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The 300 Speak. Ha-OOO, Ha-OOO, Ha-OOO!

This just came down the tubez tonight:

August 1, 1008  John West c: 312-399-4458
Supporting documents attached
Sue Castner h: 503-203-1027


For weeks, rumors have been circulating about whether or not Hillary Clinton’s name will be on
the ballot at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.  As a presidential candidate with
close to 2,000 delegates, many are wondering why placing the senator’s name into nomination
would even be questioned.  At a finance event at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC in
June, Barack Obama confirmed that such a possibility was, in fact, being negotiated behind
closed doors.  This revelation stunned many Clinton supporters.

“The path to party unity runs through Denver,” explained Daniel Kagan, a Clinton delegate from
Colorado.  “Whether this convention begins and ends with the party unified depends upon
whether the name ‘Hillary Clinton’ appears on the nominating ballot.”

A grassroots effort has been established by a group of Clinton delegates and volunteers to collect
300 names to be placed on a nominating petition.  The petition will be submitted to Nancy
Pelosi, Permanent Chair for the 2008 Convention in accordance with DNC rules.  These
signatures must be submitted before the commencement of the Convention on August 25, 2008.
Petition signatures must be notarized and submitted in writing.

“We fully expect to gather more than enough names to be able to submit this petition to Speaker
Pelosi,” said Michele Thomas, a volunteer working to organize signatures.  “These 300
individuals will make history – being part of the process that has been followed by honorable
men and women for decades.”

While Senator Clinton has neither supported nor discouraged this effort and has enthusiastically
endorsed Senator Obama, she did mention the nominating process and the role that delegates do
play at a recent event in California.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8gdU_1MM44)

Certified delegates interested in having their names included on the petition should email

#  #  #

300 Delegate Petition is not affiliated with any campaign.

There is a separate supporting document,  delegatesupportingdocs11, with information related to the rules by which nominations may be made at the convention.

To you delegates out there, we are with you 100%.  We appreciate all that the “300” are doing.  You are true party loyalists and understand that in order to make an omlette, you gotta break some eggs.  In the past eight years, we have seen instance after instance where the people who had a chance to do the right thing chose political expediency and “going along to get along”.  The result has been a disaster, starting with the Supreme Court selecting George Bush as president.  It was the path that was taken that made all of the difference in many thousands of people’s lives from 9/11, to the Iraq War, to Hurricane Katrina.  In so many cases, a choice was put before a person of power whether to allow a process to go to completion without rushing it, to alerting the proper authorities of a serious threat, to telling the truth about military intelligence, to spilling the beans that while people were drowning, help was being withheld while the White House played politics.  In so many instances, the persons in question gave into temptation or laziness or threats.  I never thought I’d actually be writing this sentence with any meaning but, “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party.”  If a Democrat has any chance of winning this fall, then the voters who cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton must be heard and recognized.  You are my delegates, our delegates, our 300.  Do not be afraid to do the right thing.

97 Responses

  1. Does this mean we have the 300?

  2. SophieL: It means we are getting close.
    Give them your moral support.

  3. RD: Assuming I have morals…

  4. Well HOT DAMN! They’ve been laying low, but are now starting to come out and speak up, THANK GODDESS!!! I still believe it can happen. Can anyone else feel the tide starting to turn?

  5. Oh RD. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this update.

    Praise Jeebus and the Giant Green Lizard, they Get It!

    I have personally pledged to either write, call or fax Hillary every single day to tell her we are with her, and that she must be nominated or the Party is over.

    At this point, speaking for myself only, any process that does not make Hillary the nominee will not be recognized as fair. Let’s face it, Obama is not viable. If the SD’s truly do their jobs, they will nominate the candidate with the most popular votes and the highest electability factor.

    Nothing else is acceptable to me!

    Hillary or Bust


  6. Time to turn the HAKA up a notch!!!!

  7. Wow. I’m getting a little chill

  8. they have my moral support.

    but this whole thing makes me furious. can anyone imagine another candidate being treated this way? my fondest wish is that the Clintons would remove their considerable selves from the democratic party. the fact that they’re expected to grovel is shameful.

    I’ve been saying for months, if ever there was a time for a third party to emerge, this is that moment in history. there are an awful lot of political orphans looking for a home. the Clinton imprimatur would guarantee viability.

  9. hey Riverdaughter…that Chuck Todd post is amazing!!! its almost to 650 comments….was that what you were expecting???

  10. Bill said we have to live in the moment…no regrets about what happened before. its all about now and what we do now is push as hard as we can. tell ev
    eryone you know everything you know about this fraud. both mawm and ben carlson had comments about just mentioning Obama in public and people around them agreeing that they are no longer democrats. We have to make it comfortable to come out that they don’t support him If it can happen in Chapel Hill it can happen anywhere. we have exactly 3 weeks!!!!

  11. about the Chuck Todd post……I’m wondering if there’s a way to use it to organize local groups. I was surprised – and thrilled! – to see that there were other pumas in ‘Bama. I sure haven’t met any. I know lots of so-called progressives, but they’ve all sipped the koolaid.

  12. hey Gary, last night as I was falling asleep for some reason I thought about the Puma RV. I was thinking you should have one of those external speakers like the police have, and a button that when you push it……it ROARS like a puma! I think I’m just joking, but it would be fun, especially in Denver!

  13. On break. Down from 4176 to 754.

    No race card has shown up during the game. Thank heavens.

  14. kiki–LOVE IT!!! We are going to do it!!!!! We have to figure all this out…arghhh!!!! so little time…..

  15. lol Mawm, you don’t have a race card up your sleeve?

    if you become fabulously wealthy playing poker and playing Jeopardy, you will be my hero forever!

  16. THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!

    OMG – I hope it comes through!!!

    My question is – WILL PELOSI F__K IT UP???

    OMG. The suspense is going to kill me.

  17. Shockwave! Obama’s Lost 14 Points in MA

    Shockwave Obama went from leading by 23 to leading by 9 In MA by Sept he could be behind

  18. Remember John in Chicago last night on Shari’s show said they had 200 at that time. Why is Hillary having to go through hoops and he does not? Neither one has the full number of delegates so I am not sure why she seems to be the only one having to beg for this.

  19. fred: I live in MA and do not know of anyone who supports him from my immediate area. But that drop, if accurate, is quite telling. Especially from MA.

  20. Pat – EXACTLY.

  21. Fred that is incredible news! HAHAAAA!!!

    Kerry – suck on THAT!!!

  22. Pat J: The Prom King doesn’t like her.

  23. For those going to Denver, there’s some info at Talk Left concerning protests you might want to check out.

  24. finished 683 out of 4176. $19.54.

    kiki, I got a ways to go.

  25. Gary, there really isn’t a lot of time. you may have to forget the fine art and just go for getting something on there to get your message across. I like the pink puma – several of them painted on the RV would be cute. another thing to think about is magnetic signs – you could have them made up for the convention and they wouldn’t be permanent, as the message may change depending on what happens.

    I love that you love the loudspeaker idea 🙂

  26. Fantastic! I think everybody is going to feel much better now! Thanks for posting this tonight, Riverdaughter!

  27. Mawm, if you win will you buy me some raisonettes?

  28. When 300 sign up – they can’t stop it. It will be hard for the 3 stooges to get those tire threads off of their backs when Hillary drives our bus to a win in November.

    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2009


  29. Mawm, that’s the top quarter! it’s a start 🙂

  30. If she manages to raise 300 signatures they may just turn around and tell she needs 200 more! The way they play the system it would not surprise me.

  31. I think we should pursue the absolute maximum number of signatures (600) to ensure that she can rely on at least that much. I want Hillary to know these people came to see her get her due and that the Democratic Party can’t shut up everyone.

  32. Since Obama so graciously sat Florida and Michigan today (the turd), he must have assurances she can have her name on the ballot and it won’t go anywhere.

    Oh, for an upset. It would certainly make my day.

  33. Sorry thanks for indulging me in my poker fantasy. I want to get more women playing poker. RIght now there are fewer pro female poker players than men, and none have won the world series main event. I don’t believe that this is because female players are not as good. I think there just simply aren’t as many women playing the game.

  34. Pat, I think there are 12 step groups for this raisonette thing. if not, maybe we could start one. anyone want to join me for an intervention to save our Pat? 🙂

  35. Maybe we could do poker night, some night. We could use an empty poker table online, one that uses play money.

  36. because tonights last thread is about a man who told me long ago in 1992 there was a place for me at his table tonights meditation/prayer and affirmation is dedicated to him and his beloved spouse:

    Creator father/mother god/dess

    We thank you for the wisdom and voice of William Jefferson Clinton, he has been a faithful servant of the people as president he gave everyone a voice in the government providing a place at the table for many to whom that place in the past was denied. He was a human creature and because of this he had human failings, these did not lessen the man, but allowed us to see that even those of great power are fallible. He is a great man because greatness is bestowed on him by those who love him and not by historians, politicians, or demagogues.

    We identify with President Clinton because of his humble beginnings his struggles to overcome the injustices that he saw around him. He dedicated his life’s work to public services and selflessness. He made us laugh and cry at the human condition. When faced with defeat he made the bitterness and the load light because we shared its burden together. In victory we also shared the joy and happiness.

    President Clinton took on the unpopular issues like AID’s treatment and Gays in the military he expended the political capital not because the payback was good but because it was right. For all his human failings there was in him a commitment to doing the right thing for this country.

    When Bill, as we affectionately call him like he is some favorite uncle or brother, met Hillary surely your divine providence was at work. They were the shining couple the understanding that made the heart and hand work together. For us they were air and we breathed in its sweetness, we thank you greatly for them.

    Creator we thank you for their continued dedication to public service for those without a voice. Bill has been a goodwill ambassador for our country a kind and genuinely engaged spirit loved around the world loved by so many. For Hillary who has taken up the mantle to be a voice for those who have none. We could not ask for a better champion to do the people work. Guide her and keep her strong.

    Finally, for my PUMA friends who today are working hard for justice and reform. Make this undertaking a success so that never again will our republic be imperiled by greedy and venial men and women. May we one day again dream big dreams and remake the world into a fairer and more just place to live where freedom and open debate are encouraged and differences of opinion are respected.


    night from fuzzybeargville

  37. kiki, you are right. We have a lot of work to do. What was I thinking playing poker?

  38. kiki…if I can have her raisinettes!!

  39. Excellent news! And thanks for posting that 300 video again!!

    Nancy Pelosi’s probably going to go into hiding to dodge receiving that petition. Come on out from under that rock, Pelosi, ya snake!

  40. I’d play in a crazy 8s tournament, but there’s no money there

  41. kiki: Thanks, but I easily go from one thing to another. Out of raisonettes, on to the Oreo’s. No chinks in my armor.

  42. Here is a Zogby poll from the comments at NoQuarter showing some interesting and “hope”ful news:


    Perhaps the delegates ought to see what this poll has to say.

    If I were a delegate, this would be quite persuasive.

  43. amen fuzzybear!

  44. FYI, there is a notice on Hillary Clinton Forum admonishing people not to write directly to the delegates regarding the petition.
    Not exactly sure what it’s about (who knows who the delegates are, anyway, there are thousands of them) but I just thought everybody should be aware.
    I would appreciate any info anybody has.
    This is such hopeful news that I’d rather err on the side of caution.


  45. I would be so happy if Cindy Sheehan beat Nancy Pelosi! Nancy has been such a major disappointment

  46. Amen, father/brother/uncle Fuzzy.

  47. Off topic, but I just got the Elle fall fashion issue in the mail, and there’s an article by Ana Marie Cox (of Wonkette fame) titled “John McCain’s Republic of Women.” Talks about many of the women with prominent roles in his campaign & says he’s been an ally and mentor for many women in politics. Critiques his stand on “women’s issues” and social issues.. Cindy McCain comes off as pretty distant, Meghan seems to be having a lot of fun and “not in a hurry” to choose a career 🙂 his mother – very strong opinions, for sure, and it says he was essentially raised by her since when his father joined the military, he was never around. It’s worth a read. Doesn’t in the least change my opinion that McCain is completely wrong on the issues, but surprising to see a big feature like this in Elle – esp the fall issue which is the biggest & I think the most widely-read of the whole year.

    There’s another article wondering why there aren’t more women in politics, I haven’t gotten to that one yet.

  48. “Mayor Bloomberg is a PUMA”

    I seriously doubt that, Pat.

  49. lol Pat – you’re far too clever for an intervention. and really, we probably only wanted to steal your candy anyway.

  50. CANDY HAKA!!!

  51. Thanks for that josgirl. I was just thinking I’d write to the PA delegates for Hillary, but I will NOT do that now.

  52. we had a single mens card club every monday night a a sushi bar/restraunt called Dharma Blue it was fun and yes it was gay…we modeled it on savannahs womens card club…oh so gay!


  53. I just read the additional posts on
    Riverdaughter’s Roll Call and it is truly something.

    Is this just us here at the Confluence, or was this posted to the other PUMA blogs as well?

    CT PUMAs: There are several of us and I suggest we Meet Up.

  54. Mawm-

    I have always wanted to learn to play poker. How hard is it? A poker party night on riverdaughter sounds like fun. If I can help you set it up just let me know.

  55. dg,

    I’m sure that Elle article is a result of McCain having some prominent women high up in his campaign. Compared to Hillary, Obama didn’t have many women, Hispanics, LGBT folks high up in his campaign. And it showed since Obama did really poorly with nearly every non-African American constituency.

  56. Did you all see my kid on the Chuckie roll call? She reads nearly every day, but I asked her to register for the roll call. She she may not comment, but she’s a die-hard Hillary supporter. Last May, when Obama supporters & the media started talking about racist old women, she said she turned to her boyfriend and said, “Hey, they’re talking about my mother! We can’t let them get away with that.”

    Nice, huh?

  57. The Closer is on repeat if anyone’s interested.

  58. kiki-

    I am no fan of Pelosi, but if we vote her out then we have to also get rid of Steny Hoyer and Rahm Emmanuel. All three have to be defeated in the primaries in 2010 by really good democratic candidates. Hard as it may be to believe, Nancy is a bit of a moderating force in the House leadership. With Hoyer or Rahm in charge things would be even worse than they are. Steny is the one who negotiated the recent FISA compromise. And those boys want to push Pelosi out.

  59. gqmartinez: He must have had lots of the latte/arugula crowd on staff though.

  60. many are wondering why placing the senator’s name into nomination would even be questioned

    “bros before hos”

  61. caseyOR: Do you think if we get rid of Rahm and Hoyer, Pelosi will turn into a “good guy?”

  62. Guys I have not forgotten about our Book thread. I am so sorry I’m late. I’m working on something really good for it. I started a new job last week, and it’s had me extremely busy. I also have a fun idea for our next book. Bear with me, I’ll try to post the thread tomorrow.

  63. CALLING ALL COUGARS! Bayh v. Hillary for VP.

    What is interesting is that Evan Bayh has all of the things that Obama’s Hope+Change(TM) campaign was solidly against. He voted FOR the Iraq War Resolution, which was why so many
    “progressives” had to vote against Hillary. Obama gave THE SPEECH (although he wasn’t running for anything and it wasn’t recorded or noted in any way–the video made after the fact when the
    war was obviously out-of-favor is the main reason one is supposed to vote for him).

    Evan Bayh also has a lot of political experience, he’s not new to Washington and comes from a Dynasty.

    In summary, he has the “negatives” that the Axelrod campaign was selling. He is male.

    If the Barack team picks Evan Bayh, I’ll have even less respect for BO (if that is possible). READ ABOUT THE COUGARS UNDER THE HILLARY WRITE-UP. The S.F. Chron is so hip!!!!!


    [link to the kind of information shown below for each of the candidates]


    Senator from Indiana
    Odds: 3-1
    Brings to ticket: Former governor of big swing state with great political DNA – dad was renowned U.S. senator. Brings policy experience and seasoning (he’s 52 but doesn’t look it). Rare political smarts: in 2006, suspended his presidential exploratory effort two weeks after it began.
    Baggage: Do you like vanilla? And he voted for the Iraq war resolution, a downer with the Obama base.
    Wild card: He’s been a short-lister before – Al Gore, John Kerry. Third time the charm?
    Quote: Bayh on Barack Obama in March 2008: “Well, it’s an argument that John McCain can make. He’s got great experience, (Clinton) has experience – they both probably have more than Sen. Obama.”

    Senator from New York, former presidential candidate
    Odds: 8-1
    Brings to ticket: Great campaigner, experience, 18 million popular votes and the army of Hill-raisers that won’t let go.
    Baggage: Bill, as in, “Who’s your daddy?” And so much for that “change” theme.
    Wild card: Cougars and PUMAs – older women voters and the “party unity, my a-” crowd – both still carrying a torch for Clinton, 60. So forget another woman like Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius or Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano – can you say “slap in the face”?

  64. So much for “change”? These f*ckers don’t have any clue what change is. Hillary is way more change than Senator Empty Suit will ever even hope to be.

  65. SophieL-

    Let me first say that Nancy Pelosi is not the democrat I knew. In the early 90s I was working in San Francisco and lived in her district. I had a much better opinion of her then. I don’t think she will turn into the kind of “good guy” I would want to see as Speaker, but I don’t think she would be as bad as she is now. And I am making a distinction between Pelosi as House Speaker and Pelosi the horribly disappointing party leader in the primary. There is no excuse for her behavior in the primary and her continuing lack of respect for Sen. Clinton and Clinton’s supporters.

    That said, Nancy is a better Speaker that either Steny or Rahm would be. And both those boys are desperate to be Speaker. Rahm really wants to be the first Jewish Speaker. The only better prize in his mind is getting Obama’s senate seat if Obama wins in November.

  66. FuzzyBear, your prayer was beautiful as usual. As my son used to say “I have watery eyes.”

    Gary thank you for posting Bill’s entire interview since it is being editted so extensively as usual. It amazes me that he and Hillary have the attitude of look forward, get back to work when so many would be bitter after the attacks they have been subjected to. I am proud to have them as my role models and to call him my President.

    RD, thank you so much for the post. The extra nudge is appreciated.

  67. The “change” they are talking about could very well be of the “from the frying pan into the fire” variety.

  68. as long as we’re talking gambling, my fantasy football draft is in a couple of weeks. anyone into pro football? I miss talking about it having lived my whole life in D.C. where we are crazy Redskins fans. now I’m in Alabama where college football is the thing, but I’m just not into it. anyway, I’ve fielded a fantasy team for about seven years now. it’s fun, even though my teams always suck, and I’m always open to advice. this year I’m picking a quarterback in the first round, and haven’t decided which one. Brady? Manning? which Manning?

  69. caseyOR, excellent. I have one taker.

  70. Brady, obviously.

  71. Obama embodies change. Just recently he changed his opinion on off-shore drilling. It was just one of many changes Obama has gone through. Just think what change tomorrow will bring. He must top changing on NAFTA, FISA, freedom to control one’s own body, the death penalty, guns,…The list changes all the time.

  72. GN

  73. JaMarcus Russell

  74. Please, please, please vote for John McCain. Volunteer for him. Contribute your money to him. Give your money to the GOP congressional and Senate funds too while you’re at it.

    You’re horribly bitter people with an unbelievable twisted sense of logic. There is a place where you belong. It’s called the Republican party. They’ll love having you and you’ll fit right in.

    P.S. Only morons draft a QB in the first round of a fantasy football draft.

  75. Burt, Ernie was by earlier and was looking for you.

  76. kiki,
    I’d take a good look at Peyton. The Colts have a year or two before they have a massive reorganization so if Peyton wants to win another SB, he’s got to do it soon. Also, I think Tom Brady’s good year will motivate Peyton. Having a healthy receiving corps won’t hurt either. Eli lacks the poise and raw talent of his brother, but when he’s on a hot streak he’s just as good, if not better because of his agility.

  77. well, Burt, since you were so charming, I’ll respond to your last point, which was directed at me, the moron…..I’d heard that and the last couple of years went for RBs and WRs in the first draft, and paid dearly for it. everybody else got the high scoring QBs.

    but I’m a horribly bitter person with an unbelievable twisted sense of logic, so what do I know?

  78. Oh, and the one-two punch with Addai and Rhodes will be nice for Peyton to have back. I’m a P. Manning fan, but have to concede that Rhodes should have been the SB MVP against the Bears a couple years ago.

  79. anyone into pro football?
    I LOVE football. and the Redskins! Can’t wait for the season to get started. Think I’m going to try and watch a bunch of Jacksonville games, and New England I always follow.

    I say pick Brady. after that, Peyton I guess. Or maybe you want to just go for LDT instead of a quarterback? How was David Garrard last year, stats-wise? I know Romo had a good year but come on.. it’s Dallas. 🙂

  80. thanks masslib and gq 🙂

  81. kiki, come sit by me — we bittermeisters must hang together.

    BTW, I’m with GQ — look at Peyton.

  82. But ultimately if you can, pick Brady (saying this as a fan, and not real fond of Peyton, though I know it’s nothing to do with fantasy football – I don’t play that).

    LOL that Colts-Bears game, the first quarter was a trip and then.. snooze.. I felt bad for Chicago with Rex in there.. next year just give it to Hester every snap.

  83. i am a big Peyton fan, but he’s got knee trouble. It is an old problem , happened to him in college, but the flare-up this time is significant. he has an enflamed bursus (?) sack. He had surgery on it before. And he wasn’t even at last night’s game.

    That said, I’d take Peyton. I’ve liked him since he played at Tennessee.

  84. aacckk, dg, I cannot have a Cowboy on my team, being from D.C. I never have in seven years. I’d feel dirty 🙂

    kidding! Texas people!

  85. Who wants a drink?

    Scratching post open late night tonight – and a special tell off from this Floridian voter to the DNC.

  86. masslib that was you and I stressing out every week at the Cheeto place over Pats games, wasn’t it? I’m STILL trying to get over the last two seasons. Also, did Green Bay figure out a solution to the Favre drama?

  87. hey, this gives me an idea – we could have a confluence fantasy football team on yahoo for absolutely free, just for fun, if there’s interest.

    I guess we could have one here on our own as well. I like yahoo because they keep score for you.

    if a dozen or so people are interested, we could do it.

  88. Not to sound shallow, but looking at Peyton, he *screams* Republican to me. Eli seems like a sweet kid, though.

  89. I am an elected Hillary delegate and I intend to join the HRC300 to get the petition to Speaker Pelosi. Thanks for the e-mail address.

  90. seriously–here, here!!

    When our FL Gators used to play him at Tenn., he was called ‘happy feet.’ When he steps back to look for a pass, notice how he dances around.

    Yes, he screams Repub. to me, also.

  91. When our FL Gators used to play him at Tenn., he was called ‘happy feet.’ When he steps back to look for a pass, notice how he dances around.

    Yes, he screams Repub. to me, also.

    Don’t know about his Party affiliations. Archie and Olivia are from Mississippi but I’ve never seen or heard either one of them speak about anything remotely political. Miss. being a conservative state.

    I do know that after Katrina, the boys chartered a 757 cargo plane and filled it with supplies for NOLA. I remember seeing a pic of them helping to unload the plane.

  92. Fredster-you’re right, I remember that. And I’m sure he’s probably a very nice person——–but, (notice that there’s always a but)

    he was always getting tons of publicity–and it was like his father was pushing it. Made me kind of feel sorry for his brother, felt he was being overshadowed.

  93. Way past bedtime…I am such a night owl.

  94. KC,

    I think part of it with Peyton is Archie behind it. I think he wants him to make the money as best he can. When Archie was suffering with the Saints, salaries weren’t what they are now. I remember Archie doing commercials for a car dealership and a number of other entities. I think he just wants them to be set for life after football. Can’t say I blame him on that one.

  95. “Whether this convention begins and ends with the party unified depends upon whether the name ‘Hillary Clinton’ appears on the nominating ballot.” And that is the minimum basis. If that name does not get full and equal status at the convention nomination, I will do everything in my power to destroy the Democratic party, because truly, if that name is given anything less than total equality, the ‘party’ is over!

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