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Join us tonight for the Lion’s Share on NO WE WON’T

Gandhi once said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”  This week, we’re in the combat zone.  The fur is flying and the pressure is intensifying.  Tonight on Sheri’s show, Darragh Murphy, Will Bower and I will be covering the news of the week, Denver, and all the skullduggery that the DNC is engaging in to keep everything as mysterious and nebulous as possible. Everybody hold hands, stick together and look both ways before crossing the street.  Howard Dean might be barreling down on you.

Set your catchannels to NO WE WON’T tonight at 8:00 EST on blogtalkradio.

Update: Yipee!!! Check out this piece from ABCNews.  Hillary wants to have her say in Denver and isn’t ruling anything out.   In Your Face, Howard Fineman!

27 Responses

  1. Are you gonna be downing the IPA on the show, RD? That might make it a really interesting show. Not that it won’t be otherwise, but discussions on the physics of Cinderella…

  2. I’m glad you’re out from behind the wall, Riverdaughter. I’m looking forward to your show.

    My head is spinning at the perfidy of Howard Dean and the DNC.

  3. The next two weeks are going to be more interesting than the last 10…..

    thanks for the update….I forgot it was wednesday…..

  4. one more thing….

    I find it very interesting that Hillary is having a web chat tomorrow…..testing the waters or……….?

  5. gq– Please have pity on the less savvy PUMAs. What does IPA mean? I googled it but India Pale Ale came up. While I love both Riverdaughter and India Pale Ale, I do not think that is what you were referring to.

  6. diamondtiger–Hillary? Web chat? What’s the scoop?

  7. This was sent today via email:

    Dear Tucson Transplant

    Hillary wanted me to pass along a special message that she recorded to let you all know about a web chat she is having tomorrow at 12pm EDT.

    She will be on BlogHillary answering questions from the people most important to her – you.

    Please watch her short message and join us tomorrow at http://blog.hillaryclinton.com.



    Katie Dowd
    Internet Director

  8. I wonder what happened to Peter?

  9. wow! simofish made the big leagues!!!

  10. If hillary really wanted to scare the crap out of the SD’s she should say:

    “While I have said I will work tirelessly to see that the Democrat Nominee is victorious in November, that Nominee appears to be Barak Obama I cannot speak for the 18 million who supported me.

    I cannot gauranty, no matter how much I campaign for Senator Obama, that I will be able to ensure their support at the polls. I never controlled my supporters they are an independent group. I cannot force them to make their loyality transferable.

    Even if I urge them everyday to vote Obama I do not think they will come around. Does this disapoint me well all I can say is such loyality to an idea transends any single personality.

    I would if I were you consider this as part of your “due consideration” when desiding who to vote for at the convention.

    I want to reiterate I will support Obama as the nominee regaurdless of what my supporters do on November 4th.”

    that would not be disloyal it would be honest and show due respect to the delegates if she said that to the delegates.


  11. Why is Hillary Clinton fighting so hard to get the very prestigious “Worst Person in the World” award?

    Just today:

    – She hints that she could want her name on the ballot in Denver

    – She writes a terrific op-ed in the WSJ pretty much lecturing Obama about what he should be talking about instead of chasing some non-existing voters in the “center”

    – And now she is announcing a web chat with her supporters?

    Keith go get her! I can’t wait for that Special Bile, er, I mean comment.

  12. Does any one think she will say “this PUMA nonsense has to stop get on the Obama bus”?


  13. Honora,
    RD was contemplating the physics of Cinderella and drinkin’ India Pale Ale last night. I was just givin’ her a hard time.

  14. Denver Post is doing an article on this Sunday’s paper – they want my video. Inside Edition wants part of my video as well.

    Perhaps we should auction off parts of it to help pay down her debt.

  15. Obama and Bots-please understand that I would vote for a yellardawg if the Democrats in convention assembled should in their wisdom chose one to be our nominee, but lower than that I shall not go!

    Sorry Barak a Coward and a Punk is so far below a yellardawg….I guess there are a few others out there who feel the same.


  16. Ma blue I want to be the worst person in the world award…darn I have to work tommorrow at noon could some one make sure we blue collar dems can at least lisen to this after the fact?

    fuzzybeargville-sad he will miss Hillary’s voice!

  17. Hey everyone! I’ve been out all day & had not a chance to lounge here at the Confluence.

    Simofish, please send your video to ABC news.

    PUMA-SF – if you’re here, I respondend to your email, talk to Diane & Will Bower about it – email back when you can.

  18. SimoFish: Shepard Smith had it on his show at 7:30 tonight on Fox. Somebody is paying attention.

  19. Pat – what did Shep have on his show?

    Simofish’s video or the Hillary blog chat tomorrow?

    (PS: Jello pie now a bribing tool – “If you don’t clean your room, I’m not making that Jello Pie this weekend” – it’s working like a charm!)

  20. WOW — it’s crazy !!! I can’t wait to get to Denver !!!

    If all of our actions get more people to wake UP instead of “falling in line” — then I feel as if I have truly helped save this world !!

    I want HILLARY back !!!

    I told the Denver reporter that I now wake up to Riverdaugher’s blog along with my WSJ. I miss my daily Hillary fix from Hillary herself.

  21. SM: Smith showed about 45 seconds of the tape SimoFish sent over with Hillary addressing her supporters on the patio of that house. It had to do with her possible submission for her name to appear on the ballot. He then went on to another topic.

    Puma Cub could almost do this on her own it is so simple.

  22. Hey Simo! Glad to see you’re video is making the MSM!!!

    Question: Where DID you get the lifesized Hillary cut out picture?

  23. SM – my friend Ginny gave it to me – I can ask where she got it and let you know

  24. PAT: COOL!!!!!! Good that Simo’s video is being covered!

    Shhhhhh!!!! I can’t let PUMA cub know that! (at least not yet 🙂 !

    SIMO: That’s so cool!

  25. SimoFish — WOW! Keep us informed about the developments: that’s really exciting.

  26. Ok, Gary, I’m sorry..now it sounds to me from Paul Hill doesn’t want to be VP, thank God. Mea culpa.

  27. I applaud Riverdaughter’s optimism but this article simply reiterates Hillary’s belief that a ‘faux convention’ where we put her name in nomination and then all unify behind Obama flies in the face of what PUMA stands for. Do people think that the delegates and SD are going to change their minds? Are you hoping that they will change their minds?

    Take the title of a previous article “Its not over till WE say its over”. When is it over ?

    I am PUMA – I say NO DEAL to Obama. PERIOD

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