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      Colin Powell was the first black secretary of state. He was the consummate insider, who climbed the military bureaucracy with great skill and vigor. A man who always knew what had to be done to get ahead and get along. In Vietnam, for example, he understood his role perfectly: his time as a young U.S. Army Major posted in Saigon, when, after the My Lai Massa […]
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Meet Me in Denver with Murphy on Tonight!

Set your crystal radio set, transistor radio, batchannel or livestream (depending on your decade) to Meet Me in Denver with Darragh Murphy and Friends tonight at 9:00 PM EST on NQR.  John West and Michell of the 300 Delegates will be her guests.  Get updated on the plans for Denver and call in to express your opinio- and I know you’ve got one.

106 Responses

  1. We will be listening, Riverdaughter. Darraugh and you together on the same show is enough to lift anyone’s spirits about this dismal election season!

  2. WigWag: I won’t be on tonight. It’s Murphy’s show. But I will be listening.

    BTW, Lori sent me the teaser to the film she and Brad are doing. I can’t wait to show it to you but not yet…

  3. It’s a date…. Where do we go from here there is no way the SD’s have the courage or honor to buck Dean and Pelosi and go with the will of the Base righting this fraud. And it’s obvious Obama will be slaughtered
    another hit right on the nose from McCain:

    “We understand it might be beneath a worldwide celebrity of Barack Obama’s magnitude to appear at town hall meetings alongside John McCain….”

    like wacking ducks in a pond….and this is only day 2

  4. Ok, again, this is soooo good:

  5. Crap, RD, I just posted the link. 😦

  6. When a flip-flop is apparently not a flip-flop.


  7. rd: When are you hosting on blog radio?

  8. Wow, the previews to that PUMA film are powerful and so well executed! Can’t wait until it is completed and ready for distribution.

  9. rd is hosting the wednesday after next, the 13th i think

  10. taggles: We should all bombard the switchboard at the same time and let her try to figure out what buttons to push!!!

  11. Salt,

    Do you happen to have a link handy for that quote from the McCain campaign?

  12. That documentary teaser is awesome! I don’t think it will be ready in time to change the outcome, but PUMAs will see to that!

  13. Where’s Carol?

    Contribution Details
    Date: August 02, 2008 6:16 PM CDT
    Contact: *********
    Amount: $50.00

    Will go to her 2012 Campaign, though.

  14. I agree, the teaser was good. Now, I will ask again…who is the guy they are interviewing who talks about the irregularities of the Texas caucus? Does anybody know? Is he a high wig in the D party?

  15. you are bad bad bad pat!!!! I won’t be there to stop ya! LOL

    good luck RD

  16. high wig?, big wig?, sorry not sure…

  17. Move your big butt over, Michael Moore, “The Audacity of Democracy” and Brad Mays rock!

  18. Mawm – Excellent!

    $50.00 for our Gal Hillary

    I beg the difference – after Denver, it will go to her GE campaign 2008.

  19. Now, you know that if O does not make it, you are all going to be made responsible a la Nader, right? You will be pariahs in most progressive circles…..lepers….Murphy is well aware of it.

  20. I don’t know who this “Your Name” person is, but he really has an obsession with BO!


  21. Mountain Sage, on August 2nd, 2008 Said:
    And to add to that the number of under 30 voters who are CERTAIN they will vote has fallen from 66% to 46%.
    Yep, yes we can has turned to we probably won’t.
    Mountain Sage, every so often someone posts a line that translates into a graphic. I create them, and send them off as postcards via email to friends. Or, if I know they’re going to be published on a blog, I credit the person whose concept it was.

    All this to say: I used your “yes we can…” line on a graphic I created this afternoon, and it was unexpectedly used on a blog, without crediting you.
    Please accept my apologies.

  22. UpstateNY – leper by any other name is just as beautiful.

  23. Upstate, At this point we’re still working to get Hillary the nomination.

    But about the General Election? There’s not a chance that Obama will win. And there won’t be anyone to blame for that but him.

  24. Don’t know Carol…be ready to be vilified and ostrazised even more than we are now….

  25. Upstate, are you saying we should be quiet?

  26. kbird, I know that…I would love to see it happen, I really would…She is my senator and a very good one at that, but…please forgive me….I do not see how the DNC is going to allow it.

  27. They have my address if they want to come on over and talk about it now. I promise Eddy and I are more scary than they are.

  28. I know you would love it Upstate. How do we have any choice but to keep talking? We’re down to weeks.

  29. Hell no, kbird….I just see how things are now (very e’uphoric D party). They are going to need scape goats big time, when their bubble bursts and guess who is going to be trashed to pieces…. Just lets prepare, that is all.

  30. Carol, Pat has explained me the “situation” with Ed/Eddy…it must be difficult….how does he feel about it?

  31. Upstate, I’ve discovered that I’m sort of looking forward to it. I even went over to dKos a couple of weeks ago and exchanged a few comments with the faithful that resulted in my getting banned in about 1/2 hour.

    When I first came here I was too timid to actually follow that through. What “they” said still mattered to me. But, Now? Let them fire away; I’m impervious!

  32. He’s in love and doesn’t realize I am just playing him. When he gets boring, he’s out of here. But, he is such a fun gentleman (well, except, you know in the bed…………).

  33. UpstateNY,

    I answered in the other thread. Sorry.,

    The guy in the hat is the brilliant Pacific John. He posted at DK, MyDD and now i see him at Alegre’s Corner fairly frequently. You’re going to see a lot more of him.

  34. I mean, the guy in the “hat”. Geez. Riverdaughter – can you fix that?

    Brad will be going back in and putting in subtitles in the next cut.

  35. I’m really looking forward to seeing The Audacity of Democracy in full. Our experiences at the Kansas Caucuses were horrific. And I still get a feeling of panic when I think about that night.

  36. katiebird said:
    But about the General Election? There’s not a chance that Obama will win. And there won’t be anyone to blame for that but him.

    Y’know, Obama never asked for my vote. In fact, he’s on record for having said he doesn’t need my vote. Hillary asked for my vote. McCain even asked for my vote (against all odds, I might add).

  37. Good for you, kbird. 1/2 hour…a record? I do not give a crap what “they” think either.

    Carol: understood….you mean he is not fun in bed, or no gentleman….never mind…do not need to know….P

  38. upstate, how are they going to blame us when he loses by about 300 electoral votes???

  39. SophieL — Hillary used to end each debate asking for our votes. Obama? Apparently not interested.

  40. I think it was about that. They comments were disappeared almost as fast as I posted them so it’s impossible for me to go back and check. It took about 15 comments.

    It was amusing. I was of course branded a “troll” — which to be fair, I was — but then: A couple of people noticed my low userid (427 or something) and pleaded with me to calm down — that I was a valuable member of “the community” and that I shouldn’t say anything to jeopardize that relationship!! HA — that was the only point to my visit!

  41. Gary, I’m sure that won’t stop them. Still, I’ll take the blame with pride!

  42. Lori, thanks, Pacific seems to have his shit together.

    Gary: yo que se…ya se las arreglaran para convertirnos en chivos expiatorios.

  43. kbird, you troll, you.

  44. Somehow I do not think you are ashamed at all. heh.

  45. UpstateNY,

    did you read his diary about his experiences with the texas caucus? When we decided to do this documentary, I knew it was where I wanted to start.


  46. I still drop by Balloon Juice occasionally to moon the kool-aid drinkers.

    The other day they were piously reciting that Obama obviously wasn’t talking about race when he said he looks different from the guys on our money.

    They dropped the topic like a hot potato when his campaign admitted he was talking about race.

  47. MyIQ, I hope you use a different name when you post there. If your IQ is 2x mine, it must be at least 4x theirs!

  48. I noticed something wading thru comment threads at C&L, Hullabaloo and BJ – there is virtually no debate over anything anymore.

    It’s become like Redstate and Freeperville, where each commenter agrees with the meme of the day.

    When Obama says something, they agree. When the WORM turns, they agree with that too, as if they never believed anything else. It’s very Orwellian.

  49. Lori: no, I had not read it. Thanks again. I had heard of irregularities in other caucuses that seem consistent with the ones Pacific mentions.


  50. Upstate: He is being held hostage down there. Guaranteed, if the accepts the VP slot we both wash our hands of him. So he may take it just to get an “early release”.

  51. Katiebird:

    This was from earlier at BJ:

    myiq2xu Says:

    Real ponies don’t oink.

    Obama is a one-trick pony, and that trick won’t work on MCain like it did on Hillary.

    The media doesn’t hate McCain, so playing the race card backfired.

    Now Obama is fucked, because he will have to run on his record and on the issues.

    Here was one response:

    Because McCain would’ve been a fine gentleman and debated the issues rationally with the white woman instead of a 24 hour BillaryVinceFosterRoseLawFirmTuzlaVaginaBitchapalooza. Uh-huh.

    Believe it or not, that was one of the nicer responses.


  52. My comments were not posted on C and L. The last one was very mild. I just suggested that both candidates were lame and they decided to withhold. My attitude now is why bother. They merely want to trumpet Obama, warts and all. The convolutions of the posters in explaining his shifting positions is comical though.

  53. I just got a disturbing phone call. Apparently, in Albany the Governer announced at a meeting that because the state has no money, there are plans to sell the tunnels and bridges.

    Great! No government, just private infrastructure.

    Does anyone in NY know anything about this crap?

  54. Karolina: Fox carried it earlier today.

  55. Lori: You and Brad are to be commended; the teaser looks great!

  56. I watched a horror movie today that reminded me of the situation we are in–a large part of the population in thrall to a cult-like leader and a group of people who didn’t fall for it, freaked out by the behavior of the wierdos among them. It was eerie. I’m trying to figure out how to write a post about it.

  57. Yes Lori, it was amazing. It was fun to see P. John after reading so many of his writings.

  58. Karolina, the GW Bridge, the Lincoln Tunnel and the Holland Tunnel are not owned by NY State, they are owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The State doesn’t own them so the State can’t sell them.

    The Triboro Bridge, the Whitestone Bridge and the Throgs Neck Bridge are owned not by the State but by a State Authority, the MTA. The State and the City have equal representation on the MTA Board. These bridges couldn’t be sold without the City’s consent.

    Don’t worry, it will never happen.

  59. Pat,

    I hope you enjoyed your dinner. I still haven’t eaten. I might just make some popcorn and forget dinner for tonight. That is if I can work up the energy. The weather is getting to me.

  60. bb: Remember the movie, A Face in the Crowd with Andy Griffith and Lee Remick? Kind of reminds me of that.

  61. bb: The weather here has been horrible; the humidity is awful. Supposed to be better by the end of the week. I cannot wait for Fall to be honest. And the dinner was wonderful, thanks.

  62. Pat,

    I’ve never seen that movie and I’ve always wanted to. I hear it’s very scary.

  63. Hi Katiebird and UpstateNY! I hope you’re still here.

  64. OK I signed in early to blogtalk …hopefully it will recognise me this time 🙂 and I wont have to be waving frantically to people saying hey its meeeee..
    cheeesh Boston ..
    sometimes …
    I feel like i am in a horror movie, I actually yelled at a good friend today because she was making a hypothetical about bo winning and I couldn’t take it …even tho i know he can’t and won’t wont

  65. BTW, how many of you detected the following?

    George Orwell Sighted in Florida

    During his speech, Obama was interrupted by three men who stood up with a banner asking, “What about the black community, Obama?” Many in the crowd began chanting, “Yes, we can,” the Obama campaign mantra to counter the criticism.

    I bet you didn’t notice this was just the doings of Orwell promoting the latest edition of his book, The Animal Farm?


  66. What is scary about that movie is that it can happen. All about an obscure guy who had a great gift for folksy gab. They got behind him and he was given a tv show where he kind of held sway over the nation with that folksiness. The intent was to have him direct people how to vote for candidates he stood behind. The attendant publicity and hype went to his head and he became obnoxious. They left his microphone open one day and he was caught making fun of his audience. That was the end of him. A manufactured dupe who got caught up in his own arrogance. Sound familiar?

  67. Thanks, Wig Wag. Now, I can inhale again.

  68. Go BB! (I am lending you some of my dog’s energy so you can at least make some popcorn) Maybe I should contact the energy department….

  69. By the way, Karolina, in New Jersey where I live, the State has been having fiscal problems for a long time. Mostly this is because of the mismanagement of previous Republican Administrations starting with Christy Whitman.

    The current Governor (Corzine) actually floated as a trial balloon ,selling the New Jersy Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway. There was such an uproar that the Governor had to rescind the plan.

    Now to raise money they are going to triple the tolls instead.

  70. Hi Bostonboomer!

    Long time no “see”!

  71. Hi BB (waving)!

    I’m here — I took a little break for dinner. Mister made pizza and homemade baked french fries. (umm)

    Have you rested up from your week yet?

    MyIQ — I can’t stand reading what those people are up to. It’s just too weird.

  72. Hi BB

  73. (snort!) Susan has a funny post at No Quarter. Look at this for example.

  74. Have you guys noticed that we are this much closer to 2 million hits?

  75. What about The Candidate, the film with Robert Redford? I don’t remember it very well. Parallels?

  76. 2 million hits and a poll number of 37 on the same day would be awesome!

  77. Just came from TL. BTD does not give up the whole H for VP thingy….MO does not look good for O…you think?

  78. Heh, just saw the picture….first I thought it was a shower hat…

  79. At the end of the Candidate after he wins the last words uttered in the movie were “what do we do know?” Then the credits roll.

  80. Should now not know. Sorry

  81. KB, Obama still doesn’t look like those other presidents on the dollar bills. I looks stuck up.

  82. Pat: Yikes.

  83. Mawn, well, yes…but the wig is a plus.

  84. Wig Wag, out here near Chicago where I’ve been helping out an ailing parent for a few months, many of the highways are owned by foreign companies now. I don’t know how that happened, as I’ve been in NYC for over 2 decades, but it seems pretty creepy.

  85. Karolina, many of the highways in Europe are also developed, mantained and owned by companies…then after a number of prestablished years their use reverts to the state. Not ideal but it works all right.

  86. RD,
    although there is a super community here, wouldn’t it be nicer to be able to rec each others comments, and reply to various others on the way down the page instead of getting to the bottom and then forgetting the many things you wanted to say to everyone on the way.

    I know its such a pest to switch and you may know of this and rejected it – but have you looked at http://www.soapblox.com – I stumbled apon them the other day and its easy to recolor and eliminate functions you don’t need clutterupping your site but keep the good parts.

  87. You mean we can really buy the Brooklyn Bridge now?

  88. Hi Karolina! Hi Mawm!

    KB, I feel pretty rested. All I did today was get a pedicure and take a nap. Now I’ve got my popcorn and I’m ready for blog talk radio.

  89. A few years ago, the Governor of Indiana sold the Indiana toll road (a stretch of Interstate 90) to some private company.

  90. BB: I-65 near our house here is owned by someone too.

    Sophie: yes you can. I have the papers right here on my desk. 😉

  91. We are watching Star Wars….Wife is seriously considering Princess Leia’s hair style…. Help me Obi One Kenobi, you are my only hope!

  92. UpstateNY: Oh my God!

  93. I know. I am not leaving her though. Hey, it may be interesting…heh.

  94. Upstate: could be worse…Nanny McPhee is also on right now.

  95. SophieL: Funny, funny, funny!

  96. Yeah…I guess you are right, Sophie. heh.

  97. Magdalena, I agree with Pat: The Candidate is a great movie! You have to see Robert Redford’s parody of himself as a candidate in the back of a limo, and his immitation of Richard Nixon (and this was ’72, before Watergate really broke, or happened in June of that year). Also, Peter Boyle was his campaign manager. His deal with the reluctant candidate in the beginning is written inside a matchbook cover: “You lose”. The young people as his troops for campaigning, and very mild dirty tricks (by today’s standards), may be parallels.

  98. Has anyone else seen this NY Post article What if Obama Loses

    The title is more promising than the article.

    There are plenty of uninformed voters out there, and all you have to do is scare them.” [said Jake Abraham] It may not take much. According to a recent Newsweek poll, those white voters most reluctant to vote for a black man are, shockingly, in the 18-29 age group.

    “I would imagine that those voters are, for the most part, uneducated,” says Michael Fauntroy

  99. Clearly, the writer (MAUREEN CALLAHAN) has never been to the Confluence.

  100. FDR was not a candidate that was originally greeted with open arms. JFK won narrowly and there has always been the question of the Chicago count attached to that win. Obama started out with higher expectations and we have seen those expectations take a dip in the polls since many people are leery of what his call for “change” and his shifting positions portend.

    Obama is nowhere in their league. They each had other accomplishments and held government positions that he lacks. His time in the Senate is so minimal it is almost laughable to suggest that this experience qualifies him to lead. The luster is off for some. And none too soon.

  101. Fauntroy should be thrilled to have those “unintelligent” voters since without them Obama would never have gotten this far.

  102. dotcommodity: I thought about that and have decided that it’s not a good idea. At one point I thought it would be cool but I have learned from painful experience, that those types of blog communities are easily manipuluated and can be particularly vulnerable to indoctrination so I have ruled it out.

  103. RD, I’m glad you did. I like the unthreaded comments too. The conversation seems more vital throughout the thread.

  104. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

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