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It’s over when WE say it’s over

Mega Kudos to Katiebird for catching this on FOX this morning. Diane Mantouvalos sent this clip through the JSND network this afternoon of Gary Mauro, former head of Hillary’s campaign in Texas.  He’s saying it’s not over until he gets a chance to vote for Hillary for nomination.  This just proves how viral the movement is.  We had no idea this was coming.  As far as I know, Mauro did this without any prompting from us.

Check it out.  This is Quicktime (for a change) but we’ll see if we can get a Youtube later.

***UPDATE*** we have video!

Gary Mauro on FOX

112 Responses

  1. Riverdaughter, Thanks for posting this!!

  2. Everyone should know that it’s a HUGE file. So just be patient…

  3. Quicktime? Bleh. Do they have a Blackberry app? Would help pass the time at the DMV

  4. Riverdaughter, this video is very powerful!

    And yes, I did see the BIG hat tip in the email to our lovely Katiebird for it!

    Also, there are 2 that I know of, Hillary delegates that post here: Naoko & Captsfufp.

    Naoko posted in the previous thread that she’s signed the petition and there are 2 copies just case any funny business (God-willingly, no.)

  5. gqmartinez, it’s an mpg file — is that ONLY playable through Quick Time?

  6. I’m still waiting for the file to download. It must be huge.

  7. I think you can you save the file and play it through Windows Media Player.

  8. Oh, I think I can play mpeg. But I didn’t bring a headset. Don’t want to be disruptive. Sigh. But, only 9 more to go. I have to say, the appointment system in CA was nice compared to this. I’d have been done already. Sigh.

  9. Oh, the huge file size would probably freeze my phone anyway.

  10. a large file but worth the wait…. encouraging to see delegates dedicated to actually, really getting Hillary’s name into nomination.

  11. Yeah, Quicktime is the only venue. I can’t get it, I’ll wait for the utube.

    BTW, how are we going to get Hillary to submit the papers necessary to get her name into nomination and requesting a floor vote?

  12. I watched it on quicktime, but I have an Apple. It wasn’t earthshattering information, but he makes it clear that this is a ‘nominating’ convention. as for the acclamation for Obama if he wins…that’s a whole other kettle of fish.

  13. Hey that’s pretty cool, except for the part where he said that Obama will get the nomination because “the math” doesn’t work.

  14. It played on Windows media player on my computer.

  15. hmm…my little local news has noticed that the One is full of **it… they are showing footage of O attacking McCain over Cheney’s energy policy… then actually explaining that O voted for the Cheney energy bill is 05 and that McCain voted against it…

    must be my local news station is racist (/snark)

  16. oh, sorry – I’m in moderation! I used the “r” word…

  17. I like Lenny. Does that make me a r*cist?


  18. I still say I am not interested in a ‘faux’ convention. I will not vote for Obama under any circumstances. Its Hillary or McCain.

  19. hey, I got the video on my youtube acct. it should be done processing in about a min. RD you want me to add it to the post????

  20. I am not sure what to think of this. You see, he made it very clear Obama would win the nomination and that he would support Obama with gusto.

    I think that by doing this, it would look like Hillary lost fairly to Obama and it would be put in the history books as so. Also, it gives the DNC a reason to tell Hillary supporters, hey she lost fairly so you have no beef with us.

    Now on the other hand, how can Hillary win at all without her name being in nomination.

    So the DNC has us in an awkward place.

  21. I’m with NH – I’m not interested in a “faux convention”, I want to see a fight to the bitter end.

    Take him down Hillary, Beat his Ass, Whoop him upside the head, ……………….

  22. Gary: would you please? I am on a conference call.

  23. vive, but it also puts the blame squarely on the superdelegates (dean, brazile, and co) when he loses. She (and her supporters) can’t be blamed…I think it is the right thing to do anyway, so we shouldn’t be basing our decision on what kind of outcome we would like. We should do the right thing, that is enough

  24. youtube available. when you speak of me, speak kindly.

  25. Vive, I agree with your analysis except that the DNC doesn’t really have us if we don’t vote for him no matter what.
    That’s what it’s about for me anyway.

  26. youtube version now added to post!

  27. I’m in the process of downloading it, so haven’t seen the vid yet. But did anyone catch Dean on MSNBC today? He was asked if Hillary’s name will be placed into nomination, and he said, “if she wants it” now I know they are all liars, and this is just another tactic to make it look like they are NOT the ones preventing it from happening, But it just amazes me still, that there is no lie too bold face for them to go out on tv and tell!

  28. i guess you need this, too.

  29. There has been a jellyfish bloom in Hawaii this week so Obama will avoid the beach….does want “his Presious” to get stung I hope they fly up out of the water at him….where is SNL’s Land shark when we need him/her?

    so “the math doesnt work?” as Hillary said it is not about the Math (you idiots)….its about “the map” and I guess you will learn ablut that on November 5th when Obambi returns to voting “present” in the senate if he bothers to show up?


  30. trist: “If she wants it” is just “code” for we will be only too glad to have her jump through more hoops. 300 delegate signatures, signing on to the amendment, a promise to keep her speech to within their guidlines, kissing the hem of his garment as he descends from on high, babysitting the kids backstage, going for coffee, sweeping up after the confetti falls, and then turning off the lights after she is done bringing the limos forward.

    And if she manages to complete those “tasks” maybe Nancy P will or will not approve since Madam Speaker has the final word.

    To hell with these a**holes!

  31. someone just dropped this in an old thread, maybe a troll, I don’t know, but it is worth sharing

    just so you know, Obama’s people are praying for all of us Hillary supporters that we will see the light. They are actually having a prayer circle. I kid you not.


    They are praying for us now!!! on his website.

  32. this is what obama is advocating on his website, prayers for us:

    Please commit to praying for them daily to 1) stop trying to hurt the Obama’s and the Democratic party. 2) Pray God will speak to them all and change their hearts so their only pursuit will be party unity and whole heartedly backing Sen. Obama.

  33. they want our ONLY persuit to be party unity. jesus christ…is that a prank or is it for real??? Someone internet savvy enough to tell me???

  34. Gary Mauro is a CLOSE friend of the Clintons. Could he be speaking for them? That would be great news because it means Hillary hasn’t given up.

    Combine this with Bill’s cryptic interview on GM and NoQuarter’s birth certificate discoveries …

  35. They are praying for us?

    LMAO – I’ve been sacrificing goats and offering rum, asking the gods to smite Obamanation.

  36. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

  37. I think the gods want more rum

  38. I guess this is part of Obama’s faith-based initiatives…

  39. Gary – I don’t know about the gods, but I certainly do!

  40. Thanks for your responses gary and josgirl. I guess the bottom line is, if you want Hillary to have a chance for ’08, then she has to put her name in for convention.

    I hope all you great writers on this website are writing down what really happened for the history books. I don’t want the history books being written by Entertainment media (MSM) or Obama/DNCs’ version of events.

  41. I cannot begin to express my disappointment in one of the few media critics, Bob Somerby at Daily Howler. Today he broached the topic of Dana Milbank being axed from Countdown and praised KO for having the “courage” to act upon the outrage of Milbank writing a critical column about The One.

    I have always admired Bob’s analysis and his is one of those sites still active in my Bookmark section. But to give KO credit for clearing his show of Milbank is outrageous. Any and all criticism of Obama is negated. KO in particular allowed Milbank to come onto the show nightly and bash away at Hillary, all with the laughs and giggles with KO. Yet one column which portrayed The One in his arrogant glory sent this guy into exile. KO is not courageous. He is a tool of the Axelrod group and Kos. He marches to their orders.
    For Bob to say this is courageous is beneath him.

    I sent an e-mail to him expressing my unease as to KOs stunt but am not expecting much in return. The entire press corp is in bed with Obama and though it may be crowded under the bus, that bed must be sorely overloaded.

  42. gary: I am praying for you in hopes that you too will come to the light.

    God, these people are unsufferable!

  43. pat, maybe somersby wants milbank”s old job… 🙂

  44. gary, the “prayer circle” reminds me of the one time, many years ago, that I attended an Episcopal service at a church in Orlando. At the time I was a member of a very progressive Episcopal church in the Midwest that had an active gay/lesbian group in addition to its men’s groups and women’s groups. So I was pleasantly surprised when the minister asked in the “prayers of the people” for god to remember all the gays–until he added something about helping them to see the error of their ways, or something equally offensive. If it hadn’t been for the fact that I’d dragged along a Unitarian friend of mine (who was the one with the car to get me home), I would have marched out of the church that minute. I feel just as offended by hearing about the Obama prayer group. I guess they’re all presumptuous.

  45. Seems to me, the only way the Obamacrats and their MSM minions win is if we capitulate.
    As long as we stick to our guns, they have to deal with us.
    We don’t have to come around unless we get what we want.
    Otherwise, we use our votes any way we see fit.
    They want our votes, but really don’t have anything we want, except for the release of our hostage (HRC).
    So, the only thing for us to do is keep on keeping on.

  46. Ooops. Forgot to close out italics.

  47. nice chatblu!

    Got a call from the Campaign for Change about a local delegate meeting on Sunday…I’m wearing a Clinton button that night…blegh.

  48. David Brooks was an early cheerleader for Obama. Could never figure out why since he is a committed conservative. The only answer I could find was that his Hillary hatred surpassed his contempt for Obama at that time.

    But in last month or so Brooks took a right turn back to his roots. His criticism of Obama is out there. Doesn’t take much.

  49. gary: I had a lot of respect for Bob. And he does go after both sides. But crediting that mountebank Olberman is way too far over the line. Any moron can see what his program has been reduced to. Though I no longer watch because of the bias, if I can see it, so can Bob. I mean this is what he does!

  50. gary: If they are praying for atheists, I don’t think it counts. Personally, I think God has better things to do than grant the wishes of a bunch of whacked out Obamaphiles.

  51. If they are praying to God, is that not redundant in itself? Since Obama is one, shouldn’t their prayers be directed to him?

  52. I noticed in the link that Gary provided regarding the “prayer circle” at BO’s website that under the Associated Groups (in the box) it listed one as “Pro-Life for Obama.” If you click on their link (within the box); it will describe their reason for supporting Obama in spite of his supposedly being a right to choose. I’m confused, though; I’m beginning to think they really are drinking Kool-Aid.

  53. I wonder if Obama will visit his “typical white person” grandmother in Hawaii, the one
    who cared for him long after his African father conceived him and moved on
    –with a family in Kenya, Mr. Obama probably wasn’t planning on a new family in-between stops at the U. of Hawaii or Harvard prior to returning home to Kenya.

    I wonder if Granny is under “lock and key” figuratively.

    It will take a miracle for Hillary to be the nominee, but this has been the oddest election season ever. As Hillary said, “That isn’t going to happen.”

    I have been transformed by this election. I used to think that the Democratic
    Party shared my values. If not Hillary, I will happily vote for McCain and against my Rep, whose endorsement of BO prior to the primary stated his
    hope and changey-ness qualifications. I wrote to her suggesting that she, Teddy, and Kerry give up their long-time seats in Washington, if change was what she wanted for Americans.

  54. I can meet the DNC halfway. I’m not unreasonable.

    Give Florida and Michigan full votes, put HRC on the roll call and let the process play out, and I won’t vote for McCain.

    I still won’t vote FOR Obama, but I won’t actively work against him either.

    That’s the best offer they are gonna get from me.

  55. They are all nuts. They are placing their “hope” in a cardboard cutout who could not care less about them or any of the other idiots who beat his drum. Once he attains office (my silent prayer is he does not) he will close down. His appearances, not unlike W, will be scripted and intended as photo ops. Press conferences will be minimal. He will answer to no one. The signs are there. These people are dupes. Unfortunately enough dupes can land him in the WH. Scary.

  56. I just don’t think its fair that they want our ONLY pursuit to be party unity. I have a job, other things to do…..

  57. For the record: God Almighty could come down and sit on the edge of my bed and plead for Obama and I would decline. Of course, I would be courteous because who knows, but still decline.

  58. ha Gary! I was thinking the same thing. do I have to forsake family, friends and employment to dedicate myself full time to party unity? my husband, my kid and my mortgage company will not appreciate that

  59. Sean Hannity has found his reason for being. He is devoting his shows to a nightly Obama attack. If this were Hillary I would be screaming bloody murder. But since it is Obama, I say go for it with a vengence!

  60. kiki, the scary thing is I think they are serious…you’d think they’d want to avoid the culty rhetoric

  61. An Obama prayer for all puma’s

    Our Obama who art in washington hallowed be the name
    thy victroy come thy will be done
    in america as it is in chicago
    give us this day our daily propaganda
    forgive us our rasism
    as we forgive anyone who dioesnt support you
    and lead us not to Hillary
    for lies, the corruption and the arrogance are yours now and forever….O-men


  62. Pat, that’s funny. I’ve been listening to right wing talk radio driving to and from work…….it’s anti-Obama all the time, but their reasons are not my reasons. still, I listen with interest.

  63. gary, that “culty rhetoric” is what makes them believe that they are better than the rest of us. Who can argue with people who firmly believe that “God is on our side”. We saw this with those who prayed for W. Most thought he was selected by God to be president. Hard to crack that walnut.

  64. kiki: Me too. They are whacko’s but I don’t shut down anyone who agrees with me.

  65. fuzzy that’s perfect…

  66. Michael: Bravo!

  67. I’ll try to remember to add a prayer request to the Flying Spaghetti Monster during my next communion with the unseen powers of the universe. Perhaps the confounded and befuddled followers of the Presumptuous One can be aided by the supernatural, since they appear to be beyond the aid of earthly reason.

  68. I can meet the DNC halfway. I’m not unreasonable.

    “Give Florida and Michigan full votes, put HRC on the roll call and let the process play out, and I won’t vote for McCain.

    I still won’t vote FOR Obama, but I won’t actively work against him either.

    That’s the best offer they are gonna get from me.”

    Katherine, I like your style.

  69. RD wrote: “Personally, I think God has better things to do than grant the wishes of a bunch of whacked out Obamaphiles.”

    It also makes no sense for God to vote to replace His own Son with some cut-rate competitor-Messiah.

    Loved the prayer, fuzzy.

  70. sorry all but that is the best I can do on short notice!


  71. ok, there’s this guy named Michael Savage – have y’all heard of him? I had heard OF him but only actually heard him on the radio for the first time the other day. he’s pretty obnoxious.

    his teaser before commercials was that he knew where Obama got all these millions for his campaign way back before he even declared as a candidate. I waited, thinking this is something we’ve discussed (lead by myiq) at the confluence. might be interesting.

    nah, it wasn’t, it was stupid. Obama evidently got all this money from Hollywood in order to further the ever so famous gay agenda.

    I guess some people actually believe this? I personally don’t know a single gay individual who supports Obama. nor do any of them have a copy of this elusive agenda.

    I couldn’t decide whether to look at this from the ‘any port in a storm’ perspective. it was obnoxious and offensive. Savage is anti-Obama, but he’s an asshole.

  72. This prayer thing can’t be real. Is it?

  73. Obama’s gay agenda:
    Ignore them and maybe they’ll go away.

  74. I believe Obama’s gay agenda goes like this:

    10 am: Gays under the bus
    Noon: More gays under the bus
    3 pm: Check that gays are still under the bus
    5 pm: Invite religious right to see that gays are under the bus
    7 pm: Fundraiser

  75. 8pm cocktail party under the bus!!!

  76. I can’t believe these people have that much audacity. They are actually thinking they have the right to impose their will on other people. That’s like mental rape…only if it’s done with God in mind, it’s okay.

  77. Magdalena, the gays can make it fun wherever you are!

  78. You said it, gary!

    Under the Bus: The New Cool

  79. Oops, meant Mawm!

  80. A lists a few of the Creator father/mother God/dess’ priorities

    a) 20,000 Nuclear warheads

    b) a billion people go to bed on hard ground with inadequate shelter hungry tonight

    c) The Middle East

    d) melting Ice Caps polluted air land rivers and lakes

    e) Zimbabwie/Kenya/Nigeria

    f) Darfur and the genocide in the Sudan

    g)religious fanatisism, r@cism, greed, and corruption in government

    h) HIV/AIDS

    Oh yeah I bet softening the hearts of PUMA’s and getting them to vote obama and democratic party unity is right at the top of the Creators list of things to do today-I am offended by the arrogance of these guys thinking that they are that important!


  81. Pat Johnson-

    I just went back and reread today’s Daily Howler. While Bob thinks Milbank is an idiot of the first order, I don’t think Bob was praising KO. I think Bob was pretty disparaging of both Dana and KO. He clearly finds both of them detestable. He was making fun of Olberman’s outrage, not supporting it.

  82. Magdalena, be fair. at some point in his busy day I’m sure The One will lecture the gays in order to ‘cure’ them.

    if they refuse the cure, it’s back under the bus.

    I’m starting to think it’s not so bad down here. the people who aren’t under the bus are a little scary

  83. kiki, if Obama becomes president, being under the bus will protect you.

  84. by the way that was only a partial list it did not include

    i) what to do with Bush and Cheney when they die cant let them in and to send them to the basement is to mean even for the Creator…

    k) Rush Hannity and Orielly they are just so annoying

    l) gay republicans(WTF?)

    m) Iran N Korea and Cuba well at least cuba makes good cigars

    okay add your own


  85. the other day I saw an old abandoned bus in a field (hey, I’m in Alabama, we see stuff like that ) and I actually felt my eyes being drawn down under it. wondering…….what would it be like?

    I will never look at a bus without thinking of this particular point in time again.

  86. I know what you mean, kiki. All my best friends are under the bus.

  87. “Pat Lohson”
    Thamks for the Dana Milbank/KO up-date.
    Can you or someone here find the contact for Mr. Milbank??
    I think he needs some PUMA-LOVE??

  88. The Creator crossed off N.Ireland off the list and sends a personal thank you to Bill and Hillary for the Good Friday Peace Accords and their great work being “true” peacemakers and uniters-they are truely the children of the father mother God/dess!


  89. Pat– you’re description sounds just like Cinderella. Hmmmm, maybe someone will do a children’s book based on Hillary’s story. But Pelosi definitely doesn’t qualify as the fairygod mother…..more like just “A” mother!

    I guess that’s makes us all the scurrying little mice, trying to make the dream come true! ^_^

  90. “I believe Obama’s gay agenda goes like this:

    10 am: Gays under the bus
    Noon: More gays under the bus
    3 pm: Check that gays are still under the bus
    5 pm: Invite religious right to see that gays are under the bus
    7 pm: Fundraiser ”

    Magdelena, I like your style too.

  91. I hate the Media. That’s the nicest thing I can say about them.

  92. tonight instead of a meditation I want evreyone to think of at least one good person in their lives and send that person, whether they are here among us or have gone on the great adventure that follows this life, warm thoughts of love and hope.

    Thank the Creator however you precieve Him/Her to be for this person(s) and if they are with you now give them a hug, if they are not close your eyes and think what you would say or do to them if they were with you now.

    I am sure every one who lost some one on that day in New York or In that Field in Pennsylvania would give their souls for one more time with those they love.

    tonight let us think on how fragile life is and the miracle that life exsist at all. Hug and love one another.

    good night and Bless you all sweetdreams…


  93. OMG the picture of Michelle Obama as a Klingon had me rolling on the floor!!!! Any trekkie here must go check it out…

  94. Please commit to praying for them daily to 1) stop trying to hurt the Obama’s and the Democratic party. 2) Pray God will speak to them all and change their hearts so their only pursuit will be party unity and whole heartedly backing Sen. Obama.


    Good thing they’re not a cult or anything.

  95. The Messiah may not even meet the citizenship requirement to be POTUS. As it turns out, his fake Certificate of Live Birth posted on Daily KOS was based on his sister’s original COLB.


  96. The Hildabeast will emerge victorious, as will the long forgotten Loch Ness Jurassic warrior. Just like 9-11, The Feminist Wellesley Warrior will not be forgotten.

  97. Far be it from me to tell anyone what to pray for ..if they want to spend their time and energy on praying for me to support bo, I accept it and I do support him.. al the way back to chicago and away from the oval office this or any year….but then my spiritual path allows me to use energy sent to me to use as i wish 🙂 because it is freely given ..what a nice thought 🙂
    I had misplaced one of my mothers little buddha earrings , havent been able to find it for about a year and TODAY I Found it woohooo

    They look like this


    but they have a round recessed back .. I thank them for their “prayers” and send return energy for their enlightenment

  98. “Please commit to praying for them daily to 1) stop trying to hurt the Obama’s and the Democratic party. 2) Pray God will speak to them all and change their hearts so their only pursuit will be party unity and whole heartedly backing Sen. Obama”

    Dear Carolyn,
    Signed, The Heathens

  99. Nancy Pelosi – wicked stepmother

  100. Since we’re on the subject of fairy tales…am I the only person who thinks Waffles is a dead ringer for Jack Skellington?

  101. To Riverdaughter & Murphy:

    for all your wonderful inspiration~


    OUT of the night that covers me,
    Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
    I thank whatever gods may be
    For my unconquerable soul.

    In the fell clutch of circumstance
    I have not winced nor cried aloud.
    Under the bludgeoning of chance
    My head is bloody, but unbowed.

    Beyond this place of wrath and tears
    Looms but the Horror of the shade,
    And yet the menace of the years
    Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

    It matters not how strait the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll,
    I am the master of my fate:
    I am the captain of my soul.

    William Ernest Henley. 1849–1903

    on to Denver…GO HILLARY!

  102. I remember Harold Ickes talking about four delegates being hijacked. How can a Clinton delegate even think of supporting a candidate complicit in the hijacking, particularly given the allegations of caucus fraud in his own state?

    This is my problem with party loyalty. It leads otherwise rational people to defend the indefensible. It all comes down to the imperative of supporting the Party’s candidate. It breeds the mentality that “he’s an SOB, but he’s our SOB.”

  103. Please call or email and insist that major polls
    include HRC in polling data for President, now!

    Rasmussen Reports, LLC Phone: 732-776-9777 Email:

    Quinnipiac University THE POLLING INSTITUTE 203-582-5201

    Gallup Sarah Van Allen Phone: 877-242-5587 or 202-715-3030 Fax: 202-
    715-3045 email: sarah_van_allen@gallup.com


  104. EMJ, I’m on that as soon as I finish this cup of coffee.

    Thanks for the link.

  105. The Daily tracking polls are depressing. Rasmussen show Obama taking the lead again and the Gallup shows Obama’s lead increasing. Zogby’s nation poll did show MCain leading by 1 point. Polls like these will just put “steel” in the super delegates backbone .PUMA power is growing and that message needs to go out . The state polls are wacko as they show Obama winning North and South Carolina, Virginia and really big in Micnigan. On the bright side McCain now leads by 6 in Florida, but on the electorial poll map they do not credit it to McCain. The problem as I see it, is that Democrats do not want to vote for McCain, I don’t, but the alernative is worst and we will wind up with Obama. Also hurting the numbers is Barr as he is drawing 7% of the vote.

  106. The roll call is part of counting every vote. If there is no roll call this time, according to Mauro, it would be the FIRST time in the history of the party. If there is no roll call, change the name of the party. I am sick of hearing that Hillary “lost.” The nominating convention has not even begun yet. And, anyway, she hasn’t lost. There is a difference between losing and being railroaded. The “Democratic Party” should be ashamed of itself for how badly they defended her in the media and for suggesting that we dispense with a roll call in Denver. It’s outrageous!

  107. “If anybody thinks we aught not … put Hillary Clinton’s name in nomination, they’re gonna have a problem.”


    Hear that Howard, Donna, Nancy? Can’t say you weren’t warned.

  108. […] Garry Mauro is Going to Denver to Vote For Hillary (by campskunk at Alegre’s Corner) Garry Mauro is a Texan through and through, and a Hillary supporter until the last dog dies. He was Hillary’s Texas chairman. Hell, he was McGovern’s state chairman, when he no doubt worked with a young couple named Clinton who came down to help out. In the face of skeptical Fox talking head questioning, he says he is going to Denver to vote for Hillary. Show him the roll call vote, and THEN talk to him about supporting the nominee. Riverdaughter, who broke the story, has the YouTube video. […]

  109. If you get fundraising requests from Obama/DNC, be sure to use the postage paid envelope to send the DNC a message. I usually write something like: “I’ll contribute when Hillary becomes the nominee in Denver” And then go on to say something about Obama and how I’m voting.

  110. Hey, I haven’t really been following this movement. I’d like an answer, just to clarify.

    The whole idea is to uphold feminist principles, right? We’re full of righteous anger because Hillary was discriminated against as a female, right? I’m not being facetious, I haven’t read much, but that’s my understanding.

    So, are there people seriously considering voting for McCain instead of Obama? If so, how do you justify voting for McCain? 0% rating from women’s rights/pro choice groups McCain? “I Love Country Music” McCain? (For those against clicking, it’s a pictogram with ‘Country’ as Clinton’s face next to a tree).

    I can understand the indignation, I personally have been disillusioned with Obama since the FISA vote, but doesn’t the ‘lesser of two evils’ principle kick in, assuming Obama does become the presidential nominee?

  111. has anyone taken the time to listen to the activist who heckled Barry in st Petersburg?
    here is the link http://inpdum.org/

    The black community is not buying Barry’s “slick street” image.

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