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Monday: Obama’s Gesture

What have we here? Obama has asked the Credentials Committee to seat Florida and Michigan at full strength? (Read the comments to see how the average reader interprets Obama’s letter.)

I can’t decide what I loathe more: that Obama all but acknowledges he stole the primary or that he assumes that the average Hillary supporter will be in any way assuaged by this obscene gesture of asking the credentials committee to restore full voting rights to Florida and Michigan now that he’s taken his victory lap and then poked us in the eye with his Grand European/Mid-East Tour.

Back when his “magnanimity” would have counted, he would have suffered small hit in his delegate lead and everyone would have been happy and impressed by his sense of fairness to the voters. But back then, no amount of pleading could convince him to ask for such fairness. He couldn’t even be moved to join in a revote effort. The reason is very clear. Without Florida and Michigan, Hillary’s other states lacked the critical mass of delegates that would have put her on an even footing with him. In fact, if FL and MI had been counted fully from the beginning, it would have been all over by February 5th. Her substantial and decisive wins in FL, MI, CA, NJ, NY, MA, and AZ would have dwarfed his insignificant wins in the western caucuses. The weightiness of all of those big D and swing states would have had him barely hanging in the race. OH and TX would have finished him off. We all know this. That’s why it was so important for him to screw FL and MI back in February. It doesn’t make them any less screwed now that he’s sent a letter.

No, instead, Hillary was forced to pole vault a 435ft bar all primary season while Obama was allowed to gently ease his way over a knee wall, assisted by a boost up from his friends in the media and the RBC committee. Obama successfully kept these two states out of the tallies until he could get the Rules and Bylaws committee to grudgingly give them half of their voting strength, while at the same time awarding Obama uncommitted Michigan delegates that should have remained uncommitted. And he stole 4 of Clinton’s delegates.

He must think we are really stupid if he thinks we can’t see through this meaningless gesture:

  • He still selfishly retains 4 of Hillary’s Michigan delegates. He doesn’t give up a single Michigan delegate that should have remained uncommitted.
  • The number of delegates needed for nomination has now changed. It’s a higher threshold number now but there is no acknowledgment that this is the case. Does he even qualify as the “presumptive nominee”?
  • Unless there is a nomination for Clinton at the convention, the restoration of Florida and Michigan to full voting strength doesn’t count. They can only vote for one person, Obama, or their votes will count as “present”.
  • If the delegates can’t vote for Clinton for nomination, even if she doesn’t win it, there is no way for MY vote in NJ to count. I am officially a non-voting voter as far as the DNC is concerned. My delegate has about as much of a voting right as a Berliner.
  • It does nothing to achieve party unity. In fact, there won’t be party unity until every delegate has the right to vote for the person he pledged to and have that vote count. Otherwise, the convention is nothing but a sham, a Potemkin election where everything is scripted and a facade is erected to make it look like we are all onboard when nothing could be further from the truth. But the degree of the disunity will be felt in November when Obama goes down to defeat behind the unpopular party’s nominee.

Why bother, Barack? Are the numbers starting to frighten you? Did you decide you needed Florida and Michigan after all, as if any voter from these two states can’t see through this? How about you give back your ill-gotten booty in Michigan and take off the sash that says “presumptive nominee”? Why not leave it up to the voters in Denver to decide if you deserve that title? It would be the sincere thing to do, the honest thing to do, the courageous and unselfish thing to do.

Yeah, right. Why don’t you just brush those inconvenient Hillary voters off of your shoulder?

Stay Classy, Barack

Stay Classy, Barack

181 Responses

  1. Obama’s arrogance is truly staggering. As the God like figure he thinks he is, he feels perfectly entitled to decide which votes count and which votes don’t. If he wants Michigan and Florida voters penalized, they’re penalized. If he changes his mind, their votes are restored. This is truly sick.

    But now that Florida and Michigan will have their delegates restored, at least Obama will have to admit that Hillary won the popular vote. After all, his supporters met our claims about Hillary winning the popular vote by saying Michigan and Florida votes really didn’t count. Now that argument disappears.

    So, like Al Gore in the general election against Bush Bush loses the popular vote but wins the election. Hillary wins the popular vote but the DNC and the Democratic establishment want her to lose the nomination.

    As Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet,y, there is something rotten in Denmark!

  2. I really hate this guy.

  3. Mawm, I find it hard to believe you hate anyone. Besides, your vote in NC counts more than mine in NJ. It looks like this was their plan from the beginning. Withholding FL and MI was the perfect way to nullify thev effect of the super tuesday states that were Obama longshots.

  4. Gandhi said “Hate is the subtleist form of violence.” So, I’m with Mawm, I may not hate him. Let’s just say I dislike him very, very much!

  5. If hate means I wish him dead then no, I do not hate him. But my feelings are about as close as one get get to that state of mind.

    lim Dem Party/(Obama*feelings)=Voting4McCain

  6. Sloppy seconds? Or bloody thirds?

  7. Oh, and you write:

    Otherwise, the convention is nothing but a sham, a Potemkin election where everything is scripted and a facade is erected …

    Your point?

  8. lambert: ???

  9. I think they are going to try and cheat in NC. If Obama is the nominee after the convention, my PUMA action will be to purge the voter rolls of fake and dead voters.

  10. lambert, what is the point of your question?

  11. Sigh. I got an email from Karen Thurman of the FL Democratic party. This all but sang hosannas to the wonder of Ob ama who hath rewarded the hard work of FL and MI party regulars. We have returned to ull delegate status!! Send money!! Send lots!! How dumb do I look? I may be a bitter, senior, Appalachian born Floridian (meeting many unneeded demographics), but……………

  12. Chatblu:

    I got the same letter from Karn Thuman, It made me want to gag! For those who can stand it this early in the morning, here it is.

    Dear Florida Democrats,

    Today is a proud day for all of us who fought so hard to ensure Floridians votes are fully counted.

    Just minutes ago, Sen. Barack Obama sent a letter to the DNC credentials committee urging them to restore the full vote of the Michigan and Florida Delegations, proving his commitment to uniting the party and ending the uncertainty surrounding the process.

    With Florida’s economy in recession for the first time in 16 years, our state leading the nation in job loss, and we are number two in foreclosures, Floridians in every corner of our state are excited to elect Barack Obama and other Democrats this fall to bring change to Washington and Florida. The people of Florida know Barack Obama and other Democrats will rebuild our economy, create good jobs, and lower gas prices and homeowners insurance rates.

    I want to thank Barack Obama, the Florida Congressional Delegation, the Democrats in our Legislature, and voters across Florida for fighting to have our votes count. This is a proud day for all of us.

  13. I remember that on first week after I got here (the day we all wrote Donna e-mails), someone had some intercepted notes that Obama and some of his people were writing regarding his changing delegates and/or delegate votes in Florida. This has been really irking me since we heard about his “generous gesture.”

    I hate him like I hated spoiled little bullies when I was a kid. They always got out-smarted and the younger kids were safe and happy.

  14. He’s getting ready for his coronation; after all, he already has a flying throne.

  15. OT, but I want to urge all of you to read this article http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/08/02/AR2008080201674.html?hpid=topnews
    It arrogantly talks about how the “rehabilitation of Bill Clinton has begun” and his “restoration”. There are already several comments (including mine) bashing the author for assuming Bill needs rehabilitation. This is so inside-the-beltway. Most Americans, at least those who are old enough to remember what the 90’s were like know darn well that Clinton was a great president.

    PLEASE write a comment at the site standing up for Clinton. It is about time journalists get their comeuppance for their ongoing disdain for all things Clinton. It is just elitism and jealousy. They cannot stand to face the fact that a guy from Arkansas whom they deride as “bubba” could be so much smarter and more talented than they are. (And Jimmy Carter was just a “peanut farmer” in the eyes of this sophisticated crowd.)

  16. What a pile of manipulative crap that letter is. The people behind Obama are not spoiled little bullies. They are evil agents from hell.

  17. Karoline, Absolutely. The Sun=Sentinel had quite an article stating that delegates were advised that they would become Obama delegates, leave, or be removed. Thank you, O Great One, for your magnanamous gesture to your manipulated delegation. Leave me here under the bus. I kinda like it.

  18. But, but, but…DA RULEZ! how can anyone mess with DA RULEZ? Only that Shillary tried and look what happened to her! DA RULEZ rule!
    Unless of course – they are not the same RULEZ I used to know – and …under the bus they go!
    I grew up in a country where the vote was general,secret, direct and equal. There was only one glitch: you only had one candidate on yor ballot. deja vu all over again.

  19. I’m pretty sure his point is it is a sham.

  20. I remember the morning after the MI primary, when the newspapers didn’t bother with a headline about it, robbing Hillary of any momentum she would have gained.

    It’s too late for this meaningless self-serving gesture.

  21. Does the man have no shame? The only ones who are buying into that are sheeples.
    He is the spoiled rotten child who is out of control. That is more evident every day.
    On the other hand, Hillary did what a respectable candidate should do – prepare. That’s right – on things called “issues”. It is too bad that the DNC doesn’t see that our country needs Hillary.
    DNC doesn’t care about what is happening in our country. They want their way and by god – no matter what it takes – they are going to get it!

  22. Don’t you now?? We are just PARTY DOLLS…

    new one from Kenosha Marge..


  23. does anybody remember what they said about selecting delegates at the RBC meeting? I thought the gist was that Obama gets to select all the delegates (or at least approve them), including Hillary’s.

  24. Democrats are not happy with this nominee or the party.

    Chuck Todd can try to dismiss voters by minimizing party losses to a few disgruntled Manhattanites. But, when 2% leave the party, that’s bound to have an effect in November.


  25. I think we need to stop all this pretense of “friends not letting friends vote Republican.” What this told me is that HRC will not be nominated at the convention. We must mobilize behind McC to save the country.

  26. Perhaps he wants to make nice to get more birthday presents.

    Yesterday I´ve found some interesting pics of the unity sham on getty images taken by a french press photographer. I think the revealing facial expression of Obama speaks volumes.


  27. RD — I disagree on one point. I think the original plan was to strip MI and FL of their delegates and never give them back if they could help it.

    The DNC and BO assumed they’d ride the small red state wave to a crushing victory in pledged delegates (remember all the hooha about SDs not being needed, etc etc).

    But they’d already played their hand when May rolled around and people were inconveniently noticing (even if the media was not) that MI and FL were a problem that needed addressing. They needed to do something and it had to be something that prevented a loss. And unfortunately for them, the behind closed doors bullshit was there for all to see. Oops.

  28. Chatblu can you get a link to that article?

  29. ben: That may be what happens, but one event at a time. If the convention turns out to be the sham that it’s looking like it’s going to be, then we’ll begin planning our GE strategy. Right now, there’s the convention.

  30. Gary, if the RBC said that, I am sure that it is BS, because he is not LEGALLY (and constitutionally) the Democratic candidate yet.

  31. I won’t vote for Obama; that’s for sure. I was leaning towards voting for McCain, but McCain has done everything he can to alienate me. I was hoping that given McCain’s history, he’d pull a Schwartzenager or a Bloomberg; instead he’s making himself look more and more like Bush.

    His economic policy is a joke; his health care policy is a joke; he’s Supreme Court nominees would be a joke.

    Obama and McCain are both truly awful. This is the most dismal electiion in my lifetime.

  32. I hope that everybody realizes that this is being done(and or supported) by the real @**holes behind Obama, not because they give a flying f*ck about his winning in November. It is being done to keep Hillary out. Again.

  33. This really makes me crazy. I am one of the people the DNC made “half a person” Do they really think they can put “Humpty Dumpty back together again”?
    Oh right, All the King’s horses and all the King’s men, Couldn’t put Humpty together again. But I forgot, Obama is the Chosen One, the Messiah. He can do anything. And even if he can’t he will say he did it.

    Obama can take my full vote and stick it up Michelle’s rear end.


  34. It never fails, the day I stay off this site is when “everything” happens….

    Nice threads, by the way. Still catching up….they are getting long….I thought we were just 1/2 a dozen of weirdos, well we are weirdos, all right, 1/2 dozen, not so much…

  35. I don’t hate Obama, but I certainly despise him. Same goes for his sour, hateful wife. And his wacko preacher. And his scumbag Chicago ‘friends’ and ‘associates.’ And his rabid lunatic supporters. And his pathetic tingle-filled media enablers/apologists. And the Democratic party ‘leaders’ and DNC members who changed rules, threw away principles we have always held dear, and insulted and/or dismissed everyone and anyone who didn’t agree with their tactics.

    I can’t wait to see their faces and hear the excuses when it all comes crashing down around them.

  36. I think that the only thing that the PUMAs can do at this point is to just keep systematically going forward the way that we have been, dealing w/ the new enemy-strategies as they appear. This is actually war.

  37. -BTW, yes that was a Fairytale reference I made. I guess Obamanuts will now call me a racist. These people are insane.

  38. Karolina, I’ll try. It was during the FL convention, so I’ll get on it.

  39. terrirobin

    ” I guess Obamanuts will now call me a racist. These people are insane.”

    The truth is, these people are weak.

  40. I seriously, truly want to vomit.

    Am I the only one who feels that tiny tickle of panic under my ribcage? Am I the only one who feels as if I’m in the middle of a coup d’etat within the party? Am I the only one who feels that the Democratic Convention will really be more of a Bamburg Conference?

    Are we as Americans so truly insulated, so confident of the fact that “it could never happen here” that we willingly accept this whole process because we refuse to admit we could be wrong about someone? Are we arrogant? Are we naive? Are we too afraid? Or are we simply apathetic? Are we too lazy to stand up for the rights we simply take for granted to do anything other than settle for a paper leader?

    What is WRONG with people? Anyone?

  41. JulieS9164, It’s like the movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”

  42. Flip-flop after flip, after flip-flip followed by empty gestures to be followed by?

    Gotta hand it to Obama, everyday he gives us a new reason to find him one of the lamest nominees that the Democratic Party, the DNC and the media have allowed us to have.

    I regard him the same way I regard those phony preachers on television that scam the poor, the aged and the gullible out of millions while living in splendor. A phony is a phony is a phony. And this phony is flailing around like a hog on ice.

  43. WigWag, you are right. When you see some of the people who fought so hard to have FL and MI count now tout this move as “magnanimous”, it really makes you think someone stepfordized them.

  44. Developing on Drudge…McCain pulls ahead in Rasmaussen poll.

  45. JulieS no, your not the only one that sees what’s happening. But like they taught us in a fire drill—panic is the worst thing in an emergency. And PUMAs know that this is an on-going crisis w/ continuous emergencies.

    Work. Plan. Communicate. Observe. Strategize. Fight.

  46. Mawm, your right, they have been , “Stepfordized”

    To take the analogy maybe a tad too far, Obama supporters remind me of the undead.

  47. masslib: it is Nader’s fault, oh sorry, H’s fault, no, no, it is PUMA’s fault….Appalachia?….

  48. It’s definitely Appalachia’s fault. LOL

  49. I knew it.

  50. Terrible News for Obama from the Rasmussen Tracking Poll. This is from the Rasmussen Website. It was posted 5 minutes ago,

    Monday, August 04, 2008 Email to a FriendAdvertisement
    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows the race for the White House is tied with Barack Obama and John McCain each attracting 44% of the vote. However, when “leaners” are included, it’s McCain 47% and Obama 46%. This is the first time McCain has enjoyed even a statistically insignificant advantage of any sort since Obama clinched the Democratic nomination on June 3 (see recent daily results). Tracking Polls are released at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time each day.

    A week ago today, Obama had a three-percentage point lead and the candidates were even among unaffiliated voters. Today, McCain leads 52% to 37% among unaffiliateds.

    McCain is currently viewed favorably by 55% of the nation’s voters, Obama by 51%. That is the lowest rating for Obama since he wrapped up the nomination. Obama is viewed favorably by 83% of Democrats, 22% of Republicans, and 47% of unaffiliated voters. For McCain, the numbers are 87% favorable among Republicans, 26% among Democrats, and 61% among unaffiliated voters.

  51. Ok, I can’t find it on Drudge. Read about it on another link, so we’ll see. Sorry ’bout that.

  52. Oh, ok, well there it is.

  53. masslib, it is OK , I read about in in Yahoo news….McCain negative, bad, O, new paradigm, good. polls, polls, polls…

  54. If I were a Democrat, my heart would break,
    For arrogance this man must take the cake,
    By fiat, four delegates he’s able to pull,
    Now that they’re his, their state votes in full.
    With dubious tactics securing the win,
    Competition seems to be the only sin,
    The thing that’s important, as Joe Stalin notes,
    Is not the voters but who counts the votes.

  55. JohninCA, you should rap that, like in the documentary teaser, how are your dancing moves?

  56. RD wrote: “No, instead, Hillary was forced to pole vault a 435ft bar all primary season while Obama was allowed to gently ease his way over a knee wall.”

    Now I’m the one with me knee out, RD. And I ain’t goin’ to be gentle.

  57. RD, I think it is time to educate the average voter about the implications of shutting FL and MI on the entire race — how about talking about it on the next radio show at some length? We have to discuss how he stopped any chance of a revote in those states and how his surrogates argued for half vote at the RBC meeting.

    Now I don’t quite understand this other thing; it is a technicality but — with this new change, the threshold for delegates increases and Obama does not have it and therefore isn’t he declaring himself not to be the presumptive nominee?

  58. According to lambert, BC had to “insist” he wasn’t a racist in an interview this weekend. The Democrat’s DO NOT deserve to win.

  59. Is this a deal?

    Hillary Clinton takes her name out of nomination and Obama restores full voting rights to the Florida & Michigan delegations–now that he’s replaced all the Clinton delegates with his own of course!

    There has been some speculation about this being a deal, and upon reflection, I do believe Clinton would put Florida and Michigan voters first. If she has made such an agreement, it seems to me that it speaks to her own integrity throughout this process. She always said she would fight for Florida and Michigan to have full rights at the Convention, and made it clear all along that was her intention, first and foremost.

    Okay. But now that Obama has sent this letter, his supporters are seeking to make it look like Obama “said this all along, nothing new, move along…”

    That’s another outrageous and offensive, brazen and blatant lie. Obama and the DNC conspired for a year to FIX the NOMINATION. Obama wouldn’t have threatened legal action in Michigan and Florida to stop the counting of those delegates if he intended all along to restore them.

    It’s really only made me more furious to see Obama do this now. This is insulting to all Democrats–and not magnanimous in the least.

  60. After reading your piece, it only raised my ire up again.

    The only peace of mind that I have is that I believe there are always consequences, especially for negative actions.

    And Obama, will feel these consequences of his dastardly deeds against Clinton’s primary candidacy come hopefully at the Denver Convention, when Clinton’s name will be placed in Nomination in the First Roll Call and she wins the nomination.

    And if not , then the General Election where we will make sure the DNC ,who selected Obama and ignored the voters, will hear the outcry loud and clear when Obama LOSES BIG TIME!!!

  61. I would like to have seen more of the interview with Bill, instead of reading clips chosen by ABC.

  62. I will not use the word “hate,” but for me the words that regularly come to mind are: repulsive, revolting, disgusting, despicable, & loathsome.
    Please tell me people see through this transparent and insulting “gesture.” It is infuriating that the average voter does not know what a conniving and self-serving pr*ck this guy is.

    Last night JJ posted re: her fear that all reports claim that BO is a shoe in with the electoral vote. I boycott all MSM because it too is loathsome, so can someone please confirm that this is not true. Not from what I read online anyway. I thought he was struggling in many swing states and McCain was gaining (CO, MI, VA, FL, OH).

  63. Good one! RD! thanks!!

  64. fif, he is doing horrible. the MSM is tieing itself in knots to spin anything as a positive, while he’s down 5 pts in Missouri (lot of help claire was!). He’s down in OH, FL, CO, and even though they’re pushing the story of his “southern strategy” he is 5 pts behind in NC, even further behind in GA, AL, and barely running even in VA and FL (these last two btw, I think are total BS). Jerome Armstrong at MyDD tried pitifully to show that Obama is on an upward trend while McCain is on a downward…poor thing the kool-aid seems to be rotting his brain cells. Everything they feed you is not just spin, but out and out lies…do not doubt that!!!

  65. Un-fuckingbelievable.
    The Anointed one must think that everyone (except him, of course) is stupid beyond redemption. Wonder how many more of these inanities the man has to cough up before someone from the DNC (a.k.a. Do Nostrils Count?), owning at least a milligram of gray matter inside what has to be that pea brain of theirs decides to tell him the obvious: That enough’s enough of trying to bamboozle the people ‘cause IT AIN’T WORKIN’!

  66. Obama replaces Clinton delegates with his own in Florida in June, as part of internal party process:


  67. BMC, I KNEW IT….I swear I heard that at the RBC meeting. what a f@#ing weasel.

  68. Grangatita, neat name.

  69. I’m glad I’m not alone in this. I’m glad I found this place back when I did.

    This whole thing makes me think of this song:

    The lyrics don’t kick in until about a minute in. I know it’s originally an anti-Bush, anti-War song, but for me it is so fitting for this whole election season.

  70. “Obama is viewed favorably by 83% of Democrats”

    That number seems really high to me.

  71. As a 1/2 voter – now full voter again, I still have the 1/2 vot3er scars and they ain’t going away.

    This is exactly the same thing when the abuser apologizes for putting you in a hospital while you’re on life support. Don’t think so pal.

    Obama isn’t sorry, he’s just sorry he got caught. I would have had a ton more respect for him had he done this on May 31st, 2008 – not now.

    Like Riverdaughter sayas, he NEVER gave back the “Uncommitted” delegates or the votes he stole.

    I STILL SAY – JUST SAY NO DEAL and PUMA for your face, Obama!

  72. Today McCain pulled ahead (counting leaners) by one point in Rasmussen; I suspect state polls will follow. Obama is starting to reach that point where people snicker (or worse) at the very mention of him– sort of like when Jimmy Carter quoted Amy. I really think McCain will win.

  73. Thanks Gary! Feel much better now.

  74. ” I really think McCain will win”. Me too (I am sorry to say).

  75. Thanks UNY,
    My ‘lil one is the gatita of the house, but do I have to watch out for those claws of hers! Yup, she’s a great PUMA in the making;-)

  76. Obama would have been wise to remember what a certain Frenchman once said: “This is worse than a crime– it’s a blunder.”

  77. Understood, I have three cats…una gata grande, una gatita y un gatito.

  78. fif, about that 83%, that is minus the thousands of us who no longer call ourselves dems. look at the unaffiliated #, his approval is at 47%!!!!! that is dismal, and I believe, is where the PUMA vote is being counted.

  79. On this earth Obama crawls underneath a slug!

  80. Chatblu,

    This election season has shown me that our local Florida Democratic Party is not interested in upholding democracy or representing the people. Months ago, before the primary voting started I was invited to a private fundraiser for a local dem candidate. It was well attended by other dem candidates, elected dem officials, and local dem party officers. I was asked mulitiple times who was I backing by a number of these dem officers and elected officials and candidates. At that time, neither my husband nor I wanted to officially commit yet. I felt alot of pressure from the dem candidates, dem officials and dem officers to choose Obama over Hillary Clinton and was told many “conversion” stories, but not real positions for Obama. I was very creeped out. I thought it was so strange that these elected officials, candidates, and party officers were not supporting Hillary Clinton since most dems (rank and file members — my dem neighbors and friends) supported Hillary Clinton not Obama. I felt that these elected officials, candidates and party officers had lost touch with the people they were representing or wanting to represent. It was very odd, but very telling of events that would unfold in the future.

  81. So if a bank robber gives back the money he/she stole, does that mean they are now innocent of committing the crime?


    Obama did the crime, now he must do the time, as well as anyone else who helpem him.

    He still hasn’t returned “Unicommitted” yet & Hillary’s 4 delegates.

  82. Gosh, forgive my typos – my keyboard & sloooow laptop froze there for a second & punched the wrong key!

  83. Gary, didn’t they say he would attract all the repubs and independents? I wonder where they are now? BTW, I am an unaffiliated as of May 31. His unaffiliated numbers are abysmal.

  84. My vote was not reduced to half like some of yours (heck as an Independent in NY, I was not allowed to vote in the primary), so I will not pretend to know how all this cr*p feels to you…However, we all knew this was going to happen in spite of all of the posing before the committee.

    O has bigger problems than this.

  85. reduced to half?, by half.?.. English and I are not friends sometimes….

  86. Gary – it always blows me away when people talk about Obama just cruising to victory her in NC. Um, hello?? If it were a cakewalk he wouldn’t be blanketing the state with ads NOW, before he’s even the official nominee.

    There’s a huge divide here and people just aren’t talking about it. We’re a red state with a large number of unhappy Dems and former Dems, and nothing can be assumed here. It’s the first time I’ve ever hoped my state would stay red in November.

  87. He could have saved everyone a lot of grief by doing this when it might have meant something. Now it’s nothing but pure pandering.

    Rasmussen daily tracking poll has McCain tied with Obama. McCain leads 52% to 37% among unaffiliateds.

    Mountain Sage

  88. I have a stomach ache. To hear this stuff, and see how transparent this is. I can barely take it anymore.

    Please, please. Let him be shamed by the voters. I’m embarassed to admit how much I would enjoy seeing his political destruction.

  89. Another really interesting thing about today’s Rasmussen Tracking Poll is that (1) there are more republicans who like McCain than there are Democrats who like Obama (87 percent of Republicans like McCain while only 83 percent of Democrats like Obama) (2) More Democrats like McCain than Republicans like Obama (26 percent of Democrats like McCain while only 22 percent of Republicans like Obama) and McCain leads substanitally amongst Independents (61 percent of Independents view McCain favorably versus 47 percent who view Obama favorably).

    The trends are in McCain’s direction. Expect the Obama campaign to start to panic and run even faster to the political center. The more he does this, the more he will piss off his base.

    I’m beginning to think that Obama might really be in some serious poltical hot water!

  90. JohninCA, on August 4th, 2008 at 10:13 am Said:
    Obama would have been wise to remember what a certain Frenchman once said: “This is worse than a crime– it’s a blunder.”

    Obama doesn’t speak French – LOL!

  91. This sounds like a script written by David Chase. One of th first episodes of the Sopranos had Junior assuming the role of “boss” but it was Tony, in a silent coup, from whom they took their orders. This is right out of the mafia playbook.

    Can Obama get any lower? More than likely yes, but the press will credit him as having the scruples to grant MI and FL status when it no longer counters. We need to avoid this “product” being sold to us at all risk.

  92. jonie: Pepto Hopesmol?

  93. fif, on August 4th, 2008 at 10:06 am Said: “Obama is viewed favorably by 83% of Democrats”

    The last part of that sentence was, I believe, edited out. It should have read: “Obama is viewed favorably by 83% of Democrats between the ages of 18 – 21, most of whom were polled during the recent keg party with John Kerry.”

  94. In response to Obama’s gesture, this is mine.

      .”     ”  .  “.
     :           “.
     : ㆀ ─━┘ .,└━─  :
    .. ┏━┫▒┣━┓
    ….┃▒┃▒┃▒ ┗┓
    .┏┫▒┃▒┃▒ ┃┃
    .┃┃▒▒▒▒▒ ▒┃
    .┗┓▒▒▒ ▒▒┏┛

  95. LOL, Mawm!

  96. Seems the only thing left now is the Denver Coronation. They have “gamed” their way to this achievement starting with the questionable caucus counts and finally the finish line looms. Had this been another candidate wishing to “grant” status to FL and MI the press would be going wild. Instead, he will be praised for his “graciousness”, criticism withheld.

    Obama has adopted the rule of “divine right” previously bestowed on kings. Oh wait…what am I saying?

  97. this FL business where Obama is replacing his delegates with other delegates is the same stunt he pulled in California. He tried to remove his “grass roots activists” delegates with money people whose vote at the convention he was sure of… there was quite the howl and he backed down at the very last minute… he must be very nervous.

    nope, not a whole lot of democracy in this guy.

  98. Bill Clinton on Obama:

    “I never was mad at Sen. Obama,” the former president said. “I think everybody’s got a right to run for president who qualifies under the Constitution.

    hardly a ringing endoresement if you ask me…

  99. New Ras:

    McCain 44%
    Obama 44%

    with leaners

    McCain 47%
    Obama 46%

    May we have Hillary back now?


  100. gary – there is quite a bit of talk over at NQ about the issue of his adoption by Soetoro, dual citizenship and eligibility under Article II…. I don’t know if anything will come of it, but when I hear “qualified under the Constitution”, it perks up my ears…

  101. Before Hillary was all but gutted, I had Republican-leaning and registered family members who wanted to vote Democrat if she were the nominee. Now, I and other family members who are Independents or Democrats will be voting Republican with Obama as the nominee. Thanks to Obama and the DNC, we’re all flip-floppers now.




    What has happened to investigative journalist.

  103. I just think the guy is a flat-out, fucking sociopath. This is what sociopaths do – they create tons of chaos and anguish where there is no need. This is an utterly gratuitous gesture the rips the wounds back open again. His utter disregard for Clinton supporters is truly staggering. He’s unaware that us voting for him because we like him is a good thing.

    I do think the whole thing of voiding Michigan and Florida’s delegates counts was set up from the beginning. The bills in both states were written by Republicans. And while I cannot say for certain in Florida, in Michigan, Democrats voted AGAINST moving the primary up on a straight party line vote. So the DNC threat works, and because Republicans pass the bill without a single Democratic vote, the DNC sanctions the state anyway. It makes no sense unless the goal is to make sure Clinton’s victory there can’t count in the first place.

    I know that we’re all tapped out from giving money. But I think the only way to counter this is to start giving money to the opponents of Democratic politicians and announcing it to the world. It may be too late, but we may have to threaten their dreams of a filibuster proof majority.

    I’m thinking I may vote for McCain. I’ve been saying I wouldn’t for the same reason I wouldn’t vote for Obama. But I don’t have a way to wrap my brain around what he’s done. If I have to vote for a Republican, It might as well be the one that clears the way for me voting for whomever I prefer without splitting the party again in 2012.

  104. ” who qualifies under the Constitution”

    “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

    Bill has been following Texas Darlin!!


  105. terrirobin said:

    “Obama can take my full vote and stick it up Michelle’s rear end.


    LOL!!! Wish I’d thought of it first!


  106. Just remember, folks – it’s on purpose.

    We need to get Hillary nominated. That should be our focus. Enough fucking around. This is a coup and Hillary is going along with it because she still thinks Party Unity is possible.

    It’s not – not with Obama as nominee.

    She has to understand this NOW. Only she can do what needs to be done and take her rightful place as the Party’s nominee in Denver.

  107. “…stepfordized…”

    Mawm gets the award forr the best new word in a decade!!!


  108. FREEP THIS POLL!! Air America (gag) has a poll on it’s webpage that you should try and get to before noon today (that’s about 55 minutes from now). Although it assumes that BO will be the candidate, it asks some important questions to us, too.


  109. I saw this last night and wanted to puke.

    I had wanted to wait about changing party affiliation until after the election but now I don’t think so. It seems as if the DNC, Obama and the rest want to completely purge the party of anything Clintonian.

    (sigh) This about seals it for me, it’s McCain now. I hope the closest Obama gets to the White House is when he drives by on Pennsylvania Avenue.

  110. #
    OldCoastie, on August 4th, 2008 at 10:52 am Said:

    gary – there is quite a bit of talk over at NQ about the issue of his adoption by Soetoro, dual citizenship and eligibility under Article II…. I don’t know if anything will come of it, but when I hear “qualified under the Constitution”, it perks up my ears…

    That “qualified under the Constitution” statement got my attention real fast….I think Bill knows something. His command of language is far greater than Obama’s. Again I say to Obama and his minions, never play chess or poker with either of the Clintons. You will never win.

  111. Madamab, here’s an e-mail I sent to Mrs. Clinton on Saturday. Perhaps others may find it useful:

    My Dear Senator Clinton,

    Wishing you the very best. I have already sent you $25 to help with your campaign debt, and that’s on top of the $100 I sent while you were still campainging. I believe that my $125 total ccontribution entitles my to ask one favor of YOU. Please, PLEASE, make a formal request to have your name placed in nomination at the convention in Denver. You have SO many loyal supporters who are simply NOT about partu unity until this one small favor is fulfilled. Please help us to feel like the Democratic Party actually hears us. Faithfully yours,


    p.s. I will send you more money if you do us this small favor. PUMA! (Yes, we’re for real!).

    I sent this in response to a letter from Senator Clinton requesting help for her campaign debt and offering the possibility of dinner with her (I’m sure many others have gotten the same request).


  112. I liked this madamab:

    “The entire purpose of this weapon is to remove the Clintons and their voters from the Party. It is to be destroyed in order to be “saved.” And if some collateral damage happens in the meantime, well, that’s what happens in a war, isn’t it? Better luck…never.

    Don’t they realize we Clintonistas are going somewhere? And the place we’re going is not going to be helpful for him? At this point I just want to see this guy humiliated and defeated in November.
    Arrrgghhhhh!! 😡

  113. Well, my original letter was without all the typos that seem to have crept in during the copying process..


  114. I didn’t see a poll, but an article about why Obama is NOSEDIVING in the polls….the first commenter offered this reason:

    many of the people who support him have cell phones and no land lines at all. When they see a number they don’t recognize on their phones, they won’t answer. So many people who support Obama simply aren’t being polled because they are technologically with it

    to quote RD: bwahahaha!!!!

    because all us dumbass geriatric sino-peruvian lesbians never even heard of a cell phone before, right? And incidentally, wouldn’t that make McCain’s numbers astronomically high? And they call us low information voters….

  115. Dropped my son off yesterday. Really sad.

  116. The pure gall is staggering. Remember when the Obama folks said they didn’t need us? The ordinary folks, the so-called lunch bucket brigade who have been the backbone of the Democratic Party from the start.

    Well, now his numbers are slipping. Rasmussen gave McCain a +1 lead this morning, the negative reports on the “Great One” are having their effect and his flip-flops have become legendary.

    PUMAs and all 200+ groups who have protested, blogged, petitioned and written letters are the canaries in the mine–the man is a dangerous fraud. Run to the nearest exit now!

    I read a short piece this morning about a rally in Central Park. Obama folks didn’t hire the rock bands this time and the turnout was . . . sparse. No surprise to anyone here, I’m sure.

    The call for full delegate votes in MI & FL is just the latest nail in the coffin. If the DNC persists with this candidate, the Democrats will lose. And though I hate to say it, they will deserve to lose.

    I have nothing but disgust for what has been sanctioned by the Dems. this year. And there is nothing Obama can do or backpedal on that will change my mind. A man without core values is spineless, not flexible. If he wants to be King of the World, let him do it on another world, preferably in a different solar system.

  117. Check this out folks, has to do with the sitemeter issues of last week:


  118. OT, remember the discussion on THE VIEW last week? guess who is their guest today??? BW just said she reread his important book, his autobio. I had tuned in thinking they might make some corrections. BW just said he is sexy looking. I am going to go to BR and puke.

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  120. BO explaining his membership in Trinity church. Didn’t vet his pastor. Give me a freaking break. a brilliant man caught in a time warp

  121. Mawn: I love your digital finger….you are so not in the guest list to O’s inaugural ball….

    Gary: “wouldn’t that make McCain’s numbers astronomically high?” BINGO

  122. {{{{Kim}}}}

  123. Kim, you have been in my thoughts as has your son and the rest of your family. {{{{{hug}}}}

  124. Thinking of you, Kim.

  125. KIm, I am so very sorry.

    I hesitate to say anything for fear of it being the wrong thing, but I worked at a military base when the Iraq war started & for several years during the war. The overwhelming majority of our soldier do come home safely, even those who have been deployed multiple times. My nephew is Iraq-bound, and I tell myself this daily.

  126. PSV – Good for you! I wrote her too.

    I just really think that the official PUMA strategy should now be to shift our focus to nominating Hillary. Nothing, like hoping for VP or “transparency,” should distract us.

    If she’s not nominated, then Obama gets the Democratic Party, whether he wins in November or not (he won’t). That simply should not be allowed to happen.

    If it does, we need to have a “next steps” process that may not include Hillary running as a Democrat in 2012. Because frankly, they may not let her. I think a third-party option must be part of our plan.

  127. Upstate & masslib:
    It can’t be our fault here in Appy; we’ve been told over & over that we don’t matter.

  128. Dearest Kim,

    My heart goes out to you. I have two boys, and can’t imagine your feelings. Just know that we are here for you day and night. Don’t isolate. Stay with your friends.

  129. Under no circumstances will Hillary buck the party. She has too much at stake. If she sides with the PUMAs she will be forever labeled as “divisive” and held totally responsible for the defeat of the Dems this election year. She knows what is going on. This lady is much too savvy to think otherwise.

    Her only chance is if he continues to tank to such a low number, or another bombshell happens before Denver, that will break the stranglehold held by the supers, which may assist in a groundswell movement toward her. Otherwise, we are witnessing, sad to say, the complete takeover by the Obama campaign. Their nasty tentacles are everywhere. If they need to steal the vote, they will. It has worked for them before.

    The implosion must come from his campaign. Otherwise she will be mutilated as the one who wrestled history from his jaws. The only alternative is his swift and utter defeat come November. That along with the overthrow of the DNC. This is all that is left to the public, the rejection of Obama outright.

  130. PJ, I agree.

    Ted Kennedy was allowed to get away with what he did in 1980, but they would not be so forgiving with Hillary.

  131. SM, at 10:07 compared BO actions to that of an abuser. I have head those thoughts for some time. Thank you for voicing them.

  132. Kim – my stepson Zackary served in Iraq. He came home just fine. I know how scared you are right now and I am so sorry. But your son will come home and you will hear from him every few days. Send him lots of nice treaats – good soap, body lotion and powder. They’ll need it over there. Zack couldn’t get coffee with caffeine where he was so we had to send him coffee. Of course, cookies and the like are always desireable.

  133. madamab said “if he get nominated he gets the Democratic Party” —I was told by a SD that BO would decide who next DNC chair would be. If he gets the nomination the only hope is to send him to a BIG defeat in NOV.

    Voting for McCain seems like a better and better idea.

  134. Pat-very true, and why everyone should think hard about voting for McCain no matter how disgusting the thought.

    And Madamab, I’m with you. It may very well be third party time. But what leader with enough support and power would have the courage? I don’t see Hillary leaving the party either, but I wish she would. The party left her. And I’ve seen time and time again that she wouldcollect Indie and Republican support. I wish she’d just close her eyes, have faith, and take a jump as an Independent.

    Mawm-excellent graphic!

  135. Phala – isn’t it true though? He’s going to say sorry now AFTER all the damage has been done and expect us to run to him?

    Kim: My prayers are with you & your son!!!! Hugs and blessings always!

  136. Joaniebone, even without a candidate the independents is where races are won

  137. Did anybody see Bill Clinton on Good Morning America today. I was watching on my way out the door. He was asked about his role in Hillary losing the nomination. He said he would not comment until after the election because it would interfere with delegates. I do not know what that would mean. Does anybody else have an idea on that?

  138. SM, yes and we shouldn’t support enablers—DNC, etc

    Does anyone know details on whether his capital gains tax increase includes home sales. Heard it did with no exceptions. That should be enough to change almost every adult’s mind in the country

  139. Phala in NC,
    True. We (new indie here) decide the races. Just wish we could get out a candidate that wasn’t considered fringe. Geez, why wouldn’t everyone want to run on the “think for yourself” ticket?

  140. EAJ, read the transcript of interview this weekend. Someone provided the link. I think it means he will hold his fire for Hillary’s sake until after BO loses and then we will get the truth and it won’t be pleasant for some people–can’t wait but wish he didn’t have to protect his legacy and Hillary’s by waiting.

  141. Joanie, we have a couple of years to look so there is hope especially if our numbers grow like I think they will

  142. Have to go and blanche some Black Prince heirloom tomatoes in boiling water. Will be back later to continue the process

  143. madamb is right. Focus on the convention and Sen. Clinton’s name in nomination.

    Don’t believe those who have no credibility. Just because they say Sen. Obama is the nominee doesn’t make it so, no matter how many people sing, “Happy Birthday Mister President” to him.

    A suggestion:

    Every feeling of panic you get, every desire to use those Bad Words my grandma would be stunned to hear coming out of your mouth, put some money in a coffee cup. A dime, a quarter, a dollar—joaniebone, better make it a nickel because I’ve heard you and I don’t want you to bankrupt yourself.

    At the end of the week, send the money to pay down the debt, the Denver Group, or one of your other favorite political action committees.

    Translate your emotion into action—money matters, folks. Paying down the good senator’s debt before the convention sends the biggest Fuck You of them all.

    Oh, crap. Now I gotta put a dollar in the coffee cup.

    And another one for “crap.”



  144. Pat is right. We need to know that Hillary understands what we’re doing but cannot voice it.

  145. Ohio, good idea. Will definitely have to keep TV off to save the budget.

  146. PJ:

    Agree with your analysis.

    But for some suggesting Hillary leave the Democratic party, I do not fault her for staying. She has already endured and stood up to more @#$# than any politician I have ever seen, and much of it as the wife of a politician. She has forever changed the dialogue regarding women being strong enough to be CIC. That alone is monumental.

    She can only do so much. Remember one of the tenets of the PUMA movement is to speak when she could not speak, and to act when she could not act.

    And again, thanks RD for this forum.

  147. Phala, hahaha. yes, TV will send you to the poorhouse.

  148. FLORIDA/MICHIGAN–Full Voting Rights to be restored………..

    Senator Obama is so gracious, having refused a re-vote and having already denied their full rights-he now agrees to their full participation
    in Denver

    As an observer, he may win the battle in Denver in August but I believe he will loose the war in November

    He is not living in the real world…………………

    He will never reconcile the millions the millions of Pumas and others who oppose him and express their feelings and thoughts
    on the various web blogs under the umbrella of Just say no deal.

    They will not be unified until Senator Obama withdraws his
    nomination or is defeated.

    Unity is a delusion………………..

    Senex, Ireland

  149. rd, do you think this has anything to do with Harold Ickes statement at the RBC meeting, “Mrs. Clinton has instructed me to reserve her rights to take this to the credentials committee” ?

  150. Well, this is interesting. One of the Charlotte stations is conducting a poll and these are the results so far:

    Who do you plan to vote for in November?
    Choice Votes Percentage of 1639 Votes
    John McCain 890 54%
    Barack Obama 456 28%
    3rd Party Candidate 80 5%
    Undecided 213 13%

    Looks like it won’t be as easy as some people think.

  151. I’m Westcoast, California so i get in late and it takes me awhile to read the excellent Riverdaughter posts and then all the comments. You guys are a bunch of brilliants that’s for sure. BTW – where’s MYIQ? Always enjoy his input; on vacay? Also, whatever I have to say is also old hat because my opinion, thoughts, etc. mirror so many of yours.

    However, excellent read at Politico; Ferraro stating that “Obama should be gracious enought to offer Clinton the VP . . .” Pappas, heads NY State Chapter of NOW (Nat’l Org of Women) says Clinton supporters “would be outraged to know she was not given that right of first refusal.” I love the “right of first refusal part!!! The article also quotes NARAL chapters.

    “The split isn’t limited to women. “No matter who he picks,” said former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo, “the question is going to be raised: Are you telling me that this person would be a better qualified vice president than Hillary Clinton?”


  152. Okay. That’s why he’s doing it. He replaced the Florida delegates with his own earlier and, now, if he puts Hillary’s name on the ballot, she will have no chance to win, as Fla and MI delegates (I’m assuming he did this in MI too) will all vote for him.

    So, this way, he can give Hillary and the PUMAS our token vote at the Convention , after which many of us have more or less said -we’ll come around and be unified because it will have been “fair”. But, of course, it won’t be fair. The fix will still be in and O will pretend that he’s done something magnanimous. Many people will be fooled. Rove would be proud, if he isn’t behind this anyway.

  153. BTW, Pat Johnson, I totally agree with you. If we could only do something to help him implode.

  154. Obama’s gesture, is a gesture of nothing-ness.

    Not only do you not count……..You really really don’t count.

  155. No one must be deceived.
    This was the plan all along.
    There was never any chance whatsoever that the delegations of Florida and Michigan would not be fully seated at the convention.
    Everyone involved knew it.
    It was all about manipulating the primaries.
    It was not a con job, it was a mugging.
    This is not a magnanimous gesture, he is not reaching out to make amends, he is playing by the script.

    “What about the delegate selection process? Why still go through with the process if the DNC isn’t giving Florida any delegates?
    Although the DNC has said it will not recognize delegates from Florida, the Party plans to appeal to the eventual Democratic nominee for President to be seated at the Convention. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Chair of the 2008 National Convention, and DNC Chairman Howard Dean both confirmed that this does not minimize the importance and impact of the vote on January 29th. With this in mind, the Party will continue the delegate selection process to elect the actual delegates to the Democratic National Convention and will use the results of the January 29th Presidential Preference Primary to determine the apportionment of those delegates.
    Why didn’t the DNC assign hotel rooms to Florida?
    We technically have no delegates at this time. However, when the nominee overrules the DNC and restores our delegation, we will have some of the 17,000 hotel rooms assigned to us.

  156. “Am I the only one who feels that tiny tickle of panic under my ribcage?Am I the only one who feels as if I’m in the middle of a coup d’etat within the party? …

    Are we as Americans so truly insulated, so confident of the fact that “it could never happen here” that we willingly accept this whole process because we refuse to admit we could be wrong about someone? Are we arrogant? Are we naive? Are we too afraid? Or are we simply apathetic? Are we too lazy to stand up for the rights we simply take for granted to do anything other than settle for a paper leader?
    What is WRONG with people? Anyone?”

    My response: This is a replay of Bu$h, just orchestrated by Dean, Pelosi, Brazile, and
    the DNC/Obama4Amerika machine. It’s a coup within the Democratic
    Party and when there isn’t a real Fourth Estate (it has been
    co-opted by corporations), people can’t be informed. The Democratic
    Party started being a party of the corporation in the 70s. The pretense
    of being a progressive, people’s party is gone. The Clintons are
    the last vestige. This is not the Democratic Party that we knew.
    It has been thrown under the bus.

    The country has been so dumbed down that American Idol can be
    placed in nomination by a corrupt process, and not that many
    notice. End of empire, and deservedly so.

  157. […] afraid. Sunday Summer Reading – Obama’s Natal Chart (update: Hillary’s too!)The Big “D” DemocratMonday: Obama’s GestureThe Audacity of Democracy TeaserThe Scratching Post Saturday Night – PUMA Summer Blockbuster!Obama, […]

  158. Party unity my ass. He’s pathetic. He’s an empty suit and this is an empty gesture. Kiss my ass, Obama.

  159. Puma SF; Heard you last night on blogradio. Loved it!

  160. When I see or hear backtrack barack, I am reminded of the words of one of the nuns who taught me.
    ” Do you expect me to tolerate this arrogant, ignorant. impudent and insolent specimen of humanity”
    Those words are from many years ago but they still ring true.
    The American people do not have to tolerate this and in November the fools at the dnc will find out the hard way.



  161. CB: “The country has been so dumbed down that American Idol can be placed in nomination by a corrupt process, and not that many notice. End of empire, and deservedly so.”

    CB, just talking about that this morning – the dumbing down of America – planned of course. Yes, American Idol – just this morning, The View thought it appropriate to re-run Obama’s appearance from way back when he was answering to Rev. Wright’s rhetoric.

    Dumbed down. It’s getting worse and worse.

  162. CB, you give voice to the thoughts that give me nightmares. I think this is the reason PUMA grew so big and so strong so quickly. Some of us are learning as we go, taking advice from those that fought for ERA amendment and other worthwhile causes. I have heard it said that if it is possible to lose an election the Democrats will find a way. I hope this is a very clear example of that if Hillary is not nominee.

    Country Before Party

  163. Barry Soeroto (or is it Hussein Obama?) is CONFUSED. He’s very confused. Why is he making this “magananimous” gesture now? Simple. He has nothing to fear from the worthier, stronger, principled opponent. He’s so cocky sure of Himself, this arrogant, fraudulent rat from the Chicago political sewers. His team of “legal experts” (probably same team that stole the election from Alice Palmer) argued that the Fla and Michigan dels fiasco shoud be status quo and argued vehemently against having a REVOTE, back then, when it really counted!

    This sexist rat should hand his head down in shame or, better still, the (un)Democratic Party that promoted this anorexic resume together with the media ‘leg thrillers’ to a fraudulent finish-line….


    Pumas are everywhere and Hillary Rules Forever…

    “No self-respecting Woman should work for the success of the Party that ignores her” — and NO, WE WON’T!! Get over it!

    Pumas are roaring everywhere….be afraid DNC…be very afraid Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama! Your 124 days of Experience won’t do.

  164. BTW
    I think the comments yesterday was a BIG step in communicating that we are diverse in sex, geography, and lifestyle.

    Now that I have finished squash, I really must take a long break to blanche the Black Prince heirloom tomatoes in hot water along with the Pink Brandywines and Cherokee Purples.

  165. Hey Pat, weren’t you on, too? You know, we are all doing everything we can. I remember Hillary once saying that what she lacked in money she would make up with shoe leather and she did. She campaigned in the back of pick up trucks and in grocery stores. This woman is absolutely incredible and we are fighting for her. I told my partner that I’m a foot soldier. I walk back and forth to work and post the Denver Group ads as well as the new “hype” poster. When I feel tired I just think about Hillary and how she carried on. She once said she was on the front line of democracy and that is exactly where we are right now.

    We can do this!!

  166. “Am I the only one who feels that tiny tickle of panic under my ribcage?Am I the only one who feels as if I’m in the middle of a coup d’etat within the party? …

    Are we as Americans so truly insulated, so confident of the fact that “it could never happen here” that we willingly accept this whole process because we refuse to admit we could be wrong about someone? Are we arrogant? Are we naive? Are we too afraid? Or are we simply apathetic? Are we too lazy to stand up for the rights we simply take for granted to do anything other than settle for a paper leader?
    What is WRONG with people? Anyone?”

    My response: This is a replay of Bu$h, just orchestrated by Dean, Pelosi, Brazile, and
    the DNC/Obama4Amerika machine. It’s a coup within the Democratic
    Party and when there isn’t a real Fourth Estate (it has been
    co-opted by corporations), people can’t be informed. The Democratic
    Party started being a party of the corporation in the 70s. The pretense
    of being a progressive, people’s party is gone. The Clintons are
    the last vestige. This is not the Democratic Party that we knew.
    It has been thrown under the bus.

    The country has been so dumbed down that American Idol can be
    placed in nomination by a corrupt process, and not that many
    notice. End of empire, and deservedly so.

    DID YOU READ MY THOUGHTS to thumb this post?
    It’s all about the dumbing down of a nation, manipulated by the MSM and Hollywood. BO is a candidate created by Madison Av. being installed by dubious and corrupt means to implement the agenda of God knows who.

  167. Puma-SF: I was. While sitting there waiting I got so discouraged listening to the uphill battle Ed O’Reilly faces against that ass Kerry. Then you guys came on and I see how she has to fight for the right to be heard at a convention with over 18 million votes. Then John talking about trying to achieve the 300 names but still coming up short to get her on the ballot and it just made me both angry and depressed there for a minute.

    But the voices of the people keep writing into yesterday’s post proclaiming PUMA and my hopes rise once more. Been a roller coaster ride.

  168. I know it can be very depressing but just think how hard Hillary worked even under such enormous pressure to get out and claims of negativity as well as racism. Let’s follow her example and keep fighting. We are fighting a clean fight here and I truly believe we will win and she will be our nominee. It is time to hold these people accoutable. We need to make our government work for us and not for corporate greed. We got lucky with that tape and I really think the tide is turning.

  169. I missed something, what tape? Puma-SF, no one could ask for a better example than Hillary–thanks for the timely reminder

  170. I remember thinking Bush was mad because he believed God spoke to him, but Obama actually believes he himself is God!

    God, I pray he loses in November or there will no longer be any legitimate political opposition in this country. We’ll be lost.

  171. Hi Rd & Co!


    add claws………..


    Monster! I hope everyone in those states gets as angry as they should be at a charlatan…


    What’s really incredible? He thinks PUMAS will forget — but we won’t. NOPE. WE WON’T. I have the Rove connection up, and it goes back to the early years — the just barely a senator years…


    He is SOOOOOOO CREEPY! Creepy.

  172. Phala in NC; I was just referring to how lucky we were to actually have had Hillary on tape saying she wanted her name to be in nomination just as those morons were releasing articles saying the oppposite. Enough with the unnamed sources. If we ever needed proof that the media is corrupt we just had it fall in our laps.

  173. RD! & everyone—–oh have I ever found the story Brazile and Rove in 2003! —don’t miss this, I swear! OMG! Rigged!


  174. FLVoter: You are absolutely correct about our state party, We need to get rid of Karen Thurman, who does lobbying for Republicans, I hear.

  175. What a hypocrite. You think he can’t go lower… and then he proves you wrong.

  176. Kim my tears are with you…

  177. […] says one Hillary supporter, now that Barry is asking that the Florida and Michigan delegations be seated at the Democratic […]

  178. No one has mentioned the state of Clinton’s heart, obviously the Obama Camp could’ve cared less.
    He was running all over the country for Hillary and that had to be taxing to start… then this nobody constantly pushing the card (as well as Brazile and the rest).

  179. […] Monday: Obama’s Gesture (by riverdaughter at The Confluence) Back when his “magnanimity” would have counted, [Obama] would have suffered small hit in his delegate lead and everyone would have been happy and impressed by his sense of fairness to the voters. But back then, no amount of pleading could convince him to ask for such fairness. He couldn’t even be moved to join in a revote effort. The reason is very clear. Without Florida and Michigan, Hillary’s other states lacked the critical mass of delegates that would have put her on an even footing with him. In fact, if FL and MI had been counted fully from the beginning, it would have been all over by February 5th. […]



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