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Hypocrisy, thy name is Obamagirl

Yesterday, there was a big kerfuffle over whether John McCain’s latest ads were racist because they featured blonde bimbos like Paris Hilton in the same video with Barack Obama. Well, that’s certainly the pot calling the kettle…er, better not go there. Someone might head for the fainting couch and I am fresh out of smelling salts.

Here is the video, the number one ad for Barack Obama, viewed more than 9 MILLION times, of gyrating suggestive Obamagirl, heavy breathing and dying to get it on with Obama. Now, they might not have created it or paid for it, though she looks like she deserves *something* for putting out so publicly, but it is absolutely true that no one in Obama’s camp has condemned this video of a comely twenty something enticing a married man.

The hysteria is wearing thin among we newly created racists out here. Just sayin’

57 Responses

  1. Wasn’t Obama girl guest on “Hardballs” more than once? Chris Matthews was even happy that she showed his mug on one of her youtube videos.

    Btw, has the media ever fought so hard for one candidate? And how come Obama is always first to inject the race card in the race and the media end up badgering his opponent for being racist?

  2. OH YOU NAILED IT nailed it to the barn door RD … with a nail gun
    Thank you so much ….I am laughing so hard

  3. May this be widely linked!

  4. Nauseating!

  5. I thought the video was disgusting. I couldn’t watch the entire thing. We are electing a president, not an American Idol. Did the campaign produce it?

  6. RiverDaughter.

    What about the June 27 ad where McCain puts Obama’s face on all the American landmarks?

    The one Obama was referencing when he said “they’re going to say I don’t look like the presidents on our money”.

    These are Republicans remember. Was the Harold Ford commercial “Call me!” racially charged?

  7. I’ve never seen this video before (wouldn’t go there) but did watch a few seconds today. The first thing that came into my mind was how she was coming on to a married man.

    How sad is it that even the candidate for the presidency uses women like this to get votes. The misogyny never ends….or should I say that this video should have told women everything they needed to know about Obama.

  8. I’ve never seen Obama girl other than in the SNL skit when Hillary was forced to apologize to Obama girl. Watching that video would ruin my day for certain. What’s interesting about these polls is that no one can say that McCain is “peaking” too early. He’s basically staying the same. he has lots of room to grow. But Obama…he has lots of room to fall.

  9. Hillary knew what the Rs would do to him. She warned them. She knows how they can create a narrative and kill your candidacy with a million cuts. But…noooooo….all these young people, and the blacks, and those pretty blonde girls who drink double capaccinos, and the tree huggers…they will carry us through it all. What a bunch of tools.

  10. Carol, how did you find that video? Did you follow it to the church’s website? He seems even more black liberation theology than Wright. He’s organizing black residents of harlem to boycott local businesses to ultimately drive down housing prices there by economic starvation.

  11. It is more than obvious that bo , bentaxle and brazile the swill schill ….never learned to play chess either … because they didnt see this coming but I bet it is only in early pages in the repub playbook …

  12. No, I just remembered that some preacher came out againt the BO girl – I haven’t watched anything other than the part about how BO got noticed “on a pair of 54 D’s”. I am pretty sure those aren’t 54 D’s. I googled “preacher Obama girl”. It popped right up.

    Now, BO is saying McCain not racist just cynical afer stating that some of his statement is about race. Shewwwwwwwww, I’m glad we cleared that up.

    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008

    Mawn, watch your Monks – they are really good.

  13. Obama has denied that they had anything to do with the video. I don’t know. Remember the Clinton 1984 video? It ended up the creator was working for a firm hired by Obama campaign. They denied they knew anything about that one too.

    But even if I assume that they knew nothing about obama girl, they certainly lapped up the media coverage of it, and never said anything about it being racist. For Obama supporters to now claim that the McCain ad is shows how grotesque their hypocrisy has become.

  14. Who created the “Obama Girl?” Was she created by the Obama campaign?


    I remember that when asked if she voted for Obama, Obamagirl girl said she didn’t vote.

    She’s a hired actress/singer – paid & bought by Obama.

  16. I watched exactly 40 seconds of it before I couldn’t take any more. I don’t think people really knew what ObamaGirl was about. That is truly offensive.

  17. Why the RACE CARD played now..what’s Axelrove trying to drown out

    This is an example of what yesterday’s SUSA

    Missouri, 3 Months Out:

    Among voters younger than Obama, the contest is tied. McCain holds 87% of Republican voters; Obama holds 83% of Democrats. Independents break 5:3 for McCain. McCain leads by 28 points in southeastern Missouri, by 23 in southwestern Missouri, and by 21 in the northern portion of the state.

    McCain (R) 49%
    Obama (D) 44%
    Undecided 7%

  18. Carol, I watched the one last night. I liked it. I haven’t been able to get throught the one last week. I keep falling asleep during it.

  19. Dear Riverdaughter, Fellow Conflucians, PUMAs Everywhere:

    My mea culpa for my backsliding. I know I am one. But….only on occasion. It is like that perennial New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. I mean it at the time but something lures me back to a chocolate binge.

    I will fully admit to my transgressions. I own up to it. I wear it. I completely repent. I swear it will never happen again.
    I will even go so far to mete out my own punishment. I am deleting perezhilton.com from my bookmarks!

    Ed and I are spending the weekend at the Cape just letting our imaginations run wild!!

    I am a PUMA to the end! Never doubt.

    A Chastened Conflucian

  20. This is the moment the world is waiting for,” Obama said when asked about his overseas trip. “I have become a symbol of restoring America to its best traditions.”

    At this stage in the 1988 presidential race, Michael Dukakis, the Democratic candidate, had a 17 percentage point lead over George H.W. Bush, who went on to win the election.


    Democrats anxious for Obama to widen lead

  21. What is the moment that that the world is waiting for?

  22. Obama and another flip flop: Prefers pancakes to waffles. Says he has been “saying it right along”.

  23. pat, no!!!! perez hilton has always been a Hillary supporter, unless he’s taken the cool-aid lately

  24. perez is now touting Obama on his homepage. But this message from you underscores that I am not the ONLY one reading him! A ha, gary!!!

  25. For those of us who were showing angst yesterday regarding the number of household chores we have ignored over the last few months, read this. I knew I always had my kids best interests in mind:


  26. From that link;

    On Friday Barack Obama raised the same question: “Do you think that you are better off now than you were four years ago or eight years ago?” he asked voters in Florida.

    Idunno, somehow doesn’t seem right to me for Barack to take credit for 8 years ago when all through the primaries he was saying the Clinton years weren’t really that great. Another disingenuous, intellectually dishonest Baracktrack.

  27. If Obama starts saying, “what didn’t you like, the peace or prosperity?” I think my head might actually explode.

  28. SophieL: Did you get my e-mail?

  29. Is there any new information about Obama in this book?

    The Swiftboat author (Corsi, Ph.D) has a new book–”Obama Nation” that is rated 4 stars on Amazon. It is selling while Pelosi’s book about daughters is not selling that well. Maybe if Pelosi had stood up for the qualified woman, I’d think she had something to say.

  30. Probably because Pelosi does not reflect women as much as she reflects Pelosi. I would not buy her book.

  31. Pat: I did! Cool.

  32. Mawm,gary: Just read this in my local paper and am forwarding just as an fyi.


  33. Sorry, guys, can’t watch this video. Je refuse.

    Rassmussen today:

    The number of people who describe themselves as Democrats has fallen from a surge when both Hillary and Obama were in the race to a low of 39 percent–two percentage points lost during July.

    PUMAs and others just got their pictures in the papers, so to speak.

    I want to make clear I am not crowing. I think this is sad. I am saddened as a Democrat. But the DNC and the Obama campaign have brought this on.

    They only wish they could get Hillary as VP.


  34. Obama has a big problem with older women, you know, a group that votes consistently in large numbers. Not like Obama girl who couldn’t be bothered to go to her polling place to vote for BO in the New Jersey primary, which he lost.

    From the Irish Times:

    “What McCain has is likeability, a quality that Reagan had in spades, at least for Americans. Obama may not be so quite so well endowed in that department. Polls show that older women are not at all as enamoured of him as younger women. He has a serious problem with women over 50, a category that traditionally turns out to vote. Perhaps they are not so ensnared by the glamour and charisma. Or perhaps they have just become too jaded and cynical.”

    [Jaded and cynical? What about politically savvy and more concerned about qualifications and character than media hype? Glamour can be had with hours at the gym and a big clothing budget. Charisma can be manufactured with media hype, skilled tele-prompter reading, and a 20-something speechwriter who has read Faulkner. Yes, it can! ]

    This is the moment the world is waiting for,” Obama said when asked about his overseas trip. “I have become a symbol of restoring America to its best traditions.”

  35. Yeeech! Maybe it wouldn’t seem so damn sleezy if Obama weren’t a married man. It is a disrespect to his wife, all wives, and to all women.

    Imagine if Bill Clinton’s team had sent something like this out for one of his elections. Would he have grinned and winked at, and would he have won the election?

  36. More importantly, where where the NYT and especially Bob Herbert on this? Oh, right: saying nothing. McCain compared Obama to Britney and Paris; there was nothing even sexual about it, let alone bigoted.

    And yet this video, which is a young woman offering herself up sexually to Obama was received by the media as proof that he’s–wait for it–a “rock star,” which was the whole point of McCain’s ad: Obama is no leader; the man’s a celebrity!

  37. The bo girl video was one of the first things ( ok there were so many ) things that really sickened me and turned me off about bo .. I seem to recall he made some comments about the obama girl that were anything but a condemnation , and he was smiling and laughing … and I knew then it would come back to bite him, as I am absolutely certain Hillary and Bill knew as well

  38. At the time, I thought I was the only person in the world that thought the ObamaGirl video was just plain trashy.

    I got real sick real fast of all those celeb girls [Gwyneth, Hallie, etc] with crushes on Obama. I kept thinking, same old story, women as cheerleaders. And I do not in any way mean that as a compliment.

  39. Has anybody looked at the McCain ad that I’ve been trying get some response on? The one where it shows him as “the ONE”? I think it is pretty destructive, but apparently no one else does!

  40. The McCain ads (including “the one”) are going to be effective because they use BO’s own words. McCain can go negative without showing more of himself than a smile.

  41. I guess I can’t call Hillary a celebrity — someone famous for being famous — but she’s the real star in this race. There’s a consensus that it got boring after she conceded.

  42. Correction: suspended, not conceded.

  43. gmanedit: That’s because Hillary is the life of the party!

  44. Karolina: I thought it was pretty destructive since no one can say they put words into his mouth. They’re his!

  45. Thank you, Pat.

    I agree. Can’t say anything there is racist, right? That’s what I think might have happened yesterday—they couldn’t say “Obama is being victimized by another racist ad.” and so the “Hillary released her delegates” distraction was born. Maybe.

    Ben and Fuzzy actually commented too in the wee small hours of the morning, now that I think of it. It was before coffee.

  46. I never could watch the Obama Girl video.. just out of sheer feminist anger at how offensive it is to women.

    Was the Harold Ford commercial “Call me!” racially charged?

    Yes IMHO, I thought it clearly had a r*cist angle. What nobody is mentioning now about the “Call me!” ad was that it was playing off – in an offensive way – a piece of true information: Ford went to a Super Bowl party that was in some way sponsored by Playboy. Was Ford really partying it up with a bunch of young women in bunny outfits, probably not, but it’s not a stretch of the imagination that voters would hear about Playboy and think, hey, a wild party with a bunch of young women in bunny outfits. The ad 1) played off conservative/religious view that going to an event connected to Playboy is not appropriate and 2) clearly had a racial angle. Ford was not engaged or married at that time and the GOP was implying that he’s a player.. and showed a blonde, white actress in a Playboy outfit right at the end winking and saying “Harold, call me!” I think I don’t fully understand all aspects of the racial thing in that ad, either, but I think it was meant show him in a negative way to black voters as well.

    The difference with the “Britney/Paris” ad is that the piece of true information it’s playing off is not Obama socializing with a bunch of young women, it’s Obama being a huge celebrity. Of course. Some of the bloggers are saying this and the “Call me!” ad are exactly the same because they both show young white women, but the angle is completely different. Now if Obama had been spotted at an LA nightclub, and the GOP ran an ad with a young blonde at the club saying “I got a crush on Obama,” that would be a r*cist and offensive ad IMHO. And I bet some GOP group or 527 will eventually go there, with a really offensive ad showing young women fainting at his rallies..

    And let me say the other part of this that pisses me off is the UNSUBTLE idea it pushes: that young women are slutty and dumb! Obama Girl, Britney/Paris, “Call me!” –> all equally infuriating ads on that point.

  47. Regarding Corsi’s book – it’s trash and probably has a 10:1 ratio of lies and distortions to actual facts. Screw him. The Google will reveal some extraordinarily nasty things he’s said about Hillary, I gotta run so don’t have time to look them up, but Corsi is a despicable, shameless, opportunistic liar.



    DO NOT



    Proof Obama bought and paid for that tubie clippie?

  49. Well I personally would like to read the “Obamanation”
    it is supposed to include 700 footnotes, hes been researching this book for a couple of years. This book has nothing to do with Hillary, all to do with Obama and his associates. Maybe he has real information about “the chosen one” that will give you a full veiw of what could be in store for the country should he slime his way through to the White House



    Today in Jacksonville…the Junior Senator from Illinois….got called out…..

    A group of African American men held up a sign stating: WHAT ABOUT THE BLACK COMMUNITY, OBAMA?


    WHAT ABOUT THE 13TH DISTRICT THAT YOU REPRESENTED AS A STATE SENATOR?…….an area, unfortunately, known for out of control gang violence, drug warfare, school violence, hate churches, hate mosques, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, corrupt alderman, and notorious slumlords


    WHAT ABOUT YOUR ENDORSEMENT OF SUBSIDIES FOR PRIVATE ENTREPRENEURS TO BUILD LOW-INCOME UNITS?……. subsidies which have caused many projects, in your district, to go into disrepair….

    Senator, you talk a good game……even if it is in your fake street vernacular……why the fuck do you talk like that when you’re talking to black people……and totally different when talking to white people….it’s fake…..played out…patronizing……arrogant…..and, annoying……

    Why don’t you talk more about Chicago?…why don’t you tell the truth?……stop saying you changed things here…you didn’t…..

    Our governor…….who happens to be Your homie/mentor, Tony Rezko’s boy, and a Chicago Machine robot…..said just a few weeks ago that Chicago is out of control

    He’s right….I know it….you know it….everyone in Chicago knows it…….

    Pretty soon the rest of the country…..or should I say world……… is going to know it…….

    (in Obama’s district he represents s.i.c.)

  52. Can Barky and Axelgrease go any lower? This has gone from intolerable to insufferable.

    Another great job, RD.

  53. If Obama and his crew think Corsi’s book is a pack of lies, it should easily be refuted. Obama hasn’t had to anwser for anything, so maybe this is the only way he can be vetted, ’cause he hasn’t to this point.

  54. Yeah, the twenty-something Obama girl trying to seduce a married man who technically could be her father, since he ‘ll turn 47 the day after tomorrow. See….Baracki is not that young after all, he is just an arrogant middle-aged man, that’s all.

  55. “You can Bar-ack me tonight”


  56. […] girls in a video with Obama was the most racist thing EVER!!! Good thing we had Riverdaughter to remind us of Obamagirl.  not to mention commenter Woman Voter who dug up this quote from Obama himself: “Andy Warhol […]

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