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Paris Hilton for President!

Okay, maybe not. But man, I wish Barack Obama could borrow her sense of humor – and her ad shop.

As you may or may not know (wink), John McCain put out an ad comparing Obama to empty-headed celebrities like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Senator Obama, the hysterions in the Obamasphere, and many opinionators in the corporate media immediately screamed, “RACISM!” because Britney and Paris are white and of course, McCain implied that Obama wanted to have sex with them. (insert eyeroll here) This tactic backfired completely, and allowed McCain’s true narrative of Obama as young, vapid and unready to lead to infect the public’s brains, completely unchallenged by the Senator from Illinois.

If only Obama had the first f*cking clue about how to fight the Republicans, I might feel a little better about him. Indeed, when I first picked Hillary as my favorite waaaaaaaayyyyyy back when (well, second favorite, since Al Gore wasn’t running), it was her experience standing up to the right wing noise machine that attracted me to her. And my first reservations about Obama came when I saw how his vaunted “post-partisan” approach was unlikely to achieve any results. As The Great Krugman said,

As health care goes, so goes the rest of the progressive agenda. Anyone who thinks that the next president can achieve real change without bitter confrontation is living in a fantasy world.


Confrontation is not the same as whining that McCain is being mean to you because you’re black. You need to take on the Republicans on the issues, and make them back down. Up the ante. No matter what they do, laugh it off and refocus the debate.

Which brings me to President Paris Hilton. Here is her hilarious and pointed rebuttal to McCain’s charges that she is a dumb blonde who contributes nothing to society. (Yes, Paris Hilton got the point of the ad and Barack Obama and his supporters didn’t. Things that make you go “Hmmmmmmmm.”)

“Hey America, I’m Paris Hilton and I’m a celebrity, too. Only I’m not from the olden days and I’m not promising change like that other guy. I’m just hot,” Hilton said, speaking as she reclined in a pool chair in a revealing bathing suit and a pair of pumps. “But then that wrinkly, white-haired guy used me in his campaign ad, which I guess means I’m running for president. So thanks for the endorsement white-haired dude.”

“I want America to know that I’m, like, totally ready to lead,” she said.

She then discusses energy policy, and suggests a hybrid of McCain’s offshore oil drilling plan and Obama’s incentives for new energy technology.

“Energy crisis solved! I’ll see you at the debates,” she said,


Senator Obama, do you see what she did there? She made fun of herself and of McCain, and then focused on the issues!

And do you know how McCain’s people responded?

McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds said Hilton appears to support his candidate’s “all of the above” energy solution.

“Paris Hilton might not be as big a celebrity as Barack Obama, but she obviously has a better energy plan,” Bounds said.


BAM! Wow. Suddenly, we’re back to talking about the issues.

If only Barack Obama, instead of screaming “OMG TEH RACISM!!111!!!” had put out an ad that went a little something like this:

“Hi, I’m Barack Obama. Of course, you know that. Maybe John McCain’s right, and I AM the biggest celebrity in the world. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a plan for a better America.

John McCain wants to stick to outdated technologies like coal, nuclear power and offshore drilling, which would continue to harm our environment and keep us stuck in the 20th Century. My plan emphasizes renewable resources, existing, effective technology like wind and solar power, and will have us completely independent from foreign oil by the year 2018.

Hmmmm. Maybe they like me…for a reason.”


This is so simple, Paris Hilton can do it; but apparently, Barack Obama can’t. And now, he has been forced to admit that he WAS race-baiting when he talked about not looking like Presidents from the past, and has had to publicly state that John McCain’s campaign is cynical, not racist. Now McCain can use that soundbyte against Obama if they do decide to go all Harold Ford on him.

If this is how Obama is going to run the GE, I see a McGovern-like defeat for the Democrats – and possible down-ticket issues in the House and Senate as well.

I sure hope the SuperDelegates have the courage to do their jobs, because it looks like, despite the best efforts of the DNC to prevent any choice at the Convention, Hillary WILL be in nomination and on the ballot.

It’s simple, SuperDelegates – do you want to win in November, or do you want to lose?

I’ll bet even Paris Hilton could answer that question correctly.

Cross-posted at Oooh, nuance!

157 Responses

  1. What I think is *really* funny is how this rips the sheen off the entire thing… if there was any sheen left.

    The whole process has become a joke.

    Hear that, self-important bloviators like Kos, Huffington, Maureen Dowd? You’re. A. Joke. You’ve puffed yourself up with hot air reigning haughtily about a process that has been reduced to Paris Hilton. You’ve bubbled over with indignant, self-righteous faux outrage about a campaign ad, only to have your bubbles burst by… Paris Hilton.

    It’s all a joke. And meanwhile, economic crisis and god knows what else looms out here in the real world.

    I’m laughing because I just don’t know what to do anymore.

  2. I agree, Alice! I feel like I’m watching two five-year-old boys fighting in a sandbox, while the entire playground disintegrates around them.

    If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.

  3. Paris Hilton is smarter than Obama….

    but Howard Dean is now cornered himself into the engineered nomination of thin-skinned, humorless, none-to-smart, paper-thin resumed Obama… even if his JOB was to promote the most electable Democrat…

    what a weenie.

  4. Actually, this joking is serious business, and goes after a serious problem with Obama.

    It’s August and the Olympics are about to start, let them have their fun.

  5. The only person Obama loves (and thus, wants to have sex with) is himself. Anybody can SEE that.

  6. Obama combines both of their qualities. Britney is a mess, Paris is an idiot, and Obama is an ass. To find ra&cism lurking in that comparison is stretching waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond the intent. This attempt at outrage every time someone tries to make a point is bordering on the absurd. I am so sick of it.

    Let him continue to saturate the media. The public is getting bored right along with the rest of us holdouts. Enough already!

  7. I posted a comment below that Roland Martin has a sneering smug assault on BillClinton’s character on Cnn.com…to quote sarah, I hate that friggin weasel!!! well, mr. martin, while you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel to hurl mud, President Clinton continues to serve the people:

    Raleigh, N.C. — Former President Bill Clinton recognized 43 schools nationwide Wednesday, including three in eastern North Carolina, for improved health programs to reduce childhood obesity.

    Clinton honored the schools for their success in the Healthy Schools Program, an initiative of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. The alliance is a joint venture of the William J. Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association and is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

    link here

  8. angie: So if we tell him to do just that he won’t have to maneuver much to do so.

  9. It is the sense of humor and playfulness that Paris Hilton exhibits in her ad making fun of the use of her image in McCain’s anti-Obama ad and the McCain’s willingness to play along with their response that will keep McCain’s message in the public’s mind, further increase McCain’s approval rating in the public and conversely paint the Messiah as a humorless twit.

  10. If only Paris were 8 years older, she could be just as qualified to be President as Barack. 😉

  11. Only problem with your “fantasy Obama rebuttal ad”: Obama wants to stay with “outdated technologies like coal, nuclear power and (now) offshore drilling” too.

  12. Pat Johnson — Oh, I tell Obama to go do just that every time I see him on TV!


    You forgot all the PHALLUS symbols. Those shameful …….phallus symbols ….McCain put in that AD.

  14. Imagine Bill Clinton refusing to conform to their narrative about him.

    Isn’t that what he said in the clip yesterday? –Something about not following the media’s narrative. No wonder they hate him; he rises above them every time.

  15. Someone should check with Bob Herbert to see if he’s found any more Leaning Towers in McCain’s ads.

    That was truly hilarious, IMO.

  16. angie – Oh, I know. I gave Oba-moi a much better energy platform than he really has.

    But hey, in my fantasy Obama has a sense of humor, too.

    Fiddle-dee-dye-dee-doo! 🙂

  17. Jon Stewart did a great bit about the claims of racism in McCain’s ad. I have it up on my blog.

    What’s really sad is that Paris’ energy plan sounds a whole lot better than Obama’s tire pressure plan.

    Mountain Sage

  18. I suspect that Paris is not the least bit an idiot but just plays one on tv.

  19. GaryCH-
    I can’t STOMACH Roland Martin.
    I think he was the 1st to bring up that STUPID comparision of Obama’s NH loss to the “BRADELY” effect…Ugh….!

  20. He did the same brush off his shoulders routine and his passive aggressive, “they take pride in their ignorance”, beneath me kind of reaction in his campaign events. But does not seem to have the nerve to show his finger to McCain and the Repubs — that gesture is solely reserved for his nemesis, Hillary. Watch: This tone will not work..very defensive, if you ask me.

  21. Hillary-zilla – LOL!

    Has Bob Herbert really failed to notice that all tall buildings look like p*nises?


  22. Nader: Obama Not Black Prez He Hoped For

    Ralph Nader ripped Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., on Wednesday, saying that the presumptive Democratic nominee would not make the kind of African-American president that he and other members of the civil rights movement worked to make possible.

    “People who have fought the civil rights battle — politically, economically, legally — as we have since the 50’s would often talk about, ‘Look what would happen if we had an African-American president or chairpersons of major congressional committees,’” said Nader. “It doesn’t look like it’s going to be what we all thought it would be.”

    “I lost respect for him,” Nader said of Obama “when I saw him over a year ago on C-SPAN vigorously opposed to the impeachment of Bush and Cheney — vigorously opposed. He said it would be ‘divisive’. That is a cop out word. We have the most multiply impeachable presidency in American history.”
    Read Rest: http://countusout.wordpress.com/

  23. As big a pain in the ass that Paris is, she did too a pretty good job spoofing both of them. I might add that I was impressed that she can actually read and pronounce big words!

  24. Nader is not so “insignificant” after all. His words till resonate with the public.

  25. I am digging that Paris Hilton’s video — she deserves more credit than we give her or her PR guys are worth the money she pays them.

  26. Oh pm317 – He just SUCKS at this!

    He should say, “I’m surprised the Republicans find energy conservation so funny. I myself, am quite serious about fighting climate change. And here’s my plan…”

  27. Ugh! What a campaign!

    We have these 2 bozos running for POTUS and then yo add some bimbo. You can understand why Skimble stopped blogging and got out of the race altogether:

    Outrage fatigue. I have ceased to care about McStupid’s Britney video and Obama’s acting presidency. Or the New Yorker cover. Or Cindy McCain’s 20 painkillers a day. Or the endless hand-wringing about the fucking narrative.

    The 24/7 minutiae of yet another artificial campaign horserace cannot captivate me. The big story is this: The Democrats have failed to hold the existing administration accountable for its flagrant and abundant crimes against Americans and Iraqis and Afghanis and all humanity. History will not be kind to Nancy and Harry, thanks to their perfect ineffectuality. History will also judge the present crop of American citizens as unbearably privileged and hopelessly idiotic for sitting complacently watching CNN while the oily machinery behind this administration waltzed off with the contents of the US Treasury and whatever coin it found in the pockets of the American working class.

    If McCain wins, it will be because Americans deserve him, just as we have deserved Bush Junior. If Obama wins, he will be a glorified janitor for the endless piles of shit the GOP left in its wake. Just as Bill Clinton was for Reagan and Bush Senior.

    Our complacency will be our downfall, and I no longer care. Let Rush Limbaugh and ExxonMobil have America — it’s becoming a crumbling shithole anyway.

    And on that happy note, we end the blog.

    In the meantime, the most horrible human being ever to set foot on earth takes to the opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal to write terrible stuff like this:

    No Crisis Is Immune From Exploitation Under Bush

  28. Obama…..What does the Washington monument remind you of……..Huh.

  29. GaryChapelHill, I posted a comment on Roland’s opinion.

    Everytime I see him, right or wrong, I think “slug”.

    How DARE he write an article like that? What freakin election has he been watching? Certainly not the one where Bill Clinton (NOT self-appointed as the “first black President”) gets slimed by obama’s chicago machine.

  30. MABlue – Who is Skimble?

    I definitely sympathize with his/her feelings. Because of the media and the shallowness of both current presumptive nominees, the real problems we are facing are simply not being discussed.

    And again, might I point out that Paris Hilton did a better job of explaining her energy policy than either Obama or McCain have managed to do?

    We are down the rabbit hole.

    And Hillary’s op-ed was absolutely phenomenal. I will definitely be writing about it.

  31. Say what you will about Hilton’s obnoxiousness, but she’s not stupid. She makes a lot of money simply for being Paris Hilton and being ridiculed by many. It’s a very successful marketing scheme. She hasn’t demonstrated much acting talent, but she is extremely talented at selling her brand. That she ended up in McCain’s ad shows just how successful she’s been. I may get tired of her antics, but she gets props from me for successfully navigating the current media environment.

    And Britney? Well, she clearly has some psychological problems and as someone who had to forcibly commit a very close friend to the hospital because they were suicidal, I am sympathetic to people with physiological mental problems.

  32. Have you EVER seen Obama being funny? Nasty, spiteful, whiny, and dull, Yes, but funny? No way, and don’t even THINK about self-deprecatingly funny.

  33. Whether you like Paris Hilton or not, she has become a very successful business woman. Her response to the McCain ad was hilarious! Personally, I think she is “dumb like a fox”.

  34. That Roland Martin piece is really stupid — talk about being tired and out of touch. He’s the one with the problem.

  35. MABlue, on August 6th, 2008 at 3:33 pm Said:

    Ugh! What a campaign!
    I think I’ll get to that point after the convention. I still hold on to a ray of hope that Hillary and us may prevail. But this is key from the blog you linked:

    The Democrats have failed to hold the existing administration accountable for its flagrant and abundant crimes against Americans and Iraqis and Afghanis and all humanity.

    Even the presumed Dem nominee is not talking about Bush’s atrocities and may be that is why he is the selected nominee.

  36. Mawm – Smug, haughty, imperious, insulting Oba-moi, funny?

    Je pense que non.

    Heck, even Bush makes fun of himself, although he has the sense of humor of a drunk 18-year-old at a toga party.

  37. Our complacency will be our downfall, and I no longer care. Let Rush Limbaugh and ExxonMobil have America — it’s becoming a crumbling shithole anyway.

    This is what is useless. America is not a crumbling shit-hole. How dare people write crap like this. We are going through a tough time, but if everyone felt this way, we would be doomed for sure. Everyone needs to get off their ass and do something if they feels this way. Get active, and the simple fact that you are putting one step in front of the other will dispel most of the cynicism. When people see you acting they will want to join, and the snowball will pick of speed and mass as it rolls down the hill.

  38. Someone said that when Hillary tried to joke during the primary campaign, the media turned it into a federal case, over analyzing every word she said. So she gave up.

    It’s sad, because if you can’t have fun in politics, you lose a lot.

  39. Bush is hillarious, but we are laughing at him, not with him.

    And then we are crying…:(

  40. plural, she couldn’t even laugh without them turning it into a federal case. remember the “cackle”? god I hate those fuckers….

  41. gary, that’s right. They trashed her wonderful hearty laugh. But what can you expect from self-righteous blowhards — like that Roland Martin, or Bob Herbert, or Keith O.


  42. Roland Marttin should have been fired when he became a shill for Obama, and lost even the slightest pretense of newsman. He’s first on my CNN must-fire list, after Brazile, of course

  43. I am still laughing, though, whenever I think of Bob Herbert going ballistic over an imaginary Leaning Tower of Pisa.

  44. MABlue – I thought you were serious about Hillary. I had to read it several different times and while I was standing on my head to figure out your intent. I was heading out the door to hunt you down to make you take it back!


  45. plural – Actually, I didn’t see that happening. Maybe I missed it, but I thought she made fun of herself a lot. She went on Letterman and said she was late because she was pinned down by sniper fire!

    Mawm – I agree. We should not give up on America. This is why people hate liberals, because we print stuff like that.


  46. I hope you are right, Mawm, really I do, because the complacency is driving me nuts. People bitch about it and then do absolutely nothing. Most of us here remember the 60’s and 70’s and we got off our collective asses and did something about it. I really pray that this is a movement, not just us talking about it.

  47. Sorry, OT, but check your inboxes for a message from Hillary. (My hunch is she is taking heat from the PUMA actions as she mentions making Obama the next president. And, she still needs money.) She will be holding a live chat tomorrow, taking questions.

    Sorry for the interruption.

  48. meileen – I just got that.

    We are going to have to change her mind. Oba-moi will never be the next President.

    She’d better get herself nominated, because right now, we’ve got a choice between two Republicans, IMHO.

  49. I’m almost afraid of what she will say tomorrow. Guess I’m in a ‘glass half empty’ mood today. Sorry about that.

  50. Madamab, this is a great post. I love it that Paris Hilton has a better sense of humor than Obama!

    I’ve been off visiting two Habitat for Humanity Restores and am leaving immediately for my parent’s house.

    But, I just had to say Hi! To you and everyone!


  51. I’m not expecting we’ll like what she has to say tomorrow. I have no doubt she’s getting no end of hell about PUMA and The Denver Group. She’ll just play the Unity line and talk about her issues and ask what our concerns are. I expect there will be a lot of Unity talk.

    That doesn’t bother me in the least though, so *shrug* I ain’t Unifying.

  52. XXOO KB! Have a great evening!

    Who knew that being retired was such Hard Work (TM)! 🙂

  53. We are going through a tough time, but if everyone felt this way, we would be doomed for sure.

    As I’ve grown older, I’ve become increasingly fascinated by history. Our problems (with the exception of global warming) are not really the worst in the history of the nation. Hell, even the beginning of our nation we were filled with crises and rampant partisanship. But everyone is stuck in the moment.

    I like Bill Clinton’s comment on these crises: when the U.S. is in a time of change, things look bleakest. But we always manage to find a way out.

  54. Yes, I don’t envy the position Our Girl is in. She has to toe the Party line.

    But remember, she DID say that putting her name in nomination would unify the Party. So at least she will be okay with that.

    After that happens, it will be up to the SD’s to do the right thing.

  55. I hate to see her having to beg for money, still 😦

    Obama’s rich donors won’t cough it up for her, apparently.

  56. Carol, on August 6th, 2008 at 3:56 pm Said:


    You made me re-read what I wrote and I have to ask: “What’s your problem”?

    1- Isn’t Hillary Clinton the most horrible human being ever to set foot on earth? We learned throughout the primaries that she eats babies and pets among the nicest others, and that was from the “Liberal” media and other “progressives”?

    2- Isn’t that oped piece of hers just terrible? As always, she manages to stay divisive in these “united” times. She’s a monster. Ergh!

  57. Hillary’s tomorrow’s chat may be about Staurday’s platform committee meeting in Pittsburgh. See Susan at NQ.

  58. Okay OT, but I got a really nasty EM from Dan Slater in response to today’s puma prowl.

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    While I respect your right to express your opinion, I disagree strongly with your characterization of Sen. Obama and the race. I intend to fully and strongly support the candidate who received the majority of the votes in ALL of the states across the country, and the candidate who received an overwhelming majority of the votes in Colorado — Senator Barack Obama. He is clearly the better candidate for the future of this Nation.

    I must say that the whole concept of a “PUMA” pac does not help your stated goals. As a Party leader, somebody who is willing to sacrifice Party unity to elect John McCain is not somebody who is at all persuasive to Super delegates (we all know what “PUMA” stands for, and it isn’t what you’ve stated).

    — Dan Slater
    Vice Chair
    Colorado Democratic Party

  59. Kim didn’t we talk about cataloguing the nasty behavior of the SDs for posterity. I’m thinking that should be an for PUMA.

    “Is this what the Democratic Party thinks of Democrats?”

    [insert nasty responses here]

  60. Kim – I think someone at PumaPac is collecting those emails.

    My Gawd, that’s just horrible. What a complete jack@ss, and a liar to boot. The majority of the votes in all of the states? Is he on crack?

  61. It must be a very very strange world to live in,,,CODE…….SUBLIMINAL messages….Phallus symbols…..White Blonde girls…….etc/

    Of course Obama Girl is exempt.

  62. Ouch Kim. He didn’t respond to my email, but I did include the ‘respond to puma pac’ portion of the drill.

  63. The only unity I’m feeling is with other PUMAS. We stay together, we do the right thing.

  64. “Majority of the votes in ALL of the states across the country”

    Who the hell is this guy? Does he know what happened in the primary or is he listening to his 20 year old kool-aide drunk assistant?

  65. when we refer to the Presidential race, does that make us r*cist?

  66. I responded, I hope he gets even nastier. He is an ass.

  67. My response:

    Barack Obama did not receive the majority of the votes in all states and would not have received the title, “presumptive nominee”, had he and the DNC not contrived a formula to win the caucuses and make Florida and Michigan non-entities. My son has been stop-lossed and is now headed to Iraq. Do you really believe I want to vote for McCain? But I trust McCain more than I trust Barack Obama. I was once a team leader for Obama for America. His flip-flopping on key issues has totally betrayed my trust in him, as well as my trust in the DNC. Vote for him, it is on your conscience.

  68. Good for you, Kim!

  69. Kim, good for you for responding.

    What frightens me is that this man is a super, yet he is mis-informed about who received the majority of the votes from ALL states.

    Do all politicians lie?

  70. Wow. Good, strong response Kim. Your having been an O team leader should shake/wake him up a bit.

  71. Kim, good for you! I’m so glad you referred to your son.

    The stakes are too high to nominate a sure loser like Oba-moi.

  72. When we lose in Nov, it is on the heads of these SDs. We HAVE to make it clear to them.

  73. You know since this stuff happened with my son, I could really care less about being concise, clear, informed and intelligent. I just want to say “You stupid fucking ass. We are about to lose a presidency that was in the damn bag.” Or along the lines of “Jane you ignorant slut.”

  74. Can you believe that national O delegate that’s been writing me had the nerve to ask whether character mattered in my vote and then directed me to an article about McCain’s first wife, like I’d never heard about her? An OBAMA delegate talking about character. That is such bullshit hypocrisy, I can barely see straight.

  75. Very funny Kim. Too bad we can’t always speak our minds.

  76. pm, that’s why her being nominated is so important. if they choose him over her, they will have no excuse, it is their fault for not voting for the best candidate. if it is all a sham with no actual nomination at the convention, they can say later that they didn’t get a chance, and of course then they can blame it all on Clinton

  77. The Fort Hood Troop Meeting that CBS scheduled for Monday Aug. 11 is definately not going down because BO is going on vacation. When he was asked repeatedly why he would not do the meeting, his camp said he had other plans.

    This is it – We need it blow it out with the information – McCain needs to bury him with this.


    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2009

  78. Mountain Sage – thank you for posting that Jon Stewart clip!!! Thank goodness I’m working from home today because I was nearly choking with laughter!

    I personally thought McCain’s ad was funny, and Paris Hilton’s reply even funnier!

  79. Again, my apologies to taking you all off topic.

    I now have to go and make some money to pay the mounting bills.

  80. Kim – Priceless! Why not, we’ve tried everything else. Clearly this morons don’t listen to reason.

    SOD – I’m in! I will need massive quantities of booze to contemplate the coming horror of the McCain Administration.

    Oh, Hillary, come on, listen to your husband. He’s over the Democratic Party and you should be too! 🙂

  81. Wow, Kim. Good for you for speaking up! It’s frightening just how ill-informed that SD is.

  82. I want to scream to them, I have something at stake here. This is not a game. And I am not the only one. Most of us have a reason for chosing HRC and it is more than likeability or electability. There are so many reasons to believe in her. Her stance on the war; her belief in equality not just for AA’s, but for GLBT, and women; many of us don’t have adequate health care; her platform on the housing crisis. For most of us, I really believe there is an issue that touched us in some way and we know when she says she will do it, by God she gives it her all. We are not rich ass SD’s who got paid for a vote or elitist assholes who have never had to work for anything. We are the real people who care and have a stake in this election.

    That is my rant for the day.

  83. Well guys he actually responded:

    Ummm… One of the prime examples of why Sen. Clinton should not be the nominee is her incredibly poor planning by not contesting caucus states like mine, especially when compared to the campaign strategy of the Obama campaign. The individual states make the decision as to whether to hold a caucus or a primary, NOT the DNC. Sen. Clinton’s decision to ignore caucus states shows that she does NOT have the campaign team needed to win in November.

    — Dan

    So now that we are having an email campaign with the ass, anybody have anything they want to say?

  84. Kim, it’s a great rant.

    You have absolutely nailed it.

  85. I just realized: Obama cannot laugh at himself because he thinks he has no weaknesses.

  86. Kim –

    How about gently explaining to him that the General Election is not a f&cking caucus, and that not everyone was so fortunate as to have $100 million in Republican money to spend on caucus states?

  87. Madamab! I was just thinking the same thing. The GE is not a fucking caucus!

  88. There are no caucuses in the general election, and normally Democrats want to win big blue states with lots of people and electoral votes.

  89. Kim – and also, his response basically says:

    “Obama spent more money in my state, so therefore, he’s going to win the election.”

    Nowhere does he address your issues. He doesn’t care at all about what kind of President Oba-moi will be.

    What a venal piece of sh*t.

  90. Well, Obama certainly didn’t have the proper team in place to win all the BIG EFFING PRIMARY STATES or the SWING STATES, so proving that he can win an elitist, non-representative system like the caucuses is hardly a litmus test for being PRESIDENT!!

  91. ………………………………DENVER GROUP………………………….

    Convention Canceled…….IT’S FIXED

    Why do you think they already rented a stadium

  92. Let’s all thank this man for proving how dumb SDs are. Big, red states that Obama’s losing even now are what has decided the November election. Way to go, Democrats.

  93. And another thing Mr. StupidDelegate, the primary season is for the PARTY (in most cases). Just because you can win over the DEMOCRATS in smaller caucuses does NOT mean you can win over everyone else in a general election! Geez! That guy has really pissed me off!

  94. His buying into the lies about the caucuses — ignoring the bizarre delegate allocation of all the states, including those with primaries — really makes me angry.

  95. Julie – he wasn’t even picked by Democrats! Democrats picked her! Indies and Republicans picked him. What on earth is that?

  96. Kim – tell him excellent. Hillary is not a party planner, we will grant him that. We will allow BO to take credit for Oprah’s Party Planning expertise.

    Now, how about the issues. Isn’t this what it is about? Who has the knowledge and leadership skills to lead this country back to the great world leader it should be? That is what his decision should be based on.

    Obama did not get the popular vote, Obama is not qualified, Obama will not bring the troops home, Obama will and has gone back on every committment he has made so far. The caucus’ were fraudulent activities in many cases.

    Tell him his argument is weak and un-becoming someone that has the life of your son and the world’s future in his hands.

    Prepare to do your “duty” for the citizens of this country.

    Thanking you in advance.

  97. Carol, that is awesome.

  98. Okay here is something Mr. Slater wrote on Obama’s website. Guys he is another one that is all about “inspiration”.

    Why Obama?

    One word: Inspiration. After eight years of one of the most dismal and divisive Presidential administrations America has ever seen, America needs to believe in our leaders again. After a Presidency marred by a quagmire in Iraq, an inability to respond to our own people’s needs in the Gulf Coast, and scandal at every turn in the Republican Party, America needs to believe in our government again. And after a loss of respect in all corners of the world due to an arrogant and indignant foreign policy, America needs to believe in our Nation again.

    We need a fresh start.

    If there’s one thing that folks can agree upon, it’s that Senator Obama knows how to inspire. Obama is a true leader – one with vision. His plans to end the Iraq War, to ensure health care coverage for Americans, and to protect our environment while tackling our dependence on foreign oil are all just the tips of the icebergs. Senator Obama understands that “business as usual” in Washington isn’t working, and that we need to move forward with new ideas and new plans to solve America’s problems.

    In watching Senator Obama and his campaign, I’ve been impressed with his commitment to the West and to paying attention to Western issues. Senator Obama is among the first campaigns to have paid staff in Colorado, with key union organizer and Coloradan Ray Rivera arriving here recently. Senator Obama is committed to growing the Democratic Party in Colorado and all 50 states, and recently signed a pledge to continue to support the DNC’s “50-State Strategy” if he is the nominee and elected President. As a leader in the Democratic Party, I’m convinced that success for Senator Obama means success for the Democratic Party long-term.

  99. Kim – don’t let that jerk get to you. He is a nothing and clearly won’t be swayed by facts or reason.

    Meanwhile, Obama’s VP announcement has yet to materialize, so CBS makes do with the scraps.

  100. Wouldn’t that be the “57-State Strategy” in Obama’s case?

  101. Kim,
    How about sending him the role call from a few days ago? Maybe he will understand that we are not a few misguided old women?

  102. Kim – this guy sounds like Pelosi – “oh he has a freshness”.

    We should be able to file charges against them for attempting to impersonate an illegent being!


  103. Thanks julie.

  104. “tips of the icebergs”?

    That’s a peculiar image for something that apparently means to be positive.

  105. Will someone post a link for Hillary’s OpEd piece, please.
    I was at Heidi’s place tthis PM and she said she spent over an hour today trying to get someone at DNC and the DNCC to give her a straight answer about nominating someone from the floor in Denver. Apparently they have been telling delegates who have called that only one person is required to put someone’s name into nomination. Heidi couldn’t even get a person to respond to her so she will now go public with it whenever she is interviewed.

  106. Hillary’s WSJ piece:


  107. tip of the iceberg is exactly what I worry about with Obama.

    Who knows what the 90% is beneath the water that we can’t see.

  108. SOD – I did notice that. She opened her eyes extra wide when talking about Obama and smiled with an extra degree of sparkle.

    In acting, it’s what we call “indicating.”

    Listen, if she is to have any shot at the nomination at all, she has to pretend she is going all-out for Obama and not encourage us AT ALL. I just hope she wants it as much as we want it for her!


  109. Plural
    Link didn’t work, unfortunately.

  110. madamb….keep up the good work! Your pieces help inspire when some of us have felt like giving up…
    We will forever be in your debt, along with many of the other bloggers who share your vision.

    As for Bob Herbert….ever look at those eyes? No wonder he is seeing things 🙂

  111. PsstCmere – Thanks! 🙂

    Atypical – here you go.

    No Crisis Is Immune…

  112. Kim, tell them to have Obama’s fabulous campaign organization work to elect Hillary.

  113. BO is going to Hawaii for his vacation – maybe he can pick up a legitimate copy of his birth certificate while he is there!


  114. Is he going tohave dinner under the bus with granny?

  115. The director of Paris’ video said she was prepared and didn’t need cue cards or a telepromter!

    I nominated her for VP yesterday!


  116. Carol – LOL! 🙂

    I mean,


  117. Ricki Lieberman just left this comment in the last thread..thought you guys might be interested:


    The only job of the delegates at the Convention is to select the electable Democrat to get us back to the White House. She is HRC.

    During the primaries, the more voters learned about BO, the more they voted for Hillary Clinton. He is failing to “seal the deal” now just as during the primaries. A Democrat should be ahead in the polls by double digits given the state of the country and the antipathy to Bush and the Republicans.

    The pledged delegates must have the opportunity to represent the 18 million who voted for HRC, and, regardless of any previous statements, the Super Delegates are accountable for nominating the candidate who is electable, and the only electable Democrat is Hillary Clinton.

    To remind the SDs of this as we approach Denver, please participate in the ELECTABILITY WATCH by contacting me at rrlieberma@gmail.com to receive background, sample letters and a list of SDs.

    GO GO GO!!!

  118. I’m watching the Audacity of Democracy teaser right now. Is riverdaughter featured in the teaser?

  119. Don’t forget to join Hillary on Thursday, August 7, at 12:00 PM EDT for an online web chat. She hopes you will join her on the blog to talk about all the upcoming exciting events and activities.

  120. Hillary is having an online chat tomorrow at 1200 to answer questions. Hmmmmm.

  121. Reading that Op-Ed just made me miss my candidate more.

  122. Wow, chances are I’m going to wake up at the end of that chat.

  123. #
    madamab, on August 6th, 2008 at 4:44 pm Said:

    Kim –

    How about gently explaining to him that the General Election is not a f&cking caucus, and that not everyone was so fortunate as to have $100 million in Republican money to spend on caucus states?
    Agree with this. In addition remind him that she won the majority of the BIG states and swing states.

    I am appalled at his ignorance.

  124. This was the best sum-up of this entertaining exchange. When Paris Hilton does “presidential” better than B0, you know you’re in trouble!


    Now this is getting fun:

    Sen. Hillary Clinton Seeks Democratic Convention Voice
    Sen. Hillary Clinton Not Ruling Out Having Name Put Up for Vote in Denver

    Obama Campaign Downplays Reports of Tension

    Some Clinton backers have even speculated that a roll call could result in a Clinton victory, though Clinton herself has said such an outcome is nearly impossible. Many Clinton delegates have followed their candidate’s lead and are fully supporting Obama’s candidacy, so Clinton will likely wind up with fewer votes in a roll call than her delegate total as of the final primaries June 3.

    “What we want to have happen is for Sen. Obama to be nominated by a unified convention of Democrats,” Clinton said at the California fundraiser last week. “And as I have said, the best way I think — and I could be wrong — but the best way I think to do that is to have a strategy so that my delegates feel like they have a role, and that their legitimacy has been validated.”

    She added: “It’s as old as, you know, as Greek drama. You know, there is a catharsis. I mean, everybody comes and, you know, they want to yell and scream and have their opportunity, and I think that’s all to the good. Because then, you know, everybody can go, ‘OK, great, now let’s go out and win.’ ”

    “And that’s what we want people to feel. We do not want any Democrat either in the hall or in the stadium or at home walking away saying, ‘Well, you know, I’m just not satisfied, I’m not happy.’ Because, I mean, that’s what I’m trying to avoid.”

    The clear challenge for Clinton, Obama, and the DNC is to allow for the Clinton delegates to feel satisfied and energized without undermining the legitimacy of Obama’s nomination.

    Nick Shapiro, an Obama campaign spokesman, downplayed reports of tension between the two camps.

    “Sen. Clinton will play a critical role in this convention and is also playing a critical role in the campaign,” Shapiro said. “She has campaigned for Obama, raised money for him and spoken on his behalf on several occasions. We appreciate and look forward to her continued support.”

    I heard Keith Obamaman is preparing the angriest “Special Comment” ever and Chris Matthews has been spitting on all his producers in preparing “Hardballs”.

  126. OK, Princess O is going on vacation when Hillary is campaigning for him solo in FL and LV. Something is not right in this picture and we had better shout loudly what that is. Ani at NQ has already the prefect title:

    Hillary, Iron My Shirts. Gone Fishin’. xo, Barack

  127. Also, his campaign refused to participate with the military town hall at Fort Hood(?) on Aug 11 (again because he is vacationing). We had better let the rest of the world know about this.

  128. Let them – and when they do, Let’s us Unleash the Rath of God on them!


  129. pm317

    When will Hillary be in Las Vegas? I need to go give her a piece of my mind (what’s left of it) regarding backing obamalamadingdong.

  130. PssttCmere: When will Hillary be in Las Vegas? I need to go give her a piece of my mind (what’s left of it) regarding backing obamalamadingdong.


  131. Hillary’s about to be on CNN with Wolf.

  132. Where’s Hillary?

  133. She’s supposed to be on Blitzer, but that means anytime between now and the end of the show. That’s how CNN works, unfortunately.


    I think that’s tomorrow.

  135. PssttCmere, Aug 8 (NV) and Aug 21 (FL)

  136. Would someone please tell me, if Obama is so “inspiring,” why did he only win half the votes of Democrats during the primary?

    Was and is not Hillary, then, equally inspiring?

    If Obama is so “inspiring,” why is more than half the country not ready to vote for him? In a year that should herald an automatic win for a Democrat?

    Why are his poll numbers dropping?

    Why are his followers often moved toward violent, dispiriting, and obscene language, often on a widely visible public stage?

    Why does he require so much staging, window-dressing and handling?

    Why must the press cosset and protect him?

    Why has race had to be exercised as a cudgel, to silence dissent within his own Party?

    Why must food be served to attract participants to his rallies?

    Why don’t birds suddenly appear every time he is near?

    Or stars fall down from the sky every time he walks by?

    Why did he need so much Republican money? So much oil money? So much money, in general?

    Why did the caucuses have to be staged like battlefields?

    Why did so many people laugh at, instead of embrace, his Presidential “seal”?

    Why is a hurting and anxious population, eager for inspiration, needing inspiration, wanting inspiration, desperate for inspiration, not scurrying to his side?

    Just curious, SDs.

  137. I have a question, just out of curiousity. I hope to get some feedback on this. I live in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. I’m on the road all day. I do not see any ( well, I did see one. ) Obama bumper stickers on any cars. Its highly unusual for a Presidential election here. Does everybody else see alot of them?

  138. Kim, Magdelena’s post is your perfect response to that SD your corresponding with.

    I would add, not just food at rallies but free music concerts to lure people.

  139. HMMMM….all I see is Obama morphing into George Bush and John McCain Moprphing into Hillary Clinton! I just do not think that Senator McCain will look as good in a pantssuit!

    hello everyone fuzzy is home oil down to $ 118.00 probably down to $ 70.00 by election days and its bernakes fault….I see speculators jumping off the top floors of the Mercantile exchange by holloween!


  140. glen: I live in Western MA and to be honest, except for a few in the inner city, I have seen no evidence of any outright support evidenced through yard signs. My neigborhood is middle class and during local elections the lawns are covered. So far nothing I have seen has emerged here of any huge proclamation of support for him.

    Not sure why unless people are somewhat reluctant. But I have yet to meet anyone from within my circle who is planning on voting for. They will either stay home or vote McCain.

  141. Fuzzy, I think Cindy can probably pull off a pantsuit all right, ‘cept she’ll probably where a skirt instead.

  142. Looks like it time to make sure Hillary Clinton knows all the concerns PUMA’s are having and she’s providing the forum for this to happen. Sorry if this has been posted already but Hillary is having a web chat she is having tomorrow at 12pm EDT at http://blog.hillaryclinton.com where she will be answering questions from the people most important to her – you.

  143. Obama’s biggest contribution to the Race debate…White people are getting more comfortable with calling a person of color a r@cist…..and not just reserving that term for people of their own race.

    My question is this a step forward?


  144. Wow –

    Magdalena, on August 6th, 2008 at 6:38 pm Said: (don’t wanna repeat but…………………)

    What you said should be sent to every SD & pledged delegate – sums everything up very neatly and concisely – I may just borrow it (if you don’t mind) and send to the delegates via email……………………………..

  145. Pat and glenn, for me it’s hard to know if people are moved but afraid to speak out, or completely dispirited and unwilling to move. Know what I mean?

  146. Susie, be my guest, but I would cut the lyrics. That’s for the audience here. Keep it straight and hard-hitting.

  147. Riverdaughter’s got a new post up!

  148. I appears that the top floors of the Mercantile exchanged have been rented out for jumping off of for November 5th….but no word on who has rented the top floors. No permits have been applied for in NYC to allow for a post election day jump but they have until 5 pm EDT to get in the permit request.


  149. glennmcgahee, I live where you live and there are very few Obama bumper stickers, Poll after poll shows him ahead in Dade.Broward. Less than 20% of the Letters to the Editor of the Sunj-Sentinel are supportive. This is the most Democratic area of FL.

  150. Propertius’ comment (early in the responses) made me “lol out loud,” as Monk would say, though I do disagree on one point: I think Paris is already more qualified to run for prez than Barack Obama. She does, after all, run a multi-million dollar company. What has Barack done by comparison?

    I also agree with madamab’s prediction of a McGovern-like loss. There are a lot of similarities between McGovern’s and Obama’s campaigns — from alienating the traditional Democratic base (McGovern gave the bird to labor) to purging delegates that might be a little soft in their support.

    I love this site, by the way. Keep up the good work.

  151. Now that you mention it, glennmcgahee, I haven’t seen a single Obama bumper sticker. Actually, haven’t seen any bumper stickers at all. Very curious in an election year. One explanation might be that the campaigns appear to be charging for things like yard signs and bumper stickers this year. Have never seen that before, either.

  152. When the candidates push ridiculous ads to the absolute limit, I guess it takes a crazy starlet to point out how ridiculous the ads really are. Way to go Paris!


  153. Paris has done an awesome job, yet again of utilizing events to boost her own PR… she’s a thinker alrightht

  154. People demand freedom only when they have no power.FriedrichWilhelmNietzscheFriedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

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