favorite BOC song is “Revenge of Vera Gemini”

  83. I mentioned this last night, but local news is just now picking up the John Edwards’ affair. They hadn’t touched it until now, and he lives here in Chapel Hill, so its considered a “local story” I guess. I think this means that the flood gates are about to open on him and he won’t be doing much at the convention.

    Raleigh, N.C. — Pressure is growing on former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards to speak out about rumors of an extramarital affair that resulted in a child.

    Allegations surfaced late last year that Edwards, a Chapel Hill lawyer and former U.S. senator, had an affair with a videographer for his campaign, that she become pregnant and had a child and that a campaign worker stepped in to claim paternity

    link: http://www.wral.com/news/local/politics/story/3346071/

  84. http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/up/player/popup/index.php?cl=9180668

    I don’t know if anyone else has posted this, but it is some very positive media coverage of PUMA PAC

  85. Sophie, have a great time! Lot’s of R and R. We’ll be right here when you get home.

    Ok, so if John Edwards was having a child with another woman he knew he would never be President, so what was he doing in those first 4 contests of the Democratic primary? Ask yourself that.

  86. Funny how the media are reluctant to report on Edwards.

    They pretend it’s because they have ethics and a conscience, like that ever stopped them before.

  87. Myiq: It is just another example of the extreme misogyny throughout this entire campaign. Not discussing a politician’s seedy little dalliances, but it is open season on an older woman in pantsuits. It just pisses me off.

  88. Whatever brainiac created that salute apparently intended people to hail each other while walking backwards—unless they want only people with their thumbs where their little fingers should to be members of the Obamanazi Party and the Obama-yugen.

    Actually, hmmm, maybe that ISN’T a mistake.

  89. (head explodes)

    Just how many unelectable guys were up on that stage with Hillary (the most vetted candidate ever) anyway?

    Maybe the Democratic Party is just a front — not intended to be a winning party. Maybe it’s only purpose is to isolate the votes of certain voters so they don’t have any real influence or power.

  90. Good point Katie

  91. Does anyone else think that Joseph Cannon must be the smartest guy in whatever room he’s in? (unless he’s in a room with myiq2xu of course) I’m really enjoying his discussion of The Great Birth Certificate Mystery

  92. myiq: they should be playing Won’t get Fooled Again now!

  93. masslib: Where in Mass? I’m going to be in Amherst for the weekend.

  94. Amherst is lovely, Sophie.

  95. EGO that is what this all boils down to EGOS. If John Edwards had this child, then you are right, he never had a damn chance, so why run at all? Do you realize the outcome if he had not run? But no, his ego thought he could keep a child and a woman on the back burner. I just really hope this is a lot of hoopla and there is no child and no woman. Because if he had not run, we may not be looking at BO and there may have never had to be PUMA.

  96. And then on to VT. (Hate to go to a state that went BO in the primaries, but my very bestest friend lives there.)

  97. “Because if he had not run, we may not be looking at BO and there may have never had to be PUMA.”

    Sort of my point, but was it ego?

  98. Sophie, I love Vermont, despite Howard Dean and the Obamacans. Have fun!

  99. What else could it be? I hate to think that it is ego, but what else would make him think that he could hide this forever. Which is why I am assuming there is no child or lover, but hell I am usually wrong.

  100. Well, I do have a wild imagination, I’ll admit that…but I can think of something besides ego.

  101. I sort of agree with Gary. If the local news is picking up the story it’s starting to seem like there is a there there. Otherwise why isn’t he raising holy hell against the Enquirer?

  102. If it were anything else it would mean that Edwards was in on some deal to take votes from Hillary and in order to make BO the winner and that is just way too conspiracy theory for me. Then BO would owe JE in a huge way and hell, he has already thrown him under the bus.

  103. Now the upset is over “letting” President Clinton speak.
    Letting? Are you kidding me, he is considered a party elder, this is what should occur. Yet, Obama’s supporters seem to think that this is unique to the Clintons. It is foolish to continue the slash and burn blogging and rhetoric against members of your own party. A good leader knows what they have and doesn’t rub it in anyone’s face, unless they have a mighty ego problem. We get it that we all disagree about what happened between Obama and Senator Clinton and the DNC in the primary, but for some reason Obama supporters, do not even take a breath before they continue on a rant of insults, threats and demeaning rants, and then wonder why so many don’t want to be part of Obama’s machine.
    If at all possible, try to look at it this way, lets say you are one of a group of ten people on an island and there is no food. Some sort of magical creature appears and gives one of you enough food for 5 people. The person who is handed the food decides the ones who deserve the food are the ones who were always nice and agreeable with that person, and look like that person and act like that person. The other five will go without, will have to watch the others eat. The ones with the food, taunt and make fun of the hungry five(who are still starving). The hungry five make a plan to fight for the food, because if they don’t they will probably starve.
    Wouldn’t it have been easier to divide the five amounts of food into 10? At least everyone would have been fed equally? OR would you rather watch someone go without, as long as you have what you want, though you personally didn’t deserve it more than anyone else, it was done by favoritism.
    I don’t want anything to do with a party that leaves many of it’s members out without a crumb of adherence to the rules or true attempts at bringing them to the table. You said I don’t have a right to be at that table, you told me to go away, to find what I need, somewhere else. While you still sit and stuff your face, with arrogance, disrespect and bullying by race baiting.
    I was hungry, I was denied food, but someone else reached out with a meal. So I will go ahead and dine there. McCain 08/PUMA

  104. Though, I initially did think the story was bogus, but his reluctance to get in front of the story seems extremely odd.

  105. Well, if the story proves true, JE knew he didn’t have a chance in hell of becoming president. I’ll withhold further commentary until he addresses the issue.

  106. I thought the Obama salute was a joke from that TN blog, but it’s for real? as tech savvy as they are, you’d think they’d recognize the uncanny similarity of that salute to.. an infamous & completely tasteless Internets meme of a few years back.

  107. masslib: I have never bought into any conspiracy theory. It is driving me nuts to think that the DNC set this whole thing up. The only solace I get from it, is knowing that if they did, it will come out sooner or later. I don’t have enough faith in the government or anyone in it , to think they can keep a secret for longer than a nanosecond.

  108. Unless Elizabeth didn’t know and wanted him to try again because she didn’t want to keep him from his dreams or something. Stranger things have happened.

  109. Oh I don’t think th DNC would have anything to do with the Edwards story. We’ll wait until John speaks to the story. But I do find it whackadoodle if true that he would stay in a race he knew he couldn’t ultimately win.

  110. So, he devised a plan to practically LIVE in another state for months – in the interest of winning the first primary, but doesn’t try campaigning many other places…

    He may have run the campaign in a way that would fail so Elizabeth wouldn’t know?

  111. I have always thought that the way JE just stepped down was weird. One day he was in, the next pouff and he was gone.

  112. Edwards did work with Obama to take their names off the ballot in MI.

    I always assumed they were working at least in part together against Hillary.

  113. Nah that is just a little too freaky and out there for me. I tend to believe that he ran, because he wants to be President. Lets face it, you gotta have an ego to even want the job. Then he realized he was gonna be found out and stepped down, hoping his family and supporters would never find out. No theories, no BS, just a cheating husband who thought he was too good to get caught.

  114. This is a new Hillary video called 18 Million Cracks, put up by Hillary Rapid Responders on About Us, last night:

    Hillary Rapid Responders, on August 8th, 2008 at 1:03 am Said:

    Please add this special tribute video to Hillary’s 18 million voices on your site –

    thanks!! http://www.hillaryresponders.com

  115. I’m here talking to a lot of PUMAs at the conference. It is not supposed to start until 3:30, but there is already enough passion in the hotel to start an explosion.

  116. Riverdaughter:

    That video was powerful. It captures everything about the Bo aura. Come up with some great words and gestures, then when the time comes to put up, quietly turn your head.

    All “words” no action.

    And I am so tired of him and the MSM talking about him being the great unifier. He can unify nations, he can cross party lines. We will have one unified world (pause here while we sing kumbaya) But he can’t even get some old bitter, gun toting hags in his own party to vote for him?

    Yeah, right.


  117. I have said before, I NEVER liked Edwards. He is just as narcissistic as Obama. I remember going to see him at the Hardball college show at UNC. you would think he would want to actually talk to the voters, but during commercial he just sat there and had his makeup retouched. even chris matthews was working the crowd. He seems to be bothered by little things like voters. (the bloggerz all hated the right wing haircut meme, but they actually had him pegged). He also is reviled by many Democrats in NC for winning the senate seat for Dems after decades long struggle, and then turning around and giving it up for his personal ambition. that’s why he and kerry didn’t even come close to winning NC.

  118. Hey Mawm!!! I miss you already!!!

  119. Miss you too, but I will see you tonight. You’ve already got your airplane ticket right? I don’t have to write you a letter do I?

  120. You don;t have time to take a fast train.

  121. I started to look more curiously at conspiracy theories when we were finally informed that the Iraq War was a conspiracy of a few people at the top and the press. I had suspected as much, but when it was definite, I was even angrier. I can never immediately reject the idea of conspiracies now, no matter how far-fetched they seem.

  122. Mawm and Gary! Yay! Will you be reporting on the goings-on?

  123. …well I don’t believe it is unknown or unintended that these terms imply racial tension this Primary Obama’s campaign is all about race difference, I’m not even sure anymore if they are attempting to cloak that fact…and that’s good because its out

    There is no doubt now that in this Primary the DNC Dean Pelosi goal was to change the Dem Electorate majority to non white, understandably as the new collective majority in the Country is non white, the problems;

    …using the politics of the South making it about white and black, bigotry and racist politics to inflame the We and use rich white peoples as the foil the white majority as the THEM oppressors of the difference…….and made it personal using absolutely the wrong effigies in the Clinton’s making the charges not believable to the non hater and blew any trust in their motives as a Candidate or Party…..

    That was a massive blunder the error and it was not necessary better Candidate than Obama with additional successes more experience that would have qualified him for the Office would eventually have achieved the same result bringing everyone one along together …

    The miscalculation a no brainier to we PUMA’s, by choosing to use the hated of southern politics at the national level to pull integrate attract inflame other demographics by Obama surrogate Clyburn that arrow of hate shattered the target those tactics work in one targeted growth community where there are deep scars a culture sensitive to grievance, rightly from this country’s history of slavery. And that’s also what makes it a loser strategy, the AA community is a minority even in the non white Majority. Our young in this country are truly the ones beyond race, and most do not align with oppressive doctrine while they are less empowered dwarfed by boomer, and most don’t have an agenda to elect someone just because they are different with that difference being now defined.

    So SD’s that Obama promise of the replacement voters for WE Those Voters, who thank goodness rejected these disgusting political tactics, as articulated by Vilsak may want to adjust their dance card for Nov cause it’s likely your going to be stood up by that promised date.

  124. That speech makes me cry every damn time I see it.

  125. When Edwards ran for VP, I kept thinking—this guy has affairs, are they going to give him as hard a time as they gave B. Clinton? I guess not. The other think that convinced me that he was a sleaze-bucket was during a debate w/ Cheney, he brought up his gay daughter in reference to a question about gay rights. The only purpose to do that was clearly some cheap jab to show the audience something that I didn’t fully understand.

  126. Mawm- Do you have any idea how many Pumas are expected to attend?

  127. Wow, that Hillary video really made me cry.

  128. suggested motto:

    “an ego so big, it takes both hands to stroke it”

  129. O/T – apparently there’s some digging around that’s happened inside the Clinton campaign….


    Atlantic Scores Internal Clinton Campaign Emails
    By Anne E. Kornblut

    Just when you thought everyone had moved on… former advisers to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton are in a tizzy over an upcoming piece in the Atlantic Monthly that chronicles the inner workings of the now-defunct campaign. Of particular concern are nearly 200 internal memos that the author, Josh Green, obtained — 130 or so of which he plans to scan in and post online. When the piece is published sometime next week, readers will be able to scroll through the memos, from senior strategists such as Mark Penn, Harold Ickes and Geoff Garin.[…]

  130. Just saw this (Washington Post)

    Just when you thought everyone had moved on… former advisers to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton are in a tizzy over an upcoming piece in the Atlantic Monthly that chronicles the inner workings of the now-defunct campaign. Of particular concern are nearly 200 internal memos that the author, Josh Green, obtained — 130 or so of which he plans to scan in and post online. When the piece is published sometime next week, readers will be able to scroll through the memos, from senior strategists such as Mark Penn, Harold Ickes and Geoff Garin, and see what exactly was going on inside the infamously fractured Clinton organization. That has some former team members in a panic. And we thought the Abramoff e-mails were fun….


  131. Apologise for double posting, didn’t see the above!

  132. “nearly 200 internal memos that the author, Josh Green, obtained”

    Nice. From whom did he “obtain” them, I wonder?

  133. masslib, on August 8th, 2008 at 7:58 am Said:

    That’s because “those people” won’t do the salute. File this one under sh*t you can not believe:



    Ah. Good thing they’re not a cult or anything.

  134. “infamously fractured”

    OMG, they disagreed with each other. That’s never happened in a campaign before.

  135. I wonder who leaked them, patty solis-doyle perhaps? I’m sure its somebody from O’s campaign. they still are trying to trash her….

  136. “see what exactly was going on ”

    How will people see “exactly” what was going on if they’re carefully selected, first by the person who leaked them and then by Josh Green.

    Sorry, but I am so fed up with this blame-Hillary sh*t I could scream.

  137. Yes, we all know Obama would never allow disagreement. He simply purges “those people’ who contradict his wishes.

  138. While giving the salute, the mouth should form the “O” shape

  139. lol

  140. Obots should be familiar with and well practiced at the salute

  141. If someone in the media “obtained” internal memos from the Obama campaign, would they scan them and publish them online?

    Somehow I doubt they would do that.

    They would ignore it, and scold the leaker.

  142. The internal memo thing sounds like hype. If there was anything juicy in there why didn’t they post it?

  143. “FRED” Thanks I’ll sign!!
    Who wants to take a bet that Obama will “emerge” from his Hawaii Vaca. with a “BIRTH CERTIFICATE” in hand??
    WOW that Murphy “speaks straight from the HIP”!!

  144. Up late this morning.

    Love the new salute. It’s da big hole in the O-zone McCain is gonna walk through if Democrats keep this up.

    Other famous references to “Those people”:

    “Those people in the colonies will learn proper respect for the crown.”–1770

    “Those people need to march back to their kitchens where they belong and take care of their poor neglected husbands and children.”–1916

    “Those people are disgusting. Let us move them into ghettos.”–1938

    “Those people know where they’re supposed to sit. Let them sit there.”–1960

    “Those people are moving into our neighborhoods. Let’s get out.”–1975

    “Those people want equal pay. For what?”–1980

    “Those people can’t be trusted. Get me more wiretaps.”–2001

    “Those people want to get married. Not the hell in my state.”–2007

    “Those people just don’t get me. I am the One.”–2008

  145. […] It. (Heh heh, I said Vilsack.)Cocktails at The Scratching Post: August MemoriesThursday: To Do ListFriday: “THOSE PEOPLE” are *Voters*, BarackA condition of harmony? Or enforced allegiance?Late Night Action Alert!Scratching Post Dance Party – […]

  146. WTF? Will the sliming ever stop?

  147. magdalena…excellent list!!

  148. I’ve got a new post up.

    “Those people,” or “Some People?” You decide!

    Magdalena – LOL!

  149. We all know that there is ongoing unbelievable plotting, conniving, cheating, etc. going on in the Obama campaign team against EVERYBODY. But they now plan to focus everybody’s little attention spans on how BAD Hillary’s people were toward them, how the Hillary people victimized them by trying to rip the candidacy away from porr, entitled Obama? Disgusting.

  150. Then someone please explain to me why Hillary is so eager to campaign on his behalf? She will be covered today at 3pm where she will make another “feel good” speech encouraging voters to support the same man who stole her votes, allowed her to be portrayed as a ra*cist, permitted the media and his own campaign to resort to sexism, dismissed her husband and his achievements, disses her supporters as “those people”, and whose inexperience she had previously highlighted during the campaign.

    If he is not good enough for us what propels her to undergo this “tour” of support on behalf of such an unprepared candidate? And if we are so committed to dismantle the current members of the DNC, his win will only solidify their tenure.

    Better she would just give lip service to his presumed nomination and let the chips fall where they may. As far as I can tell, she owes him nothing. Nor does she owe the DNC, who employed every tactic imaginable to bring her to defeat.

    It is quite disappointing to me as this is one savvy and brave woman who stuck it out to the end with the slings and arrows pointed in her direction. Someone with her guts should be able to tell this Obama machine to go to hell and put an end to this charade.

    A vote for Obama is another validation of the DNC which is one of the tenets of PUMA. For Hillary to be campaigning so vigorously on his behalf is against my beliefs and is knocking the pins right out from under me to be honest.

    The possibility of an Obama win with the expectation that she can bring in her supporters presents 4 yrs of what we oppose and only strengthens the Donna’s, Nancy’s, Howard’s of the DNC. What Hillary is urging makes no sense to me.

    And although I may be going out on a limb by saying this, I expected better. Insisting that this will strengthen her chances with the party 4 years hence is wearing thin. Unless there is some sinister role at play, I am not buying it.
    Her support of him could be just the ticket needed for him to limp over the finish line. Then what?

  151. RD, please do a post on the significance of what she has done that has never been fully acknowledged by the MSM (we have and it is never enough and it breaks my heart that she has to toot her own horn like this with this video.) To this day, my biggest disappointment is that they never gave her a moment to savor her victory in NH — the first woman to win a primary in the nation’s history and the news media refused to give it to her and they still are. Fuck the fucking idiots.
    Hillary Rapid Responders, on August 8th, 2008 at 1:03 am Said:

    Please add this special tribute video to Hillary’s 18 million voices on your site –

  152. BO’s new salute?? So fitting–a big fat ZERO!! I got into it with one of the ‘bots at the DNC blog last nite regarding Bill. She is of the opinion that Bill has done nothing for the AA community and BO is being magnanimous in “letting” him speak at the convention. That’s the “perception” in the AA community, according to her. Thankfully, I’m one of “those people” and plan to go on about my PUMA business and never deign to reply to her again. Whew–one less bell to answer, one less egg to fry……….

  153. Thank you RD for this wonderful post and above all for posting the sad, but eloquently arranged video about the demise of the American Indian, the original natives of this country. Everytime I hear about CNN’s “Black in America”, I wonder why we here in America IGNORE the plight of these beautiful spirtual people? It took me 10 minutes to compose myself and dry my eyes.

  154. http://www.denverpost.com/breakingnews/ci_10132808?_requestid=1585861

    This article tells it like it is for Clinton’s delegates, and also has a handy poll whether her delegates should be allowed to vote for her… you know what to do.

  155. PJ, I know there is some reason that we don’t know, and Bill promised to reveal all in January, remember? But it makes you wonder…why does he agree to wait till January? Unless they’re threatening him with something? Another supposed lady with a blue dress, or injury to Hillary or Chelsea? Disgusting.

  156. If you remove a post from regular (well behaved posters), a one line to indicate that you did (for whatever reason) is common courtesy. We could at least know that you (whoever) don’t want the discussion in that direction.

  157. PJ – If Hillary goes against Obama, she has no future in the Democratic Party. That’s the simple truth. The Democratic Party has been taken over by the Chicago Machine. It calls itself Obama for America now.

    I personally wish she would embrace that reality, and become an Independent, like Bernie Sanders. But I don’t think she will do that until after they refuse to nominate her and Obama loses.

    I don’t blame her for refusing to give up on the Party that she has belonged to for so many years. And you know she wants to run for President again if she doesn’t win this year. Would she be viable as an Independent? I think so, but she is carefully considering these things, you can bet your life on that.

  158. pm317, which post was removed? I don’t see it in the spam filter or in moderation, could you be more specific?

  159. I am content to let Hillary do what she needs to do. I do not like that she is campaigning for BO, but how much can we expect one person to do? In order for her to be viable in 2012, she has to keep in good stead with the DNC. Although, they haven’t so far lived up to anything regarding her, no matter what she did. But if she makes any more major waves now, I think it will truly be over for her.

    Hillary has endured more !@#%$# as a First Lady, Senator and candidate than any one I can remember. If she needs to lay back and lose the battle to later win the war, I will trust that she knows what she is doing.

    And I will continue to support her. Except when it comes to voting for Barack.

  160. I haven’t deleted anything either.

  161. From the The City Edition — Definitely worth reading to reach an understanding of what just went down (Hint: hoodwinked, bamboozled.)



    ”The idea is to re-energize the African-American electorate and revive the Democratic Party at the same time,” Brazile told Times reporter Katharine Seelye, ”I want to revitalize the party from the grass roots up. We’re losing voters.”

    With that noble cause in mind, she and Rove began to “chirpily exchange e-mail, chat on the phone and write letters, indulging in their shared zeal for the inner workings of politics,” Seelye wrote.

    On the Democratic side, it became Brazile’s job to smooth over Obama’s path to the nomination. That required manipulating the primary calendar. Picking up on the diversity argument of Eleanor Holmes and the D.C. coalition, she pressed for an earlybird South Carolina primary and a Nevada caucus to augment the Iowa and New Hampshire dates.

    While the advantages of South Carolina were obvious, by necessity the second contest required a less obvious, more covert action plan to avoid any accusations of stacking the deck. Although the Clinton camp didn’t realize it at the time, a caucus in Nevada (like a caucus anywhere) would naturally benefit Obama, since her base of blue-collar, older and non-English-speaking supporters would not be driving across town to attend some meeting run by disorganized volunteers. On the other hand, motivated Republicans could be counted on to show up, especially if the G.O.P. candidates could be persuaded not to campaign in the state. (They didn’t.)

    Nevertheless, the reason for adding more earlybird contests in the first place centered on ethic diversity, so selling the DNC (and the public) on Nevada required some tweaking of those caucus parameters. That’s why arrangements were made to allow the state’s casino workforce of some 60,000 predominantly Latino workers to attend caucus sites set up just for them.

    But wouldn’t this huge Hispanic voting block put Clinton over the top in Nevada? Not necessarily. It turns out that the union representing casino employees, S.E.I.U., would be backing Obama, just as they supported Dean in his presidential bid. So those voters could now be added to the Obama column.

    Thus, with caucuses scheduled in Iowa and Nevada, a primary in South Carolina with its near majority African American demographic, and the New Hampshire Republican brass on the job in that state, the chance of Clinton heading into Super Tuesday at cruising altitude had spectacularly diminished.

    “Including two more states will not only be good for our country, it will be good for our party and good for our nominee,” Brazile toldthe Los Angeles Times in August 2006.

    Sounding an early portent of doom, the South Carolina delegate on the DNC rules and bylaws committee said in the same article, “If you campaign in a state that is outside the rules, then you’re not entitled to delegates from that state.”

  162. The video also made my cry.
    What this country could of had and what the bastards in the New democratic is trying to shove down our throats instead is sickening.
    The New democratic party has to be brought down for the sake of the country. They have no love or respect for America or her people.

    Have a great vacation. New England is beautiful.

    Enjoy the time with your son.
    Thank him for his service for me. I will pray that he and his fellow military stay safe.

    If this fool backtrack barack makes anymore dumbass statements my signature will be longer than my post.



  163. This is just like his charges of r*cism towards any who disagree with him. The use of “those people” towards Hillary supporters shows that he sat in Rev Wright’s church way too long, and this is how he thinks of any group he considers “the enemy”. His view of the world is always one of division. Divine BHO and his worshipful followers vs evil hateful Them. It’s kind of pathetic in its simple mindedness, actually.

  164. I forgot to ask is backtrack baracks new salute the black hole we are no longer allowed to talk about?
    Remember it is racist.



  165. Pat Johnson: I love your posts. I hear you on this one. I am thinking about it, too; in fact, toying it around in my mind is all I do. I try not to let myself “go there” – I have to let myself believe that the Clintons know what they are doing.

    Who knows what is to come when the convention rolls around. Who knows what is to come in November? None of us do. BUT, I have always said that BO cannot win the GE; I might be wrong, of course. But, I think he will bring himself down. (The polls show it now; although polls dont’ really mean too much.)

    Now, he is going on vacay? While his numbers are going down? To me, what’s that all about? Seems he needs to be working harder on unity and above all, getting all those 18 million Hillary supporters over to his side. It makes me think that the entire DNC and BO campaign is pretty sure of their win – hmmmm? (Not gonna say it but “I’m just sayin ….”

  166. Those people?


    don’t let him EVER get into office here.

    Loser. RD and all of you have a great time in Washington. You are the most fabulous people. Yesterday, it made me cry to think about you and the writers I’ve met at NQ. It’s your values as Americans that I love. Since I’m one too. He’s a bad guy. He really is a bad guy. Personally, I think he read Orwell and thought it was all good —
    “malignant narcissism” it goes way beyond what you think narcissism is. His shadow side is what is calling everyone ‘those people”

    Il Duce, Hitler, Mugabe….. like that. Very dangerous — no soul. Nothing there on the inside. That’s your zero.

    Because all of us have attained what is called “the depressive position” it allows us to “see” that there is something wrong with his actions — attaining that in childhood is what gives a person empathy later on.

    Something very bad must have happened to him as an infant? Maybe in utero or in the first few years of life. (Going through the Object Relations style of diagnosis) — it would have been bad, like say, a kid who was left in a crib without food, or being changed? Or the opposite, which is worse — a mother who impinged (over-mothered) him. Given the way that MO acts, and given that the first marriage usually has the same dynamic as the relationship to one of the parents—-you can see it.

    Oh well—-

    I love you guys, be well on your trip, and we’ve always got Violet’s lever. I’m going to sign up to be a poll worker, for the first time, just because I want to see if anything goes wrong — after what we’ve seen in the other states– we have a great system here. I feel sorry for the other states because it really seems corrupt or something, I don’t know…personally, I think all the states should use the same method! Like CA’s!


  167. Pat J

    I feel the same way. I realize she had to play the game a bit- but this campaigning for him is too much. Like you said she owes him or the DNC nothing! Does anyone honestly believe they will ever play fair or back her in the future – regardless of what she does? Honestly, where are the steel balls? She did her part- said the right thing, yada yada yada- enough already! Why the fuck must she be HIS workhorse? While he’s on vacation no less- WTF! Let him get those assholes- Judas, Edwards and Dodd out there – leave Hillary alone. I love Hillary and will support her, but she’s disappointing me big time. She’s behaving like an abused wife. The media will always critize anything she does, she should just accept it and move on.
    I’ve always been for Hillary, she was my first choice, Dodd my second. I liked her as a first lady and felt sad that an accomplished, talented, smart woman had to keep her head down to please others. Her comment about staying home and baking cookies was on the mark- granted she wasn’t as politically savvy then and it came out wrong, but I think what she meant was that working towards a common good or goal was something she enjoyed and shouldn’t be ashamed of. Not that staying home was not important but that SHE enjoyed a different path and had a right to pursue it without having to apologize for it. Sadly, she learned the hard way that she had to be twice as good and work twice as hard to get anywhere… but even sadder is that she won’t be allowed to get where she wants EVEN if she dots all I’s and crosses all T’s . So I say fuck it- she should do as any other candidate, lightly praise the Dem nominee and then move on with her work in the Senate

  168. One last thing — he followed a guy called Alinsky — a Marxist from Chicago — to “divide” the populace (Party) — it is a tactic he learned and practiced — here is the read:
    (and links if you all want them)


  169. Gary, I had a comment on the WaPo article about the upcoming Atlantic Monthly on Hillary’s campaign email memo speculating if the leaker was Solis-Doyle and that it had Obama’s fingerprints on it. I saw it up and then after a while it was not there. I don’t have a copy of the comment with me so, just as well.

    But if they do print such an article we should have our forces ready to negate negative reaction to it. Last thing for her supporters is to rationalize that her campaign was somehow not up to par and therefore, he deserves to be where he is which is far from the truth (which is what they are trying to do iInstead of treating her with respect and admiration, and that way bringing her supporters into fold.

  170. There is layer upon layer of irony here. “Those people” is longstanding racist language. “Why can’t those people” ….. get off welfare, stop listening to that music, quit having all those babies, stop asking for handouts, work their way up like the rest of us, so on and so forth, you know the drill. I grew up in Chicago in the 70s and heard this crap all around me all the time. Obama knows this too, I am certain.

  171. Native Americans Against Obama always have such beautiful and poignant videos. Especially so with the news the government is once again able to screw them out of the money they are owed.

    Mountain Sage

  172. Throwing the Clintons under the bus (and then trying to keep them pinned there) was by far the STUPIDEST move ever! It’s certainly turned me off of all things BO, for good.

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