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It’s On Purpose. (A Follow-Up To “Obama’s Gesture.”)

Ahhh! I took a weekend away from the news and the primary race, and look what goodies I missed! Wow, it’s just so much fun to watch the Obama for America Party keep destroying any small vestige of hope I had that they might ever do the right thing and nominate Hillary Clinton, or at least honor her enormous delegate count and popular vote victory at the Convention.

Now that The One is the presumptuous nominee, he is doing exactly what Democratic insiders thought would be done in January – pretending that it’s important to him that the Michigan and Florida Delegates have their voices heard at the Convention. Of course, if Hillary is not listed as a nominee on the ballot, their voices will not be heard, because they won’t be able to cast their votes for Hillary Clinton.

No one in the Obama/DNC Conglomerate thinks for one minute that this one-fingered salute will bring Party Unity (TM). Obviously, the New Democratic Party (AKA Obama for America) is proud to telegraph their complete and total disdain for people who voted for the Senator from New York.

It’s on purpose.

In other news, Obama is now okay with off-shore drilling, taking a position similar to “gasp” John McCain’s. Surprise, surprise, he sells out his previous, more liberal (and more sensible) position in order to gain political points. Gosh, it almost seems like he would do and say anything to win! I sure hope the “progressive” media, like The Nation, doesn’t find out!

Oops. Too late.

It’s on purpose.

Look, my fellow PUMAs, we need to wrap our minds around the fact that Barack Obama does not want our votes. He does not want Party Unity (TM). He wants either excision, or submission. Either you’re with him (willingly or forcibly), or against him.

We need to stop thinking about this election as if it were business as usual. That is what Hillary did, and look where it got her. This campaign, the toxic creation of Axelrove and the Chicago Machine, is a nuclear missile aimed at the Democratic Party. The entire purpose of this weapon is to remove the Clintons and their voters from the Party. It is to be destroyed in order to be “saved.” And if some collateral damage happens in the meantime, well, that’s what happens in a war, isn’t it? Better luck…never.

We need to understand that they do not care about us. We need to stop writing Howard Dean and the Obama delegates. They’re all on board with Obama for America, and have been for years. We need to go to Hillary herself, and her delegates. They are the only ones who can save the Party from destruction.

We don’t have much time to maximize our effectiveness, but if I were in charge of the PUMA conference in DC, I would say that we need to break Hillary out of her Party Loyalty frame of mind. We need to let her know that Barack Obama is not a Democrat, and will not govern as such. We need to explain to her that we need her leadership NOW. The economy is in a shambles and more adjustable rate mortgages are coming due soon. Major financial institutions are failing. Meanwhile, Obama and McCain play footsie with American lives and livelihoods, trying to outdo each other in their attempts to prove that they can best continue the policies of the Worst President Ever.

Some say that we can survive four years of McCain as President (Obama is unelectable, as has been quite obvious for some time now), then wait for Hillary to run in 2012. I disagree with this strategy. After the new Democrats have taken over the Party (which will happen, with Obama as nominee, whether or not Obama wins in November), who knows if they will even let her run for President again?

From now on, I say we contact Hillary every single day and tell her that she must be the nominee. This movement is not about Hillary per se, and yet, she has now become a symbol of the FDR wing of the Democratic Party. If we don’t get her elected now, our century’s FDR may never get a chance to put a New New Deal in place that will revitalize the country we love so much.

And it’s on purpose.

144 Responses

  1. United States Obamerica

  2. Hillary needs to take a stand. I hope she leaves the party. I think the party is too corrupted to be saved.

  3. Mawm – I agree.

    I so wish I could have gone to DC to talk about these things with my fellow PUMAs. I think we need to very seriously consider third-party options, like the Working Families Party, and try to recruit Hillary and Bill and other high-profile, FDR-style Democrats.

  4. Hillary is the party and of the party…she is not leaving.

  5. UpstateNY – She should leave if they don’t nominate her. Why stay where you’re not wanted? She should wait until after McCain wins, though.

  6. Good Morning America ambushed Bill Clinton and when he
    pushed back they admitted it was ‘Jim Clayburn’ who is
    acting/doing the bidding of the Obama camp.

    They are blaming Bill Clinton for her loss and for injecting
    ‘race’ into the primary contest. Bill seemed upset and when
    he pushed the ‘friends’ turned out to be ‘Jim Clayburn’. Bill
    said Jim Clayburn wasn’t a friend. SHOCK…and the Obama
    Camp is no friend either.

    Are they trying to give him a heart attack? Look for the
    story ‘Bill Clinton denies racism claims’. They couldn’t stick
    it on McCain so they are back to ‘Kill Bill’. Shame on them!

  7. Woman Voter – Did this happen today?

  8. Woman Voter, Oy fuc*in’ vey! It’s almost like They want to eradicate the Clintons more than winning this election. It’s very odd and I’m sure there’s a huge backstory.

  9. Monday, August 04, 2008
    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows the race for the White House is tied with Barack Obama and John McCain each attracting 44% of the vote. However, when “leaners” are included, it’s McCain 47% and Obama 46%.

  10. Yay MadamaB!

    Of course it’s on purpose. Now he can claim that “we gave the Hillary people what they wanted.”

    He still hasn’t given back the delegates/votes he STOLE.

    And there have been reports that Obama’s camp have replaced delegates from state to state under the radar.

    So to me, it just makes matters worse.

    Up yours, O-borg!

  11. SM is correct; I have been reading little snippets here and there where they have been replacing delegates either through intimidation or “suggestion”. They will stop at nothing.

    The press is complicit, the DNC is manipulating, the public be damned. But it is the public who will make the determination in the end and it is up to us to see that he goes down in same glory that he has covered himself in up until now. The danger from this man far outweighs a McCain presidency. They are “stealing” America and democracy unchecked. Outrageous.

  12. Elixir – I think the Presidency is secondary, but they surely think they will win.

    Obama’s chair says so.

    LOL! At some point, you just have to laugh at how fragile this man’s ego is. A few pinpricks and he’ll burst.

  13. Bill, as usual, is pointing out things worth paying attention to.

  14. Yes…go to Good Morning America and they have the video but I can’t find it on youtube yet.

    Truly shameful.

  15. I wanna hear what the Big Dawg has to say after all this is over. Sounds like he’s got some things to get off his chest and I can’t wait! 😀

  16. I so wish Bill had been able to say these things during the primary race. But I think Hillary prevented him from doing so. She didn’t want to damage Obama too much.

    Now it looks like the gloves are off. Good for Bill. He is a PUMA! Maybe we can convince him to tell Hillary she needs to leave that abusive boyfriend, the Democratic Party, and use her power to build a third party.

  17. madamab,

    As much as I want to get through to Hillary in these next few weeks, I know she has her own strategy in mind. My guess is that she’s waiting to see if the climate will permit that kind of push. But more likely, she’s trying to get past it intact. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was considering an Indiw push in the future.I think it would make great sense for her to come out as an Indie after Obama’s defeat in November

    As I said in the thread below, who wouldn’t want to lead the “think for yourself ” party?

  18. I guess Obama wants to blame Bill Clinton and pretend
    misogyny didn’t happen on the campaign trail and that the
    DNC didn’t ’select’ him by manipulating the rules and by
    declaring some voters 1/2 a person.

    The press is still swooning over him and won’t look at his
    record nor his past behavior in political campaigns.

    Obama’s unscrupulous grab for power started in 1996


    “a thirty year old habit”- Smoking habit
    (where are those medical records)

    Here he is telling some big stories:
    Obama Selma Lies

    Happy Birthday Obama…born in 1961, not 1965!

  19. I liked this comment from Bill, in yesterday’s WaPo, a good point that no one else has made:

    Clinton said that even if Obama wins, people who voted for him will still have immense work to do.

    “What we Democrats can’t afford to do, even as we support Senator Obama, is try to build one America on the cheap,” Clinton said, explaining that people could not tell themselves, ” ‘I voted across the racial divide; I have no obligations to do something in my community or around the world.’ In other words, if he wins . . . we’ve still got a lot of problems. We’ve got to heave-to here. We’ve got to show up.”


  20. President Clinton:

    The deck was stacked long before. They were waiting for the opportunity to turn this into a ra*ce issue. That gave them the opening they needed to turn the AA community against you and bring them over to their side. You could have gone through the campaign as a mute and they were only waiting for one slip, one chance to slip that charge in order to give the AAs reason to reject Hillary.

    Sensible people know otherwise. You have Sen Clinton have pledged support and loyalty to the black community for all of your combined careers. The charge is ugly. It casts doubts on your character. But those making those charges are stained forever since the aim was simply to tighten support against a viable candidate who is white. They would have done this to anybody but the fact that they chose you and your wife is most sinful since it lacks any basis in fact.

    You have every right to be angry. You have every right to denounce this insidious attack. And I would plead with you not to go out of your way to support this candidate and his malicious surrogates. The country does not deserve to have this travesty visited upon us and if it is in your power to prevent it, I urge you to do so. The stakes are much too high.

  21. Magda’s daily tracking poll of myself:

    If Hillary’s name is put into nomination, I will not vote for Obama, but I will vote for Dems downticket.

    If Hillary’s name is not put into nomination, I will stay home.

    If Obama appoints either Hagel or Kaine as his VP, or anyone else I find deeply offensive, I will vote Green.

    If Obama completes his Mothra-like transformation into a Republican, I will turn into Godzilla, and vote for McCain.

  22. plural – Thanks for pointing that out. Bill is always worth listening to and reading.

    That’s just what Obama’s supporters don’t want to hear. If they wanted someone who would talk to them like adults, they would have voted for Hillary.

  23. Magdalena – LOL!

    The Four Stages of Magda. Fantastic!

  24. Noooooohhhh, Magda, not McCain. Green, maybe, but not McCain…

  25. funny how they’re still interviewing the Big Dawg; thought they said he was totally irrelevant.

    Right before the KY primary, I saw Bill at a last-minute campaign stop. It only made the 6am news & I dashed to see him that morning. School gym, packed, very enthusiastic audience. Bill probably got the biggest whoops when he said the media want Hillary out of the race, they’re trying to get rid of her.

    This was in May, and I looked around at a good cross-section of people [yeah, surprise, media, we’re pretty normal] and I thought, “How did all these people learn about the lying media?’

  26. . . .”if I were in charge of the PUMA conference in DC, I would say that we need to break Hillary out of her Party Loyalty frame of mind. We need to let her know that Barack Obama is not a Democrat, and will not govern as such.”

    “From now on, I say we contact Hillary every single day and tell her that she must be the nominee.”

    I absolutely agree. I think the one and only “action item” ought to be contacting Hillary daily – by phone, fax, and email – and demanding that she stop pushing Obama on us and instead stand up for us! I have to say (at the risk of being condemned by everyone) that I was NOT happy to hear her say that having her name put into nomination at the convention was necessary for unity and then everyone needed to get behind Obama.

    I will NOT get behind Obama, NEVER NEVER NEVER (stomping feet on ground while thrashing fists in air).


  27. A vote for Obama is also a vote for Howard, Nancy, Donna B. and all those other participants who shucked off their integrity and went along for the ride. It also validates the tactics employed by Axelrod and Co. who led the charge to do whatever it takes to get him there.

    A vote for Obama only reinforces the fact that we don’t much care who he is and what he brings to the table. Whatever they wish to achieve is fine by us.

    A vote for Obama means that we are only too happy to let commonsense and accountability fly in the face of reason.
    We know little about this man’s true intent, his inexperience in breathtaking, his principles suspect, his judgment questionable.

    A vote for Obama is the end of what we Democrats have long held to. Fairness and decency no longer rule in the face of corruption.

    A vote for Obama is a sell out. It is a deal with the devil.

  28. Upstate, actually I am leaning more toward voting Green. I must continue to poll myself, and also learn more about the party and McKinney. It would be nice to support another woman, after the way Hillary has been treated. But for the moment, I await the convention. I keep my eye on mi numero uno dama.

  29. mystic4hillpuma –

    I have to say (at the risk of being condemned by everyone) that I was NOT happy to hear her say that having her name put into nomination at the convention was necessary for unity and then everyone needed to get behind Obama.

    That statement is exactly what inspired this post. Hillary still thinks unity is possible with some kind of staged “catharsis.”

    It’s not.

    And she needs to know that.

  30. PJ – Word, sistah!

    A vote for Obama is the end of what we Democrats have long held to. Fairness and decency no longer rule in the face of corruption.

    A vote for Obama is a sell out. It is a deal with the devil.

    100% in agreement here.

  31. madamab: Please refrain from using the term “adults” in your postings. According to David Gergen yesterday on one of the Sunday talk shows this word, used by a GOP operative describing what the public is looking for in a candidate, has now been deemed as a “coded message” for ra*cism. You need to keep abreast of the language which has been identified as ra*ce baiting. Sorry I had to be the one to point this out.

  32. Anyone seriously considering Cynthia McKinney as an alternate vote really needs to look at her background.

    She is also a supporter and has close ties to Louis Farrakhan among other things. And though we may all agree she does not have a prayer of winning, I would be most careful to throw my vote to someone whose agenda may be somewhat murky.

  33. We’re closing in on six hundred posts on the Chuck Todd/Puma Honor Roll thread downstairs. If you haven’t signed in and picked up your packet, there’s still plenty of time. EskieMom, if you are from Alaska, your packet is there.


  34. I don’t know anyone that is happy with our choices this year. Everyone I talk to (and I talk alot:) thinks that Hillary is the only qualified person for the job, and is as disappointed as I am about the outcome of the primaries. The things the Obama campaign and the media said about both Bill and Hillary were unforgivable in my view. Bill Clinton was my favorite President in my lifetime! When he took office, our economy turned around, he worked hard for all of us. For anyone to call Bill Clinton a racist is just rediculous. If Obama somehow gets elected, we are all in a world of sh**. Obama doesn’t have a clue of what true democrats want, and honestly I don’t think he cares one bit anyway. It’s all about him. His ego knows no boundaries. Everyday he changes his stance on an issue. He is clueless and dropping like a stone in the polls. Unfortunately for us, the DNC just isn’t going to wake up and nominate the electable person, they will just go down with Obama’s ship.

  35. This just in — conjunctions have now been determined to be officially r@ce neutral. These words have been added to the symbols above the numbers on your keyboard. No word yet on numbers themselves.

  36. OK. I just have to relate this episode to you all. I went to the bank on my lunch hour today to make some deposits. I went into the bank because the drive thru line was too long. As I got in line, I realized Obama was on TV reading lines from a tele-prompter. I said out loud, “I can’t stand this guy. I can’t even stand the sound of his voice.”.
    The guy right in front of me said, “Neither can I”. He then said, “You know, it’s sad because I can’t vote for either one of them”. I asked him if he was a Democrat, and he said yes. I said, “I was a Democrat until May 31st when they stole delegates from Clinton to make Obama the nominee. I am going to vote McCain to stop this guy”.
    Then to top it all off, the woman in front of the guy I was talking to said, “I’m not a Democrat anymore either”.

    Two random people in front of me in the line at the bank, in the People’s Republic of Chapel Hill no less.

    Obama and Democrats are in big trouble. His coattails are poisonous.

  37. Lets see what happens to the dama…Magda.

    For a while I too considered voting Green.

  38. Pat Johnson, on August 4th, 2008 at 12:25 pm Said:
    Anyone seriously considering Cynthia McKinney as an alternate vote really needs to look at her background.

    She is also a supporter and has close ties to Louis Farrakhan among other things. And though we may all agree she does not have a prayer of winning, I would be most careful to throw my vote to someone whose agenda may be somewhat murky.

    Obama has ties to Louis Farrakkhan too; Obama agenda is even murkier.

  39. Thanks, madamab! I’m making the commitment right now to contact Hillary every day between now and the convention and let her know what this PUMA is thinking!

  40. Obama/Ferraro 08?

  41. Pat, that’s what I’d heard, and why I would need to check her out thoroughly before I considered voting for her. Really don’t know anything about her at this point. I do feel I need to proceed with caution regarding how women candidates are treated/painted, and do my own homework in all cases. That has been one of the lessons of the past year.

  42. Astonishing! They are still joining in from all over the country in response to Riverdaughter’s posted survey! There is more discontent with out there with this election season than we would have ever assumed. Apparently there are more and more ra*cists out there than previously known.

    The only problem is that there are so many that it is getting much too crowded under this stinking bus!

  43. Cynthia McKinney thinks the US engineered 9/11. She also believes the US govt bombed the levies in New Orleans. Her triumph of bizarre actions, however, was her striking of a capitol police officer when he tried to stop her from entering the capitol without wearing her congressional pin.

  44. Cynthia McKinney is more than a little off the charts.

  45. prolix: lol

  46. Mawm: Why would the Greens put her forward, then? Strange move on their part. I actually agree with most of their platform.

  47. Oooh, I forgot to sign in downstairs! Of course, I AM part of the evil Manhattanite PUMA conspiracy.

    PJ, Prolix – LOL! (Is laughing still okay? Gotta check with the Thought Police!!)

  48. It’s like everyone here has ‘mind melded.’ I don’t know what I’m going to do in Nov.–probab. vote McCain even though I’ve never voted repub….I cannot vote for BO.

    I do believe that his ‘manufactured’ grass roots support is just that-manufactured. It cannot survive the light of day.

  49. If a year ago somebody had written a book accurately describing everything that was going to be said and done during this election campaign, no one would believe them.

    Just when you think it can’t get any more bizarre, someone from the DNC or Obamanation proves you wrong.

  50. Prolix,
    We know some numbers are r*cist. After all, we use the number 0 [as in B0] all the time here to describe The One, so I’m pretty sure it’s taboo. So try not to use B0 anymore B0 than you B0 find absolutely B0 essential.

  51. That’s right. Madamab is the ring leader of the Manhattan cabal. Are you sure your name isn’t really MADAMison ABenue?

  52. madamab: You may still laugh but it will be timed. Example: Bernie Mac denigrating women for laughs has no time limit. But laughing or giggling at late night comedians who are taking swipes at “Sen. Presumptuous Inevitiability” only allow for a few seconds, just enough time to change the station with your remote.

    Other than that, The Rules allow you to laugh long and hard at Sen McCain or Sen Clinton. All in good fun.

  53. Madamab, thank you! This is absolutely the only plan that can save us, our kids, grandkids and beyond.

    The only thing that I would add to that, I fear at risk to my credibility/popularity again, is that the Worst President Ever, under the guidance of his own puppet masters, put those very bad policies into our lives, on purpose. Now either presumptuous nominee will do for the puppet masters to continue their work, on purpose.

    I used to think conspiracy theorists were hysterics and dramatics, but I can’t help believing what I am seeing.

  54. Now I’ve seen everything. BILL? Of all people on the fu**ing planet, BILL? Having to deny he’s a r*cist??? Keep it up, BO, keep it up. I smell a turn happening here. Methinks you’ve gone too far. People–even the sheeple–can see when someone has cried “wolf” one too many times. I gotta go to work. If I work hard enough today, I may get my mind off of this bullsh*t. But I’m not optimistic.

  55. We’re getting a trickling of PUMA-sounding letters in my local/regional newspaper here. Yesterday, 2 Dem guys responded with how B0 won fair & square [caucus states were his strong points] & how Hillary/Obama are the same on issues.

    I find this hysterical, that here in August, we are still debating the Democratic Primary.

    Here in KY, it’s as if everyone is taking that Redstate video; you know the one: F*ck it. McCain.

  56. I no longer have any doubts who I am voting for. I ripped up my Dem voter registration card and mailed it to Howard Dean along with my application to change to Indep.

    Guess I am one of those 2% who have left the Dem party in the last month.

    If Hillary is not the nominee, I will be voting McCain.

  57. Oh my Gawd…Pelosi wants a Republican for VP.

    It’s ON PURPOSE.

  58. I had never thought of madamab as the “secret leader” behind PUMA although the signs were there from the beginning. A New Yorker to start with. Probably dines regularly with Chuck Todd when she is not online. And those wonderful playlets we beg for, signs abound throughout. Mawm, with his wonderful knack for detection has named the culprit.

  59. I knew it, madamab is no good. You Manhattanite….you

  60. madamab: I smell another playlet in the making with the latest Pelosi blip. This woman is crazier than ever!

  61. Good god. Not just a Republican — GWB’s own personal congressman. Nancy has officially jumped the shark.

  62. PJ – LOL for 6.23 seconds!

    Mawm – Aha! You have found out my secret code. You will now have a visit from PUMA security. Please remain calm and do not be alarmed. Just think of it this way…you’re getting a free trip to Manhattan.


    Karolina NYC – I absolutely think it’s a conspiracy. With either Obama or McCain, it’s going to be Bush III – although McCain might have a harder go of it, depending on how loud the real Dems scream in Congress.

    The corporations would be happy with either candidate. The one they DON’T want is Hillary.

    So that’s who we should nominate. 🙂

  63. I think Chet Edwards is a Democrat. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  64. Magdalena, on August 4th, 2008 at 12:08 pm Said:
    Magda’s daily tracking poll of myself:
    If Hillary’s name is put into nomination, I will not vote for Obama, but I will vote for Dems downticket.
    If Hillary’s name is not put into nomination, I will stay home.

    Right there with you Magdalena. I am that mad at the democratic party. It’s easy for me, though, because down-ticket dems in my red red area don’t have a prayer.

  65. PJ – The Botox has affected her brain!

    You bet, this deserves another play. La Pelosi is my inspiration!

    But seriously – I’ve thought for quite some time that the Obama/DNC Conglomerate would go with a Republican. It’s just so Broder-licious.

    My choice will be so much easier if Obama gets the nom and picks an R.

  66. Mawm, maybe you’re right. The article never mentions his party. It never occurred to me that Bush’s congresscritter could be a D.

  67. PUMA should remain as an independent third party. But instead of running candidates who can’t win because we only represent 5-10 percent of the electorate, we should hold out until just before the election and then see which party is willing to make us the best offer.

    We won’t donate money to either side. But if they want our votes, they should consider donating to us instead.

    We could have a “primary” where we consider the offers and then vote for which one to accept, with an agreement among ourselves to vote as a single block. in the GE for whichever party “wins” our primary by a majority of secret (paper) ballots. Only PUMA’s can vote, and WE decide who gets to join our party. (No PUMAs for a day)

    If the candidates try to renege on their promises, they know we will all vote as a block for the other guys the next time.

    A group that represents 10% of the voters that is up for grabs every election will get lots of attention because we would literally be the swing votes.

    Then our loyalties wouldn’t be to candidates, they would be to our principles and to each other.

  68. PofEd, yes, 0 is verboten, but Zero isn’t so we’re “Zero-kay.”

    Madamab, “thought” police implies they have one.

    Pat, I agree, but only after the comedy shows got spanked, did they start ever so slightly poke a little fun. It is a sad, sad day when we have to look to the McCain campaign for humorous videos.

  69. Edwards is a Democrat. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chet_Edwards

    Obviously, Obama needs to pick someone no one has ever heard about, so he won;t be upstaged. Divas are like that.

  70. They just love playing “cute”. It is if they say, “let’s give those moron voters out there something to really sink their teeth into, like having Backtrack consider a Repub which will illustrate his desire to extend a hand to both sides of the aisle. This will boost his creds and the talking heads will continue this news cycle for the next 48 hours. Backtrack will look like a real politician and we can continue our underground work to take over the nation. Works for me.”

  71. Oh Mawm, you’re RIGHT! Fox News is deliberately obscuring Chet Edwards’ Party affiliation. Nowhere does it say that he’s a D – he is listed as Bush’s Congressman only!

    Man, those guys are sneaky.

    Sorry for the false alarm, folks. He is a D. Okay, she’s not TOTALLY gone yet.

  72. myiq, I like that idea

  73. Madamab, do you remember how, a few weeks ago, that temporary commenter seemed to get weird (to me) after I wrote what I had been told about Hillary’s life being threatened when she won Pennsylvania? This is very heavy stuff, and I was just beginning to face it then.

  74. myiq2xu: We could become the “Evangelical Wing” of the new party. They will be kissing our butts!

  75. I agree it’s on purpose.
    I just had a flashback at the time when W dissed Jeffords badly enough for him to change affiliation and switch the balance of power in the Senate. I didn’t know anyone can outdo W in arrogance and gratuitous swaggering – but as people say more and more – B0 makes W look good.

  76. The late night comedians said they were having a difficult time trying to come up with comedy material about Obama. We have been doing it for months on this blog.

  77. Myiq – I LOVE that idea! Really, really promising. 🙂

    Karolina NYC – I do remember that. That was a scary moment.

  78. edgeoforever: Obama took lessons in arrogance and the overthrow of democracy from Bush. If you wish to learn, you go to the best.

  79. Pat, yes, I’ve thought about that — we could all become writers for Letterman, Leno and Stewart like on the old Dick Van Dyke show and Madamab becomes the head writer.

  80. Prolix – How about we make Riverdaughter the head writer? She is the Mother of Us All.

    I could be the resident playwright, though. 🙂

  81. Prolix: Right, and you have been knocking them out of the ballpark so you can be Buddy.

  82. The Dallas Morning News (conservative) is also pushing Chet Edwards as Obama’s VP. I don’t know much about him, but a Texas democrat is not the same as a NY democrat.

  83. The credits: With madamab as Sally. Prolix as Buddy. myiq2xu as Rob. Myself of course as Laura. Carol as Millie. And rd as Alan. Done.

  84. Huffpoo says it’ll be Bayh: here.

  85. The historical failing of 3rd parties in this country is they fade to irrelevance because they can’t win anything but a few local elections, or a congressional seat in a district with unique demographics.

    But if we didn’t try to run our own candidates and hung together a a solid voting bloc, we only need enough members to swing the election.

    That’s typically far less than 10 %

  86. Off topic but Morgan Freeman was in a car wreck in MS and is hospitalized in Memphis.

    Now him I could vote for!

  87. Pat, Madamab, I like it, but I will have to walk around on my knees to reach Buddy’s stature.

    Hey, this is rich — the McCain campaign is handing out tire gauges emblazoned with, you guessed it, “Obama Energy Plan.”

  88. Other than Indiana, what does Bayh bring to the ticket?

  89. Pat:

    Jon Stewart did a show where they made fun of Obama and the mostly Obot studio audience didn’t laugh and almost booed.

    Stewart told them “It’s okay to laugh at him.” but I don’t think they believed him.

  90. Exactly, this is not a normal Primary it’s about forcing a change in the make up of the electorate to create a new more diverse Dem Base, its about capturing the emerging Identity Demographics expanding their turnout numbers as a force within the voting electorate not new but getting groups to vote and change the 2004 Base from only 30 percent non white and that would make sense as the country shifts majorities with non White now being larger collectively. However, that change did not need to be at the exclusion an either or of the existing electorate that strategy was the wrong one, trying to win ugly at any cost was and is a Dean – Pelsoi BLUNDER they have mis read the electorate, who we are, they mis read how much we care deeply about our country about competence and good governance, how informed we are and they were arrogant in believing we would settle for just any pretty face or not. They assumed wrongly, so what if he loses the WH, we have a new Base and we will still have Congress ala Pelsoi’s leadership and then we can point fingers instead of doing the hard work, now a win win, right, Wrong we are a group that is already empowered and we know it. Again make no mistake forget the smoke and mirros this is about racial identity the future make up of our country the balance of power aligned with the shifting demographic majorities all, about a Party’s power not the all the Peoples.

    What they did not anticipate was that Bush hate would not force us to hold our nose and accept their fraud Again, but what they fear and should for now is, if we don’t stay home if we don’t vote Nadar and instead combine our Power, that of the People and hold our nose yes and vote against the Party. Unfortunately false delay has not allowed for a clear decision for other political alternatives, we do not have time to create another Party now we only have two choices but either way we need to dismantle the strangle hold the two Party system for our future and take back our power.

    So now that McCain has called them on their use acode like Clinton tried, it’s over ,using White People as the foil to inflame turnout has back fired and created an anti Obama Party movement.

  91. myiq and mawm: you are truly onto something. As a per se third party we would not get too far., As a solid voting block, loyal to each other and endorsing candidates, we would all but be a deciding force.

  92. Pat J: He’s white, has a good political record–by that I mean experience, though he did vote for FISA and I think AUMF–and he’s sort of not there other than when he’s next to Hillary. They’ve been good friends for about 20 years.

    Clinton/Bayh–yes. Obama/Bayh–snort.

  93. myiq2xu: Are robots programmed to have a sense of humor? The slightest criticism of their hero and they go rabid on you. I have never witnessed anything like it.

  94. Madamab, a one-act idea for you.

    Scene: The Capitol, empty stage to begin, all of a sudden Nancy runs across the rotunda dressed like Barbara Eden from “I Dream of Jeanie,” she stops in the middle and crosses her arms, blinks twice and disappears. From another part of the stage, Repugs race in all smudged with oil wearing hardhats like oil rig workers looking for Nancy. Fun ensues….

    What do you think?

  95. regency: He always struck me as rather lackluster.

  96. Prolix – You are just hilarious. Thanks for the laugh! 🙂

    Myiq – I really think you are onto something. PUMA as a voting bloc. We would be so powerful, because we care about making society better for everyone; and we’re not obsessed with issues that have nothing to do with good government, like the evangelical anti-choice wackos.

  97. For anyone wanting to keep track of what is and is not acceptable to say:


  98. […] Post Saturday Night – PUMA Summer Blockbuster!Obama, meet your biggest nightmare!Sunday: ExerciseIt’s On Purpose. (A Follow-Up To “Obama’s Gesture.”)Meet Me in Denver with Murphy on […]

  99. Pat, over the weekend, Huffpoop really topped itself in absurdity when it ran, front page no less, a commentary by Kathy Hilton, saying she didn’t like the McCain ad. I’m still laughing — I can hear Paris talking to Kathy, “Mom, that was hot!”

  100. prolix: Or better yet: Mom, who is this guy McCain? Somebody I used to date?

  101. LOL

  102. Voting block is lovely, third party is nice too, but we have to focus on getting Hillary in now, this time around. By 2012, there may not be any people available who would be willing to do the “FDR stand-up to the elite and return the power to the ‘little’ people” thing that Bill has been doing throughout his presidency and Hillary would continue to do, after repairing the damage done. After years more of this, the non-elite would be so weakened, they would be passive and too beaten-down to contend a survival life-style.

  103. Pat J: He is, but he is also sellable. And gorgeous. I admit I’m biased. He and Hillary are/were my dream ticket. He and BO are not electable together. Bayh was going to run in 2008 but he just doesn’t have the necessary name recognition and so couldn’t fundraise.

  104. With Bayh being from IN, maybe BZero is hoping for some coattails to ensure carrying IL.

  105. regency: Maybe. The only pretty face I am interested in voting for his named Hillary. No matter who Obama chooses, it would not entice me to vote for him anyway.

  106. Prolix: You are too funny!

  107. For decades we have committed ourselves to the Democratic party and its candidates. We donate to them, and volunteer our time to their campaigns. More importantly, we committed ourselves to voting for them no matter what.

    What did we get in return?

    A solid bloc of votes that is up for grabs can demand something in exchange for those votes. We can’t expect to get the sun, moon and stars but we might extract a committment to enact UHC or some other issue that has been on hold for decades.

    We have been getting nothing for too long. I don’t agree with the GOP on anything but they might pony up something for us if it will win the election for them.

  108. Pat J: He may be the pretty but that doesn’t make him a winner. Remember he couldn’t get enough together to run himself. He’s essentially just non-threatening, but he still maes BO look inexperienced.

  109. regency: You make BO look inexperienced. Doubt he has ever had an original thought that wasn’t build around him.

  110. myiq2xu, do you really think that they would give a damn? And that they would honor the agreement once the voting is done? We are a voting block that would give them the win and the presidency if they put Hilary at the top of the ticket, and they don’t give a flying f*ck, except for needing our financial support. I’m sure various plans of election rigging are being perfected even at this moment.

  111. Reg, Pat, I think I’m seeing a telegraphed visionary message from BZero in selecting Bayh — read the bumper stickers:


    Forget the fist bump, the new campaign salute will be waving hands and arms.

  112. Karolina:

    I’m a pessimist, so take this for what it’s worth, but I can’t see how Hillary can realistically get the nomination.

    I’d be overjoyed to see it happen, but they didn’t go to all the trouble and expense of fixing the outcome of the primaries to let it slip away.

    The Dem leadership would rather lose with Obama than win with Hillary. The people they answer to (the corporatists) have decreed that the November election will be Obama v. McCain.

    They own both candidates, so they don’t really care which one wins.

    It’s funny though, that the Democratic leaders can’t keep congressmen and Senators from siding with the GOP on important votes, but they can keep superdelegates from switching to Hillary.

    It’s almost like they care more about beating Hillary than beating the GOP

  113. Obama/Bayh bye bye. I think I got it.

  114. That is a campaign slogan I can get behind…

  115. Prolix: I just stepped back and read that campaign salute again and burst out laughing. It will look like a ad for Six Flags.

  116. Obama is the DNC now and they are both in Chicago! The
    reform must include that the candidate IS NOT THE PARTY!

    So, in essence Obama wrote himself a letter…Dean won’t
    take calls and every thing is going through him and his
    website. How foolish of them to have given over the keys
    in such a transparent way, when the convention hadn’t even
    taken place. The message is clear to all the 18 million who
    voted for Hillary.

  117. Karolina:

    I’m talking about a permanent 3rd party. If promises aren’t kept we will make them pay later.

    But we’ll probably have better luck with the Democrats. They will need our votes more than the GOP, and they claim to support more of the same stuff we do.

    By refusing to commit to voting for their candidates without iron-clad guarantees they will deliver on their promises we are refusing to be taken for granted.

    As far as I’m concerned, they need to produce on a few things if they want my vote in 2010, 2008 is a lost cause.

    Maybe we should think of ourselves as a voters’ union.

    We’re going on strike until our demands are met.

  118. Why did they even bother holding a primary? They should have just held a press conference in January of last year and announced: “Your 2008 Presidential Candidate will be Barack Obama. Live with it.” All this other stuff for naught. It would have saved us loads of time, tears, money, and expectations and he never would have had to make that useless trip to Europe. Maybe next time.

  119. My Mother who has been a yellow dog democrat all her life and never ever missed an election said yesterday, “I’m not voting after the way they treated Hillary.” I tried to explain Pumas to her, I don’t think she entirely got it, but she said, “Cats are smart.”

  120. myiq2xu: We draw up a party platform now. Anyone wishing to join will have a clear vision of what PUMA stands for and against. Bet there would be an influx judging by yesterday’s survey which is still garnering attention.

  121. The GOP is having so much fun with BO. Here is a celeb quiz

  122. myiq & PJ: in reference to what I wrote at 1:34, right now the most important thing is to get Hillary elected in any way possible. We need to know if she would be willing to go this way, so maybe this is something that can be discussed in Washington. I SO wish that I were able to go to DC this week.

  123. from pat to myiq2xu: We draw up a party platform now. Anyone wishing to join will have a clear vision of what PUMA stands for and against.

    I’m in. Just a thought–We’re all PUMAS, but is it the best name for this third party? I’m thinking in terms of the most expansive identity. I’m sad to say that PUMA has become associated with “militant”. Not that I mind, it is how I feel. But how to reach the most people to insure our greatest power. Just a question….

  124. Ugh…

    One knows a flop or flip is coming when Obama utters something like: “As I have said repeatedly, blah, blah, Blah”

    I saw a post somewhere that pointed out this address leads one to the DNC’s page…. Hmmm


    Is he really announcing this Wednesday?

  125. Sometimes to kill rats, you have to burn down the barn! I say, burn baby burn.

    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008


  126. Why do they continue to ask Hil and Bil to lie and endorse BO as qualified?

    Just Say NO!

  127. well, according to Bill, I’m just as qualified as Obama…I was born in the US, and I’m over 35 🙂

  128. Is this gesture another bit of Grandstanding because he’s purged enough of Hillary’s delegates insuring Obama a Win?

    What happens to the purged delegates that were for Hillary?

    Are they shit outta Luck?

  129. myiq, Are you going to the DC convention. I think this idea needs to come up. Yes, we need to focus on the convention, but plans need to be made so we go forward together based on various contingencies.

  130. Tellurian – I’m not sure if Obama has purged any of Hillary’s delegates.

    I know that he purges his own delegates, though. Some are not “true believing” enough for The One.


    It must be hard for him to ‘hold back’.

    I guarantee that he knows where every last bone of OZero’s skeletons are hidden, but he has to keep
    it to himself……

    Just wait ’til that jerk is confirmed and John McCain
    ad machine will gladly let the rest of us know too.

    I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  132. Problems Mount for Obama as Democratic Convention Nears

    Excerpt: Clinton spokeswoman Kathleen Strand said in a statement Friday that Clinton was “100 percent committed to helping Barack Obama become the next president of the United States and realizes there are passionate feelings that remain among many of her supporters.” Strand said that no decisions have been made (about whether Sen. Clinton’s name should be placed in nomination) but, when they are, “they will be made collaboratively with Senator Clinton and her staff, the DNC and Senator Obama’s campaign.”

    Ultimately, the candidate and his top aides get to decide who speaks and when. The Obama campaign has to weigh the potential disturbances Clinton supporters might stage if he denies her a roll-call vote. There are Internet rumblings about a march on or during the convention by disaffected Clinton Democrats.

  133. Breeze, that’s why Hillary stays in. She knows, as do we, that Obama is unelectable. It won’t be much fun to watch Obama get humiliated by his exposed scandals and his loss, as either candidate will be ushering in the new US Dark(er) Ages when he gets into office.

  134. About Bayh:
    7 Democrats cosponsored the AUMF in the Senate: Evan Bayh (IN), John Edwards (NC), Mary
    Landrieu (LA), Max Baucus (MT), John Breaux (LA), Tim Johnson (SD), Zell Miller (GA), Joe
    Lieberman (CT) (original sponsor)

    From http://www.dcfordemocracy.org/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/iraq1.pdf

  135. Bill – if you know where all of the bodies are hidden, email me.

  136. There is a profound difference in “running as an independent” and “starting an independent party” to compete with the Republican and Democratic party. That is what should happen after this election if Hillary is not the nominee. This will take a lot of effort and hard work for a centrist coalition party. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if (with the help of Lou Dobbs), Bill & Hillary, Bloomberg, Harold Ford and like-minded individuals who know how to get this done come together and officially form such a registered party? The party could then raise money and run candidates for local, house, senate, and presidential races. This is the only thing that will save America from this f*cking nightmare Obama has caused. As the captain says in Star Trek, #2 make it so. Like Obama I’M BLACK!!

  137. Not to sound strident, but I think that Obama/Winfrey would reflect more of where the power is. Why don’t we hear from that woman and where REALLY has she gotten all that money? (Just for having a TV show???)

  138. Breaking Poll McCain Takes The Lead

    Released: August 04, 2008 McCain 42%, Obama 41% as Undecided Voters Increase

    Obama loses support among his strongest demographic groups

  139. madamab.. Obama personaly didn’t purge a Hillary delegate but the DNC did it for him when they found out Hill delegate Debra Bartoshevich wanted to support Hillary at the Convention.

    I believe she was on Hannity as well as on NO WE WON’T 2 Sundays ago.

    we have a little blurb here. This is definitely PUMA business!


  140. Team,
    Check out http://texasdarlin.wordpress.com/. The Birth Certificate is an absolute forgery and they now know who the real name on the original Certificate of Live Birth is.

    Get yourselves some popcorn and watch Obama implode.

    This is not just a smoking gun…this is an RPG ON FIRE!!!

  141. Does it really matter which Dem gets the post. The congress is the real issue here. To date they show no signs of backing a Dem platform and changing the course, as promised.

    Do you really believe “old school” Dem’s are going to let him lead? So far it’s just changing the frosting on the same cake.
    Don’t think a minute Hilary would be better, she knows full well when push comes to shove, her own party would leave her out to dry on a island, they have already proven that.

  142. Now that Pampers has contacted the Credentials Committee demanding that the delegations be seated fully, Hillary would be wise to go before the Credentials Commitee and demand that her delegates be returned, and the uncommitted delegates be seated as uncommitted. Even if she gets the nomination, that dangerous precedent cannot stand, otherwise there is no point in voting in future Democratic Party primaries.

    The Democratic Party can’t be destroyed. It died on May 31,2008.

  143. Hilary shouldn’t leave the party. It’s Obama that should leave. After this election, whether Obama wins or lose, we’ll purge the Democratic party of Axelrod, Dean, Brazille, Pelosi, and all of those people. Or if we can’t do that, we’ll take over the Republican party.

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