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Rasmussen Reports– Fewer Democrats?!

Oh, dear!  This is alarming.  According to  Rasmussen Reports, the number of Democrats declined in July for the first time since January:

During July, the number of Americans who consider themselves to be Democrats fell two percentage points to 39.2%. That’s the first time since January that the number of Democrats has fallen below 41% (see history from January 2004 to present).

While the number of Democrats declined, there was virtually no change in the number of Republicans. In July, 31.6% said they were Republicans, the fourth straight month that number has been below 31.4% and 31.6%.

The Democrats now have a 7.6 percentage point advantage over the Republicans, down from a 9.5 percentage point advantage in June and 10.1 percentage points in May.

Ooo, look what I got in the mail recently:

Riverdaughter Becomes another statistic

Riverdaughter Becomes another statistic

And here’s a message from me to all you Dean Democrats

69 Responses

  1. I haven’t switched parties but am looking forward
    to voting for a Republican at the top of the ticket
    for the first time in my life. (I think I have voted
    for one Republican way down ticket once when the
    Dem was a slimeball.)

    NoBama ’08
    NoBama Forever

  2. CB: Friends don’t let friends vote Republican. Put your efforts towards making yourself hear in the next three weeks. Then, vote your conscience.

  3. It’s hardly a reason for much surprise,
    That D registration is not on the rise.
    The party that put a knife in our back
    Now finds that its base is beginning to crack.
    It counted on victory in the fall,
    But shouldn’t be sanguine about it at all,
    The hare and the tortoise, that old fashioned tale
    Suggests, in November, McCain will prevail.

  4. One of the proudest days of my life was the day I was able to register as a Democrat. My grandfather took me down to City Hall and I can clearly recall that day as well as any other that had played a significant role in my life.

    I loved my party. I phone banked, held coffee hours, carried signs, did mailers, drove those who needed rides to the polls. Never once did I waiver or question what my party standards involved. Like many others, I held my nose at the choices running on the ticket but at least I felt they had the qualifications and the common good as their cause.

    Today, I am angry and disillusioned at what my party has been reduced to. We were outraged in 2000 by the tricks perpetrated by the GOP in Florida in their quest to win by any means. Who would have ever imagined that a mere 8 years later this same assault would again take place but this time by our own?

    As of now, I am still a Democrat in name only. What happens in Denver will seal the deal. The “divorce” for me will be as painful as any separation from something we loved but it needs to be done for the message has to be carried. NEVER AGAIN!

    And as much as I would embrace a Hillary presidency, I also want my party, and what it once stood for, back. We never saw this coming.

  5. I am in moderation even though I swore off cable again!

  6. Yes, I’m going to be making banners for Denver
    this weekend and will do what I can for the marches
    in S.F./N.Y. on the Tuesday that Hillary will be relegated to the Congress
    ladies’ tea party as part of the convention theater.

    I saw Hillary last Thursday in person. She is the best
    candidate for President that I’ve seen in my lifetime.
    I worked hard for Kerry, and was excited when
    Daschle and Kerry asked McCain to be VP. I thought
    it would help Kerry to win.

    As for Obama, I’ll do what
    it takes to not have him elected. I don’t find him
    to be a Democrat, but then the Chicago machine is
    bi-party in its corruption. I could write- in Hillary like
    my mother is going to do, but that is one vote lost
    for Obama. Voting McCain is two votes against the

    This is the moment the world is waiting for,” Obama said when asked about his overseas trip. “I have become a symbol of restoring America to its best traditions.”

  7. Yup! I’ve got my “unaffliated” voter reg card, too. I’m saving my old Dem reg card and will ceremoniously burn it on bonfire night (Nov 5th).

    We will remember in November.

    BTW – Have you seen the 300 PUMA video? Dang! I may need to start every day with a viewing. Gerard Butler inspires me to come over all Claire McCaskill-like.

  8. britgirls: There are several hot bodies in that video. I believe the guy who played Faramir is one of them.

  9. JohninCA: I’ve noticed your poetyr before. Very nice. We could use a poet laureate around here. Do I hear any seconds?

  10. Politico just listed the “talking heads” who will be making the Sunday morning talk show rounds. The usual suspects of course: Pelosi, Kerry, Brazile, Daschle, etc. Glad I stopped watching them months ago.

  11. Here’s another JohninCA poem:

    Ludacris opened his mouth all too soon
    His lyrics were more than inopportune
    His words are the most unfortunate progeny
    Of profane hatred, if not misogyny
    Their tenor can end in no other result
    Than undermining his candidate’s very own cult
    While helping the backlash which, in the fall
    Might just help McCain to go and win it all.

    Love it!

  12. I think Pat is a troll. (That’s what Eddy says.)

    Well, according to Davey – everything is good in Bo land:


    Maybe someone should buy him a ticket to reality!

    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008

  13. I second. This blog continues to attract talent.

  14. Awesome song choice. I forgot all about that song. I used to sing it at the top of my lungs in my car.

    Loved your letter to the media this morning also.

    Ironically I have always registered unaffiliated until moving to Florida 2 years ago, when I registered Dem so I would be able to vote in the primary. Ha. That worked out real well for me.

    Back to unaffiliated for me.

  15. Well, Donna Brazile and Howard Dean said the DNC didn’t need us, so we’re leaving. I wonder how fast the numbers will drop if Hillary’s name is not placed in nomination.

  16. I called Union County NJ registrar a few weeks ago about the status of my reregistration to Unaffiliated. I was told that the change of registrations were soon to be done. Apparently, the department is backed up, the changes in party was the last thing that they were going to do – and yes, there were quite a few of them to process. I sent mine in on 2 June – hoping I get it soon!

  17. I want to vote for McCain as a Democrat. So, I’m waiting until November to give up my affiliation. Thank you for giving us a place to come to and feel as if we’re not alone in this struggle.

  18. I am just waiting for the poll numbers, which I have little faith in at this juncture, to show him going below 40. Obviously he has lost 6-7 points in the last week and I am hoping to see it lower still before Denver. That seismic shift may weight heavily on the supers decision to follow the right path.

    Maybe if we can convince Obama that, like a game of golf, the lower the score, the better the chance of winning, he will go out of his way to outrage more public opinion.

  19. Riverdaughter, hi.
    Thank you for your consistently excellent work!

    I hope it’s okay to post this reminder:

    Saturday 8/2 at 9pm ET. (6 PM PDT)
    Puma Pac’s weekly show hosted by Darragh Murphy, founder of PumaPAC.

    Also, if anyone is wondering, Cindy Sheehan, who is campaigning to unseat Nancy Pelosi, does not support Obama. She supports Cynthia McKinney.
    Just so you know…

  20. I think it is spreading beyond hillary supporters. rank and file dems are just starting to realize that they don’r really like him. As his numbers plunge, McCain stays steady. I bet a lot of Dems are just going to stay home or skip the top slot. Either way, can’t be good for downticket dems…

  21. dances: thanks for the reminder. I’ll post it on the front page a bit later.

  22. Okay – now he is live on Fox News. Are we sure he is not really like the character in “Simone” – a digital actor?

    He’s talking race again.

  23. Still not a correct view Dems have lost many more my State for example you can’t change Party affiliation until you vote in the next Primary and trust me I am no Dem nor Repug. I was a Hillary supporter and she happened to be a Dem and I was then thinking it was a real contest, I foolishly participated in the rigged Party event and I know many in the same boat have booked but can’t change the record.

  24. Carol : Urban League

  25. He’s talking race again

    Carol it’s that or why was his world publicity tour a flop complete with bad reviews and why have the polls many now turned to McCain…so O and Axelrove trout out the Race card simple

  26. Carol,
    I have a feeling Davey better get used to cleanup.

    As for Brazile, Pelosi, Kerry, Dean, Daschle, Claire, pretty soon they’re going to look like Bagdad Bob

  27. Oh an congrats on your confirmation wlecome to the Party Unaffliated ma.

  28. Can’t we just say the guy is inexperienced and unqualified to have our vote and be done with it? It is the truth, we are not making it up so why must we suffer the slings and arrows of his supporters just because we say NO?

    And if the Dem Party numbers are sliding, what happened to the big push on voter registration that they were touting only 3 months ago? The numbers they were unable to accommodate voting booth wise. Interesting.

  29. Love the comparison to Baghdad Bob! Now there was a guy willing to go all the way.

  30. Thanks, Riverdaughter; your words were so kind,
    Up to this moment I’d been resigned
    To playing, obscurely, some little part
    In lifting morale with a lyrical art.

    Because God and country come first to me,
    I can neither Dem nor Republican be–
    But spoke up, that there be averted this fall
    Disaster, that o’er us hangs like a pall.

  31. I have one of those too. I’ll be voting for Cynthia McKinney.

  32. From Ron on HillarysVoice:

    Some time ago, I posted a chart in the Files section here that shows the breakdown of the 3 major parties:


    When the PUMA movement began in June, it seemed apparent that the Democratic party numbers would
    diminish. Here’s how the parties stack up now:

    39.2% D
    31.6% R
    29.2% I & other

    At the moment, it seems like 30% of the Dems will vote Republican this year, the Indies will split, and a small
    percentage of Repubs will vote Dem. The election could look like this:

    27.44% D
    11.76% D for R
    16% I for D
    15.6% I for R
    27% R
    2.2% R for D

    Add it all up and the split between Obama and McCain could be something like this:

    McCain 54.36%
    Obama 45.64%

    Actual results could be somewhat different depending how how the Indies swing. If Hillary is the nominee, she’d
    win, no question. It’s absurd that she isn’t the nominee. If Obama fails, it’ll be on him and not due to racism in
    this country.

    Here’s the Rasmussen link:


  33. Carol:

    Maybe someone should buy him a ticket to reality!

    Well, I won’t buy him one but I know where he can pay $5 for a chance to win one….

    My three proudest days of political citizenship:

    1. Voting for Hillary Clinton for Democratic Party presidential nominee, Feb 2008
    2. First time voting ever: March, 1984 in the Mass. presidential primary. (3 days after I turned 18!)
    3. Switching to Unaffiliated registration, June 2008

  34. Wow! I’ve never seen the Obama girl piece before. It’s quite sexual. (And I find it offensive.)

  35. If my parents, and their friends are a reflection of how the voters 75 and older are going this season, they are sitting out the election and refusing to vote for president. They are doing this quietly since no one is really polling them, and they aren’t joining the PUMAs or vocalizing their intentions to the DNC or the SDs.

    I believe the truth is these polls are as inaccurate as the primary polls were and Obama will lose (if he gets the nomination) by much more than predictions will show.

    The SDs have never cast their votes, so they will have to do so at convention. The only thing that will make them think twice is if they are uncertain Obama can win the GE, and their own re-election this year, or in 2 years, will be at risk if they vote for his nomination.

  36. Florence, on August 2nd, 2008 at 3:22 pm Said:
    Wow! I’ve never seen the Obama girl piece before. It’s quite sexual. (And I find it offensive.)

    It’s amazing, isn’t it?!

    Yet, one of the negatives against Hillary was Bill’s wandering eye.

    Obama doesn’t even hide the lude comments and movements he makes toward women on the campaign trail. He’s disgusting.

  37. You have had a busy morning RD. Your posts always come at the right time and say the right thing. I have no idea what is going to happen this month at the convention but the bright spot for me is that this confluence has been a place to come for all of us who “had no place else to go”. I hope after the convention the Pumas become a base, born in the grassroots, for helping to promote much needed change in our country. This summer I took a road trip across country which I love to do. I felt like singing “America the Beautiful” all the way across. Wouldn’t it be great if we could include “of the people, by the people, and for the people” along with that thought again.
    Thanks again for this blog and putting up with those of us who lurk.

    Pat J: on your registering to be a Democrat -expresses many of my thoughts.

  38. http://noquarterusa.net/blog/2008/08/02/obama-you-are-ludicrous/

    Check out the video. He laughs about his 3-year-old daughter’s interpretation of a line–part of the lyrics below. Sasha says “Drop it like a sock” (or something) and Obama finds that really funny!

    This video is going to win votes and influence people, NOT!

    When the pimp’s in the crib ma
    Drop it like it’s hot
    Drop it like it’s hot
    Drop it like it’s hot
    When the pigs try to get at yea
    Park it like it’s hot
    Park it like it’s hot
    Park it like it’s hot
    And if a nigga get a attitude
    Pop it like it’s hot
    Pop it like it’s hot
    Pop it like it’s hot
    I got the rolly on my arm and I’m pouring Chandon
    And I roll the best weed cause I got it going on

  39. blognovoice: “I have no idea what is going to happen this month at the convention but the bright spot for me is that this confluence has been a place to come for all of us who “had no place else to go…”

    (if I may be forgiven for cross-posting…)

    Denver, as all here are surely aware,
    Now must become like Tiananmen Square,
    Prevarications from Dean’s DNC
    Cannot continue with impunity.

    The leadership must with reality meet,
    As insurrection mounts in the street,
    Down with the flip-flopping candidate hack,
    The people must now take their own country back.

  40. No fair, you get to vote in Primaries…I am so moving to NJ.

  41. John, you should put on a Guy Fawkes mask (like in V for Vendetta) and post some of these on YouTube.

  42. And to add to that the number of under 30 voters who are CERTAIN they will vote has fallen from 66% to 46%.

    Yep, yes we can has turned to we probably won’t.

  43. And to add to that the number of under 30 voters who are CERTAIN they will vote has fallen from 66% to 46%.

    Yep, yes we can has turned to we probably won’t.

    Mountain Sage

  44. And now he’s chickening out of the debates.



  45. I refuse to leave the Democratic Party at this juncture. I want to make sure that I’m a pain in their backside for some time to come. Throw me under the bus and I’ll crawl right back out, you know. Since the current party “leadership” seems intent on saddling us with Obama in the most ethically repugnant ways possible, I reserve the right to “go nuclear” at the polls in November and punish the Democrats by voting for John McCain. Yes, it will be a painful thing to do and yes, the fallout will stink – I don’t want another four years of republican rule. However, I can live with it, as Obama and the DNC have proven that they are undeserving of the “big prize” this time around. By not letting them have it, we may end up with a stronger party by 2012…assuming they can learn their lesson.

  46. Here, I wrote about it: (none / 0) (#72)
    by masslib on Fri Aug 01, 2008 at 02:26:55 PM PDT


    [ Parent | Reply to This | 1 2 3 4 5 ]

    masslib, Hillary did not say she wants to be VP, and PUMAs do not support her on an Obama ticket.

  47. I speak for myself, and I find it hard to believe anyone could watch that video and think Hillary is not advocating for herself.

  48. I was an undeclared voter until I needed to vote at the democratic delegate convention. To help elect a Hillry delegate, I changed my registration to a Dem as only Democrats could elect a delegate for their candidate but I will go back to undeclared/decline to state.

    In my state, decline to state were allowed to vote in the primary so needless to say, I voted hillary.

    And I campaigned for her in 5 states.

    I call myself a moderate democratic leaning voter but as I dislike some democrats, I also some republicans…

    McCain, Olympia snowe, Gov Rell, and I am actually beginning to like this new woman they have…sarah palin. she sounds very gutsy!

  49. riverdaughter, on August 2nd, 2008 at 2:46 pm Said:
    “dances: thanks for the reminder. I’ll post it on the front page a bit later.”

    Thank you.

    I’d like to suggest that you send copies of your “non-affiliated” confirmation letter to the DP, DNC, and Docta Howard Dean especially.

  50. We’ve already agreed to disagree on the VP matter, GrapeApe. As for PUMA, PUMA is made up of many different people making many different choices in November if Hillary is not the nominee; there is no set standard. Just NO OBAMA.

    Let’s just agree to disagree on the whole VP issue. That is not our priority right now. Denver is.

  51. Thanks, reg.

    So sue me, I like that Palin woman too.

  52. Thanks for all you do riverdaughter.

    I started to cry as soon as I heard the song…knowing the words to be fitting.

    I did lash out in June and I did switch to Repub. It killed me and it still hurts.

    I am doing what I can when I can to get Hillary elected at the convention. SO, I am still a faithful hardworking dem….until Aug…then we’ll see after Nov 4.

    Hillary ’08
    McCain if I must

  53. Mass: I like Palin.

  54. I will remain a Democrat till Nov 5. I want to make sure there are NO problems with voting. The O people will cheat and deny voting rights to anyone not voting for precious, so I will be giving them no excuse to find problems with my voter registration. They are a bunch of thieving thugs that will stop at nothing, I am taking no chances.
    But I will be going supernova on them – voting for McCain and against all Dems. They will get no quarter from me. As far as I’m concerned they have all allowed this obamination and are complicit in this. I made peace with my decision way back. Someone on this blog said- I think it was Janis-that on election evening, the Dems and DNC needed a kick in the teeth so hard church bells would be ringing in their ears for days. I agree with that totally – I don’t care if McCain leads by 10 pts the day before – I will be adding one additional nail to the Dem coffin. I will not falter. I am not grieving, I am determined.

  55. I am a FORMER Democrat. I just switched from the party of my lifetime after Hillary and I were stabbed in the back by the JERKS at the DNC. The democratic party can go to hell. I am now am Independent i(in PA). The best candidate now sits home.

    After taking me and people like me for granted for years, they thought they could do it again. Well they can’t. As much as I hold McCain in disdain, I despise the other guy.

    I will be glad to vote against him in November. And my congressman, Patrick Murphy, will not get my vote either, even thought his opponent is a right wing nut job. Hillary won my district and my state, and Murphy did not endorse her. I guess there were about $18,000 reasons why. SCUM.

  56. I re-registered as independent out here in CA. I haven’t yet made up my mind about the fall, but when I do, what happens in that voting booth remains strictly between me and God, and no one has anything to say about it.

    I’ve also become a much more assertive feminist. Hillary’s experience has shown a lot of us women how much disrespect we endure simply because we are women. It’s time to leave the hipster era of postmodern postfeminist cool irony behind us and start fighting back.

  57. I got my Unaffiliated card a few days ago, and I got a little sad. It’s the first time in 25 years I haven’t been a Democrat.

    As for older voters, my 75-year-old Republican mother is hesitant to vote for McCain, is sickened by Obama, and will probably cast a protest vote for the Libertarian party candidate in the presidential race. She’s pissed because she was looking forward to voting for Hillary.

  58. I didn’t get a letter confirming my “de-registering”…however, when I did the deed, I received an updated Voter Registration card on the spot, which reads…DTS which means, “Declines to State.”

    MMMM…since this is NM, does that really mean I’m still registered but not telling anyone??? I wouldn’t put it past this place, esp. since it is currently “The Land of Bill Richardson”….

  59. By the way, that song is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!!

    and may I add a quote from Charlie Chan that I have been using as a sig at Alegre’s Corner:

    Of Wisdom for a Man’s Self–
    “If befriend donkey, expect to be kicked….” –Charlie Chan

  60. Mountain Sage, on August 2nd, 2008 Said:
    And to add to that the number of under 30 voters who are CERTAIN they will vote has fallen from 66% to 46%.
    Yep, yes we can has turned to we probably won’t.
    Mountain Sage, every so often someone posts a line that translates into a graphic, I create them, and send them off as postcards via email to friends. Or, if I know they’re going to be published on a blog, I credit the person whose concept it was.

    All this to say: I used your “yes we can…” line on one this afternoon, and it was unexpectedly used on a blog, without crediting you.
    Please accept my apologies.

  61. I just got a disturbing phone call. Apparently, in Albany the Governer announced at a meeting that because the state has no money, there are plans to sell the tunnels and bridges.

    That’s great! No government, just private infrastructure.

    Does anyone in NY know anything about this?

  62. My partner and I are NJ stats now, too. Hudson County. I was going to send it to the DNC but I spilled coffee all over the it. Oh well, maybe I still will…

  63. Sorry — not ‘the it’, just ‘it’.

  64. Seems to me to be an unusually high number of people from new jersey who are switching over and – generally pissed off about Obama and the DNC’s antics etc.

  65. Murph, on August 2nd, 2008 at 10:48 pm Said:
    Sorry — not ‘the it’, just ‘it’.

    Wow – I thought you were taking a tip from George Bush – you know, who does “The Google….”

  66. […] Rasmussen Reports– Fewer Democrats?! (by riverdaughter at The Confluence) Oh, dear!  This is alarming.  According to  Rasmussen Reports, the number of Democrats declined in July for the first time since January… Ooo, look what I got in the mail recently: Dear [deleted] This is to acknowledge receipt of your request to change your party affiliation to UNAFFILIATED. You are now registered as an Unaffiliated voter. […]

  67. […] Rasmussen Reports– Fewer Democrats?! (by riverdaughter at The Confluence) Oh, dear! This is alarming. According to Rasmussen Reports, the number of Democrats declined in July for the first time since January… Ooo, look what I got in the mail recently: Dear [deleted] This is to acknowledge receipt of your request to change your party affiliation to UNAFFILIATED. You are now registered as an Unaffiliated voter. […]

  68. You know what CB I gotta give you props on your comment concerning

    “I have become a symbol of restoring America to its best traditions”

    He’s right about that. Obama will remind Americans that we need to put the interests of our country first before the scheming manipulations of any party be they Dem/Rep. He will remind Americans of what it means to actually work for something and not just show up and expect to get credit. He will remind us of what the word substance means and to stop obsessing over the empty body that is the celebrity. It doesn’t matter how “cool” you are, if a wo/man doesn’t work hard, play fair or remain honest they don’t beling anywhere near our government. That goes for all three branches: executive, legislature and judicial.

    I may be a black woman but I BELIEVE strongly in what those crazy white men wrote, and I believe in my country. (I say crazy because they were willing to vandalize, fight and die for it. Not so, with our current opiated population.) I just don’t know what happened.
    Can’t vote for W squared just cause he’s black. I won’t.

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