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Wednesday: Obama has big donors? I’m shocked, SHOCKED!

Yep, according to the NYTimes this morning. The Dauphin of Democracy, that paragon of virtue, takes little donations from wee, little people and he’s not too humble to tell you about it every chance he gets.  But it turns out that this may not be the whole story:

In an effort to cast himself as independent of the influence of money on politics, Senator Barack Obama often highlights the campaign contributions of $200 or less that have amounted to fully half of the $340 million he has collected so far.

But records show that one-third of his record-breaking haul has come from donations of $1,000 or more: a total of $112 million, more than Senator John McCain, Mr. Obama’s Republican rival, or Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, his opponent in the Democratic primaries, raised in contributions of that size.

Nice haul there, Barry.  “But!”, the Obamaphile protests, “he can’t know where all of that money comes from.  He’s busy running a campaign.  His finance people probably aren’t telling him.”  The Times reporters helpfully explain:

While his campaign has cited its volume of small donations as a rationale for his decision to opt out of public financing for the general election, Mr. Obama has worked to build a network of big-dollar supporters from the time he began contemplating a run for the United States Senate. He tapped into well-connected people in Chicago prior to the 2004 Senate race, and once elected, set out across the country starting to cultivate some of his party’s most influential money collectors.

He courted them with the savvy of a veteran politician, through phone calls, meals and one-on-one meetings; he wrote thank-you cards and remembered birthdays; he sent them autographed copies of his book and doted on their children.

Awww, how thoughtful.  {{sigh}} It appears that Barry is well aware of the big donors after all, having courted them and all.

{{shaking Firefox at the NYTimes site}}  There’s something wrong with the Times this morning.  It seems insufficiently fawning.  Maybe Adam Nagourney should have a talk with Luo and Drew and tell them to expect a call from Obama’s people to their editors if they keep this up.

It turns out that many of these people are from the finance, investment and securities trade.  You know, brokers and hedge fund managers.  I can’t imagine what they want from Obama, the man of the little people.  And Obama just can’t help schmoozing these bundlers to pieces:

They met for Chinese food in Washington the following week, and Mr. Obama scored points with Mr. Solomont when he pointed out that they had both been community organizers earlier in their careers.

“I’ve been involved in politics a long time,” Mr. Solomont said. “Nobody’s bothered to know that about me.”

Wow, I got all choked up there for a moment.  That’s really touching.  Only an expert schmoozer could pull that off and make it look sincere.  Smooth.  And it never hurts to start early:

In December, Mr. Obama visited the New York office of the billionaire investor George Soros to court a roomful of high-powered Democratic fund-raisers, hoping to lure some of them away from Mrs. Clinton. Not everyone was swayed, but Mr. Obama won over Orin Kramer, a hedge-fund executive from New Jersey, and Mr. Wolf, the UBS executive, both of whom are now among Mr. Obama’s biggest fund-raisers.

(Hedge funds, hedge funds.  Aren’t those the “instruments” designed to bet on the market?  Now, why would they want Obama…?)

Anyway, go read the whole thing.  Obama’s campaign expect the booty from the biggies to increase with respect to all of his donations.  I can’t understand why this is.  Surely, SURELY, the little people will increase their giving in order to keep up.  Otherwise, Obama may feel obligated to devote more of his attention to the Hedge Fund managers.  Nahhh, that would never happen.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton writes a piece for the Wall Street Journal where she shames the offshore accounts of some of the Bushies biggest scam artists like Halliburton, who feed off of our latest tragedies and wars. In No Crisis is Immune from Exploitation Under Bush, Clinton proposes a series of steps and a commission to root out waste, fraud and abuse of the Bushie contractors.  She says the country needs a president who will say “The Buck Stops Here”.  Someone like Truman.  Oddly, she makes no mention of Obama.

LetFreedomRing found this nifty video of a TownHall meeting with Obama that didn’t get off on the right foot:

Go figure.

112 Responses

  1. Maybe the media should learn to get on the internet. Us wee, little people seem to know a lot more about what is going on in the world than all of these expert opinionists (oh, I’m sorry, I meant journalists).

    I say burn it all down and start over. Anyone got a match?


  2. Good Morning Riverdaughter. The best thing about this election year is being able to read your morning post with my coffee.

    This money trick of Obama’s — it’s amazing that anyone still believes it.

    He’s always sought out the big money. That’s why he was in San Francisco when he made the Bitter-Cling remarks (And I think that’s where he unveiled his strategy of laughing at voters too.) His supporters refuse to see it.

  3. Thanks for this post RD. The Audacity of Obama is astounding.

    A man yesterday in Ohio requested he begin his Town Hall meeting with the pledge of allegiance. Obama having been interrupted of course blamed the event planners for failing. But what happened next is very telling. Instead of Obama’s ommission, the MSM hounded the citizen, and actually claim it was disrespectful to interupt “a Presidential event” with something as trivial as the Pledge.

  4. LetFreedomRing: I’m going to guess he was a military man of Republican persuasion. Personally, I’m not a big Pledge fan but it *is* customary to begin such events with it so the guy was just pointing that out. I’m surprised that Obama’s advance team doesn’t have that all worked out. Kinda weird to keep harrassing the guy about it.

  5. So Obama is getting more of his money from big donors than from small ones.

    Haven’t we been saying this all along?!!!! The NYT is reporting this as news? We’ve been all over the internet trying to get people to listen. Heck, I tried to post a comment about it with a link to the website which showed it five times on Huffpo and they would never let the comment in.

    The NYT shouldn’t even be allowed to call itself a newspaper. It’s just a tool.

  6. RD: “Oddly, she makes no mention of Obama.”

    I told you she is the worsest.

  7. I don’t think there is any question that Barack Obama wants to privatize social security. His big wig Wall Street donors are salivating over the possibility.

    If McCain wins and tries it a Democratic House and Senate will tell him to stick it. If Obama wins, when he proposes a privatization plan as he surely will, the Democratic House and Senate will meekly go along.

    If you care about social security, Obama is a disaster waiting to happen!

  8. Oh, and by the way, big donors are people too, you know…

  9. The myth of Obama pushed in the primary is a “fairy tale.” The real Obama is nothing but a lying, power hungry narcissist. If reporters today were around during Nixon’s time, Watergate would never have been discovered and made public. All journalists today should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Looks like Obama sold his integrity along time ago. But did he get a good enough price to buy him the Presidency? I hope not. Sorry to sound so angry, but I am fed up with this bozo and all of his enablers.

  10. The NYT, like H is totally irresponsible.

  11. Well, now I’m sure that Hillary is still game on the idea of being the Dem candidate and winning the GE. I was beginning to wonder if she’s not consoling herself with not having on her shoulders the overwhelming burdens of the USA’s economy, corruption and politics, not to mention the world’s economy, corruption and politics. WHAT A TROOPER!

    Obama is a schmuck. I can’t believe they think his $ intake is going to increase.

  12. The media only cares about harrassing people, not asking the questions of the Candidate.

    That video makes my blood boil!

    I salute that man!


  13. So much for the “hope” and “change” myth. Billionaire’s and millionaire’s aren’t donating without expecting a return on their dollar investment. And how busy he must have been since 2004 after his “overwhelming” senate win running all over the country shoring up the big bucks for his next major contest, the WH. And no wonder he calls himself an “outsider” to Washington politics; most of his time has been spent outside courting the “elites”.

    This guy must be defeated either in Denver or November. Just a paid shill.

  14. They harass the hell out of that guy.

  15. Paris Hilton thought she’d take a swipe at McCain for using her in his video:

    “So thanks for the endorsement, white-haired dude,” Hilton says in the ad, while sitting outside in a skimpy, leopard-print bikini. “And I want America to know that I’m, like, totally ready to lead.”

    but it looks like McCain’s campaign had the last laugh

    “It sounds like Paris Hilton supports John McCain’s ‘all of the above’ approach to America’s energy crisis – -including both alternatives and drilling. In reality, Paris Hilton may have a more substantive energy policy than Barack Obama,” spokesman Tucker Bounds said.

  16. Why isn’t anyone questioning why Obama did not start the Town Hall Meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance? Did one reporter actually say “Presidential Event? Did my ears hear correctly?

  17. Barack Obama, (R-IL)

  18. No Quarter had earlier posted an account of fund raising coming from donors in Palestine. I thought it was illegal to accept contributions from outside the country? Oh wait, this is Obama, he is able to get away with anything. Those fools who screamed and fainted at his rallies, so enthralled by his very presence, ought to reconsider just what they are signing up for.

    Those Rezko connections weren’t just limited to the Chicago Machine. And just as he turned his back on the poor in his district, that same gesture is sure to reappear should he win. His handlers have invested an awful lot of money and are not about to let the influence they bought and paid for to slip through their greedy fingers. Corporate America at its best.

  19. Watching the people go after the man for asking to recite the pledge of allegiance is very scary. They keep asking for his name over and over.
    Obama’s supporters are fascists. If he takes power, watch the first amendment go bye bye.

    The guy who keeps saying it is rude to interrupt the presidential candidate forgets that the people trying to get elected are supposed to serve US. It shouldn;t be considered rude to talk to someone who is supposedly asking for your vote. In Obama’s world you should feel privileged to get to see him, and it is YOUR duty to vote for him.

  20. All of the Bush “rallies” were pre scripted and the attendees had to confirm their allegiance or they were not let in. They were hand picked and all dissent squashed. We scorned these forums but nothing has changed. Those headed for Denver are witnessing the same strong armed tactics being applied.

    I hate to use the term fascist because of what it implies but this country is becoming a close second. Democracy is slowly disappearing right before our eyes. An acquiescent press is merely the beginning. Bush showed how easily this could be achieved. Obama is simply strengthening the bonds.

  21. Charles: This is why I depend on people like you to point out the truth and fallacies. We are given just so much information and have no way of recognized the good from the bad. Skepticism is the watchword. Buying it wholesale is entering at your own risk.

  22. Charles: Unfortunately, most Americans do not have assets socked away in hedge funds, or they don’t know they do until something bad happens. They also do not make millions of dollars in bonuses. They also don’t have any reason to want to privatize social security.
    There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. Presumably, Barack Obama is telling these people something they want to hear. Don’t you think we should find out what it is?

  23. What is laughable in the most cynical terms are those reporters and journalists, including the online blog sites like Kos and Huff Po, who are so busy pointing out McCain’s money sources, barely mentioning the same methods of the Obama money trail.

    You have to agree that these tools are more eager to promote the candidacy of one shyster over the other without question. We have been “bamboozled” into believing that this “outsider” is going to make a difference. Mr. Clean Slate from Chicago is anything but. But no one from that quarter is prepared to point this out.

    The American public deserves a better look at the person who will lead for the next 4 years and they are not getting it.

  24. At this point, I think “fascist” is the only term that shows the courage to not be in denial. And I hate it. I hate that Obama’s insane, or arroganrt, or “postmodernist” character, and concequent behavior, reminds me of Hitler.

    But maybe it’s not so bad. Dubya reminded me of Hitler too.

  25. And how busy he must have been since 2004 after his “overwhelming” senate win running all over the country shoring up the big bucks for his next major contest, the WH.

    That’s what he was doing when he was too busy to actually Chair the Sub-Committee that he was responsible for. I wonder how long the NY Times has actually been sitting on this information? Not to mention that many of those “small donors” are actually individuals who work for firms that then bundle their $200 contributions–isn’t that true? They are listed as small donations, but the corporations are bundling large sums.

  26. What we should hate it the “sham” that has been perpetuated upon the electorate. The wholesale cleansing of this guy as some super hero who was going to go to Washington and clean up the mess, who transcended race, whose background was based on altruism, who spoke to the masses with such a hypnotic effect.

    Instead we have a guy who at best created his biography, who has never held a job longer than it took to inscribe his name on the door, whose friendships and associations are suspect, who is willing to distance himself from anyone and anything that stood in his way, who lacks core values and principles, who is just an ordinary, ambitious, low level politician who was packaged and sold like any other product. The fallacy is astonishing yet the accountability is lacking.

    He has managed to break every myth created around this production yet the drums till beat loudly. The most creative and prolific writer could not bring to life a better character than Barack Obama. Wholly fictional.

  27. OT – but there’s a diary in here somewhere!!!

    TimNCGuy posted a comment about Obama’s Hawaii vacation and ended it with this: “Oh, and remember when the BIG complaint was how the primaries just HAD TO END because there was so LITTLE time to campaign against McCain?”

    AND now McCain is asking congress to forgo its vacation and work on energy.

    So where is BO? Vacationing. (A new game…Where in the World is Barack Obama…hint: not the United States!)

    I wonder if he’ll even find the time to drag his poor Grandmother out from under the bus to spend some time with her? – Oh, silly me, only if the Press is allowed to record the warm embrace.

    Hmmmm, I’m sounding very cynical this morning.

  28. this was in the spam filter, too good not to share:

    really, it’s so nice to think about all the academic research that will be done on your comment threads and the collective psychosis you display.

    thanks again for all the pleasure you provide.

    It’s almost as good as watching a trainwreck.

    This guy enjoys watching trains wreck, and we’re the psychos??? heh….

  29. Charles, maybe so but when those financiers get behind something we have come to realize, particularly with the deregulations that have made this industry what it is, the hair on the back of my head begins to percolate. Money talks. They expect a return on the money invested. Altruism in that quarter is out of the question.

  30. gary: And what “research” was he alluding to by the way? Donna B is watching we have been told. Is Leavenworth expanding as we speak?

  31. Everyone expects a pay off eventually. Even we, the little people, donated to Hillary for a tee shirt!

  32. As far as hating the fallacy of the Obama package—that’s the part that I do not understand: how do so many people NOT see through this, as that video of the media attacking the guy who wanted the pledge of allegiance showed. Hitler and Bush pushed symbolic patriotism as their gimmick. Unless it is that after Bush, now the gimmick that works is the 180-degree turn from Bush’s gimmick?

  33. Obama is so quick to castigate McCain for taking two million from oil interests. He’s been in politics for some 26 years.
    Obama has taken $400,000 in 3 or 4 years of being in the senate. Project that over 26 years and Obama will have taken about eight million from the oil interests.
    The boy is working fast and hard to make you believe that he is something that he is not…an honest politician.

  34. It seems that for Solomont, knowing something about his personal history is enough to win him over.

  35. Here is a link to the FEC’s website on a query for contributors to Obama’s campaign.

    On the story of the Pakistani brothers contributions, the Edwan name is there, as reported elsewhere.


  36. Gary, I saw that comment in the filter too. He thinks it is fascist to recite the pledge of allegiance, but says nothing about all of the people surrounding the guy and asking for his name over and over again.

    He is a prime example of the nutty left.

  37. This election has been like a sieve. We get to see who on the left is a nut and who is rational. Seems like all the nuts landed on Obama’s patch.

  38. To invest in a hedge fund you need a net worth of $5 million not including your primary residence or real estate used for your business. Few successful hedge funds will accept less that a $1 million initial investment.

  39. {{clapping}} Snark on.

    Damn, there goes Hillary again actin’ all presidential and such. I hate when she shows off her leadership skillz. It’s almost like she’s trying to show that she’d be a better president than any of them there men.

    Can’t she just campaign for Barry and shut the fuc* up?! I bet Barry hates when she shows off.

    {{clapping}} Snark off.

    Since I’m at work I can’t access the Barry video, I’m sure it’s a corker.

  40. plural, that is because so many of these guys are narcissistic. I you flatter them they bend over backward for you. If you give them money, they’ll sell their mothers.

    The Democratic Party is morally bankrupt and deserves to be destroyed.

  41. If we weren’t such a smug, complacent, lazy society we would have been out in the streets over the past 8 years protesting what Bush, congress, and the press were doing to us as a nation.

    We have lowered the bar and the expectations to such a level that anything goes today. Cheney may had had the best explanation for what we have become: so? Shrug it off. No big deal. Get over it. Who cares?

    Sad but true.

  42. Hillary Clinton (and Bill before her) head tons of hedge fund managers as well as other Wall Street types as major donors. My guess is that she had as much or more Wall Street money than Obama (after all, Wall Street is in New York; she is the Senator from New York).

    But Hillary has one thing Obama doesn’t have; principles. Off the top of my head I can think of only one Hillary vote that the financial community wanted that was bad for American; her vote on the bankruptcy bill.

    Other than that, she has never let her financial support from Wall Street color how she votes. At least as far as I am aware.

  43. WigWag: It isn’t so much that he accepted the money. It is that he passed himself off as being so much above it, that his donors were the little nickel and dimers who scraped it together because he was so dynamic and charismatic and wonderful! He made it appear that his appeal was resonating with the little guy instead of a well financed treasury made up of the wealthiest one percent of the nation. You know, the same ones who would wipe their shoes on those little donors if given the opportunity. Hypocritical.

  44. My, my. So it all comes down to women in the end.


  45. Just sent back the latest request for $$ from the DNC with PUMA written all over it. I’m SO glad they sent the lovely postage paid envelope.

  46. Pat, you’re right. And if he is ever safely ensconsed in office, count on the fact that he will reward his wall street mega donors by investing the social security trust funds in the investment vehciles that they manage.

    His little donors will find themselves where everyone else has; under the bus!

  47. Eeyeew. I forgot about that bankruptcy bill. Mmmmph.

    The fact that so many leftists are NOT actually socialists, but, in fact, self-serving fascists was obvious in the government of the USSR and, is still so in the governments of China and (probably) Korea.

    This shows IMO that neither extreme (communism/fascism) works for human beings. We need to feel cared for and protected, and have the freedom to be creative individually. That would be called democracy.

  48. Isn’t the mighty NY Times kinda late with this story? Anybody who can even read numbers knew this fraud all along.

    The below $200 donations were a minority of Obama’s coffers, even if the %centage was higher than with other candidate. However, the Obama campaign kept pushing the myth of “the campaign financed by the little guy” and the MSM and their allies didn’t do anything but genuflect.

  49. Thanks for the link, Pat. Good article on Politico too called “Obama Stalls in Polls.” From that:

    “Yet in this Democratic year, the subject that dominates chatter among pollsters is Obama’s stubbornly slim lead.

    If there is a primary explanation as to why the race has remained close this summer, it is that Obama has failed to make gains overall with white voters, who still cast about three in four ballots on Election Day.”

    Left out of the article is why calling white people racists
    every time they pick up salt instead of pepper may not be a good overall campaign strategy.


  50. Just went to FireDogLake to see what has happened to the kool-aide drinkers. Not surprising was the continued dripping of liberal elitism, and using troop deaths in their snark.
    However, I did notice that their traffic has plumetted. The posts are getting very few comments.

    Hope this continues. Firedoglake should choke on their elitism.

  51. “My, my. So it all comes down to women in the end.”

    Pat, this is what the Zogby poll (published 2 days ago) said about women:

    “Among women, McCain closed 10 points on Obama, who still leads by a 43%-38% margin. ”

    That is a pathetic gender gap for a Democrat. Democrats usually lead Repbulicans in presidential races by double digits.

    If Obama only beats McCain amongst women by 5 points in November, Obama almost certainly loses.

  52. The once mighty NYT is a shadow of its former self. This is the same paper who withheld pertinent information from the public regarding the war in deference to the WH during the election. The same paper who allowed Judy Miller to spew unsubstantiated stories fed to her by Scooter Libby. The same paper who permits us to watch Maureen Down march out her neurosis across the printed page and labels this journalism.

    Where once we looked to the NYT as a bastion of truth, we now question the veracity of any published statement. They have now become just another institution bowing to its corporate masters and stockholders beliefs. The truth lies elsewhere.

  53. MABlue, I even think the <$200 donation are phony too. SInce you don’t have to report the personal info of the donor, I suspect they are pumping in fraudulent donations that way.
    An investigator interviewed on No We Won’t said it looks like they are paying the homeless to donate. They round up the homeless, give them money, the homeless donate a percentage of it, and get to eat a meal with what is left over.
    Everyone is happy. 🙂

  54. Have they stooped this low as to include the homeless in their sham? God, just when you think they hit rock bottom in their lies, they manage to come up with one more beaut. I thought the “Youth Camps for Obama” were the height of the new low, but wait, we’ve got one more group to exploit! Give us time, and we can probably even top this!

  55. I know that it has already been commented on, but this week, the NY Times printed the dumbest sentence it has ever printed in it’s history courtesy of Maureen Dowd’s column: Referring to Obama, she said

    “The Lanky One is like an Alice Waters organic chicken—“sleek, elegant, beautifully prepared. Too cool”—when what many working-class women are craving is mac and cheese.”

  56. When they march out the “Babies for Obama” tag is the day I take the boat out to the deepest part of the ocean and jump in. There was a picture recently in my local paper showing some dingbat with her dog who was “proudly” wearing a kerchief with Obama for President stitched onto it. The woman was smiling, her kids were smiling, and I swear the dog was too.

  57. Many of the AA actually did go out of their comfort-zone to donate to this creep. That I find revolting.

  58. I don’t understand what took them so long – checking campaign donations just requires downloading them from the FEC website (they’re all publicly available and free). I downloaded Obama’s PAC donations (yes, he has some) last night and I found it particularly interesting reading. His Presidential campaign has numerous donations from:

    1. The Illinois Republican Party
    2. The Indiana Republican Party
    3. The Kent County Republicans
    4. The Legacy Committee PAC (a right-wing Republican PAC that officially endorses McCain)
    5. The Life and Liberty PAC (a right-wing, anti-abortion PAC founded by Alan Keyes, Obama’s eventual opponent in the 2004 Senate race)
    6. The Michigan Republican Party
    7. The National Right to Life PAC
    8. The Republican Majority Campaign
    9. RightMarch.com PAC (right wing, anti-immigration PAC affiliated with the Minuteman Project)

    I guess my question for Howie and Donna is: why are these Republicans and right-wingers at least eager for Obama to get the nomination as you are? What do they know that you don’t?

  59. Got a reply from one of my “prowls”. Here’s an excerpt:

    {my comments} <>

    {They’re response} “Actually, the DNC did not game the system. People like Harold Ickes, who as you know is a key Party member — and than whom NO ONE is a smarter or tougher Hillary supporter — made the rules without any idea of what states might violate them or who that might advantage . . . and then, when FL and MI did violate them, Harold voted to take away 100% of their delegates (again, without knowing who that might or might not advantage).

    Just as it was a shame to have the war in Iraq and all the other misery of the last 8 years because 97,488 — fine, bright, principled — people in Florida voted for Nader, so it would be a shame to have 4 more years of Bush, and lose a woman’s right to choose, and all the rest, because of the way the chips fell in this admittedly remarkable — but in no way rigged — election.

    Hillary speaks on Tuesday night of the Convention. I guess all I can do is ask you to listen to her.

    Thanks again for your passion for your country, which I share. I’ll be listening to Hillary with you.”

    Sorry, no sale.

  60. Of course, I’ve seen no one asking about or responding to a series of clearly illegal contributions and contributors in the Obama camp:


  61. Yesireebop, it is official.

    We have traitors at the top of the Democratic Party.

    Or Republican agents.

  62. While Obama would have you believe that these big money fund raisers have no agenda they are actually sitting on the campaign’s array of policy working groups, getting a chance to weigh in on policy positions and speeches.

    Mountain Sage

  63. Obama and is money trail…

    I think Bush as the marvelous money machine should have served as a warning to all.

    When a politician seems like Midas, we should realize immediately that he is too good to be true… The tremendous amount of money he is raising sets up all kinds of illusions and is insulating him IMO.

    No POTUS or potential POTUS should be exempt from scrutiny and questions. This money helps provide a smoke screen that hides the puppet strings.

    This feels too much like the Bush campaign years, only now a “new” democrat is in the empty suit.

  64. He tapped into well-connected people in Chicago prior to the 2004 Senate race, and once elected, set out across the country starting to cultivate some of his party’s most influential money collectors. He courted them with the savvy of a veteran politician, through phone calls, meals and one-on-one meetings; he wrote thank-you cards and remembered birthdays; he sent them autographed copies of his book and doted on their children.

    The Pritzkers are the richest family in Chicago. They have more richest 1000 people in the world family members than any other family partly because they’re good at diversifying. The Marmon Group consists of 60 different outfits. Another Pritzker enterprise sells tickets to rock concerts.

    About the hedge funds, his biggest contributors were employees of Goldman Sachs and other financial and investment institutions.

  65. Donna: My son works for Goldman Sachs. You are 100% correct.

  66. Another disconcerting aspect to the video is that they kept harping on how “disrespectful” he was. I’m surprised they didn’t say “r@cist”.

  67. Robin: That is an automatic when you attempt to question The One.

  68. Of course the Reps would rather have BO get the nomination. He is eminantly beatable, while Hillary…not so much. Even the monay thing…people say that Hillary could never catch up to McCain if she won at Denver. I say, $100 million in the first forty-eight hours, and all she has to do is incorporate in her acceptance speech that she would be proud to pick up the banner thanwas dropped earlier this year and agree to take public financing, if Sen. McCain will do the same.
    It automatically levels the playing field. There is little chance that McCain would refuse, and it would be a beautiful last dig at
    So, I say, the Reupublicans are not stupid and they want to make sure he is in and she is not. Do I think those PACs will continue to contribute during the GE campaign, no.

  69. McCain just bought $6 million in air time during the Olympics – take that BO!


  70. Carol: Where is the package?

  71. And you nasty people have questioned why B0 can’t remember the number of states and the capital gains tax and unimportant crap like that. He’s busy remembering things like the birthdays of donors & special little jobs they did. He can’t be expected to remember everything!

  72. NYT even discovered that big money don’t need to call themselves PAC to have political agendas! Who knew? (it only took them oh, 4 years or so….)
    On the bright side, PUMAs make waves in Denver

  73. Anyone seen this yet??

    WASHINGTON (AP) – Barack Obama may be the fresh face in this year’s presidential election, but nearly half say they’re already tired of hearing about him, a poll says.
    With Election Day still three months away, 48 percent said they’re hearing too much about the Democratic candidate, according to a poll released Wednesday by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center. Just 26 percent said the same about his Republican rival, John McCain.

    Oh, that big Olympics buy is going to go over real well!

  74. He is getting to be as annoying as that “Head On” commercial.

  75. Pat, I’m just glad I don’t watch TV. Now, we need to work on you!

  76. Hey I watch TV too. Most single women do!

  77. More…….. Maybe that media really has outplayed itself. It certainly looks like they’ve taken it too far.

    Continued AP story:
    Obama, the 47-year-old Illinois senator who would become the first black president, has dominated political news coverage much of the year. According to an ongoing Pew study, Obama has appeared in more news stories this year and more people say they have heard more about him than McCain, the longtime Arizona senator who also ran for president in 2000.

    Two-thirds of Republicans and about half of independents said they’ve heard too much about Obama, as did a third of Democrats, a significant number.

    At the same time, nearly four in 10 said they’ve been hearing too little about McCain—about four times the number who said so about Obama. About half of Republicans, four in 10 independents and even a quarter of Democrats said they’ve not heard enough about the GOP candidate.

    The poll was conducted from Aug. 1-4 and involved telephone interviews with 1,004 adults. It had a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

  78. I like tv 😉

  79. joaniebone: I really don’t watch that much anymore. That is why you find me hanging out here. I get too annoyed by the Obama shouts 24/7 and if I do put it on I now turn to Fox since at least they are not promoting and spinning him.

  80. Hi Kim!

    Hey I’m single too! I think your world is broader than mine–this here blog represents my entire social life 😦

    I was just supporting Pat in detoxifying.

  81. And as much as they have carried him, they really know little about him other than what the campaign throws out.

  82. joaniebone: Then in the interest of my “well being”, send you know who back!

  83. Morning everyone!

    You mean Obama is not a genuine “man of the people?” The Horror!

    I’m telling you, Corporate America wins with either Obama or McCain. The only one that will shake them up even a little bit will be Hillary…

  84. Last week was shark week, there are channels out there that do not have Obama on them.

  85. I promise I wasn’t being judgemental about TV. Hell, I read People Mag every chance I get– not one to be high and mighty.

    My parents had a TV on constantly, and blaring now that my Dad can’t hear. I grew to become depressed by the sound. Now I’ve missed out on a lot of good stuff.

  86. Pat:

    Obama = Head On commercial


  87. Pat, poor old Ed is going to stagger on home to you now. He’s pooped. We’ve been up for days.

  88. My son loves shark week!

  89. joaniebone: %^%%#$(*!!!!!!!!!! &*^$#D!!!!

    My first Hillary shirt just arrived! They are really nice!

  90. Pat–PS, you might want to give him a good washing.

  91. Followed by a deprogramming!

  92. Did Hilton wer a leopard skin bikini?

    Maybe she is a member of the CAT family? and she likes PUMA

  93. parentofed,

    And you nasty people have questioned why B0 can’t remember the number of states and the capital gains tax and unimportant crap like that. He’s busy remembering things like the birthdays of donors & special little jobs they did.


    A very perceptive comment!

  94. Need to go food shopping. Now that a loaf of bread is up to 5.00 and you need someone to sponsor you just to buy a quart of milk, I may have to force myself to begin liking Kibbles and Bits!

  95. As I have said many times, I feel like sometimes I am a outsider looking in. I write this post with the curiosity about US history. Take a look at the picture below — I think it was Obama’s ’06 trip to Africa, perhaps campaigning for his cousin Odinga (the speech transcripts are not available, I hear). Historians on the board — have there been other presidents or presidential candidates who were closely related some other foreign country campaigning for a candidate from that country in their elections? {I have a feeling Article II goes much beyond the citizenship issue. It requires one to have deep roots and unequivocal allegiance in this country for that number one position.}

  96. nobomo: Paris was dressed for a change. Had a hard time knowing who McCain was though. Couldn’t remember if she had slept with him or not but she blasted back in her usual tone: vague. Let him know just where she is coming from!

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  98. Pat Johnson:

    “dressed for a change”….


  99. Regarding Solomont, his betrayal of the Clintons is beyond stupefying. I know him and he had no problem having Lincoln bedroom sleepovers in the WH and attending small dinner parties for 48 with the Pres and Hil. All of a sudden it’s cool that someone like BO knows about his community organizing? Pulleaze…the new Dem party seems to be developing the motto “elite before country”.

  100. It is one of the great political mysteries: how can Obama be a liberal and be endorsed by Paul Volker? If Obama is a commie, then why Goldman Sachs, Lehman Bros., Morgan Stanley, etc. support him? Remember Billionaires for Bush? Well, we could just as easily have Billionaires for Obama. If he’s so liberal, why all the support from Money?

    I’ll give the GOP and big banks credit, they had an affirmative action program. This was ground zero for Obama’s money support. Unfortunately, their track record is not all good. They’ve been Combine-like in that they don’t care which party delivers the goods, and they’ve had problems with corruption. Obama is taking it national. Many of his supporters were up to their eyeballs in things like subprime mortgages. The next administration will decide whether they are prosecuted, have to disgorge illgotten gains, or wee pay.

  101. He courted them with the savvy of a veteran politician, through phone calls, meals and one-on-one meetings; he wrote thank-you cards and remembered birthdays; he sent them autographed copies of his book and doted on their children.
    “I’ve been involved in politics a long time,” Mr. Solomont said. “Nobody’s bothered to know that about me.”

    More echoes of Six Degrees of Separation

  102. Hi RD & Co.

    That video is VERY disturbing. It’s the mob mentality and the fascist aspects I don’t like. This election was very important to me because of the last eight years. But he’s not a Dem. Nobody is a Dem but the PUMAS. And? Hillary was.

    The way I see it? Brave New World has arrived. The cloning, big pharma — and so forth. You have a proletariat with the mob worldview based on a shiny logo. But, ?
    Can we move now? Which country? The husband doesn’t see what we all see, and isn’t taking me seriously on this…

    It’s Atwood — Handmaid’s Tale come true in a way. RD you cannot believe the searches I’m getting. You can sense the unrest — I tend to look at that through the lens of a therapist. The web has tiers — you can see it in the intelligence levels — also, almost no one knows how to use the links –?

    Pat—– NYT very corrupt. My first job was with a paper. Newspapers have been destroyed, so, this is it! It’s people like you guys being the Press — and well–perhaps we are leaving the last traces of civilized civilization in here!

    Boy was that video scary.

    McCain doesn’t scare me. Once I found out his son is in this war — I knew he’d work to end it. I don’t think he is the war monger the press is painting him at all. Yesterday I walked on the beach and looked at the sunset. Scared we may face WWIII. Things have got to change RD — but I see O as a Repub — they view it like a sick business deal — even Pelosi latest actions.

    SCARY. They aren’t Dems. Not the way we are Dems.

  103. What a freakin’ obamination! WTF! Did you hear them ask “did someone send you her to do this”? Then they say it’s a presidential event. Don’t they fucking know he isn’t even the nominee yet? He is going down.

  104. Another silver lining to the gray cloud? The MSM is going to have to go back to objective journalism or face extinction. Seeing the egg on their faces and bewilderment in their eyes after this November will be mighty satisfying. Let’s hope a new brand of reliable journalism is emerging from this.


  106. I like how the Oba-mite says “do you think it’s appropriate to interrupt a presidential event…” and then switches to saying “presidential campaign” in subsequent questions. His groupies think he’s already president.

    Obviously, their presumptuous CANDIDATE will only participate in staged events, attended by sheeple who keep their mouths shut, applaud on cue, and vote as they’re told. Since when did that describe the Democratic party? But it’s all in the interests of party unity, don’t you know. It’s not fascism, it’s unity… as handed down by the party elite. Now pass that Kool-aid and remember who the new “Decider” is here, ’cause according to the DNC, it’s not the voters.

  107. “Just sent back the latest request for $$ from the DNC with PUMA written all over it. I’m SO glad they sent the lovely postage paid envelope.”

    There was a postage paid envelope?!! Mine went into the shredder because I figured the DNC wasn’t getting another dime from me, not even for a stamp.

    With all the flip-flopping going on (and claims of no flip-flopping, even in the face of contradictory quotations, weasel words, and blatant fence straddling), the word “perfidious” comes to mind to describe Obama and the DNC.

  108. That video made me ill. Badgering someone for wanting to have a public “town hall” meeting start with the Pledge of Allegiance?

    I remember someone posting at NQ that during one of the Seattle caucuses the Pledge was actually included in the agenda, but the Obots booed so much it drowned out those who participated. Classy, huh?

    I want so much for McCain to kick Oboy’s ass. But I’d LOVE it even more if Hillary could kick O to the curb in Denver.

  109. I’m sure this has already been posted – from last week’s Obama-donor soiree, in Houston (via Houston Chronicle) :


    Pricey meal brings funds to Obama

    By SHELBY HODGE Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle
    Aug. 3, 2008, 4:40PM

    So what did the high rollers get for their money Thursday night after ponying up $28,500 each for dinner with Barack Obama?

    That stratospheric tariff earned the 54 Obama supporters a gilded night in the party palace of John and Becca Cason Thrash embellished by face time with the presidential contender, a photo op, dinner by Jackson & Co. and a look-see at the 21,000-square-foot mansion. (The provocative glass floors on level two, always of interest to newcomers, sent the Secret Service’s bomb-sniffing dogs into a frenzy earlier in the day.)

    The Thrash dinner was part two of Thursday’s fundraising blitz that garnered $1.6 million for Democratic coffers. An afternoon reception with Obama at Ginni and Richard Mithoff’s drew more than 250 who paid either $1,000 or $2,300, the larger figure earning a photo with Obama.

    Back at the Thrash’s Memorial area home, uniformed waiters wearing white gloves served guests an array of appetizers — empanadas, tempura vegetables, tuna tartare and mini BLT’s — while they waited for Obama.

    Anita and Gerald Smith, Linda Gale and Mark White, Joyce and Arthur Schechter, Gracie and Bob Cavnar, and Tony Chase were among those savoring the elite status of the intimate evening.

    The heavy hitters, including energy mogul Paul Smith of Omaha, Neb., were seated at circular tables flanking the vast indoor swimming pool where a plexiglass stage had been erected to accommodate Obama for his remarks. (Bucking Thrash party tradition, no one fell or jumped into the pool.)

    Eileen and Kase Lawal, Karen and Eric Pulaski, Stephanie and Bill Perkins, the Mithoffs and a handful of contributors from Austin and Dallas were among those dining on Jackson Hicks’ “Al Fresco Dinner.”

    The menu began with seafood martinis (martini glasses sumptuously laden with crawfish, shrimp and lump crabmeat) and continued with a lavish cold supper of sliced beef tenderloin, curried chicken salad with mango chutney and cashews, roasted fennel potato salad, grilled asparagus and tomatoes caprese. Dessert was help-yourself with an array of sweets served on two-tiered silver stands.

    Not on the menu was the lime pie that Jackson & Co. prepared at the special request of the candidate.

    Guests were required to arrive at 6 p.m., well in advance of Obama, who spent under two hours at the Thrash home. By 11 p.m. it was lights out. (Contrary to Becca party tradition, she did not do a costume change as is her habit during livelier evenings at home.)

    Tex-Mex, please

    Clearly, the Obama staffers didn’t get any of the Thrash vittles. Molina’s Cantina received a call from the campaign for 35 orders of fajitas — and one order of fried chicken — to be delivered to a private hangar at Hobby Airport. Roberto Molina reports that even though they don’t typically do fried chicken, his chefs were able to accommodate the request.


  110. […] 10/5/08 WASHINGTON (AP) – The Republican National Committee plans to file a fundraising complaint against Democrat Barack Obama’s presidential campaign Monday, alleging it has accepted donations that exceed federal limits as well as illegal contributions from foreigners. (SOURCE 1) (SOURCE 2) […]

  111. […] seen as the better choice to handle it. Maybe his constant flip-flopping on energy issues and his close ties to big money have soured people’s opinions: The economy is the top issue for the majority of […]

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