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      Last week I wrote an article about the future of civilization, collapse centered around a graph from “Limits To Growth.” I spent a fair bit of time staring at this graph yesterday, and I want to return to it, because it says some very important things about what’s coming up over the next decades. The first thing to understand is that the future is, as Willia […]
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Sunday Summer Reading – Obama’s Natal Chart (update: Hillary’s too!)

First, please read & comment on Regency’s post below, The Big “D” Democrat – what a great essay! 

Update 2: Please listen to No We Won’T Radio with Sheri Tag: Ed O’Reilly and John West!

(Update:  Due to requests, Hillary Clinton’s natal chart is also up.  Please scroll down to the middle after the jump.  What a difference from Obama’s!) 

Since it’s Barack Obama’s birthday tomorrow (I will not be sending him an e-card, thank you very much!), I thought that this topic would be semi-appropriate.  Now I can respectfully agree that astrology is a bit fluffy for Conflucian tastes, but what de hey?  It’s a slow news Sunday – and after reading Bostonboomer’s wonderful psychoanalytical piece here on the Confluence named What is wrong with Barack Obama? , Obama’s natal chart will make a lot more sense.

Shortly after Bostonboomer’s article, and a BIG H/T to Swanspirit and Texan Astrologer friend who said “Obama is the Liar from Hell,”  I got to thinking, wouldn’t it be fun to take BostonBoomer’s article and compare it to Obama’s natal chart?  Did Obama’s natal chart info really say that he’s the “liar from hell” – or is it just a PUMA astrologer’s take on it?

My Scorpion investagtive skills led me to an astrological freeware program called Astro 123 on Allen Edwall’s site  that calculates your birth chart and interprets the position of the planets at the time of birth.   He also has a prediction on Nov. 4, 2008 based on the presumptive candidates’ natal charts and the position of the planets on Election Day.  I also did Hillary Clinton’s natal report and if you’re interested in reading it, let me know in the comments section and I’ll post it later. 

The way the software works is you plug in date of birth, place of birth and time of birth.  The program does the rest.  I did my own natal chart as a test run to see if its somewhat accurate – and I am still in a mental fetal position at the preciseness of the program’s interpretation.

Please note: I am not a professional astrologer, this is the program’s interpretation based on Obama’s natal info.  This report is edited due to content length, as the report the program generates is 21 pages long.  I edited out the explanatory stuff and presented here is the meat of the report.  It’s worth the read! 




04 AUG 1961    TZ = 10.0      7.24 P.M.   21.19 NORTH    157.52 WEST (HONOLULU, HI)





People with Aquarius rising tend to be altruistic, friendly, yet detached, impersonal, humanitarian, sociable, intellectual, freedom-loving, rebellious, independent, and unusual. You are here to learn altruism, brotherhood, and working for the common good, to forget yourself and your needs for the sake of your friends, who can also be strangers. You have new and different ways of looking at things. You can be very original and inventive, perhaps eccentric or bohemian. You are prone to uncertain and sudden impulses. You tend to be very intuitive, possessing a good mind. You have organizing ability and are capable and practical. You are intelligent, but sometimes cold and calculating where feelings are concerned. There is a certain detachment about you. You cannot stand possessiveness and jealousy and you require plenty of freedom. Depending on the relative strengths of Saturn and Uranus in your chart, caution, coldness and selfishness may be exhibited (Saturn stronger) or there will be more altruism, freedom and free-flowingness (Uranus stronger). If Uranus is stronger, then the things of the spirit will be stronger than materialistic worldliness. Spiritual lesson to learn: Warmth (less head and more heart). Saturn and Uranus both rule Aquarius so Saturn and Uranus will be important in your chart.





Sun in Leo

Leos are dignified, courageous, affectionate, powerful, generous, playful, optimistic, ambitious, loyal, and cheerful. On the negative side, though, they can be quite demanding, intolerant, domineering, lazy, closed-minded, and self-centered. They choose to do things that give them wide scope for creativity, organizing, and leadership. Although appearing strong on the outside, most Leos are inwardly sensitive and their feelings are easily hurt. When this occurs, they can turn on the object of their affection, when their pride is hurt.


Leos have a decided flair for the dramatic and they enjoy telling stories, being the center of attention, having a good time, and running the show. Mean and cruel acts are generally beneath them, but they do not hesitate to use force when needed. No matter what their actions, they always have the belief that whatever they do is for the other person’s benefit.


If a Leo is angered, he immediately goes into his kingly role, “mounting his throne” and quickly putting the opposition or challenger in their proper place. Leos literally roar at people when they are angry. But once their tirade is over, they forgive and forget and never hold a grudge.


At their best, Leos are affectionate, cheerful, optimistic people who can be counted on to bring sunshine into other people’s lives. They are exceptionally generous. Money appears to slip through their fingers as if it were grains of sand. And, like the sand, they have no idea where it has gone.


Leos usually have vitality and good health, with strong recuperative powers. When they are ill, they have a tendency to run high fevers. They are seldom depressed, but when they are, they are devastated. Fortunately, their resilient powers are excellent, so they are soon sunny and happy again, unless their heart has been broken. That is the one thing a Leo has difficulty in overcoming. This can actually lead to physical troubles with their own heart.


Leos need to admire their marriage partner. If they don’t, the marriage may not last very long. In the end, Leos need to feel appreciated.


Moon in Gemini

You tend to intellectualize your feelings. Your moods come through your words. At times you are totally unaware of your own or other people’ deeper feelings and emotional needs. You talk out your feelings and moods. Your primary need is to communicate and to share knowledge. You tend to avoid heavy, emotional relationships and involvements because their is some tendency to superficiality. Commitment scares you. You require plenty of mental stimulation and you feel closest to people with whom you can share thoughts and mental interests. You get turned on sexually through the mental side of things. You have a versatile and receptive mind with a great desire for knowledge. You can be charming, witty and warm-hearted. Nervous tension, anxiety, and stress may be a problem for you. You probably dislike arguments and have a tendency to talk too much. You may tell people what they want to hear rather than the truth. Mental control should be developed or else indecisiveness and constant changing of your mind will become a way of life for you.


Mercury in Leo

You have strong, fixed opinions and love to express your thoughts energetically and dramatically. You wholeheartedly identify with your beliefs. You can be a warm, convincing, entertaining speaker and and effective story teller. Exaggeration plays a key role in all your tales and expressions. You put on a good show no matter who the audience is. You have a distinctive style of expressing yourself. Teaching ability is present. You have many creative ideas and want to have a voice in decision-making. You take great pride in your mind and thought processes and others may think of you as a bit of a know-it-all. You need to watch a tendency towards false pride, intolerance, stubbornness, needing appreciation for everything you do or say, and becoming overly impressed with your own abilities. You could be a good politician, spokesperson, group leader, director, or coach. You need to be admired for your mind.


Venus in Cancer

You are quiet, shy, sensitive, sentimental, gentle, and romantic and your feelings are deeply attached to your family, old friends, familiar places and memories, and the past. Remembering and celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, family rituals, and other days of personal significance is very important to you. You seek caring, emotional support and security in love affairs. You can be changeable and inconstant in matters of feeling and emotion. You desire peace and harmony in your home environment. You cling to those you care about like a crab that won’t let go. Carried too far, your love and concern for others may turn into a clinging, possessiveness, don’t-let-go type of relationship. Feelings of insecurity or feelings of being unloved or unnurtured may lead you to eat too much and thus gain weight. You desire for rich or sweet food may contribute to the problem. Your mother probably had/has much to do with your feelings of love and affection. You like to be needed and your personal charm, magnetism and sympathy make you a natural caretaker. You have a need to mother others.


Mars in Virgo

You are an energetic worker, a perfectionist, and you have high standards for your own work. You often feel that if you want something done right, then you must do it yourself, for others never do as thorough a job as you do. Doing a task well is very important to you, and you may labor over minute details that others wouldn’t bother with. You constantly work for accuracy, efficiency, and precision, and you become very irritable when things are not done “right”. On the other hand, you can become so much of a perfectionist and so self-critical that you will not even attempt many activities and projects, feeling that your efforts simply won’t be good enough. You are usually very realistic in assessing what you can accomplish and, if anything, you underestimate yourself. You are good at conserving your energy and pacing yourself so that you do not waste or diffuse your efforts. Sometimes an unwillingness to take risks or venture from the tried, beaten track can sometimes limit your opportunities. You may not aim high enough and may settle for too little in life. You can be a worry-wart and a fuss-budget who gets lost in too many details.


Jupiter in Aquarius

You are a humanitarian and are concerned with the welfare of all people. You believe in the universality of life and the brotherhood of man. Reform and large group projects appeal to you as they give you wide scope for your own personal growth and expansion. You work well with others because of your inventive mind, your keen judgment, your fine intellect and your friendliness. You are intuitive, tolerant and sociable. You make an ideal diplomat, labor relation specialist or personnel manager because of your knack for handling various groups of people.


Saturn in Capricorn

You are ambitious, self-controlled and you have organizing ability. You can be a disciplined, patient, hard worker who eventually receives the deserved rewards. There is a tendency to take life very seriously and duty and responsibility are very important to you. You understand that time and suffering serve a purpose and that happiness is not the final goal of existence. You may find it difficult to divide your energies between work and play. You have the ability to translate abstract concepts into concrete terms. You may experience feelings of loneliness and inadequacy and that could be one reason why you tend to work so long and hard. On the negative side, prestige and social standing may be extremely important to you and you will be tempted to do whatever you have to in order to acquire them. Selfishness and a great love and desire for power can also be present.




Sun in 6th house

You feel a need to serve others or to be of service to them. Or perhaps it’s that you simply want to be served yourself. There may be a tendency to wallow in self-pity, seek sympathy for any little thing, or to develop hypochondriac tendencies. You are a faithful, diligent and loyal employee who is usually helpful to fellow employees. Some with this position are domineering and develop a false pride with those they work with or for. You can be an administrator, but you may prefer to be an employee. If you are in a position of authority, be careful not to be the office tyrant. You are very happy when you are busy and you hate being bored. You take great pride in your work and your workplace. This is where you want to shine and be better than all others. Worry and anxiety, especially over the desire to do things perfectly, can be detrimental to your health. You need to learn how to relax and not let stress and tension get to you. With this position you should be especially careful to take good care of your physical body.


Moon in 4th house

There is a strong sense of family and home with this position. A love of antiques perhaps grounds you to your roots. Security is very important to you and you seem to get that through your foundations, your home and family, and your parents. Things collected serve as reminders of the past which you maybe try too hard to hold on to. Many changes of residence can occur until you find your personal foundation or roots. One or both parents are strong in your life. Concerning vocation: the emphasis is on the home. Maybe working in your home would be most fulfilling or maybe you simply need to make your place of work very homey, using photographs, mementos, furniture, etc., to establish the most personal atmosphere. The need during work is for security and comfort.


Mercury in 6th house

You have analytical ability with a possible love of computers and electronics. If you become too concerned with details, your nerves may become frayed, thus causing health problems. Any ill health reflects wrong thinking and perhaps worry. You may be restless with a desire for frequent job changes. Service, possibly of a mental nature, appeals to you. Variety in your work or workplace is important. Issues of health and diet interest you.


Venus in 5th house

You are affectionate, creative and attractive to the opposite sex, perhaps too attractive for your own good. You probably have talent in drama, art, or music and these may be your favorite hobbies. Perhaps there is love of the stage and of performing. You might make a delightful and expressive teacher because of your love of children. You certainly enjoy having a good time and people may consider you a party animal. Over-indulgence needs to be watched.


Mars in 7th house

You are independent, like to have your own way and you must develop gentleness and diplomacy in order to avoid rubbing people the wrong way. You need to learn how to cooperate with others.


Relationships energize you and you get a great deal of stimulation from them. You desire an active partner who can help you share in the goings-on of the world. Your partner needs to challenge you, help you initiate projects and perhaps compete with you. You need a sparring partner! Your relationships have much energy and you need to channel that energy into constructive means and not into destructive ones. The competition between you and your partner might better be directed towards the outer world.


In all your dealings with others you enjoy the element of challenge and competition. You may goad others just to see how they will react. The chase is important to you, perhaps more important then the end result. Because you enjoy the action, you may not mind losing battles to a partner who is prepared to carry the fight to you. Your marriage partner is likely to be very ardent, positive, active, capable and courageous, with a will of their own.


Perhaps the partner you seek is someone who can play the role of a champion or a crusader. Mars here makes for an association where the passions have full play and a love match with much devotion is possible. The tendency is to marry early, often as a result of love at first sight, although if Mars is badly aspected, you may “marry in haste and repent at leisure”.


There may be strife and friction in marriage as a result of the partner’s hasty temper, intemperance, extravagance, brashness, intolerance, over-demanding attitude or violence.


In order to get the best results from marriage and partnership, you should try to be as cooperative and easy-going as possible, practicing gentleness and diplomacy rather than allowing any assertive or quarrelsome tendencies to gain the upper hand.


Jupiter in 12th house

You tend to be philanthropic and have great faith in the future. You may have an “angel” to watch over you and assist you through any reversals. There is a love of humanity and a great desire to help others, especially those who cannot fend for themselves. Work in a hospital or jail is possible. Success comes in a quiet, unassuming manner in middle life. You can be unrealistic, though. It is important to think all ideas carefully through before carrying them out.


Saturn in 12th house

You have the potential to develop strong inner discipline and sensitivity. There can be feelings of fear, doubt and a lack of confidence in yourself. There may be an unconscious desire to make restitution for wrongs committed in previous lives. Thus, you may feel fated and desire to retreat from society. A strong inner discipline gives you the ability to repay your past life debts, though. Your present path may involve serving mankind in some manner. Chronic health problems can be experienced if subconscious fears are not brought out into the open. There is a love of solitude. Work may be behind the scenes or it may involve an occupation where you do not come into contact with the general public.


Uranus in 7th house

Your partnerships are unique or unusual, usually possessing a wonderful rapport or a total lack of understanding. You and/or your partner are generally unconventional and you do things for their shock appeal. Plenty of freedom is desired in the relationship and there may be a lack of desire for commitment. In fact, maybe you search out special situations in your relationships that ensure little commitment. Perhaps you are most attracted to those who are already in relationships or who are otherwise “unavailable”.


Because of the uniqueness that exists within your partnerships, it is likely that others will not understand them. You may not understand them yourself. You meet the most interesting and unconventional people in your life.


Any need to control the other person in your relationships will probably lead to disaster. Partner and you will have to find your own comfort level regarding time and attention spent on the other. A lot of elbow room may be required. A relationship in which you feel you are free to grow is one that makes it possible for you to do so. Any limits or constraints placed on the relationship are likely to be met with a certain “hit the road” attitude. Sudden and unexpected turns are likely. Perhaps one person is required to be away from the other for long periods of time. This position may give many long distance, “casual” types of relationships.


You probably seek a partner who provides the thrills and spills for you in your life. A partner who challenges you mentally and emotionally is desired. Your relationships may be lab experiments where you hope to learn who-knows-what. Someone who is inventive, individualistic, creative, original, out-going, eccentric or radical appeals to you. Your partner may possess considerable personal magnetism and occasionally a degree of genius, but eccentricities, erratic tendencies and even fanaticism may be present.


Your approach to marriage may be highly idealistic or utopian and there may be an inclination to favor platonic unions. You want and need your partner to be your friend. Most of your relationships probably started as friendships. On the other hand, there may be a tendency to seek excitement in partnerships and a marked interest in romantic adventures may result in passing infatuations that can cause a rift with the marriage partner.


The greatest threat to marriage may occur when one partner’s capacity for self-development expands at a rate greatly in excess of the other’s, so that one spouse may no longer be recognizable as the person they were when the marriage took place.


For a successful partnership, you and your partner will need to develop the qualities of tolerance, cooperation, detachment and freedom.



Neptune in 9th house

You tend to be idealistic, reverent, mystical and philosophical. You are drawn to ideas that espouse the oneness of all life and the idea of the immortal life of the Spirit. Dreams can be very vivid and possibly prophetic. If carried too far, your religious or metaphysical beliefs could border on fanaticism. Good judgment in these areas can be clouded and confused. Exaggeration can be present. Trouble with in-laws may surface due to lack of compassion and understanding. Be careful who you choose to follow as you may encounter wolves in sheep’s clothing. In your travels you prefer to wander around on your own without too much planning or forethought. Strange, unforeseen things can occur while traveling long distances.



Pluto in 7th house

Control and power issues along with feelings of ownership are present with the partner or spouse. Cooperation with the mate will need to be learned. A partner may be selected based on that person’s ability to stand their ground and not give in. A partner such as this could make the relationship very combative and competitive rather than harmonious and equal-sided.


You are inclined to seek a partner who will provide a challenge to discover new resources within yourself that will give you the power to transcend previous performances and to transform certain aspects of your being. A partner who makes you feel growth and intensity is one you seek. There is a tendency to admire well developed will power in others, with the result that you may attract those who tend to dominate you, possibly feeling that if you have to cope with a somewhat overpowering personality you may discover more effectively the full extent of your own resources.


There are intense feelings and reactions in your relationships. You have a need to cooperate with others and expect total commitment in your partnerships. Trouble can occur when this same sense of commitment is not felt by the other person in the relationship.






Sun discordant to Neptune

You have the tendency to dream as a substitute for getting any real work done. You like to procrastinate and put off difficult jobs for as long as possible, hoping they will simply go away. You have a vivid imagination which can get you into trouble because half the stuff you worry about and fret over do not ever happen. You have a need to express yourself creatively through some sort of art form or music, drama or photography, but you may lack the necessary drive, energy, ambition and desire to follow through on your plans. You are attracted to the metaphysical and the occult but there is danger waiting for you if you get involved with negative psychic practices such as Ouija boards, seances, hypnotism or mediums.


You lack willpower and you too easily succumb to temptation. Drugs or alcohol may tempt you and seemingly offer you a way out of your troubles, but if you give in, they will cause you nothing but sorrow. You suffer from delusions of grandeur and you are not very practical. You need to get your head out of the clouds and come back to reality. You are very sympathetic and compassionate and will go out of your way to help someone. But you lack discrimination and are a sucker for any kind of sob story, hence you are often taken advantage of by others. This leaves you depressed and disillusioned. You must remember, though, that no one can hurt you, use you or take advantage of you unless you allow it. You need to develop more backbone and learn how to say “NO”.


You may experience personal loss of focus and not know what you should be doing with your life. You are overly emotional, romantic or sentimental. Materialism may blind you to spiritual realities. You are extremely sensitive and need to watch which situations and people you surround yourself with. You have a heightened sensitivity to medicine also, so you need to watch your dosages of any prescribed drugs.


Because you are gentle and peace-loving, you may lack the will and competitive spirit needed to make your way in the world. Your fantasy life brings self-deception or deception by others. You need to become aware that you may have to stand up for your spiritual convictions and principles, even though it may involve conflict. You are easily hurt by what others say about you and many times you take the easy way out by being non-controversial. You need to learn not to idealize others, but to accept them and appreciate them as they are and not as you wish them to be. There may be danger from hidden or secret enemies who have come to you to even the score for wrong-doings in previous lives. Be careful of whom you choose as “friends”.


Sun discordant to Ascendant

You are unusually sociable and you need people around you. You may have an internal conflict as to what to pursue in life.


Moon harmonizing with Mercury

You have an excellent mind and you remember faces, names and past events with ease. You are a wonderful speaker and teacher as you can put your feelings and your heart into what you are trying to convey. Gaining knowledge and sharing that knowledge are important to you and you make great efforts to be on top of the latest developments. You are a natural counselor as you listen well to what people share with you, especially with respect to their problems. You give encouragement to others and are able to help them have confidence in themselves. People trust you and confide their problems in you, knowing that you will not judge them. You can read between the lines of what others are saying and you have the knack of being able to tell them what they really need to hear. You probably keep some sort of diary or journal to record your thoughts and emotions so that you can go back to them periodically and learn from your previous experiences. You have talent for learning foreign languages. You tend to think clearly and logically since your emotions and your thoughts are in harmony. Since you are so sensitive to other people’s feelings, you are able to verbalize the other person’s needs before they have spoken. This is very reassuring to people because they know you understand where they are coming from. You have the ability to communicate ideas and concepts to others, either verbally or in writing. You have a love of variety, travel, communicating and reading. There may be literary or writing talent with this aspect as it certainly strengthens and benefits the mentality.


Moon harmonizing with Jupiter

You are cheerful, forgiving, optimistic, easy-going, tolerant and kind. You love to make other people comfortable and happy, but sometimes you overdo your generosity. You have such a firm faith that everything you do will turn out all right no matter what you do, that you sometimes get lazy and apathetic. There are times when you simply take the easy way out of things, especially emotionally. You may have the tendency to overindulge yourself with rich and sweet food, thereby gaining weight, especially in later years. You may overeat. This aspect brings good character, an expansive mind, idealism, honor, luck and financial assistance from family and others. You have a strong respect for honesty in others and in yourself. You are upright, moral and have a well-defined sense of ethics. You are devotional and philosophical, though not necessarily religious. You are self-confident and emotionally secure. You have the ability to laugh at yourself and see the humor even in the worst of situations. You want to help people move forward in life and are willing to give that help, whether it be emotional, financial or spiritual. The biggest caution here is simply watch that you do not become lazy or self-indulgent. People love you for your fine character.


Moon discordant to Pluto

You have intense desires, emotions and feelings and your personal relationships are deeply emotional, passionate, and often stormy and painful as well. You have a magnetic personality that draws people to you. Your relationships with others tend to be obsessive and compulsive. There is much jealousy and possessiveness and each of you tries to control the other in as many different ways as possible. You are manipulative and not just in subtle ways. You resort to guilt, innuendo and outright false accusations in order to keep your hold on others. Your feelings can be so compelling at times that you do things that are not at all rational. You undergo periodic upheaval where you must break all ties to people and things and begin everything new from the start. You are likely to be very set in your ways, opinionated and inflexible. You have difficulty listening to the ideas and suggestions of others. You feel a need to be right all the time. You find it hard to forgive and forget. You need to develop an awareness so that you see others as they really are and not as you wish them to be. Your emotions are especially strong and difficult for you to control. You may become obsessed over security or money. Your challenge here is to learn how to control the emotional turmoil that is inside you. It is difficult for you to totally trust those you love, because you fear you will eventually be rejected due to your supposed unworthiness. Because of this, you are constantly tested in your relationships in order to bring about an inner growth. These lessons are designed to teach you to trust those you love and care for.


Mercury discordant to Jupiter

You are optimistic, but perhaps overly so. You make promises you don’t or can’t keep. You exaggerate the telling of any story for greater effect. You may have little or no faith in a higher power because you can’t make sense of the whole issue. You love working with the big picture and want someone else to do the detailed work. You have a penchant for checking and re-checking things multiple times, just to be sure you did something in the first place, like checking to see if you really set the alarm or if you really locked the front door. You tend to do more rather than less. For example, if a recipe calls for a tablespoon, you may add a tablespoon and a half. You figure if this much is fine, then a little more makes things better. You may be intolerant of other people’s beliefs, habits or cultures. You tend to gloss over details that come back to haunt you later and you have the propensity to overestimate the potential of an idea or product. You are not intentionally mean-spirited, it’s just that you get carried away with yourself and this can be detrimental at times. You have an abundance of ideas, interests, and plans for the future, but you may find it difficult to focus on any particular area. You may devote yourself and your energies to some irrational cause. Philosophy, religion, or other areas of theoretical speculation interest you.


You also possess foresight, numerous enterprising ideas, and a gambling instinct, all of which contribute to your success in the world of business. You love to travel, especially if there is some mind-expanding or educational aspect involved with it. There is a love of communicating your thoughts and ideas to others and you may very well be an excellent teacher, formal or otherwise. You need to learn how to discipline yourself so that you think problems through logically, clearly and with full knowledge of the facts. You have a tendency to rush through your thoughts or to be sloppy in your thinking, and perhaps even in your penmanship. Your thoughts go too far, you can get carried away with them, making grandiose plans that are too expansive to be put into concrete reality. Yet, you do seem to be extremely uncritical of others and accept them just as you find them. At times you are absent-minded, even though your mind is very original and fertile. You may have literary or speaking talent. Guard against jumping to conclusions, bad judgment and over-optimism. You have a knack for putting together unrelated ideas and concepts and making something out of them. At times others will take advantage of you because of your sympathetic nature and generosity. You may have the tendency, also, of talking too much, using more words to say something than what it really requires or repeating several times what you have already just said.


Mercury discordant to Saturn

Your mind is scientific, serious, deep and capable of great concentration. You are a relatively slow thinker, but you are very thorough. You enjoy studying or thinking in solitude and you rarely offer an opinion on any matter until you have thoroughly considered it. You are subject to periodic bouts of depression and melancholy and are cautious and reserved by nature. Conservatism is your natural mode of operation. You are something of a skeptic and may be narrow-minded and closed to new ideas, especially if you have no concrete proof or scientific evidence as to their validity and correctness. You have an aptitude for research or doing mental work which requires precise, organized thinking, attention to detail, and a methodical approach. Socially, you tend to be reserved, serious, uncommunicative and uncomfortable with light, frivolous conversation. Anything that doesn’t accomplish something practical and productive is considered more or less a waste of time and energy. People who listen to you talk know that you speak with the confidence of authority. You have wonderful organizing ability and executive capacity. You are practical and deliberate and you have difficulty expressing your affection for others. You have a tendency toward tooth decay.


Mental cruelty is possible. You tend to have fears and worries that are unreasonable. Instead of planning you focus on worry. You are distrustful or fearful of anything you cannot understand with your rational mind. You should develop more awareness so that you do not interpret what others say to you in a negative manner. You may have difficulties in verbally communicating what you mean to say to others, so that misunderstandings occur on both sides. You are such a conservative in your thinking that you prefer to stay with ideas that work for you rather than adopting new ones. It would at times, though, be to your advantage and listen to new concepts and to try them occasionally. Be careful that you do not get into the habit of rationalizing everything such that any means to an end is acceptable as long as you believe it. You have a tendency to go to extremes with details. Some of the details are not important. There is a tendency to strain on the nervous system through stress or overwork.


Mercury discordant to Neptune

You tend to be very imaginative and very visionary, but it is hard for you to put your thoughts and ideas into practical, everyday terms. You may occasionally be accused of cloudy thinking and of letting your imagination run wild. Having visions and wonderful ideas is great, but if you can’t implement them in the real world, then much of their use and effectiveness is lost. You need to learn how to discipline your mind so that something real can come of your brilliant inspirations.


When problems become too much for you, you re-create the situation in your mind with the ending you prefer, until you become convinced the new ending is reality. You may have a tendency to run away from the world and its problems. Finding supposed shelter in drugs or alcohol only compounds any problems you have in the first place. Although it may be uncomfortable or even painful, you must learn to face your problems head-on as they will not go away if you ignore them.


At times you are very absent-minded and forgetful and there have been a number of others who have thought of you as an air-head. You are not stupid, it’s just that your focus and concentration is on another plane. Of course, we do have to live down here on earth, so it would be wise for you to be off in the clouds only when the situation is appropriate. Communication with others may be difficult at times because you are not always clear on what it is that you want to say. Either that, or you describe things in such terms that no one understands what you’re saying. Use your ability for artistic expression to communicate your thoughts. Much of your inability to communicate with others is because you are not concentrating. There are times, too, when you perhaps purposely try to mystify or deceive others. You have great difficulty in paying attention and concentrating on anything for very long, except of course, your daydreams.


You may have the tendency to believe in everything you hear or to be just the opposite and believe nothing unless you see hard and fast proof. You do not see the world around you accurately, hence you are prone to faulty conclusions. Your mind is highly imaginative and creative and you possess dramatic, artistic, or musical abilities. You perceive things that others do not grasp and understand and you have an amazing ability to read people and situations without being told anything about them. You have a love of mystery and are attracted to metaphysics or occult science, but you need to stay away from negative psychic practices such as Ouija boards, seances, hypnotism and mediums. There is a need for you to learn to discriminate truth from fiction and reality from fantasy. You are accused of being a liar at times and it is hard to tell whether you know the difference between truth and falsehood or that you are simply trying to be deceitful on purpose. Some clear thinking on your part could prevent others from getting the feeling that you are intentionally misleading them. You must learn to discipline and focus your mind if you wish to use all your creative talents. You are not particularly good at formal book-learning because you tend to absorb knowledge in an indirect way. It is easier for you to pick up things by having someone tell, describe or show something to you instead of your trying to read about it and understand what you’ve read. You may have literary talent as you are excellent in describing anything imaginatively. You are a great story-teller. Be careful of the people and environments with which you associate as you are very sensitive to vibrations and tend to soak up the atmosphere that surrounds you.


Venus harmonizing with Neptune

You are a sensitive person with a lot of artistic imagination and a flair for creating beautiful things or environments. You find peace in listening to good music and many times it will be the catalyst for your trips of fantasy. You are romantic and would like to have a story-book kind of life where you live in bliss with your one and only soulmate. These are indeed high ideals, but it’s okay for you to dream because at the same time you are dreaming, you are able to keep your feet on the ground and not get carried away by it all. You are compassionate and seek to help others who are in need. You are a natural “giver” and it makes you happy to serve. You want what’s best for all concerned and you do not have a problem with your ego getting in the way. You find it difficult to be too assertive as you like peace and harmony, without making waves. You are capable of great sacrifice for those you love and you do not necessarily need to be recognized for that or receive anything in return. You have a mystical side to you and you like being around artistic or mystical people. Church music stirs your soul and is as a breath of fresh air from your true home, the heaven worlds. You may have real talent with music or singing. You are devoted and devotional. You generally root for the underdog and can sometimes be a sucker for a sob story. You will attract people in this lifetime who will help you continue the soul growth you started in previous lives.


Venus harmonizing with Pluto

You put everything you have into your emotions. Because you feel and love so deeply, so passionately and wholeheartedly, others may find your intensity either extremely attractive or very threatening. You are charismatic, with sex appeal and a certain amount of animal magnetism which can’t help but be noticed by the opposite sex. You have the ability to use your attractiveness and charm to manipulate others, oftentimes without even realizing it. This aspect gives you the opportunity to transform your values or to be the catalyst to help others transform theirs. There is artistic ability along with a desire to create beauty, harmony and comfort. You have an understanding and an empathy for the problems of others and you are always looking for ways in which to help them or at least find the good that is in them.


Mars harmonizing with Saturn

You possess self-control, endurance, perseverance, patience, organizing ability and the willingness to work hard to achieve your objectives. You have staying power and you don’t wilt under pressure. You know that time is required in order to build anything lasting and once you make a commitment, you don’t stop, even if it looks like it will take forever. The goals you have tend to be practical and realistic and you pursue them step-by-step in a well-planned, orderly way. You have executive ability and your ambitions are high. You like to work in solitude and you feel that your best work is done when you are alone. You have common sense and good judgment, yet you may need to remind yourself at times that you must not give up if it takes you longer to accomplish your projects than it does other people. You are not necessarily fast, but you are thorough. Whatever you build, you build for permanence. If you suffer from holding in your anger, then you must learn to release it, else it may cause bitterness and resentment. Learn to express your reasons for feeling angry to the individuals involved. You have a positive blend of boldness and caution most of the time. In previous lives you have done a fine job of balancing your desires with a sense of responsibility. You tend to be rather reserved, which can cause you difficulty in letting go to enjoy yourself in social situations. One of your most positive traits is that you do not seek power, but merely want to do any job well.


Jupiter blending with Saturn

Tradition, ethics and morality blend together here tending to make you honorable, trustworthy and capable of leadership. You want to be in charge and your executive abilities make you the right person for the job. Your religious beliefs tend to be practical, down-to-earth and orthodox. You value education, law and order and you have a well-developed sense of justice and fairness. The projects you undertake are done systematically, with thoroughness and organization. You prefer life to be structured and regulated. You have a mind that is capable of large-scale planning with the ability to carry out your plans in a disciplined manner. You are goal-oriented. Conflict makes you restless and irritable so you avoid it whenever possible. Learn to be quietly assertive without being verbally combative when conflicts arise.


Jupiter discordant to Neptune

You have the tendency to be way too emotional at times. Periodically you get excessively sentimental, romantic and idealistic. Sometimes your imagination runs away from you. Dreams and ideas are great but not when they interfere with reality and the practical, everyday duties and responsibilities that must be faced in order to lead a productive life. People sometimes take advantage of you because you tend to be a sucker for sob stories. Sometimes you enjoy playing the victim or the martyr in order to draw attention to yourself or to get sympathy. You are periodically manipulated into doing what others want you to do even if you would rather not be doing it. Or perhaps you are the one who is accomplished at lying, manipulation or laying guilt trips on other people, especially those in your family. You may have a distorted sense of the truth. What is in your head might be totally different than what is in reality. All this suggests that you need to practice more mental and emotional discipline and learn how to better keep your feet on the ground.


Be wary of speculative ventures or get-rich-quick schemes as your tendency is to suffer loss through these because of fraud. Temper your optimism with realism. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. Everything has its cost. Learn to accept people, their faults and the world as they are and not how you wish them to be. You are apt to view some people through rose-colored glasses and others through jaundiced eyes. If you place people on pedestals, and if they fall off, you become disillusioned, not only with the idolized individual, but with the world. You have high ideals, but by accepting life and people as they are, you can release the disappointments and disillusionments you suffer over human failings. Avoid negative psychic influences such as Ouija boards, hypnosis, seances and mediums. These things could be dangerous for you. Drugs and the excessive use of alcohol should also be avoided.



Uranus discordant to Ascendant

You are always on the go and get bored rather easily. You may rely on others to stimulate and excite you and keep you occupied. You have a strong desire for the freedom to do as you wish, when you wish. You no doubt like to have a lot of projects going on at the same time as you always seem to have much nervous energy. You enjoy being around unusual people and your relationships have probably involved a fair number of these sorts of folks. Relationships may be rough as you do not want to be committed or feel tied down. There is a rebellious nature about you that could get you into trouble. Slow down and be patient. Impulse can get you into trouble.


Neptune harmonizing with Pluto

As with all in your generation, you have the opportunity to be of service to others for the benefit of humanity. Use any psychic or spiritual powers to help those around you.







26 OCT 1947    TZ = 6.0      2.18 A.M.   41.52 NORTH    87.40 WEST (CHICAGO, ILLINOIS)



People with Virgo rising tend to be practical, analytical, discriminating, fastidious, careful, exacting, attentive to details, methodical, quiet, unassuming, shy, critical, thoughtful, and somewhat self-centered. You have an ingenious, active and alert mind. Gaining knowledge and putting it to good use are important to you. You strive for perfection and can be quite the person to live with or to be around because your standards for yourself and others are so high. At times others can never be “good” enough to meet those high standards. Finding fault with what’s wrong with things is your forte. Sometimes, though, this can make relationships sour as you often turn your critical eye on the one you love and the things they do. Pessimism and being too self-critical are two faults you should try to improve upon. You may tend to worry too much, especially about the small stuff, the little details. Too much worry can lead to health problems. You need to learn to digest every experience and assimilate it without bitterness, regret, spite or resentment. You need to get rid of any negativity that stems from a feeling of inadequacy. You tend to look younger than you really are, no matter what your age. You are very restless and nervous, so you seldom have much weight on you. At times you can be very indecisive and unsure. Spiritual lesson to learn: Service. Mercury rules Virgo so Mercury will be important in your chart.




Sun in Scorpio

Two animals are used to represent Scorpio, the eagle and the scorpion. The eagle is capable of reaching great heights because he has mastered his lower nature and overcome his passions and the temptations of the sensual sphere. The eagle has risen above the physical world because he has regenerated himself. The scorpion, however, represents those who have not regenerated their thoughts and actions and are still living degenerate lives. They use their cunning and strike when least expected. These are the ones who satisfy their passions regardless of consequences.


Scorpios in general are ambitious, efficient, courageous, resourceful and intuitive. But, they can also be jealous, sarcastic, resentful, stubborn, possessive and vindictive. Scorpio people enjoy impossible tasks. They like work that demands continued, determined effort and intense concentration. They are born detectives.


Scorpio gives a strong will and determination to accomplish anything undertaken. Scorpios possess an analytical mind, strong intuition, reasoning powers, perception, long range planning ability, magnetism and energy. Scorpios have very definite opinions. These opinions can be so rigid that no amount of persuasion will make them change their minds.


Scorpios make friends easily and give unwaveringly to them. In these relationships, they like to know what your plans are, but, because of their secretiveness, they do not necessarily want you to know what they are planning. They are capable of extreme self-sacrifice for those they love. If any of their loved ones are threatened in any way, they feel that they, too, are being threatened. This causes them to instinctively strike out, either verbally or physically.


Because a Scorpio’s unconscious mind is more in control than their conscious mind, they lose all sense of judgment under criticism. Under attack, they make effective use of both silence and sarcasm. Unfortunately, their sarcasm can become vindictive. They can, and will, wait a long time in order to get even. Scorpios need to learn forgiveness.


It is usually difficult to deceive a Scorpio because their intuition enables them to understand the motives of other people. They receive very strong first impressions of others—experiencing either a liking or a dislike for the person involved.


Scorpios need to learn flexibility, both in thought and action. Once their course of action is set, it is difficult for them to change. Trivial things bore Scorpios and they would rather go deep rather than broad. The more intense, the better. In whatever they do, they want to be completely engrossed. Half-hearted measures are not for them.


Scorpios have the tendency to do things to extremes, either all or nothing. They have to get to the bottom of whatever it is that interests them. They have to know everything, yet they remain mysterious and secretive. Although it may not appear so, there are powerful emotions and desires at work within a Scorpio underneath the surface. This power is one reason for their great endurance. Sometimes in their battles they trample on others in the process. This is why they are sometimes classified as great saints or great sinners.


Scorpios regard themselves as their own judge, jury, and executioner and punish themselves unnecessarily at times. They are self-sufficient, but not necessarily self-assured. They rarely actively seek applause or the limelight. Scorpios are generally healthy, but can be inclined to overindulgence in food, drugs, sex or alcohol.


In matters of love, Scorpios are loyal, affectionate and demonstrative, and perhaps possessive and controlling. They are happiest and most fulfilled with one partner with whom they can combine emotional and sexual love.


Moon in Pisces

Your emotions are expressed sympathetically and compassionately. You are sensitive, kind and gentle, imaginative, shy, tender-hearted, and have an innate understanding of how other people feel and react to situations. It hurts you if another is hurt. Because of your kindness and non-judgmental attitude, people in trouble, pain or confusion come to you hoping to find answers. It is difficult for them to think that you may be in pain yourself, but even if you are, you will do your best to help them or teach them. You seem to sense that all the pain you have suffered is for a higher purpose, if only to teach others or help show them the way. At times, though, your soft-hearted is taken advantage of and then you feel the need to withdraw, to regain your strength and composure. Music plays an important part in your life and you are instinctively drawn to it. It is as a voice from your spirit’s true home. It helps you to express the emotions within that sometimes are so nebulous or vague that they cannot be put into word. You have a very romantic nature and can fall in love with love. Sometimes your feelings and fantasies get so carried away that you become overly emotional or sentimental, much to the dismay of those around you. You have your moody spells that people do not know how to deal with. You are not afraid of difficult or hard work and you especially like to work for those less fortunate than yourself. You prefer to work behind the scenes, as you may be easily drained of energy by others. There may be talent in art, dancing or music. Tendencies to day-dreaming may need to be controlled.


Mercury in Scorpio

You have excellent mental concentration and the ability to become completely immersed in your work. You love ferreting things out and are a natural detective. Your mind may dwell on the sensual side of life and may think about sex or death often. You seem to know things at an instinctive, nonverbal level and prefer learning through direct experience or apprenticeship rather than vicariously via books or lectures. You have mechanical ability and work well with your hands. You may develop healing ability through your hands. You are quick-witted, resourceful, shrewd, direct, sharp-tongued, and will readily say what is on your mind, in a most stinging manner. You enjoy satire and other forms of critical humor. You want to know everything while at the same time disclosing nothing to no one. You have the ability to penetrate beneath the surface of problems and people and really understand them. You have abundant manual dexterity with the ability to repair anything. On the negative side, you can be stubborn, quarrelsome, skeptical, cynical, headstrong, and always holding the opposite views to others. There is interest in the occult.


Venus in Scorpio

In matters of love, you desire and crave a deep, intense, and passionate relationship. The bonds you form are strongly emotional and may be described as possessive. You can get very jealous regarding loved ones. Uncontrolled jealousy and possessiveness may help destroy the relationships you are most intense about. You have a tendency to “marry” whatever or whoever captures your heart and it is difficult to let go of it or them for any reason. High demands are placed on your partners. You are somewhat suspicious of even platonic, friendly relationships your partner has. If you are ever betrayed, you are capable of hating with as much force and intensity as you once loved. You are attracted to people who have an aura of mystery about them. You have a sultry charm, a personal magnetism. Although your feelings run deep, you may have trouble expressing them. Once burned you never give another a second chance. It is all or nothing at all. There can be a deep religious devotion which can serve as an outlet for your overcharged emotions. You need to learn the value of self-control. Misuse of the creative force in previous lifetimes has forced you to again deal with issues surrounding sex, passion, desire, and regeneration. This position stimulates your creative ability and brings infatuations, misalliances, and love affairs.


Mars in Leo

You are proud and probably have a big ego. You want to excel, to stand out and be recognized for who and what you are. You like to be Number One. It is difficult for you to take orders or to stay in the background. You like to be noticed and will do things in a dramatic manner just to get attention and be seen. You hate being wrong and may insist that you are always right. You are forceful, strong, energetic, artistically creative, determined, and highly competitive. You play hard, you play to win, and you do not give up easily. In fact, you see life as a competitive sport, game or performance. You love admiration and applause, and you have a strong sense of personal honor and integrity. You tend to be very self-confident, even arrogant. But you may become self-conscious, defensive, and rather belligerent if your self-confidence is shaken. You tend to be enthusiastic, rather impulsive, full of energy, and ambitious. You are very ardent in matters of love and will pursue your love interest with great fervor and passion, letting nothing get in the way of your desires. You don’t beat around the bush, but say exactly what you feel, often in an embarrassing direct way. On the negative side, there may be a love of taking risks or of gambling. You can be quarrelsome, argumentative and jealous. There may be heart trouble if physical activity is overdone when you are not in shape or if anger is allowed to vent destructively. Energy and passion both need to be disciplined. You need to be admired for your actions.



Jupiter in Sagittarius

You are big-hearted, idealistic, loyal, generous, humane, broad-minded, philosophical and tolerant. There may be interest in religion, law, higher education or anything abstract. You may be prophetic and inspirational and you can inspire trust in other people. They are attracted to your sense of honor and integrity. You have a strong desire to help others and you have an ability to inspire them to help themselves. You may be in a position of power and prestige or work in the professions. You tend to be conservative because of a desire for people to like you. You must watch a tendency to justify yourself by rationalization. On the negative side, you may be too fond of sport or gambling, fond of cheap or extravagant display, self-righteous, narrow-minded, intolerant, dogmatic and atheistic.


Saturn in Leo

You possess diplomatic, organizing, executive, and leadership ability along with a strong will. You tend to be self-reliant, conservative, and are extremely efficient. You may have difficulty expressing your emotions and your affections, which may make you appear cold and unloving. You need love, but may not know how to go about giving or receiving it, thus you may isolate yourself from others. Your love is motivated by strong feelings of duty and responsibility and you show your love by taking care of business and doing what is required or by giving material things to loved ones instead of yourself, which is what they really want. On the negative side, you may be cruel and quick-tempered, jealous, and may resort to underhanded means to satisfy your ambitions. Heart trouble is possible with this position. You need to be admired for your ability to get things done efficiently and effectively.




Sun in 2nd house

You need to feel a strong sense of personal or self-worth. A desire for power through personal possessions, talents and money may engage your energies. Money comes and goes easily. You are generous and ambitious, but can be extravagant and grasping. You must watch a tendency to be possessive of or “lord over” people and things. If the Sun is afflicted by aspect, perhaps you do not feel loved or feel worthy of love.


Moon in 7th house

You seem to attract sensitive people as partners, perhaps those who want to “mother” you or be mothered. There can be many changes of partners and many relationships because of the need to find someone who can bring an ultimate security. This search continues because security can only be found within, not without. You desire companionship, hence many relationships.


Your feelings are greatly influenced by those with whom you are in close personal contact. You want to be popular with others. You are inclined to seek partners who can bring out your sympathetic side and play on your emotions.


For men there is often a tendency to seek a “mother figure” and to bring out in others a desire to mother, protect and care for them. You are therefore likely to attract a partner who is kind and domesticated.


Both you and your partner may need to be on your guard against moody or fickle behavior. Marriage may be undertaken with the object of establishing a home. More than one marriage is possible.


There is probably a compelling emotional need for a partner and for marriage. In order to get the best results from any partnership you must learn to control any tendency to be continually at the mercy of your moods, which may result from over-vulnerable feelings. Try to control a tendency to be too dependent on others for your emotional stimuli and you should discipline a constant desire for changes in the nature of the relationship.


Concerning vocation: Your work situation is tied to the public, partnerships, a keen awareness of public expectation and the need to meet it. Perhaps marriage is essential to give clear focus to work security. For many with this position, the work profile can be labeled a “public personality.” You are dependent upon others for the fulfillment of work needs. The process of relationships is extremely important.


Mercury in 3rd house

You are clever, alert, adaptable, versatile and studious. Mercury here stimulates the mind and the body. You can express your ideas fluently and you have the ability to bring your ideas to completion. You are apt to be a jack-of-all-trades. There may be many short journeys. This is a good position for teachers, for those concerned with detailed work, or for work with computers. Writing or speaking ability is present.



Venus in 3rd house

You may be artistic and creative in speech and writing and you express yourself well in either. You have a love of travel, yet your immediate surroundings are probably quite harmonious and comfortable. Relations with neighbors and siblings are probably easy-going and pleasurable. Because you dislike inharmony, you avoid confrontations with people in your immediate environment, hating to rock the boat.


Mars in 11th house

You have strong desires and wishes, social leadership ability and many casual associations with energetic and enterprising friends. You probably put a lot of energy into your friendships. It is important that you seek the right type of friendships. You can be taken advantage of by friends or you can take advantage of them. Active participation in group activities suits you well. Leadership within the group also appeals to you.



Jupiter in 3rd house

You are philosophical, optimistic, conventional and considerate. You have strong intuition. This position expands and broadens your mind enabling you to comprehend easily. You are well liked by siblings, neighbors and relatives. There may be mental restlessness which can be helped through occupations that keep you moving. You must be careful not to scatter your energies. There is a tendency to be impractical or self-satisfied. Your mind tends to think in broad terms, not in details.


Saturn in 12th house

You have the potential to develop strong inner discipline and sensitivity. There can be feelings of fear, doubt and a lack of confidence in yourself. There may be an unconscious desire to make restitution for wrongs committed in previous lives. Thus, you may feel fated and desire to retreat from society. A strong inner discipline gives you the ability to repay your past life debts, though. Your present path may involve serving mankind in some manner. Chronic health problems can be experienced if subconscious fears are not brought out into the open. There is a love of solitude. Work may be behind the scenes or it may involve an occupation where you do not come into contact with the general public.



Uranus in 10th house

You are not a conformer and do not wish a career that is stable, uneventful and commonplace. You are highly independent and may wish to be self-employed. Your rebellious nature may cause you to do the opposite of what you are told to do in your line of work. Your strong imagination, intuition and creativity will be applied to any career you choose. Sudden changes in job fortune are probable. Routine work drives you batty. A career in electronics, computers, invention, metaphysics or mechanics is possible.



Neptune in 2nd house

You have a strong imagination and psychic sensitivity which can be used to tap your inner talents. You receive intuitive hunches and are apt to have vivid dreams. You have an appreciation of beautiful objects. You seldom worry about money, which may be just as well, since your finances can be complicated and sometimes confusing. This placement can tend to make you extremely generous or extremely dishonest. If dishonesty is present, you will experience losses through theft, fraud and deception. Do everything on the up-and-up and money matters will go smoother. Avoid risky speculations and investments. Be completely honest with respect to money matters.


Pluto in 11th house

Loyalty of friends is important to you. Some friends may try to be quite controlling of you or you may be quite controlling of them. Intensity of friendships really appeals to you. Your friends may find you rather charismatic. They perhaps see you as the rebel or the reformer or idealist. Friends will come and go as the need for your own growth changes. This is all part of the cosmic process. What ceases to grow, dies. This includes friendships and all relationships you may have with different groups of people. Groups and organizations can play major roles in your regeneration or transformation. Your dedication to high ideals can be used for the benefit of all mankind, if you apply yourself. You have leadership ability and the will to fight for “causes” that are beneficial to others.




Sun harmonizing with Uranus

You are attracted to anything unusual, unorthodox, unpopular and weird. You do not allow tradition and conventional beliefs or thinking to dictate how you are going to live your life. You seek excitement and adventure in all you do. You are on the cutting edge with developments in life and you like to stay informed of all the latest technical advancements. You have interest in Uranian things such as electronics, computers, motorcycles or astrology. You seek freedom and independence and you are not afraid of change. You have a certain inventive genius about you and you come up with the most original and unique solutions to problems. You have a great deal of creativity and intuition that need expression. You are aware of the awakening of your inner self and you listen to it for direction in life. The things that happen to you happen quite unexpectedly and totally out of the blue. You tend to have superb good luck just in the nick of time. You have a progressive outlook and are very innovative.


Moon harmonizing with Mercury

You have an excellent mind and you remember faces, names and past events with ease. You are a wonderful speaker and teacher as you can put your feelings and your heart into what you are trying to convey. Gaining knowledge and sharing that knowledge are important to you and you make great efforts to be on top of the latest developments. You are a natural counselor as you listen well to what people share with you, especially with respect to their problems. You give encouragement to others and are able to help them have confidence in themselves. People trust you and confide their problems in you, knowing that you will not judge them. You can read between the lines of what others are saying and you have the knack of being able to tell them what they really need to hear. You probably keep some sort of diary or journal to record your thoughts and emotions so that you can go back to them periodically and learn from your previous experiences. You have talent for learning foreign languages. You tend to think clearly and logically since your emotions and your thoughts are in harmony. Since you are so sensitive to other people’s feelings, you are able to verbalize the other person’s needs before they have spoken. This is very reassuring to people because they know you understand where they are coming from. You have the ability to communicate ideas and concepts to others, either verbally or in writing. You have a love of variety, travel, communicating and reading. There may be literary or writing talent with this aspect as it certainly strengthens and benefits the mentality.


Moon harmonizing with Venus

You instinctively know how to make people feel appreciated, loved, cared for, accepted and secure. Your thoughtfulness and daily acts of kindness make you beloved by all. You enjoy good relationships with women. You are emotionally fulfilled through artistic expression, whether it be painting, poetry, music or singing. You have a love of beauty, harmony and luxury. This is reflected in the home you create for yourself and your loved ones. You do not like course language or bad manners. A liking for excessively sweet food or too much food should be controlled. A tendency to take the easy way out should be watched for and controlled also. You may be lazy at times. People love you because they sense that you really care about them. You are popular, well-liked and fun to be around. You love people in general and enjoy working with the public. You are gracious and attractive and make the most perfect host or hostess. You have learned how to balance your emotional needs so that you no longer have the desire to possess those you love.


Moon discordant to Uranus

You are emotionally unstable and erratic and your moods can change at the drop of a hat. You are fiercely independent and you hate being restrained in any way. You love the bizarre, the unusual, the unacceptable and the unconventional. You cannot stick to anything long enough to get good at it. You lack self-control and self-discipline. You crave excitement, change, and discovery, and cannot tolerate a routine or lifestyle that doesn’t offer much in the way of surprise or challenge. Excitable, spontaneous, and enthusiastic about anything new, you may be perceived by others as being too impulsive, especially in personal relationships. You certainly do not want to feel tied down. It is not easy for you to keep your commitments or your promises because you don’t know how you will be feeling from one day to the next. You do things on a whim. Your needs come before all others. Your domestic life tends to be very unstable, as do your relationships with women in general. You need to control your unpredictable emotional responses to others. At times you are quite distant and at other times you are very friendly. This confuses others. There are times when you are hesitant to get involved with other people since they may make demands on your freedom. You need to feel free, without any ties to anyone. The challenge here is to learn how to control your sudden, unpredictable emotional storms. When you are emotionally upset, you act without thinking. This makes you susceptible to accidents. You are a very high-strung, nervous person who has trouble sitting still for any length of time. You like unusual experiences and you enjoy shocking conventional people. Your desire for freedom makes it difficult for you to stay in any one place for very long or maybe even with one person. You need to learn to count to ten before blowing your cool in order to help yourself control your unpredictable outbursts.


Moon discordant to Ascendant

You need to control your emotional responses to others as you can become too emotionally involved in their lives. You experience changeable emotions and nervous tension. You need quiet times in order to soothe your nerves.


Mercury blending with Venus

You can appreciate the finer, more aesthetic things of life because you have a well-developed sense of form, proportion, design and beauty. With such skills you could perhaps be successful as an artist, sculptor, fashion designer, craftsmen, interior decorator, creative writer or jewelry designer. This aspect usually gives talent in the arts, whether it be writing, poetry, speaking or musical ability. You may possess a lovely singing voice. You have the ability to bring harmony to situations through your expert use of the spoken word. The way you think and speak tends to bring peace in difficult situations. You are a natural arbiter and diplomat. You may have success in sales of artistic or other beautiful objects. You have a natural eye for color and an ear for music. Your sense of humor, tact, and personal charm are of great benefit to you in any work with people on a one-to-one level. Your emotions are tied to your mental processes and it may be hard for you to express tour feelings without intellectualizing or rationalizing them. If you do not have artistic talent yourself, then you certainly have a fine appreciation of art, in all its many forms. You are a natural at settling arguments and soothing hurt feelings.



Mercury discordant to Mars

You have the capacity to be very clever and cunning, trying to take advantage of anyone if you get the chance. Your mind is alert, quick and always ready for an argument. Your speech is sometimes too hasty and you lack tact. Your tongue is a sword you use to lash out at other people when they have upset you or done something you did not like. You have a temper that can explode into swearing, name-calling and general ranting and raving. You are a convincing and forceful speaker and you have a way of bringing people over to your way of thinking, but you are not especially receptive to the ideas and opinions of others. You need to better learn how to rationally and logically control your desires. Your mental energy should be directed into creative channels instead of wasted in conflicts with others. You are irritable and fault-finding at times and this turns friends and family against you. You are argumentative and rather critical and aggressive in discussions and you like turning any conversation into a debate or verbal war. Try to choose an occupation where this talent is a plus and not a minus. Perhaps you could be a spokesman for a righteous cause, a lawyer vigorously defending a client, an analyst or critic. You love to read and you may have literary talent.


You are high-strung and have a lot of nervous energy, thus you find it hard to sit still for very long. You love working on several projects at the same time because it keeps you from getting bored, but you may have difficulty finishing the things you have started. You need to take time out occasionally and give your mind a break so that it does not become overstrained. Inner tension and hostility find their outlet in angry outbursts, sometimes making little sense to listeners. Your anger destroys your ability to think clearly and so you are unable to logically present the reasons for your anger. Since your nerves are also stretched taut, you must be careful or you may suffer from some type of nervous disorder, such as shingles or an ulcer. Anger is very detrimental to the heart, also. You have a tendency to overwork, which is very hard on both your physical body and your nerves. Your approach to life can be too much hustle and bustle, with a lot of running around and nothing being accomplished. Slow down once in a while and chill out.


Mercury discordant to Saturn

Your mind is scientific, serious, deep and capable of great concentration. You are a relatively slow thinker, but you are very thorough. You enjoy studying or thinking in solitude and you rarely offer an opinion on any matter until you have thoroughly considered it. You are subject to periodic bouts of depression and melancholy and are cautious and reserved by nature. Conservatism is your natural mode of operation. You are something of a skeptic and may be narrow-minded and closed to new ideas, especially if you have no concrete proof or scientific evidence as to their validity and correctness. You have an aptitude for research or doing mental work which requires precise, organized thinking, attention to detail, and a methodical approach. Socially, you tend to be reserved, serious, uncommunicative and uncomfortable with light, frivolous conversation. Anything that doesn’t accomplish something practical and productive is considered more or less a waste of time and energy. People who listen to you talk know that you speak with the confidence of authority. You have wonderful organizing ability and executive capacity. You are practical and deliberate and you have difficulty expressing your affection for others. You have a tendency toward tooth decay.


Mental cruelty is possible. You tend to have fears and worries that are unreasonable. Instead of planning you focus on worry. You are distrustful or fearful of anything you cannot understand with your rational mind. You should develop more awareness so that you do not interpret what others say to you in a negative manner. You may have difficulties in verbally communicating what you mean to say to others, so that misunderstandings occur on both sides. You are such a conservative in your thinking that you prefer to stay with ideas that work for you rather than adopting new ones. It would at times, though, be to your advantage and listen to new concepts and to try them occasionally. Be careful that you do not get into the habit of rationalizing everything such that any means to an end is acceptable as long as you believe it. You have a tendency to go to extremes with details. Some of the details are not important. There is a tendency to strain on the nervous system through stress or overwork.


Mercury discordant to Pluto

You are naturally suspicious and curious about all kinds of hidden and secret things. You love playing the detective, ferreting out any and all secret information. You are not content to scratch the surface of knowledge, you have to go as deep as possible in order to seek out the truth. You love a good mystery and subjects like death and dying, reincarnation, sex and mystical or natural methods of healing are of interest to you. You like to know what everyone is doing or thinking, but you rarely divulge what is on your mind. Because of your love of research and investigation you may well be attracted to the fields of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, psychiatry or counseling in general. You have great powers of concentration and a penetrating mind. You are able to size up people and situations quickly and accurately. You are keenly observant and very little gets by you. You have sort of an x-ray vision regarding the motivations and intentions of others. The occult side of life fascinates you and gives you plenty of scope for your researching talents and interests. Stories of mystery, intrigue, espionage, science fiction, etc. are favorite reading for you. You may have a morbid side to you because of all this interest in underground or undercover subjects. But that is not the way you see it at all. You just want to learn everything you can about subjects that most people couldn’t care less about. You have strong opinions with the power to influence others. Some may think you are almost fanatical or obsessive about your beliefs or what you choose to direct your thinking upon. Just remember to keep an open mind to all points of view. With that attitude you will learn even more about the things you study. Lastly, you may have a highly geared nervous system which can cause impatience and irritability. You must learn when you need to give your mind a rest.


You tend to have a very suspicious, even paranoid, side. You need to learn not to be so intensely involved with your own ideas and beliefs, as some of your beliefs may be downright fanatical. When others do not believe the same way as you, you may have a tendency to get angry or self-righteous. You need to learn to listen calmly to other viewpoints and consider whether yours is in error. Be big enough to admit when you are wrong. The attitude you may have that you are always right is just not reality. Keep an open mind before ridiculing any idea. This aspect can give the “doubting Thomas” tendency whereby you believe in nothing unless the evidence is displayed to you first-hand. The only real way you can find the proof you want is for you to learn to tap your own Higher Self in order to find the truth from your own inner wisdom.


Venus discordant to Mars

Amongst various possible tendencies are these: Your need to satisfy your own desires before considering other people’s needs causes anger and frustration. You suppress your own desires in order to maintain peace, which causes internal conflict within you. Sex and love can cause problems because either you run hot and cold alternately, or you don’t know the difference between the two or perhaps you simply have love-hate types of relationships. Your high sex drive can lead you to squander your creative force through sexual excess and sensuality. Perhaps you “fall” into love easily with whoever pays you the slightest bit of attention and affection.


You are intensely amorous and attractive to the opposite sex and are not inclined to simple, friendly platonic relationships. There is a lot of tension in your love life because you often put your own needs ahead of your partner’s or you are impatient when it comes to having your own needs met. You tend to run hot and cold in your relationships. If your partner is hot to trot, then you are not, and when you are ready for action, then your partner is not in the mood. You probably find yourself releasing your “hate” through verbal or physical fights when there are differences of opinion with your partner and after your hostility is released, then you once again feel “love” for that person. Of course, while your emotions might be back to normal, you partner is still trying to figure out just what happened and what hit them. You are ready to go again, but they are not and you can’t understand why. This can create a great deal of frustration and disappointment that you do not easily shrug off because you cannot understand what the other person’s “problem” is. If you are not in a love relationship, then you want to be in one and if you are, then you don’t want to be. Your emotions are not stable and you have problems dealing with them. You are indecisive and your values and standards of behavior change from one moment to the next. You need to learn how to compromise with others so that your anger does not erupt when you do not get your way. Blowing off steam is fine, and perhaps you need to buy yourself a punching bag so you can spar with it when you are upset, but it is not right to use other people, especially loved ones, as verbal punching bags or as objects of your assault tactics. Additionally, you need to overcome your feelings of love and hate toward the people you care about.


Venus discordant to Saturn

Your emotional development may have been delayed or it may simply be inadequate. You find it difficult to be warm and loving towards people because you have been hurt in the past and you fear it may happen again. You are stingy with material resources and with affection. You believe that everything must be earned and paid for—there are no free lunches. Because you find it difficult to express your feelings, you tend to show people how you feel by buying them gifts as a substitute for you and your feelings. If they reject your gift, then this is easier to take than if they reject you. Though you crave love and affection, intimacy is difficult for you. You have a shallow opinion of yourself and your own worth and talents. You do not understand why anyone could possibly love you. You feel that you are unlovable. This is something you need to strongly work on as your life will continue to be miserable if you do not learn to change your attitude. You are as worthy of love as anyone else, but you must come to realize that for yourself. Do not let past experiences govern your actions and feelings for the rest of your life.


You are a serious and reserved person who appears to others as cold, aloof, unfeeling and uncaring. You are not necessarily these things, it’s just that you are very cautious in letting anyone see the real you or in letting people get close to you. You want to love and be loved, but you find this very difficult. You need to remember that you first have to give love to get love. And you can’t buy real love. It doesn’t work that way. You find it difficult to enjoy yourself in a light-hearted, open and playful way. You understand work, duty and responsibility a lot better than you understand feelings, affection and love. Rarely do you do anything for pleasure. If something involves work or getting something done, then that is pleasure for you. Other people do not understand that about you. There are times, though, when you procrastinate and put off attending to necessities with the result that duties tend to pile up. You need to learn how to balance the seriousness with life and the enjoyment of life.


You may become romantically involved with people who do not value you or treat you well. You need to learn to love and value yourself before you will find happiness in love. Security is very important to you, yet you do not know how to feel secure. Your fear of loss, of money, property, loved ones, etc., makes you very insecure. This negativity colors all your relationships for the worse. You must learn how to trust again. You must learn how to face your fears, even if it is painful. This is the only way you will ever overcome them.


You have the tendency to lose your faith and your optimism when life presents problems with which you must cope. It’s fine to have a well-developed sense of responsibility, but you must also learn to trust in divine wisdom which has attracted these difficulties to you to help you develop personal and soul growth. You better than most can understand that the purpose of life is not happiness, but experience. Yet that does not mean you have to live your entire life feeling miserable. You may feel lonely, but this is because you are unwilling or unable to see that people really do love you. As I have mentioned previously, the problem may lie in your own opinion of yourself. You must first become a loving person yourself in order to attract love.


You may become defensive about expressing your real likes and dislikes for fear of being criticized or put down. You may have a jealous and possessive streak in you such that when you are in a relationship, you do anything and everything in your power to try to hold on to what you have. Of course this makes your partner feel as though they are in prison and they will try to escape the first chance they get, which is what you are fearful of in the first place. You must realize that you can never hold on to anything that doesn’t want to be held on to. Love is free and there should be no contingencies placed upon it. You need to accept the difficulties you experience in life as spiritual lessons. These lessons are attempting to help you establish better values.


Venus discordant to Pluto

You are drawn to powerful and compelling emotional and sexual attractions and experiences that you may feel you have little choice or control over. You crave intensity and these incidents provide you with the opportunity to satisfy your wanton desires. You feel an overwhelming need for love and you may be emotionally or sexually greedy, insatiable, obsessive or compulsive. You tend to be very jealous of and possessive of the objects of your desires and although you keep tight reins on your partners, you do not want them to question or control you in any way. This makes for very one-sided types of relationships. You need to become aware that your jealous and possessive traits will drive away those you profess to love. Power struggles are likely in your relationships as you want to wear the pants, yet you continually attract that same sort of person for a partner. Your love life is passionate and often explosive and painful, but you don’t seem to mind because the intensity helps make you feel that you are alive.


The challenge here is to transform your values. Important psychological problems are being worked out because of and through your relationships with others. Because of this you may attract people and friends who act destructively towards you. The reason this happens is because these people are mirroring the same type of acts you yourself have done in former lives. You are now reaping what you have sown previously. You are being given the chance to wipe your slate clean if you do not respond to evil with evil. Release all thoughts of revenge and learn to turn the other cheek. When your debts are paid and your lessons are learned, then destructive people will no longer be part of your life. This aspect shows a readiness on your part to atone for past mistakes and cruelties.


In matters of health, this aspect tends to interfere with the magnetic forces in the veins and prevents proper drainage of toxins and waste material from the tissues. It can also hinder the filtering process in the kidneys. This leads to improper cleansing of the blood, with the result that toxins and waste material seek exit through the lungs and skin in the form of lung congestions and skin eruptions. The spiritual lesson here is to let go of ill feelings (emotional toxins) and forgive (elimination, transformation), rather than trying to get even or seeking revenge.


On the positive side, you do have the emotional power and unusual creativity to bring about beneficial and healing changes into the lives of others if you can focus on other’s needs instead of your own.


Venus harmonizing with Ascendant

You are cheerful, fun-loving, charming, easy-going and have a pleasant personality. You love beauty and harmony and you are happiest when things are going smoothly. You do not like discord and you do not go out of your way to make waves. You may have artistic talent.


Mars blending with Saturn

You are serious about your ambitions and your goals and you know that hard work and dedication is the best way of assuring that you will succeed. You understand that anything valuable takes time to build and you are more than willing to put in the time and effort for whatever is required. You are capable of great self-denial until the job is finished. You don’t mind applying lots of elbow grease and keeping your nose to the grindstone for as long as the job takes. You are self-controlled, dedicated, organized, systematic, thorough, disciplined and patient in the way you go about things. You are a born leader who has executive ability and great powers of concentration. People may see you as a bit of a stuffed-shirt, but they know they can count on you as you take your duties and responsibilities very seriously. They trust you to come through for them, regardless.


You meet obstacles and life without emotion and you will struggle patiently through difficult circumstances. Most of the time you feel that you must rely on yourself alone, that it’s all on your shoulders. You can be a harsh disciplinarian, expecting far too much from yourself and others. There are times when you doubt your own power and ability. You fear failure and that is why you will do anything in order to keep it from happening. There are times when it seems that every roadblock in the world is thrown at you, keeping you from initiating the things you have planned. Your solution is to dig down deep and work longer and harder. Your powers of determination and endurance are what make you succeed.


You have great drive, ambition, vitality and strategy. You desire to build and leave lasting structure. There is focus upon power and leadership. At times you may be too conservative and unwilling to take the risks that are sometimes necessary for success. Do not let fear keep you from making calculated, educated risks. Develop confidence in your own abilities. You may not be a genius but remember what Thomas Edison said, “Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration”. Remember that you do have an extraordinary capacity to sustain your concentration until your projects are completely finished.


When you are frustrated, you may have difficulty controlling your anger, which can be quite explosive since you tend to hold in your hostilities. You should learn to verbally express your resentments before you become so uncontrollable. If you find it impossible to talk about your resentments, then you should write them down and then reread them. If your anger goes away upon re-reading your notes, then you can destroy them. If not, then you should deliver them to whomever has caused your frustration, with the idea of talking about the frustrations when the paper has been read. You need to remember that bottling anger up inside you is one of the primary causes of gall and kidney stones. Controlling passionate desires may also need doing as unruly desires can get you in a lot of trouble if left unchecked.


Mars harmonizing with Neptune

You enjoy and have a flair for coming up with creative solutions to problems by using your powers of visualization and imagination. You are a fairly passive person who would rather avoid conflict and confrontation in favor of more peaceful or subtle methods of resolving problems. You like to work with others for some cause that will benefit those around you who are less fortunate than you. In your mind serving them is one of the best ways to reach for God. And you are correct in that notion. You have a flair for the dramatic, the musical, the artistic and the poetic. Channeling your energies into these sorts of activities helps keep you in a positive frame of mind and emotion. It also helps you keep control of your imagination so your thoughts and ideas don’t run away with you. You have the ability to bring your dreams into reality, for you tend to be a practical idealist. You have a mystical side to you and you may be attracted to the occult. There is a personal magnetism about you that attracts others, especially those in need. You have the ability to be patient and lovingly assertive. Because of your kindnesses to others in past lives, you have some degree of spiritual protection from hidden enemies who might seek to undo you. You have learned that patience will bring you whatever you desire and to this end you will work hard. You are compassionate towards people and animals and you are usually a soft touch for any hard-luck story. The sea has a rejuvenating effect on you and you would probably benefit from its vibrations.


Mars blending with Pluto

This is a powerful aspect for good or ill. When you want something, I mean, you really want something and you do whatever it takes to get what you want. Hopefully, you will go about this in the right manner, respecting the wishes and needs of others rather than simply walking over whomever you feel is getting in your way. You are very zealous and almost fanatical when you get an idea into your head. This makes you capable of great reform and great construction or destruction, depending on how you employ your energies. You are strong-willed and stubborn and you never say die. You have more endurance than most of those around you and if you are in a position of leadership, it would be well for you to remember that others do not possess the energy and stamina that you have. So be careful you do not become the proverbial slave-driver.


Sometimes in the pursuit of your goals, you lose all objectivity and are completely driven by your desires and your passions. At times like this you let no one stand in your way. You insist on being completely right about everything you say or do. You have a large and powerful ego and it might be well for you to remember that humility and modesty make for easier going rather than an over-inflated ego. At least your co-workers and associates will think so.


Power fascinates you and most things you do may be because you want more and more control, over things, situations and people. This can make you a real tyrant to be around. Your tendency is not so much to work around things as it is to run over things, especially anything that gets in your way. You can accomplish so much if you will just be aware that some methods are more productive than others in the long run. You can be ruthless and impersonal when it comes to achieving your ambitions and goals in life. You have enormous energy and are capable of extraordinary effort and great achievement. You can also become a compulsive workaholic.


You have the ability to exercise subtle control over others. This can make it easy for you to manipulate others. I hope you remember two things. No one likes to be manipulated and you will eventually reap all that you have sown. You are a natural detective and ferret. Nothing escapes you as you have the ability to correctly size up people and situations. You may have difficulty in expressing your warmth and affection for others. At times you need to lighten up. You have the ability to accept life as you find it, without wishing everything to be different.


Saturn harmonizing with Uranus

Difficult tasks can be completed because of your persistence, endurance, patience and hard work. You combine the best qualities of idealism and practicality. The difficulties you experience in life give you a chance to show your ability to persevere when the going gets tough. Much learning and soul growth can come from these situations. Your ambitions take you on unique, unusual and perhaps even eccentric paths. Unusual people come into your environment to help you experience the things you need to experience to grow and mature. You have the ability to balance your need for personal freedom and your sense of responsibility. With this balance you can accomplish a great deal. Your organizational ability and your ability to work with details help you to succeed and to come through for others. You perhaps need to learn how to relax, though, as your ability to endure extra tension may be too much for your physical body or your nervous system to withstand.


Saturn blending with Pluto

You are quite capable of much self-discipline and self-denial. Life in your eyes is serious, so serious at times that you may occasionally suffer from depression. Your great stamina allows you to work as hard as needed in order to accomplish whatever you have set your Will upon. Just be sure you do not use wrongs means to accomplish your goals. People are not here for you to walk on or over so that you can make it to the top. The more people you wrongly use to get yourself ahead only increases your chance of falling from grace. This aspect is telling you to keep your nose clean and do everything above board and by the book. There are no shortcuts to success and if you think otherwise, then life will eventually show you the error of your thinking. Do not get into the habit of fearing change. Embrace change because it gives you a chance to grow, reform and regenerate yourself. If you do not try to regenerate yourself willing, then life will put the people in your way that will force you to do so, on their terms, not yours. Change is your teacher so do not fight against it, even though it may be difficult. Whatever failure you meet in life, resist any bitter feelings you have. Defeats are actually spiritual aids that will help you to evolve. The only failure in life is in giving up.


Neptune harmonizing with Pluto

As with all in your generation, you have the opportunity to be of service to others for the benefit of humanity. Use any psychic or spiritual powers to help those around you.


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  1. No matter the sign, I still won’t vote for him.

  2. Good lordisa–a fire sign with an air sign rising AND the moon in Gemini? This guy is the mental equivalent to Fred Astaire–dance, dance, dance. Moon is opposed/squared to Pluto–“resorts to guilt, innuendo, and outright false accusations”, and Mercury opposed/squared to Neptune–“recreates situations in the mind”. Wow–the planets never lie. Thanks SM for the great post. I’ll have to investigate further. However, this natal chart would have to be based on the assumption that BO was actually born when and where he said he was…and we all know what we think about THAT!

  3. I don’t think we should be looking into damn natal charts. It’s silly and it makes us look bad.

  4. Some of that stuff happily applies to Big D. Like that stuff about his heart.

    Thanks for going to all this trouble SM. I couldn’t read it all but I read enough to realize that Bill and my mom got all the good Leo bits and BO got the rest.

  5. I could not really care less how we look. We’re getting caught up in appearances and that’s just not any place to spend all our time focusing. We’re people, not props.

  6. I am a scientist, so officially I don’t believe in Astrology, but I still think it is fun.

    I am a Sagitarius with Virgo moon. Fire and Earth make ceramics.

  7. Please do Hillary’s natal chart! I concur with Irlandese – we really do not know when and where BO was born – which takes us back to – Liar From Hell ha ha ha.

  8. Boo – I have Hillary’s already – what a gal!

  9. Mawm – LOL!

    BTW, I just bolded the telling parts to make it easier to skip.

    Yep – Obama was born a BS artist.

  10. Can you tell us what it said for both of them for Nov. 4 … and maybe for the days of the Dem convention? Can ya, huh, huh?????

    Of course, I’m too serious a person to believe in any of this stuff. It is all foolishness. (When are the Nov. 4 readings going to be posted?????)

  11. Do astrological charts apply to God? Isn’t that what Obama is (or thinks he is?)

  12. By the way, the Obots have put up a mock version of the Denver Group site. Beware and tell everyone. The only real site, for the time being, is at http://thedenvergroup.blogspot.com

  13. HEY – what’s the deal on NotFallingInLine.org today?

  14. I’d like to see Hillary’s, just for fun.

  15. Karolina – the link is above. Based on McCain/Obama natal charts and planetary positions, Obama won’t win according to the astrologer.

  16. I’d like to see Hillary’s, just for fun.
    Which one to download if you want to see your own chart/analysis?

  17. SM: Can we be sure of this? I mean we have no idea where, when, how or to whom he was born!!

  18. YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! HOORAY!!! HOORAY!!!

    (straightening in desk chair)

    Oh, thank you, SM. That’s a fun thought.

  19. BTW, can we ask him to do one for Hill/BO?

  20. troll alert on Big Dawg’s post!

  21. It’s funny that you mention this, because my sister who believes in this has been telling me some-things that have ALREADY come true.
    1st off “Women will play a BIG PART in this ELECTION CYCLE”!
    AROUND January 20th 2009!!
    Remember Nancy Regean consulted an Astrologer
    for Ron. The chart my sister read I think has a different Birth time than yours. The time she says is critical. If fact with the one she read it so “closely” pre-ceeds Hillary’s that it’s “UNBELIEVABLE”!
    However that chart has Obama’s “do-no-wrong” period OVER on Aug. 1st with the new solar eclipse.
    The “good” time for him was early Feb.(the then new solar eclipse) to 08/01.
    Also she said that she thinks Axelrod or someone is consulting an Astologer because change of location can alter outcome & for him to be in the USA around 07/21/08 would have been DEVASTATING according to the chart on him she read.
    Just-a-thought on a lazy Sunday.

  22. SM–went to Allen Edwall’s site and Holy Cannoli! This is a great chart reading–nothing is held back. Please post Hillary’s chart; if you have all her info, it’d make great reading. Thanks for your investigative work today!

  23. Thank you, Carol. The way I see it, if I wasn’t right, she wouldn’t bother. Yeah, she’s real grown-up.

  24. Hee – that’s fun!

    I think this is very interesting stuff. Of course, we don’t need a crystal ball to see that Hillary is a much better candidate for the Democratic Party, now, do we?


  25. OK – I’ll post Hillary’s Chart under Obama’s – It’ll be long but it’ll be there too!

  26. SM: Could you do Ed’s while you are at it?

  27. Ditto – would like to see Hillary’s.

    Barry’s chart reinforces the observations that he’s a Con Artist, and has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Is there any cure for NPD?

  28. Pat J: You want her to do Ed’s what? *wiggles eyebrows*

  29. … but only when Mercury is in retrograde?

  30. Pat – get me Ed’s birth stats: Date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. You can also do it yourself if you click the links above.

  31. Since when does Gloria Steinem support Obama? I figured she would be the biggest PUMA of them all. Is this just bad reporting?

    “Steinem is supporting Obama in the general race. ‘Women are more than smart enough to see that McCain’s policies are a disaster … He is anti every reproductive issue we’ve ever fought for.’”


  32. Hi, tpt/ny!
    Love that post!
    Also, the clincer is now generously throwing away DA RULEZ- – the Fla, Mi can be counted as long as the bitch ain’t his problem no more

  33. SM: Only kidding, I have no idea.

  34. Sorry Gloria – some of us have evolved past the point of worrying about reproductive rights while the house has gone up in flames.

    Those wishing not to be “punished with child” during the next 4 years will have to use birth control or protective measures.

    At this time, I have called 911 to start the search for the source of the flames.

    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008

    PUMA HAKA 2008 👿

  35. I knew I liked her for a reason. A Scorpio with Virgo rising and her moon in Pisces? A relentless go-getter (Scorpio), with high standards and honesty (Virgo), and loyal to the end (Pisces). Thanks for all your work today, SM.

  36. Well, ladies, take heart!

    The recent eclipse (Aug. 1st) is wreaking havok on BZero’s life, as we can see.

    I have found that a solar eclipse on personal planets
    will start making itself felt one week before its occurrence. That’s about when his poll numbers started coming down, isn’t it?

    Weather you believe in Astrology or not, I have been waiting for this to occur and I wasn’t wrong…….

    It may ease up somewhat, but in three months (Nov.
    4th or so), it will hit him like a sledge hammer……

    As above, So below!

  37. Since when can’t Gloria Steinem see that that is exactly what BO is? He’s the proverbial Repug wolf in sheeple clothing. Betty Friedan (who I consider to be much more of a true feminist) was no big fan of Ms. Steinem and considered her to be more “feminist glamour icon” than in the trenches. Gloria needs to check out exactly what she’s signing up for if she chooses this fraud on election day.

  38. Thanks for your hard work SM!

  39. I am Leo! (:

    But a good one! 🙂

  40. Ah, Gloria.

    It takes courage to be a woman these days.

    It takes courage to stand up and say, “No.”

    Thank you for your past efforts. We’ll take it from here.

  41. Just got an e-mail that Sen. Obama is asking for Fla. and Mich. to have a full delegation…how does that change the math??

  42. There is a lunar eclipse on Aug 16.

  43. captsfufp, you are a Hillary delegate, right? Did you sign the petition to nominate Clinton?

  44. capt it means he stole twice as many delegates from Hillary

  45. Ok, I just bolded Hillary’s most important aspects –

    WHAT A DIFFERENCE for Obama’s.

    Yes – August has 2 eclipses a solar which just passed on early Aug 1, and a lunar on Aug 16.

    (Insert Twilight Zone theme music here)

    PAT: Jello pie was a SUCCESS! Thanks for that – now Mama Puma can have a sweet treat without calling an ambulance. THANK YOU!!!!

  46. Just a Reminder:

    Shari Tag and Blog Talk Radio at 8 tonight with SimoFish and PUMA SF along with Ed Reilly from MA who is opposing John Kerry in the Senate race.

  47. SM: XX00

  48. Hillblazer, she was with Hillary. Then she wasn’t.

  49. Anybody notice how close we are to the 2 millionth hit?

  50. Mawn – Mais, oui!

    For everyone else: http://www.hillaryclinton.com/news/release/view/?id=7913

  51. He wants FL and MI to count now that they won’t matter.

  52. I don’t see what difference it makes if he keeps the delegates he stole from hillary

  53. captsfufp: When did we become 56 states? Did I miss something here? Shouldn’t that be “50 states and territories”? Holy guacamole!

  54. gary: Read the letter. “56 states and territories” within the body of the letter. Idiots.

  55. I enjoy astrology, but the only sign I’m interested in when it applies to Obama is the STOP sign.

    Interesting guest on NO WE WON”T blogtalkradio at 8 PM EDT / 5 PM PDT.

  56. well 50 states plus Guam, Puerto Rico, Americans Abroad, DC, American Somoa…um, missing one, I guess…

  57. They are so stupid. That letter just makes me hate him more. Do you think they enjoy this crap, or are they that dense?

  58. DC is a territory? One would think it would get a mention of its own, since, unlike the territories it can vote in the general election.

  59. captsfufp: But the proper wording is “50 states and territories”. This appears that they have increased the number of states. Of course once it was 57 now it is 56. Anybody with half a brain reading this would have no idea they are including “territories” within the number of “states” as a final count. Morons.

  60. Both dense, and they enjoy this crap.

  61. Actually Pat, he said he had been to 57 states with one more to go. That equals 58.



  62. I couldn’t care less how we look either. The non-pumas already think we’re old, bitter, hillbilly Republicans, and the only way their minds will be changed is if Obama loses in November.

    I think this is fun. Thanks, SM!

    Regency–I loved your post. I am having a horrible day, because my laptop is fried. I’m using my old desktop which is in the attic. Luckily it isn’t 90 degrees today, but I still have 4 fans on me. That’s the reason I didn’t comment earlier.

  63. Hi Mawm,

    I’m Saggitarious with Cancer moon. Fire and Water!

  64. BB: It’s no skin off my back. I’m just glad the heat didn’t beat ya down too much.

  65. SM, this is cool. thanks for highlighting the important parts 🙂

  66. Very cool! I’m the reverse of Hillary, a Virgo with Scorpio rising! I guess that means I’ll just have to be Vice President. :o)

    Thanks for doing this. It’s nice to have a little something fun sometimes.

  67. A lot of that up there defines me. Especially:

    Your mind may dwell on the sensual side of life and may think about sex or death often.

    If any of you have read anything else written by me, the fiction stuff, then you’d know that I am fascinated by both sex & death. Don’t ask me why but I’ve always been that way. (You should read that screenplay I co-wrote. Nothing but sex & death, but funny.)

  68. Funniest comment over at NYT Dowdy’s today:

    Why, oh why, do you keep publishing Maureen Dowd?

    Between Dowd’s smirky trivialization of politics and McCain’s embarrassing and odious ads, I’ve had about all the vacuity I can take this week.

    The most informative line in the entire column was also the most depressing: “Frank Rich is off today.”
    — north_aufzoo, Ann Arbor, MI

  69. How very interesting. I love using astrology to understand human psychology. Even the Bible mentions planting crops by the stars.

  70. I have been an astrologer for many years .. and its a wealth of information … if people think its fluffy I dont mind .. I never insist anyone believe in anything !!
    When I saw bos chart I freaked actually ..and my good friend from texas who is a very accurate and insighful astrologer told me he thought bo was the “LIAR FROM HELL” so that was who that was .

    What a cool reading … its astonishing how much those programs can spit out that is accurate I once did the charts of two guys who were repairing the deck on my home and i read them an aspect that said they shouldn’t own guns thinking they would laugh .. and one of them turned white and pointed to the other one and said he just shot the telelvision the other day !!!!
    As for bos chart

    I dont necessarily trust the birth time but here is some additional info
    Name: B. O.
    Born: 8-4-1961 at 7:24 PM TimeZone: GMT-10[Standard Time]

    The Sun in Leo marks one who has a strong will and great ambition.
    These people usually enjoy being the center of attention and desire
    others to think well of them. Their creative accomplishments
    generally put them in the spotlight, usually outshining coworkers
    who may become jealous of their proud attitude. Like other Leonians,
    they are more concerned with the “big picture” than with the
    numerous small details in life. As such, they tend to enjoy being in
    authority and using whatever means are available to achieve their
    desires. Tact should be developed when dealing with those the
    Leonian finds “inferior”.
    Sun square Neptune natives, masters of self-deception, are unable
    to figure out their own needs and understand the rationale behind
    their behavior. Tending to be escapist, they often have strange
    romantic desires.

    With Moon in Gemini, the emotional response of natives to life is
    like a pendulum shifting and swinging constantly. They respond to
    every change in the emotional environment, but more often than not
    fail to commit themselves to any one thing in particular. As a rule,
    they are restless and are given more to thinking up practical
    solutions to problems than to weighty, abstract discussions. Thus,
    natives are readily able to tackle problems and move quickly to
    other events waiting them. As such, they may frequently be called on
    by others to bail them out.
    Moon sextile Mercury natives communicate well with others and in
    general are good conversationalists. They value cleanliness and a
    sensible diet. They are usually well organized and punctual.
    Moon trine Jupiter confers a strong faith and altruistic
    tendencies. Natives tend to attract mates of similar character. They
    are generous and giving people who lives are blessed.
    Moon square Pluto natives are intense, emotional people who rarely
    listen to the advice of others. They can be impatient and hate to
    get bogged down in trivialities. They’re very independent and can be
    overbearing in relationships.

    With Mercury in Leo, natives display a great ability to focus
    their concentration and articulate thoughts. These people display a
    dramatic flair when speaking and they like to command the attention
    of all around them, occasionally being loud or verbose. As a rule,
    natives’ dynamic intellect makes them a good salesman, and they
    enjoy proving their point and selling their ideas to others, though
    they sometimes get carried away and drive the point into the ground.
    Usually, natives show a great deal of self-confidence when it comes
    to tackling problems.
    Mercury sextile Moon natives are good at communicating ideas in a
    simple and straight forward fashion, making them good teachers. They
    have quick minds and good memories.
    Mercury opposite Jupiter natives tend to be idealistic and
    somewhat impractical. If Mercury is in a mutable sign, natives are
    confident and have great willpower. If it is in a fixed sign,
    natives are stubborn and willful.
    Mercury square Neptune natives tend to day dream too much and be
    unable to concentrate. They tend to be impractical idealists and
    have secretive natures. If they focus their energy constructively,
    their keen insights take them far.

    Venus in Cancer people generally are well-liked because of their
    nonaggression, non-threatening manner. Natives need to express their
    affections to loved ones and want reciprocation in return to feel
    completely at ease. They should try to remember that sometimes it is
    unnecessary to voice true feelings to a loved one. Natives display a
    great deal of sensitivity in their romantic lives and as such are
    vulnerable to the actions of loved ones. Security is greatly needed
    by natives, especially in the domestic scene (which is usually
    realized through marriage).
    Venus sextile Uranus confers personal magnetism and exciting,
    sparkling personalities that make them fun to be around. Natives
    attract unusual romances and develop interest in science, computers,
    and art (maybe computer art).
    Venus trine Neptune natives tend to be very romantic and gentle,
    but not very practical. Having a certain mystic about them, they
    have unusual romances. They may be gifted in art or music, and have
    the ability to love very deeply.
    Venus sextile Pluto confers the ability to completely love
    another. They are effervescent and extremely creative. They have a
    unique appreciation of life and nature which exalts them to a
    higher, spiritual love.

  71. The November 4th link doesn’t work. Is there any way you can tell us what it says? This is fun and so right on! Amazing.

  72. Swanspirit – it was YOU!!!!!!!!!

    OK, updating to h/t yolu & friend. God do I remember that!

    Derridog – it’s a PDF file, let me see if I can get an HTML file link.

  73. Oh Lord!! I don’t have time to read all the comments so sorry if this is a repeat. Check out TexasDarling. The Obama birth certificate mystery is about to explode all over “THE ONE.”


  74. Let’s not forget that Kerry received information regarding the pending attacks on NY and didn’t do anything about it.

  75. Exactly right.

  76. are y’all listening to the radio show? Ben’s on

  77. BB, fire and water, you must be a good cook.

  78. SM,

    I downloaded the software, but how did you get the big printout? All I got was 2 pages of tables that I don’t understand.

    BTW, I love the prediction for Nov. 4. Obama can’t possible win! He has all kinds of negative energy going on lots of frustration (caused by Pumas, no doubt).

    SM, you should do one for the birth of puma, June 1, 2008. Don’t know what time your comment was made, but I could find out.

  79. Obama’s chart for Nov. 4, 2008 shows “unknown situations that pose a ‘threat’ or situations that are erratic or unstable, undependable and even deceptive.”


  80. oh, doing the birth of PUMA would be so cool!

  81. SM,

    I figured out how to get the report.

  82. lol, it just occurred to me that SM is PUMA’s birth mother. PUMA is definitely being raised by a village!

  83. I didn’t know Obama’s sign, but I’ve always had his number.

  84. I”m on. Really?

  85. Ben, it wasn’t you???

    wait…yes it was 🙂

  86. Boston – Puma was born on June 1st, at 3:39PM –

    Yep – at the reports you can get it- the program is a bit complicated but if you click on help, it’ll guide the process.

    Kiki – yeah – my big mouth spit it out – and you bet the village is raising PUMA!

  87. Well I was on last night…so maybe it’s a re run of last night’s show.

  88. Charles – he sees himself losing and hopes to engender some good will in those two states. Close but no cigars.

  89. I do thinking that it’s an opening however. I encourage everyone to get on the horn to the MI & FL delegates. Now is the time, if there ever was one, to get them on Hillary’s side.

  90. does anyone honestly think the birth certificate matter will become an issue?

  91. I think I predicted a long time ago that once it didn’t matter Obama would give FL and MI full voting rights. I’m certain he thinks this will appease us.

  92. He writes the letter and the DNC says they can’t change the rulz. He looks like the bigger person. HA!

  93. the birth certificate doesn’t interest me. why put our eggs in an uncertain basket when we have bona fide issues?

  94. I love Mrs Marple 🙂 😉 Astrology is so much more helpful as an insightful tool for self discovery 🙂

    I am a Taurus with Moon in Cap
    I had a boyfriend for 8 years with the moon in Gemini and LEO asc.
    omg what a prevaricator and he would never ever shut up I used to joke and say he doesnt stop you just have to change the channel and talk about something else

  95. well heck, I guess I’m listening to last night’s radio show. I didn’t even realize that. oy

  96. Shari took calls from SM, SimoFish, PUMASF, and myself tonight. Darragh, Will and John were also on. Another great show.

  97. SM, in the prediction NOv 4 link, there is a typo — http://http://

    Correcting that will make the link work.

  98. Charles, I agree. I cringe whenever someone mentions Obama’s middle name as if that is an important consideration. likewise the birth certificate. I don’t think he’s qualified to be president at this time – I’d like that to be the issue that matters.

  99. wow Pat, I listened to the wrong radio show. I was excited about hearing Ben evidently but that was last night. sorry I missed you. maybe I’ll catch it tomorrow night….d’oh!

  100. (((((((((((Pat))))))))

  101. How does he explain May RBC meeting and his surrogate Wexler arguing for half a vote for these states?

  102. taggles: Did I sound like an idiot? Or Lauren Bacall

  103. I think the best thing we can do in regards to those fixated on any particular “fringe” issue related to Obama is to leave them to it. We’ll deal with the everyday stuff and let them go at his Birth Certificate. If there’s something to it, they’ll find it and we’ll back them up. If not; it is what it is.

  104. Obama is feeling confident so now he can be magnanimous. he wowed ’em in Germany, you know.

    which makes me finally realize what it would take for me to vote for him – if he offers the entire country, every citizen, free food and beer every single day for the next four years, I will consider voting for him.

  105. you didn’t sound like an idiot and I love lauren bacall. Can you say “no more wire hangars”?

  106. PM317 – Thanks!! Whenever I listen to Sheri Tag’s show – my crotchety laptop goes soooooo sloooooow – it takes me almost 10 minutes to refresh a page. I’ll fix it now & Thanks!

    PAT!!!!! I love your voice!!!!!! You give good phone and good radio without a doubt.

    Thank you Sheri for taking my call, I wanted to know more about Ed O’Reilly & got exactly what I wanted to hear. He’s awesome & I’ll spread the word with family & friends in Lawrence, Haverhill & Lynn. Another great show! PS: WE ALWAYS ANNOUNCE YOU HERE – notice the top of my post??? LOVE YOU!

  107. good points. I think the obsessing on a birth certificate is a typical red herring from the Obama campaign. For all we know it IS a fake but there is a real, authentic one out there and this one was just leaked to the Kos to keep people occupied.

  108. kiki: From MA, they had Ed O’Reilly who is opposing Kerry for the Dem nomination in Sept. Pretty interesting and sounded like a nice guy.

    PUMA SF and SimoFish spoke about the Hillary video they made when she turned up at a fundraiser in SF and how they were talking with her about the 300 delegates who are needed to get her name onto the convention floor for a full vote. Loved it!

    John discussed what he has been doing about securing the 300 names from the delegates nationally and is having them sign notarized statements in case Obama challenges them. Has 200 so far.

    Darragh talked about the video currently in production that Brad and Lori are working on which hopefully will be available in November.

    And as Shari pointed out, the two hours went by real fast.

  109. kiki: I too will vote for Obama if he can guarantee a daily supply of Raisenettes and a lb of Green Mountain Coffee to start my day. I’m easy.

  110. taggles: That was Faye Dunaway! Lauren was married to Humphrey Bogart. Maybe I sound more like him.

  111. not only is his name not his fault, but Hussein is an extremely common name in many parts of the world.

    it makes americans look ignorant to attach the name to one person they didn’t like.

    let’s say we dislike Stalin. would everyone with the middle name Joseph become suspect?

    hey! that was my dad’s middle name!

  112. Who wanted the full letter? See here

  113. OK – Nov. 4 Prediction link fixed – check up above if you’re interested.

    Charles: Agree with you 100%. I think that type of investigation should be thoroughly vetted & proven before publishing. However, Texas Darlin’/Benjamin has a compelling case to make with the Indonesian adoption.

  114. Pat: I also loved your shout out for Regency G – our baby Conflucian sister!

  115. What about Faye Dunaway? Mommie Dearest is my favorite movie. There are SOOOO many better lines in that movie than the “wire hangars’ line.

  116. Obama has more than Three Faces of Eve! Fast becoming the Yes/No candidate of the century!

  117. SM: Did not mean to overlook anyone else but that essay was still fresh inmy mind. And we all love our regency, Big Dawg and all!

  118. raisinettes and coffee??? Pat, don’t sell yourself cheap! at least get your premixed cosmos. you’re gonna need ’em 🙂

    thanks for the radio show update! I thought I was so clever finding it….and it wasn’t even the live one

  119. burt: What sign of the Loser are you listed under?

  120. Ignore inappropriate behavior.

  121. Why am I not allowed to call Barack his entire name? Why is that fearmongering? Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton isn’t fearmongering.

    If his name is so bad, why doesn’t he just change it again?

  122. kiki: I love my pre-mixed Causmos! Okay, throw that in too.

  123. Ah, Burt, did you get lost? The unenlightened classroom is down the other hall.

  124. Pat – Regency’s essay made me cry. Truly a from the heart tribute.

    YOU GO GIRL!!!

  125. SM: I had to put regency in the Time Out Corner earlier. But, yes, it made me puddle up as well. She is amazing!

  126. I’m not going to write about the MI & FL delegates, I’ll let other Conflucians take that subject. I’ll just spit out words that shouldn’t be published.

    Still don’t make a difference – I still feel like 1/2 a person and 1/2 a vote.

    It’s like being punched & kicked for months and THEN when it’s politically advantageous, Obama says “oh, sorry, yeah, uuuuuuuuuuuh, we’re including their delegates?”

    I still say NO DEAL and PUMA.

  127. MA BLUE: this is true haka. This could have been predicted LONG ago.

  128. Pat & co. – Thank you so much for thinking of me!

  129. SM: You should write it. It effects you most.

  130. Pat Johnson, on August 3rd, 2008 at 10:40 pm Said: Edit Comment
    SM: I had to put regency in the Time Out Corner earlier.

    Did she start her Big Dawg lovin’ again??? LOL!!! I have to go over to her post and read all the comments. I commented earlier this afternoon there, but I haven’t been back.

  131. regency: Thank you.

  132. SM: She knows. Had to do with Ed.

  133. it;s called changing the subject and an attempt to get more love from the media.

  134. I wonder if McCain’s kinda floating along now until he’s sure Obama will actually be the nominee.

    maybe he’s having fun with the Paris Hilton thing but saving the big guns for the real contest.

    calling him a racist is going to backfire big time. if Obama is willing to hurt McCain’s daughter’s feelings Bush had no problem doing that), it will resonate in a big and bad way, imo.

    it could even make me support McCain, which I don’t

  135. ben: Is it possible? Today David Gerghen pointed out that the use of the word “adult” in a statement made by one of McCain’s supporters who suggested the electorate would prefer to see an adult in the WH is just another “code word”. Go figure.

  136. PAT – I’m too angry about it to write it now. When I write or have satire on a budget moments with this level of “OMFG, I’M GOING TO SCREEEEAM,” I end up going overboard.

    By the time I calm down, somebody probably is whipping up a better analysis than I would do. So I’m cool with that.

  137. SM: Hot blooded little Latina that you are, that is when your best work comes out! No filtering, just the raw emotion. Go for it!

  138. SM: best believe I did. He’s in a fine form these days. Me and ma were commisserating on how he makes a spare tire look like sex. I make myself look like a stalker but he so foine.

  139. Has everyone seen this? Obama has written the DNC and asked that Florda and Michigan votes be counted fully. Now that he believes he has won the Dem Nomination, he thinks he can shore up support in those states with this tactic. No one is going to fall for it.

  140. SM: Write it now.I write best when disgusted or angry.

  141. hey SM, I’ve been meaning to say something…….I wanted to see your Lanny satire on a budget picture but you took it down before I had a chance. I wanted to specifically say that you were extremely gracious about taking it down when it offended a couple of people. I thought that was very nice and thoughtful of you. lots of people would have gotten offended but you were totally cool about it. good woman!

  142. Why do they keep perpetuating this victimhood? It makes him look so weak and emasculated. And it pisses me off.

  143. Eventually it will be: Do we want a Rock Star or a President?

    And that will be code because there are so many … minority rock stars.

  144. rd is going to be so excited! People from all over the US, many we have never heard of before today, are still writing into the Chuck Todd post. Close to 500 comments over there. Wow!

    PUMA viral has gone national! A poster from Hawaii signed in.

  145. ben: You are a lawyer. You know how it works. If you have nothing go for the victimization. Sure to win points with somebody.

  146. I wonder if we’ve hit all 50 states on the Chuck post yet???

    I was amazed and happy to see others from Alabama! maybe we can actually put together a tiny little meet-up.

  147. Ben, here’s a very appropriate black rock group.
    I smell CampO theme song here:

  148. kiki: Magdalena was keeping count. Last I saw only the two Dakotas were missing and that was somewhere around 5pm.

  149. ok, anyone willing to move to a Dakota?

  150. kiki: I just spit my cup of tea all over the screen! Good one.

  151. I’m excited because my beloved redskins are beating the colts!

    and watching football makes me feel like the temperature might go below 95 one of these days.

    yay fall! my favorite season!

  152. aacckk Pat! let’s make Obama buy each of us a new monitor too!

    why should the Germans get all the freebies?

  153. Pat & Regency – looks like Gary has something juicy coming up – I hope he’ll cover it. But thanks for the support. You just want to see me spit & kick all over the screen! (love you guys too!)

  154. SM: We know the PUMA Cub is home and all is right in your world again. And you do write a fine piece!

  155. kiki: Swear to God, most of us are a little nuts.

  156. kiki, on August 3rd, 2008 at 10:52 pm Said: Edit Comment
    hey SM, I’ve been meaning to say something…….I wanted to see your Lanny satire on a budget picture but you took it down before I had a chance. I wanted to specifically say that you were extremely gracious about taking it down when it offended a couple of people. I thought that was very nice and thoughtful of you. lots of people would have gotten offended but you were totally cool about it. good woman!

    Thanks Kiki, there are some Conflucians that feel Lanny is still a friend to Hillary. So I took it down. Then his WSJ editorial came out and that was it, I HAD TO LET IT OUT, but I was much more calm then. That’s when I wrote the “Lanny, your friend from Yale isn’t VP material” this past Friday and I used a gorgoeus Hillary picture instead.

  157. if we weren’t a little nuts, I don’t think we’d survive

  158. PAT: YOU KNOW THAT is sooooo true! My world feels much better, as a mother with a *&%*%& ex-hubbie, you know what that feels. Thank you so much for thinking about my PUMA cub (who now loves to be called that)!

    BTW, I only got 1 itty bitty piece of the Jello pie. Mama PUMA and Cub ate the rest.

  159. Pat — is there a link for Chuck Todd? I can’t find it.

    I wanna see too!

  160. well, somebody thought running horoscopes was beneath us. my opinion is that that feeds into the humorless, bitter, old hag image. we’re not that. we’re fun people that have had our fun interrupted by political shenanigans. we’d like to right those wrongs so we can go back to having fun again. right?

  161. Oops, Pat, nevermind, I was confused, you are talking about the Todd thread right here.

  162. Pat – Joan Crawford. And don’t worry, regency is just toying with you. Eddy has been here with me all night. We have been lying under one of the undecorated Christmas trees trying to pretend it wasn’t 107 degrees here today.

  163. I don’t cook at all, never have (I love microwaves! ) but years ago I actually had a sort of recipe that I’d totally forgotten about. it’s practically Pat’s jello pie, but with fruity yogurt instead of jello. you mix the yogurt with kool whip and dump it into a pie crust and shove it in the freezer. you can throw fresh fruit on top if you’re a gourmet. I’d totally forgotten about that.

  164. Carol, spray some of that ‘snow in a can’ on the tree. you’ll feel instantly cooler!

  165. Carol: The heat must be making you delusional down there. If I weren’t so lethargic myself I might just get up a posse and make a citizen’s arrest. Freedom just ain’t another word for nothing left to lose. Or something.

  166. kiki: lol

  167. Hey all, checking in before nighty-night time. Last I looked we had big love sent to Chuck Todd from 47 states, DC and Puerto Rico, British Columbia, the Bahamas, Western Europe and Australia. I do not believe the thinly populated Dakotas and Alaska are PUMA-less; they simply have yet to sign in and pick up their convention packets.

  168. Magdalena: We were just talking about you. You did a great job keeping track. The responses were astonishing.

  169. Hiya Pat. it was a great day, wasn’t it? Thanks, Hot Toddy!

  170. If I recall, Hillary won Daschle’s back yard, SD, in spite of the MSM reporting that she had conceded or do I have my dates wrong. No doubt it is not PUMA-less.

  171. Magdalena, is Chuck Todd (whoever he is) actually going to hear about this? that would be cool

    and thanks for keeping track

  172. Why is it imperative to send me a long dissertation about how I should be a leader in the future, but I’m wrong about my post about Bill? Oh my god, it was tedious.

  173. Carol: You must have Eddy’s body double because he is certainly watching Adult Swim with me.

  174. I have a confession to make before I go to bed. I am down on my knees praying for forgiveness:

    The Ellen DeGeneres Show made me a r*cist.

    One day Ellen interviewed Obama and asked him what his first action would be on his first day in the White House. His respone was that he would sit at the desk in the Oval Office and say, “Wow, this is cool.”

    At that moment I thought: “I think I would prefer an adult for President.”

    A pointed, white hood instantly descended over my head. I said, “What is this thing? Where am I? What’s happened?” but to no avail.

    I had instantly been transformed from the humanist I have been all my life into a thing.

    Obama for America: We’ll Change You Into Whatever We Want.

  175. regency, who sent you the long dissertation?

  176. kiki, I suppose it would be possible to send him a link to the thread, or snail-mail him the whole thing along with some cat-scat, but I since this is not my blog, I will defer to the Leaders of the Pride.

  177. Hold on, Ed! I am on my way. Just need to find my shoes.

  178. Magdalena, don’t overreact – maybe you just became a nun that moment

  179. Mag – I sent the link to Joe this morning. They actually read their emails. We will see what happens in the morning. I told him he should tell his friend Chuckie T to get better informed.

  180. Magdalena, someone I’ve never heard of. They were respectful for the most part but sheesh, there were certain parts that were a little insulting. Ugh. Way too long for a reply out of the blue.

  181. Joe S really likes Hillary. He makes fun of Obama and it gets on Mika’s delicate nerves. The only one I pay attention to is Pat Buchanan and only because he agrees with me. Normally, I would never listen to anything he says but, bigot that he is, he dislikes Obama and usually spoke up for Hillary. That was all I needed to hear.

  182. Great, carol, I missed that. I hope the thread grows all night long. The West Coasters are just having their nightcaps.

  183. Pat, I keep listening to right wing talk radio, it’s like a weird addiction (plus my current car doesn’t have a CD player). I find myself responding to their anti-Obama talk, although their problems with him are not my problems with him. they think he’s a marxist. whatever….I’m not entirely comfortable with this any port in a storm mentality, but there it is.

  184. Joe changed. He started his sh*t with Hillary. He and Mika talked directly to her about the “MLK and LBJ” thing. and accepted her full explanation. Then they went right back to talking sh*t.

    Also, the week before and Saturday during the NC primary he screamed “Bill” was a r*cist for mentioning JJ. He kept it up forever. Craig Crawford tried to explain it to him and then all of a sudden Craig didn’t show up much.

    He finally got on board. She probably called him and told the little weasel she would kick his finnnnnnggg *ss if he didn’t she the cr*p up.

    Now, he is in love.

    Yes, who knew Pat would defend the truth.

  185. Pat, 110% agreed on all points on Morning Joe and their cast of carnies. There is no one, I mean no one, who is more infuriating than Mika — not sure she has opposable thumbs — her catterwalling has sent me around the bend, over the river and through the woods on too many mornings.

    For me to nod my head in agreement with Pat Buchanan makes me check to see if I’m spontaneously combusting.

  186. should be SC primary

  187. I used to email Joe telling him what a lying sack of c rap they were.

  188. Carol, I wrote him an atomic e-mail when Penn Jillette was on — never got even a hint of a response.

  189. […] get. Hillary partisans ignore this push for party unity, and report on what really matters: astrology.  […]

  190. Back to the original topic of astrology. Obama also announced his candidacy for president during a [b]void of course moon[/b] time. Undertakings initiated under this particular moon transit usually amount to nothing or never come to fruition.

    So no matter how highly Barky thinks of himself, the stars just aren’t complying with his demands.

    Barky will never be president.

  191. this is my examination of Barry, and his Narcissistic personality disorder

    This is the birth chart of Barry’s birth in Kenya

    This is my prediction for Hillary’s comeback

    you will see that the last one is very prophetic

  192. yes, we want HRCs’ astrological charts. And maybe John McCains’. too?

  193. Longer-Term Thoughts

    (From Raymond Merriman’s Weekly Column)

    In the last several weeks, I have written about the correlation of planetary and rhythmic long-term cycles to the platforms of the two USA Presidential candidates.

    As illustrated, there are valid studies to support the presidency of both candidates, from cycles related to the economy, value of the U.S. Dollar, interest rates, taxes, the stock market, and threat of war. Now I would like to analyze it from a purely classical astrological point of view.

    First, I would once again like to point out the excellent book on “Political Astrology” by Michael O’Reilly (2005, WingSpan Press, Livermore, CA, USA), wherein he writes about the Mars Factor in U.S. Presidents. Ten of the 42 U.S. Presidents have had their natal Mars in Leo, far more than any other planet-sign combination. John McCain has this position, where as Barack Obama has Mars in Virgo, a placement that had had an “average” rate of frequency of five historical cases, including current President George W. Bush. One would have to give this advantage to John McCain.

    The next consideration has to do with the chart of Election Day.

    The election begins at 12:01 am, November 4, in Dixville, New Hampshire. At that moment, the Moon is in Capricorn, conjunct Jupiter. As written in the “Forecasts for 2008” book, written in November 2007, long before Obama was considered a serious contender.

    To quote the book,

    ‘… the Moon/Jupiter conjunction trine/sextiles the Election Saturn/Uranus opposition, not the U.S. Saturn or Uranus. The people want somebody who is an outsider to the Washington political establishment, but they also wish a conservative element, someone who gives the appearance of being in control, an authority that can command the respect of others. It may indicate the older candidate wins, if there is a substantial age difference. They do not vote for a total banishment of the “old guard.”

    They demand change, but they still vote conservatively on Election Day. That the nation is conflicted about the War in Iraq and the threat of other possible military campaigns is also shown by Mars in Scorpio (the “hawks”) in square aspect to Neptune (the “doves”).” The Moon in Capricorn not only represents the older candidate, but the one with more experience in the minds of voters, who tend to be in a more conservative mood than a risk-taking one. Once again, I would give the astrological edge here to McCain.

    I also pointed out that the transits on the day of the New Hampshire primary in early February were very similar to those of Election Day. Most notably, the Moon and Jupiter were conjunct again in Capricorn, nearby to their positions on November 4, 2008. My comment at the time was that the one of the victors of this primary would also be the likely winner of the November 2008 election. Readers may remember that this primary was one week after the Iowa primary, which was won by Michael Huckabee and Barack Obama. They were favored to repeat in New Hampshire. However, to the surprise of many, neither won.

    Then winners of New Hampshire were Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Only McCain is still standing.

    Or is he the only one still standing?

    There is now the matter of selecting a vice-president. Interestingly enough, Hillary Clinton could be Obama’s running mate and she too not only

    1) won New Hampshire, but also is

    2) perceived to be a candidate with experience, and hence indicative of Moon in Capricorn, and

    3) she has natal Mars in Leo, the highest correlation of planetary studies to U.S. presidents.

    Yes, I know this is only for the post of vice-president, but she is a Scorpio, and this is a two-year period when the powerful 45-year Saturn-Uranus opposition occurs, so unexpected things can happen.

    Of course, this major geocosmic signature can affect John McCain and his running mate too.
    Both Rudy Giulani and Mike Huckabee also have Mars in Leo. Mitt Romney has Mars in Pisces, a placement that no prior U.S. President has had.

    According to these purely astrological studies, Obama’s best chance of winning the presidency may lie with the choice of Hillary Clinton as his running mate, assuming she would accept such an invitation.

    As a result, we anxiously await the Democratic convention later this month to see if these astrological considerations, which I place great importance upon, will move from a strongly biased McCain election victory to one that will put the contest back into a more balanced astrological duel.

    Raymond Merriman,
    @ stariq.com

  194. QUOTE:

    “Or is he the only one still standing?”

    Does anybody else think he’s one of us?

  195. […] Sunday Summer Reading – Obama’s Natal Chart (update: Hillary’s too!) By sm77 Stories of mystery, intrigue, espionage, science fiction, etc. are favorite reading for you. You may have a morbid side to you because of all this interest in underground or undercover subjects. But that is not the way you see it at all … The Confluence – https://riverdaughter.wordpress.com […]

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