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Did Obama Steal the Primary or Did He Buy It?

Of this much we are certain: he stole 4 of Hillary’s delegates at the RBC hearing. Or they were stolen for him. Either way, they were ill-gotten booty resulting in the suppression of 18 million voices. But that wasn’t enough to snag the superdelegates presumably.

Well, Money Changes Everything:

Linguist Robin Lakoff had an Op/Ed in the San Francisco Chronicle called “The Democratic Party Maybe Presumes Too Much — About Women”. She makes a very good point about how successful a candidate may be based on the perception of how the campaign was run:

So many women feel that the election was somehow stolen, and by their own party, to boot. They thus feel much the way many Democrats feel about the 2000 election: bitter. When one side feels that they lost an election fairly, any bitterness recedes early on (think of the 2004 election, by comparison). But when the adjective “stolen” leaps to mind, bitterness is apt to prevail, vanquishing any desire for reconciliation and cooperation. That is what many former Clinton supporters are feeling now.

Hmmm, does the verb “bought” have the same effect? And how do the bought men and women SDs who put out for Obama feel about selling out half of the party? Maybe we should ask them

(H/T to Alegre for the links).

BTW, did you know that people of color have their own PUMA group? Calling them racists is probably a bit more problematic. Check it out at PoCPUMA.

316 Responses

  1. Lord of the Democrats….?

    I think NOT!

    What say ye PUMA’s?

  2. Isn’t accepting bribes illegal in most states?
    Or is it considered prostitution which is legal in some counties in Nevada?
    Boy did they sell themselves cheap.
    But then again you get what you pay for and most of them will be looking for jobs in November.



  3. This is absolutely disgusting and shows just how low these representatives will go for money over integrity. And where did all his big money come from during the beginning of this race???

  4. Oh he bought it, so far!

    The only problem was “he should have gotten it on the cheap.”

    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008

  5. Riverdaughter, another WONDERFUL post!

    This is a shocking reminder of the fragility of our system. That political campaigns can donate money to OTHER political campaigns is something that most of us don’t know.

    And the EFFECT of those donations is even less known. At least until now.

    Thank you for writing this.

  6. I think there’s something wrong with that very last link…

  7. Contribution Details
    Date: July 29, 2008 9:36 PM EDT
    Contact: Carole

    Anacoco, LA

    Amount: $50.08

  8. what gets me is DB bicthed and moaned about Supers going against the will of the people, and now that the will of the people was clearly HRC and the Supers are going against the will and asking to be f&^%ed by BO everything is just fine and dandy??

  9. OK everyone here is my reply to Ms Obama’s request for a $ 5.00 lottery ticket to meet the “one”:

    Ms Obama

    I was so surprised to get a solicitation for a campaign contribution for your husband’s general election campaign. Since Senator Obama has yet to be chosen as our democratic nominee at the convention, I think that it is premature to request money for a nomination that he has yet to secure. I also think that your husband’s decision to hold a 1933 “Triumph of the Will” Nuremburg style rally totally inappropriate, and not in keeping with the traditions of our party.

    I have never supported your husband in the primary and I am offended that you would imply otherwise in this request for money. I have always supported Hillary R Clinton and will support her to the convention floor. Your husband has never had my support. If he should be the nominee you can be sure I will not support him in his bid to be president.

    Your husband lacks any qualifications for the job, his inexperience and thin resume for what I consider to be the hardest job in America is a recipe for executive disaster. I am sorry but I also have serious concerns about Senator Obama’s judgment and character. Mr. Obama’s desire to eliminate all contestants in his past primary bids is both undemocratic and Un-American.

    I must hold you also responsible, for the mess you and your husband have made of the Democratic Party. I am sure now it is dawning on you that a good large portion of the party is not going to support your husband in the general election. You and your husband’s race baiting and misogyny are inexcusable.

    I only hope that there is a Democratic Party after the General Election defeat that will occur on November 4th if your husband is the nominee. I hope you and your husband are willing to accept responsibility for the defeat that you will hand our party and not place the blame on others like Hillary and Bill Clinton or the PUMA Movement.

    It will not be totally your fault that we are defeated in November Howard Dean and Donna Brazile will also be responsible as well as the members of the RBC committee who sealed your and our fate with their decision on May 31st.

    As for whom I will vote for on November 4th, I own my own vote not Senator Obama or the DNC or even Hillary Clinton. I do not know who I will vote for but I can assure you I will not vote for Barak Obama. Personally, I have refrained from emotion in my letter but I want to assure you Senator Obama will never be my president I will work against his nomination and regrettably I will work against him in the general election.

    Very Respectfully

    Michael P Varvel Jr

  10. And don’t forget that famous quote from Donna B that she would quit the party if the supers overruled the public. Right.
    What a bunch of two faced lying hypocrites! They knew right well what they were doing. And all for that idiot who “gives a good speech”. Wow.

  11. Good Letter fuzzy.


    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008

  12. Well, according to Politico, he is about to spend $20 Million to secure the Hispanic vote.

    I thought Hispanics were totally r*cist and sucked big time, and all that… I guess our vote is needed after all.

    Then again, 20 Million to try to obtain the vote of one of the traditional D constituencies…ay, ay, ay…

  13. I thought Hillary wanted the $5 for a dinner date chance? I was excited thinking this money request meant she was resuming her campaign.

    Now Michael busts my bubble saying it was to meet ‘the one’.

    WTF does ‘somehow stole’ the nomination mean.

    That whole article implies it is all in our heads but that the feelings are real, if not based in any fact.

    I read today on politico that even at 1/2 strength FL/MI votes per delegates were still worth more than many other states, is this true?

  14. Here is my response to Michele:

    Dear Mickey:

    I am having a difficult time right now paying for the kids extracurricular activities. You know how it is. Little Debbie is into dance, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, finger painting, nature walks, art lessons, horseback riding, gourmet cooking, and macrame that I am kind of strapped.

    Young Dexter has his karate, baseball, soccer, football camp, haku, roping, Boy Scouts, Pam Anderson Fan Club,
    and cooking lessons so there is little left over. I figure we are spending up to $100,000 a year on these kids, not counting the couples therapy, group therapy, est, and one on one counseling and I was about to ask you if you had any spare change.

    But good luck! Can’t wait to see what Barack has in store for those of us just barely making it out here in the real world. Hoping that my hubby and I can just look forward to quitting one or two of our extra jobs but we are behind you both since it was our kids who directed us to you in the first place!

    Gotta go! Off to my next job which covers the cost of the kids computers and cellphones. We are so into parenting.
    And if we lose touch, Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

  15. I would love to see someone put together a video and post with the following:

    Hillary stating her foreign expertise.
    BO making fun of it.
    Daddy Brezenski stating on Joe that “his travel agent has been to over 80 countries also”.
    BO and all of his pundits bragging that he now has foreign expertise from his magical mistery trip.

    This would be a really good ad for McCain.

  16. UpstateNY – Hi!

    20 million doesn’t buy what it used to though. Does it? What’s he going to do? Run Commercials en español?

  17. I have been sent to moderation.

  18. I am willing to exchange places in moderation with steveeboy. How did I not get through and he did?

  19. Pat, I’ve got no idea — but I’ve already made the switch.

  20. The Obama HAKA is strong and will be the Obamabots down fall….

    I was going to tell ms Obama that usually letters like hers state she is the daughter of a diposed Nigerian president trying to get 64 million dollars out of the country and I have a chance to help her….

    but that might be construed as r*cist and rude….and not funny as it seemed to me when the thought popped into my head!


    soyousay I got a email from hillary for a chance to win a dinner with her. so you may be right…

  21. Hola, kbird.

    I have no idea.

    Maybe he will run his GAP-like-Latino-O-chanting-song thingy.

    He could also put on the sombrero he got in Texas and say, “Si se puede”….

    That would certainly do it for me.

  22. Will someone please explain to me why the writer of the SF Chronicle succinctly outline the reasons why Democratic women who supported Hillary should not vote for Obama unless they wish to continue to be taken for granted, and continue in an abusive relationship to the Party, but says she will vote for him?

    It’s like that Pepsi commercial: Wake up, people!

    (I wish someone would make a video featuring Democrats’ heads flopping like that.)

  23. pocpuma is at .com, not .org. that’ why the link doesn’t work.

    and soyousay, the Hillary dinner is a separate fundraiser from the Obama backstage pass one. wouldn’t it be cool to win a dinner with Hillary?

  24. By the way, Fuzzy, I liked your letter.

    Hi kiki, it has been ages.

  25. I am totally having dinner with Hillary Clinton.

    Date: July 29, 2008 9:11 PM CDT

    Contact: FSFSFSF Ohio
    Monroe, WA 98272

    Amount: $25.00

    The fab GF is going to kick her some more, too, though she’s pretty close to the limit.

  26. (gasp!)

    He could also put on the sombrero he got in Texas and say, “Si se puede”….

    That would certainly do it for me.

    Me to!

  27. hi upstate!

    yeah Fuzzy, I liked your letter too. although I was thinking it would be funny if a bunch of PUMAs won the backstage passes. and what’s with “backstage passes” for a politician anyway? nooo, this isn’t a cult of personality, not at all

  28. I did call Rep. Patrick Murphy’s office early this afternoon. His staffer told me Murphy had already endorsed Obama because Obama “represented his views.” I reminded her that Murphy is in office to represent his constituents’ views and that PA voted for the most qualified candidate, Hillary Clinton.

    There was a post on NoQuarter with a spreadsheet showing the money Obama has paid to downticket Dems. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to remember Murphy had already received $18,000 from Obama. I have my list of names written in on my calendar … those good and naughty SDs. I will only vote for the downticket Dems that REPRESENTED their constituents.

  29. Obama is going to spend the $ 20 million on a huge party in miami with black beans and rice and Ricky Martin….at the event Ricky will come out of the closet and Obama and Michelle willthrow him under the bus together….

    Ofcourse the hispanic community will be so appalled by his lack of empathy to their wonderful and diverse culture that only 20,000 will show up because a rumor that Hillary will be there-the media will inflate the number to 2 million.


  30. Pat you know where Eddy is so please stop sending out the APB’s.

    Now, your letter to MO really shows that you are a dedicated Mother and why Eddy probably dropped you to begin with – no time for his special needs.

    Keep up the good work. I have a couple of extra Christmas trees if you need to borrow one. I bought it for BO and MO, but they said it wasn’t necessary with the “no presents” mandate.

  31. Some of these delegates were very likely bought, but some [e.g., Rockefeller] don’t need the money; they were simply impressed that Obama HAD so much money to throw around. That implies power, that implies popularity, that implies he is the winning horse this year.

    I don’t know which group is the bigger dumbass, but it would be difficult to find a picture of a bigger dumbass than goofy-looking Claire McCaskill. I wish her husband would take her off on a romantic retreat for a week or so, so she wouldn’t act so f@@king starry-eyed at Obama. She seriously needs well, I won’t say it…

  32. Hey, SM77, if you’re reading this, how about we post something in Spanish? I must admit that I don’t remember much of the four years I took but what the heck! I’m game if you are. If Obama is willing to spend $20 Million on reaching out to the hispanic community, why not try it ourselves?

  33. Carol: Eddy better be back here by Christmas or I am hiring a U Haul and bringing him back here!

  34. Pat, he looks a little chunky but I bet he’d fit in a car

  35. Aaah, Riverdaugher linked to the spreadsheet. Wow, I do have a good memory. Murphy did indeed get 18K from Obama. And he’s backing him even though his district voted for Hillary 78,655 to 46,287.

    This is making me sick! These days I’m either livid or laughing hysterically.

  36. britgirls:

    geez, wouldn’t you just love to know what views of Obama that Murphy so loves? It can’t be any Democratic views. Maybe Murphy is a closet Repub.

  37. Carol and Pat I will enter you both in a win a date with Gov Richardson contest….if you dont share Ed nicely!

    Parentofed-I would love to here what obama promised McCaskiller-yuck getting awful visual damn my eyes!

    well off to bed Fuzzybeargville

  38. Hey fuzzybeargville, you forgot to mention that Donnie McClurkin will also be in attendance to help ‘therapute’ Ricky to heterosexuality.

  39. I fixed the pocpuma link.. It’s working now. You might want to lower your volume before you cick it

  40. KiKi, Thanks for the information.

    Is anyone else not ecstatic? If Hillary’s debt has been paid off other than restarting her campaign what could she be raising money for? It’s not going to the one is it?

  41. meileen you are keeping me up…Donnie and obama are sad souls buth have had to much aversion therapy… Donnie for his attraction to guys and Obama for his attraction to Democratic Party Core Principles!

    In Obama’s case the therapy worked! He is adverse to every core principle thet democratic party ever espoused!


  42. Si, SM, animate.

  43. Oh my!

    The DCCC just called me looking for money. God, that young woman got an earful she was not anticipating. She had the temerity to ask me why I am not supporting Obama. It was nice to get a load off.


  44. That is really disgusting but not surprising. Speaking of corruption and how it could affect Obama please read this article about some goings on in Ohio:


  45. this is what Hillary’s letter said:

    My staff has been calling this my “retirement dinner” — not because I’m retiring, of course, but because we’re working on retiring the debt we owe to small vendors all over the country.

  46. soyousay,
    The letter from HRC has nothing to do with CampO.

    “My staff has been calling this my “retirement dinner” — not because I’m retiring, of course, but because we’re working on retiring the debt we owe to small vendors all over the country. And everyone who acts today will have the chance to join me — along with a guest — for a dinner to talk about whatever you’d like.”
    Paid for by Hillary Clinton for President

  47. Robin Lakoff article:

    Notice how the first thing she states is that women have come back to the party. We have? I have heard that from the biased media for months now.

    Also calling someone bitter is a way to diminish concerns. Even though some of the things she states are true…it feels like the same old articles where an author would start out critizing Obama and then in the end it would be a positive.

  48. “they were simply impressed that Obama HAD so much money to throw around. That implies power, that implies popularity, that implies he is the winning horse this year.”
    Yes indeed. This goes along with manipulating attitudes. Being rich is a desirable attribute, but Obama has been trying to have it both ways here too and someone should call him on it. Either he’s rich and powerful or he’s a humble self-made man. So far his spin has covered this fine line he has to walk to maintain the illusion he can be both.

  49. Den, thanks for the link.

    And the plot thickens…

  50. Ok why then am I reading that Will is saying the debt has been paid off?

  51. Ben, Obama need not worry. Ohio election corruption is in the amateur league compared to the corruption of the Chicago machine.

  52. Eddy did not like the U-Haul implication. I have worked the extra weight off of him.

  53. is Cuyahoga County where Cleveland is?

  54. “I wish her husband would take her off on a romantic retreat for a week or so”

    Is she still married? I thought he got busted for dope…

    Oh, she divorced that guy (he was murdered a couple of years ago) and remarried…

    Or not. I got all that from wikipedia

  55. RD & UpstateNY, Ok – I’ll do it! I need to time – maybe for tomorrow?

    I wanted to comment on the video – WOW. Where the F__K is the press? A regular everyday voter can put this info together and even make a video on it, why aren’ t the SUPER-JOURNALISTS telling this story?

    OH RIGHT, they were bought too.


  56. How can anyone accurately say that 90% of Hillary women voters are back in the fold? How can they accurately say that 2/3rds of the Hispanic vote is behind Obama? Who are they talking to? Makes little sense when they then come out with the national polls which appear to be stagnant.

    It is haka at its best. Telling us in advance what they wish to see and hear. I will take stock in the polls come November and not before. As few in my circle of friends or relatives are backing Obama I am not sure who these people are.

  57. soyousay, the July fundraising numbers have not been reported yet.
    Will may have inside sources, he may not.
    As of now, we don’t officially know how much debt is outstanding.

  58. Bueno, mi hijo esta cansado (las 10:30 ya?).

    Me voy….Buenas noches, Confluencia.

  59. bemused, you have to get with the Obama line, i.e., he was born in a simple log cabin in Hawaii, studied day & night while working fifty-leven jobs to struggle through the rich white boys’ college, has devoted his adult life to help poor blacks while sacrificing his own brilliant law career, and now he’s finally become rich & powerful. He always, always straddles both worlds, just like his votes and policies.

  60. Pat – 2/3 of Latinos??? Not in FL.

    Buenas Noches Upstate!

  61. Pat, maybe they’re just counting the ones who didn’t leave the party in a huff after the RBC farce like I did.

  62. May I take a stab at Upstate’s comment?

    “Good, my son is sleeping. 10:30 is late.
    Me too. Good night Conflucians.”

  63. I never get called.

  64. SM: That is what someone said on Lou Dobbs tonight. And McCain only has about 12% of the Latino vote.

    “RD” saw you mention the “pocpuma” link.
    I know the guy who started it. He’s GREAT & so is the site.
    Keep up all the FANTASTIC work PUMA’s!!

  66. Pat, you didi well.

    All right, my son is tired. 10:30 already?

    I am leaving. Good Night, Confluence.

    NOW, I am leaving for good.

  67. Great Letter, Fuzzy!

    Sigh. I give up. Now that I am being shut -out w/ Ed, I guess this Cougar (ER, I mean PUMA) will have to go after Pat’s little Dexter in a decade or so.

  68. nite upstate! sleep well

  69. Yes, Cuyahoga County is the home of Cleveland. It’s a cesspool. I live in the county south of it. Frankly, the Rs have nothing on Ds when it comes to corruption and just plain old nastiness.

  70. I have friends in Cleveland and they’ve talked for years about corruption on both sides. I remember a story about trying to get approval for a nursing home through the county channels and people were receiving death threats.

  71. It feels a little weird to know that my boo, Big Dawg is getting exactly no love compared to Ed. I mean I just saw the man on tape–BD, that is–and he’s looking too well-rested for my tastes. He could use some strenuous exercise.

  72. For those going to Denver they also announced there will be over 400 parties planned during the three days you will be there.

  73. regency: Back to the playroom!

  74. Hi everyone!

    The demonstration was a bust. They decided at the last minute to go to Times Square first. I waited for half an hour and never saw anyone. 😦

    I should have checked the message board before I left, I guess…still working out the kinks with the brand-new group of NYC PUMAS…

  75. madamab: How disappointing and what a waste of time for you!

  76. oh my goodness! Hi regency!

    [waves happily]

    Did you have a good trip?

  77. Vive, I wondered the same thing, who says women have come back to Obama? It sounds like faulty arguments – you start with a small unqualified statement, stating it as fact, and then temper it with more appeasing statements.

  78. Sorry about that Madamab! Do you have a contact link for NYC PUMAS? My NYC sister is a PUMA in training.

  79. PJ – you’re right! And it was sooooo hot today too.

    Oh well – next time will be better. 🙂

  80. I don’t understand that pew survey of latinos. I looked through it but couldn’t find if they broke it into subgroups, because if not, its meaningless. Mexican americans vote very differntly than cuban americans, and I didn’t see where they even asked. So I’m suspicious.

  81. at this point we have no idea who is coming back to whom and going to whom. the situation is fluid. people who make these comments are just talking heads who like hearing themselves speak.

  82. joaniebone – I do – I have joined a NY/NJ Yahoo group – but I would be honored to get your sister’s email.

    What an amazing family you must be – you, KB and Little PUMA! 🙂

  83. Gary, did Mawm do the Jeopardy tryout today?

  84. yeah, he did well, he’s on his way home now.

  85. Ah, cr*p! madamab — I’m so sorry. That’s frustrating when things fall apart like that. And Joanie’s right, our NYC sister (is she in NYC now?) will be a PUMA any day now.

  86. unfortunately i watched that awful clip in katiebird’s post. arrogant=uppity. the fu’ing double standard. how many adjectives were used to describe hillary.

  87. Pat Johnson, on July 29th, 2008 at 10:41 pm Said:
    SM: That is what someone said on Lou Dobbs tonight. And McCain only has about 12% of the Latino vote.

    12%?????? That’s bull.

    At least in FL, McCain will have the Cuban bloc (which I had worked in 2004 in my neighborhood to re-register from Rep to Dem) in his side without a doubt.

    McCain is very appealing to other Latino Dems because of his immigration reform policy, his 20+ years in Arizona, a heavy Latino state. So I think it’s more HAKA that Latinos are “flocking” to Obama.

    Obama maybe will have younger Latinos- I don’t doubt that too much, but that Obama has us in his pocket??

  88. that would be so cool if he got on the show!! (and even cooler if he won! )

  89. See ya tomorrow. I’m nite nite.

  90. tell me about it. I want a new house…well maybe just pay for the one we have 🙂

  91. I have another more ferocious PUMA sympathizer-our little brother Frankie, and my 88 year old Dad. The others are spineless Obots. I think it’s 5 to 5 even split.

  92. Gary, How exciting! I can’t wait to find out if he’s on the show!

  93. Nite nite Carol! Pleasant dreams of Eddy!

    Joaniebone – see, that’s what’s good about having a big family. Mine is teeny, and I’m outnumbered 3-1 by Obots.

    Sigh. At least my brother is cool about it. His GF is a Hillaryite, so he has to be. 😉

  94. you could get rid of the house, quit your jobs, and travel around the country in your winnebago protesting!

    (and I know it’s not technically a winnebago, that’s just sort of a generic term, like xerox )

  95. Gary!! That’s wonderful! I can’t wait to hear about it.

  96. Not that I put much stock in the polls just now, but I do love to see the Obama needle either stuck in one spot or dropping. According to a talking head on Fox, he should be at least 12 to 15 points ahead of McCain who this Repub agreed that McCain so far is a bust on the campaign trail. However, it says more for McCain than it does for Obama who has just returned from playing Mr President all over Europe and the mid East. They spent tons of money and the barometer stays steady at about 47%. Not exactly overwhelming.

  97. sorry – forgot the “/” on my comment above.

    GARY: You are more than right about that! Mexican-Americans represent the largest group of Latinos, followed by PuertoRicans. Then its everybody else. I’m in the everybody else category, but I will say that at least frtom what I see & hear in FL, Obama is a “mierda.”

  98. See What Professor Obama Was Teaching

    In the course of reporting an article on the 12 years that Barack Obama spent teaching law at the University of Chicago, we unearthed some of Mr. Obama’s old class materials: the syllabus and assignments for his “Racism and the Law” seminar, as well as a set of his constitutional law exams and a partial set of memos he wrote about the answers.

  99. nite Carol

  100. madamab, my family is small too, we have a bot, a republican, and me. if we count spouses, we have 2 bots, 2 repubs and me and my puma husband.

  101. “Nite nite Carol! Pleasant dreams of Eddy!”

    E tu madamab!!!

  102. madamab,

    I’ll check with bee to see if it’s okay to pass her EM, then I’ll get it to you, hopefully soon. She’s in Sag Harbor mostly, but back and forth to NYC. She says there are tons of Hillary supporters in SH, and I’ve been trying to encourage her to blanket the place with PUMA literature.

  103. si, un cabron….

  104. Pat, the Obama camp has not gotten their most bang for their buck. If anything, they overspent more than any campaign in history just to get a bump in the polls – and they’re mad that it’s not playing out the way they’ve planned.

    Their return on investment leaves them in the red.

  105. LOL PJ!

    LIke you won’t be dreaming of Eddy too…;-)

    Kiki – those must be some interesting family discussions…

    joaniebone – Cool! KB has my email addy. 🙂

  106. SM: is mierda the same as the French word merde?

  107. garychapelhill, on July 29th, 2008 at 11:05 pm Said:
    si, un cabron….

    LOL!!! No, el es un PENDEJO, insipido, presumido, aburrido y no tiene los cojones de ganar una elección a lo limpio. TIene que engañar para ganar. ¡Que se vaya a la mierda! Mi voto no se compra ni se vende.

  108. #
    Pat Johnson, on July 29th, 2008 at 11:03 pm Said:

    Not that I put much stock in the polls just now, but I do love to see the Obama needle either stuck in one spot or dropping. According to a talking head on Fox, he should be at least 12 to 15 points ahead of McCain who this Repub agreed that McCain so far is a bust on the campaign trail. However, it says more for McCain than it does for Obama who has just returned from playing Mr President all over Europe and the mid East. They spent tons of money and the barometer stays steady at about 47%. Not exactly overwhelming.

    Pat, I was watching an Asian news channel tonight via the dish and Obama’s European trip was a top news story. The headline? “Americans not Impressed.” I laughed a lot. They talk about how much the Europeans loved him, but then they say American voters back home are not impressed. You can’t play dress up at this level and expect people not to notice.

  109. Madamab!

    *waves back*

    It was pretty good, yeah.]

    And, Pat, I will not be heading back to the playroom–no privacy. Besides they don’t allow beer-battered pork ribs there and Bill needs keep up his strength.

  110. yo creo que muchos latinos por aqui (principalmente mexicanos, hondurenos, salvadorenos) tienen miedo de los republicanos –por lo de la migra, y tambien el racismo que todavia existe(hace poco tiempo habian muy pocos latinos en NC), y la stiuacion del trabajo–y por eso ya estan apoyando a Obama. Pero preferirian Hillary por supesto…pero tambien conozco algunos que dicen que no van a votar, o votaran McCain, no tengo ni idea el porcentaje…..

  111. SophieL, YES. Sh*T!!!!!

  112. SM, my favorite insult when I lived in Spain…

    Que te folle un burro!

    or as an alternate

    que te folle un pez!! (not sure how that one works…LOL)

  113. Let me take a crack at SM’s comment:

    LOL!!! No, he is ……, insipid, presumptuous, abhorrent, and has no balls…limp through the election.

    Something, something.

    I wil lnot vote for him under any circumstances!

  114. I just looked around. I definitely am not imagining this.


    I trust Will if he says his inside sources say PUMA paid off the debts, so the contest letter I got today can mean one of two things..

    1. Hillary is asking us to help pay of the personal loan she (including interest by law) which I highly doubt.


    2. She is asking for money to restart her campaign because she has heard from the same supers we have reported.

    She’s taking this to DENVER baby!!

  115. JJ, of course, we’re not sure how much the Europeans really did love him, what with all the hype and lies. Was it 200K or 20K, looks as though he didn’t exactly storm Paris or London. TV news repeats what newspapers say who just repeat what the Internet sites say who tell us what people on the ground say who repeat what the TV news says…….

  116. boring, presumptuos insipid mother f@#cker, who doesn’t have the balls to win playing clean…he he

  117. Gary – ahi es que está el secreto. McCain es unos de los que escribió junto con Ted Kennedy y Clinton, la reforma inmigratoria. Se sabe que el apoyó esto, pero lo que no se sabe es si el aún lo apoya.

  118. parentofed, didn’t you forget something about his spiritual journey from both ends of the earth and both sides of the equator? 😉 He should be on a highwire with his unicycle, juggling plates. Seriously, this is one of my pet peeves, that he pulls on some people with the poor youth shtick. It’s another attitude hot button for him.

  119. SM, tienes razon tambien…

  120. Methinks he may be beginning to wear thin.

  121. parentofed: lol

  122. PAT YOU GOT IT!!!!!!!!

  123. ah que bien…se puede hacer los tildes!!..é yeah!!!

  124. Ha! I knew I should have taken Spanish instead of French!

    Regency – so glad you had a good trip. 🙂

    Speaking of people who can (and can’t) be bought, you should all read a remarkable letter that a high-rolling Democratic Donor wrote about why she is not “coming to” Obama.

    From NoQuarter.

  125. This is better than spanish class–and easier to understand too!

  126. Have any of you seen the letter posted at No Quarter from a big DNC donor? It is incredible and absolutely makes clear why I will never vote for this man.

    The only thing that concerns me about the letter is that the author’s name is not revealed (and I understand why, the Obots go nuts with this kind of stuff), BUT I am skeptical of anything that is not fully sourced these days…

  127. …sigh…the only language I ever studied was latin. so I’ll take responsibility for reaching out to the ancient romans

  128. Thank God for Babelfish!
    Agradezca a Dios por Babelfish

  129. Gary – the Republicans have not really come out strong. They are still doing their focus groups & all that jazz. Once they get to end of August – you’ll see the HEAVY Latino campagining. I know that 2004 Latino campaign for Bush was – I have to say it from a professional point of view – it was great. The message of immigration and Bush talking in Spanish did the trick. 40% of Latinos voted for Bush. Kerry’s looked like a cold dead fish, next to the “Viva Bush” campaign ads.

  130. kiki—and possums 🙂

  131. kiki: You took Latin! (swoon)

  132. yeah, most latinos are working class people—the very people the new dem elite told ot f@#k off…

  133. I took Spanish and Latin in high school. Let’s just say, pretty rusty these days. I was able to pick out a few words from SM but gary’s were way over my head.

  134. obama bought the superdelegates because he knew the Federal Election Commission was out of commission and couldn’t sanction him.


    May 7, 2008

    Bush Slate of Nominees to FEC Is Anything but a Compromise; Conflict Over FEC Appointments Likely to Continue

    President Bush is calling for the replacement of sitting Republican Commissioner David Mason with Don McGahn, a steadfast Republican Party loyalist who served as general counsel to the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) in October 2002 when that committee attempted to sidestep federal law banning “soft money” in federal elections. McGahn also was ethics lawyer for former Rep. Tom DeLay, who resigned from Congress under criminal indictment.

    The Bush slate proposes the nomination of three Democrats as requested by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) – Ellen Weintraub, Cynthia Bauerly (assistant to Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.)) and Steven Walther – and three Republicans, Caroline Hunter (former White House official and currently a commissioner on the Election Assistance Commission), McGahn and von Spakovsky.

    Appointment of six commissioners to the FEC has been held up by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). McConnell has objected to Reid’s suggestion that each of the nominees be confirmed separately, which probably would result in the Senate rejecting von Spakovsky.

  135. wow gary, you mean there are Latino Bubbas?!

  136. #
    soyousay, on July 29th, 2008 at 11:14 pm Said:

    I just looked around. I definitely am not imagining this.


    I trust Will if he says his inside sources say PUMA paid off the debts, so the contest letter I got today can mean one of two things..

    1. Hillary is asking us to help pay of the personal loan she (including interest by law) which I highly doubt.


    2. She is asking for money to restart her campaign because she has heard from the same supers we have reported.

    She’s taking this to DENVER baby!!

    soyousay, I do not think the debt is paid off. The numbers that were reported at the end of June indicated that she raised under 3 million in June, not even close to enough. She also had to loan herself another million for campaign expenses. If her debt was paid off, she would not still be fundraising. I am quite certain she is not raising to kick start her campaign because that would happen during the GE phase, for which she has enough start up money.

    I don’t know where Will got that information, but it was not accurate. That is why I just stated that I have gotten skeptical of information that is un-sourced. There was a rumor about 8 superdelegates switching that never panned out, we heard that PUMAs had paid off the debt, but that is also not true. So I am not sure who Will’s source inside the campaign is, but the source does not seem to me to be credible.

  137. I lived in spain…I think that’s the only way to truly learn–through immersion

  138. Sophie- we are Bubbitos.

  139. I took French in HS and more recently too Italian at Continuing Ed. My odometer flips on my next birthday and my partner wants to take me to Italy to celebrate. Molto bene!

  140. in spain a bubba is a paleto

  141. you want polls & needles, I’ll give you a spin.

    My dad & 2 of my brothers wouldn’t vote for a Democrat if it was Christ Jesus. After smirking at me for 7 years, they have been decidedly dejected this spring. I put Hillary signs all over, no comments, no snide remarks.

    But, they’re starting to perk up. They disagree with a lot of McCain’s policies, too liberal, but they’ll vote for him. They are still a little off-shore, but they’re starting to sniff that kinda salt-water smell you get when the terrain changes and you know you are going to make it – the beach is right over there!

    They are beginning to enjoy the Obama campaign.

  142. Bienvenida Bubbitos!

  143. Gary – yeah! I can do all of them: á é, í, ó, ú, ñ, Ñ, ¡, ¿.

  144. madamab, yes, excellent post on NoQuarter! It really lifted my spirits.

    Now I think I can go to bed and rest easy. Still plan on calling Rep. Murphy’s office again tomorrow and ask about that 18K.

  145. SM, the perfect word for Obama —sinvergüenza

  146. Pat, you still there?

  147. I’m here.

  148. Sophie, LOL!!!

    Another thing I must say about Spanish is that, unlike English, the grammar, spelling, other important language rules is standard and universal for any & every country that speaks it.

    With English, that is not the case. In the US for example, the spelling of certain words and gframmar rules differ from England (which is very very confusing!) It’s already a hard language to learn in the first place – then it varies from country!

  149. heck SM, I live in the south and the grammar rules and vocabulary differ here too.

  150. SM: America and England are two friendly nations divided by a common language.

  151. Sophie: You also get the root causes of language when studying Latin or Spanish as an example. I had two years of Latin. Without using it you lose it along the way.

  152. We are so screwed. The choices, should BO be officially nominated, are between an empty suit and a Republican.

  153. I’m not so sure Will’s source is bad. Nothing he told us is likely to be confirmed until MUCH later. We raised money primarily during JULY–which means the results of that fundraiser won’t appear until late AUGUST. As for the delegates, I’m expecting no bravery from them. They’ve said–not just from Will Bower by the way–that if given the opportunity to vote for her AT THE CONVENTION that they will. That doesn’t mean they’re going to begin declaring things publicly today. They gain nothing but grief by even making those admissions.

    There ARE things happening on the downlow, you just have to know who to ask and where to look. *shrug*

  154. England and the United States are two nations separated by a common language.

  155. does anybody know where and when the republican convention is? it’s sort of fallen off the radar.

  156. masslib: Ain’t that the truth. Who would have thought we would be sitting here trying to find an adequate excuse to defend McCain. Like searching for the clams in a salad.

  157. Pat: I think you let it slip that you don’t attend church regularly.

  158. Gary – Ooooh! Sin verguenza is GOOD. Ogro, malparido, buscón, víbora, estafador, solapador, falso, rencoroso…God, I can go on.

    I really like Pendejo too – just because he’s such a chickensh*t vote stealer.

  159. kiki: The Twin Cities?

  160. SophieL: Not so much.

  161. Hah, I don’t know how many of you watch “Flipping Out” on Bravo, but there’s a dude on there wearing a Hillary button.

  162. ahh, that’s right. thanks Pat

  163. Pat: Well, if you did (attend church regularly), you’d find that they’ve also let their Latin slip.

  164. What JJ?

    Can someone else chime in, JJ sounds like a bot troll.

    Both the debt issue and the super delegate switches can from the people we look to as leaders.

    I personally have repeated both points to other fence sitters and I will be mighty pissed of, and feel pretty stupid if these points are proven false.

  165. Sophie & MYIQ: LOL!!! I never heard that on before, but so true.

    Regency – for your mouth to God/Goddess’ ears. It didn’t sound like that from Fanny Lanny on Sunday night.

  166. regencyg, welcome back from your trip! I agree that a lot of things happen behind closed doors, but I also think it is very easy for rumors to spread, especially when we so badly want to believe them. I know Will is sincere in his efforts, which is why I made the assumption that the source is bad.

    Unfortunately, I have had my hopes raised during this election season WAY too many times, only to have them dashed again. I decided some time back not to believe anything, or at least take it with a gigantic grain of salt, until the information is sourced….

  167. Will didn’t exactly say it was a done deal:

    As *I* see it (from what our sources have told us), her *campaign* debt should be in the black as of now. Even if it isn’t, the *good* news is that we’ve brought the DNC’s strong arm tactics into public light and scrutiny…

    should, even if

  168. soyousay, I have been posting here for quite awhile and have met several people who used to formerly blog at TM’s site while campaigning for Hillary or protesting. I assure you I am not a troll, but I do take all information that does not have a solid source with a great deal of source, even if it comes from someone who I know is squarely on our side.

    The FEC numbers do not lie, the debt, according to those numbers, has not been paid off. Hillary would not be continuing to try and raise money if her debt was paid off. Perhaps the numbers released for July will show that it was be paid off, and we will all be thrilled, but until I see the numbers, and as long as I see Hillary actively sending out pleas for money, I will assume the debt is not paid.

  169. Growing up in Appalachia, you learn a different language than Kansas English or Southern. I’ve loved it, but unfortunately that whole language and culture is rapidly dying, thanks to mainstream America that ridicules it, and younger inhabitants who mistakenly think they are Southern Rebels.

  170. My fantasy is that we did pay off her debt, but since she doesn’t have to report it yet, she’s looking to quietly rebuild the war chest, just in case it’ll come in handy.

  171. SophieL, good point.

  172. regency, I cancelled all but basic cable in a fit of MSM rage, but thanks for the smile re Hillary button.

  173. My lovely Conflucians – I gotta go sleep som, I have slacked off too long on a thingy I gotta do and must get up early to do it. Love you guys a lot and NEVER GIVE UP and NEVER GIVE IN. Sweet dreams!

  174. SophieL, I would believe that except that she would get FLOGGED (I know, I know, she gets beat up for everything anyways) if it came out that she tried to raise beyond what she needed for the small vendors. My guess is most of the 20-30 million she has for the GE will get transferred to her war chest (I sent in my authorization to transfer my GE donation this past week), so she doesn’t really need to worry about that.

  175. nite SM, sweet dreams to you too!

  176. On the topic of regional language differences, I once hat to call Tech Support of a software company in Tennesee. In advising me of the options with my problem, the woman said, “What you might would want to do…”

    FYI: I am a New Yorker (living as an ex-pat in the third smallest state in the union).

  177. I’m sure Hillary has the best read on the SD positions at this point. They may be softening support for obama.

    If downticket races aren’t getting the support they need…

  178. Hey masslib.

    I totally agree. I’m looking to go green if not Hillary.

    McCain is a neanderthal and unfortunately every day makes more people consider the snob instead of the constant sneer coming from him.

    I don’t know what is worse, Obama telling us we don’t matter, or McCain pretending he cares about us.

    I’m freakin bummed about this debt crap.

    I spent all day assuming she was restarting her campaign.


    It doesn’t make sense your way. If Will is right why is she collecting more money if not to continue her campaign.

    Your way it makes Hillary look like she is trying to squeeze cash out of us before we find out it was already paid off.

    And after rereading the email from Hillary she says clearly it is to pay off debts. Sh$#$#%$#%#%$#%$#T.

    It’s getting hard to tell who the trolls are feeding us info for the sole purpose of making Hillary look bad.

  179. Sophie, just today on the radio I heard someone say “they might could think about it” and it sounded so strange. seems like either word alone would sound better. or might would sound better

  180. sophieL more common in the south as “might could”…ie

    you want to go to dinner

    I might could!

  181. I wouldn’t care if she repaid some of the loans to herself, but I suspect there are still new bills rolling in and the debt actually is a moving target. It may have been caught up, but new bills may be coming in.

  182. but first Gary, you’d be ‘fixin’ to’ go to dinner

  183. soyousay,
    Assume everything you read or hear is spin, manipulation and lies, and go with your heart, guts and instinct.
    After all, that’s what set the alarms off about Obama in the first place, wasn’t it?

  184. And making light of Southern english would surely get you a ‘bless your heart’.

  185. I think Hillary only looks bad if we interpret her intentions as bad. What was reported by the MSM were the number released for JUNE. All of these massive drives we’ve been doing occurred in JULY. JULY is not over yet and they are not legally bound to supply their finance report until roughly August 20th. Will says that we raised between a conservative $6 million and an optimistic $10 million. That still doesn’t wipe out her debt if the former is the fact.

    I have no idea where you got the idea she was restarting her campaign. There’d be little point in that at this late date. She’s been poised to be a general election candidate all along. She might as well go to the convention and let fate occur; it’s a little late to jump back in.

  186. Kiki: When I was in the Navy, there was this guy who would always say, “You fin ta go ta chow?” and it meant “fixin to go to chow”

  187. lol jjmtacoma, so true

  188. soyousay, JJ is right. Now please stop calling people names.

    The article you cite is dated July 21. You can see it right there if you read carefully. Federal Election Commission (FEC) numbers are a month behind, meaning recent reports from Sen. Clinton’s campaign are for JUNE.

    The PUMA fundraising push happened in July. Those numbers have not been released. They won’t be released until August.

    The numbers in the article you cite may include Sen. Clinton’s General Election funds, which are over $20 million and explains why it looks like she’s paid off her debt. But I don’t think she has or she wouldn’t be asking for people to pay off her primary debt.

    She cannot use general Election funds money to pay her primary debts, though it appears in the graph from the article you cite that they’re counting that money in her total.

  189. My father’s family is from South Carolina and my mother’s family is from North Carolina, I can speak the language.

  190. reg, sorry for the repeat, honey. (I didn’t like JJ being called a troll.)

  191. well, I might could fall asleep at my keyboard so I’d better be fixin’ to go to bed. nite y’all

  192. Hi ohio!

    Do you want any hollyhocks or lamb’s ear? I can get seeds this fall from mine 😉

    I don’t have any scotchbroom…

  193. kiki – perfect southern english, if I do say so myself!

  194. Ohio, no problem. I just wanted to make the facts clear because I wasn’t sure s/he understood.

    (I’m way protective of my future president and fellow scorpio. Comes with the territory.)

  195. Please stop treating me like a fool.

    Sadly my eyes are wide open now.

    Both Ohio and regency are missing a huge point.

    Hillary asked for money TODAY.

    So she either knows here debts aren’t close to being paid off and Will is a liar, her debts are paid off and she is a liar.

    After closer reading of the email, sadly I no longer think she is restarting.

    I think that jj is right. (sorry for implying troll)

    I don’t trust the people that have told us otherwise and I’m preety pissed off.

    I have seen posts all over the internet saying her debt was paid off. Someone on NQ told Susan and Larry to take down the donate button because the debt had been retired.

    I was waiting until july numbers to laugh in Obot faces, but this email today from Hillary, now in context, is a real eye opener.

    So jj here is the sad yet inevitable question…

    What else from Will, Darrah and Alegre do we need to go back and check.


    If I find out that PUMA t-shirt money is going to the republicans I’m going to go ballistic. They won’t only use it for McCain, My lecherous rep will be sticking his greasy fat fingers in that pie for sure.

    F F F F F&^%K

  196. What PUMA t-shirt money?

  197. If Hillary asked for money TODAY, then her debt isn’t paid off TODAY. It may be close though given that she’s opted to do such a personal and up-close affair, but I see no reason to start doubting the entire movement because of one email.

    Then again, I might be the fool here.

  198. In her 1975 classic, Language and Woman’s Place, Robin Lakoff wrote:

    a girl is damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. If she refuses to talk like a lady, she is ridiculed and subjected to criticism as unfeminine; if she does learn, she is ridiculed as unable to think clearly, unable to take part in a serious discussion: in some sense, as less than fully human. These two choices which a woman has–to be less than a woman or less than a person–are highly painful.

    She also wrote about “lady” and “girl” as euphemisms for “woman”:

    the users of English have assigned women to a very unflattering place in their minds: a woman is a person who is both too immature and too far from real life to be entrusted with responsibilities and with decisions of any serious nature. Would you elect president a person incapable of putting on her own coat? (Of course, if we were to have a married woman president, we would not have any name for her husband parallel to First Lady, and why do you suppose that is?)

  199. I just watched the video . I think I am going to go throw up …
    I have all along thought he was paying them off …but the proof is stunning

  200. We’d call Madam President’s husband, the First Gentleman. If he’s helping her put on her coat, he really is one.

    (I guess in the Clintons’ case, we’d call them the Presidents Clinton or Mr. & Mme. President.)

  201. regencyg,
    I don’t even care if her debt is fully paid.
    What interests me, and gives me hope, is that she keeps reaching out, saying she wants to talk to us.
    She wants to hear what we, her supporters, have to say.
    I’ll leave the maneuvering to her and tell her what I think every chance I get.

  202. Hello Conflucians,

    I apologize if this is a re-post but the good Puma’s over at Hillary08or12 made this really cool video. Check it out:


  203. Riverdaughter,

    If that last private school doesn’t come through for Brook, you should look at Stanford’s EPGY program. I just got an email saying they’re adding a fourth year to their online high school this fall and they have courses going younger. My kids used their math courses before they had a whole diploma program, and we got our diplomas through Clonlara. They have done very well through it. I’m Tagfam, if you have any questions. Do look into it. http://epgy.stanford.edu

  204. regencyg:

    Years ago, when Ann Richards was governor of Texas, I happened to visit Austin. It was so refreshing to hear people matter-of-factly refer to “the governor…she.”

    Here’s to the day when “the president…she” sounds perfectly ordinary.

  205. regency,

    I feel like the fool. The last thing I doubt is the Hillary movement.

    I am starting to doubt the PUMA leaders and their information.

    This isn’t word of mouth, broken telephone. This is PUMA leaders misleading us.

    Sorry to be a bummer. This along with McCain being such a jerk has me in a foul mood.

    I’m going to sleep on this and come back fresh.

  206. HI regencyg welcome back 🙂 here is how I feel

    They dont need us

    If you smile at me you know I will understand
    Cause that is something everybody everywhere does
    In the same language
    I can see by your coat my friend that you’re from the other side
    There’s just one thing I got to know
    Can you tell me please who won
    You must try some of my purple berries
    I been eating them for six or seven weeks now
    Haven’t got sick once
    Probably keep us both alive
    Wooden ships on the water very free and easy
    Easy you know the way it’s supposed to be
    Silver people on the shoreline leave us be
    Very free and easy
    Sail away where the mornin sun goes high
    Sail away where the wind blows sweet and young birds fly
    Take a sister THEN by her hand
    Lead her far from this barren land
    Horror grips us as we watch you die
    All we can do is echo your anguished cry and
    Stare as all you human feelings die
    We are leaving
    You don’t need us
    Go and take a sister by her hand
    Lead her far from this foreign land
    Somewhere where we might laugh again
    We are leaving
    You don’t need us
    Sailing ships on the water very free and easy
    Easy you know the way it’s supposed to be
    Silver people on the shoreline leave us be
    Very free
    And gone

  207. I really can’t over this guy wearing the Hillary pin on Bravo. They don’t blur it our or anything.

  208. PS
    I think the debt thing will get straightened out , I am sure no one is lying 🙂 and there is some kind of misunderstanding

  209. Deep song, Swannie. And thanks for the welcome.

    I’m not completely sure why the PUMA heads telling us what they know makes them deceptive. Can someone explain?

  210. “This isn’t word of mouth, broken telephone. This is PUMA leaders misleading us.”

    What? What ‘leaders’? I don’t know who they are, and to be honest I don’t care. Unless they work for the Clinton campaign, they don’t have any official information, just sources of varying reliability. You never answered josgirl’s question as to what you’re talking about with ‘PUMA t-shirts.’ I agree with regencyq, I don’t see why this is such a big deal.


  211. Hi regency!

    I think they are doing the best they can. I’m not sure what soyousay was looking for. I think trying to align the stories from all sources could be confusing.

    Will probably believed the debt was paid, but I bet new expenses show up for some time. Even sending out email requests cost money and requires staff.

  212. Seriously: I thought soyousay was a troll by the first few comments. I don’t think I’ve seen any soyousay comments in other threads.

    I still wonder about the troll thing – looking to get us thinking the PUMA pac really is Republican or something? I don’t know. Probably doesn’t matter.

  213. I am not doubting anyone but soyousay 🙂

  214. I’m not completely sure why the PUMA heads telling us what they know makes them deceptive. Can someone explain?

    Agreed regencyg, I don’t think anyone is trying to be deceptive on purpose at all. I do think there is a lot happening behind closed doors, people from the Clinton campaign, DNC, the Obama campaign, etc, are bound to be very tight lipped about what is going on. In such a situation, when we are all sitting in the dark and grasping for any sort of information, it is not at all surprising that there is confusion and incomplete information.

    PUMAs who have contacts who may know something do the best they can relaying that information, but their information is only as good as the information their source gives…we do the best we can in a tough situation with very little information. That is exactly why I think it is critical to take all information with a grain of salt until sourced and confirmed. But that does not mean that anyone is being malintentioned or that information shouldn’t be put out there…everyone should just remember that we are all responding to second and third hand information and so there is bound to be some confusion.

  215. jjmtacoma, I thought the same thing but I didn’t want to jump to conclusions. 🙂 The whole “if we can’t trust them, what else have they been lying to us all along” kind of thing, is a little, well….

    Yeah, I think it’s to try and make us go, “Oh noes, [whoever] is a Republican–what fools we’ve been! We’ve allowed these Republicans to bamboozle us and lead us astray!”

  216. I’m gonna go with JJ on this one. Everyone make your independent judgments based on as many facts are available and your gut instincts. That’s all I would advise. Work as hard as you’re able and let the rest fall by the wayside.

  217. Jumping into the soyousay controversy —

    I am hopeful Will’s info is correct, but without sources, I don’t believe it. I don’t disbelieve it, either. I am agnostic until I see the numbers.

    That is how everyone should be about info they see on the web.

    I admit I was a bit disappointed when I saw Hillary’s email bc it probably means her debt is not totally paid off. (that was after my very long fantasy about winning). But it could mean a lot of things. Maybe only the conservative estimate is right, 6 mill, and there’s 4 more to go. Maybe there’s half a mil to go. Who knows?

    What I don’t get, and can’t sympathize with is this ‘our leaders are bad! and liars!’ thing. That’s just bizarre.

    I’m leaning toward troll but holding judgment. I haven’t seen soyousay’s name before, but then I don’t post every day either so if I badly worded a comment folks might think I was one too. We’ll see.

  218. Riverdaughter told us to stay strong, there would be sh*t in the game.
    If we are the force we think we are, and they (CampO) are the kind of people we think they are, we can expect a lot of dirty tricks.
    Like I said earlier, go with your gut, the one that’s been telling you all along what’s right and what’s wrong.
    Facts are nice, but doubt will destroy you.

  219. I’m in moderation, can somebody let me out please?
    If I said something wrong, please clean it up.

  220. Downside is, aside from leaks, we will get nothing concrete about our July numbers until late Aug.

  221. I tried to post this comment before, but I used a bad word.

    Riverdaughter told us to stay strong, there would be s#^% in the game.
    If we are the force we think we are, and they (CampO) are the kind of people we think they are, we can expect a lot of dirty tricks.
    Like I said earlier, go with your gut, the one that’s been telling you all along what’s right and what’s wrong.
    Facts are nice, but doubt will destroy you.

  222. soyousay is a freaking bot. F off.

  223. RD was so spot on. Their tactic now is to destroy us from within. Be strong. Puma Power.

  224. We need to send this video to everyone and ask them to
    send it to their family and friends. Cus’ Money Changes
    Every Thing and that is CHANGE we can do without.


  225. Puma-SF says: “Their tactic now is to destroy us from within. Be strong. Puma Power.”

    I agree. If you go to other websites you will recognize who soyousay is or was. She/he hasn’t posted in a few days.

    I wonder if this is what they learn at camp obama?

  226. I can’t post now?

  227. This is tough because we want to be taken seriously and our two most prominent advocates in the media are driving narratives that aren’t provable, and in fact they have let inaccurate info propagate without clarifying it. It makes us look stupid. Well, it made me look stupid repeating it without verifying.

    So yes I am most upset with myself.

  228. Fredster..

    After watching McCain’s abysmal performances this week I’m just soo not into carrying his water or repeating his bull crap anymore.

    Only frightened republicans would twist Obama’s word into being about him.

    Whatever my feelings about Obama, I do want America to flourish at home AND abroad. I’m not one of the people that have boycotted french products for the past 5 yrs.

    I understand that any Democratic nominee, especially Hillary, would have received a welcoming reception from our allies abroad. The whole world is sick of Bush and the republicans.

    Do you blame them?

  229. The chance our allies can again support us without losing their own office in doing so is exciting for them.

    Obama’s statement reflects the humility a realization like that forces on one. Humility at the responsibility of handling such an opportunity.

    regency, all..

    I said I was going to bed earlier but I’m too frustrated.

    Hillary’s email today kind of brought me back to reality.

    After listening to Lanny the other night I kind of agreed with some here that he was winking and nodding in what he didn’t say, and was regurgitating the party line tepidly with what he was saying.

  230. But now I don’t know. Call it a crisis of confidence or call me names I don’t care at this point. I have been a Hillary supporter since 1991 when I was first introduced to her.

    After reading her email today asking for donations I realize that I had been interpreting her words as if they were code for me to know she wasn’t giving up.

    I have deleted this next paragraph 5 times because I’m so frustrated I’m unable to articulate my hopelessness accurately.

    John McCain is a freakin disaster. He makes me sick to my stomach, and this fake patriotism, Orwellian troop support is a bridge too far.

  231. now I’m in moderation zone grr. oh well i posted the whole thing then tried breaking it into smaller bits.. most is there .


  232. Obama has 2/3 of the Latino vote in Guttenburg Iowa-that is what the media meant to say and as we know My Aunt Arleen says as Guttenburg Iowa goes so goes the nation.

    Guttenburg Iowa is a lovely riverfront town often refered to as Hooterville by more “sofistocated” people with a population of about 325 people year round.

    I believe there are is one “latino” identified family there and they run avery successful busniess. Thay attend my Aunts church, husband ,wife, and their four teenage children. You can bet which 2/3rds are supporting Barak Obama.

    Dont blame the parents it appears most of the under age crowd in Guttenburg support Obama, the town just recently got cable TV, thank the god/dess that none will be voting in November.


  233. Good morning Fuzzy. That is hilarious—2/3 the Latino vote means 4 non-voting teenagers! In Hooterville, I mean. I’m as sofostokated as the next person.

  234. From Dana Milbank from the Wishington Post: “President Obama Continues Hectic Victory Tour”

    “It had been a long day of acting presidential, but Obama wasn’t done. After a few hours huddling with advisers over his vice presidential choice, Obama made his way to the pep rally on the Hill. Moments after he entered the meeting with lawmakers, there was an extended cheer, followed by another, and another.”

    “Inside, according to a witness, he told the House members, “This is the moment . . . that the world is waiting for,” adding: “I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions.”

    Even Mika had to call him “arrogant” this morning. I knew she was a r*cist. I say we vote she not be thrown under our bus!

    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008

  235. “Inside, according to a witness, he told the House members, “This is the moment . . . that the world is waiting for,” adding: “I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions.”

    Oh, Carol – I just signed on and this statement by O is sickening. What an incredible narcissist! I I I – Me Me Me. Get this guy a shrink.

  236. Well Fuzzy is off to work-see ya’all later!


  237. I just read the letter Andy Tobias wrote to the DNC – wow. Very powerful. It’s posted over at NQ.

  238. Hi Delphyne,

    The letter I saw in a message from iownmyvote.com was TO Andy. And WOW! It was great. Nearly every sentence was quotable.

  239. If soyousay is the same soyousay who blogs at MyDD, then the troll accusations are unfair. The questions that he/she poses about sources for information are valid even if they make us uncomfortable. Given the media scrutiny that our group is under and most certainly will continue to be, it is to our own advantage to be skeptical of things that are being said until we verify the sources. I don’t believe that the people who have stepped into the spokesperson role for JSDN or PUMA are part of a Republican conspiracy, but if what they are saying cannot be backed up, then we cannot defend the underpinnings of our group with any credibility. We need credibility above all.

  240. samanthasmom: Yeah, I can see her/his other comments. I just couldn’t figure out the challenge to everyone here by suggesting the PUMA pac folks are donating money to republicans. Looks like he/she was having a bad day and trying to reconcile Hillary’s ask for money with Will saying it was paid.

    I didn’t see her/him before (I have never read much mydd to know posters) and he/she showed up kind of inconsolable – made the intent unclear to me.

    I’d be the last person who would want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

    * soyousay * – sorry to suggest you were a troll. I hope today is better for you.

  241. Thanks, KatieBird – I should never write anything before I have coffee and let out the dog! The letter was to Andy and very articulate and on poing.

  242. That, of course, was supposed to be on point. Sigh. And I have had 2 cups of coffee already. I’m blaming the humidity in NJ.

  243. And they sold us out so cheaply. Yet they have no shame being that proud of betraying the Will of the People.

  244. That video is damning. It’s clear why they can’t afford–literally can’t afford–to put Clinton’s name into nomination. The sale already has been made.

  245. @parentofed, 10:18 pm

    “Some of these delegates were very likely bought, but some [e.g., Rockefeller] don’t need the money; they were simply impressed that Obama HAD so much money to throw around.”

    I suspect that Rockefeller was not so much impressed as heavily invested. He’s likely one of the main buyers. (See his position on the Senate Intelligence Committee and FISA.)

  246. soyousez said:

    Only frightened republicans would twist Obama’s word into being about him.

    Whatever my feelings about Obama, I do want America to flourish at home AND abroad. I’m not one of the people that have boycotted french products for the past 5 yrs.

    I understand that any Democratic nominee, especially Hillary, would have received a welcoming reception from our allies abroad. The whole world is sick of Bush and the republicans.

    Do you blame them?

    N O!
    Anyone who reads that bullshit and buys it needs to go back and read it again. How presumptuous to speak of oneself that way as he did. You need to go read some later postings/articles on this. I have no doubt that McCain can carry his own water.

  247. Wow, Obama sent ME personally an e-mail! I am SO flattered! Boy, he is so BROKE that he needs to borrow $5 from me. Poor feller. Sure, I can spot him 5 bucks, if he’s that hard up. Wouldn’t want him going to sleep hungry in the gutter.

    But I had a problem. He gave me a personal invitation (just for ME) to come to the Democratic Convention and meet him!

    But my problem is that I come from Florida, so there is only HALF of me!!! Now I face an existential dilemna: Which half of me will go to the convention?

    Will it be my better half, or my worse half? My top half or my bottom half? My left half or my right half? My Doctor Heckle, or Mr. Hide? I’m getting totally schizoid.

    Life is really tough when the DNC Royalty declares that all Floridians are half Democratic and half non-existent. Life is terribly tough.

  248. Tonight on CNN Media Mongrel DogBITZER announced with smug satisfacion how much Bill Clinton “still” gets for speaking engagements… wow what relelvant news doggiedoobits .. but somehow he missed this “bit” of news . My goal for this week is to get the list of all the SDS that bo bought and post it on every news blog i can especially Gretas , or call the Baltimore Sun and tell a reporter 😉 and email it to them

  249. I am a lurker. I posted in here many weeks ago, and I am posting because I find my pleasant visits here have been disturbed today by someone posting as soyousay

    Soyousay, from what I have read here, my understanding is that the people here are united in their support for Senator Clinton to be the Democratic nominee. If she is not, some will stay home, others will vote for another candidate other than Obama. That person may or may not be McCain.

    Soyousay, this is the first time I have seen your name here so I was surprised at how quick you were to judge a regular Confluence poster a troll. Let me return the favor, I think you are an Obama troll. Your name itself seems to be poking fun at “Just Say No Deal”. I don’t doubt that you have supported Senator Clinton since 1981 as you say, however, that does not exclude you from now being an Obama supporter. If I read your post one after the other, it looks to me like you came here with a clear purpose. You wanted to undermine the PUMA movement. You came here to plant doubts about PUMA and its public representatives, suggesting that they are liars and republican tools. You even try to plant the seed that money donated to PUMA by buying PUMA goods, will go the republican party.

    I could dissect each of your post and tell you why I believe you are a troll but I do not want to waste people’s time. I will take one point you made. You said “only frightened republicans would twist Obama’s word into being about him.” This reminds me of when Obama supporters try to silence opposition by calling them r*cist. By labeling anyone who views Obama as presumptuous or arrogant a republican, you are trying to intimidate us from voicing this opinion. If being called a r*cist did not silence us, being called a republican won’t either.

    Soyousay, Confluence recently had an essay discussing how Obama supporters are trying to label those who call Obama presumptuous r*cist by suggesting that it presumptuous is a substitute for the word uppity which, according to Obama supporters, is a term some pre judice people use to belittle AA who are successful. Did you miss that post and the many comments it contained?

    Soyousay, I believe you are an Obama troll. You may or may not have supported Clinton in the primary. You would prefer to have Obama as President than McCain who you call a freaking disaster, a neanderthal, a jerk, and someone and who makes your stomach sick. Your vote is your own. No one is forcing you to vote for anyone. PUMA has never suggested people vote for McCain, it just happens that many will vote for McCain if Obama is the Democratic nominee. If Obama gets the nomination and McCain becomes the president, be sure to always have some saltine crackers on hand.

  250. I don’t remember the last time I was this angry about anything in politics. I’ve barely been able to contain my fury at the DNC and its policies that allow a candidate to give a bribe in order to get vote.

    Descriptive words like “whores” and “disgusted” don’t close to the contempt I feel for these superdelegates. Please see:


  251. just so you know, Obama’s people are praying for all of us Hillary supporters that we will see the light. They are actually having a prayer circle. I kid you not.


  252. jdona:

    I thought this was a joke! I visited the link . . . OMG this makes my hair hurt!!!!!!

  253. Idea! Visibility And More!!

    OK, let’s everyone who supports Hillary/McCain plant a victory garden if possible of red, white and blue (dark purple) flowers. Take pictures and let’s post them in one area, send to media, etc.

    If we can get permission to plant in visible areas (someone’s property on a corner or busy intersection) that would be great too.

    Any other places, feel free to mention.

    We could call it FLOWERS FOR AMERICA–Victory Garden and put Hillary/McCain signs in the gardens.

    We can say things like America is BEAUTIFUL not MEAN and anything else that the depressing Obama’s have said.

    If it turns out to be Obama instead of Hillary, change to McCain and if Hillary, change to Hillary.

    Blog this idea around everywhere. I am going to and send to the media, etc.!

    It would be great if you’d promote this idea everywhere!

    I think this might catch on and be in the media, etc.!


  254. what happen to the Calendar?????????????

  255. jdona, they dont realize that they are praying for Hillary to win the Nomination….because that is the only thing that will settle it for us 🙂

  256. I get email’s on articles from Human Events. I read those about Obama, because they have some good information. I just received one that is intresting. It is titled ” Barack Obama does not share the values of most black Americans” It is signed by Frances Rice, National black Republican Association. It shows Obama with a cigarette in his mouth and says that a radio ad and tv ad is coming out exposing how Obama
    obtained funding for a slum project in Chicago. Also footage from a Boston Globe’s interview of black Americans who condemn O for their rat and roach infested living conditions in the Chicago slum. If you want to check it out go to: www. humanevents.com I wonder if O is trying to change his name on the birth certificate now that he is in Hawaii. I know for a fact that he went to school there under the name of Barry Soetoro so I imagine that is what his birth certificate says but I do wonder where he was born!

  257. check out :


    Hope you can get the information I discuss in the above blog.

  258. Unable to make the Denver convention, but would like to see Puma’s well-represented? Donate freq flyer miles. Puma pac is trying to get all Pumas to Denver who are willing and able.
    Send them an email.

  259. Don’t you bafoons realize when you’re being USED? Why do you think Fox News wants to interview your creepy little group of losers?

    Seriously??? You people are comprised of a bunch of bitter old hags who won’t be content until you have destroyed our country by electing MCSAME and then as a result of your ignorant fight for a third republican term, having the nerve to tell the sane among us “we told you so”. Get a clue… HILLARY LOST BECAUSE THE MAJORITY OF DEMOCRATS IN THIS COUNTRY REALIZED THAT THE NATION AS A WHOLE WOULD NEVER VOTE FOR A MURDERING (VINCE FOSTER), LYING UNDER OATH (TRAVELGATE)MANIPULATIVE (COMMODITIES RIP-OFF)THIEF (WHITEWATER). Our nation has an oppportunity to finally turn the corner and address the issues of health care, womens rights, unjust wars and our economy and your answer is to stir it up enough to derail the whole thing. You all disgust me and if we lose the entire nation will blame you and Hillary for it, so you can kiss any future slim chance of Shrillary ever even being considered for anything, including dogcatcher.
    I know most of you are from McSames generation (70+) but a funny thing happened after 1964… the rest of the country realized that blacks are actually human beings. Wow! Regarding Senator Obama cheating in Fl and MI, YOUR candidate promised they wouldn’t count and supported that position UNTIL she realized she desperately needed to cheat her way to every single vote possible. I live in Michigan and did not vote because everyone, including Hillary said it wouldn’t count. What about MY disenfranchisement??? Oh, that’s right, you don’t care because I’m not an angry old bag supporting Hillary. Your double standards certainly bear a striking similarity to your EX candidate. Grow up MORONS!

  260. Will all you people get a freaking life?

  261. I wonder what it feels like to put this much effort into a cause that is going no where? Where was this group when George W. Bush STOLE the election from Al Gore in 2000? I am of age to remember the FEMALE VOICE during the 60’s that came to speak for itself against REAL gender injustices. The Civil Rights Movement allowed you to piggy back on it’s cause and a lost of social, economic and family causes were changed. Forty years later, you want to hitch your wagons to this MOVEMENT and cry the unfair to women saga tunes again.
    What makes you think that the change America seeks it less important? That a group(s) of women with low self worth, self pity, and grudges against the life they chose with the men they chose to make a life with are of any value than what is at steak in the country? IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU. Hilary used your self pity, and scorn to get votes when she knew she did not have a chance to win the primary votes. She USED the less informed to what she thought was her advantage, BUT SHE LOST. She is partly out of denial, Bill is still in denial, and you women are lost. So when health care and equal and fair rights are put in place by a Obama Presidency, take a pass on any improvement it may bring to you and your members sorry, pathetic lives.



  263. You are pathetic. I am a Democrat and a MAN that will not be voting for Obama. Your little rants against supporters of Hillary are not making any points. You actually think Obama is going to win this thing? Wow, how deluded you are. Hillary had a chance in November. If you actually wanted the Democrats to win, perhaps you should have used your brain. Good luck with all that.

  264. No Points? Let’s see.
    Point 1: Hillary agreed that Michigan and Florida would NOT count… Yes or No?

    Point 2: Hillary changed her mind only after realizing she didn’t have a chance of winning, wanting rules changed after the game was played. Yes or No?

    Point 3: I and many thousands like me did NOT vote in Michigan because Hillary and everyone else said it would not count. I was disenfranchised. Yes or No?

    Point 4: If your pathetic group represented more than the handful of brain-dead bitter lying, cheating scumbags that it in fact does represent, the whole nation would be held hostage to another Bush term with wars, anti-abortion christian fanatics, pay-offs to big oil and no healthcare. All in the name of what??? Some azzhole losers like you angry because you lost?

    Senator Obama won, fair and square and he will also win the General Election. When he does, as a matter of “principle”, be sure you and your bitter cronies do NOT take advantage of the benefits he delivers like healthcare.

  265. Votes were stolen from Clinton into Obama’s favor by the Democratic Party.
    He also got a considerable financial support on the side, and, as it seems, also not without some Party’s connections. His unjustified victory was bought for him, and sources of the money spent on his campaign had to be investigated long ago.
    Young voters (who so enthusiastically supported Obama in the beginning) just saw him as a rap music representative – their ideas do not go beyond this. However, it is not their fault: they’ve been raised without sufficient education in history, morality or culture by the society.
    As the results, we got a candidate with rather unclear past history, who is not an American, has warm spot for the Islamic terrorists, an arrogant “lecturer” with big ego and weak character. He is a major disaster!
    We will not vote for him – that’s for sure.
    Originally,we were not going to vote for the Republicans. Although we have nothing against McCain but his party caused us lots of troubles during its eight years of reign. However, if the tendency toward Obama start prevailing, we’ll have no other way as to vote for the Republicans.
    Help Hillary to become our Leader.

  266. Hello:

    As a back up to the Denver Convention I have declared myself

    an Independent and I will write Hillary in the Fall.

    Something to think about.

  267. This respond is for: Paul D. Aug. 14, 2008 at 7:26 p.m.
    You said: “Hillary lost, it just is never over with you guys. Grow up”.
    Well Paul I resent that because I am “all grown up” and that is precisely why I do NOT support your man Obama. Hillary did NOT loose, Obama was “selected & not elected”! And I am NOT over it because I am a woman that continues to believe in HONESTY. We know how Obama has made it this far, we know the “bull” behind this pony. We know that the DNC shoved Obama into our faces and they insist that we support and vote for your man. I am a Democrat all of my life but this is one time when Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, John Edwards, Ted Kennedy, and many other powerheads are NOT going to tell me how to vote!!!! I will be damn if their going to tell me how to think. I supported & volunteered for Clinton, because I believe in her abilities and experience. But what choices does she have now? She is backed up against the wall, but I will not allow them to BS me into voting for Obama. I sincerely do not feel that Obama has enough experience and his background has not convince me, certainly the word “change” is just not enough for me to believe his the right person for this great nation. I love this country and I love being an American, yes we need to “fix” many situations in our country but Obama lacks American roots.
    I don’t even like his “round symbol” where the American flag colors are represented, I like the good ole American flag and colors just as it is in the shape it should stay. “No changes”!!
    Yes I agree end the war, yes I agree fix the economy, yes I agree gas prices are too high, yes I agree fix health crisis, yes I agree the main language should be ENGLISH please, and yes I agree Bush has screwed up alot of things for our country.
    Peace to you all. I am going to support PUMA. NOBAMA for me!

    Texas supporter

  268. It’s not about Hillary

  269. Please watch and get a laugh


  270. Ed:

    I just watched the video . . . its terrific. One can tell that a lot of work and thought went into it.

  271. Obama: “Has he ever won an election without questionable events happening in his favor?”
    I know some of this has been mentioned in pieces on CNN and FOX, but I do not think it has been covered in its entirety, which could make it compelling. CNN has previously revealed how Obama won his Illinois State seat, when Alice Palmer was denied ballot entry due to signature irregularities, so he ran uncontested.
    Next, he won his present US Senate seat, when his Republican opponent Jack Ryan’s privately sealed divorce record somehow became public, forcing him to resign from the contest. This left Obama with a cakewalk victory, when Alan Keyes had to come in as a replacement candidate with no chance of winning.
    Finally in the Democratic Presidential primary, the DNC decided somehow to not have elections count at all in Michigan and Florida until the primary was over. This was done by the DNC, even though they could have had elections on the scheduled dates, but with 50% delegate penalties for each state. On top of this, the DNC and the Obama camp denied Florida and Michigan from having an opportunity to revote during the primary process. By negating these two states completely, which Clinton was quite likely to win, Clinton did not gain the momentum and victories going into Super Tuesday from the first election dates in these states primaries. Does anyone believe that the DNC didn’t know that Clinton was favored in these states while making their “Howard Dean” decisions? The rest is history, for now.

  272. Hillary won Okla. 51-31 Blitzer asked the Gov. after he endorsed Obama ,shouldn.t he adhere to the will of the voters in his state.He stated as a superdel. he has the right to vote the way he feels

  273. Blah Blah Blah — Nothing to see here.

    (Edited by Site Moderator)

  274. I have supported Hillary Clinton from the beginning, and at one time thought that a “Clinton-Obama” ticket would be a “dream ticket.” However, the longer the primary went, and the more I saw and heard from Obama, the more I realized just how arrogant, and immature he is. Now, we have the “big mouth Biden,” who has tried for years to worm his way into the White House. A ticket with two egotistical men. I will NEVER vote for Obama-Biden. You can take that to the bank. Also, Obama didn’t have to “steal or buy” this election. MSNBC gave him a virtual free running campaign commercial for months on end. Their “talking heads” would almost salivate every time they got to say Obama’s name. I am so disgusted right now.

    Toni Scurlock

  275. Obama did exactly what Hillary did and that was campaign. He did nothing out of the ordinary. I think either candidate would have represented the country just fine. America’s problem is that a lot of us sit back and criticize and don’t get involve. Hillary and Barack are the closest to decency that this country has seen in a long time. They are not perfect (neither one), but I for the most part they represent the country well.

    I refuse to support any candidate that continues the same policies as the Bush Administration. I am not so self righteous that I look for things like whether Barack brushes his teeth before washing his face, and that is the kind of semantics I see in this blog.

  276. Blah Blah Blah — Nothing to see here.

    (Edited by Site Moderator)

  277. Blah Blah Blah — Nothing to see here.

    (Edited by Site Moderator)

  278. Blah Blah Blah — I got nuthin’

    (Edited by Site Moderator)

  279. Blah Blah Blah

    (Edited by Site Moderator)

  280. Blah Blah Blah — I got nuthin’

    (Edited by Site Moderator)

  281. Blah Blah Blah — Nothing to see here.

    (Edited by Site Moderator)

  282. Blah Blah Blah.

    (Edited by Site Moderator)

  283. Blah Blah Blah — I’m as dumb as dirt.

    (Edited by site moderator)

  284. hardly a democratic site….you should move to Cuba or Russia where you could still work on your fake tan and fake teeth.

    karma…karma…you’ll get yours.

    you are one scary person….lets see you run for office. LOL.

  285. what’s the matter…are you the poor little rich girl? what happens when you really don’t get your way?

  286. florida, florida, florida…you rigged the election for bush……you are nasty.

  287. Oh Nancy:

    so obvious that you delete what you don’t like,….please leave this country and go where there is a dictatorship…..try Darfur and see how they respond to your dislikes then get back to us.

  288. you obviously don’t love this country; you are nothing but a hypocritical loser who cares nothing about Hillary Clinton.

  289. I see we delete what we don’t agree with. Now that is very Republican.

  290. If anyone has any doubts about what this site is all about–a Republican attack plan–take a look at the editing of so many postings by the administrator–from thoughtful comments to “blah, blah, blah.” Karl Rove is in this site somewhere.


  291. I hope you all fall on your face when Obama gets the nomination. Hillary Clinton was and is a lying and coniving person. She did not deserve the nomination in the least bit. All of you who will not vote Obama and may possibly let one such as Mccain in the White House are a waste of mass and would be better off …..

  292. In response to the Blog’s title…it’s neither. For those who are willing to learn the truth and can accept it, I suggest going to the following link for the full story. (in a downloadable PDF)


  293. Or, perhaps, in the minds of all those people who voted for him and campaigned for him, and in the minds of unbiased and fair Americans…he WON them? What a reactionary title.

  294. Obama picks a vp that could not even get 1 state and he looks past Clintons 18 M? I’m saying no to Obama/Bidenladen and casting for McCain.
    Here is the best for America: McCain/Clinton.

  295. I am NOT voting for Obama and not voting for McCain. I will vote for Hillary – writing in her name.

    I will not be told who to vote for as it is MY right to choose and I didn not choose Obama. Plain and simple. Please, everyone for Hillary, write in her name on the ballot.

  296. Dolores made the most intelligent statement on this blog, “I am NOT voting for Obama and not voting for McCain. I will vote for Hillary – writing in her name.” I wish the rest of you WOULD do the same. This country originally belonged to Indians but we’ve never had an indian president. Many other races have tried and had their rights stolen also. Now that a black man wants to be president, all of America (black, white, & other) is at arms. Can’t we all just get along. Haven’t your mother’s taught you anything, if you don’t have anything nice to say, just SHUT THE HELL UP, just like youre quiet while millions starve in america every year, like you do while millions of children recieve inadequate education, like you do while all these storms are raging and various other natural disasters are occurring all around us. If you all want to get together to form a party and website to highlight current issues, why not use your energy to help those that can’t help themselves and show those that can, how they can help themselves to a better AMERICA. I am a white American that work everyday, pay taxes, pay my bills and have been hit by Fay. I don’t see anyone getting together to talk about helping one another other than BARAK OBAMA, SO WHERE I WOULD HAVE VOTED FOR MCCAIN, I AM NOW VOTING FOR OBAMA!

  297. Dolores:

    If writing Hillary’s name in would elect her president, I would gladly do it. Unfortunately, the rules vary from state to state as to whether of not write-ins of this type count. In some states they mean little or nothing!

    There is a website completely devoted to that topic where you can check to see if a write in vote in your state would count.

    Also, as it currently stands, write-in Hillary votes are little more than protest votes since there wouldn’t be enough to get the 270 electoral votes.

    Absent Hillary, my vote for McCain, is because I feel he is qualified to run this country and Obama is not.

    I wish it were different!!!!

  298. Important Question–Does Obama have a degree in Constitutional Law? Is that what he went to Harvard for? Did he become a lawyer? Did he pass the bar? If, it’s true, it seems like Obama wanted to be inside Washington early on with his choice of this type of major or a Professor. However, it seems to me that he had an agenda early on. Was he a teacher? If, so for how long? The real problem with Obama goes past experience…He is THE INVISIBLE CANDIDATE. He made sure he had no record of any substance. (100+ times voted absent) I believe he’s paralyzed by analysis. He doesn’t want to be accountable for anything. He wears to many hats and has changed positions too many times.
    Ralea 9

  299. [Comment Replaced by Site Administrator]

    Coming to The Confluence and posting lies about what we stand for is a waste of your time and ours.

  300. Hello:

    This morning I called Mr. Berg to verify that he has filed a motion in the District Court of Pennsylvania and it has been accepted by the Court, that Obama is not a citizen of the United States and therefore cannot run as President. So I don’t have to worry about who I should vote for or whether my vote will count. Obama will have to be eliminated for not telling the truth and cheating the american public and Hillary will be in, in November and we will vote for her.

    You can visit obamacrimes.com

  301. WAIT, I’M A PUMA!
    As a younger voter I was so excited about HILLARY. I waited for her to run.

    I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHY WE (PUMA) ARE SMEARING OBAMA ON OUR SITE. I’m not sure who I’m voting for, probably staying home (any imput on this)?

    But, I don’t want to partake in Smearing Obama and Biden. I’m from Pa. BIDEN I know is a good man.


    “Vote Hillary for Senate Majority Leader”


  303. ARE YOU NUTS? I worked for her in Scranton!
    I cried when she lost!
    What the hell is wrong for saying we should not act like little girls BUT STRONG AMERICAN WOMEN..


  304. Hello:

    Has anyone got any info whether the post I posted re Obama not being a citizen is for real? As I said I did confirm with Mr. Berg, the attorney in Philly, if he filed the motion and he said yes and it was accepted by the courts, and obama’s camp was notified..

    If anyone knows any different I would like to hear from you so I don’t have false hopes.

    thank you,

  305. This just in from Attorney Phil Berg:

    ” just received confirmation that the DNC and Senator Obama were in fact served today, 09/04/2008. The DNC was served at noon and Senator Obama was served at 1:00 p.m. All Defendants have now been served so the case can proceed.”

    go to: http://www.obamacrimes.com

  306. Please look at this site and spread the word to everyone:

  307. Check out this book: The case against Barack Obama by Freddosso – just started reading it, needless to say BO is not the good guy….well, no surprise here.

    While not voting helps to put the White house out of his reach, voting McC/P just pushes it a bit further away! Simple math! Do I agree with Palin – no. I am pro-choice, gay marriage, anti-guns, not religious, but you will never agree with somebody on everything, but the R ticket has more integrity then BO could wish for in his wildest dreams, EVER. So PUMAs and Caribous unite and shred the Bambi into pieces – don’t you love wild life?!

  308. Ths just in, this article was suspicously removed from Times UK


    the dems and moving towards the republicans! ha!!

  309. I have heard enough of obama’s physcho-babble.

    he is going down!!!!

  310. Steedeo:

    I happened across this site a short time ago. I remember this article. Thanks for heads-up I will make sure I have a copy.

  311. I’m a whiny obamabot…..WAAAHHHHH!!! ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!!

  312. Another bank Wychovia went down this morning,
    citibank bought it.

    The reason why they are not telling the public why if they don’t vote for this what will happen is because the Deomocratic party committed fraud, and they are not going to admit to that. They just want to fix it.

    I suggested to the Whitehouse that they get outside help from some of the best financial minds in the country and have a think tank but I can see now that they do not want to reveal that they are responsible and they committed fraud. What made it worse was both Clinton and McCain tried to stop this in 2004, and put regulation back on fannnie mae and freddie mac.

    I think this is more serious than we are realizing because cnn who are stupid to convey anything and the world economy is also affected. If someone out there who is a friend of bin landen does something to manipulate this situation we are going down. They are signing this bill 161 pages if you care to go through it (http://www.financialservices.house.gov) online but if one was to read it, would it make sense. NO They need a financial analyst who can look at it and do the right thing.

    One fellow was on CNN yesterday and he said they are putting money in from the top when in reality they should be putting money in from the bottom which makes more sense. Even getting help from our millionaires who offer to buy this paper useless loans would help. I fear they are going about this all the wrong way.

    God help us!!!!!

  313. Why aren’t Pelosi, Reid, Frank, and Dodd in orange jump suits? CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the faux news gang have pretty much given the Dem’s a pass on the financial debacle.

    While I’m at it. Pelosi has failed the leadership test, today. Here’s the bottom line, todays vote wasn’t close and she should have known that going in. My God, close to 100 Dem’s voted “no” and she blames the GOP!

    Here’s a tip Nancy, you don’t play partisan politics just before a critical vote is needed and expect to carry the day.
    I called her a Putz, weeks ago. I was too kind!

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