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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d like to think…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d like to think…
    William on I’d like to think…
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      I was born in 1968, the year Wallerstein calls one of “world revolution”. It was a revolution that both failed and succeeded: women and minorities got more rights, often a lot more, but the end result was an oligarchy, where most people were equal in their lack of power, and where every year saw ordinary people becoming poorer, no matter what the official st […]
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The Scratching Post Saturday Night – PUMA Summer Blockbuster!

Don’t forget Meet Me in Denver with Darragh Murphy and Friends with John West and Michell of the 300 Delegates tonight at 9:00 PM EST on NQR!

 The summer blockbuster sleeper hit is finally here!

Run!  Run for your lives!!  PUMAs are everywhere and the Obama favored polls sense the PUMA ATTACK!  Gallup has very sobering numbers to report:

Those pesky PUMAs are at it again!

Those pesky PUMAs are at it again!

The results, based on a three-day rolling average of interviews conducted July 30-Aug. 1, show Obama and McCain each receiving 44% of the vote among registered voters. The candidates were also tied in Friday’s update. Obama received a brief increase in support near the conclusion of his overseas trip last week, gaining a nine percentage point advantage in July 24-26 polling. But that bounce disappeared almost quickly as it emerged.

44% tie for the 44th Presidency?  Oooh, kismic!  The highest bounce Obama’s had since Hillary Clinton suspended her campaign has been an average of 6%, which has dwindled at the rise of “undecided voters.”  Could they be pre-PUMAs?  The Obama camp hoped his “OMFG EUROPE LOOOOVES HIM” tour would give his declining poll ratings a little “ooph,” yet it’s more like a “splat.”

Yet instead of showcasing his marvelousness to people who’ll be actually voting this coming election season against “Old Man” McCain, Obama ducks out AGAIN from a Lincoln-Douglas debate!  Even Obama Media Fan Club Associated Press couldn’t help reporting it like this:

Obama backs away from McCain’s debate challenge

By DOUGLASS K. DANIEL, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON – Democratic candidate Barack Obama on Saturday backed away from rival John McCain’s challenge for a series of joint appearances, agreeing only to the standard three debates in the fall.

In May, when a McCain adviser proposed a series of pre-convention appearances at town hall meetings, Obama said, “I think that’s a great idea.” In summer stumping on the campaign trail, McCain has often noted that Obama had not followed through and joined him in any events.

Obama’s reversal on town hall debates is part of a play-it-safe strategy he’s adopted since claiming the nomination and grabbing a lead in national polls. Advisers to the Illinois senator, speaking on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to discuss strategy, say Obama is reluctant to take chances or give McCain a high-profile stage now that Obama’s the front-runner.

Wait up, so Obama’s excuse is that he doesn’t want to give McCain “a high profile stage?”  Pah-leeeze! 

When I was in the 7th grade, there was a girl named Janet that teased me relentlessly.  After making fun of my friend, I got the nerve to challenge her to a fight afterschool at the nearby park.  The entire 7th grade showed up at the park.  I’m already there ready to kick azz and Janet never showed up.  In fact, I found out that she suddenly got sick and was picked up by her mom before school was out.  Rushed with adrenaline and rage, I walked to her house (and the entire 7th grade following me) and started to shout for her to come out and fight.  After an hour of waiting, I went home.  She didn’t show up to school for more than a week, claiming she had the flu. 

So in my mind, Obama is just like Janet – the smarmy teaser who runs away when his target fights back.  What a wuss!  Now the flip side could be that the DNC’s recommending Obama not engage in any debates until his coronation (because there’s a slight chance that he may not be the Democratic nominee after all.)   But whatever the case may be, Obama looks like a big fat chicken.

In honor of the “Attack of the PUMAs!” movie premiere, Rico is wearing his Rambo costume (minus Cross your Heart bra) which show off his biceps as he serves Pink PUMAS and Mountain Lion Martinis.  Flo’s got her Xena costume which makes catching trolls and naughty words a breeze.  If you have some extra loot left over for the week, would you mind buying Hillary a lunch by clicking on the brown bag above?

Continuing with our Summer Blockbuster theme tonight is a great finale that everyone loves. If the Rebel Alliance can take down the Galactic Empire, so can we.  Just Say No Deal!

¡Que viva los PUMAs!

Long live PUMAs!

188 Responses

  1. Pumapac has just released the trailer for The Audacity Of Democracy – Teaser MUST WATCH!!!! KUDOS TO MURPHY AND PUMAPAC

  2. Fred, it says that the video is no longer available – aw shucks!

  3. Haha. Nice.

  4. Again–another PUMA picture that has me ROFL! So–even Gallup (Rasmussen is just too liberal a poll for some of the ‘bots) is seeing BO’s numbers dive. Pity. Hillary–may the force be with you, sister.

  5. Love this video and the TEASER …. 🙂

  6. There’s a PUMA playing in the Mets/Astros game. I’m guessing it’s an Astro and might be (Berkman?), but it’s really amusing watching it and hearing the announcers talking about big PUMAS and little PUMAS and showing 4 people holding up the letters PUMA! lol!~

  7. Is this a fundraising cocktail party? Or an open bar?

  8. nycstray: I love it!

  9. I can’t see the PUMAPac video! Maybe I have to go on Youtube directly.

    Rico – gimme a Mountain Lion Martini and Pink Pumas for everybody here!

  10. katiebird: What’s your pleasure? My treat.

  11. SM: I had not trouble linking to that video.

  12. Katiebird – Hey lady! It’s open bar, fundraiser – whatever you want it to be.

  13. Hi Pat!!!!! Ok, I guess I’ll go on Youtube directly then. Normally, I can see the video thru Snapshot.

    Pink Pumas, anyone?

  14. So SM–whatever happened to Janet? And good for you for calling her out. I hate bullies!

  15. Hilarious! Just what I needed. Thanks!

  16. Pat, I was cracking up. I’m going to try and figure out who it is because they’ve mentioned PUMAs more than once. “And we’re not talking about the shoes” hehe

    Has anyone reached out to yesterday’s hecklers to invite them on board?

  17. Yes!! I am from Texas and I know one of the featured people in that teaser… She said the truth! I was there with her. We had more than that happen at our precinct convention.

    Great job, it sounds like they really captured the “undemocratic” and frightening aspects of what the Obama campaign and the DNC participated in.


  18. Irlandese – she came back to school scared as heck, but I left her alone because I knew she feared me and she never bothered me again. In high school, she tried to be my friend again and I told her azz off so bad, she cried. Even recently, she wanted to be a MySpace friend through my HS pals, and I have yet to accept. Hey, I’m a Scorpio, I can hold a grudge for eternity.

  19. BB, I’ve never had a pedicure. It seems too intimate.

  20. Leisa; His whole campaign has been based on lies and sits on a mountain of sand. Pretty soon a tidal wave is going to come along and shatter that sand castle he has built.

  21. My contribution today to that PUMA cd.

    Talkin’ bout a revolution – Tracy Chapman

    Don’t you know
    They’re talkin’ bout a revolution
    It sounds like a whisper
    Don’t you know
    They’re talkin’ about a revolution
    It sounds like a whisper

    While they’re standing in the welfare lines
    Crying at the doorsteps of those armies of salvation
    Wasting time in the unemployment lines
    Sitting around waiting for a promotion

    Don’t you know
    They’re talkin’ bout a revolution
    It sounds like a whisper
    Poor people gonna rise up
    And get their share
    Poor people gonna rise up
    And take what’s theirs

    Don’t you know
    You better run, run, run, run, run,
    run, run, run, run, run, run, run
    Oh I said you better
    Run, run, run, run, run, run, run,
    run, run, run, run, run

    Finally the tables are starting to turn
    Talkin’ bout a revolution
    Finally the tables are starting to turn
    Talkin’ bout a revolution
    Talkin’ bout a revolution

    While they`re standing in the welfare lines
    Crying at the doorsteps of those armies of salvation
    Wasting time in the unemployment lines
    Sitting around waiting for a promotion

    Don’t you know
    They’re talkin’ bout a revolution
    It sounds like a whisper

    Finally the tables are starting to turn
    Talkin’ bout a revolution
    Finally the tables are starting to turn
    Talkin’ bout a revolution
    Talkin’ bout a revolution
    Talkin’ bout a revolution

  22. Are you guys listening to the broadcast?

  23. Rock stars don’t have to debate they just show up on the red carpets and are hustled in and out of side doors. What a tool Barry is! How arrogant to think that because he might have a 2 point (less than 50%) lead in a couple polls he can deprive the American people of a debate on the issues.

  24. Ok, Berkman is “The Big Puma” From wiki:

    However, he is now most popularly known as the “The Big Puma.” Before the 2006 season started, in an interview with a local Houston sports radio station, Lance was asked to coin a new nickname for himself. He sarcastically responded that he played baseball like a big puma, that is, he is fierce, sleek, and powerful, yet quick on his feet. And despite its comedic origins, Houston fans and media latched onto “The Big Puma.” With his outstanding start in 2008, this nickname also became known on a national level.

  25. SM–Good. Hope she learned something. I’m a Virgo, but I’ve been known to hold a grudge for a coupla decades myself.

  26. SM, once again you have outdone yourself. The Xena PUMA army will haunt my dreams until I die. Rock on sister satire on a budget!!!

  27. This commentator is extremely articulate.

  28. KB,

    This was my very first pedicure. It was really fun. I’ve been having this women do my eyebrows for quite awhile and I’m very comfortable with her. I just wanted to do something nice for myself and for my feet!

  29. pat, have they said how many delegates have already signed the petition?

  30. oh, and pat, using the word “articulate” is racist…we’ve known that since the Biden incident….

  31. I’m listening Pat.

  32. Don’t know about the delegate count as yet. Maybe when murphy comes on.

  33. In the modern era, has there ever been this sustained an opposition to the possible nominee? I don’t recall McCain’s people keeping this going that long.

  34. NOT having a real vote at the convention is something new. Don’t let them fool you that this is business as usual.

  35. Charles;

    Sadly I share your opinion. The DNC and the Dems establishment cannot even afford to dump Obama at this point, even with a major catastrophe.

    Hi BB, long time no see. Hope you’re doing great.

  36. the chair of the democratic party in alaska says that hillary doesnt want a nomination fight because she woudl be embarassed. AS IF…..

  37. I love the term “citizen journalist”! This blog reflects that.

  38. No, I am not listening….was in the previous thread, lonely and alone… Can you broadcast?

  39. The SD concept was created to thwart democracy. The party insiders wanted more control over the nominee.

  40. This Darragh woman is incredibly reasonable.

  41. ben: I don’t think she is Darragh. Darragh is the guest. This lady is a 16 yr journalist from Washington DC.

  42. Hi MABlue! Hi Charles! I’m so enjoying being here.

  43. Obama is no LIBERAL!

  44. Another PUMA from LA! Tough and heartbreaking to turn down the Dem Party.

  45. Where are the flyers this woman was referring to?

  46. Sally Quinn is E.V.I.L.!!!!!!!!!

  47. ahh ok….I’m on hold to speak…but I don’t know what to ask. I guess my thought is s what happens if somehow Hillary gets her name in nomination and she loses: are we going to fold up tent at that point?

  48. Charles: His mantra: I have been saying it all along.

  49. ben: Good question.

  50. Gallup has him tied with McCain with registered voters? I wonder what the “likely voters” poll is..has McCain winning no doubt..
    How will the inflate your tires lecture is going to help Obama?

    However, I believed he has reversed on off shore drilling..It will probably sink him even more

  51. I’m the most sane person I know. A little obsessed at times but perfectly sane.

  52. I predict the “bounces” will continue to decline in number and height, and the lows will continue to slide downward as more and more people reach their “last straw” with the lies and sleight of hand tricks that keep coming out of that pathetic campaign.

    200,000 people for a free concert, brats & beer after the Portland, OR farce; I wasn’t talking about race with that dollar bill comparision, well, yes I was, no I wasn’t; I’ve become the symbol of America returning to greatness (or however that stupid claim went); painting over the American flag on the tail of his campaign airplane to replace it with his personal symbol….lots of pretty heavy straws to put people off last week.

    The vision of Obama in the WH is so much worse than what we’ve had the past 8 years that I am beginning to think the Repubs really did mastermind the rise of Obama in partnership with Donna Brazile.

  53. Inflate my tires? When is the last time Barry put air in his tires. Oh wait..he can’t go to gas stations according to Michelle in her 60 minutes interview.

  54. Pat;

    What did Sally Quinn do this time? I mean in addition to being Sally Quinn.

  55. Someone ask Heidi what “duty” the super delegates have by virtue of their position!

  56. SM, bb, good idea for a future post on the schism.

  57. Remember when Karl Rove was suggesting to Obama that he talk about “the fierce urgency of now.” I never understood what the hell that meant. I think Rove knew that no one would understand what that means.

  58. I agree Pat!

    I hope the tide will come in and wash away these silly sand castles…

    Oh! The frustration of dealing with Obama supporters. They really have earned the “bot” and “borg collective” by their nomism.

    nomism – the basing of conduct upon adherence to a religious or holy scripture.

  59. MABlue: The commentator related a story Sally wrote years ago on the Clinton’s which may have been the beginning of the Clinton hatred in the press.

  60. masslib; southwestpuma sent out an email with the attachement and asked for people to print and post but I’ve been doing that for a while. I post the Denver Groups ads as well as these fantastic fliers. I can email you a copy if you like.

  61. Charles; He most certainly did. Laughable.

  62. The separation of church and state is foremost in my mind.

  63. Mine as well…

  64. come on, guys, let’s be fair. Why should the top o’ A-list Celeb have to debate a nobody like McCain? Old Man McCain’s just trying to steal some spotlight.

  65. church and state, up a tree….

  66. Absolutely Parent: at a town hall he would have to mingle with “the people.”

  67. Objectivity was lost during this political season.

  68. Wife says that she is tired of everybody treating O like he is already the next president….if McCain carries the day in the GE the press will cry foul play….

  69. or should i say, “the public.”

  70. Of course, Hillary was too much of a nobody to debate as well.

  71. the people, the public….he will do fine, his charm is disarming.

  72. Good for this caller from NJ!

  73. Charles:

    If you’re still around, have read The Bottom Billion? If not do you know someone who reviewed it?

    I have so many books lined up and I don’t know if I should pick it up next.

  74. mawm was just on!!

  75. I hope friggin AP goes bankrupt. They don’t deserve to be called “news.”

  76. Even though the Puritans initially came here for freedom of religion as they could not even be tolerated in Holland…

    Supposedly, I have an ancestors that came across the pond with them on the Mayflower… unfortunately, they were not Puritans… they were outsiders.

    I guess that it is in my genetic make up to oppose people with ideas that are inherently bad for… people.

  77. ben’s on now!!!! yay conflucians!!!

  78. Notice all the men calling in? Note to media, we are not all women!

  79. YES!

  80. Was Mawm John from LA?

  81. mawm asked how many delegates had signed the petition

  82. This “give McCain a high-profile stage” just sums B0 arrogance in a nutshell. WTH is friggin Obama? Even if you don’t like him or his policies, McCain is a powerful man, and has accomplished a great deal in his political and personal life. Obama people don’t know how to communicate except through that tone of arrogance and insults. It’s not a strategy, it’s who these a@@holes are.

    And it gets really tiresome.

  83. Heidi smacked me down 🙂

  84. Does anyone else ever get so caught up in reading the comments that they forget to post anything?

    I just realized I hadn’t said “HI” to Charles. Charles! It’s good to see you!

  85. Ben, what happened?

  86. Charles,

    Can you link to the revue?

  87. Yes kbird. We are just totally fascinating aren’t we? yeah right.

  88. I’m joking…she’s more of an idealist than I am…

  89. It is kind of lucky for McCain right now that the media has turned their ever present spotlight on Obama since McCain, in all honesty, is running on empty. However, he is holding at 42-44 where Obama is sliding faster than a ride at Six Flags.

  90. Ben Carlson, from MLK’s Viet Nam War Speech at Riverside Church, 1967:
    “…We are now faced with the fact, my friends, that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. In this unfolding conundrum of life and history, there is such a thing as being too late. Procrastination is still the thief of time. Life often leaves us standing bare, naked, and dejected with a lost opportunity. The tide in the affairs of men does not remain at flood-it ebbs. We may cry out desperately for time to pause in her passage, but time is adamant to every plea and rushes on. Over the bleached bones and jumbled residues of numerous civilizations are written the pathetic words, “Too late.” There is an invisible book of life that faithfully records our vigilance or our neglect. Omar Khayyam is right: “The moving finger writes, and having writ moves on.”

  91. Well, my question was basically what we do if she gets her name put in nomination at the convention and she loses by a bigger number because pledged delegates and so forth are pressured to switch to The One. I just want to know that we will keep on fighting against Obama and that we won’t all of a sudden unify if her name is put in nomination.

  92. I’m thinking that Obama’s “low” will be something less than 20 Percent. At least if people actually have a chance to find out just exactly how vacant & weird he (and his background) is.

    If they don’t find out? I think 35 percent.

  93. I think it is going to be closer than 35, kbird. Probably we are looking at another 2004.

  94. Prolix,
    saw your comment last night on the big moolah McConnell/Lunsford are spending. You know what today is [was], don’cha?
    It’s Fancy Farm! Lawd Amighty, if it hadn’t been so hot, I would have been tempted to go.

    Seems they taked a lot about energy, and Bunning [o, yeh, he returned] accused Lunsford of trying to keep us dependent on foreign oil. I’m seeing that a lot in letters, editorials, etc. Anyhoo, it seems that there were several men dressed as Arabs who cheered Bunning for saying that! What a hoot FF is!

    I ask you, is there anyplace in the US that has such great political theater?

  95. Thanks Jos. I’ve had some learnin even though I’m a Hillbilly Hillary supporter but I never knew the context. Obama’s positioning himself to take over the legacy of MLK is disgusting.

  96. Ben, Obama is unelectable even IF Hillary’s entered in nomination. But, if she’s treated with the respect every other candidate has been given it’s possible that the Democratic Party could survive his (inevitable) loss in November.

    If she’s not given that respect then when he (inevitably) loses in November it’s very likely to destroy the party.

    I think.

  97. Pat, I sorta hate to admit it, but I really laughed out loud at your silly carrot joke earlier.

  98. kbird, I agree with the need for respect part. The D party is not going anywhere though. It will need to reinvent itself, but an organism of that size will survive in the long run. The conservative Party in Canada, for example, almost disappear for a while, only to come back stronger than ever within a few years.

  99. What’s the carrot joke?

  100. YAY! As a proud gay Latino PUMA, I just wanted to come and share with you all that I was banned today from Talk Left/Big Tent Democrat for challenging the use of the word “brother” on Talk Left.

    Barky has SOOO much power and intimidation over Big Tent Dickhead that he’s afraid that TL will be called racist if the word brother is allowed.

    Obama and his ilk are a joke. I hope he gets his ass soundly defeated in November.

  101. UpState, I think people are going to learn some surprising things this fall. We’re used to a lot of facts that will shock most people.

    And Obama’s own behaviour is so off-putting. Once you start noticing it — it’s very grating. I think I’ll stick to my numbers. ‘course I’m a dreamer.

  102. Yes, parent, it was a funny one.

  103. “It’ll always be a vegetable”?

  104. I am so sad about that story about Cody. I know him and he never told me that story.

  105. Yeah, kbird, that one, the vegetable one….

    Charles, I agree with you, the TX stuff is something else. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing.

  106. Charles I’d agree with your comment about the Texas stuff but a lot of it (and more) happened in Kansas too. It think I heard that Obama had classes in how to bully through a caucus.

  107. Pat – BTW, at the supremarket, I got the Jello Pie ingredients. My mom is also a diabetic on top of all her other health issues, and I thought it would be a good dessert for Sunday dinner. THANK YOU for the idea!

  108. katiebird: yes, that’s it. Guess you’ve heard it before?

    I would repeat it, but Pat just tells that joke so much better than I.

  109. Ummm, SM are you making the version with real whipping cream or the other stuff?

  110. ben carlson, hillbilly, schmillbilly.
    We’re all PUMA.
    This “fierce urgency of now” and all the other efforts of the Obama camp to align him with the civil rights movement at, arms’ length, so to speak, is part of his “branding,” not as heir to the legend of Dr. King, but as fulfillment of his “Dream.”
    Very deliberate, very obviously exploitative, very insulting.
    Classic marketing, style over substance.
    It’s the 45th anniversary of MLK’s “dream” speech, remember?

  111. No, parentofed — I think I heard it for the first time from Pat. I liked the other jokes too — Riverdaughter’s and someone (I’m too lazy to look) about the lemmings.

  112. Yes, I was going to ask the same thing, SM, watch out for the sugar content in the Cool Whip….

  113. garychapelhill, on August 2nd, 2008 at 9:54 pm Said: Edit Comment
    mawm asked how many delegates had signed the petition

    Hey Gary! If Riverdaughter has her Hypergraphia, I think I’m developing a Hyper-Satire-moment-on-a-budget-phia.

    So how many delegates signed the petition?

  114. Has anyone seen RonK lately?

  115. Oh I certainly remember how conveniently the convention was timed with the anniversary of MLK’s acceptance speech. Isn’t it funny how it all worked out?

  116. no. no sign of ronk.

  117. Pat Johnson, on August 2nd, 2008 at 9:40 pm Said: Edit Comment
    SM, bb, good idea for a future post on the schism.

    I looked to the comment you were referring to with BostonBoomer, didn’t see anything about a schism. Is it the 3 sips of wine I just drank – cuz I can’t see it!

  118. Katie,

    The Lemmings joke was posted by your secret boyfriend, Lambert.

  119. This guy is so full of crap. Obama had a better caucus strategy? Ok, buddy, she beat him by 100k votes in your state.

  120. Carol and Pat have a thing for Ed, Kbird for Lambert…what next?

  121. BB, Really? I totally missed that! I wonder if we’re “over”?

  122. He’s full of shit! I worked and it was fraud 101!

  123. They should hang up on this zero.

  124. In case I forget, thanks to all of you who have been reporting…..

  125. Who’s Lambert?

  126. Ben, it’s why the DNC will not back down willingly, imo.
    He’s the face of the “democratic wing of the Democratic party.”
    He’s their spokesman and product all rolled up in one.
    Too bad, it’s just about what they want to sell, not what they really are.

  127. Whining is a misogynistic term!

  128. UpstateNY, on August 2nd, 2008 at 10:13 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Yes, I was going to ask the same thing, SM, watch out for the sugar content in the Cool Whip….

    Katiebird & UpstateNY: You guys are too kind, I got the low fat, low cal, 2 grams of sugar kind. Caring for an elderly, not well parent is a lot of work, then add old school Dominican to that and it’s MADDENING. She invented the word “stubborn.”

  129. I was watching that McCain web ad about the media love affair with Obama and that last clip where Obama puts his leg up to display his manhood to the adoring media made me throw up in my mouth a bit. I worked with a guy who did that same move when we were in a meeting with two women from outside our office. I know exaclty what that move means.

  130. Hang in there SM, try taking care of an autistic son…heh.

  131. Katiebird: YOU HAVE A THING FOR LAMBERT????

    Oh my!

  132. Hi Carol,

    Lambert is one of the mighty Corrente bloggers. You were great on the radio as always. I love your accent.

  133. ben – we fight to the end! No Retreat, No Surrender.


  134. Thanks BB. I could not hear very well, it was breaking up.

  135. Who is Momma e?

  136. UpstateNY: Oh wow – how old is he?

  137. KB,

    I’ve noticed that Lambert isn’t as funny since he tepidly endorsed Obama. I think it’s tearing him up inside.

  138. I’m with you Carol. No retreat, no surrender!

  139. {{{SM}}},

    I didn’t realize that you were the caregiver for your mother. My mother-in-law lives with us and my husband is her chief caregiver. Her stomach is VERY sensitive and he spends a lot of time fixing nice tasting stuff that doesn’t hurt her. THEN one of his siblings shows up with a bag of White Castle hamburgers and it’s all blown to heck!

    So we can sympathize.

  140. I wish I had a fresh Diet Coke!

  141. Allegre has a post up about Hillary Delegates working on a petition to get Hillary a legitimate roll call vote.


  142. SM, Lambert used to be “my secret love” but I think it’s faded for lack of well, any response at all….

    And, as BB says, the whole endorsing Obama thing didn’t help.

  143. BostonBoomer: Hey there! Read about your pedicure – don’t you feel like you’re walking on air afterwards?

    Lambert is a trooper, but I think his “tepidness” had to do with Correntian pressure to unite behind the “Democrat.” But they keep letting Obama have it though. Love them.

  144. He is eight. Asperger’s… Total cutie (hey I am the father, I am allowed….)Oh, oh, oh….and we just got a puppy a while ago…she is crazy (or maybe we are, not sure)…and two new kittens two weeks ago….want to trade places?…..

  145. Charles, REALLY? I thought I was the only Drambuie drinker around here.

  146. SM,

    The pedicure was wonderful. I will definitely do it again.

  147. Oh, I still love Corrente – I read it a couple of times a day. I just don’t comment too much there anymore.

  148. Gracias por las bebidas, SM…Que vivan los PUMAS!!!

  149. Evening folks — hope all is well with my fine, ferocious, feline Puma friends.

    PofEd, yes, today was Fancy Farm and I’m craving some big old honking pit pork sandwiches with about 6 million ears of corn on the side. From the paper today the Dems had a pinata made to look like Howdy Doody McConnell. Bet whacks at Howdy Doody went for a nice price. When the pinata broke, I bet crude oil, insurance forms and coupons for ammo poured out.

  150. {{UpState}} You’ve mentioned him before. He sounds like a sweetheart ♥

  151. UpstateNY: My PUMA cub has “borderline” Asperger’s. She has the Fragile-X thingy and tested for some common Asperger’s symptoms like the routine fixation/obsession and certain repetitive behavior patterns, yet she’s too socially aware to be considered full Asperger’s. She’s 10 and smart as hell. Math skills that I ask myself “who did she get this from?”

    How’s the lab puppy??? I’m sure not too much of a puppy anymore. Kittens too? I would trade places, but my allergies would kill me.

  152. BB, having it done by someone you know makes it sound almost possible for me. Maybe I’ll check into it at the place I get my hair done.

    Of course on my big Flintstone Feet, the effect won’t be all that wonderful…

  153. Charles, Oh, I never thought of doing that — good idea. Maybe I can talk one of my sisters into going with me.

  154. What the hell? Why are they having problems getting the dels on board? I’d love to be a delegate and I’d march in to that convention and demand my right to vote for Hillary!

  155. katie, the trolls took your advice and started a blog, and they’re talking about YOU!!! ha ha…

    On 16 May “Katiebird” at “Riverdaughter” commented on “400 bloggers fighting for Barack Obama’s desperate delusion?”

    They sure are on their toes….only took this idiot 3 months to “look into” this….they’re such a joke…

  156. oh, link:


    remember to put on your hazmat suit!

  157. SM, It is a spectrum after all.

    Puppy is fine, loves kittens, (maybe too much). She is full of energy…Older cat (she is 10 now) hates both new puppy and kittens (she hated son too for a while). She will adapt.

  158. Charles – GIVE US THE SCOOP ON WEXLER!!!!

    I don’t live in his district – but he’s such a loudmoth FL azz that I’d love to see voted off the state.

  159. No, no Gary, WE are the joke, remember? Right, wait till November.

  160. OMG, they did the platform thing through BO’s fricken website???

  161. Charles:

    Did you mean Aquardiente Cristal? (sp?)

    Those were my Miami days, with my Colombian friends. The day I was introduced to it, I took probably 20 shots. Delicious.

  162. Gary! That’s exciting. And the guy didn’t even realize that PUMA wasn’t invented then. Also? I’m not “katiebird” I am katiebird…

    Well, at least this guy isn’t calling me a racist.

  163. UpstateNY: Exactly – the “spectrum” – and it’s so hard to detect. I noticed a problem with her at 2.5 years and after YEARS of neurologists, speech therapists, child psychiatrists, doctors, teachers, on and on – she’s a member of the chess team, school cheerleader, soccer player, math club, school band member, you name it, she’s in it.

    I wish you much health and progress with your son – there is great success for Asperger kids. Bill Gates, the inventor of Pokemon and Steven Speilberg are all Asperger Syndrome people. Hang in there & know that you have a fellow Latina sister with you in the struggle.

  164. Charles:

    Let’s say I survived. That stuff is so smooth it knocks you out afterwards. In Miami, I got into the habit of enjoying a shot or 2 with a cigar after a nice dinner.

  165. kbird: Well, at least this guy isn’t calling me a racist.

    Not yet anyway…

    Wanted to say good night. It has been fun.

  166. Un fuerte abrazo, SM. Buenas noches.

  167. Wow. That was the first time that I was able to listen to the blog radio program and I really enjoyed it! I have a better understanding now of everything that they talked about. It was really fun!

  168. SM:

    I think he’s taking the hit for that already. Fox News sent one of their producers to talk to him at his home in VA about that. It was painful to watch.

  169. I’m the Tequila KING! My co workers had a new respect for me after i did 5 shots.

  170. UpstaeNY: Buenas noches mi hermano – SUERTE y ¡PA’LANTE como el elefante!

    For Charles & MAblue – and for Confucians too, my FAVORITE Colombian musical artist (not Shakira, Juanes or Carlos Vives who I also love, but not like this one): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0p5RBvRAtiI

  171. I missed the radio show. there was a weird lightning thing happening here tonight – it looked like a light show. it was like nothing I had ever seen before. I opened a bottle of wine and my husband and I sat on the deck and watched it. it still hasn’t stormed and I heard no thunder, so I have no idea…….but it was cool!

    but I was sorry to miss the show – what did I miss?

  172. Get this; I was listening to the WRONG radio show!!!! Clicked on Blog Radio and a woman from DC was there who was talking about the media. Then gary comes in and says Mawm was just on and he heard Ben. And I am sitting here going what the hell am I listening too? Not that it was not good, it was but talk about “what’s the frequency Kenneth?”

  173. Pat: You’re an REM fan too?!

  174. I should never be trusted with a set of car keys.

  175. either that or Dan Rather…

  176. Dan Rather it was. I am such a loser!

  177. KIKI: Weird!

    Pat: Super weird!

    Charles: If I am ever in Iceland – I’ll try it – but DAMN – that sounds like it’s fermented with Icelandic volcano residue.

  178. Pat — now that was funny! First good laugh I’ve had today.

  179. Charles: Glad to hear Wexler has problems. He deserves them.

  180. Pat Johnson, on August 2nd, 2008 at 11:18 pm Said: Edit Comment
    I should never be trusted with a set of car keys.

    Weren’t you the designated driver today? Aw crap.

  181. SM: The show I had on also had Proud Military Mom on and she was discussing the schism within the Catholic Church and likened it to the DNC. That was when I typed in , thinking we were all listening to the same show, and suggested either you or bb might want to consider this as an essay.

  182. Pat: Ok – got it. If Bostonboomer doesn’t do it, I’ll look into that since Roman Catholicism is deeply ingrained in the psycho-DNA despite my “lapsed-ed-ness.”


    PS: Raspberry Jello “store LIGHT brand Cool Whip in the Freezer” – old PUMA grandma wanting a chunk now. Can’t thank you enough for the recipe!

  183. SM: My little Latino sister in arms, anything for you!!!

  184. Pat – anything for my Massachusetts sister too!!! You’re F___ked if I’m a part of your familia.

  185. Aguardiente
    Is this available in lots of places? I will have to try it.
    Had a (very generous) shot of Patron the other day.. very nice.. and I thought I didn’t like tequila.. 🙂

  186. DG: Depending where you live in the US, you can buy Cristal Aguardiente – I don’t know about the West Coast, but I know here on the East side of the US, you can get it in some liquor stores.

    TRUST ME, it’s worth asking for!


  188. […] to win back liberals if the Independents he’d been courting and counting on weren’t deserting him in […]

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