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Hey, Chuck Todd, We are everywhere. Be afraid, be very afraid.

So, I hear that Chuck Todd has been on Meet the Press this morning talking smack about us and saying that we were “manufactured in Manhattan”, as if the Clinton people put this together. LOL!

The truth is much more frightening than that, Chuck. We did this all on our own and we are EVERYWHERE. Yes, Chuck, we are in your Whole Foods and Wegman’s. We drink lattes at the Starbucks on the corner. We take our kids to your summer camp. We swim on your beaches and pools. We send our children to Iraq. We are on the East coast, the West coast, Texas and North Carolina. We are a viral infection. We are spreading. It’s much worse than you think. Manhattan is not the headquarters. There *is* no headquarters. We are in every neighborhood and demographic group. We are like zombies who rise from the dead, who you can’t kill off. Trying to corner us on an island in NY is futile. It will be like playing Whack-a-Mole.


Sound off, PUMAs. Tell us where you’re from and if you’ve ever been contacted by anyone from the Big Apple.

BTW, SophieL makes a good point:

There’s an inherent flaw in The Toddster’s premise: we no longer manufacture anything in America.

It’s worse than you think. We are erudite and witty as well. Run for your life, Chuck!

667 Responses

  1. Riverdaughter. Central New Jersey. AFAIK, no one from Manhattan started PUMA because, I was here when it happened, right here on this very site. It was organic and spread like wildfire.
    All we needed to do was strike a match.

  2. IIRC, it began after those weasles on the RBC stole delegates from Hillary. Mawm and I were in the car on the way home during PUMAs birth. Garychapelhill, North Carolina PUMA

  3. Sophie: in CT.

    Also posted on the downstairs thread:
    There’s an inherent flaw in The Toddster’s premise: we no longer manufacture anything in America.

  4. I am from Corpus Christi TX, and the only person who calls me from NYC is my wonderful nephew, who’s also a PUMA.

  5. I’m in a BO stronghold in a wealthy Boston suburb. Sorry, Todd.

  6. RD:

    I’m from the great state of Ohio, mother of second rate presidents and home of Neil Armstrong and the birthplace of aviation.

    I hail from the former rubber capital of the world, Akron, now known as the polymer capital: the birthplace of Chrissy Hynde and Playmate of the year Heather Kosar.

  7. I read on one of those pathetic anti-PUMA sites that they have proof that we’re all republicans….because some of our websites are registered in RED STATES!!!! Can we at least get some more worthy adversaries????

  8. I live in a very small town in southeast Georgia and I am Proud to be a PUMA!

  9. ben carlson, I hate to rain on your parade, but NC is the birthplace of aviation….Ohioans have been trying to steal that title from us for decades.

  10. As far from NYC as can be…Hawaii is where this PUMA lives, and at my age, I’m not so easily led anywhere!

  11. and you can’t say i’m biased….I was born in Cleveland

  12. i am from Hemet Ca.
    Don’t not talk to anyone in NY.
    I have family in south Jersey , Penna , and Fla..
    They are all Pumas. and damn proud of it..
    Isn’t funny the dnc and the media backed a flawed candidate and now they have to come up with excuses for their failure.



  13. I live in Silicon Valley. Have not heard a peep from
    New York. Toddy can blame all this dispersal of
    information on the internet and CSPAN. He knows that
    the MSM has been selling Bama like hotcakes.

    I know of the
    most surprising people who watched every minute
    of the Rulez Committee fraud. I myself figured it would
    be “kabuki theater” as RD said, but didn’t expect the
    theft to be so transparent.

    Have to get ready to join an impromptu group that is
    making banners for Denver.

  14. I am in but from NY (slightly upstate). After moving to CT, I learned that this sorry little state (third smallest in the nation) is the birthplace of W. As far as I’m concerned, CT’s only redeeming value was Ella T. Grasso and the game of Scrabble. Oh, and it’s legal to buy raw milk here.

  15. RD: I really need a Preview button! I meant to say:
    I am in CT but from NY…

  16. Union County, NJ

    NO NO NO to this: We are a viral infection. We are spreading.

    We are the ANTIDOTE to the viral infection that plagues the DNC and we are spreading our healing everywhere! Beware, virus – your days are numbered.

  17. SophieL: Where there is raw milk, there is raw milk cheese. 🙂 I really must visit CT more often.

  18. Delphyne: nothing strikes fear in the hearts of power more than the word “viral”. That means it is out of their control. What they can not control is terrifying.
    Use the word and use it liberally.

  19. RD: I make my own raw milk yogurt!! And RD, you have an open invitation to CT.

  20. Orlando FL here, by way of Illinois, California, and Colorado. Never set foot in NYC or even received a phone call from the area code. Love Edith Wharton novels though.

    Sorry Chuck.

  21. Noted, RD – I will use the word viral in a positive sense!

  22. we are the virus, the antidote is hillary

  23. Virginia-Mother of Presidents

    I do love “Mad Men” but they’re fictional and from the Kennedy era.

  24. I’m from Texas, not too far from Amarillo. I’ve got family and friends in Texas, Iowa, Florida and Canada, but no one is calling me from New York.

    However, I would be and am happy to spread the word to every one around…


  25. The great state of Texas born and bred. The home of the Dallas Cowboys, SMU (stay out GWB – go back to Connecticut), Texas Rangers (no, GWB only owned 1.8% that he purchased with ill gotten gains), the headquarters for my company – the number one company in my industry, Jessica Simpson,…………………………….., and most importantly since we are partly Jewish – the true 1st coming – my son Ryan.

    I have been to Manhattan, I love Manhattan, I want to go back to Manhattan. But, PUMA was launched in my head long before it had a name like so many of it’s members. You see Chuck, while you all continue to tell us that BO’s numbers are where they are because “people don’t yet know who he is”, many of us have been watching his every move since Oprah brought this plague upon us. Yes, we do have TV and radio and computers and the internet in this fine and great state of Texas. (I have even been on an airplane, a train, and on a bus (even though for quite some time I have been under the bus).

    Some of us even realize that on the night of the New Hampshire primary you are in fact the one who Played the Race Card first. You called the fine people of New Hampshire racists when you declared “the Bradley effect” was clearly the reason Senator Clinton won that state. With that, every one of the disgusting racist blathering opinionists from your top down planned and played it on the Clinton’s every chance you got from that point on. I have even heard that you are actually a consultant for the Obama camp. You and your tribe of opinionists will go down in fllames before this is over. Oh, you might still have a job, but we all know who you are and what you have done.

    So, remember this is my mantra to all of you involved in attempting a coup of our great country:

    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2009


  26. I’m in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains ,a long way from NYC. I’m from the state where it’s legal to eat roadkill [I kid you not].

    Interestingly enough, I was in a mechanic’s shop a few weeks ago, cheek to jowl with a number of people waiting for their cars. The talk turned to politics. Not a single Obami supporter in the group. Whether PUMA based or not, ordinary folks are not blinded by the Obama dazzle. If anything, it turns them off.

  27. I am in Kansas and even Toto is a PUMA

  28. Hey guys–please be gentle with NY. It was my birthplace and my home for most of my life (though not the city) and is still where I’d rather live. I moved to CT because of family and love. I consider myself a NY expat living in CT.

    I still lived in NY when Hillary first ran for the Senate and it was my extreme pleasure to vote for her. NY primaries went big time for Hillary. Contrast that with what this tiny little state did, the same state where the Repubs overturned the Dems and put Joe Lieberman back in the Senate.

  29. Gary: that’s why I put it in there because it’s a point of controversy. And the Wright Bros. are from SW Ohio and I’m from NE Ohio…and there’s a world of difference.

  30. But our State quarter says “Birthplace of Aviation Pioneers?”

  31. Pittsburgh, PA here and I’ve not been contacted by anyone in New York.

    I said in January that there would be a backlash from the media trying to shove obama down our throats. The media and DNC backed us into a corner; and, like the PUMAs we are………………we’re fighting back.

  32. No way, Todd. I live near Nashville, Tennessee.
    Originally from Washington D.C. area. (northern VA.)
    Read about PUMA right here!

  33. I think the plans for the first airplane were drawn in Ohio.

  34. I am from SE Wisconsin and have been a Democrat for 40+ years.

    I guess we must be bothering all the elites that “run” the country. If not they would ignore us instead of bothering to lie about us.

    And Todd? He wouldn’t know a PUMA from a pussycat.

  35. no calls to me!!!

    louisville ky…new registered independent

  36. Hi all- blue county, red state, Memphis TN. Got my first Obama money request yesterday, I was sooo proud! I’ve been marking it up with sarcastic comments before sending it back sans money. Thanks for being here.

  37. We should expect that if there is even the slightest uptick in the polls for Obama the media will start the narrative that McCain’s race card ploy back-fired and that the public is rejecting his cynicism and that this was the mistake that cost him the election and he should consider just dropping out.

  38. SophieL, I meant no disrespect to NY – I want to visit someday!! I await my marching orders from the upper east side PUMA headquarters. Will they send up a cat-signal?

  39. Pat – I forgot to add: Eddy’s favorite state – Texas.
    We also have Target – my favorite store – heading there now for some Diet Coke>

  40. We should expect that if there is even the slightest uptick in the polls for Obama the media will start the narrative that McCa’n’s r&*e card ploy back-fired and that the public is rejecting his cynicism and that this was the mistake that cost him the election and he should consider just dropping out.

  41. Carol Adams
    Hilton Head Island, S.C.

  42. ok…i’ve been thrown into moderation and have no idea why. I think that’s a sign to go to the gym.

  43. I already e-mail chuck and everyone should do the same. He’s a smart guy who will admit when he’s wrong and corrects his mistakes. And, he reads his emails.

  44. ben, our plates say “first in flight”…they had to change it about 20 years ago because of another controversy. they used to say “first in freedom”, an allusion to the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, which according to local folklore preceded the national one. NC got sued by Deleware because they claim “first state” status because they ratified the constitution first. NC then tried to argue that by “first in freedom” they were referring to flight. no one bought that, so they just changed it to “first in flight”….History class adjourned….

  45. I am from Tennessee — Clinton/Gore country!

    I am a PUMA and I am voting for McCain in 08!!!

  46. Caifornia born and raised!!!! Boy, it is amazing that the MSM and Obama can’t understand that we democrats (possibly the next Independents) don’t trust, respect, or even like “THE CHOSEN ONE”, especially since he was not chosen DEMOCRATICALLY!!
    Thank you to all of you who are working so hard for a fair process and a fair convention!

  47. I ive in The Colony TX. Not even close to Ny area. If you look at the articles in NY Times, Huffington Post, AOL since Friday it appears some people are fighting us. We are getting closer to the objective, WE WIN.

    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

  48. I am a Montana native who lives in Oregon, but now I am PUMA.

  49. Born, raised, and live in upstate NY. Generations of NY Democrats before me, in their Names, I will go to the Polls in November with, Plan A: Vote CLINTON, Plan B: Vote McCAIN.

    I wish Todd luck with the GOP theory (really), it wastes the DNC’s time, energy, and money, and it only makes us STRONGER!

    PS: Thanks for the free MSM advertisements, too. ROAR!

  50. Washington DC
    just a former Kossack in exile who followed Riverdaughter over here. I remember reading the thread where PUMA started as well.

    Peggy Sue, not sure which state you’re in, but it’s also legal to eat roadkill in West Virginia.. 🙂 State couldn’t afford to keep all the highways cleaned up itself.

  51. Wow…looking at these comments, we really are everywhere!

    P.S. To be fair, no one was disrespectful to NY…I was just getting nervous that the comments could drift in that direction.

    P.P.S. I’m well aware that NY does have its negatives, and those are fair game. (Off the top of my head, I’m thinking former Governor Pataki.)

  52. I’m from Northern California and have been a life-long Democrat.
    I watched the PUMA movement emerge right here at the Confluence from my computer screen. And in a blink of an eye Darragh Murphy’s pumapac appeared and then the “Just ay No Deal” coalition. A true grassroots movement.

    Did the Rules and By-laws Committee think we were not watching? Did the Obama campaign think we would really just fall in line?


    Try herding these cats, you conniving snobs.

    a California PUMA

  53. Portsmouth Rhode Island here! My family is from the bitter gun clinging midwest (states of Misssouri and Kansas) and they are in this too. No one has ever contacted me in any way. I sought this out like all the rest of us the day after Hillary was strong-armed into conceding.

  54. HEY You dufus CHUCKIE
    it started in the hearts and souls and minds of all the people who had been watching the proceedings of the demographic party ( yes you read that right ) long before they selected the presumptuous nominee . We have been calling him that for 18 months or so and the MSM is just now catching up
    ..Welcome to the grass roots VIRUS 🙂 hope you catch it.. and while you are at it Chuckie try to get some animation in your face when you are on instead of that god awful deadpan… just a suggestion………..

  55. Hi neighbor!!! (waving to Lisa).

    I delivered RI for Hillary!!!
    (Okay, so that was the first night I made phone calls for Hillary and RI came through for us.)

  56. Ohio born and bred. PUMA by choice because the Democratic Party is trying to eliminate choice of nominee this year!

  57. The LaRouche group is behind Hillary as well.
    … seems LaRouche himself finds O to be an “idiot.”

    Here’s a snippet that mentions their presence at the
    Berlin political charade (TWO free rock concerts and
    an adjacent music festival):


    No large political gathering is complete without some of Lyndon LaRouche’s followers. They were out in force distributing flyers with the headline “P.U.M.A.: Party Unity My Ass,” accusing Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean of subverting Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

  58. I live in Fremont, California and have never been contacted by anyone in NYC. During the primary season, I frequented Taylor Marsh (who has now drunk the Kool-Aid), and was thrilled that PUMA sites were created after Hillary suspended, or else I and many others would have had no outlet.

    If Hillary is not the nominee, I will vote for McCain. Country before party.

  59. MABlue: Boston Suburb!

    I was there when it started on this blog (wasn’t it SM the first to come up with the PUMA acronym?)

    However, as I confessed previously, the Chuckster Toddster maybe on to something. I was on a business trip a Manhatten 2 weeks ago and stayed at the W Hotel.

    Not only is this a movement “manufactured” in Manhattan, it has been a Republican operation all along.

  60. oh btw I am in Maryland CrabCakes anyone ?? I have a recipe for a crab and avocado salad that is beyond anything …… and not even fattening 🙂 but it takes locally grown tomatoes from right here in Maryland

  61. oops, forgot to add that I was born and raised in Upstate NY. Family still lives there and I have daily contact with them. I also own land there and pay outrageous taxes. Family was mostly Rep, but I’ve converted my sister to Dem. Not sure what she and I will do in the fall…

  62. North of Pittsburgh Pa- born in Boston, MA- relatives in MA, TN, FL, NC, – PUMAs every one!

    Nope- no calls from Manhattan, no letters, no e-mails- nope.

    However, plenty of contact here- reading the most talented writers and the comments. And visits to many other Pro-Democracy (read PUMA) sites.

    When I read or hear that the affluent suburbs or highly educated folks support Obama I am put in mind of a comment my Nana used to have for some of her more precocious grandchildren

    “Now look here, young lady (or gentleman) you are plenty smart but you have not got one lick of common sense!”

  63. Here’s where it all started, btw – SM’s comment at the June 1 Cocktail Party as the Puerto Rico returns came in:

    I am making an announcement. I am now a member of the PUMA party.

    P arty
    U nity
    M y
    A ss

  64. Hey Sophie! Hi neighbor! Way to go! My phone is smokin hot these days too from all those calls to the DNC! RHODE ISLAND LOVES HILLARY. Still proudly drive around with my Hillary bumper sticker.

  65. I’m an ex-pat living in Italy.
    Father a staunch Liberal and FDR lover. Some of my earliest memories are putting leaflets in letterboxes, knocking on doors, picking up voters who needed lifts to polling stations.
    I never blogged prior to the sexism I began to notice in May, and the RBC put the lid on it as far as I’m concerned. I was SHOCKED.

  66. A native Californian living in the heart of Obama country – San Francisco – with my Just Say No Deal PUMA stickers in the window!

    Last time I heard from anyone in New York? A couple weeks ago, an hour-long phone call with a dear friend, telling her all the reasons why I would NEVER support Obama. I may have her convinced….

    PUMA Power!

  67. Swanspirit: please share your crab and avocado salad recipe!

  68. Huntsville, Alabama here, home of the Marshall Space Flight Center. BO wants to cut NASA’s funding.

    This lifelong Democrat says go PUMA!

  69. I have to admit the truth…I am a Manhattanite.

    But…BUT… I have been in one of the most annoyingly sexist and politically unaware areas of the Midwest during the Primaries and beyond.

    Yet, I joined the Puma group with many other Democracy-devoted people from the entire United States by stumbling (synchronistically in my case) onto the very web-site where it originated, only 2-3 days after it all began.

    I do hope to meet some of the Eastern PUMAs the next time that I am home, Chuck. So far, its been 1 person in this coven—me.

  70. I’m from New York State, but 650 miles from Manhattan!

    I proudly wear my PUMA wristband.

  71. Born in Methuen, MA Family is Dominican. Most of my family lives in the Bronx and in FL.

    I live currently in Tampa, FL and am a very proud fierce PUMA.

  72. RD — Mass.

    Raised in central Mass. (nothing like Boston!) and now live near Boston. And have lived all over the country. And have been to other countries and stuff.

    I’m so far from Madison Avenue, I got Tivo just so I wouldn’t have to watch any advertising, ever.

  73. Edit: Typo– 350 miles from Manhattan. LOL

  74. North Central Florida here.

    The ONE that voted FOR Hillary and now we are considered only a half a person! Yet we live in a DEMOCRACY?????

    Proud PUMA

    I am One of 18 MILLION CRACKS!

    The antidote to a replicating virus is HILLARY!

    If I can’t have Hillary Clinton as Presidential nominee, I WILL vote for John McCain…..

  75. I am in Denver, Colorado with my family who are all Hillary supporters.

  76. Well, I am in Manhattan, but I would be a Puma if I were still living in in Atlanta or in my native state of Mississippi. The DNC “leadership” really screwed a steadfast and loyal Party base with their decisions during the Primary season. The general election will determine exactly what that price is — for my part, if BHO is the nominee, for the first time in my 29 years of voting, I will pull the trigger for a Republican. If I have to make that choice, it will be with the hope that a defeat for the Democrats during this election will remind the Party the ideals and values held by many of its’ longtime supporters.

  77. eyedoc333- where did you get a PUMA wristband? I want one!

  78. I currently live in a suburb of Ft Worth, TX.

    I first decided to never vote for Obama after our precinct caucus, when I discovered that Obama was an anti-democracy candidate. I would never want to elect anyone in the manner of which the caucus was won. Mob rule and Democracy don’t mix.

    I choose Democracy, therefore, I am a PUMA.

  79. The Past Week…Random Thoughts July 27–August 2, 2008 (Special “Toad Rescue Edition” w/Pic)

    Mr. Todd could have posed for the picture of “toad” apparently!!!

    This little wrap-up includes some new info on NM CD-2 candidate Harry Teague (D-OIL) who was Richardson’s pick at the expense of the real progressive…. Who didn’t get a chance at the party meeting selecting primary candidates (the guy who took 40% of the vote with no $$ in 2004).

    Also, how Obama doesn’t inspire me to contribute except for doing for animals like toads every time I get a fundraising letter from him…

    Did I tell you there was real PUMA wandering around our arroyo a few weeks back?? My neighbor saw it, but I missed it!

  80. “Sound off, PUMAs. Tell us where you’re from and if you’ve ever been contacted by anyone from the Big Apple.”

    Coastal N. Florida.

    Nope, my 1/2 vote counting self has NEVER been contacted by a PUMA from NYC.

    I guess we’re kinda on our own down here, but were not voting for the Prom Queen.

    Just Say No Deal!

  81. Texas here. This movement is grassroots…no one from NY ever contacted me about “starting” this movement. It has grown from the disenfranchisement of 18 MILLION voters. What the hell did you expect?

  82. I’m from Tennessee, and have never ever heard from anyone personally in New York. Sorry, Chuckie, we are from everywhere, I know of 8 family members in a small town in Ky. We are here to stay and have our say.

  83. I should say life long Democrat voting

    1. Hillary
    2. McCain

  84. I am a proud PUMA from Southwest Virginia, near Roanoke. No one from Manhattan, NYC ever contacted me. Democrat all of my life until now. Chose to be a PUMA member, because the DNC does not represent me anymore.

  85. SW desert in Ca. – transplanted from Chicago – relatives in Texas .. & .. all Pumas

    never been contacted by someone from NY re: this subject .. never ..

    ct – go blow yourself . .(delete if this is too risque)

  86. Hey Ben Carlson, I’m from the Akron area too (Copley). Lots of Ohioans here. I have always been a liberal Democrat (never “flaming”, more moderate). I am now a proud PUMA who has no contact with NYC. Howie and Nancy never saw us coming and now there will be hell to pay!

  87. I am from Pittsburgh PA and although I have family in Tennessee and in California no one contacted me from New York. In fact before there was an organization called PUMA I was a PUMA.
    We are not Republicans we are pissed off Democrats who want to be heard. Why is that so difficult to understand. Well keep thinking we are Republicans if you want your find out in November. Save yourselves Down ticket dems because your jobs are doomed.

  88. Lisa–PUMA wristbands are sold at http://www.denitza-nyc.com/

  89. Cooney from No. California

    who is about to vote outside his party for the first time in 35 years, that Todd is where some PUMAs power should make you afraid.

  90. Oh and Mr. Todd should do some reading, apparently alot of Democrats here feel the same way.

    August 01, 2008
    New Florida poll: McCain 45, Obama 40
    In a new poll released by the Florida Chamber of Commerce, 45 percent of Florida voters said they would vote for Sen. John McCain if the presidential election were held today. Forty percent said they would vote for Sen. Barack Obama. Fifteen percent were undecided. The statewide poll of 1,600 registered voters was conducted July 20-28 by Fabrizio McLaughlin and Associates.

  91. Oh yeah!

    The only time I’m ever contacted from NY is to know how family & friends are.

    All my PUMA activity is cyberspacial.

    MAblue & DG: Yep, that was a very tipsy moment I must say, it’s probably one of the best things I did while being tipsy. That and sala/merengue dancing.

  92. VA – Richmond!

    WE are the movement! WE are the ones that will go down in history! WE own our votes and no one will CHANGE that! Think what you want, but you are PUMA wrong!

  93. Southwest Virginia here as well. Never been to NY. PUMA since day one. We should all really thank Riverdaughter for being the inspiration. Wonder why Mr. Todd didn’t bother to check his facts? If so, he would have known our sweet River was the naughty one that started a revolution!

  94. Dang it! My check from Manhattan is late! What the heck kind of outfit is this, anyhow?

    (PUMA from Colorado checking in!)

  95. What a great thread! Hi everyone! Shout out to my fellow Texans! I’m a wandering Texan, at the moment in the desert Southwest. No calls from NYC. No calls from anyone, since I move too much and don’t have a landline. Sorry, Todd, you can’t pin a PUMA.

  96. Samantha and I live in the Boston burbs not far from Murphy, but we’ve never met. (Maybe we’ve bumped grocery carts?) I’ve been to NYC a couple of times, but never for political reasons. I have attended a couple of DC protests, though, back when I was still giving my father gray hair instead of looking in the mirror at my own. He would be a PUMA, too, if he were still alive, I’m sure.

  97. Katiebird here: Born in San Francisco, living in Kansas. I’m a PUMA who’s contacted my sister in Manhattan telling her about the wonders of becoming PUMA.

  98. I don’t know if any of you managed to gag through Maureen Dowd’s Op Ed piece this morning … grab an air sickness bag before going in … but may I suggest we start writing the new york times and asking them to yank her column?

  99. HEY Lynn np happy to share
    one lb of fresh crabmeat .. any kind can do but the closer you get to jumbo lump the better but I love this with claw meat and i have even used the imitation crabmeat on occasion …and it is still yummy
    make sure the crab meant is picked clean of shells if its fresh

    Two ripe Avocados I have been using the mexican ones lately they are smoooth and buttery
    Dice the avocado
    One or two spring onions finely chopped
    One or two ripe localy grown tomatoes cut into bite size pieces
    Baby spinach washed and torn or lettuce of your choosing (anything but arugula :0 j/k)
    You can add mushrooms, peppers or get creative but those are the basics
    1/4- 1/2 teaspoon dijon mustard
    1- 2 tbs of some good mayo
    salt and pepper if you like
    toss and enjoy

    oh btw if anyone visits Ocean City MD that is where I am and I would be thrilled to meet some pumas

  100. How I luv ya swanny . . . just copied the recipe

  101. Mr. Todd and company know darn well who we are. The DNC calls from its OWN phone lists and by golly they hear from us. The DNC uses its OWN lists to mail out surveys for opinions on priority of issues (aka “we don’t care what you think, just enclose a contribution”) –>> they know from these responses that we are not “manufactured” nor Rs. (I scrolled “PUMA” across the back of my return envelope). I encountered DNC volunteers on the street on vacation while walking on Boston streets — Believe me Mr. Todd, those volunteers knew I was authentic with my disgust of the Howard and Donna show.

    OK, I was born in the New York suburbs, but I have long been in the so-called new battleground state of North Carolina. hmmmm, I wonder about that. Maybe the New York manufacturers need to work more on that premise.

  102. San Antonio, TX
    My Mom lives in Dallas
    We are both proud PUMAS

  103. This is fun! It reminds me of convention voting when representatives get up and say, “I’m from the great state of —–, home of —–, and we pledge all 130 votes for the next president of the United States, HILLARY CLINTON!” Good foreshadowing of our power in Denver!

    BTW, I’ve never been contacted by anyone in NY and was here when SM inaugurated the PUMA Party!

  104. And RD is right, we are EVERYWHERE

    we buy generic and we buy organic

    we drive, bus, walk, ride and hitch to work

    we stay at home

    we eat meat or don’t

    we dress up and we dress down

    we live at sea level or a mile high

    plus everything in between

    oh, and one more thing, Todd:

    We vote. Or don’t.

  105. Magdalena: Beautiful!

  106. this all reminded me of this commercial—

  107. I was so happy to find this place I cried and brought my friends over because we thought we were so alone ….. THAT is a viral grassroots movement .

  108. I live in McKinney – a town north of Dallas. Hi, Todd. (waving!)

    Can Maureen Dowd get any sillier? Darcy? I can’t even get mad at her anymore – she’s lost it.

  109. I have never been contacted by anyone in NY. I am a proud PUMA, living in the heartland of Obamamania, the SF Bay Area.

  110. Swanspirit–the salad looks very yummy. Thank you. I think I’ll make it tonight!

  111. Maureen Dowd is a ninny of the first order lol the bo isnt even in the book , that op ed is her romantic fantastic that she has chosen to share with the rest of the world .. bit of an exhibitionist isnt she?? someone should tell her there are websites for that the obama girls vidoe is on one of them 😉

  112. Riverdaugter, wow, look at this roll call! Lot’s of new names, I read this blog all day every day, but since you have so many wonderful posters, I don’t comment anymore. Happy to see that this seems to be so for a lot of others!

    Arizona,-desertpuma, no one from NY has contacted me.

  113. Ft Lauderdale area for this PUMA. I’ve been to NYC about 4 or 5 times, but don’t know anyone there anymore.

    Country befoe Party. Hillary or McCain 08

  114. I’m from the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. And I’ve never been contacted by anyone from PUMA.

    I started Capital Hill Forum pre-PUMA, and started a No We Won’t campaign there pre-PUMA.

    Mountain Sage

  115. born and raised in NJ
    lifelong democrat {no longer)
    now residing in East Hampton, NY.

  116. VA PUMA here.. god what morons.. chuck todd used to have so much credibility when he was on CSPAN…. now he’s credibilty is in the toilet and beyond!

    I suppose that’s what happens when you are part of the National Barack Channel

  117. You are so very welcome …let me know how you like it ??

  118. SophieL, by the way I’m with you: If McCain nominates Palin I will do something for him (or her). I don’t know what yet. Is it possible to send money directly to a VP’s campaign?

  119. If PUMA didn’t exist I would be a lonely, bitter Hillary Democrat who wasn’t going to vote for Barack Obama for all the tea in China.

    Thanks to PUMA, I’m not lonely.

  120. tucsonlynn, hi fellow desert puma!

  121. Amen to that, Myiq!

  122. I’m from LI/NY
    We are “GRASSROOT” born, having gatherings, phone-banking, canvassing, we even have tee shirts & wristbands( thanks Denitza); “OPEN-YOUR-EYES-
    CHUCKIE T. & the DNC”!
    I’m not a C4M yet, I’m still hoping the SD’s “do the right
    thing”; but because the McCain camp has “proven” “Country before Party” with their recent
    aggressive ads I’ll be donating today.
    Maybe Chuckie, Obama, Dean & crew will notice a “FLOOD” of donations to McCain ALL for the amt. of:
    “$08.44” Would’nt that be a GREAT LEAD IN TO THE DC PUMA CONFERENCE??!!
    Keep the Faith

  123. P.S. Even if the nomination had been fair and I had waited,
    as I usually do, until the nominee was chosen to start
    volunteering and contributing (but this time Hillary Clinton was
    just too outstanding not to get involved sooner), I would not
    be voting for Obama. As investigative reporter Evelyn Pringle
    noted–even a fifth-grade with access to the internet could connect
    the dots on Obama.

    Yesterday through a contact who knows politically connected people in in Obama’s district in Chicago, the non-Hyde Park part, I finally hear something about Obama’s accomplishments: Obama had a “chance to do good and he didn’t.” People are fearful
    of speaking out.

    Why does this sound like the Republican Party more than the Democratic Party of the Clintons. Makes one wonder if the
    Donna Brazile-Karl Rove connection is true or not?

  124. Puma from Alabama.

    Media, try reality for a change instead of the fairytales you normally publish…….

    We’re not republicans, we’re not plants, we were not “drafted” by anyone and we’re not playing.

    We actually made the decision to split with the party because we don’t agree with the party.

    Dowd’s piece was crap.

  125. This 1/2 voter is from Central Florida and found out about PUMA from Riverdaughter. I started reading this blog a few others after my disgust with the MSM. This is where I come for my news and sanity.

  126. New Orleans here. Ninth ward!!!

  127. Born in Austin, Texas. Lived in:
    Arlington, VA,
    Chicago, IL (Dad knew Tony Rezko),
    Duchesne, UT,
    Morehead city, NC,
    Paris, France,
    LA, CA,
    Greenville, NC,
    Orlando, FL,
    San Francisco, CA,
    Atlantic Beach, NC,
    Blacksburg, VA,
    Chapel Hill, NC

    Love NY,


  128. Magdalena,
    I saw that you are in the SW desert, AZ or NM?

  129. Proud PUMA from North Las Vegas, NV…

    Born and raised in SoCal and I miss it.

    Chuck Todd is a pompous ass which explains why he is so fond of obama….takes one to know one!

    The only person I communicate with from NY is madamb, another proud PUMA.

    FTR, I am not a republican, and as of yet, have no plans to vote McCain. Although more and more I am thinking a McCain presidency, with a democratic veto-proof congress is much more preferable to an obama presidency…..

    Let’s get the DNC so-called leadership out for the sake of all that is sacred and for the good of America.

    Still hoping people come to their senses and make Hillary the nominee!!

    GO HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. no, no no! I’m a 4th generation Californian and a 30 year Democrat…. I did drive through N.Y. about 25 years ago… but I don’t think I drove through Manhattan…!

    Chuckie needs to understand how disgusted I am by my party.

  131. and tell Nancy Pukelosi a friend of mine invented this new name for her , and my friend is a member of the “creative class ” She is a blues singer with children in a group signed by Atlantic Records.. Heck I am in the “creative class” I am an internet radio station owner and DJ myself .. neeener neener Dowd’s piece would not have gotten her out of the fifth grade ….

  132. I am in the great state of Montana!!

    PUMA POWER!!!!

    Noone has ever contacted me from Manhatten or anywhere else I just joined and am proud to belong!!! My PUMA bracelet is getting lots of attention these days tho lol…….

  133. Ijane from Michigan (MEEEEchigan) checking in! Born and raised a solid Democrat. Sorry Chuck but this year my state is going RED!

  134. Texas checking in.


    Texas Hill Country

  135. I have friends in NYC one of my best friends in NY is a singer PURPLE PAM . she is a WILD ROCKER WOMAN and has a five octave range ,,but she isnt a PUMA yet ,,, maybe I should talk to her , she is on my yahoo IM

  136. My moderate Republican BFF – who is now a P.U.M.A. -and I are both right here in sunny San Diego, CA. My Mother is from the wilderness of western Oklahoma and she is proud to be a P.U.M.A, too!

  137. Well, Chucky, I’m from Bellevue, WA (eastern side of Lake Washington from Seattle), a BLUE state.

    You couldn’t be more wrong about PUMAs, but you were also way off-base in your analysis of Clinton supporters throughout the primary, too.

    PUMAs are just a vocal representation of the millions of people who are anti-Obama. In my immediate family, out of 17 registered voters, all life-long democrats, only 2 are voting for Obama. I am the only registered PUMA.

    The reason the PUMAs are so scarey is because pollsters only use 100 people to get their numbers for an entire state. Every single PUMA represents thousands of voters.

  138. please it’s just more GE crap it’s Hillary’s fault Todd just lies, midwest here.

  139. Oh, and I’ve NEVER in my life voted for a Republican.

    This year, I’m voting a straight R ticket. That’s how pissed I am at the DNC. What an absolutely corrupt institution. I think I might just go to hell if I endorsed it with my vote.

  140. I posted earlier. I’m from S.C.

    Tell your friends to come over and post. Let’s show Todd what a hugh group we are. Puma

  141. Todd Sweetie, so far more than half the states in the union are represented on this thread. They are:

    and DC

    It’s hands across America, sweetie.

  142. Todd, add MI

  143. I am from North Carolina with roots in Kansas. Driving back from the RBC meeting myself and three fellow Clinton supporters decided that under no circumstances would we ever vote for Obama. Not one of us received a phone call or text message from NY.

    As riverdaughter and others united and grew in opposition to the DNC/Obama cabal an old friend from Oklahoma happened to call and he asked where he could find a support group. Of course, I immediately referred him to riverdaughter. He has been telling everyone to come here for info and fellowship. (Does fellowship have a gender bias?) Just this past week while my friend was working out at his gym, one of the other members overheard him talking to his trainer about PUMA. The stranger approached him for more details stating he felt so alone. He was glad to find a fellow Dem who was also pissed off and looked forward to joining up.

    Chuck Todd needs better sources.

  144. North Idaho! I have not been contacted by anyone in New York and I am not a Republican as some others have speculated PUMA were started by Republicans. What Chuck and others fail to realize that we are “everyday Americans” who are standing up to take our Country back. This is a spirit revolution and we will be heard. Hillary speaks for us and if we continue to be ignored we will speak louder. They “talking heads” however can continue to ignore us and our power at their own peril. It seems pretty obvious why the polls continue to be sooo close it this is a forgone coronation. PUMA!!! Rise Hillary Rise!!!!

  145. It’s been years since I’ve had much respect at all for the mainstream media, but this is just plain stupid. Get a clue, Chuck. Do these guys even do any reporting anymore?

    I’m in the Greater Boston area, in a western suburb. I don’t know anyone in NY or in the Clinton campaign.

  146. Todd, add ID

    We’re nearly to 30 states, sweetie.

  147. I am actually starting to feel a little sorry for Chuck Todd, Maureen Dowd and all the other sycophantic Mr. Collins, whose fortunes are so tied to their wealthy patrons’ “condescension”.

  148. Robin, agreed, that was an excellent Austenpuma post on the last thread.

  149. The PUMA PARTY ohhh yes! can’t herd these cats ….

  150. My friends who read here but dont post here are from NC and AZ ….

  151. Brooklyn representin’ here! I grew up in Chicago (Obama’s hood, Hyde Park) but moved to Manhattan in 1982 and then to Brooklyn in 1986 after my son was born.

    My son doesn’t know it, but he’s a PUMA. So is his girlfriend (awesome girl who refused to make Obama GOTV calls for her Obama’-lovin’ boss in PA) and his best friend (who said months ago, “If Obama gets the nomination, I’ll be voting for the grumpy old guy!”). They all voted for Hillary in the primaries and are voting McCain in November. I know all PUMAs don’t vote for McCain, but my son is very patriotic and worried about what will happen to this country if Obama becomes President.

  152. Do you suppose Chuck Todd knows that 18M people voted for Hillary? Why are these morons on TV?

  153. I teach at a prep school in Connecticut. I was in DC on May 31 and in Unity, NH for the love fest. I also have a house in New Hampshire and last weekend I was asked many times by average NH folks where they could get a NOBAMA bumper sticker like mine.

  154. Well, Chuck, beware, there are PUMAs everywhere. I’m in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Who would like a piña colada?

  155. I live in Long Island NY and work in Manhattan. I have two words for Chuckie Todd…”BITE ME”

  156. Also,

    Son in CA
    Sister in MO
    Ex Sister in Law CA
    Niece CA
    Great Niece CA

    All PUMAS!

    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008


  157. Born and raised in Michigan

    Moved to Denver in 1982. Still have a home there but work in Tucson.


  158. Laura, How are you? Unity seems like it was a year ago. Time seems like it has been stretched out.

  159. The Stray is from Cincinnati, Ohio.

    Nope. Don’t know a soul in Manhattan. (Save a few nice PUMAs I have recently met on line.)

  160. Magdalena, on August 3rd, 2008 at 1:28 pm Said:

    Austenpuma. lol. I like that.

  161. From Los Angeles CA, middle class male and a strong PUMA

  162. not the good stuff that is certain 😉

  163. Lakota, here, in Atlanta, GA. Grew up in GA. Life-long Democrat until this year! Family history of Democrats all turned PUMA!

    NY is a nice place to visit but don’t know anyone there.

    BO thinks he can turn this red state blue! In his dreams!

    Rise Hillary Rise!

  164. PUMA from Florida and will never vote Obama so stop your bias MSNBC.

    This Puma is voting McCain

  165. Riverdaughter, this male writer is from Raritan, NJ and symphathetic to your PUMA cause.

  166. IslandPuma: I want one, please! But please make it a super strong Piña Colada with almost 1/2 Bacardi Blanco.

    OMG – here I go wanting an afternoon cocktail thread so I can find an excuse to pop open some wine.

  167. Checking In:

    Southern born and bred:

    Raised in Huntsville, AL

    Currently live in Hamilton, GA

    NY contacts: None

  168. This PUMA is from suburb of Minneapolis, MN & I don’t really know anyone from NY personally but I do get emails from Bill & Hillary……………………………….

  169. Phoenix Arizona Puma here Chuck!

    PUMA’S everywhere!

    The argument here is Boolean.

    If Obama,
    then McCain.

  170. Maybe Chucky’s in love ??

  171. dakinikat, Maureen Dowd’s column is open for comments today . I already posted mine.

  172. Hey Kentucky Puma weighing in. No, we are not manufactured in NY nor are we undercover Republicans. Democrat all my life, family too, NO OBAMA!

  173. ok, that’s pretty creepy video, lol

  174. Manhattan? Pft, I’m in Pasadena, CA. Chuck Todd is so silly.

  175. Manhattan is in Santa Cruz, California? Wow, I did not know that. Somehow, during the entire process of the Primary Season, I felt that I was the only PUMA in town. Then suddenly, as the end was near, PUMA became Unity At Last – from the Hippiest Hippies in the Hippie Headquarters of the West Coast we are now joined with the North, South, and East in our Patriotic Agenda.

  176. McHenry IL. Here and I have friends in Schillar Park IL , Des Plaines IL Elmhurst IL. We won’t be voting Dem for the first time in our lives. How about Lisle IL. Not all Puma’s are on the internet Mr. Todd.

  177. SM: Ok, Piña colada coming up!

  178. Oh Chuck Sweetling, that’s 30 states now plus DC and PR and our expat friends in Europe . . .

    Having trouble finding that cat lasso in Petsmart?

  179. MN, home of Sen. Klobuchar and Rep. McCollum, both of whom took money from Emily’s list and rushed to endorse Obama.


  180. Hello from Atlanta, Georgia. Not part of the vast NY conspiracy.

  181. Chuckie Baby, tuck it in your tin ear!

    A lifelong resident of Western MA. Home of John Adams, John Quincy Adams, John Kennedy, the Boston Tea Party, the American Revolution, the Underground Railroad, to name a few prominent people and events. We are the Commonwealth of citizens who never learned to keep their opinions to themselves.

    I know no one from NY nor have I been contacted by anyone from NY for enlistment into a PUMA movement.

    This movement was born on June 1st through a choice remark following the May 31st debacle involving the DNC. Those in attendance that night were the midwives. One took it to greater heights by starting the PUMApac and others adopted the call to arms.

    The PUMA call to arms was heralded throughout the nation since all who joined recognized the corruption that was being played out.

    So Chuck, before you go and make uninformed statements, get your facts straight. You are witnessing a wholesale disgust at both the Dem Party and its unacceptable candidate.

    PUMA lives!

  182. Here’s the Maureen Dowd GROSS article:

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that Barack Obama must continue to grovel to Hillary Clinton’s dead-enders, some of whom mutter darkly that they will not only not vote for him, they will never vote for a man again.

    Obama met for an hour Tuesday with three dozen top Hillaryites at a hotel here, seeking their endorsement and beguiling their begrudging. He opened the session by saying that he knew there had been frustration about what they saw as sexism during the primary.

    The Los Angeles Times reported that Hillary die-hards want to enshrine a whine in the Democratic platform about how the primaries “exposed pervasive gender bias in the media” and call on party leaders to take “immediate and public steps” to denounce any perceived bias in the future. That is one nutty idea.

    Perhaps it is because feminists are still so busy cataloging past slights to Hillary that they have failed to mount a vivid defense of Michelle Obama, who has taken over from Hillary as the one conservatives like to paint as a harridan.

    Before the Obama campaign even had a chance to denounce Ludacris, one of the rappers on the senator’s iPod, Hillary Inc. started to mobilize. Susie Tompkins Buell, a former Clinton bundler, told The New York Observer that Obama had to distance himself, given Ludacris’s new song rooting for Obama to “paint the White House black” and calling Hillary the b-word.

    Despite Obama’s wooing, some women aren’t warming. As Carol Marin wrote in The Chicago Sun-Times, The Lanky One is like an Alice Waters organic chicken — “sleek, elegant, beautifully prepared. Too cool” — when what many working-class women are craving is mac and cheese.

    In The Wall Street Journal, Amy Chozick wrote that Hillary supporters — who loved their heroine’s admission that she was on Weight Watchers — were put off by Obama’s svelte, zero-body-fat figure.

    “He needs to put some meat on his bones,” said Diana Koenig, a 42-year-old Texas housewife. Another Clinton voter sniffed on a Yahoo message board: “I won’t vote for any beanpole guy.”

    The odd thing is that Obama bears a distinct resemblance to the most cherished hero in chick-lit history. The senator is a modern incarnation of the clever, haughty, reserved and fastidious Mr. Darcy.

    Like the leading man of Jane Austen and Bridget Jones, Obama can, as Austen wrote, draw “the attention of the room by his fine, tall person, handsome features, noble mien. …he was looked at with great admiration for about half the evening, till his manners gave a disgust which turned the tide of his popularity; for he was discovered to be proud, to be above his company, and above being pleased.”

    The master of Pemberley “had yet to learn to be laught at,” and this sometimes caused “a deeper shade of hauteur” to “overspread his features.”

    The New Hampshire debate incident in which Obama condescendingly said, “You’re likable enough, Hillary,” was reminiscent of that early scene in “Pride and Prejudice” when Darcy coldly refuses to dance with Elizabeth Bennet, noting, “She is tolerable; but not handsome enough to tempt me.”

    Indeed, when Obama left a prayer to the Lord at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, a note that was snatched out and published, part of his plea was to “help me guard against pride.”

    If Obama is Mr. Darcy, with “his pride, his abominable pride,” then America is Elizabeth Bennet, spirited, playful, democratic, financially strained, and caught up in certain prejudices. (McCain must be cast as Wickham, the rival for Elizabeth’s affections, the engaging military scamp who casts false aspersions on Darcy’s character.)

    In this political version of “Pride and Prejudice,” the prejudice is racial, with only 31 percent of white voters telling The New York Times in a survey that they had a favorable opinion of Obama, compared with 83 percent of blacks.

    And the prejudice is visceral: many Americans, especially blue collar, still feel uneasy about the Senate’s exotic shooting star, and he is surrounded by a miasma of ill-founded and mistaken premises.

    So the novelistic tension of the 2008 race is this: Can Obama overcome his pride and Hyde Park hauteur and win America over?

    Can America overcome its prejudice to elect the first black president? And can it move past its biases to figure out if Obama’s supposed conceit is really just the protective shield and defense mechanism of someone who grew up half white and half black, a perpetual outsider whose father deserted him and whose mother, while loving, sometimes did so as well?

    Can Miss Bennet teach Mr. Darcy to let down his guard, be more sportive, and laugh at himself?

  183. Let’s not forget relatives in WV. My step Mom in Pa at 86 won’t be voting Dem for the first time either.

  184. That’s 33 states and territories, oh lucky Chucky . . .

  185. I feel like this is a convention roll call,

    From the great state of California

    We nominate the next president of the United States

    Hillary Clinton!!!

  186. North Carolina, found PUMA after the rules committee fiasco. Always been a democrat, soo far.

    Don’t know anyone in NY.

  187. Houston, TX here and I just say no deal. Manhattan sounds fun, I’d like to visit sometime.

  188. Maureen: Wheeeee! I love it when other women reduce me to my dress size and eating habits! Thank you so much for joining forces with Sexists in America United! I am SOOOO going to vote for Obama now! I feel properly binged and purged!

  189. Chuck pumpkin…..San Diego Puma here. Harriet Christiansen is my inspiration. BTW, spent most of yesterday distributing flyers in my community explaining the Democratic Nomination process…….en Espanol. BaaaaWhaaaaa! PUMA’s have no barriers!

  190. I was born in Mississippi not far from where Elvis was born. Now I live in a suburb of Memphis not far from where Elvis died.

    Member of the Democratic Party for over 30 years..



  192. My godmother in Delaware 🙂

  193. Hey Chuck,
    Here in Kentucky your name is a verb to throw out something in the trash. Pumas are women and men from all over the country with friends all over the world. You need to find better research interns since you couldn’t really be doing it so badly yourself. You would be better served reporting on the flawed election process in the Democratic party.

  194. What a fool…and what amazingly INCORRECT information is being spread by fools like Chuck Todd. Manufactured in Manhattan, eh? Yeah…I don’t think so. Why can’t people like Chuck understand that we are a nationwide MOVEMENT, and that there is no headquarters? We’re just a bunch–MILLIONS–of people completely disgusted with the pretend campaign we’ve watched unfold this year. We’re disgusted that a candidate who received the most popular votes was thrown under the bus by Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, the DNC, et al, in favor of an inexperienced, unqualified, anti-American moron. Wake up, Chuck! We’re here, we’re growing every day, and we’re NOT going to disappear…nor are we going to support the racist, unvetted Obama.

  195. This PUMA is from Salem, Oregon, and I was browsing the Confluence the night PUMA was born. I’ve never been to New York, nor do I know anyone there, but I would love to visit. And, no, my state is not a Red one, but I can predict that if Barky is the nominee, that it will be in November.

  196. PUMA Arizona reporting recruited members:

    Az neighborhoods, schools, (many, many friends.. 🙂 🙂
    Marion, Illinois
    Washington, DC
    Monterrey, California
    Pensacola, Florida
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    Albuquerque, NM

  197. Hi born in Pennsylvania and now New Jersey transplant. Came to this site after Taylor Marsh and Talk left drank the koolaid so I’ve been here since the PUMA inception. Lurked last nite on Taylor Marsh and was blown away by the hateful PUMA blogs. We sure are doing something right if Obamas blogs are getting upset with us as much as they are. PUMAS country before part

  198. Hi-

    Nevada PUMA here- by way of No. California, Hawaii and
    New York!

    I will NEVER vote for Obama.

    I can not be swayed by the audacity of the dope.

    Not bitter, just smart.

  199. NE FLORIDA—-the belt buckle of the bible belt.

    Found PUMA online and it made me feel at home and not alone.

    We need to send this to Chucky. I am so sick of the MSM repeating lies (because they are too lazy to check them out).

  200. HEY are we up to 57 states yet??? 😉 oh wait that is the number on the ketchup bottle

    sorry …. just could NOT resist

  201. Hi Mawm, I am fine. I read this site every day and love to see what you and others are up too. Unity seems like a far away dream…

    I am on the Massachusetts border with Connecticut and New York. I would love to get together with other PUMAs from the area. I was born in Miami, Florida but raised in the Berkshires, MA.

  202. I’m in “fly over” Indiana here. No one ever contacted me. I have never liked Obama. I saw through him from the get go. He has no substance. I went searching for like mined people on the INTERNET because a lot of people in my field are for Obama or a democrat period. I found PUMA, they did not find me.

  203. Maureen Dowd is embarassing btw

  204. SM,

    Wow, I never knew that Mr. Darcy was black! That is big news! I had to stop reading when modo called Jane Austen, a truly great writer, “chick lit.” And where does she get the idea that we won’t vote for a man? Isn’t the problem whether we’ll ever vote for a Democrat again? These people are such clueless losers, it’s hardly worth responding to them.

    BTW, Modo is the one who wrote a book called “Are Men Necessary?”

  205. Adding to list more family member and friend Puma’s
    Washington DC
    Florida (Pensacola)
    California (Monterrey)
    New Mexico (Albuquerque)
    Utah (Salt Lake City)
    Illinois (Marion)

  206. Haha I love how everyone thinks that Hillary’s supporters are just going to sit home and knit and vote for obama as there told and not get angry and take action about how the undemocratic party treated us and Hillary…is it that hard for these people to understand that we are democrats from ALL over the US who are not going to vote for obama under any circumstances? Not everyone loves the messiah celebrity, Sorry NO DEAL!


    P.S. I’m from NY, and was never contacted by anyone about PUMA around here. Chuck Todd is a moron!

  207. WTF Maureen Dowd. Mr. Darcy was actually generous and kind to people in private, and only seemed haughty in public – if there’s evidence to suggest that’s the case with Obama, I haven’t heard it. Also did she just call most of America r*cist??

  208. We’re UpChuck:

    add DE, UT, IN

    35 states and counting

  209. Proud Puma from Northampton MA
    Nobama all the way!

  210. I haven’t seen anyone from Vermont, so I thought I’d mention Chloe, who was with us in Unity…..

  211. I’m from Pennsylvania – and I’m not voting for Obama! If Hillary doesn’t win the nomination, then McCain is my Man!

    Obama has toooo many weird friends and he stands for empty speaches!

    Blow that out of your smoke stack toddie! NoBama in PA!

  212. dg, there is NO evidence of that. Otherwise, Axelrod would have video of it all over the MSM.

  213. And let is not forget the great state of Illinois, also known as Illinobama.


  214. somebody (I can’t because I am banned from msnbc and cnn) needs to go post a link to this post on his “first read” blog.

  215. Way up North, MN here, so far in the NW corner it’s probably not even fly-over country. I’m fortunate that I’ve been to about 46 states for extended travel.

    I’m a PUMA in respose, a little gray and pretty lame. But I’ll back Hillary in any plan she chooses. People like me are the quiet ones, who lurk on Riverdaughter as much as PJ posts (and I mean that in a good way).
    We donate when we can, we are informed, but we rarely write. I think MN, in it’s “MN nice” way is full of quiet PUMAs.

    MN is a swing state and I know how I have to vote. McCain will not harm me anymore than BO will.

    If Chuckie should ever get close to this old PUMA I will gather all my strength, extend my claws and rip him several new ones.

  216. Cool, Gary, VT, 37


  218. MAINE puma here.
    I checked into election law here. Mainers can write in a candidate or leave the presidential choice blank and the rest of the ballot will still count.

  219. Hi Chuck, very proud PUMA here in PA.

  220. South Texas here, from the border brush country where the four-footed variety also roams and refuses to be forced into submission.

    Arriba los pumas!

  221. Maureen….what are you smoking? If you’re not smoking something, then I now believe you are really
    a crazy unit!

  222. Roll-call check in from the great state of Maine.


  223. I forgot to say–although my username should make it clear!–that I’m a proud PUMA from Southern California. Yep, we’re everywhere!


  225. From the 1/2 state of FL

  226. Illinois PUMA here. Long time Dem who did NOT vote for the O for US Senate (left it blank rather than vote for a total unknown). Don’t know anyone who lives in NYC.

  227. Suburban LA here (but isn’t all of LA suburban?) A Prius-driving, latte-sipping, arugula-munching, Mac-using new-economy worker PUMA.

    Incidentally, notice how they want it both ways? We either live in Manhattan or in trailers. We’re low-info hicks or media-savvy players. Which is it? And where can I find a cheap trailer in Manhattan?

  228. My place of residency is in Connersville, IN, though I’m in the army, so it’s been a while since I’ve actually *lived* there. However, I did the mail in ballot for the primaries, and will do so for the general election as well.

    Never voting for Obama. It’s Hillary or no deal with the DNC. No compromise.

  229. There’s a bunch of us proud PUMAS up here in VERMONT. So great to meet so many of you in these comments. You rock, PUMA people!

  230. I live in Chicago,il .I know Old School Chicago Politics
    and that is how BO is running his campaign.Just imagine if DC was run like Chicago.I believe in Hillary and still keep her sign in my window.I will be voting for McCain and hoping Hillary will be our pres in 2012.However I still hang on to a small hope that the true facts about Obama will come out b4 the convention.I also found Puma when I was heartbroken over the DNC not counting every vote. I was outside chanting that raining day( 5-31-08).Puma brought back HOPE . THANK YOU

  231. PUMA from Florida……Chuckie boy……..we are behind every nook and cranny you can look into.

    We are here and we seek truth and justice for our voting system…..

    Be afraid….very afraid……cause when we pounce…..you won’t know what hit you

  232. I am from the Proud state of Texas. I have a neice that lives in PA but not in New York. I haven’t had any contact with anyone from New York. I have been in PUMA for months and I can guarantee that the Honorable Senator Clinton has nothing to do with us. I guess you can say that Obama, Dean, Pelosi and Reid really is behind the group! We are against all of them and we are united in the same thing “No Obama”!

  233. Puma from Washington State…

    Go Cougs!

  234. Born on Martha’s Vineyard and now am a roaring PUMA living on the glorious North Fork of Eastern Long Island. I was turned off to BO since that convention speech in 2004. My fraud-o-meter went off the charts. I was spitting and hissing all through the primaries…the virulent sexism, race-baiting and the lies, the lies, the lies. The day after the May 31st debacle, I became a PUMA. Thank you Riverdaughter, Murphy, NQ, the Denver Group and,most especially, this community @ the Confluence that keeps me sane and inspires me to action.

    That Chicago Swamp Thing is an empty, corrupt narcissist who should be in jail. I want Hillary. If the DNC boyz club games our more than 18,000,000 votes, payback will be a BITCH! That’s a promise.

    Rise Hillary Rise.

  235. SM: I am on a train headed into Manhattan ( to meet my handlers /snark). Would you Mind editing your comment so we don’t violate copyright? Just reduce MoDo’s post to a few salient paragraphs. Muchas graciss

  236. Idaho PUMA here! Hi UPChuckie!

  237. Hey Toddler! I’m from Seattle yes you heard that right SEATTLE home of the hipster fratbag Obamanation. But while I”m at it, I’ll also mention that my 75 year old mother who has been a Democrat all her life is also a PUMA and so is my sister my aunt, my husband, my brother in law and several of my friends. So there…….

  238. This PUMA splits her time between Berkeley, CA and Rosarito Beach, BC.

    Hillary or McCain ’08

  239. St Cloud Mn. I have not been contacted by anyone from Ny. I would like to hear from other Mn Pumas.

  240. RD this is great, wonder if Chuckie is reading?

  241. Underground in Central and Northern Mn. GeorgeCatSez is right – we’re the quiet PUMA’s but we do pay attention.

    Manhattan? Yeah, you betcha as they say here.

  242. Hey, RD, you mind if I post something in a little bit? Or do you have another post already planned for the coming hour?

  243. Welcome ID and WA.

    That’s 40 states, Chuckabuck.

    And a shout-out to BC, where they know a thing or two about wild animals.

  244. I’m a Mississippi PUMA – a proud Hillary supporter. But, for me, this, is about righting a wrong. It’s about refusing to let the DNC and a few party leaders SELECT the nominee. It’s about protesting their refusal to stand against misogyny, and their refusal stand for equality. It’s about their conspiring to subvert democratic process. I could go on and on, but we PUMAs get it, so no need to be preaching to the choir. It’s a shame MSM hasn’t tried to find out the truth about Obama, instead of focusing on how he makes them all breathless and causes their legs to tingle.

    BTW (and being from MS I feel compelled to note this) I GOT 99 REASONS, BUT HIS RACE AIN’T ONE.

  245. PUMA family of 3 from San Clemente, CA. visting our PUMA daughter from San Diego. *Busying sharpening our claws…….*

  246. I’m Illinois born and bred, downstate and upstate, done time in Indiana, ND, Minn, Mass, several other countries, have sibs in all the four corners —

    and avoid NYC as much as possible, except when engaging in lesbianfeminist antipoverty antiheteropatriarchal and antiracist work.

    I found PUMA through the proHillary blogs, and I will not vote for Obama.

    And I quit reading Dowd ages ago, sorry to see she is still trying to force everything and everyone into the procrustean concepts that seem to drive her hierarchical heteroist fantasies.


    Right on, southernsista. Welcome MS.

    41 states on the Chuckwagon.

  248. b matthews….I recently moved to No. Las Vegas….what is your read on votes for obama? Do you think he has a chance in NV….I HOPE NOT….I scared the hell out of someone who called to invite us to a fundraiser for obama…..needless to say, they won’t be calling back… 🙂

  249. southeast wisconsin disagrees with you chuck …

  250. Willow and eaj, I’m so glad to see you. Hopefully in MN our numbers are legion.

  251. PUMA from a small town in NE Georgia. It’ not easy being a Democrat in Georgia, but my friends and family never sit out an election. We won’t this year either. The thing about us country bumpkins, we have good instincts and can spot a scam artist a mile away. Got a nephew in the GA National Guard heading to Iraq (or Afghanistan). He won’t vote for O either. Says he wouldn’t be comfortable serving with O at the helm.

    Don’t know a soul in New York. When I saw Wexler at that RBC meeting in such a frenzy arguing against his own voters that he actually broke into a sweat – I got a cold chill.

    I was right here, in real time when SM said Party Unity My Ass! And I’m here to stay to the bitter end. We’re either gonna take this party back or destroy it and start over. Proud to be a PUMA.

  252. A Missouri reader here. Don’t blame me for our Senator. Have already given her a piece of my mind.

  253. PS – just need to add. I know only a handfull of people from NYC – all Republicans, and no one from there has contacted me about PUMA.

    I have gotten a few requests for money from DNC, however, and from Odrama. Each time, I’ve sent back the envelope with a note inside that that says simply -PUMA.

    (that RD & I suspected all along!)

    the bastards… now you know! and so, it was ich bin ein warmonger all along…just get me the money — I don’t care about having principles…

    feel the CLAWS


  255. I was born and raised in NYC. After getting my PhD in Biochemistry I moved on for work. I have worked in Massachusetts, Maryland, New Mexico and now in the lovely city of Indianapolis, IN. I was on line when


    was born.

    No one has ever contacted me from the Clinton campaign regarding PUMA.

    The DNA and the DCCC have been calling and writing for $$$. I tell them I’m helping to pay Hillary’s debt. I also tell them they aren’t getting another dime from me until they clean their house. I’ve had it with them.

  256. Rural ILLINOIS, right in Obama’s back yard.

    Nope- no ringy dingy from anyone in Manhattan.


  257. For 29 years I voted my party line, no questions asked. However, the elitist bullies who are running the party now, no longer represent me. I am in New Mexico and I have never been contacted by anyone in NYC. I won’t be voting for Obama. And from now until Election Day I will work tirelessly to see that my “undecided DEM peers” don’t vote for him either.

  258. Ft. Lauderdale/Miami, Florida here.
    Don’t know anybody in NY but would love to.

  259. Did anyone else see noquarterusa today? Just read that NASA and/or early childhood education has been thrown under the bus.

  260. PUMA family of 5 from Chelsea, Michigan. That big swing state that was disenfranchised by the DNC mob.

  261. Puma family of two from Tucson, Arizona (formerly, Michigan).

    And Puma daughter from DENVER!

    Non-Puma son is in London and hates all politicians.

  262. Ginger. US Army, retired. Reside in Virginia. I know lots of people in NY. I’ve even converted some of them to understand that PUMA and its related groups is necessary in order to combat the media-fed pseudo-candidate that will ruin our country. PUMA didn’t find me – I found PUMA during an online search for intelligent life.

  263. I should also add that I’m formally from B.O.’s state senate district in Hyde Park, Chicago, Illinois.

  264. And I do believe I never voted for that man. I was Bobby Rush all the way…(swallow hard).

  265. I am from New Hampshire. I haven’t been to New York City in over 20 years. Chuck Todd needs to get a real job and shave off that stupid go-tee.

    p.s. please send this list of comments to Todd.

  266. is it just me or are Nancy Pukelosi and Maureen Dowdy Stepford women?? they seem so “lifelike” almost real !

  267. Austin, TX for me. PUMA was the movement for me, as soon as I saw it here at the Confluence. The RBC meeting was the last damn straw for the Democratic party and me.

    Roar PUMA!

  268. I am on Long Island, NY and I can tell you there are many of us PUMAS here, more than Chuck Todd could ever imagine. We are silent now but he will hear our roar on November 4!

  269. LETTER TO NYT re MAUREEN DOWD (sent on June 30th):


    I no longer read her. She is beyond disgusting and in great need of therapy for CDS (Clinton Derangement Syndrome). She isn’t fit to lick Hilary’s boots.

    Although she is transparent, why any newspaper that pretends to have any integrity would print such tripe is beyond me. At least she isn’t feeding fake intelligence from the White House to the front page to promote a war of aggression. Her words are obvious lies. Frank Rich admitted that he couldn’t wait to get back to read the latest on Whitewater, a scandal fabricated by the New York Times . His columns rivaled those of MO in CDS, but weren’t as petty.

    (McDougal was a personal friend, not head of a Savings and Loan, when the Clintons invested in Whitewater. When the Times broke the story, that basic fact wasn’t known.) All of our taxpayers’ monies wasted on investigating nothing, but at least the American people didn’t get healthcare.

    The best revenge–Hillary doesn’t bother to read MO, she has real work to do for real Americans, and MO has to live with her putrid personality.

    A disappointed subscriber,

  270. Funny, Todd, but I’m from FL where we get half a vote (kind of) yet pay full taxes. I don’t know anyone from Manhatten.

  271. Manhattan? Ain’t that where all them big tall buildins is? Y’all?

    Guess here in Eastern Ky, we’re considered too dumb to realize when we’re being played. Astonishingly, some of us went to your elitist schools & snagged good jobs elsewhere, but decided we wanted to live here.

    Oh, and a big Screw You to the DNC and its wonderful diversity platforms, which obviously don’t include Appalachians or women. And an even bigger Screw You to the MSM which has done immeasureable damage to a geographic area that already suffers from prejudice and stereotyping.

  272. From HR, Colorado ………. don’t know anyone from NY. But I was scammed there once on a business trip, does that count? BTW, I loved visiting NY.

  273. Chucky baby,
    The country was not started by wimps .
    Most of us have enough backbone to standup and shout out for best this country deserves.
    The dnc and msm really forgot what America is all about.
    As the line in the movie Tora Tora Tora says
    “They have awakened the sleeping giant.”
    We are from all over this country and will always come to her defense in time of need.
    This the time to come to the aid of our COUNTRY and stop this coup.



  274. I am Montana native now living in western Washington state. I was a Bobcat in college (Montana State!!) but now I am a PUMA.

    Haven’t heard a word from Manhattan. But I did get a begger letter from the O. Wrote “No way, no how, Nobama. Hillary or McCain. PUMA!!” all over it and sent it back to the O’s without a cent. I wonder if they’ll get the message….

  275. southernsista–love your ’99 reasons and race ain’t one.”

    Saw Donna B. on Stepanopoulus today. Boy, she is thin skinned-Jake Tapper was also on and Gergen. Even suggesting any criticism of Obama is not racist gets her hackles up.

  276. Hunt County, Texas here.

    It was his initial lack of candor for me. He wanted me to believe he was transcendent and not a product of the Daley Machine in Chicago. He has been a Liar from Day One.

  277. Arkansas here. Don’t know any one in NY state, much less NYC.

    It was the RBC that did me in. There’s something about the injustice of seeing delegates being taken away from one person and given to another that wasn’t even on the ballot that just ticked me off. I could ignore the misogyny (well, not really IGNORE it, but at least let it pass as I was raised when it wasn’t even noticed so just steamed about it) but the basic UNFAIRNESS of giving Obama votes he didn’t earn just turned me completely off. It was bad enough they gave him ALL the uncommitted votes, of which surely some were for other candidates that had removed their names from the ballot, but to steal Clinton’s too is just beyond the pale.

    Even primates have a sense of fairness. In studies they have found that when you set things up to be unfair they stop cooperating and quit playing the game they have set up.

    Sound familiar?

  278. Michigan born and raised. I voted for Hillary Clinton in Ann Arbor, MI (Whole Foods Nation, Obama Country, elitist capital of the Midwest) but unfortunately my vote didn’t count to Obama and the DNC.

    I’m moving to NYC later this month but I’m voting by absentee ballot in Michigan and I’ll be voting against Barack Obama.

    PUMA Power!

  279. Bellingham,Wa

    Have voted D for 61 years but no longer.

    Four proud pumas in family. All in Wa

  280. Born in WA state, lived most of my life in WI and MN, then 5 years in CA before moving to the northern Bahamas in 1990. Thanks to the internet, that marvelous series of tubes, and this site, discovered PUMAs as they were called to life. So, Chuck, PUMAs exist even in the Bermuda Triangle.

  281. from Allison Park, PA, now of Ormond Beach,florida. Have not heard from NY. Have heard from my brother and sister in PA. When I question Obama’s qualifications am told he was editor of the law review; question his Chicago associates and am airly told it doesn’t bother them.

  282. I lived the first 50 years of my life in Northern Virginia, and now I’m in Birmingham Alabama.

    Swannie, one place I really miss is Ocean City. We loved it especially in the off-season.

  283. I was born in Astoria, Queens about a zillion years ago when it was still Astoria, Princess.
    Lived in Solon Ohio (NE Ohio) for twenty years now and I take my marching orders from my own judgment and conscience.

  284. This links to a Proud PUMA in Northeastern PA – definite Clinton Country:


  285. Chuck Todd is a moron, because his wife got a job with Obama, he has to tear down anyone who won’t believe his B.S.
    I am from Florida!

    I even used to watch MSNBC.

    Woke up to the media and Obama.

  286. Seattle, WA –

    There will be a day in the not-too-distant future when Chuck Todd will have to explain how grossly under-estimated the democrats who will not vote Obama.

    His claim that 78% of Clinton supporters have shifted their support to Obama is “ludacris”.

  287. I beg you guys to e-mail these great comments to Chuckie, he would love it. And, he does read his email. I bet you guys get a retraction for that statement he made. Also tell him to shave!

  288. Chucky: Were there is a WILL, there is a WAY…
    The PUMA WAY

  289. and btw, should I know who Chuck Todd is? I have no idea……

  290. Brooklyn in da house! And believe me, we are FAR from the upper eastside and Manhattan lol!~ I do have to admit to having a kitty from the upper eastside of the island. Miz Harlem is a product of Spanish Harlem. Heh, prob a tad farther “up” than Todd was thinking though {grin}

  291. I’m San Antonio, TX.

    Poor, poor, deluded Chuck. He has been fabricating fantasies on behalf of BO for months now. Well, Chuck, this one won’t work.

    We were screwed royally in Texas, and we are a pretty independent bunch — we require no hand-holding or directions on what to do when we are ripped off, lied to, cheated, bamboozled, shoved aside, and disrespected.

    I am also a Hillary State delegate who is part of a HUGE Delegation who are holding their National Delegates accountable to hold the line for Hillary.

    We’re NOT going down, easily, Chuck — no matter what lies and fantasies you perpetuate. BTW– I don’t watch you station, MSNBC or your Mother Station, a/k/a the MSNBarackObama Chanell or NBC, the National Barack Obama Channel any longer.

    Stuff it, Chuck!

  292. The fact that someone mentioned that Chuck’s wife was a staff member to the Obama campaign tells me all I need to know regarding his objectivity. When it all boils down to who is paying whom, nothing on this blog will make one iota of difference. These tools owe their allegiance to whomever is signing the check. Mika B’s father is advising Obama and her brother is part of the campaign. I read somewhere that one of Chris Matthews kids is also assisting as well.

    Objectivity took a walk this election. No wonder Hillary never stood a chance with MSNBC. Their families were feeding the beast! When it becomes this incestuous it becomes downright dangerous.

  293. OMG – I just read the column by MD – is this woman an alien? I’ve never read such drivel especially by another woman about women – I know we can be cruel to each other but she goes too far – she doesn’t know me and has no right to speak for me – as for MO being harrassed – BullSh*t – what’s been said about her is wrong but it is nothing,nothing compared to what Hillary endured and (by being her supporters) what has in turn been ‘trickeled down’ to all women included stupid dowd…………………sorry for the rant – I just listened to murphy’s radio show from last night – I missed it – and I just got all fired up again………..

  294. Maureen Dowd: Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

  295. aka “untilthelastdogdies” aka “PotreroHillary” aka “alohapuma”

    Hailing from the indigo city of San Francisco,

    Embracing my Puma Brothers and Sisters everywhere, from sea to shining sea,

    I love NYC, but my plots are hatched out here on the west coast dude!

  296. Riverdaughter, you did a good thing today. So many names. I found your site the end of May and have been reading it faithfully every day since (yes, saw the birth of PUMA). Today was the first time that I have commented (not just here, but on any blog).

  297. kiki

    I’ve no idea who Chuck Todd is either.

    One of 18,000,000 cats (meeeoww)

    Originally from the UK (you can count that as one of the 57 states if it helps), have lived in California, Oregon and now Pennsylvania.


  298. Baltimore, MD. Reading you loud and clear.

    Can you hear me?

  299. I think Chuck was talking about Madison Ave.

  300. I am a proud PUMA in Puerto Rico!

  301. I went to one focus group in my life. It was for the movie Perfect with John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis.

  302. Oh my goodness, it would appear that poor Mr. Todd got on the television and pulled some lies out of his ass. The is becoming a very bad habit for poor Mr. Todd. Why one would begin to suspect that he’s either a liar or a fool. Or both. Bless his heart. 😛

  303. If the Repubs were going to launch a marketing campaign, wouldn’t it be aimed at younger voters? Those are the ones Madison Ave is built to go after already.

  304. call me a chauvinist but the NYC subway ain’t got nuthin’ on the Paris Metro. Mass transit on this country is half a century behind

  305. Chuckie, you are all wet. I live in upstate NY and proudly wear my PUMA wrist band. The only thing I have in common with Manhatten is sending my hard earned tax dollars down there to keep them afloat

  306. Tennessee PUMA by way of West Virginia!

    Chuckie T needs to “get a grip” and get out more.

    The “Dimocrat” party is set to nominate a “dimwit” and lose the White House for another forseeable future.

    I voted for my first Republican just this month in our local elections and I can’t wait till NOvember to say no to NObama and NO to the rest of the Dimocrats on the ticket.

  307. For those who aren’t familiar with him, Chuck Todd is a political analyst for MSNBC and I think NBC News as well.

  308. I am a lifelong Democrat and was Hillary’s Precinct Captain and Delegate for the Iowa State Convention. I live in a small college town and serve my county Democratic Party as a member of the Executive Committee. Hillary people dominate our county leadership. We are the old guard having supported local, state and national campaigns for years. Many of us are secret PUMA going through the motions of being good Democrats. We considered resigning our positions after Obama’s selection, but we decided to hang together to keep the Obots from taking over the local party. The Obots don’t care about Democrats. They only care about the ONE. If they took over county party, we are certain that as soon as the election was over they would crawl back into the woodwork and leave a leadership vacuum disastrous for our local candidates. The Obots know I was a Hillary supporter and they are dismayed that I have not yet had a conversation experience when I say “I don’t have to be enthralled with him to support him. I always vote a straight Democratic ticket.” The Obots are irritating as hell.

  309. Puma from Arkansas. The only way OB will win is if there is voter fraud, just like during the primaries. Even then he didn’t win the popular vote.

  310. Come to think of it ChuckieT reminds me of the Chucky doll in the famous series. Haha

  311. One thing every PUMA should know by now: Obama accuses others of doing what he is doing. He accused Hillary and McCain of race-baiting when that is what he does. Now they accuse us of being a manufactured movement when that is exactly what he is.

  312. Sorry Chuckie, I’m N/W Washington State, can’t get any further from N.Y. City, excluding Alaska and Hawaii… Though, I do love New York :o)
    I have ALWAYS been a Dem and now consider myself a Independent. Unfortunately in the state of Wa., there is no party affiliate when you register, so I wasn’t able to re-register!!! What a disappointment…

  313. I live in Charlotte, NC, but was born & raised in Nebraska of FDR Democrat, Union stalwart parentage, and have voted straight Democratic ticket for 40 years. I come from a Confluence, too..where the Platte joins the mighty Missouri River.

    I don’t post much, but I was here the night PUMA burst forth from the brain of SM and by the next morning was fully-formed in glorious PINK by riverdaughter.


  314. thanks JohinCA

    I don’t watch much tv. I’ve learned here that I’m really not missing much

  315. I don’t buy into “voting for the party” .. this is a time in history when the fraud that has been perpetuated upon the American voters HAS to be taken down.

    I can’t see where any Hillary supporter could in good conscience vote for that fraud .. he set his ass by and let Hillary be gangraped repeatedly by the DIMOCRAT party. HELL with them.

  316. I invite you all to please read the newest blog that has just been posted by regency. My only comment is that it is majestic!

  317. PUMAs, when you are done with your roll-call, move upthread and let me know what you think about the Alpha PUMA himself, Big Dawg Clinton.


  318. It’s great to read the “roll call” of states! It reminds me of this song–

  319. Hm, who gives a rats patootie what Chuckie or any other other shills on NBC/MSNBC/CNN says? That is so year 2000 – the beginning of the Bu$h cabal???

    I hail from a small historic (first settlement in the NW territory) college/river town in Ohio. Lived in MI, Houston, TX, Atlanta, GA and Hilton Head Isl.

    Not only are our “government” officials sniffing “rare air” that causes them to think the American public is thick – the media thinks they pulled off 8 years of criminal Bu$h – why not keep it up? Oh baby, they are going to get a big surprise! Chuckie needs to stop sniffing – get in touch with some real people and maybe he could come up with something intelligent to say. There are a whole lot more of us than 18,000,000 and we count.

    Swanspirit – your comments way up top are so right on!

  320. Oh Todd. What flavor kool-aid do they have these days?

    PUMAs are not just in Manhattan- as a mater of fact, we’re in all 57 states- and then some.

    We are young and old. Some of us have no degress. Some of us have 6+ degrees.

    Some of us are staright and some of us are gay, but ALL of us are Americans and we are and have always been proud of our country…until now that is. Until you and the rest of the MSM and Obama’s most incredibly corrupt campaign hit town.

    I hope you are all proud of yourselves and our UN-Democratic- Democratic Party.

    You have destroyed any chance of unity by your fraudulent reporting and your devisive rhetoric.

    I can’t wait to see all of your sorry asses behind bars.

    Wake up you fool- the end is near!

    Party Unity My Ass!

    Hillary or McCain ’08.

  321. Manhattan?! Shoo-WHEE!!! I ain’t seen buildins like them since I’s knee-high to a grasshopper! (No, I’ve never been contacted by anyone from NY)

    I’m a PUMA in Lexington, KY, surround by thousands of obots and obabys at UK. I’m proud to say that the rest of my beautiful state (the exception being Louisville) had enough brains to stand up for Hillary – because we knew that she would stand up for us.

    I’ve never stopped believing in Hillary, and I never will.

    I am a thirty-year-old, private school educated, double soy latte drinkin’, Whole Foods shoppin’ PUMA!!!!

  322. Hey Chuck, Kate here, from cesspool central of the democratic cabal (Chicago). Keep spinning PUMA as a “republican funded” PAC or a “manhattan” Clinton creation. I think you people lie so much that you start to believe your own delusional self made reality. “party unity my ass” is my credo. Country before party and I own my vote, Chucky. We are in every nook and cranny in this good old USA and you can’t stop us. I guarantee we will stop you!

  323. I live in South Carolina – PUMA & PROUD!
    All my Family & Friends live in Florida – they are also PUMA. There are MILLIONS of Life-long DEMS that will NOT vote for obama – he is NOT qualified to lead our country. McCain is a good 2nd Choice.

  324. Georgia Girl – PUMA
    Obama is an Arrogant, Radical FRAUD – the DNC sure picked a real LOSER!

  325. Mr. Todd,

    I am ashamed of the MSM this election year. Perhaps I have been naive or ignorant all these years but I thought the media was supposed to objectively and truthfully give us the news

    Your network, and others has found a way to manipulate and twist to the benefit of Obama every single tidbit of information out there.

    You Sir and your cohorts (I cannot bring myself to call them journalists as journalists have integrity) should be ashamed of yourselves. We definitely are or haven’t you noticed your network’s ratings going down and Fox’s rising??

    This PUMA is in Charlotte, NC and we are everywhere across the 57 states, and internationally, as well.

  326. Suburb of Pittsburgh, PA.

    No messages from the home office in NY as of yet.

    I’m proud to see history in the making, thanks to PUMA!

  327. Two Pumas here in NC. 45 and 50 years we’ve been Democrats.


    I’m embarressed that Obama is from my state. Actually he is not a native from Illinois, but I am. He has fit in perfectly with the Chicago political mafia. That is probably the reason he feels so at home in Chicago.
    I rarely see any Obama signs in my area. Most people around here doesn’t trust him.

    Never been to NY and don’t know any one from NY.

  329. WHOLE FOODS! Don’t tell me you buy arugula there, too! I didn’t sign up to be no latte-sipping liberal when I joined PUMA!

    Long live albertson’s, dunkin donuts and iceberg lettuce!

  330. Hey Chuck Todd –I am a PUMA from Nevada. We are not into Politicians who pretend to be Messiahs. In this case what happens in Nevada isn’t staying in Nevada–its happening all over the country and its called people power.

  331. I am from South Florida where the DNC has lied cheaten and stolen my vote. They have made me half a person for their own political purposes, but beware.

    I have left the party and haven’t looked back. Now that I am restored to a whole person, I will vote for McCain. I will also do all I can to keep that Carpetbagger, Robert Wexler frm being re-elected. Chuck Todd decided long ago to voluntarily become half a Journalist. The truth is the half he threw away.


  332. Moved from NJ 5 years ago but now reside in NE Florida — the great and beautiful “First Coast”.

    My sister and brother-in-law from Michigan are also PUMAs.

  333. Hey, Chuckles, I’m sorry we can’t come up with 57 states. Obama is negotiating their release with Senator Clinton. I head a rumor that Clinton has hidden those other seven states in upstate NY and Obama needs their immediate release to increase his electoral votes.

  334. Okay, I’m late to the party, but for the record, born in Chicago, 20+ years in L.A., last eight years in Vegas.
    Have been to NYC many times, but not recently, and I haven’t spoken to anyone who lives there in over 10 years.
    Was a Democrat until the day after the RBC meeting.
    Found Riverdaughter and the PUMA movement through Clinton Dems website, not because I was directed here, but because I found what I was looking for here.
    Camaraderie with fellow enlightened and disenchanted Democrats.

  335. PUMA from KY!!! – Also a MAN – there are Millions of US!
    We are not Fake – like Obama – or Staged from New York – we are real – You can Count our VOTES in

  336. Houston, TX. But, hmm, let’s see, there must be some guilt by association. I was in Manhattan six years ago visiting family and celebrating my 21st birthday. I bought some PUMA shoes while I was there. Rarr.

    Ah, that’s right, The Math. I’m under 30 and Backtrack Barack bores the daylights out of me.

    Go hope-change yourself, Chuck Todd.

  337. thanks chuck, i’ll take that as a HUGE compliment…my marcomm professor would be soooooooooo proud right now 😉

  338. I am a PUMA from Scotch Plains, NJ but my doctor works in Manhattan. I do need to go there sometimes because Obama makes me sick (so do Chuck Todd and Maureen Dowd)!

  339. PUMA IN EUROPE! (originally Illinois – ewwww, land of “Senator do-nothing Obama”)

  340. Don’t forget us out here in San Francisco, Chuck.

  341. eyedoc333, on August 3rd, 2008 at 3:31 pm
    Great find! I marked it as one of my favorites.

    that was a good idea we should all email this poor deluted
    koolaid drinking fool

  343. Just to set the record straight. I am a PUMA that living in Houston Texas. I was a practicing Democrat from 1972 (18 years old) until May 31st of this year. I may of crossed to vote for a few Rep. friends over the years, but most times, voted a straight Dem. ticket. However, this year, my first as an independent, I will be voting republican. PUMA!!!!!!

  344. Hi, Chuck Todd,

    I live in FLORIDA, and I am a voter. Been’ counted as just
    a half by the wise guys in the Dem Party though.
    Still, on November they will need my whole vote, as they’ll
    need all the other PUMAs votes from all over the country.

    We REALLY exist, everywhere, Chuck, and we will be here
    in November.

  345. This PUMA roams the high, windy plains of Wyoming. I was born and raised in Iowa and received college degrees from colleges in MN, MO, and WY.

    My mother, brother, and one sister have been pretty strong republicans and two sisters and I have been strong democrats. This year we all will be voting for Sen. McCain if Sen. Clinton is not the nominee of the democratic party. One sister and I have already changed our registration to “independent” and the other said she will wait until after the Aug. convention.

    Looks like I too will be making history this year as it will be the first time I will have voted for a republican president (I recently turned 67).

    Think I was probably in Manhattan back in the summer of 1967 as I attended a six week course at Hofstra Univ. and they took us on a bus tour of NYC.

  346. Don’t know anyone who lives in New York, never been there, don’t have any plans to go there in the near future. I do like watching Law & Order though! Live with my four PUMA cubs in a small town southeast of Atlanta, GA! Don’t Chuck and Maureen realize that rather than helping their messiah with their insults and ignorance towards us, they are making the PUMA movement stronger? When I was growing up, my parents told me to be careful of the company I keep, so I keep their advice in mind and stay away from mean people. GO PUMAS! NOBAMA!

  347. Checking in from the great state of North Carolina! I think Tricia and I may have to get together for a drink here in Charlotte. Now, I admit to being a Yankee with a U-Haul, but I’ve been here almost 10 years, and I’m from Queens, thank you very much. There’s more than one borough to NYC, Chuckie.

  348. PUMA from IL here – and I’m not “one of the 10%” that switches parties at election time. Been voting straight Democrat for 43 years. Not this year!

  349. PUMA from Cailifornia. Ten of my co-workers plus their families will be Democrats voting for McCain. At least he served the country.


  350. PUMA IN EUROPE! (originally Illinois – ewwww, land of “Senator do-nothing Obama” )



  351. PUMA from Laurel, Maryland!
    No – nobody from NY told me to join – actually had a mind of my own! There are about 18 Million of us – or more now that obama has proven to be the WRONG candidate that will never be elected due to his Radical, Questionable Background – and did I mention – he is NOT qualified.

  352. Riverdaughter, from NW Indiana, and I’ve never been contacted by anyone in Manhattan. I belong to the MidwestPumaPac and proud of it! Country before party.

    Chuck, we’re millions and counting… PUMA!!


  354. Hey Chuck,

    I am from Plano TX and there are many more where I come from…


  355. Forgot to include that no “Manhattan” office has ever contacted me. I’m a military brat. Our family was stationed in Niagara Falls and Westhampton Beach when they were still full-fledged bases. Visited NYC a lot but not in the last 10 years, and I’ve lost contact with my friends there so no recent calls to me here in TX from Manhattan. By the way, is Brionni’s (sp?)restaurant still open in Brooklyn? It’s been at least 35 years since I ate there.

  356. East Tennessee: We’re those dreaded Appalachians who support Sen. Hillary Clinton–our family of upper income, progressive, highly educated professionals is disgusted by Barack Obama.

  357. Live in Australia, never contacted by Manhattan, and vote in California.

    No Deal

  358. I live in Florida and am a proud PUMA!! Never been to NYC.

    I have been a registered democrat since I could vote. If the dems don’t come to their senses, I will be voting for Senator Mccain. Sorry about that bots and co.

    country over party! Proud PUMA in Florida

  359. Santa Fe, New Mexico PUMA. Never contacted by anyone from NYC. NoBama, No Deal.

  360. Hey Chucky! I’m from NW New Jersey, close to PA. I know and have been in contact with PUMAs all over the country (and even the world!). PUMA was not manufactured. It was a way to organize all the frustrated sentiment that already existed. We are a movement, PUMA helps us stay connected. If you take the time to research (I doubt you remember how to do that) the pro-Hillary sites from the early primary months, you will find that we clearly stated we would never vote for BO. We also stated that a lot of us would vote for McCain, while others would stay home. We will not “come around” or “get over it”. We are serious and if you don’t get it now, you sure will come November!!


  361. OH here. started to feel uncomfortable from the first primary. I’ve been voting for a long time now and couldn’t remember any campaign where the press was so eager to declare a winner.

    When MoveOn started to try and get everyone pissed about superdelegates deciding the vote when they didn’t seem to give a rats ass about MI and FL voters, I started to comment on blogs and write emails to Howard Dean and other party leaders, especially the progressive ones.

    Usually everything is over by the OH gets to vote though and I didn’t really get too bend out of shape until the “go sit down and shut up” stuff started. My last straw was when Brian Williams called last minute voters who swung Hillary’s way “stupid” and “not very politically informed”. That was pretty much it.

    FISA is what turned me against Senator Obama. When he decided to campaign in Germany instead of rallying here in the US I knew he realized he had made a mistake and also might be also be afraid of facing hostile crowds. They tried out the crowd control stuff in Berlin and will probably try to do it here too. No signs, lots of beer and music before hand to mollify the crowd,

    How much you want to bet he doesn’t do a single large, public event until the coronation in Denver?

    Anyway, my comment on fundraising literature is FIX FISA FIRST.

    until then I am checking out the independents.

    Oh, and just so you know, anytime you see a poll for OH shows it leaning Obama, put it in the McCain column. There are too many voting issues that we are trying to clean up from Blackwell and his pals to trust any numbers here for awhile (even the so called, official ones). Kerry knew about this, had a huge post election was chest that he promised to use for just this purpose, and he decided it was just too much of a political liability to go through with the court challenges. I have to say I am ashamed of having thought he was worthy of my vote.

  362. PUMA from N. Cape May, NJ.

    If Todd is concerned about “manufactured”, he should look at his own candidate. Media brainwashing suggests that O is an amalgam of JFK, Jesus of Nazareth, Harry Potter, Frodo, Luke Skywalker and Darcy. All this grafting and projection results in a candidate who looks more and more like Frankenstein — a bizarre media creation.

    I don’t know if I’m more alarmed by the pathetic nominee or by a media that is certifiably delusional.

  363. Message to Todd:

    I’m a clinical psychologist (retired) in Tulsa, OK.
    I saw PUMA first when this blog gave birth to it.

  364. Add 2 from Spotsylvania, Virginia !!! And I hear there are lots more of us here!!!!

  365. I first found PUMA on HillaryClintonSupporterforMcCain.com
    I am from Oklahoma and have never had a call from NY. But can do the PUMA ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go McCain

  366. Charleston, South Carolina here, and been votimg for the Democratic Presidential candidate since 1968.

    Not this year, McCain gets my vote becuase after Clinton, he is the next best prepared for tha tposition. Obama…sorry, a first term Senator and former part-time state legislator is not what I want to see in office, too much like “Bush Lite.”

    (And if anyone wants to try “poorly educated” as their next slam, I’m a retired attorney.)

  367. Derby, KS in the heartland of America. Myself and hubby are educated, we have 2 land line phones and 2 wireless phones and we’ve never been contacted by anyone in Manhattan NY or Manhattan KS.

    PUMA Rocks…

  368. And PUMAs are all races. JSND is headed by a Latina, PUMA radio is headed by a black/white woman, PUMAs are of all races.

    He can’t do anything right. He didn’t say sorry, didn’t pay her debts, now he wants to put restore MI/FL for himself.

  369. Roll Call: Welcome WY, MO, NH, AR.

    That’s 45 states, Chuck-Obama.

    Dakotas, Oklahoma, Alaska, West Virginia, come on down. Or did WV already check in? Believe so.

    That’s 46.

  370. Magdalena: Thanks for keeping count.

  371. I’m from Baltimore, MD

    -PUMA Princess

  372. It’s wonderful to see all these new names and the places you hail from (past & present)!

    great thread 🙂

  373. kathy, when you said ……..we are behind every nook and cranny you can look into,” reminded me of the video at the Boston Red Sox’s game.
    Chuckie we are everywhere.

  374. Alamogordo, New Mexico PUMA

    We had a Manahattan Project in the state years ago, but not the Madison Avenue type.

  375. Magda, iirc we have several OK & WV pumas upthread.

  376. I am from Arkansas. BO cannot carry this State…only Hillary can carry this State. We KNOW how wonderful she is, and we KNOW how wonderful her husband is. I stopped listening to anything Chuck Todd had to say, long ago.

  377. Well I just happen to live in Manhattan, but if it hadn’t been for my searching the internet because I felt so angry and alone as I watched what was happening to the party during the primaries, I would not have known. I found PUMA and No Deal completely on my own. No one as ever contacted me — about anything actually — never even been polled. So Chuckie is acting a little desperate in his attempt to manufacture reality the way he wants it to be these days — it just ain’t working.

  378. Thanks, Sherry, and I counted but did not name the great state of Nebraska.

    I believe, Chuckme, that leaves the two Dakotas and Alaska.

    Dakotapumas, Alaskacats, check in when ready.

  379. Santa Fe, NM. Never contacted by anyone from NY.

    Todd is delusional. PUMA!

  380. The Clinton campaign does not know me from Eve and has never contacted me regarding post-campaign activities. Chuck is a disgrace to his position. Hillary is the only candidate for this time in this country.

  381. I am from South Jersey outside of Philly and never heard from anyone in NYC about PUMA.
    Actually Chucky, before Jan I had NEVER been on a political site or blog and as ashamed as I am to admit it was a diehard MSNBC viewer. But then a funny thing happened, what YOUR station was reporting was so different than what I was seeing with MY own eyes, the last straw was on of the debates. Obama thought he was all that and threw “walmart” at Hillary and she came back with Rezko. Now I had never heard the name Rezko (Imagine that, I watched CNN and MSNBC) so googled him and followed some links and after finding alot of vile places, found a few, very few places where people were seeing the same things I was and really did not see what anyone saw in Obama.
    Then when the RBC farce happened, I moved to the places who would not vote for Obama EVER and a few days later I heard of PUMA and joined.
    So really Chuckie, IF MSNBC at least tried to be a tiny little bit unbiased instead of Obama good Clinton evil 24/7, I never would have gone online to learn and never would have learned about PUMA, so thank you

  382. Hey Pat, now I know how Carol feels when counting money.

    I’m a little dizzy, but delighted.

  383. San Mateo county, CA. since 1998…

    I lived in queens, ny for 2 yrs and then CT from 1988-1997..

  384. Blacksburg , Virginia

    I’ve never had anyone in NY contact me. Heck the only campaign to contact me this campaign season was the Obama one. I told them No thank you.

  385. From the great state of Georgia, high in the Smokies. I’m a proud Georgia Bulldog living in Broward Co FL, epicenter of the 2000 debacle and under the damn bus ever since. PUMAS rock.

  386. Checking in here from Henderson, Nevada and I can tell you I’ve never talked to a soul from Manhattan. PUMA is alive and well here in Las Vegas although we are still trying to gather exact numbers.

    Chuck T., stop trying to blame the Clintons for the PUMA movement. Blame the people truly responsible for the necessity of its creation – the Democratic Party which has turned into such a joke it needs to be disbanded and another Party take its place.

    PUMA isn’t going to back down no matter how many times it’s ridiculed and threatened by Obama, his minions, the DNC, and Obama’s faithful koolaid-drinking thugs. PUMA is here to stay and we are going to recapture what is rightfully ours – DEMOCRACY!

    So PUMAs, let’s continue to band together, build this multi-million-member base, and rock this world!!

  387. From Northern Virginia, found PUMA all by myself at this website, after reading an article on it in the Washington Post.
    Never heard anything from anybody in NYC, what a silly idea.
    Mother in Florida also PUMA and mad as she can be.
    We talk a lot to our neighbors and friends, and mostly they agree with us.
    Obama and the media can ignore us completely for all I care.

  388. Send out a message and they will come. Fifty strong! And the voters in Puerto Rico are guaranteed PUMAs.

  389. Manhattan? Don’t make me laugh Chucky . . . I’m from Cape Cod. We are EVERYWHERE and we are going to reclaim the Democratic Party. But, like Donna Brazille, we may have to destroy it ( which means to vote against Obama in the election ) to save it.

  390. I am from Denton, Texas. I do not know anyone in NYC and have not been contacted by anyone in NYC. PUMA is a homegrown grassroots movement led by the people and for the people.

    Country before Party.


  391. P.U.M.A. power from Oak Ridge, TN. My state may be red, but I have always voted democratic…UNTIL NOW!

  392. I am in Idaho by way of Hawaii by way

    of Michigan. I know noone in New York. I found Puma

    after wandering around in the dark after the rules

    committee kicked me and my friends out and after

    attending an outrageous caucus. And since

    we have become “invisible” I don’t know how anyone

    could have contacted us anyway.

  393. Pat, I think I saw somebody upthread from OK.

  394. Hey Chucky, this PUMA is now in Alabama (with probably a total ot 6 other Democrats in the state) but is going back to Louisiana. My only dealings with New York is through Pace Picante sauce and their commercials (that other stuff is made in NEWW YORK CITY???)


  396. Oops!

    only dealings with New York is are through

  397. From a small town in Alabama.
    Never underestimate the power of peolple united.


  399. Hey Chuck…NJ here…and I too was an MSNBC junkie…I’m embarrassed to admit it, morning to nite, boy, you guys must have lost a lot of viewers. I’ve been cured for several months now.
    I have family and friends from NJ to FL…all PUMA. YOU, the media and DNC Rules Committee, need to take credit…by instilling a need, PUMA was born!

  400. I’m from Austin, Texas and was reading The Confluence when PUMA started. I’ve never talked to anyone from Manhattan or New York State or anywhere else. PUMA!

  401. sigh. Yes, we have a coop in Manhattan. But I vote in CT, live and work in CT and was born and raised in CT. And any NY-er will tell you that most Manhattanites came from somewhere else. So there, Chuck.

  402. I’m here in New Hampshire at my computer which is my own personal PUMA headquarters. NYC?? Where did that rumor start??

    I was willing to give Obama a chance to show that he really wanted to unite the Democrats, and was going to vote for him if he picked Hillary Clinton as his running mate. But the message clearly is he “doesn’t need us” which I also interpret as “he doesn’t care about us”. His ego is just tooooo big for me. I will vote this time for the man (McCain), not the party. Obama is not what his stirring speeches (written by other people) says he is. I’ve been paying close attention. I don’t trust him.

  403. Forgot to mention that I work with a bunch of women who feel the same way I do!!!!

  404. Don’t listen to Chuckie…he is a puppet for CNBC and only speaks the words he’s been given…Chuckie T….just for the record….PUMA’s cover this US of A…I am from the state of Massachusetts…unfortunately, the state of that has been John Kerry…so Chuckie T…gets your facts straight before you speak..we cover this globe..as for your candidate Obama..we will all have the last laugh come November…see you then…

  405. I’m in California. PUMAs are everywhere. And we’ll all be at the ballot box in November.

  406. By the way, the Obots have put up a mock version of the Denver Group site. Beware and tell everyone. The only real site, for the time being, is at http://thedenvergroup.blogspot.com

  407. Hey Chucky

    Hello from Madison WI.

  408. Another PUMA from western NC. I was a “military brat” who lived in GA, AL, Canada, SC, and CA and OK briefly I think. After marrying I added LA and NC.

    Like others mentioned, I have enjoyed this roll call. What turned me on to politics was watching the roll call at the political conventions and hearing everyone’s vote counted

    Was shocked at the completely biased coverage of the primaries on MSNBC. Your network has proved that objective journalism has died which makes the work we are doing even more important. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing. No matter how hard I tried, I could find no objective information in MSM.

    Because of the serious issues facing this country, I started asking friends and relatives to watch the debates and study the issues since last year so they could make an informed decision and participate in the primaries. I own my vote and take it seriously and even though I admired Senator Clinton I studied every candidate before voicing my support of her candidacy. Senator Obama was just not qualified IMO.

    I have been a proud Democrat since my 20’s and it broke my heart and embarrassed me to have the party act in such an outrageous fashion. After the Rules Committee fiasco, I found this site and PUMApac.

    For this group of such diverse persons to be something manufactured in NYC is laughable. We are everywhere and many are not reading or commenting on blogs. This is very new for me but so invigorating.

    It is possible to write in a candidate’s name in NC, but it is becoming easier and easier for me to cast my vote for McCain if Hillary is not nominated by the Democratic Party.
    Character matters in my presidential choice. As I said, I own my vote and I take the responsibility seriously.

    Country before Party

  409. from palm springs, ca.

    anytime i get anything from the dnc – mail, phone calls, email, i send ’em back with PUMA and a string of descriptives of the day. thieves, fascists, cheaters, liars, misogynists, sexist pigs, treasonous pieces of dog feces, nazis, thieving bastards, etc.

    i will NEVER vote obama, i will NOT vote down-ticket dems UNLESS i know for sure they STILL support hillary. i am a woman, i am a viet nam veteran. you don’t diss women and expect me to vote for you. you don’t diss the injured vets anyway, anyhow and expect me to EVER vote for you. the fact that the dems did not jump right up and kick oblahma’s ass over that was the final nail in the dem coffin. IF we succeed in getting hillary’s name into nomination, she WILL win and i will vote for her. the dnc can kiss my big fat WHITE ass and i STILL will NEVER vote for that FRAUD.

    oh, was that racist?

  410. Apologies for the long comment. IMO there will be a lot of so called journalists with egg all over their faces in November. I might suggest that they update their resumes or better yet find another line of work which does not require objectiivity and honest research

  411. http://www.hillaryheads.blogspot.com/ said,

    on August 3rd, 2008 at 6:15 pm

    “Obama wants ‘full vote’ for Michigan, Florida delegates”


    JustSayNoDeal coalition, other people rfeerenced in polls show neck and neck race with McCain, voices being HEARD by OBAMA. Drip, drip, drip, goes the perspiration

  412. Born in San Francisco, now living in Santa Monica. My husband is from NYC. We have voted democratic all our lives. I have re-registered independent and will not vote for Obama.
    We keep hearing that PUMAs are really republicans. So why my is my household deluged with those we-are-the-ones-we’ve-been-waiting-for fundraising appeals from the Obama campaign?

  413. oh jeesh… i got so riled up i forgot to say how i found PUMA. i used to read HUFFBLO and i was originally for edwards. after he ABRUPTLY dropped out (after promising only days before he would FIGHT all the way to the convention – hmmm…) i jumped right in with hillary. why i didn’t right from the gitgo is because i was temporarily insane. ANYWAY…

    HUFFBLO was awful about hillary and i believe it’s there i read in various comments about noquarter, talkleft and taylor marsh. i read those like crazy until dooms day (may 31st). it was there i found out about PUMA. have PUMA called me? no. but there is quite a bit of grumbling about what happened to hillary. i tell everyone i know about PUMA.

    sorry… every time i write about oblama i practically have a stroke and my brain shorts out.

    PUMA palm springs

  414. just read the transcript, including Tom Brokaw’s intro question –

    MR. BROKAW: But what are they going to do about all those women who voted for Hillary Clinton that they don’t want to lose in the fall? Not that they have a lot of other places to go, obviously, but they don’t want to anger them or make them sit at home.

    MR. TODD: I think they think that this is–the idea that they have a problem is a creation on the Upper East side of New York, that if you look at some polling, it’s actually not there. That, you know, I think there was a Pew study that said 78 percent of, of Clinton supporters, excuse me, it’s a Lifetime poll, 78 percent of Clinton supporters are already in the Obama camp. So what does that say? It’s one, one out of 10. Well, and then you suddenly look and you realize, “Oh, 10 percent of Democrats always vote across the aisle.” So I think suddenly you realize he’s, he’s not losing any additional things.
    Not that they have any other places to go? Tee hee hee.

  415. Phala in NC, on August 3rd, 2008 at 6:14 pm

    MSM, including Chuck Todd knows this. Public comments by him and other taking heads DO NOT and ARE NOT making ANY difference in what we are doing and what people think.

    updated 1 hour, 26 minutes ago
    Obama wants ‘full vote’ for Michigan, Florida delegates

  416. From Glen Burnie, MD. I will gladly cast my vote for John McCain if Hillary is not the nominee. Donna Brazille said they didn’t need my vote…I will vote for someone who does.

    Country first. I will not allow the Democratic Party to push me around. I have a mind of own and will never forget my former party’s treatment of Hillary. Never!!

  417. I am another PUMA living in Las Vegas, NV. There seems to be quite a few of us here 🙂

  418. i am so late to the post today — I do have a girlfriend who demands my time !!!

    Grew up on a farm in Iowa — my family still have the working farm — I have lived all over the United States – NJ, GA, WA, W.VA, AZ, CO, now I live in CALIFORNIA – sorry, never lived in New York – but I do go there once a year for pleausre — oh, I lived overseas for a bit —

    My mother isn’t voting for Barry, either is my sister who live in Iowa —

  419. This little PUMA is from Hudson Valley NY/Western MA. My sister, an active and passionate PUMA, lives in Somerville, MA. I love how these politically tone deaf idiots keep telling us who and what we are, revealing how completely clueless they are. I was fortunate to be here the day P-U-M-A was born. Already infuriated by months of primary insanity, the RBC meeting put me over the top. I watched it from start to finish and was duly appalled. Coming to Riverdaughter to seek solace and reality, the PUMA moniker brilliantly and symbolically captured our righteous fury. Let them underestimate us, it works in our favor.

  420. p.s. My mother is from Western PA, coal mining territory. She is a dedicated PUMA. Her sister still lives there, and no way is she voting for Barry.

  421. Ok I’m a bit late but you got the NC part right!

    Although I’m a Hoosier that lived most of my life in FLA and is now in NC. Of course I’ve lived everywhere in between as well!! US Army Veteran, Mother, Disabled, PROUD PUMA!!

  422. “if you look at some polling, it’s actually not there. That, you know, I think there was a Pew study that said 78 percent of, of Clinton supporters, excuse me, it’s a Lifetime poll, 78 percent of Clinton supporters are already in the Obama camp.”

    Reading the actual quote is laughable. Very scientific reasoning Chucky. “some polling” Which polling would that be Chuck? Oh, a “Lifetime” poll. Well hey–they are a real leader in the polling field aren’t they? These people just open their mouths and garbage spills out.

  423. thanks for the feedback, fif. and thanks too for braving the elements in Stockbridge yesterday. I’m here in Litchfield Cty now, so if there’s another PUMA event, pls let me know.

    Do you think that Tori Spelling or Melissa Gilbert were the Lifetime pollsters?

  424. Hello from Virginia Beach, VA .

    Go Pumas 🙂

  425. I’m a lifelong Dem from Obamaland (Portland, OR). Kool-aid is in the water supply here, but I’m immune. We are EVERYWHERE!

    I found PUMA online. No one from NY or anywhere else contacted me about it.

  426. I’m in Asheville, NC and the only time I ever went to NYC was with my high school science club in 1964.

  427. I’m from a suburb south of Boston. I’ve been an Independent my whole life and voted Democratic most of it. Voted for Al Gore, John Kerry, was against the Iraq War, voted for a Socialist for governor last time around. I will never vote for Obama – he’s unqualified, has bad character and judgement, and I don’t trust him, the DNC, or the media.

  428. South Carolina PUMA here. My sister and mother are also PUMAs. My daughters are PUMA cubs, but aren’t old enough to vote.

    I am drumming up new PUMAs each and every day. No one I talk to buys the Obama hype and those few who thought they did question his credentials after listening to my reasons why he isn’t fit to lead.

    He’s toast in November, Chuck.

  429. I’m from Wilkes-Barre, PA. And I was contacted by two people from the Big Apple — a nut job Obama supporter and the NY Times trying to do hit piece work on me to help their golden calf, Obama.

    Chuck Toad: You and your boy are going down, hard.


  430. Proud Puma from Portland Oregon. Will not be voting Democrat for the first time ever! (born a Dem) I’m a frist responder to Hillary campaign and blogger before, during and after the birth of PUMA. Seriously looking for an experienced candidate in these perilous times. Save the Constitution!
    Vote Clinton or Mccain 2008

  431. Born in NYC now live in Tustin, CA – became a PUMA on my own – no NY influence here.

    Just got back from a family wedding in NY – surprisingly noone was a PUMA – had to educate them as to the PUMA movement and how Obama would be a bad choice for President. Think I made a few converts.

  432. Hey “Chuckie T”
    I am a proud PUMA from central NJ.

    I have never been contacted about PUMA from anybody in Manhattan or elsewhere – I joined this movement of my own accord after the RBC stole delegates from Hillary, and the Supers started to wear “for sale” signs.

    Better double check you sources before you spout off on national TV , it hurts your credibility.

    Summary – PUMA is not a “Manhattan project”

  433. I live in Florida, PUMA member and we are strong and I will be voting for John McCain. I got to be a member of Puma on line not from NY websites. I am proud to be a P.U.M.A and ware a puma braclet. Mr Tood have a good day. Obama is done in my book. Sen.Clinton is my hero. To bad they took the nomination from her on May 31st 2008

  434. I had to go looking for PUMA–I had to find solace after my heart was broken in early June. I do my best here in Eastern Oregon to tell EVERYONE about the “place you can go when your own party has turned its back on you”. No-one in NYC had to come looking for me. I just went looking for answers and found them here. And now I KNOW I’m not alone AND I’m not crazy.

  435. Chuck I am a Reagan Dem from the BITTER state of OH. I lived here all of my life and i am not manufactured. i am a PUMA and do not belong to the Democratic family nor the Republican family, but to the American family.

  436. PUMA here from Ohio. I will never vote for BHO

  437. “a proud Chicago PUMA! ”

    PS–I am posting this for a PUMA who is having problems posting on this board

  438. NOBAMA. not now, not ever. This PUMA will vote McCain. you here me chuck Todd

  439. PUMA in Indiana. Will not vote Obama and neither will PUMA mother in OHIO.

  440. For anyone interested, the link below is where you can copy and paste your comment here and also send it to “Meet the Press”


  441. I AM a black male who will never again have respect for the democratic party an the treatment of hillary wont be forgotten, and since you guys didnt stand up or do anything about the treatment, i wil show you we mean business in november

  442. So many voices coming through loud and clear from every state in the union. Wow!

  443. The DNC needs to reform and this girl from Vermont will not be voting Obama until the DNC gets it together. Go PUMAs

  444. We will remember in November DNC, PUMA Unite!!!

  445. GO PUMAs.

    PUMA democrat from New Hampshire

  446. PUMA from the great state of New Jersey. Here

    Stop the bias NBC

  447. Nobama in Orlando, FL. Lifetime (58) Democrat, switched to Green Party after nomination stolen from Hillary. Voting for Nader.

    Side note: I hope Todd isn’t responsible for balancing any checkbooks. If (and that’s a BIG IF) 78% of Clinton’s supporters are now supporting The Precious, then he’s lost 22% – or TWO IN TEN, not 1 in 10.

  448. I am from Illinois, I am a PUMA and I will not be fooled by “The Great Nothing” again. Nobama, no way, not again, not ever. He had his chance and he did nothing, why would I vote for him and more nothing. We are a household with 4 PUMA’s.

  449. Pittsburgh PA, Naples and Tampa FL, San Francisco CA….PUMAs and former Democrats (freed on 6/10/08).

  450. I live in Connecticut, but am originally from Kentucky.

    I am an unaffiliated voter, always have been, always will be.

    The two party system we have in this country doesn’t work.

    It’s up to us, the people that love our country above any political party, to create a system that does work.


  451. yeah all Pumas!!~~~~~~

    A community HAS formed and we are it!!~~

  452. PUMA from Western Maine. A life-long Democrat and Hillary supporter. The media and our own party deserted us and we will NEVER FORGET!

  453. First time commenting. My daughter visits this site daily but I’m not really an internet user. Nice to see many people here from Michigan. I am from suburban Detroit. I will vote for downticket Dems but plan to vote for McCain in the general election. Thanks for this website.

  454. approx. one and a half miles high, in the enchanting mountains of Northern NM


  455. Ancient ex-Dem living more than 350miles from NYC.
    NoBama NoWay
    Country before Party

  456. I’m so happy to see the MI PUMAs. Guess you didn’t too much care for that RBC decision on May 31.

  457. Proud PUMA member from Pittsburgh, PA…..CLINTON COUNTRY! Former Democrat as of 6/7/08 and it will stay that way until the Democrats get their heads out of their *ss.

    The DNC…once again managing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  458. Ann, from Maryland,, and proud to be a PUMA !!

    Hey Chuckie……..quit whining !

  459. Not even made in US.. just naturalized decades ago… Living in New Jersey Suburbia. Always voted Dems. I became a PUMA on my own when the DNC rearranged the Michigan results to alocate HRC votes to OB. It took me a month to find the PUMAS on the net after Ruccia appearance on Larry King. I Infected two other dems since, and I am getting more and more contagious by the day!

  460. And let’s remember this–

    When they talk about ~78% of Dems supporting Obama, they neglect to account for the many ex-Dems who are now Indies. The Democratic pool is shrinking!

  461. Kansas City Mo. here. Close to the Truman birth place. Died in the wool,fourth generation Dem but will gladly vote McCain if it’s between him and BO.Proud PUMA member with lots of family scattered all around this nation who feel the same as me.We are PUMA’s ! Hear us roar Chuckle Berry Todd.

  462. RI PUMA!!!!

    While attending the annual Seafood Festival in Charlestown, RI our mouths watering for a fresh Lobster Roll. We finally got our wish, The next challenge was find a table for eating this luscious treat enjoying every morsel out of the hot sun and sipping on an iced Tea.

    We found a vacant table with extra seats available for those still searching for a place to enjoy their fresh seafood loot. It wasn’t but a few minutes before those seats were filled as well…

    The couple sitting across from us were from Cocoa Beach, FL. They had driven all the way up from FL to attend this festival and enjoy the freshest NE Seafood in the World.

    We were all brothers and sisters relishing the delight summer never fails to bring to the NE coastline. The ocean’s bounty of fresh steamers, quahogs, chowdah & Kenyon’s clamcakes and most of all LOBSTAS!

    Well, you must be wondering by now, what on earth is she running on about..Here it is…In between bites of our mouthwatering Lobster roll, I jokingly asked the FL couple, [b]”Are there PUMAS where you are?”[/b] She looked, she smiled and got up from the table. She came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me sooo tight…and said..

    “I’M A PUMA TOO”!… Then we talked on and on like we’ve known each other for years and years…

    OK…Thats my PUMA story for today...PUMA IS HAVING A HUGE IMPACT ON THE COUNTRY, especially in Florida!


  463. The PUMA movement must be making people afraid because now the anti-Pumas have set up a spoof site of The Denver Group.

  464. My family is from Michigan. We were intending to vote for Hillary but now will vote for John McCain. We will never vote for Barack Obama because he doesn’t share our values and we simply don’t trust him. We are very worried about how this primary election has unfolded and have lost ALL confidence and trust in the Democratic Party. We’ve never been contacted by anyone from Manhattan.

  465. Commonwealth of Virginia. You know, the one the Obots think they are going to win this year! Not if I can help it!

  466. Tellurian, what a great story!

  467. From the great state of Georgia, and proud to be a PUMA!

  468. Where else but GA? I’ve never been contacted from anyone from NYC except for members ot fhe DNC asking for money. I turned them down cold too.

  469. Well as usual yet another MSM idiot making an idiotic statement. I am a NV resident, never been to Manhattan and I am PUMA!!!

    I would vote for GWB before I would vote for BO. As a former democrat (left the party 6/1/08 when it became the un-democratic party on 5/31/08) I cannot EVER vote for the FRAUD…COUNTRY BEFORE PARTY (in my case former party, I am now an independent and proud of it!!!).

    PUMA POWER!!!!

  470. Yet another Tennessean! YEE-HAW FOR PUMA!!

  471. Hi all I,m a proud Puma from Evansville Indiana voted for Hillary and will never vote for B O I was also a Hillary rapid responder.Go pumas

  472. Columbia, South Carolina here.

    I was devastated as we watched the DNC take Hillary’s votes, just as devastated as I was when the DNC stood idly by and let ALL women be degraded when they didn’t stand up for OUR female representative (Hillary).

    I was watching and posting in real time, at the InSessions Board, Political Thread (the old Court TV Board from which I subsequently got banned for speaking out so virulently against Obama).

    No one, nothing from NY. BTW, Todd, early on in this election I started refusing to listen to your biased rhetoric against Hillary, just as I eventually refused to even so much as tune into MSNBC or CNN. As a life-long Dem who watched those two stations 24/7, it’s amazing that I can no longer stomach any of their reporters except Joe Scarborough.

    Without Hillary running, this South Carolinian will be voting for Republican this year — first time EVER.

  473. Oklahoma here. NYC? Hell, no.

    Chuckie Boy, grow up. We don’t like your POS DINO. Kiss our asses. Hillary in Denver or McCain in November.

  474. Another PUMA signing in from Portland OR.

    Never contacted by anyone “back east” as we say out west & I don’t remember how I found this site, but since deleting all the mainline blogs from my bookmarks I enjoy RD and the blogs linked to from here.

    Don’t know any other PUMAs, but many women of a certain age in several groups I belong to are very unenthusiastic about Obama even though they are progressives.

    There’s quite a bit of good commenting going on over @ TL about Obama’s letter to the DNC today requesting seating of all FL and MI delegates.

  475. Todd, I’m a rural gal, don’t that count for something?

  476. Puma from North Hollywood, Ca. I was on this site when Puma was born. Don’t know anyone in the Big Apple. In my house we have 7 Pumas My sister, myself and my five grown daughters, we have Puma cubs that will be ready to support Hillary in 2012. Seems to be alot of Pumas from the Golden State, maybe Obama won’t win California. I haven’t seen any signs or bumper stickers for Obama in my area.
    Hillary 08 or McCain 08
    Country befire Party!!

  477. I’m in Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Hey Marina from Chelsea!

    I had the same thought you wrote about MI “… That big swing state that was disenfranchised by the DNC mob.” Dems have won MI in most elections that I remember — definitely in 2000 and 2004, right? But this year, suddenly we’re a swing state. Wonder why?

  478. I’m a PUMA from central PA. We are not a small group from one location. There are miles between many of us, but we are held together in spirit by the common bond than made us PUMAs in the first place! GO PUMAS!

  479. Darragh Murphy
    Carlisle, Massachusetts

  480. This reminds me of those discount prescription commercials that Montel Williams does. That woman comes on and says so enthusiastically that she is from “the Free State of Maryland.”

  481. I’m from Philly Pa suburbs. I found PUMA on the internet, never been contacted from anyone in NY. I turned to the web when I couldn’t rely on MSM for fair news coverage during primaries. I only watch Fox now on TV & read the many pro- Hillary sites on the web. I keep hoping that we get her back as our candidate this month…if not I won’t be voting.

  482. Holy crap.

    From the sticks of Western Washington. Fab GF is a PUMA, too.

  483. I’m in Maryland folks!

  484. Thanks, Kiki 🙂

    Good seeing you here Okie Atty.. 😎 Have you made a PUMA count in OK? Even the ones in Cowboys hats are OK!!

  485. Indiana here. NoBama for Indiana home of the colts.

  486. Proud Puma Family from Kona, Hawaii.

    Chuck… Chuck… Chuck….

    There is a special place in the seventh ring of hell for pied pipers and you are definitely going to be joining by leading the american public astray.

    I do know an borg collective member in NYC, but we have agreed to disagree. I will be sad for my friend when November 5th rolls around.


  487. Hey Diamond: since you are in Hawaii, do you have a take on the birth certificate situation?

  488. Ohio here by way of PA and FL.

    They can spin what they want. Obama is sinking himself. By November, Obama is going to look more like MCCain than McCain.

    Ohio will not go for Obama, neither will Florida and even PA could be iffy

  489. I’m a lifelong resident of upstate NY and until very recently a lifelong Democrat. Manhatten didn’t create my disgust for the DNC or the media. It was earned.

  490. Dodd must be a dud to come up with such garbage. Guess that with all the racket coming from a bunch of PUMAs gone “viral” due to the stupid crap pulled by a bunch of dodos, some of these nutty folks must be scratching their square heads silly…

    Anyway, I’m from Maryland, home of the Naval Academy, the Orioles, the Ravens and, for a short time after the Treaty of Paris, MD also became home of the first peacetime Capital of the USA (Annapolis).

    My close family members, parents, sister and hubby plus nephews, also live in different spots here in Maryland, and we love the beauty that these shores offer as well as the closeness to many other wonderful places, such as DC and Philly to give just two examples.

    In order to give a rest to poor Dodd’s head, I can add that I was born in Indiana and have lived in Europe most of my growing up years due to my dad’s career—the USAF—which means that MD has only been my “home State” since 1994. Time in which my dad retired and chose MD to stay put. Even though it is a great place to visit (and we all have done it at different times), none of us have connections to NY.

    Go PUMAs and give them Hill!

  491. I’m from Fairfield County CT. My affluent town went for BO in the Primaries, but ALWAYS goes GOP.

  492. Gorgonica, a Northern California PUMA. Sorry Mr. Todd, unlike Obama’s low integrity voters who will abandon Democratic core principles, core issues, and core values, just to follow their brazen idol, I don’t take direction from Manhattan.

    Ever try to give directions to a cat? We make up our own minds.

    It is the presumptive nominee who tries to issue orders from Central Command Chicago and desires lockstep loyalty. Todd are you getting orders from Chicago? Oh yes, I forgot, that’s a given for low integrity voters .

  493. “They can spin what they want. Obama is sinking himself. By November, Obama is going to look more like MCCain than McCain.”

    This post cracked me up!

  494. Great response to Chuckie Riverdaughter…We’re everywhere and the Obamarama carnival stage directors can’t stop us!

    Let’s give Obambi some good practical advice to revise his anorexic resume and apply to SNL for the rapper-wannabe slot and include references from both Ludicras and Bernie Mac for the Family Values comedy routine that he endorsed recently. Hell, Obambi agreed that “mothers and sistahs” are “just family whores”, so this is edgy enough for SNL. Go for it, Barack! And pray that you get the job way before November when the Pumas will be roaring…

  495. Wisconsin here, by way of Nebraska, Iowa, California, Florida, and Colorado; have family/friends all over the United States, and 99.9% of them are PUMAs.

    Btw, Chuck Todd is either a “low information voter” or just isn’t doing his homework; I have news for him. “Hey, Chuck! Come outside the Beltway once in a while. The food’s great and the water’s just fine — and you might actually figure out what’s really going on with the PUMA/Just Say No Deal movement!”

  496. Proud to be a Puma….and I am writing this all the way from Toronto, Canada!

    Go, Pumas and keep roaring for Democracy and Hillary’.

    “For no woman should wish or work for the success of a Party that ignores her” –

  497. Another Proud Puma here, hailing from Reno, NV. Not even an offer of a bagel to be mailed from the Big Apple… After the demise of our local Krispy Kreme (yeah, pity us) I can tell you that’s some serious bribery material!

    So, what about this ventriloquist asset, which seemingly goes by the name of “Chuck Todd”, and what has it done to earn a whole five minutes worth of fame, anyway?

    It’s starting to look like the lackeys of the canonized Anointed One are beginning to grasp that he is fast on his way to become cannon-ized alright… And they think they have the stuff to go hunting with? Ha!

  498. As my name indicates, I hail from Obama’s state Illinois. I’m a proud PUMA and our numbers are growing even in Illinois.

  499. […] Hey, Chuck Todd, We are everywhere. Be afraid, be very afraid., […]

  500. Georgia born and now living in Columbus . My first vote was for a Republican (I voted for Bo Callaway, who was running against Lester Maddox for governor so you have to forgive me for that one) but that was my last Republican vote. I’ve been a good Democrat till now and I’m still registered as one. That lets me keep getting all the DNC emails begging for money and gives me the opportunity to respond. They probably think my name is now PUMA BABY!.

  501. PUMA from Longview, Texas here. My mom and 5 co-workers that I can think of off the top of my head aren’t falling in line, either. We aren’t manufactured anywhere, but we did have a name before PUMA. It was called “The Democratic Base”.

  502. Live from Montana, joined early on the PUMA loved that pink swift note I think her daughter did and joined and sent my letter to the DNC I have since blocked their access to my email and have not been bothered since I could not get a return from them so they would drop me that way.
    After over 50 years of voting this would be my first CHANGE to the Republican Party. Certainly hope that Hillary is our choice if not John McCain will be just fine.

  503. Another GA PUMA here! I’m sorry Chuck Todd thinks we’re all from the Upper East side. Maybe he needs to get out more.

  504. PUMA From NJ.

    Don’t be surprised if this state goes to McCain. Lots of Dem neighbors supporting McCain.

  505. Puma from LES NYC. I WISH I had enough $$$ to live on the UES. lol

  506. I was a life long Dem, but I’m now a PUMA living in Washington.

  507. I am a lifelong Dem, anymore you can refer to me as a…


    I reside in Kenosha, WI

    Hillary & only Hillary in ’08!

  508. I am a pround PUMA in the Twin Cities, MN. Lived in Boston before I moved here, but never NY. Read my lips Obama: No Deal!

  509. PUMA from Berkeley, CA . Bet you didn’t think that even existed – it does.

  510. As I watched Chuck Todd today on Meet the Press, he was spewing his rhetoric but you could tell by his eyes and facial expression, he did not believe a word he was uttering.

    It was almost sad watching someone like Chucky expressing his sentiments because we knew intuitively he was lying.

    And Chuck it doesn’t matter where it started (or as you preferred the word “manufactured”) the movement is now in the East, West, South and North it encompasses all of America.
    Furthermore, these movements Confluence, PumaPac , Denver Group, Just Say No Deal, was born out of the shamelessness of the DNC and the RBC et al.

    The DNC forgot how Americans have a great desire for far play. We do not mind our candidate losing but it better be from a level playing field.

    And so Chuck Todd, you will see the PumaPacs will make sure our voices are heard loud and clear come the General Election…

  511. I’m a PUMA living on Martha’s Vineyard. I have no PUMA contacts from NYC. I have also been a Democrat for over 50 years, and never imagined I’d see the party become an enemy of democratic principles.
    We could have Hillary Clinton as our nominee. She is one of the most intelligent, talented and superbly qualified statespersons to come on the scene in ages — like a gift in our time of need, a great national resource not to be wasted, and yet the DNC is rigging this election in favor of a sophomoric pop star on John Kerry’s notion of the affirmative action principle at a time when the country is in such bad shape and the world situation is perilous.

    Don’t hit me with that bullshit “racist” jazz. I marched for Civil Rights in the very early 60’s and I still have torn cartilege in my ribs and shoulder to prove it, but we never told anybody that the fight for civil rights was a fight for phonies and freeloaders – if you want the job you should have to qualify for it – and that goes for those many juvenile American males who demonstrate their need to scorn women in order to pump up their own weaknesses.

    Our democracy is an ongoing creation involving the evolution of humanity. From time to time certain infections must be squeezed and cleansed if we are to continue to progress. Wherever you find sickness among those in power, you will find intelligent men and women of character fighting for health – you will find PUMAs. We are writing letters, blogs, making calls, we are marching, we are protesting, carrying banners, making speeches, working to inform those who are unable to find the time to learn the facts.

    Any American who will not speak out against tyranny and corruption needs to learn what it is to be a citizen in a democracy. PUMAs are the REAL democrats. We are the spirit of ’76. Who are you?

  512. Bradenton Beach, Florida, but I am in touch with N.Y. I have to keep sending things to my sister in Ithaca.
    She is a PUMA,too, but the way left news there doesn’t print anything that has relevance. When Rev. Wright broke, I kept asking her is she had heard about it, after four days, I just sent her all the info I could find, because it was obvious they were never going to tell anyone about it.
    Here in Florida, it is hard to find obots among working class people.I wear a Hillary pin and I can’t tell you how many people have come up to me to talk about Hillary and wonder what to do. Unfortunately, a lot of tyhem are older and don’t have computers. I tell them what I can, but it is up to us to keep going, a lot of people are out there, but have no outlet for their frustrations. I wish Hillary knew just how many more of us there really are.

  513. Hillary won CA but BO fooled SF but not me.

    Puma Power

  514. Central Texas PUMA here (by way of Chicago, Seattle, Miami, Raleigh, SF, and pre-Katrina New Orleans). Much as I love NYC, I haven’t been near the place since 2000 (when the Twin Towers were still extant). I discovered PUMA all by my lonesome. Well, that’s not quite the case, since I began seeing references to PUMA around the Intertoobz following the RBC spectacle, the final dismemberment of Hillary, as it were. Sounded like a perfect fit for me, what with my anger issues and all. I’m right at home here in the PUMA den, Chuck. Right at home.

  515. Sorry Charlie… er, Chuck.

    I’m a proud northeastern Pennsylvanian, born, raised, and still living in Bradford County, part of the Twin Tiers in the beautiful Endless Mountains region.

    Until June, I had never been anything but a registered Democrat — and one who’d voted in every primary and general election since 1988.

    I didn’t become an Independent solely because of Hillary; I left the Democratic party because the party “leadership” has left its principles and ideals in the dust.

  516. Another “Post-Partisan” Pittsburgh PUMA!

    I’ve been getting harassed by Obots for my Hillary bumper sticker, but it’s nothing my extended middle finger can’t handle.

    Don’t know anyone in Manhattan, but I have a friend in Arkansas who has known Hillary and Bill since Bill first ran for governor – she says Hillary is one of the smartest, kindest, and most genuine people she’s ever met in her decades of political activism.

  517. Update, Chuck: That’s 47 states represented so far, along with the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Australia, Western Europe, and both the eastern and western slopes of Canada.

    We have yet to identify a central office in Manhattan, or anywhere else, for that matter, but we do promise to keep looking. Thank you for bringing us together in this way.

    The PUMA Nation

  518. Magdalena, you rule!!!

  519. what three states are we missing?

  520. Western New York (Buffalo) There are many PUMAS here.
    Putting this bumper sticker on my car–
    NObama-Keep The Change

  521. Gary, I had heard previously that we were missing both Dakotas. I’ve put out a plea for someone, anyone, to move there. we could take up a collection.

    I don’t know what the third missing state is

  522. I am from South Carolina. I am a Native American professional woman who is married with 2 children. I am a proud PUMA that will never vote for Obama.

  523. and Gary, is there a way we could organize a meet-up or connection type thing here? I was amazed to see two other people from Alabama. I’d been told to go to several other websites and look for activities in my area, but there weren’t any. I was amazed at the response here today. I know it’s a risky thing, protecting people’s privacy while creating a way for them to get together. I have just never seen such an amazing response on any other pume related website.

  524. Extreme NW corner of Georgia, here. There are some Democrats here who plan to work for and vote for Obama (my two brothers included). But the majority of Democrats here that I’ve talked to say no way in hell they will ever vote for Obama. In the five north Georgia counties that are closest to me, more people voted in the Republican primary than the Democrat primary, but Hillary Clinton still beat both John McCain and Barack Obama by more than 2-1 margins (Mike Huckabee pulled most of the GOP vote). This is solid blue collar country and farmland, and I don’t think Obama can pull enough of them to flip Georgia, even with 99.9% of the AA vote.
    In Dade County, John McCain got 517 votes. Hillary Clinton got 916. Barack Obama got 227. Chattooga County, JM -595, HRC -1402, BO 574. Walker County, JM -1798, HRC -3306, BO -1119. Catoosa County JM -1885, HRC3106, BO -952. Whitfield County JM -2452, HRC3429, BO -1636.
    I live on the last mountain in the Appalaichia’s,, and the majority of people here feel the same way about Barack Obama as the people in Pennsylvania and West Virginia do. Those numbers tell me that BO is going to energize the Republican base here more than Hillary ever could. They also tell me that her negatives aren’t nearly as high in the voting booth as they are in the opinion polls. Either that, or a lot of GOP women crossed over to vote for the female candidate.

  525. kiki, I don’t know. that’s something I’ve been struggling with as well. It’s hard to do on here as people are sensitive about giving out personal info. I don’t know where you are in Alabama, but I know there is a group in Atlanta called Southeast Puma, I’m sure you saw their protest of Dean’s tour last week. maybe you could contact them and see if they know of anything in your area…


  526. I am from Riverside, Ca. and I do not know anybody from NY. I will leave the Democratic Party and register as an Independent after the general election. Hillary or McCain – never Obama.

  527. I had found an online community of Hillary supporters right before the RBC meeting.
    No-one ever contacted me-the PUMA movement mobilized before my eyes.

    Boston, MA

  528. here’s my own PUMA roll call. I’m proud to say I am from New York and Hillary is my Senator, but ,no, I don’t live in New York City.
    My Mother PUMA is in upstate NY as is my sister puma and niece puma. My brother puma is in NH. My other sister pumas are in California and Washington. My other brother is a republican so we all ignore him. He’s not a PUMA.

    So we have a lot of votes here not for Barky. They all would be for Hillary.

  529. Riverdaughter, regarding the MoDo article – just delete when you can – I wasn’t signed in when I posted it and I can’t delete it or edit unless I was logged in when I posted it – SORRY!

  530. My comment did not take so this is from all of us whose boots are made for walkin’
    (LA/OC/SD/Riverside – California)

  531. Checking in from western Washington state.

  532. Chuck have you ever heard of the ‘silent majority’??? Well, come November 4th we will NOT be so ‘silent’…your guy is going down in defeat and the likes of you and the MSM,DNC and those silly old boy endorsers(Richardson,Biden,Kerry,Edwardsetc etc…) can all pat yourselves on the back for a job well done. Hopefully some of those old boys ( and old gals) will be sent packing also, will certainly work hard to that end. I live in Charlottesville, Virginia…home of Thomas Jefferson…remember him Chuck ???!!! We live in a Democracy and what we witnessed throughout this primary season was anything but. There are PUMAs all over this area just waiting for their time in the voting booth. Brush off your resume,Chuck, when this election is over you will need to find another line of work….far,far away from any type of reporting!

  533. I’m from a small town in Virginia that’s about 50 miles west of DC. I heard of PUMA from FOX news. I am a McCain supporter, however, I did vote for Hillary in the primaries. If a Democrat won, I wanted it to be a qualified, hard-working Democrat and I knew Hillary would be that person. I hated how the DNC and the media treated Hillary during the primaries!!! So now I support PUMA. GO PUMA’s!!

  534. Proud Seattle PUMA,checking in after a long day. My god, what numbers! Thank you all for showing up today. This is beautiful.

  535. hillary08or12,
    I love the “Boots are Made for Walking” video! Bookmarked it a couple of days ago and watch it over and over. The young lady has a great voice. Plus, the song makes me feel sooo good!

  536. Another Seattle PUMA here. I was never going to vote for Obama – Wouldn’t ever be able to let my country down by doing that (no experience).

    Following the news on the internet and cable and newspapers (always thinking for myself) I saw that after the RBC and DNC and the Corporate Media stole the nomination for Obama.

    I went out and found people in the threads and on blogs talking about party unity my ass – I got on board! I did see how this movement grew from OBAMABOTS CHEATING!

    We cannot and will not ever reward them for calling the Clintons and all of us racists while stealing our votes and selecting the worst and least among the candidates running. That was pure dirty politics at its worst and doesn’t work in the big leagues. Too many of us truth seekers to fall in line with you cheaters and deal breaking liars. Some people can play party politics some of the time ofthers may play party politics all of the time BUT most of us play THIS IS MY COUNTRY NOT YOUR PARTY ALL OF THE TIME!

    HILLARY is the right Demcrat to become President and McCain is second to her in my opinion. Obama isn’t even close to being ready to be President.

  537. I’m in North Carolina Chuck you schmuck. I used to comment on your piece of crap blog FirstRead where you chronically blocked the comments of HRC supporters while allowing the sexist, racist, and incompetent posts of Obamamorons go unchecked. You are one of the reasons why I am a PUMA you ass. Oh, and just for the record I have had contact with Manhattan PUMAs, West Virginia PUMAs, DC PUMAs, Indiana PUMAs, California PUMAs, Pennsylvania PUMAs, Texas PUMAs, Ohio PUMAs, Tennessee PUMAs, Arizona PUMAs, Florida PUMAs…like we used to say on the road with the Grateful Dead, WE ARE EVERYWHERE!

    PS You’re political analysis is so piss poor you make Andrea Mitchell look like Walter Cronkite.

  538. Proud PUMA from Minnesota, ya, you betcha.

    Hey Tess, SusiePuma, GeorgeCatSez, eaj, Willow, Eleanor: see you at the State Fair?

  539. And you made me so mad I spelled “your” wrong. Thanks Chuck. At least YOU’RE consistent.

  540. Minnesotan living in North Carolina. Still hoping for Hillary! See you in Denver.

  541. I am from NH. I lived in San Jose, CA for 10 years but, now am back home. My mom is a huge Hillary supporter, and lives in Bangor, ME. My aunt is also a huge Hillary supporter and lives here in NH.

  542. PUMA from Nashville, Tennessee. So disappointed in the Democratic Party after faithfully supporting for 48 years. Large family – All are PUMAs now.

  543. A PUMA from Mid-Michigan, here. Young, black, liberal and Democratic, but no more.

    If Chuck as a blog, I say we flood it with so many shout-outs that we shut the thing down.

  544. Miami, Florida here. Half-vote Dem, soon to be upgraded to full-vote by the infinite graciousness of Dearest Leader, Chairman Oblahma.

  545. Just saying hello to the late nighters. This has been great “meeting” all of you from all over the country. As usual the MSM needs to do its homework.

  546. One of the many Canadian dual citizens in Hollywood CA. I remember the moment PUMA started.

    There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come.

    Victor Hugo

  547. Currently
    San Diego, CA (10 years),
    by way of
    Berkeley (20+ years),
    by way of

    by way of
    MI / FL/ Caucus Fraud/DNC/ RBC/Dean/Nobama

  548. Earlier Carol said she posted a link and note to Joe Scarborough, Morning Joe. Will be interesting to hear response from him and Chuck.

  549. Dances, love your phrase PUMA by way of . . . Nobama. so well said and true for most/all of us

  550. Reno, NV. See you all in Denver.

  551. Far-West Texas Male PUMA.

    Life-long Democrat , but will not support the current Democratic Party, nor its chosen one, in any way. We are “estranged”.

    Proud grandson, son, husband, father-in-law, and friend of true feminists, who know what the term means, and what it means to fight for what is right.

    First heard of PUMA, on the day it was first mentioned, here on the Confluence. It started here, with the same diverse group that is here today.

    I thank all on this site, and others, who have spread the word that we cannot be pigeon-holed, lumped into any negative connotation, taken for granted, nor dismissed.

    We are from most every demographic in this country . We are many, we are determined, we are inured to insults and cajoling, and we are viral!

    Thanks again to RD, and all on this site. You are inspiring.

  552. Los Angeles / San Fernando Valley Puma – Tell Chuck Todd its all Organic man ! Hillary is the genuine article.

    The real Dems out there, who had not gotten into the Kool-Aide, have always put country before party. We have always for better worse been free agents. I grew up in Illinois .. I know a Chicago pol when I see one. NOBama is definitely not the savior they think they are getting. No one comes out of Chicago Dem politics a good guy.


  553. Proud Puma from Kitsap Peninsula, Washington State.

    I’ve never been contacted by New York.

    I’m disgusted with the misogyny shown by the MSM and the head honchoes of the Democratic Party. I’ve been a Democrat since my first vote at 18, in 1980. If Obama becomes President, I will be a Democrat no longer. His right-wing light ideology represents none of my values.

  554. I was manufactured and honed in the UK and have lived in Oklahoma, the reddest state in the universe, for twenty years.

    I grew fur on May 31st 2008, a tail and claws on June 7th 2008 and the next day, when Taylor Mash lost her mind, I grew fangs so I could bite her in the arse.

  555. PUMA Arizona reporting 3 more recruits:

    My next door neighbor Phoenix Arizona
    Her two sisters from CHICAGO, ILLINOIS

    They were planning to sit this one out!!

    Not Anymore.

  556. Northern California foothills here, and I like many others was a PUMA at heart even before the name was coined.

    Add my extended family in the Bay Area and my inlaws in Texas and Iowa and yeah, we are everywhere and we are absolutely resolved to reject the Obama Nation.

  557. puma in wonderful Gville florida…and we had a lovely letter to the editor from chuck in alachua ….A PUMA IN THE MAKING….will tell more later!


  558. Small town upstate NY hillary supporter will never vote for Obama

  559. Wisconsin…and I’ve never been contacted by anyone in NY…ever. Apparently, Chuckie doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Who does that sound like? BO?

  560. I’m a proud PUMA from the Evergreen state of Washington. All real friends and family members are PUMA’s. Having long distance email debates with now on-the-fence bo supporters who are coming out of their mind-meld fogs.

  561. Delaware County PA PUMAs- and never contacted by anyone in NY…ever. My husband and I (lifelong democrats) will never vote for Obama. Will never give another penny to the DNC after their horrific choices regarding Florida and Michigan. Have and always will be a Hillary supporter.

  562. Pennsylvania……you know Todd, us bitter folks that cling to guns and religion!

    No one called me from NY Todd. I became a PUMA because my party is on the take and they are pushing an inexperienced RACIST for Pres….with 140 days in service. PLease, we bitter folks are smarter than that!

    Hillary ’08
    McCain if I must

  563. For some strange reason they don’t want to admit this whole thing started because what they did to Hillary. This is a reaction from people who refused to be bullied, scared, allow their rights to be mutilated or their voices to be silenced. Those are people who cares so much about the democratic procces to let thugs run it. Since we don’t have any thing other than our votes and believes we get together to fight for our country. With or without her approval we will try and have her as the nominee, and if we fail we will move to the next option. IT WILL NOT BE OBAMA

  564. Just for fun, I started place marking on Google Earth. Fascinating. For obvious reasons, it would take forever to complete, but the early indication is that PUMAs are all over! It’s fun to look at it graphically.

  565. From Ohio to California and now back to Ohio. Until recently I have been a life long Democrat and Democrat activist. I am a proud PUMA and never prouder than after reading all if these posts. WOW!!!!!!! This is true grassroots democracy at its finest.

    And Chuckie – we may be only 1 in 10. But in a close elction that may well be the difference between winning and losing.

    Get used to it.

  566. I have voted for the D’s since I gained citizenship in ’76, originally from England and now in Wa, via NJ and California Attended caucus here and knew from that moment on that voting for the arrogant one was not going to be for me.


  567. Manhattan, NY reporting here, proud home of Harriet and other noteworthy PUMAS! I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting her yet.

    Not the Upper East Side — though I’m pretty sure that’s where Howard Dean and his wife have a place, so technically maybe PUMA did have a helping hand from there….

    I’ve known many PUMAS since before we were officially PUMA, which I discovered on returning from the RBC meeting protest on Jun 1. However many of us would not speak aloud but just whisper among ourselves…..
    They will be surprised at how many of us here in NYC will not vote Obama.

  568. It looks like the only states we’re missing are Alaska, Nebraska, and North/South Dakota.

  569. Hey Chuckie……. We are here, we are real, we are EVERYWHERE. and we will NOT go away. Our strength comes from our diversity, our ability to think and act as individuals, influenced not by anyone in NY, or anywhere else, but by ideas and ideals which the Democratic Party we once so strongly believed in has chosen to abandon. I am proud to say that I am a PUMA simply because I CHOOSE to be.

  570. Good morning, PUMA Honor Roll.

    You all rock. Keep the hometowns coming. Spread the word.

    We are still looking for PUMAs in three states: the Dakotas and Alaska.

    Don’t be shy, denizens of those beautiful wildernesses.

    Don’t grumble to yourself. Growl out loud.

    PUMA Nation

  571. An ABD (all-but-dissertation), Whole Foods’ and farmers’ market shopper (just bought a pound of arugula from there this Saturday) PUMA reporting in from Wilmette, IL. (I would have bought 2# of the green stuff but I sent that $ to HRC to help retire her debt.)

  572. I’m an NC PUMA, also in Chapel Hill, living in one of those divided households. Hubby and I are lifelong Dems. He’s going to vote for the party and believes that any facts I try to present about the DNC, RBC, and Obambi’s dismal unreadiness to be president just don’t matter. He’s going to be loyal to the party no matter what! How could I ever consider voting Republican? And I’m the traitor.

    For any fact based discussion of the relative merits of the two parties, their recent actions, the candidates etc. his response is LA LA LA LA fingers in ears I CAN’T HEAR YOU and I’m voting for the Democratic party anyway. My attempts to demonstrate that the Democratic party is NOT the one he and I grew up with is not getting through.

    We disagreed on the Iraq war also. He now acknowledges that I was right – because I was more widely read and informed on the topic. So I asked him – isn’t this DEJA VU?

  573. A little late to this party, but a proud PUMA complete with shirt and writstband from Bucks County, PA.

    Check your sources, Chuck.

  574. Woohoo Liz! So mawm and I aren’t the only PUMAs in chapel hill!!! We have been trying to get a Triangle Puma get together off the ground. interested?

  575. Sorry Chuck, this proud PUMA is a farmwife from East Tennessee.

  576. Chuckie, have never been in NY city. Live in Az. by way of California. Yes that’s right a San Francisco bay area Dem for over thirty five years. Now a member of Puma Nation and proud of it! NOBoma NO Way! Go Pumas

  577. What a tremendous roll call. Reading it is a great way to start the day and the week.

    I am a NoVa (Northern Virginia) PUMA by way of Boston MA, upstate NY, Pittsburgh PA, Knox County OH, San Diego CA.

    You all are giving me an ‘attitude of gratitude.’

  578. Out of all the wonderful posts and inspiring thoughts shared above, I want to repost these words from Islander, because I could literally feel the energy rush from head to toe – made my hair stand up, dance and shout;

    Islander, on August 3rd, 2008 at 11:57 pm Said:
    I’m a PUMA living on Martha’s Vineyard. I have no PUMA contacts from NYC. I have also been a Democrat for over 50 years, and never imagined I’d see the party become an enemy of democratic principles.
    We could have Hillary Clinton as our nominee. She is one of the most intelligent, talented and superbly qualified statespersons to come on the scene in ages — like a gift in our time of need, a great national resource not to be wasted, and yet the DNC is rigging this election in favor of a sophomoric pop star on John Kerry’s notion of the affirmative action principle at a time when the country is in such bad shape and the world situation is perilous.

    Don’t hit me with that bullshit “racist” jazz. I marched for Civil Rights in the very early 60’s and I still have torn cartilege in my ribs and shoulder to prove it, but we never told anybody that the fight for civil rights was a fight for phonies and freeloaders – if you want the job you should have to qualify for it – and that goes for those many juvenile American males who demonstrate their need to scorn women in order to pump up their own weaknesses.

    Our democracy is an ongoing creation involving the evolution of humanity. From time to time certain infections must be squeezed and cleansed if we are to continue to progress. Wherever you find sickness among those in power, you will find intelligent men and women of character fighting for health – you will find PUMAs. We are writing letters, blogs, making calls, we are marching, we are protesting, carrying banners, making speeches, working to inform those who are unable to find the time to learn the facts.

    Any American who will not speak out against tyranny and corruption needs to learn what it is to be a citizen in a democracy. PUMAs are the REAL democrats. We are the spirit of ’76. Who are you?

    Hear hear!

  579. Incidentally, I WAS contacted from someone in the Big Apple last night. It was my niece calling to ask for my bread and butter pickle recipe. Does that count?

  580. Dear Mr. Todd,

    I am from Buffalo New York. I was an avid fan of MSNBC, KO,CM, and our dear Mr Tim Russert.
    I will not go into detail as you are smart enough to know why. I became involved with JSND, PUMA, and PUMA PAC as a reaction to the Republican tactics being adopted by the DNC. Election not selection. I will vote for John McCain in the fall and will never , ever regret my decision. Hopefully the Democrats will loose and wake up. Peace and light.

  581. I’m from a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and have not spoken to anyone from New York since a trip to Manhattan in 2006.

    I have been a Democrat all my life and have voted Democratic candidates for POTUS since Carter, but was soooo happy to find PUMA after letting Dean know that the Party left me on June 2nd.

    The members of the PUMA Nation are the ones I was waiting for!!!! I proudly wear a “P.U.M.A./18 Million Strong” wrist band to show my support. I never take it off. It will help me remember in November!!!!

  582. EskieMom, are you by any chance from Alaska?

  583. Count me as a proud PUMA from Denver who would like to scratch Chuckie’s tender flesh until he shouts “ouch, ok, I give, PUMAs are real and everywhere!” Power to the PUMAs!

  584. {{{raising hand}}} Here in metro Boston.. Hi, Chuck. By the way, can we have Hillary back now?????!!!!

  585. Asian-American PUMA from La-La Land (Los Angeles).

    Chuck Todd, do your homework before spouting off!

  586. l live in TX and will not vote for Obama. I won’t vote for McCain either. Looks like a third party candidate for me. I had planned to vote for Democrats down ticket, but if they keep pissing me off the way they have been, I may go third party for every available race. I’ve been a Democrat all my live, but the “New Democrats” have made it clear they no longer care to have me in the party. Donna Brazille can go to hell.

  587. I am a proud PUMA currently living on the West Coast. I am one of those “angry women” that should just get over it or go back to my knitting. The problem is, I have never knitted and I will never get over it.
    The democrat party seems to think I need them more then they need me or the millions like me, that we have no where left to go, that we will tremble in fear of a republican in charge of the white house, rather then an incompetent imposter. NOT.GONNA.HAPPEN. We don’t tremble, because we have seen it all. We are the women who make the breakfast, get the kids to school, fight the commute and then work harder then we have to, in order to be considered half as good as our male conterparts. I don’t have to get over anything, I have been there and done that. Shovel that excrement at someone else, because I have heard the lecture about the boy king who will have my best interest at heart if I just lay back and take it. Sorry, didn’t buy it then, not buying it now.
    You think you don’t need us, and maybe you can drag him over the finish line without us, only time will tell, but regardless, he will never be more then a puppet with illusions of greatness. BHO is nothing more then the democratic vesion of George Jr. See what you want to see in him, believe that he can do no wrong, I no longer care what happens to the democratic party, you bought it, you broke it now you fix it. I will be the one laughing as you tie yourself in knots trying to explain why he just put you and your beloved issues under the bus. There is nothing he or Chuck Todd can do to get me to vote for him. The entire Supreme Court could be up for grabs and Newt Gingrich about to be voted on for Chief Justice and I wouldn’t vote for him. I guess that’s what happens when you get “old” and “bitter” just add “wise ” to the list. Oh, I have been to NYC a few times, not to be solicited as a PUMA however, but as a senior partner in a major nationwide law firm. Suprised, don’t be, my attitude is quite common. No check for the DNC, move on or anyone else this year. Now, I give my money to save puppies and wild life and the elderly…maybe they need yarn!

  588. Seattle, Washington! Though i spend a good portion of my year in Montana and Kentucky.

    And if anyone thinks Obama will flip Montana, he’s stone cold nuts.

  589. Oh, I’m late to this FANTASTIC thread…we should really do a Question of the Day….

    I’m from GA, and yes Chuck, I’m O-bot demographic – I shop at Whole foods, I’m definitely under 30 (though I’m wise beyond my ears….oops…years), I drive a Prius, I’m highly educated, I was against the Iraq AND Afghanistan wars (the answer is to work politically and procedurally and using socio-economic levers and multi-lateral avenues like the United Nations, not just yeeaaaahh unilateral chest-thumping military invasions), and my job plonks me into the ‘creative class’. But guess what – I’m a PUMA !!!!!

    Be very afraid, Chuck…..

  590. Just ordered 5 PUMA wristbands.

    First choice: Hillary
    Second choice: John
    Third choice: anybody but Barry

  591. A Northern California PUMA, here. I was PUMA in my heart after the rules fiasco and then I discovered that others were PUMA too. We are active Democrats and hear us ROAR.
    It’s Hillary for President or it will be a landslide for the other guys. The Democratic leadership will have to swallow the fact that they pushed the fraud Obama on us against our will.
    The PEOPLE chose Hillary. The back room deal chose OBAMA.

  592. Count this proud PUMA from western PA. The town is Indiana, the state is PA .
    I appreciated Islander’s remarks. I never was contacted by anyone from NY…..thank goodness I found PUMA on The Confluence. I am ordering a wristband to wear proudly. This is not over even if, ‘gulp’, BHO should steal this election. Trashing Pumas is a cheap way for Chuckie to feel better but doesn’t solve the problem for a Democratic party that is bleeding members and money and credulity.

  593. I meant credibility.

  594. Hellooo from the epicenter of the evil PUMA conspiracy, Manhattan!

    Proud New York PUMA!

    Hillary – Accept No Substitutes.

  595. BTW, in case Mr. Todd is unaware, this PUMA is from Wilmette, COOK COUNTY, IL – yes, the same county that has inflicted Axelrove and BO on us all and who take their place alongside other less than honorable CC political operatives who have crawled out of the shadows over the years.

  596. Hey, Mr. Todd – this PUMA is from Santa Rosa County, Florida

  597. Great post Riverdaughter!

    I live in a small town at the foot of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, in Albemarle County VA — near the birthplace & home of Thomas Jefferson.

    I’m an editor, writer and (until recently) Democratic campaign organizer. I’m the daughter of a public school (and Head Start) teacher and a construction manager. I’m the sister of a truck driver, a public school teacher, and an LPN. I’m the sister-in-law of a track coach, a 100% disabled former pilot, and a teacher’s aide in public schools.

    We all live in central and western VA. None of us are racists. All of us voted for Clinton at least once and most of us twice, more than half of us voted for Gore, and nearly all of us voted for Kerry.

    None of us would ever vote for someone as inexperienced and unqualified for the presidency as BHO.

  598. Bainbridge Island, Washington

    Latte Liberal country. I have always been a Democrat and was raised by Democrats. Went to my first anti-war protest in Berkeley, California when I was four. This election I will vote country before party.

    It’s either Hillary or it will be McCain.

  599. We are everywhere Chuck dude. PUMA’s behind rocks, PUMA’s in malls, PUMA’s while you sleep. Wake up and smell the PUMA right here in Denver, CO. See you at the convention!!!!!!!!!!

  600. Chuckie, go tell it to your bride, boy! We ain’t coming around and we ain’t “getting over it”. And, yes, the ObaMyopics are a drain on Democracy everywhere. So, be afraid, unDemocrats, be very afraid of us.

    We want only one candidate–the most qualified, compassionate, intelligent and caring. Her name is HILLARY Diane Rodham Clinton. And we want you right now to put her resume on top of the anorexic resume of Obamarama. Send his to JayZ Rapper Misogynist Media Inc. or even better to Ludicras’ agents. Luda made a secret deal with BHO to get the former out of the slammer, if need be, when he becomes president . The two are “buds” and it figures! And psst, Chuckie, make another copy of the xeroxed candidate’s wafer-thin resume for Bernie Mac’s agent, for good measure. At least Obambi does have demostrably budding skills and talent to be used in show-biz endeavours, where the harm to the country would be minimal!

    I am a PROUD PUMA residing in TORONTO, Canada and have Puma brothers and sisters in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and New York. And their claws are growing by the day. Come up for a short holiday, Chuckie and bring your bride! We’ll take good care of you as we’re not vegetarians yet….roaring all the way…

    Hillary ’08
    Hillary ’12

    The Pumas are everywhere! Now, GET OVER IT, Chuckie! And watch the DNC ceiling’s million cracks fall down on your heads come November. You may even the light! But it’s gonna be too late….grrrr

  601. Chuckie Todd is just doing his syncophant best to get McCain elected by hiding the truth we all know and that is that the DNC SELECTED Obama against the vote and the will of the people. So many of us LEFT the Democratic Party when the RBC did the unthinkable and destroyed all of our democratic values FOR MONEY. The Delegates went along with the game! Hillary SHOULD be our nominee, she won the popular vote AND the most delegates. The fact that so many delegates from states Hillary WON went for Barack shows they have a PERSONAL agenda and are not voting the “will of the people” I bet that persuasion came in the form of MONEY.
    Chuckie is a fool like all the minions on TEEVEE. Not one of them is credible. Now we are left with two ridiculous, unqualified, bought by corporate interest candidates and the TRUE nominee who could WIN and move our country forward in a positive way has been forced out. She has to be on the ballot at the CONVENTION because she is the one who can WIN against McCain. Another lifetime Democrat here who is now UNAFFILIATED. I’m in so cal and there are LOTS of us out here. We just keep our mouths shut because the Obama psychos will call us racists and attack us if we speak up!

  602. I am a proud Chicago PUMA!

  603. Fellow Pumas: Where can the Puma bumper stickers and wristbands, etc., be ordered from? We’d like to order Puma buttons, also, if they’re available!

    Proud Puma…roaring…with thanks for Confluence and Riverdaughter’s chutzpah and democratic deeds…



  605. I am a Proud and strong PUMA from Evanston, Illinois.

    The only people I have heard from are in the Obama campaign – asking for money.

    Just Say No Deal

  606. mary – pumapac has various gear for sale:


    And here is where you can order the wristbands and also PUMA t-shirts:

    I’ve seen some Nobama bumper stickers but don’t know where to get those.

  607. …though actually a quick web search revealed that those nobama bumper stickers are widely available

  608. Chuckie – California’s Central Coast – Proud Puma!

    (any others here?) No I won’t vote for Obama…I plan to write in the name of the best woman for the job…Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Does the Michigan Florida seat all the delegates at full votes mean Hillary will be the nominee? Seems that way to me.

    Hail to all of you going to Denver….I will be there in my heart.

    Puma Power

  609. I am a puma from Arvada, Colorado. No one from New York has contacted me.

    The only contacts I get are mailings from the DNC and the Obama campaign. Those get put back in the mailbox with “Return to Sender” written on them.

  610. Two PUMAs out here near Pittsburgh, PA. I haven’t heard from anyone in New York, just the locals.

  611. Just posting for my niece in FL, who has no internet service and wants to be counted!
    She proudly wears her Hillary/PUMA gear, and no, she has never been contacted by anyone from NY..

  612. PUMA from Roxbury, MA , once a proud city in it’s own right, now a neighborhood of Boston. Roxbury raised the first militia of Minutemen to gain our freedom from the evil (British) empire. We need to once again throw off the yoke of Dem party oppression!

    FREEDOM to own my vote!!

  613. Am I the first PUMA from Utah? Well, I’m a very proud PUMA residing in Utah. I have lived in Eastern Washington State – Spokane – and still consider that home! I’ve been to Manhattan, but have never been contacted by anyone from NY. Chuck Todd, you’re pizzing in the wind!!!

    There is no way we will let this country fail or let democracy become a faded memory.



  614. Boulder, Colorado. Organic ‘Fair Trade whatsis’ lattes on Pearl Street Mall.

    Actually, before the name PUMA, came the movement. Some radio person, Corbett, at a local station, WILK? He did some features called “Operation Turndown” and got a lot of response — so I named turndownobama from that. Then the Ohio people started up, “Clinton Supporters Count Too”, see their page at hillaryis44.org (h44 of course had been there for months).

    Also on taylormarsh.com a lot of us had been talking for a couple of months about what to do if Obama got the nom.

    Ed Hale, a Texas rancher, put up a site before the PUMA name I think, having some name confusion with the CSCT Ohio people.

    ANyway, in early June when CNN/Opinion Research took a poll and found 4 million Hillary supporters would stay home and 3 million would vote for McCain — that wasn’t geographicaly limited. 🙂 (Cites and details at turndownobama.com)

  615. PUMA and former 32 year registered Democratic reporting from Silicon Valley, CA. No contact from NYC, though I recently emailed an old friend there a link to Gnarls Barkley’s “Going On” vid. Coincidentally, the song has become my personal PUMA anthem:

    … The touch and feeling of free is
    Untangible technically
    Something you’ve got to believe in
    Connect the cause and effect
    One foot in front of the next
    This is the start of a journey….

    And you can stand right there if you want
    But I’m going on
    And I’m prepared to go it alone
    I’m going on
    To a place in the sun that’s nice and warm
    I’m going on
    And I’m sure they’ll have a place for you too

  616. Just ordered five PUMA wristbands for myself and the other voters in the immediate family that will NOT vote for the Ofraudbama!!!

    PUMA is everywhere!

  617. jajablonde, on August 4th, 2008 at 1:49 pm Said:


    Does the Michigan Florida seat all the delegates at full votes mean Hillary will be the nominee? Seems that way to me.

    No unfortunately jajablonde, because what has been going on out of sight is that BO has replaced the existing delegates with his own minions. So now it is no problem to him to “magnanimously” return full voting rights, because the fix is completed and the new delegates put in place will vote for him.

    It’s all more gaming and fraud.

  618. Southwest Louisiana here. Never had a latte, don’t even drink coffee… but I do make the best damn fried shrimp po-boys anywhere! Was in NY once on my way to London but never left the airport!

    I have been lurking around here for months and ‘found’ like-minded PUMAs here, within a day or two of the birth. And you’re right… we’re everywhere! My daughter’s best friend tells me that her school (McNeese University) is filled with fed-up ex supporters of The One and that PUMAs abound there. Glad to see their higher education isn’t being wasted! =)

    My 88 yr old (Yellow Dog Dem) mom has been a Hillary supporter from day one and switched to Independent months ago (she wore black that day) and her 90-something sister is now an ex-supporter of Precious. In fact no one I know, family or friends, supports or continues to support him… So I guess my daughter’s friend was right… PUMAs abound… everywhere!


  619. I too am a PUMA. voted for Hillary in the pennsylvania primaries when I turned 18 and still continue to support her.


  620. Calling out from the first state; Delaware.
    Funny, the “one” who promised to not be a typical politician, daily shows us he is just the opposite (today, the off shore drilling pandering). While Hillary, the one the press tried to paint as a typical politician, shows as more and more, she is the heart and concsience for the people. People are finally realizing this and joining the PUMA movement.

  621. I am from S.W. Indiana and I have not received any calls from NYC. I too am no longer a dem. I was for 30 years, a staunch dem at that. NO MORE. I WILL NOT vote for Obamafraud. I have changed my party affiliation. Not one of my family members or friends will be voting for the “one” either. Where does “chuckie” get his info anyway, from Chris Mathews? Wonder if obama still makes his leg tingle?

  622. Lifelong Dem
    Former Oprah fan
    Former Ted Kennedy fan
    Former HuffPo fan
    Former Nancy Pelosi apologist
    New McCain voter
    from Bend, Oregon

  623. I’ll borrow from ‘classof77’:

    Former HuffPo fan
    Former Keith Olbermann fan
    Former Katrina Van what-ever fan from The Nation
    Former fan of most of the Democratic establishment

    Proud male supporter of Hillary from Oakland, CA.
    Oh, and super proud PUMA! You y’all!!

  624. Democrat for 25 years no longer. Proud to be a PUMA Chuck from Raleigh, N.C. It is either Hillary in Denver or McCain in November. I just ordered my PUMA wristbands.
    The people chose Senator Clinton. The DNC selected BHO.

  625. Did I mention that my 95 year young mother in Evanston via Michigan, as well as my incredible 30-something daughter in Boston via Phoenix are also PUMA ?

    Well, they are. And I just spoke with a neighbor last weekend who was a willing PUMA once she found out about us.

    Chuckie, et al will be BLOWN AWAY come November.


  626. Read the post yesterday, but came late to this comment party! Here’s a toast from a West Virginia PUMA! Also am a proud Capital Hill Forum member!

  627. Chas, chas, chas…. Not only do you have no clue about the composition of PUMA, you still haven’t figured out how verrry many latte loving, limousine liberals love Hillary and have been voting against our pocketbooks for years.

    So you see, I DO have somewhere else to go.


    CT Goldcoast PUMA .

    PS: And btw, Chas? Lose the goatee. It’s just not working. Nope, not feeling it at all. Maybe if you lose it and the extra 20 you’ve been carrying, I might be interested in watching you again. But probably not.

    Ciao, sweetie!

  628. I live in southern connecticut
    I was a democrat since birth
    I followed this election closely, and late in february, when it looked like obama was going to win, I tried to imagine him as president. I was so repulsed by the mental image, that I finally started to look critically at him. I ended up furious at him for what he did to people I admired, including Bill clinton, Hillary clinton, and geraldine ferraro. The RBC meeting pushed me over the edge though.

    So, when I saw will bower on an interview talking about PUMA, I visited justsaynodeal.com, and was thrilled that I was not alone. I chose this blog from the blogroll, read a few articles, loved them, and have been a proud PUMA ever since.

    All in all, Chuck, no I was not contacted by anybody from new york. I found PUMA, PUMA did not find me.

  629. Uhm..PUMA is not MANUFACTURED anywhere but the hearts, minds and yes, souls of true-blue democrats everywhere! We, the people of America were continually outraged at the clearly misogynistic rail-roading of Senator Clinton for a whole year! We got online and ridiculed the lies, we demanded fair reporting from the media, we were ignored. Those who were capable created meeting places for those of like sentiment…and thus PUMA was born. We already existed, indeed, we exist in multiple times the numbers at our sites, it’s only that not everyone has access or time or initiative to search out Hillary Clinton strong-holds as we all did.
    That being said, I live on Long Island, I participate in PUMA activist activities in Manhattan…what exactly are you trying to say? NY city is the CAPITAL of the world!! OF COURSE we reside here, as well as in every state and numerous countries around this globe!
    You can not stop us, you can not order us to vote as you desire! We want a true democratic process for our elections, we want only one vote for one person….we want Senator Clinton and we are not going to stop until the will of the people is respected.
    As for the claims that we are republicans, you’ve simply to listen to the reverse-psychology of the GOP, that they WANT Hillary Clinton on the ticket, they could easily over-throw her. The fact IS that Senator Clinton HAS ALWAYS held a commanding lead verses John Mccain, she has been mandated BY the American PEOPLE to lead this country and the DNC had best respect this fact or they are ensuring a republican victory in November.
    Central Islip, NY
    PUMA democrat

  630. beadful heart, my mouth waters. lived in Lake Charles years ago and grieved for all of you when Rita went through. also lived in Slidell so am still thinking of all of you in Louisiana. Would have been down there volunteering but couldn’t get ok from doc.

  631. former dem.
    hillary supporter/mccain
    best years under president clinton/press is wrong. waste of time telling them. just like with puma, we are everything but what we tell them we are.
    new yorker voting never for party again but for who will do right by this country. will keep voting them out till they listen to the people who put them in.

  632. Another Californian, Fairfield
    Burbank daughter-PUMA
    Sandpoint, ID daughter-PUMA
    Vancouver, WA mother-PUMA

  633. I’m in the foothills of the Missouri Ozarks. Voted Democratic since my first vote for Carter. I have come to understand that I am a Clinton Democrat. We are a huge wing of the Democratic Party. Chuck and his pals may think that they have killed the ” wicked -witch” but they are wrong.She will rise again, and when she does we will be right there with her, you can count on that!

  634. Phala in NC… Battening down for the new storm; looks to be an also-ran though! I have my ‘evacuate-now’ box packed just in case, and a full tank of gas =( . Most likely Storm Edouard will weaken in shallow Gulf waters and just wreak havoc with rain and flooding in low areas. [fingers crossed and ready to travel just in case though! =) ] Thanks for your warm thoughts and words.


  635. […] Hey, Chuck Todd, We are everywhere. Be afraid, be very afraid. So, I hear that Chuck Todd has been on Meet the Press this morning talking smack about us and saying that we were […] […]

  636. beadfulheart and all those along the coast stay safe and please send me some rain for the garden.

  637. I am way late to the party. I love this site, and I lurk here all the time. I was out of town when this thread went up.

    I was born a Democrat. I will always be a Democrat.

    I live in Dublin, OH, by way of Athens, GA; Durham, NC; Cortland, NY; Tokyo, Japan; and Rochester, NY.

    Hillary 2008!

  638. I watched the RBC meeting and when Dean called for party unity, I yelled “MY ASS” at the TV. I happened upon the justsaynodeal site shortly after that.

    I’m a PUMA in Connecticut. Lifelong Dem as are all my family and friends.

    Not one of us will vote for Obama.

    There’s my, my husband, my mother, my best friend, her mother. All of my mother’s meet for coffee friends.

  639. Anyone have Chuck Todd’s email address? We should flood his inbox. ;.)))

  640. Proud PUMA and Just say No Deal supporter from CT!

    If it’s not Hillary, then I’ll be working the McCain campaign with my Hillary gear on and wear it proudly.

    If not in 2008 – then Hillary in 2012! Right after we get rid of Dean, Pelosi, Reid and Brazile! Yeaaaaah!

  641. ….Couldn’t let this train leave the station without me….proud to stand with HRC, Chelsea, and poor, cannot-hide-his-self-esteem Bill. Loved the way he called out Clyburne on GMA. Chuck Todd believes the smoke the mojo crew blows in his ‘ear … he should listen more carefully to Pat Buchannon. There’s a wise guy. Chuck says PUMA was manufactured in Manhattan. In that case, maybe the msm / bHO collaboration came from NJ…sure feels like organized crime.

  642. This old PUMA is from the central part of Michigan. Chuck, we are upset because BO has been shoved so far down our throats that there is only one way to eliminate him from our systems … so stand back, Chuck, and wait for the explosion.

    PUMAs have vowed to make the Democratic party responsible once again. We have vowed to never, ever let another presidential campaign be raped as this one was. We have vowed to never, ever let the DNC manipulate a presidential campaign as it did this one. We have vowed that never, ever again will such an inexperienced, unqualified candidate be pushed, shoved and crammed down our throats by the DNC and the media as this candidate was. And most importantly, we have vowed that never again will another candidate be treated as savagely, cruelly and horridly as Hillary Clinton has been in this presidential campaign.

    So Mr. Todd, we say to you: Stand back and get out of the way because the PUMAs are watching. We are the voters and when we vote, the illusion of Barack Obama will become exactly what it is – smoke and mirrors.

  643. Yay! More people from CT. Do you believe the CT polls are right? LItchfield Cty went for Bush in 2004, y’know.

  644. Western Michigan, here. I did live in NYC — 30 years ago. I won’t be voting for Obama in the general; since he didn’t appear on my primary ballot, I don’t consider him a legitimate Democratic Party candidate. I can hold my nose from now until November, but the putrid odor of the decaying DNC will still seep in, preventing me from voting for their top of the ticket pick. Downticket — well, yes, as long as they didn’t endorse the Chosen until after the convention. Otherwise, my ballot is going to have some big holes in it.

  645. Wow! 650 posts. Where are the other 18 million? ::snort::

    Guess they don’t all know how to use the internets.

  646. Burt, there’s more than one internet in your world?
    And since you’re only one of 650, I’ll take those odds.

  647. And if you’re going to use Bushisms you probably want to credit the source.

  648. Another Western Washington gal. Glad to see my state so well represented. Also like seeing all the North Central Texas cities since I lived there for a few years, too. Was also an expat for a few years, but have never been to New York.

    My husband saw a news report the other day about BO having a women problem and called us BOWWOW’s (Bitter Old White Women of Wisdom).

  649. yeah… when i heard this… my first reaction was

    “F&#K CHUCK”

    Oh, and Texas represent, yo.


  650. Oh so late to the party but had to chime in. I’m from the far north in Alaska, a long long time lurker on the evil orange, TM, TL, the rest. Supported Moveon, Dean, and countless others – a progessive (hippie actually from the dreaded 60’s). All gone. I was on line when PUMA was born here and have spent many an hour informing others of Obama the fraud and the undemocratic Democratic party. I have gotten many calls but not from NY. They have been from other Alaskans wanting my support, money and vote. What they got was a lesson in PUMA 101 and then some.

    Obama has succeeded in doing one good thing however. For the first time in many years my extended family is united — all voting for McCain.

    For my nephew probably going to the Persion Gulf a third time and my 18 yr old son — NObama!

  651. Reporting from Central Michigan, the buckle on the new Rust Belt. Give my regards to Broadway, since I haven’t been there lately, and nobody from NY outside of my SO’s family have even exchanged words with me.

    The betrayers; Dean, Brazile, and the DNC/DLC Cabal have done what Reagan, Newt, and the Bush’s could not: they have destroyed the Democratic Party.

    I will cast my first vote for a Republican in ANY election at ANY level this fall. I blame the DNC for this. I have only one positive thing to say about the entire debacle, that I have once and for all severed my ties to the Democratic Party. I embrace my Socialist basis, and I reject both exclusive and despotic majority parties.

    Long live the Workers.
    Long live the People.
    Down with the rich Imperialist Capitalists and their lackeys Dean, Brazile, and especially OBAMA.

  652. Hey, Chuck, I’m from Florida, I don’t know anyone in Manhattan. So Pound Sand!

  653. Northern Nevada – Out in the sticks of Silver Springs.

    Nope, didn’t get a memo or nuthin’ from NY.

  654. I’m late to the party, too. But I had to chime in here and say that I do live in Manhattan (on the west side, though, Chuck — and seriously, when has any sort of uprising or movement started on the UES? I know you think UES is shorthand for something, but I don’t think you realize quite what.) But if we’re going to base our predictions of political perspective on a geographical or demographic basis, then by everything that I’ve read, I should be part of the Obamanation. Based on my zip code, education level, age, income and technological proficiency, I’m supposed to be an Obama supporter — people like you have been telling me that for months though.

    But that’s the problem with stereotypes, Chuck. See, I have never had any inclination to support Obama. In fact the trajectory of my feelings about him started with mildly positive and have moved straight to believing that he is the Democratic version of Bush. And that, Chuck is a very, very negative place.

    The trajectory of my feelings about Hillary Clinton have been moving in the exact opposite direction — I started out having a generally positive opinion of her. I was glad she is my senator, though I felt that she’d been too cautious on some issues, and I’m certainly to the left of her on the political spectrum. Watching her, however, over the course of the primary season I became increasingly impressed with her. She has demonstrated that she is the best equipped candidate for president: she is incredibly smart and incredibly hardworking, she has an encyclopedic understanding of policy, she knows how both sides of our elected government work and knows how to get things done, she is compassionate — she actually really does care about people, she is highly competent and she does not give up. There was/is no one else with the mix of qualities and characteristics necessary to clean up this mess Bush has created.

    So if you think I am going to get over the fact that the DNC conspired with Barack Obama and literally stole votes in order to give Obama the nomination, you are wrong — what you are seeing is an organic movement created from an unwillingness to see yet another election stolen. If you’d like Chuckie, you can come visit me in my little corner of Manhattan and I’ll explain it to you in much greater detail.

  655. Guess I am supposed to Post South Carolina here.

  656. I’m a PUMA from Indiana. Chance of a democrat winning my state is slim, nevertheless, I have voted democrat faithfully for over 30 years, and live in a city where democrats are in the majority. Our numbers are growing and eventually we will turn this state around… but not this year, unless Hillary is the one.

  657. PUMA from North Carolina *brushing Chuck Todd dirt*.
    24 years a Democrat, and a Clinton supporter. NC primary was May 6th: only Clinton and Obama were on the ballot. You tried to make it just Obama. Now a registered Independent who will vote for McCain.
    Nobody contacted me from NY: I loathe your guy all on my own.
    Bite me, Todd.

  658. Hey Chuck, I’ve been a loyal, progressive Democrat for 32 years. This California PUMA, born and raised in Los Angeles,will vote McCain.

  659. Loyal former Dem – now PUMA – from Rhode Island. NOBAMA!

  660. I’m from Pennsylvania. Once a democrat, now a registered Independent! We have a two party system with 2 corrupt parties. No Hillary, No Vote.

    Lets work to include candidates of other parties for our elections, too. When we get boxed in—we get fucked over.
    We need choice.


    I urge the Pumas to organize as a political party.. Follow through on true Democratic issues.
    International Relations
    Senior /Child issues

    We invite the Clintons and all of their loyal supporters and we demand a PUMA PARTY NOMINEE on the ballot in the GENERAL ELECTION.


  662. FOX NEWS needs to tell America.

    The Democratic National Party Operatives have manipulated this election to further a cause that is still unknown to Americans.
    Why would they choose an inexperienced candidate with questionable nationality issues who I believe has not been vetted by the party to the most strict standards we Democrats (former Dems–now PUMAS ) require?

  663. New Post Up

  664. What is this puma thing and how do we join?

  665. […] King. I Infected two other dems since, and I am getting more and more contagious by the day! From Hey, Chuck Todd, We are everywhere. Be afraid, be very afraid., […]

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