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Tuesday: Stop fooling around

The NYTimes was full of some pretty gruesome articles this morning.  For example, there was the announcment of the release of a book intended for medical personnel headed into the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan.   The book, “War Surgery in Afghanistan and Iraq: A Series of Cases 2003-2007”,  had been under wraps by US Army censors because it shows men, women and children whose bodies have been damaged by war.  They don’t want to upset the delicate sensibilities of the American people who are funding such experiments in cutting edge medicine.

The battlefield treatments are amazing and innovative.  It’s just desperately sad that they are needed at all. Photographs in the book were taken by Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist David Leeson of The Dallas Morning News.

Then, there is this piece, “At Freddie Mac, Chief Discards Warning Signs”.  Back in 2004 the warning signs of trouble in the home mortgage industry were presented to the head of Freddie Mac, Richard Syron, who said the corporation couldn’t say no to anyone.  Here’s a classic quote from Syron that Yes Man Extraordinaire, Barack Obama, should take to heart:

“If I had better foresight, maybe I could have improved things a little bit,” he said. “But frankly, if I had perfect foresight, I would never have taken this job in the first place.”

Ooo, here’s another cautionary quote for the Yes Man, he who has no coalitions of his own and will be completely at the mercy of the Blue Dogs in Congress with whom he has made his bed:

Indeed, executives of both companies maintain that one of the reasons the firms hold so many bad loans is that Congress has leaned on them for years to buy mortgages from low-income borrowers to encourage affordable housing. In 2004, Freddie Mac warned regulators that affordable housing goals could force the company to buy riskier loans.

Others, however, dismiss that explanation. “Sure, it’s hard to deal with the pressures of Congress and shareholders and regulators,” said a former high-ranking Freddie Mac executive. “But that’s why executives get paid so much. It’s not acceptable to blame those pressures for making bad choices.”

Yes, well, why is it always the guys who get paid the big bucks that end up costing us so much in money and lives?

A couple of weeks ago, I was listening to a podcast of Fresh Air with Terry Gross where she interviewed the chief economic strategists for the McCain and Obama campaigns. I love terry Gross and have listened to her for years so it pains me to hear how totally she is in the tank for Obama. (Sidenote: A couple of weeks before the economic strategists interview, she had one on the pension crisis with Theresa Ghilarducci from the University of Notre Dame.  Ghilarducci sounds like an FDR New Dealer and a Clintonista and Gross treated her like she was from Mars.  The last minute or so of the interview was so frosty and tense you’d think Terry was talking to Gene Simmons)

Terry’s interview with Jason Furman, Obama’s chief economic strategist, was notable not so much for Terry’s fawning but for Furman’s vague ideas.  As the conversation progresses, Furman starts to channel his inner child and he begins to sound like a floppy young puppy, all wide eyed and playful.  He’s all “REALLY” and “a LOT” and a “WHOLE BUNCH”.  Golly!   But underneath all that innocence, there are subtle signs that Obama is planning something not so nifty.  For example, when he talks about Social Security, Furman says:

“This is our most important program.  It’s REALLY important that we protect it, not just for people today but for generations to come.  Second of all, for middle class families, for a lot of them, it’s their only source of income… So it’s not something you would REALLY want to burden them with in the course of adjusting to that.”

Ok, Ok, stop right there.  “Adjusting” to WHAT exactly?  Terry never asks.  Furman goes on to describe the taxes on people making over $250K that would go up “a bit”.  Fine.  A little rate hike isn’t unreasonable.  But what is all of that middle class “Adjusting” about?  It sounds faintly familiar.  Like, when the Bushies were talking about privatizing and how there would be initial overhead but then we would all just have to settle for less in benefits down the road.  But anyway SS was insolvent and we’d all just have to get used to funding our own retirements through the fabulous new “instruments” that the Wall Street Peeps would set up to handle all of our retirement savings.  Is that the kind of “adjustment” that Furman is referring to?

Not that Terry cares much anymore.  I get the distinct impression that the poor or those in need of a safety net are really sad stories but not much she and HER class can do much about.  I mean, the Republicans will never allow for real reform.  So, the people who slip through the cracks are like Bangladeshis who get wiped out in the latest cyclone.  Terry and The Nation Letter Writer types just tsk-tsk, shake their heads in disbelief and say, “Those poor people, they shouldn’t farm so close to a major body of water on those rich soils of the delta plains.  What did they expect?  Pass me another canape, please. And did you see that new book with pictures of civilians caught in a warzone?  Revolting!”

Reminder: The Audacity of Democracy is currently filming all across the United States.

Let’s get this baby shot and in the can!  If you’re interested in becoming an associate producer or even making a small donation to this worthwhile endeavor, click here.

85 Responses

  1. “Adjusting” to WHAT exactly?

    If you look at Obama and Obama surrogate’s statements, there’s a good deal there about making do with less …..about US making do with less, not them of course, Michelle needs 10,000 for the kids piano lessons after all .
    If Obama was not a criminal and more than willing to engage in criminal activities, he would not be preferred over McCain in the press . The press and their owners want him, and badly, we therefore know he is bad for the 98 % of the population . as for Terry and the Nation types, their dearest jewel is their inexplicable belief in their superior judgment . Rather than admit they were wrong, but the clingy bible bitter gun people were right, they have taken the Helsinki syndrome to the level of a sacrament . The Nation should have called the issuse with the letter, their joke issuse, because Obama and his backers are laughing

  2. “We, who we have been waiting for” was more than likely addressed to his Wall Street handlers. Other than that, this statement makes little or no sense. Like the GOP before him. this group intends to privatize everything they can get their hands on in the interest of “profit”. The average American has no place in this horizon other than the getting the shaft.

  3. DId you see the “gruesome” interview with Nancy Pelosi at USA Weekend magazine??? She like the word “entrepreunerial” a lot…

    All in all, the weasel who hasn’t done squat about anything!!
    Except write about what a great inspiration she is…in her mind!!

    Nancy Pelosi Talks about Hillary during an Interview about Her New Book “Know Your Power: A Message to America’s Daughters” (Ironic Title, Isn’t It?)


  4. I have no idea what he wants to do about Social Security. I don’t think he has any idea what he wants to do about any of the problems we face, and that’s why we see him flip-flopping and spinning every day on a new issue.

  5. I am so glad to be reading your take on this stuff, RD because your take is so similar to mine. I worry about the stupid choices that have been made, and continue to be made in the economy at its highest levels because of the inhumanity of the elite in their bubble. We are going broke because the CEOs need their bonuses, not because the people trying to survive need healthcare.

  6. I like Terry Gross too, but not as much as i used to. She’s a great interviewer who actually reads the books of the people she is interviewing before she has them on the air. That’s why her questions are usually well informed and intelligent. Another great interviewer is Brian Lamb from CSPAN. Terry and Brian let their guests do most of the talking unlike that hack Charlie Rose (who won’t let his guest get a word in edge wise).

    But Riveredaugther is right. Terry Gross is in the bag for Obama. But Fresh Air is going down hill for alot of reasons. The guests she selects are not as interesting or edgey as they used to be and she is focusing a little too much on popular culture for my taste.

    You can take it to the bank that if Obama becomes President, within a year or so, he will be trying to partially privatize social security. He doesn’t have the emotional attachment to social security that has characterized Democratic presidents since Roosevelt and by privitazing it, he can pay off his rich Wall Street backers.

    My real fear is that with Democratic majorities in the House and Senate and Obama in the White House, social security will be less safe than ever. How ironic is that?

    Can you imagine if Bush had been successful in letting people invest private social security accounts in the stock market? Where would those people be right now with the market plunging and no relief in site?

  7. plural, I think his backers have plenty of ideas. He just wants to be Prez.

  8. The picture of the dog doing a backflip reminds me of the Obama supporters attempting each time to explain the meaning of the latest conflabulation. Always a stretch.

  9. There is no sense of shared comittment anymore, and the corporate processes have removed any accountability from business.
    Remember when you could complain directly to a business about their product, and they responded because they were afraid to lose the sale? Try complaining to anyone now. It is like talking to ghosts.

    The more levels they place between the CEOs and management and the consuming public the more out-of-touch they become.

  10. Obama has “2” cards he plays “OVER & OVER”!
    1- The Race card
    2-The “I don’t take lobbyist $$ that’s my opponent who does”!
    **”Both FACK & have been EXPOSED time after time.
    His “enablers” in the MSM just won’t report it.
    By the way, how is offering a $1,000 tax credit & having the oil companies pay for it ; “NOT PANDERING”!
    The GAS TAX Holiday was a “GOOD” idea. Obama
    just needed to change the subject, because of Rev. Wright.

  11. With pro-Obama people I have taken some flak for whimsically calling Obama (R-IL); in part that’s because of advisors like Furman, who had the audacity to call Wal Mart a “progressive success story.”

    Click to access walmart_progressive.pdf

    In reality it makes its money by selling sweatshop products mostly from Red China. (That’s the name my father used to use– not that there’s anything wrong with it)

  12. The amount of waste in the system is staggering. I am a software consultant. Most software contractors get their jobs through recruiters who have contracts to provide consultants to clients who need their services. They do this to avoid having a full fledged HR department. Many corporations will not accept a resume if it was not presented by a recruiter.
    In my case, for every hour I work and get paid for, my recruiter gets $25.00. They do NOTHING but send me a check every two weeks, and often it is late. All they did to find me was do a search on monster.com. These recruiters did not even know me before presenting me to my present emplyment. So much for vetting.
    Now multiply $25/hr by all the software contractors out there. That is how much money is going in the pockets of these blood sucking recruiters. This money is being flushed down the toilet, and not going to productive work.
    It is a pet peeve of mine.

  13. Exactly, Mawm.

    I can really feel that while waiting my turn, in “line,” on the phone, to speak into a machine, to ask for an agent to call me back. When it’s convenient for him/her.

  14. I used to listen to NPR but stopped months ago. It is sickening that even NPR hard sells Obama. The MSM, NPR, DNC, Blogger Boiz are pushing so hard to give Obama the Presidency, that they refuse to see that his platform is nothing but Republican Lite. To anyone who berates me about having to vote for John McCain (I live in a swing state so to me leaving the top blank or writing in Hillary Clinton is not an option), I can honestly say that no matter who anyone votes for, Obama or McCain, we will get a Republican.

  15. RD: i’m really surprised by your affinity for Terry Gross. I had her number years ago. Her interview with Roseanne was really telling. Roseanne laid her out. She always seemed flakey to me and she encapsulates all that is an Obamabot. And, yes, i’ve given up NPR, too. You can just hear the love in their voices, can’t you?

  16. Mawm: I so agree with the Recruiter aspect. Having been a recruiter employed by a hospital, our IS dept did their own recruiting, telling us they “knew” who and what they needed and were far more qualified to do so. However, they billed our HR dept for the finders fees, the agency recruiter fees, the move if necessary, the whole enchillada. The cost was enormous. And as often as HR attempted to curtail this expense, we were countermanded each and every time due to the “expertise” of the IS dept itself.

    They did their own reference checks and paid out huge bonus sign ons. We had little if any control. The agencies were left to decide the dollar amount and the hospital ended up with the bill. A great way to make a living!

  17. “So it’s not something you would REALLY want to burden them with in the course of adjusting to that.”

    Not so coded code words for privatization, IMO. Good catch, RD. I still keep thinking back to what Mayor Bloomberg, the Republican, said about running for President as a Unity candidate: he said that if Obama was the Democratic nominee, he wouldn’t run. That told me all I needed to know about Obama’s true game plan.

  18. NPR = Nice Polite Republicans

    Good morning! Great post.

    I too feel like it’s time to stop fooling around with people who honestly don’t give a damn about America or its people. In my mind, Obama and McCain both fit this bill. I don’t know why McCain wants to be President, but I’ll tell you right now, it has nothing to do with instituting a New New Deal (which is the only thing that’s going to bring us out of this mess).

    We can’t afford either of these clowns in the White House. Bush has done enough damage for two generations. We need Hillary and we need her NOW!

  19. Mawm, on August 5th, 2008 at 9:25 am

    Similarly, I generally believe insurance to be a scam that makes people who produce nothing, rake in the BIG bucks, off of other peoples WORRYING.

    And then when they have to pay out, they raise the rate?

  20. madamab, NPR may stand for Nice Polite Republicans, but I’m not giving up Click and Clack or Prarie Home Companion!

  21. Grayslady, that is amazing. I hadn’t heard that.

    Bloomberg is another one I avoid on TV and in papers.

  22. WigWag – They’re nice and polite. So sometimes, you can listen to them. 🙂

    Of course, never trust a Republican on political matters….

  23. madamab: We can now say the same of the Dems. Trust neither party; each corrupt.

  24. This is from Real Democrats (Paula Abeles & Co.) Looks like BO is ttrying to buy the GE too. No surprise there.

    Here’s what we’re up against. These are articles from Ohio, Michigan and Missouri.
    Obama is putting an unprecedented number of people on the ground—even in states in which he is at a significant statistical disadvantage.
    McCain is focusing almost exclusively on television ads.

    “Obama’s Paid Staff Dwarfing McCain’s”
    “Ohio Daily Blog: More on Obama Campaign Coordination
    “Obama’s Michigan Campaign Will be 2x the Size of Kerry’s
    “Obama Flooding Missouri with 150 Paid Staffers”

  25. WigWag, on August 5th, 2008 at 9:07 am Said: ……Can you imagine if Bush had been successful in letting people invest private social security accounts in the stock market? Where would those people be right now with the market plunging and no relief in site?…..

    Indeed. There have been a number of attempts to steal social security for Wall St…oops I mean privatize social security for Wall St.. Thankfully every time the market tanked enough to put out the fire..

    When Bush was trying to sell it, it was remarkable how we saw the public react and how fast . Even though they were/are subjected to non stop fawning Bush press, people really knew what Bush was and what he was about. So there was an enormous push back, lead by the public , like of which, I don’t think we have seen otherwise during the whole of the Bush2 rein . It was lead by the public. The Dems of course where standing by, wringing their hands, and ready to help the GOP . The public let Bush and the DC superstructure know instantly that if Bush was simply take us to war, blowing up brown people and even their own kids over seas, that was acceptable , but DO NOT F with our checks buddy !!! That was the line in the sand .So, thankfully, social security was saved at that point .

    With Obama the plan is to steal , I mean privatize social security , and give it to Wall St. This huge
    infusion of borrowed funds will then balloon the sagging market. The big wigs will cash in thier hyper inflated stocks, and when the market tanks, retirees will be told to make do with less. Imagine being told to make do with 30 -40 % less this month due to a “dip” in the market ? People who have to choose between food, heat and meds already . If Grandpa complaints about his check, or even the total lack of one, he’ll be told he’s a racist for expecting better. I think Barry’s lily white backers love that part of this set up particularly.

    The whole of the Power Elite , would not be for Obama if it wasn’t clear he is simply their tool and that even McCain is too much of a middle man for them. . It’s about hollowing out every bit . IMO .
    I love Hillary because she fights that….while the other Dems fight only her .

  26. I read over your comments and there is only one word that comes to mind. SCARY. Things are bad and Bush and his cohorts started this downward spiral the US is on, but Obama will take it all the way down and it appears there is not a damn thing we can do. The election was stoled, AGAIN, we have made call after call, been active. hell our candidate WON and she is not on the ballot. No one listens to the people any more. What the fuck is up? I am really frightened.

  27. PJ – I don’t see many real Dems left either. Certainly I’m not trusting the label any more; I’m checking the ingredients on every political package.

  28. Sorry stolen

  29. Okay there is a troll posting on Monday’s post.

  30. This was a tough and true read. You know RD, it’s like a sense of pervasive doom, especially the war part, and then your last graf. You’re right. Pass the canapes…

    Wait till you see this, RD. Uppity uncovered some of the funsters fundraising — overseas!

    You know, this whole thing is glaringly unethical, somehow. Look:

    Fundraising overseas in Rafah? Oh, there must be a lot more of that than we can even imagine, and no one cares — it’s like there isn’t any government anymore. At all.

    After the last 8 years people just think Oh well — rules don’t apply!

    I love that I can read you and see we think along the same lines RD.
    PUMAS may be the last of the human-hearted kind left…

    That Pelosi — up in San Fran I read Code Pink is staging “die-ins” in front of her mansion to protest the war. Think she cares?

    Rotten to the core. I could trust the Clintons — I can’t stand any of the Dems (women) in CA. For letting Hillary down as they have. Monsters all. You know, if you take the Hopi Prophecy, cross it with Nostradamus and his quatrains — we are there kiddos.

    I’m glad I met you guys! Geez. I wish Hillary was LOUDER!
    Bill too.

  31. NPR was one of my saddest losses during the primaries. I was a devoted listener. I live in a semi-rural area, so I drive distances, and NPR was a good friend. I started to notice the CDS in subtle ways–framing of stories and vocabulary. I called the listener line and let them know I was a long-time supporter and wasn’t happy about the bias. Then, the next week I heard a regular commentator lathering at the mouth with his blatant hatred for Hillary. He literally called her a monster, because she would not QUIT! The commentary was rife with misogynistic language. I was furious and wrote to the station, saying I would not subsidize hate speech. It was forwarded to the President. He wrote me back directly in a terse email telling me he was “disappointed” in my letter, and that “people had tried to silence him over the years and my THREATS were ANYTHING BUT AMERICAN, and if I listen to the station I should support it, otherwise so long.”

    Does that sound like fascist Obamabot speak or what? I was UNAMERICAN because as a sponsor I actually voiced my opinion. Apparently, my “threat” was saying I would not support the station if they were going to allow hate speech–which is my right. So much for free expression through donations. It’s the ultimate irony: these so-called leftists who are intent on “freedom and equality” are using anti-democratic practices to silence and suppress anyone who disagrees.

    When people scream at me about not supporting Obama, I tell them the Democrats have BECOME Republicans, so what’s the difference?

  32. We are witnessing the effect of the Bush legacy. He broke laws, raped the constitution, acted with impunity, and when they had the opportunity, the 2006 Dem congress refused outright to actively deal with it. Why? Because they know a good thing when they see it! Allowing Bush and Co to get away with it, they could do likewise.

    “Imposing” a candidate like Obama on the electorate, unqualified, inexperienced, and unvetted, seals the deal. In conjunction with an acquiescent congress, he will be able to advance even more the wishes of the corporate masters who actually control this country. America for sale.

    “Follow the money”. As good a place to start as any.

  33. I don’t know why this is, but even when I look at the vermin that has been (and continues to be) relentlessly moving-in on the idyllic life that America enjoyed in the Clinton 90’s, I feel optimistic that we’re going to have that good life back, after the initial “anxiety attack.”

  34. After the last 8 years people just think Oh well — rules don’t apply!

    Vbonnaire: That’s why it was important to at least attempt to impeach Bush. Once the bar is lowered, people become desensitized, and it goes even lower the next time. That’s why boundaries and principles are critical. Thanks to Nancy “impeachment is off the table” Pelosi.

  35. Karolina NYC: But we may have to wait another 4 years. Too long.


    Can somebody hide me somewhere? This “R” is stuff is getting out of control.

    Since the Obama campaign and their surrogates showed that it’s a cute card to play, everyone wants the spoils.
    This is beyond Dem on Dem violence. Watch this and be ashamed to be a Democrat (via TGW)

    Ku Klux Kohen: Tinker Goes To The Sheets.

    I know it’s “Hillary-is-Glenn-Close” Steve Cohen, but jeez! This is truly a Liberal who was elected in a heavily AA district after beating Harold Ford’s brother. (It used to be Ford Sr and later Jr’s seat).

    What happened to my peeps? Thank you MSM for encouraging this type of behavior.

  37. What the fuck is up? I am really frightened.

    Money. Our capitalist society has run amok. It is now global capitalism and the corporations rule. Greed and power rule. Look what they did to our most successful Democratic President? He’s on TV now, defending his reputation (“I am not racist.”). It’s sad and disgusting.

  38. And I thought I had issues!

  39. I guess calling PUMA Republicans is a twist on calling those who don’t ” come to Obama” racist .
    It’s suppose to do the same thing . That is, shut down debate , all questioning , oh and shame you for piping up in the first place. They don’t have to answer you, or the facts you have pointed out because you are a Repug/ racist . Simple.

  40. Pat, it won’t happen if it is left to 2012. It’s now or never. And yet, I still feel that it will happen now.

  41. Kim – how are you doing? How is your son?

  42. fif, on August 5th, 2008 at 10:16 am

    “It is now global capitalism and the corporations rule.”

    this was the original, undercover plan of bankers/financiers for WWl & WWll, and since they couldn’t manipulate the “dictators” once they were in power, they instead managed it systematically and quietly. Sort of like “I forgot to have children.” kind of a shock, huh?

  43. In the next 3 weeks, we are in a race between the wobbly banks ( bad) Obana’s mental health and poll numbers ( bad as well) and the top 1%’s gut check. Things might get so bad between these forces that the top 1% will get off Hillary’s chest ….we’ll see. But thank God for the 300 delegates . They are heroes.

  44. I am okay right now. I have major crying jags at weird times. I miss him soooo bad. He is okay, he is still in SC right now at Ft. Jackson, leaves next Wednesday for training in Missouri and then on Aug 28, he is off for a desert adventure. He lived with me, so my house is so empty.

    Thanks for asking.

    Sad thing for me is I know Hillary would have pulled the troops. I know she would have.

  45. Kim , I’m so very sorry.

  46. He said there a 35 guys in his bay, all of them stop-lossed. He said they were all within a month of so of their contract ending and they got the stop-loss orders. He compared it to “Stripes” , just a bunch of guys sitting around a barracks in their civilian clothes looking shell-shocked.

  47. KIm, I wish I could say something to help you. I’m so sorry.

  48. The only thing we can do is GET HILLARY IN THERE! So, you are already doing it. Every one of you are helping my son, by fighting to get a real leader.

  49. {{{{Kim}}}}

    There are no words for what the Bush b#stard has done to this country and to our young people. I am so sorry that you have to go through this. I am sending good vibes to you and your son, and I hope you both come through this safely.

  50. We will get through this, he seems better than me. I am a basket case. The whole momma thing, sorry.

  51. BUSH is a limp dicked, dumbass, squirrelly, pea-brained, beady eyed, scum sucking weasel.

  52. Kim – And those are his good qualities! 🙂

  53. I just captured a FOX news interview with a Texas Delegate explaining why Hillary’s name MUST be entered in nomination for a roll-call vote. How it’s happened at every convention.

    I was going to upload it. But, I guess it violates YouTubes restrictions>>>

    The delegate is adamant.

  54. Kim,
    I know it is not about where your son is at the moment. But I visited my daughter at Ft Jackson a couple months ago. It is really a nice base, with a nice park and lake. I think your son will be fine there, once they get acclimated.

    My daughter is on stand by to go to Iraq in January. I will care for her two young son’s while she is gone, so will not have the empty house to deal with. I think that would be the worst.

    I was so counting on Hillary to bring the troops home and not have to send my daughter to war.

  55. Hi KB! [waving]

    Got a post for us today? 🙂

  56. From Gallup:

    Voters Not Strongly Backing Incumbents for CongressUSA Congress Election 2008
    August 5, 2008
    Just 36% of voters say that most members of Congress deserve re-election, while only 57% say this about their own representative. Both are among the lowest Gallup has measured since 1992.

    Ya Think?????????


  57. seen on a Obotic site (post purge): the photo at McCain sire with the pressure gauge next to Obama is…you guess it – racist! It’s meant to look like clubbing him over the head – others say…It looks like a syringe! (drug suggestion – racist!) They officially lost it!

  58. EAJ – sorry to hear.

    My nephew by law will be heading back later this month. He is married to my neice with 4 children.

    The family is parked in North Carolina after returning from living 3 years in Germany.

  59. Carol add to that a very interesting finding from a recent WaPo poll:

    Click here to add text
    “Whereas Obama underperforms congressional Democrats by six points among low-wage whites — 53 percent would prefer that the party control Congress — McCain has a seven-point edge over congressional Republicans. “

  60. This’ll get you fired up.

    Have a look at the New Zealand team doing their HAKA. They perform this in front of their opponents before the match.

    PUMA HAKA (I don’t know how to do the devil face)

  61. I am sick of the term “code words”. We are r*cists, so why would we bother to use “code words”?


  62. kbird: email Diane about the fox clip. If she doesn’t already have it, she may know what to do with it.

  63. EAJ-Ft. Jackson is okay, but he leaves there next Wednesday for Missouri and will be in Missouri until Augh 28 when he goes to Iraq. So this is all temporary. My house is so empty right now, that is what is dragging me down and turning the waterworks on.

  64. He will be in Iraq 400 days, with one break.

  65. : the word evil, and then another :

    with no spaces

  66. RD: Good Idea! Thanks, I will.

  67. 👿

  68. Thanks Carol

  69. How about some entertainment? I’ve got a new play for you. 🙂

  70. I mean, 👿

  71. Yes, please, madamab.

  72. I visited my Old Stomping Grounds today (schadenfreude, can’t help it, heh) and they are certifiably insane. The accusations of r@cism are reaching frenzied heights as Jr. fails to buy his crown and throne. They’re doing that creepy, cult-like thing we talked about a couple of weeks ago, where they throw out the demons of their own racist fantasies to accuse other people.

    You’d think they’d take a hint — accusing the entire planet outside of Barack’s magical unicorn circle of moonbeams of r@cism is a losing, losing strategy.

    Also witnessed: statements like “I trust Barack!” (re: VP choice) and “He’s got a brilliant plaaaaaaaaan!” and the posting of links like AP’s “Young kids find Obama way cooler!”

    These people are batsh!t crazy.

  73. Kim, I know that right now is temporary. I use a lot of denial right now, dealing with my daughter going. I will keep you in my thoughts and will look forward to the updates you give through here.

    Does he have a lap top. My co worker’s daughter kept in pretty close contact via computer while she was there. They instant messaged quite often.

  74. Obama’s Birth Certificate is Really His Sister’s

    As Bill Clinton said yesterday/day before yesterday, anyone is eligible to run for president who qualifies under the Constitution.

    Forensics specialist Techdude, who has been chipping away at the Obama Birth Certificate mystery for some time, has confirmed that the name on the original Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) which was used to forge the document presented by Barack Obama as his valid Birth Certificate IS:

    Maya Kassandra Soetoro.

    His sister.

    The document presented by Obama as the “truth about his birth certificate” can be seen on his official campaign web page, “FightTheSmears,” here.

    For more, go to this Web site (Texas Darlin’)


  75. YEs we bought him a new media laptop so we can stay in contact. Where will your daughter be? My heart goes out to you too.

    A hug for you too.

    {{{{EAJ}}}} and her precious grandchildren.

  76. CB, Joseph Cannon has some serious doubts about that story.

    He spent a lot of time trying to reproduce those results.

  77. Hey all – if you want a play with a happy ending, I’ve posted my latest.

    I am really starting to believe we can turn this thing around. Obama is massively tanking. I do believe the race card has now been overplayed. McCain was brilliant to tie himself to Bill and Hillary. He knows why a lot of us won’t jump on the Obama train.

    As for the birth certificate thing, I just don’t think you can determine stuff like that online. I ABSOLUTELY could be wrong, but it seems like the Obama “video darkening” thing to me, times 1000.

  78. Kim

    She only knows Iraq right now as it is quite a ways off. She was told the orders may change to Afghanistan if troops are being pulled from Iraq.

    Thank you for the hug.

  79. I’ve said this before. Hating on older women–something Barky and his campaign have done so well–is a perfect setup for privatizing Social Security, because older women are the ones who stick around forever, “leeching” from the system.

  80. I think that birth certificate cannot belong to his sister…she was born in Indonesia so she would have one from there.

    But the fake birth certificate issue may still be valid…

  81. Kim and EAJ, my thoughts are with you and I hope that all the warm support from the wonderful Conflucians here will help to keep up your spirits until your children are safely back home.

  82. “Let’s get this baby shot and in the can!”

    Shooting babies and putting them in cans is terrible. You people are terrible. For shame!

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