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Friday night at the Puma Scratching Post

The weeks just fly by as we head into the weirdest and wildest convention ever. (sigh) GIVE me my roll call vote God Damn it!

Over at Corrente, BDBlue said pretty much everything I want to say. Stolen and reprinted here:

Violet Socks

I keep going back to what she said about the treatment of women by the party. You name me one other constutency the party would treat this way. You think it ever crossed anyone’s mind to deny Jesse Jackson a roll call vote? Do you think they’d deny the first hispanic to win a presidential primary a roll call vote? Hell no because they’d be worried these groups wouldn’t show up at the polls in November and with good reason. No other group would be expected to eat this shit and then be good little girls.

But, hey, it’s no big deal that Hillary Clinton is the first woman to win a presidential primary. Is the first woman to win a caucus. Nope, any woman could do it. It’s just a coincidence that nobody ever has. Hey, if there were a glass ceiling for women in politics, there would’ve been sexism in the primary and god knows we didn’t see any of that. So no biggie. Nothing to celebrate or acknowledge here. Move along.

The absolute necessity to deny any acknowledgement of sexism or women’s struggles for political equality is unbelievable.

I’m ready for a nice cool Merlot.

235 Responses

  1. #
    Irlandese, on August 8th, 2008 at 8:48 pm Said:

    BO’s birth certificate looks exactly like my first husband’s. He was adopted at 2 weeks and was issued a cert by the state of Oregon that looks EXACTLY like the one that BO has provided the media. I was given that link by a ‘bot at the DNC site and I commented that it was the only birth cert I have ever seen that had no mention of the attending physician, attending nurse/midwife, and a footprint/handprint or any other personal information. BO’s birth cert is an adoption birth certificate, no doubt in my mind.

    I don’t understand your point. 19 year old girls don’t usually adopt babies and Obama looks just like his grandfather. What are you saying?

  2. Katie – I just finished a large, lovely table white from Argentina, and lord knows I needed it after wandering into one particular political thread on another board which was infested with Obots. They kept gushing about what a kick-ass job Hillary was doing stumping for Obama and how they hope she can keep up the good work while he’s in Hawaii. I nearly reached for a refill over that one. The fact that they didn’t even see the IRONY of the fact that SHE was doing all the heavy lifting while HE went on vacation!

    They spoke as if it were her rightful place and her duty to shake her pom-poms for the Anointed One. And they were positively giddy over the fact that we finally got a “positive” campaign story, not all this “party divided stuff”. I kid you not. It was like reading The New Republic as written by the writers of Tiger Beat. Hm. Maybe I will go for that refill.

  3. Hi all. I haven’t posted here for a while. I’m doing a little fundraising however and I need your help.

    I was cleaning out my jewelry supplies and was suddenly inspired to make some Hillary related jewelry. I just posted some on ebay and I’m going to donate 20% of all sales to Hillary. It’s not much, but it’s something.

    Here is a link to one of the items- just view my other items to see the rest.

    Anyway, please take a look and spread the word. I will listing new items regularly as I make them, so check often. I want to raise as much as I can for our girl.

    If you have questions, or if the link doesn’t work- email me: ngcummings@comporium.net.

    I’m really excited by all the momentum that PUMA is gaining. I think we are making people very nervous. Keep up the good work everyone!!!

  4. I guess my only response would be, who do these people think they are that they can dictate and manage this convention without any consideration of the voting public or the candidate herself. It is all about Obama and hopefully others,beside ourselves, will come to the same conclusion. He does not represent the best interests of this country and needs to go.

    Women, as exhibited yet again today, are mere playthings to the world of many men.

  5. Katiebird — I will serve you a nice glass of wine from Napa Valley.

  6. Ah, SimoFish — My favorite region! Let’s celebrate together. I’m so happy for the success of your video!

  7. Charles – an arena full of big O’s would scare the crap out of me. Just yell “Sig Heil!” and be done with it already.

  8. please tell me that Obama hand signal is a joke

  9. This ‘sweetie’ has no intention of being a ‘good little girl’ for Obama. I want a floor fight! I want Donna Brazile’s resignation. I want Pelosi and Dean thrown out with the rest of DNC trash. I want John Kerry to windsurf away and never bother voters again.

    I want Hillary and I’m not going to stop irritating the DNC until she is POTUS- even if it means I’ll be hanging around annoying them until the year 2012!

  10. Charles! I posted a comment at your site….

  11. the problem is you need another hand, or at least a finger, to complete the symbolism.

  12. The sexism that reared its ugly head this primary election really threw me for a loop. Of course, I did believe that sexism still existed and see it at my job. But I have to say that I ddin’t realize things were this bad. What the MSM, Democrats, other women etc said about Hillary and her supporters I didn’t think was possble. It actually put me into a funk that I still haven’t gotten over. I see this Nation differently than I did 10 months ago. That this travesty was committed by the Democratic Party has forever changed my approach to politics.

  13. Charles, that’s a reply to my other comment? I’d love to know if those are real or fake drawings.

    Oh, that reminds me. I’ve GOT to erase that google search. It’s pretty raw. 🙂

  14. my husband just made an interesting comment – we’re both pretty disgusted with John Edwards, but he said “Bush and Cheney lied and lied and as a result, thousands of people, perhaps as many as a million, are unnecessarily dead or maimed, yet although they’re not particularly popular, they have retained their power. Edwards political career will be over because of an affair”

  15. I don’t care at all about his affair, and BC had multiple affairs and it didn’t end his career. Having a child with another woman the year of a presidential election would certainly end that run, though.

  16. NH, no kidding. the democratic party is not what we, maybe foolishly, believed it to be.

  17. you know Masslib, his affair was the lead story on yahoo and MSNBC and every other online news source, and buried further down the page was …..oh yeah, and Russia and Georgia are at war

  18. kiki, I think bravery and honesty can get you pretty far — even in politics. But, Edwards didn’t stand up to his “bimbo erruption” and THAT’s what killed his career. I guess. Frankly, I think that the total lack of media attention for his campaign is what killed it.

    And it seems that he might actually had some reason to FEAR getting to much media attention. Not a happy place for a political candidate.

  19. Yeah, I agree. It’s ridiculous, but I still wonder what he was doing running for pres if his girlfriend was having his baby at the same time. But I don’t care what the press has to say about his affair. The peanut gallery will do the expected faux tsk-tsk.

    The war with Russia should be the top story but I gave up on the MSM quite a while ago.

  20. Has anyone heard news from the PUMA Conference yet?

  21. Those Obama “O” signs are as bad as the seal. LOL. I think we should plaster them all over the place. Undecideds and folks who haven’t been paying too much attention will take one look and vote for McCain. Hey.

  22. Katie, I haven’t. I checked the pumapac website but there’s nothing yet. was there a particular website where they were going to post updates?

  23. at any rate, I hope they’re having a great and productive time! I’m sure they are

  24. kiki, I missed it if there is. I just wondered if Gary or Mawm posted anything. Or are they there?

  25. Charles,

    That hand sign is extremely wierd. Yes, I hope they do it too. That will freak out the world!

    And can someone explain to me why Hillary is out there stumping for The One? I just don’t get it. Why on earth does she need to humiliate herself like this? I want to believe there is some greater purpose…

    I hope that Hillary leaked those nasty memos about the O-man. I cannot wait to read them!

  26. Why no news from the conference.?

    We need pictures!

  27. Maybe they have all been arrested? Or maybe they are plotting something really awesome!

  28. yeah BB, he vacations while she campaigns for him????

    what leaks?

  29. The memos from the Clinton Campaign that have been “obtained” by the Atlantic Magazine–supposed to be published Monday. From WP blogs:

    Atlantic Scores Internal Clinton Campaign Emails
    By Anne E. Kornblut

    Just when you thought everyone had moved on… former advisers to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton are in a tizzy over an upcoming piece in the Atlantic Monthly that chronicles the inner workings of the now-defunct campaign. Of particular concern are nearly 200 internal memos that the author, Josh Green, obtained — 130 or so of which he plans to scan in and post online. When the piece is published sometime next week, readers will be able to scroll through the memos, from senior strategists such as Mark Penn, Harold Ickes and Geoff Garin, and see what exactly was going on inside the infamously fractured Clinton organization. That has some former team members in a panic. And we thought the Abramoff e-mails were fun….


  30. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that HRC leaked those memo’s. 😉

  31. Anything to make this campaign season less boring–please!

  32. How would the email leak possibly help Hillary? I seriously doubt that. My gut says Doyle.

  33. How would the leak help Barack? Supposedly there are lots of memos where they discuss how he is “unelectable,” etc. Maybe this will get Hillary excused from stumping for his highness.

  34. Memos – that need to be scanned? Doesn’t everyone use email in that sort of environment? Can someone explain it to me, please? It’s a minor point, I know, but still curious.

  35. what’s going on in DC??

  36. Robin: They printed the memos, probably to protect themselves, then handed them over.

  37. regencyg, that makes sense, thanks.

  38. Well, it would give him a great excuse from his media base to overlook Hill for VP. It may give his supporters something to rally over, ie the crux of his campaign, Hillary hate. I just don’t see how it helps Hill.

  39. Hi guys. Everyone,\ has gone out to have dinner and maybe a drink?

    I have to pick Gary up at the airport.

    Got to meet riverdaughter in person finally.

    So many interesting people here, and instant comraderier.

  40. More info, Mawn, please. By the way, I wanted to tell you I volunteered at a campaign office in NH with a Hillary health policy staffer. She’s awesome. You’d love her. Anyway, she’s a Jeopardy champion.

  41. Mostly team building stuff today. Lady BoomerNYC did an excellent workshop about communication, and Robin took us on an inspiring adventure of a mini-Landmark forum.

  42. Mawm!!! yay!

    so glad you made it safely, keep us posted when you get a chance

  43. Mawm!! Drive safely. Did you learn any good secrets?

    Rico? I think Mawm needs a drink — 🙂

  44. Anything is Possible,

    Hillary will be the 44th President of the USA, and

    we will be part of the cause.

  45. Thanks guys. I’ve got to run to get Gary. Talk to you later.

  46. bostonboomer, on August 8th, 2008 at 9:56 pm Said:

    BB: I read that story and I kept wondering about how Hillary Clinton was able to perform with such a terrible team. She kept winning and her team kept losing it for her.

    Now they are leaking 200 internal memos to a journalist? Who could have done that? PSD? This is incredible because we have to put up with another couple of weeks of Hillary Clinton being burned at the stake by the media.

  47. And maybe she’s campaigning now so she can beg off later. After all, she’ll be way too busy as a Senator.

    Meanwhile, are there more toss-up states? And is Oregon really in play?


  48. Maybe the memos are not even real. We’ll have to wait and see. It also depends on who really eaked them and what they say. The timing is suspicious.

  49. Hey a glass of your finest Chardonnay Ricco please…hello all.. who is at the conference in DC besides Mawnm and Murphy and Will ?
    Whats the latest gossip and who’s going to Denver to be a part of this incredible time in history?

  50. “Printed out” emails would be an easy thing to fake.

  51. Masslib,

    I think BO already offered the VP to Hillary when they met in DC after the primaries ended and she turned him down flat. That was the rumor at the time. I don’t believe she would accept VP.

  52. Well, re: the memos, the obvious question is, who had access to them as well as the motive to leak them? The next question is, why was Solis-Doyle hired to work for a VP who hasn’t been picked yet? The answer to the second question might lead to the answer to the first.

  53. One thing that stood out to me is that one of the memo’s made mention of BO’s US roots/ nationality.

    Now, we all know he’s a US citizen, right?

  54. Have the Scratching Post regulars all gone on vacay? Or is everyone just politically burned out?

  55. Mawm is such a peach, as is Gary. we are so lucky to know them. not only do they manage to be wherever the action is, but they’re both just so great about keeping us informed. I’m just honored to know them!

    Mary Beth, Riverdaughter is there too, and I would imagine Heidi Li is. I don’t know who else. I hope they meet the mysterious “Paul” and find out if he’s the real deal.

  56. bostonboomer, on August 8th, 2008 at 10:28 pm Said:


    I think BO already offered the VP to Hillary when they met in DC after the primaries ended and she turned him down flat. That was the rumor at the time. I don’t believe she would accept VP.

    Not my point. I am referring to his media base. They will ask but was this person as qualified as Hill? Now they can say but how could he pick her after what her campaign was saying about him.

  57. Just a thought here. Edwards is now out of the way. Memos could seriously hurt Hillary. She’s gone. O is home free. Timing is everything.

  58. Reg

    I think there is definitely burn out. You add this stress on top of what could be going on in our little local lives…and it can leave you with a big cluster headache.

  59. O is home free if that means he can give up actually trying to be electable. There is no one left–if he throws out Hillary–that makes him even distantly electable.

  60. It would be a huge relief to me if Hillary could be spared having to be on Obama’s ticket. Let him find a poor substitute.

  61. Ben: I’ve had a headache for two days. And it’s not even dumbass’s fault though he hasn’t helped. There will be no one left to care by the end of the month.

  62. Regency, a few of us are here, and some are in D.C.

    and then……crazy thought, some could actually have something fun to do on a Friday night! 🙂

    not me though 😦

  63. It IS quiet here tonight. I’m kinda glad. I have a houseful of weekend guests and they have banned me from computers and political talk. Hah! I graciously said I’d clean up the kitchen.

    Charles, I noticed the US News article quotes a supporter as saying they want the hand signal to “take the world by storm.” Isn’t that just the adolescent attitude of so many Obots in a nutshell?

    Honestly, these people act as if this is a stunt on The Apprentice or some such PR schlock. It’s nothing about what a real presidency; it’s personality, competition, and looking good in a sound bite.

  64. I thought you might enjoy an episode of ‘ObamaTrons In Space’; the video is short.

  65. Contribution Details
    Date: August 08, 2008 9:49 PM CDT
    Contact: XXXXXXXX Ohio
    XXXXXXX, WA 98272
    Amount: $100.00

    Kick in, kids. One thing that we can do is make that debt disappear. Every little bit helps.

    Drinks to whoever has an empty glass, Rico, and send something over to MABlue and kbird special-like. Oh, and pour Charles a double.

  66. ot – have you all seen this graphic at NQ?


    Want t-shirt! Who can we get to do it?

  67. oops, scroll to the top of that link

  68. Thanks Ohio, perfect timing!

    Pull up a chair. How are you doing?

  69. I do have a bad feeling about the memos, though. This has to be Doyle, and it is surely designed to take air outta the balloon we’ve been floating.

    Frankly, I don’t care what they say. If Hillary calls B0 names, who could blame her? It won’t bother me at all to see her anger. But the timing is too suspicious to be anything other than trying to depress a floor vote.

  70. Today’s mom’s 43rd birthday. I’m in a foul mood and she keeps asking why, but I don’t feel like talking about it. I just bought us dinner and we rented videos. She’s watching “August Rush” in one room, but I’m watching “Lost Boys: The Tribe” in another room. I’d prefer to sleep, I think, or read “Good Omens,” or the new Lewis Black book.

  71. Do we know if Hillary herself has actually written any of these? I mean, not to put too fine a point on it, but given her history I’m not convinced she’d be so naive as to put anything hyper-sensitive into writing. Maybe Terry Mac or Howard Wolfson, but Hillary herself? Doubtful.

  72. KB:

    Ferchrissake! I didn’t see the capital offense you committed on the frontpage.

    You’re ordering a merlot? Somebody please help me.

    Didn’t you see Sideways?

  73. parentofed, I’m pretty sure that there are no memos from Hillary saying anything bad. First, it would be out of character and second, it would be headline news. They couldn’t sit on that once they were leaked.

    How could it take the air out of our balloon? Those memos won’t make Obama more electable. But, if they expose something the media hasn’t much mentioned, they might just make him LESS electable.

  74. KB: The guy’s already less electable than Big Bird. Is he now going to be less electable than Mr. Snuffalluffagus, the imaginary mammoth-thing?

  75. Sorry, MABlue, No — I never saw Sideways. And I just happen to like Merlot — boxed Merlot (giggling).

  76. What should I drink instead?

  77. Okay, just add to my wonderful and fullfilling life, I am dogsitting for my son this weekend. I have his boxer, Greta here. Took her for a walk and she tugged the leash because she spotted another dog, and I want leap frogging over her and banged my knee into the sidewalk. I am not only limping, but my knee is beginning to resemble Winston Churhill’s head!

    Icepack is helping, along with the Tylenol, but am aching!

  78. regency, I just said that as a talking point. The guy’s unelectable, full stop

  79. PofEd, what did you have for dinner?

    Given BZero’s penchant for releasing stuff on late Friday afternoon, I think there’s a certain stench over the memos and Edwards’ idiocy. Seems like things are conveniently happening whilst he’s on vacay and otherwise unavailable. It all smacks of Axelrove.

  80. Pat, are you holding a bag of frozen peas on it? And resting it on something elevated?

  81. Pat, ouch! Sorry about that — double up on the cosmo mix!

  82. Pat,

    I’m so sorry about your knee! Please be careful. Your son owes you bigtime.

  83. SOD: Believe me, I know that but it’s hard to elect someone imaginary.

  84. It’s been busy week. Sunday I’m helping to make banners for Hillary again, and then on Wed. we have our gathering to plan for the march in S.F.

    Can’t wait to hear about the D.C. gathering.

  85. It’s elevated and my daughter who is an RN just brought down one of those hot/cold packs. You are supposed to switch on and off with them. I felt like an idiot as there were two other people walking their dogs and down I went. But the dog is happy! Chewing on a toy as we speak.

  86. They are all over Obama tonight. Just what Axelrod wanted.

  87. Does pinot come in a nice box?

  88. Can’t have my Causmo since I just took the Tylenol. Otherwise I may heed Carol’s advice and start driving the car sans clothing and find myself driving to Washington just to see what the “gang” was up to. Prolix, want to ride shotgun?

  89. katiebird: You may very well be right, and it’s probably smart to assume your view until we know something different. I think it is just that we know Obama/Axelrod/Brazile play very dirty, and we know they would love to stop the calls for a roll vote in its tracks. Emails that show Hill in an unfavorable light could temporarily do that. Just something that gives her bad press here in the short time before the conventon. I’m thinking of Alice Palmer stuff, invalid names maybe planted on her petition, coming out too late for her to clear her name. That kind of thing.

    It is probably just a case of nerves on my part, and I will get a grip on them, and only think good thoughts for good karma.

  90. parentofed, Evil Katiebird is perfectly happy with Obama stopping a true roll call vote. It’s just that stubborn Katiebird that insists on the Democrats doing the right thing.

    If Obama and the DNC shut Hillary out of the process that openly then we’re gone from the party forever. Think of all the money we’ll save.

  91. Pat, sure. I have already been helping the environment by taking Carol’s advice — although not anxious about it, I’ve already been out 5 times helping save the planet.

    The only thing I must insist upon is that the heater works and we not turn on the air conditioner.

  92. Evil Katiebird liked the RBC meeting on May 31st too.

  93. Pat, a causmo would help. and if you have a jello pie in the freezer, put that on your knee. so sorry…your son owes you. but give Greta a hug, she was just doing what comes naturally.

  94. Prolix; My knee is killing me and I am laughing like a loon!! The dog is getting concerned.

  95. Let go of Greta’s leash!

  96. Greta is a cutie pie. Not her fault that I am an idiot and not holding the leash a little looser.

  97. Prolix, my daughter has taken the pledge at Good Foods Co-op in Lex for locovores, 80% food grown within 100 miles . So we grilled our own eggplant, sauteed our own zucchini & onions & garlic, added marinated artichokes and Lex pesto Harvarti and our own chopped heirloom tomatoes to WV Amish pasta. NC Duplin Co wine. Lots of nonlocal olives. Local baguettes. Local blackberries for a skillet blackberry cobbler.

    We’ve had an organic garden for more than 30 years.

  98. KB:

    The pinot noir suggestions are great.

    Keep the wine in a box for Evil KB because there is no such thing as wine in a box.

  99. PofEd, wow! Sounds like I need to have the leftovers! Rico, please — otherwise, I will have to drive for the 6th time via Carol’s prescription for saving the planet.

  100. “Those memos won’t make Obama more electable. But, if they expose something the media hasn’t much mentioned, they might just make him LESS electable”.

    Those are my thoughts as well. Again…the timing is curious.

  101. That was a good analysis of why those e-mails are being released on Monday. Anything to make Hillary look bad before the convention. She is sure to be booed and heckled by the Obots for whatever they contain. Supposed to be Mark Penn and Harold Ickes trading messages. You got to hand it to Axelrod for the sleaze factor. He makes Rove look like a choirboy.

  102. Without boxed wine there would be none in my house. I drink about 2 glasses a month. And It would all be vinegar by the next time I drank it.

    — Sorry…

  103. And also another good excuse for them to explain whey they did not choose her for vp. Like she wanted it anyway. I hate those people.

    Any tsunami’s heading toward Hawaii this week?

  104. katiebird, nothing like high-tech wine. What I would have given in college for industrial strength wine sippy boxes!

  105. The media REALLY hasn’t done the job this primary – there could be some real bad stuff that hasn’t been covered. I think Hillary understood the real rules where you don’t trash the other dems but try to look better without getting too dirty.

  106. Pat!, snort

  107. I never much cared for Merlot, I still like Chablis although my friends keep telling me it is so “yesterday”. Only yesterday I was dog free and my knee looked normal.

  108. Prolix, but in those days I didn’t need to preserve my wine for months at a time!

  109. “Aged” in my house is 3 days tops.

  110. Prolix, no leftovers! We ate on our deck, and it is a gorgeous evening here in KY.

    I am a decent cook, but I’m so lazy anymore. I mean, 30 years ago I was making my own tofu and soy milk and yogurt, but those days are gone. I like 3 ingredients to a dish, but my daughter is a fabulous cook. I never taught her a thing, she just walked in one day in high school and started cooking for boyfriends. Looked at cookbooks, she says.

  111. {{Pat}} I’m so sorry about your knee. But, I’m really glad your daughter was around to look at it. Knee injuries can knock you out for months if you aren’t careful.

  112. Okay, how soon can we expect to see Precious mincing through the waves in all his glory? I say they have pictures by Sunday latest.

  113. prolix: I saw those wine sippy-boxes today at Target. I had no idea!

    I guess I better get back to work. I have 3 loaner children that are tearing the house apart while I hide here at the computer. I also have a couple “permanent resident” children (yes, they are mine) who are helping with the search & destroy mission… I’m thinking all under 12 years should be in bed already.

  114. Because of my mom’s discount as an educator i was able to buy a new macbook discounted, get a free printer, and an ITouch (although I don’t know what that is.) With this new computer I will be able to do a lot more on here.

  115. PofEd, I’m still back here with the parents. It is a glorious evening. Your menu sounds delicious!

  116. katiebird; My son is a clinical pharmacist so I get my “supply” from them too. Very handy since they only live three houses down. The dog belongs to a son who live two streets over. Another so about 2 miles away and the last one in the Boston area. Except for him, you might say they never actually left home.

  117. Oh, Ben Cool! How does that discount work?

  118. maybe they leaked the edwards story to distract from obama’s vacation. sounds like thats what happened.

  119. well, do you want to know a secret katie?

  120. jj; Make them a big pitcher of Causmos. Works every time.

  121. I’m envious Pat, 2 of our kids live out of town now. And the middle one is in the process of moving out and into his own house. So we’re down to just mister, his mother and me in the house. Oh, and our son’s dog.

  122. jj, Target is on my list for tomorrow! With that many children searching and destroying, I say break out the Nyquil or find a small room with a lock on it and fill with pillows followed by the kids.

  123. 1. call up Apple store and you get a very friendly American who is very happy to help you and isn’t trying to screw you.
    2. if you or any member of your family is a teacher or educator you get all these discounts.
    3. i got a new macbook, ITouch, and printer, and a three year service agreement for $1450.
    4. i think you can just say you have a relative whose a teacher and they dont know the difference as long as you can give them a school district.

  124. Ben, YES!! I love secrets. Do you need my email? Or can you spill it here? 🙂

  125. katiebird; I’ve got to tell you, the peace and quiet is heavenly!

  126. Oh Ben, can you imagine? Hey guys, I’m going to be on vay-cay for a few days… why don’t you all go destroy a couple careers so those stupid msm freaks that follow me everywhere will stop trying to take pictures of me in my speedo.

    OK, I’ll go – the kids aren’t putting themselves to bed.

  127. excuse me, do regular html tags work here? like, the <a href=

  128. So ..it is quiet…but it does’nt have to be…whos going to Denver? Has anyone heard from DC and that group…i thought there would be an online chat somewhere?

  129. Pat, I hope there’s lots of pics of Obama in trunks with a bunch of young Obot girls holding onto him. Yeh, that would do it.

    BTW, the Sunday Parade magazine in my paper had a Q&A for Scarlett Johannson [sic], she was laughing about the email talk. Said it was nothing, said no one would have said anything about Clooney sending those emails. Really, Scarlett? You do see the difference, don’t you?

    Nice of the Parade to help cleanup for Obama; I thought they were so damn conservative. WTH?

  130. Hmmm. I’m a retired school employee….

  131. Okay, Edwards is on Nightline now if anyone is interested.

  132. My family’s watching the Olympics. Wonder what they’ll think when they see the still-dirty kitchen?

  133. Mary Beth: Mawm typed in earlier. Looks like they are finished with this session and some were going out to eat. Mawm had to pick Gary up from the airport. That’s all he said. More than likely something will be up tomorrow.

  134. I had an interesting conversation today with a new attorney where I work. he’s way different from all the other bigwigs in my company because he’s a liberal, and a democrat, and decorated his office with all kinds of stuff that indicated that. he’s also gay, openly, and it’s actually a little bizarre because I work for a compay dominated by right wing christian males. this is the south – we don’t have a lot of choice in that matter.

    anyway, this guy is different, and we talked today. he likes Hillary, but is actually a little surprised that people want to leave the party. he went on to tell me a lot about Alabama gubernatorial history, and just how f*cked up the democrats are and have been, but he said in all cases, they’re f*cked up but less f*cked than the republicans. he said that has bonded those in the south who will admit to being democrats to them – they’re slightly better than the alternative.

    I think I made a decent case for rejecting them, and he didn’t disagree with anything I said, but I know he was still thinking the republicans are worse. and I can’t disagree with that.

    this dumb and dumber thing sucks! don’t we deserve better than that?

  135. the only secret really is that they really dont check to see if you or a family member is a educator. there’s also a govt discount that i probalby qualified for, too. now some of that discount is in rebate form, but she told me the rebate is very simple and you just call a number and they credit it right to your credit card. its not a rebate that is so frustrating that you eventually give up.

  136. parentofed: And Scarlet is built like a brick you know what. Like he didn’t feel impressed enough to e-mail her. Sure. And Edwards is totally innocent. Uh huh.

  137. Sherry, yes regular HTML works. In fact the <a href=”link here”> format is the best way to NOT get caught in the spam filter when you post links.

  138. Katie I think you qualify!!!

  139. kiki: It is impossible to measure who is worse these days, the Repubs or the Dems. It bothers us because we thought we were so above it. To me they are equally rotten to the core. The DNC has made this the worst election pick imaginable. At least the other losers we had in the past had experience. The only thing this one can brag about is that he plays a good game of basketball. In that case, I am voting for Magic Johnson!

  140. For what it’s worth: Vantage Point is awesome.

  141. thank you, katiebird! you guys must see this!

    what is it?

  142. PUMA!!!!!!

  143. haha, of course, Pat! ain’t it grand??

  144. I agree with those who fell Obama & crew are “behind Edwards & Hillary’s lastest dust ups”!
    Patti S/D’s finger-prints are “all over it”!!
    Just think now that his Media “enablers” are busy ripping apart anyone else who could be called for nomination ( remember Edwards still has his too..);
    BO can rest in Hawaii & “figure-out” how to get himself a Birth Certificate to present!!
    I think Obama needs to “RELEASE HIS INTERNAL MEMOS”!!

  145. Apparently Steve Cohen beat Nikki Tinker in that primary in TN. She was the one who ran the ra*baiting ad accusing him of being sympathetic to the KKK. Seems that tactic did not work for her.

  146. Pat, yeah, what I think this guy was telling me (in a nice way) was that, being a yankee, I expected more from the democratic party, compared to expecting not a whole lot from them, just hoping they’d be a little better than the alternative.

    what I didn’t ask (due to the element of surprise) was why then would you support them and not demand an alternative

  147. SherryNC: It is ingenius! You have to look at it for a minute or two before it takes shape. Of course, that could be my Tylenol haze kicking in.

  148. Why is it that black leaders can scream bloody murder over any hint of racism, but women can’t even “mention” it when egregious, in your face sexism has occurred?

    Because….whenever one acknowledges that a problem exists, then you’ll have to deal with it and change it. Obviously those men who insist on women’s total silence on this issue don’t want to deal with it, much less change it.

    That’s exactly why we cannot give a free pass to the DNC or obama by uniting behind him in November. Sexism/Misogyny will never stop unless women take a stand and “just say no deal” to this blatant disregard for women being considered equals to men.

  149. This is for all the female members of our little growing bigger and bigger group.

    I saw this on nola.com’s st. bernard forum.

    I swear the Chinese will kill us w/out firing a shot. Lead in toys, junk in our pet foods, contaminated heparin… anyway here’s the latest:


  150. Kathleen Wynne: Because you can readily identify racism whereas with sexism, most parties are hardly aware that when they call a woman “babe” or “sweetie” how that can be misconstrued. But it is we women who have to change that. As long as we are willing to allow ourselves to be exploited for profit then this will never be erased.

    The alpha male will only concede if pushed.

  151. Pat, of course, people spoke up and defended Cohen and/or criticized Tinker. Even Emily’s List denounced the Tinker ad. The question is, why didn’t Democrats en masse defend the Clintons against racism? Very, very few said anything at all in their defense. This is one of the biggest reasons I’m so ashamed of the Democratic Party. Utterly ashamed.

  152. I’m fading, fading ….

    Sleep is calling me. Good night!

  153. Fredster: You have to marvel at the ingenuity though. I mean, picture a group of marketers sitting around a meeting and someone comes up with, “we can make a lot of money by threading condoms together and calling them headbands.” You have to hand it to them for creativity. Even if it means a worldwide plague the marketing department in this company is going to earn big bucks!

  154. katiebird: Me too. The Tylenol is beginning to kick in.

  155. parentofed: Agreed.

  156. Pat, as long as your knee is resembling Winston Churchiil (so sorry about that! ) we might as well remember some words of his:

    Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never–in nothing, great or small, large or petty–never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.

  157. I saw a few minutes of that show that comes on NBC in the afternoon with Kathie Lee Gifford. Don’t know the name. But she & the other woman [Hoda?] were discussing possible r*cism by Loreal against Beyonce. Something about Loreal showing Beyonce not only in lighter hair, but making her skin lighter. Loreal denied it lightened her skin.

    To her credit, Gifford seemed to think the whole thing was dumb. Jeez, I hope everybody in the country gets accused of r*cism. I hope Markos & Arianna & Cafferty & the whole friggin country gets branded & sees what it’s like.

  158. kiki: Soaring words from a great orator.

  159. Pat, I guess they look like scrunchies? I was trying to describe one to a hairdress at the shop today with my mom and, not using them personally, had a difficult time doing it. Anyway she was appalled and I said all my friends I’d sent it to said they were going to use bobby pins or rubber bands for their hair. I kinda have some doubts about the rubber bands now! 😆

  160. Good Night, Pat! Please take care of yourself and baby the knee.

  161. Speaking of that moron Cafferty, he was discussing the Edwards situation and was oh so kind about Elizabeth and what a wonderful woman she is and how they were a team and if she forgives him she is so terriffic, yada, yada, yada.

    This is the same a**hole who climbed all over Hillary and Bill and their troubles and put her down so completely during the campaign. I hate these people. Duplicitous.

  162. katiebird: I may never dance again. Oh well.

  163. Off to bed. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s post from the Washington DC PUMAs.

  164. I haven’t read the thread yet, but just dropped down here to say HI. You’ll probably all be gone by the time I get to the bottom of the thread!

  165. The e-mails might be about what Hillary truly feels about O; might contradict her recent statements that she does indeed want to see Obama win; in which case, it might just give her the reason to stop campaigning for him. This is good. At least, not help O have any chance of winning. For those who support her, knowing what she really feels about O , it only strengthens support for her.

  166. Cafferty needs to be de-caffed. I hoped he would be sent to China to cover the Olympics and the Chinese would find a hole in the Great Wall about his size that needed to be plugged.

  167. included on an earlier post that someone had suggested that we could save on energy if we all drove naked and inserted a video of some guy doing just that.

    She even offered to host a party here tonight with that as a theme.

  168. Cafferty is just like that crazy griping asshole that gets in front of you at the pharmacy; someone that says anything he wants without any regard to decency or reason. I guess CNN thinks that cute or witty, but Cafferty is not clevery or funny or insightful. He’s just somebody ranting & raving, hell, any of us could do a better job than he.
    Even Andy Rooney is way funnier and smarter than Cafferty and he doesn’t grind a political axe. CNN should be embarrassed by Caffety instead of promoting him.

  169. PofEd, Mitch has even called in the 527s to run ads against Lundsford. He must be really nervous.

  170. I don’t think these memos are being put out to hurt BZero, the media doesn’t do that. These memos are being put out to help him and sink the Clintons once for all.

    I think the goal is to show how poor nice Barack has to suffer at the hands of those Evil Clintons.

  171. OK 4 out of 5 children are now in bed! I’m too tired for wine.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Cafferty smile or even have a remotely pleasant look on his face. He looks surly all the time – a real downer no matter what.

    In Elizabeth’s situation, even the rudest rat bastards are coming to her defense. If she didn’t have cancer, I’m sure they would slam her the same as any other wife.

  172. Mitch IS worried, and he should be. Mitch should have disentangled himself from Bush a wee bit; he made a ton of speeches saying things like there’s no greater friend to GW than he is. He didn’t seem to catch the winds of change soon enough.

    I saw where Lunsford is referring to those hounds Mitch used against Dee Huddleston.

    The only thing that may save Mitch is an Obama presidential run.

  173. Well I never thought he had them anyway. No surprises there!

  174. It is open season on Democrats. Fine with me. However, I don’t think the Clintons will go down easy. Big Dawg least of all.

  175. PofEd, I agree, BZero running will ensure road block Mitch will stall any and everything for the next 4 years no matter who is elect Pres. — Mitch and McCain have never gotten along either. Mitch always has his second career to fall back on — stunt double for Chunky.

  176. Prolix, if Obama is the nominee, and if it looks like he might win, I would have to think twice about voting for Lunsford. My one consolation to an O POTUS would be Mitch, making life miserable for O. Mitch is a whole lot smarter and more effective than most of the Dems, sad to say.

    Shhh! The hubby despises Mitch with a passion. He wouldn’t speak to me for a week if he thought I didn’t try to DitchMitch.

  177. Prolix, funny thing. You know Mark Nicholas of the defunct BGR? He was totally against a Lunsford candidancy [too conserv, business ties, endorsed Fletcher], but I don’t know that any other Dem would be doing as well right now, including Stumbo.

  178. Mitch would make life a holy hell for BZero if he were to win (help us all). It would be fun to watch old Harry and Nancy disassemble for 4 years.

  179. With Lundsford’s money, I don’t know anyone who could compete like he is.

  180. How sad is it that we’re actively plotting against Democrats–that they deserve that sort of treatment. They need to be brought down several pegs, all of them.

  181. good evening to all, so sorry I am so late tonight.

  182. I thought you never took it off!

  183. The DNC needs to fall and fall hard and get back to being the party of the people and not the party of the extremist.

  184. Evening Kim.

  185. If you guys are talking about Mitch McConnell you’re right. He was probably praying for Obama to get the nod because that was the only way he could stay in the Senate.

    The polls showed that Hillary is so popular in KY that her coattails would have carried the Dem Senate candidate to victory. With Obama, Mitch was winning comfortably.

  186. MABlue, yes, it is our contribution to the world of Howdy Doody look-a-likes. There was a poll out last week with McCain leading BZero by 21% in KY. If Hillary was leading the ticket, Mitch would be in a world of hurt.

  187. I repeatedly wrote Chandler & Mongiardo & never received a response. Before the primary Chandler said well, yes, polls show Hillary winning Kentucky, but that’s because we know the Clintons and like them, so that’s to be expected. Then he said some crap about how we need to put aside any bias and come out for Obama.

    Isn’t this absolutely idiotic? A Dem US Rep says we have a candidate that we know and like & we know and like her husband, so here’s what we need to do: go someone else! I swear, this has got to be the dumbest political strategy I’ve ever heard.

  188. Memos — PSD was my first thought too. I bet she’s in every ‘To:’ line.

    I think it’s a last ditch to create an irrefutable argument of no Clinton VP. The number of people already squealing about ‘how could he ever ever ever pick her when she said such means things like he has no experience? Waaaaaaaah’ is incredible.

    If Penn’s in most of them, well, he was fired so who cares.

    But I’m curious why, if there are 200 memos, why only 130 being released? What do the other 70 contain, info that could actually hurt Obama? We couldn’t have that, could we Atlantic?

  189. Truly a strategy straight from the “Ripping Defeat from the Jaws of Victory” handbook. It ensures no change in the House seats and Mitch’s re-election — beyond me.

  190. ok has anyone else heard about the new Obama salute that he will be giving at the convention? Laura Ingram was talking about it on her show today. Apparently you will gather your hands together and form an O with your hands above your head.

  191. hey guys….finally made it to the hotel, and I’m straight off to bed. Its so late I haven’t even met anyone yet….oh well, we’ll check in tomorrow. night everyone!!

  192. Valhalla: Because those 70 others actually provide context and god forbid we should have any of that.

  193. Night Gary!

    I’m off to bed too.

  194. ‘Nite Gary and Mawm! We are looking forward to hearing about the meeting tomorrow. Thanks!

  195. Good night, peeps.

  196. Gary, Mawm, enjoy the weekend!

  197. ‘nite regencyg, hope you feel better tomorrow 🙂

  198. Oh, before I run off for real…

    There is a post on TL with a link to a Michael Moore suggestions to obama on how to loose this election (something like that). I guess he wrote a book or something.

    1. anyone still up should check it out.
    2. you will notice all the corrections obama would need to make to not loose would get him to act more like Hillary.

    Why did Michael Moore endorse obama when Hillary would already stand for the important liberal positions AND can fight? What is that great phrase from (I think) Lambert? Stupid should hurt?

  199. If her campaign is only suspended, how come they get to put the memos out? Doesn’t anyone want to know who sclepped them over there?

  200. Yeah, I think those emails are meant to destroy Hill. Edwards news hits, then the emails, all while BO is off on vacation.

  201. There are two likely sources of those memos: Patti Solis-Doyle or Mark Penn. Everyone else would be really stupid to do it depending on what they contain.

  202. I don’t know if they’d openly go so far as destroying her (that’s what the remaining 70 are for). I think they want to discredit her. Why else build up the tension to Monday? Though I have to ask who does this during the Olympics?

    It seems so incredibly bold. I know that guy is a bold-faced fraud, but this smacks of inside ugliness.I don’t know; they’ve already sown mad wickedness, what good can come of this?

  203. Obama has done inside ugliness his entire political career.

  204. Someone at the top mentioned cults. This much cognitive dissonance is a cult. Nothing adds up. The sociologist Leon Festinger said cults manipulate thoughts, behaviors or emotions to minimize cognitive dissonance in their followers. In this case, they manipulated emotions about racism and post-racial transcendence.

  205. jjmtacoma and masslib (since I’ve seen you on talkleft before): I just wanted to let you guys know that I was kicked off of TalkLeft today. In a post about John Edwards’ affair, I mentioned that the DNC and netroots did a horrible job of vetting candidates and that while Edwards was hiding an affair, Obama was also hiding Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Ayers, and Rezko. That was the last comment I made before logging off for the rest of the day. I just logged onto talk left and I guess I’ve been banned. The hundreds of comments I’ve made over the last eight months or so have been deleted and I am unable to post any comments. I didn’t even think my comment was that controversial but I guess for Obamabots, mentioning Jeremiah Wright is crossing the line. I have now lost all respect I had for Jeralyn. I had lost some respect after she became and Obama cheerleader but banning me after I’ve made hundreds of valid and respectable comments just because I mention Jeremiah Wright, Ayers and Rezko in connection to Edwards not being vetted is ridiculous. Talkleft and Jeralyn is just another Taylor Marsh in disguise. Don’t even go there.

    donnadarko: The Democrats, including those who were former Hillary supporters, who are cheerleaders for Obama are seriously acting like it’s a cult. What happened to me at TalkLeft is proof of that. Jeralyn and Taylor Marsh call it the unity train but there is no such thing as unity when these people make PUMAs feel like sh*t or nonexistent. It makes me so mad and even more determined to make sure that Obama does not win the general election.

  206. Hey, all! I am almost incommunicado in France for a while and the Confluence is blocked from my spouse’s blackberry. I’m in severe withdrawal! Just tried to catch up on posts at Internet cafe. I miss everyone. PUMA!

  207. Morning…nothing much happening today…

    I wonder if for the convention, they will have Pelosi (or Dean or Donna) flying in the air with ropes…while the SD’s re-enact the glorious history of the D party in the stage, a la Olympics in Beijing…. Just a thought….

  208. How about a reenactment of gulivars travels?
    The liliputens dean-brazille-pelosi- and backtrack could try to tie down President Clinton and Senator Clinton.



  209. Good Morning everybody,

    I came to realize after the Hillary “chat” the other day, that we are all so very vulnerable emotionally right now, because we can clearly see how dangerous these times are, and how we have so little direct influence we have on the political and economic situation in the US. We are aware of how much conniving and manipulation there is behind closed doors, and we know that we have so little influence.

    I am not in DC and not enjoying the camaraderie that Mawm described last night. Not immersed in the security that being in a physical environment with many other intelligent, politically aware people feels like, I nevertheless am forcing myself to place my emotions aside and try to take a centered attitude to everything.

    I have made a conscious decision that I will not allow every public display of family heartbreak and humiliation, like the Edwards’ situation, and every public display of political subservience and humiliation like Hillary’s situation send me on an emotional amusement park-ride that robs me of time and energy. Even the Olympics, the war in Georgia, etc., etc., etc. Watching TV will go toward relaxing me not upsetting me.

    I am in charge of my mind, my thoughts, my emotions, and every spark of energy that my thoughts produce will go toward helping all of us correct and straighten those things that are evil behind those close doors, in whatever way I can, and so that we can get this country back on the right track again.

  210. shhhhhh, O is on vacation….

  211. Get a box of kleenex and go over to Alegre’s Corner to see: She Still Needs Us.

    Donate, Donate, Donate!

  212. Hillary Clinton, the best of what America has to offer and we are left with the worst possible candidate as our possible nominee. It defines incredulity to think that she was pushed aside in favor of the jerk that will possibly end up with the nomination. Unbelievable.

  213. Just caught a peek at the opening night of the Olympics. They outdid themselves in spectacle. They may have borrowed this theme from the Obama campaign and Denver. Look for the same hoopla playing out as soon as he delivers his acceptance speech. All hype, little substance.

  214. Funny thing about the comments following HRC online chat…I went back today and read them, and they’ve been editted. Posts removed, and some posts added. I was there from the begining…I know what the comments were.

    There is a MUCH stronger theme now about her name being put on rollcall, then there was intitally.

    Something tells me, the chat was designed to make HRC’s case for putting her name in stronger.

  215. Folks – I was not able to go to the conference here in DC, but I have to tell you the weather has welcomed the PUMAs. Most beautiful, beautiful weather since yesterday. Today looks like it will be even better. Hope they are having fun and being productive.

  216. OK, Carol – thanks for the heads up about the box of kleenex.

    Contribution Details
    Date: August 09, 2008 8:50 AM EDT
    Contact: Delphyne
    New Jersey
    Amount: $20.08

  217. Who takes a ten day vacation in the middle of a presidential campaign? That’s why I think Obama’s campaign is behind both the Edwards sag and the Clinton memos. He’s staying out of town while his campaign dumps all the dirt they have.

  218. Just came from TM (I know, I know). Scan has a video up of H in Nevada…..ummmhhhhh.

    Yup, H is a D all right.

  219. masslib: It is too much of a coincidence to assume that these stories were put out there while he is windsurfing in Hawaii, essentially out of reach of any blowback. Add the Olympics into the mix and he walks free. I hope someone has something big on him that they won’t hold back. He deserves it. Slimebucket.

  220. What do you mean, she’s a D? What’s the point over at TM? She’s supporting BO? Ok, we all know that. Are we supposed to be awed into falling in line?

  221. Pat, I am physically ill about these emails because it’s 100% obvious that the BO campaign is behind it. Meanwhile, they have her out campaigning for the jerk all week.

  222. hey is anyone on the radio show?

  223. Hi PUMAs
    Just stumbled upon this terrific quote at Nobama Network according to the Nevada Rally

    MY 15 SECONDS WITH HILLARY by Angelo Kanis …When Senator Clinton finished her speech the crowd again erupted as she walked down the steps and started to talk to people in the crowd along the security railing. She took the time to speak with people not just brush by them with a handshake and a smile. When she got to where I was standing I shook her hand and asked her to please put her name into nomination for the convention in Denver. Senator Clinton looked right at me and said “We are definitely taking it to a vote”. When I asked if she had gotten the 300 signatures she needs on the petition, the senator again looked me right in the eye and said “We are taking it to a vote”. I thanked her for all she has done and she thanked me for my support. It was a brief conversation, about 15 seconds, but its one I will never forget.

    Read the whole story at http://www.nobamanetwork.com/

    Keep fighting the good fight 🙂

  224. Bernie Mac Dead!

  225. Bernie Mac has died at age 51.

  226. Wow, that’s sad. He was soooo young.

  227. Karolina NYC, on August 9th, 2008 at 7:41 am Said:

    Exactly but we do have power and choice we are the largest demographic in the Electorate and in the Dem Electorate that the rules were rigged by a non diverse non representative Rulz committee is yes shame on us, we were not watching or maybe not doing our part. But if we combine with either Obama or McCain they win if we do not they lose, period, and many why emotional from breaking with the group think will emerge as a more powerful Independent force in the country and that’s good. Just think PUMA former Dems refused to put another Bush like candidate in the White House because he was just a Dem, that’s powerful that’s participation in governance that’s all good, how many more Americans and Iraq’s would be alive today if the Republican Base would have been that brave, tens of thousands is the answer.

  228. what do you think the chances are that Bambi will cut short his luau and go to the funeral of someone who stumped (and stumbled) for him?

  229. Or to hold a NATO meeting over the Ruso-Georgian conflict, which may hike gas prices.

  230. Great thoughts, Salt. Your words give me a big lift.

    I’m off to the farmers market soon, where I may be inspired to taunt the nice folks manning the BO booth. Naww.

  231. I agree with you Salt. I just feel that McCain is still a Republican, though, admittedly, not as strongly a Republican as Obama. ;-(

  232. Katie,

    You CHILL yourb Merlot? *shudders*

    Let it breathe at room temperature for hour, if possible, that way you get all the fruity flavours!

  233. Ram, I’ve waited more than 12 hours for someone to ask this!!

    NO — I don’t even chill beer. I drink it at air-conditioned room temperature. 🙂

  234. Get a box of kleenex and go over to Alegre’s Corner to see: She Still Needs Us. Donate, Donate, Donate!

    She’s a hostage. No self-respecting feminist wouldn’t be depressed in her situation.

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