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LV vs. RV: The Democrats’ Losing Proposition

 A couple of very interesting polls have come out recently. One shows Barack Obama leading John McCain nationally, and another shows John McCain leading Barack Obama nationally. The difference between these polls? Likely Voters versus Registered Voters.

Obama was ahead 47%-44% among registered voters, down from a 6-percentage point lead he had last month. McCain led 49%-45% among likely voters, reversing a 5-point Obama lead among that group. In both cases, the margin of error is +/—4 points.

What’s going on? Here is how USA Today explains the methodology behind their polling.

To determine whether they were likely voters, poll participants were asked how much thought they had given the election, how often they voted in the past and whether they plan to vote this fall. McCain’s gains came because there was an even number of likely voters from each party. Last month, the Democrats had an 11-point edge. (emphasis added)

Now, there are two ways to look at that astonishing fact. One is that Republicans are starting to energize against Barack Obama. This is, of course, the way that USA Today interprets it.

The other is that Democrats are losing interest in Barack Obama and are planning on either voting down-ticket, staying home, or using the nuclear option (literally?) by voting for John McCain. This is the way I interpret it. I mean, gee whiz, doesn’t that huge drop in support for Obama (11 points in one month) coincide quite interestingly with the formation of a certain group comprised of Democrats who don’t support Obama? Golly, if only I could remember the name of that combine of crazy old ladies…

Never mind, it’ll come to me. Meanwhile, let’s read more of USA Today’s interpretation of Obama’s hemorrhaging of support within his own Party.

Nearly two months after the Democrats’ pitched primary battle ended, more Republicans than Democrats say they are “giving quite a lot of thought” to the election. Backlash to Obama’s trip, fueled by McCain’s criticism, also boosts GOP engagement. Six in 10 Republicans said news media coverage of Obama’s trip was “unfairly positive.”

Aha! Only NOW are Republicans giving “quite a lot of thought” to the election! Before now, they weren’t paying any attention whatsoever. And what a surprise – Republicans think the media favors Democrats. Oooooh. Shocker!

Has USA Today ever spoken to Republicans before? Newsflash: They always pay attention to Presidential elections; and they’ve been flogging the “liberal media” canard for decades. (In this case, it happens to be true that the media is pushing Obama, but that matters not. They would have said the same thing regardless.)

Sorry, darlings, it’s not about the Republicans. It’s about the Democrats and their desire to remake the Democratic Party without the Clintons. Bill and Hillary, what with their success and popularity and intelligence, really must make those liberal elitist Party Leaders feel as weak and inadequate as all get-out. What other reason could there be for this bizarre election strategy?

It’s certainly not some quest for ideological purity. That notion is laughable. Obama’s disgraceful vote for telecom/BushCheney immunity (otherwise known as the FISA bill) showed that he is nothing but a tool of the big corporations, especially AT&T, which has now been kind enough to sponsor the Democratic Convention. Good thing too, because I don’t know how they were going to pay for it otherwise! (What? I’m sure there was no quid pro quo there whatsoever.)

A painfully ironic twist to this whole mess is that “evil corporate whore Hillary” voted AGAINST immunity. It didn’t surprise those of us who actually know her record of keeping her promises, but it sure showed a lot of Obama supporters that the Senator from Illinois is “not the man they thought they knew.”

And that is the weakness of Obama as a candidate. No one knows what he’s going to do, and when he does do something, the base doesn’t like it. As reflected in the USA Today story, that trip to Europe and Iraq didn’t do him any favors here in America, where we actually vote and stuff. (Only 35% saw Senator Obama’s “Look at Me, I’m Presidenting!” trip in a positive light.)

This is a major gamble by the Democrats. Can they win without Clinton’s voters, who tend to have a long history of voting Democratic, as well as volunteering for, and donating to, Democratic candidates? Can they create enough LV’s to counteract the loss of RV’s, many of whom have become PUMAs in protest of this strategy?

In my opinion, their proposition is a losing one. If the Democrats want to win in November, they will have to get over their childish, vindictive hatred of Bill and Hillary Clinton and nominate Hillary at the Convention.

The alternative? Well, Nancy, Harry, Howard and Donna, what happens when you give a party and nobody comes?


207 Responses

  1. How I take the numbers – Obama is totally boring unless he is in a bitch fight.

  2. there was another poll (gallup) that showed not only republicans, think the media is biased towards obama, more democrats think that is true as opposed to those who think they are biased towards mccain. Another thing you keep seeing is that McCain gets 85-90% of republicans in polls, Obama only gets about 75% of democrats. Yet all the media will talk about is how Barr is going to split the repub vote…we can’t trust anything they say.

  3. Merci beaucoup, madam!

    And here’s the thing: they’re not even counting stealth PUMAs like me, who prowl only via cell phone and are never polled. And I am not unique. They are unable to record the opinions of a large number of people; those they do reach may not be forthcoming about their actual opinions of Obama, as trained as we are all becoming to keep our heads low or be called racists.

    I miss my (former) Party. I really do. But I’d rather stay up in my tree than trample our (truly open) savannah the way the O-herd is doing.

  4. If he has lost support since June, they have no business blaming Hillary for his problems. He’s lost it all on his own, over and above the PUMA vote, which he never had.

  5. oh, and great post Madamab!!

  6. plural – EXACTLY!

    At least this article doesn’t blame Hillary. It does appear to be calling PUMAs Republicans, though.

    Dee – The thing is, the race card won’t work on John McCain. I’ll bet he gets .00001% of the AA vote. 🙂

  7. In all fairness, there might be methodological problems related to the definition of a likely voter, though certainly each of your interpretations is also possible.

  8. Plural…but have you ever known obama to take responsibility for any of his failures? We all know the answer…NO!!

    It appears that the longer people have to get to know obama, the less they like him and what he “doesn’t” stand for….he might have gotten a bounce in Europe, but he sure hasn’t in the good ole U.S. of A.

  9. Calling PUMAs Republicans is disingenuous, seeing as how the DNC is calling its previously reliable donors and being hung up on.

  10. So here I am reading this post and thinking it has hit the mark and lo and behold, it is by my lil buddy madamab…..she shure has alot of brains, lol.

    Another great piece…

  11. madamab is one of the most prolific writers on the blog. We love her!!! Great post madamab! You speak for us.

  12. randomacts – the methodology of calling someone a likely voter is pretty well-set among pollsters, but you’re right, USA Today is a bit vague about it in this particular instance.

  13. Thanks everyone! You are too kind. 🙂

  14. Yup, madamab, you sure are smart, for a Bubba 🙂

  15. One of the comments by Lanny the other night was that John McCain was running the worst campaigns he had ever seen. I wanted to say, yeah golly gee do ya think the virutal Media black out is giving that impression and BTW McCain is polling neck and neck with Obama even with the ‘lousy’ campaign. The Media did the same thing to Hillary.

    I swear the Democrats plan to steal the November election.

  16. LOL Plural!

    Yup, I’d better go git the washin’. I need tuh go pound it clean in the river agin. (hawks, spits through gap in teeth)


    NH – Yes, Obama is the best campaignerer EVAH and he still can’t beat a guy like McCain by 20 percentage points. Things that make you go “hmmmm.”

  17. Unless there is a huge cosmic shift in one direction or another, I see most voters, those that even bother to show up, making their decision for the top of the ticket at the very last second. There will be some shades of the Bradley effect but there will also be many who will feel a strong pull of discomfort for voting for the untried candidate who is much to much involved with himself.

    Come on McCain, please give me one reason to vote for you if I have to! At this point in time, you are not giving us much.

  18. madamab: Actually, there is a lot of variation among pollsters about who they call a likely voter. It is the one element of political polling that is pure art form. Are you a likely voter if you voted in the primary? Are you a likely voter if you voted in the last state general election? Are you a likely voter if you say you are a likely voter? It’s a huge variable.

    My take on the polls right now, looking at all them together, is that there is a huge among of volatility in the electorate. Some polls show way up. Some polls show him tied. Now this poll shows him down. I suspect a part of the population is bouncing around from day to day, and we’re capturing something of this phenomenon.

  19. help me.
    I just found an e-mail from michelle obama entitled my backstage with barack story.
    I am afraid to open it. God knows what will be let loose in my computer.
    Is there anything like lysol for computers?



  20. randomacts – My understanding is that you cannot be called a likely voter unless you have voted in at least two or three past elections.

    I see nothing in this poll to contradict that assertion.

    Pat Johnson – You know what? I think Cindy McCain might be her husband’s ace in the hole.

    Check out her latest in the WSJ, about how women are leading Rwanda in its road to recovery.

  21. Hey!! Kanye west and Scarlett Johansson will be there ….Bo will have lots of consolation when he loses this election.
    I think this is getting too close to “for real this guy might be president” and he STILL hasn’t shown anyone anything of substance ; and all he offers is a few phot op poses and a manufactured smile …
    .oh and all that baggage trailing him around stinking to high heaven ..

    .and I love the theory of throwing out the working class people…

    myself.. I belong to the “better be there “class You know the ones that the “creative class ” says YOU BETTER BE THERE when we NEED YOU
    you know … nurses,x ray techs , firemen ,policemen, teachers, waste workers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters , secretarys receptionists waiters and waitresses cooks and cleaning people etc etc
    the BETTER BE THERE class
    but the caveat of course is after we dont need you any more go away and dont spoil the view for us creative types ..I wonder who we will be voting for ?? us…. BETTER BE THERE CLASS

  22. helen: How did you get on the Obama e-mail listing? Oh my God! I have only received actual mail from that quarter. Yikes!

  23. Taylor Marsh is apparently, “shocked, shocked” to wake up and discover that the Obama campaign has been rude to Sen. Hillary Clinton, and never considered Clinton at any time for VP. She’s offended that aides floated Clinton’s name only as a “courtesy.”

    Now, why would anyone be surprised by the fact that Obama acts contemptuously toward Sen. Clinton? Has Marsh lost her perspective?

    Rhetorical question.


  24. Swannie: Funny, my daughter who is an RN said the exact same thing! The people you cite are those most necessary to our existence yet they two have been lumped with the rest of us “deadenders”.

  25. This entire primary process has been a series of smoke and mirror tricks to give the illusion that Obama is The One. I’ve not been able to believe any of the Obama is ahead polls because I only know one person who is willing to vote for him, and my circle isn’t so unique that it doesn’t reflect the attitudes around the country.

  26. Dear Pat, As a nurse I will tell you that McCain has an actually better health care proposal – coverung all, and especially so in catastrophic illnesses. Obama’s is SCHIP with some lipstick.

  27. I don’t know how I got on his list.
    I have gotten mail asking for money and I send a penny.



  28. Joe this morning was completely making fun of Mika and her BS. He said that politicians don’t care about the registered voters poll when it gets time for the election, only the likely voters.

    Oh course, what Joe doesn’t think about is that the Obituaries in the News are usually a few days post the death of Obama’s likely voters which makes polling them a fluid event.

  29. Taylor Marsh is a two face s.o.b. Would that she changes her fake lashes as often as her positions. Her site visit numbers have dramatically dropped in half since she twisted herself into an Obamabot. Tough toenails!

  30. Hey, follow this link to donate to retire Hillary’s debt and maybe win a dinner with her this summer:


  31. I personally believe that Hillary told Obama she was not interested in VP postion at their ‘secret’ private meeting. I believe she told him not to ask her, and these reports of his not asking are meant for him to save face. He would not want it reported that she turned him down.

  32. Don’t watch it often anymore, but Joe S takes sheer delight in putting Mika and her Obama love down every chance he gets. I saw Pat B this morning and it disturbs me lately that I find myself in complete agreement with his analysis. Yikes!

  33. NH – You know what? Lanny Davis said that the reason she won’t be VP is because of some “misunderstandings of who Hillary is” from some factions within the Obama camp.

    Translation: Michelle said no.

    I don’t believe he ever asked her or intended to ask her. Why else would he interpret Hillary’s RFK remark to mean she wanted him dead? Why else would he hire Patti Solis Doyle as his VP Chief of Staff?

    It was never, never going to happen.

  34. Pat, Craig, Jonathan and now mostly Joe are the only truthful opinionists on MSNBC.

  35. Well you know, we bitter knitters are just busy sitting by our landline phones waiting to be polled.

    Those kool-kids with cell phones are all out on the streets pulling in new voters for their beloved…. They might even get a ticket to a stadium inauguration for all that unpaid door knocking…

    That (snark) is why however low the polls go for Obama, those polls will always be wrong. (They don’t take account of wonderful new creative phenomena like cell-phones and the internet.)

    Saying “get over the hate” to half the Party has nothing whatsoever to do with it. Nor has stealing two States.
    Nor has a do-nothing Congress which seems Republican-lite at best.

  36. I would love to think that when Hillary and Obama had that “meeting” at Feinstein’s home she called him in like he was reporting to the principle’s office for a hard reprimand for his untoward behavior toward her and her family.

    “Have a seat Sen Obama. We have a few things to discuss. And wipe that smirk off your face while you are at it. No tv cameras here.” Love it!

  37. PJ – Don’t be too upset about agreeing with Pat B. The only thing conservatives know how to do is win elections. They are experts in electability.

    Now, if you start to agree with Pat on policy, we might need to send you to deprogramming. 🙂

  38. NO VP Ever!

  39. I can give one reason to vote for MCCain .. I recently heard it on NPR listening to some energy experts who didnt favor either candidate . ( so they said) They said the only short term solution to the energy cost crisis and gas prices that made sense right now ; was a suggestion offered by John Mccain that I have yet to hear on any TV news network major or cable .
    He suggested eliminating the tax on importing sugar from Brazil ( the country not Donna the Double Crosser ) because sugar is much more easily and cheaply converted to ethanol , we would be importing something from a friendly counrty who already grows more than they need , and it would ease the food price crisis at the same time by lessening the demand for corn , thereby lowering prices . I may have to hold my nose to vote for him this fall but I will have at least one rationale with which I can console myself , while celebrating that I am not voting for that quisling bo.

  40. I have to get a new power cord for my lap top, so I may not be around much today.

    Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I’m still all over the place mood-wise. One minute I’m sure I’ll never find a job, and the next minute I feel confident.

    Parting shot – I’m hoping Hillary (with her usual shrewdness) is going to stay far away from Obama.

  41. Add that O always polled hire by about 7 percent and O making it clear Hillary will not be on his, CHANGE, cough ticket so …..President McCain and divided governance that’s of course if this crowd dose no further damage which is a big IF…

    The only other thing left for Nov IMO is the rail ride for Pelosi, Dean, Kennedy, Kerry and McCaskill out of town and out of the Party and a complete flushing of the corrupt DNC

    My guess in TM she wants a job at air America not much more …

  42. I know PAT, as an RN I am one of the invisible people .. and isnt it ironic that when Hillary said that she saw the people who were invisible, we all knew exactly she meant. Bo hasnt figured it out yet. Someone was proabably late bringing his arugula salad and he skimped on the tip , thinking he didnt need her vote anyway 😉

  43. Arabella; Try to treat this unsettled time in your life as an adventure. I am serious. Every day will test you/ You will meet new people, you can always learn something from going to an interview (believe me, I was a recruiter for over 20 years), the highs and lows become part of you and lo and behold, there it is: opportunity. It never knocks but just sneaks up on you when you least expect it.

    And let me also say, hard as it is to envision that now, you will look back on these days and be thankful for what it gives back. Trust me.

  44. McAuliffe in a speech at Fairfax County, VA Democrats group, said Tim Kaine was the best choice for VP. He said this because he knew Clinton was not in the running.


  45. I actually think there’s going to be a reverse bradley effect in the general also, I think there is going to be a segment of the black community that will say it’s voting for Obama but when in the polling both, may actually vote for McKinney or even McCain … I know a lot of black people that are not enthused about Obama but I doubt they’d say that publicly

  46. Anarchists’ Offer Deal to DNC/Denver
    They’ll go away if $50 million goes to community

  47. When the Obama people say they don’t want Hillary as VP because she is a longtime Washington insider (as if!), and then say they are considering Joe Biden, they are obviously lying. They never intended to consider Hillary, which seemed to me obvious from the beginning.

  48. Swannie: I recruited for RNs and I have a pretty solid idea of what that job entails. Anyone who is willing to assist in aiding the suffering of another human being is different. I could not do it. I admire my daughter who works in CICU as she sees the struggle for life and death on a daily basis. It is a different mindset to be able to deal with that and Hillary made a visit to a 12 hour nursing floor during one of her campaign stops. She knew.

  49. bmc – I agree. Ask any Clinton insider and they’ll tell you NO VP for Our Girl.

    I would like to shout out to all of you people in the “must be there” class. You are incredible; and if I had my way, you’d be paid a lot more than useless CEOs!

    Thank you so much for your devotion to helping people in need. You rock, bitter invisible PUMA Bubbas! 🙂

  50. Maybe your right madamab, but the Hillary hate fostered by the Media and never countered by Obama is the reason why his supporters hate Hillary, and the best way he could defeat her in the primary. So I blame Obama.

    But, I wouldn’t trust what Lanny says as necessarilty true. He is gonna spew the party line.

    That JFK crap was cooked up by the Madia and AA leaders who know how to push the right buttons (which they help create) to get AA to act as a block (mob) according to the agenda of the AA leaders. These AA leaders have this charge of racism as a mechanism to get what they want, It is an act they use for power.

  51. Hillary will be here in the Bay Area (Northern California) this Thursday – fundraiser. I have raised $6000.00 this week for her. Last night I received some information stating her debt isn’t complete. I thought the t-shirts would have helped tremendously.

    On another subject – I received a “Note” on my door step. Let me preface this with I have 2 Hillary Clinton yard signs and the day she said she was suspending her campaign I had put up a McCain sign – about a foot behind her sign. I had ordered it 2 weeks prior because I wanted to make sure my neighborhood knew I wasn’t voting for Obama. I also have PUMA homemade sign in my office window.

    Here’s the note I received –
    consider mccain’s antiwoman and prowar stance

  52. uh oh…looks like perennial cranky old coot Ted Stevens is in trouble….

    ASHINGTON — Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, has been indicted on seven “charges related to (his) holding of public office,” two federal government sources told FOX News on Tuesday.

    The Department of Justice has announced a 1:20 p.m. ET press conference that a release says is “regarding a criminal matter.”

  53. SimoFish: Tjhat is a veiled threat if I ever heard one. They are watching and they know where you live. Isn’t it ironic that we are not comfortable acknowledging our own views without having to worry about some nutcase taking offense? Scary.

  54. Sen Ted Stevens is a crook. At last someone has the guts to take him on. Half the Senate should be quaking in their boots as a result. This guy was considered untouchable up to now.

  55. The only reason to vote for McCain: he’ll be a bad President, further damaging the Right and the GOP, and allow us to elect a real Democrat in 2012, whereas Obama will be a bad President who helps revive the Right and the GOP and elect someone worse than McCain in 2012, 2016, and 2020.

    Which is enough for me.

  56. td–I think its more insidious than that…I agree with who was it??? that said that the corporate overlords have sucked the republican host dry and now it is just a dead husk. They have now attached themselves to the dems….actually the thing with stevens may just be another symptom of this process…

  57. gary: When can we expect to hear from Mawm? I feel so invested in this for some reason.

  58. Pat – I thought I lived in a wonderful neighborhood – but I guess it’sonly wonderful if you “fall in line” — which I refuse to do. I laugh at all the “barry” signs – because they only vote – while I have multiple phone banking, letter writing parties.

    t seems some can only see “barry” in terms of his skin color — the only possible reason not to support him is because you are a bigot. If they were truly beyond color they could see that a person of any color can disagree with a person of another color for reasons other than color.

  59. oh, it was Janis…where’d she go anyway???

  60. ACTION! Contact These Superdelegates JSND ACTION31 : Normita & Hillary Villagers – JSND/PUMA RRspndrs!!

    Reps in Swing States in Clinton Districts and States – Obama Endorsers

    Rep. Joe Donnelly (D-IN-2) (202) 225-3915
    Rep. Baron Hill (D-IN-9) (202) 225-5315
    Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI-1) (202) 225-4735.
    Patrick Murphy (D-PA-8) (202) 225-4276
    Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL-19) (202) 225-3001
    *Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz (D-FL-20) (202) 225-7931 (was strong Hill Supporter – be sure to thank her for her support)
    Rep. Ron Klein (D-FL-22) (202) 225-3026
    Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH-01) (202) 225-5456

  61. pat, i don’t know, but i’ll let you all know as soon as I do…

  62. Y’ all (waxin suthern ) are sooo sweet I could just HUG YA …:)
    and aint it great we are edumacated jest enufff to vote on Lection day , if we can jus put our guns down and leave church ….long enuff to push them buttons
    Bo is such a simpleton . He is guilty of gross oversimplification of almost every issue this country faces. Because the BETTER BE THERE CLASS cant cross over to the creative class can we??

    I have this picture in my mind of that recent meeting he had with the economic advisors … and as they are leaving they are whispering to themselves Robert E. Rubin and Paul H. O’Neill, and billionaire investor Warren Buffett who took part by phone all saying to one another with puzzled looks on their faces ” do you think he understood one word we said ?” and shaking their heads slowly and sadly ” NO ” to each other …

  63. gary: Didn’t she mention that she was going out of the country, perhaps England, for a few weeks? I seem to remember her mentioning she would more than likely be gone for awhile.

  64. Does anyone remember the book “the peter principle”
    It was how people were promoted to their own level of incompetence.
    When you think about it don’t that discribe backtrack barack to a T.



  65. tdraicer – I’m with you on that one.

    Plus, if the Dems have a strong enough majority, they can stop McCain from doing incredibly stupid things, like extending the Bush tax cuts. I also think they could be able to be pressured to vote against any anti-choice Supreme Court nominee McCain puts forward.

    They will rubber-stamp any nominee Obama puts forward. Cass Sunstein is one of the odds-on favorites, and he is all about the Unitary Executive theory. No freaking thanks.

  66. helen, yeah Obama reached his level of incompetence.
    But he kept getting elected anyway.

  67. Simofish – that is SCARY!!!!!!

    MadamaB- we we talking about this on the late night thread, good to see you picked up on this topic!

    If Obama is failing in “Likely voters” HE’S F___CKED. The O campaign have based all their support on the “likely” and new registrants.

  68. I don’t have an account at Taylor Marsh’s site and don’t want one, but I would like to ask her what this meant: “I don’t use
    my vote like some vindictive teenager. ”

    Who is she insinuating does? I think we know.

    Mountain Sage

  69. Hey I know when I am not welcome …. if i am not invited to the party and they want to include me out … I know where a cooler party is LOL right here 🙂

  70. SimoFish – I am so sorry to hear that you got that note.

    The only comfort here is that Obamans are cowards. No name was signed, right?

    They will do nothing to harm you. They are all bluster and no substance, just like their empty candidate.

  71. Simo:If they were truly beyond color they could see that a person of any color can disagree with a person of another color for reasons other than color.


    Who cares about his skin color? Sh&T, nobody cares about mine and I’m the same color as Barack.

  72. I may not be phi beta kappa but I have a low tolerance for being among blithering idiots and that is who these “new Dems” represent. I would much rather spend time with people from whom I can learn, who share my values, and who are probably the funniest commentators on the planet besides!

  73. There’s an article about Puma in today’s Politico (Ben Smith — 2nd article). Puma comments needed!


  74. As of now, I can’t vote for either Obama or McCain. I’ll look forward to -as W would put it-stratergerizing-with other like minded PUMAS come November.

  75. One of the benefits of knowing someone has a personality disorder is that their behavior becomes predictable . As a narcissist, Bo will NOT choose for VP anyone who outshines him , Hillary. he could not tolerate it . He will not choose someone more well known than he is on a national level as Joe Biden would be , He will not choose anyone taller, because of the paranoia , or the perception that a taller person is “over him” in some way ; or anyone perceived to be better looking , or a woman ; which would be not in keeping with his sexism .

  76. I also am under the impression that Hillary said no to VP. She worked too long and hard to take second. Especially to him.

    PJ: I love your vision of the meeting between the two. I would have loved to be the fly on the wall when he put out his knuckles for a bump, and she rapped them.

    BTW: Anyone see or hear from Carville lately? If there is one guy who wouldn’t drink the kool-aid, my bet is it would be him

  77. Swannie – LOL! That list doesn’t leave very many options open to Obama!

    Maybe he will pick Michelle?

    PJ – OMG, I forgot! I’m Phi Beta Kappa too! I guess we Bubbas can be edumacated sometimes. 😉

  78. I always loved Carville! He sometimes tripped over his own words in his rush to get them out there but the guy is brilliant! I really love someone who is not afraid to show his passion as he does and he does not hide it. Calling Richardson a “Judas” captured that backstabber completely.

  79. madamab: You are currently breaking too many myths!!

  80. madamab – yeah – no name – type written note.

    I have to leave the blog – work is getting in the way.

    Catch everyone later –

    SM – what the folks don’t know – my sister-in-law and niece woud argue the point that I could care less what color people are.

  81. I am teh MythBuster!

  82. I kind of came away with the impression that Ben Smith was no Obama lover. I left a comment but it was in moderation. If it appears, and of course it is a slam against the One, then I will feel more confident that Ben is doing the right thing and not clambering onboard the Obama To Nowhere Express.

    Just waiting to hear Lewis Farrakhan weigh in. The Jewish voters will feel much more confident as a result.

  83. SM – that explains everything. I had a sense that I really didn’t like you, but I couldn’t tell exactly what it was! (I’m joking for those trolls that don’t get it.)

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  84. Over at Alegre’s Corner, NewHampster has a great write-up of the RNC’s first serious salvo against Obama.

    What were the Obamans saying about Hillary’s baggage again?

  85. @Swannie wrote:

    myself.. I belong to the “better be there “class You know the ones that the “creative class ” says YOU BETTER BE THERE when we NEED YOU
    you know … nurses,x ray techs , firemen ,policemen, teachers, waste workers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters , secretarys receptionists waiters and waitresses cooks and cleaning people etc etc
    the BETTER BE THERE class
    but the caveat of course is after we dont need you any more go away and dont spoil the view for us creative types ..I wonder who we will be voting for ?? us…. BETTER BE THERE CLASS

    That is great, Swannie I love it. And you know, maybe that is why they think they can order us to vote for Obama. Certain people seem to think they are the boss of me. When is my review?

  86. Awesome post – the Clinton bashing by Obama and the DNC was something I could just not understand. These are true public servants who always fight for ALL Americans not just a few. The Democratic Party cannot exist without the Clinton’s. Who’s left? Pelosi, Dean and Donna B? No, thanks.

    I’m a Puma now!!

  87. I am a Carville fan, although lately he seems to veer off the rails intermittently. Of course, if I was married to the shrew he is, I would probably do a lot worse…

  88. Carol, you’re right, you DON’T like me.

    YOU LOVE ME !!!!

  89. love everyone’s comments at the politico!!!!!

  90. I dare CNN and the rest of the poll takers to poll all likely voters as to whether they would vote for Clinton, McCain or BO.

  91. I was just at politico preparing to leave a comment, when I noticed all you guys were already there spreading the love and battling the puma-haters. You’re all so awesome and inspiring. 🙂

  92. madama- you analysis is dead on last weeks rasmussen poll had the nerve to suggest that the more voters get to know Obama the less they like him.

    Suprize! haven’t we been saying this all along?

  93. You know what’s funny about the Obamans at Politico?

    They can’t spell. One even said he/she hoped there was no “apptitude” test for PUMAs.


    That’s right, little Obamans. Keep screaming about how unimportant we are and how we’re all really Republicans. Your ignorance and hatred will be your downfall.


  94. Hi riverdaughter. Great post

    The polls just reflect what we saw in the primaries: the more people learn about Obama, the less they like him.

    A friend sent me this article about a Brazile-Rove connection, and I thought your readers might find it interesting. It gives a plausible explanation for all this craziness at the DNC. Why would they choose the weaker candidate? What do you all think of this?


  95. SM – you are soooooooooo “typical”.

    But true, I DO LOVE YOU!

    (Eddy says if you take the s*xual connotation out of it, he loves you too. Don’t tell Patty.)

  96. Different polling firms have different methodologies for determining likely voters and often use slightly different turnout models. The best comparisons between polls is to look at consecutive polls from the same firm to look at trends. In most polls I’ve seen, Obama is on a slide so that is probably the real situation.

    The other important thing is that, as gary mentioned way up thread, McCain is getting about 90% of GOP voters. That’s the typical level of support they receive. Part of the Obama strategy is that they will replace us r*cist old Hillary voters with GOP crossovers and independents. It doesn’t look like they will get the GOP crossover vote that they anticipated. That means they have to go after the independents more aggressively or try to win back the Dems. My guess is that they would rather go after the independents who helped enable Bush than go after disaffected Dems.

  97. gqmartinez – Yes, this is very important.

    The other important thing is that, as gary mentioned way up thread, McCain is getting about 90% of GOP voters. That’s the typical level of support they receive.

    Obama is getting about 75% of Democrats. Kerry got 89% of Democrats in 2004. He still lost.

    Do they really think that Republicans and Independents will make up for a 14% dropoff in the Democratic base?

    I smell flop sweat.

  98. Oh, come on. They have to have a plan all worked out, right?

    Maybe I’m too stupid to understand.

  99. Hi everyone. I just spoke to Judith Hope on the phone. she is a friend of Hillary Clinton and a superdelegate. She is orgainizing a small fund raiser here in East Hampton with a minimum $250. donation to attend. She says there will only be about 100 people and I would definitely get a chance to talk to Senator Clinton and ask questions.

    Judith also said that at this point she is not planning to go to Denver for the convention just to ratify the coronation. . I asked her about the 300 name petition
    and that Hillary would have to agree to put her name in nomination. she said that she didn’t think that Hillary would do that because the lack of unity would hurt the party in November.

    I told her that the party “unity” will be much more damaged by any semblance of lack of democracy and legitimacy.

    I really can not well afford the $250 for this event, but the opportunity to talk to the Senator is making me consider. Do you think I could accomplish anything for the PUMAS if I go?

  100. I have two good reasons to vote for McCain over Obama — (1) he did NOT vote for the Bush/Cheney Energy bill (even though it meant he stood against his party, he still did the right thing). Meanwhile, Obama voted FOR the Bush/Cheney Energy bill; (2) as someone noted upthread — McCain’s health care proposal, while not ideal, is actually better then Obama’s.
    I’m not saying McCain isn’t a Republican, but IMO Obama sure as heck ain’t a Democrat. I’d rather take my chances with the guy I know, especially with a Democrat-controlled congress.

  101. I want to go!!!!

  102. angry artist — go if you possibly can — that is, if you can somehow swing the $250, but not if you really, really can’t do it. Hillary needs to hear from us that her name needs to go into nomination if for no other reason then the fact that she is the first viable female candidate for President this country has ever had.

  103. I adore James Carville ….and would respect him in the morning …well anytime of day actually …;)

  104. angry artist – GO if you can! I wonder if Hillary realizes that the only way to unify the Party is to nominate her? Senator Obama’s nomination will be a disaster of amazing proportions for the Party.

    His loss in an obvious Democratic year will paralyze the Party’s effectiveness and brand the Democrats as pathetic losers for the foreseeable future.

  105. Carol – “TYPICAL” – LOL!!! And of course bitter and clingy. Ed can rest, there is no sexual desire from me towards Ed. Now Pat’s another story.

  106. Taylor Marsh was mentioned early on in the comments by bmc. I can tell you this, NO ONE annoys me more than Taylor Marsh. Even when she was pushing for Hillary in the primary, when her blog was at its peak, she treated her bloggers like little children, she is the one who is the child.

    I did notice that she is on her blog answering many of the comments. I have to wonder how much her numbers dropped after she began labeling anyone who wouldn’t vote for Obama as “dead-enders”.

    What really kills me is that she is all about party and to hell with the country or our Constitution. How anyone could vote for Obama after his vote on FISA is beyond me. Anyone who knows what a liar Obama is and is still willing to vote for him, IMO, are the “dead-enders”.

    Ugh..now I have to wash off the filth I feel after reading a Taylor Marsh post. The woman is a Party whore. (sorry about the language…I didn’t know how else to put it.)

  107. Angry Artist – PLEASE GO – if you can talk to Hillary please become the PUMA spokesperson.

    It’s not about party unity – they screwed her and Democracy over!!!!

    There is no party unity without Democracy!!!!

  108. Angry Artist – I am seeing Hillary this Thursday – having attended these events in the past – you may not have a lot of time to chat — but seeing her, being around her – is so well worth it.

    I have figured out a long time ago – something MAJOR needs to happen. Howard Dean can say all he wants it’s up to Hillary to have her name in nomination. Behind the scenes they will be doing everything they can to make sure that doesn’t happen. THREATS you can’t imagine.

    GO – ask people to fund you to attend. This doesn’t happen everyday — GO !! Wish I had the money to fund you — I would.

  109. SimoFish – that is fantastic! I know you will tell her that if she wants unity, she will have to allow herself to be placed in nomination and allow her delegates to vote for her.

    She needs to know that we will not vote for this DINO. We need an FDR now, not a Jimmy Carter – a weak one-term president who does more harm than good.

    FLAME CAVEAT: Don’t jump on me here, I like Jimmy Carter on many issues, but he was terrible at selling his ideas.

  110. My guess is Carville hasn’t drunk kook-aid, and that’s why we’re not hearing anything from him.

    If the coronation goes through as planned, I’m sure Carville will have to play nice since he does work for a living.

    I was so ticked at the article yesterday blaming Hillary since she’s supposedly done minimal campaigning for Obama. I think she’s done too much for the jerk already, and I don’t know why it’s her responsibility to rescue him. Since he shouldn’t have ventured out of the baby pool and into the adult pool if he couldn’t swim. What is she, the Democratic Lifeguard?

  111. Just a caution to people going to hillary’s fundraisers as PUMAs….

    You know she will have to “disown” your activist role and ask you to vote for BO…..some crazies may demand for her to return the money collected from PUMAs….

    Go to the fundraisers but in good faith for the purpose for retiring her debt.

  112. Simofish. that’s a good idea. I will see if anyone wants to hepl fund this. but, if you are goping to see her thursday…then you could accomplish the same thing. I would love…as we all would…to get a sense of where she stands on this.
    At the same time that Judith says that she is not planning to go to the convention, she also says she has a sense that something could happen. It doesn’t compute. Supers have to be there for anything to happen. My own sense is that BO has to really implode in order for people to get off the money train.
    So sad…

  113. Yeah – Susie Buell will be there – I plan on talking to her as well, she’s a very close friend of Hillarys. Who can then have a longer conversation with Hillary.

    I will get about 45 seconds with Hillary – one on one – my little moment to say something. Natuaraly there will be a crows of folks too.

  114. Here’s an op-ed I clicked to where the writer is feeling angry at being abused but feels she must vote O. I was happy to see the PUMAs in the comments section!

    Dems presume too much about women

    Re the article – all I can say is what went down with the RBC and the whole primary season made me say, “I am in an abusive relationship.” Can’t stay in that.

  115. I think there will be about 40 of us for the first hour with Hillary then about another 100 folks are showing up. My message will be – take it to the floor if you can. Please !!

  116. Los Angeles just had an earthquake. Everyone in LA OK?

  117. “Howard Dean can say all he wants it’s up to Hillary to have her name in nomination. Behind the scenes they will be doing everything they can to make sure that doesn’t happen. THREATS you can’t imagine.”

    I agree with this. They want to blame her, and if at all possible make us angry at her.

  118. I heard about the earthquake — 5.6 – nothing falling down according to my reports

  119. Reported on CNN. Size 5.8

  120. Having Hillary on the ticket would be the only smart choice for them. And I fully count on them – Jr.Jr. and his sour Pickle – to not make it – because of who they are. Which makes me happy, because i’d hate to see PUMAs divided and B0 have a chance.

  121. I wonder if he keeps talking about how he opposes “late term” abortion because he plans to pick Kain and wants their views to be roughly inline. http://alegrescorner.soapblox.net/showDiary.do?diaryId=388#5807
    Folks, this is not our Democratic Party.

    Change conservatives can believe in.

  122. yo pat –
    a vote for mccain is a vote AGAINST obama and the only sure fire way to make it stick. mccain HAS given me a reason to vote for him…he is sooooooo not obama

  123. edgeoforever — agreed – I hope she’s NOT on the ticket — no benefit for her —

  124. How is he going to explain “Kain” and his views to NARAL ????

  125. How about planned parenthood? Face it, womens groups along with a number of prominent women sold us down the river.

  126. AP local feed in my newspaper today says Obama spend 2 hours with his economic advisors, and is ready to “rapidly” resolve our economic woes.

    Now, I would run over McCain without slowing down to vote Hillary, but I have to say, this is the area where Obama scares me the most. I dislike many things about McCain, but our country is broke, and I believe McCain will have better fiscal checks than B0. .

  127. Kaine is a Roman Catholic.

  128. EOF – are you going to Union Square tonight?

    SimoFish – He won’t explain anything to NARAL. They want his money. They will endorse him no matter what.

    No one is holding Obama to account for anything except PUMAs. No wonder people with no spines or principles hate us so much!

  129. plural, Obama acts like he’s a Roman Emperor, so Kaine might make sense to him

  130. Barry’s economic plan — I hope it isn’t similar to his plan to help low income people in his district. His friends received grants / loans and stole the money. I am sure he’ll do the same thing here — difference is now he has a bigger check book to work with.

    However, I believe in the power of the PUMA movement coupled with the Republican machine – he can’t win. The electoral lead is just going to keep growing.

  131. parentofed —

    lol. Make that Holy Roman Emperor.

  132. nancy pelosi, superhero…and complete idiot…

    “I’m trying to save the planet. … I will not have this debate trivialized by their excuse for their failed policy,” Pelosi said. “When you win the election, you win the majority, and what is the power of the speaker? To set the agenda, the power of recognition, and I am not giving the gavel away to anyone.”

    I wish she was this vehement about ending the war in Iraq….

  133. we got a pretty good shake here in So Cal… so far, looks like everyone is OK. it was a little exciting!

  134. OldCoastie, good to hear you’re OK!

  135. If the planet is dependent on Nancy Pelosi, we are in serious trouble.

  136. You know, I am not a big fan of Madame Speaker’s, but I’ve got to give Pelosi kudos for not allowing the dumb*ss Republican oil apologists to start their bloviations in the House.

    I mean, when the Republicans were in charge, they shut the Dems out of everything. They would even change legislation AFTER the Dems voted for it. They were complete and total *$$holes.

    Enough of that cr&p. If they have something constructive to say, fine, let them say it, but we all know they are absolutely full of sh&t on the environment.

    We need to get cracking on climate change before it gets totally out of control. They can either help us or get out of the way.

  137. I know EQ’s are dangerous – but I love it when we get one. My house has just starts shaking — it’s amazing —

  138. SimoFish, do you everything bolted down?

  139. Simo – I’m on bedrock and usually get hard hard jerky shakes but this one was a roller… very strange feeling… musta been a shallow quake.

  140. If Kaine is smart he’ll say no because he doesn’t want to be associated with a loser.

  141. Great Post madamab!

    I read something that I think reinforces your thought that there is some serious Democratic unhappiness behind these poll numbers.

    Active grannies’ the new soccer moms

    And I read the article by Cindy McCain too. I’m sorry to say I had dismissed her as just another little wifie-poo gazing adoringly up at her man. Not true. There’s a whole lot more to Cindy McCain than I ever knew. Surprised the hell out of me. And made me ashamed that I was as shallow as an Obamacrat and hadn’t bothered to find out the truth.

    Here’s the link again to the op-ed in case anyone missed yours: http://online.wsj.com/article_print/SB121720134007588395.html

  142. I experienced a rolling eq in Seattle. It scared the pixx out of me to see my house undulating in a surreal fashion. It scared my dog too!

  143. #
    Swannie, on July 29th, 2008 at 12:43 pm Said:

    I can give one reason to vote for MCCain .. I recently heard it on NPR listening to some energy experts who didnt favor either candidate . ( so they said) They said the only short term solution to the energy cost crisis and gas prices that made sense right now ; was a suggestion offered by John Mccain that I have yet to hear on any TV news network major or cable .
    He suggested eliminating the tax on importing sugar from Brazil ( the country not Donna the Double Crosser ) because sugar is much more easily and cheaply converted to ethanol , we would be importing something from a friendly counrty who already grows more than they need , and it would ease the food price crisis at the same time by lessening the demand for corn , thereby lowering prices .

    Swannie, it’s not so much the sugar per se, but the leftover from the cane that can be converted more easily. (from what I’ve read) In other words, the cane can be processed for sugar and the left over can be used.

    I found this on the web:


    If there’s been another reply I apologize. I’m just now starting to read my bookmarked sites for the day.

  144. I would say Pelosi is worried about the politics of the climate change issue. She danced around on Iraq, and now Dems own it nearly as much as Bush. The Repubs are weak on the environment, but McCain is very strong , stronger than Obama, what with Obama’s support of the Bush/Cheney Energy bill.

    I think Pelosi wants to try & make this look like a Dem issue before it becomes an issue on the campaign trail, and folks see what a sham Obama is vs just how real McCain is. If Pelosi were all that concerned about the environment, she would have supported Hillary, who had the best creds. I’ll never, ever forgive Pelosi no matter what.

  145. Bought my house 1 year ago – earthquake retro fit during the first 2 weeks — bought EQ insurance – so hoping no damage — but I still love the EQ shaking — I am on a fault line —

  146. but madamab, how can we take anything she says seriously. she’s never stood up for anything, even now that she has a majority……oh and Mawm just called, he said he aced the test. But he won’t know anything until they call to be on the show. They told them they may be called any time in the next year and they would have 3 weeks notice to be on the show…so we’ll see.

  147. My son’s okay in LA and niece and her family. They are staying out of the buildings.

    Ex-sister in law says their house and furnishings shaked, rattled and rolled in Orange County.

  148. “If Pelosi were all that concerned about the environment, she would have supported Hillary, who had the best creds.”


  149. I just wanted to say I loved the article. Whoever you are, you are a fantastic writer. I always get some great info. and a laugh out loud! Thanks!

  150. Carol, CNN is reporting that there was a lot of shaking (5.4) with small aftershocks but very little damage. Good news.

  151. Gary – Excellent news about Mawm!!!

    You know, with Pelosi…I do have some sympathy for her. I understand the doubts about her intentions, but if you look at her record, she has a very high progressive score.

    That being said, I don’t forgive her in the slightest for not staying neutral in this dogfight. All the Party Leaders should have backed off and allowed the process to go forward naturally. However, in terms of her legislative intentions, I think she has been thwarted by the powerful Bush Dog Dems and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. As you may remember, Steny was not her choice, and she fought tooth and nail to get Jack Murtha into the Majority Leader’s seat. Murtha was the first prominent Dem to speak out against the war.

    So I suppose I don’t think she is as horrible as a lot of other people do. I wonder whether if she had had more people backing her in the House, impeachment would have been on the table.

    Guess I am too much of a Polyanna, huh? 🙂

  152. OT of post (great by the way!) but on topic of discussion…
    I’m from VA and Kaine is very popular here partly because he’s a Republican lite … also, we have term limits and a governor can only serve once so he may be looking for his next gig.

    I fear that Kaine could help tip VA toward Obama…..

    if Obama convinced Mark Warner to be his running mate they would definitely take VA. Mark wisely said thanks, but no thanks!

  153. Gary I’m lost. What show was Mawm trying for? Guess it was way down deep in a post that I never caught.

  154. madamab…i’m usually quite pollyannaish too, so I totally see where you’re coming from…fredster..he tried out for Jeopardy! today.

  155. oh, yeah, he just called and was having lunch with Will Bower ..he’s going to a PUMA cocktail this afternoon (while I slave away here at work #*$**!!!)

  156. Gary – Mawm is living the life today! Oh well, you will be with him in spirit. I’m sure he will hoist a glass in your honor. 🙂

  157. yeah, and my job isn’t all that bad…as you can tell by the fact that I hang out in here all day!!! shhh…don’t tell the boss!!! he he

  158. No, impeachment would have never been on the table. I have to disagree. Pelosi is Hillary hater Numero Uno. The way she shilled for Obama is absolutely unprecedented for a sitting SOTH in a presidential primary, either Party.

  159. Pelosi is okay if you like snakes in the grass. One of the biggest phonies around. She has done nothing for the party or the country in the two years since she was made Speaker. And her utter contempt for Hillary is so evident. No, I have no sympathy or a moment’s worth of satisfaction with this Lady MacBeth.

  160. Masslib: “Change conservatives can believe in.”

    Right on. Oh what joy a mono-party is going to be. Fascist sandwich, anyone?

    Coastie, watch out for (or enjoy?) the aftershocks!

    Used to live in SF and got a real rush at feeling the earth move.

    Wait–hang on–I’m going to say Obama’s and see if the same thing happens–

    Huh. Nothing. Interesting.

  161. Obama’s name, I meant. Let me try again.

    Big nothing.

    Maybe if I close my eyes?

  162. I am thrilled for Mawm! And not surprised.

  163. pat, I told him he has to win us a new house…I figure he needs to win about 7-10 days 🙂

  164. What happened with Mawm? I can’t find how his audition went. It sounds like good news!

  165. Congratulations, Mawm!

  166. Jesus, Gary. Nothing like piling up the pressure points!

  167. Magdalena – AAACK! You’re so right.

    Right on. Oh what joy a mono-party is going to be. Fascist sandwich, anyone?

    Obama is definitely in the Stalinist mode. Pretends to be a lefty, but actually has no principles at all. Aspires to nothing but power for himself and his tight-knit circle of friends.

  168. he aced it, but the way it works is that they put you in a pool for a year and a half and only give you 3 weeks notice of when you’ll be on….so who knows…

  169. sry if any of this is a repost

    Voter Registration Fraud in Virginia

    Native Americans Against Obama-How?

    Obama Plans a Hawaiian Break
    By Peter Slevin
    CHICAGO — Sen. Barack Obama, preparing for the Democratic National Convention and the long march to November, plans to spend about a week in Hawaii in mid-August, mostly on vacation.
    Obama spent a large chunk of his childhood and adolescence in Hawaii, graduating from Punahou School. His maternal grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, still lives there, and the Obama family often took winter vacations to Hawaii before he became a candidate.
    Of course, given that he is a candidate, Obama does expect to hold at least one Hawaiian fundraiser.

    Barack’s “Rosie O’Donnell” Moment?


    Job DescriptionActivism
    Elect Barack Obama
    $300 – $500 A Week
    We Can Make History This Year!
    Work for Grassroots Campaigns, Inc. on behalf of the National Democratic Party, to help elect Senator Obama and Democrats everywhere.
    Call Leslie at
    215-564-0361View Original Newspaper Ad
    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News
    Contact InformationCompany: GRASSROOTS CAMPAIGN INC.
    Reference Code: PN2419421

    Wonder where does this money come from???

    Major DNC Donor to Party Treasurer: Obama is a Bad Investment


    GOP chairman calls for a statewide voter fraud investigation

    Check this out John Kerry campaigning.
    Ohgonzotx // July 29, 2008 at 2:11 pm

    you have got to see these, picked up from hillaryis44
    y 29th, 2008 at 12:25 pm
    Viewer discretion advised
    John Kerry For Party President
    Looking to get re-elected, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry went on a campaign binge on Saturday night — at a Nantucket house party full of young chicks. Electoral college girls gone wild!
    The married 65-year-old hung out with some Bud Light drinking constituents who, we are told, are college sophomores and juniors. We hope John’s campaign is ready for the Senator to get tagged in some Facebook photos with ladies drinking through penis straws.
    No word if John had to kiss any babies.

  170. Get ready for the “show trials”!

  171. I am sure Mawm will have some news for us tonight following his lunch with Will. Hope he is able to share.

  172. Yay, Mawm!

  173. Pat, I’m a Jeopardy freak..I think I’ve watched it since I was about 12. In fact Mawm’s sister and i are the champs when we play at home. I have to FORCE mawm to watch with me (of course it is no fun to watch alone), and now he gets on R@#$@#$!!!!! we even bought the home edition (HUGE piece of crap!!!!!)….but anyway we will be having show trials daily between now and when he goes on. We did state capitals last night before he left…he thought the capital of mississippi was LINCOLN (yeah, they LOVE him there right???) We have much to work on. LOL 🙂

  174. I love Jeopardy just to watch all the “smarties” and I feel real good if I can answer at least 4 out of 10. It is not that you don’t always know the answer, it is getting to that buzzer first.

  175. actually mawm is a genius..possible a mad genius, but a genius nonetheless….

  176. Your are not so bad yourself there gary. You rate pretty high up on that iq scale as well.

  177. It is close to August 1st and I have just got to say I have about had it with the heat and humidity. I know a lot of people “love” this weather but I find it stultifying. Have no desire to even move on days like this. Give me the Fall weather anytime. At least you can dress up to keep warm. There is just so much I can take off in the Summer to keep cool!

  178. So, any Democrat who won’t vote for Obama is actually a Republican, right?
    But isn’t it Republicans who vote the way they are told to vote?

    It is not Senator Clinton’s responsibility to “deliver” my vote to Obama. It is Obama’s responsibility to earn it.

    The Obama campaign drove a wedge into the democratic party. And with each complaint of “non-loyalty” they drive it in deeper. Each time I’m called a racist or a republican, my vote becomes more and more impossible for him to earn.

    My vote in November is not going to be FOR anyone. I am voting against the DNC, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and Donna Brazile. I am voting against ANOTHER empty suit corporate candidate. I am voting against misogyny. I am voting against corporate owned media manipulating information and coverage of candidates.

    I will never vote for a corporate candidate. I don’t care what colors they come in.

  179. Okay, thank heavens I wasn’t trying out for Jeopardy. State capitals = FAIL! LOL

    I am so thrilled for you and Mawm, Gary. I am sure that he will be chosen and you will get that house! 🙂

  180. I’ll be at Union Square!

  181. New York PUMAs rock!!!!!!!!!!!

  182. EOF – Me too! I’m registered in the group as lhnprowl. 🙂

    I’ll be there around 6:30 or so. I’ll be wearing a beige tank top and brown shorts. I look like a combo of Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Julianne Margulies, who doesn’t have a professional trainer. LOL

  183. Oh, thanks Pat! You rock too!

  184. This is one person’s response over at NQ regarding the Move-on video:
    Comment by Zeke | 2008-07-29 14:49:27

    1. Feed the little yellow thing corn for six to eight weeks

    2. Remove its head, feet, innards and feathers.

    3. Prepare two plates with seasoned-to-taste flour. Place a
    wide, flat bowl with 1 beaten egg and a small amount
    of milk between the plates.

    4. Pass Barry-Hope segments sequentially through the
    first plate, then egg, then second plate to coat them in flour.

    5. Fry in low cholesterol oil at @350 degrees until golden

    6. Serve with corn on the cob, mashed potatoes and iced
    tea at the celebration dinner.

    It is what they will be eating in November if Hillary is not the Nominee.

    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008

  185. Money Changes Everything :: Superdelegates Are For Sale

    $$$$$$ OBAMA PAC = HOPE PAC $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  186. If the media chooses to ignore the voice of dissent among disenfranchised democrats– so be it.
    Invisible things are very powerful. You can’t see the wind, but you can see the trees it knocks down.

  187. I iz invisible too! 😦

    Hillary Rise so they can see US!

    Rise Hillary Rise – I’m Your’s

  188. Time to get ready for my PUMA event this evening.

    Rise, PUMAs and Bubbas, rise!

    We are not invisible. We are strong and our voices will be heard!

  189. Drudge is reporting BO close to picking fricken Kaine.

  190. Some commentator said Kaine could possibly bring in the Vote and appeal to Catholics. I don’t live in VA and I am a Catholic but that has no bearing whatsoever on my not voting that ticket. He could appoint the pope to be vp and I would never support it. How condescending can they go?

  191. Union Square in SF? What’s going on? Protest? I want to have fun !!

  192. SimoFish: I think they meant Union Square in NYC. PUMA event tonight.

  193. madamab- I can virtually lend you my PUMA bracelet for the event tonight. It is beautiful and very empowering.

  194. madamab: Mine too. One on each wrist.

  195. Gary, congrats for Mawm! And yes he’ll have go give us the dirt after the cocktail party.

    OT but, you mentioned new house. I saw on Yahoo news that the largest house they did on Extreme Makeover is going up on the block for foreclosure. The house value was something like 450K, Folks had set up a maintenance fund for the family and had even done scholarships of some type for the kids.


  196. Extreme makeover is too far fetched — keep it simple – keep it affordable — they go crazy

    reminds me of barry — no experience to do the job – but lets promote him anyway —

    set up for failure on both accounts

  197. Kaine isn’t a very progressive choice, is he? The way things are going, there won’t be any differences between McCain and BO.

  198. Nuclear option, here.Kaine’s a kc guy.Obama plans to use him to get christian vote. The guy is a Casey democrat.Anyway the party’s doings of late I want no part of .

  199. Wow Gary! I hope you and Mawm will let us know when he is on. I used to watch all the time when I was a kid…

    I hope he wins big!!

  200. hey, madamab,

    “Golly, if only I could remember the name of that combine of crazy old ladies…”

    don’t forget about us crazy old men. We are PUMAs too.

  201. Augie – Of course! My husband is a PUMA. I was snarking there. 🙂

  202. cdo said:

    My vote in November is not going to be FOR anyone. I am voting against the DNC, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and Donna Brazile. I am voting against ANOTHER empty suit corporate candidate. I am voting against misogyny. I am voting against corporate owned media manipulating information and coverage of candidates.

    I will never vote for a corporate candidate. I don’t care what colors they come in.

    I agree with every single word and it expresses actly how I feel. Bravo cdo!

  203. I’m not a PUMA; I’m not even a Democrat. The fact is, I’ve voted straight Republican Party ticket my entire life.

    Had Hillary Clinton won the Democratic Party nomination, I would have voted for her over John McCain in the presidential election. He is too liberal for most Republicans but Obama is borderline Communist. I was very impressed with Hillary during the primaries (I couldn’t belive it, myself) and found my policies more in line with hers than McCain’s.

    I fear I will have no choice but to vote for the lesser of two evils and continue my Republican voting streak, however, unless something crazy happens in Denver.


  205. […] LV vs. RV: The Democrats’ Losing Proposition (by madamab at The Confluence) Last month, the Democrats had an 11-point edge. (emphasis added)… [D]oesn’t that huge drop in support for Obama … coincide quite interestingly with the formation of a certain group comprised of Democrats who don’t support Obama?… [I]t’s not about the Republicans. It’s about the Democrats and their desire to remake the Democratic Party without the Clintons. Bill and Hillary, what with their success and popularity and intelligence, really must make those liberal elitist Party Leaders feel as weak and inadequate as all get-out. What other reason could there be for this bizarre election strategy? […]

  206. I can’t believe that with PUMA’s resources and support, somebody out there is not screaming from the rooftops about Barck Obama’s position on the Induced Infanat Liability Act.

    Heck, if Hillary supporters could get a TV ad together that outlined Obama’s postion on killing live babies, I would think that he wouldn’t have a chance of winning the general election and maybe even get dropped from the DNC altogether as their presumptive nominee.

    I know that’s what I’d be using as my “nuclear option!”

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