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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on How many voters get this?
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on How many voters get this?
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on How many voters get this?
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d like to think…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d like to think…
    William on I’d like to think…
    Propertius on A tale of two diplomats.
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      I was born in 1968, the year Wallerstein calls one of “world revolution”. It was a revolution that both failed and succeeded: women and minorities got more rights, often a lot more, but the end result was an oligarchy, where most people were equal in their lack of power, and where every year saw ordinary people becoming poorer, no matter what the official st […]
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Cocktails at The Scratching Post: Rolling on the River

Does anyone recognize the location for tonight’s cocktail party? Ok, I’ll tell you. This is Lake Powell, a resevoir created by the Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River. Yep, there is a lot of controversy surrounding that dam but no one who’s been there can argue that the vista isn’t spectacular. I was there about 3 years ago and this is pretty typical of what I saw from the window of the hotel that the National Park Serivice runs there. Lake Powell is a hidden gem, a beautiful juxtaposition of water and rock. The lake is long and narrow with many steep canyons through which the water meanders. You can rent a houseboat and find yourself in soaring silent cathedrals carved by wind and time. Where there is a way, the water will find it.

Lake Powell

Lake Powell

Today, the forces behind the effort to get Hillary Clinton on the ballot as a VP gave up the ghost. It was always a long shot anyway. The last thing Obama wants is Hillary showing him up at every campaign stop and getting more thunderous applause than he does. I’m relieved that she won’t be saddled with VP. It woudn’t have been a good career move. And now, Obama is going to have to come up with some explanation for why he didn’t choose her to all of the voters who had come to expect it. He is rapidly boxing himsefl into a corner with the half of the base he has to sway to support him in November. But if he reaches out to his base, he risks alienating the independents and moderates he’s been courting. It’s always as risk when you are not guided by principle.

But let’s leave Obama for awhile and have fun. Welcome to the Cocktail Party at The Scratching Post. I’ve rented a houseboat for tonight’s festivities. You can take in the scenery from the deck while Rico, our bartender with Flair! whips up his special concoction. Tonight’s special is a Cactus Tequila Collins to go with the view. We are also offereing Causmos at $10 per drink. You can choose from the PUMAPac Causmo and help Murphy pay for buses for Denver or you can help Hillary to pay down her debt with a Hillary Causmo. Of course, you can order anything you like.

Tonight’s entertainment, is the Doobie Brothers. Some things never go out of style and although this southern flavored tune refers to a river farther to the east, the fluid melody will keep us rollin’:

Everyone is welcome at The Scratching Post, including OPUMAs. But to keep people from being thrown overboard, we recommend that you leave your trigger words with Florence who is catching some rays on the sundeck. The waiters will be circulating shortly with some guacamole, salsa and empanadas. Please drink responsibly and tip your wait staff generously.

634 Responses

  1. “The waiters will be circulating shortly with some guacamole, salsa and empanadas”

    Is this part of the $20 M initiative to reach out to the Latino vote?

    Count me in. Una empanada, por favor.

  2. Let’s go, I’m ready to tally for our next

    Lady in the White House, President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

  3. Carol are you going to be the “bouncer” tonight?

  4. RD: Excellent video!!! (probably r*cist on account of the color of the water), but still a nice tune.

  5. I wonder if lanny thought he’d get anywhere with voteboth when there was no consequence to obama just ignoring them. He said he would support obama anyway. Gave it up to easy Lanny !!

  6. It is a little early to be drinking out here, but hey its 7pm back east.

  7. oh, btw…are they still doing the dinner thing with Hillary?

    And remember everyone, tonight is the last night of July, so this is it. If you have it tonight to give, do it. Her numbers for July will come out right before the convention and they better look iimpressive!!

  8. Does anyone recall who else besides Strickland and Webb actually refused VP?

  9. Eddy is doing the “bouncing” tonight. He says pay up or else! He’s not joking. I mean it. He wants this debt cleared up.

  10. Understood, Carol.

  11. Hey Gary, I just paddled over to No Quarter, while I was waiting to get Rico’s attention and they have your post up over there. Lots of people seem to have something to say about.it.

  12. Honora: Lots of people seem to have something to say about.it.

    Good or bad? You never know at NQ

  13. Upstate, I uh didn’t read any–it wanted to paddle back and let Gary know.:oops:

  14. Okay, I just donated 25.00 to PUMA pac for Denver expenses. I could only donate 10.00 to Hillary for dinner.

    Carol: Release him now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. When you look at the pictures that rd have provided over the past few weeks you come to appreciate just how beautiful this country is.

  16. thanks honora! I was just reading the comments…no one has called me racist yet, so that’s something 🙂

  17. Does my PUMA donation count over here?

  18. JULY 31 people…last day to make it count for her july #’s, we need to pay her debt off NOW…GIVE IT UP TO CAROL>>> where’s fuzzy? we need some leanin’

  19. i thought this might further lighten the mood. hope you enjoy watchingh britney’s youtube champion defend barack 🙂

    he’s a human! he’s making america cool again. you people only care about votes!


  20. hello all fuzzy is here got a nice request for money from David Plouffe- a real koolaid drinker I guess wants me to give to Obama they are desperate about tonights deadline?

    McCain told the truth about Obama in some adverts and truth telling is now considered Racism?

    Rico I need a tripple Grey Goose Cosmo with pomagranite Juice and half a lime to kill this taste in my mouth!


  21. No need to flush, Honora…. 😉 I just though it was neat that Gary’s post was crosposted and was wondering.

  22. I viewed that “Britney” video earlier today and it is a hoot!!

  23. I thought it was funny too.

  24. Michael, if I did not wish you a Happy Birthday earlier this week, belated greetings!

  25. Whew! Paypal is a bear. One little mstake and you have to start all over.

    Contribution to PUMAPac = $50.00

  26. Did 2 1/2 causmos last night and feeling the pain… so just 1 tonight.

    I keep signing up for Clinton’s updates but never get any. I have to go to different websites to see what has been sent out. 😦

  27. All right, my r*cist friends, I am going to watch Eragon with son and wife. Do not eat too many empanadas….leave me some for later…I LOVE EMPANADAS….

  28. that video is hilarious….

  29. Contribution Details
    Date: July 31, 2008 7:36 PM EDT
    Contact: michael varvel
    XXX nw XXth avenue apt X
    gainesville, FL 32601
    Amount: $25.00

    Does this get me in the door did it through my email for a chance to have dinner with Hillary!

    Hope Bill and Hill can eat Heart Healthy for one night!

    I really did this for Carol Diamonds-and Pat J MY favorite ED REndell Fans

    And for Madamab our play wright

    gary and Mawm my rainbow brothers in arms…

    Of course RD the mother of the first great political force of the 21st century!


  30. I’m a little mad right now. I just read at the ABC site that 29% of the American women that volunteer to serve our country in our military report that they have been sexually assaulted while serving. 41% of the women in VA Hospitals report sexual assault. This is the reality for our military women and the press is fixated on whether or not it is rac!ist to call Obama presumptuous or arrogant. America needs Hillary so badly. I’m almost too upset to drink.

  31. I honestly do not believe one possible candidate for VP when they say they are not interested. I think they feel they are merely assuaging their feelings if they are eventually counted out. He will never pick anyone who may overshadow him. His ego will not allow that. Unless I am mistaken, it will be some lackluster politician whose claim to fame may be in that he/she can deliver a swing state.

  32. Thank you, Michael!!!

  33. Honora: Please do not let that stand in your way!

  34. pat, she said almost

  35. I have a real live premixed Causmo in front of me. Along with some cheese and crackers. Could we perhaps have a little Sinatra in the background?

  36. Londonamerican, I almost fell out of my chair laughing! Have to agree, can we PLEASE have Hillary back?

  37. Honora: that’s the dirty little secret of the service. And you have to keep quiet or they tell you that you’re not cut out for service then.

  38. Fuzzy is as serious has his doctors new diet for him…we need to clear hillary’s debt! Are we PUMA’s Of Action? I say yes we wlll-so he(obama) will not! anybody get a david pooffie req for dollars for obama?

    he doesnt want my vote just my money!

    please give so we can stop this nonsense!


  39. According to CNN both McCain and Obama are tied in a dead heat nationally. So much for the “fact finding tour”.

  40. Second request: Does anyone recall who else besides Strickland and Webb actually refused VP?
    I’m trying to do a project.

  41. SophieL: Rendell is the only one that comes to mind.

  42. edwards said he didn’t want to then said he would

  43. “Does anyone recall who else besides Strickland and Webb actually refused VP?” — SophieL.

    SophieL. …I believe Mark Warner did too.

  44. rendell also said no

  45. Fox mentioned Edwards earlier. He was hiding in some hotel and came in the back way through the handicap area dodging reporters. More to that story than they are reporting.

  46. Reed also said no didn’t he?

  47. my response to Mr POOFFIE:
    not one penny for the vero possomus-all my money is committed to hillary and PUMA Power!

    Michael P Varvel

    DUMP OBAMA IN DENVER WILN WITH HILL IN NOVEMER-please or it will be President McCain on 01/20/2009

  48. The VP is going to be Kerry because he is a real winner or is it winer?


    please vacuum out the chairs and sofas loose change could help put hillary over the top!

  49. Good Evening! Wow this feels great, nothing relaxing on a houseboat, with great company, beautiful scenery, and great music. I needed this! Here is my contribution for this evening
    DATE: July 31, 2008 6:48 PM CDT
    NAME: very influential bitch
    Lake County, IN
    AMOUNT: $20.00

    Can I get a Pina Colada made with Tequila, no rum Rico?

  50. Got it: Rendell, Warner, Reed (Edwards flip-flopped)
    Thanks guys!!!

  51. I think Jim Webb said no too-heh heh heh he doesnt believe Obama will bring the troops home anytime soon!


  52. I think it is going to be up to Hillary’s pledged delegates to force that vote onto the floor. Obama and Nancy are much too close for them to get off script. This thing is sewn up for all intents and purposes. They will never budge unless there is out and out mutiny on that floor.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary’s delegates have been notified to just let his nomination go forward as planned in the name of “party unity”. Personally, I think this is where any disruption to the scripted playlet will occur.

  53. glad people enjoyed the video. when i saw it today i burst out laughing – and today, that wasn’t an easy thing!

    by the way, have people noticed that obama’s gallup tracking numbers have fallen by 8 points in 4 days? 🙂

  54. I raise my glass to Hillary and all her supporters here!
    I want Hillary back


    DATE: July 31, 2008 4:06 PM CDT
    NAME: Runa
    ADDRESS: Golden State
    AMOUNT: $10.00

  55. So where are all the cocktailing pumas tonight I have to get my rabbit food for dinner now…


  56. Greetings all:
    Sista has time for just a quickie this evening— double tequila straight up please! $10 on the bar for Hill. $10 for Murph!
    Truly lovely vista RD.
    Cheers all!!
    — scl

  57. yay!!! I did it – after not taking a salary since january…today I sold a big job with a nice profit and to celebrate I contributed to hillary’s campaign.

    whew – been wanting to do that so bad for a long time and now I fell better

    its not much – $25 in the kitty — but at least I could do something

  58. morningstar I believe it aint over till the PUMA says it is over!


  59. morningstar,

    Thank you so much.
    Thanks to the anonymity of the internet I can now add”ol ‘bat” to the long list of abuses that have been hurled at me by the immature in pursuit of the unspeakable.

  60. sista no t-bone tonight i was sorry he never got a chance to read my post on your last post…glad you are here with us


  61. wow thanks indigo you are a true hillary hero tonight-how you been?


  62. SophieL — I thought Strickland just said no deal too.

    Are we still running the retire the debt tally?

    I gave 20.08 earlier in the week that I forgot to report here, and then $10 today.

    DATE: July 31, 2008 6:39 PM CDT
    NAME: Valhalla
    ADDRESS: xxxxx Medford, MA 02155
    AMOUNT: $10.00

    DATE: July 29, 2008 6:36 PM CDT
    NAME: Valhalla
    ADDRESS: xxxxxx Medford, MA 02155
    AMOUNT: $20.08

  63. coulda been better — I also had my car completely die as well… so I have a car payment for the first time in 16 years (aaack)

    but cross your fingers the economy in my little burg is slowly coming around….

  64. Brook has a project for camp. She needs to know how many people have innie and outie bellybuttons. If you want to help, please indicate in in the comments the following:
    1.) outie or innie
    2.) male or female
    3.) Age (round down to the nearest decade).
    Only one submission per person.

  65. Fuzzy:
    I saw it doll. HAH. Just not supposed to be typing so much with the torn rotator (not so easy in my profession). Told the doc’s I’d take it easy for a few days and try and let it heal a bit. Have to be tip-top for Denver!!
    Comrade Sista

  66. RD — ok, this is interesting.


  67. I have an innie —- female — 43

    but my son — 7 — has BOTH …its half out half in ..its very cute BTW

  68. innie, male, 30

    round down right? that makes me feel young 🙂

  69. innie, female, 18 (20 then)

  70. Okie Dokey -Eddy is getting happy!

    Our Hillary

    Pat $10
    fuzzy $25 (You sounded so young on the phone last night)
    prplvette85 $20
    Runa $10
    SistaChristianLouboutin $10
    indigogirl $25 (Congratulations on the sale!)
    Valhalla $10
    Valhalla $20.08

    Grand Total So Far:


    Donations for Murphy’s PumaPac:

    Pat $25
    SistaChristianLouboutin $10

    Grand Total So Far:


    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008

  71. gary and mawm,
    I need advice. The convention platform committee is meeting this weekend in Cleveland. I plan to go tomorrow. What should I take? Is there anything I should be aware of re: what to take?

  72. my mother never taught me any manners. that’s why I act like such a buffoon. I am sorry for being such an ass. Have fun everyone!!!!

  73. Sorry forgot….

    DATE: July 31, 2008 6:26 PM CDT
    NAME: Karen
    AMOUNT: $10.00

    and 40, female, innie

  74. If anyone else is interested in attending, info re: convention platform mtg. in Cleveland:

  75. RD

  76. fuzzy has an innie and he is in his mid 40’s

    -as an aside my mothers OBGYN was DR Storke- so when we asked he where babies come from she truthfully told us the Storke delivered you-

    My mother got off easy she still says she never lied to her children about where babies come from…

    Oh she in no fan of the Big “o”


  77. trolls are out tonight seems the more bad news for their “little candidate” the more they come here!


  78. ok delete the comment with my last name please…. I will not have any causmos in the future.

  79. Wait did someone just change moonlight and sunshines comments?

    that is great-

    talk about putting words in people’s mouth


  80. I’ll have a causmo…I’m winning that dinner with Hillary people… but thanks for the donations anyway!!!!

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 31, 2008 7:30 PM CDT
    Contact: Gary xxxxxxx
    Chapel Hill, NC 27517
    Amount: $10.00

  81. For Hillary from me: 44.08 and then another 10 when Bill asked 🙂

    Will send an equal amount to a Dem running to replace a Pug in the CD I’m moving to in CA and the one running in the neighboring CD also looking to replace a Pug. Gotta have some reps to bug once I move, lol!~

    For Brook: innie, female, round down to 40 woHOOO!

  82. karen, I fixed your comment!

  83. who is moderating the trolls its like a fairie hits them with a magic wand and poof they become hillacrats…

    mmmmm maybe that would work on the SD’s!


  84. ohioana, I don’t know, but don’t take a knife to a gun fight.

  85. riverdaughter, on July 31st, 2008 at 8:16 pm Said:
    Brook has a project for camp. She needs to know how many people have innie and outie bellybuttons. If you want to help, please indicate in in the comments the following:
    1.) outie or innie
    2.) male or female
    3.) Age (round down to the nearest decade).
    Only one submission per person.

    Sorry I’m late to the party! I’m the world’s worst procrastinator and I’m working on a presentation and I just checked in, couldn’t resist this one:

    Can you accept 2 from the same family?

    PUMA cub: She was born with an umbilical hernia, whch is extreme outie belly button, got it operated when she was 2 years old. So born with extreme outie, now innie. She’s 10 years old. (and on a plane coming home from 2 weeks with her dad!)

    ME: Innie. 36 years.

  86. innie, female, 40. I really like that rounding down part of the project BTW.

  87. YAY SM, glad to hear the cub is heading home!…got any satire tonight? loll

  88. happy to pop in, riverdaughter….i am already soothed by the stunning vistas, familiar friends…and of course, obama’s falling poll numbers. Indeed, ’tis a beautiful evening…

    Rico, may I have one of ur specials tonight….just hide the tequila bottle from sista — heard she’s prone to body shots!

    is darragh out there…..we’re working on the puma den for denver….please give a few bucks if u can…?

  89. Rico – chardonnay please – gotta work tonight and I can’t get too tipsy .

    BTW, I love that Colorado Lake Powell picture – just beautiful.


  90. ohioana…take a camera!!!! write a post, bring it back to share PLEASE!!!!

  91. innie

  92. wonder how much AxelFraud is making off obama?
    with these poll numbers he aint earning his money! I can’t blame him look what he has to work with!

    high mawm -carol I am really 46 so guess I am lucky to have a young voice…


  93. ohioana, seriously, take a video camera.

  94. Where do I donate to get a chance on dinner with Hill?

  95. fuzzy, you should do radio…you really do have a great voice.

  96. lol
    thanks, mawm

  97. I love this site!! I would donate but daddy took away my allowance because I said some mean things! I think you guys are doing a great job! Keep up the good work!

  98. Where is the dinner anyway?

  99. Hey ohioana!

    At the platform meeting could you bring up food safety and family farmers, access to safe local food etc? I’m afraid O will sell us average folks out and he doesn’t seem to recognize the issues if they aren’t on his dinner plate. Hillary has specific plans, him, not so much (so what else is new?!).

  100. for Brook: innie, female, 60

  101. atypical…go here to donate to win din with hill


  102. GARY!!! I feel so bad – Satire on a Budget moment will come very soon, but not tonight, I have a presentaiton due that I’ve slacked off – well, not really. I had to wait for info that just came to me today and it’s an imperative part of this report. So I gotta hhustle on it.

    The Confluence is so strong, it just sucks me in – then I notice it’s 1am and I haven’t done a thing. I’m not even supposed to be commenting right now!

  103. 😦
    I don’t have a video camera and my digital is broken, too.
    I was thinking more in terms of signs. Did they let you in with signs when you went to the rules committee mtg. in DC?

  104. princess how is it going? love to see you getting out some! Rico a drink for both the HireHeels Ladies-put it on my tab…


  105. Hi Everyone!

    I’m in a mood for a Margarita –got called for two interviews today!!!!!

    Whoo whoo. Felt like I could donate some for dinner with Hill too. Rico, on the rocks–no salt, please.

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 31, 2008 8:42 PM EDT
    Contact: Joanie
    Seattle, WAxxxxxxx
    Amount: $10.00

  106. wow….raincloud…i think ur looking for that white trash happy hour down the canyon….the peeps here still have all their teeth … and their principles 😉

  107. give till it hurts people!!!

  108. ohioana, you don’t want to attend the meeting, you want to protest it? Is that what you are saying? Protest signs?

  109. Innie

  110. Innie

    I’m glad you still have the cocktail hour, by the way. The Kool-Aid needs some Everclear.

  111. Gary – PUMA cub heading home, flying in from the Isle of Culebra PR where she’s been for almost 2 weeks. I CAN’T WAIT. I know, she needs time with dad, all good. BUT DAMMIT – I miss the “maaaaaaaami! can you come heeeeere!!!” They fly into Orlando late tonight then she’ll be here in the morning.

  112. nycstray,
    I’m not sure how much audience participation there will be tomorrow and Saturday I can’t go because of work.
    Here’s a brief description of what’s planned from the local news site I found after I read over at NQ that this was happening this weekend:
    On Friday, August 1, the Committee will hold a National Platform Hearing from 2:00 – 7:00 PM, during which national experts will contribute to the Party’s platform on a host of issues, including the economy, health care and energy.

    On Saturday, August 2, the Party will hold a “Listening to America Session” roundtable from 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM, during which regular Americans, including Ohioans and participants from the more than 1,300 community platform meetings, will discuss local economic and health care concerns with the committee members.

  113. Moonbeam –

    you better leave or fuzzybear is going to drop a house on you…

    In the words of glenda the good witch-“begone before someone drops a house on you-youhave now powers here andtake your little candidate too!


  114. HI, i’m laserlightshow, and moonbeam, and raincloud…I can’t control myself, I have to say things that would make my mother cry it make her so ashamed….I try to correct myself afterward, but I may be around for a while. PLEASE ignore me, I promise I’ll take my comments back after I say them, so don’t even bother acknowledging me…it just makes me do even more stupid stuff. Just be glad that you’re children don’t act like me. I’m sick.

  115. that’s so great SM 🙂

  116. mawm,
    I’m not sure what would be best. I’ve never gone to anything like this. If it’s possible, I’d like to take a sign into the meeting.

  117. Hillary Clinton
    Contribution Details
    Date: July 31, 2008 8:49 PM EDT
    Contact: diana XXX
    miami, fl
    Amount: $10.00

    [ princess will be donating PR labor in denver at the PUMA den ]

  118. The news makes a sane person retch. Ludacris hating women and old veterans, Obama whoring his race for money and votes, and then there was the video of Hillary, hard at work on a detailed plan to improve the infrastructure of New York.

    George, why must you torture the children so?

  119. I’m sorry I won’t be able to video document what goes on but I will give you a on the scene report. The meeting is open to the public.

  120. the trolls are like -poof- magically turning into rabid hillary supporters I love it next we will have Obama here saying “I am so sorry I will be a lousy candidate please all SD’s save our party switch to hillary!”


  121. How about “Stand up for Democracy, Nominate Hillary!”

  122. I’ll be back late tonight if I finish before the wee hours. Love you guys!

  123. Sophie, I think Sen. Jim Webb from VA said no thanks to VP, too.

    I’ll have a Pinot Grigio, please.

    Carol … I’m giving $10 to Denver Group and $10 to Hillary as soon as I get the baby to sleep.

  124. indigogrrl, congrats!!!

  125. Eddy is tired- he wants to go to nite nite early – so let’s get this going:

    Karen $10
    gary $10
    nycstray $44.08
    nycstray $10 (Because Bill asked!)
    joaniebone $10

    Grand Total so Far:

    $191.16 For Hillary $35 & Holding for PumaPac

  126. The Primary is Broken!

    Eliminate Caucuses!

    Fire Donna Brazile, Howard Dean… ___Your Fav DNC Official Here_____!

  127. Thanks GaryCH,
    I donated 25.08.
    Where is the dinner?

  128. Good evening conflucians! I can’t decide what I want to drink, someone please make a recommendation.


    DATE: July 31, 2008 8:51 PM EDT
    NAME: taggles
    M, MA 020
    AMOUNT: $25.00

  129. we should have a pool of how low Obama’s poll numbers will go by convention-I dont think many people are drinking the Koolaid any more with these poll numbers!


  130. innie
    all woman, (take THAT Pat and Carol)

  131. Hey Joanie, guess who gets their ID tomorrow…

  132. “Carol”
    Put me down for $250 towards Retiring “our” Debt!
    I could’nt resist & I’m going to a LI/NY debt retirement
    fundraiser that Hillary is supposed to be at.

  133. Excellent suggestions, mawm.
    Do they let people in with signs at these things? Will I need to conceal it until I get inside?
    You and gary are the only veterans of these type of meetings I know. Thanks for your help.

  134. taggles the grey goose causmo with pomie juice is great and the twist of lime is so festive!

    I have had a tripple-

    got another request for $$ of Obama always makes me drink!


  135. innie

  136. tp/ny-I think this ol’gay bear just fell in love!


  137. Ohioana,
    Besides eliminating the caucuses, how about limiting all of the states to having Closed primaries. Those open primaries cause voter abuse.

  138. Seems like no one is taking advantage of the round DOWN to the nearest 10 rule for their age. I certainly did. I am 30 now.

  139. our current troll who has been using numerous email addresses and logins has been banned permanently and the following email was sent to his ISP to their abuse email..

    …and someone with the IP address that originates from your facility at

    1880 Campus Commons Dr
    Reston VA

    is leaving repetitive abusive messages after being told to stop repeatedly and violating guidelines by logging in with false email addresses.

    bye bye trollie!!!

  140. dont forget kathy tonight! folks 10 pm EDT

  141. Can I bring my dogs? They don’t drink much, but they do like their chips and guac.

  142. sorry on bravo!


  143. regencyg, Thanks I already got it from Gary and donated.

  144. you guys just don’t have any idea what hell i’ve been through today. nothing terrible, work stuff and meeting crap and the work pile is not abating! they queue remains filled to the brim. one girl got fired and then not fired in a span of 3 minutes, my team is short and the work is long. and none of the god damn tools they have spent millions of dollars on have helped make my day easier, only more hellatious. i didn’t leave until almost 7. it sounds like i hate my job, i don’t, i love it actually. some one get me something something to wet my whistle right quick.

  145. Oh… somebody gets to drink soon!!

    Female, innie, 41 (until October 26th…)

  146. Hi Teresa!

  147. Anyone know where I can find the spoof on Obama’s presidential seal?

  148. Scorpio, JJM? That’s too bad… (Libra is where its at)

  149. But, but… it’s the same as Hillary’s birthday! Very few places in this state one can brag about that!

  150. I bet it is an Obama for AmeriKa call center…they are bored now one is coughing up any cash…


  151. Fuzzy, I’m already watching Kathy, the rerun from when I was out of town.

  152. Oh, wait – Isn’t Libra September/October….

    Ignorance truly is bliss, you know, but you have to pay extra for it.

  153. I would like to change my age on the above survey please. I mistyped: It should read 39. I married young. Can someone make the edit?

  154. I need to go get some stuff done to prepare for going out of town on Sunday. Thanks for your suggestions.
    I’m looking forward to being a PUMA rep @ the platform committee mtg. tomorrow and hopefully meeting some other PUMAs there.
    I’ll give you a report tomorrow night.

  155. Pssh, It’s all about Scorpio!

  156. it’s neither here not there as far as helping hillary, but is shows
    obama’s sleazy effort to play the race card against mccain for what it is – a cynical political trick. he’s about a “progressive” as the other people who used race to win elections – george wallace, lester mattox, and strom thurmond.


    oh, yeah. and atrios and josh marshall were operating on instructions from the obama campaign in their little “mccain says obama is after the white women” hissy fits. not that i had any respect for them to lose, but still. i wonder how cheap and used they feel now that everyone knows about it.

  157. RD: Thanks for the breathtaking view. Though I must admit, as soon as you mentioned Doobie Bros. and Obama the first tune to pop into my head – What A Fool Believes. Heh, indeed.

  158. Female, innie, 38

  159. taggles: I am passing a hose filled with Causmo’s your way!

    Carol: I hate anything Texas!

    joaniebone: 46????????

  160. taggles dont forget to put the founding fathers under the bus on sunday during you “jack it up” section…after his comment about the “…pictures on money…”


  161. All rightieeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    princess wears prada $10 (PR Labor in Denver, also)
    britgirls $10 and $10 for Murphy
    atypical $25.08
    taggles $25


    tpt/ny $250 (a Meal with Hill)

    Grand Total so Far:

    $501.24 for Our Hillary $45 for Murphy

    You R*acist, Republicans are doing an outstanding Job! Woo Hooooooooooooo!

  162. I propose a lie detector test for all those who filled in the age question.

  163. can u get me a link to the story fuzzy?

  164. Re:Seal Was at Swamppolitics.com June 24, 2008. Sorry I can do the link thingy or TinyURL
    It was on webblogs of the Chicago Tribune Washington Bureau

  165. New Gallup Poll — Obama’s 9 point Sunday lead now 1 point 45 (Obama) 44 (Mcain). What I don’t understand is who are the 45% for Obama!?!?!

  166. you guys know what would be fun?

  167. taggles: Spill it.

  168. WOW “OHIOANA”!
    That sounds amazing!

  169. joaniebone: All kidding aside, fingers crossed for you from here.

  170. Patty – that is because you are a R*cist Republican.

    At least that is what Eddy told me!

  171. taggles its gary’s previous thread…it has the link and everything-fuzzy

  172. we should do a private radio show, it won’t be live, everyone here can call in and we can goof off, within reason of course. we can do it whenever. and if it comes out good, we can make it public,

    We could call it the PUMA VIEW and i wanna be baba wawa

  173. campskunk: of course, I didn’t give the similar meme much thought… I forgot about the campaign talking points going to all fav-fan-boys!

  174. Newt called BO “full of himself”! I hate that I have had to agree with the Republicans.

  175. doesn’t edgeofforever have it on her site?

  176. “I would like to change my age on the above survey please. I mistyped: It should read 39. I married young. Can someone make the edit?”

    LOL @ Pat.

    Rico – Lemon Vodka, please. Thanks. 🙂

  177. Carol: *&^%()_$#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )&%^$#@@#!!!!!

  178. Innie

  179. I have to round down to 50.

    Innie and always will be!

  180. was i spose to do a survey?

  181. taggles: That sounds like FUN!!!!!!!!!!! Can I be Nancy?

  182. taggles: Scroll up. RD is helping Brook compile a survey.

  183. nancy pelosi? ya sure

  184. I have to mimic BO today “BO is that all you got, calling us R*cists?”

    Well consider this:

    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

  185. Carol: RD asked us to round up not hack off.

  186. Another piece of the Bush legacy: we all agree with Newt Gingrich. God help us!

  187. Excuse me fuzzy made an error there is no way a guy that sounds this young could be 46 could you have listed as 39 please heck make it 36-40 is the new 30!


    like your idea taggles

  188. inny

  189. Don’t you think the SS would like to take out their weapons and commit suicide after being on the trail with and listening to all of his boring BS day after day?

  190. I know I would. That or perhaps in a continual alcoholic haze from stop to stop. Wouldn’t care what city or hemisphere we are in, just juice me up!!

  191. innie
    30 (you did say round to the nearest decade, correct?)

  192. we could have a lot of fun. maybe we should do one later, who will be up at 11? or whenever, when does the bar close here? and lets have some topics to discuss.

  193. Libra is about the 20th of Sept to the 20th of Oct., give or take a few days. My sign represents justice.

    gotta go get on my marathon training. i’ll get you and joanie updated soon, jjm.

  194. Innie, female, 50.5

  195. I figure they have asked for it intravenous by now!

  196. Just listening to that “drone” all day I would want to set myself on fire just for the heck of it.

  197. That don’t even want the joy of tasting it on the way down – just get straight to the business of numbification!

  198. there is a great section in Al fraken’s book “Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot” where newt’s fisrt wife insists that he bring the divorce papers over th the hospital room so she can sign them before her mastectomy. when he protests she says it must be done now and I could not live with myself if i should die before you could divorce me….it is sad in a histerical way-


  199. Gq-drinks soon! SundayA!

  200. For those of you looking for BO materials, http://www.theobamafile.com has tons of good stuff, all categorized..

  201. i am aquarius my birthday is on inauguration day! it better be a good one in 2009, the last two inauguration/birthdays sucked.

  202. innie

    Doobie Brothers song for Denver- Takin’ It To The Streets

  203. Newt is still an ass.

  204. my topic would be do michelle and barak use fair trade organic mint foot creme before bed? or do they buy the crap at walmart that comes from china?


  205. I put a magic spell on some of our most virulent trolls, they should be sleeping throughout cocktails

  206. I would knock him to the side and say let’s shorten this up and delete the ah’s and uh’s – it will be down to Hello and Goodbye.

  207. inny

  208. Thanks, Mawm. They make such little sense to begin with.

  209. I fancy a drive by wave. Could be both a “hello” and a “goodbye” which shortens it even further.

  210. Pat that was what I was trying to say-

    Newt=slimey anphibian ass!


  211. RD-




  212. wow! you can perform magic as well – there is just no end to your many talents, Mawm!

  213. Pat maybe he could just fax a hello and good bye! keep him form using any extra oxygen-fuzzy

  214. While Obama is up there spouting his daily line of crapola, I bet those Secret Service guys are tempted to yell out, “Oh look, butterflies!” and then hustle his skinny ass into the backseat of a waiting car.

  215. Pat – as I used to call him throughout the 1990s – “Newt Gangrene ” and his book “Contract ON America”. (giggle) (hiccup)

  216. Ha, Fuzzy, I have that book on my bookshelf next to “Lies & the Lying Liars that Tell Them.”

  217. The thing is Al Franken used to be funny. I have all his books too and he was pretty good then. Now, not so much.

  218. Pat – I think he should just get straight to the point with the little people – “flip them off and throw leaflets out the window with his website donation page and instructions”.

    I just don’t understand why he is wasting his precious time with all of us!

  219. And he could do that from 30,000 feet from the campaign plane he redecorated. This way they don’t have to listen to him and he doesn’t have to look at them. A win win if you ask me.

  220. How can someone drop so fast in the polls. His so-called bump has disappeared. Doesn’t it say something about the poll. Like his so-balled bump was never there, or do you think he has dropped since then?

  221. inny

    i contributed on …tuesday… i guess when the dinner email came out. $25, does that count? i should also hit bill’s message too.

    gary, sorry my friend never did anything with that story. i was away for two weeks and realized when i got back i had not heard more from him. o, well. hope you win that dinner — i’d be so nervous, but how cool would that be.

  222. Okay there is a lesson here Oprah is now the #2 daytime host…Ellen is # 1 is the Puma factor as angry bitter white women and god fearing and gun toteing LGBT folks switch channels?

    Or is she just out of touch with america?

    Oprah should be pissed at Obama-she probably wish she was at dinah shore with galye instead of on the Larry King Show that night!


  223. al franken used to sit in bed with (((shudder))) Arianna Huffington on the dailly show in the ’96 election and spew her clinton hate….he always seemed a little too fond of her, so I’m not a big fan..

  224. I predicted he would be behind McCain before the end of the month. USA/Gallup says it is so, I’m betting tomorrow, Gallup says it is so.

  225. The “fascination” has worn off. The more people get to see him up there on his own, the less they are taken in by his “majesty”. Nobody likes a showoff. At least speaking for myself. Like I loathe Robin Williams. He is nothing but an overgrown child hogging the spotlight. Poor analogy maybe but you get where I am going with this.


  226. RD,

  227. indi…no problem. Dinner with Hillary would be so awesome….I have so many things I’d like to talk to her about…..

  228. RD,
    innie, male, 40

    Has anybody seen the breaking news at NQ?

    What will it mean for the Convention?

  229. Mawm I think it was more a pimple on a gnats ass rather than a bump!


  230. what would you most like to ask her?

  231. Ellen Degeneres is a wonderful person. Her true self comes through. Oprah is just another Obama. Completely in love with herself. I have never been an Oprah fan but I have always loved Ellen.

  232. gary: I would be so tongue tied she would probably end up doing hand signals with me.

  233. Oh Puh-leeeease…Obama’s latest e-mail is the most pathetic drivel I have ever seen (since the one where he played the race card against Big Dawg). It is so fricken sickening…

  234. good question….i’ve got to think a bit…anyone else?

  235. Indi: How do you stay so strong. That’s what I’d ask.

  236. is using the words “bump” and “Obama” in the same sentence r*cist? or playing to stereotypes?


  237. My question: After the pummeling you took, the hope that you brought to so many, was it worth it in the end?

  238. She is able to stay strong because she knows who she is and the thugs are not allowed to change her self identity.

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

  239. Michael: Cute. Keep trying.

  240. My question: Okay, what’s the plan?

  241. Eddy said to tell everyone to stay on focus: Give me the GD money or bust!

  242. my question “I know I am a gay man 16 years younger than you but would you mind going parking with me and watch the submarine races?”

    I am sure the the Secrect Service would be on me like butter on toast!


  243. I am not sure what the birth certificate means in the end. Can someone explain what effect this may have?

  244. Sorry about Eddy – he is easily frustrated when he is missing his gal Hillary!

  245. Another question (though I doubt I’d have the guts to ask it): If you had to do it all over again, would you marry Bill or go for a Smithie?

  246. Carol: If you are correct on the Gallup Poll can we negotiate?

  247. how is that Pat?


  248. OK Total fantasy here.

    Hillary knows who we are(Not a stretch when I think about how many emails I have sent. I bet y’all have too). Only PUMAs get invites to her dinner, and it turns into a secret meeting to plan for Denver and her nomination fight.

  249. lol fuzzy.

  250. I bet Obama Pols 39% by convention anyone with me?


  251. Michael; The stereotypes and Obama.

  252. I have reason to celebrate.

    I was thrown off a pseudo-liberal academic blog, banned for life and wiped off the records because I was saying that Obama supporters should stop seeing racist in any type of criticism leveled against Obama, such as “arrogant” and “presumptious”.

    One guy took the me through the etymology of those words and how they were always used against blacks, to which I replied that I was black myself and would scream “bloody murder” wherever I perceive a racist act, but I did not see a racist undertone there. I gave them a list of whites politician who were criticized with the same words.

    I think that was too much because I cold reply to subsequent comments and I discover later on that everything I have ever writing was taken down.

    Rico, Champagne s’il vous plait.

  253. Michael: I say 42. 39 is pretty low.

  254. fuzzy, he doesn’t have too far to go!

  255. remember Mondale only got 35% of the popular vote in 1984- with out ferraro he probably would have gotten about 25%.


  256. SophieL, what’s a Smithie?

  257. One article I read indicated that Angela Merkel did not like him very much. I have no idea of her political leanings but she shot up about 10 points with me after that.

  258. hey 39 is in the margin of error if he polls 42! I’ll split the difference pat and say 40.5…how low does he have to go(limbo anyone) before they get nervous enough to dump him!


  259. Gary,

    I would like to know why she will not let her name be put into nomination-if that is indeed true. Does she really not know that BO is a threat to democrarcy or IS SHE BEING HELD HOSTAGE TO SOMETHING?

  260. MABlue: Sounds like censorship to me.

  261. I think Merkel is center right, which makes her like a mainstream dem I’d think…

  262. i think i’d ask her what her something about this next generation of kids. i’d also ask her about her thoughts on violence in this country — talk about a war that we appear to be ignoring.

    it’s hard to know what to ask. i would then ask something ridiculous like what’s her favorite dessert, lol.

  263. Micheal: Put that thought in your prayers tonight. If he can sink low enough by Denver there may be a glimmer of hope from some of those supers to open this thing wide to the floor.

  264. that is the real question…how low can your numbers go big”o”?


    sorry I forgot pope “widow ratzinger” eliminated limbo in his last encyclical(sic)

  265. Indi: Or something like “what’s your sign” ought to make her grab the check fast.

  266. atypical…I don’t think I’ve seen her directly quoted as saying that.

  267. lol, hey i could ask to read her palm.

  268. Re Obama’s Polls. Remember he buys them and they say what he wants. Right now could be he’s sandbagging.

  269. Pat:

    The Left is becoming totalitarian. Say anything against Obama or have understanding for his critics and you are a pariah.

  270. The Lex [KY] newspaper has a black woman [Merlene Davis] columnist who sees racism in everything. More than offensive, she is just flat–out boring. If a car cuts in front of her, it’s because she’s black. If a car cuts in front of the bus she’s riding in, it’s because she’s black. Not suprisingly, she shilled for B0 all year.

    So, when Oprah went down in the ratings, Merlene insisted it was not because of the O endorsement. No [get this], it’s because Oprah’s been doing New Age stuff [like Eckert Tolle] lately, and well, Oprah had just better back off from that unChristian stuff and she’ll be fine.

    This, of course, ignores the fact that Oprah has always done lots of New Age and interesting stuff, but it never hurt her before.

  271. rd


  272. May I have some money please. Rico does not work for free! He is not feeling the love!

  273. Atypical, Hillary has NOT said that. Others have said that. This is Hillary’s choice, not theirs.

  274. Oh my gawd, have you all been drinking!!! Leave for awhile and what do I find.. Rico, whatever the cool people are drinking.

  275. If you guys want a quick laugh go over to Sugar’s post regarding the Ludacris song and the accompanying comments. Hysterical.


    Here comes the sun…do do do do….here comes the sun and I say it’s all right….

  277. I don’t think we should believe anything about what may or may not happen on the floor of the convention. There was so much propaganda hurled at us during the primary that she was quitting. Remember SD/MT when the AP put out the false story of her consession?
    I think if she were to mount a floor fight, she would want to be keeping it low-key right now, because the media would be trying to savage her.

  278. It’s sad that BO can only say that the Republicans are going to distract us with questions about his name, race………..he doesn’t have any issues to work with for that distraction.

  279. Okay

    $501.24 for our Hillary $45 for Murphy’s PUMAPAC

    Can we get to $1000 tonight to go over $15000 for the month of July?

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

  280. Okay, How about a free drink for the oldest one here?

  281. when was the last time he talked about a substantive issue like healthcare or education, or the economy?? he only talks about how people are gonna talk bad about him, and how he is a symbol to the world…there really is NOTHING there!!!

  282. How about a drink for the youngest one here?

  283. I dont know it it counts, but I donated $50.08 to Hillary on Tuesday.

    I sent an email to plouff today telling him that I want Hillary as the Democratic nominee, and if she is not, I would follow Obama’s lead. He voted Republican on FISA so I will vote Republican in November.


  284. campskunk,
    Thanks for the politico link. It looks like McCain & the Repubs are prepared to play hardball on this race issue. Obama’s racebaiting of the Clintons/supporters not only began to desensitize the r@cism charge, but it revealed a hell of a lot about B0 to the Republicans.

  285. Gary and Mawm> you guys are way cool!

  286. regency, No I know how old you are. That’s not fair to the old and wise.

  287. O/T

    Why are people playing along with this bullshit Caylee stuff? They need to just beat the sh8t out of that mother or put her into the general population to get where that girl is!

    When it is kids, all bets off!

  288. OMG, Suze Orman on Kathy Griffin!

  289. ben, why?

  290. parentofed,

    and McCain knows we’ve been there, done that. Good move for him to pull more of her voters to him. I wouldn’t vote for him, but I can see many who will and this will help him pull less politically active voters over. O may have overplayed this “hand”.

  291. The BO campaign is seriously misunderstanding what makes America tick. These elections are very emotional decisions. Americans like heroes, they love comeback stories, they will easily forgive, but they don’t like arrogance. Machismo is ok. Swagger is ok. Confidence is just fine. But if you come off as presumptuous and arrogant and self centered as Obama is doing as of late Americans will be perfectly happy to send you a clear message. They would do this to Hillary or John Edwards or any other candidate. It has nothing to do with race.

  292. Wait till you guys see the PUMobile. It will be a work of art.

  293. nycstray, Alas, The One has been marred by tragedy and is One-Handed.

  294. When is the obama campaign going to run out of decks stacked with race cards? Sheesh, I can’t stand to watch TV any more at all. Evening e1!

  295. who is thei santa Obama?
    why all his howling histerical sorrow?
    what kind of Obama has lived among us ?
    how could we ever live with out him?

    apologies to sir andrew lloyd webber and tim rice


  296. cool ….. party got only better since slipping out….

    hi everyone!

  297. Check This Out From Examiner.com — piece on PUMA…

    The Democratic Convention may be shaping up as the O.K. Corral, Part Two. The weapons will be delegate votes instead of Colt Peacemakers. “Where are the Clintons?” They are patiently waiting for Denver. The only question is: will it be an easy nomination for Obama or one of the grandest political ambushes ever pulled off…on the voting floor of the Convention.

  298. dakinikat – I believe it will be in Denver the last week of August, at this rate, I think people will so thoroughly saturated, they can no longer swallow!

    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008

  299. princess wears prada:


    (gary could you give me that really cool devil face right after the HAKA?)

  300. hey dakini….all the hard core pundits agreed tonight — obama camp made a huge mistake this time…. that dog don’t hunt….

    ah, to be a fly on obama jet wall….

  301. Hillary will take over by slapping the shit out of that piece of crap! I can envision the cleanup crew now being overwhelmed.


    Denver Goes Brown, Instead of Green, After Hillary B*tch Slaps Piece of Shit!

  302. carol: (LOL) ….

    at least we’re having fun…eh?

  303. PUMA HAKA :devil:

  304. he slipped, what, 8 points in the polls this week? ah, there must be no sleep in Chitown tonight, princess …

  305. someone fix – it didn’t work!

  306. ben: indeed, i can sum it up for u…

    quite simply, americans are TURNED OFF!

    course, some of us were there a year ago….sokay that some are late to the puma party 😉

  307. ok all fuzzy is going to take a little leave see this guy I have been seeing off and on for the last year (yes poor fuzzy is a single man) has just called I am trying to make him realize I am the fuzzybear of his dreams….

    wish me luck


  308. Carol: You almost got it, take away the ‘d.’

  309. i just stuck Obama’s head on an antique lithograph of the little boy that cried wolf … i’m just really afraid that when some person has some legitimate charge of racism, there’s going to be one big shrug on the part of the nation … talk about setting race relations back

  310. yip dakini….i’m sure trinity opened its doors tonite for a late night prayer vigil!

  311. Eddie wants to go nite nite:

    eai $50.08

    Grand Total so Far:

    $551.32 for our Gal Hillary $45 for Murphy

    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008

  312. Good luck, Fuzzy! Lean on ‘im a bit. You know he’ll like it.

  313. fuzz, luck has nothin’ to do with it…..;-)

    move on …ur too sweet.

    nighty night guys – back to work!

  314. 👿

  315. we’ll do a branded fundraiser for denver….don’t worry guys….nice tally for hillgal!

  316. carol, I don’t know how to do it

  317. Okay now I’m rocking!


  318. &devil;

  319. Did I scare everyone?

  320. sorry, i was just on the phone with a typical white man named Ulysses that wears a powdered wig …. no body scary like Steve Erkal …opps Obama

  321. I know, he makes that remark about having a funny name, unlike the presidents on the bills. Ulysses…hello??? not too common

  322. Grant was also 47-same age as obama

  323. no prior political experience….
    barely interested in the job…


  324. well, winning a civil war makes for an interesting resume gary

  325. his presidency was mediocre at best

  326. Keep donating for our Gal!

    I have to turn into a pumpkin (is that r*cist?).

    I will continue the tally tomorrow morning.

    $551.24 For our Gal Hillary $45 for Murphy


  327. he was a great warrior….not so good politician…but BO doesn’t even have that…just trying to think of similarities…

  328. Date: July 31, 2008 9:44 PM CDT
    Contact: kiki
    birmingham, AL
    Amount: $10.00

  329. Carol, can you do an angel?

  330. PUMAHAKA:devil:

  331. RD: innie, female, 50+

  332. I need one gary.

  333. atypical it is : with the word evil:

  334. PUMAHAKA:evil:

  335. you got it


  336. Old dog learns new trick!

  337. Did anyone see on Hannity tonight the “Swiftboat” guy has done a Tell-all about Obama; and it’s OUT TOMORROW!!

  338. My husband came home livid tonight and asked if I had given any $$ to PUMA. I asked what difference it would make if I had.

    Apparently in the new and improved Obama Democratic party, wife of party chair cannot be PUMA! He is getting flack at the democratic office because someone heard his wife was PUMA.

    I told him to go tell it to Marie Shriver. (Actually, I can’t repeat what I told him – but he got the message).

  339. here’s what I’ve been thinking about today…….for 7 years, if you disagreed with Bush, you were a terrorist. now if you disagree with Obama, you’re a r*cist.

    what’s happened to this country?

    I don’t like McCain, and can’t imagine myself voting for him, but……I do feel like you can criticize him and not fear being labeled. he at least understands that’s part of the territory in politics.

    I’m tired of petulant little boys.

  340. rofl Jmac

  341. jmac — that’s terrible!

  342. About the Hannity show with Kristen Powers today, at bitterpoliticz:

    Drummajor // July 31, 2008 at 10:29 pm

    You know you’re a total ass when a swift boater takes time out to defend a Clinton. LOL

  343. jmac, that’s unreal!! the entire family must pledge loyalty? as you pointed out, even the republicans wouldn’t try that

  344. I guess James Carville’s out of the party.

  345. Murphy – it’s payback. They kicked a Hillary supporter out of the county convention here in Texas. (trouble-maker). Now he is getting the same treatment from the Obama-manias so he has nothing to complain about.

  346. kiki, he’s moved back down here to louisiana

  347. Obama Again Shows Disdain For The Troops

    WASHINGTON — Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic presidential hopeful, raised campaign money in Houston on Thursday but has not agreed to address Fort Hood soldiers alongside his Republican opponent.

    A consortium of military and veterans’ groups had hoped to host Obama and Sen. John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, at the Bell County Expo Center in Belton on Aug. 11. The two candidates would discuss military issues before an audience of troops, veterans and their families.

    McCain agreed to attend the event, which CBS offered to broadcast, but Obama’s camp said he has a previously scheduled commitment. A spokeswoman did not say what that commitment is.

    “We basically had asked for alternate dates in which he might be available,” said Carissa Picard, one of the organizers of the would-be event. “They haven’t been able to provide those to us yet.”

  348. Wow. Lots of innies.

    Since I’m all about science:

    rounding down: 20 (but I’m actually 29)

  349. innie (never spelled that word before. weird.)


  350. back looong call-went well wants to take me on cruise to alaska-may get married in California….


  351. Whoa Fuzzy. I like your life.

  352. fred – I actually posted that a while back. He is afraid to talk to people. He knows they are gonna embarrass his weak ass (of was that “weak ass” r*cist?).

    I think he is planning on a vacation – that will be hysterical and the final blow.

    I love how the media is now negotiating with their blowhard guests now that Hillary might has to join the ticket to say his ass. She ain’t joining no ticket, She is the ticket with full rights to choose her VP.


    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

    TM is admonishing us tonight for our evil, dirty, ways – I say this ms TM:


  353. jmac
    You got it worse than me!
    My husband is just so against the republicans ; he
    I try to tell him the Dem-elites are “acting” like the republicans he hates, with no luck.
    He did agree to come with me to our local PUMA PARTY & meet the gang. We’ll SEE!

  354. wow dakinikat, I did not know the Carville-Matalins moved down south! where is she from originally?

  355. back from getting a real margarita! Ahhh…..now:

    Go Jmac, make us proud. That’s just stupid.

    Mawm:”Only PUMAs get invites to her dinner, and it turns into a secret meeting to plan for Denver and her nomination fight.”

    I’m signing on to your fantasy, Mawm.

    Pat–thank you!

    Hey, how come John Mccain gets to come out and say Obama is playing the race card? Well, good for him!

    Pat, he’s waking up! I loved the Britney/Paris connection and the hilarious video up thread in response. Things are getting good! It’s weird to be exchanging anti-Obama stuff with Republicans I know.

    What kind of world do I live in?

  356. Aside from maybe shooting hoops in the WH, will Obama be available for anything? No MLK Day. No Tavis Smiley event. Can’t be bothered with the troops. Too busy to debate. If this keeps up he will be phoning in the nomination speech! Not that it matters to me since I will be busy watching reruns of MASH.

  357. Someone please fix whatever is wrong with my post and post it. Thanks.

  358. ok, I looked it up, she’s from Illinois

  359. how else is everybody’s night going come on carol has to get some sleep caugh up I already did!

    If you dont I will get some obamabot living impaired people on ya!

  360. Michael: If you can’t make it I will gladly go in your place. Even the getting married part suits me. Haven’t had a New Year’s date in years!

  361. Fuzzy, If you go on an Alaskan cruise, I think you have to come to Seattle first!

  362. Pat, he won’t phone in the nomination speech. that’s the part of the job he actually likes

  363. I have never been on a cruise before it will be a change for this midwestern boy may not chance it because I have a problem with bodies of water…


  364. wow Fuzzy, can we all be bridesmaids?

  365. I could watch the screen with the tv off and it would be more exciting.

  366. Obama is beginning to remind me of that character played by Madeline Kahn in Blazing Saddles. Too tired.

  367. Murphy? I saw no age! Come on, now….

  368. Maybe we could get an ordinance posted on the number of “ah’s and uh’s” allowed within the city limits in Denver. That way he couldn’t possibly make his speech.

  369. Joaniebone I would finally get to meet you right? you are in washington!


  370. Well he could start it on Monday and hopefully end it by Wednesday night.

  371. Fuzzy! I would pick you up at the airport and take you over to my house for drinks on the deck.We can watch the cruise ships from there! Would that help you get used to it??

  372. Maybe we could use Madeline Kahn’s roll in “What’s Up Doc?” when she kept trying to get back into the dinner and they kept dragging her out!


  373. You can tell I’m tipsy by all the exclamation marks. I love EVERYBODY right now!!!

  374. Ah, Fuzzy, if your worried about the water–and I kinda am–just keep on a wet suit with a life jacket close by. No need to worry.

  375. sure but what colors should I pick? if I am getting married-I cannot do blush and bashful-i am not that kind of bear….if red flannel a color?


  376. I hear joanie has a great view from her deck!!!!!

  377. Fuzzy, don’t do it. People have been known to visit that house and are never seen again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  378. dont forget madeline kahn’s roll in young frankenstien!

    Oh sweet mystery of life at last I’ve found you!


  379. Carol: Off topic, but I want to be alone with that Florida mother and beat the crap out of her. The lying sack of crap!

  380. In seattle, flannel is kinda early 90s…. But hey, it’s what got me to that little burg in the first place.

  381. Seriously, how many Hil supporters are on this site that are really closet serial killers?

    Do we really know! Don’t worry, I realized my door had been unlocked and semi open for 4 days and nights, but it is locked up now. Of course, I had Eddy here to protect me. He is so big and strong.

  382. but dont Mawm and Gary get dibbs on the first PUMA wedding? Now that MASS will allow out of state gays get married? or they could catch the sunset limited in Jacksonville and ride it out to San Diego for a nice California wedding maybe Kathy Griffin could do it!


  383. The lying sack of crap!

    That’s my brother’s nickname.

  384. Carol: It must be difficult for him to make his way through the forest in your living room!

  385. pat what florida mother beat the crap out of who Pat?


  386. Kathy is “ordained” and married a couple in NY. Let’s check to see if Rev. Wright is available first.

  387. Was Madeline Kahn in History of the World Part I by chance?

  388. fred – I actually posted that a while back. He is afraid to talk to people. He knows they are gonna embarrass his weak *ss (of was that “weak *ss” r*cist?).

    I think he is planning on a vacation – that will be hysterical and the final blow.

    I love how the media is now negotiating with their blowhard guests now that Hillary might has to join the ticket to say his *ss. She ain’t joining no ticket, She is the ticket with full rights to choose her VP.


    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

    TM is admonishing us tonight for our ev*l, dirty, ways – I say this ms TM:


  389. What florida mother? I am missing something.

  390. Michael: The “Mom” in Florida “misplaced” her daughter over a month ago and keeps lying to the police about who may have her. Been on the news for weeks.

  391. I am lost dont watch the news and my work its all what is the price of low sulfur coal and texas sweet gas? or DFM? gee-I am pigeoned holed at work!


  392. pat, you must be drunker than I. Just look at those exclamation marks.

    GQ-close family?

    Fuzzy, you have the right idea with red flannel. It’s in the 60s and rainy today. 😦

  393. Oh her yeah sorry forgot about her she is such a tool if she did it! probably he deranged boyfriend….


  394. The “Mom” has a serious case of Obamaitis. Keeps saying one thing when she really means the other.

  395. I’ve had Big Dawg here keeping the Obots out. He just gives one of those sexy, badass, redneck scowls and they go running. Some of them also hump hi sleg but that’s neither here nor there.

    If anyone here has a wedding ordained by Kathy, I want an invite.

  396. I think red flannel would be great for a wedding! in fact, make it pajamas and it would actually be an outfit the bridemaids could wear again after the wedding.

  397. Haven’t caught up with comments but wanted to let you know that I
    contributed $50

    through email request from Hillary at 11:16. Will that let me run a tab at the bar for a couple of rounds? . Causmo please.

    Will try to contribute to busses next week. Wanted to get contribution to Hillary before midnight and end of the month. Still hoping I can arrange to go to Denver and that will affect how much I can contribute to busses.

    Going to try to catch up with comments now. Have missed all of you while I was “under the weather” this week. Have lots of reading to catch up on.

  398. I tree downstairs in living room, 1 tree up stairs in den, 1 smaller tree in Ryan’s bedroom.

    He has plenty of room to manuevar (sp – 1)!

  399. sorry her deranged boyfriend-fuzzybeargville


  400. Pat, off to watch a Sopranos DVD–thinking of you. It’s what got us hooked on Ed in the first place. Sigh.

  401. I love my flannel nightgowns. With socks. My entire winter wardrobe.

  402. Sopranos – best show evah!

  403. joanie,

    I only have the last four disks of the Sopranos left. If you get to that point anytime soon…

    BTW, if I wasn’t as close to my younger bro as I am, I’d never call him that ;). I love that crazy guy.

  404. Fuzzy, just a question before I go… Is he worthy of you? Truly? You deserve the best. You know, we look out for you here.

  405. now that mawm and I have an RV, we will be touring the country 🙂 first stop, Denver, then maybe a MA wedding in the spring…

  406. Okie Dokieeeeeeeeeee:

    kiki $10
    Phala in NC $50

    Grand Total so Far:

    $611.32 for our Gal Hillary $45 for Murphy


  407. Joanie — sorry I missed that.

    39 for six short more months.

    I’m having a VERY long 40th birthday party — it started back on June 3rd and will end on February 10th.

  408. This must be such and odd feeling for Barack: having an opponent he can’t throw off the ballot and not having the media to do is dirty work.

  409. I basically laid in bed for weeks and gobbled the whole Sopranos series up. My kids were worried. I stopped bathing. Things were scary around here during that time.

  410. Spring wedding in MA sounds terriffic!

  411. Feb 10th! A great day-my son Quincy’s birthday.

  412. Thanks Carol and Conflucians! We will get there!

    just a psa — ALL of the money raised by Puma PAC is for political activities — every last dime we raise goes right back out to organizing, agitiating, and spreading the word about Puma. Our work is 100% volunteer.

  413. Mawm and Gary,

    Are we all invited?

  414. Hard to choose one episode, but I think my favorite was when Janis stole the artificial leg from the Russian girl and hid it in the locker at the bus station. Classic.

  415. Joanie — love your son’s name! A fellow Aquarian, very nice.

  416. as a gay man i’ve never been to a gay wedding or commitment ceremony that I can recall.

  417. murphy: Good work!

  418. Of Course!!

  419. I am not gay and attended a gay wedding in Northampton last year. A woman I worked with and her partner. It was so much fun! And the booze kept flowing.

  420. Gary and Mawm can pick everyone up on the way

  421. Yay!

    Murphy, I named my first Truman. At the time, I was married to my horrific ex who came from a fundamentalist right wing family. When my mother-in-law learned what I was naming him, she exclaimed, “What? you’re naming after a Democrat??!!”

    God, it was a great divorce.

  422. (waving!) I’ve been working on my sister-in-laws website so I’ve almost totally missed the party.

    Is Joanie still here?

    And Carol, is it too late for me to post totals?

  423. I want to have my dogs at my wedding…hope no one minds…

  424. Gary, seriously, you guys need to videotape your PUMA tour. it would be neat if you could meet PUMAs along the way, maybe go to meetups around the country

  425. Hi sis!!! A great day here!

  426. Gary, what kind of dogs?

  427. kiki, we are, in fact I think lori’s husband (sorry, forgot name) is going to hook us up with some professiional cameras for his documentary, so it should be good…

  428. gary, you guys will definitely have to do Boston and the surrounding towns like Lexington and Concord, the Kennedy Library, Harvard Square, Gloucester and Rockport. So much history to see. Beacon Hill and the Cheers bar.

  429. they are all different kinds of mixes one is a lab mix, one is part sharpei, one is half shi-tzu/half maltese (that’s my avatar), and the other one is a total mutt… they’re my babies 🙂

  430. Hi katiebird!

  431. pat, I’m counting on you to be my wedding planner…but seriously, I would like it to be simple…it is so far to go anyway, and we want to have our family there, so it will have to be low-budget.

  432. that documentary’s going to be really neat

  433. Katie, you’re coming when I’m going. I will call you to tell you all the good news. It was a low week, but turning better now.

    Good night my PUMA family.

    Gary, dogs are good. I have two. I’m a pack animal.

  434. ♥ Pat!!

  435. I can’t wait to hear. Can you call me?

  436. Come through Akron, Ohio. This is a hot bed for closeted PUMAs.

  437. night joanie!

  438. we seriously will come anywhere if its on the way to Denver!!! we’re going to pick up the RV on Saturday

  439. Major lurker here. Been meaning to post many many times for the past 5 months but never got up the nerve to do so. Well, here is my 15th donation to our girl. Carol, please tally up. Big holla for the Boston gang here. For some of your who canvassed in NH, MA, RI, PA and IN, we probably met in the trail already.


    DATE: July 31, 2008 11:39 PM EDT
    NAME: Hot Pants
    ADDRESS: Cambridge, MA
    AMOUNT: $50.00

  440. gary: We can just get on the net and look at the different venues. Decide how many will be attending, factor in the costs, and go from there. If it is Feb you won’t be looking at the outdoors but my first consideration would be the Northampton area. They have some very good restaurants and the city is very receptive to gay couples. Smith College sits right in the middle of town and they have a chapel if you want to go that route. Otherwise, there are many different ways to put this together. Should be a lot of fun.

  441. Contribution Details
    Date: July 31, 2008 11:46 PM EDT
    Contact: Regency G.
    Houston, TX *****
    Amount: $20.08

  442. Gary, could you come to Kansas City maybe? We’re right on I-70

  443. Hey Cambridge…welcome to the de-lurked world!!!

  444. katiebird, we are, we definitely would love to see you if you’re going to be there! are you going to denver??

  445. Is soyousay around because I am in moderation.

  446. I am going to have a hard time topping my tribute to Ann Richards the other night but I will try….

    Creator Father Mother god/dess

    We have strived to help our hillary payoff our campaign debt and we continue to work for her eventual nomination….we know that the wisdom and patience of the ages is going to be required to get this job done and we ask for the help of devine providence to complete our task.

    For us it is a labor of love that we fight for our Hillary she is the finest of pressed oil from the most favored olive tree. We hope for our eventual victory and pray that you have blessed our undertaking.

    Creator tonight we pray for all those who have experienced true racism with is companion genocide. For the millions in Dafur who suffer from the true evil of racism-protect the children from evils of starvation and abuse and the women of Darfor from rape and violence we know that even from the must crushed body the human spirit prevails and rises like a beacon of light.

    Have they not suffered enough? let us also committ ourselves to revealing this genocide as true racism that once again could lead us into darkness. For these souls tonight I petition for relief that they may one day breath free.

    Creator let us not forget our responsibilities on this your fragile creation….and let us not deminish there suffering by using the term of racism here so carelessly let us not devalue there souls by our actions and our words here.

    My Puma friends are the light in my darkness and I am so very happy to have them. You are generous to have let us find each other when we needed each other most.

    Protect our Hillary creator and guide her to do what is right to fight the good fight and see this race to the finish with us…..and with angels like my puma friend whom we know and the many I have not yet met I know we shall be victorious.


    good night and a blessing on everyone-what Sweet dreams that we will all have when we live in hillary’s world…


  447. Hey Gary, I bet we brushed off in the RBC meeting in DC back in May!

  448. amen fuzzy. goodnight. Pat, I am so glad you are there…I am sure your judgment will be spot on…Thinking about it makes me want to cry 😦 (but happy cry!)

  449. Michael: Very sweet.

  450. I think now that a couple of states have broken the ice, more and more will allow gay marriage. I don’t feel like the public is all that opposed. probably they never were, but the religious right has just been so vocal the last few years. but they’re losing their voice and their influence.

  451. I was there in the morning, up on the balcony, second row…

  452. thanks Michael, sweet dreams!

  453. gary: As I have said so often, life can be a very lonely journey and if you find someone who can walk along with you, go for it.
    That’s what it is all about.

  454. I have definitely found my soul mate.

  455. And I have room for people here I should add.

  456. Amen, Fuzzy. Sleep well.

  457. Even if Mawm does resemble my ex……..

  458. Nothing like a Fall wedding in MA. The foliage, the cobblestone pavement, the history.

  459. oh no!

  460. Cambridge Hot Pants: We got it all!!!

  461. I may have to wait until fall actually. I’m using all of my vacation days for Denver….hmmm..

  462. Gary, I can’t go to Denver. I’m pretty sure we’ll be here. The only question is if we have to go and help my mother in law do something in Wisconsin. And if that happens we’ll likely have to just take off with little or no warning.

    It would break my heart if we weren’t here when you go through town. So, I’ll do everything I can to be here. ♥

  463. gary: Yep. The video of when you guys were in Unity and he was on Fox. Almost fell off the chair. I mentioned it in one of the posts but it was during that time that you two were traveling so you may have missed it.

  464. Katie, great!! I have a feeling this month is going to be an experience of a lifetime…I’m excited.

  465. $25 for Hillary.

  466. Pat, you’re absolutely right. that’s why it’s so annoying that people worry so much about who other people love and want to live with.

    one thing that I will never understand is parents who would rather their children be lonely and unhappy than just let them be who they are. I thought we all wanted our kids to be happy, but sadly I’ve met parents who are more concerned about what the neighbors might think

  467. We are all pumped up over this trip to Denver. It will be almost like we will be with you in a roundabout way.

  468. Gary, It sounds fantastic to me. And you’re renting an RV? I’d love to do that sometime to go to California and Up to Seattle (I’ve got 3 siblings there) and Back…

  469. kiki: How could we turn away from kids who are our flesh and blood. I only wanted mine to be honest and trustworthy. Just decent human beings.

  470. we are both lucky in that no one in either of our families has ever had any issue with it…

  471. Pat, I never found anything of yours in moderation. I hope someone found it.

  472. katie, no, I t hought we told you…we bought an RV!!!! its pretty old, but looks good. We are going to be taking the camera equipment, and we have air cards for mobile internet, so we will be able to keep everyone up to date all along the way.

  473. yep Pat. it seems like loving our kids should come naturally, like breathing.

  474. Have you ever seen a campaign where one candidate is selected in an extremely close election over the pop vote winner, and then the pop vote winner is forced to do all this campaigning for the selected nominee, but the the selected nominee claims he can’t pick the pop vote winner, whom he has campaigning for him, as his VP because it will conflict with his message? I don’t recall Tsongas campaigning for Bill, or Bradley campaigning for Gore, or Dean campaigning for Kerry. I mean, what gives? If Hill is so toxic for the chosen one, why on earth does she need to campaign for him? I don’t want Hill to be his VP, however the chutzpah of this man…She needs to drag her ass all over the country for him, but she can’t run with him because it ruins his outsider image. makes no sense. I wish Hill would not do his work for him.

  475. Gary, make sure you take ‘before’ pics before you fix the RV up

  476. People are more accepting now. My family treats my son and his partner as equals.

  477. I heard some dumbass newscaster say Hillary HAS TO do this to redeem herself. wtf does that mean?

  478. Gary, I missed all that — I’ve been at my parents house a lot the last couple of weeks and I’m not online then. Wow – that’s even better. It really does sound like the time of your life.

    (Is Mawm here? I haven’t seen him..)

    Air cards for mobile Internet! I feel like my head is spinning around.

  479. oh, we will!

  480. masslib, I don’t understand anything about this campaign…

  481. kiki, on August 1st, 2008 at 12:09 am Said:
    I heard some dumbass newscaster say Hillary HAS TO do this to redeem herself. wtf does that mean?

    redeem herself for what? Winning more votes?

  482. mawm hit the sack, and I should be heading soon myself…

  483. masslib: Couldn’t agree with you more. There is nothing that frustrates me more than when one of the idiot pundits keeps asking where Bill and Hillary are and when they will be campaigning for Obama. We are talking about a twice elected president of the US who is “expected” to hit the campaign trail for this loser? Based on what may I ask.

    Would just love to be present during one of the Clinton’s conversations regarding BZero. Bet you would have to cover your ears.

  484. yeah, and RD wants us to get in touch with Lori’s husband (I can’t remember his name )to take the cameras to film stuff for the documentary. So hopefully you’ll be there when we pass through so you can be in it….

  485. I guess she had the nerve to run when Obama wanted to be president

  486. masslib, and certainly not in the summer BEFORE the convention — NEVER ever like this. It’s shocking and impossible. And if they think people haven’t noticed, their wrong.

  487. Was Lori’s husband Brad?

  488. Gary, is it Brad?

  489. Third shift is here — bonjour mon amies — BZero would be so proud, I just slipped him in a Coke machine for a Diet.

  490. Gary: Wow! What a fun time it will be for you both, I wish I could get away…

    Fuzzy: If you make it to Seattle to have a drink on joaniebone’s deck, I’ll make the drive from Tacoma to join you! I might even bring a friend…

  491. and Pat, the reallly crazy thing is that the truth is BO doesn’t want hiim around!!!! Ironically Bill’s probabaly doing exactly what they want him to do….stay out of sight…remember Gore? he would be president now if he hadn’t listened to Donna B’s stupid advice and run away from Bill…they never learn.

  492. Good night, GCH. Give Mawm our love.

  493. hi Prolix!

  494. prolix: And I was just about to call it a night.

  495. Hey, i just did a ck on the superdelegate count and it seems to me that the superdelegate count had obaba up about 200 delegates in june but accordintg to nytimes 7/31 he is only up 114 on the superdelegate count. did i miss something?

  496. Katie & masslib: she is just a bigger person than any of them will ever be.

  497. yes Brad!! thank you. I am so horrible with names. it really sucked when I taught high school, because it would take me about 3 months to learn the kids’ names…..

  498. Oh, Gary that would be great.

    I think I’m fading.

    Good night everyone!

    Masslib, did I tell you that I agree with you?

  499. Guys, I just don’t get it, and frankly, I’ve had it. Hillary must have 11/4/08 circled in red on her calendar. It’s when she will no longer be Obama and the DNC’s indentured servent.

  500. Trying a heart &heart; for my wonderfully talented, funny Puma heartthrobs.

  501. Somebody will probably be in charge of sitting on the Big Dawg’s hands during the convention. Just to keep him from flipping the bird at The One.

  502. I have heard SDs were leaving obama, but it never hits the news if it is happening. I thought he had about 3-4 SDs over the magic number.

  503. The heart didn’t work, but it’s the thought that counts.

  504. Prolix, it’s & h e a r t s ; — no spaces…

  505. cosmo: That sounds weird.

  506. I don’t get it either. I dearly wish the Clintons would dump the democratic party

  507. What a crazy day, huh? Obama and I shared a moment today. We were both called race baiters(those who saw Jeralyn’s deplorable comment to me, know what I am talking about). Crazy world, eh?

    ‘Nite, kids. 🙂

  508. And you’re right — it’s the thought: xxoo ♥

  509. nite katiebird!!

  510. masslib, I SAW that a couple of hours late. I’m so sorry!

  511. :heart: ?

    They’d better find a burger for his hands.

  512. i know it sounds wierd but i have been cking all evening and i can’t figure it out. the delegate count has changed on some other sites as well but not to such a degree. probably just my wishful thinking but wondered if anybody else noticed.

  513. masslib: That schtick is going to get old pretty quick. It will have as much punch left as “your mother wears army shoes”.

  514. &heart; & heart ;

    👿 bwahahahahaha

  515. masslib, her saying that was totally uncalled for.

  516. regency; I sort of expected you to weigh in.

  517. Night katiebird — I’m an abysmal failure at your coding instruction.

  518. Cosmo: He may just be losing delegates. Not surprising. He’s tanking in the polls. I’d be switching to the non-losing team, too.

  519. is there a puma smiley? there has to be, right?

  520. Pat, it worked ♥ I have a sense of accomplishment for today.

  521. It’s katiebird’s picture on the homepage.

  522. prolix: It is the little things in life that make it all worthwhile!

  523. Pat J: Be happy I just said a hamburger. I can think of other things he can use to occupy his hands.


  524. Gary, it seems as though I’ve missed out on wedding planning and the Claws-across-America tour.

  525. regency: Back to the playpen!

  526. prolix, both are ongoing projects…

  527. How does one make a heart?

    & h e a r t ;

    :h e a r t:



  528. Obama looks so insubstantial next to the Clinton’s.

  529. Thanks for your support. Honestly, it’s fine by me. I’m in good company. This is how Obama supporters misconstrued nearly every word out of Hill’s mouth.

    Ok, now I really have to hit the sack. Nite.

    I still don’t know how to do that heart. &heart Is that it? Eh well, I’ll check back tomorrow. Maybe someone can explain it to me.

  530. regencyg

    good point. tks

  531. Gary, good, would hate to miss either.

  532. I don’t know if anyone knows this, but mawm is also a very talented artist (painter). He wants to paint a giant puma head on the front of the RV. We’re trying to figure out how to do it without it costing a fortune though….

  533. Pat J: Be careful with banishing me. Eddy likes me and he will come along to keep me company.

  534. regency: &&^%$^!!!!!

  535. Obama looks like a 12 year old next to the Clinton. Actually, that’s just next to Hillary. He looks like a pre-schooler next to Big Dawg.

    Pat J: Ooh and yet I remain unenlightened.


  536. it worked!!

    Regency, add an “s” to heart

  537. GCH: That sounds fantastic. If you wanna pass the duchy, feel free and see what happens. Maybe we can mitigate some of the cost.

  538. nite y’all – sweet dreams, and keep fighting the good fight!

  539. Gary, at this point you could tell me Mawm could do pretty much anything and I’d believe it. He is clearly an amazing guy!

  540. thanks regency! I’ve got to hit the hay myself. See you all tomorrow. sweet dreams!

  541. Obama has a difficult time measuring up because he does not have the gravitas to make it stick. We all had a suspicion that Bill was kind of shucking us along but he had a great personality and a command of the facts. A more than likable guy. Obama, not so much. The real Obama is beginning to emerge, his edges more defined, and there is less to like as a he goes along.

  542. Jake Tapper bent BZero’s ears back today on his blog over the “why isn’t my picture on the dollar bill” comment.

  543. jj–I’m a very lucky man 🙂

  544. Night Gary.

  545. regency: katie showed how to do it up thread. the trick is that the heart is really hearts…

  546. nite Gary! I think you are both very lucky to have eachother.

  547. Jake Tapper has always been a little against Obama from the beginning. He never bought into the Messiah thing. Lately he has been more critical and allowed his take on things to be drawn more sharply. One of the few.

  548. yeah, with the tags.

  549. I off to bed. regency, you too.

  550. Steve Schmidt didn’t back away today in his interview. I think he’s a scrapper and if he was firing these scuds at anyone else he’d be on my last good nerve.

  551. I’m going to write a thing and then we’ll see about bed. Boondocks is on.

    Good night, PatJ.

  552. Night Pat!

  553. ‘nite all!

    Oh, nice heart regency.

  554. I just wanna throw this out there: If you have the good fortune to meet Hillary at an intimate gathering, please do not put her on the spot about entering her name into the nomination. You will get a bullshit answer because that is all she can give you.

    She did it again tonight and she will keep doing it until the Conventon.

  555. Reg — she can’t do anything else without being hounded — there are those who would like to do nothing more than take the heat off BZero by making her the headline these days.

  556. RD, regarding earlier request


  557. wow! Folks are still around!!

  558. regency, good point. we would all like to know what her plans are but she is too smart to show her hand before it is time to be played.

    someone just posted that SD count is changing. thanks I needed something concrete after talking to a SD at the Charlotte rally against Dean. where do you find the most dependable info?

  559. I finished my project. Anyone want to see it?

  560. Prolix, I know that for sure. A couple of friends talked to her at a fundraiser tonight and she gave a really bullshit answer. It was interesting, but we knew she wasn’t comfortable because there were a ton of obots there too.

  561. regency: A Smithie is someone who goes to Smith College, an all-female college in Northampton, MA (so-called lesbianville).

  562. Wow…Pat went nite-nite. bummer.

  563. I do sophieL!

    Phala, frankly I don’t know who has the dependable info. I’d go with Faux News because I trust them more but I just can’t say. Maybe demconwatch.com, if that’s the right site address.

  564. Reg — ewwww — did the Obots just stand around and chant hopey change mantras?

  565. It’s a PUMA project. Except I’m afraid it might not be insulting enough.

    Sophie’s YouTube Video

  566. Sophie, that is great — and that was loads of work — great job!

  567. The audio is weird. Anyway, is it insulting enough, or do you think they> will like it for perverse reasons?

  568. Phala, I don’t tknow if this blog is even in operation anymore, but try Demconwatch

    Sophie, I had a feeling that’s what it was. I wanted so badly to go to an all-female college, now I have no idea where I’m going. I got into Bryn Mawr and that school was my baby. It kind of sucks that I’m probably not going to end up going to any of the schools I wanna go to. In fact, it looks like I’m about to end up exactly where I’ve been trying to escape since I was 12. (But, Hillary might have had better luck with a Smithie. Whatever, I’d be hapy if she dated Teresa Heinz Kerry. Now that would have been a power couple. Yowza. Okay, utterly gay moment over.)

    Sophie, I’ll dl your vid and watch it when it’s done. Dial-up is murder this time of night.

  569. I think the theme is a good one and is subtle enough — great satire is subtle and just biting enough to make you question the truth underlying the satire.

  570. Don’t know what they will think. They must not recognize how unattractive arrogance is or their poll numbers wouldn’t be plummetting. I am just hoping they stay oblivious until the convention and heaven forbid he get the nomination until November.

  571. regency: Are you going to Bry Mawr?

  572. I’m impressed though. thanks for the hard work and creativity

  573. Yeah, I’m going to do another one for when Hillary accepts the nomination.

  574. to the Circle of Life

  575. Sophie: Nope, can’t work out their finaid policy. So I had to go for Claremont instead. Now, it looks like I’ll lose all the college credit I picked up in high school, if I do go there. That means, that I’ll probably end up going to a city college in TX, which really pisses me off because that was the LAST thing I wanted to do.

  576. My partner’s brother is a dean at Bryn Mawr. Want some help?

  577. Newsmax.com is noting that the voting pattern has changed for women 50 and older now. We are no longer showing the strong support of past years for the Dem nominee. But we are showing strong support–when the Dem nominee is the one 18 million voters selected. We know that Hillary should be our Madame President. And we refuse to drink the koolaid our longtime party is trying to force-feed us!
    About time the news people are noticing, too.

  578. I don’t know what’ he’d be able to do, but it couldn’t hurt. Chances are I’m in the same boat regardless, because private schools are free to be pretty discriminatory (not in a racial way, of course, *sigh*) with their credit transfer policies.

  579. Eww, my Yahoo! inbox has a BO ad on it. Gross.

  580. Sophie: That was such a freaking amazing video. You did a fantastic job.

    I saw Hillary today.

  581. yeah…I got a pathetic BO e-mail myself.

  582. Puma SF!! You did!! Tell!

  583. What did she say? Who was there? What was she wearing? Somebody smack me.

  584. 593 comments. Whoohoo!

    We can’t say uppity, arrogrant, elitist and presumptuous. We can say classist and elite. Soon everyone will just say jerk. It’s obviously he hates everyone but himself.

  585. Apparently Hillary has seen Obama nekkid:

  586. hi donna. Welcome to the thread that never ends!

  587. Man, I have a ton of pictures and tomorrow SimoFish will publish the video she took while Hillary was speaking.

    Originally it was labeled an event to help pay down her debt but some how it morphed into a unity event. Hell, there were about 10 Pumas that I know for sure but I’m sure there were more. Afterwards we all stood around and told each other our pen names.

    She said that she thinks it would help unify the party if her name was put into nomination and that she wants her supporters and delegates to be recognized and heard.

    I shook her hand. I hugged her and I told her to sign the petition that she would win and that we had her back.

  588. Wooo Hooo!!!

  589. I’m all for unifying the party…
    for Hillary ’08!

  590. Yeah, woo hoo is right!! She is amazing!!

  591. Seriously, I have watched your video like three times and it is my mission to post it everywhere.

    Are you singing?

  592. Puma, Are you talking about my video?

  593. W00t! Puma-SF. I wish I’d been there.

  594. OMG it was so freaking awesome. Will has the pictures and Seymour will post the video. I wish all of you were there. Last night I promised to give her a hug for all Conflucians and I did. It was freaking awesome.

    I did not know she was going to be in SF earlier or I would have gone there. Did anyone else know she was going to be here?

  595. The ONLY way to unify the party is to put Hillary’s name in nomination and to have an Honest Roll Call HRC!!!!! with the delegates free to vote for the best qualified candidate and to reflect the votes of all those who VOTED. small d democracy!!!!! I hope they realize the effect not putting her name in nomination will do for down ticket races also. Where I live I think a lot of people will just not vote.

  596. Hearing Hillary at the rallies in NC was one of the best moments in my life. Honestly, as much as I dislike her campaigning for O, I think the more she is out in public eye the more people will see how wonderful and well-informed and capable she is!!!!!! She dispells all the old stereotypical crap that was leveled at her for 8 yrs while in WH.

  597. You are right and that is exactly what she said. If they want unity then they must do this. I think they are stalling because they know it will give us momentum but we already have that don’t we?

  598. Don’t expect to see her at a fundraiser here in rural NC. Ha.

  599. I think they were hoping that having O go oversees and acting like he was President would make it seem like a done deal and we would all just shut up and accept the inevitable. The “perfect” campaign overplayed their hand and made a big mistake by not visiting the injured troops and acting like he was already elected/selected.

  600. Heard someone say tonight that with the Republican machine gearing up he needed to put her on the ticket because she knew how to handle it. Yeah put her on the ticket at the top!!!!

  601. Exactly, she not a bottom. She’s a top and that is exactly where she belongs. Of course the Republicans are gearing up. They have a fuck load of ammunition. This guy is paper thin and his house of cards is just about ready to cave in upon him.

    Shit, just now Jay Leno said “wouldn’t Hillary be the best candidate?”

  602. Puma-SF, on August 1st, 2008 at 2:00 am Said:
    I shook her hand. I hugged her and I told her to sign the petition that she would win and that we had her back.

    Bless you, Puma-SF! Bless you for telling her that, and bless you for sharing it with us!

  603. Puma-SF, on August 1st, 2008 at 2:38 am Said:
    Shit, just now Jay Leno said “wouldn’t Hillary be the best candidate?”

    And he was where a couple of months ago?

  604. Why did Jay just say that? What was the context?

  605. We are all blessed. We are on the front lines of democracy. I remember when Hillary said that what they can’t do because of money they would make up with shoe leather and she fucking did it and that’s why we are here.

    Exactly, where was he and everyone else a few months ago. But they’re looking our way now. This shit has got to stop. Let’s draw a line in the sand. Let’s just say no deal.

  606. Puma, I am loving your energy. (But you do know we already did say no deal, right?)

  607. Okay, now I need to go nite-nite. Puma-SF, thank you for the excellent news and the hope of sweet dreams.

  608. On that note, I’m going to head to bed as well. Sophie, I’m going to try to download your video now and will let you know how wonderful I’m sure it is when next I see you. Thanks for all your hard work!

    Puma-SF, thank you for sharing your fantastic experience with us. It’s lightened some hearts tonight!

    Good night friends and lurkers alike.

  609. PumaSF. thank you for personally taking our msg to Hillary. I must take myself off to bed–meds for neuromuscular problem that is acting up this week are kicking in. Your news is the very best medicine. Hillary has empowered us all. For that and so much more, including getting to know all of you inspite of the distance, I will be forever grateful and will never again take our democracy for granted. You all inspire me. Wishing you dreams of a successful Denver convention—a living testimony of democracy in action. Good night.

  610. you bet let’s meet here tomorrow.

    Leno said that after they had shown some of the negative comments going back and forth between the Barky and McCain campaign.

    Gee, do you think people will start to realize that Obama runs a dirty campaign. No, because it’s the Repugs saying it now.

    Fight the power.

  611. Great reading tonight, g’night all…

  612. night

  613. Has anyone else had this problem?
    I have verizon for my e-mail and alot of times when I open a message an obama commercial come up
    Since this turns my stomach, is there any way to get rid of it?



  614. Helen, I have yahoo for my email and it happens to me too. Happened just tonight. Made me nuts. It wouldn’t go away.

  615. Okie Dookieeeeeeeeeeee!

    Cambridge Hot Pants $$50
    regencyg $20.08
    PittPanter $25

    Grand Total:

    $706.40 for our Gal Hillary $45 for Murphy

    Please Post River Daughter and Friends raised over $15,000 for our Gal Hillary in the month of July!

    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008

  616. looks like time for a new thread-over 600 posts we are growing so fast and so big we will win almost 1.8 million hits surely hillary or big dawg bill or chelsea are a few of them….

    I am so proud and humbled to be a part of this and am so glad that that we have found each other thanks to RD SM Mawm Garychapelhill Carol Diamonds Pat Johnson Arabella trefoil regenceyg prolix edgeoforever madamab kiki katiebird joaniebone and so so many others who have been a light in the darkness surely victory shall be ours…


  617. Ahhh, cocktails & Lake Powell. I remember that 🙂 Much better than conference calls on why a stoooopid server error will take 3 days to fix. I’d *like* a bloody mary, but I status reports start in 20 min. Sigh.

  618. oh I have had a revalation-I used to say on May 31st Harriett Christian “spoke truth to power” I would like to change that because it seems the idiots who run the party are set on going kamikazi in denver.

    Harriet Christian on May 31st spoke truth to Idiots!


  619. G Morning…what a mess you all did of this place….Is that you in the corner with the courtains wrapped around your head?

    So what is the new day going to bring?

  620. […] meet with Hillary and a very important message is conveyed: She said that she thinks it would help unify the party if her name was put into nomination and […]

  621. I gave 20.08 to Hill last night WooT!



  622. I just read ALL the comments and it was SO worth reading to the very end. Thank you Puma-SF. Hear my wild Mid-Atlantic hick call – –


  623. Every site I have gone in the last oh.. hour .. my IE suddenly comes up with this window that basically says .. no go ..

    I have tried to open three different sites that are stating Obama bloggers are compromising free speech by ‘doing ‘ something .. about spam . thing .. ” ..here the stories are on this site ..


    second story down on the right side .

  624. Oh heck I mean on the left ..

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