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Thursday: What’s on your iPod, Barack?

Your friend, Ludacris says that *he’s* on it:

I’m back on it like I just signed my record deal
yeah the best is here, the Bentley Coup paint is dripping wet, it got sex appeal
never should have hated
you never should’ve doubted him
with a slot in the president’s iPod Obama shattered ‘em
Said I handled his biz and I’m one of his favorite rappers
Well give Luda a special pardon if I’m ever in the slammer
Better yet put him in office, make me your vice president
Hillary hated on you, so that b**** is irrelevant
Jesse talking slick and apologizing for what?
if you said it then you meant it how you want it have a gut!
and all you other politicians trying to hate on my man,
watch us win a majority vote in every state on my man
you can’t stop what’s bout to happen, we bout to make history
the first black president is destined and it’s meant to be
the threats ain’t fazing us, the nooses or the jokes
so get off your ass, black people, it’s time to get out and vote!
paint the White House black and I’m sure that’s got ‘em terrified
McCain don’t belong in ANY chair unless he’s paralyzed
Yeah I said it cause Bush is mentally handicapped
Ball up all of his speeches and I throw em like candy wrap
cause what you talking I hear nothing even relevant
and you the worst of all 43 presidents
get out and vote or the end will be near
the world is ready for change because Obama is here!
cause Obama is here
The world is ready for change because Obama is here

Ludacris shouldn’t give up his day job. Math is really not his strength. At the risk of sounding racists, because I use *words*, it pains me to have to point out to Mr. Cris that almost all of the “black people” (his words, not mine) turned out at 90% strength in the primaries and Obama *still* had to steal delegates from Michigan to pull off his “win”. Now, that static population of African-Americans is about to be diluted by a bunch of hardass, redneck Republicans in the General election. Too bad Obama has made such a point of flipping the bird to half of his base. That’s a lot of territory to make up between September and November. Anyway, not my problem. Or Hillary’s either, for that matter, especially after they’ve relegated her appearance at the convention to a speech on stage with the Tea Party Ten of the Senate Ladies Auxilliary.

But back to Ludacris. Ahhhh, Here it comes, the retraction:

The Barack Obama camp has condemned the lyrics and states Luda should be ashamed:

“As Barack Obama has said many, many times in the past, rap lyrics today too often perpetuate misogyny, materialism, and degrading images that he doesn’t want his daughters or any children exposed to,” said spokesman Bill Burton. “This song is not only outrageously offensive to Senator Clinton, Reverend Jackson, Senator McCain, and President Bush, it is offensive to all of us who are trying to raise our children with the values we hold dear. While Ludacris is a talented individual he should be ashamed of these lyrics.”

Oh My God! Does Obama *know* these songs are on his iPod? Holy Hemiola! He’s been syncing Ludacris for years and didn’t even know how outrageously offensive Ludacris is. Well, of COURSE he doesn’t approve– now. But this has never happened to him before, except for that Reverend Wright incidence(s). Obama probably had the iPod set for shuffle. I’ll betcha the Ludacris songs never came up, what with all of the competition from the JayZ songs.

I can only imagine what it must have been like the day he made this discovery:

Barack: Michelle, ma belle, come here quick! I was just listening to my iPod while I was on the treadmill and you will not believe the misogyny and racist crap that Ludacris is spewing these days. Did you know it was this bad? Why didn’t you tell me before I went to the iTunes store?!

Malia: Hey, Dad, can I borrow your iPod again for camp? I want to show my friends that JayZ song you used to play at the —

Sasha: Daddy, watch what I can do, watch what I can do! {{Gestures}} “Brush that dirt off your shoulders. Brush that dirt off your shoulders.” Daddy, what does irrelevent mean? I know what b**** means but what —

Barack: MICHELLE, get me that speechwriter from Philly on the horn, NOW!

Kids! They say the darndest things…

Cocktails tonight at 7PM EST.

202 Responses

  1. Did I just read that Hillary got the Tues. PM speaking slot at the Dem convention? Did I also just read that it used to be Edwards’ slot?

  2. This is clearly not the Ludacris I know, and who the hell gave me this iPod?
    I’ll be giving a historically awesome speech. Chris Matthews already said it will be a must-read for every American.

    Did I tell you I am The One you all have been waiting for?

    *RD: Can you spell bitch entirely? Why hide what a great lyricist is saying?

  3. The Senate Ladies Auxilliary? Too funny, and (*sigh*) too true. Especially with my senator, the (Dis)Honorable Debbie Stabenow.

    Just a quick post and run (how rude of the attorneys here to make me work right before vacation), but this place has been batting 1000 lately. Keep up the good work.

  4. “especially after they’ve relegated her appearance at the convention to a speech on stage with the Tea Party Ten of the Senate Ladies Auxilliary.”


    Can’t have her appearing as an actual serious candidate, can we?

  5. Seems to me… Ludacris was given those words to say. I’ve listened to Luda for a long time & yes he is sexist & uses foul language, but his lyrics are usually meant to be funny…not evil! He is probably doing a favor for his friend Obama. He always has others do his dirty work!!!

  6. burton said:

    While Ludacris is a talented individual he should be ashamed of these lyrics.”

    why does this remind me of the non-rebuke Obama gave to Bernie Mack…you don’t praise somebody at the same time you’re condemning them. What message are they trying to send…to me its the same as the “I’m just messin’ with you, but we have to say this for the chicks”

  7. Has the DNC written her speech for her yet? We want to make sure that it doesn’t go over 6 minutes. When does Michelle speak and what will she be wearing???

  8. gary- are you sure that Obama said ‘chicks’?

  9. If Hillary is not nominated, I will, in short order, be volunteering for McCain. When I go out to canvas, I may just take along a copy of these sleazy lyrics.

  10. Gary – the thing was struck me is that Burton focused on the children who would be upset by these lyrics. “Senator Clinton” was secondary. After all, this is hardly the worst thing that’s been said about her. Nudge nudge, wink wink, sayyyyyy no more!

    (Morning everyone. Great post, RD! You are as essential to me as my morning coffee. 🙂 )

  11. Thanks for bringing up JayZ.

    But of course it was the Obama camp that used an existing Jay Z song to call Hillary a bitch.

    So, shouldn’t Obama and his entire campaign be “ashamed?”

  12. There he (Obama) goes again adding fuel to the fire. Too much water under the bridge for a Camp O spokesperson to address this. Show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T to women and Sen. Clinton and address this matter personally.

    I have lived in this country since I was two years old and have never felt my minority status more than I do now thanks to the divisive campaign that Obama has run. There is something seriously wrong with this guy. He is willing to tear this country apart to get himself more power. He will really do and say anything to get elected.

  13. FLV: He’s just a front man (or his backers *hope* he doesn’t start acting on his own).

  14. honora, was being snarky….

  15. Good morning conflucians. You guys are on such a hot streak this week. I can barely keep up reading, much less participate as much as I would like in the excellent conversations and snark. The blogs are great as are the comments. I spent every spare moment reading here and listening to the radio show last night. Great stuff! Thanks for not ignoring the latest instance of abuse by proxy RD. Your a voice I have already come to count on.

    I have never seen an “Alienate The Vote” strategy like this one. Maybe having proxies abuse the other candidates and any one else who displeases the One keeps the news perking, but doesn’t it turn people off? And if they laugh along with one instance surely a different instance could rub the wrong way. Hey iono, I’m just a regular person.

    I would like to say I am boycotting the media but truth is I already had most basic cable and never turn it on because too busy between running after a toddler & work. I am actually listening to conservative talk radio in the car though. I mean – in what world?!?!

  16. madamab, I agree. it is not only something that children should be guarded from, it is offensive to every woman, and man who care about equality. His sexist crap should be condemned by every leader in the AA community. I am so tired of these guys getting a pass. they are all cowards, hiding behind their own victimization and then turning around and bashing women, gays, and other minorities. it is a disgrace.

  17. I must confess I have never liked rap. Don’t like polka either but since polka’s are not considered cool no one calls me a name about that.

    My really “cool” granddaughter, the Obamabot with the purple hair tells me that I just don’t “get” black music. Silly me. I thought all these years that I’ve listen to Jazz and Soul and rock and roll, I WAS listening to black music.

    I doubt that I would like rap even if it didn’t rely on the words b*tch and n*gga. But once those words are used I loose all interest.

    And even when offensive words weren’t used about about offensive sentiment? Such as Senator McCain shouldn’t sit in any chair unless he’s paralyzed? And here we were thinking only those low-life Republicans mocked wounded war vets.

  18. perries, I have been thinking about that a lot lately myself. I can not recall and election ever where the candidate so thoroughly bashes voters, and voters of his own party no less. The other candidate, sure, but voters? I think it is unprecedented. the closest I can think of it is 2004 when the repubs tried to insinuate that if you voted against bush you were unpatriotic, but even that was subtle and through surrogates. this is directly from the the candidate to his party’s base…I think the “brush of the shoulders” was more to us than to Clinton.

  19. I don’t EVER (intentionally) listen to rap, so I guess I shouldn’t be judgmental, but it seems to me that any time I incidentally overhear some rapper, it seems hate filled, and that seems especially true with regards to women. Even tho’ I’m *just* a man, that stuff sickens me. And O listens to this junk…?

    By the way, riverdaughter, I did once capture (in your words) the meaning of “holy hemiola,” but I don’t remember. Update, please?


  20. Hey kenoshaMarge,

    Yoou DON’T like polkas??? I thought that Wisconsin was, like, polkaland (I assume you’re in Wisconsin). Anyhow, a comparison between polkas and rap is downright disdainful – to polkas!


  21. Great post, Riverdaughter — I just love your morning discussions. I’ve always thought that Obama’s open affection for rap music could be trouble for him in the General Election. But, I have to say, I didn’t realize that rappers would be calling out people by name. Why that’s almost as if they’re ministers or something!

  22. Like, I’m sure, many people at this site, have never in my LIFE been accused of being racist until this election. I resent that this campaign’s whole division tactic has manipulatively labeled me something that I am not. I am not allowing my resentment to throw me off of the focus on my internal truth, though, any more than I am allowing the manipulation to get me off-center either,

    I understand that many AA’s want to feel like their “time has come,” but I would like to hope that they will understand that we are not on separate teams here, now. I KNOW that many of them have been hearing about that last book of the New Testament, the one where the folks on the bottom are going to be on the top—but what many seem to me unaware of is that they are not they only ones that have ever been on the bottom, and the “bottom” folks have been waiting for that guy’s bad dream to come true ever since it was first penned. And if groups were going to compete for who was kept in the subservient position of the social scale the most in the earth’s history, FEMALES would win hands down.

    So, as a female, I could put on some baggy clothes and chains and rap about how Hillary is gonna be the lady that we been waitin’ for , ’cause we ain’t takin’ no more either Bush OR Gore. Instead, I’m trying to buckle down and get the human being who is prepared to be the best leader in this most critical time in history chosen so she can do the job that will bring ALL people to be able to flourish in their lives.

    I resent anyone taking me into their little exclusive entitlement fantasies.

  23. Good Morning all! RD, I just love reading your posts in the morning with my first cup of coffee!
    You know I was talking with my husband about this Luda song and he said something interesting. First of all Luda hasn’t had a hit in a long time…did he ever? …uh any way he said since o mentioned his name…he probably wrote this because he knew it would cause controversy…and controversy sells….also remember the song E Love came out with for the justsaynodeal theme song…Luda probably got wind of it and does not want to be outdone by a “no name rapper” who has a new album about to hit. hmmm. maybe he has a point….
    He also says the more we talk about it the more hits on you tube he will get and the more people will buy it. ..sad but true. Where is Snoop Dog when you need him lol….he is a Hillary supporter lol

  24. “Why that’s almost as if they’re ministers or something!”

    katiebird, LOLOLOL!!!


  25. We are not allowed to say that O is arrogant or presumptuous and we are not allowed to say that rap music is crude and offensive . By the time October rolls around we will be talking about the weather.

  26. Did anyone get a chance to read the open letter from “The Nation” to Obama? A lot of his high profile supporters signed it and it really got to me that we have been screaming for months that this guy is no democrat. Now, they think they can just send a letter asking him to remember his promises and everything will be just hunky-dory.

  27. Honora, I’m sorry to say, that will be off limits too. You will not be allowed to speak at all. You may still be allowed to vote. I’ll have to look that one up, though.

  28. To me the focus of this story should not be on Ludicrious — it should be on Obama — he bragged about Ludicrious and Jay-Z being on his Ipod in Rolling Stone Magazine. He came out to the Jay-Z song “I’ve got 99 problems but a b*tch aint’ one” when he beat Hillary in the primaries. This half-a$$ed “non-condemnation” condemnation is too little too late — Obama’s true feelings about calling women “b*tches” are crystal clear in my eyes. If anyone is really worried about the “children” don’t harp on Ludicrious — what you need to do is NOT vote for a misogynist like Obama. What kind of example is Obama to the children of this country? Anyone, especially any woman, who votes for Obama is a moron.

  29. well, we can’t speak about scientific phenomena like black holes, so I suppose any talk of “dark clouds” will be off limits as well….

  30. It’s amazing how on top of things the people on this blog are. Since I don’t watch news on TV much any more, I turn on my computer in the morning to see what’s new. I read the AP news and saw the Ludacris statement by Obama’s “people” and thought “wow! They got out on that one fast.” (They must have been tracking Puma posts). Then I came to this site and was overwhelmed by RD’s excellent, relevant post with just the perfect picture. I am out west in mountain time and after reading through all the comments (don’t want to miss anything) I am usually way behind on the conversation. Glad I made it to this one.
    BTW — re: getting news from here. I was on the other day when someone mentioned the earthquake in LA and since my daughter lives there I went and turned on TV to check it out. Thanks.

  31. Kim, Gary and I were laughing our asses off about that letter. Matt Stoller? Jane Hamscher?

    What idiots they are. Why is it so many liberals can never see the forest for the trees? We told them months ago what Obama was like. The fact that they still don’t get it, and think this stupid letter will do anything means they are truly naive and dimwitted.

  32. Kim — I saw that letter from The Nation — pathetic — like some rejected lover begging for one more chance! BLECH. The Nation has some nerve too — with its disgraceful treatment of Hillary & worship of Obama during the primaries — they are not even getting half of what they deserve.

  33. Mawm- You are right about the weather, yesterday Clyburn said that global warming has a greater impact on AAs. I’m sure that if I would talk about weather, it would only be because I was talking in code. I would , of course, be implying that O is uppity.

  34. Yup, you are all full of hatred….

  35. here we go again…

    “Nobody thinks that Bush and McCain have a real answer to the challenges we face. So what they’re going to try to do is make you scared of me,” Obama said. “You know, he’s not patriotic enough, he’s got a funny name, you know, he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.”

    Asked Thursday if Obama was referring to race, Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs said, “No.”

    “What Barack Obama was talking about was that he didn’t get here after spending decades in Washington,” Gibbs said.

    yeah right…..I mean who wouldn’t want to be compared to Washington or Lincoln, they were just washington insiders. OF COURSE he was talking about race…race baiter and a liar….ARGGHHH

  36. Responding to thoughts shared by both FL voter and garychapelhill:

    Flvoter I so agree about suddenly having this awareness of the differences between people and the way it is so destructive to community and the good things community can do and build. It’s unnerving and suddenly I feel that walking on eggshells, even when I know I am straight up and have good intentions and good actions with people.

    I think he’s a real demagogue, working up a mob mentality, inflaming the lowest natures of people, setting them against each other. I don’t see him stopping short of using the power of the mob. They will act out his shadow, in the psychological sense of being all the things he disowns since he is the shining one. So of course he isn’t up there like Wright or Ayers actually doing the crazed ranting or bomb throwing, but he piggybacks on that energy.

    Look how bullied people already are. All these words are off limits, liking certain people is off limits, defending people is off limits or else you too will be thrown away.

  37. Re: the weather,

    Why has nobody mentioned the current hot air mass?


  38. I cancelled my subscription about four months ago, but am still getting em updates. Most of these people have extolled the Change’ling’s virtues at Huffpost as well. Tom Hayden has beeon one of his biggest supporters and I saw his name on there also. The FISA vote should have opened their eyes. Now the fact that he would even consider someone totally pro-life should make them start squealing like pigs.

  39. Honora, did you hear that a group that tracks congressional earmarks wrote that Clyburn allocated as much money in earmarks as all of the other SC reps combined, and $6 million of that went directly to orgs run and owned by members of his own family.

    After what CLyburn did in SC to label Clinton as racist, and now finding out about his crooked politics, I will be exceedingly glad to see him removed from office.

  40. “He’s just a front man (or his backers *hope* he doesn’t start acting on his own).”

    RD I read somewhere yesterday that some people on Capital Hill are starting to say that O is clinically insane. Of course, that might be a racist thing to say.

    I just can’t help seeing the Hitler similarity—H. was considered weak and very manageable. He was brought in to do a job on Russia for his backers, but once he achieved power, he turned and attacked to destroy them first.

  41. Kim, on July 31st, 2008 at 9:40 am Said:
    Did anyone get a chance to read the open letter from “The Nation” to Obama? A lot of his high profile supporters signed it and it really got to me that we have been screaming for months that this guy is no democrat. Now, they think they can just send a letter asking him to remember his promises and everything will be just hunky-dory.

    Have not yet read it, but they sound like damn fools. ‘Please please we want to believe.’ Oy! Hey open memo to The Nation – there is no Santa Claus.

  42. they’re all just plain stupid, after they’ve offered their undying loyalty, and joined in the bashing of other democrats as racist low-lifes, they think he’s going to listen to anything they have to say?? what a bunch of morons.

  43. No Gary, WORM is that he was not presidential or dead…silly…

    And please, my troll friend, do not accuse me of plotting against the best candidate eveh’s well being….

  44. “he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills”

    What? George Washington spent decades in Washington? Who knew?

  45. No, he doesn’t wear a wig.

  46. perries- You are so right. For my whole Democratic life, I was proud that I was part of the political party that worked to help the working class and minorities reach for the American Dream.. It sounds corny, but I would watch the RNC convention and the DNC convention and feel superior. I knew that we were doing the right thing and that all together we would raise the Country. O has built a wall between the races, people of different ages, gay and straight, etc. It is so discouraging, and I am afraid that the damage will be long lived. That is why this election to win back the DNC is so important. It no longer is about Hillary.

  47. Don’t most of you just want to scream? I mean they asked for it and they got it, like the Toyota commercial. Only there is no recall on a President, short of an impeachment. If they want impeach Bush, you know the precious will not be impeached.

  48. garychapelhill, on July 31st, 2008 at 9:47 am Said:

    Gary is that true? Yikes!

    I got completely banned from a very high level blog yesterday and had ALL my comments on ALL threads deleted simply for saying people should stop looking for racist codewords in every criticism leveled against Obama.

    Many people actually recognized that I was making good points but still I got thrown without saying anything obnoxious.

    And Obama is out there freely playing the race card?

  49. yeah, George Washington, father of our country…..everyone together now!!! UNDER THE BUS!!!!

  50. George, glad to have you will us here.

  51. jazmyn, on July 31st, 2008 at 8:46 am Said:
    Seems to me… Ludacris was given those words to say. I’ve listened to Luda for a long time & yes he is sexist & uses foul language, but his lyrics are usually meant to be funny…not evil! He is probably doing a favor for his friend Obama. He always has others do his dirty work!!!

    I believe that the Obama campaign hired Ludacris to do this song, just like they hired Will.I.Am,. from the Black Eyed Peas.

    And I’m more than sure that “Ludacris to be apparently thrown under the bus” was in the contract while the song goes viral. Is the song available via Itunes or is it free? This is all a part of the plan.

    Bill Burton is saying what he is supposed to say – and I don’t believe a word of it.

  52. This song also clearly illustrates that Ludacris’ only motive for voting Obama is because he is AA.

    you can’t stop what’s bout to happen, we bout to make history
    the first black president is destined and it’s meant to be…
    paint the White House black and I’m sure that’s got ‘em terrified

    And BTW: Ludacris is no Shakespeare–this is BO’s constituency. The MTV-BETization of America deciding who will be president. We are swimming in ignorance.

  53. MAblue, not only that, he’s implying that our founding fathers were sleazy politicians…and he’s getting a pass on that!!!!

  54. Nice to see you, George, and Abe.

  55. I don’t get it. Can’t you see he is the best choice we will ever have? Plus, “they” are not going to do this again, you know, so don’t blow it.

  56. Ayers and his cohorts have spent many years destroying the public education system.

    What we are now seeing is the results of their work. Ignorant people are much easier to control.

  57. Gary:

    Actually Obama has been playing that exact card for some time but you’re not allowed to call him on it.

  58. Does anyone have a link to The Nation letter–or can you post it if it’s not too long?

  59. Gary’s article: “What Barack Obama was talking about was that he didn’t get here after spending decades in Washington,” Gibbs said.”

    that is totally how I understood it, didn’t you?

  60. Gary’s article=Gary’s link to article

  61. Mawm and Honora:

    You will not be able to dissent, nor will you be able to vote. The Obama folks can intuit what your vote should have been, and will do it for you. Just like the 13,000 write ins in MI, and taking the 4 delegates.

    Maybe we just need Criss Angel. (((mindfreak)))

    I also read the article on The Nation. Did anyone notice the author references “the Presidency and beyond”? What is beyond the Presidency?

    I’m a little skeered.

  62. Mawn – this year is giving me a list of people I would be glad to see removed from office. I’ve been wondering if down the road PUMA might be able to help inform people on that. Sure sure, it’s not the objective right now, but…. if there was anything I could do to foil, say, a Chris Matthews campaign, then it would be my civic duty….

  63. Now, let’s think…if H had made that exact comment regarding O, it would have been understood…how exactly?

  64. Has anyone posted this yet?

    Why Obama should pick Hillary – by Lanny Davis

  65. “beyond”

    What does that mean?

    The Nation’s letter is so obsequious it’s embarrassing.

  66. This article on Yahoo notes that a third of the ads brought out by the McCain campaign are negative.


    Does it remind you of the time when The Campaign said Hillary was running a negative campaign? Strong is the temptation to say “We told you so! Now you will see what a negative campaing really is.”

    I don’t particularly favor McCain but I am so glad that at least his campaign won’t be using the kid gloves with O.

  67. Obama runs around as if he’s already POTUS, has his own seal, want to speak only in front of large venues but you’re not allowed to say he’s presumptuous because that’s racist.

    Obama behaves as if the presidency was owed to him, talks down to people, and declare he is the one the world has been waiting for but you’re not allowed to say he’s arrogant, because that’s… what else… racist.

    In short no criticism should be leveled at Obama because it can only be viewed as racist.

  68. Well Alan: we all have to be self-righteous about something, like…lets think….malicious darkening of pictures?

  69. Oh, man, Alan has gone puff.

  70. This is not a completely free and open forum. It is a safe place for Clinton supporters. If you support Obama, this is probably not the forum for you.

    If I’m moderating, you will go pretty quickly into the spam filter, and all your precious typing will be lost. Don’t waste your time.

  71. Oh, Upstate please do not go there. I (Iknow I have said it before) worked on his campaign and had all of his campaign materials at my office after I pulled away and started campaigning for Hillary. I also did some interviewing for HuffPost’s OffTheBus series. Amanda Michel sent me an urgent EM the day of the “so-called” photo darkening asking me to quickly send her the photos on the campaign leaflets. It was so absurd. I remember asking them if tone and color wasn’t possibly contingent on the computer posting it or the scanner quality. I was totally, F&*king astonished the way they jumped on that.

  72. gary’s article link — of course Obama was talking about race — he said the exact same dang thing in FL before his Magical Mystery Tour — “they’re going to try to scare you. He isn’t patriotic. He has a funny name” except that instead of saying “he doesn’t look like all the other guys on the dollar bills” he ended with “oh yeah, and did I mention that he’s black?” Are people just idiots that they don’t remember this? Is anyone buying that this cr@p? I always knew there was no shortage of stupid in the world, but my lord!
    I also LOVE Obama’s comments about “madness” — I actually truly honestly believe this man is clinically insane — he has (at best) a Narcissistic Personality Disorder OR he is a sociopath (most likely).

  73. You got it all wrong. We can all appreciate the rap music and even the hip hop if we just listen to the clean version. Ignorance is bliss!

    I was listening to Timbaland on my Ipod this morning. Love it but I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Can anyone decipher this?

    I got ****! ****! Eye low, reload!
    Caught a **** quick, yeah, my **** can’t leave it
    Tough guy ****, **** that’s what I see through
    You like a three course meal, **** I eat you

  74. But Mawn, how could you?

    All right, I will leave you now, I promise.

  75. Alan — you are a moron — it has never been hidden that :

    “This is not a completely free and open forum. It is a safe place for Clinton supporters. If you support Obama, this is probably not the forum for you.”

    In fact, I distinctly recall that you have been told this before (although I think by katiebird). But what can I expect from an Obama supporter — you all have the attention span of a gnat.

  76. @Karolina NYC at 9:50 am
    – if you recall where you read the talk on the Hill, please post a link or cite. I’d like to read it too.

  77. I knew last year and it has come to fruition, that this campaign would ultimately be played on race. The Obama team has counted on political correctness of the media and white guilt. Everybody thinks it is just so cool, especially the youth. They aren’t going to think it is so cool when they are thrown under the bus. When they can no longer chose to have an abortion or are in the desert fightinf.

  78. Didn’t Michelle Obama state that he was incredibly arrogant?

  79. One more thing about the article gary linked to — I LOVE the hypocrisy of Obama saying he would love to duel McCain on taxes — does no one understand that Obama has run away and turned down every offer of debates and town halls that McCain has made to Obama?!?!?! Why, dear lord, does no one call Obama out for his being all talk and no action?!?!?! Probably because to do so would be racist.
    Oh, btw — fwiw — the Obamabots and the msm can call me whatever they want — I’m not voting for Obama if my life depended on it. I’m not voting for Obama even if Jesus Christ Himself is his VP. (sorry for the rant; I’m so disgusted by Obama & his “friends” like Luda, Wright, Rezko, Ayers — I just had to let it out).

  80. Not the Ludacris he knew. Well it is ludicrous that he gets a free ride from the Superdelegates, given the vote count and the results in swing states, it must be the money, or the Jedi mind trick, or both.

  81. Congrads to Obama ….It didn’t take him 20 years to find out his friend LUDACRIS is a hated monger like his friend Rev. Wright. Gee, however did he find that out. It must have been a great SHOCK. (YEA)

  82. Re: We can’t say this, or we can’t say that.

    I’d say this site has been and is saying it.

    But if the expectation is that knuckleheads or campaigns won’t rebut someone talking about tough stuff with one word responses such as “racism”(or”misogyny” for that matter) then I am afraid there will always be disappointment.

  83. I am sure that those lyrics about painting the WH black will go over beautifully and with open arms by those “bitter, gun clinging” voters in middle America.

  84. There was a great Jeralyn thread on Talk Left about hip hop musical guests at the Convention:


  85. garychapelhill, on July 31st, 2008 at 9:54 am Said:

    “yeah, George Washington, father of our country…..everyone together now!!! UNDER THE BUS!!!!”

    This ain’t no bus. It’s morphed into a full on CONVOY.

    Come on and join our convoy ain’t nothin’ gonna get in our way
    We gonna roll this truckin’ convoy across the USA

  86. Let’s be honest here: those rapper lyrics are just an excuse to rhyme the most foul words into a pulsating beat and have little if any redeemable value. The accompanying videos, aimed at the teen set, are pretty sexist what with the women who serve in the background portrayed as willing sex objects and the undulating movements mirror sexual positions.

    One wonders whether they got the idea from one of Rev. Wright’s sermons or he copied his from them. Either way, they do not portray the black community at is best. If I were Obama, I would hesitate to mention that they are part of his iPod since he seems squeamish in having his own kids listen to the lyrics.

  87. Peter – you think that’s what people expect? That Obama won’t play the race card?

    What I’m afraid of, personally, is that Obama is systematically changing the English language. In 1984, that was the first step to population and mind control.

    It’s absolutely terrifying to me that this man is being allowed to redefine what is acceptable in such a way as to benefit him personally. Given his Stalinistic tendencies and the thuggish nature of his followers, I can see where this is all going.

    It CAN happen here.

  88. PJ: Black is the new white.

  89. Of course it can happen here. We are witnessing a partial view already with what Bush and Rove had already managed with the Department of Justice for starters. Gaming the system to only name and include those applicants with a Repub pedigree. We also discovered that only those contractors and appointees to the rebuilding of Iraq had to also pass a litmus test in order to serve over there with their allegiance to the GOP. How much more will be served up after Bush departs remains to be seen.

    But can it happen here: it already has.

  90. I just went to the “Audacity Watch” at the GOP website. It is loaded with Obama’s arrogant statements.

  91. Pat:

    Not condoning rap-but minus the foul lyrics you have described much of pop/rock as well. Take a good listen to a wedding favorite “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton. IMO the subtler forms of woman subservience in pop etc. are far more dangerous.

  92. I absolutely believe that this song is part of the campaign. It follows Obama’s MO since the start. Some surrogate says something really offensive, so that two things happen. Obama’s base of vile thugs gets their helping of red meat, and Obama gets to distance himself from it. Notice how Obama threw rap music in general under the bus this time. Could it be he is playing to the right? Why did he include Jay-Z’s misogyny in his campaign during the primary?

    Obama is a liar, and he exploits the worst in people to divide us.

  93. madamab

    All campaigns (and low-info voters) have responded to thoughtful critiques with one or two word inflaming responses/rebuttals.

    To expect otherwise is fruitless. I am not saying it is right or that we should not try to change it.

  94. peter anderson: I am not attempting to exclude any “artist” from the current genre. But the rap culture relies on the “ho’s” and the “N” word in their lyrics. Admittedly much of today’s pop music is aimed at the sexualization of kids who adapt to its lyrics by experimenting much too early with sex because it appears acceptable and mainstream. Some kids think there is something wrong with them if they do not have a boyfriend at the age of 13 and have already been exposed to sexual encounters. Any junior high teacher will attest to that.

  95. I used to love the Fugees, just as much as the Queen.

    Great video RD-wonder if it was done accidentally on purpose.
    Y’know to raise a race card, get the money from small spenders rollin’ in, get away fom the unfortunate European tour and military hospitals, and above all get away from the POLLS…..

  96. Peter, misogynistic or not, Eric Clapton can tell me I look wonderful tonight any day of the week.

  97. Pat Johnson:

    No question re: ho’s and N. Much of yesterday’s music too, not just today’s.

    Rolling Stones anyone?

  98. Peter,
    Give me a break. WHat in these lyrics is subtlely misogynistic? How could you possibly say this song is worse than the Ludacris trash?
    Are you being insincere?
    I have read comments from you before, and I have to admit, I am suspicious.

    Eric Clapton, Wonderful Tonight

    Its late in the evening
    Shes wondering what clothes to wear
    She puts on her make up
    And brushes her long blonde hair
    And then she asks me
    Do I look alright
    And I say yes, you look wonderful tonight

    We go a party
    And everyone turns to see
    This beautiful lady
    Thats walking around with me
    And then she asks me
    Do you feel alright
    And I say yes, I feel wonderful tonight

    I feel wonderful
    Because I see the love light in your eyes
    And the wonder of it all
    Is that you just dont realize
    How much I love you

    Its time to go home now
    And Ive got an aching head
    So I give her the car keys
    She helps me to bed
    And then I tell her
    As I turn out the light
    I say my darling, you were wonderful tonight
    Oh my darling, you were wonderful tonight

  99. O/T – it’s really, really confirmed that Hillary’s not on the ticket. From VoteBoth:

    …..Senator Obama asked Hillary to be his keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention! We hope you are as pleased as we are that he has tapped Senator Clinton to deliver one of the most important messages of that crucial week—the very role that Barack Obama had four years ago.

    Regretfully, this means that Senator Hillary Clinton is no longer under consideration as Senator Obama’s running mate. ….

    makes it easy for PUMAs

    I dearly hope he picks the anti-women’s rights, conservative, Kaine from Virginia so we can no longer feel any guilt over voting AGAINST Roe vs. Wade, ‘coz both the Democratic Presidential nominee and VP are against abortion rights….

  100. Mawm, I went to lyrics.com and I didn’t see the misogyny either, but I am a avid Clapton fan so I wouldn’t. Is he referring to the “she helps me to bed”?

    Anyway, didn’t get it either.

  101. peter anderson – The problem in this case is that the song is insulting to Hillary and McCain. That’s why Obama had to “fauxpologize.”

    Yes, a lot of popular music has lyrics that are insulting to women. That’s not the issue here.

  102. Kim, but he let’s her drive the car, though.

  103. “he should be ashamed of these lyrics” what about the lyrics for his other ‘materpieces of talent”? are they all ‘a-ok’?

  104. Thanks for the lyrics, RD. I wasn’t about to listen to the actual song, but I wanted to know what was up. I say, spread these lyrics far and wide. Let them work their magic, particularly on women.

    Now: I have never been a name-caller in my life, but here goes, and I defy anyone to call these words racist:

    Obama, you are a coward. You are a liar. You are a shit. You are misogynist. You are unworthy of the office you aspire to. You are a pretender. You are a dead weight on democracy. You are nothing that you think you are. You are slime.

    Good morning, all. Let’s do it:


  105. Well, it’s been a long, hard summer for the Obots, so the Ludacris song is an excellent way for Obama to rev up the little ones. It’s nearly Back-to-School-Time and they get so easily distracted by other things; time to coalesce all that energy into some good feelings of changing the world, cool rap music, and self-righteous indignation.

    Obama, etc make it soooo easy for them.

  106. Mawm:

    Ludi song is far more outrageous- but the outrage is out front to see and easier to deal with.

    The Clapton song in brief says:

    I love you because you can’t make up your mind, are blonde, physically beautiful, you adore me, and stay sober so you can put my drunk body to bed.

    My partner Laura pointed this out to me so i cannot claim credit for the breakdown of these lyrics.

  107. ParkSlopeVoter,

    Yes I am in Wisconsin and contrary to popular belief we do not all like polkas.

    That said, I have danced to many a polka at many a wedding. I just don’t care to listen to them much at home. I’m more an Eagles kinda gal.

    I am also hopelessly in love with Celtic Woman, YoYo Ma, Duane Eddy , and Herb Alpert. A fav for every mood. 8)

    I don’t know about the rest of the country but I don’t think a marriage is legal in Wisconsin unless numerous polkas were played at the reception.

  108. Mawm, on July 31st, 2008 at 10:40 am Said:
    Obama is a liar, and he exploits the worst in people to divide us.

    Mawm, we can expect this on the international stage as well. I think the “stolen prayer” incident was the same kind of strategy. He allowed (set up) people to believe that his “prayer” had been stolen, when he had released it to the media himself. I suppose if it had not come out that he had released it himself, he could have “forgiven” those who had trespassed against him, in his Christ-like way. Same song.

  109. Peter, I am sorry, but I don’t see it. He says he has a headache?? Not necessarily drunk. Physical beauty, this was written about his wife and she was a beautiful woman.

    I am a woman and I do not see it.

  110. Peter, sorry for you. In my opinion, the song is just a way of saying how much he adores his partner. He doesn’t say these are the only reasons he loves her. It is sort of like a haiku. Truth found it the small details of life.
    I think calling this misogyny is about as hysterical as calling what we say racist.

  111. C’mon now I agree with the general sentiment expressed here and think Obama’s an obvious fraud but most of you who are talking about rap really don’t know what you are talking about and just seem to be repeating dubious “common wisdom”.

  112. “minus the foul lyrics”

    Yeh, I totally get the comparison. They’re exactly the same.

  113. Kim:

    So we can agree to disagree then. Stones then?

  114. At this rate, more will be under the bus than above it – but i don’t want to be in the same place as this guy…
    meanwhile celebrity B0 message hit a nerve

  115. Obama is as much of a hypocrite as anything else he suffers from. He chastises and lectures the black community for having babies out of wedlock, turning their backs on education, not acting as true fathers for their offspring. Yet he admits to listening to this music, enough so that they are stored in his iPod, and apparently has no problem taking in the message.

    The message is all about the black male and his powers. The ability to use and discard women at will, the thrill of carrying a firearm, the hatred of whitey and the constant victimization they have to endure. Covered in “bling” they appear successful to those kids who are coming from the lowest socio economic rung on the ladder.

    Where does he think those kids that he is lecturing are learning that message? From those rappers whose message is not uplifting as much as it is a glorification of the male prowess.

    Practice what you preach, Senator. You cannot have it both ways.

  116. Go to Lyrics.com and look at some of Ludacris songs, they not only bash women, they are trash. Foul, horrible trash. Look at “Southern Hospitality” and “Ho SKit”.

  117. I’m starting the day reeally pissed again. McCain runs ads attcking BO’s celebrity status. I don’t like the guy, but at least it’s straight out there: I am John McCain and MY campaign produced this. BO has his doggy-style dogs do his dirty work for him, and then chides them (while calling them talented at the same time) and laughs at us women and Hillary behind his hands. Yeah, baby, go talk about how you’re a woman on Day Two, go stand with all the other babes and remind everybody you’re not human beings deserving equal rights, equal pay, and equal control over your body, you’re bitches piled up in a great big heap on that stage where we can all see you put in your place at the same time. Meanwhile, John-Boy and I are gonna nominate two male VPs and keep things nice and clean at the top, cause you know bitches only get in the way.


    and thanks to all the great male PUMAs here

  118. Yeah, the Stones are great.

    KS: I have listened to a lot of rap songs and my children introduced me to it years ago. They knew I probably wouldn’t like it, so they induced me to listen by calling it “urban poetry”. Some of it, I actually like, some I think is total and complete trash. The Ludacris song is trash, pure and simple and I loved the song he did with Mary J. Blige, can’t remember the title, but it was the one about abused children.

  119. Folks, we are being led down the garden path here. The problem with the song is that Ludacris insulted Hillary and McCain. Period.

    Bill Burton is trying to obscure the issue by bringing the nature of rap/hip-hop into it. We can all say whatever we want about rap and hip-hop, but the fact is, that style of “music” is not being indicted here.

    Once again, Bill Burton and Obama manage to bring race and culture into the equation in order to blur the real issue, which is Ludacris’ disrespect for Clinton and McCain.

    They are quite good at this. Don’t fall into their trap.

  120. In any case there is a difference between misogyny and sexism, With the Clapton song, it is not at all misogynistic but some might see it as sexist.

    Not me personally but even if it is it is very incredibly subtle, so much so that it is hardly worth even mentioning, and it is a very bad example of sexism, I really doubt the writer intended it that way.

    The Ludacris song is blatantly hateful and there is wher the huge difference is.

  121. Runaway Love is the song I was thinking about. Loved it.

  122. yes, madamab. point taken.

  123. Lots of sexism in rock’n’roll [I tossed my Rolling Stones LPs when their billboards showed a gagged, battered woman to advertise Black and Blue], but the general knowledge of this history should have made Obama more sensitive to using rap artists. Although other performers endorse candidates, no presidential candidate has made misogyny central to his campaign before Obama, and he has fully benefitted from that ugliness. This embrace of youth culture is essential to his youth appeal, and he will not toss it overboard.
    Some half-assed comment from Obama about children is insulting, and, typical of his campaign, is designed to appease everyone and change nothing.

  124. ks, I’ve listened to a lot of hip-hop. I don’t think anyone is saying that Hip-Hop is all bad. IMO it is the hypocrisy of supposed leaders like Obama, who use the music to whip up their supporters: the Jay-Z song for instance, remember? He had 99 problems but a bitch wasn’t one of them. Now that he wants right leaning votes, he has to make a spectacle out of calling out an offensive rapper and telling us that he “has said many times before” that a lot of rap music is offensive.

    A lot of rap music is offensive. Some AA leaders have been trying to tone it down for years now, but they are called race traders, and white assimilationists. Look what happened to Bill Cosby when he had the audacity to criticize the culture.

  125. Madamab:
    You have hit the nail on the head. Using this song is a way to disrespect Hillary and McCain, and get away with it by arguing about black/white culture. We’re doing it right now.

  126. madamab, I just don’t think this is a coincidence. I think this is part of their strategy.

  127. kenoshaMarge,

    I hope you know that I was not putting down either polkas or you…! I too have listened to polkas my whole life (I’m in NY, btw) and danced to not a few at weddings. And my musical interests range from the Dead to Motown to the Beatles to Benny Goodman to Mozart… etc. Nice to hear from you!

    peter anderson,

    I think you’re getting a LITTLE carried away here. Your comments remind me of VERY early critics’ complaints about the Beatles being TOO sexual, as in “I Wanna Hold Your Hand,”: “and when I touch you I feel something, inside, it’s such a feeling that my love, I CAN’T HIDE.” Please, let’s not be comparing Clapton and the Beatles to the hate-spewing, sexist, thug-like rappers. That’s ridiculous!


  128. Sexism is rampant in the US, rac<ism is also rampant. I don’t think anyone is defending either. But sexism was allowed this time around and racism was used as a tool.


  129. I haven’t had the chance to read through all of the comments so, please forgive me if I am repeating someone’s thought. This whole Ludacris thing feels very much like the last Rev. Wright episode where the good Rev comes out and spews deliberately outrageous nonsense so Obama can denounce it and him. Same thing here with Ludacris. Obama’s handlers are thinking that this is his “Sister Soldjah” moment giving him the opportunity to show mainstream Democrats that he’s just a regular working class guy.

    They blew it, however, because Obama has said that he’s got this kind of “music” on his IPod. That makes him so kewl with the kids, but belies his contention that he’s opposed to these kinds of lyrics.

    What a fool this man is.

  130. Delegate’s Showdown In Denver

    In one of his blogs this week, Jack Cafferty of CNN asked the ominous question, “What happened to the Clintons?” Well, I for one can’t wait for the fireworks to start at the Democratic National Convention. For those of you who think Hillary and Bill Clinton are going to peacefully surrender to Obama, I’ve got some Eskimos who are looking to buy some ice.

  131. Listen to the ludicrous “rap” here:


    I believe there is a video, but I’ll pass. All of the delegates and supers should be given a recording of this song, and it should be played as one of Obama’s theme songs at the convention. Bird of a feather….(and we have only his judgment as his qualification…that and Axelrod’s Hope+Change(TM) ad campaign redux.

  132. First of all Luda hasn’t had a hit in a long time…did he ever? …he probably wrote this because he knew it would cause controversy…and controversy sells…

    That is true. The Luda song is not really a “new song” in the true sense of the word.. it’s a rap he did using the beats/music from an old song that came out about 2 years ago. That’s nothing new but these days songs travel all over via the Internets, so this was probably done to generate buzz and attention and basically stay relevant. Ludacris hasn’t had a hit in a while and things move fast in the music industry. I do like some of his older songs that are more raunchy and silly than offensive.

    The college age generation right now has really grown up with hip hop (me too but I’m a bit older) and I feel like I watched it go from being party music to a lot of really negative content, not that it didn’t express what was happening in people’s lives but.. it’s perpetuated a lot of negative things IMHO such as the way women are talked about in a lot of songs.

    It’s not nothing – peter this is for you – to be casually using words like “hoes” for women, “bitch” for anyone you want to insult (but mostly women), not to mention so much glorification of violence and selling drugs. I listen to enough of it to know, and while there are certainly popular artists who don’t do that (Kanye for one), I’m not going to pretend it’s not happening and I’m not going to pretend that after a while, that stuff is just a dead end for the art form, not to mention a terrible example for young people.

    FWIW I’ve been in stores now and then and Rolling Stones “Under My Thumb” comes on & on one hand, it is a pretty great song & on the other.. just brutal, ugly misogyny that really pisses me off.

  133. Okay, now that I’ve read through the comments, madamab said it better than I did!

  134. The only thing offensive about that Eric Clapton song is that it’s treacly, smarmy, sicky-sweet, and generally ghastly. But it’s not misogynistic.

    Ludacris was pretty good in the movie “Crash,” maybe he should stick to acting.

  135. kenoshaMarge – when we got hitched we had bagpipers at our wedding, but since I have part Polish heritage – only now do I realize we could have asked the bagpipers to play polkas….

  136. Pat, how can you stomach HP?

  137. Thanks guys – I’m just so tired of everything being reduced to a racial context.

    Some things are just not about race, no matter how much Bill Burton tries to make it so. Some things are about respect, and Ludacris disrespected Hillary and McCain in Obama’s name. That is not okay and should not be okay.

  138. WTF do the Ladies Auxilary women need to share Hillary’s time at the convention? Um, are you kidding me? They are not fit to sip tea with Hillary Clinton much less share her time.

  139. I think Obama is making such outrageous statements and had Ludi record this controversial song just to purposely get attention. Just like celebrities do.

    Remember how boring we were saying he was just the other week. Think about it, he really is acting like a celebrity who wants attention.

    If that’s not it, then he knows he is going to lose bigtime in the fall and most likely not even get the nomination in August.

  140. Pretty insane right? Does anybody think that he really cares about what Ludacris says about Hillary or McCain? You should be able to see right through this. He’s never going to distance himself from guys like Rev. Wright, Jesse Jackson, or Ludacris until they start becoming baggage for him; until they come back and bight him in the @**!

    This is the definition of campaign arrogance. The belief that you don’t have to explain yourself to “the little people” until they start annoying you enough that you denounce something so they go away.

    For more on “Barack Obama’s Arrogant Campaign” check this out:


  141. For me, this whole thing has blurred the lines to the point that I don’t know what to say anymore.

  142. Earlier comments observed that the Obama campaign probably lurks here. I agree. I’ve noticed they use some of our talking points against McCain or Hillary within 24 hours of us saying them against Obama.

    The latest is Obama accusing McCain of not discussing policies, but only campaigning against him. This is what we’ve always said, that Obama lacks substance and lacks policy depth, but only ran against Hillary and now, McCain.

    Of course, Obama is trying to “Hillaryize” McCain by 1] accsuing him of using race, even though McCain hasn’t and 2} accuse him of a negative campaign. MSM is starting to focus on “nasty” McCain ads.
    They’re trying to trap him.

  143. I suppose team Obama really doesn’t think they can lose. of course, that setup is a classic lead-in to.. losing. It seems to me where we are right now is.. Obama grasping over and over for yet another grand rock star event to make it look like there’s momentum (there isn’t), the news media fawning all over it, meanwhile your average voter is rolling his/her eyes at the media fawning all over Obama constantly and thinking McCain isn’t that bad, and it is probably a big advantage for McCain to not be in the news as much.

    In fact I wonder if McCain’s people didn’t make that their strategy, to lie low and watch Obama be grandiose and start to annoy people. And now when people are really settling in their impressions of the candidates we have Obama going on his great foreign adventure, being hit hard for not visiting the troops (misleading or not), being portrayed as a vapid celebrity and as so arrogant he thinks he’s won already and the election’s just a formality. Not very appealing.

    Also, I’m sick of him – can’t turn on any news channel without Obama, Obama, Obama, can’t read a magazine, can’t turn on the radio (even the music stations), can’t read the newspapers online without Obama everywhere, the signs, the ads, the fawning media, all about Obama and how great he is. I am SO sick of it. If he runs a big batch of ads during the Olympics I wonder how many people will think, for the love of God, stop! Leave us in peace for a while!

  144. Delegate’s Shoedown In Denver

    In one of his blogs this week, Jack Cafferty of CNN asked the ominous question, “What happened to the Clintons?” Well, I for one can’t wait for the fireworks to start at the Democratic National Convention. For those of you who think Hillary and Bill Clinton are going to peacefully surrender to Obama, I’ve got some Eskimos who are looking to buy some ice.

    For the first time in over three decades I will be glued in front of the television for the first three days of the convention. The first ballot is sure to be a made for television moment
    continue reading

  145. Question for all of you: Two guys standing on a stage, both running for President, both same height, approximately same age, both in black suit, white shirt and red tie. If I say the black guy or the white guy, is that rac*ist?

  146. Shainzona,

    Thanks for the tip. I went and voted. EVERYONE: please go to the link that Shainzona provided and make yourselves heard!


  147. I’ve noticed that on other websites during the primaries, that the talking points always seemed to be addressed somehow by the Obama campaign.

  148. Exactly, dg, re the Olympics. I have my DVR ready to avoid the commercials.

    It’s “GO WORLD,” not Go Obama.

    Of course, to The All -Encompassing One, there is no difference.

    To many people it’s going to be: “Go, Obama.”

  149. Again–the power of BOYCOTT has to work here. Who is representing Ludacris? Fire off that e-mail telling them you’ll no longer be buying their products. Sponsors? Same thing. Wally-World selling their music? Don’t set foot in the place–and let them know why. I stopped watching MTeeVee years ago. Again–the silver lining to this trainwreck is people FINALLY getting fed up with sexism and ridiculous double standards and calling the elephant in the living room. For all the years I’ve been OOI (out of it, internet-wise), I set foot into cyber-world and I’m not seeing the so-called ‘edification of my country’. It’s been great meeting many communities of like-minded people, but I’m about ready to go back into my media-free cave if this is what I have to look forward to for the next 4 years.

  150. This place is the best. You’ve all nailed his MO. A new word has come into the lexicon: fauxpologize.

    Mawm, on July 31st, 2008 at 10:40 am Said:

    I absolutely believe that this song is part of the campaign. It follows Obama’s MO since the start. Some surrogate says something really offensive, so that two things happen. Obama’s base of vile thugs gets their helping of red meat, and Obama gets to distance himself from it. Notice how Obama threw rap music in general under the bus this time. Could it be he is playing to the right? Why did he include Jay-Z’s misogyny in his campaign during the primary?
    Obama is a liar, and he exploits the worst in people to divide us.
    – – – – –

    He is a liar, an exploiter and a divider. He is a fraud with “a funny name.” That name would be Barry Soetoro. How much effort has been put into researching the father who raised him as opposed to his birth father? How much thought has been put into his mother, not his grandmother? If you look closely at the schools the annointed one attended, his mentors, his parents’ lines of work, the enormity of the fraud becomes clear.

  151. Kim: “If I say the black guy or the white guy, is that rac*ist?”

    As far as I understand it, it would not be unless you believe that skin color or ethnicity implies superiority/inferiority of one candidate over the other.

    This is obviously simplistic but race blindness and racism are not one and the same…as far as I am concerned.

  152. Mawachpo,

    Please do not put Jesse Jackson in the same group as Wright (Wrong?) and Ludicris. The other two are haters. I’m not a tremendous fan of Jackson, but I believe he’s basically sincere.


  153. Kim, I think the problem with the terms “black” and “white” is that they are made up distinctions that are not based in physical reality. What is white? There was a time when Italians were not considered white. They are labels that we use to easily put someone in a category.
    I think it would be great if people could stop using the words, but what would they be replace with? In your example, we would need to distinguish the two in that manner, because they are the same in every other way. And it doesn’t serve us to start pretending like there is no such thing as race in this country. Even though I personally think the whole concept of race is false, because we are 99.99% the same, there can be no denying that there is still racial in-equality in the world.

    Such an easy concept. Everyone is equal. Such a difficult mine field in the everyday world we live in.

  154. CNN and MSNBC all have codewords that send you to moderation. Moderation is a dark and damp place where your remarks will be confinded till the end of time. To be critical of the stations or any of the staff (Gloria, Atilla Cafferty the Hun, Crissy with the tingling leg, Todd the mighty, is an invitation to moderation, plus do not mention the chosen one, the messiah or race in any context . You also have to take care in using the word “PUMA” because that too is some kind of a trigger that may get you sent to the dark place.

  155. Shainzona, been there, did that.

    ParkSlopeVoter, I absolutely knew you were kidding with me. Nice to meet another with musical tastes as eclectic as mine. I adore Benny Goodman and Mozart and forgot to mention I like the Dixie Chicks too.

    Perries, I am trying to imagine “Roll Out The Barrel” played on bagpipes. I can’t. (And I live with a Scot who can’t imagine why I don’t love the sound of the “pipes” as much as he does. He tells me there were pipes in my Irish culture too. Now I know what really drove the snakes out of Ireland.)

  156. “I got completely banned from a very high level blog yesterday ”

    Hey, at least you are being thrown out of a better class of blog lately!

    The one I know you from…has become hopeless other than as a caricature of its former self…:(.

  157. “Gary’s article: “What Barack Obama was talking about was that he didn’t get here after spending decades in Washington,” Gibbs said.”

    that is totally how I understood it, didn’t you?”

    Yes, yes, of cousrs, we KNOW all the Presidents who made it to currency spent decades in DC first….uh HUH, that was my immediate thought as well.

    (Of course…I also always remember that BO basically “decided” to be black. He’s actually somewhat lighter than Romey on any given day.)

  158. I guess my point is more why should we have to tip toe around the obvious? Every supposed statement made, has had to be twisted, in order to be construed as rac*ist. If I say the white guy, I am stating the obvious, but if I say the black guy, perhaps I am racist. It is ridiculous. Bill Clinton says “fairy tale” that is racist, in what way? Bill Clinton says, Jesse Jackson won South Carolina, well, dammit he did. I have become so afraid to say anything that I am avoiding conversations (except here) where anything might be misunderstood, which is creating a divide in my life. I have hundreds of friends who are black and white and some bi-racial. They know there is not a bigotted bone in my body, but I am afraid to discuss any of this with them, because my words could be twisted and used against me.

    So much for the uniter.

  159. DC wasn’t DC when George was President. Who was the first to live in the White House, I forget? Was it Adams?

  160. DC wasn’t DC when George Washington was President. Who was the first to live in the White House, I forget? Was it Adams?

  161. DC wasn’t DC when George Washington was President. Who was the first to live in the White House, I forget? Was it Adams?

  162. Peter Anderson: I honestly cannot see the “subtle woman subservience” that is dangerous in Eric Clapton’s song “Wonderful Tonight.” !!!! I see the lyrics as a man in love with his woman and the beauty that he sees in her – not outward beauty, but rather in her eyes within. This is a song on my IPod and I melt when I hear it. Perhaps it is a generational thing? Can you explain?

    As far as the Ludicrous lyrics go, Angie, I agree in some sense that not voting for BO (as far as Ludicrous on his IPod goes) is the way to go; however, I also think that it’s time to clean up the lyrics in rap music.; I believe Ludicrous should be held accountable; but, for some reason he and others are not.

    I am in my early 60’s; have one daughter who is now 21. (Yup – late in life.) I remember when she was just beginning to enjoy pop music when she was in 4th or 5th grade. We let her listen to her music in the car and she put on some song that was going “Lick You from Your Head to Your Toes.” (It went something like that.) It was a popular Ludicrous song – let’s put it this way: the lyrics were unacceptable for a 10 year old: Sex in the back seat of a car.

    At the time, Tipper Gore made an attempt to clean up lyrics in rap music. But, that went out the window as fast as Hillary’s health care plan years earlier.

    Now, here we are. It seems as though things don’t get better; they just continue on. Ludicrous is an admired, accepted entertainer – an actor, too. He’s on all the talk shows, even Regis Philbin. When are we going to say “no more?”

    As far as BO? You don’t think for one minute that he is sincere about what he said about Ludi lyrics? Ludi has been around awhile – he and Michelle should have listened to these lyrics long before this and said something about it.

  163. Crap I am in moderation GET ME OUT

  164. It’s hard to know how to handle this stuff.

    Just like in advertising, if you speak out about something Obama did then you fall into the campaigns hands as ‘there is no such thing as bad attention’. However, if you don’t say anything about bad behavior, well then they get away with it.

    I will say this though, there are many advertisers that I don’t complain about but also would never buy their products because of their sexist advertising.

  165. Where ever there is a division to exploit, inflame or create, Barack will be there.

  166. Robin: well said.

  167. My new response to Obama’s emails asking for money:

    It’s ludacris that you’re still asking me for money!

    Of course, my reply to “democraticparty@democrats.org” came back as a mailer demon. I guess there is no more democratic party in democrats.org!

  168. KenoshaMarge, you are CRRRAZY. Bagpipes are the most gorgeous thing going, OK second most gorgeous, next to Hillary in her bright pink pantsuit!! I bet you HRC loves ‘pipes! (She is a Crown Royal drinker after all….)

  169. Screw Obama and the bots. After listening to the radio show last night I am more confindent now that his little house of cards is going to come crashing down very soon. The implication that Soros and Acorn and Obama are all working together just makes perfect sense. That is exactly how he was able to win all the caucus states. This is just so evil and sinister. The corruption in government will be exposed and we will finally get some accoutablility.

  170. Why don’t you understand that if you are other than black and breathe ,in Obama’s world you are racist.
    Just remember that and any misunderstanding will be clarified.
    When you mentioned Duane Eddy I had to laugh.
    When I call one of the conductors on the extra list for work, his cell phone played heavy metal. I threatened to send him big band music. He told me he played the guitar. When I mentioned Duane Eddy he did not know who he was. I e-mailed him a you tube of him playing rebel rouser.
    The conductor learned to play it and played it for me over the phone.
    We now have a back and forth on music.
    I had the video tapes that I made of Live Aid from the tv and converted to dvd and sent him the set.
    Music education is a wonderful thing.



  171. Well Rd & Co.


    Do you ever recall an election like this? I have a little PUMAread on sexism by a reporter. Hillary has been silent on this — she shouldn’t be. You have Pelosi and Couric talking about it — instead?

    Anyway — contemplate this one………….. it’ll just add to the growing sense of disbelief! and the GROWLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!


    I wish Hillary were less silent, and it would benefit her to speak on this issue. After what happened so far? How dare Pelosi speak.


    other than that hugs….. across the virtual divide….

    what a world it has become….

  172. Ludacris opened his mouth all too soon
    His lyrics were more than inopportune
    His words are the most unfortunate progeny
    Of profane hatred, if not misogyny
    Their tenor can end in no other result
    Than undermining his candidate’s very own cult
    While helping the backlash which, in the fall
    Might just help McCain to go and win it all.

  173. The Obama campaign is manufacturing its own outrage. Can we agree to call them on that?

  174. Kim and Mawm

    That’s what I’m talking about. Rap is over 30 years old and is a very broad genre although people tend to lump all rappers together into a stereotypical look and sound. Like most music, some of it is great, some ok and some bad.

    Mawn, in terms of Cosby, he’s a fool. Given his history with women he shouldn’t be lecturing others about morals though his wife is an exceptional and wonderful woman.

  175. Holy Hemiola! I, for one, am very grateful that our musically literate hostess never once referred to “Mr. Cris” as either a musician or an artist. I prefer the term “antisinger.”

    Of course, anyone who dislikes rap or hip hop must hate black people.

  176. The IsraelInsider has more on the prayer note in the Western Wall story:


    A video appears to show the note being removed from the wall by someone in Obama’s entourage. This story gets weirder by the day.

  177. JohninCA, YOOHOOO!!! I’m a sucker for rhyme…that was Good 🙂

  178. Yeah, that was awesome, JohninCA. Did you hear that now Obama says he’s related to Wild Bill Hickock and that McCain better be careful.

  179. Puma-SF, on July 31st, 2008 at 3:16 pm Said:
    Yeah, that was awesome, JohninCA. Did you hear that now Obama says he’s related to Wild Bill Hickock and that McCain better be careful.

    Yes! He challenged John McCain to a “duel”, said he was a “quick draw”. Along the lines of “they bring a knife, we bring a gun” type of talk.

    I wonder how the MSM would react if John McCain or Hillary joked about this sort of thing.

  180. I’m a dried-up old hag but I’ve always like Luda. I think this just shows what Obama love is doing to folks. It’s okay now to voice your deepest vile thoughts no matter how offensive. His campaign is going to be responsible for fracturing this country into a million pieces before it’s all over. We may never recover.

  181. Where’s Annie Oakley when you need her? Oh yeah, she’s Los Altos and I’m going to see her at 5:00.

    I am so sick of Obama’s crap I can’t stand. He’s going down and I hope it’s soon.

  182. I think Ludy says it best in the song, “If you said it then you meant it…” This should be applicable in all of Obama’s associations, especially where he has praised the individuals and found common ground with them, only to distance himself from them. “If you said it then you meant it!”

    I could understand if it were a wise change of position, such as drilling for oil. I can understand if you were against that when things were positive for the country and there was no great need to say, “we don’t need to drill” but as the country had need you changed your position to benefit the country.

    However, Obama’s changes come in the form of relationships and friendships, people he has had past connections with. Ludy held a fundraiser for Obama. Bottom line is, “If you said it then you meant it” and Obama has said plenty in honor of Ludy, Wright, Ayers, and many others. Michelle better watch it, if she says the wrong things, which she already has, but worst, Obama will have to distance himself from his own wife!

  183. ANYONE but obama. I can’t stand how much all this pandering to ethnicities and minorities and not a focus on the real issues. I will never support a hip-hop cocky foreigner for President. I can’t believe liberal democrats are so unpatriotik and not to mention stupid in having him as their candidate.

    Hillary woulld have been a much better choice because at least she’s one of us!!

  184. I know what you are saying, but I am glad Hillary is not in the middle of this. I think she is smart enough to just wait that “number” out. I predict that her “day” at the convention will be more of the same against women. Can you just hear the MSN now?

  185. Sorry, I meant to direct that comment to vbonaire, to see what he/she thinks.

  186. This’ll make a great track for a Republican commercial – especially “paint the White House black”.

  187. True, true, and true. But am I the only one a little put off by you taking a shot at Barack’s daughter’s vocabulary? She’s not 2, you know.

  188. Intresting to think some people believe that all blacks support rap. Even though I like Ludicrous tracks and the uptempo beats. However the lyrics just don’t appeal that much to me. As a matter of fact that goes for any artist that exploits sex, drugs, and negative images towards his fellow man and woman.

    Then you have the nerves to ask your self , Where did our kids get this from? I say let the election take it’s natural course the people will decide who the best candidate will be. Let Sen. Obama run his campaign as well as Sen. MCain. I guess I grew up in an era when music actually had a meaning.

    I’m not hating on the rap industry and there are some very intellegent artist in that field. But don’t you think it’s time America to clean it up. Then I have to remind myself of the first amendment. The freedom of speech. Huuuuuuuuuuuum or is it really is it the voice of an angry people.

    However I do feel that this video would best suit the purpose better though.

  189. Deep projection.
    (…so? Who’s arrogant?)

    I think the Bush team (Karl & Rummy & Cheny [the last man standing!]) should check themselves. The arrogance of power they display makes Bill Clinton a Choirboy, and Barack all the more appealing.

    Who gives a fig about trivia?
    What, exactly, do you stand for?
    Where is the compassion, we’ve all heard about?
    When will mud, artfully displayed, transcend,
    and move those who
    sit on the sidelines, waving their flags,
    while spitting on


  190. WHY!????????

  191. I just wanna say: Barrack for President…

  192. last time there are a lof of different articles about Obama. Anyway I like him and I want to see him as a future president 🙂

  193. lis,
    Maybe you should learn to spell his name before you consider voting for him. If you’re old enough to vote.

  194. Ash,
    Maybe he can be president in the future if he can come down from his high horse and learn to respect women, AAs, LGBTs, other minorities, the constituents in his district he let freeze; get rid of his terroristic and dirty politicking criminal friends; stop catering to fundies; stop playing the race card; stop lying every other breath; do some actual work for the people; care about the 1st Amendment; and become a Democrat again.

    I just don’t see it happening. Ever.

  195. My comment to Ashley got stuck. Oh well, Ashley’s probably gone.

  196. I was listening to talk radio yesterday and they played a tape of Obama describing to an audience how his daughter when she was 3 years old was singing along to a rap song he liked to play in the car (she was in the back seat singing along) and was replacing something like “Drop it like socks” over “Drop it like it’s hot”. On the tape you could tell Obama thought this was a cute story as to how she was confusing the words, and the audience laughed. But the radio talk show host started playing the full song with multiple bleeps and said that it contained foul words including: N word, B word and “Ho” word. I just thought this was very very sad that a parent would expose their young impressionable daughter to this type of stuff. Speaks to character, judgement and belief system

  197. Isn’t it funny how everyone seems to know about Sen Obama’s life. Just think before he ran for President no one cared what he did. Now he stands a chance to be the leader of the free world. Everyone has an expert opinion about the man.

    It’s intresting to know where they get their information from. I guess they all have jobs in the central intellegence office in Langley Va. Huuuuuuuum intresting indeed. Ha Ha Ha you people make me laugh. I do have one question for you though.

    What are you allowing your children to do?

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