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The Big “D” Democrat

I have been a Democrat all my life. I admit that life is only 18 years old, but you have to admit these last two decades have been a couple for the record books. I’ve lived to see an illegitimate president run the country right into the ground as he cleared brush from his Texas ranch 154 days out of the year. I watched a decade of prosperity and peace crash down in unholy flames in the middle of New York when I was just 10 years old. I watched the fraudulent Commander-in-Chief trick the country into a war it didn’t need against a people that didn’t deserve it when I was 11. I watched that same huckster be told by the historic first female Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, that “impeachment [was] off the table” when I was 16. A man who had facilitated unprecedented war crimes had gotten off scot-free. And it had been my party that let it happen.

I lived in this country during the 1990s. I knew the Clintons. I grew up worshipping Bill Clinton, that Bubba from a place called Hope with an affinity for Big Macs and a little bit of “soul” in his soul. Always having been precocious, I knew what he had done—and I didn’t like it. I didn’t forgive him for it and I don’t to this day, but that isn’t my job and never has been. Bill Clinton never needed redemption from me; he got it from the only people who had any right to offer it to him. Chelsea and Hillary Rodham Clinton evidently did just that and I stand by ‘em for it. If I had any reason at all to be upset, he was absolved by the good work he had done throughout his years in Office. Millions of new jobs created throughout this country. Millions raised from poverty to hallowed middle-class status. Even with the battles he couldn’t win—like the Defense of Marriage Act, which he abhorred but that prevented the passage of a Federal Gay-Marriage Ban; like Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell that as best it could prevented an outright ban of gays and lesbians in the military—things were a little better, positive steps in positive directions had been taken. In that decade, it was good to be alive in America. And it was my party that had made it so.

I don’t know where that Party is today. I can’t find the path to the Third Way anymore. I remember that Way. It was innovative and new, and compassionate. It made sense in a time very different from when the last Democrat reigned. “The Third Way works to build inclusive, multiethnic societies based on common allegiance to democratic values.” It made sense, doing great things the democratically. I don’t just remember the Way, I remember the man who led it.

I remember the man who cried as those around him struggled and deigned to share their struggles with him. I remember the President who apologized for the Tuskegee Experiment and asked that those still standing in its wake found it in their battered hearts to forgive a nation whose morality once stood so terribly bigoted. I remember the man who helped to re-enact the March on Selma because it meant so much to him. I remember a President who walked into Office on day one ready to lead, only to be stabbed in the back by the very people that brought him—but he soldiered on. That was the Way I was a part of, the Way that “embraces ‘tolerant traditionalism,’ honoring traditional moral and family values while resisting attempts to impose them on others.” There was no battle too small to undertake, no cause unworthy of effort or tears, nobody left behind. Anybody who “worked hard and played by the rules” got ahead, because no way was William Jefferson Clinton going to leave them in the dust. There it goes again, my party. Don’t know where that is now.

I think I was born a Democrat. I was brought up wrinkling my nose and gagging at the word “Republican,” so I know I wasn’t one of those. I didn’t really understand what an Independent was so chances are good I wasn’t that either. All that was left in my head was Democrat. Bill Clinton was a Democrat and I liked him, so I picked that. When it came time for me to vote, I still picked that. What I didn’t know when I came up to bat was how far from the ideal the rest of the body had fallen. I’d been spoiled for eight years—and tormented for another seven. I was blind to it until I started to listen; then I found that my President filled with soul wasn’t the rule but the exception to the rule. My life, which was so bettered by his presence in the White House, didn’t really matter at all. My vote, which moved to send him back there at the behest of his frankly brilliant and wonkish wife, didn’t really matter either. What I wanted—what I needed, the Third Way, was really just a movement of a few devoted people who desired to change the world. I hadn’t known that the letter D they carried after their names signified an organization of men and women devoted to doing the very opposite—not changing a thing. And to accomplish their mission, they would destroy my ideal; they would destroy my hero. Can you believe it? That was my party.

They did the impossible. They sapped the “soul” out of the man from Hope. They quieted his raucous laugh. They besmirched his empathetic tears. They made a fool out of the Third Way—and, by extension, a fool of me. I had never been called a fool before of all the insults that have been leveled at me in life. I had never been belittled for my gender as much as the color my skin. I had never been called stupid for having the audacity to believe. I’ve been called cynical and racist for doing what anyone with a third of the self-awareness could do: I voted! My life’s philosophy and love of people has been referred to as Republican chicanery. I have lived here all along and yet suddenly, in my own party, I am the intruder; I am the interloper. I’m the one who doesn’t belong.

It didn’t take an insult to lose me. It hurt, don’t misunderstand, but such is life. Sticks and stones can cut me, but words can only make me cry. I could only cry for so long before the hurt became fury. I wanted answers, I wanted accountability. I got a lie for question and laughter for my effort. I couldn’t live in a place like that. That was the Democratic Party, suddenly, a place where those who’d given their hard-earned dollars and their time were of no consequence. It should’ve been obvious. If the only two-term Democratic President since Franklin Delano Roosevelt was fair game to be scorned, I should’ve battened down the hatches at first dawn. I hadn’t learned the right lesson yet. I get it now.

Hope is merchandise to be sold, not a place, or a man to be believed in. Hope is the not the look in the eyes of a woman with the answers. It’s the speech on a teleprompter of a man without them. Change was not the peaceful transition from the last Democratic decade of the 20th century to the first Democratic decade of the 21st century. It’s the silent strained pretend of a meeting on May 31st set to derail the course of history—and not for the good. Change isn’t watching relief come in the form of a woman with roots everywhere she sets foot raising her right hand to accept the hardest job in the world. It’s watching more of the same thing we’ve always had.

I’ve come to realize that being a Democrat nowadays means accepting these realities with no complaint. I can no longer do that and sleep at night. I can no longer spy echoes of the Third Way without a wistful sigh. I can no longer be quiet while we pretend that the best days gone by weren’t the best at all. I haven’t lived long, but I’ve lived smart. I still believe in the truth, a principle long since abandoned by progressives. What I want to see is the truth spoken out loud again and not treated like a scandal, even if it is scandalous. I want History to stop being a four-letter word. I want respect to be a necessity again, not a luxury. But most of all, I want the Third Way back.

Happiness, which the Democrats seem to have come into the business of supplying, is not a political platform. One can’t govern for the sake of happiness. This isn’t a “Brave New World.” It can’t be, not when so many people have reason to be afraid. They’re at risk everyday of losing the things they love. They may lose their home, their car, their job, even their life. This is the world they live in, not the good old days when the Third Way ruled the roost. This is the reality the new Democratic Party chose; it wasn’t brave at all.

I don’t know who these men and women are, that masquerade about, pretending they are allies of working folks while selling their jobs over the farthest sea. I recognize the duplicity, but not the perpetrators. The Democrats cannot govern as simply another variation on corrupt. It’s time to remember people like me who’ve worked their hearts out, people like me who always will. If they choose to forget us they will have become every bit the thing they purport to despise: Republicans.

They’ve lost sight of the path that led to prosperity for all, themselves included. They’ve forgotten that the ballots that decide their fates don’t stand alone, but are connected and bound to people who are counting on them to sweat and bleed for a better day in America. They’ve chosen the glamorous path and eschewed compassion entirely. They threw the baby out with the bathwater; the future out with the past; and the “little people” out with the Big Dawg.

I don’t know what’s left huddling under the Big Tent that used to be my home. The political trail I’ve lived my life by doesn’t lead there anymore. More and more, I find my old friends blazing the trail with me, but they’re a little lost too. They still remember the Third Way paved with silver quickly turning to gold. They still remember a place called Hope, and they want to go back; if only they could remember how.

Who better to guide us than the man who hails from there himself? Somebody, somewhere unzip the tent and let the man out! He’s got work to do in this country he lifted; we’ve fallen to all new lows since he’s been gone. Time to clear the brush on the path less traveled by powerful men and take it again—with a woman this time. He’ll be there to point out landmarks and relics left behind, sure; he’ll kick the weeds from the overgrown roads with those size 13s, because it’s easy and he can; then, he’ll step aside for the new leader and it’ll be her turn to lead the Way going forward. While she’s in the White House reintroducing the country to prosperity, I hope, and easier days, Bill Clinton will be there on the sidelines to remind us that when we work hard and lift each other, the only way left to travel is up. Just like that, history stops being a four-letter word.

And it could be my party that does it.

155 Responses

  1. I can still type this with the tears in my eyes. Powerful, powerful, powerful! You are a brilliant and so capable of finding the words and the authority to birth this excellent tome. There is nothing more to say other than thank you, miss regency, for this eloquent essay! Beautifully put.

  2. Regency, you baby genius, your writing is so very moving!

  3. Nice job! Thanks for the post.

  4. RegencyG, what an awesome post.

    I completely adore and admire President William Jefferson Clinton, #42. Their is simply no other like him, until we have President Hillary Rodham.

    Happy Birthday on August 19 President WJ Clinton!


  5. Regency proves that one does not need to be old to have wisdom. Thank you.

  6. very nice Regency! and omg I love the picture!!!

  7. Thank-you for helping us all remember. Even though you are younger, now I see as thru a glass darkly, but ah… you have proven that past is prologue.

    Thank God.

  8. Regencyg – you are without doubt – one of the smartest & most brilliant writers that I’ve read (and there are so many of you) – the most amazing thing is your age – I wish I had been half as smart when I was 18 as you are………………you bring tears to my eyes………..thank you

  9. regency: You sly little devil you!

  10. I think Maureen Dowd should be fired and RegencyG hired in her place!

  11. Damn, girl, you write something powerful strong, Thanks for making my day–seeing Big Bill always does that for me. Thank you for sharing your eloquence with us today. Don’t ever let ANYONE silence you.

  12. I second WigWag!

  13. Pat J: You knew I was going to get a post in about my main Dawg.

  14. regency: I have seen this one coming for months!! Great job!

  15. Thank you regencyg. You are a wonderful writer with more maturity than most of the nitwits we read in the NYTimes or watch on MSNBC.

    Watching Obama, his surrogates, and media whores like Maureen Dowd and Bob Herbert attempt to destroy the Clinton legacy was enough for me to decide back in January that I could never vote for Obama. Not now, not in 2012, not in 2016. NEVER.

    I hurt me to see these people call the Clintons racists and dismiss their 18 million supporters as racists and low information voters. Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea would never snub their noses at American voters and label those who didn’t vote for them as racists or stupid.

    I wonder how some of these “progressives” feel. Those who only months ago looked down at us and attacked us in their columns and their websites. How do they feel now that some have figured out that they’ve been fooled by the man they considered to be a bigger Democrat than Bill and Hillary Clinton. Will they acknowledge their mistake or will they continue to unleash their anger onto the millions of hardworking Americans who have become so disgusted with the tactics of the Obama campaign that they could never vote for him?

    It saddens me that after eight years of being fooled by the worst president in our nations history, the media and the Democratic Party managed to manipulate the American people and destroy the one person running for president who could have made a real difference in the next 4-8 years.

    Thank goodness for PUMA and those of us who continue to fight for the rights and good name of the American people. We can no longer allow people like Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, Donna Brazille, and Maureen Dowd rig elections and destroy the good name of the few Democrats left who are willing to fight for our civil liberties and social programs.

  16. RegencyG – your depth belies your years girl. You most likely were born a dem – I was. It’s in the genes and don’t laugh. I know it is true.

    You give me hope for my/our children’s future. Great post and sooo surprising it is on the Big Dawg.

    PUMA/The Denver Group

  17. awesome post and I fully agree. Keep writing for all of us to be uplifted and encouraged!!! Bravo!!

  18. Hmmm, I thought I posted this already but it didn’t show up?

    Excellent, Regency! Thank you.

  19. Beautifully put.

  20. I believe someone just blinked. Go PUMA’s

    Obama says give FL and Mich delegates full vote

  21. regencyg,
    What everybody else said, I’ll co-sign.
    Much, much better than well done.
    You deserve college credit for this essay.

  22. good job we all agree with you

  23. Mt. Sage, he’d always planned to do that when it hardly mattered. That only emphasizes that that should have happened all along. Now Hillary’s delegates count in full. Excuse me while I right His Royal Assness some hate mail.

  24. Mountain Sage: Obama can now give FL and MI delegates a full vote because it’s almost certain that he will be the nominee. This means nothing.

  25. wow that was powerful!! send this to SDs and tell them to do the right thing: nominate Hillary!

  26. Powerful beyond your age regency. If only all those “new young” voters we’re always hearing about were as smart as you are.

    Young people like you are a part of what once made the Democratic Party great. Young and old, rich and poor, people of all colors and of both genders came together under that big tent and tried to make this a better country for ourselves and our children and our children’s children.

    That Big Tent is tattered and torn and fallen in disrepair. People not worthy of that tent have taken ownership. Because young people like you and old bats like me and all the wonderful PUMA people in between who will not give, some day regency, that tent will rise strong and clean and proud once again.

    I may not be around to see it but you certainly will. Because PUMAs don’t give up and they don’t give in. And the reclamation of the Democratic Party will take as long as it takes. With wonderful young women like you, I am convinced it will happen. Thank you for helping my to believe that things really will get better.

  27. REGENCY – WHAT A POST!!!! You made me cry again!

    Love to the Big Dawg always. This post definitely should go viral!

  28. ”I believe party unity calls for the delegates from Florida and Michigan to be able to participate fully alongside the delegates from the other states and territories,” Obama said in the letter.

    you know what we say about party unity………

  29. Do This For Hillary! Now! »

    By SusanUnPC on August 3, 2008 at 1:45 PM in GLBT, Gender Bias, Health Care, Hillary Clinton, IOwnMyVote.com, Sexism | 41 Comments

    Hillary Clinton will be personally handed the results of the IOwnMyVote platform survey, along with a complete list of all of us who have completed the survey.

    This platform effort is deeply important to Hillary. If you haven’t completed the survey, please do so today. If you haven’t posted a story about the survey at your own blog, please do so today or tomorrow. If you haven’t e-mailed all of your friends, please do so right away. Please also encourage everyone you know to sign the IOwnMyVote.com pledge. (Of note: We are very pleased that JustSayNoDeal.com has featured the survey on its home page.)

  30. regencyg,

    FYI…I just forwarded your piece to The Clinton Foundation. The Big Dawg deserves a smile today! Everyone please do the same!


    Dear Staff!

    Please make sure this gets to President Clinton…he deserves to read it and smile!



  31. Lovely essay. First rate. And only eighteen? My, my. I loved this line the most: They threw the baby out with the bathwater; the future out with the past; and the “little people” out with the Big Dawg.

    They threw the little people out with the Big Dawg. The Democratic Party appears to be Republican lite after all. So sad for all us little people who have been fighting and hoping.

  32. regencyg, WOW!

    You have an ability to move people with your words. I cried through this – thanks for the heart and soul connection.

    Keep on keepin’ on regencyg. You have a voice that must be heard by all. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Regency,

    Excellent Blog!. I can relate so much not because of my age but because I came to this country in 1991 and in my life in US, I have not seen a President as great as Bill Clinton. I am furious at his treatment by fellow democrats and Media. It is shameful.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and you are indeed a great writer.

  34. “I don’t know who these men and women are, that masquerade about, pretending they are allies of working folks while selling their jobs over the farthest sea. I recognize the duplicity, but not the perpetrators. ”

    I had silently wondered this for at least 4 years now (as probably have many of you), but I chose to remain unconvinced.

    After this horrendous primary season, I can no longer doubt that we have been witnessing a systematic fascist takeover on every level of government. A take-over including our own “good-guy” party, destroyed from the inside (hence “… impeachment is not on the table…”), so that there would be nothing left to defend the working people. These b*stards don’t want Hillary and Bill to ruin all of the hard work they have been doing for the past 7 years.

    That is a reality that I am now facing, and I am also realizing that it doesn’t matter what they’ve been planning. We are going to win.

  35. Dedicated to our young “Freshman”. Great read you little sweetie pie!

  36. Regency,

    I hope you stay committed …whatever happens in Nov….perhaps in the future we may be voting FOR YOU!!!!

    The country needs smart young people like you!

  37. beautiful and stirring!
    Also. check out a new take of the whole “putting Hillary in nomination” thinghie

  38. The Streisand video, such undisputed talent! Wonderful choice.

  39. Amen!!!! Keep the faith and lead the way-the torch has been passed make your choices worldly.

  40. regencyg – so well said. Bravo!

  41. “regencyG”
    I’ve been struggling to get thru to my “UNITY” family
    that what I’m doing will support the DEMOCRATIC
    PARTY that we believe in MORE than if I say SILENT!

  42. Wow, and you are only 18? This 48 year old is humbled by your writing.

  43. Beautiful piece, regencyg.

    And what a great pic. It warms my heart.

    I will always love the Big Dog — because he loves us.

  44. regencyg:

    First: send the piece you have written somewhere. Get it published. Try newspapers, as old-fashioned as they seem. Try.

    Second, I second nobomo: You are the kind of “one” I’ve been waiting for.

    Go to The White House Project online. Begin imagining yourself as a leader.

    With admiration,

  45. Wonderful and beautiful piece, regencyg. You are able to put into words, what so many of us feel and think. Thank you.

  46. The “gig” is up!

    They cooked their “ruse”!

    They were “just kidding”!

    They had their “fingers crossed”!

    “Better Late then Never”.

    The “fix is in!”

    May 31st was “opposite day”!

    Didn’t you see them “wink and nod”?

    They had a “change of heart”!

    Fraud – an intentional perversion of truth for the purpose of inducing another in reliance upon it to part with some valuable thing belonging to him or surrender a legal right.

    Fraudulent intent – Such intent exists where one, either with a view of benefitting himself or misleading another into a course of action, makes a representation which he knows to be false, or which he does not believe to be true.

    I believe as we all know, we have been duped, suckered, chumped, cheated, defrauded, swindled, hoodwinked, deceived, deluded…………


    Who do I go to about that?

  47. I am for once, speechless! Such a slimy, two faced hypocrite!

  48. Beautifully powerful essay that should be thrown in the faces of the super delegates who lack moral conscience to do what is best for our nation and that is to support Hillary Clinton at the democratic convention. To do anything else is fraudulent and a total sham. You are young, but I am in my 50’s and if the democrats do not do what is right, I will be voting republican for the first time in my life.

  49. Carol, I think we’re all in the right place. WE must constitutionally, systematically bring justice back from the sh*t-hole where these United States traitors have thrown it away. I feel my skin bracing as I think about this.

    See what your writing is doing to me, Reg?

  50. […] Comments Karolina NYC on The Big “D” D…chatblu on Hey, Chuck Todd, We are everyw…catherine on The Big […]

  51. While I don’t read it much anymore, you may want to check today’s Washington Post article on Bill Clinton:
    entitled “Clinton Embraces Return to Ambassador Role”.
    Pains me to think he might not be back in the White House with Hillary as POTHUS 44, or the first “First Gentleman”.

    Are there any miracles out there?

  52. Now that he has worked enough SD votes to win, he wants MI and FL restored.

    He and the DNC think we’re too dumb to notice the scam.

  53. We will hear about what the “monkey business” (as Heidi said yesterday) is all about. He is NOT going to get away with any crap.

  54. Hi Carol
    Thanks for the link.
    I left a comment basically saying for Hillary:
    “I TOLD YOU SO”!!
    Still this is a “GIFT” because all we need is about 60ish more “PLEDGED” delegates to force a legitimate “TIE”!!
    Remember back in June in Texas(I believe your state)
    there were 60ish more delegates to be given out. If I’m right than maybe we can ask Heidi or another lawyer/PUMA if “FRAUD” type charges could be brought!

  55. What a moving piece of work! I sit here with tears in my eyes and a terrible aching, lonliness in my heart! We MUST find the way to lift our country up from this quamire and set its feet back on solid ground! People like you that use words to move our very souls and make us have hope again will lead the way! I will never be a star , but I will be there picking up and cleaning up and helping put right what went wrong! Thank you for this wonderful article! God Bless You!

  56. “Words mean something”. That’s right Obama, they do. Read on.

  57. Interesting comment from Bill in that WaPo story:

    “”Next year, you and I and everybody else will be freer and have more space to say what we believe to be the truth” about the primaries, he said.”

  58. Regency – a moving and inspiring piece you’ve shared with us. Thank you so very much. I hope it was as cathartic expressing yourself as it’s been just taking it all in, with awe and admiration.

  59. Heidi says the courts have held the democratic parties to be civil entities……….

    I say the officers and representatives of a business owe a “duty” to those that they entice for the purposes of gaining monetarily. The fix was in. The DNC and all of their representatives continued to benefit monetarily while implying that Hillary Clinton had a legitimate chance of winning this election.

    I don’t know specifically what law they have broken, but we have been frauded.


  60. Add this one to the “ra*cist” dictionary.

    Apparently a GOP surrogate stated this morning that Americans want an “adult” in the WH. This has now been deemed yet another code word for r*ace. If this keeps up we will be using fewer words out of respect. Give me a break!

  61. Regency what a thoughtful and inspiring message. It brought tears to my eyes, and gives me HOPE that there are still young people in this country with common sense and intelligence.

  62. TM says it is time to “suck it up” and get a democrat into the white house. I say there has been enough “sucking” going on. If she and her perverted commentators want a democrat in the white house, they better start working for Hillary Clinton’s revival.

    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2009


  63. Carol: I think a case could be made that the DNC collected money under the edicts of a specific charter but that they violated that charter and thus collected it under false pretenses. They could be bankrupted.

  64. So, who were you really voting for? A third term for Bill Clinton via the Clinton co-presidency? Ever heard of the 22nd Amendment?

    Your essay points out why I, a lifelong feminist, did not vote for Hilllary Clinton. If she had won, what message would it send to America’s little girls? You can be president, just find and marry a man who can be president first! No thanks.

  65. By the way, the Obots have put up a mock version of the Denver Group site. Beware and tell everyone. The only real site, for the time being, is at http://thedenvergroup.blogspot.com

  66. Dems to win, the only message being sent so far says that if you work hard and play by the rules the boys set, you get a pat on the head. Is that the message you want to send to little girls?

    Too late. Message received.

    In fact, if you are so concerned about that message, maybe you should read the message this young woman got from all this: Always the Better Woman.

  67. regencyg —

    Your essay broke my heart. I only thought it was broken before. I could hardly read for crying.

    A beautiful piece. Send it far and wide, everyone on earth deserves the chance to read it.

    In the WaPo article, I really dug this quote by Wolfson:

    And I think this trip is a very powerful reminder of the really extraordinary work that he has done around the world over the last eight years and he will continue to do. And in the end, his work on behalf of people and the substance of that work will trump the YouTube moments that came to characterize some of the last 18 months for him.


  68. Dems – does that stand for dimwit? You find Hillary and us out. That was her plan all along.

    Thanks for dropping by. Bye, Bye now.

    We require the 1st Team Troll at this blog, not the rejects.

  69. Message to all women: according to Dems to win, if you are married to man who happens to hold public office, you are immediately disqualified to ever hold that same office, regardless of your intelligence, preparedness, and abilities.

    I am a lifelong feminist who believes women advance when we support competent, prepared women, regardless of their marital status.

    Learn to support women, so-called “Dem.” Learn to support women who support women. Not men who tell us to fall in line, be good and not too moody (or else you can’t have that abortion you might desperately need).

    Then come back here and strut your feminist credentials.

  70. Carol, TM can stay on her knees and suck all she wants. I’m not going there.

  71. Dems to win – “a life long feminist” – NOT.

    You are not a democrat.

    You are not even a half decent human being.

    Go home.

  72. regencyg:

    “the boys” set the rules? Like McAuliffe and Ickes?

    Hillary lost fair and square. Grown-up women and men recognize that reality.

  73. Somebody get rid of Kerry for Senator – what a putrid excuse of a man!

  74. dimwit you are pissing in the wind! I do hear that Taylor Marsh needs some more “suckers” at her site!

  75. Dems to Win: Be careful with using “grown up” in a sentence. It is under review for being “ra^cist”. Consult your dictionary, please.

  76. Now, now, Dims to win, I wouldn’t be throwing “grown up” around when most of your constituency consists of people barely more “grown up” than I.

    Hillary did not lose. Hillary was robbed. If you cannot comprehend that, not my problem. For someone who is “reality-based,” you are sorely lacking in truth.

    Everyone let her talk. I just realized that my post was about Bill, but all she wants to do is talk about Hillary. *shrug* Her reality is all over the place.

  77. They keep sending out the intern trolls. I am a “feminist” gives it away. A true feminist would never stand or tolerate the position the Obama campaign has cast them. Second class whiners who need to consult 10 people before seeking their right to a legal abortion and a campaign based on the sleaziest of slurs directed at another female. We won’t need to bore each other with his flip flopping on the issues since they are stamped into our inferior brains. Let them continue their worship of this sell out; he won’t be giving them much thought should he get in.

  78. When a woman becomes president, I don’t want people to have voted for her because they want her husband back in the White House, as regencyg does. I dont want them to vote for her because they are confident she’ll do a good job because her husband will show her the way.

    To me, that’s anti-feminist thinking. It made me uncomfortable to read so many blog comments from people who voted for Hillary as a way of getting Bill back. And Hillary’s campaign reinforced that idea, campaigning on the accomplishments of the first Clinton Administration.

    Feminists can disagree with each other. It’s one of the feminist principles, I believe.

  79. Dems to Win, on August 3rd, 2008 at 6:09 pm

    If she lost fair and square then why did BO have to steal 4 of her delegates? Uncommitted also wants its delegates back. Your coward and wimpy candidate is too chicked to face a real opponent that his only way to “winning”(he never won) is through cheating and stealing.

  80. Uppity women have long been called “childish”; it’s a tried and true tactic used to keep our gender in line. A true feminist–and even a moderately educated one–would know the history of this particular nomenclature.

    Step aside, sweetie. You’re out of your league here.

  81. Dems to Win: And your reason for voting Obama is based on…………

  82. Ironic, every time I pose that question to an Obamabot I am usually met with silence. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  83. Dems: Yeah, and I can’t vote for B0 because I don’t want folks to think I voted for him just because he’s black.
    And I can’t vote for McCain because I don’t want folks to think I voted for him just because he’s old.

    Sad, isn’t it?

  84. Ay me, what a dreadful for a Democratic candidate to do, campaign in the accomplishments of a previous Democratic President.

    By all means, let us women continue to punish this woman, Hillary, for being intelligent, successful, and prepared. Let us wait another generation before another woman, brave enough to make a run at the White House, stands up, ready to take the disdain of her sisters like Dems to win. Let us await another generation, maybe two, before little girls see what it’s like to have a woman as Commander in Chief. Let them study, instead, what happened to the first woman who had a shot. Let them learn, at the knees of their “feminist” foremothers, that patience is a virtue; let them study perfection, let them watch inferior men take the spotlight, and learn to help other women stay in the dark.

  85. Anyone who served in Bill’s administration would campaign on his accomplishments, if they had any sense. Any Democrat would campaign on his/her predecessors’ accomplishments, all the way back to FDR.

    It’s a double standard to say Hillary should not do the same.

  86. reqencyq – great, great post.

    Sorry that Dimwit is redirecting traffic. Wish someone would purge her/him.

    BTW, I forgot to have children – are you available for adoption?

  87. Dems to Win, on August 3rd, 2008 at 5:55 pm

    Dems to win, the greatest feminist of them all who in order to punish Hillary decided to vote for an unqualified man, who is corrupted, inexperienced, sexist(how are you feeling sweetie:wink: coward who backtracks on every issue, I congratulate you in proving to young girls that even if you work hard and play fair, you will never reach the top because the man is always better. Maybe you would like to read this article written by a true great feminist

    Goodbye To All That 2 by Robin Morgan

    Goodbye to the double standard . . .

    —Hillary is too ballsy but too womanly, a Snow Maiden who’s emotional, and so much a politician as to be unfit for politics.

    —She’s “ambitious” but he shows “fire in the belly.” (Ever had labor pains?)—When a sexist idiot screamed “Iron my shirt!” at HRC, it was considered amusing; if a racist idiot shouted “Shine my shoes!” at BO, it would’ve inspired hours of airtime and pages of newsprint analyzing our national dishonor.

    —Young political Kennedys—Kathleen, Kerry, and Bobby Jr.—all endorsed Hillary. Senator Ted, age 76, endorsed Obama. If the situation were reversed, pundits would snort “See? Ted and establishment types back her, but the forward-looking generation backs him.” (Personally, I’m unimpressed with Caroline’s longing for the Return of the Fathers. Unlike the rest of the world, Americans have short memories. Me, I still recall Marilyn Monroe’s suicide, and a dead girl named Mary Jo Kopechne in Chappaquiddick.)

    Goodbye to the toxic viciousness . . .

    Carl Bernstein’s disgust at Hillary’s “thick ankles.” Nixon-trickster Roger Stone’s new Hillary-hating 527 group, “Citizens United Not Timid” (check the capital letters). John McCain answering “How do we beat the bitch?” with “Excellent question!” Would he have dared reply similarly to “How do we beat the black bastard?” For shame.

    Goodbye to the HRC nutcracker with metal spikes between splayed thighs. If it was a tap-dancing blackface doll, we would be righteously outraged—and they would not be selling it in airports. Shame.

    Goodbye to the most intimately violent T-shirts in election history, including one with the murderous slogan “If Only Hillary had married O.J. Instead!” Shame.

    Goodbye to Comedy Central’s “Southpark” featuring a storyline in which terrorists secrete a bomb in HRC’s vagina. I refuse to wrench my brain down into the gutter far enough to find a race-based comparison. For shame.

    Goodbye to the sick, malicious idea that this is funny. This is not “Clinton hating,” not “Hillary hating.” This is sociopathic woman-hating. If it were about Jews, we would recognize it instantly as anti-Semitic propaganda; if about race, as KKK poison. Hell, PETA would go ballistic if such vomitous spew were directed at animals. Where is our sense of outrage—as citizens, voters, Americans?

    Goodbye to the news-coverage target-practice . . .

  88. My apologies for using the words ‘grown-up’. It was my response to regencyg saying the rules were made by ‘the boys’. No ‘uppity’ connotation intended.

    I voted for Obama (my 3rd choice) because of the grassroots, small-donor-based, participatory campaign he has built. I hope that progressives can become a part of this movement and help influence its direction.

  89. Dems to Win–the reason that everyone here is paying their respect to Hillary’s husband is because he EARNED that respect. We’ve had 16 years to see exactly who and what the Clintons are about. No gray areas about who they’re for–REAL working-class folks like me. Your guy? Mystery man (not really–he’s just a closet Republican panderer). A true feminist would NEVER bag on Bill. Go have another glass of Kool-Aid and go back to Obamaland.

  90. Dee, try not to get married and have children–even though it’s what the culture expects of you–as it may negate future opportunities for leadership and success, if one of your relatives gets there first–because the culture helped him to do that.

  91. I voted for Obama (my 3rd choice) because of the grassroots, small-donor-based, participatory campaign he has built. I hope that progressives can become a part of this movement and help influence its direction.

    That is such bullshit. There is really no way you believe that. If you do, you really are out of your depth. Less that 50% of his money is from small donors. Do your research. As far as progressivism, they’re still trying to get him to be the progressive he promised to be; so far, no luck.

    If you joined his campaign for those reasons, you got played. Welcome to the Party.

  92. Dee – trust me. Hold off on the adoption of regency until after she graduates College. It will be cheaper that way. Take it from someone who’s been there, done that.

  93. Easy to see Demstowin is a shilll. Everything is “I”, “I don’t want,” “I believe,” “I hope”; so typical of their master “I” man, B0.

  94. DownListen,

    The Michigan Democratic Party recommended the allocation of delegates, based on all votes, including the 30,000 write-in votes not counted or reported by the Michigan secretary of state. The had a process of district central committee meetings (conventions) to decide how to best allocate their delegates from a very flawed primary.

    I have been peripherally involved in Demo party politics, and the state party offices are thankless jobs, done as public service by good-hearted people. I wish that MI/FL had been handled differently from the beginning. I wish the Democrats were an organized party (Will Rogers wished the same.LOL) I don’t think that anyone stole delegates.

  95. I invite progressives who believe Obama is progressive to stay the course with his campaign. However, this progressive feminist, who was once considering voting Obama, is unaccountably put off by:

    1) His sudden collapse on offshore oil drilling
    2) His desire to extend Bush’s faith-based intiatives
    3) His dismissal of women’s health issues and their appropriate relation to the pro-choice movement
    4) His weakness on gun control
    5) His stance on FISA
    6) His relationship with the unsavory landlords and corporations that allowed Chicago’s inner-city poor to suffer mightily under his watch

    shall I go on?

  96. This is such a joke:

    “I believe party unity calls for the delegates from Florida and Michigan to be able to participate fully alongside the delegates from the other states and territories,” Obama said in the letter.

    Is he going to give up the illegitimate delegates the RBC gave him? Not that it would matter now that he’s had two months to mess with the SDs.

  97. I voted for Obama (my 3rd choice) because of the grassroots, small-donor-based, participatory campaign he has built. I hope that progressives can become a part of this movement and help influence its direction.

    Thank God you are here so maybe you can help me understand something. Since BO has this grassroots movement, why is he then paying volunteers to get people to register to vote for him? If he is so inspirational and has this big grassroots movement, shouldn’t people be doing all this volunteer work for free. Why does he need Hillary’s big donors since he has this small-donor-based, participatory campaign that he has built?

    “We don’t need the people. We just need the checks – BO

  98. If we have finished playing with our prey, someone please bite, chew and spit – trolls are poisionous.

    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008


  99. that was my bad. I wasn’t checking to make sure nothing got trapped in the collander.

  100. beautiful wrighting as always regency
    thank you so much love the picture love the clintons
    america needs these two back in our whitehouse

  101. Carol – thanks for the advice.

    However, if most of our top universities are not fighting over her a lot more has gone wrong with higher ed than I realized.

  102. Dems to Win:

    “I voted for Obama (my 3rd choice) because of the grassroots, small-donor-based, participatory campaign he has built. I hope that progressives can become a part of this movement and help influence its direction.”

    This sounds like one of the pieces of campaign literature sent to my house. Good try, though.

  103. plural:
    Of course, the full MI/FL seating is just what so many predicted here the first of June. Now that it’s too late to help Hillary. Just one more fix, except now we see them coming.

  104. Carol, this sweetie wasn’t too sharp. We’ve had better, though none of them was very good

  105. Pat, “consult your dictionary.” Loved it

  106. Regency, thank you. I, too, have tears in my eyes. The only two people I know who can move me with such honesty are Bill and Hillary and I have no way of knowing if they had your talents at 18. Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. I, for one, am looking forward to what Bill has to say “after the election.”

  108. 7) His courting and then betrayal of the anti-war movement
    8) His inability to maintain firm progressive stances on the environment
    9) His readiness to pander to anti-progressive voters
    10) His campaign’s attempt to enforce “free speech zones” in Unity, New Hampshite
    11) His Orwellian preference for image over substance
    12) His admiration for Reagan
    13) His lack of courage: a man who fears to debate his rivals will not be likely to stand up for progressive causes, which hardly go unrivaled.
    14) His lack of any genuine record on progressive causes
    15) An absence of what I can only describe as the “spirit of public service,” which is more than talk–it is deeds.

  109. Neat, I made a smiley-face instead of an “8”–how did I do that? It appears to add a touch of global warming to the line.

  110. Dems to Win, on August 3rd, 2008 at 6:47 pm

    Are you serious? Based on what votes when BO’s name was not on the ballot? People went in to vote and they voted for Hillary Clinton. They would have voted for uncommitted but they didn’t. THEY chose Hillary Clinton. So how does stealing four of her delegates justify that? BO is not uncommitted. His name is Barack Obama. He wasn’t on the ballot. Many people voted uncommitted which would have also meant Edwards

  111. DownListen, on August 3rd, 2008 at 6:50 pm Said:
    Since BO has this grassroots movement, why is he then paying volunteers to get people to register to vote for him? If he is so inspirational and has this big grassroots movement, shouldn’t people be doing all this volunteer work for free. Why does he need Hillary’s big donors since he has this small-donor-based, participatory campaign that he has built?

    For the same reason Bill Clinton had both paid and volunteer canvassers: he wants to cover all his bases, expand his reach to his maximum ability. In the GE, we’re trying to get 65 million votes — more than all the people who voted in the Democratic primaries, combined. We need all the help we can get. Ditto for the money question.

    DownListen said: “We don’t need the people. We just need the checks – BO

    This was said by one of BO’s staffers. He was explaining why the campaign did not need to spend lots of money having lavish fundraisers with big-name guests, and they didn’t worry about having them when lots of people were out of town. It was an explanation of how BO could raise money frugally. Folks could just send in their checks, that was fine with everyone concerned.

    Good day. Thanks for chatting. Thanks for not purging me.

  112. here’s some footage with Bill in Africa from ABC
    Interesting he says – comments on the primary are better made next year

  113. Regency
    Your writing is wonderful.
    You give me hope for this country and its future.
    Please send this to the SDs.
    No matter what you do in life do not ever stop writing.
    You can make a difference with words.



  114. helen: Hard to believe she is only 18. Remarkable.

  115. Pat – I think regency is really Hillary!

  116. Carol: You may be onto something here! Have we ever seen them in the same room together? Answer: No.

  117. Regency, I loved reading this last night at Alegre’s and even more the re-read today. Hoped you would bring it over here.

    I also followed the link you posted to your blog. Yet another wonderful essay about Hillary! You are such a fine writer and I’m sure we can expect great things of you in the future!

  118. Dems to Win, on August 3rd, 2008 at 7:10 pm

    This was said by one of BO’s staffers. ”

    It was said by BO not one of his staffers.

    Dems to Win, on August 3rd, 2008 at 7:10 pm

    This isn’t about Bill Clinton but about the guy that the DNC mafia said was going to bring in new voters. About the guy who has been credited for all the new people that voted in the primary. This is about the guy that is said to have a very big movement. Don’t you find it weird that BO paid bloggers to defend him while Hillary had her supporters voluntarily defending her. He is said to have so much support but it seems he is just buying it. Are you sure you are member of a real grassroots movement or a manufactured “make believe” movement?

  119. and where was I when this was posted?? cleaning?? DUH yet another reason to let the dust bunnies multiply

    Regency .. I want to take you in my arms or under my wing and protect you like a mother and hold you like a sister and tell you this … I wish I had helped build a better world than we are facing today , and I wish I had done more … I am still trying to hold out hope for that way ,, I am still trying to build that better world for you and all the people with us on this planet . I loved the Clintons then because they embodied those ideals , even if imperfectly. I was so angy with Big Dawg for giving his enemies ammunition to use against him and mostly for taking that kind of risk with what he and Hillary had built for us .I recognised what he did was not even so much sexual in nature but risk taking , and I have forgiven him . Big people sometimes have Big flaws I think I learned that from Bill and i wuold guess Hillary knows this as well . I can see where Hillary can forgive him too . I love the Clintons now because they are still those people .

    I also know fully you know that his presidency has nothing to do with Hillary’s capability and qualifications for office and our deep desire for her to win the office of POTUS . It detracts not one whit for her to have had a powerful husband as a partner and team member , and I have no idea when and in whose rotted brain that became a liability , but I think it has much credibilty as a talking point as does a toast point . You are a very powerful writer and I do think you shuold write a book . Your words pour directly from your heart into the heart of the reader . I think you are a treasure and it is my priviledge to know you ! Much Love Many HUGS

  120. We all love our regency.

  121. BO’s the next Dubya – in so many ways. Now how’s that for change ?

  122. Pat: “We all love our regency.”

    Indeed, we do! 🙂

  123. Swannie, that was beautiful writing, too.

  124. Regency, delurking because you brought tears to my eyes. Your writing is…..I hope you are considering journalism or writing as a career.
    The Big Dawg is what he is, one wonderful, flawed, human being who happens to love the human race. You have captured that so eloquently…Thank you.

  125. Now this is a family reunion. I feel so loved. {{{Hugs Swannie}}}Thank you all for your kind words. This election could use a little kindness.

    To whosoever wants to adopt me: I have scholarships, you won’t be paying for anything.

    Carol: I WISH I was Hillary. Have you seen her? Have you seen her husband?

  126. I posted a comment over at NO QUARTER about this post.
    I hope many come to read it.
    What a future the is young lady has as a writer.
    She is a lot smarter than I was at 18.



  127. regency: Go stand in the corner!

  128. regency – settle down don’t make me tell Eddy you are becoming a stalker of the Clintons. Hillary and I are good friends. Eddy introduced us.

  129. Carol: **&&^&%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! &^%$#*()!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. SM: Is on PUMA Radio.

  131. Carol: Eddy’s have dinner with me tonight, so I know all about his friendship with the Clintons–and with you. Watch it before I have him cut you off.

    Helen, Thank you!

  132. This may explain Demstowin “charm.”


    Stop waiting for Obama to do the dirty fighting. He is the leader. We are the troops. We are the mean, dirty, nasty, smear-fighting, under the belt counter-punching change that we’ve been waiting for.

    So how do you fight this onslaught?

    One thing to remember is that when you are off this board, hanging out with conservatives and moderates on other boards, you are in enemy territory. You need to be on your best behavior. No one approach will succeed with your audience and your style. Find your honest voice and use it. But if your honest voice consists of nothing but insults, swearing, and wild/broad accusation – learn to fake another style.

    What works: humor, facts, honesty, personal experience, passion. Some audiences love historical context and comparisons. Not too short; not too long. One liners can raise a question, bring a laugh, or make a point. Very long screeds are rarely read by anyone. Fresh information works – bring some news no one has seen yet.

    What does not work: becoming a forum troll. If people perceive you as an unreasoning opponent of their POV you will be blown off and pilloried. Constant swearing. Bitterness. Fear. Desperation. None of these are effective tools.

  133. regency: what an excellent post. I’m old enough to be your mother (and wish I was because like someone else who commented, I also forgot to have children) and want to tell you that he was also the best president in my entire life.

  134. Incredible! Regency, thank you! I still have tears. You are truly one exceptionally gifted young woman. I bow to your wisdom! Thank you for reminding us of what was, so richly and so lovingly!

  135. I appreciate the passion and the excellent, heart-felt writing and hope this group upends the DNC.

    I do not share the feelings toward Mr. Clinton, however, as he was the final straw in my becoming a democrat in exile in the mid 90’s.


  136. pm317: thanks for exposing the psyops

  137. Regency- Excellent!


    I think we should ALL contact Howard dean and tell him
    “As the delegates are seated, let this election begin”

    we need to negate the farce of May 31st, and have a real primary. Give Hillary back her 4 delegates from Michigan and count ALL of the votes in both Michigan and Florida. WHAT A JERK, HAVING THE NERVE TO SAY IT NOW. HE WORKED ON THE ELECTION BOARD AND KNOWS JUST HOW TO DISALLOW SIGNATURES AND NOT COUNT VOTES. Ask Alice Palmer what he did to her and all of his opponents in Illinois, when he ran for State Senator.

    I am from Florida and really angry that the DNC broke their own rules when they took the full votes away from us, they were only allowed to take 1/2 away (their own rules) It was all done for Obama. Then Obama would not allow a revote. It really was him that would not allow it.


    This is Florida checking in.
    (you know the state that Obama said he did not need, but was here today in Orlando begging) even promising to count all of the votes. Ha Ha! What fools he thinks we are . It is time for Local letters to the editors of the Tampa Tribune and St Pete times.

  139. Marvelous post. You’re never too old to learn. You’ve reminded me of some things I’d forgotten. I bow to your wisdom.

    Peter A. you’re right about Rwanda. Bill made a big mistake there. He listened to Tony Blair rather than his own judgment.
    He admits that and takes full responsibility.

    Maybe that’s why he’s in Africa helping Aids sufferers. A gesture of atonement.

  140. Regency, you give me hope for the future (real hope, not the messiah kind). Thank you for this wonderfully written essay.

  141. Thank you for the wonderful post!

    I remember in the early 90’s… the Arsenio Hall Show was really popular at my school, I watched it at least the monologue every night if my parents didn’t yell at me about going to bed on time.. 🙂 So I was like 12 years old and didn’t know anything about politics but I remember the night Arsenio introduced a special guest with the band, on sax – Bill Clinton. And I was like, wait.. who is this guy? Politicians aren’t supposed to be cool! 🙂 I played sax myself so I was extra impressed, I think he played a tenor though.

    Hey – thanks YouTube:

    Bill rules.

  142. “We are the mean, dirty, nasty, smear-fighting, under the belt counter-punching change that we’ve been waiting for.”

    Yeh, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought to myself, know what would make Democrats better? Being as morally bankrupt, unspeakable, reactionary, contemptuous, and big@ted as Republicans. (Of course, honesty would require them to change ’smear fighting’ to ’smear generating,’ and ‘counterpunching’ to ‘attacking,’ but other than that…

  143. And on a more serious note, Bill Clinton grew up lower middle class in a single parent household, in a rural town.. the odds were probably against him even going to college, much less becoming President. I could sense he had so much empathy for those who don’t come from privilege, who’ve had to struggle all their lives, and he respects them and takes their concerns very seriously. The Clintons both show such respect for the voters, for the American public – they don’t blame or talk down to any of them – and how I wish I could say the current leaders of the Democratic Party did the same…

  144. A powerful testament of your and my hope in America. Thank you, fellow American and Patriot.

  145. regencyg – fantastic! looking forward to meeting you.

    Also, great choice of photos. In this one, Bill’s pin says Hillary 2008 on it. It’s a campaign staff pin. I have one just like it.

  146. Good Morning America ambushed Bill Clinton and when he
    pushed back they admitted it was ‘Jim Clayburn’ who is
    acting/doing the bidding of the Obama camp.

    They are blaming Bill Clinton for her loss and for injecting
    ‘race’ into the primary contest. Bill seemed upset and when
    he pushed the ‘friends’ turned out to be ‘Jim Clayburn’. Bill
    said Jim Clayburn wasn’t a friend. SHOCK…and the Obama
    Camp is no friend either.

    Are they trying to give him a heart attack? Look for the
    story ‘Bill Clinton denies racism claims’. They couldn’t stick
    it on McCain so they are back to ‘Kill Bill’. Shame on them!

  147. The Rasmussen tracking poll now has McCain and Obama each at 44-to44% and with leaners its McCain 47 to 46% as of today. The Gallup has Obama at 45 to 44%, but likely voters still want McCain by 49 to 45% and when that figure goes to 51% their is going to be panic at the DNC. Obama now wanting to reinstate the Michigan and Florida delegates indicates that he is trying to stop the bleeding .Keep growing the PUMA movement, keep the letters to the editors going and keep pounding as much as possible on the CNN and MSNBC comment sections. I have family members that like Obama, but the flip flopping and trying to be on both sides of some of the major issues is having an effect and they are beginning to see the light.

  148. I *thought* demstowin looked like he/she was covered in cheeto dust….

  149. Regencyg…………Thank you so much. You have given me goosebumps on my skin and a swelling of pride in my heart. Your eloquent words have revived my resolve which was getting battered down by the MSM. Years ago the phrase was ‘keep the faith’……thank you for helping me keep mine.

  150. I just read this, in full, to my old Dem. mom (now an Independent)… she was still crying when I hung up the phone. So am I.

    Thank you regencyg. You ARE an amazing, talented woman. Would that more (any?) of the political writers of today had your skill and talent… but most of all your heart.

    Off to find some kleenex and share this with others…


  151. A very touching observation, indeed! Very true, too! Thanks a lot for articulating what has always been in my mind!

  152. I read this yesterday and was nearly moved to tears. But the strength of your words, Regency, kept them at bay and lifted me. Tonight, I had to return for another dose, as all great writing deserves more than one read.

    I hope that Big Dawg and his “brilliant” lady have by now had a chance to read this. Thank you for gathering the splintered bits of ideas and emotions that overwhelm many of us now and giving them voice and light. Thank you for sharing.

  153. brilliance… pure, unadulterated brilliance.

  154. regency that is a beautiful piece. Thank you!

    Mountain Sage

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