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Friday: Top 10 Reasons to Nominate Hillary at the Convention

10.) Now that she’s not going to be VP, it will keep the wimmin folk happy.

9.) She did kinda earn more votes than he did.

8,) NJ has hired Tony Soprano and his men to pay the RBC Committe members a social call and break Howard Dean’s knees for making the state pay millions on a primary that didn’t count.

7.) CA, NY, MA, FL, MI, PA, OH, TX, AZ, WV and KY are paying Tony’s travel expenses.

6.) She can speak sentences that have a begining, middle and an end.

5.) Those sentences make her sound more qualified than him.

4.) No fried foods in Denver?!?! (Someone tell Bill)

3.) It’s the principle of the thing.

2.) To show once and for all that Obama is not a chickenshit coward who is afraid he might lose to a girl.

1.) If the convention isn’t fair, open and transparent with an authentic nomination for Hillary and arguments for her, and yes, maybe even some disunity before the final vote, then the nominee will not be seen as legitimate — and we WALK!

333 Responses

  1. How about, she would be a great President, and he would be a disaster.

  2. Yes! Excellent video.

    RD– On the previous thread, Puma-SF reported seeing Hillary and shaking her hand recently. Said there were lots of pumas there and they have video and photos.

  3. BB: I’ll see if I can shoot PUMA-SF an email for the lowdown.

  4. And here is one not to ..

    Habitual liar

  5. Hi BB, I have been meaning to say that lately but have not seen you around.

  6. reptilian brain indeed.

  7. at least reptilian admits it…Obama is a habitual liar and we don’t want to nominate someone like that.

  8. Hi Riverdaugher: (and good morning all!)

    I’m trying to post this on all pro-hill site, if its not appropiate for this site, please erase it. Thanks!

    Yesterday, Sen. Mccain called Obama out on his incessant race baiting, and it was about time. Enough is enough! I for one am estatic that Mccain and Repubs are not lying down over the fraud and his awful antics.

    The action item involves 2 things:

    1) I wanna encourage ALL of you to PLEASE call the Mccain HQ to thank them for calling that fraud out on his incessant race-baiting, and ask them to continue to vet Obama to the FULL extent! Our beloved country’s future is at stake.. and I want Mccain and the RNC to vet him on EVERYTHING. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call Mccain’s HQ as well as the RNC.

    The phone numbers:
    Mccain HQ: (703) 418-2008, open by 10am, EST
    RNC: (202)863-8500

    2)The second item, yesterday on CNN, David Gergen said Obama is tanking and needs Hillary as VP to seal the deal. As someone on Hillary’s forum wrote : “Thats like the Cook asking the Captain to peel potatoes.”. For me either Hillary as the nominee.. I WILL NOT VOTE FOR HER IN ANY OTHER CAPACITY! She is more qualified, she should NOT accept the VP spot.
    She SHOULD NOT bail out this fraud!

    It is up to us to remind her campaign WE do NOT want her as VP
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take 2 minutes to call her campaign to relay this message.

    Hillary’s Campaign office: 212.213.3717 (should be open by 10am EST)



  9. Oh and, kind of late but wth….we are all innies in my family (wife and I 40, son 8: started as an outie though). Hope Brook can use the info.

  10. Hi Upstate!

    I noticed you were around and wanted to say “Hi” to you too. I’ve been working for the past few weeks in kind of an exhausting teaching job. Sometime I come and read and just can’t get up the energy to comment. I just can’t wait for the weekend!

  11. I understand BB. Sometimes I do not visit the Confluence for days…..Well, today is Friday so the weekend is about to start.

  12. Good morning PUMAs!

    Need more reasons? How about: It’s the right thing to do, it’s in the rulz, it would make the Democratic party look, well, Democratic, and will give us our best chance in November.

  13. Thank you everyone who gave us your innie/outie data. I think she has enough to do her project now.

  14. Go Brook, go.

  15. ssmith: If John McCain can help put the racist genie back in the bottle, more power to him. That doesn’t mean I’ll vote for him but it’s the right thing to do.
    Good suggestions.

  16. RD: thanks!….completely understand..hopefully people will still call mccain’s office to encourage them and let them know most americans are sick of this race-baiting and even more important call Hillary;s office to say we DO NOT want her as VP..

    bye all!

  17. I think the Repubs just said, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” Good for them. I still think the Obama campaign owes Bill a huge apology.

  18. McCain and the GOP can do what Hillary Clinton couldn’t. He isn’t going to get the AA vote anyway, and he knows it. So he might as well call Obama out on his race baiting accusations and stop it before it starts.

  19. The progressive blogosphere has jumped the shark on the race card issue.

    Not only do they insist that presumptuous = uppity, they think that when Obama says he doesn’t look the the Presidents on dollar bills he isn’t referring to race.

    They are listening to whistles that even dogs can’t hear.

  20. I’m glad I’m a liberal, cuz progressives are D-U-M-B

  21. I posted my first YouTube video. I got an idea on the ride home from work and finished it around one in the morning. The audio lost some quality in YouTube’s conversion process and I think the message may be too subtle, but there it is nonetheless.

  22. RD,
    Were there any outies? Just curious.

  23. Myiq: I think they are following my farcical mutation theory. The environment is forcing the progressive blogosphere to up the screaming and mutate to the ultimate shrillosphere. It is headed to extiction soon because there is no way the average American can take this seriously. Pretty soon, the only word you’ll be able to use without getting called a racist is “The” and someone will probably scream that it’s a DEFINITE article., implying that Obama is INdefinite.

  24. GAgal,
    I believe there were some outies but not as many as Brook predicted.

  25. I love this video thanks!

  26. All that, and she can win too!
    Anyway, the truth shall set you free – so I confessed: I am a racist

  27. RD:

    I get the same reaction reading non-PUMA lefty blogs that I used to get from the wing-nut sites.

    I’ll read something and think they must be lying or crazy, and if they’re lying then they are definitely crazy if they expect me to believe them.

  28. Two more reasons:

    1. To accurately reflect her final popular numbers in the primaries.
    2. To remind everyone that OB needs to work more and presume less.

    He’s not the heir presumptive: http://thedamedomain.blogspot.com/2008/07/presumptive-air.html

  29. bboomer mentioned that puma-sf saw hillary and wrote about it in the cocktail threat….she also said that hillary thought the best way to unify the party was to put her name in for nomination. so I guess CNN is full of S@#$.

  30. Morning everyone! Love the top ten and the video. Yes, please. Why not? We might even WIN this time!!

    Myiq – I actually wrote a whole post yesterday entitled, “The Presumption of Racism Jumps the Shark.” I ended up deleting it because I thought I was giving them a bit more attention than those nutcases deserved.

    Mind meld again…:-)

  31. Gary – REALLY? I missed the cocktail party – out and about.

    REALLY? Hillary wants to put her name in?

    Oh my Gawd. That is the ONLY way to unify the Party!

    Our Girl is so smart. I am so happy to hear this!

  32. that’s what I thought I read…someone go back and double check…it was about 1:30 or so in the thread…

  33. I’ve seen people arguing that all white people are racists because of “white privilege”

    According to these geniuses all white people lead privileged lives and so we are unconciously racist even if we don’t intend to be.

    I am a flaming liberal but WTF?

  34. Puma-SF said:

    Puma-SF, on August 1st, 2008 at 2:00 am Said: Edit Comment
    Man, I have a ton of pictures and tomorrow SimoFish will publish the video she took while Hillary was speaking.

    Originally it was labeled an event to help pay down her debt but some how it morphed into a unity event. Hell, there were about 10 Pumas that I know for sure but I’m sure there were more. Afterwards we all stood around and told each other our pen names.

    She said that she thinks it would help unify the party if her name was put into nomination and that she wants her supporters and delegates to be recognized and heard.

    I shook her hand. I hugged her and I told her to sign the petition that she would win and that we had her back.

  35. Damn! Spammy the moderator got me. I used the “r” word.

  36. I just found it gary:

    Puma-SF, on August 1st, 2008 at 2:00 am Said:

  37. Sorry, duplicate.

  38. lol plural, we must have found it at the same time!


    If that’s what she wants, by golly, we’ve got make sure that she gets it.
    I happen to agree with her wholeheartedly. The ONLY way the party is unified is with trial by fire.

  40. SophieL: Your video is fantastic!!!!! A must see for everybody. Great work and congratulations.

  41. It’s getting downright scary.

    Have you ever been been talking to someone who initially seems normal and intelligent and then suddenly they say something that makes you realize they are a few fench fries short of a Happy Meal?

    If Digby had said that flouridation was a commie plot or if Glenn Greenwald had said the jewish Banking Conspiracy was responsible for the FISA bill they wouldn’t have sounded any nuttier than they did arguing presumptuous = uppity

  42. Pat: Thanks. I probably should have spent more time on it, but…
    I see you got the present I left for you and Carol in that video (lingering on the Eddy shot)!

  43. The news that Hillary will allow her name to be put in nomination is the best news I have heard. This is true…right?
    The post is GREAT! I love it and I am sending it to everyone.

  44. myiq –

    If Digby had said that flouridation was a commie plot or if Glenn Greenwald had said the jewish Banking Conspiracy was responsible for the FISA bill they wouldn’t have sounded any nuttier than they did arguing presumptuous = uppity

    Yesterday I found out who else had been called presumptuous in the press, either by themselves or their opponents. The list included:

    George W. Bush – by himself and others

    Mitt Romney – by Rudy Giuliani

    The voting public and the media – by Mike Hackabee (relating to the Wright scandal)

    Hillary – by herself and the media (the most occurrences)

    Fred Thompson – I forget by whom

    An Oregonian underdog Democrat, Steve Novick

    You know, I checked, and none of these people are black.

    The HuffoSphere has gone completely bonkers.

  45. It’s a form of censorship and I’m not participating. I’m sure I’ll get called a r@cist because of that video.

  46. that’s why I make sure to call him arrogant or presumptuous at least once in every post I write 🙂

  47. …well, and also because it is next to impossible to write about him without using those words…

  48. gary: ROFL

  49. Obama IS arrogant and presumptuous.

    Just because the Republicans are saying it doesn’t mean it’s not true.

    Why should they go to the trouble of making shit up when they get the perfect issue gift-wrapped?

  50. Kudos on the post and I am SO relieved that Hillary’s “decision” to not be nominated at the convention was another Obama-FANTASY/DNC-LIE.

  51. SophieL – LOVED that video…hope it goes viral in short order!!!!!!!

  52. SophieL – I had no idea you made that video. Are you the one singing? Congratulations – it’s just great! 🙂

  53. I have no audio at work!!! I must wait all day to watch (and hear)

  54. If you want to get upset and/or depressed, it’s easy to find all kinds of writing about white skin privilege. It amounts to being born in a state of original sin, which I guess the left has embraced whilst rejecting the religious ideas along those lines.

    Of course, it would be a hideous thing to teach people of colour that they are not the same as all other humans based on outward appearance, but you can tell who the bad guys are in this world because they are born with the lightest skin tones.

    I’m not subscribing to original sin by any calculation.

  55. Ms. Marple – I do know one thing: Thinking of oneself as a victim, even if you have been victimized, never leads to anything positive.

    Only through taking your personal power back can you effect change.

    Obama seems to be a perpetual victim to me. Nothing is EVER his fault. It’s an extremely unempowered attitude for a presidential hopeful to take.

    It turns me off more than I can say, because it reminds me so much of George W. Bush.

  56. Sophie, it is SO over-the-top—which makes it PERFECT! I think this will make it to the MSM, because the will not be able to ignore it. I love it! The song is from the Lion King right?

  57. […] meet with Hillary and a very important message is conveyed: She said that she thinks it would help unify the party if her name was put into nomination and […]

  58. There’s a report in the NY Daily News that Hillary has decided not to put her
    name in nomination.

    If it’s true, I’m just sick about it.

  59. Sorry, I posted this without reading thru the thread.
    So, it isn’t true?

  60. I firmly believe that her name will be put in nomination and will hold onto that until the nominee is voted in at the convention.

    The Obama camp floated plenty of rumors that she was going to concede before the votes were even in in South Dakota and Montana. Just trying to affect the voters!

    I’m not listening … (fingers in ears) lalaallalalal

  61. @ the poster formerly known as nycblue:

    Didn’t they (the press not necessarily this paper) report about 1000 times all winter and spring that she’d decided to drop out of the primary race?

  62. Karolina: Yes, it’s from Lion King

    Madamab: My video is not the one in the post. (I cannot sing to save my life, btw.) My video is in a link in my comment at 8:13.

  63. Oh! sorry SophieL. Let me go check it out! 🙂

    I agree with britgirls. Don’t believe anything you read in the MSM about Hillary, especially if it’s about her quitting or giving up. 🙂

  64. formerly: the article says an insider said she wouldn’t put her name in nomination but an official spokesperson said no decisions had been made yet. Daily News article here

    We’re drafting her!
    Madame President! Hillary ’08

  65. Katiebird,
    Yes, of course they reported continually about her dropping out! I don’t even read the papers any more, or watch any tv. (I come here and a few other PUMA sites!)

    But this story landed in my email box, so somehow I took it more seriously.

    I checked here right before bed at midnight, so I missed PUMA-SF’s fantastic story about the event in SF where Hillary suggested she WILL have her name placed in nomination.

    Okay, off to do my letters to superdelegates.
    Thanks for the “head straightening.”

  66. MLK dreamed of an America where people were judged by the content of their character.

    Character includes things like arrogance.

    I guess MLK was r*cist too.

  67. Oh, SophieL, that is just perfect with the Lion King music in the background!

    You know what’s scary, is that some of those photos are NOT photoshopped!

  68. Obama’s chickens have come home to roost (doing my best Rev. Wright imitation)


  69. Hey everyone – did you see that the suspected anthrax terrorist “committed suicide” on Tuesday night?

    Glenn Greenwald has the whole story.

  70. Obama’s candidacy destroyed the progressive blogosphere. Besides acknowleding that they were pro-Obama, these bloggers forget to treat him like a regular candidate and be skeptical toward him and his policies. Their pro-Obama and anti-Hillary rants became stale, and now what is left? They’ve moved on to being anti-McCain but they still can’t get over their Obama love. And I don’t miss reading any of them!

  71. @ the poster formerly known as nycblue:

    Can you share what you’ll be saying in your letters to Super Delegates?

    I’ve been spending afternoons at my parents house working on “projects” and we decided that today would be “letters to super delegates day”

    But, I’m not sure how to do it efficiently. Any hints?

  72. The whole “arrogance” = “uppity” thing makes me sick as Obama (and the OFB) are trying to redefine the meanings of words –Orwellian to say the least. The context and historical use of the word “uppity” is r@cist, just like the “n” world is r@cist because of its historical use and context. By the same token, however, the word “black” and the word “arrogant” do not have the same context and historical use as the “n” word” and the word “uppity.” Words in and of themselves are not r@cist; it is the historical context that makes them so. What Obama and the OFB are doing is not only so unbelievably ignorant it is downright frightening to me.

  73. If anyone had difficulty reading the script on the video, try this link: Hillary 08or12 Boots Are Made for Walkin’ *BETTER*

  74. katiebird

    I wrote a letter to Rep Murphy, a super del from my state of PA. Do you want me to e-mail it to you? I would post it except it’s kind of long and was put in moderation when I tried to post it before.

    It’s funny, I remember taking Pol Science 101 and having to write a letter to an elected official and I just hated it. Booooorrrriiiingg!

    But now I’m chomping at the bit!

  75. I’d love to see it britgirls (katiebird@gmail.com)

    but, I’m also wondering what the most up-to-date or easy to use contact tool is.

    Or should we just stick to our own Kansas superdelegates?

  76. I used http://www.lobbydelegates.com and had them e-mail and mail a copy of my letter. Then I mailed a letter myself from home.

    I’ll e-mail you a copy of my letter.

    Love that you’re spending the day doing this!

  77. The Talk Left commentators are also getting sick and tired of being labeled ra*ists simply because they too oppose Obama. His “victimization” tactics may have just fallen apart as most of us resent being portrayed as reactionary “Bull Connor’s: simply because we see little merit in this candidate. Enough already! How many times can you yell “fire” in a crowded theater before it begins to fall on deaf ears? This could be that time.

  78. Katiebird, I’d be happy to share my superdelegates letters as soon as I write them. Should I email them to you? I’m doing them on EW.

  79. madamab: Yes, I saw the news this morning regarding Ivins. This is very mysterious and interesting. Seems one of his friends is indicating that this may not be a “suicide”.

  80. @ the poster formerly known as nycblue:

    I’d love to see them. What’s EW (I’m queen of the dumb questions. EW means Entertainment Weekly to me)

  81. I apologize if this information has already been posted here. I am trying to get updated information about the PUMA conference in D.C. I emailed the Puma conference website but did not receive a response. I’m trying to find out if I can still register. I’m also hearing that the conference site is being changed. Does anyone have up-to-date info to share?

    I am also trying to connect with pumas in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I cannot access the website Will Bower provided on the radio on Sunday for making these connections.

    I’m feeling alittle frustrated in my efforts to move from talk to action.

  82. These are two great videos. Children are our future and they did a great job representing themselves in the “Boots made for walking” video. And the “Can’t wait to be King” is perfect for expressing Obama’s intent because I think he’s already planning his next “promotion” before the first presidential vote has been cast. Which, if he succeeds, may be a good thing because he can’t stick to anything and in a few months he will be restless and ready to conquer the world. This man’s ambition will not stop with Our White House; he’s too much like his cousin Odinga.

    Ironic that the fate of our nation depends on a small woman in a pantsuit standing in the way of Obama’s ambition while the big chest thumping males running the “band” continue to display.

  83. Scranton

    I’m a NE PA PUMA (in the Bethlehem area) of.

  84. apparently PUMAs aren’t the only ones who are racist and use “code” words. I guess the “hip hop” community understands that Obama is only distancing himself from Ludacris to calm white people’s nerves…

    Of course, Obama and his people have to condemn the rap, because it does say some vulgar things,” he said. “If you’re running for president, you’re supposed to be an upstanding individual.”

    While hip-hop fans are expected to be a factor in the November election, the song is not.

    “Hip-hoppers and black folks understand the game,” said Jeff Johnson, an activist and host of an upcoming news and public affairs show on Black Entertainment Television. “They’re thinking, ‘An Obama who knows how to play the game is still better for me than a McCain.'”

    So they are allowed to use code and be racist? hmm. OH, and by the way. IF I made the above statement…you know that “black folk” get Obama’s secret coded message that he’s just talking up white people…oh yeah I would be racist. fucking hypocrites…..


  85. What ticks me off is that no one who has the wherewithal to do so does not come right out and ask him: What have you ever done, beyond giving a few speeches, that qualifies you to be president? Spouting rhetoric is not the answer. It may sound good to the ears but the substance is lacking. Promoting this guy must be getting more difficult each day since the “newsies” believed they were behind a “post racial” candidate who now insists on injecting ra*ce into the dialogue to play on the white guilt.

    Enough of him already! MSM and supers get real! This guy just ain’t it.

  86. EW = Electability Watch. Weekly letters to SD’s to remind them of who is electable and point out this weeks news and new reasons why Obama is unelectable (and of course, why Hillary IS electable).

    I love the Boots are made for walking video! And that report by Greenwald about
    the anthrax guy’s suicide is shocking, even for those of us who knew the reasons for the Iraq war were bogus.

  87. nycblue!!! Hello!!! glad to see you over here!!!

    Personally, I think there is TREMENDOUS pressure on Hillary not to place her name in nomination. It seems to me that it is pretty clear she wants to because of what she said about placing it in nomination for Chelsea, because of what she said during the first meeting with big donors that it was being negotiated, and because of what PUMA-SF said Hillary said at the fundraiser. BUT, I don’t think that means she will get it or than she can outwardly obvious about how hard she tried or not tried to make it happen…

  88. axelrod again lies, trying to say Obama wasn’t talking about race with the “president on dollar bills” remark:

    Axelrod rejected the charge and repeated the assertion that Obama was talking about his status as a young, relative newcomer to Washington politics.

    only problem is, most of those presidents were young, relative newcomers to washington, Axelrove. In fact, out of all the presidents on currency, all are were closer in age to Obama when they became president, except for Jackson, and Grant was 47, exactly Obama’s age. They were all considered change agents, and in fact Jackson was seen as quite the opposite of Washington society. And most were newcomers to politics, particulary Washington and Grant, who had previously been military men. So Axelrod is lying, but of course noone calls him on it….To suggest that it is McCain who is playing the race card is inulting and LUDACRIS!!!!



  89. I also want to say that even if Hillary does get her name put into nomination, I don’t think it is realistic to think that she will be the nominee. Even if she could win the roll call vote, what then? There really isn’t enough time to put together a campaign operation…and I think the shock and outrage on the part of the Obama fans would make it VERY difficult to bring people together for a Hillary win…I know that isn’t a popular view around here, but it just seems like reality to me…

    No one would be happier than I would if she were the nominee and won in November, but I just don’t see how it works out…

  90. but to clarify again, I want Hill’s name in nomination because she has earned the right to have her name in nomination and because I want our voices, the voices of her supporters, to be loud and clear at the convention.

  91. “Axelrod rejected the charge and repeated the assertion that Obama was talking about his status as a young, relative newcomer to Washington politics.”

    Oh give me a break, how stupid do they think we are?

  92. JJ, she most definitely would have a better chance than Obama….

  93. Pat Johnson, on August 1st, 2008 at 10:30 am Said:

    What ticks me off is that no one who has the wherewithal to do so does not come right out and ask him: What have you ever done, beyond giving a few speeches, that qualifies you to be president?


    Hillary tried each and every day during the primary to get him to answer this charge, but to no avail. The media wouldn’t help her ask and Obama just ignored her and chose to call her a racist instead…pretty soon Dean helped out by stopping all future debates because they might harm the one…the truth is he can’t answer this charge because he has no accomplishments and the media won’t ask because they know this would derail his campaign. Had the media done it’s job to be fair and objective reporters, Obama would NEVER have gotten this far. People assume that he must’ve done something because he is the nominee, but he has done nothing. I can’t think of a single thing he has done to help or benefit anyone else…that is really sad. In contrast, though I have a long list of issues with McCain, I can name things that he has done that have made a difference both in his personal life and professional life.

  94. JJ

    Anything could happen. Obama and the MSM have about as much credibility as Dubya standing on the flight deck saying “Mission Accomplished.”

    It ain’t over yet! Keep your chin up! 🙂

  95. “I think there is TREMENDOUS pressure on Hillary not to place her name in nomination.”

    I agree with this. I would love to know what Charlie Rangel said to her to make her suspend her campaign.

  96. Hillary tried each and every day during the primary to get him to answer this charge, but to no avail. The media wouldn’t help her ask and Obama just ignored her and chose to call her a r**ist instead…pretty soon Dean helped out by stopping all future debates because they might harm the one…the truth is he can’t answer this charge because he has no accomplishments and the media won’t ask because they know this would derail his campaign. Had the media done it’s job to be fair and objective reporters, Obama would NEVER have gotten this far. People assume that he must’ve done something because he is the nominee, but he has done nothing. I can’t think of a single thing he has done to help or benefit anyone else…that is really sad. In contrast, though I have a long list of issues with McCain, I can name things that he has done that have made a difference both in his personal life and professional life.

  97. plural

    I hear you! This is driving me crazy. Obama said that he doesn’t LOOK like the old guys on the dollar bills. It’s about how he looks!

  98. I’ve thought that too, JJ.

    I think it could be an advantage – McCain’s campaign is preparing to take on obama. They have commercials and all sorts of stuff in the que and waiting for the official race to start. They wouldn’t be as ready for Hillary. Any planner would know to be prepared for anything, so I am sure they have some commercials ready…

    Isn’t there 4 more weeks to further soften obama’s support? That would be the other thing Hillary would need in order for a nomination to work. You could end up with a different population in the PUMA party.

  99. Updated YouTube:

    Hillary 08 or12 Boots Are Made for Walkin’ *BETTER*

  100. Forgot the YouTube link:

  101. A vote is a vote. If Hillary should happen to capture the total number of delegates from a floor vote, so be it. This is the only way to convince the nation that this is the correct choice, not a handpicked selection from the DNC. Obama is beginning to fade. His electability with all the baggage he carries is up for grabs. The GOP has yet to bring out the big guns. Polls, for whatever they are worth today, as not breaking in his favor.

    If the supers have the opportunity, they may just change their minds. It can be done. There is not that much difference in the count right now. As far as his supporters are concerned, there will be quite a few AAs who will back her. As for the “progressives” they must certainly see that he is not one of them. Reason why he remains static.

    Let it go to the floor. No more back room deals.

  102. I just fell asleep and had a dream. I dreamed Hill held a brief press conference. She said “I am going to ask my name be put in nomination because that what my supporters expect of me and that’s what conventions are for”. It was fantastic.

  103. JJ How are you?!!!! Hope your enjoying your new home (you moved, right?)
    I’m here quite a bit, mostly lurking since moving on from TM…..

    I really feel Hillary’s name MUST be put into nomination. She has earned that right, and her supporters have earned that right. Supposedly polls still show her beating McCain by a good margin….and outraged Obama fans wouldn’t make much difference in FL, OH, WV, KY, etc…..

  104. masslib: I share that dream. The fairest way to proceed with this sham election.

  105. masslib, I ♥ your dream. And share it.

  106. Hillbuzz has a post on some damaging video that may emerge on Obama and cousin Odinga.


  107. On Greenwald’s anthrax story, I had forgotten that ABC tried so hard to link the anthrax letter with Iraq and Saddam.

    No wonder so many people thought there was a connection.

  108. katiebird: The “fairest” sister of all!!!!

  109. Loved the video; all of us may not be as hot as Obama Girl, but we’re definitely more fun!

  110. OK I called McCains office and let them know that they should keep on pounding Obama on the fake charges of racism at every shadow. I also called Hillary’s office and told them to relay to her not to get on any ticket with Obama.

    I also sent her $100.

    I also called my local congressman, Patrick Murphy, (PA) and relayed that I am really disgusted that he supported Obama, even though his district and his state supported Hillary, (guess that is what $18000 from Obama can buy).

    Im not voting for that scum Murphy again this November (even though his opponent is a right wing wacko). Also this November I will not be holding my nose and voting for whats his name.

    I live in a swing state and I’ll decide what to do when I see how close it might be. I’m voting against what’s
    his name if necessary.

    I hate that friggin weasel.

  111. Sarah, did you call the national headquarters? I’ve been thinking of calling about the “never worked a full time job issue”

  112. sarah: lol

  113. garychapelhill, PUMA – SF

    That is the most awesome news I have heard today. I was feeling down earlier when I read the New York Daily article saying that she wouldn’t, but then I checked in here, wow. Just wow… pinch myself, is this for real? WOW …. let’s make it happen!! GO PUMAs!!!

  114. 😳 Ah, Pat! (blushing)

  115. I had a dream a few weeks ago, I was at some big event and Hillary was there, she was just sitting quietly on the side watching. Everyone was aware that she was there, but she didn’t speak, just kept watching.

    Then they showed a video on the big screen, something about Obama,
    and it ended with a big shout:

    Obama naw naw naw !

    (sounded like Reverend Wright at his finest!). I liked that dream!

  116. If you take a little oval of aluminum foil and put it over the President’s picture on a dollar bill, it does look like BZero — very reflective and shiny, but the image is blurry and you can’t really tell what it is. Just sayin’…

    Morning my Puma friends…

  117. My only hope is that Hillary knows that 18 million strong and counting definitely have her back. PUMAs are out here and I just know without a doubt that she is very much aware of us.

    She is much to astute to be in the dark about this movement.

    President Hillary Clinton just rolls of the tongue!

  118. Yaaaay, Sarah!

    Yup, I’ve got Patrick Murphy, Bob Casey and Jason Altmire on the “naughty” list. Not gonna get my vote this time.

  119. Madamab,

    I was reading your comment above and before I got to the end, I was thinking:

    “It turns me off more than I can say, because it reminds me so much of George W. Bush.”

    I’m too humble to really say: “great minds etc.,etc.”

    Thanks to the info provided by ssmith, I called Hillary’s office here in NYC and said that I would like Senator Clinton to do us a favor: please allow her name to be place in nomination at the convention. The person who answered (@ Friends of Hillary Clinton, btw) seemed a little clueless, but said she woule “try” to get my message delivered. Oh well, you can only try, right?


  120. I am going to let Obama borrow my shovel so he can continue to dig that hole even deeper. In fact, I am going to make it a gift instead. Don’t want it back.

  121. ParkSlopeVoter: Good thing to keep in mind is that they hire summer interns to man those lowly jobs in answering phones.

  122. Myiq:
    Several weeks ago, I commented on an Oprah show that I saw in rerun a few years ago. It concerned a white woman who made herself up black, went on streets,etc. During the show, this woman AND Oprah both maintained that ALL whites are r@cists. When white audience folks disagreed, O shut them up real fast; she beat them over the head with their white privilege and wouldn’t qualify the r@cism charge one iota.

    Oprah was very creepy and it’s clear now that she really does believe that.

  123. for So Cal PUMAs – info on BO’s visit to the Saddleback Valley Church on Aug. 16.

  124. Plural, I think that Charlie R. said to Hill something like:

    “Like you said, Hillary, the smartest thing you can do is to step aside and let the public take a real look at what Obama really is all about.

    Plus, by the end of August, the economy in the USA and in Europe will be clearly in chaos, and the people will see that they need you or else there will be no end to how far down the economic stagnation, fear and chaos can and will go.”

  125. I wish that I knew I was enjoying “white privilege” when I was turning over the couch pillows in search of loose change to buy a gallon of milk as I was trying to support 4 kids on my one salary. Or when I had to take two buses to work since I could not afford car repairs at the time. Or when I went 9 years without a winter coat because I had to make the choice of clothing the kids or myself. Or was told I was not eligible for fuel assistance because I earned over 150.00 of the maximum amount allowed. Yep, it was white privilege all right. I could go on but what would be the point. Give me a break!

  126. From the SVC website, under the ticket information –

    At the candidates’ request, this two-hour event will be held in a non-debate format, and will be open to all media. Both candidates also requested that questions be posed exclusively by Warren rather than by a panel or members of the audience. Each candidate will converse separately with Warren for approximately an hour, beginning with Sen. Obama, as determined by a coin toss.

    what a big chicken!

  127. Pat Johnson,

    Thank you for that reminder; it helps making the effort a little bit more wothwhile.


  128. Apparently, Senator Claire has now weighed in and has clarified everything. Phew!

  129. Pat, you and I think alike. You got to it first.

  130. From Pat–Katiebird: The “fairest” sister of all!!!!

    Katie is definately the fairest. Fair enough to heart you even though you stole her sister’s boyfriend.

    Good Morning everyone!
    I’m calling McCain’s office and Hill’s office too. I love it that he took the gloves off on the race thing. I’m still scratching my head about why that was so hard for Hill to do.

    But fine-about time, and the right time!

    I am so heartened by Hillary saying that. Maybe it represents a new hope for her that BO is falling enough to make her nomination a possibility.

  131. This is not news …obama campaigning with his cousin Odinga!

    It will only help MSM covers it in detail.

    Unfortunately due to their bias and also security reasons, they may not to that at all..

    America may not want to drag Kenyan issues here while things are very unstable in Kenya…..his cousin and his rival are power sharing and any little issue seems to erupt into chaos.

  132. joanie–I think that Hillary was blindsided by him playing the race card. McCain saw it coming. I also believe that Hillary was genuinely concerned about the feelings of people in the AA community and didn’t want to press the issue. I think she should have pushed back more forcefully though….

  133. Hi all, everybody is up and in fine form!

    I had a dream about Hillary, too, a few nights ago. I took her hand in both of mine, looked her in the eyes, and said, Please, if you can, do it for us.

    Next day I wake up and a rapper is gleefully calling her a bitch and getting away with it.

    These boots already walked. Now they’re going to start kicking. Hard.

  134. I’ve been reading through the comments at TalkLeft’s Fairy tale comes home to roost thread. Favorite comment so far:

    How bizarre is it that the first strong defense of the Clintons against charges of racism is coming from Republicans. We are down the rabbit hole, folks.

  135. wish that I knew I was enjoying “white privilege” when I was turning over the couch pillows in search of loose change to buy a gallon of milk as I was trying to support 4 kids on my one salary.

    Pat, thank you for making that powerful and heartbreaking point. My deep respect for making it through that period and being here for us today.

  136. Obama Engages With Heckler

    Under the bus you go, St. Pete AA community.


  137. Magdalena,

    Well said! I will be at your side a pummelin’.


  138. ssmith,called McCain like you asked.

  139. Gary, I think that’s what the AA community wanted to hear from her- a frim denunciation. I think the timidity cam across as defensive and guilty, when she was actually horrified.

  140. well, well, well, looks like the AA community is starting to realize that Obama is just using them…I wonder if he gave them a chance to speak like he promised?

  141. Spohie L, a couple of months ago I visited a progressive blog that was crowing over the success of its (commendable) campaign to get a toy manufacturer to stop making a racist Obama Monkey doll. The blogger had succeeded in getting the toy canceled. I typed a very simple question into the comments:

    “May I ask why none of you stepped forward to stop the Hillary Nutcracker doll?”

    Silence. Nothing. You could have heard a pin drop.

  142. joaniebone, I agree…

  143. I have come to believe that if they put Hillary’s name in nomination, it will just be a scam. Just like the RBC meeting. They sincerely think we are stupid. My fear is that the non-PUMA Hillary supporters will think it’s legit and then they will support the presumptuous one. I don’t want the DNC to try and unify with a rigged convention. I would rather they just snub her so that it’s clear this whole nomination process is illegitimate. Anyone else?

  144. I think there needs to be a new term for these people
    who think all white people are racists. Language can diffuse language. And since we’re all being hurled insults continually from these wackos… I think a term for them is needed. They suffer from tunnel vision,
    they are hypocrits and racists. I think they need to be named.

  145. I agree with BTD (I’m shocked!!) that the only thing he can do now to possibly win is have Hillary as VP, and that ain’t gonna happen. He is going down in flames…

  146. Help, I’m in moderation for forgetting to type R*acist. It’s a comment for Sophie L. Can someone release me?

  147. Thanks!

  148. Joan, yes, I agree. They will think that a sham vote is enough to trick people.

  149. Claire baby just weighed in.



    It is so funny that Claire Bear just weighed in because she is such the authority on race in America. Remember when she said Obama was the first black leader not presenting himself as a victim? Somehow she is no racist, but Bill Clinton is….W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R


  150. Let ya’ll in on a secret: Unless he undergoes a miraculous transformation from who he is, I can’t support Obama even if Hillary’s name is put into nomination. The two have nothing to do with each other, in my mind. She has EARNED the right to be nominated. Any MALE candidate in her position (or rather much weaker ones) would and has been placed into nomination. On one day of the convention they will supposedly celebrate women on the anniversary of our right to vote; on another we will be treated with the most profound sexism imaginable. And Nancy Pelosi will be applauding it.

  151. angelasmith,

    There’s no need to be a revisionist. The English language already provides the name you’re looking for; several, in fact: jerk@ff, moron and, most appropriately: @ssh0le!


  152. My point was not to wring out any untoward emotion but merely to illustrate that problems effect each and every one of us in one form or another. My situation was not unique, I worked a second job to make ends meet along with countless others. I never believed anyone else was responsible for the choices I made or the situations I found myself in at the time. Simply pointing out that things get tough for people every now and then regardless of who we are or where we come from.

    Some suffer more than others but it is foolish to suggest that it is simply because of ra*ce. Hillary addressed those very same issues when talking to those lower paid workers who are just trying to get by to the next paycheck. Obama’s silence is stunning. He worked and lived among the most underprivileged and did little to ease their plight.

    Oh, and where is Big Dawg today? In Africa. Tells us a lot about priorities.

  153. Obama Heckled By St. Petersburg AA Community

  154. pat, I just read that his plane had to abort takeoff (I think he was with bon jovi)….sort of a scare..but he’s fine!!!

  155. Pat, your take on responsibility is so commendable!

    And, as for Bill, good on him for not helping the One by actually doing something (perfect excuse, but he IS so smart!).


  156. I just made the calls to McCain and Hills office. It felt good!!

    I was surprised by a live voice at Hillary’s. I told her how I felt, that it was an insult to women everywhere that Hillary with over a hundred timed the qualifications of that shallow candidate should be beneath him on a ticket to get him elected. I told her I knew many that felt the same way and may not be calling.

    She told me she has heard lots of that, and that she agrees. I forgot to say that I wouldn’t vote for him if she was on the ticket anyway–rats.

    Keep the calls coming.

  157. Shouldn’t axelrove feel like a dog walker?
    You know walking around with a plastic bag clearning the s— up.
    Every time backtrack barak speaks he has to comeout and do the WORM.
    Can you see the democrats when he made that commment about him being the symbol.
    I can just see Murtha turning around to someone and saying ” where the hell did we get this idiot”

    Your video was great.



  158. ParkSlopeVoter at 11:26

    lol! I’ve used two of those three a lot! I was thinking something more media friendly. Something more specific to the type of ultramaroon we are dealing with.
    Although I certainly agree with you that those names fit.

  159. gary: Bill and my other Hall of Famer, Jon Bon Jovi! Wish I was there to serve the coffee, tea or milk.

  160. The gas-tax holiday was the pandering of a typical “do anything to win” when hillary suggested it..now “both ways barack” is doing the same thing:

    Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Friday called for a $1,000 “emergency” rebate to consumers to offset soaring energy costs amid fresh signs of a struggling economy with the nation’s unemployment rate climbing to a four-year high.

  161. AP Headline today:

    Obama calls for $1,000 energy rebates for consumers

    McClatchy Headline today:

    McCain attack ads may backfire, experts & voters say

    Ah-hem. MSM back in tank for Obama, all’s right with the world

  162. masslib: I agree, Hillary needs to be put in nomination AND win!!

    BTW, I noticed the thread at TL yesterday where Jeralyn warned you against race-baiting has disappeared, and waldenpond mentioned banning. Did you get banned from TL?

  163. I like angelasmith’s idea. We do need a vocabulary to address this problem.






  164. LetFreedomRing: I was not able to get any video regarding the aftermath. Did he answer their questions?

  165. here’s the story on Bill’s plane:

    the comments are just sick. the Obamabots are actually suggesting that they would be happy if he were killed. Obama needs to be brought to justice for the lies and smears he has unleashed. and his little internet thugs need to be stopped.

  166. PJ
    I can’t find anything else yet…still looking, Fox is reporting on it.

  167. I had O’Reilly on last night. He gave the monthly ratings for cable. Seems as though his show scored in the top 10 coming in at #6. MSNBC (and we know he means KO) came in at #30. As much as I detest Fox overall, I was thrilled to see KO’s basement numbers. Well deserved. Keep up the Obama pitch and they will go elsewhere.

  168. African American protestors heckle Obama

    African American protestors holding a banner reading “What about the black community Obama?” heckled Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama in Florida on Friday.

  169. Isn’t hoping a white man’s plane will fall out of the sky racist?

    Or does that only work if the man is black?

  170. Hey Conflucians, good morning!!

    Let Freedom Ring: YESS!!!! I JUST SAW THAT!!! I found an article about it – Obama is a FRAUD to the black community.

    “Symbol” MY AZZ.

  171. gary: Those comments are just sickening. If these are the voters Obama is depending upon to win I fear for this country. These people are deranged to say the least. Sheer lunacy.

  172. Great reasons, RD. I particularly enjoyed #5 & #6. That would mean a sentence consisting of a noun, verb, and object and the proper use of the possessive case with a gerund.

  173. SM: Too funny! And graphic.

  174. From WSJ:

    Protesters Interrupt Obama Speech
    Amy Chozick reports from St. Petersburg, Fla., on the presidential race.

    Barack Obama’s town hall meeting Friday on the economy was interrupted by protesters. Three African-American men stood up holding a banner that read: “Barack Obama, what are you going to do for the black community?”

    Barack Obama faced protesters during a town hall meeting in St. Petersburg, Fla. on Friday (AP)
    The crowd tried to drown them out with chants of “Yes we can!” But the three protesters just stood there.

    “It’s okay, you can ask a question later,” Obama said to the men.

    “Yeah, that’s right,” they said. And Obama went back to delivering his speech on the economy.

    UPDATE: The main protester got to ask the first question. He cited the way blacks were treated in post-Katrina New Orleans and other current events. “In the face of the numerous attacks that are made by the black community by the same U.S. government, the same government you want to be…Why is it you haven’t not one time spoken in the interests or even on behalf of the oppressed and exploited African community, the black community?”

    The man was booed but Obama tried to silence the crowd. “This is democracy at work. He asked a legitimate question.”

    “I think you’re misinformed when you say not one time. Every issue you’ve asked about, I have spoken about,” Obama said. “That doesn’t mean I’m going to always satisfy the way you want these issues framed. It gives you the option of voting for someone else. It gives you the option of running for office yourself. But the one thing that I think is important is that we are respectful towards each other and what is true is that I believe…the only way we’re going to solve our problems is that everyone comes together, black white.”


  175. I saw the story about Bill’s plane(s), and decided to spare myself the comments.

    But here’s a good story about his travels in Africa:


  176. Magdelana,
    I like guiltmongers and racegamers. They are one note wonders. I like guiltmongers a lot.

  177. Gawd, I WISH I KNEW about this St. Pete appearance I would’ve gone – I’m still waiting for PUMA cub, who’s supposed to be arriving any minute now.

  178. Sarah and Britgirl;

    I also live in PA in Murphy’s district. I called his office and expressed the same thing. Also wrote to Altmire.

    There are daily actions at http://www.pumapac.org. This week we have been writing and phoning delegates in all states that accepted money from O then endorsed him while their state and district went to Hillary.

    Yesterday we also wrote and called ABC regarding the View’s reaction to the new Ludacris song.

    If you haven’t checked it out, stop by. Always looking for more activists.

  179. A typical Obama answer: blah, blah, blah, without saying one subtstantial word. Gobbledy gook at its best. Obama’s second language. No wonder he is embarassed. Not only do European visitors fail to understand him, the same goes for the rest of us.

  180. Let freedom ring-
    I watched it on the TV. First they “ripped” the sign out of the 3 young guys hands and then after BO’s lies, I mean speech, he responded. The final answer by BO was that if they didn’t like what he said they could vote for someone else or run for office themselves.

  181. Jeezuz.

    Yes, I was not satisfied when you “framed” the issue of abortion by saying my mental condition has no validity for you. Yes, indeed, Barack, I was not happy when you “framed” mental distress as merely “feeling blue.”

    Watch their language folks. Keep kicking at them.

  182. SM, I’m sure AAs love hearing that. Way to dismiss someone. If you don’t like it, vote for McCain, or run for office yourself, asshole! That is essentially what he was telling them.

    It is WORM for “Where you gonna go?”

  183. Follow uo

    Obama takes question from St. Pete hecklers.

    Boy it’s hard to understand Obama’s ans. with all the stuttering.

  184. For ideologues on either side of the aisle, it’s not even a question of hypocrisy, since they can sincerely self-justify the worst abuses in the service of a “righteous” cause.

    Top aides to former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales ran the U.S. Department of Justice the way that the snotty kids in your school decided who was cool, and who was not.

    Sound familiar?

    Monday’s report by the department’s inspector general confirmed that Gonzales and his aides, including the destructively ideological Monica Goodling, broke civil service laws by subjecting appointees to political litmus tests and playing bizarre games of 20 Questions in which they asked prospective hires witless questions such as: “What is it about George W. Bush that makes you want to serve him? (maybe how he looks all Marlboro Man in his Wranglers)” and Googled candidates with red-flag words such as “gay,” “gun,” “s3x” “Clinton” and (I kid you not) “Spotted owl.”

    (I subsituted the “3” for the spam filter.) There’s more:

    Now imagine interviewing at a Justice Department run by Obots. Anyone up for a game of 20 Questions?

    1. What is it about The Precious that makes you want to serve him?


  185. Why would these three protesters even bother to ask what he will do for the black community? All they need do is check his Chicago tenure to realize that HE DID NOTHING! Unless lining your pockets with Tony Rezko blood money counts, HE DID NOTHING!

  186. MAWM, it was absolutely WORM for “Where you gonna go?”

    Welcome under the bus, gents.


  187. Got an EM this morning from NOW asking him to reconsider Hillary as VP since the other possibles on his short list are unacceptable.

    So now they are all asking questions? It is a little f&*king late, doncha think?

  188. typical Obama response….it is all YOUR fault!!!

  189. Wonder if those black kids were racists too?

  190. 20 Questions Before Serving the Oborg cintinues:

    1. What is it about the Precious that makes you want to serve him?
    2. Quick, what are the color of his eyes?

  191. Polish your boots, NOW. My work had appeared in Ms. magazine, and I’m walking. Are you?

  192. I was shocked when I first heard McCaskill’s name first mentioned as VP nom. Talk about magnifying your msg–inexperienced and ineptXempty suit and empty pantsuit.

    What a joke.

    Heard O’s solution for energy is for us to check the air in our tires and have a tune-up.

    Can we PLEASE have Hillary back—-on the TOP of the ticket. I don’t even want O on the bottom of the ticket anymore.

    Regarding the nomination. I said on thread last night that I think Hillary is too smart to show her hand before it is time to play it. Everything we can do to influence the SD strengthens her hand and weakens that of Dean, Brazille, and Pelosi. I love the idea of her laying down a royal straight flush. Isn’t that the right term.

  193. I question all those accomplishments Obama listed, what death penalty legislation did he “pass”?

    AND, I see why he is dodging a town hall with McCain, all that stuttering is a real weakness.

    Ho Ho Ho HOoool, hold on nough, hol on.


  194. OMG – just another example of MSNBC dissing women.

    Someone just said Jessica Simpson was a high school dropout and illiterate. My son went to JJ Peace High School in Richardson Texas with her. She did leave to go to Hollywood her Senior Year, but she was extremely intelligent and popular. We have no pass, no play and she played. It is one of the top High Schools in America.

    I hope someone calls them on it. They are pure misogynists on that station.


  195. Wonder if those black kids were ra*cists too?

  196. # 0
    Obama’s illegal contributions problem might catch up with him.


  197. Everyone is a r*cist, admit it now and win a free trip to purgatory!

  198. 20 Questions before Serving the Oborg continues:

    1. What is it about the Precious that makes you want to serve him?
    2. Quick, what are the color of his eyes?
    3. Quick, when you hear the word “boots,” do you think “lick,” or walk”?

  199. carol, I also find it funny that the oborgsphere is ranting about how the ad with paris and brittney is racist, after Keith Oldpervman drooled over them and called them both “sluts” for months….


    The lame “we gotta come together black & white.” EXCUSE ME, we know that already. The question is WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITY?

    Surely his record as a “community organizer” in the South Side of Chicago can prove his commitment to the black community – right? (sarcasm!)

  201. Magdallena, please reference your work in MS would love to read it.

  202. PUMApress from the blogs… (it isn’t even the half of it though, as we know…)


  203. Go to the CNN Political Ticker and see the article by LA Times regarding “gender issues’ and then read some of the comments. There is no way I would vote for Obama, not even if he started walking on water. His supporters and paid bashers control the comment sections. Their comments are demeaning, degrading and vicious.

  204. SOmetimes I marvel at how you guys make such intelligent remarks. Most of the time I have to lurk because I am so pissed I am spitting.

  205. When Hill supporters said they’d accept B0 as HER VP, Obots taunted us with the argument that if he’s good enough to be POTUS, why would she want him?

    Hey, Karma, Baby. If Hillary wasn’t good enough for NOW to endorse her as POTUS, why would they want him to choose her as VP?

    All these damn “progressive” groups can go suck shit.

  206. Phala, what is MS?

  207. riverdaughter:

    Is it true that you heard from HRC herself that contrary to what the media is maliciously reporting; HRC wants her name placed on the ballot and a formal vote to take place? There seems to be a lot of desillusion
    out there with the reports floating that she threw the towel.
    Could you please report/give us your prespective on this?


  208. SM: How the hell are we gonna come together as a community, when the Obama campaign labels everything said and everyone saying it, a freaking racist. The way I see it, he has done way more damage that good.

  209. SM: How the hell are we gonna come together as a community, when the Obama campaign labels everything said and everyone saying it, a freaking r@cist. The way I see it, he has done way more damage than good.

  210. 20 Questions Before Serving the Oborg continues:

    1. What is it about the Precious that makes you want to serve him?
    2. Quick, what are the color of his eyes?
    3. Quick, when you hear the word “boots,” do you think “lick,” or “walk”?
    4. Have you ever undergone a mood-induced abortion?

  211. Rod – there is a Conflucian who comments here, PUMA-SF, who saw Hillary at a San Fran event.

    There is word from PUMA-SF that the petition will be signed. I HOPE TO GAWD SO!!!

  212. Are comments about Clinton’s plane considered threats against a President?

  213. garychapelhill,

    I clicked on your link re: Bill’s plane. The story was interesting but the comments — OMG, I haven’t seen so much hatred since the last time I visited dKOS.


  214. KO is the biggest – he hates all women. For months he went on about Britney while she is obviously sick.

    Craig Ferguson came out immediately on his show and said he would never speak badly about her because he was an alcoholic and knew how horrible and fragile everyday was in the life of these people.

    KO even trashed Anna Nicole Simpson daily after she was dead.

    These are young and successful women. Do they get too much attention? Yes. Do they make stupid mistakes? Yes. Do they deserve to be held to a different standard? Maybe, in some areas. Do they deserve to be trashed? No. Do they deserve to die for the pleasure of the talking heads? No.

    So, I say shut the fuck up morons on the tv.

    Imus got to say one negative word about some basketball players he didn’t know. These women get trashed daily by multitudes of parasites. Enough!

  215. The Story of A Young DNC Volunteer Knocking On My Mom’s Door Today.

    I just got a call from my mom tonight telling me her story of her encounter with a young man that knocked on her door today working for the DNC. He certainly did not know what was coming when he came to her door. She saw his DNC shirt, and started to lay into him about how the Democratic Party leaders have totally destroyed the Party, and completely rigged the election for Obama, and she would never give him a dime.

    Once she noticed the fear in the young man’s eyes, she stepped back and invited him in for some water. She asked him how he got the job, and how it was going and did he know what happened in this election? He said he had worked only three days, and that he would get a percentage of everything he raised from the grass roots. She then asked how he was doing. “Terrible”, he said. She then asked, if the DNC trained him and informed him what he would be facing going door to door. He said, “no they did not”.

    So she let him know about the voter fraud in the caucuses, the dis-enfranchisment of Michigan and Florida, the stealing of votes at the RBC meeting, the buying of super delegates, and the rigging of the election by the Party Leaders. She said she was a life long Democrat who was Jerry Brown’s campaign manager when he ran for Governor in the 70s, and for the first time in her life she would be voting for a Republican because of what Dean, Pelosi, and Brazille had done to the Party. She told him about Obama’s relationship with Rezko and Ayers, and the corrupt Chicago machine, and that Obama bought and threatened many super delegates with their lives if they did not back him.

    This poor young man got an education. She felt bad for him, and encouraged him that it was great that he was working on a grass roots campaign, and that it was important for young people to be involved, but he needs to educate himself on what he is selling before agreeing to the job. She then said, “Honey you need to make sure you pick the right movement.” He agreed.
    He said that the DNC did not tell him anything, and after three days of working and raising no money and getting yelled at that he is done, and quitting tonight. He said he is going to take a job at Walmart instead. With a turkey sandwich, two bottles of water, and an apple in hand the young DNC volunteer from UC Santa Cruz left my mom’s home awakened by the truth, and completely dismayed. He then promised my mom as he left that he would tell the DNC exactly how she felt right before he quits.

  216. KIM: Absolutely – he’s a HYPOCRITE for even suggesting that we “all get along” when he and his campaign are the first to accuse. He’s awful.

  217. I am already gone, the betrayal to rig the race for another unqualified inexperienced co enabler Party Puppet is unforgivable and very very wrong we just had 8 years of that tune and didn’t we wish mightily that the Republicans would have stepped back from their Party loyalty for this Country and would there not be many more people inhabiting this earth because they were not slaughtered in Iraq if they had. No I am done with Parties I will only vote for a political candidates who will need to earn my vote on the merits of their experience in office, life experience and contribution to community DEEDS not words as well as and their actual performance and not Party wedgies,

    Party identity means nothing to me now but an additional fact and all historic views of Party Platform a thing of the past these are new Political Organizations with no history of accomplishment IMO so that’s starts from scratch. It is time we remove their power they are corrupting our good governance and the only way to do that is don’t join don’t buy the decoder nose ring. PUMA is a political philosophy for me now.

    …by the way I must not be alone Gallup McCain is ONE point behind the aura that is O now add that that poll generally overestimated O lead by about 7 points…

  218. Hypocrisy thy name is MSM. I have been trying to do some cleaning and I keep coming back here. If I keep up this trend I should be done by Sunday.

  219. Magdallena, sorry was referencing your comment about Ms. magazine. am enjoying your 20 questions and comments and wanted more.

    Am looking for a new pair of shiny boots–ones comfortable for a long walk.

  220. Pat – if RD really loved us, she would declare a daily moratorium on posting and comments so that we would be forced to handle our lives.

    We are bunch of out of control lifeless commenters.

  221. WOW BLUESKY!!!!!

    What a story! Poor kid. But more proof that the “Symbol” isn’t accepted by DEMOCRATS.

  222. […] Top 10 Reasons to Nominate Hillary at the Convention […]

  223. Carol: Borderline obsessives. But as a former news junkie and holding fast on my moratorium I have few places to turn to
    other than here. And of course, perezhilton.com.

  224. Carol & Pat – I’m guilty too. Took me almost a week to put together a PowerPoint presentation that normally I can do in my sleep.

  225. BlueSky – loved that story! I wish the DNC would send more people out so that they could be properly educated!

  226. The DNC only needs clones.

  227. Phala, my first novel was reviewed and highly praised in Ms. Magazine. I keep my name out of blogs, though, both because I do not want to be accused of trying to sell my books and because of justified paranoia. When I was extremely vocal protesting the Iraq war I was followed, had my picture taken, and was regularly harrassed. I am sure I am in various files. It’s made me cautious.

  228. Great! Our athletes are now arriving in China.

    They will all have asthma and lead poisoning.

  229. garychapelhill, on August 1st, 2008 at 11:40 am Said:
    “the comments are just sick. the Obamabots are actually suggesting that they would be happy if he were killed.”

    Gary,I didn’t see those comments, were they deleted? All I saw was typical repub schlock like “Clinton caused 9/11” and attacks on “the liberal media” for covering Clinton’s trip.

    I thought it was sleazy for ABC to call this story ‘Plane Crazy:Bon Jovi Saves Bubba’.

  230. Bluesky, kudos to your mom!!!!!! Taking the time to educate a young idealistic young person has changed his life for the better. He and others he shares with will no longer be so susceptible to the “koolaid.”

    Magdallena, one of our local Hillary supporters has been attending O platform meetings and voter registration events politely asking some of these same questions. I think it is an effective strategy to get others to think through the haze of the koolaid,

  231. jennifer I saw several that suggested the plane should go down, maybe they did delete them… I think they changed the title too…I didn’t see that….maybe they updated the whole story..don’t know…

  232. Thank you. Understand your caution. It is quite reasonable. I love your writing here.

    I had to take a break from site for several days because of physical problems that affect my eyes sometimes. Glad to be back—keeps me motivated. I was a little discouraged after talking to one of SD in Charlotte last week about getting small d democracy back in the Democratic Party. With commitment and energy like this, I believe it can be done and if not a strong, effective voice will grow and flourish.

    Country before Party. My children and future grandchildren deserve no less.

  233. I saw what gary saw since I followed him shortly after the posted the article. It was maddening. The level of hate just continues to spew. Idiots.

  234. The influctions he uses in his speaking style make it impossible for me to listen to him. I can’t imagine having to deal with 4 SOU speeches given in southern minister style.

    When he loses this election, I hope he changes his career path and preaches only to the members of the TUCC where his talents were mentored.

  235. SM, do you have something to post? I don’t have anything…..looked like you were working on something 🙂

  236. Thanks, Phala. I had to smile about your comment on my writing–yesterday I was so angry I didn’t recognize my own words, was almost completely out of control. Today is better.

    Anger and disappointment are good, but only if sharpened to a pointed end.

  237. For any who may be suffering from insomnia: Four years of state of the union speeches followed by Kathleen Sebelius out to do it! She put me to sleep in January. I expected something electrifying following Dagwood that night but, no. No dynamism there.

  238. Good for those AAs in FL — his answer was totally Obama — they should take his word and take their vote somewhere else.

  239. I’ve been away but I called McCain’s and Hillary’s Office like ssmith suggested. McCain’s Rep was very friendly, but Hillary’s was somewhat cold. She sounded young and bored. Anyway, it could have been she didn’t know how to respond and remained reserved. Will be calling the RNC next

  240. Kim, being referred to as a racist has really bothered me so I really loved the post referenced earlier this morning on this thread


  241. SM:

    Thank you for your reply! Is the Conflucian comment you refer to on this thread?

  242. Gary, I’ve got an idea. Can send you an email?

  243. Madgalena; Know what you mean. We get so worked up our fingers are flying over the keys then when we post we face our own typos and fractured grammar staring back. No wonder we cannot get any work done. Most of us are in a state of high dudgeon most of the time.

  244. Liberalrapture.com has a very funny (I thought!) rant which starts out like this:

    Dear Mr. Polly Prissy Pretend President,

    Listen up Your Highness Obama. I have something to say.

    Shut TF up about race. Now. We are sick of it. In fact, this writer is sick to death of it. You keep saying crap like “they” will try to scare you because you don’t look like past Presidents or you have a weird last name or whatever. Bullshit. BULL SHIT. This is nonsense. You got millions of votes (less than Hillary but still millions) in the primaries. None of those voters gave a shit you look like the result of Dr. Moreau sending Alfred E Newman, Bob Saget, Dumbo, and Urkle through a wood chipper and fusing their DNA in a wheat grass juicer.

    Many still voted for ya, homeboy!

  245. Delphyne: Priceless whoever wrote it!

  246. katie, go for it!

  247. So true, Pat, but it wasn’t just that, I was name-calling and getting really ugly, which just isn’t my usual style. It’s all right to vent, but I still want to be me. I don’t want to turn into the very thoughtlessness I am trying to criticize.

  248. Those that are boycotting MSM may want to check out the letter/action being taken by volunteers in Asheville. Info is available at HillaryClintonForum.net (search Boycott MSM/MSNBC) and a link is on HillaySupporters.com under Take Action
    Boycott Mainstream Media

  249. Magdalena: Never fear. We all lapse into those tirades. When our sensibilities and our character come under attack for no reason our first thought is to fight back. And if we sound like idiots once in awhile everybody here understands. We have all suffered the same verbal fate. Sometimes you just need to get it out of your system or explode. Let it out. Better than harboring.

  250. I’m getting famous!

    “myiq2x is one of the most strident Obama haters around.”



  251. I just got back !! .. you have all seen this right ?? ;((


    will try to catch up ..

  252. Pat and Magdalena, as a relative newcomer I so agree. It is wonderful to feel safe here to voice thoughts and feelings and feel normal when the world around seemed so set on convincing all that we were menopausal nut cases. I have no doubts that when making points to SD, etc. you are quite talented in making your thoughts and feelings understood in a very professional manner and that is what is getting through.

    The honesty here is what keeps drawing us all back for a dose of reality. Thank you Thank you

    I, too, am trying to get some things done including cleaning out closets for consignment shop for some more $$$$ for next cocktail party as well as phone calls mentioned above and email to VIEW

  253. Briana, check out PumaSF at 2:00 am on last nights thread.

  254. This is my first post.
    Has anyone seen this article

    “A source close to the New York senator confirmed she won’t file a formal request to the convention asking to be nominated along with Barack Obama, who eked out the victory in their fierce primary slugfest”

    What does anyone make of this? I don’t know whether to believe it or not

  255. Delphyne: That was hysterical.

  256. Magdalena:

    Try this: When some moron gets you upset, write your feelings down on a piece of paper.

    Tape the paper to a brick. Then hit the moron in the head with the brick.

    Trust me, you’ll feel much better afterwrds.

  257. myiq, I for one look for your posts. Congratulations!!!! IMHO you have had some great competition here.

  258. RD & Co——- this is an interesting article off NYT –the part that really makes sense in terms of this election is what this groups internalized values are—BostonBoomer and I could spot the pathology a while back — it’s sad. Really sad. The PUMAvalue system is not this way and I think that is why we are seeing the split in this election —


    here is the big quote!

    “…For affluenza is not just a constellation of symptoms. It is an ethic, a play-the-system, lie-and-cheat-your-way-to-what-you-want, don’t-let-the-peons-stand-in-your-way ethic of amorality. You rock, kid, parents teach. And you — alone — rule…”

    Sound familiar? Yeah.

    It’s all so logo oriented, no? Without thought! or substance….

  259. 20 Questions Before Serving the Oborg continues:

    1. What is it about the Precious that makes you want to serve him?
    2. Quick, what are the color of his eyes?
    3. Quick, when you hear the word “boots,” do you think “lick,” or “walk”?
    4. Have you ever undergone a mood-induced abortion?
    5. Do you support retroactive telecom immunity? If not, what are you hiding?

  260. myIQ, I posted a reply to that TalkLeft comment.

  261. anecdote – on today’s Diane Rehm show on NPR (guest hosted) it was the usual Friday politics chat, Jake Tapper was on plus some other news people. guy called in and said he was a Dem precinct captain and his people had been out canvassing (paraphrasing here, but anyway).. he was from Colorado. Said from what he saw and heard Obama’s negatives went up like 30% in the space of a week – the grand foreign tour, the celebrity, this stuff really hurt him. I’ll have to look up the show & see if I can listen again to get it all. Very interesting.

  262. Did yall hear that Hillary has decided not to put her name up for nomination at the convention…

    What is going on, this is ridiculous…Why would Hillary do that…

    Just for history’s sake, she should have her delegates…

  263. like this morning’s “scranton” poster, i, too, live in scranton, where hillary rodham clinton’s rodham family roots run deep. in order to make plans to attend the previously announced puma conference in washington, i, too, need to know details. what’s the deal?

  264. Tricia, my guess is that Hillary was told not to personally ask to be on the nomination ballot–because she has to submit to her man. But I think that is independent of getting 300 delegates to petition her to be on the ballot.

  265. myiq—love the visual. I don’t consider myself a violent person but have had that urge several times this year when watching MSM but won’t name names

  266. myiq: Heh, from “flyerhawk” you can consider that a compliment! It’s rare for flyer to get better than a “1” rating on any of his/her comments 🙂

    katiebird’s response was priceless!!

    BTD posts have become so ridiculous, they aren’t even worth reading, let alone commenting in…

  267. Gallup Daily just out:

    McCain and *61 tied at 44%

  268. Frankly, the media is all over the place with regard to polls, her campaign debt, whether she will permit her name to be entered, etc. Until I get confirmation from some serious analysts I am not paying attention. These polls are just a small snapshot of what is going on, if anything. This is only August 1st and the election is November 4th. Until then, no one can be certain who is up or down. The press has been feeding us crap for 18 months and I am not about to buy into second guessing at this time.

    The same for Hillary. Earlier today we heard quite the opposite of her intentions for Denver. Wait and see. Otherwise we will go batshit between now and then and unless someone has a crystal ball, the outcome is negligible from this date.

  269. myiq2xu said:

    “’m getting famous!

    “myiq2x is one of the most strident Obama haters around.”



    Consider it a badge of honor!

  270. I win!

    44% to 44%

    And we all know, Obama is really less!

    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008

    President Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

  271. So competitive!!!

  272. DRII, check SF-PUMA at 2:00 am last night’s thread. She was at fundraiser where Hillary addressed the subject carefully.

  273. Right on, SophieL!!!

    20 Questions Before Serving the Oborg continues:

    1. What is it about the Precious that makes you want to serve him?
    2. Quick, what are the color of his eyes?
    3. Quick, when you hear the word “boots,” do you think “lick,” or “walk”?
    4. Have you ever undergone a mood-induced abortion?
    5. Do you support retroactive telecom immunity? If not, what are you hiding?
    6. Have you seen the film, “The King and I”?
    7. Do your recall the scene in which Yul Brynner tells Deborah Kerr that her head must not be higher than his?
    8. Is there anything about this scene that confuses you?

  274. I so loved this:

    Steve Schmidt, who runs the day-to-day operations of the McCain campaign, said the campaign had been moved to issue the statement in part because it saw the damage done during the Democratic primary when Obama supporters made accusations that former President Bill Clinton had been racially insensitive, or worse.

    “The McCain campaign was compelled to respond to this outrageous attack because we will not allow John McCain to be smeared by Senator Obama as a racist for offering legitimate criticism,” he said. “We have waited for months with a sick feeling knowing this moment would come because we watched it incur with President Clinton. Say whatever you want about President Clinton, his record on this issue is above reproach.”

    In the Democratic primary campaign, Mr. Obama’s supporters at several occasions accused the Clinton campaign of using racially charged tactics, particularly after Mr. Clinton equated Mr. Obama’s victory in the South Carolina primary with the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s victory in the nominating contest there in 1988. Mr. Clinton himself then complained in a radio interview in April that the Obama campaign had “played the race card on me.”

    Msg to Obama: They (McCain) aren’t taking that sh!t. They don’t have to; they’re Republicans. During the primaries every time the B.O. campaign leveled that charge, all the rest of the folks would shut up and back off. Not so now. I so love it! 🙂

  275. I know folks who were at the Hillary fundraiser as well and its far from clear that Hillary will personally ask to be on the nomination ballot. That doesn’t mean delegates can’t petition for her to be on the ballot.

  276. I would imagine that the majority of those on Kos are white and male (read: never been victims of racism), and yet, what is soooo laughable, is that they’re suddenly experts on racism because they support The Selected One.

    As someone who is not white, and have experienced racial prejudice, and see the race-card BO’s campaign has played and is playing, I find this ironic.

  277. I believe the quote was that Hillary said that putting her name in nomination was the only way to unify the party.

    Continuing to contact SD and delegates is only way to make sure that the nomination and roll call is open and fair and actually takes place. O’s dropping poll numbers and increased negatives have to be getting the delegates attention and down ticket dems have to be getting worried–IMHO

    There have also been comments made in last couple of days about needing to put Hillary on ballot as VP. Comment earlier this morning has info on phone numbers to let Hillary know we want her on top of ticket or not at all

  278. The supers are crazy if they continue this unwarranted support. God knows where he will be come August 25th. At least her name on the ballot will perhaps entice some of those who are having second thoughts or serioius doubts. I too wish to have a Dem in the WH but it is not him.

  279. I would imagine that the majority of those on Kos are white and male (read: never been victims of racism), and yet, what is soooo laughable, is that they’re suddenly experts on racism because they support The Selected One.

    Ya know, it’s easier to scream racism than have to party with your libertarian tendencies and, you know, address the results of real racism: AIDS, poverty, segregated schools, health insurance, etc. Just like many Christians focus on abortion (something that requires no personal sacrifice on their part) rather than dealing with poverty, which is arguably the most mentioned problem cited in the Bible. No, personal sacrifice is too much.

  280. Pat, I agree. I watch for any hint, but was told by a woman who worked to help pass ERA, to be careful about efforts to distract us from our purpose and to send us chasing after red herrings. Thank goodness for sights like this where we can dispell rumors and get back to the work of putting democracy back in our “democratic process”

  281. Fredster…

    I whole-heartedly agree…

    I am glad McCain is fighting hard, and won’t accept the simpleton race card playbook tatics that Barry is known for…

  282. If I hear the word “distraction” again, I will go running naked in the street screaming.

    Once again, if I were one of the SS’s I would have to take action to end my career!

  283. I think everyone at some point has experienced prejudice of some sort. I am southern, listen to one episode of Bill Maher, you will hear we are dumb and married to our cousins. If you aren’t wealthy, then you have experienced class differentiation. I have mixed grandchildren, try walking into a southern grocery store with mixed kids, oh the looks you get. Single women experience prejudice all the damn time.

    I may not ever understand the prejudices experienced by people of color, but I do not believe that being AA means you hold the patent on being subjected to prejudice.

  284. abc news is now reporting that Obama did play race card!

    Obama Aide Concedes ‘Dollar Bill’ Remark Referred to His Race

    Sen. Barack Obama’s chief strategist conceded that the Democratic presidential candidate was referring to his race when he said Republicans were trying to scare voters by suggesting Obama “doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.”

    The picture is hilarious… link here

  285. This is off topic and I apologize, but I wanted to let you know I have arranged with Auntie’s Treasures for us to get sterling silver Puma pendants at a 50% discount.

    You can get details at my blog.

    Mountain Sage

  286. gary: For God’ sake don’t give him any ideas! This may be the one area he hadn’t considered up until now.

  287. Kim: Well put.

  288. Carol: The visual alone is enough to send me back to my housework.

  289. SophieL is building a masterpiece with that questionnaire.

  290. Pat? I don’t understand….

  291. Gary, I think Pat is afraid that BO will start issuing Barack Dollars much like the Barack Seal a couple of weeks ago.

  292. (mind veering) Maybe I’ll have to take that post I’m writing in a new direction?

  293. Kim, thank you. I grew up as a military brat living all over and speaking with a southern accent since my dad always requested an assignment as close to Georgia as possible. He never lost his southern drawl. I have been amused by the southern stereotype but BIll Maher still gets under my skin sometimes. We must have something to offer or so many wouldn’t be relocating. I am now trying to work on my reaction to the word “racist.” It is such an ugly word but by the company I am now keeping, I think it “depends on one’s definition of racism. Kind of like depends on what is is.

  294. I was reading the other day an article on Politico about how the Republicans had been more effective than the Dems in using good old fashioned viral emails in getting the word out about the weaknesses of Obama as president. For example, the email from the Army officer about Obama skipping the visit to the troops. Anyway, it seems that PUMA has been targeting emails to DNC leaders and Superdelegates who are not likely to change their votes for Obama to Hillary unless Obama makes a more significant tank in the polls. He has been drifting down but since the MSM is still shoring him up, the general public isn’t fully aware of all the risks. Just a suggestion that with as many JustSayNoDeal/PUMA members as there are, a viral email campaign could be very effective in increasing awareness of the risks of an Obama presidency. If, every day, PUMA posted a well crafted email detailing one aspect of risk (i.e. a complete list and description of his radical associates one day, the list of all the documentation he refuses to provide–BC, senate records, medical, no published legal opinions–another day, etc). If all PUMA members sent those to a few friends with the instruction to send on, it would bring these risks to light without the MSM doing it. This may have a significant effect on the polls in time for the Dem convention later this month. Just a thought….

  295. katiebird, over on camille’s site there’s some currency called chump change with barrack’s picture … as well as ‘bitterbux’

  296. gary: Putting his face on currency. He would love it!

  297. gary:

    that picture should be on a “zero dollar” bill…not $100!

  298. The MSM are a lot like Pavlov’s Dogs. All they need to hear is the bell and they are off an running. Defending Obama has become a full time enterprise, particularly for those who seem to be able to glean exactly what he says and means. Apparently the Ouija Board is making a comeback.

  299. I am ridiculous! I clean a room, I take a break, I clean a room, I take a break. One more to go and I am done.

  300. Found this posted over at Camille. Not sure the impact.


  301. Buy the book “Obama Nation” (out today), read it, and share it with every registered voter you know (especially Obama supporters); go to Amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com now and buy it! This could help turn the tide even faster before the convention (to draft Hillary). THIS IS IMPORTANT
    * * *
    The book title is actually “The Obama Nation” (could also be THE ABOMINATION) heh-heh-heh

  302. pat, can you come do my house next??!!!

  303. looks like a pingback made it thru the filter …

    “ssmith” I made the calls & it went great!
    The young man I spoke with in the RNC could’nt have been nicer. Many of you had called before me. I then had my new co-PUMA friend Wayne of http://www.pocpuma.
    com call him too (poc=people of color/pumas).
    I spoke with someone @ Hillary’s NY office & also faxed a letter I wrote yesterday to the DNC. The basis
    of my letter is the same as “RD’s” post today.
    “NOT AN OPEN-AIR ONE”! I wanted to say not a “HOT-
    AIR” one; but I could’nt be RUDE!
    The person @ Hillary’s office thanked me for my call &
    said my views are respected; but Hillary is COMMITTED to getting a “DEMOCRAT”BACK IN THE WHITE-HOUSE !!!
    I repeated my unity plea & added the Dem. leaders brought this on themselves by NOT ALLOWING AN OPEN DEBATE ON WHO’S THE BETTER CHOSE IN
    I remember that sad day when I found myself, along with all of you making calls to So. Dakota for votes &
    As I write this tears come to my eyes even today.

  305. Pragmatist: What makes me leery about this book is that it is being put out by the same group who were a part of the Kerry Swiftboat 527. Also, Regnery Press, which is the publisher, is a right wing arm owned by I think Richard Viguerie, a GOP operative. The information could be factual but you must first consider the source.

  306. gary: no

  307. DRII:

    The McCain campaign simply won’t allow the charge to stand. And I loved the latest that Gary posted about this.

  308. Pat Johnson:
    . . . Just consider it (it is highly footnoted which makes it easy to check the facts for yourself).

  309. awww pat 😦

  310. madamab has a new play up!!!!!!

  311. Hey everyone – ready for a new play? It’s up. 🙂

  312. Lurking & reading, in a pissy mood, son leaves day after tomorrow.

  313. Pat Johnson, on August 1st, 2008 at 2:01 pm Said:

    I am ridiculous! I clean a room, I take a break, I clean a room, I take a break. One more to go and I am done.

    My theory on housekeeping was to try to keep it fun to do. I found a wonderful way to do that was to jack up the stereo and consume Mimosas while cleaning. I tried to think of it as a healthy way to clean, consuming the orange juice and all. Of course, one day when cleaning the ceiling fan blades with a Dustbuster I discovered that was a neat way to dust furniture too. No more spraying and wiping and polishing!

  314. While I am more than happy to watch the GOP beat the waffles out of The Precious, I am under no illusions that they are on our side.

    Obamanation used every dirty trick in the book against Hillary. Now they are up against they guys who wrote the book.

  315. Moderation? WTF?

    I didn’t use any trigger words!

  316. @madamab
    Wow! I didn’t even know all those people were black! Amazing!

  317. #
    myiq2xu, on August 1st, 2008 at 2:32 pm Said:

    While I am more than happy to watch the GOP beat the waffles out of The Precious, I am under no illusions that they are on our side.

    Obamanation used every dirty trick in the book against Hillary. Now they are up against they guys who wrote the book.

    Which is what I love about it myiq.

    During the primaries everyone had to be good Democrats and if r@cism charges were raised, everyone had to back off. Now with the Repubs, not so much. Obie’s campaign has used that meme to death and it’s broken now.

  318. Got to try this quiz!


    Scary … I actually got most of the answers right.

  319. masslib, you dreamed of this video. It’s fantastic.

    Hillary herself saying putting her name in nomination will unite the party.

    Riverdaughter, please give this a look. Everyone, spread it:

  320. […] 1, 2008 · No Comments I’m continually flabbergasted by the popularity of “The Confluence,” a site haunted by ex-Kos bloggers and Hillary supporters who long outlived their welcome. For one, […]

  321. Tried three times today to get in on the comment sections at CNN, but to no avail. The Obama supporters were in control of the comment sections. I did see two or three PUMA comments and they were good. The Obama supporters and their paid bashers are ranting and raving and howling. There was the gender article, the gallup poll (now tied at 44 to 44%), the McCain TV ads and the Obama race issue. There was another poll out there that has McCain ahead by 2 points aand a few days ago there was the Gallup “likely voters” poll that has McCain up by 4 points.The super delegates need to be thinking about this and they need to be thinking about supporting a sinking ship. You need to see the last McCain ad, its hillarious.

  322. from CNN posted on No Q

    GERGEN: It is. And I’m glad you raise that, Wolf, because I want to go back to the beginning of this. It was Hillary Clinton who long ago predicted that the Republican attack machine would crank up against Obama. And she’s been proven business right. Here they come. And I think what we see now is, in a race that, after this marvelous publicity Obama has had over the last two or three weeks, you would normally assume a candidate like this would be ahead by eight to 10 points. And, yet, we see a much closer race. The Gallup tracking poll this week actually saw significant slippage on Obama’s part.

    What it tells me is that Barack Obama and his team need to take a fresh look at the prospect of Hillary Clinton being his vice president. She is the one who understands this fight. She’s been in these fights before. She knows how to handle herself in a fight. She would help to unite the Democratic Party.

    Ah no Mr. Gergen, it says the Dems made a massive blunder in rigging the race for Obama and against Hillary and if there is any re look it should be SD’s jumping ship fast and moving to Hillary ….Obama now be to damaged to be on her ticket…SD’s it’s not to late..

  323. It takes ten reasons to nominate? When I can give you one not to?

    1. She’s a woman.

    That’s all you should need.

  324. Actually, she DIDN’T earn more votes than he did.
    Sorry Hillary supporters…If I want to support the Joker I’ll go see Batman, not elect her for public office.

  325. I’m no where close to being a Hilary supporter but I agree that she would be a lot better than Obama.

  326. “4.) No fried foods in Denver?!?! (Someone tell Bill)”

    State Fair will be going on in Pueblo. World famous Pueblo Sloppers for everyone!

  327. Clinton lost the primary selection round of this election. So for the main election in November Clinton supporters have three choices: (1) Don’t vote and whine; (2) Vote for McCain; or (3) Vote for Obama. That’s it.

    Having looked at the remarks above, it appears that 1 is leading 2 by a head with 3 a very distant third. Do you people want four more years of a conservative president?

    What a lot of folks don’t seem to realize is that McCain is not liked or trusted by the conservative leadership. As a result, McCain feels he has to out-neocon Bush. McCain will not turn away from the Dark Side if he’s elected. The somewhat moderate McCain of the 2000 election didn’t get elected, so that guy has been replaced by SuperBush McCain.

    Obama isn’t my first choice to be president (neither is Hillary Clinton). However, faced with the choice of Obama or McCain, there’s not a nanosecond’s worth of hesitation when I’m deciding who I’m going to support and vote for.

  328. Ahh

    the usual ad Hominem

    Cant do better? What a shame. Anyway, If you want to buy into the left right paradigm, and lay at the feet of a bunch of elite frauds and sociopaths, so be it.

    Obama/Hillary/McCain/Bush. They are all of the same mould.

    UpstateNY reptilian brain?? Just because you cannot disemminate the truth anymore, if indeed you have ever been capable in the first place, Don put lables on me.

    masslib- Dont misconstrue what i wrote. Hitlery is in the same league as Obama. They are both charlatans. Where do you get your news from i wonder?? Mainstream press?

  329. The word in one NY news source is she won’t be signing the request to be nominated. Too bad if true. She would be the best of all America has to offer. She is the smartest and the most competent person and once again Americans can’t get it right. Well, it has got to be McCain. He is moderate and could like Eisenhower be a Democrat or a Republican. His disagreeable positions are to win over his base or he doesn’t get elected. His agreeable positions are better than Obama’s best positions. And staying home will insure Obama a victory. I intend to vote for the veteran. I want a strong defense and hope for a compassionate economic system from a compassionate Republican.
    — who knows what it means to defend America.
    Hank Roth
    (past post) Commander, Jewish War Veterans

  330. if you’re referring to the NY Daily news, that is a lie that was planted by the Obama campaign. Check out the next post here, sweet lies, and watch the video of Hillary herself saying she thinks the best way unify the party is to have her name put up for nomination. thanks for the comment!

    Obama is proving to be a weak candidate. I hope there is a roll call at the convention, and a stunning upset whereby Hillary Clinton replaces Barack, as the Democratic nominee for November … I’ll certainly vote for her, but if Obama continues to be the Democratic nominee … I’m voting for Senator John McCain in November.

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