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Tom Vilsack Doesn’t Get It. (Heh heh, I said Vilsack.)

Well, well, well. Isn’t this interesting.

Will Bower was just on Neil Cavuto’s show. He did us proud – explaining why we want Hillary’s name in nomination and why Senator Obama is unacceptable to us. (Let’s say the word “flip-flop” was prominently used.) Will said that under no circumstances would he vote for Barack Obama, and neither would most PUMAs. 

Then, Governor Tom Vilsack was on to respond.

He basically said, “No no everything is fine we are going to have unity Hillary is supporting Obama Bill loves Obama everything is beautiful and there will be no trouble at the Convention la la la la la I can’t hear you!”

Cavuto asked many pointed questions, but the response was always the same.

“Awwwww, those poor little Clinton supporters. They’re upset. They’ll get over it when they realize how great Obama is on the issues and how much better things will be when Obama is President.”

Is this guy fucking kidding me? I am starting to think that there is brain eraser in that Kool-Aid.

Hello, Democratic Leaders? YOUR CONSTITUENTS ARE TALKING TO YOU. Why aren’t you listening? What is wrong with you?

Our problems with Obama are based on the issues. We are not Republicans who go crazy because we are afraid Obama is not Christian enough to keep all the little zygotes from being murdered in their wombs. We don’t care if his middle name is “Hussein” and we don’t think he is a secret Muslim being brainwashed by Angela Lansbury to murder all the white people in their sleep. For Jeebus’ sake, WAKE UP! We don’t think Obama will be a good President because he is a liar, a total opportunist who will betray anyone and everyone in order to gain power and prestige. He has no beliefs. He has no principles. He loves himself more than should be humanly possible. And, he’s being financed by huge corporate interests who have no desire to rock their financial boats.

In short, he reminds us of George W. Bush.

All I can say is, if you think this Convention is going without a hitch, Mr. Sock Puppet Vilsack, you are out of your freaking mind. And if you do manage to nominate Oba-moi, please know that he will never, EVER be President of the United States. You and your pathetic, elitist comrades-in-Unity(TM) will be going down in flames.


133 Responses

  1. AMEN, madamab!

  2. I can’t believe I fell asleep right in front of the TV and missed Will! Aaaarrrrggggghhhh! Thanks for the brief recap. Hopefully someone will be posting clips soon.

  3. Hee hee! That was the first time I’ve ever watched Cavuto’s show.

    Will was really great.

  4. Will was great!

    Obama looked worried on the plane, and the Obasockpuppet just had a mess of a script to work with.


  5. If this is how our Democratic “leaders” deal with problems – just dismissing them or hoping they’ll go away – no wonder Congress has been so weak since they took over.

    I am seriously pissed and totally unimpressed.

  6. Does anyone know if Will has talked to “Paul”?

  7. Aw, madama, the One sayeth:

    “I don’t think we’re looking for catharsis. I think what we’re looking for is energy and excitement,” he said.

    WORM – take another hit from the hope bong and you’ll get that adrenaline rush you want and need. Issues? Issues – we don’t need no stinkin’ issues.

    He doesn’t understand the rush he’ll get when he does go down in flames at warp speed.

  8. that’s the beauty of hillary’s strategy. her hands are clean. why,just today she had a webchat with her supporters urging them to get behind obama. butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth 😉

    in other news: we’re “those people” now. that’s what obama referred to us as on the plane today.


  9. Delphyne –

    Oba-moi is dumber than a sack of rocks. He has never been seriously opposed before.

    He is about to experience the sting of massive defeat. And honestly, I’m almost at the point where I’ll vote for McCain just to make New York a little harder for him to take.

  10. I really think they hear us but they do not care, not one bit, not an iota.

    BO doesn’t care because at this point, he will still go down in history at the first black nominee. If he is a true narcissis (is that spelled right)? He will not want to lose, but will definitely have a place in all the history books.

    Another reason they don’t care is because it will be our fault or Hillary’s for not getting her people in line.

    1. The DNC nominates the first black nominee.
    2. Barry makes the history books.
    3. It is all Hillary’s and our fault.

    Hence, just aren’t they grrrreat!

  11. campskunk – that’s the way I see it too. Fiddle-dee-dee, she is as innocent as a new-born babe!


  12. “Dont look behind that curtain!!” ,spake the Great Prevaricator. Who ya gonna believe? Me or your lyin eyes? (I’ll trust my lyin eyes on this one. )

    The Great Ozbama might be green behind the ears,but we will all be raptuously joyous when he dispenses “change” instead real money. Just you wait and see.

  13. Besides we are “those people”, which to me means we have to be considered to be the r@cists, who won’t vote for him.

    Those people my ass.

  14. I totally hate the way this whole selection has gone and the repetition of lies until they are taken as truth. Geez…there have been dozens of books written on this stuff, both fiction and non-fiction. Why are we the only ones seeing this?

  15. Oba-moi is just pissed off because he asked us on a date and we turned him down.

    Now, he’s overcompensating to save face. “Yeah, she wasn’t that hot anyway. Didja see her thighs?”

  16. Speaking of my ass…before I vote Obama I will parade around with a McCain bumper sticker plastered to the aforementioned portion of my anatomy…alas, there is room aplenty.

  17. Ms. Marple – There is room aplenty here as well. It will take some time for Oba-moi to kiss MY ass! 🙂

  18. I wonder if the shoe were on the other foot, Obama would be having
    a lovely web blog with his supporters, urging them to rally behind the
    nominee. NOT! He would be screaming to high heaven that the super delegates were going to decide the election and that he had won the key
    primary states, she gamed the caucuses, her delegate lead represented 1.1. million voters in
    caucus states whereas his represented 34.5 million voters in primary states, he was forced to suspend, his voters were told by AP that she had quit while
    the last primaries were in progress, he had been outspent 3 and 4 to 1 and still was winning, she was sinking as he was rising. Because he was black and she was a Clinton,
    the Democratic leaders came out in orchestrated force everytime he won and told him
    to quit in no uncertain terms. He was supposed to bow out after Iowa. Now be
    good Obamabots and cross your legs and cheer my opponent. She is the presumptive nominee until the supers seal the deal, and now we can all
    just clap in unison and vote for her and not allow our name to be even
    nominated. Why bother?

    Sound realistic? Senator Clinton did say, “What if the shoe were on the other foot?” Indeed, what if? We have been Alice Palmered.

  19. Or you could do what I plan to do, Ms. Marple. I’m just going to put it on my car right next to my Hillay bumper sticker.


  20. Isn’t it just wonderful how even the mention of the name Clinton can jump start a slow news cycle? And isn’t it just dreadful that the “first black man ever to win a major party’s presidential nomination” can suck the life out of the excitement of what should be a “sure-fire” victory? Makes you wonder how we got here, doesn’t it?

  21. CB you nailed it.

  22. CB – Yes we have. We all know The One can’t win without cheating.

    Too bad the Democratic Party leadership is too blind, complacent and/or bought off to notice.

  23. I put the wrong URL in my last post. Ooops, my bad.
    I’m at http://cinie.wordpress.com, in case anybody’s interested.

  24. Cinie – I used to be excited about Obama.

    Then I got to know him better.

  25. Madamab all that you have written is so very true. Obama is a morally bankrupt human being that seems to relish his caricature status. That the DNC refuses to acknowledge this is absurd.

  26. This seems plain enough, madamab:

    We don’t think Obama will be a good President because he is a liar, a total opportunist who will betray anyone and everyone in order to gain power and prestige. He has no beliefs. He has no principles. He loves himself more than should be humanly possible. And, he’s being financed by huge corporate interests who have no desire to rock their financial boats.

    In short, he reminds us of George W. Bush.
    Which part of that are we supposed to get over?

  27. yes when he finally had to defend Obama’s electability argument from the hemorrhaging of PUMA’s with the promise of those invisible Others that Obama supposedly brings the Party…..hahahahaha ……..remember Jonathan Alters we don’t need no stinking women and Axelrod’s and Daschle’s Obama will be elected by his coalition of Independents and Republicans not democrats, and Kerry the old guard has no say get out of the way, ,……When even Kerry did better in these two groups….

    Ok I personally have never been an Edwards fan always though, actually like Obama there was something hidden empty fake, that I would not respect but, Fowler remember him, says he can’t come to the Convention unless he addresses the reported girlfriend and baby…McClatchy has the story

  28. Madamab, I love your take on things, but, you know, I never got Obuhbuhbuh. The best I could ever say about him was, “yeah, okay, now what?” Since there was never any great follow up, there was never anything for me to get excited about. Still isn’t.

  29. Cinie – I thought he made a great speech in 2004…;-)

  30. madamab — OK – THAT IS TOO F’ing FUNNY

  31. Something is up….Tom Vilsack & wife were just traveling with Bill C. in Africa …

    Vilsack was my early favorite –he dropped before it even started– but after the HRC Iowa’s loss (Vilsack as supposed to have a good organization for her there and be still “loved”) I got disappointed.
    Then on the final weeks someone reported Vilsack said it was over for HRC (this was BEFORE the last primaries, I think that either the same day of PuertoRico or about then).

    I don’t understand why the HRC and her alledged political supporters are running scared little rabbits with Obama and the DNC machine…

    Why Vilsack would do tis when he is not an elected official and has nothing to lose or gain??

    It makes NO sense to me.

  32. I’m very disappointed in Edwards, but I don’t think a love child is any harder to bear than staying 20 years in a church with a crazy preacher yelling God D*mm America, disrespecting Hillary, and hateful comments about whites . I don’t care how liberal and tolerant Democrats try to be about it, it’s indefensible, and that’s the day Obama should have resigned for the good of the Party. That he didn’t tells me bundles about both him & the DNC

  33. whoops, did I just say “…love child is harder to bear…”; I think I could have said that better

  34. Robin: Do you have doubts or concerns about Paul? I’m just asking because I’ve read on other blogs that he said too much last night on the PUMA radio show. I wasn’t expecting any surprises with today’s web chat with Hillary which is why I didn’t participate. But I really don’t know if Paul knew what he was talking about or if most of what he said was just a lot of speculation and wishful thinking. Anyway, I think that once Hillary finds out what he said last night that she might want to have a talk with him because he is definitely spilling the beans on info that she probably doesn’t want to be floating out here on the internet.

  35. Chuck Todd just said that we were supporting an illusion that Hillary had a chance of winning after Feb.5 and she did not.

    Therefore, we were frauded by the DNC. We need to find a way to file criminal charges.

  36. Parent, I totally agree with you. If Edwards has a girlfriend and if they have a child, that is between him and Elizabeth. But to ban him from the convention, when the damn presumptuous nominee has terrorist friends, a minister that damns the very country he is trying to represent, and trusts the judgment of Rezko, it is beyond amazing.

  37. Carol – Of course Hillary had a chance of winning. The SuperDelegates could have picked her at the Convention.

    Chuck Todd is lying, as usual.

  38. I could fit a McCain sticker or two on my ass.

    Hell…the McCain Ass Brigade could become a movement unto itself.

  39. Rod, on August 7th, 2008 at 5:15 pm Said

    well it could be she wants to be ready after the fall….so far the polling show that Dems believe she is being a good little girl so she probably wants that to be maintained……and that could be why the Repug Trolls are out Camaflaouged as Obama Trolls tearing her down trying to inflame folks the tell is jsut watch the loons on Fox today. Even Donna Brazile aka Clinton Swift Boater didn’t take the isn’t Hillary a demanding btch bate today all flowers and kisses on CNN..

  40. Rod: This is politics. I am not expecting Hillary or her surrogates to say anything bad about Obama and the DNC. I’m expecting Bill to be the first person to come forward after the election to discuss the race baiting that went on during the primaries. He’s going to be attacked for it like Geraldine Ferraro who I expect to also be one of the first people to come forward after the election.

    For now PUMAs and other Democrats and Independents against Obama are on their own. There is nothing Hillary can do or say about this situation. Her hands are tied just like anyone else who wants a future in the Democratic Party.

    But I wouldn’t get depressed over this. I am sure that Hillary and Bill are planning for what happens after the election. Hillary is planning to have an active and powerful role in the Democratic Party either in the Senate or as a candidate in 2012. We just need to be patient and focus on defeating Obama in November.

  41. Kim:
    Delilah Boyd had a funny a couple of days ago. She showed the logo of the Democratic Pary – a donkey Kicking Ass – and she said something like, well, who knew they meant kicking members of their own party.

  42. wow, Madam, you said that better than I ever could. I have no idea what Hillary and Bill are thinking. What they are doing is infuriating everyone. And that I guess is a good thing.

  43. And here is another quotable quote from the One which I found on HillBuzz, with the video. The man is an idiota. He was asked by a child why he was running for President.

    “America, uh, is, is no longer, uh, what it could be, what it once was, and I say to myself, I don’t want that future for my children.” – Barack Obama, August 7, 2008 Indianapolis, Indiana

  44. ben carlson – Thank you! 🙂

    But personally, I am not mad at Hillary and Bill. They’re doing what they have to do. I’m mad at people like Tom Vilsack, who should know better, and Howard Dean, and Pelosi, and Reid, and all the other Democratic j*ck@sses.

    I really think they believe that Obama is going to win Colorado, Virginia and Florida so he doesn’t need us. It’s just so pathetic.

  45. Parent you aren’t kidding. I go from sad to downright depressed, then madder than hell in a matter of seconds.

  46. Chuck Todd is a moron along with the rest of the cast of MSNBO. Watching anything on that channel is a waste of time. Since I quit cold turkey last December, my blood pressure has thanked me profusely. If I want political analsys, I consult my dogs. They seem to know more than anyone on MSNBO.

  47. I will have to end my posts now with



  48. Maybe I should have sent that quote to the Super D yesterday who said Barry was so “”””””inspirational”””””””, (sprinkling fairy dust around inspirational.)

  49. Have you seen McCain’s new web ad, Democrats Praising McCain? I’m starting to love McCain’s ads. They are very clever. Hopefully Hillary doesn’t take the heat for what she says in the ad 😉

  50. Delphyne – Huh? (What the h*ll is he talking about?)

  51. madamab, you are brilliant.

  52. Thanks for the rundown – I had missed it. I wonder if they really believe what they say or they just act feather headed? There was a character on Mad TV who was going la-la-la fingers in the years.
    Also, No Quarter has an entry with some numbers for how many views McCain ads get compared to B0’s.

    –> McCain’s video channel comes in 5th. Its 230 videos have been viewed by 1,155,207 people this week.

    –> BarackObamadotcom’s video channel comes in 36th. Its 1,079
    videos have been viewed by 364,351 people this week.

  53. DisenfranchisedVoter – After seeing McCain’s Courage video, I went to McCain’s you tube. I found his ads to be very well done. They all seems to be clever, moving and humble. He does have a great media team. That is one of the reasons (of course PUMAs and Obama’s own hubris are also part of it) why anyone that thinks Obama is a “shoo in” is delusional.

  54. DV, she already has.

    I can’t believe they didn’t add in that in 2004, Kerry actually asked McCain to be his VP before he asked Edwards.

    People should know that John Kerry thought McCain would be a better president than John Edwards.

    Kindof tough smearing McCain now, but they’ll try, because they are amazing HYPOCRITES!

  55. I agree – Will Was Great! We just need to keep saying WE WILL NOT VOTE FOR HIM and counter all that “they’ll fall in line” and “we don’t need them” BS. Oh Frak me! that guy was so full of shit. The DNC has no CLUE how many PUMAs are out in America (not on the internet).

    “If we keep telling them they’ll fall in line – their friends will and then they will….because nobody talks to anybody else anymore – we hope!”

    I hope that all those elected officials out there believe this crap because if Gumby is nominated, he will be defeated and maybe they will all drop dead from the shock in November and if not, when they are voted out of office by PUMA, we’ll see the last of their sorry behinds!!!

    :::stripes rippling:::::

  56. I agree with you, DisenfranchsedVoter. If (I’m too nervous to say When) Obama loses the election, there will be such a resounding I-told-you-so from Bill. Dean and Brazile will be fired, and the Clintons will regain their leadership roles. In the meantime Hillary has to be a good soldier. I expect her to do what is required on Obama’s behalf but not one bit more.

  57. Thank you, Mawm. [blush]

    I agree that McCain’s media shop is much better than Obama’s. His ads are effective and to the point. Clearly, he takes the PUMAs quite seriously. He is not arrogant to think that his base is enough to win him the election.

    That DNC/Moveon.org “Sorry Mom” ad was just atrocious. Targeted to energize the faithful, not convert the doubtful.

  58. I attended a lovely PUMA party last night. We are everywhere!

  59. There appears to be more and more doubtful being born by the minute. The DNC/Moveon.org are giving Democrats a bad name.

  60. MSNBO is a joke as a news station. I guess if you’re an Obot, you like it, but no one could take it seriously as news.

    No doubt most of it can be explained by the GE nuclear plant money buy, but I wonder if MSNBO didn’t try to go as far from FNC as possible, thinking they would tank in this post-Bush era. They’re not only corrupt, but dumb as hell.

  61. I can’t speak for the rest of you, but I am getting tired of being kicked around like a soccer ball. All I hear now is what Obama “needs to do” to get us back. What Obama needs to do is announce that he is in over his head, that his ra*ce baiting and sexism campaign is wrong for the country, and that he intends to go back to the Senate and gain some actual experience before he makes another run for it.

    Until then, I refuse to second guess this “chess game” we have been forced to play. In, out, up, down, yes, no, maybe, could be, he said, she said. I am tired of being referred to as a deadender, a low information voter, a ra*cist, a whiner, a scold, and old lady, and one of “those people”. I will take my mantle of irrelevance and stay home.

    Just conclude that I am just another one of “those people” who has reached a level of burnout.

  62. Word, PJ!

    Must go now. Be excellent to each other!


  63. Rush Limbaugh was spewing about something Obama said yesterday in Indiana. He was answering a question from a 7 year old girl about why he wants to be president and he said something to the effect of “American isn’t what it should be or used to be.” And again Rush just ripped on him for saying something like that when he and his family have had so many opportunities. Then I thought of this McCain ad which I always thought could be an add for Hillary and her supporters. It really tells how I felt during the final primaries and how we should think going towards Denver. And ads like this are why Obama will lose:

  64. Great rant, madamab! I love it.

    If you’re feeling inspired right now maybe you could work up a mini play with the “unscripted” Hillary web chat. Plenty of ranting please. Makes me feel better.

    Anyway, back to cleaning up the DNC … I still have to write my “Dear Donna, buh-bye” letter.

  65. Rod, I hear that Washington is extensively and thoroughly corrupt, Who knows where his bread is buttered. Anybody say Govt’ contracts? It seems to me that whoever (s) pulling the strings here are not our elected official and we are not going to know cause we’re not in the club.

    Just look at this Congress. We elected enough Democrats to shift the power based on promises that not only did they not keep, but they expect us to elect more Democrats. Geez. No matter what all they can do is blame the republicans..

  66. Oba-moi. Heh. Good one.

  67. There is a comment at NO Quarter about the Georgia election. The guy that was on backtracks coattails lost.
    “Its a comin ”
    While the dnc is rearrainging the deck chairs the smart people are looking for liferafts.



  68. “The guy that was on backtracks coattails lost.”

    That shows what a fraud the Obamamania is. The whole point was supposed to be to increase turnout in elections, including downticket elections.

    Otherwise it’s just a cult of personality.

  69. Ok, the convention “issue” is picking up speed.
    Local news gave it good coverage (with the video!) and looks like Charlie G is leading off with it as it was in the snippet first tell you to stay tuned for the news cast. One thing I don’t hear them mentioning, is about how it would be unusual for her NOT to be on the ballot. They showed and mentioned Obama getting “testy” with reporters on the plane with these questions. Heh, lol!~

  70. There are a couple of verses in the Bible that talk about “setting your face as flint.” That’s what I’m doing. I try not to allow my emotions to engage to the point where I am depressed or euphoric or even angry.
    I’m just resolute.

    It doesn’t take emotion to see that what happened during the primary was just plain wrong. It doesn’t take emotion to bolster my resolve to not vote for Obama.

    All I have to do is determine my course of action and not stray from it.

    If Tom Vilsack and the Democratic leaders want to whistle through the graveyard that’s fine with me. It doesn’t change my course.

    Mountain Sage

  71. DisenfranchisedVoter: Paul made me uncomfortable last night. My reaction to him was that if he *is* an insider who is so supportive of Hillary, why would he be talking about strategic issues that, if true, would probably be held close to the chest? Loose lips sink ships. That made me doubtful about his credibility. I don’t know, though, that’s why I was curious about whether Will has had further contact with him.

  72. Hey, I just had a thought





  73. Yes, Mt Sage and SOD – they can only stay in their bubble if they pretend we are a bunch of dried-up, emotional old hags who have nowhere else to go.

    If they admit they actually have corrupted the nomination process beyond recognition, which is what the facts clearly show, well, that means they are wrong and we are right.

    And heaven knows, you can’t trust the voters with anything so important as an election! 😉

    Helen – I LOVE your signature. Indeed, Oba-moi’s coattails are shrinking rapidly.

  74. Mountain Sage,

    I have plenty of poop for “their party”. 5 cats and one Dalmatian’s worth 😉

  75. I went to the sugar and spice site and found this
    There are some videos that are outstanding.
    The sleeping giant is waking up.



  76. Ok, the convention “issue” is picking up speed.
    Local news gave it good coverage (with the video!) and looks like Charlie G is leading off with it as it was in the snippet first tell you to stay tuned for the news cast.

    Someone had ABC on in the other room, and I heard mention of the Hillary & the Convention issue, so I listened. Of course, it’s MSM, so they had to slant it to make it look like Hillary is stirring the pot and rallying her delegates to vote for her at the Convention. They showed the SIMO-FISH clip, but edited it to look like she was encouraging rebellion. Such jerks. However, they were at least honest about the party unrest. The emphasis was: “If Hillary’s name is put into nomination and a large chunk of delegates vote for HRC, won’t this EMBARRASS Obambi!” Isn’t this the process that the Democratic Party set up and has run since 1884 as Gary of Texas said?! Musn’t embarrass Barry! (Forget about the voters and the democratic process.)

    Then, for analysis, the face of horror popped up: Donna B! That’s when I made a hasty retreat. I cannot will not should not listen to that mamma lover.

  77. My husband was just on the phone with another Democrat and I heard him say, “There’s not a dang thing I can do about PUMA.

    Ha! We’re being noticed – and about time.

  78. McCain’s ads write themselves in Princess Obama’s own voice. Watch for the next one to that miserable answer he gave to a 7 year old for why he wanted to run for president. Sure, things are fucked up after 8 years of Bush but he made it sound in his incoherent way that it has always been bad and he has come to save it. Whatever happened to the eternal optimism of Americans?


    Sorry to scream, but Jeebus f*cking Christmas, do we have to draw them a map?






    Gore and Kerry won their nominations fair and square. No problems from me or any other Dem I know.

    All of a sudden, there is a problem with Obama. Gee, what could it be? I mean, newsflash, I have voted for black people before, and I’ll bet most of my fellow PUMAs have too.

    Golly, gee, willikers, someone buy me a clue, I am a pundit with my head up Oba-moi’s *ss…

  80. Bush loves American-Hates Americans

    Hates America – hates 39% 0f americans who support him

    Really Hates 61% of americans who do not

    Hello Fuzzybeargville is here!

  81. h* s*cks. maybe just buy a vowel??

  82. {{{{Fuzzybear!}}}}

    Why doesn’t Oba-moi listen to Donna Brazile and just stop the hate!

    (sobs uncontrollably)

  83. http://londonamerican01.blogspot.com/2008/08/ouch.html

    republicans rub their hands in glee after the damage has been done

  84. Somebody seriously considers Victoria Osteen racist? Kill me now. Thank you, Barack, for inflaming race in this country like never before.

  85. SOD – so, if there are so few of us, why is Obama trying to keep Hillary off the ballot?



  86. Oops, used the “r” word.

    Somebody seriously considers Victoria Osteen r*cist? Kill me now. Thank you, Barack, for inflaming race in this country like never before.

  87. madamab…I think the main reason they don’t want her name in nomination is because it casts doubt on the unity they keep hailing.

    It’s all about the historical show of Obama giving his acceptance speech on the 45th anniversary of MLK’s I have a dream speech.

    Mountain Sage

  88. Chuckee needs to buy a clue.

    So far, this “little issue” is getting good airtime and I haven’t heard any of the newscasters writing off her supporters as “small”. Methinks they are thrilled to bring her back in for their own reasons, but reality is, they can’t discount the numbers if they want to make hay outta the story 🙂 On Charlie’s show, they referred to her 18 million plus supporters/voters and just now on Lou Dobbs same thing. And since Obama is basically tied with McCain, the numbers matter.

    And what can I say, I LOVE the fact they talk about a Hillary vote could embarrass Obama 😀

  89. Madamab: Well, we have those big ol fat women asses [there are no men here, evidently] and it makes us look like there are more of us than there really is.

    So, please, everybody, draw in those asses, and quit trying to fool our esteemed Fourth Estate.

  90. way back, in the far reaches of my poor memory, it seems to me that Chuck Todd’s wife works for the O campaign in some capacity… I can’t remember if she works with Michelle or what – but I bet someone knows…

  91. PUMA is on Houston television. Wow.

  92. I feel like they should play the Jaws theme… du-du-du-du…. PUMAS!

  93. OldCoastie, I think you are correct. I’ll see what I can find.

    Mountain Sage

  94. Looks like local SuperDs think the Convention is going to be interesting. There is nothing else happening in the world.

  95. A shout out to the DNC boys and their weak “b*tches” who kiss their asses and make their coffee.

    Apparently, they think its perfectly acceptable to f*ck over the first viable woman candidate for president, even though women represent 52 percent of the population. I guess it doesn’t matter that women WERE their largest voting block. The Dems screwed Clinton, her supporters and her gender. They told us “b*tches” to get over it after publically raping our candidate. They refused to acknowledge the historical significance of her candidacy, or her intellect, power, strength and accomplishments. They bullied her out and constantly took every measure, short of killing her, to undermine her candidacy.


    YAH, YOU HOWARD DEAN!!! Maybe you should brush up on your medical techniques. You’re gonna need them when us “b*tches” vote against your chosen one. A fair contest is all we wanted. But oh no, no b*tch is gonna run this country. Bro’s before ho’s, right Howie?

    The Black man comes first, just as the franchise went down. The fact that black men represent only about 6% of the population is precisely the point. Not a real threat to the white man. There’s just too many of those b*tches to let any of them have real power. Wow, can you imagine, the boys might have to share!!!

    I guess being the oppressed majority holds no clout in the land of dem patriarchy/misogyny. No democracy for women. Those b*tches should go iron our shirts and make some coffee, or we will make them have babies against their will.

    Well hopefully when we “bitches” go to the polls, we will remember how the democratic party degrated us and continues to do so. Even Pakistan has had a women president. and they are pretty misogynistic.

    I’ve heard it said before, its better to know a bigot than to be fooled by one. Remember this gals when you pull that lever for McCain. We know he’s sexist, so there is no betrayal.

  96. I had a quick take with the same reaction….

    BREAKING!! Tom Vilsack says Obama Will Get the Support of Clinton Supporters!


  97. Anybody watch Flipping out on Bravo? I noticed the guy who was the house assistant who quit, I think his name was Chris was wearing a huge Hillary button in that episode (where he quits).

  98. how is everyone tonight-This was Hillary’s BIG (yes read the caps) chance to really get up and ride the Unity Pony smiling into the Bright Obama Future!

    She only had to do one thing-Disown and Disavow PUMA …All she had to say was ” I do not support the Party Unity My Ass/Just Say No Deal. I want my supporters to stop this immediately! I denounce you and want you to get onboard with Obama right now this foolishness must stop.”

    Today would have been perfect for her to do this the media was focused on her it would have been spun her statement as the death of the Anti-Obama coalition of the Demopcratic party he would have gotten a 5-10 point bump in the polls.

    Why did she not do this it would have been easy and politically expedient? does anyone have an answer?


  99. They do not want to give any role (that they can’t control) to the Clintons because they want to control the message. But it does not work that way. This is a Democracy and the convention is a people’s affair. In fact, not Clinton other candidate’s should be given the respect and the honor of talking about issues that were important to them and their supporters.

  100. Host a PUMA party. We planned a march and left with action items. It was fun!

    The polls need to start including Hillary again. She’s the strongest candidate.

    Also, without the Clintons, people are going to be very bored. Precious
    has already read his speeches written by his 26-year-old speechwriter to us and lectured us.

    I want to meet
    his bank V.P. typical white person grandmother. Is she under lock and key
    in Hawaii? Will Obama visit her? Quick, National Enquirer.

    Will he come back with a new birth certificate?

  101. pm317: I noticed that last week. This is a repeat and I always watch it. It tickled me pink.

  102. fif, on August 7th, 2008 at 6:51 pm

    Why should anyone care if it embarasses BO?. It is not about him. It is about Democracy.

  103. If I am correct Obama does not need the 18 million (those people) Hillary supporters he does not need Florida Ohio Michigan New Mexico Oregon or Missouri…..LGBT persons, women who have big fuzzybear 3 McCain and 3 Hillary Bumber sticker a$$es, Latinos, White men who supported Hillary, Blue collar workers, people who cling to God and guns?

    So I count the people he needs to win this thing as David Axelrod, Donna Brazile, Pelosi, Howard Dean, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, and about 24 other “key Super Democrats”.

    Dream On….


  104. fuzzy,

    Just IMO, but I believe Hillary is a real democrat and believes that people have a right to their opinions and to act on those opinions.

    She will do what she thinks she needs to do and believes we should do the same.

  105. they are afraid that all hell will break loose a the convention and the Democratic Party will not be able to put on their unity dog and pony show.

    The whole Obama campaign is based on perception….not issues, not accomplishments but perception. And the Democratic convention is the same. They are determined to have their historical event and the facts be damned.

    I wrote about the phenomena in a post on my blog called Flashy Trashy. It’s ALL about the perception and appearances.

    Remember, this has been in the planning for a long time. It started in 2004 and they are damned if us upstart malcontents will poop on their party.

    Mountain Sage

  106. Hey, everybody, turn off MSNBC and NBC. They were for Bu$h over
    Gore and over Kerry. GE owns them and has GE financials and nuclear
    power plants (remember Bill Ayers–there is an Exxelon connection). Obama
    is the one for their bottom line.

    I believe if you stay on over 6 minutes, they get a hit. Their viewership
    has dropped and it needs to drop off the charts. I was told Geico advertises
    on Keith Obamaman or Tweety’s shows, which is why I won’t switch.

    Tweety used to remove his Bu$h button and repeat the urban legend, “You know Gore said he invented the internet,” snarf snarf. Actually, Gore worked
    many years behind the scenes to make it happen and never said he invented it, the evolution of it was one of his pet technology projects, and
    government funding made it happen.

    Tweety got a thrill up his leg for Bama, whose teleprompter reading reminded him of JFK. But Tweety admitted he fell hard for Nixon! What a multimillionaire gasbag!

  107. DownListen said: Why should anyone care if it embarasses BO?. It is not about him. It is about Democracy.

    Wow, you just don’t learn, do you? Now, go back in there and listen to MSNBO and Donna till they learn you better.

  108. ABC showed the SIMO-FISH clip briefly when Hillary says that letting the delegates vote would be “cathartic.” Then they cut to Precious on an airplane talking to reporters, and he said he didn’t think it would be cathartic. Clueless, clueless once again.

  109. Did any one send chucky baby the post the other day of how many pumas there are and where they came from?
    Maybe someone who is not electronicly challeged like me could send it to the networks.



  110. found Vilsack’s video on Fox News, but not Will’s. Did you?

    I agree with boycotting NBC, esp the Olympics…. but does that mean Bravo too? {{{sob…..}}}

    thank god for Bubba – and those wicked good McCain ads.

  111. I’m not boycotting Bravo. That’s the only thing I watch pretty much.

  112. Bravo no Kathy tonight? {{{sob}}} please dont say no kathy!


  113. Fuzzy, there’s Kathy tonight and I will be watching.

  114. for those of you who get the Gay channel LOGO sordid lives the series is a real great show….caroline rae olivia newton john and a cast of crazies love it!


  115. SOD: Thanks for passing my post on.

  116. I think boycotting MSNBC, NBC etc is good. Not boycotting Bravo is also good, imo. We want the good programing, NOT the bad. It makes those responsible accountable. CM, KO and company will have to deal with their low ratings (advertising $$$) and shows like Project Runway can continue their high ratings. Why should they suffer because of those other A-holes?

  117. AND! We NEED to take back the media. Watch the good stiff, turn off the bad 😀

  118. Project Runway!!!! I love Tim Gunn.

  119. risky for whom?

    If it’s risky for Obama to endure an open convention, and he does not get the nomination, isn’t that the whole point?

  120. I just posted a new post!

  121. Great post. I agree completely, Obama is the second coming of George Bush. Why would any respectable Democrat vote for him?

  122. Madamab – YUP to everything you said.

    I think one undercurrent of our PUMA anger is that we saw so many politicians stab the Clintons in the back during the primary because it was politically expedient, and now we see Clinton surrogates disingenuously talking about unity, whether it’s to save their own careers, or even to save the Clintons from being blamed for any fracture in the party and Obama’s eventually loss in Nov.

    For once, we want to hear the truth – the truth about what the DNC did, what happened to FL and MI and at the caucuses. We’re sick and tired of hearing lies from so many who call themselves Democrats.

    Just tell us the g*ddamned truth because 18 million of us can’t be wrong.

  123. So I count the people he needs to win this thing as David Axelrod, Donna Brazile, Pelosi, Howard Dean, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, and about 24 other “key Super Democrats”.

    And my 19 year old pot head nephew, who thinks “Obama rulz!”.

  124. (sniggering) Mr. Sock Puppet Vilsack

  125. Trecy: Are there still any respectable people registered as Democrats?

  126. Tim Gunn-Designers- you have a bannana prrl an cocktail napkin aMasrtha Stewart organza lemon sented sashey- you have 8 minutes- make an intire winter wardrobe for Paris Hilton-Make it work!


  127. It is good to see so many folks ready to do whatever it takes to get Senator Clinton on the ballot. We haven’t given up yet. We have to keep trying to get the convention turned around where Senator Clinton leaves as our candidate for the President Of The United States. This crazy man just can’t be our next President. He can’t beat John McCain anyway and then we are stuck for four more years! yuck

  128. how is everyone tonight-This was Hillary’s BIG (yes read the caps) chance to really get up and ride the Unity Pony smiling into the Bright Obama Future!

    She only had to do one thing-Disown and Disavow PUMA …All she had to say was ” I do not support the Party Unity My Ass/Just Say No Deal. I want my supporters to stop this immediately! I denounce you and want you to get onboard with Obama right now this foolishness must stop.”

    Today would have been perfect for her to do this the media was focused on her it would have been spun her statement as the death of the Anti-Obama coalition of the Demopcratic party he would have gotten a 5-10 point bump in the polls.

    Why did she not do this it would have been easy and politically expedient? does anyone have an answer?


    You have to be kidding! I hope!

  129. fuzzybeargville/john allen- the reason she didn’t do this and denounce PUMA was because she understands the more than bruised feelings of her supporters – let me clarify – bruised, abused, ridiculed, rendered invisible, disenfranchised, beaten up feelings of her supporters.

    So, that’s why she didn’t do it –

    along with the fact that 18 million of us currently pissed off supporters will be electing her in 2012.

  130. madamab — your post got me so wound up I ran off to write a post and never came back to tell you!

    I’m sorry.

    This is a really good post. Oh, wait! I did tell you that I like the Sock Puppet thing. That’s was seriously funny.

  131. oh, they get it… all of them get it… they just arent gonna admit it. And I think that many of them dont friggin care.

  132. Vilsack amazes me. He’s a smart man and was a good governor of Iowa. That he went off the deep end for Obama is baffling. Why would he do that? He’s not running for anything and Obama certainly isn’t the smart choice for a farm state.

    If I were a gamblin’ woman I’d wager there was a cabinet post in it somewhere.

  133. In short, he reminds us of George W. Bush.

    Umm, hmm….except, the arrogance is worse…

    No, it’s unreal. This guy is our age, except?
    He missed something along the way…

    PUMA! forever……….
    The Clintons are absenting themselves as best they can I think
    Poor Bill. It’s insane, the whole thing…..

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