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Scratching Post Dance Party – Carry On to Denver, Hillary!

I’m in a dancing mood tonight after Blog Talk Radio’s No We Won’t call from Paul@ Friends for Hillary.

Please listen to the lyrics of this song, it’s feel good, get up, fight for a brand new day song that moves the soul.  Never give up and never give in!  Carry on to Denver, Hillary!!! 

I know that we all feel disillusioned sometimes, that we are fighting the impossible, but Paul’s call was definitely a sign that all our hard work is going to pay off.  We are standing our ground – and we are being heard!

Paul called in to talk to us about Hillary’s blog chat tomorrow at noon @ www.hillaryclinton.com.  He also gave me the thrill of a lifetime to know that all of our PUMA PROWLS from PUMAPAC is reaching DNC officals and we’re making a difference! Please log in and sign up if you haven’t already.

Rico – I need some Pink Pumas STAT for all Conflucians.  If you have some change – please click on the brown lunch bag.  Flo’s got the night off, but I’ll be here tending the baddies just in case. 

For more action www.justsaynodeal.com.  PUMA!!!

"Powerful and Graceful, even in repose is about to change to "Powerful and Graceful and nack in ACTION!"

"Powerful and Graceful, even in repose" is about to change to "Powerful and Graceful and back in ACTION!"

62 Responses

  1. As a Clinton delegate, I’ve been getting calls/e-mails from the Campaign for Change (roll eyes). Either they want me to attend conference calls or meetings or fill out forms or…whatever. I know some of it is harmless, but I’m being a stubborn you-know-what (you know us Southern boys…just look at Bill…).

    But I’m looking forward to Denver. I’ve been getting alot of media requests. I’m a bit of a meda w—-, so I usually say yes. We’ll see what happens. I hold my tongue to a certain extent…I’m not anti-Obama (publically), just pro-Hillary, and I am not ashamed to share my affiliation with anyone.

    Looking forward to the webchat tomorrow, and in casting my delegate vote for the first major woman presidential candidate, and best candidate period, at the Democratic National Convention. YEEEEEEEARGH!

  2. I was just beginning to consider another one of my “sabbaticals” since all we are getting is Obama, Obama, Obama, with few calling him out on his lies and flip flops as we head into Denver. The fact that Hillary is required to do a blitzkrieg just to get 300 signatures that must then be presented to Lady MacBeth Pelosi for approval was sinking my resolve.

    Yet when I tuned in tonight, I was energized once again. I believed Paul. He put himself out there, name and address, and if he were bogus that would be pretty easy to follow his trail.

    Suspend, Hillary should be our next mantra. Something along the lines of Surrender, Dorothy with Donna B doing a Margaret Hamilton in the last act. I am in until the end.

  3. Great song!

  4. I have written a check for 10.44/ Will mail tomorrow.

  5. SM another good dancing song that matches my mood tonight is Carlos Santana & Matchstick 20’s “Smooth”. I’ve been listening to it ever since the program & Paul our pal, were off the air.


    BTW—Carol I loved your accent! Now I’ll be able to read your comment w/ your Texas accent in my head!

  6. Sorry.

  7. Karolina, I LOVE that entire album! I love Smooth too.

    I bit hyped & happy after that phone call.

    Robin, aren’t the lyrics motivational?

    BTW, that’s Martha Wash from the Weather Girls. What a voice!

  8. Great voice!

  9. PAT, Paul’s the real deal! He’s THISCLOSE to the campaign, well, he works for Friends for Hillary PAC.

    Donna Brazile is right, they ARE listening to us, and they are getting the drift that OBAMA cheated and we want a fighter and a winner back in the game. We will not sell out our voter rights because Dean has Clenis envy.


  10. I went to her web-site again, THANKS TO PAUL & there it was “PAID FOR BY FRIENDS OF HILLARY”!!
    Just like Paul said it would be.
    When I posted a “CONTACT-US” it felt good to know someone’s going to read it!
    **On June 3rd I had the honor of meeting Terry Mc. @
    the college where the speech was given. That man wears his “HEART ON HIS SLEAVE” ! He did seem that night like he was “putting on a brave face”. So “if” Paul is correct & Terry’s asst. is UP-BEAT, Who knows?? I personally think he needs to “TANK” more for her to be the “SAVIOR”, don’t forget she’ll need HIS SUPPORTERS TO…!!
    Keep the Faith PUMA’s!!!

  11. sm77: I love everything about it. Perfect pick!

  12. kiki so true well I will keep the prayer/affirmation /meditation short tonight

    Creator father mother god/dess

    I want to thank you for my friends here tonight we are each others support. I thank you for collecting such great minds that can carry on respectful debates and through the process can come to a sysnthesis of purpose.

    there are a few of my dear PUMA friends here I would like to mention to you

    For RD who has given so much time and capital to this magnum opus at the confluence. I am in awe of her dedication to her daughter and to us and her job she is truely one of those superwomen that make this country great.

    For Carol our lady at the tote board and her singleminded committment to paying off hillary and our campaign debt. Reward her for a job well done let her work be completed when every vender is paid.

    For Mawm and Gary they have lost so much sleep traveling to be our eyes and ears out on the road the work they did at the RBC meeting and in Unity was truely heroic even if it might embarass them to be called hero’s to me they are. Their post have lifted me up and kept me focused.

    Katiebird what can I say about her she and kiki MAblue and joaniebone are just so great to talk to they keep me on my toes and make me think which is a good thing a paralized mind is a terrible thing.

    My sweet arabella trefoil Keep her safe on vacation and let her know she is missed I await her return as do many of her friends here…..and help her in her persuit of a new career.

    madamab and boston boomer and edgeofforever to I thank you for them and there conversation and writings.

    As I go through my list of friends on this second home I now know what is is like to be a rich man for I see the treasure that you have allowed to me in these friends . they are like blessing to many to name….

    If I could ask one thing for myself is that one day I could meet all of these wonderful people who have so selflessly fought for the freedom of others. I know that most people will never get to know or appreciate thes great souls for what they have done.

    Finally Creator I ask your continued hand be over Hillary to make her strong and help her in her work for the people. Protect her spouse Bill he is a treasure make him a comforter to her and may he continue to givve her good council.


    blessing on all of you good night


  13. I am listening to tonight’s Puma radio, and esp. Paul’s part.

    Can we do some fundraising type thing for Sheila Jackson Lee and Stephanie Tubbs-Jones? Paul was really emphasizing that they may have trouble with their seats.

    I know it’s hard with still working on the debt, plus The Denver Group, plus PUMA Pac, but if we could help some specific pols in tough races, it would help a lot.

    (pls excuse if this has been discussed elsewhere).

  14. sorry I could not keep it short and I am sorry but I wanted to include some of the folks I met here in the first week…on the confluence….SM Love you mnew post I am working on a special meditation for SM shes my neighbor here in florida….nite all


  15. has anyone noticed that almost all PUMA blogs are inaccessible now? my.barackobama.com, politico, etc,, are al reachable. but NO QUARTER, cannonfire, anglachel, londonamerican, etc, are all unreachable.

  16. Valhalla: There’s an ActBlue page for them linked at Heidi’s blog.

    Fuzzy: Amen, my friend.

  17. AMEN Fuzzybear!!! Resident Conflucian Spiritual Uplifter!

    I love to read your prayers – they are absolutely inspiring and everytime I read one, it makes me feel so much bettter.

    We have our own prayer circle too, except that ours is for Democracy, Justice and for a better life for all people.

    Carry on to Denver!

  18. oh crap, I’d forgotten abouy the Obots ppraying for us. that’s so icky

  19. {{Fuzzybear}} — your nightly prayers/meditations have become a part of my evening routine. Thank you so much. Make them as long as you like. They’re lovely.

  20. Fuzzy — I too am grateful for your prayers. (Do you do this professionally?)

  21. from what Fuzzy’s told us, he used to run a dance club and now he works for the power company. I think he missed his true calling. but it’s not too late!

  22. I live in the south and there’s no shortage of preachers here. but there does seem to be a shortage of open-minded ones

  23. RegencyG! Baby PUMA sister, please email me at sm_puma@yahoo.com. I have some info to forward you.

  24. londonamerican: I can access the pro-Hill blogs with no problem.

  25. London – I was able to get on No Quarter, it was much slower than usual but no problems here from Florida.

  26. SM: the postman rings in your inbox.

  27. Just got back .. has everyone seen this ..


    I will try to get caught up somehow .. wow .. !!!

  28. hey, I was listening to right wing talk radio today and they were seriously bitching about what it’s costing us taxpayers to ship Bush & entourage to the Olympics.

    then they bitched about Obama’s European tour, saying his campaign paid for it in part but we paid for the considerable secret service escort.

    then…they said while we’re suffering to put gas in our cars, Nancy Pelosi is travelling on a book tour at taxpayer expense, using government aircraft, while congress takes a five week vacation.

  29. captsfufp, on August 6th, 2008 at 11:14 pm Said: Edit Comment
    As a Clinton delegate, I’ve been getting calls/e-mails from the Campaign for Change (roll eyes). Either they want me to attend conference calls or meetings or fill out forms or…whatever. I know some of it is harmless, but I’m being a stubborn you-know-what (you know us Southern boys…just look at Bill…).

    But I’m looking forward to Denver. I’ve been getting alot of media requests. I’m a bit of a meda w—-, so I usually say yes. We’ll see what happens. I hold my tongue to a certain extent…I’m not anti-Obama (publically), just pro-Hillary, and I am not ashamed to share my affiliation with anyone.

    Looking forward to the webchat tomorrow, and in casting my delegate vote for the first major woman presidential candidate, and best candidate period, at the Democratic National Convention. YEEEEEEEARGH!

    Capt, I missed your comment earlier, helping serve drinks, DJ-ing and commenting & emailing – I just want to say:


    As a delegate, I’m SURE that you’re getting lots of calls & invites, and I thank you for keeping your dignity and strength throughout the process. THANK YOU!!!

  30. Jon Stewart and the writers at the Dailyshow are unbeatable when they are on their game.

    This is pure genius

    Why does Bob Herbert still have a column? Oy!

  31. holy shiite guys!!! read ricki liebermans EW!!!

    This evening at a “thank you, Hillraisers” event, Senator Clinton told me how honored she is by the people who are working to have her name put into nomination and appreciative of those signing the petition. So, like the proverbial laser, I am focusing on getting Hillary’s name in nomination and nominated in Denver. This means zooming in on the decision makers and the opinion makers with thoughtful, persuasive communications. Please help in any way you can!
    With regard to the nominating petition, please note that in the interests of making it as complicated as possible, there are 4 categories of delegate who can be part of the 300+ nominating HRC delegates: SDs, pledged (elected) delegates from the Congressional Districts, at-large delegates and one other I can’t remember right now. There is a separate petition for each category. Delegates: please write to hrc300delegates@yahoo.com to be sure to get the correct petition to sign. This is important – remember Alice Palmer!!!
    Please note that Super Delegates CAN also sign a petition – EWers: please pass along this information and ask them, ASAP, to contact hrc300delegates@yahoo.com. Kudos to SD Garry Mauro of Texas for speaking up for a roll call and his support of HRC!
    Also, the rumor about Hillary needing only one delegate to nominate her is being spread by Howard Dean and the DNC, and is false. The DNC is spreading misinformation about the petition to stop it from happening or at least to depress the number of delegates being willing to sign. How very un-American and anti-democratic of the DNC.
    Finally, if you think the SDs are nervous about Obama’s non-performance, the “down ticket” Dems are petrified. There is a simple solution for their angst – have them lobby their delegates to select Senator Clinton. She will beat McCain with long coattails and sweep in Democrats up and down the ticket. Together we can make it happen in the next 20 days. So,
    GO GO GO!Ricki

  32. Fuzzy! Thank you for the prayer. I someday want to meet all of my friends here in person too. We love you back, Fuzzy.

  33. let’s keep after ’em…

  34. Pass me a Redhook, baby!

  35. I surely hope I’m annoying Howard Dean… he’s on my “special” list…

  36. I was just at talk left, thought I drop in and check the temperature, reading an article about Obama being a shoo in, in the comment section they were dissing Puma, I tried to respond but they wouldn’t let it post. I never had that problem on that site before, but I don’t usually comment on BTD posts.

  37. Whatchit GQ, ESB gets you drunk fast.

  38. Taggles — thanks tons for keeping us up to date!

    The news about terrified downticket Dems is great to hear. I sincerely, sincerely hope the ones most terrified are the ones who flipped for The One on the money thing. Oh, and ALL the ones who based their decision on on their teenagers’ opinions.

  39. I can’t wait to send my certified letter demanding to can Donna B.

    I’ll drink to that–straight gin with lime.

  40. Taggles – thanks for that great info!

  41. SoCalDem — I was just posting there and didn’t have a problem. Maybe it was just a glitch?

    Or sometimes I think posts fail when the parent comments are deleted while you are writing a comment (I’ve had that happen a couple of times). Usu. waldenpond is good about wiping out the attacks on PUMA and she/he has been around a bit this evening.

  42. @ taggles

    Great show! What a night!

  43. taggles, are you there? I just downloaded a couple of clips from the show and am going to put them up. One is of the voter from michigan, the other is paul telling how to write about Donna…

  44. I love ESB, joanie. As long as I’m not sloppy drunk I’m happy ;).

  45. taggles, thank you!

    This is an amazing time! Let’s get busy for the home stretch!

  46. GQ, hard to imagine you sloppy–ever. Time to get together live–where’s Jen? And btw, your adopt- a- POL idea was echoed by Paul tonight–with the names you suggested too..

    Next week, Mariners out of town. It’s been a brutal homestand. Long.

    Drinks next week. I’m due. It’s been “four interviews and a funeral” lately. Too much going on.

  47. Good evening – hope I’m not too late. I’ll have what you’re having gqm!

  48. I Love Charles because he uses words like “fortnight”.

    I’m more apt to use words like “foreskin”. Sad, but true.

  49. Wow – not late, just on queue…

    Next week will be better for me too.

  50. Good choice, jen! Welcome.

    Joanie, drinks are always a great idea. The Ms won the series against the Twins, who have the best record since the allstar break and Ibanez and Lopez are two of the hottest players in the game. I think they’ll finish with a second half of the season strong and be ready for a good season next year. Lahair and Morrow will be two to watch. Hopefully we can pick up a good DH.

  51. this video is really funny:

    nite y’all

  52. Well, we’ve been cleaning up shop. I know ’bout the Twins, and game one in the series was a thriller!

    Raoul, BTW, is a VERY nice guy. Rigglemen is going to be good as a skipper, I think.

    Sorry to bore all you non-baseball fans.

  53. Hey Riverdaughter, don’t feel alone. We are out there with you, and I have a feeling that I might not be that far from you. Any close from route 38?

    Also, Yes I have had difficulties for the past 2 days to access Justsaynodeal.com for several hours at the time.

  54. Gary wrote a post about Obama’s birthday soiree in Boston but if you actually want to see what all of the rich, beautiful liberals were eating while other bitter, low information voters were heckled outside for demanding our voices be heard at the convention, check out the menu here: http://heroesforhillary.wordpress.com/2008/08/05/baracks-birthday-bash-for-the-beautiful-people/

    Gotta love this piece of info: An insider reported the “Roasted Porcini Crusted Sea Bass” was unfortunately not cooked very well. Oh, how the Beautiful People suffer!

  55. Howd the interviews go, joanie? I’m hoping to have interviews of my own soon. I have to say, I only planned to be in the Seattle area for a couple months, but its awefully tempting to stay here. O love the Northwest.

  56. Carol…

    Contribution Details
    Date: August 07, 2008 1:15 AM EDT
    Contact: DancesWithPumas
    San Diego, CA
    Amount: $20.08

  57. Charles, how exciting, and a great reason to watch!

    GQ, I hope you stay. We’ll talk about networking over drinks. As long as you’re prepared for the dark winters, you’ll do fine.

  58. Joanie, I went to UW and had no problems with the winters. It doesn’t really rain so much as drizzle and be overcast. That helps to keep the riffraff out. Its totally worth it for the wonderful summers anyway.

  59. hey guys, I just put up a post with some clips from the radio show, one is paul explaining how to send letters to the DNC to bood Donna, the other is the woman from MI who had her vote stolen. Now I’m off to bed!!!

  60. In the matter of this registered letter to the DNC Credentials Committee, I imagine the writer should indicate that he/she is a registered Democrat. The writer should explicitly request that Donna Brazile be stripped of her Super Delegate status. I believe our central complaint in this matter centers on what Brazile said in early February, “If 795 of my colleagues decide this election, I will quit the Democratic Party. I feel very strongly about this.”


    The point should be made that Brazile promised not to support the Democratic National Convention nominee for president if the process yielded a result she did not like. Brazile is a Democratic Party official who is granted her Super Delegate status by the party rules while she declares she will not support the results of those rules if those results were not to her liking. Contrast the Brazile treatment with that of the pledged delegate Debra Bartoshevich in Wisconsin.

    According to the Associated Press, “Bartoshevich was elected by party activists as a pledged delegate for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clintonfrom the 1st Congressional District in southeastern Wisconsin.” When Bartoshevich said she would not support Barack Obama should he be nominated, Bartoshevich was stripped of her convention credentials by the Wisconsin Democratic Party. Her claim that she made her comments when she was upset and that, as a first-time delegate she was unfamiliar with the rules, was deemed irrelevant by party officials.


    Here is the difference between the Brazile and the Bartoshevich cases. Brazile is a professional political operative and supposedly an expert in party protocol, Bartoshevich is volunteers to serve her party and she is admittedly inexperienced in matters of party protocol. Brazile has become a millionaire through her Democratic Party activity. Bartoshevich is a working mother who pays for the expenses she incurs as a Democratic Party activist out of her own pocket. Brazile has been granted her status as a Super Delegate by the Democratic Party, Bartoshevich was elected to her position as a Clinton delegate by grass roots Democrats. Brazile continues to serve as a DNC official and a Super Delegate, Bartoshevich has been booted out of any formal position in the Wisconsin Democratic Party.

    Donna Brazile has indicated that she will support the Democratic nominee only if that nominee is her preferred candidate, Barack Obama. Therefore, she has no business being a credentialed delegate at the Democratic National Convention.

    Now, have I stated the case correctly? Should I leave out any mention of the Bartoshevich matter?

    (By the way, I’m a little unfamiliar with how to get such a letter notarized. I’ve gone into a bank and had someone there notarize a property transfer document. I mean, what, do you go to your bank or insurance agent’s office to have this letter notarized? Does anyone know the rules on who has standing to challenge a Super Delegate, is it any registered Democrat or any registered voter? Is there an actual rule that a certain number of challenge letters require a hearing on the matter by the Credentials Committee?)

  61. To get anything notorized (meaning having the signature verified) you go to where there is a notary (your bank, your insurance company etc.) with a valid ID and you sign your document in front of that person. The notary stamps the document with a stamp giving the notary credentials and stating you sign in person, then seal the document with a raised seal. Done!

  62. Speaking of Denver, some people in the news media are starting to notice us. Check out this article:


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