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The Audacity of Democracy Teaser

Lori sent me this trailer earlier and asked me to hold it but it looks like the cat is out of the bag so I am posting it here. Now, remember that this is just a little bit of what Brad and Lori are constructing. The narrative is just beginning to develop. We will be having a fundraiser to make sure that movie is completed and the vision of the film makers is realized. If you would like to help ot in getting this film out to the general public, click here to donate.

In the meantime, enjoy the show:

162 Responses

  1. Let me add to this – if you witnessed irregularities wherever you vote, please drop me a line and let me know. We have a very big story to tell here.


  2. I’m expecting all the irregularities to come in the general here in Ohio. We turned out a corrupt republican secretary of state for a highly partisan democrat secretary of state.

  3. I takes a lot of courage for an African American to publicly speak out against the Obama campaign, supporters or even Obama himself. These crazy Obots are dangerous. I have a lot of respect for AA like the woman in this video.

  4. I’m just watching the teaser now and it’s blowing me away.

  5. I agree about the courage of AAs who don’t support Obama. Sugar n Spice is a daily read, and Sugar has reported some frightening stuff.

  6. Thanks for reporting from Texas because
    In the caucus, some say, hanky-panky there was.
    What sense does it make, what reason or rhyme
    To have caucus and primary, at the same time?
    Elections, at long last, by all must be seen
    To have been conducted in a manner that’s clean.
    Vote fraud must be ended, once and for all,
    Lest the country be tied to a chain and a ball.

  7. I should add that’s it’s ironic and sad that many of these AAs who support Hillary were active Democrats before many of the nasty little Obots were born. Naturally, that doesn’t keep the hateful little things from saying they’re not real Dems and much, much worse.

  8. Saw it before, sobering.

  9. 10:55?…..must run to my carriage before it becomes a pumpkin.

    See you in the morning.

  10. I watched it and it is truly awesome 🙂

  11. they really are Bush 2000 Redux. Except they shot their wad in the primary and not the general election.

  12. Yes they did Ben but the general doesnt have caucuses …oops

  13. I watched it when it was linked earlier. It was very touching when the man became choked up talking about the older people not being able to participate.

  14. awesome and will make a great documentary!!

  15. If you listen to the lady in the first part of the clip, she says that two white attorneys from New Mexico came in and hijacked the caucus in a black precinct apparently in Dallas. I think she is showing that they were perfectly capable of handling their own caucus. This is part of the snide paternalism of the Obots. They have to show all the little people what is best for them. It really doesn’t matter who she supported as a candidate, she is a true Democrat and she doesn’t need some snot coming in from out of state and telling her how to do something she has been doing (and very well thank you) for years for her community and party.

  16. If you’re still counting, I sent $25 to help retire Hillary’s debt tonight.

    This is one of the few sites I can read anymore, and it’s the first one I look at every day. I don’t comment anywhere very much, but I do enjoy reading what everyone has to say.

  17. i was a precinct captain in texas & everthing iv head alot storys just like this. the the cauces system in Texas was just waiting to be taken advantage of
    there was widescale fraud state wide bye the obamas camp.

  18. the ultimate problem is that primaries really aren’t “elections’ per se. that’s why there could be all the fraud in the world and if the DNC is ok with it there is nothing we can do.

  19. My favorite line in the trailer was: “What the Obama campaign has been is the take over of the Democratic Party by white men”. Don’t that just say it all!

  20. this video is very well done. my only question is – when Brad was on PUMA radio I thought he said it would be a year before the film was completed. I understand that it’s a time consuming process, but in a year…….well, we’ll probably have President Obama or President McCain. oy

    I am happy that they’re releasing trailers. this information has to get out, sooner rather than later.

  21. Ok, I must stop visiting Talk Left. There is a nauseating pic of Obama from the Denver paper posted and the editorial along with it sickens me. This process is a farce, and pretending it isn’t just really bugs the hell out of me.

  22. Hi all, I already posted this on the first post of the day, but I wanted you to know that my sister and I met up with another Puma for a prowl in W. Stockbridge, MA to protest the Dean fundraiser for Obama at a fancy private home in the Berkshires. We wore Puma shirts and planted a half-dozen Hillary signs in succession en route to the event.

    Some people driving past honked, smiled, waved, gave thumbs up, and yelled, “She’s still our gal!” Only two cars yelled: 1) “Who wants a woman to be president?” (Idiots) And, 2) “No way!” and gave thumbs down. (Big Whatever! No surprise from Bully Bots.) A few decent folks with Obama stickers on the Benz waved politely.

    One angry woman pulled up alongside us and said, “You guys aren’t helping! We can’t let McCain win.” Frankly Scarlett, we don’t want to help Obama! That’s why we were out there! Actual democracy is what we’re fighting for.

    Overall, it was good to see that Hill still has a lot of supporters! They know the election has been stolen. They know the entire Dem Convention is a sham. It’s a regular circus with a ringmaster, dog-and-pony show, tons of freaks, and a tired audience paying to attend and be entertained by illusion. My stomach turns, thinking of Hill having to sit through that crap. But she’ll rise above it as usual. Our work is the real work, and it’s only beginning!

  23. my husband was saying the other day that the caucus system made sense in the days before tv and radio, and when newspapers were not widely read. back then it truly was allowing citizens to participate. when you showed up, you might not even know who was running, so the caucus system allowed you to learn and allowed candidates or their surrogates to try to win you over.

    today, it’s a joke. everybody knows who is running, and this year the system was used to intimidate people. we don’t need it anymore. it was inveted to serve a need that no longer exists.

  24. masslib: It is just not “healthy” to click on those various sites. We may all just end up talking to one another here if this keeps up. Alarming!

  25. Well, thank goodness for sites like this.

  26. revgrl, good job! what happened at the fundraiser?

  27. Hi Lori, I just sent you a (very brief) message about the Kansas Caucuses. Ours were a mess.

  28. does anyone know where to get Dean’s bus schedule? I tried to find it the other day with no luck. it would be great to have PUMAs at every single stop.

  29. kiki, how weird — the DNC site doesn’t have a Schedule at all.

  30. I was out there with my sister today (revgrl) at the Obama fundraiser in MA. Dean was there, but there were only private homes along the road, so we couldn’t protest nearby. We set up down the road, and waived our signs valiantly (there were only 3 of us!). I was surprised by the overwhelming number of positive responses. Lots of people waved enthusiastically (especially women), and honked. One foreign woman said, “They’ll never let her have it. It’s such a loss.” A fit and attractive woman walked by and said “You better believe it. She’s the best.”

    Only a couple of rude Bots gave us the thumbs down, and the nasty woman in purple who said, “You’re not helping!” We also got the thumbs down from her. Afterward we laughed, realizing that was a compliment–that’s our intention! We are not here to help Dean or Obama. Even after they’ve all tried to convince us that “it’s over,” it was heartening to see how much Hillary is loved.

    It was a last minute PUMA prowl, so there wasn’t time to organize more of a turn out, but just being present is important, to let people know we are still here and the “Unity” illusion is just that. I was proud to be out there REPRESENTING!

  31. Does anyone know who MommaE is?

  32. Hi kiki, we riff raff weren’t allowed in, but the one woman with us gave a letter addressed to Dean to a guest who said she liked Hillary and agreed to pass it along to him. I’m guessing 100 people total attended, based on the # of cars parked and tables under the tent. MA Governor Deval Patrick has a house near the site – not sure if he attended or not. Dean definitely was the guest of “honor.”

  33. I am sure Patrick was there. A house…it’s a mansion. They call it the Governors mansion west.

  34. Who was that rapper in the video? Why-T?

  35. Why-T…hehehe. Seriously, who was that kid?

  36. I saw Patrick at a local coffee shop a couple of weeks ago and had to refrain from confronting him on July 4th weekend about his buddy (with whom he shares speeches and Axelrovian tactics). He is not a popular guy in MA right now after the lousy job he’s done so far.

  37. revgrl; You did know that this is a part of MA that can be considered “elite” by MA standards?

  38. revgrl and fif, thanks so much for representing!

    most (but not all) of my progressive friends here in my city seem to have become stepford bots, but I bet I could get a little group together if I could ind out if Dean’s bus is coming here, but I can’t find out! frustrating!!

    the schedule must be somewhere, or how would the bots know to turn out?

    again, thanks revgrl and fif!!!

  39. The woman we were with is active in local politics and she got an email announcing Dean’s visit. Of course, you had to make a certain “contribution” to be there, but it was open to local “connected” Dems. She didn’t know how much the entry fee was.

  40. As a Texas voter who tried to participate in the caucus at my precinct, thank you for shining a spotlight on some of the problems we faced.

    All of the precinct workers at my precinct were wearing Obama t-shirts, even during the voting. A young white man from the Obama campaign (in a predominantly AA neighborhood) commandeered a microphone to give an Obama pep rally while we waited nearly two hours after the polls closed for the caucus to begin. We had approximately 500 people in my precinct, and their answer to the issue of getting everyone signed in was to call the names of all the people on the voter registration rolls. As your name was called, you were to go to the front of the school cafeteria, sign in, and declare your choice as everyone waited for the next name to be called.

    A family medical emergency caused me not to be able to stay, as after an hour of that they were just on the F’s, and my name starts with a P. I spent the next several hours at the ER waiting room, fuming that I had only been able to cast 2/3 of a vote.

    I’ve been a Democrat all of my 39 years on this planet. I’ve volunteered, I’ve donated, and I’ve believed that we were the party that cared. That night, in that school cafeteria, Old Yeller died. And in my heart, PUMA was born.




    Lori & Brad & RIverdaughter & Darragh MURPHY!!!!

    F____CK !!!!


    P arty
    U nity
    M y
    A ss

    AGAIN & AGAIN!!!

    Oscar of Documentary of the year! Yeah, I said it!

  42. LGM, glad to have you as a PUMA. you need to tell your story to Lori for the film.

  43. Pat, we grew up around here (although I live in Boston now), so I know what you’re saying about the elitism of this area. However, there’s also a two-tier existence here of the haves and have-nots. The latter are pissed as hell that many of these second-homers from urban NY and MA are buying million-dollar mansions and gentrifying the local towns to the point where the middle class is getting pushed out. The silent anger felt in the local bars and diners are from people who will vote for McCain, no problem. They don’t trust Obama and don’t understand what he really stands for. (Incidentally, can anyone answer that question yet?!) They’re far too practical and don’t get the Obamania.

  44. revgirl, once when we were out holding signs, we had a bunch of little skateboarder kids cruise by and scream about how she’s not going to be President. We should elect Obama, I think they’re just the type he’s looking for to head cabinet departments. 🙂

  45. revgrl: Some of the Old Yankee traditionalists still believe in the standard of having to work at something to achieve what you wish to attain. Obama has worked at almost nothing to get where he is and it shows. Those mucketty mucks who support him through these fund raisers have not done much more for his campaign but write a check.

  46. Seriously: And the guy on the video rapping all over the fishpond is first in line for Secy of Labor. Since he has never held a job before, they want to start with someone with a clean slate.

  47. This blog seems like the sanest place on the intertubes now to me. Don’t comment much but read every day.

    masslib: I don’t click through to most of the stuff on TL. Easier to maintain my lunch that way. 🙂

  48. my husband and I joke that Obama will create a new cabinet level position, the Secretary of Outrage. any criticism, no matter how slight, of The One will be processed through the Department of Outrage and the Secretary will issue a Statement of Outrage.

  49. kiki: And headed up by Leo Terrell. Remember him? The guy who used to go on Geraldo during the OJ trial and scream the whole time.

  50. Pat, to give you an idea of the “elite” attitude in this area, here’s an example.

    I regularly passed a driveway that had a Hillary sign this spring. It always made me happy, so one day I stopped in and knocked on the door. A man answered and when I asked about the sign, he said in a very patronizing voice: “Oh, that’s my wife’s. I’m for Obama.” He also made a crack about “supporting her because she’s a woman,” so I said, “Oh, you mean like you support Obama because he’s a man?” That stumped him, so he switched to something equally offensive:

    “The most intelligent people support Obama.”

    I countered with my Ivy league degree and passion for Hillary.

    “Well, if you look at the numbers, most of the highly educated support Obama.”

    He dismissed me with: “I’ll let you girls talk.” His wife was very happy to meet another Hillary supporter, and immediately told me how “arrogant” Obama is. She must be a racist…

  51. Isn’t everyone just about ‘Outraged’ out already? I can’t believe some of the little things that get the Obots all excited.

    Will the Statement of Outrage be read by the Secretary of Outrage or the new Secretary of Faith on the Official Daily Hour of Outrage on MSNBC?

  52. Seriously, yes, I’m sure BO will create new cabinet posts for “Czar of All Things Cool” and “SpinDoctor of Best Songs for your iPod.” : )

    Pat, so right! Pushing a pen across a checkbook and posing for a photo op is hard labor.

  53. Department of Outrage, LOL!

  54. lol Pat, no, I don’t remember him, but I really didn’t follow the OJ trial. but he will definitely be in consideration for the post. the blogger boyz will be encouraged to apply for staff jobs, which will free up their parents’ basements if they have an income. win-win for everyone!

  55. ok, i just followed a link to that barelypolitical site where the Obama girl video comes from and the site is really disgusting towards Hillary and Bill and really soft on Obama. It’s clearly an Obama site and I don’t think it just happened by accident.

  56. It just makes me laugh every time the sds talk about how their kids love Obama. Remember being a kid? How many times did you hear boys and even many girls say, “Girls can’t be President!”? Little skateboarder kids confirmed my suspicious of the under 11 set’s voting criteria. lol

  57. They will also need a Department for Racist Language so we can keep track of all the terms they deem racist. Otherwise, how can we possibly keep up with the ever-changing terminology?

  58. Seriously: I just wrote a letter to President Carter this week about that. I used to support his charity work, but he pissed me off so much during the primary season, especially with his hypocrisy regarding fair elections, that I had to bid him adieu. I threw in the gross lack of professionalism and irresponsibility as a superdelegate in allowing his grandchildren to make his choice for him. Patently absurd.

  59. Leo Terrell was one of my all time faves who was brought out nightly to “discuss” the OJ trial. No matter the mountain of evidence, Leo saw ra*cism in everything! Laura Ingram brought him back from obscurity a few weeks ago on Fox and it was the same old Leo. He screamed and hollered and Laura threatened to turn off his mic. Of course, the only word coming out of his mouth was…..get ready for it……ra*cism… for anyone questioning Obama’s credentials. This guy goes into high dudgeon at the merest suggestion.

  60. Got to hit the hay folks. Thanks for the good company. Sweet dreams of sanity returning to the electorate sometime soon!

  61. Most under 11s are really good at whining too. I’m sure Obama would love to have a chorus of them!

  62. fif, I agree. I also can’t believe anyone would consider hiring carter to monitor their elections when he had not one word to say about the shananigans. He has no credibility left.

  63. This video is AMAZING!
    Just got back from the LI/NY PUMA PARTY!
    It was FANTASTIC!!
    Thank You Wayne & Sharon for OPENING UP your
    home to US!!
    “fif”- it’s good people like you are speaking out about Gov. Patrick & Axelrod’s form of “CHANGE”!!

  64. Pat, so funny…..I’ve been listening to right wing talk radio on my way home from work. there’s a guy – Mark Levin is his name, I think – who starts out talking but always ends up screaming. it always makes me laugh. my emotions are real mixed because he dislikes Obama but not for the reasons I dislike him…..so weird.

    but it’s funny to hear him speaking calmly, then a little less calmly……and then he loses it. always, every day. if only he was a ‘progressive’ he’s be in line for a cabinet position.

  65. It’s been a long day, so I’m off to bed now. Good night, friends!

    It’s been fun, not drinking the Kool Aid with all of you!!

  66. me too, nite, keep fighting the good fight y’all

  67. @Ralph: “Will the Statement of Outrage be read by the Secretary of Outrage or the new Secretary of Faith on the Official Daily Hour of Outrage on MSNBC?”

    This is ot, but I do want to encourage you all to go read blue lyon’s new post on politics and relition. I thought I was as in the loop as anyone – hey, I read here every day! – but I wasn’t aware of the extent to which the Dem party was going evangelical.

    Carissa’s blogpost is great and the NYT article she links is a must-read. Thanks.

  68. oops, make that “politics and religion”

  69. Hi! First time posting here and just wanted to say hello.

  70. If I had my druthers, I’d split off the TX documentary from the rest.

    Caucus irregularities? Those clips are great, that’s explosive, and that’s your story. No offense, but I’d separate out the rest or cut it.

    Just the facts, maam. Stay focused and wonky!

  71. That’s a good point. The caucus irregularities really are the story.

  72. Well, I think the discussion between Murphy & RD about “Obama Camp” is important because that’s where the ‘bots were trained for the caucuses.

  73. I think Leo Terrell and OJ were um arrogant

  74. Pat, did you know Leo Terrell is a civil rights lawyer?
    He’s be perfect for the Sec’y of Outrage.
    Who would you suggest for Sec’y of Apology?
    Eugene Robinson?

  75. Ok, I’m no conspiracy theorists, but if I were say a novelist, and I had a character(candidate A) running for president who fathered a woman’s child while married to another woman, I might make that guy a stalking horse for a different candidate(candidate B). Maybe candidate B finds out about this guy’s kid, and slips it to a tabloid early on in the election. Candidate A freaks out. He’s never going to be President now and his wife may find out. So candidate B helps him cover it up provided he sticks around as a stalking horse through the first four contests. See, this guy, candidate A, is competitive with the star of my story(candidate C), where candidate B is not. So as long as candidate A sticks around through those early contests and takes from candidate C, candidate B (and his roveish campaign manager) are happy to help him out of his predicament. I might also have candidate C lay her trust in a long time friend and associate. Candidate C makes this character her campaign manager. But what candidate C doesn’t know is that this woman’s loyalties actually lie with candidate B’s roveish campaign manager. This woman is a mole. Later, candidate C will publicly fire this woman for her incompetence, but it’s really that after the first contest she realizes this woman has been selling her out to candidate B. I might toss in a few Party leader’s who despise candidate C, and her famous husband. Throw all this together and you’d have a good old fashion coup tale. But, I’m not a novelist.

  76. (blinking) Masslib? shiver

    Wow. I think you’ve got it. It’s all so clear now.

  77. katie, I’m sure nothing like that could happen, but the story sort of writes itself, no?

  78. MassLib –

    this is what I see.

    1. Charlie Rangel – A Clinton supporter – gets outed for having four rent controlled units and using one as an office.

    2. Robert Wexler – an Obama supporter who argued FOR disenfranchising Florida – then gets outed for not actually living in Florida. He lives in Maryland and the address he uses to qualify to be a Rep is his mother-in-law’s home.

    3. John Edwards gets outed as having an affair and possible child – and thus the only possible consensus candidate is removed as an option.

    I just wrote Darragh about this because it’s making me crazy. In Michigan, the bill to move the primary up was written by Republicans and passed, on a straight party line vote, by Republicans. That means the Democratic representatives all voted as the DNC WANTED THEM TO VOTE. All of them. The bill passed because Republicans wrote it and passed it. And even though Dem reps did what they should, the DNC disenfranchised Democratic voters to punish them for what their legislature did. Even though the Democratic legislators didn’t do what the citizens were punished for them doing.

    How is this not collusion with the Republican party? Is the Pubs doing Obama’s dirty work?

    What in the Wide, Wide World of Sports is going on here?

  79. I can see a poor ernest undersecretary in the department of outrage running to her boss with the day’s worst outrages: Damnit Sarah! We told you to stop bringing in examples from our adinistration! We’re supposed to gin up stories hat we’re outraged about, not document the outrageous things we’re doing and saying!

  80. earnest

  81. Oh, good story massalib. Additionally, once Candidate B has what was needed from Candidate A, he leaks the story to the media again, effectively removing Candidate A as any sort of threat in the future.

  82. What I wanted to say about the Rangel/Wexler/Edwards scenario is that it certainly proves that things aren’t so perfect for Barry. He wouldn’t be pulling Edwards off the table if he was in good shape.

    Those three outings all happened within a couple weeks of each other. It’s no coincidence. I think you’re right about what transpired with Obama and Edwards. Edwards nastiness was always puzzling to me. And then Elizabeth’s chilliness towards Obama. Something transpired there.

    Do you really think Solis Doyle had a relationship with Axelrod?

  83. Good one, LGM.

  84. Lori – Solis-Doyle did have a relationship with Axelrod. That’s proven fact. They go all the way back to her early Chicago days, which makes sense since Hillary’s from Chicago too.

  85. “Do you really think Solis Doyle had a relationship with Axelrod?”

    It’s already established. She’s from Chi-town and is known to be a close friend of Axelrod’s. Of course, she now serves as campaign manager for the yet to be announced VP candidate.

    But really, I’m just messing around. I mean, it just came to me. You know, all through the early part of the primary the press kept suggesting Richardson/Dodd were stalking horses for Hill, but when they slammed anyone it was her, which didn’t make any sense to me if they were her stalking horses.

  86. Wait, what’s the “Rangel/Wexler/Edwards scenario”?

  87. Okay–I have to say that hiring someone who’s close with the Prince of Darkness was not a good idea on any level.

  88. Seriously, it was a serious screw up. She was too trusting.

  89. Since I’m neither D nor R, forgive my ignorance but… I still don’t get why the same state had to have a caucus *and* a primary. I can understand a caucus instead of a primary if its some sort of sacrosanct ancient tradition or special case, like Iowa. However, once the people speak through the primary, the caucus can only undo their choice.

  90. Oh, well JohninCA, you are going to love this one. The Texas two step was enacted to stop Repubs from infiltrating the Democratic primary. See, the theory was only Party regulars would go to the caucuses, so if the Repubs tried any funny business in the primary it wouldn’t effect the results. Texan Dems didn’t think through a scenario where one Democrat rigs the caucus to invalidate the result of the primary.

  91. She trusted some of her best friends. She and Patty went all the way back to the White House years. How was she to know it was her most trusted friends that were going to turncoat?

  92. Patti Solis Doyle was close to Axelrod, but then so were both Clintons.
    Axelrod worked on Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign and HRC’s Senate run.

  93. Yeah, I know the world of campaign professionals is incestuous, but when the man literally appears in a puff of smoke and leaves slime trails when he moves, hiring anyone who claims to like him is a bad idea.

  94. I’d say never, don’t ever, trust a political operative from Chicago. But, yeah, we all know why she trusted Doyle. But I do think Doyle sold her out.

  95. Again, can anyone explain the “Rangel/Wexler/Edwards scenario”? I have no idea what it means.

  96. Masslib:

    Shouldn’t candidate A now be free to tell what he knows, especially of schemes to destroy candidate C? I’ll bet the wife of candidate A wants that.

  97. Although, to be fair, Axlerod worked on Patrick’s campaign and that was clean and positive. Maybe no one could have predicted how low he would go here.

  98. Seriously, on August 3rd, 2008 at 1:45 am Said:

    Although, to be fair, Axlerod worked on Patrick’s campaign and that was clean and positive.

    Patrick is a principled guy, which makes it a bit easier, however he was always showing a massive lead in the polls, so he was completely free to stay above the fray. I do think, looking back, Axelrod planted a lot of seeds to make Healey look like a frigid bitch and I think he used those techniques on Hillary. Healey went really low with that ridiculous ad she ran so that made Axelrod’s job easier. And people love Hillary, so over time, Axelrod’s tricks didn’t work.

  99. You’re right, Masslib; that’s completely insane. So they have a primary… but they can’t trust the primary because of Republican infiltrators, so right after the primary they have a caucus… which, depending on one’s perspective, may or may not need to negate the primary.

    Tell me, do Republicans do this too, or did Democratic syllogizers think up this system all by themselves? If it’s the latter, I might be able to explain why the R’s control the state…

  100. I don’t think the Republicans do, no. But I think they control the state because of Tom Delay’s gerrymandering.

  101. MassLib,

    I just meant that those actions were all of a piece – Rangel gets outed for supporting Clinton, and then the Clintonites out Wexler in return. Wexler may actually lose his seat because of the outing. Obama then outs Edwards to take him out of the running as a consensus candidate should things go completely and totally bonkers at the convention. That really only leaves Al Gore as a consensus candidate and I don’t think he wants the job anymore.

    I’ve never seen the Clintons play that kind of hardball before but it couldn’t happened to a worse Democrat than Wexler. Imagine, arguing for your own constituents to be disenfranchised. What the hell is that?

  102. O/T, but I’ve listened to the news of the DOJ admitting that Monica Goodling & Kyle Sampson hired/fired career positions based on politics. Is it just me, or does that just sound so long ago, so late, so lame.

    I’m so tired of facts about crap we knew but couldn’t prove – from Dems or Repubs – until some gets the answers 30 years later by FOIA. It’s too late then. I don’t want to see some damn article in 3 or 5 years about how Hillary was cheated out of this primary, about the DNC fix, about all this… I want some journalists to do their jobs.

    I guess that’s what the Audacity of Democracy is all about, and I’m very excited by the film. But jeez, we should have had timely MSM news.

  103. See, I think I’m missing something, what happened to Rangel?

    Boy, this novel is zipping along, and we haven’t even gotten to the Brazile character. 😉

  104. I rarely watch MSM now, but while sitting in the doc’s office I saw a clip on Wexler that didn’t act as though this were a real big deal. Said other politicians do it to provide continuity of education for their kids or such. Said Wexler will simply buy the property from his mother-in-law or go house-hunting in his district.

    Hope they kick his ass out to the Atlantic Ocean myself.

  105. Well, I just put up 4 very cranky posts, so I think I need to go sleep so I can make it to church tomorrow; looks like I’m a needin’ it.

  106. PofEd, I think it’s called, “The fierce urgency of later…”

    It’s an art form that is/was perfected by the Bushies, i.e. domestic spying, firing US attorneys, lying to the world about WMDs, sending brave, but insufficient numbers of troops to fight a war that shouldn’t have been, etc.

    Taking that perfection to a new level — enter BZero and Axelrove. When the frauds see the light of day after the MSM falls out of lust with them, it’ll be too late and they will have the bought votes in Congress to protect them or anyone with an independent voice will have been “primaried.”

    As we have learned, “later” is too late.

  107. What happened to Rangel?

  108. soldier4hillary-Welcome! Hope you’re still around. Come by again tomorrow-we got involved in something and forgot our manners. Sorry! Haven’t I read you at TM and NQ? Good stuff!

  109. Masslib, other than having 4 rent controlled apartments with very favorable rates, I don’t know anything else other than it has been rumored that he’s the one who finally pulled the plug on Hillary.

    He’s asked the Ethics Committee to investigate the rent control issue — sorta like Ted Stevens saying, “Meet me on the other side of the bridge to nowhere…”

  110. masslib –

    It turns out that Rangel uses four rent controlled properties in NY as his home – that’s against the rules. One of them is used as an office – that’s also against the rules. He’s filed for an ethics investigation of the situation and he is pissed. Right after he was outed as using that property, Wexler was outed as not living in Florida. I think Axelrod and company outed Rangel for not supporting Obama – and i think the Clintons struck back with the Wexler outing.

    Obama, having read his Machiavelli, decided to commit all of his atrocities at once, and outed Edwards at the same time, thereby removing Edwards as potential competition should things go badly for him in Denver.

  111. Yeah, wasn’t Rangel part of that little cabal that got in HRC’s face because they felt that she didn’t grovel to BO enough when he annointed himself?

  112. Oh Lori, yes, that makes a lot of sense.

  113. G’night.

  114. Seriously,

    I don’t know about that, but he’s been a pretty loyal supporter of hers.

  115. BackTrack Barack: Which Fights Are You Willing to Fight?

  116. Great video! Can’t wait to see the next installment.
    Vote with your money, think about contributing to the documentary fund.

    Said: does anyone know where to get Dean’s bus schedule? I tried to find it the other day with no luck. it would be great to have PUMAs at every single stop
    The pumapac.org regional moderators were sending out alerts about Dean’s Recruitment bus tour, through the South mostly … and PUMAs were there to meet and greet him. The DP site is releasing the dates of his stops only a couple of days prior now. You have to check their site frequently.
    Someone asked about Momma E.

    She’s involved with “Hillary Clinton Supporters for John McCain”, and has a daily (?) blogtalk radio program. That’s all I know about her. Here’ the link:

  117. What a night – in the midst of all this PUMA-docu-fabulousness, my PUMA cub opened up about her trip with her dad for 2 weeks.

    Eye-jaw-openers from the cybersphere and the homesphere.

    Love you all – we MUST KEEP THE FIGHT GOING – and yeah M_Fers, PARTY UNITY, MY ASS, until Democracy returns to the Democratic Party.

    Good night & God/Goddess keep you!

  118. In Texas one may not hand deliver ballots if one is voting by mail. They must have just destroyed those ballots, right?

  119. The Euro exchange to the American dollar since GWB took2001-03-01 0.9083
    2001-04-01 0.8925
    2001-05-01 0.8753
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    2007-12-01 1.4559
    2008-01-01 1.4728
    2008-02-01 1.4759
    2008-03-01 1.5520
    2008-04-01 1.5754
    2008-05-01 1.5554
    2008-06-01 1.5562
    2008-07-01 1.5755

    You better stay home or vote McCain because its more important to tell Obama voters who share 99% of your views to F off than whats best for your country.

  120. to F off than whats best for your country.

    Nah. That’s what we’re telling you…

  121. Mrs. Manitee (who is apparently an idiot)…

    Yeah, you can go away too lady. You’ll be cleaned up in the morning.

  122. What, did you all tag along on Obama’s European Vacation and get mad because the fast food in Germany cost twice as much?

  123. Actually Manitee you have it summed up pretty well. First time I have seen an Obama supporter actually get it.
    This whole movement IS against Obama.
    We ARE pretty pissed off about the sexism.
    We are upset about HOW he won…if thats even the right word.
    And you are correct, we won’t stop until he loses.
    Hillary 2012 indeed.

    Congratulations, and please relay your insights to your fellow blogbombers.

  124. I cannot wait to see the whole documentary. The trailer shows that it will be better than I had hoped.

    Someday perhaps, the poor little Obots will understand that it isn’t about Senator Clinton and Obama anymore. It’s about democracy and the corruption of the Democratic Party and the DNC.

    I know there are many here that still hold out a hope that Senator Clinton will like a Phoenix rise from the ashes in Denver. I don’t. The Democratic Party cannot back down now. They’ve corrupted the system too long and too much. I hope I’m wrong I really do.

    But right or wrong about that, I still won’t vote for Obama. Nothing on the face of God’s green earth will make me vote for Obama. I’m a woman of my word and when I say NOBAMA, I mean nobama.


  125. What has started to worry me now about O and camp O is if he becomes president, any criticism will be labeled r@cism. I wonder if his proposed “civilian security force” will then take care of the critic that dared to question O?

  126. G Morning.


  128. “I’ve never seen the Clintons play that kind of hardball before but it couldn’t happened to a worse Democrat than Wexler. Imagine, arguing for your own constituents to be disenfranchised. What the hell is that?”

    I follow national politics, but not to the degree that most of the commenters here do – therefore, I don’t comment very often. But this sentence really struck me – I think that the Clintons know that a line has been crossed and that our country is in grave danger. Obama is not ordinary politics or politics as usual – he is a threat to democracy, to truth and to freedom. I think that the Clintons see the real danger in the tactics and “message” of Obama and his minions. I think it came as a surprise, but both of the Clintons are quick studies – actually brilliant. Their push back will be swift and unexpected. And necessary. Besides, one can never cross a Scorpio without suffering consequences. Hillary will have the last word on this…

    I think ParentofEd’s concern about knowing something now and having it “proved” later is part of the reason for the Clinton push back – and the PUMA push back. No more playing nice or by “rules” which aren’t fair and transparent. The game has been changed.

    The last thing before my dog has a fit – I don’t think Obama will win the GE if he gets the nomination. He would be invincible if he were a repub – he could spout all the r@cism charges and it would work against Dems. The repubs should have floated this guy – not the Dems. The repubs lost a real opportunity and the “leadership” of the Dems, thinking that they had one, miscalculated on a very large scale. Obama is no Democrat and he will be outed.

  129. Good Morning what bo said

    We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” “People of all ages, stations, and skills will be asked to serve ”

    “He plans to double the Peace Corps’ budget by 2011, and expand AmeriCorps, USA Freedom Corps, VISTA, YouthBuild Program, and the Senior Corps. Plus, he proposes to form a Classroom Corps, Health Corps, Clean Energy Corps, Veterans Corps, Homeland Security Corps, Global Energy Corps, and a Green Jobs Corps. Here a corps – there a corps – everywhere a corps corps. ” Lee Cary dismissed the idea of this being an organisation for spying on each other out of hand but i am not so confident
    Lee Cary also said this about what this would cost
    that it would cost billions and billions and
    In his entire life, Senator Obama has never managed an organization larger than a Senate staff, or that of a law school publication. And, he’s never operated a for-profit business or been responsible for any profit center within one. So, while words matter to Senator Obama, it’s not clear if math means anything to him at all.
    I think the National Service idea is dangerous , both as a security measure and as a burden to the taxpayers . If it were simply service , why call it security ??

    ..going for more of the holy fluid ( coffee) be back in a bit, but the civilian security force scares me even more than the dept of homeland security .. do we need another arm of govt paid by taxpayers to oversee citizens while asking that they serve in some capacity ?

  130. lambert: the caucuses are the main attraction but if younlisten carefully, every one of us say something about a pbenomenon that drove the caucus activities. And the weird thing is that we had our interviews independently except where Darragh interviewed me. In that interview, we wen very deep into what was driving it. Brad and Lori Are synthesizing the big picture out of the component parts. The caucuses did not happen in isolation. When it’s finished, it’s going to make you hair stand on end.

  131. What if you have no hair left on your head?

  132. RD: How soon can this come out? (ideal-world-best-case-scenario)

  133. Just saw this video today…it came out a few weeks ago. See who gets the last laugh:

  134. I don’t know where the idea came from that the Clintons are responsible for Wexler’s problems. I am his constituent. It was our local paper that revealed that Wexler had not lived here for the last 11 years. He had been using his in-laws address. The man is a show-hog. Put a TeeVee camera before him and he starts his indignation routine. It is tiresome. He feigns outrage at anything to show his jewish constituency, the condo commandos, that he is working for them. We’re really having a bad time down here economically. Our property taxes and insurance are out of control. The revenue stream for our cities has dried up and we’re cutting school programs, police and fire services. Food banks are closing. Meals on Wheels is going out of business. Those on fixed incomes are having a hard time keeping up and now, we find out that he hasn’t a clue about it because he’s avoided those issues by living out of town. Now, he says he intends to rent a home here, we’ll see. But the older people still believe he is a god because he screams and yells alot.

  135. After seeing the teaser I now understand why we are such a pain in the neck for the DNC and must be derided out of existence….

    It is OK to demonize third party candidates or the loyal opposition but fellow D’s and the oh-so-coveted I’s is more problematic…you see, this was the electoral cycle we had been waiting for….

    We are spiteful party poopers (see Ms. Manitte above) or, according to the urban dictionary some of the following would also apply (you choose):

    downer wet blanket killjoy party pooper party animal bummer annoying spoilsport boring loser drag fun fun sucker bitch joke pessimistic sour puss degenerater goner grinch fag degenerator spoil sport negative stubborn debbie downer hater shit degenerate buzzkill old pussy life of the party buzz kill no fun malcontent tightass negative nancy bad seed sourpuss

  136. And Maureen Dowd today took the time to chastise and ridicule women who refuse to see Obama as The One. She likens him to Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, just a misunderstood sweetie pie that hides behind his “arrogant facade” that we have failed to recognize. As usual she is full of s*it.

  137. I also like this definition of p pooper:

    2. Party Pooper

    A young intoxicated adolescent girl who shows up to a suburban house party and takes a manly shit on the floor of the house.

    Is anybody planning on taking a “manly shit” on the floor of the Denver Convention?

  138. I haven’t attended a caucus myself, so forgive me these dumb questions, but is it open to the general public or just registered voters in that district? Do you have to show ID to get in the door? Were out-of-state Obama supporters taking part in the actual vote?

    Imagine the mindset of those Obots being bussed in to the caucuses? Talk about brainwashed! I’m a huge Hillary supporter but I cannot fathom disrupting the process like this.

    But the attitude comes from the top down … win at all costs, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” This is the way Obama has played it from the beginning … starting with knocking all his opponents off of the ballot in ’96. I’ve no doubt his voter reg drive when he was a community organizer was self-serving, too.

    It makes me worry about the GE. What shenanigans will they pull then? What about this massive voter reg drive?

    I think we need people to volunteer to go over to the Obama side for brainwashing and find out what’s going on.

    See this post from NoQuarter re: a caucus experience in Iowa. This is an older post but it demonstrates some of the cultish mindset.


  139. I’m in moderation. Lemme out, it’s dark in here!

  140. Instead of twisting themselves into pretzels by defining what Obama means to say from day to day when chances are he has changed his position on something once again, it would be ever so breathtaking to have these pundits and talking heads put it to the DNC: Please let’s agree that we made a mistake with this bozo and bring back the one candidate whose issue and policies we wholly support, Hillary Clinton.

    Are we to expect that for the next 4 years if he gets to the WH that they will be doing nothing more than “explaining” what Obama meant or didn’t mean by his latest turnaround? Ridiculous.

  141. Pat said

    DNC: Please let’s agree that we made a mistake with this bozo and bring back the one candidate whose issue and policies we wholly support, Hillary Clinton.

    Hallelujah! Amen!

  142. Ludicrous 😉 is what it is,, and extrapolate that to explaining his double talk out of both sides of his mouth at once …. to some insulted head of another country ; whom bo has chosen for some arbitrary criticism to make himself look good or get news and attention that day ….

  143. Pat Johnson, don’t you find it kinda funny that an old maid like Dowdy would be telling us about menfolks?

    And Obama like Darcy in Pride & Prejudice? Jane Austin must be spinning like a top.

  144. The rationale for Obama being the Dem candidate absolutely eludes me. The fact that some kids are influencing their parent’s choices tells me more about the parents who are so easily cowed by their little darlings than it does about any serious consideration about the quality of the candidate whose drum they are beating so fervently.

  145. Great music and overall clear and understandable but I just did not get that first thing about the telephone call. It sounded as if you were soliciting to off Obama and I know that was not your intent. Could you please make it clearere. Thanks

  146. Kerry is on Meet My Ass – His mouth makes me cringe. BO had the Judgement – shut the fuck up!

  147. Carol: I hear ya! Damn, you know the world is upside-down when I’m agreeing with Old Joe. Sh1t, I hate the DNC for bringing it to this.

  148. Can’t believe how old Mr. Brokaw is looking.

  149. Pat Johnson, on August 3rd, 2008 at 8:53 am Said:
    And Maureen Dowd today took the time to chastise and ridicule women who refuse to see Obama as The One. She likens him to Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, just a misunderstood sweetie pie that hides behind his “arrogant facade” that we have failed to recognize.

    LOL. I know Colin Firth, and he is no Colin Firth.

  150. Something just struck me, watching that clip and reading this diary. I actually was witness to Obama’s use of outsiders to affect the results in my state.

    I live in Iowa and attended our caucuses back in January. Shortly after I sat down in our caucus area (moved from one room of the high school to another because the turnout was bigger than anticipated) I spotted an old friend. She lives out of state but owns a home here that she visits occasionally. “Have you met my brother?” she asked? “I haven’t,” I replied, “does he still live in town?”

    “No,” she said, “he’s here helping the Obama campaign.”

    That brother, wearing an Obama t-shirt, remained in the caucus room throughout the proceedings, arguing Obama’s case forcefully to all who would listen and even trying to tell the chair how to run her caucus.

    It had never occurred to me until this moment to wonder about the propriety of his participation. How many other people witnessed the stacking of the deck and were unaware that what they were seeing was outside the rules?

    That’s one of the creepier aspects of the Obama campaign. They do things that are questionable (or downright outrageous) with such a sense of entitlement that there is usually little question raised. Of course, there’s the always-present threat of being labeled a “racist” should you take any exception to what they’re doing.

    This campaign has been a disaster for what was the Democratic party. Short of the superdelegates waking from their collective trance to nominate Hillary, the best we can hope for is that Obama loses in a landslide and the party comes to its senses.

    I still don’t know what I will do with my vote for President. But I know what I will NOT do. I will not vote for Barack Obama under any circumstances…not even with Hillary on the ticket as VP. I will not reward these thieves for stealing my party.

  151. Pat and Kenosha, I want to be Secretary of Outrage on Jane Austen’s behalf. Obama is Wickham, a character who at first is engaging, then increasingly noxious, conceited, corrupt.

    If Dowd is wandering around in the literary landscape, she might want to check into Heart of Darkness. Obama, like Kurtz, has deified himself. Dowd and the rest of the MSM are so many decapitated heads surrounding the Obama compound.

    “the horror, the horror”

    Thank heaven, Puma is prowling around in the jungle, poised to attack this odd little political and dictatorial monstrosity,

  152. downer wet blanket killjoy party pooper party animal bummer annoying spoilsport boring loser drag fun fun sucker bitch joke pessimistic sour puss degenerater goner grinch fag degenerator spoil sport negative stubborn debbie downer hater shit degenerate buzzkill old pussy life of the party buzz kill no fun malcontent tightass negative nancy bad seed sourpuss

    Upstate: when we protested Dean’s visit to Western MA yesterday, one woman yelled at us: “YOU ARE NOT HELPING!” and gave us a thumbs down. It didn’t occur to her that that was the reason we were there–to be a nuisance.

  153. Great music and overall clear and understandable but I just did not get that first thing about the telephone call. It sounded as if you were soliciting to off Obama and I know that was not your intent. Could you please make it clearere. Thanks

    Twandx: I agree. The opening doesn’t work. It’s abrupt and makes it sound like Darragh is complicit in a wish to eliminate Obama. Not the right message to send. And it’s not clearly explained later.

  154. Maureen Dowd is one of those women who hates women. She’s a freaking idiot. I hate to tell her… “arrogant facade” is all there is with Obama.

  155. Annie Em: LOVE IT!

    the horror the horror

  156. I can’t WAIT to see this movie. It is going to be fantastic!

  157. I have posted some of this before, but I am going to cover it a little more today. A short version. I live in Texas. Life long Democrat. I attended, along with my husband, the full precinct caucus and almost 7 hours of the Senatorial district convention. I live in an urban district (good code words) and my precinct caucus was five hours of just plain chaos and after 7 hours at the district, I had to leave and they had not even voted on the rules report. This started at 8:AM and ended about midnight. The Culinary workers union and the SEIU had 300 paid staff and paid volunteers in the state working the polls and the caucuses. Clinton sign in sheets were lost or stole, one lady (Clinton supporter had to flee on foot to nearest police station with a gang chasing after her. We were out voted 15 to 1 and only had a few delegate to the Senate, but there learned that we did not have enough for any Clinton delegates to the state convention and we would have to vote with Obama delegates to send any delegates to state. That is when we went home. I am sorry to have made this so long, I had intended it to be short. There were charges filed on my precinct and senate district. Unless PUMA prevails, I do not think I will ever call myself a Democrat again.

  158. […] The Audacity of Democracy Teaser (by riverdaughter at The Confluence) [This teaser] is just a little bit of what Brad and Lori are constructing. The narrative is just beginning to develop. We will be having a fundraiser to make sure that movie is completed and the vision of the film makers is realized. Click through to watch the video. My favorite line: “Everything that the Obama people were doing, they accused the Hillary Clinton people of doing it.”  That is exactly how the right wing tramples on our electoral and judicial processes, not to mention the national debate.  When did right wingers start running Democratic primary campaigns?  This will be an extremely important film, and I hope you can find a few bucks to help complete it. […]

  159. amazing. the more content they put out, and the better they produce it the better.

  160. Will this be out before the Convention?????

  161. […] is a documentary in the works called “The Audacity of Democracy,” which will detail what really happened in those red-state caucuses that gave Obama his […]

  162. […] documentary, Audacity of Democracy, chronicling Obama caucus irregularities is also in production; a preview debuted earlier this […]

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