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Cocktails at The Scratching Post: August Memories

Hi, guys, I’m stalling on my packing, again.  The other conferees should be arriving in DC tonight to begin the festivities tomorrow morning.  But Brook has a ceremony for her final day of camp tomorrow so I will be getting in late tomorrow night.  😦

In the meantime, I am musing over the Hillary Web chat today and like Kbird, the whole thing seems vaguely reminiscent.  It makes me think of August, 1991.  Mikhail Gorbachev was the President of the Soviet Union.  He was a loyal communist party member.  His wife Raisa was a scholar on the subject of communism and frequently tweaked Nancy Reagan’s buttons.  She was delightful!  Anyway, Mikhail was a reformer with a soft spot for laborers.  He thought the whole system needed an overhaul so he introduced a couple of concepts to encourage openess and restructuring or perestroika.  He was encouraging a period of internal self examination. That openness set some machinery in motion but not quite what Gorbachev had expected.  Instead of wanting a reform of communism, the public seemed intent on getting rid of it.  The unrest had gone viral and was rapidly escalating in intensity.

Who is this man and why does he have a map of the Malay peninsula on his head?

Who is this man and why does he have a map of the Malay peninsula on his head?

Umm, that didn’t go over too well with some of the soviet hardliners.  So, while Gorbachev was vacationing in the Crimea, eight hardasses staged a coup.  They put Gorbachev under house arrest, told everyone he was “sick” and cut the phone lines to his dacha.  If my memory serves me correctly, somehow he smuggled out a video of himself to give the world a heads up. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, er, Kremlin, Boris Yeltsin took advantage of public sentiment and stared down the coup plotters.  International attention was riveted on what was going on.  Would there be another Tianneman Square event or would that somehow be averted?  In three days, it was all over.  The coup plotters were overthrown, the statue of Lenin was dismantled and the Soviet Union was no more.

Now, to me, it sure looks like the powers that be would like Hillary’s online fans to sit down and shut up.  The natives are getting restless and they are in a dither.  So, they have Hillary under virtual house arrest and strongly encourage her to get hold of the situation.  She has to play the game but if anyone can’t see through the answers to the questions from this morning, they aren’t paying attention.  She’s stated several things that just don’t ring true, like Obama’s committment to universal healthcare.  Are you kidding me??!

The bottom line, guys, is that this is rapidly spiralling out of the control of the DNC, the media and even Hillary herself.  The 18,000,000 voters will have their say.  We will not get in line.  We want our voices heard at the convention and we have every right to expect that our votes will be honored in a fair, open and transparent way.  So, if any of you were discouraged by the unity pony stuff she was mouthing, don’t be.  The Dean Democrats are getting nervous and confused.  But we aren’t under Hillary’s control.  She is not responsible for what we do and a forced webchat with those of us who are causing them the most grief is going to fail.

Crank it up to 11, PUMAs!

Welcome to the Cocktail Party at the Scratching Post.  I am your hostess for tonight.  You will find our bar to the left of the door.  The nice looking dude with the amazing tan and flair with the bottles is Rico, our bartender.  Tonight, we are offering causmos at $10.00 for help pay the small vendors that still need to be paid from Hillary’s campaign.  You can make a donation here.  We are also offering Pink Pumas to help defray the cost of the PUMA Den in Denver.  We’ll try to coordinate another fundraiser in a few days to help Gary and Mawm fuel their RV to Denver.  If you’d like something a little more topical, Rico is making a Soviet.  But you can order anything you like.

Tonight’s entertainment is from another era.  Doris Day sang with Les Brown’s band back before she was a virgin (it’s an old joke).  This song is bouncy and light, perfect for an evening when we’ve been fed Unity Pony all day but the message underneath is the one we’re really listening to.  I Ain’t Hep to that Step, But I Dig it:

Ladies and Gents, we run a classy joint here.  Everyone is welcome, even OPUMAs.  But let’s keep the ugly scenes to a minimum.  Check your trigger words with our lovely checkroom attendent, Florence.  The waiter’s will be circulating in a minute with panseared scallops with creme fraiche and domestic caviar, shrimp and grits and peach compote, cheese and crackers.  Please drink responsibly and tip your wait staff generously.

106 Responses

  1. i am hoping that hillary breaks her silence and comes out strong at the convention. it’s encouraging tat she hasn’t taken the advice of the media and tried to shut down PUMA – and perhaps she knows it would be a pointless gesture in any case,

    we need an open convention – not a nuremberg party congress with a smiley face.

  2. Can the Dj play one for me to the dnc?
    Thresa Brewer singing “got along without before I met you gonna get along without now”.
    Thank you



  3. But don’t tip them too far or they’ll fall over. 😉

  4. I didn’t know Doris Day was a singer. She was a wholesome
    actress, or so I thought when I used to believe that Hollywood
    people used their own names (before that became fashionable).

    I’m sure that Hillary is exhausted. She is superwoman, but everyone
    wants her to solve their problems, and she is being denied the
    job where she can legitimately do that!

    I’ve maxed out for Hillary, donated to WomenCountPAC, and
    pledged funds for the march in S.F. May I have a drink, Rico, please.

  5. Cheers everyone.
    I agree with riverdaughter about reading between the lines
    It’s not over yet

  6. There is a big story on the CCN, that a Florida Badman has threatened the chosen IF HE BECOMES PRESIDENT and the SS is on the hunt. A continent threat, for sure. Of course, if you read the rest of CNN’s story it notes that the Badman also said that he was going to ‘put a bullet’ in President Bush’s head. So what is CNN’s headline, not that Badman threatens Bush, but that Badman conditionally threatens the Anointed. Rico, please give me a drink, the strongest that you have.

  7. Riverdaughter, I’m very glad you posted this. It’s really timely 🙂

    I’m seriously impressed at your memory and research ability.

  8. Also, I’ve posted a cocktail glass to the sidebar to make your donations a breeze.

  9. CNN is also saying that BILL will speak on Wed night in Denver. Any interpretations?

  10. If you do not have paypal, how do you donate to the PUMA to Denver cause?



  11. Honora:
    Has CNN yet reported that the the Badman is a white r*cist, and that the voice of Hillary told him to do this? No? Well, then, just wait, you’ll need a stronger drink.

    Guess threatening Bush doesn’t make much of a story these day. Now, in August 2004….

  12. Katiebird — I misread you as posting a coctail dress!

  13. sorry this is my funny for tonight! notice there is no place for a puma!

    THe Pelosi Dean Alexrod Brazille Pet funeral Home would like to announce their newest venture:

    Obama Haven-Pet cemetary….where the notable democrat pets find final repose-

    already interned for eternity in this lovely plot of ground next to a constantly babbling brook(wink wink):

    Ol’ yaller dawg democrat
    Bluedawg Democrat

    space reserved for;

    the unity pony…

    dont wait we are filling up fast and you surely want your democratic pet resting here for all eternity!

    remember our motto “you pet um we plant um!”


  14. WhatSuddenly, In that instant, was it pretty?

  15. KB — It was smashing — cheers

  16. parentofed- I am sure that he is a PUMA. Who but a PUMA could even think the unthinkable?

  17. CB, on August 7th, 2008 at 9:19 pm Said:
    I didn’t know Doris Day was a singer

    Doris Day actually started out as a dancer winning an amateur dance contest when she was 13 with her dance partner. But she injured her right leg in a car accident soon after. She learned how to sing while recuperating. I guess that’s why she was such an awesome singer and dancer in the movies. I’m still a big Doris Day fan.


  18. My interpretation is that the Democratic Party has asked
    Hillary to save it and because of her loyalty to what it once
    was,she has accepted. Only with her on the ticket, can they win. The
    top of the ticket will be the King and she’ll be the Prime Minister
    (without the recognition). But, since she’d be more valuable
    as a Senator, she is sending Bill out to introduce the VP–Bill

    They are afraid to have a floor vote, any demonstrations,
    and need to get more voters to hold their nose and vote

  19. Was anybody else amazed about the horrible beatings the Clintons were getting in the press today?

    Nothing major happened.
    Hillary was at the famous CA fundraiser a week ago
    Bill Clinton’s interview has been out for almost a week
    The story about the possible of having a roll call has been out for week
    Hillary Clinton hasn’t publicly strayed from the “unity” playbook once, au contraire she has “behaved” as was “demanded” form her

    Can somebody tell me why the Clintons are both being burned at the stake again suddenly? Has the media run out of adoring things to say about Obama or just because the Obama has hit a ceiling it most be the Clintons’ fault.

  20. Oh, and then when it turns out that BO is not eligible under
    the Constitution, Richardson will be the nominee.

    The outcome does not look good for the Dean Dems.

  21. I think that of all the things that the caller Paul said from last night that I do believe is absolutely true is that Hillary understands this is bigger than her. RD alluded to that in her post and I think its probably the most important aspect of this whole movement. call it viral or grassroots, it really is growing as if it were a magnet attracting more and more—or like the terminator in T2, the liquid metal all flowing into one mass. It seems to have reached a critical mass as well so that we are no longer a band of holdouts on the Internet. We are feared by the DNC, the media, and even though they would never admit it, probably the Republicans too. OK, back to packing….

  22. Bama has become a bore to everyone except himself.

    Anything about the Clintons attracts interest.

  23. WhatSuddenly, 🙂

  24. After this morning I need two shots of Patron, please…..

    Here is a toast to kicking Gumby’s ass to the curb in Denver!

    Hele On!

  25. MABlue
    Maybe it is the general sense of gloom about O’s chances and they’re blaming the Clintons — since that’s the old pattern

  26. National Inquirer, Can you see if Bama visits his typical-white-
    person- woman-bank-V.P. in the 60s granny? Is she under
    lock and key? Does she recognize Barry’s new voice, carefully
    cultivated to erase his family background and Hawaiian accent?

    I know he thought his life was underprivileged because sometimes
    when his friends visited, your refrigerator wasn’t full!

    That’s because
    they didn’t want to feed a basketball team, Barry!

  27. Colmes + Obama supporters = teh stupid has arrived.

  28. By Mayoral Proclomation:

    the sale of allergy medicine is prohibited in denver from the 23rd of august until the 30th of August the MSM cannot be allowed to show millions of denverites holding their nioses during the convention-

    the laws of the state capital the govenors mansion and all the parks in denver are to be planted with full blooming ragweed the new state flower of colorado for that period ….

    Acity of 3.5 million congested and sneezing people is a small price to pay to keep all those folks from holding there nose when the Flying Possum lands and discharges President Presumptive Elect Barak Obama….

    So let it be written so let it be done

    The Mayor

    (with greatest apologies to our colorado PUMA friends)


  29. Come on down Riverdaughter!

    Rico has a virtual Hollideck bar set up for us conference folk!

    The lemons and limes are soooooo bitterrrrrrrrrrrr.

    But the conversations are sweet sweet sweet!

  30. Did everyone just turn to Kathy Griffin?

  31. Chris Matthews has found out why ther is a tingle up his leg he now suffers from vertical leg nuerophathy it was purely random it occurred first while listening to obama speak…though this is not suprizing since Chris spends 12 of his 16 waking hours listening to Obama!


  32. I just happened to watch the local news tonight. They had a long segment on John Edwards and the affair. That’s the first I’ve seen about it in local media (John Edwards lives here in chapel hill). I wonder now that the local news is going after him if the national media won’t be far behind. I have a feeling he won’t have much of a role at the convention.

  33. GCH: Didn’t Don Fowler say confess or stay home?

  34. I don’t know, I really haven’t watched any news on tv in a couple months, I haven’t seen much reporting on the Edwards thing except at foxnews.com. I know the local media hasn’t made a peep about it till now….

  35. gery:

    Apparently the media in NC are not shy about covering the Edwards affair. I think they have challenged him to come out and clear the smoke.

  36. mablue…yeah, but they hadn’t until now…don’t know why…contrary to popular belief, John Edwards is not very popular here.

  37. “MaBlue”
    Can someone explain “WHY” Hillary is in charge of UNITY??!!
    Should’nt that be the job of the LEADER of the PARTY?

  38. VARVAL

    Clinton Denver convention suporters must bring clothespin’s for their noses.

  39. Ordered one of those “special” fancy margaritas.

    Donated $20.00 to Hill to help pay off her debt.

  40. Hill-zil funny damn missed kathy will catch the rerun friday-damn dam!

    sorry will be cking off looking for good meditation material for a special prayer affirmation meditation

    everyone send me good thoughts I will be doing this for the Puma pre convention confrence I cannot be there but I can surely send my thoughts and prayers


  41. Gary: “I have a feeling he won’t have much of a role at the convention”

    Probably not….

    I still remember him asking H not to “damage” O’s chances….

    Talk about damaged…..

  42. Once the Democrats chisel Obama’s name in stone as the nominee………Watch out……The dogs are going to be turned loose.

    Hillary is their only hope.

  43. maybe the one I did on bill and hllary or on racism or genocide in darfur and africa could be used at the conference….there ar so many will one weekend go back through the threads and gather them up may do an online thing call it prayer for PUMA’s and wonderful world or something?

    what do you all think?

    fuzzybeargville-tonight everybody just pray or meditate on all our puma friends on the road this weekend have a safe journey to the conference! Amen


  44. I never liked Edwards, I saw him on Hardball when they came to UNC. Through every commercial break he would preen and have his makeup retouched. Didn’t even try to talk to the massive crowd in the theater–and this was way back last fall when he still was a contender. It was if the fact that people were there to see him was a bother. For all the progressives cried about the right wing’s neverending haircut jokes, they pretty much had his number all along. A lot of people in NC will never forgive him for using us for his own personal ambition to become president. The party worked for decades to take one of the senate seat, and for him to give it up for his own reasons was awful….now we have two of the most ineffectual right wing senators in the country

  45. I 1st felt it after his “speech” on race NOW FOR SURE; Obama should be FORCED to withdraw!!
    He has’nt been the people’s choice since early March & instead of a fellow (fella) Democrat benefiting it will
    be the republican !
    Nobody ever mentions the FINAL NAIL before the RBC “rip-off”…Obama came out & “GAVE UP HIS CHURCH” that was it!
    Next he got EVERYTHING he wanted & they threw in “4” of Hillary’s delegates for FUN!!

  46. Charles:

    You actually compelled me to look for that “joint statement”. There is really a lot to read between the lines:

    “We are working together to make sure the fall campaign and the convention are a success. At the Democratic Convention, we will ensure that the voices of everyone who participated in this historic process are respected and our party will be fully unified heading into the November election.”>/blockquote>
    You don’t need more that the reading comprehension of a 2 yrs old to understand that there is still a lot of elbowing behind the scenes.

  47. have a safe trip to all going to the confrence –

    May the angels lift you up and like on the wings of eagles bear you about the great work which you have been so prepared-may the creator father mother god/dess watch over you and bring you wisdom!

    May Justice move by Devine Conscience bless you on this endeaver and bring light to the darkness that once again we democrats will shine for the average American.

    Providence willed us into being and now demands the world take notice-because we are of our selves so worthy but because we have become the lamplighters in the time of darkness.

    Go forth and think great thoughts dream big dreams so that the world long desended into twilight my burst forth into the daylight again-

    We humbly ask this blessing -Amen

  48. Amen, Fuzzy.

  49. tpt/ny, on August 7th, 2008 at 10:19 pm Said:
    Can someone explain “WHY” Hillary is in charge of UNITY??!!
    Should’nt that be the job of the LEADER of the PARTY?

    Hello Conflucians! I have to admit, I’m a bit beaten today. Had some NY relatives visiting – all was well until they saw my Hillary fridge magnet. The arguements began. They used to be Hillary supporters and now they have drank the kool aid – it was too much.

    Then the “chat” that seemed more like a DNC computer software program – then the “those people” remarks.

    I totally agree TPT/NY, HE’s supposed to be in charge of the “unity” – not Hillary.

    While he’s on vacation getting his mani/pedi & body exfoliating, Hillary’s going to be doing his work tomorrow.

    I’m in a down mood – RIco, gimme something, anything!

  50. Have you heard the latest……Obama wants to be president, because America……sucks now…..not like it use to be.

  51. interesting, from Steve Soto at the Left Coaster:

    Aloha Barack http://www.theleftcoaster.com/archives/012962.php

    an excerpt:
    The Post story correctly notes that the Obama campaign has eviscerated the Democratic Party’s capability and infrastructure to run a Tier Two campaign against McCain by its insistence that all contributions go to Obama and not groups like MoveOn and other outlets that could do media and Truth Squad efforts against McCain. Now defunded at Obama’s order, these groups have left the field of battle, allowing McCain to have a free run of the media to spread a negative campaign from many outlets without fear of an ongoing onslaught from many corners against him and his record. And the only message from Team Obama seems to be that these anonymous critics are simply whiners who have been cut out of the action, and aren’t part of the Kool Kids crowd on the inside who have the inside dope on all the smart things his campaign will be doing in the fall.

  52. from the same article above:

    When Clinton tried to raise concerns about his electability in a general election due to his relative newness, thin national resume, and yes, celebrity status, she and her team were smeared as running a racist campaign. She still has those concerns, and now do lots of other people, many of whom were only so happy to push her aside for the new face just weeks ago.


    I wish a safe and productive trip to our PUMAs heading for DC – wish I could be there!

  54. I don’t know how to put quotes in a box???

  55. yeah Fuzzy, I’ll be envious but mostly appreciative of all the Pumas travelling to D.C.

  56. sorry SM about your Koolaid drinking family I have a family of repugs!


  57. but I love them we respect each other to much and my republican brother supports gay marriage and universal healthcare!


  58. well, looks like they get their wish to put us in cages

    The American Civil Liberties Union said Thursday it will not appeal a federal judge’s ruling that upheld the city’s decision to limit protests during the Democratic National Convention to a fenced-in demonstration zone,

    from foxnews

  59. well thats the last dollar I send to the ACLU they are now in the tank for Obama!


  60. i don’t think they wanted to fuzzy, they just knew that they had no time for the appeal to have any effect, so they didn’t pursue it.

  61. Hi Folks…lots heavy thinking here tonight.
    Amen to Michael’s prayer. Please go safely, look out for each other, and know that those of us who couldn’t be there are with you in spirit.

  62. Michael – I am immune to Repubs at this point, it was the gang up just because I had my Hillary magnet on my fridge.

    We have a rule – never talk about religion or politics and the rule was broken. It was very disheartening because after they left, I ran to hear/see Hillary’s chat.

    Then the “THOSE PEOPLE” – ooooh, that got me sooo mad!

    It’s just a bad day, I guess. That doesn’t mean I’ll give up though!!!!

  63. SM I am a New Yorker and I’ve been having similar problems with my beloved older brother’s nephew. And my neighbor too, whom I like a lot, but I avoid her now.
    In New York, I know Barky’s got it sewn up, so I have the luxury of voting for Cynthia McKinney. Black Female and to the left of Barky. If I lived in a swing state I’d have to vote McCain, and that’d be tough for me.

  64. Fuzzy, I think the ACLU has to choose their battles carefully. they can’t sink resources and time into something they won’t win, or don’t have time to win. I wouldn’t give up on them just yet.

  65. SM – You’re here now with us. 🙂

  66. I wish for everyone traveling to DC may the most powerful angel’s of light protect you in your travels and guide you in your endeavors!

    (Whether you believe in them or not.)

  67. SM, missed your comment earlier. I’m so sorry about your relatives, and your day generally. almost makes me glad I was at work all day, which sucked but only in the way work always sucks 🙂

    they’re New Yorkers, huh? Hillary won New York. she represents them. what’s wrong with them?

    I was bummed about missing the chat but I guess now I’m glad I did.

    what does “those people” mean? I’m trying to catch up!

  68. Good luck to the Denver Pumas. I’m with you in spirit and in every way imaginable. Be strong and be devoted like you already are.

    Be safe! And take pictures!

  69. and SM, what Sophie said……you’re here with us now 🙂

  70. Yeh, Riverdaughter… About Brazile… I thought that while at it, we could each send a copy of our letter demanding her resignation from the Credential Committee to her employer CNN. How do you think she’d like that!!!!

    Also, I think we are living in the same area. Commerce Bank???? Any close to route 38?

  71. I am clearly exhausted again. Just read what I wrote. (I meant that to be plural not possessive.) I had a crappy day too, SM. I wish everybody a wonderful evening and very sweet, restorative dreams! G’night. (yawn, yawn)

  72. Love everyone. I’m gonna follow, Karo’s lead and read a book for a while. Might be back, but if not, good night!

  73. Kiki, wry & Sophie – thanks! Yep, all from the Bronx, all big Hillary voters & they said, it’s more of a Taylor Marsh thing “she told me to support him!” They’re not really news junkies like me to see between the lines.

  74. Take a look a liberal rapture. In the comment section they did a word search for entitilement.
    They went to http://www.wordreference.com/def…ion/entitlement.
    It is so funny



  75. Reg—it’s DC this weekend, right?

  76. hmmm, interesting McCain youtube video:

  77. wry
    There’s a whole group of “Clinton’s 4 McCain” in the
    NYC/LI area; I’m not on board with them…YET!
    Thanks “SM” for the shout-out.
    I was just listening to Ed Hale-hsfjm & it hit me…WE CAN’T WAIT UNTIL DENVER!!
    Remember what “Paul” said last night; Hillary can UN-
    We need to appeal to her STRONG MATERNAL
    When she spoke 2 months ago she said then & last Sunday that “we” should feel HEARD!!
    Well, we DON’T!! If we don’t see what they ROBBED us of on June 3rd… a OPEN DEBATE about which would be the BEST NOMINEE. We are telling them in advance to expect us to help, “Reign McCain” in November.

  78. well, i always wanted to be one of “those people”. and now obama says i am.

    i understand why he’s making this mistake of thinking talking to hillary will somehow influence all of her supporters. he’s thinking that our support for hillary is like his supporters’ worship of him. if he told them all tomorrow that cars would run on salt water, they’d all go fill up their tanks with it. in contrast, we support hillary because he has the best policies and leadership skills. and she still does, regardless of whether he stole the nomination or not.

  79. Karolina, hugs to you & good night!

    AMEN Campskunk! He thinks we’re brainwashed, and we’re not. We are standing by our Democratic principles of one person/one vote, transparent voting process.

    Obama lies & lies and panders and panders, he KNOWS he’s full of shite and is afraid he’s going to get caught so he won’t talk to us.

    Oh but we’ll talk to him come November in the voting booth.

  80. Guess what guys, this is a fight where some have their careers at stake. The Clintons are not known for their short memory, so you can imagine that some who burned bridges thinking the Clintons were done and out forever are now having cold sweat shakes.

    The highjack DNC never ever ever thought a movement like PUMA could rise and last. We are the Trump card., the story of this election. (Yes O, we are also taking that from you. We are historical and you are just more and more a disapearing act)

    They are going to thraw everything at her. But the thing is, this is not only about her. This is about US, millions of US. And the only way we have to deflect the fire from her is to claim our independance. No VP, no consolation speech. NO DEAL..

    Listen DNC/O, negociate our votes at the convention, and we’ll negociate them right back in November. BEWARE. BE WARNED.

  81. Hey! HCF found out that Obots are talking about PUMA and think the Confluence is a brach of KKK.



  82. The Bots are deranged, if they think, The Confluence is part of the KKK. Their immaturity is showing.

  83. hey got a question. ive done some searching-is this paul guy for real? what is his name? just dont want folks to get played

  84. I’m late to the party, but I’ll have a margarita on the rocks, with plenty of salt. Finally, I scraped together a contribution!

    Dear ,

    Thank you for your contribution to Hillary Clinton for President.
    We deeply appreciate your support. If you have any questions
    about your contribution please contact us at


    DATE: August 7, 2008 7:36 PM CDT
    NAME: S R
    Corpus Christi, TX
    AMOUNT: $25.00

  85. Perhaps the HIllary chat today is another example of her “class ACT” in contrast to Obama’s crummy behvior re: the convention. Emphasis on the word ACT…

    It’s like a dance, isn’t it? I keep hoping the “act” is a cover for some behind the scenes preparation…like a “coup” in Denver against idiot boy…

  86. I see that CNN and MSNBC are reporting that President Bill Clinton will speak at the Democratic Convention. I wish he wouldn’t.

  87. tpt/ny, wry, sm

    I’m also NYC/LI Clinton 4 McCain here. Would loooove it if NY went red- I know, I know, not happening- but still… I think if any Rep can pull it -McCain would. What a slap in the face to o and the DNC that would be. I think NJ has a good chance of going red.
    I know quite a few Dems there NOT happy with precious.

  88. What about Illinois …….going Red.

  89. Anyway …..they (DNC) know, something is wrong, but they can’t and won’t say what it is. It’s a secret,

    People are totally PISSED OFF..

  90. Very interesting link:

    Americans Fed Up With Olbermann

  91. According to WaPo aides to Clinton and Obama are working on a compromise to “appease” us:

    The Obama and Clinton camps said this week that they agree on a central point: They would like to avoid an embarrassing display of discord from Clinton’s most ardent backers when the national convention begins in just over two weeks. Conversations about how to achieve that have increasingly focused on the question of whether Clinton’s name will be offered in a roll-call vote by delegates to determine the nominee, even though she has said she is not challenging Obama’s claim as the party’s standard-bearer.

  92. MAblue…….glad someone is watching Oberman….and MSNBC. I have not watched Ober in a couple months now. Totally shameless.

  93. Everyone, there absolutely must be an embarrassing display of discord at the convention. A big, loud display of discord that is very, very embarrassing for the Obama team as they’re trying to take over our party. I say embarrass the hell out of them.

  94. Are we feeling appease-able?? At what point does discord become embarassing?

  95. Hey, does anyone know if there are any ‘listen in’ type options for the conference this weekend, for those of us who can’t go? I remember Will (I think) saying they were trying to put together a way folks from home could participate, but haven’t seen anything. I tried going through the comments over at pumapac blog but didn’t spot anything (although I may have missed something bc I was trying to skim 100s of comments quickly).

    SweetieSue: I wish Bill wouldn’t speak either, but since he’s a master at the subtextual ‘f*ck you’, I’m looking forward to seeing what he says.

    But, I’m even more looking forward to 2009 when he says he’ll spill the beans about his real feelings on the primaries. Can’t wait!

  96. […] it here.  The point is to fight and keep fighting. Riverdaughter has an interesting blog on Unity here.  Bill Clinton appears scheduled to speak on the third night Just before the VP’s speech. […]

  97. I disagree with the conventional wisdom here. What everyone forgets is that the only reason Obama is the presumptive nominee is because Clinton suspended her campaign on June 4th and endorsed him. He didn’t earn enough pledged delegates for that title and the superdelegates can’t vote until the convention. When she dropped out he became presumptive by default, since there was no one left running besides himself.

    In effect, Clinton doesn’t need permission for a floor vote. She just has to tap her shoes together three times and say “There’s no place like the White House.” And presto, the convention is wide open.

    Whatever the reason for her failure to do so, it begins to gnaw on the nerves after awhile. No one is about to foreclose on either of her homes. Yet she no longer talks about the fraudulent primaries that included outright disenfranchisement of voters in the 4th and 8th most populous states. If she’s so interested in “winning back the White House”, why is she supporting a candidate without any actual voter mandate – the caucuses were also rigged – and allowing him to control the Democratic Convention? Obama has received money from an Iraqi exile, referred to by the Pentagon as “Saddam’s bag man” for his home purchase via Tony Rezko (the two lots were originally one lot) AND another exile, the former minister of electricity in Iraq, is now living in Illinois as a fugitive after Obama’s office helped break him out of jail in Baghdad using Blackwater security guards.

    Does anyone honestly think this person is going to be moving into the Oval Office next January? He’s just not. Morever, for those who think Clinton is waiting for 2012, that’s not going to happen either. The experts have done the math on the national debt and the federal government will no longer be a going concern by then. Hence the end of our democracy.

    If you want to Clinton to win in 2008, you either have to put her feet to the fire and get her to run as an independent, or get the Dept of Homeland Security/FBI to do their job and disqualify Obama because of his links to to those Iraqi bad boys.

  98. 6:51 in the morning…all quiet and peaceful n this rural cul-de-sac double trailer development…..

    Just wondering…what are all “those people” at the Confluence up to…..

    Going back to the internetS to see how things are…We’ll be back soon.

  99. Lawsuit exposes rift between gays and blacks at the DNC

    (DONNA Brazile is involved..of course)


    (Sorry just to drop links, but wanted to share news in case you didn’t know)

  100. Check out the new McCain ad featuring the Democratic elite praising McCain and ending with Hillary praising McCain and adding her famous comment about his 2002 speech. LMAO. I hope McCain plays this ad on every outlet and all over the Olympics.

  101. I know it is tough to think about voting for McCain but I hope every PUMA will give this serious consideration. Obama must lose and even in the deepest blue states I think we need to do everything we can to minimize his votes. As a Californian and a lifelong Democrat who has voted Democrat for 50 years, I will vote for McCain even though I know he will not carry CA. I just hope I can help make the BO victory a close call and send a message to the Dems in CA.

  102. thanks for the link kat in your hat – this continues to be a most eye opening year. Unbelievable behavior by the DNC atty – though I believe it.

    You go Jangles!

  103. Excellent post RD, unfortunately, Hillary appears to have succumbed to the Women as Leader Cruse that faux illusion of protecting the weak the fragile that stops the strong prevents needed change, the intimidating Good For The ……. !

    She errors of course the weak it is good for is a mirage, the alternative for Party and down ticket is already a reality if you drown out the trash talking, The use of Southern Politics as usual as a National Platform and Strategy for Democrats and Obama and the co enabling belief that the Electorate believes electing a candidate that is different was the burning issue was wrong, it is actually hemorrhaging all but the AA expanded turn out, and driven away more than the projected 3 percent growth a loser.

    It’s the economy stupid either way it’s about the electorate not a symbol.

  104. Edwards just announced yes he had an affair and cheated on his wife but isn’t the baby’s daddy…

    I always disliked this guy ALWAYS, what a fool ….

  105. I got my PUMA sterling silver pendant in the mail today and it is really nice. Anyone interested can get one at 50% off from Auntie’s Treasures with discount coupon code:

    Mountain Sage

  106. OK, to paraphrase, we are “those people” whom we have been waiting for. We are the ones who will make a huge difference in this year’s election. No matter who ends up being the Democratic candidate (and I would enjoy nothing more than knowing it would be HRC), we are the ones who will make or break the candidate’s dream of being POTUS. BO has anointed us as “those people” because he does not seriously believe that we are a threat to his ascension. Well Mr. BO, stand back and watch your smoke and mirrors turn into ashes and dirt. We are determined to make the best of a seriously flawed convention. If, heaven forbid, you succeed in becoming the Democratic candidate for POTUS, I believe that we can convince you – once and for all – that it is not going to happen. Our votes in November will take that “entitlement” away from you. No matter what the DNC has promised you, we will make every effort to ensure that you do not ascend to your throne room in the WH. You have made your ideas clear that “those people” are not important to you … we will make our idea clear to you that you are not important to us, either. Buh-bye, BO – that sucking sound you will hear will be 18 million people flushing you down the toilet of our bus.

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