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      Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – October 17, 2021   Strategic Political Economy “You lost. Stop acting like you won” [White Hot Harlots (lyman alpha blob), via Naked Capitalism Water Cooler 10-14-21] “The abortion issue has been lost. I cannot fathom any plausible near or medium-term scenario in which the actually existing American left mounts a successfu […]
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Monday: Big O and the Obots

Is the crowd real or CGI enhanced?

Q: Is the crowd real or CGI enhanced?

A-Haa!  The truth comes out.  The best way to get HUGE numbers of young enthusiastic people to turn out to an Obama rally is to lure them with that rock-n-roll, bratwurst and beer.  From gateway pundit comes a description of how they did it:

OBAMA Lures Massive German Crowd With Rock Bands, Brats & Beer!


The choreographed Obamapalooza Tour 2008 continues in Berlin today complete with with rock bands, beer and brats.
Oh… And, German campaign flyers.

But remember- It’s not a political rally.
The German newspaper Berliner Morganpost reported on the rally today (translated):

The speech will begin clock to 19 and up about 20 clock time. Admission to the event area is from 16 clock. At 16 clock begins the inlet to Obama spectacle on the streets of the 17th June. For the spectators, the further back have been enlarged picture screens.

To the waiting time of up to the speech of the presidential candidates to shorten a second stage built on the musical framework programme to take place. The German Reggeasänger Patrice and the German pop band Reamonn 17.30 from occur there. Before and during the breaks, the British disc jockey Mantu.

Snack and drink stalls are also up – the area is converted Fabnmeile-Obama.

Hat Tip Dan

To many of you, this is old news, especially to those of you living in the Portland area where it was done before the Oregon primary and THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of Sports Illustrated Sweimsuit Models with PhDs in Architecture paddled their kayaks to a different Obama rally:

From CNN to the New York Times, the media hyped Barack Obama’s Portland, Oregon rally on Sunday, some comparing him to a rock star.

Unmentioned in national reporting was the fact that Obama was preceded by a rare, 45-minute free concert by actual rock stars The Decemberists. The Portland-based band has drawn rave reviews from Rolling Stone magazine, which gave their 2005 album Picaresque four and a half stars (out of five), and another four and a half stars for 2007’s The Crane Wife.

Now, as we mentioned before, two points are probably sufficient data for a biologist to draw a conclusion but we chemists need at least three. Fortunately for us, we may already have a third point. It’s called Invesco Field. How do you get 80,000 ordinary people into a stadium to spend some time with a bunch of political types? Think about it. What would it take to get *us* to spend time listening to Barack Obama, I mean, without earplugs and dramamine? The only thing that would get me in there is a Broncos game, U2 or Bruce Springsteen. I’m guessing the Broncos aren’t playing; I’m going with Bruce. Or the Dixie Chicks, whose normally astute Natalie Mains has donated to Obama. (I’m burning their songs on my iPhone.)

But why does Obama have to bribe voters in Oregon and the newly created congressional district of Berlin to get people to come and cheer for him? Did JFK or Reagan have to do that? Why isn’t his amazing record and speechmaking enough? (Don’t answer that) Or maybe it’s because his whole persona is a manufactured one, conjured up by some Madison Avenue type to meet a demand that did not exist before this election season. And if the demand isn’t really there then co-marketing and tie-ins and special bonus offers are necessary to entice the disinterested.

He’s like Teddy Ruxpin, Cabbage Patch Dolls and pet rocks. Artificially animated, oversold and useless.

Can we have Hillary back now?

Lanny, Lanny, Lanny, we have brains and we know how to use them.

Dear Lanny,

I am listening to you on blogtalkradio and I’m not sure you understand who we are.  We are political junkies.  We eat this stuff for breakfast, in my case, *before* breakfast.  We’ve been paying attention to all of the moving parts since we were children.  There is absolutely NOTHING you can BS us on that we can’t see right through.

Now, I don’t know who roped you into coming to us to try to talk us out of our course of action but you can march right back to them and give them a message for us.  “NO DEAL ON OBAMA”

We know exactly what Obama is.  He’s an ambitious ass kissing schmoozer with a razor thin CV. He’s a ruthless campaigner and an unethical delegate thief.  He will compromise with the Republcians on just about everything including energy policy and FISA.  We don’t know what he’d do on reproductive rights but given his track record, anything is possible as long as it is politically expedient.

We don’t want this man as our president, Lanny.  The American public has nothing to gain from Republican Lite.  He is only going to benefit affluent liberals and many of US fall into that category.  He is no FDR, he’s got no experience and our ears will bleed if we have to listen to him for four years.  He is a non-starter for us, Lanny.

What’s more, we don’t like the way that politics were played this year.  This may be the election where the mostly male, mostly older power brokers finally get the boot.  We are a new generation of women and men who were brought up in a more egalitarian era.  We’re not going to put up with the old way of picking nominees.  Now, honor us and our candidate.


Lanny, we have thought this through from every angle and believe me, the party can not get any less unified by submitting Hillary’s name in nomination.  We want it, the country wants it.  Whether the DNC wants it is of no interest to us.  It can either do the right thing now or it can suffer the consequences later.

Give it up, Lanny.



Afternoon Silliness and a reminder

Up until today, I thought I had the most recessive genes on the planet.  Neither of my kids looks like me.  I frequently wondered who the real mother was.  But lately, Brook’s sense of humor has started to take on some familiar features.  Like, she *gets* Monty Python.  And she is learning how to snark.  Hmmm, maybe she’s related after all.  Today, I have confirmation.  She introduced me to Jonathan Coulton.  Yep, she’s mine alright.

Speaking of humor. the DNC has been trying to define us, with predictably humorous results.  Last week, Don Fowler and Alice Fermond called us “fatiguing and irritating”.  A few days ago, and ABC News affiliate referred to us as militants.  So, we’ve been trying to polish our army boots to make a good impression.  And on Friday, Howard Dean called us “low class” for exercising our first amendment rights.  So, SM77 got out her handy-dany gimp application and created a composite of a PUMA based on these descriptions: a mullet headed Che Guevara type with ADHD.   Great job, SM.  I like the way you have placed the PUMA in its natural habitat.

Do you recognize this person?

Finally, Don’t forget that Lanny Davis will be a guest on NO WE WON’T blogtalkradio with Sheri Tag and Will Bower tonight at 8:00 EST.  That’s like NOW!!!

The Dog Whisperer’s letter to the DNC

DON’T FORGET TO TUNE IN at 8pm this Sunday “No We Won’t PUMA Radio with Sheri Tag,” special guest Lanny Davis & Ricki Lieberman!

Now on with the post…

This is a parody based on the Dog Whisperer, which doesn’t reflect the thoughts or views of Cesar Millán or the National Geographic Channel – that I know of. Please read in Cesar Millian’s charming Spanish accent.

Dear Howard and Donna,

Many thanks for inviting me to rehabilitate the PUMA. I am honored but puzzled to receive your request as I only work within the canine group. However seeing that the PUMA was formed from the broken bones of Ole Yeller, I wanted to take the challenge. If you’ve watched my show, you know that I rehabilitate dogs and train humans.
Let’s review our session together: Continue reading

Sunday: “too presumptuous”? Nawww, not OUR Barack

The NYTimes is suffering from an upregulation of obviousness brought on by an overdose of Kool-ade. In Going for that Presidential Look but Trying not to Overdo it, The Dauphin of Democracy pronounces:

“In terms of raw politics, in the short-term there’s just as much downside as upside to a trip like this, even when it’s well executed,” Mr. Obama said in an interview as he flew here from Paris on the final leg of his trip. “People at home are worried about gas prices, they’re worried about mortgage foreclosures — and for a week they’re seeing me traipse around the world? It’s easy to paint that as somehow being removed from people’s day-to-day problems.”

What could *possibly* be wrong with taking a tour of the middle east and Europe after a long, grueling semester, er, primary season?  The world got a chance to get just as enamored with him as America has been.  In the meantime, the Republicans have taken the opportunity to gently poke at his campaign, probably to see if it’s tender, and John McCain appeared in a German restaurant while Barack was in Berlin.  Very downhome with a soupçon of the here and now but hardly on anyone’s radar like the throngs of cheering new voters in Berlin.

What could possibly be the downside to all those ecstatic foreigners basking in the glow of his reflected radiance?

In nearly every city on his eight-day trip, Mr. Obama awoke to find a newspaper with his photograph — and often several — on the cover. Yet by the time he reached the end of his travels here on Saturday, a moment of political reality set in with a headline in The Times of London that stated, “Obama’s capital tour loses him ground back home.”

Asked on Saturday about his political fortunes, he said, “I wouldn’t even be surprised if in some polls we saw a little bit of a dip because we’ve been out of the country for a week.”

Ruh-Roh.  Barack is quickly getting out in front of the dip that his pollsters have been detecting in the past eight days.  Oooo, it must be bad.  Maybe it was that endless, tortuous presser he gave in Israel where every sentence started well but meandered from prepositional phrase to prepositional phrase, delicately accented by a plethora of ah’s and um’s that convey a sense of hesitation to the listeners.  The labrynthine sentence structure that seemed to have no beginning, middle or end, let alone a point, left me scratching my head and staunching my bleeding ears.  Oh, sure, it makes his presentation sound shallow and spotty, like he isn’t comfortable with the material or the facts.  But what else can you do “when you can’t dazzle them with brilliance” but “baffle them with bull$%#^”?

Damn!  It’s too bad that Hillary isn’t around to run interference for him and answer the question first so he can answer the question second.  That worked so well in the debates.  But she’s back on Capital Hill, doing that whole work thing.  Work is for LOOOOSERS.  Everyone knows that if you want to get to the top, you gotta learn how to schmooze.  And all working people have had experience with The Schmoozer who rockets to the top by agreeing with everything the powers that be say and taking credit for other people’s work and using friends as connections to be discarded later.  Sure it leaves a trail of resentful and vengeful former friends and colleagues but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Only, this one time, maybe he should have gone easy on the arrogance abroad and spent time closer to home doing something like this:

Do not be concerned, Conflucians.  Obama is planning a series of town hall meetings for ordinary Americans. You know, the type of voter he has been trying to avoid all year?.  Not the joint town halls that John McCain proposed, but undoubtably a series of thoroughly planned and scripted ones where no detail has been left to chance.

Can we have Hillary back now??? (H/T SophieL)

Scratching Post Saturday Night! What a PUMA looks like to the DNC:

Well folks, another Saturday Scratching Post is here and what a week!  Obama-Jesus DNC-Christ SuperStah will return next week from his “OMFG! EUROPE LOOOOOOOVES HIM!” tour so why doesn’t he stay there then, it’s not like we LOOOVE him here.   Other than give away free food, pay for a concert and speak to 20,000 Berliners, he chose to diss our wounded veterans. 

Can’t wait to hear Lanni Davis defend that on “No We Won’t Radio with Sheri Tag” this Sunday at 8pm. 

Lanny, for Democracy’s sake, I hope that you can take a moment tomorrow and acknowledge what is happening to the “Democratic” Party (and I use quotes because it truly is ironic to use a word like “”Democratic” to describe a party that no longer operates as such).   

Almost every political poll in the past two weeks shows how “Undecided” voters are growing as the DNC’s coronation draws near.  Gee, what about all those Yellow Dog Democrats, you say?  Didn’t you get the news Lanny?  Ole Yeller died– and from its broken bones, a PUMA emerged.  Maybe this example is too extreme, but it certainly demonstrates how the seed of discontent is slowly turning into a Domino Effect: 

Whatever you do or say tomorrow, Lanny dear, please don’t make us support the DNC’s selection of an illegitimate candidate.  It’s not about Hillary anymore.  It’s about fighting for Democracy and how every vote should count.  It’s about fighting what Harold Ickes said at the RBC on May 31st, 2008, the “hijacking” of Democracy itself.

Speaking of “fighting,” this morning our gracious PUMA High Priestess Mother Riverdaughter said the DNC thinks that PUMAs are “a mullet headed Che Guevara with ADHD.”  GaryChapellHill brought it to my attention that this phrase would make a perfect “Satire on a Budget”  moment.  Special h/t to Mawm for GIMP software suggestion – and yes, it’s definitely a “satire on budget” moment:

Continue reading

Bill Burton’s Secret Weapon: A Play in One Scientific Act.

THE SCENE: BILL BURTON, Barack Obama’s campaign manager, is sitting behind a large chrome and glass desk in a well-appointed, modern office. A large, sleek metal box with two buttons rests on top of the desk. One button is red, and reads “Verbiage;” the other is green, and reads “Statistics.”]

There is a computer (the latest Mac, of course) and a printer on the side of the desk. His iPhone is lying on the desk: Bill is [duh!] too hip for a landline. Besides which, he doesn’t want AT&T spying on HIM!

In front of the desk is DAVID AXELROD, Barack Obama’s right-hand man. They are sipping cups of coffee and finishing up croissants. AXELROD also has an iPhone in his hand, from which he will read the action items for the meeting.

BURTON: Ah! The almond croissant was particularly moist today. So, David, what’s on the agenda?

AXELROD: Okay, Bill, we’ve got several things that need our immediate attention. First off, as you know, President Obama’s foreign-policy experience has now been brought up to parity with John McCain’s after his week-long tour of Europe and the Middle East. So we’re all good there. However, we estimated that a million people would attend his speech in Berlin, and even with two free concerts thrown in, we were nowhere near that number. Can we figure out how many people attended?

BURTON: No problemo! [addressing the box on his desk] Computer, how many people attended the Berlin rally?

COMPUTER [in sultry female voice]: Please press the green button. [BURTON does so.] Your answer is: Two hundred thousand.

AXELROD: Great, great. I’ll send it out now. [notates the number in his iPhone and quickly sends it off to his press mailing list] Okay, next item is: The President skipped a visit to the troops while in Berlin because the Pentagon wouldn’t allow him to bring in his cameras. How do we make it clear that President Obama does not, in fact, think of the troops as just a campaign prop?

BURTON [drawing in his breath]: Oooooh, that’s a tough one. Let’s see what our girl can come up with. Computer, what is the reason for Obama’s skipping his visit to the troops?

COMPUTER: Please press the red button. [BURTON does so.] Your answer is: I.A.C.F.

Continue reading

Saturday: Drumbeat

Good Morning, ladies and gents. Sorry I’m a bit late this am. I had to take Brook to the pediatrician for a physical and the kid refuses to take her clothes off in front of the doctor. It’s a gorgeous day in NJ so I’m going outside to play.

The drumbeat is getting louder and steadier and harder to ignore for Dean, Pelosi and Brazile. The Dauphin of Democracy’s Road Trip didn’t turn out like they planned. (Steely Dan fans can finish that song)  They turned out the crowds alright but most Berliners can’t vote (at least, not last time I checked but you never know with the Chicago crew…). And “presumptuous” doesn’t even begin to describe the scene he set up in Berlin, acting like he’s already president and delivering his State of the World speech on terrorism, as if Europe doesn’t already have a more extensive history in fighting it. What’s next for Obama? Delivering a speech on trade with China in Beijing during the Olympics next month? Has anyone told him yet that he can’t have an award ceremony and listen to Hail to the Chief while the flag is raised if he doesn’t actually win a gold medal in a sport? No matter. I’m sure he and David Axelrod will figure out some reasonable facsimile — that the American public will see right through.

But back to Dean. edgeoforever reports that Dean’s road trip is getting rave reviews from the PUMA set. Dean has added a new description to the growing list of endearments the DNC and friends have been using to entice us to vote for Obama. Now, we are “low class”. Riiight.  I guess that’s why people who choose to express their first amendment rights at the Convention in Denver deserve to be put behind a chain link fence far away from the nice, clean, cultured convention attendees.

So, in the last week, we have become “fatiguing and irritating, low-class militants”. I’m having trouble conjuring up an image of that. Is it like a mullet headed Che Guevara with ADHD? And of course, we aren’t Democrats. Well, this much is true, at least for me. I’m not rejoining the Democratic party officially until Dean and Brazile are gone, gone, gone. I’m a Democrat in Exile, not a Republican.

The convention is 30 days away and the pace is accelerating. We’re getting attention. People are getting nervous. Their beautiful theories are getting brutally destroyed by ugly facts. The party is NOT unified just because they said so and now they in grave danger of losing face. Yes, well, what could be more embarrassing than losing a presidential election in a year when you had absolutely everything going for you? The DNC deserves a nomination for a Darwin Award for not recognizing that the old models based on gender, economics and education are no longer predictive. We are watching natural selection in action and it’s not pretty.

In the meantime:

  • Darragh Murphy is on tonight!  Tune into Meet Me In Denver with Darragh Murphy and friends on the NQR of blogtalkradio.  The show starts at 9:00pm EST.  She’ll catch us up on the latest plans for Denver and get an update from Brad and Lori on the film they’re making of the 2008 election process.  Set your batchannels.
  • Don’t forget that NO WE WON’T with Sheri Tag will feature two very special guests, Lanny Davis and Ricki Lieberman.  That’s Sunday at 8:00pm EST.
  • For those of you who want music to go with your politics, check out Goddess Radio with Swannie at CygnusRadio.  This morning, Swannie did an Eva Cassidy set and anyone who likes Cassidy is a friend of mine.  This is available on iTunes?  Cool.

Here’s a song that gets my blood pumping from the movie Working Girl.  Remember that movie?  The one about the smart girl who’s underemployed and finally gets her crack at running things?  Yeah, never settle for second.

Lanny Davis to guest on NO WE WON’T on Sunday

I got this email from Will Bower this evening:

*Double Header*
— LANNY DAVIS and then RICKI LIEBERMAN to be on “No We Won’t” P.U.M.A. Radio!!
Sunday, July 27th, 8pm EST

PUMAs! I can’t tell you how excited I am for EPISODE ELEVEN of “No We Won’t” P.U.M.A. Radio!

Beginning at 8pm EST, we’ll be hosting one of my (and our) heroes from this campaign season, LANNY DAVIS.  While it’s true that he is currently giving Obama his support, no one was braver or more articulate in supporting Hillary on the campaign trail than was Lanny.  I still consider him our friend.  We look forward to giving him a warm welcome, and to asking him about ways in which we can support the process of having Hillary Clinton’s name placed into nomination at Convention.

But the show doesn’t stop there!  At 9pm EST, we will be welcoming Hillraiser RICKI LIEBERMAN of “ToGetHer4Us” and “The Electability Watch” to discuss her ongoing efforts to make sure that the most electable candidate, Hillary Clinton, is the Democratic nominee.

As always, please be aware that — regardless of what blogtalkradio.com may tell you — the show will begin at 8pm EST Sunday night.

This is a Must-Listen-To episode, folks!   We look forward to meeting up with you again at “No We Won’t P.U.M.A. Blog Talk Radio!”

Will Bower & Sheri Tag
“No We Won’t” P.U.M.A. Radio

Hmmm, what to make of this…?  Lanny Davis was a strong Clinton supporter but he threw his support behind Obama.  Now, I don’t know about you guys but when I say I will not be voting for Obama, I really mean it.  Nothing he has done recently has convinced me to do otherwise.  In fact, the more I think about it, the less I am convinced that voting for Obama would be in my best interests  So, I sincerely hope this is not an attempt of a surrogate to try to change our minds.   When I have my mind set on something, I usually have a good reason for it and I am fairly resistant to persuasion.  It means I have considered all of the pros and cons carefully before I came to the decision.

Let’s put it this way.  My mother has been trying for more than 40 years to convert me to one fundamentalist evangelical brand of Christianity or another.  But as a child, I realized that I wanted no part of it.  She’s managed to convert everyone else in my immediate family and has branched out to some of her sisters and brothers.  I am the holdout and I’ll die before I change my mind.

That’s kind of the way I feel about voting for Obama.  And I’m not being stubborn or immature.  I have completely and rationally thought this thing through and have determined that there is nothing to be gained by electing him and some serious risk if he *is* elected.  So, I don’t want to cut off an avenue of discussion with Lanny Davis that might be productive but, speaking for me only, I would hope he would respect my decision and my intelligence and not try to talk me into the unpalatable and unacceptable.

Just sayin’

KKKarl Rove and Donna Brazile: Perfect Together

[Original photos here and here.]

A commenter at The Confluence found this extraordinary chronology of the relationship between KKKarl and Donna.

If you don’t have an “ah-HA!” moment after you read this, STEP AWAY FROM THE KOOL-AID. It’s obviously causing brain damage.

No wonder Obama is starting to sound like a right-wing Republican. No wonder he is getting such favorable media instead of McCain, the original and traditional Media Darling. No wonder he had so much money at the beginning of his campaign – over $100 million from Bush Pioneers, oil companies, and Republican bundlers. No wonder he won red-state caucuses so handily but often lost the primaries from those same states. (A prime example: The Texas Pri-Caucus. Hillary won the primaries but Obama won the caucuses; thus he claimed victory in the delegate count.) Obama earned more delegates from his Idaho caucus victory than Clinton did from her victories in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island COMBINED.

Continue reading