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Thursday: To Do List

Get out your RemembertheMilk accounts, your Blackberry calendars, your Covey planners.  Take this down as your to do list today:

  • Strip Donna Brazile of her Superdelegate status.  After all, she told us she would leave the party if Superdelegates decided the primary result and, by golly, I intend to hold her to her word.    Her behavior this season has been one enormous conflict of interest on TV and as a member of the Rules and Bylaws committee.  Who among us will ever forget how we, the so-called “Old Coalition” were written off for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models with PhDs in Architecture?  Do you remember how she used her mama’s words to scold Hillary’s campaign and accuse them of cheating? How many of us remember how she predicted race riots if African-Americans didn’t get their way, reducing a segment of our population to domestic terrorsists and regressing 50 years of the civil rights movement?  Who has time for riots these days?  Anyway, Donna’s got to go.  I can’t think of anyone who has done more to destroy the Democratic party this year than Donna.  We owe it to loyal Democrats everywhere to make sure she gets her place in the history of infamy but safely away from levers of power.  Here’s how you do it (copied shamelessly from GeekLove):
    • The steps outlined in the video to pressure Donna Brazile to keep her promise are:

    1) Write a certified & return receipt requested letter to the DNC demanding a meeting of the Rules and
    Bylaws Committee (RBC) to strip Donna Brazile of her superdelegate status.

    2) Have the letter notarized.

    3) Mail to this address:

    Democratic Nat’l Committee
    Credentials Committee
    Attn: Alexis Herman
    430 S. Capitol St. SE
    2nd Floor
    Washington, DC 20003

  • Don’t miss Hillary Clinton’s webchat. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend because I will be at work but the rest of you take notes. 
  • Check out Victor David Hansen’s piece at RealClearPolitics.  He harshes the DNC’s mellow by painting a big picture of Obama the Presumptuous Nominee.  The Dauphin of Democracy should be way ahead of “white haired old dude” at this point in time.   Can we have Hillary back now??

96 Responses

  1. I’m posting this from an earlier thread because it seemed like CMike had a good theme for the Brazille ejection letter.

    CMike, on August 7th, 2008 at 5:18 am Said:

    In the matter of this registered letter to the DNC Credentials Committee, I imagine the writer should indicate that he/she is a registered Democrat. The writer should explicitly request that Donna Brazile be stripped of her Super Delegate status. I believe our central complaint in this matter centers on what Brazile said in early February, “If 795 of my colleagues decide this election, I will quit the Democratic Party. I feel very strongly about this.”


    The point should be made that Brazile promised not to support the Democratic National Convention nominee for president if the process yielded a result she did not like. Brazile is a Democratic Party official who is granted her Super Delegate status by the party rules while she declares she will not support the results of those rules if those results were not to her liking. Contrast the Brazile treatment with that of the pledged delegate Debra Bartoshevich in Wisconsin.

    According to the Associated Press, “Bartoshevich was elected by party activists as a pledged delegate for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clintonfrom the 1st Congressional District in southeastern Wisconsin.” When Bartoshevich said she would not support Barack Obama should he be nominated, Bartoshevich was stripped of her convention credentials by the Wisconsin Democratic Party. Her claim that she made her comments when she was upset and that, as a first-time delegate she was unfamiliar with the rules, was deemed irrelevant by party officials.


    Here is the difference between the Brazile and the Bartoshevich cases. Brazile is a professional political operative and supposedly an expert in party protocol, Bartoshevich is volunteers to serve her party and she is admittedly inexperienced in matters of party protocol. Brazile has become a millionaire through her Democratic Party activity. Bartoshevich is a working mother who pays for the expenses she incurs as a Democratic Party activist out of her own pocket. Brazile has been granted her status as a Super Delegate by the Democratic Party, Bartoshevich was elected to her position as a Clinton delegate by grass roots Democrats. Brazile continues to serve as a DNC official and a Super Delegate, Bartoshevich has been booted out of any formal position in the Wisconsin Democratic Party.

    Donna Brazile has indicated that she will support the Democratic nominee only if that nominee is her preferred candidate, Barack Obama. Therefore, she has no business being a credentialed delegate at the Democratic National Convention.

    Now, have I stated the case correctly? Should I leave out any mention of the Bartoshevich matter?

    (By the way, I’m a little unfamiliar with how to get such a letter notarized. I’ve gone into a bank and had someone there notarize a property transfer document. I mean, what, do you go to your bank or insurance agent’s office to have this letter notarized? Does anyone know the rules on who has standing to challenge a Super Delegate, is it any registered Democrat or any registered voter? Is there an actual rule that a certain number of challenge letters require a hearing on the matter by the Credentials Committee?)

  2. Guys, I have been so busy with the new job, but I will be posting our book discussion tomorrow. I am off Fri/Sat, so i finally have some time. I think we’ll probably do full book every two weeks going forward.

    Please keep notes of the Hillary blog chat. I am working and won’t know anything about it until tonight. PS I hate when she says that stuff about electing Obama.

    I want to apologize to Gary et al. i think i was wrong. Hill doesn’t want to be VP, I don’t think. But I think she is saying can you believe this guy didn’t even ask me? Some judgment.

  3. […] by geeklove08 on August 7, 2008 Here’s my new video which is an action item for today.  If you did not listen to No We Won’t Radio from last night, you have to listen to the […]

  4. Good morning, everyone. For those of you who don’t check RealClearPolitics on a daily basis, there’s an excellent article up there this a.m. about “Hillary’s Growing Shadow.” http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2008/08/hillarys_growing_shadow.html
    Among the points made: “It seems the more Americans get used to Barack Obama, the less they want him as president — and the more Democrats will soon regret not nominating Hillary Clinton.”
    Go PUMAs!

  5. masslib: Yeah, I’m with the contingent that says that she didn’t want VP. She knows it would be a bad career move and there is a lot to be said for preserving dignity. But it is absolutely suicidal for him not to have asked her. I’ve got relatives who are expecting it. They’re going to think he is stark raving bonkers if he doesn’t. I think when he ends up picking someone else, it is going to be made clear to them that Obama wants to wipe them from the political landscape and send them to oblivion. He WILL lose at that point. We know the polls are trending away from him now, It would be all downhill from there.
    AND, this tells you how much power she actually has, she can very legitimately tell him “No” anyway. Either way, he loses. If he doesn’t offer it, he makes himself look even more arrogant and inexperienced. If he does, she can tell him she won’t play second fiddle to an arrogant, inexperienced jerk and people will get it.
    Actually, there is no way for Obama to come out of this looking good. The only thing I can see happening now is a brokered convention that ends up with Hillary in the top spot, Obama as VP. That is the only winning ticket Democrats are likely to get.
    If she made an announcement proposing such a thing, that would be interesting.

  6. it looks like Simofish’s video has gone viral. After first being reported in the pumasphere, it was picked up by ABC news yesterday. Today it has been been picked up by the AP and is also a front page story on Foxnews
    We are breaking through!! And the nasty little oborgs can’t help showing their true colors. For all their whining about racism you never see anyone critical of this kind of nastiness (the first comment on the foxnews site)…

    Attila the Hen wanted the nomination in the worst possible way and went about trying to get it in the worst way possible. She has already fractured the party and now wishes to ensure Mc Senile wins the election. Perhaps she should have been content to bake cookies.
    Dr. Teddy

  7. Thanks RD.. I’ll send mine in.. and send it to all pro-hill sites.. I hope Darraugh will do a PUMA prowl for this…

    thanks for your explanation @ 8:56

    My friends and I no longer believe the “Democratic Party ” is democratic, we have now signed up with the Mccain camp and deregistered from the “democratic” Party..
    and we all call daily to Hillary’s campaign office to let her know.. we will wait until 2012 if we have to.. and for that to happen Mccain has to win (which at this point, I am convinced will happen). In a yr, when any general dem is outpolling mccain, they pick the one moron who will NOT win, and the repub picked the best one out of their pack.

    Anyways.. your explanation makes sense as to why lanny davis keeps pleading for hillary to be picked as VP…. the damage will be far greater when that fraud picks someone else. Then Lanny can say “see, you should have at least offered the VP to Hillary”, now you can’t blame her for your landslide loss

  8. as to the question posed by britgirls in the first comment. Most copy shops (kinko’s, ups store, etc) have notaries on staff. If not, look up notary in your yellow pages (if any of you troglodytes still have them 🙂 )

  9. McSenile? ummh

  10. I think Dr. Teddy is a bit senile himself.

  11. Commerce Bank will notarize for free.

  12. Here is the money quote from the Politico article:

    “In a tough year like this, Democrats could probably have defeated Republican John McCain with a flawed, but seasoned candidate like Hillary Clinton. But long-suffering liberals convinced their party to go with a messiah rather than a dependable nominee — and thereby they probably will get neither.”

  13. Gary: a “contested” convention makes good news….they are bored with O/Mc…they need Attila the Hen to villifiy.

  14. David Price, my congressman, will be touring our facilities here where I work today. I am so tempted to molest him while he is hear and give him an ear full.

    However, country before party, but in these times, $employment$ before having my say to one elected official.

    I will have to play nice and hide my PUMAness.

  15. UpstateNY, that is what I have been saying all along. The press NEEDS Clinton. Without her, they are bored.

    Also, with Clinton we get a really adversarial 4th estate. They would actually do their jobs and hold her feet to the fire, which is what we want. They wouldn’t let her get away with a single thing, and I am all for that.

  16. I heard Lanny today with Imus’s vaca replacement.
    Lanny was more open than he’s been of late.
    1st- he was really putting down MSNBC for cheerleading for Obama thru the primarys & now.
    He said there are some within the organization that are trying to restore their reputation. I’ve started to include “race08@msnbc.com” to David Gregory, in my media e-mailings. It could’nt hurt. There’s something about him I have a “hopeful” feeling about.
    **Unfortunately Lanny LOST ME ON HIS RE-STARTING THE Hillary for VP song.
    NO…NO… we PUMA’s are like Julia Roberts in “Pretty
    Woman”; we want the “WHOLE FAIRYTAIL”!

  17. Is it just me, or do all the videos on the site say “this video no longer available”? I swear I think youtube(google) is trying to mess with us. That seems to happen a lot when I post video, but I’ve never had it happen with videos coming from my own youtube account (last thread). The video in this post doesn’t work for me either. is it just me?

  18. All right, I will say it, hate me if you must….;) H is not going to contest anything at the convention….oh, and O is going to be ratified as the D’s nominee.

    O is unlikely to win in the GE because:

    1) In spite of all the hype, he is unapealling to the majority of Rs (and less appealing to Is than circulated by his campaign) and

    2) he is unapealling to a significant % of D’s…..(If Gore and Kerry could not make it with the D’s “unified” behind them , O does not have a prayer….)

    And oh, I forgot it will be all *’s fault.

    * insert your favorite scape goat here.

  19. Also, with Clinton we get a really adversarial 4th estate. They would actually do their jobs and hold her feet to the fire, which is what we want. They wouldn’t let her get away with a single thing, and I am all for that.

    Well, as we’ve seen, that can be overdone.

    Getting away with things is one thing. The media making sh*t up is another.

    But if this primary season has proved anything, it is that a “scandal” is nothing more than the media makes of it.

  20. well now I can’t see any youtube video on any sight except theirs. is it just me, or is it happening to anyone else?

  21. gary, I’ve been unable to see the Paris Hilton video anywhere. But Donna Brazile above works fine for me.

    Sad but true 🙂

  22. plural, go to TM. It is actually quite funny…

  23. Gary, I can see youtube videos fine.

  24. riverdaughter,

    Here is the letter I’m sending today to the DNC. Perhaps it will prove helpful to others.

    August 7, 2008

    Democratic National Committee
    Credentials Committee
    Attention: Alexis Herman
    430 South Capitol Street SE
    2nd Floor
    Washington, DC 20003

    Sent Certified, Return Receipt Requested

    Dear Ms. Herman:

    We have heard that Ms. Debra Bartoshevich, a pledged delegate from Wisconsin, has lost
    her convention credentials. The reason for this action (taken by the Wisconsin Democratic
    Party) was her statement that she would not support Barack Obama, should he become
    the presidential nominee for the Democratic Party. This is altogether correct and proper.

    We draw your attention, however, to the fact that Ms. Donna Brazile, a highly ranking
    national Democratic Party official, is on the record as stating that she would not support
    any nominee other than Mr. Obama, should he not win the nomination. Consistency and
    fairness dictate, therefore, that Ms. Brazile be treated in the same manner, i.e. that her
    status as a super delegate be revoked. We are sure that you are in agreement, and that
    the proper steps for the revocation will now be initiated. We look forward to hearing that
    this action is being undertaken.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration.



  25. As far as getting the letter notarized. Town Halls and banks have people who can notarize. All lawyers are notaries also. The fee should be minimal…just a few dollars.

  26. See also:

  27. Great article that actually speaks the truth about Mr. Empty Suit:

    Must read:

  28. More to do: RED STATE CITIZENS go to http://tinyurl.com/6rts84 at Texas Darlin and challenge Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS. Barack Obama forged his “Certificate of Live Birth” and his potential dual citizenship suggests he is not eligible under Article II of the US Constitution to serve as POTUS.

  29. Upstate, thanks.


  30. oops, just saw, reading upthread, that someone beat me to it. Sorry to repost.

  31. To get anything notorized (meaning having the signature verified) you go to where there is a notary (your bank, your insurance company etc.) with a valid ID and you sign your document in front of that person. The notary stamps the document with a stamp giving the notary credentials and stating you sign in person, then seals the document with a raised seal. Done!

  32. So good to see/hear Hillary! The only part I didn’t like was the “elect BO’ part, but she links it to “our goals” right away. That’s her priority, always. I’m also glad that she acknowledged our efforts to pay down the debt–that she is aware of our continued support. She’s the best-est.

  33. fif, thanks for the RCP link…. uh, oh, O has let “them” redefine his candidacy (well, he has really given them a helping hand). At least with H we knew she was a terrible, horrible person….

    Oh well…here we go again, GE 2000 & 2004

  34. Lurker here, but I am also a notary. Try not to sign anything untill you get in front of the notary and bring a photo ID or driver’s lic. with you.

    Also DB deserves every word of this excellent post, thanks RD.

  35. Add to your to to list:

    The Learning Channel (TLC), a channel with programming that is geared to a large female audience is airing a program on how to make the world more “green”. one of the “stars” of the program is Ludacris, who infamously referred to Hillary as a “bitch” and said that the only chair he wants to see McCain in is a wheelchair. He also implores Obama to paint the White House black. Here’s their promo:

    The hard-charging, hard-partying, carbon-laden world of tour bus-living musicians doesn’t exactly scream green! Now, Planet Green challenges two icons to join the newest trend in music; ‘going green.’ BATTLEGROUND EARTH: LUDACRIS vs. TOMMY LEE challenges hip hop superstar Chris “Ludacris” Bridges and rock god Tommy Lee to battle against the toxic forces destroying Mother Earth as they travel across the country on a 10-episode tour.

    and here’s there contact info:


    let them know that while protecting the environment is a worthy cause, using a racist, sexist pig like Ludacris as a spokesperson is offensive and contradictory to a progressive agenda.

  36. Racism as campaign strategy is catching on. In WA, our white, female governor (an obama SD) is up for re-election.

    She now cries racism over critisizm that she gave special treatment to indian casinos that donated large amounts of money to her.

    komo news Seattle

  37. Don’t forget, for the sake of the youth the children’s book for Hillary’s long journey to where she is and where she’ll go: Hillary Rodham Clinton: Dreams Taking Flight.

    For our daughters, our sisters, and our nieces.

  38. fif: great article. Where were these people for the past year?

  39. Thanks Gary, Here is what I sent TLC/Discovery

    I read that Planet Green will include an extended segment on Ludacris and his carbon emissions from his touring bus. Let me tell you that if you include this racist, mysogynist in your programming, I will never watch your channel again. He recently called Hillary Clinton a bitch, and wished John McCain to be paralyzed. If you really were comitted to progressive causes, you would never sully the reputation of your channel by including this filth. I will be watching your actions, and if you persist in airing this, and giving legitimacy to this purveyor of trash, I will campaign for people to boycott your network. It would be a shame, because I enjoy a lot of your programming now, but I believe that we must take a stand and say we will not tolerate this anymore. Since you seem to be concerned about the pollution caused by carbon-emmissions, I hope you would be just as concerned about the pollution of our society by racists like Ludacris.


  40. i sent off money to sheila jackson lee and stephanie tubbs jones last night. there’s a place where you can leave a note with your donation on sheila’s website. i told her why she was getting the money… because she stood up for hillary. i found stephanie’s email and told her the same thing.

    stephanie tubbs jones’ website isn’s exactly PB 2.0, but they have a paypal link.



  41. Hello, all.

    I’ve been away on my annual two week volunteer project. Be back Monday.

    It’s great to be out working with people. It gives a me big morale boost.

    Love to all

  42. What do you guys make of this

    Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton released a joint statement Wednesday night through their presidential campaigns, amid conflicting reports over whether the New York senator will include her name in the delegate roll call at the Democratic National Convention later this month.

    “At the Democratic Convention, we will ensure that the voices of everyone who participated in this historic process are respected and our party will be fully unified heading into the November election,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton said in the statement.

    how is it a joint statement if it was released by HIS spokesperson.
    I also don’t see the statement posted on hillaryclinton.com. what gives?

  43. GCH: That does not sound like a joint statement to me. He said they were gonna say it. She just rubberstamped it but refused to put her hands on it.

  44. gary, as Carol would say PUMA Haka!

  45. For the record, that’s a bullshit statement. It means nothing and can be proved by nothing. It means we want everyone who participated–for me–to be able to vote–for me. Not those strange and detestably bitter Hillary people.

  46. “we will ensure that the voices of everyone who participated in this historic process are respected ”

    Whatever that means.

  47. This “cry racism thing has GOT TO STOP”!
    Last night on Hannity there was a very impressive man on addressing this. The site is:
    http://www.bondinfo.com & the video of his appearance is on there also.
    To me Oprah was right that “women should’nt vote for Hillary Just because she’s a WOMAN”. Where she “LOST ME”, is she did’nt did the reverse; “AA should’nt vote for Obama just because he’s BLACK”!
    Michelle MISSED an opportunity at my vote for her hubby, by saying BLACK AMERICA WIIL WAKE UP!!
    & saying “Hillary won fair & square” & it had NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY BRADELY EFFECT”!
    Now of course we know he could’nt since I really believe it was his camp thru his PITT-BULL Roland Martin that started it!

  48. Joint statement my a**. It’s not even a statement. It says nothing.

    I am so sick of the way my (former) party is treating me.


  49. i think what makes it a joint statement is that bill burton called hillary and said they were putting the statement out, and hillary said, “yeah, whatever, bill”.

  50. Honestly, sorry for appearing hysterical and dramatic but — if Hillary chooses Obama for her VP, I would be very afraid for her life. It would be too easy for the various “other” teams with agendas to get what they’d gamed for with one fell swoop. NOT that I believe the JFK, RFK, MLK, etc. conspiracy theories, but, as I said before…

  51. Picking up on a post on another thread, I only wish the decaying 0-zone had put his ads on gas pumps.

    What a bizarre idea, as any psychologist would tell you. People would have viscerally come to associate the experience of being screwed and gouged with his image.

    It would have been interesting to see how that worked out for him.

    Hillary would have been smarter.


  52. a troll just posted this in an older thread:

    We’re a group of young democrats ranging from 18 to 30 years old. In 4 years, we’ll be the backbone of the democratic party. If Obama loses in the Fall semester because of you guys and Hillary, believe us, she will never be the president of the US, ever.

    HA…so it’s not the General Election, its the “fall semester” I hope there are more people like regency, and less of these idiots or our future is shot all to hell….

  53. I move the DNC be required to contemplate and justify the entire Superdelegate system, as it has now transformed itself. If the intention was for a distinct body of DNC insiders to be able to go beyond the primary votes and consider who is most likely to win in the general election, then there MUST be a procedure in which they are required to back-up their choice by providing EVIDENCE and arguments that the person is the most likely to win. No such procedure took place this year. Instead, the procedure was governed by armtwisting and open bribery. The intended function of superdelegates now having gone by the board, there is NO JUSTIFICATION for its continued existence, and plenty of justification to urge its demise! It has been used to select this year’s presumed nominee, and NO DISCUSSION—NONE—occured wherein the intended basis for that judgment (most likely to win in the GE) was demonstrated or even discussed!

  54. mawn:

    thanks! I sent my complaint to planet green

  55. For some reason, gary, that troll’s post does not have me quaking in my boots the way it wants me to. My biggest fear is that in four years–hell, in four months–that generation won’t even remember there was an election, and will be on to the next fad. (With apologies to regency.) I hope they stay engaged. But I doubt it.

  56. Magdalena: If this is the current fad, I’m praying that the next one is better.

  57. Maybe we should send regency’s letter over to them??

  58. that troll statement’s an empty threat, gary. i was that stupid at their age, but life beat some sense into me eventually. there’s hope for the younger generation yet 😉

    in other news, i’m looking at this morning’s copy of the Tallahassee Mullet Wrapper, and there’s a HUGE Denver Group ad on the back page of the front section.

    Heidi and Marc did ad buys in FL and MI.

    check the details here:


  59. Without evidence, he unwisely has claimed his opponents (“they”) will play the race card against poor him.

    “It is one thing to suggest to voters that they should shed their prejudices, eat less and be more cosmopolitan. But it is quite another when the sermonizer himself too easily evokes race, weekly changes his mind and often sounds like he doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.”

    I’m not generally a fan but Hansen’s, but he nails it for we PUMA there is nothing new here but we have been engaged informed and fair in our assessment, now the country is moving where we are and validating our fears. If Hillary is not the Democratic Party’s Nominee after the Convention that’s going to be a period and looking at the tabs in the yesterday’s CBS poll I am beginning to see that not only will Obama not receive a bounce, but the anointing will likely push the remaining undecided women’s vote to anti Dem which is 17 points drop. Even Dean must get in hind site that the stadium inauguration is a really dumb idea, my concern now is down ticket I do not want the Congress in Republican hands.

    On Donna my personal judgment is that she along with Clyburn and Jackson Jr. organized the movement to swift boat the Clinton’s and used her racist views to corrupt the RBC for Obama . I don’t respect her or any purveyors of racial grievance so she is meaningless to me the DNC so if she stays it says a lot about the new Party.

  60. “Evan Bayh is just like Obama,” said Phil Burress, president of Citizens for Community Values. “He looks like a perfect fit for Obama because he has a pretty face and no substance.”
    Continue reading……

    The Bulletin.

  61. Why isn’t there a push to get Sen. Clinton to contest the RBC decision of May 31 that is equivalent to the push to get Sen. Clinton’s name into nomination at the convention? A nomination and roll call vote at the convention is meaningless without correcting the fraud that occurred with the Michigan pledged delegate manipulation on May 31, and would serve merely to give the phony appearance of a legitimate nominating process for Obama.

    The RBC decision on May 31 was the last straw for many Democrats, including me, and to let it stand without an appeal would set a dangerous precedent. Out of all the primary processes that were clearly biased in favor of Sen. Obama this cycle, the voter fraud in Michigan is the only one that cannot be defended by a simple “well, it was part of the rules and all of the candidates agreed to play by the rules.” The path that the RBC went down was not a legitimate option. Why is Sen. Clinton not being pressured by us to contest it? Why is she going to let that stand?

    Not having Sen. Clinton’s name in nomination (if she wants it to be) is certainly going against the traditional nominating process of recent conventions. However, merely having her name in nomination without addressing the primary frauds does not automatically produce a legitimate, transparent, or fair process and could truly have the opposite effect of providing a cover of phony legitimacy to this outrageously fraudulent primary season.

  62. garychapelhill, on August 7th, 2008 at 10:31 am Said:
    a troll just posted this in an older thread:

    We’re a group of young democrats ranging from 18 to 30 years old. In 4 years, we’ll be the backbone of the democratic party. If Obama loses in the Fall semester because of you guys and Hillary, believe us, she will never be the president of the US, ever.

    MATH is obviously not this Trolls strong suit there numbers in the electorate as a powerbase is a myth. And WE have all the money….dumb poodle.

  63. My hope for your generation, regency, is that you all will find your legs and stand on them. Discover core principles and stick by them (not necessarily principles I or anyone else agrees with). And not be like Obama: pure expedience, ephemeral as a top-ten list, uncertain of his own standards, or only certain of his lowest ones; and willing to do anything to be in the spotlight, without care for those who fall out of the circle of its accident and privilege. Be something other than a printed t-shirt covering hollowness.

    More like you, IOW.

  64. Mike Marks: Sen. Clinton reserved the right–May 31 actually–to appeal to the Credentials Cmte. It meets on the 24th as the last meeting lacked a quorum. The meeting will be in Denver but I think in a secret location.

  65. This just in from Rasmussen:

    Democrats remain evenly divided as to whether Hillary Clinton should be Obama’s running mate in the fall and 34% believe Clinton would be a stronger Presidential candidate against John McCain.

    34% might not seem like a lot, but considering he’s been the presumptive nominee for 2 months, its kinda high dont you think?

  66. Magdalena: Some of us are working on it.

  67. Salt: “Fall semester” giives this punk up as a college kiddo…You are right; he probably failed Calc I already ….. twice.

  68. GCH: I find fault with the polling, just given the nature of the statement. Did they ask the running mate question first? If so, I think the outcome would have ben greater had they asked the second question first.

  69. garychapelhill:

    Thank you for the great update on simofish video going viral!! I was upset yesterday by a piece by Jeralyn at TalkLeft where she was still quoting the New York Daily piece and more and was MUM about the video.
    As if HRC had never said anything herself about this…..

  70. regency, I think you’re right. It also doesn’t differentiate for Clinton supporters who do not want her as VP, and I think the number against McCain would be higher if they thought she would actually run…its a weird poll, agreed.

  71. you’re welcome Rod!

  72. you have to consider too, that the 34% is without her even campaigning…..or spending a dime

  73. Is it me or do you also notice HRC in her video looking very tired and
    not herself ????

    I had an uneasy feeling watching that and she saying
    “help elect Barack Obama…” that she knows they will NOT let her put her name on the ballot.

    We’ll know more later today but I have the bad feeling the webchat is to prepare her supporters to that effect…. ??? I cannot make it but hope some of you will report in detail on this.


  74. GCH: It also doesn’t just outright poll on whether, given the choice, they’d vote for Hillary over McCain. Essentially, it isn’t on equal footing with the poll done a few weeks back that put Hillary 8% ahead of McCain because it’s asking a different question.

  75. does anyone have a clue about the format of this webchat? I saw a link on hillaryclinton.com to submit questions, so i’m assuming they won’t take them in real time (or maybe they will?) I also wonder is it going to be video, or what. I’m at work with no sound, so I hope not. If it is, can someone keep us updated in chat? Is anyone working on a post for the chat??? madamab? bboomer? katie?

  76. All I’m asking Hillary to do at this point is sign the petition if someone hands it to her. Everything else she can stay hands clean on.

  77. #
    garychapelhill, on August 7th, 2008 at 10:31 am Said:

    a troll just posted this in an older thread:

    We’re a group of young democrats ranging from 18 to 30 years old. In 4 years, we’ll be the backbone of the democratic party. If Obama loses in the Fall semester because of you guys and Hillary, believe us, she will never be the president of the US, ever.


    Then those precious little snowflakes of the future of the world better get up from their facebook accounts and ipods and do what the “backbone of the Democratic party” did in the past. WORK for it. Shoe leather — and not just for the celeb candidates, either. For the, like, totally boring public offices.

  78. Mike Marks, on August 7th, 2008 at 10:52 am

    I think sending Hillary the video with the caller from Michigan would be a good start to convince her to fight for the stolen delegates

  79. Regencyg:

    Thanks for the comment.

    Yes, Harold Ickes stated at the meeting that she reserves the right to contest that decision, but the recent comments of Sen. Clinton and her surrogates strongly suggest that she will not file that appeal. The RBC move was the most outrageous one that I have ever seen and, unfortunately, it has been swept under the rug by everyone. I hope it winds up with some more exposure.

  80. Poll results are dependent upon how the question was posed. Example: Would you vote for Obama as opposed to Donna B? The result would more than likely show that 90% would vote for Obama. Thus: Obama is the clear choice!

    It is almost equal to the question: When did you stop beating your wife? The question is already loaded.

  81. Fall semester-funny! Real age range: 18-19.

  82. I am afraid that she is going to be forced to release her delegates by the DNC because of the party non-unity.

  83. Mike Marks: I’ll definitely give you that one. We’re so busy trying to get an open convention that we honestly stopped lobbying for RBC. Now, we’ve never forgotten about it. Frankly, it’s one our of largest grievances with the process, but there is really no mechanism other than the Credentials Cmte for us to contest it.

  84. Kim: I awould actually see that as sabotage on her part because she’s not a dumb woman, she knows that if this Convention is not Open, it will be horrid. There will be “Unity.” It will be open season on “democrats” by “democrats.”

  85. ok, I’m going to put up a web-chat open thread in just a minute…

  86. Sorry, there will be no “Unity.”

  87. Mike Marks is absolutely right. We should bring back the outrage that May 31st meeting was to the forefront. Fixing the “Fix” is the dominant reason for a floor fight at the convention.

  88. Regencyg:

    I agree. My point is that an “open convention” is nothing more than an official tally of the delegates and, if the legitimacy of those delegates from the primary is not questioned, will serve merely to reinforce the phony perception that the nominating process is now legitimate.

    It just seems to me that the people who are handling the drive to get Sen. Clinton into nomination should be including an RBC appeal in their agenda, and it’s something Sen. Clinton’s rank-and-file supporters should also be urging.

    Thanks again for the feedback.

  89. I am getting nothing but questions and comments. Am I doing something wrong?

  90. Mike Marks, I think there is an RBC appeal. but politically, it would be difficult for Sen. Clinton to hang anything on a legit process. See, we have gotten into the weird world where legitimate procedure and historical process as equal to stealing.

    It’s going to take overwhelming acclaim by delegates at the convention—Sen. Clinton isn’t just looking to win a nomination. She is looking to win the GE and have long coattails and that will take a public, open, transparent, on every TV in the land sort of celebratory event. It will take unity, and between Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama, one knows how to create unity and one not so much.

    While I have issues with the legitimacy of this process, that’s my fight and I risk nothing going public with it. The junior senator from New York must tread carefully as there are high stakes. It is politically wise to do so.

  91. I need more direction before I do this. Who will they listen to? Any voter? Only Democrats? I left the party on June 2nd, and made a point of letting the DNC know that I left. Are they going to listen to any demands that I make at this point? Also, is there any format to this letter that I can use? Or specific points that I need to include if I draft it myself? Thanks for any guidance!

  92. Ohio:

    “politically, it would be difficult for Sen. Clinton to hang anything on a legit process. See, we have gotten into the weird world where legitimate procedure and historical process as equal to stealing.”

    I agree completely, but an appeal would at least put the issue on the historical record, where it should be, rather than being swept under the rug.

    “The junior senator from New York must tread carefully as there are high stakes. It is politically wise to do so.”

    I agree with that also. It’s just getting increasingly harder at this point to imagine what her plan might be, if in fact there is one. I hope you’re right.

    Thanks for the comment.

  93. I can’t help but disagree with Mike,
    “The junior senator from New York must tread carefully as there are high stakes. It is politically wise to do so.”

    Tread carefully
    ………..instead of and aggressive and furious opposition to first Edwards and then the Clyburn Swift boat campaign was why she is not nominee now ….she needs to stop fighting like a girl IMO and she should not be asked to ….the WH is at stake because of their actions and HER FAILURE TO CALL THEM ON IT

  94. Salt:

    ” I can’t help but disagree with Mike,
    ‘The junior senator from New York must tread carefully as there are high stakes. It is politically wise to do so.'”

    I was quoting Ohio’s comment; although I agreed, I offered a big caveat – that she doesn’t seem to be fighting for the nomination anymore.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  95. […] Here’s how… Posted by PJ under precious | Tags: Brazile, DNC, get rid of |   https://riverdaughter.wordpress.com/2008/08/07/thursday-to-do-list/ Strip Donna Brazile of her Superdelegate status.  After all, she told us she would leave the party […]

  96. Well, ineresting video of Clinton. I gave her money for the first time in my life during her campaign. I was so dissapointed I took my name off her mailing list, Why should I help pay down debt for a party that doesn’t care about its members. I would be better off paying toward my student loan debt. I am one of those so called bitter white person that has switched for the first time ever to vote for a republican president. perhaps the dems didn’t learn there lesson again.

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