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Follow Up X 3 – Obama’s Gesture – Too much, too little, and waaay too late

Riverdaughter & MadamaB said what I wanted to say in a more eloquent fashion than I would at this point (*$%^$(*$#&#^!!!), so I’ll let the following speak for me:  

UPDATE: A big sombrero tip to LetFreedomRing & Pat Johnson for mentioning this: Obama’s picking and choosing his own FL delegates.

Democratic National Committeeman Jon Ausman of Tallahassee, a super delegate supporting Clinton, had warned that party unity would suffer in November if Obama purged too many of the at-large and party officer delegates. Tallahassee City Commissioner Allan Katz and Kirk Wager, a Miami attorney who is Obama’s national finance chairman, said there were longtime Obama supporters who deserved to be delegates but did not make the list chosen by the state party in post-primary caucuses.

(Email and name were edited by me.)

266 Responses

  1. Thanks, SM. I was just about to make my lunch but I suddenly lost my appetite at the sound of the giddiness contained in this letter. Obama “giving” you back your right as a voter is just too much to digest all at once. I think a Bufferin will suffice.


    From Hillary’s 18 Million….

    Some fools have created a “spam” or spoof version of The Denver
    Group’s website, and people can easily end up there instead of the
    actual site. This is definitely being done to hamper their ability to
    fundraise (that’s bad), but it means they are making people
    genuinely nervous (and that’s good!)

    Please spread the word of the spoof, and put their proper URL


  3. Pat – now you see what I can’t write about it – I’m too (*^#(^$#_(^*%#!!!!!!!!

  4. It actually says Dear Abused Floridian 1/2 voter….OMG. Acknowledge abuse, but go back to the abuser. Sick, sick, sick.

    I really do hope all of these folks have nightmares of PUMAs behaving like the video GCH and Mawm made at the zoo. We call always tell those afflicted by the nightmares that we are not responsible for the actions of our totem power animal – it’s behavior is its own.

  5. Delphine – I added that part. It had my “real world” name there.

  6. The only good news coming out today is that Brad and Angelina’s babies are beautiful! Other than that, the crap that is handed out to us is nothing more than the same old, same old. Obama, 24/7.

  7. LOL – that’s your login name? How brilliant. You must capture all of the bulls*&t, er, I mean, emails that come your way as they will be priceless!

  8. Shainzona – hi! No, I edited the graphic – it had my real world name & email – but it’s just the same.

    Too much too little too late to ever try agaaaaain….

  9. Thanks, SM – I should have known your “real” name would be there – but the substitution is so accurate! Nothing and everything shocks me these days.

  10. Can I just say how much I loooooove seeing the Big Dawg make reporters sound, and look, like they possess the brains of a lobotomized gerbil. And he makes it look sooo easy too. Ah, a leader with intelligence, tremendous insight not to mention humanity. And to think, Hillary’s the only other person who could top him. Boy did the “D” Party FUBAR — big time.

  11. edwardian: And he looked like he was trying awfully hard to keep that famous temper intact. Love him!

  12. Bayh was to have been Hillary’s VP. This guy is such a “me,

  13. Edwardian is there a link you can recommend for me to read Big Dawg’s story?

    I’m just too disgusted with everything right now, I can’t bear to click on anything that’s not “PUMA” approved.

  14. CB: Have you ever known Obama to do anything original? I can just hear his whine, “if Hillary wanted him then I want him toooooooooooooooooo.”

  15. O-BAYH-humbug!.

  16. Thanks SM for sharing that, I unsubscribed from Thurman’s email last March because she seemed to be excusing Obama’s behavior in respect to Floridians Votes.
    This too seems to be a skewed email which tries to rewrite what actually happened.

    McCain sent out an email today, offering a tire pressure gague which has “Obama’s energy plan”
    written on the side. LOL!


  17. PAt – he’s Veruca Salt (Willie Wonka spoiled brat)

  18. Great post, SM! Too much, too little, too late is puuuurrrrrrfect.

    I wonder if HuffPoop is right. There was a “scoop” about McCain’s VP that didn’t pan out too.

    Bayh to me doesn’t change a thing. Hillary or bust.

  19. LetFreedomRing: LOL, that tire gauge is a great idea!

    I didn’t unsubscribe from the FL Dem emails, since I do plan to support down ticket Dems, but this letter was just *&%(%(&%(%!!!!!

  20. This is like the abusing husband, who has just whooped his wife’s ass, saying Im sorry baby, it won’t happen again. He is such an asshole

  21. SM: Veruca Salt is the perfect analogy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whine, whine, whine. And to Daddy Axelrod: Get it for me. Now!

  22. You can’t un-cheat, unless you forfeit. I’m still waiting…

  23. Great song…and it suits the Pumas’ feelings these days. We can’t forget:

    “She’s likeable enough”
    “The claws come out” (BHO should use for Pumas!)
    “Periodically, when she feels down, she attacks….”
    “the Snub”
    “Obama gives Hillary the Finger” youtube BHO qualifications for presidency clearly depicted.
    “Ludicras is great talent and a friend of mine” (congrats on further your choice friends)
    “Bernie Mac, just messing with you, man…it’s okay what you said about “mothers and sisters” being “whores” (Ho’s)!!!!

    Now that’s Change we can say: IT’S OVER with relish!

    Now, Barry go back to the Political sewers of Chicago where rats like you thrive!

    PUMAS, let ’em hear you roar!

  24. prplvette85: Don’t leave out: I only did it for your own good.

  25. Pat – his ability to call them on their B.S., without flinching a muscle is simply BRILLIANT. Can’t say I blame them for hating him the way the do. It must be maddening for all those stuck-up “elitist” wannabe journos to find yourself intellectually dwarfed by a “Bubba” who grew up the hard way. Gotta love it. I know I do. LOL!

  26. SM,
    I just could not stomach Thurman’s spin on events.
    IMHO she is a history revisionist. Sharpton and Obama’s lawyers stopped the Florida revote. Karen seems to think it was Hillary’s fault.


    Nelson is the only FL dem I still support.

  27. I did not think it was possible to be any more angry about this election. I am absolutely livid about this latest stunt.

    Where can I sign up for one of those tire gauges?


  28. Pat: yes, and the will you forgive me bs too.

  29. “Edwardian is there a link you can recommend for me to read Big Dawg’s story?”

    sm – President Clinton was on this morning’s Good Morning America, being “interviewed” by Kate Snow. I believe it’s a two-part feature which will continue on tomorrow’s program. Try their site, it should be up by now, I think.

  30. MadamaB, nothing like a schmaltzy 80s ballad to define my disgust with the “Gesture!”

    PrplVette: Yep, after he breaks your face and puts you in the hospital, oooh baby – I’m sorry!

    Pat: I want it’s nooooow daddy! It’s mine!

  31. Thank’s Edwardian!

  32. can anyone explain why the h*ll this desperately upbeat e-mail thanks everyone under the sun EXCEPT Hillary Clinton — who is, after all, the person Florida Dems overwhelmingly voted to be our nominee, and the only Dem who could carry the state?

  33. Do they really think they can bamboozle them twice? They are out of their freakin minds.


  34. I find Barak Obama’s sudden generosity to be disingenuous. If he wanted the full delegation seated, he should have advised Howard Dean and the DNC when Hillary was still in the race. It is easy for him to call for unity now that he is the “PRESUMED” nominee. Sen. Obama is one of the worst candidates the DNC has pushed down our throats. The DNC should have seated the full delegation when it had the chance and it is not up to Barak Obama to make the rules. Where was Howard Dean and why was he cowering and stumbling on television that it was up to the parties? Barak Obama refused to seat the delegates because it would have put Sen. Clinton ahead of him in delegates. I can emphatically tell you if Hillary Clinton is not the nominee, I will vote for John McCain because of the un-Democratic Party’s incompetence. Sen. Obama will never win and our country will suffer because of the Party’s inaction when Hillary Clinton is the best qualified candidate to lead this county forward. Shame on all of you for allowing this to happen!

  35. From Audacity Watch

    Obama displays the following behaviors, which are among the hallmarks of pathological narcissism:

    Subtly misrepresents facts and expediently and opportunistically shifts positions, views, opinions, and “ideals” (e.g., about campaign finance, re-districting). These flip-flops do not cause him overt distress and are ego-syntonic (he feels justified in acting this way). Alternatively, reuses to commit to a standpoint and, in the process, evidences a lack of empathy.

    Ignores data that conflict with his fantasy world, or with his inflated and grandiose self-image. This has to do with magical thinking. Obama already sees himself as president because he is firmly convinced that his dreams, thoughts, and wishes affect reality. Additionally, he denies the gap between his fantasies and his modest or limited real-life achievements (for instance, in 12 years of academic career, he hasn’t published a single scholarly paper or book).

    Feels that he is above the law, incl. and especially his own laws.

    Talks about himself in the 3rd person singluar or uses the regal “we” and craves to be the exclsuive center of attention, even adulation

    Have a messianic-cosmic vision of himself and his life and his “mission”.

    Sets ever more complex rules in a convoluted world of grandiose fantasies with its own language (jargon)

    Displays false modesty and unctuous “folksiness” but unable to sustain these behaviors (the persona, or mask) for long. It slips and the true Obama is revealed: haughty, aloof, distant, and disdainful of simple folk and their lives.

    Sublimates aggression and holds grudges.

    Behaves as an eternal adolescent (e.g., his choice of language, youthful image he projects, demands indulgence and feels entitled to special treatment, even though his objective accomplishments do not justify it).

  36. It is time for the FL and MI delegates to go to Denver and put Hillary over the line. She won, with the FL and MI delegates counting, let’s give BO his payback.

  37. JB – BINGO!!! I’m too mad, just too POed to say another word. Hillary won our state – there’s a link floating around that Obama chnaged six delegates out in Ft. Lauderdale.

  38. PUMA’s are roaring!!! PUMA

  39. Let us not forget, he did file a lawsuit, not to seat the delegates, he just dropped it what…a month ago, if that? What I find really amazing, is he must really think, that we must be so old, that we have memory lapse…..or that we will just forgive and forget, as if none of this primary season really happened, a bad dream perhaps? Let’s start over? WTF…I am so pissed, my Italian is coming out….got to go pace and have a cig….at work, cant scream!

  40. Why not just cut to the chase. Start out each letter from the Obama campaign along the lines of :

    Hello You Moron:
    Dear Fool:
    How’s It Going Dopey:
    My Fellow Idiot:
    Dear Deadender:
    To My Low Information Constituent:
    Hi Grandma:

    Quit the niceties and tell us what you really think. I for one would have more respect that the condescending crap oozing out of the meaningless salutations.

  41. Mary, problem is, he already replaced Hillary delegates in FL with his own. It is only now that he feels safe “allowing” the full seating, because he has again gamed the system.

  42. SM-I signed up to get email updates from them a while ago and let them have it as well.

    Seriously, they are messing with the wrong people.

  43. Aloha PUMA: we’ve been saying it here too! Bostonboomer did a great psychoanalysis about his narcisstic complex.

    LAdyHawke: AMEN!

    Mary: THat’s what PUMA & Just say no deal, Denver Group are really fighting hard for – to make sure delegates get the chance to roll call and vote on the ballot for Hillary.

  44. Remember the horses head in the Godfather? How about we send a live fish on ice, so when he opens it it flip flops all over the place?

  45. PUMA-SF!!!! I heard you and SImofish yesterday – loved to hear your voices!!

  46. I beleive it may have something to do with we democrats who have refused to hand over money to our loocal politicians as a result of how we were treated by the DNC plus Obama immediately (within a couple of days) began replacing delegates that belonged to Clinton with delegates who promised they would vote for Obama if a vote came up at the convention. Once again, we feel violated. Where is the media telling the country that we are going to count after all. The media that never considered our votes when counting delegates and states won leading up to the end of the Primary season. Yes, I’m talking to you Chris Mathews and MSNBC, CNN. Now, in the Ft. Lauderdale and Miami area, the FCC has granted Newsweek/Post Co. bid to own 2 of our major TV affiliates. NBC and ABC local affiliates will now be owned by the same company. Thats not supposed to happen but because our Spanish language stations have such big numbers, they didn’t consider ABC and NBC to be major conglomerates. They looked at viewer numbers for stupid times like in the AM hours. We’re losing the fight with the corporate media little by little.

  47. So is the whole florida delegation voting for Obama?

    If so then I have one thng to say…


    Florida supported Hillary by 20 pts-if the delegation doesnot support her whole heartedly YOU SUCK!


  48. prplvette85: May I recommend the shark? Travels well.

  49. About those delegates in FL: The story linked in LetFreedomRing’s post seems to say that Obama’s OWN delegates were replaced. Obama tried to do the same thing in California, but the FanBoyz screamed and he took it back.

    Hillary’s delegates remain her own, unless I am misreading the story.

  50. Hey, thanks. It was really a thrill to be on the show. I loved your call to Ed as well. He really sounds like a great guy. If we can get rid of Kerry and then Pelosi we will really have a reason to celebrate. Well, right after Hillary wins the nomination and is sworn in as President.

  51. madamab,

    My understanding is the Florida delegates were either replaced, or brow beat into supporting Obama.

    Much like the Cauci around the country.

  52. Pat, yes it does, but then I might get arrested for a threat lol…..perhaps a live catfish with some arugula on the side….lol, since the catfish eats scum, if you catch my drift lol

  53. Just sent my Fl. letter back with comments. What fun that was!!! They must truly think we are idiots.

  54. Death to the Florida state democratic party I hope Nancy P is Minority Leader after nov 4th the Party Sucks big time I hope Obama is humiliated…I did not get this letterglad i did not…


  55. Hilbuzz news: looks like it might be Bayh

  56. Re Obama and delegates:

    First get mad, then get even.


  57. LetFreedomRIng, Madamab’s right, but you also have a point too.

    I believe Obama’s changing delegates whose loyalty he can either $$$$ or blackmail.

  58. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/nathaniel-bach/big-tent-re-opens-obama-c_b_96181.html

    Wow, thanks for telling us about his antics. Party Reform
    must include, electing delegates by the voters (accountability)
    and it must be via regular voting not this write it on a napkin,
    we ran out of form (paper sheets). Counting must be done
    by the elections department.

    Obama will seat Michigan and Florida…with his people…the

    Riverdaughter needs to do another play on him talking about
    how he is going to do it…

    No fools here… No Deal: I’m Looking Through You


    Donna Brazile speaking of how to ‘give’ them vote?!?

    “Everyone showed their hand”…


  59. Old Coastie – BAYH-humbug!

  60. I don’t understand the point of announcing a VP choice now, unless it’s to shut up the people who want him to choose Hillary.

  61. Bayh won’t do much for Princess O.

  62. OOops..
    Donna Brazile speaking of how to ‘give’ them votes?!?
    (‘them’ are the Michigan and Florida voters)

  63. Obama flips again:

    Barack Obama unveiled another shift in his energy policy Monday, reversing his opposition to tapping the nation’s strategic petroleum reserve as a means of lowering gasoline prices.

    who wants to bet that by the end of the week he’ll be calling for a gas tax holiday too. He gets more repulsive each day…

  64. plural: “I don’t understand the point of announcing a VP choice now, unless it’s to shut up the people who want him to choose Hillary.”

    Something to quickly usurp all this wacky talk of “poll numbers”. Can’t have folks believing BO’s unelectable. That’s bananas!

  65. I have nothing at all against Bayh, but he has been in the Senate for longer than Hillary, and his father was a Senator for almost 20 years.

    If Hillary was supposedly unacceptable for reasons of experience and “dynasty,” why is Bayh ok?

  66. When are people, who know better, gonna stop pretending BO’s really “smart”? That crap isn’t even funny anymore.

  67. Because Baby Bayh has a weeeenus.

  68. regencyg, lol.

  69. Aww, Evan’s given name is Birch Evans Bayh III. That is kind of cute. Like I said, I’m a sucker for a cute politician. And no, I still won’t vote for him but you know cute!!!

  70. Gary – he’s cobbling together the best of McCain’s and Hillary’s plans and pretending he thought of everything first.

    Paging Emil Jones…Emil Jones to the microphone please….

  71. I said Bayh a long time ago because this would be a further humiliation to HRC. When will you people listen that it’s time to just stop trying to change the DNC and move on to the next stage.

  72. regencyg – Of course that’s why it’s Bayh. Also, the man is a safe white politician from the Midwest. Obama thinks he’s going to do well in the West and South.

    Plus, he’s so nondescript, he won’t eclipse Oba-moi.

  73. uh, ben carlson, did you see my post earlier today?

    I’m with ya, buddy.

  74. madamab, that is his MO. He copies everything from his opponents, so he can say, “Hey, we are virtually identical in every way”, except I am younger and black, and way cooler than the others. If you don’t vote for me, you aren’t cool, and I bet you are a ra*ist too!”.

  75. And I’ve been also saying that we shouldn’t ask for a convention vote because it will be rigged to humiliate HRC. She would be smart not to put her name in nomination.

  76. “I said Bayh a long time ago because this would be a further humiliation to HRC.”

    More like humiliating and embarrassing themselves. HRC will be just fine.

  77. I predicted Bayh awhile back. It makes perfect sense. He will give Obama a great shot at taking Indiana, he has the experience Obama lacks, but he will never be too out there about flaunting his experience, he is handsome if not especially charming. And most important to Obama and his ego, he will not upstage Obama in any way. Also, it works for Bayh whether Obama wins or loses. I think we have seen a lot of VP candidates pull their names because it would harm their careers to see Obama lose, but not so in Bayh’s case. He has all the right credentials to be running for President, but he lacks the name recognition. If Obama wins, he is young enough that he is the shoe in for 2016, if Obama loses, he gets a leg up to run in 2012…it works for him either way…

    For me, it does nothing. I like Bayh and I would vote for him, but having Bayh on the ticket does not give Obama the qualifications or the character that he so sorely lacks.

  78. ben – If it’s going to be rigged, we will know in advance. Right now, it’s set to be rigged. HRC herself said as much. And, she’s okay with that at the moment.

    But it doesn’t have to stay that way.


  79. I like Bayh but not as BO’s VP!..Bayh was a gov. as well as a senator…he has more experience than even Hillary…

    If Bayh were at the top of the ticket, then that is a different matter…

    So Bayh as VP is an insult to me!!!

  80. Isn’t this about the time of year when Bill picked Gore? and didn’t Bill pick a senator from a neighboring state? Alphabetically, Indiana comes after Illinois in state names. He needs that midwestern family image beside him to alleviate the elitist claims. That’s all this is about.

  81. I’ve heard that some delegates who are union members and who have credentials
    are being threatened by Obama supporters. Is it possible that sitting the
    full Florida and Michigan delegation is to have Obama win big on the second,
    if not first ballot so all of those paid-off super delegates won’t be deciding
    on the nominee? Those who spouted that O supporters would
    burn down Denver (was that Donna Bazille?) if the supers decided the nominee, won’t have the supers to blame if they decide.

    There won’t be any vote unless it is rigged for the second ballot to swing it
    to the Precious Prom Queen. After that happens, McCain wins.

  82. Mawm: Here’s barack Obama’s other MO, his alter ego, Miss Veruca Salt:

    “I WANT IT NOOOOOW, daddy!!!”

  83. Have you guys seen this interview with Bill?


  84. ben said:

    “And I’ve been also saying that we shouldn’t ask for a convention vote because it will be rigged to humiliate HRC. She would be smart not to put her name in nomination.”

    well then we have another example of them cheating…win/win for us

  85. When The Precious loses the general election, how about this for a headline: “Bayh Bayh, Barack!”

  86. Also, why did Obama benefit from affirmative action? Is it intended for
    children who are raised by middle-class whites in Hawaii? Was having an African exchange-student father rationale for a scholarship to a prestigious prep school in Honolulu? His mother may
    have taken food stamps while working on her Ph.D. when her stipend was
    poverty line. I lived way below the poverty line when I was in college.
    It is hard to believe that
    her bank V.P. mother would have let them starve.

  87. Loved the interview with Bill. He doesn’t let the interviewer get away with anything.

  88. It wouldn’t matter to me who his V.P. chose is, hes not my choice, I will not support the undemocratic party, now after it has been purged of undemocratic supporters than perhaps they might support some of the things that our party platform has always stood for like working families.

    Country before Party

  89. Well if we are down to choosing candidates who are “handsome” McCain needs to announce Romney as his. Make this another contest for “America’s Top Model”. This will really get those 20 something’s all fired up.

  90. plural – I agree! That “some of your supporters say” crap was completely debunked.

    Bill is about 40x as smart as that condescending b*8ch. Obviously she’s used to dealing with morons like Obama and friends. 😉

  91. PJ – Those shoulders on Mitt Romney! Ooooh, you could land a 747 on them!

    Imagine the thrill Tweety would get up his leg with that ticket!

    BTW – Huckabee has a lot more support in the Party than Romney. I wonder if McCain will try to energize his base, or the PUMAs?

  92. PUM-SF, thank you for thr Bill Clinton Interview!!!!

    BIG DAWG pwned the interviewer AND Jim Clyburn. GOOD.

    Lyn5: LOL! “Bayh Bayh, Barack!” sounds like a scared chicken sound.

  93. Have you seen this ad being run against Steve Cohen (D-TN) by his primary opponent, Nikki Tinker? I was shocked…if this gets national attention, it will be very bad for the Obama campaign, I think…just elevates the whole race baiting issue to another level…


    (Cohen is the one who made that horrible statement about Hillary being like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction)

  94. Someone please wake me when this nightmare is over! McCain-Obama…two of the worst candidates ever. And no stars in the other breakoff parties. Oy vey!

  95. In the ABC video Bill Clinton says, “Everyone has a right to run for President who qualifies according to
    the Constitution.”

    Gee, why is that birth certificate posted by the Obama campaign one that has been altered? It was actually the birth certificate of a female whose name will
    be revealed. See No Quarter/Texas Darlin’.

  96. JJ: One thing this election season has shown us, you can now stoop to any level as long as you can win. The lower you go, the better for you in the long run. Decency, civility, and truth have all but dissolved in front of our eyes. Playing the ra*ce card is a sure bet.

  97. Pat, Bill really must be a PUMA at heart…but you know what, they would have attacked him no matter what he said. Had he turned around and told them that of course Obama was ready to be President, they would have taken clips during the primaries and talked about how Bill was just lying to help his wife or whatever…he can’t win with the press, and I am glad he is putting fools like Kate Snow in their place and answering as honestly as he can…

  98. pat, did you read the comments on that article?

    I now know that despising Slick Willy is the proper response to him and his pig wife.

    obots….very classy!!!!

  99. regency:
    not just a weeenus, but a white weeenus, because, you know, that’s just so comforting to all us old folks.

  100. Bill and Hillary know that Obama is going to lose in a huge landslide and they don’t want to have the stink of THAT anywhere near them. Good for Bill!!!!

  101. The headline on that Daily News story is really a stretch from what he said.

  102. Mawn – hey are you around? This is not on topic, but I have a lot of trouble keeping up around here!

    Yesterday I brought up the issue of humor and you noted it would be a good idea for Denver. I wasn’t able to get back to you on that thought, but I *strongly* agree.

    As my thoughts have developed over this month, I think that humor is one of the best ways to communicate PUMa. It tells the truth and gets a laugh – haven’t we all learned that from the Daily Show and Colbert report? This place alone is dripping with wits.

    Some of the most rofl moments I can think of around here that would translate well to skits or youtube would be – BO jeopardy, the list some posters were developing last week (can’t remember) that was a questionnaire for BO supporters, then short classic jokes like knock knocks (if one was doing a ‘show, the one liners could be quick riffs between skits like on the old Laugh-In). And what about JohninCA’s raps?

    imo the humor tack is working for McCain and it can work for PUMA. The MSM is too ‘whatever’ right now. And, thinking back, in the early Bush days the MSM was too ‘whatever’ then too. Don’t folks remember how in the early days (hard as it is to believe now) it was Not Done to laugh at W? There’s so much talent just on this site. One could comb through comments and come up with great bytes.

    Anyway, I was hoping to be able to come to the conference coming up to promote this theme, but got shut out on registration. I am really hoping others headed to Denver will run with it. But especially beyond.

    Despite what may be lost in Denver, there is a lot that can be gained for PUMAs in Denver to carry forward beyond.

    For PUMA, I think it is important to be thinking short term, medium term and long term, and have objectives at each stage.

    This year it is obvious that long term objectives from the a dem faction are coming to fruition, and that this year the DNC got married to the Chicago Machine and set up housekeeping together. Since the Chicago Machine is clearly abusive, I think it won’t be a happy marriage, but that is neither here nor there to this Independent.

  103. The first sentence of that letter, show us it’s SARCASU

  104. The first sentence of that letter, shows us it’s SARCAM at it’s height. ……………IT’S A JOKE……….right ???

  105. sarcasm

  106. gary: Those comments make me ill. Bill Clinton has his flaws but he left this country in such good shape following his 8 yrs as president. The morons who insist on using that type of portrayal are exactly the ones Axelrod is depending upon to pull this idiot over the finish line. Low information voters who do not possess even a facile of history but are willing to shoot their big mouths off. Pathetic.

  107. The Democratic Party is indeed a joke.

  108. Hillary-zila: It is. SM blocked out her name and address with this salutation.

  109. Pat J: Remember these are the same people who were overjoyed when Bill’s plane had to make an emergency landing, wishing that it had crashed instead.

  110. I believe that this race in the general will be close.If Bayh delivers Indiana that could be enough to give Obama the election as long as they win PA & MI also. If McCain takes either MI or PA, I don’t think Obama can pull it off.

  111. Anyone up for a group singalong to wish Backtrack a Happy Birthday? Just asking.

  112. The media counts on people reading a headline and nothing else. The slimey commenters should try reading the story — This is hardly a slap at Obama:

    “You can argue that nobody is ready to be President, the former President told ABC.

    “I certainly learned a lot about the job in the first year,” Clinton said from Rwanda. “You can argue that even if you’ve been vice president for eight years, that no one can be fully ready for the pressures of the office.”

  113. Puma-SF: It’s a damn shame when Bill Clinton has to defend himself on GMA this morning and say that he is not a racist. Well, I’m glad Bill is coming out to say this right after McCain called out Obama for using the race card. Now more people can connect the dots and realize that Obama and his surrogates have used to race card long before last week. I hope that Bill speaking out about the way he was attacked during the primaries only makes things worse for the Obama campaign. They deserve the backlash when Clinton Democrats vote against Obama in the poll booth.

  114. PA is not going for Obama–that is Clinton country. MI seems like a pipedream to me. Maybe those are my false consensus instictints talking, but he has alienated a lot of people.

  115. finally went to see that gma interview. The GMA person is way, way over her head and doesn’t know how to tread water, that’s for sure. Think she was in a state of shock before the end.

  116. Everyone do your PUMA Prowl if you have not. We’re getting the message from the DNC receptionist again that Hillary will formally put her name in nomination but we want multiple confirmations to hold them to.

  117. News about the polls, and keeping up with backtrack Barry. Super’s are you watching?

  118. The Denver Groups next AD should be.


  119. Loved it when Big Dawg said Clyburn “used to be” his friend.
    Obama supporters cynically painting the Clintons (!) as r*cist to peel AA voters away from the real Democrat in the race is the second reason why I can’t vote for BO.
    The first is the vote rigging by the Democratic Party right in front of our faces!

  120. Several weeks ago, someone at NQ was posting


  121. Pat – thanks for that link. Man, I still love me some Bill Clinton!

    Now, a link on that page caught my attention: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/2008/08/03/2008-08-03_running_mate_stock_rises_for_democrat_ev.html

    It has nothing to do with Bayh and everything to do with Cantor being on the short list for McCain. It would probably be the most brilliant choice he could make for VP. He’s palatable to conservatives, and would allow traditionally Democratic Jews to vote for McCain with a clear conscience, especially in Florida, where a lot of older Jews still haven’t gotten past 2000 Gore/Lieberman.

  122. Okay, I wondered what Cantor could possibly bring to the ticket. Now, why is Pelosi pushing some obscure Congressman from Crawford, fer chrissakes?

  123. Bill we love ya! If Bill hadn’t cleared up the deficit to ZERO
    in the prior administration we would be in a ‘Depression’
    under George Bush Jr.!

    Bill, you were a great leader and one that knew the
    ECONOMY, and we will wait for another good leader
    again, even if its until 2012! Bill said Hillary was the
    best candidate he ever campaigned for and we agree!

  124. So, who here has lost friends over this?

    My closest friend, Rex, has a woman friend that I have known and held in esteem for decades. She’s a vibrant, lovely woman with impeccable manners and judgement (or so I thought). We’ve always had a lovely time together and there has never been a harsh word over the years. Last night, she called me a “dumb bitch” to our mutual friend for not supporting Obama. What is that?

    This is what sociopaths do – they split families and friends apart. The fact that Obama has so thoroughly divided the Democratic party and that his supporters feel so free to treat their fellow party members with such vituperation is all the evidence you need that he is not going anywhere positive. These supporters have invested so much in him and he is going to wring them dry before they finally drop him. Hopefully, it will happen before November though I do not see, should he receive the nomination, how he could win the election.

  125. Charles: Coming from you – I’m triple honored. Thank you!

    Is it too early for a Drambuie shot? (hee-hee!)

  126. Lori – some people I just can’t talk to about the election. Periphery politics, yeah, but not this.

    Coincidentally, I’m listening to “Defying Gravity” from Wicked and it’s about the time when to friends take different political–and life–paths. Elphaba refuses to apologize for offending the wizard while G(a)linda essentially sucks up to him.

  127. “So, who here has lost friends over this?” – Lori
    Yup, my invites are down, must folks know I don’t want
    words, I want to see his record and his position (that is hard
    since he keeps flip flopping).

  128. Regency–mawm and I just saw Wicked on Broadway in Feb. It was great….ooops did I just leak that I was in NYC??? I think we even had lunch one day on the upper east side….

  129. Typical Obama. He knows 70% of americans want drilling off shore.

    Obama: I AM FOR OFF SHORE DRILLING…….(maybe)…..(conditionally).

    Covering all bases……………got’ch

  130. You’re welcome. He is pissed and he will get his revenge. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say after the election is over.

    Check this out. This is from the woman who wrote the article about Karl Rove and Donna B:


  131. regencyg,
    “For Good” makes me cry.

    I think everyone here has changed me “For Good”.

  132. I love that adorable Jacob Bodner on the video. A real cutie patootie! And has his facts right at his fingertips.

  133. we had a party in feb w/all my old friends from college…mawm and I were supporting Hill, everyone else O….we haven’t been invited to another party since 😦

  134. That’s it, Gary – you and Mawm are part of the Evil Manhattanite PUMA Cabal! 🙂

    Seriously – next time you come, look me up. I’d love to meet you in person!

    I have almost lost my entire immediate family because of Barack Obama. Nice, huh?

  135. My Dad supports Obama, and I haven’t talked to him since RBC. He thinks RBC was fair and went overboard to accomodate Hillary.

  136. GCH: Wicked owns my life. I have the recording from the original cast. There is nothing like Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth. *wibb*

    Mawm: I had to stop myself from listening to “For Good” last night. I listened to it June 6th and had the worst crying jag. You’ve changed all of us, too.

    GCH: It’s hard not to talk about politics with political junkies but I’ll be damned if I ever concede the point. I just want them to shut the f8987 up and let me eat cheesecake.

  137. madamab and reg, Mawm took me to NYC on valentines day weekend and we went and saw two plays (wicked and chorus line) and saw rufus wainwright in concert at Radio City….do I have an awesome boyfriend or what????

  138. Lori, on August 4th, 2008 at 4:03 pm Said: Edit Comment
    So, who here has lost friends over this?

    My closest friend, Rex, has a woman friend that I have known and held in esteem for decades. She’s a vibrant, lovely woman with impeccable manners and judgement (or so I thought). We’ve always had a lovely time together and there has never been a harsh word over the years. Last night, she called me a “dumb bitch” to our mutual friend for not supporting Obama. What is that?

    This is what sociopaths do – they split families and friends apart. The fact that Obama has so thoroughly divided the Democratic party and that his supporters feel so free to treat their fellow party members with such vituperation is all the evidence you need that he is not going anywhere positive. These supporters have invested so much in him and he is going to wring them dry before they finally drop him. Hopefully, it will happen before November though I do not see, should he receive the nomination, how he could win the election.


    Wow – people are just friggin crazy. So sorry to hear that!

  139. just received a plea for money from the BO/DNC (Washington, D.C.). This one has an arrow and asks us to put our own stamp on it. The papers was really cheap (not like the 4-color brochure BO for Amerika/Chicago last mailed me.
    My name was all over it. I had to cut out codes, my name twice, my address. It looks like a cut out. The envelope has a bar code that needed to be marked out.

    On the plea for money was something stupid like “We are the ones.” “It is our time.” was on the top.
    Mentioned PUMA and returned. Didn’t have any fake money.

  140. Bill Clinton lit up a room. Barack Obama lowers the lights.
    Bill Clinton was a wonk. Barack Obama is a wank.
    Bill Clinton could speak extemporaneously. Barack Obama relies on a teleprompter.
    Bill Clinton held your attention. Barack Obama brings out the cringe factor.
    Bill Clinton loved being among the people. Barack Obama is not a people person.
    Bill Clinton could expound on any issue. Barack Obama is at a loss.
    Bill Clinton cared. Barack Obama could give a sh*t.
    Bill Clinton considered the presidency a means to an end.
    Barack Obama considers the presidency the end to the means.
    Bill Clinton is not a ra&cist. Barack Obama is.
    Bill Clinton will always be loved. Barack Obama no so much.
    Bill Clinton was never arrogant. Barack Obama owns it.
    Bill Clinton was revered by the public. Barack Obama is not.
    Bill Clinton was never mean. Barack Obama is.


  141. Obama has united my family. There was one Republican. Now we are all on
    the same page for this election (although one write in for Hillary).

    NoBama ’08, NoBama Forever

  142. GCH: I’m jealous!

    Ugh, horrible news. I can’t come to Cali after all. It breaks my heart but it’s reality. Universities need to not lie to prospective students.

  143. Mawm rocks!

    Nice list, PJ. 🙂

  144. My circle, friends and family, cannot tolerate Obama but I feel for those people who are living with the division.

  145. Lori-I’ve lost a friend over NObama also. Knowing that she was his supporter, I asked if we could just stop talking politics for awhile. She continued to sing his praises but when I became extremely upset on May 31, she told me I had “serious issues” and needed to deal with it. I was so hurt! We haven’t spoken since and I blame Zero! Everything is his fault !! I miss Hillary!!

  146. Divide and conquer – The Obama Campaign. No stone or person left unturned. From a former 2x president to one of us.

  147. Mawm: Tell me how I have changed you?

  148. gary: Mawm sounds like a great boyfriend. signed, Jealous

  149. regencyg, on August 4th, 2008 at 4:16 pm Said:

    GCH: Wicked owns my life. I have the recording from the original cast. There is nothing like Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth. *wibb*

    Regency – it’s a great CD isn’t it? I was so fortunate to see the original cast in 2/04 – it was beyond fabulous. I’ve worn out 2 Wicked Tshirts and need a 3rd one. One of the comments from the group of little kids sitting in front of me was, “I’ll never look at the Wicked Witch again in the same way.” The little boy was so serious when he said it.

  150. Problem with Bayh is that if he wins that tips the balance in the Senate. He’s from a red state; what are the chances we’ve got a good dem to take his place. That said, he’s sort of right for a lefty frankly. Pro-war and pro-FISA. Eh. Cute yes, my favorite dem as the day goes on, no.

  151. Regency, if you are planning on post grad studies (which I certainly hope you are, given your natural talent for writing), don’t sweat where you do undergrad. just make sure that you make straight A’s, schmooze lots of profs, and start studying for the GRE now. You’ll probably end up with a free ride at one of top schools of your choice….

  152. Delphyne – I was just thinking of getting a Wicked hoodie. I want!

  153. With Pelosi pushing Chet Edwards as a VP pick, she just pretty much tells me it is ok to vote for a republican…

  154. PS, This is my reply to Karen Thurman’s email above:

    Sorry Karen, but it’s too much, too little, too late.

    Obama has not returned the 4 delegates from Michigan that the RBC STOLE from Hillary or all the uncommitted delegates and votes that did not belong to him or any candiadate for that matter. The damage has been done already.

    Is a bank robber suddenly innocent from robbing a bank if he returns most of the money? NO. He still should be punished for his crime. And so will Obama and the DNC will be punished by lifelong Democrats for vote stealing.

    He will never have my vote, nor will any Democrat who helped him cheat to steal the nomination.


  155. GCH: I already had a full-ride but they won’t take the college credit I’ve worked my ass off for for the last two years. That’s like 30+ hours of coursework. I just don’t think I want to do all that again. That kills me because I want to go there so badly, but I’m just so made because worked my ass of and they lied to me by saying they’d take the credit but then “refined” their position on the whole thing.

  156. go to the school that accepts the credit!!!! you’ll thank me later (carol, did you get the reference????)

  157. Pat, I look forward to reading your comments. When you are gone, because you need to take a break, I miss you and ask where you have been. I think collectively everyone here has changed me for the good, because I am no longer an armchair liberal, I am standing up for my rights. I will never go back to the way I was just yelling at the TV. No matter what happens in Denver or in November, I am going to fight to take back our Democracy. The people on the confluence have given me the support to feel like I am not alone, and there is a community of like minded people. Before this primary, I would read Dem blogs, but I never commented. I never participated. Now I know that there are human beings connected to each comment that appears. I knew this rationally, but I never really felt it before. Now, I feel like I have been touched by all the regulars here. I feel like you are my friends.

  158. Mawm – You have brought me to tears.

    I absolutely second your sentiments. I have been more of a participant than you in the past, but I have never encountered such a committed, serious group of people before I found the Confluence.

    Good thoughts and vibes to you all. 🙂

  159. Gary, Madamab, while sometimes being accused of having a geode instead of a heart, I second those emotions.

  160. MAWM: I’m not your friend. I’m your sister and you are my brother. Everyone here is family. Nuff said.

  161. oops, should have been Mawm instead of Gary — sorry.

  162. I just saw a comment at Tennessee Guerrilla Women that I thought you would all love seeing!

    Have you seen this ad being run against Steve Cohen (D-TN) by his primary opponent, Nikki Tinker? I was shocked…if this gets national attention, it will be very bad for the Obama campaign, I think…just elevates the whole r*ce baiting issue to another level…
    (Cohen is the one who made that horrible statement about Hillary being like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction)

    Woman Voter is the commenter. I just watched that vid and had a good laugh. Cohen’s primary opponent is throwing r*cism right back in Cohen’s face! Wait until this starts getting around – we’re going to see a lot more of these r*ce baiters getting their comeuppance.

  163. CD – Oh, my, GAWD! That is just priceless.

    Go, Nikki, Go!

  164. gary – I am brain dead today! Please explain.

  165. AP Headline:

    Obama touts plan to end imported oil reliance within 10 years

    Now, I understand when Obots say Hillary & Obama have the same policies. How was I to know he was going to steal all her brilliant and in-depth policies?

  166. “you’ll thank me later”–Adrian Monk

  167. Geez Louise, I wish I had been a fly on the wall when @#$* Cohen saw this ad.

  168. parentofed: His plan is the same as the Republicans. Open Anwar & offshore drilling.

    I wonder if Al Gore will have the COJONES to retract his “endorsement?” (crickets)

  169. I love my Monk. You should start watching The Closer tonight. It is the best thing on television.

    She is a flawed personality – loves chocolate, has a lot of neurosis. But, she is the closer as the deputy police chief because she so cleverly makes the bad guy confess. Great characters and acting.

  170. I love the Closer, Monk, Burn Notice, In Plain Sight and Psych.

    The USA Network is the place to be in the summer.

    And by the way, Carol – do you really think loving chocolate is the sign of a flawed personality? Cause if loving it is wrong, I don’t wanna be right! 🙂

  171. sm77: Yes, but the tapping of strategic oil reserves & 10 yr committment are Hillary’s, I’m pretty sure.

  172. It’s all about Psych and the Closer. Brenda Leigh Johnson–I don’t know a single Southerner who talks like that but whatever. I used to like Monk but I miss Sharona. I don’t like Burn Notice, though I’m glad to see they added Trisha Helfer to the cast. I’ve recently–see Saturday–fallen in love with the Cleaner with Benjamin Bratt. Off the chain!

  173. Obama is pulling out all the stops.

  174. sm77:
    whoops, hit submit too fast. I was going to add, Obama just uses whatever policy sounds good at any particular time, according to the polls. He’ll use anyone’s; he’s not picky, I’ll say that for him.

  175. I just read this over at NQ about Obama donors.

    I could not resist looking at the contribution data that i just downloaded from the FEC. Check these out:

    Good Will, Austin TX: $10,450
    Martin Dies, Austin TX: $13,800
    Rajeev Date, NY NY $20,700

    This is fun. Thousands of people in that file over the limit. Nice names, too, eh?

    Is anyone in the FEC awake?

  176. It was Hillary’s idea from the start, but she had long-term everything to go with it. He’s so late.

    “Me, too” is not a platform.

  177. MAWM: you and I are a lot alike. I did the same thing you did when I saw Obama on TV at the gym. I said, “I cant stand that guy,” The other person watching didn’t say much. I don’t think he much cared, but I always let me disdain be known. As for the issues of cell phones and polling: isn’t this what the Kerry people said back in 2004 that their voters weren’t being reached? Also, don’t polls weight for that type of thing. It’s not as if they just call 100 people with land lines and just stop and then apportion the votes out accordingly. There’s more to it than that. The democratic party has lost me at this point. This was a slow burn for me over the years. It started at the local level when I saw how nasty and hateful the democrats can be. They act just like republicans. My partner is a R and an elected official. And I’ve seen first hand the nastiness and the vitriol they can throw at a respected and accomplished person all because they want to gain power. I would vote more R locally and always D nationally. But now I see how horrible both sides really are and if the Ds are no better than the Rs I might as well go with those who are going to keep my taxes lower.

  178. Chocolate is not the flaw. I’m too tired today. I have to go take a power nap or I won’t be able to stay awake for The Closer.

  179. Ben, the cell phone thing is a ruse. They call cell phones for their polls too. If they didn’t , the results would even be more out of whack. Also, the excuse of not answering when they don’t know who it is, don’t people with land lines have that ability too? They are so clutching at straws. It is all about keeping the illusion going, but the wheels are coming off the bus. As their desperation grows, they are going to get even uglier.

  180. LetFreedomRing:
    Actually, the FEC is knocked out cold right now. Guess B0 is hoping that by the time, the FEC is working, he will be Prez and block any action against him.

  181. Murphy – just read your atticle. Please don’t call BO a “charismatic” anything. I’m pretty sure most of us that have been around the block see him for what he is – a snake in the grass, riding on the coattails of others.

    Hopefully, they just misquoted you!

    I love you anyway.


  182. you notice more often these days that the election is starting to enter the psyche of the general public. we need to expect his polling to go up and down accordingly. we can assume that he will refuse to debate if it will be to his advantage. and bayh is probably a good choice because he is non-threatening and is certainly the anti-rock star. and let’s face it we wouldn’t like anyone he picked and our concerns are far beneath those of the religious right at this point.

  183. ben carlson:

    The public is beginning to see more clearly that obama is loser and not good for america or americans.

  184. ben carlson:

    The public is beginning to see more clearly that obama is a loser and not good for america or americans.

  185. I am seeing Bayh’s name everywhere. I long said if BO doesn’t pick Hill, and since Strickland and Rendell took themselves out of the running, Bayh is his safest choice. Is that who he is going with?

  186. I did’nt get a chance to read all the posts, so forgive me “if” this was already said!
    YEAH, on the Bayh VP choice (if it happens).
    That’s who Hillary would have picked, so when Obama “TANKS”, we know Hillary could step right in & not have to “pick” her own VP!
    Obama did it for her.
    Thanks BO, your making this real easy.

  187. Obama is charismatic just like the homeless guy at courthouse park who preaches to the pigeons is charismatic.

  188. VP doesn’t matter much to the general public. It would have to be something radically different. It will be Bayh. Bayh has the image that Obama doesn’t have. If middle of america, middle of the road, Bayh thinks Obama is cool than everyone else should. But ultimately it does nothing.

  189. I love Johnny Mathias. Does that make me a r*cist?

  190. It makes you an “adult.”

  191. Carol: LOL!!!!

  192. myiq, I asked earlier post if you are going to go to DC. Hope your ideas post convention will be discussed. While working really hard between now and the convention we need to be prepared for all contingencies so we can maximize our strength.

    I have come to the painful conclusion that if Hillary is not the nominee I will vote for McCain. I would love to write in Hillary’s name but think it is important that B0 not just lose but lose BIG.

    I, too, am really looking forward to the moment BC can let lose on this election. Glad they asked him about Clyburn who kept saying he was uncommitted when his daughter was working for B0 and he was one of the ones casting aspersions (sp) on BC!!!! That was when I first went nuclear after watching the whole quotes in NH and SC and seeing how it was editted and classified!!!! B0 wouldn’t have won SC big without that and Edwards still in.

    As PRESIDENT Clinton said, we can’t live in the past

    but payback is a b!t*% I say

  193. Mawn, thank you for sharing your history. As a newbie, I have been so impressed with your work and those of others here. You all inspire me. If I ever regress to my naive state of mind again, I hope someone kicks me in the a$$

  194. Bye, bye barack…bayh, bayh barack!!!!!

  195. How the news media assisted the Pied Piper:


  196. nobomo, hope someone is making an extra poster for me for Denver. Just don’t think I can make it and love the slogan

  197. more americans thinkObama is racist than McCain:

    Sixty-nine percent (69%) of the nation’s voters say they’ve seen news coverage of the McCain campaign commercial that includes images of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton and suggests that Barack Obama is a celebrity just like them. Of those, just 22% say the ad was racist while 63% say it was not.

    However, Obama’s comment that his Republican opponent will try to scare people because Obama does not look like all the other presidents on dollar bills was seen as racist by 53%. Thirty-eight percent (38%) disagree.

    looks like somebody’s disgusting race-baiting is starting to backfire!

  198. “Andy Warhol said we all get our 15 minutes of fame,” says Barack Obama. “I’ve already had an hour and a half. I mean, I’m so overexposed, I’m making Paris Hilton look like a recluse.” – Barack Obama, in February 24th, Washington Post

    NOTE: So, it seems Obama played the Paris Hilton card himself – before being offended the GOP compared him to Hilton – exactly the way Obama compared himself to Hilton two years before. Sounds like the same flip-flopping blame game the world’s current megacelebrity’s been playing for months now.
    from Hillbuzz

  199. Carol: i’d vote for fag hag, but that’s cause I’ve spent way too much of my life in the french quarter

  200. obama’s charisma’s more like Urkel

  201. As far as the FL delegates are concerned Obama did replace some of his delegates. The main example was that he replaced one with one of our local county commissioners who was a BIG supporter. But from personal knowledge one candidate for office that was a big Hillary Clinton supporter changed to Obama for Dem support. If asked, that person will say that she did it cause she wants a Dem as President. But in previous conversations she stated that she needs party backing to win her election. Sad that she feels she cannot win without publically changing her support before the convention.

  202. As I’ve been saying, the OBORG is infiltrating my city of Akron as of late. And I just got my first call from one of his volunteers to tell me it’s Barack’s birthday!!! Boy, did she call the wrong number. “Liz from San Francisco” was way out of her league. She was willing to debate me for about 15 minutes and I told her how burned I was about his wanting to seat the delegations now from FL and MI. But she said she was really impressed by some of his accomplisments. I said, “Like community organizing?” She said, “yes, that shows he’s about bottom up government. I said that community organizing really must have been hard for him. Much harder than say….being locked in a Vietnemese POW camp for years. I did my shout out for Hillary but that fell flat. It finally ended with ABSOLUTELY UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL I VOTE FOR HIM and enjoy your stay in Akron.

  203. Oh, and get this, she compared Barack to Abraham Lincoln. You know…the 16th president didn’t have much experience either.

  204. McCain’s tire gauges —

    omg, I’m rotflmao. If only McCain weren’t anti-abortion, I might be able to vote for him. I love that they’re playing the humor game.

    In other news – yippeee! I got my PUMA bracelet today! I couldn’t put it on fast enough, even though I was by myself at the time and there was really no one around under whose nose I could wave it to entire them to ask me to explain PUMA.

  205. Valhalla — McCain’s already said he has no plans to overturn Roe and that he isn’t campaigning on Roe. He just isn’t interested in it.

  206. I should have just said I was undecided and then they would have wasted more phone calls and time on me. Darnit!

  207. Re: Karen Thurman
    I have been getting her e-mails even though I am not in Florida (something to do with an older election I contributed to). Karen has been great throughout the primaries and after (let’s get a big turnout, show the DNC we matter)
    The moneys must have kicked in right before the RBC – because as i was packing to go to DC, I got a letter from Karen: let by gones be by gones, let’s concentrate on beating McCain. Huh? One frigging day before RBC?

  208. hello all fuzzy back in fighting mode…


  209. I just received a call from someone conducting a poll.
    Question :
    As a registered voter have you been closely watching the election coverage? Yes

    Do you feel the coverage has been fair to both sides? No

    Do you feel that the coverage has been fair to Sen Obama?
    More than fair. Overdone as a matter of fact.

    Why do you say this? Because I am blasted by Obama 24/7 on all tv channels.

    Where do you get most of your news? the internet

    Do you have a favorite news channel? No longer.

    If the election were held tomorrow which candidate would you pick? Neither. I would only vote for HIllary Clinton.

    Dead silence. But you are planning on voting? Yes

    Dead silence. Then you are not voting for either candidate? Only downticket. And only those who are not publicly supporting Obama.

    Then you do not wish to vote for Sen Obama? Correct

    Dead silence. Then, thank you for your time.

    Have no idea who they were polling for but at least I could say no to Obama to somebody who asked.

  210. dakinikat – Pink Floyd my favorite. My husband made me listen to it in the 70’s and then I listened to it when my son was growing up – I learned to appreciate their talent the 2nd time around.

  211. Fuzzzzzzyyyyy

  212. a little song from the Obamanation…(to the tune of yes jesus loves me)

    Obama will protect me this I know
    for Obama tells me so
    every vote to him belong
    Obama’s right and all iothers are wrong

    yes obama loves me
    yes obama loves me
    yes obama loves me
    yes obama loves meeee, because the DNC tells me so

    thought this would perk everone up…Senator Blah?


  213. fuzzy – go to your room!

  214. pat do you think that was an obama driven poll? or possibly a push poll?

    wand Pat well you know Obama doesnt want your vote just your money….in large unmarked bills


  215. My husband received the Obama/DNC fund raiser letter in the mail today. I think he was more excited than I was in what he wanted to put in it to send back to the DNC.

    We are definitely a house UNITED.

  216. Carol -that was the response i was expecting to get…but seriously ho low can obama go in the polls? I believe Pat if he picks Senator Blah(a washington insider) he will break the 40% barrier! look out 39% here he comes.

    Talk about Change you can forget about…


  217. I am going to take November 5 as a vacation day. I’ve already decided. I will be celebrating if Obama loses and crying if he wins.

  218. Just opened my 1st fortune cookie it said…

    “Every truely great accomplishment is at first impossible”

    Just opened my 2nd fortune cookie it said….

    “Be careful straight trees often have crooked roots”

    talk about from the creators lips to us puma’s ears…


  219. I am depending upon Carol. She predicted a few days ago tht he was going to hit 37 fairly soon. Fingers crossed.

  220. Pat: I predict August 15th for when he breaks his glass floor. 39%. I called it and I said when.

  221. I say that we go short on Obama futures they are over priced at 44 now….and we should be able to make a nice profit if he drops to 37! its like watching shares of enron only in this casethere is the potential to ruin more lives if he gets in!


  222. about to start a poker tournament. Wish me luck!

  223. Ben Smith covering one of the recent books on Obama.


  224. Check the recommended list at the Orange site for anyone who wondered how KO would react to Milbank writing one snarky column of which KO didn’t approve.

  225. It would be a significant coincidence to have that 39% poll occur the same day we hit 2 million on the blog.

  226. Good luck, Mawm!

  227. Pat: it’s good to get our opinions out. But I regret when I tip my hand. If I get called again, I’m undecided. Let them waste their time calling me back.

  228. dg: Could you summarize it instead?

  229. good luck MAWM…and if you ever leave Gary give me a holla.

  230. ben carlson: I have caller id but I picked up the phone too quickly. Normally I don’t bother.

  231. Good luck, Mawm.

  232. Pat: i have no caller ID. I have a landline just to receive calls and call locally. But I run to the phone every time it rings hoping it’s poll or the Obama campaign.

  233. Pat said: It would be a significant coincidence to have that 39% poll occur the same day we hit 2 million on the blog.
    It would be a sign. Buy a Lotto ticket.

  234. ben carlson…. I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that for the sake of PUMA unity.

  235. ouch…same goes for you, too, Gary. 🙂

  236. mawm mirrored sunglass work at disguising the “tells” in your eyes…


  237. I heard from a reliable source that Eric Cantor will NOT be the VP nominee for McCain. I’m hoping for Fiorina or Meg Whitman. As for Palin, she’s caught up in her own Alaska scandal.

  238. ben if i get an obama polster boy will he get an ear of corn full….he he he….


  239. Fiorina can’t be the VP…the whole spying on her employee thing is not going to play well. Palin’s scandal has no legs. She’s still viable.

  240. thats all right gary… Ben is on fuzzybears short list….eye out and ready to lean!


  241. This girl from SF didn’t have many answers to anything. Really, all she had was “community organizing.” I should have played undecided, like one of those poor misguided hillary voters who have no where else to go and just need to be shown the way.

  242. what short list is that Fuzzy?

    Palin’s scandal, though, is quite easy to understand. I don’t think it was Carly who did the spying but her female successor, no? But I could be wrong on that.

  243. guess I am going to have to quit screening my calls with caller ID. I finally know someone who has been polled!!!!

    GOOD luck, Mawn. Have fun, win lots.

  244. The DNC & BO have a new Internet ad aimed at getting expats to vote. There’s about 6 million possible voters out there.

    I personally believe they’re going to game the system between this and all of those “newly registered voters” the same way they gamed their “small contributions.”

  245. I’m talking all sorts of trash about obama. It is getting some of these jokers off their game.

  246. ben i gut to be one of the grooms men at gary and mawms wedding in Massitutsettes or Californa so I am keeping a short lis tof anyone who gets in the way of my wedding party dreams…

    Gary and mawm are not the only gay men on this blogg and I am single by the way…

    in my personal add it says “musat be a rabid fanatical Hillary Clinton supporter” …”Obama worshjipper not needed or desired”


  247. I haven’t seen Stella here in quite a while; anyone know where she’s been?

  248. Michael: At the Elton John concert for Hillary, well over half of the audience was gay. You could have met the man of your dreams there.

  249. i will keep that in mind. i have a R as a partner which during 2000 was a real chore but now we finally have come to terms and will maybe vote the same in the presidential race for the first time.

  250. I think the standard reply to all pollsters from PUMA should be “I have no white guilt. I will not be voting for Obama.”


    14 minutes until The Closer

  251. Hi Everyone,

    I’m just dropping in to say “hello” even if nobody notices. I miss you guys so much! I can’t WAIT until Friday when I will be mostly free of this &&$&$&%^## nightmarish teaching job and can get back to my regular routine.

    I love you guys!

  252. It occurs to me that we could greatly curtail global warming if we could put a stop to the hot air coming from the O-zone.

  253. Hi BB! Everyone notices! Good luck w/ the rest of your week!

  254. It had to sting Obamanation when that poll came out that said 67% 0f the people thought Obama was the one making race an issue.

    Of course, they claim that proves that 67% of the people are racists.

  255. BB, we love you too.

  256. Hi bb! You bet your boots we miss you!

  257. Mawn
    Good luck in your game.
    Someone told me when playing poker always count the fives and the tens.
    You can not have a straight without either a five or a ten.
    You probably already know that but I did not.



  258. Obama’s comment that his Republican opponent will try to scare people because Obama does not look like all the other presidents on dollar bills was seen as racist by 53%………

    as far as I know, there’s only one president on the dollar bill, and Obama is correct, he does not look like George Washington. neither do I. nobody does.

    wait, I take that back. Barbara Bush looks like George Washington. but nobody else does.

  259. helen: You sly little gambler you!!

  260. good luck Mawm! wow, between poker and Jeopardy you could make your fortune PLAYING! how utterly cool!

  261. BB, it’s always good to see you. I hope your laptop decided to start working again.

  262. Thanks everyone for the “hellos.” I’m looking forward to hanging out at The Confluence this weekend.

  263. The Waffling ONE:

    He waffles here,
    He waffles there,
    Our dear Obama waffles everywhere.

    If you don’t like what he said with all his waffling might,
    Wait until tonight,
    He will switch his words to the right.

    But if you feel he lurched too far,
    He’ll copy the left,
    And make you his star.

    After all “yes we can” was Hillary’s call,
    until Obama designed her fall,
    and stole her delegates vote and all.

    Now we watch his waffling light,
    and wait to see his plight,
    as he copies left and right.

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