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Sunday: Exercise

Ok, I loved the teaser that Lori sent last night. It’s going to be even better than I anticipated. They’re on to something and I hope they don’t tell us what it is until they’re done. But I am shocked by my appearance. I have spent way too much time parked on that couch. So, this morning I am walking to Starbucks for my light peppermint mocha frappachino. My goal is to lose 10 pounds by Denver so I can see my cheekbones again.

Don’t forget to contribute to the making of the movie. You can do it here.

BTW, For those of you curious about the Obama cheerleader/rapper in the clip below, that segment was shot at the Yamasaki fountain, also known as The Fountain of Freedom, on the Princeton campus. It is adjacent to the Woodrow Wilson School of Government. It’s a beautiful fountain with one of the largest pieces of cast bronze in the country. Children love the fountain and use it as a wading pool. It’s about 2 feet deep at the deepest section and a perfect place to dip little toes in the summer.

This is an open thread.

Update: The BFF and I are headed to Central Park this afternoon (Although we don’t live in Manhattan Chuck Todd 😛 ) for any of you PUMAs in the city who care to join us. It’s a great place to exercise. Meanwhile, here’s the video I played for SuperTuesday to get us stirring out of our winter hibernation to get out and vote. You can’t find this version on iTunes but any flavor of Iko Iko should have the same result. Get up and Dance!

121 Responses

  1. I posted this on the last thread but I got put in moderation. I’m guessing because of the Obama/Untouchables quote. Can anyone answer my caucus questions? Thanks!

    I haven’t attended a caucus myself, so forgive me these dumb questions, but is it open to the general public or just registered voters in that district? Do you have to show ID to get in the door? Were out-of-state Obama supporters taking part in the actual vote?

    Imagine the mindset of those Obots being bussed in to the caucuses? Talk about brainwashed! I’m a huge Hillary supporter but I cannot fathom disrupting the process like this.

    But the attitude comes from the top down … win at all costs, “If they bring a kn*fe to the fight, we bring a g*n.” This is the way Obama has played it from the beginning … starting with knocking all his opponents off of the ballot in ‘96. I’ve no doubt his voter reg drive when he was a community organizer was self-serving, too.

    It makes me worry about the GE. What shenanigans will they pull then? What about this massive voter reg drive?

    I think we need people to volunteer to go over to the Obama side for brainwashing and find out what’s going on.

    See this post from NoQuarter re: a caucus experience in Iowa. This is an older post but it demonstrates some of the cultish mindset.


  2. Okay .. I give up. I’m in moderation again.

    Someone throw a rope to get me out from under this troll bridge.

  3. I have to go to a Latin Mass now, but not before noting that I never got this mystique about Starbucks; here (in the San Diego area) even McDonalds coffee is better. At small coffee shops one can get a large coffee and croissant for less than a Starbucks, or a cold blended latte which is better too.

  4. I fully agree, JohinCA. We have a McCafe here in the middle of nowhere and it is not too bad. No croissants though….ummmmh… Have you ever tried the ones with chocolate cream injected in their core?…

  5. I never cared for Starbucks either. Here in S.Fla, I get a McD coffee in the morning for my drive to work.

  6. I have three different coffee makers on my kitchen counter (and a grinder, a knockbox, and a roaster). No SBux or McDs, for me!

  7. Riverdaughter,
    Samantha, my golden retriever, has lost 35 pounds in the last 4 months. Would you like me to send you the recipe for her diet? I’m thinking of trying it myself. Since she spends a good part of her day asleep, I don’t think that a great deal of exercise will be necessary.

    Sam’s mom

  8. personally, my coffee (that I make myself) is better than starbucks, McDonald’s, or any other corporate outlet thank you very much! I think I’ll go make some now.

  9. OH. MY. GOD.

    Did you see Dowd’s comparison of BO to MR. DARCY????

    I haven’t had breakfast yet and it’s a good thing.

    MODO, I’ve met Mr. Darcy and BO IS NO MR. DARCY. No even close!

  10. Are the Chinese better on Freedom of Speech than the Democratic Party?

    China, which has been accused of repressing the voices of opponents, has said it will allow preapproved demonstrations at three parks in the capital.

    Not exactly freedom of speech, but at least they’re not putting them in cages.

  11. I am with Riverdaughter on this! Since I retired in November, I have gained 10 lbs! Most of it around the middle where I look like I am hosting the Blessed Event! This is from sitting here, almost to the point of obsession, during the last 5 months and I need to start losing. A brisk walk everyday from now on. No more Causmos! Put away my munchies! Get my agression out in more positive way.

    My goal is to be as svelte as Michele! No more “Can She Get More Lazier? memes.

  12. Mr. Darcy is my true love in Bridget – she needs to shut her finggggggggggg mouth.

  13. Colin Firth is on the top of My Hit Parade!

  14. Well I just read Maureen Dowds comparison of bo to Darcy
    i have several theories ..

    She had her assignment to read a book this summer and wanted to do her summer book report .

    Unfortunately many people have read fifth grade book reports that were better and made more valid analogies .Many people have their own fifth grade book reports that are better and make more valid analogies.

    She was on the plane when bo was showing off his package in jeans to the women of the press on the plane
    She wanted to be on the plane when bo was showing off his package in jeans to the women of the press on the plane
    She has the film of bo showing off to the women of the press corp and watches it as often as possible .

    What she fails to realise is that she has revealed her own motives for her simpering adoration , and used her column as an excuse to wax romantic regarding him , there by exposing for all to read her own romantic fantastic regard for him .

    Don’t they sell that in the drugstores these days or WALMART ?? ROMANCE WAX …. isnt it right next to the lip balm ??

  15. I need PILATES .. I have a nice little beginners pilates exercise tape with ANA CABAN that works really well for me .. if I um work it 🙂 and I need to walk walk walk …

  16. Pat – I take it you enjoyed Colin’s turn in P&P as much as I did? 😉

  17. “It’s about 2 feet deep at the deepest section”

    So about as much depth as the Dem’s “nominee”?

  18. Hey Moviestar! I think you’re beautiful — and the juxtaposition of your sweet/calm speaking voice with your hard, pipe-hitting writing is a revelation. Your writing is acerbic and witty and even confrontational sometimes (which is a GOOD thing imo) but then you come across in person as so sweet and smart.

    I think the film is going to be an essential document of what happened this year — the battle for the soul of the democratic party. I can just imagine what our grandchildren will say when they see it 20 years from now.

  19. jeez, Maureen, if anything, Obama is Mr. Wickham. Or better yet, that cad from Dangerous Liasons.

  20. That’s it. That is it. Maureen Dowd, you are beyond the pale.

    Just when I thought my aversion to Dowd was at maximum. I haven’t read it yet and may not be able to.

    Mr. D. did good works and claimed no credit. He never advertised. What could be more the diametric opposite of BO?

    On another topic, I have not been able to lose all the weight I gained from pregnancy. It’s like my body got snatched and replaced with a different, larger body. I’ve been trying, but it is fitful.

    My H proposed a motivation scheme. If I fail to work out a minimum # of days a week, then I would be forced to donate to the cause I despise and detest the most. I think you can guess what that might be. Talk about galvanizing.

    I’m not sure I can bring myself to do that plan, the penalty for failure is so harsh, but maybe if there was positive motivation such as an extra donation to a PUMA cause, that could work.

    I put it out there for the consideration of others seeking exercise motivation.

  21. Good Morning Conflucian.

    I’ve taken so much grief from the spousal unit that I’ll stay out of ANY discussion about weight when there a woman in the vicinity.

  22. murphy: I too was pleasantly surprised. You’re like steel and interview as well as Terry Gross.

  23. I agree RD, if anything BO is Wickham.

    If this is MD going after the women’s vote with this P&P theme, then she needs to go back to the drawing board. Though if that is her rationale, I am curious about her future columns. What other roles will she assign BO? Once you’ve co-opted Mr. Darcy (because nobody dislikes P&P and it seems everybody knows it, you know?), where else can you go?

    Ok time to go out and play w/the toddlemeister.

  24. For those who want Sen. Clinton’s name on the ballot in November, a good form of exercise might be to occupy one of her offices in New York and demand that she stick to her promise to help us take our country back. As long as she continues to endorse Obama, all is for nothing. Someone needs to point out to her that backing Count Barackula is not the way to get “a democrat” in the WH. He’s not part of the Dem Party – he belongs to a party of one – himself. And Clinton knows the primary elections were a fraud perpetrated by the officials of her own party in cooperation with Karl Rove and the G.O.P. Why does she continue to put her Good Housekeeping stamp of approval on this stolen election. She can fight for the nomination or run as an independent, not watch from the sidelines. For more on this subject, please read the following:


  25. On Meet the Press Todd said the Hill supporters that won’t support Obama is a concept manufactured in Manhattan. (As if.) He also said that we are only about 10% of her supporters and that 10% of Dems typically cross over in any election, so this is no different.

  26. Shainzona:
    Several weeks ago I commented that Obama was very similar to Wickham. Charming, arrogant, lying to make himself a sympathetic figure, the recipient of much largess due to a preceived dislike of Darcy, and the subject of abject fawning from many, especially women. People loved Wickham until they actually got to know him.

    I stand by my analysis, and believe that if anyone is Darcy, it’s Hillary Clinton.

  27. Not to be one who defends MoDo, but I think the comparison of BZero to P&P might hold in comparison:

    P&P is fiction, its interpretation changes every few years when it’s remade into a movie, it was originally sold for a princely sum, and it’s a story primarily told from only one voice — it doesn’t make sense any other way. Sounds pretty much on point with BZero.

  28. and Obama is NOT a concept manufactured in manhattan (or maybe hell)?????

  29. murphy & RD – I loved the trailer and am very impressed. murphy and RD you were both great. You are convincing speakers and great looking to boot. I agree with murphy that RD’s feminine voice and warm personality is a fun revelation in connection with her super-sharp hard-hitting writing.

    I listened to blog talk radio for the first time after reading about that ‘militant and humorless’ characterization of PUMA and I was laughing because it was one where some folks did a madamab play and there was so much laughter and giggling. Anyway, all the folks I hear from and read are so far from militant and humorless. It would be a shame if that appellation with all it’s baggage from smearing 2nd wave feminists was able to occlude the spirit and wit of the real people involved.

    Got to run – toddler action – have a good one all

  30. I think they’re wrong on their analysis of that 10% calculation. I do think there are 10% of Dems who will cross in any election, but they were never Democratic older women. So, by my calculations, that’s at least 20% crossing.

  31. Maybe Obozo is more like John Willoughby from Sense and Sensibility. At first, he seems like a nice guy, but when you actually get to know him, he turns out to be a big asshole.

  32. whoops, see you all beat me to the Wickham comparison.
    Actually, I see many P&P analogies, but don’t bother to post them, usually because I’m too lazy to go look up the quote. For example, when Claire, Debbie & all say we want to be wooed & they need to change their approach to us, I always think of Elizabeth rejecting Darcy’s first proposal. She says something to the effect of actually, your mode of proposing merely spared me any qualms I might have had, since nothing could convince me to marry you. My voting for Obama sentiments exactly.

  33. Chuck Todd is SOOOOOO in the tank for Obama, nothing he says can be taken as even close to the truthh. Reading his “first read” on MSNBC.com is embarrassing. It’s like a fan site for O

  34. especially since every poll I’ve seen has at least 25% of dems saying they won’t vote for him. he’s pulling those numbers out of his ass.

  35. Well, if Obama is Mr. Darcy (and I don’t think he is), we are at the point in the novel well before he does anything redeeming to change Elizabeth’s mind. He has yet to pull this one out (and if he does, he’s sure to get a hemorrhoid doing so).

  36. I don’t know, I see Obama more as Frankenstein’s monster.

  37. perries, you are right. We should really highlight our humor in some of the demonstrations in Denver. It may even filter up to the MSM better if we do.

  38. I agree, Todd’s analysis re crossover wrongly assumes that the standard 10% overlaps with the % of Clinton supporters who have not joined Obama camp. I don’t know that I believe that 78% of Clinton supporters have moved to Obama either.

  39. You are both great in the teaser. The only thing I was confused about was the opening when Darragh talks about the phone call threatening Obama. As a start it makes you wonder if she is advocating for that, and then it’s not clearly explained. Murphy is so articulate about the fundamental principles of the PUMA movement that I don’t want that to get conflated with any nefarious associations. Can’t wait to see it as it evolves.

  40. What does he mean, manufactured in NY?

  41. For anyone who is going on a diet before Denver, I will not go on a diet, so you may stand next to me and by relative comparison look even thinner!

  42. from madison ave…..advertising capital of the world

  43. We may not effect the results. I have always maintained that. I don’t really effing care. That’s not going to make me support BO. But what did he mean by “manufactured in Manhattan”?

  44. he’s trying to say we are som PR invention and that we are not nearly as big as we say. however, they wouldn’t even be paying us any attention if they didn’t have real fears that we would scuttle this whole scheme of theirs. and they should be.

  45. Looking over the local & regional papers the last couple of days, I’m struck by the push back from B0 supporters. A couple of them disputed the ‘Hillary lost’ theme, while others dismiss McCain as Bush-lite.

    That was expected, but one letter refers to a George Mason U study that said Obama received 72% negative coverage from the evening news. Is this a blatant lie, or does it refer to one evening? Anyone heard anything about this, before I google it?

  46. PR invention? That’s so funny because they though Obama’s organization was really “grassroots”, came from no where, and here we are, completely grassroots and they think we were manufactured in Manhattan. Idiots. So who supposedly put us together? Hillary.

  47. If the number of Dems threatening to vote against Obama is not a big deal, why them bother with them so much.

    We’re being trashed everywhere, not only on Regressive blogs but now more and more in the MSM. For a group of people that don’t matter, that’s quite an achievement.

  48. Good Point “fif”!

  49. parentofed,

    I think this may be the study you are referring to:


    Hilarious example of negative coverage:

    ““Far more Americans say John McCain would be a good commander in chief than Obama” – Jake Tapper, ABC”

  50. masslib, the story is that it is the republicans….you know we’re all some Karl Rove invention….they’re just trying to discourage other dems who don’t like Obama from joining us. Not working. They are pushing the “where else are you gonna go?” thing hard now. That’s a sure sign of a campaign in trouble

  51. Republicans? Jesus, these people are stoopid. Chuck Todd, get off your high horse and meet us on the streets. You’ll find we are not very Republican, you fricken tool.

  52. They wish to inflate him and make him a “victim” at the same time. It is a double effort to make him look electable since none of his policies or proposals have any staying power. If his support is so strong why does that not reflect itself in the poll?. Simply saying it is “summer” and people are busy doing other things is just a cover up. Few people like this guy. The only support that holds is within the AA community and a some latte loving “creatives” who love him from a distance. Add a number of Dem diehards who refuse to see this for what it is but will continue to paddle the boat on behalf of the party, and you have just named his constituency.

    The “change you cannot believe in” express is just now leaving the station. People are beginning to wise up.

  53. “They wish to inflate him and make him a “victim” at the same time.”

    very good point, Pat.

  54. I am not sure who it is, but they often refer to Chuck Todd by saying “he came down out of the trees” to make his latest announcement. Cracks me up each time.

  55. They assumed from the beginning that Hillary’s supporters would obediently support Obama.

    Their mindset doesn’t allow for us to exist, so we must be a Madison Ave creation.

  56. Plural,

    thanks, I’ll check it out.

    Notice the AP this morning says McCain is vetting VA congressman Eric Cantor. That will please Repubs, but isn’t quite a bit more conservative than McCain?

  57. plural, I think they know very well who we really are, but they are trying to convince Dems who aren’t PUMA yet to be supicious of us. The Dam is about to break and they are trying furiously to plug all the cracks forming.

  58. I think Cantor is a smokescreen

  59. Cantor is a red herring.

  60. Murphy, you’re like a seasoned radio interviewer (and would do well on TV too, from what I have seen.)

  61. They took for granted that “party loyalty” would allow us to lick our wounds and join the campaign. They overlooked the fact that “the party” itself was topic number one with us. It was their nefarious deeds and underhanded management that led to the separation. What was striking, and something even we did not fully comprehend until PUMA hit cyberspace, was the number of others who felt likewise. We may be a blog in a corner of cyberspace world, but the emotion is national.

    As Colin Powell so rightly put it: You broke it, you own it DNC.

  62. Pat, Chuckie T came down from the tree where he bakes cookies in his off time.

  63. Yeah, I kinda assumed he was, a tip of the hat to enhance Cantor & VA. I think McCain may wait till the Dems convention to choose his VP. At least, that’s what I’d do.

  64. Pat, they stole it, and then broke it, and now they want a refund!!

  65. Prolix: I just cannot remember who says it all the time. Could be Bob Somerby but he is usually more solemn.

  66. Riverdaughter, it was great to see you! The clip is amazing. I’m getting tingles up my leg.

    Maybe we can all egg eachother on to getting back in shape! My ass has suffered from OCD (Online Compulsive Derangement).

  67. Best way to lose weight: stop all soda, don’t eat after 7pm. Only eat carbs at breakfast and do cardio every day. You can lose 10# in a month.

  68. Hi RD & CO! —
    I just read something really great about Bill Clinton — here it is!
    God, they are such great people. They represent everything about what being a Dem meant — at least in my life…


    then — there were two other things that might be of interest…this first one by a real activist — my guess out of Bay area— this is pretty much how CA feels…it’s good. On the DNC deal — very good!


    and then– this last was really interesting — because it shows the difference between Democracy, a Republic or what we appear to have slid into this year….interesting to contemplate in light of this whole mess — especially the quotes of old Presidents



    ps——traffic coming from the huffypoo — you know, I remember how embarrassing it was for her when her Repub husband came out o’ the closet….who the eff does she think she is anyway? She wasn’t well liked in those days out here, either….

  69. joaniebone: You speak the truth! But we are almost compelled to do this every day since most of us have taken a pledge to shun cable and a lot of publications. Besides, I think I am driving my family nuts with the Obama diatribes. Though they agree, I can see them rolling their eyes on occasion. I drive myself nuts as well.

  70. At first it pissed me off, them saying we were manufactured and not a significant number. But after a few deep breaths, I’m good with that. Let them “misunderestimate” us. I don’t care to waste the precious little time we have left proving to them that we’re not Republicans, that are numbers are “too big to ignore,” or that we do have somewhere else to go.
    I am going to spend my time elsewhere: continuing to educate myself, supporting the people here, sending my money to Hill’s debt, the caucus movie, the Denver Group (and wherever else it will make a difference), and specifically this week, finding at least five more people in my address book to send an e-mail about PUMA.

  71. They can refer to me as anything they want: I am not budging.

  72. it’s all about throwing up roadblocks, like mawm told me last night, as soon as you crawl out from under the bus, you just have to throw yourself right back in front of it….

  73. BTW: I lost 47 pounds from May 2007 to March 2008 and have held it since.

  74. Britgirls,

    The requirement for participating in caucuses is different in each state. In Iowa, which is primarily rural, you have very informal processes. People are prevented from voting repeatedly by the fact that once you enter the caucus you cannot leave until it’s over and all the cacucuses are held at the same time. If you aren’t already registered, you show up and tell them your name and address – no ID required. The reason for that being, in most precincts, the election staff will already know most of the people who live in the area – though obviously, that isn’t the case in more urban areas. Also, far fewer people participate in caucuses than in primaries so it’s easier to keep under control. Now, there are lots of tales of busloads of kids showing up in rural precincts where no one could figure out where they lived. We’re working on that next.

    Texas has a unique system. They have a primary and the results of the primary award 65% of the delegates. After their primary on election day, they have a primary convention (which is what you hear being referred to as a caucus) in which they select, based on the number of people who show up, the candidates to be delegates to the national convention. Only people who voted in the primary are allowed to participate in the caucuses and that’s why you have the drama around the sign in sheets. The candidates for delegate compete first at the primary level at the precinct convention, then at the state senate level (getting winnowed out) and then at the state level where the actual delegates are picked. In Texas, each state senate district is awarded a number of delegates based on their participation two years before in the governor’s race. And each precinct within that state senate district gets to elect as many nominees to be delegates as the state senate district is awarded. At the primary convention itself, the percentage of delegates candidate each presidential candidate gets to send on to the next level is based on their percentage of attendees as the primary convention. In the past, only small numbers of people have attended the primary convention – fewer than 20 in most cases. What happened here is that both campaigns encouraged their people to turn out so precincts unexpectedly had hundreds of people show up.

    So, let’s say we have a senate district which gets to send 20 delegates to the national convention – that means 13 delegates will be awarded based on the results of the primary and 7 will be awarded based on the results of primary convention . Within that district, we have a precinct where Hillary wins the primary by 65% of the vote. She’ll get 8.5 delegates and Obama would get 5.5 ( I have no idea how they handle the percentages). At the primary convention, though, 80% of the attendees are Obama supporters. He’ll get to send 5.5 delegate candidates on to compete to become a delegates to the national convention and Clinton will get 1.5. Those delegates go on to compete for the slot at a convention at the state senate level and then at the state level – being winnowed out
    until the final delegates are actually selected.

    The reason the caucuses in Texas were such chaos is that the system was not designed to double check that hundreds of people had participated in the primary earlier in the day. Neither campaign had well trained local people in place to handle the caucuses either. So you had people opening a packet of instructions and trying to manage 300 local voters who had never been to a primary convention before. To make matters worse, the Obama campaign told their people that the Clinton campaign would steal the election and that they had to do everything within their power to prevent that. So following the rules became a reason for incredible paranoia and suspicion. In adddition, the caucus cannot start until primary voting is finished, and the lines were extremely long at a lot of voting places at the end of the day. Some conventions didn’t start until after midnight because voting ended so late and so many people had to be checked in to the primary convention. On top of that, the locations were selected to hold a few dozen people – not hundreds. So you had voters caucusing outside after dark in the freezing cold.

    What a mess.

    Texas, happily, is the only state with that system. But what happened there was truly a catastrophe. The stories I have heard.

  75. I don’t think McCain will chose a VP who’s not a household name. He really need somebody to galvanize his base.

    I still believe Romney may still be it because he’s “clean” and beloved by Conservatives. Moreover, he’ll turn Michigan red and make sure CO remains red. He can also talk competently about the economy and actually has a record.

  76. SophieL: Any time they mention us it’s a good thing. Don’t get upset. It means that we are effective. As for “Manufactured in Manhattan”, that’s just ridiculous. We are everywhere and that’s what’s making them nervous.

  77. LEaving to take my son to Ft. Jackson. Can I have a group hug?

  78. Kim: {{hug}}

  79. MABLUE: yes, I think Romney is the VP front runner right now. Still hoping he’ll go with Palin or another strong woman [no, not Lynne Cheney].

  80. Oh, {{Kim}} And kisses too.

  81. Kim:

    Giant hug here

  82. Denying our existence and calling us a republican artifact is their way of scuttling our growth — make new people who feel like us hesitant to join us. We just have to drown their cacophony with our own message being louder and louder. Anyway these cable monkeys (like Todd) don’t have much credibility.

  83. Kim, we’re always here for you…

  84. So far I have not been able to bring myself to agree to vote for McCain. If he picks Palin, he’s got me. If he picks Palin before the Dem convention, I will even send him money!

  85. My prayers are with you and your son Kim.

  86. My trick for losing 60 pounds was to stop eating between meals and to not take seconds. (and walking 3 times a day)

    It’s amazing. If I break any part of that pattern, the weight starts coming back.

  87. Yeah, it’s so obvious…pick Palin. But for whatever reason it doesn’t seem like that is where McCain is headed.

  88. Thanks I will probably be a raging mess this afternoon, we gotta have Hillary. We just have to!

  89. {{{{{{{Kim}}}}}}}}}}

  90. If they’re really considering Palin at all, it would probably happen after our convention and only if the PUMAs are still pissed.

  91. good point, if hillary did pull it out, Palin wouldn’t really do anything for him…

  92. OK OK I confess!

    The Toddster got me.

    My company is complicit with the whole PUMA thingy and sent me to Manhattan for an entire week a little while ago (I was actually in the W(!) hotel, isn’t that George Bush’s middle initial?).

    The Chuckster Toddster must have seen me going in an out of those buildings rented by the PUMA manufacturers.

  93. If, by the grace of God, Hillary gets the nomination, or if she ends up being the VP pick, they probably won’t bother.

  94. I think Cantor is just a litttle shout-out to swing-staters and Jews. Same as Kaine was to swing-staters and Catholics. Holla! We Virginians haven’t gotten this much attention in ages. Cantor is my Rep if you can believe that. It’s scarey here deep in the Red Region. I loathe that guy. Yuck!

  95. Palin is a non-starter. She has a bit of a sordid scandal brewing in Alaska. Apparently, she fired the head of the state police because he wouldn’t fire a trooper who was her sister’s ex-husband and owed back child support. It’s something like that.

  96. MABlue: there’s an inherent flaw in The Toddsters premise. Could someone please tell him there is no more manufacturing in America.

  97. That scandal is bs. There’s no there there. And, former beauty queen, countries most popular governor, first female on the Rep national ticket, reformer, mother of five, trumps that story. It has no legs. Palin is clearly his best pick.

  98. masslib:

    Palin is not a national figure yet. McCain needs somebody to carry the water for him because he’s just a terrible candidate.

    The fact that Obama is not tied with this pathetic excuse of a candidate during the worst time in history to be a Republican running for anything should seriously worry Dems.

  99. I have a writing assignment for some of our writers here if you indulge me for a minute. I want to dispel the myth that Princess Obama is a gifted orator.

    I firmly believe that without the speechwriters pretty words (some stolen) and a teleprompter he is nowhere. If you look at McCain’s new ad (for Latinos) they capture that very well (hey, give the devil its due). In the ad (granted it is bits and pieces but he does this in every speech — take the race speech as an example) what I see is him moving his head from side to side looking at the same angle/object. If you look closely, he is so focused on reading what is on the teleprompter, you even see fear in his eyes, as if he is fretting he might not know what to say if it breaks. There is no joy in his face. He does not look at the audience lest he misses his place on the teleprompter. He does not look straight (that is very weird for me) and connect with the audience for what they are responding to. He does not smile or ad lib to accentuate their response, there are no unplanned pauses and no savoring the audience reaction. With his part time jobs, he must have filled much of his waking moment with voice lessons. He probably deserves his grammy for recording his book but that does not make him presidential material.

    Now if you can write a commentary on his big speeches along these lines and maybe juxtapose with a video of Bill Clinton giving his SOTU speech when his teleprompter was loaded with the wrong speech and he realized it standing there about to start his speech and then did it anyway from memory without giving anybody even a hint that would be perfect.

  100. That’s it!!! I can’t read Mo Do article but glad someone did and passed it on. Obambi equals Mr. Darcy, whom I loved even before Colin Firth really made the role his own??// This is sheer stupidity……….Dowd must not be getting enough tube time, she wants to put her face out there more, so she wrote a fairytale of an article and has insulted everyone, including people who somehow had tolerated her before.(not me, I never liked her). Jane Austin, we will take up the pen(or mouse) and protect Fitzwilliam Darcy’s reputation. Your excellent piece of literature shall not be defiled in such a manner. Of course, I would imagine Bambi has never read the book……….after all, it was written by a dead, white woman, why should he, but I shout loud and clear. Obami ain’t no Darcy!!! He never will be. I would vote for Darcy before I vote for Bambi. I am mad. PUMA

  101. #
    SophieL, on August 3rd, 2008 at 11:32 am Said:

    BTW: I lost 47 pounds from May 2007 to March 2008 and have held it since.
    how did you do it?

    A tenure battle (much like Hillary’s situation now) in 2006 made me lose focus on my health and now I am trying very hard to lose about 25 pounds to bring it to my ideal weight.

  102. Lori … thank you so much for the detailed explanation on the caucuses. Trying to get my head around it. Sounds like absolute mayhem this year.

    I don’t think McCain will pick Palin, even though she sounds like the ideal Republican woman (NRA member, pro-life, yada yada). She’s in the midst of a scandal because her sister’s going through a divorce from a state trooper, Mike Wooten, and Palin got him fired.

  103. Sorry, I knew better but was so mad. It is Jane Austen.

  104. Maureen Dowd is rididulous. The DNC is the bossy Lady Catherine de Bourgh, and Barack is the sickly, sulky daughter that she keeps trying to marry off, but never can. Maureen Dowd and her ilk are the pompous, sycophantic Mr. Collins, grateful for Lady Catherine’s “condescension”.

  105. masslib … is it really bogus re: Palin? I’m planning on voting for McCain if Hillary doesn’t get nominated. However, if Palin’s on the ticket I don’t know what I’ll do. It would hurt Hillary in the long run.

  106. Katiebird: That old “eat less, exercise more” weight loss technique is so yesterday! Don’t you know that you should be on the cabbage diet?

  107. Teresa, I didn’t actually say “eat less, exercise more” — I don’t know that I believe it’s that easy.

    But, I do believe in eating consciously. And that it’s impossible to do that if you eat without a schedule. My experience is that when I eat whatever I want BUT only at meals then I don’t over eat.

    And I then lose weight.

    I talk about it in much more detail on my own blog. Which I think is also one of the reasons I didn’t regain the weight.

  108. I think that if Hillary doesn’t get the nomination I’ll vote for Nadar. I’d like him to win with 35 percent of the vote.

  109. Agree with Katiebird. Stop before you feel full — my dad used to say that when I was a young. I also for a while kept a journal of what I ate everyday and that helped me sometimes not to binge or overeat. I was also caught off guard about the age thing — after 40 it is three times as hard.

  110. pm317: It’s a diet of my own design. In a nutshell, eat less, but the good stuff. I did about 1500 calories a day, all food groups. I drink whole milk, eat full fat cheese, etc and high glycemic fruits and vegetables. I aim high on the nutrient scale and stop at 1500 calories. I eat about 6 small meals a day. I don’t exercise–no interest.

  111. Katiebird: My “kidding” tag disappeared.


  112. Sophie, How do you get the calorie count? That is the biggest challenge for me. I am a vegetarian and I eat a lot of Indian stuff at least at home — much of it is fat free or low fat.

  113. PM, there are some great tools for calorie counts. I use a program, Nutribase which lets you enter recipes and servings it’s really good.

  114. Oh, Teresa — I’m sorry I misunderstood.

  115. Mawm, on August 3rd, 2008 at 10:53 am Said:
    Maybe Obozo is more like John Willoughby from Sense and Sensibility. At first, he seems like a nice guy, but when you actually get to know him, he turns out to be a big asshole.

    Good one mawm. My instinctive reaction is to say Edwards is more of a Willoughby, but that’s just me. It’s because I see Edwards as weak in character just as Willoughby.

  116. Riverdaughter –

    Thanks for acknowledging that the “teaser” for THE AUDACITY OF FREEDOM is in no way a final product. It is a taste only, with only the most nebulous of narrative threads at this point. You’re right. We’re not anxious to give too much away at this point; only to hint at that the fact that there is much more to come and, of course, to show everyone that there is, in fact, a movie in the making. But I’m still loading Texas footage into the system, so what you see in the YouTube clip is far from a genuinely edited piece.

    Still, if the response is any indication, it seems to have genuine impact. The Texas shoot was a nightmare, pure and simple. Everything that could go wrong did so with perilous abandon. But at the end of the day(s), it seemed like we’d been able to capture some fairly important stuff.

    Thanks to one and all for the encouragement.

    Brad Mays

  117. RD you look adorable in that video. I LOVE the haircut—very sophisticated.

    Good idea making “getting back in shape” a group focus project. I was picking up the idea even before you wrote the post, I kid-you-not:

    When I was woken up at 4AM this morning, I was so annoyed with the flab that must have found its way onto my body by the voodoo of an evil Obotonaut, I sat down at my computer and went to Chicago’s Craigs’ List to search for a second-hand elliptical machine so I can do some cardio on the 4 days when I can’t go to the gym. It sucks finding yourself in a body that is not REALLY yours. 😉

  118. Visible cheekbones are overrated, you know. In any case, I’ve posted the clip to my own journal in an attempt to spread the word to those otherwise would not know about it.

  119. RD,

    Check the calories in your Starbucks drink. If you can, switch to the low fat

    Also, we photograph ten pounds heavier than we really are!

  120. I’m finding at Starbucks that the new Chocolate Vivano w/ fat-free milk and a shot of espresso—makes for an awakening & pretty fulfilling 250 cal breakfast.

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