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      Back in June 2019, the New Yorker wrote an article lambasting the Espionage Act. The George W. Bush Administration pursued several government insiders for leaking classified information, but it was the Obama Administration that normalized the use of the Espionage Act against journalists’ sources. Among its targets were Jeffrey Sterling, a former C.I.A. offic […]
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DNC at the Scratching Post? Break-up song and late night open thread

Big Sombrero tip & dedicated to Pat Johnson & Regency G who asked me to “write it out:”

What are you doing here, Democratic Party?  Look, if you’re looking for trouble, well you just found it.  Huh?  You came to talk about you giving me my full Floridian vote back?   Oh.  Uh, sit down then.  Here, let me get you a drink.  Rico, 2 Pink PUMAs, please.  Oh, I forgot, you don’t like PUMAs.  Well, then let me buy you a scotch on the rocks, I guess old habits die hard since I’ve supported you financially my entire adult life.  Yes, I did get your email about the Florida and Michigan reinstatement, and?  What do you mean why haven’t I called you to support Obama?  You don’t get it that it’s really “over” between us, do you?  

What about Michigan and the 4 delegates stolen from Hillary, plus all the Uncommitted votes & delegates?  Ah-ha!  You thought I forgot about that.  Look, just let me be, will ya!? 

Rico, it’s ok, no need to call security.  I’m calming down now.   

Look DNC, we’ve had our great moments and our bad through the years, yet we always managed to work it out, somehow.  And yes, we’ve fought a LOT in the past months.  But it’s because YOU CHANGED so much.  You started acting like a Republican, stealing votes and silencing the Democratic process.  You KNOW how much that means to me!  And even though I was mad as hell, I stayed with you until the end.  But then on May 31st, 2008, you kicked me out and cut me in 1/2.  And now you want me back after “reinstating” my Florida vote.  HA!

Honey, I may be a whole person and whole vote again, but my scars are still here.   I just can’t come back to you like that.  See, you abused me.  You took advantage of the loyalty and love I had for you all these years of supporting every loser that you threw my way.  And giving me my vote again after months and months of kicking me to the curb, and me screaming and protesting because I wanted some Democracy and transparency in the voting process, is not. going .to. work. out.   It didn’t have to go this far if you listened to me.  But you let a newcomer get in the way of the Democratic process – and I can’t trade my voter/civil rights because now you suddenly came to the conclusion that I count.  

But see, I know where this is going.  The only reason you want me back is because you realized that you need me into order to win in November.  I mean nothing to you and I know it.  Funny, there was a time that I thought I was lost without you, like I had “nowhere to go.”  But I found some friends out there, people that believe in the same things you used to at one point.  They are fighting for Democracy and believe in country before party.  Times have changed.  I have changed.  And so have you.  So instead of fighting over this, just turn around and keep walking.  

But before you go, I’ve got one thing to say:  The only way I’m ever going to come back is if Hillary is at the top of that ticket and on the nomination ballot at the convention.  Me and my PUMA crew are working day and night for that and there is nothing you can do to stop us.  So please, don’t come looking for me unless Hillary’s on top and Democracy comes back to live in your heart again. 

Until then, let’s just kiss and say goodbye:

Flo, please show this Democratic Party to the door, please.  And a round of Pink PUMAs for everybody, Rico.

90 Responses

  1. I’m secretly praying he pick McCaskill just so I can watch the ticket go up in glorious flames.

  2. SM: Good job and such a perfect song. Awesome!

  3. I love this post – perfect!

  4. Drinks for everyone – what a piece of work this DNC is. Can you believe the nerve?

  5. They’re a bunch of skanks. Did they really think they could pull this shit on us and we’d just say okay? They thought they could treat the Clintons like dirt and we’d be alright with that? I say no deal.

  6. Amen PUMA-SF. I have to tell you this. Your video REALLY inspired so many of us – thank you for capturing that moment with Hillary!!!!!!!

    OMG, I hope she gets that petition and signs it.

  7. clueless……..

  8. Yeah, you know that was just a great day. I just can’t believe that I actually got to see her in person and not just the life size standee that SimoFish has in her living room. You know, I hugged her and I told her to please sign the petition. I said you will win. We’ve got your back and could tell by the look in her eye that she know what I meant. She looked me right in the eye and said “thank you”.

    I knew it was important information when she said that she did want her name put into nomination and I knew that Simo was taping every word. So when I got home I posted here and send emails to Ricki and Will and the rest was history. I had no idea about any articles but all of a sudden I’m talking to two reporters in DC and on two radio shows. It was just perfect timing but it was also wonderful to see her and hear her again.

    We all do what we can.

  9. hey jjm! Did you make it to Seafair this weekend?

  10. masslib, I’m also praying for a McCaskill pick as VP. It would be so blatantly stupid and so inflammatory that he would immediately lose even those who were going to hold their noses and vote for him. But I’m still hoping that it won’t matter, because Hillary is going to get the nomination and BO is going back to wherever he came from.

    Great post, SM77. Part of what pisses me off about this flip-flop on FL/MI is that it is so obviously a meaningless pander. And yet he really thinks we’re so stupid that we’re just going to eat it up. This really shows the absolute contempt he has for everyone who doesn’t drink the kool-aid.

  11. Simofish has a lifesize cutout of Hillary??? LOL!!!! That’s so cute!

    Will you release that or is too personal of a moment? I mean, that’s a big deal – but I can understand if that moment was too poignant to release publically.

  12. CogDis, good to see you back commenting! We’ve missed you here!

    It’s a total pander, that’s why I wrote this “feeling” I had – I was just too angry and upset to write about about it, then thanks to Pat & Regency, I was able to find a way to do it in a satirical way.

  13. CogDis, the feeling is “Now that I’m all you got, now you want me?” I say NO DEAL! PUMA!

  14. Masslib: I TOTALLY AGREE – McCatskill and her fawning fan love for Obama against a Republican VP from hell – I can see the debates now.

  15. Yes, she sure does. She has pictures of Hillary all over the house. She has PUMA in her window and she has about three Hillary yard signs and one McCain sign. When we drove up to Oregon she had Hillary O8 taped all over the sides of her car.

    I don’t mind releasing what I said to her at all. It was an amazing moment one that I will never forget. I think I may have said it on Ed Hale’s show Friday night. You may use it or repeat any time you want. Also, we have lots of still photos of you would like to see them. I sent them to Will or I could send them you myself but I’m not sure how this works. Can RD send you my email address? I have to correct it because the one that is showing is wrong. Just let me know.

  16. We have been right all along. I spent many hours e-mailing the DNC concerning Florida 1/2 votes. Now, he say’s I will give you your votes back? Especially when Senator Obama fought against this very issue for so long? While Senator Obama is in a generous mood, why does”nt he give back the Hillary delegates stolen from her, and give back the uncommitted ones from Michigan? Rico, make it a double.

  17. Damn it! Barky and Pelosi are going to be in town and I’m going to miss it. But I just an email to the meet up group and they are getting together to make signs. Simone says she’s going to rent a chicken costume. Isn’t that hilarious?

  18. PUMA SF : sm_puma@yahoo.com – feel free to send me anything you want posted & I’ll definitely give you a big hat tip & links to you.

  19. Puma-SF. I was behind you when you spoke with Hillary.
    The photo from this link was taken on the same day. She must
    be speaking at the union meeting. She received a “prolonged
    standing ovation.” It is not just that Barack Obama isn’t qualified
    in terms of background or temperament, it is that his slimy campaign
    knocked out the best candidate of my lifetime.

    If Obama picks Evan Bayh, he really is a schizoid.
    Bayh voted FOR the Iraq War Resolution, which was why so many
    “progressives” had to vote against Hillary. Obama gave THE SPEECH (although he wasn’t running for anything and it wasn’t recorded or noted in any way–the video made after the fact when the
    war was obviously out-of-favor is the main reason one is supposed to vote for him).

    Evan Bayh also has a lot of political experience, he’s not new to Washington and comes from a Dynasty.

    In summary, he has the “negatives” that the Axelrod campaign was selling. He is male. Obama has issues with his father who deserted
    them, and his mother, who passed him back to his grandparents for his
    educational good, I believe. I’d love to talk to Granny. I image the
    former bank VP has been checked into an assisted-living facility in
    Honolulu and is under lock and key.


  20. It’s amazing, Obamassiah can make 1/2 people whole again just like growing Chia pets. It’s not his first miracle, just like on FISA when spying on Americans suddenly became de rigueur. Well that is two miracles on the record for beatification and when he makes oil spill out of the oceans that will be three and sainthood will follow.

  21. Dave – Rico makes them strong, but I know you can handle them.

    Obama only reinstated FL & MI because he’s in a permanent downward spiral at the polls – and it’s so bad that the media is picking it up finally.

    PUMA has made very deep and lasting impressions in regular, everyday Democrats. Because we are regular, everyday Democrats that believe in populism and Democracy. WTF is so wrong with wanting everyone to have insurance & good education and a good decent paying job?

    Another Pink Puma, Ric, please?

  22. Hi all. I hope whoever has dinner with Hillary will ask how she and Bill remain so positive and focussed when so much crap is thrown at them.

    I have no doubt that knowing we have her back helps a lot. Puma-SF thank you for taking the opportunity to share those words of encouragement with her for all of us. I have to admit to a touch of envy though.

    Rico, may I have a shot of Southern Comfort. Haven’t had one in years.

    SM, thank you for sharing your experience. It makes what is happening so much more real, immediate, and personal

  23. CB: WOW – is she in an assited living center locked away? I mean, assisted living here in FL is more like a nice apartment building/housing complex but LOCK AND KEY – ooh. not good. Bayh is BLAH. I never really liked him for Hillary, she needs a strong guy like Wes Clark next to her.

    Prolix: LOL!!! Yes, I have a geranium growing out of my belly button right now! Oil Spills? Naw, He who is Holy is just making sure that cod fish get enough cod liver oil. It’s good for the skin ya know.

  24. Phala – thanks! It’s just – GAWD, let me just say I moved to FL in early 2000. Then the Gore fiasco. Then the Kerry fiasco. Now Hillary fiasco. WTF?

    I am desperate to move to a state where my vote is respected and counted for once.

  25. I think we should all tell Barack Obama that we decided to vote for him in November.

    I don’t mean we should really vote for him, I just mean we should say we’re going to vote for him.

    The look on his face when he finds out we lied will be priceless.

  26. If McCain is smart, he will pick Eric Cantor to be his VP. FL will be his taking and BO can forget his lofty turning VA blue dream. As blue as MA is, I know plenty of my Jewish friends here will have no problem voting for McCain. BO is only 9 points ahead of McCain here in MA. Must I say Eric is quite handsome as well……;)…

  27. CB, his grandmother was a bank VP? Not the picture I thought he was painting.

  28. MYIQ: LOL!! You are indeed a jester at heart. That would be funny! Obama, I’m voting for you, siiiike!

  29. Cambridge, an Israeli poll came out today with the majority of Israelis preferring McCain over Obama.

  30. SM, my inlaws just moved from FL after a series of hurricanes went right over them so my heart goes out to you. Lot of Floridians buying up the land around here–at least before the banks tightened up.

    myiq, what a visual!!!! Will definitely have to stop screening my calls. lol

  31. Does *anyone* think Bayh can help BO carry IN? I’m sorry, but, while he’s popular I can’t see it. Someone sle, maybe, but BO is an albatross.

  32. So sad. Darryl Strawberry 1984 Topps rookie card is only about eight bucks. At one time it was over $120. Sigh.

    I should probably get rid of my Barry Bonds rookie cards before his drug use causes a nose dive in the prices.

  33. Seriously,

    I said this earlier on another thread, but since Bayh is from IN, I think BZero is hoping for coattails so he can carry IL.

    Before all is said and done, it won’t be too far fetched.

  34. Phala – I’m already used to the storms. They can be rough and scary but as long as you’re in a secure residence and are prepared (with lots of booze & junk food handy) it’s ok. A Category 2 is rough, but I’m ok. Where I draw the “OMFG” line is at a Cat 3 (120 mile winds) I went through Hurricane Georges in PR and it was a Cat 3, then a 2, but it stayed over the island for 15 hours.

    NC gets some rough ones from time to time as well.

  35. Prolix, c’mon, it’s IL, the votes have already been ‘cast’ there. 🙂 If not for that, I think BO has a chance at going 0-50.

  36. Oh Snap! I had about five of these, but left them in the hands of others who opened them. Oy. I could have stayed unemployed for several more months if I’d kept up with my sports collectibles. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

  37. Oops. Here is the real link.

  38. The important of the Jewish support is not the vote itself but financing. I read somewhere that while Jewish population is less than 3% of our population, Jewish contribution dominates more than 50% of political finance. Eric may not be so appealing if he doesn’t have a very strong tie to AIPAC and he is a fundraising boy wonder. Mitt Romney can move over. Remember the first thing Hillary and BO did right after the Primary is to court the AIPAC.

  39. I don’t know for sure that Mrs. Dunham (O’s grandmother) is under lock
    and key, but no one has been able to locate her for an interview. She
    knows a lot and could fill in the blanks if she is coherent.

    Stanley Ann was an 18-year-old student at the U. of Hawaii when she
    met Barack Obama, Sr., an African exchange student (with a wife and
    child or two back in Kenya). He was engaging then, not the bitter drunk that he became. When students who knew him at the U. of Hawaii visited Obama, Sr.
    in Kenya some years later, they were stunned that he didn’t ask about Stanley
    Ann or Barry. Barack, Sr. lost his legs in a auto accident and later killed himself while driving drunk.

    Obama’s American grandmother was a V.P. at a bank in Honolulu. His mother may have been
    on food stamps when she was studying for her Ph.D. if her parents didn’t
    give her a big enough salary. Food stamps used to be handed out readily to students if they weren’t making a average income on the side. Her marriage to an Indonesian she met at the U. of Hawaii was a good one financially.

    A Chicago paper reveals more about the life of Barack Obama:


    I’m surprised that a boy raised by middle-class whites in Hawaii (and when he lived in Indonesia, he lived well) would take advantage of affirmative action. It doesn’t seem right to me.

  40. GQ: I saw Darryl here in Tampa at a mall – he looked really bad. Wow, what a star in his day! I’ve met a few BB players here: Derek Jeter, Keith Hernandez, Jose Canseco, Sammy Sosa, and a few others that i can’t remmeber their names.

    Seriously: I don’t think so, despite he’s very liked there. Indianans won’t like one of their own washing Obama’s dirty dishes.

  41. SM: I love you and thank you. I will send you some pictures.

  42. Seriously, the only person that Jews love more than a good-looking and accomplished Jewish boy will be a strong Golda-like leader (not the look! But everything else) like Hillary.

    God I miss her……

  43. CB: Is that what happened to his dad? Wow. I know that prep school wasn’t all free & the grandparents bnankrolled Barack most of his life.

    Cambridge: The Jewish vote is very important in specific regions in the US too. NY, FL and CA are very important.

  44. PUMA-SF: we are sisters in the cause! Anytime – I wish I could do more!

  45. Cambridge is that MA? I see a lot of Obama stickers in the upscale burbs with large Jewish populations (Brookline, Newton). Well, I mean not a lot, but a lot compared to the zero you see outside of the more affluent burbs. 🙂

  46. CB: sorry for the delayed responses. He has no morals or principles which is whay he took advantage of affirmative action. Here’s one for ya, SM. Remember the debate when they discussed affirmative action? The started out the question to Obama by saying “Senator Obama, I know you have said that you would not allow your intelligent daughters to take advantage of affirmative action when choosing a college”. Some platitudes were exchanged and then Hillary gave her response. She said she’d like to see all children have the same advantages from birth. I’m sure there’s a copy of that somewhere.

  47. SM: The sad life of Mr. Obama, Sr. is what I gleaned from
    an internet search. I’ll spare you the story of reputed wife beating. He had quite a few wives. The British Press has covered it, but
    the American press is presenting the fairy tale life of Precious, the
    Presumptuous Presumptive. What they are selling and the reason
    they are doing it has not yet been revealed to me.

  48. Golda Meir – what a WOMAN! No doubt the Hillary/Golda parallel is there. Some Latinos, NOT ALL, see Hillary as an Evita persona, and that’s in admiration for her work with children & socioeconomic sphere. I think Latinos mostly see her as a wonderful supporter and proven in the Latino community to work and care for the issues that are important to us. GQ Martinez can chime in on that subject better than I can.

  49. Seriously,

    Yes it is MA….and I am drowned here by Obamabots. Brookline, Newton and Cambridge broke 2:1 for BO. Obama yard signs are everywhere. This is the academia far left heaven. Very wealthy and mindlessly liberal. BUT, if you go West and North and South. Hillary dominates. Southies gave Hillary a 7:3 margin and so as North Shore (where you can find the best fried clams in the world). Going West there are lots of Latinos, rurals and working class families and you know how they voted.

  50. PUMA-SF: YES! I remember that! Gosh, what channel was that on? Transcripts should be available for that.

    CB: Something is true to all of that, Obama is a narcissistic sociopath without a doubt.

  51. Yeah, Coolidge Corner is like Obama Central.

  52. Cambridge Hot Pants: Just fight fire with fire. Post fliers, put signs up in your window. Let them know they can say no deal, too.

  53. SM, I was a big fan of Darryl Strawberry. His AB/HR ratio was good and he had a beautiful swing. He was my fave back in the day–and Doc Gooden. Man, those two let me down. Here’s an old political post mentioning the Strawman. (Incidentally, Westly’s campaign was much like Obama’s. No surprise where I ended up this cycle.)

  54. I’m off to go nappy nap. Gotta look for a job in the morrow…

  55. SM:Was it the best one? The one that everybody hated because they actually asked Obama a question?

    I’ll see if I can find it, too.

    I just sent you a picture.

  56. Ok GQ!!! Good night.

    Puma SF- going there now!

  57. Morning of Nov. 5th, BZero, Dean, BrazileNut and Pelosi hold a news conference where they say, “We will dedicate the next four years to turning the general election into one big honking caucus where the true choice of Americans can be heard. By the way, we will be holding the caucus in Berlin where they appreciate a good speech. If the caucus idea doesn’t take hold, there’s always the Chancellorship of Germany, we know a thing or two about stealing an election from a highly qualified woman.”

  58. manana

  59. Don’t know if you guys read Atlas Shrugs. (I know, I had drifted off to the deep right end since the end of the Primary) But here is something very disturbing about BO illegal donation (not that is surprising):


    Night everyone!

  60. I am so sick of hearing about backtrack barack’s supposed rough childhood.
    My mom died when I was 13 after being sick for 5 years. My father couldn’t keep me and my grandmother said no pay no stay.
    I was in foster homes until I was 18. My story is just like many others. We are not owed nor do we owe anyone.
    I went to work, got married. raised 4 children and retired from a good paying job in 2001, I was called back to be a consultant for a commuter railroad.
    I am not saying this for any one to pity me or the others just like me.
    Backtrack barack doesn’t know what a tough childhood is really like. I am sick of the poor pitiful me act and the world owes him mindset.
    He has had a free ride and someone to carry him most of his life.




    OMG…if you give me permission, may I post it?

    I love it how her eyes match that brilliant blue jacket & jewelry. She’s a DIVA no doubt! And you look great! I’d be just like you, smiling away!

    She looked happy, vibrant and energetic. I posted her natal chart yesterday and wow, I can’t beleive how true it was to her personality and her conneciton to the sea (which it did mention, so blue favors her a lot.)

    Ok, getting fluffy here. I’m in FL and it’s 2:30 in the AM! When I get sleepy, I’ll go.

  62. GQ, Baseball fan: see the Mariners come back from a 5 runs behind to win with 11? Grand slam by Raoul! Finally, a happy day here.

    I had no idea you collected cards. I like you better by the minute…

    Now, back to business–PUMA SF, how I envy that you saw her look and heard her voice. If you perceived a fight in her, then by god, there is light.

    Goodnight my my PUMAS, see you in the morning..

  63. PUMA-SF, Hillary had so many great debate moments, it’s hard for me to say that was the best one. She really blew Obama off the globe, everytime. No wonder he runs away, even from Old Man McCain!

  64. Good night, Cambridge!

    Helen, AMEN! Everyone here’s had a rough life – but again – he is a narcissist. He really and truly believes the world owes him.

  65. Good night Joaniebone!

    I’m going to bed too – love you all & see you in the morning!

  66. Gniite all. May we all have pleasant dreams of a radiant Hillary giving her inaugural address in a Carolina Blue pantsuit

  67. I just read an e-mail that said chris matthews is thinking about running for arlen spectors seat in 2010.
    His contract is up next year and if it is renewed it would be for less then the 5million he makes now.
    Karma is a coming home to roost .



  68. Hey, life is good! B0 gets to find out about the effects of his race baiting in the primaries

  69. Guten tag. Woke up this morning to hear Bambi compare McCain to a squid and a reporter to Marie Antoinette. Lovely guy. Good thing I was born on Bill Clinton’s b-day instead –


  70. Morning all fuzzy is semi rested and getting ready for work hope every one has a good day at work or home. I cannot believe Obama is going to be the nominee.

    I hope that his pandering to MI and FL make his numbers go south faster..41,40,39,38,37,36,35,34…so far south that he will have to look up to see the bargan basement at Loman’s!

    Maybe other Democrats are waking up and if he picks Evan Blah as his running mate…that can only help our cause. As a Washington insider it will be the final nail in his “change you can believe in” campaign.

    I wonder if first lady Cindy McCain will invite Michelle to tea in the white house? I do not see Michelle Obama being gracious in defeat. I bet we will get a “I thought for the first time I could have been proud of my country…but now I see you are all a bunch of ‘whitey’ r*cists.”

    I am sure they will wonder how everyone did not see the glory that is Barak Obama? as they sit in there washington home….


  71. Obama’s next book title” My Mirror has two faces…”

    well time for work bye bye have a good day…


  72. OMG! Singing plum smugglers!

  73. hey fuzzy, wish you and the rest were in CT so we could share some birthday cake on August 19th. hey, can we have a virtual b-day party?

  74. Mika just called Britney and Paris – Skankie, and having participated in porn – I hope this is her last straw – I hope it is on fire at both ends.

  75. Carol: Don’t tell Riverdaughter but I turned on MSNBC and heard the same thing! They were so busy dissing Bill Clinton I could only watch long enough until my coffee was ready. Who the hell do these people think they are? That Bill would be “history” if Obama gets in? Unbelievable idiots!

    I turned it off and headed for the net to get the rest of the news. rd is right, I just go ballistic listening to this one sided crap before breakfast.

  76. SM: Great post! I could actually hear your voice in my head reading this. You keep getting better and better with each diary. The talent here is like nowhere else in the entire blogosphere. Riverdaughter sure knows how to pick them!
    God, I despise the DNC!

  77. Pat, why do you torture yourself with MSNBaraCk?

  78. Carol, I forgot to watch the Closer last night. I have never seen it before. Would I be lost if I am just coming in now?
    Won $19.00 at poker. Paid $8.50 to play. Not a good return on 4 hours spent.

  79. Mawm: Where are my raisinettes?

  80. Mawm: no, but you will become instantly addicted. It will rerun several times this week. I’m not kidding, it is the best on tv.

    Pat, I think RD may find out. It’s just a hunch!

  81. Why do they allow Mika to speak? Like her father said the other, she is better when she is silent.

  82. Will you break up with me? I heart you. 🙂

  83. Carol, I love the Closer too. Never miss it! I always think of Deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson as being sorta like Columbo only female and sexier. Never underestimate them bubbas of either gender.

    But my favorite is Burn Notice. I just love to watch feisty little Fiona kick ass, shoot like a sharpshooter, and blow things up. My kind of woman. 😀

  84. Along with The Closer, Bones, In Plain sight, Burn Notice does any one else watch Army Wives?
    They and their sponser Ford Motor have a thing going called “Warriors in Pink” to help fight breast cancer.
    I sent for the hat and dog tags for my daughter’s friend who is battling breast cancer.
    Ford made a special edition mustang in black with pink trim to help breast cancer.
    I am sorry for my rant last night on backtracks mindset that the world owes him.



  85. […] DNC at the Scratching Post? Break-up song and late night open thread (by sm77 at The Confluence) Look DNC, we’ve had our great moments and our bad through the years, yet we always managed to work it out, somehow.  And yes, we’ve fought a LOT in the past months.  But it’s because YOU CHANGED so much.  You started acting like a Republican, stealing votes and silencing the Democratic process.  You KNOW how much that means to me!  And even though I was mad as hell, I stayed with you until the end.  But then on May 31st, 2008, you kicked me out and cut me in 1/2.  And now you want me back after “reinstating” my Florida vote… So please, don’t come looking for me unless Hillary’s on top and Democracy comes back to live in your heart again. Until then, let’s just kiss and say goodbye. […]

  86. Yes, Helen, I forgot In Plain Sight. Haven’t watched Bones or Army Wives. I didn’t watch them from the beginning and I always feel like I don’t understand what the hell is going on if I miss the beginning.

    Usually, sooner or later they will have a marathon and I can start from the beginning.

    Oh and I adore Eureka. “Sarah” the house is a hoot. Isn’t is funny that none of the shows mentioned, are on CBS, NBC or ABC? All cable. although I think, could be wrong that NBC owns one of the cable channels that I watch.

  87. I watch Army Wives. It is really good. I just couldn’t get into Burn Notice.

  88. The part about find us PUMA is very heartwarming. I’m in the works to create a new video about how far we’ve come and how this has become our new home.

  89. Ummm, how can you call the process rigged, when your candidate was the wife of THE most popular democratic president in the last 40 years? I’m confused. Everyone was calling Senator Clinton the nominee long before Iowa and she and her campaign failed to close the deal. She ran a great campaign only after it was more than half over. She lost. Get over it.

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