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Afternoon Tiramisu for the 18 Million

This song was featured in a post on Saturday but quickly scrolled off the screen.  Imagine my delight when I found that a Hillary fan had done a video using it.  I’d love to see a new video featuring “the nations dreamers” and the “sons and daughters” that are the PUMAs.

I nominate this as our theme song.  Do I hear any seconds?

108 Responses

  1. Madame Chairman, I second the nomination!

  2. I wholeheartedley second this song!!!!

  3. I vote for this song.

  4. What a moving video! That was just the spark I needed! Thanks!

  5. Third, fouth and fifth that nomination.

  6. (tears)

    Oh, Riverdaughter — that’s beautiful! But, so sad. So Sad.

  7. And oh, yes — I’ll second the nomination!

  8. Riverdaughter, I cannot stop the tears from flowing. The song and video is too touching. Why are we asked to settle for the generic brand when all along we the top of the line?

    And yes, please, I absolutely agree to the theme song. Let the River Run! I just wish I could hold back my heartache right now.

  9. Yes absolutley! Another video was done on hillaryspeaksforme.com using the same music… it was beautiful back when it first came on line!

    This was the theme song for Working Girl staring Melanie Griffin! it was the final song in the film when Melanie sat triumphantly in her new executive office!

    It could be our song when Hillary sits triumphantly in he new Oval Office-if they are real nice and apoligize enough maybe Obama Dean and Brazile will be invited ofer for cookies!

    RD you have a winner!


  10. nagh-It should be a cold day in hell before Donna see’s the inside of the Oval office-


  11. Just for the record: I will no longer watch another Hillary video. For one, I look like a racoon with the mascara running down my face, and two, I feel like something wonderful has been snatched from my life. So going forward: I will accept the word of anyone who does have the fortitude to view them. It just kills me each and every time. She is truly a beautiful soul!

  12. I want our Gal!

    She is so purrrrrrrrrrrty!

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

  13. You know, I don’t see this as a sad video. I am very inspired by it. The song is saying “Let all the dreamers wake the nation”. That’s US, guys. We are the dreamers and it’s our responsibility to wake the nation. The voters are not sold on Obama. The signs of it are everywhere in the news. The Obamaphiles are on the verge of pissing a lot more people off if they don’t at least publicly offer the VP position to Hillary. The medis might pooh-pooh it but when your own party flips you the bird, it is really hard as a voter to “get over it”. I think a lot of Hillary supporters resigned themselves to Obama thinking that there was a UNITY ticket in it. But if it turns out that Obama really does pick Kaine, there goes the pro-choice arguments. And the European road trip didn’t turn out like he planned. He is sinking in the polls.
    We are not voting for him in November and the sooner we can “wake the nation” and tell others that they are not alone, the sooner we can have the Obamaphiles trembling in their Gucci’s.

  14. Folks, I’m just in tears over here. I should have done more. I should have given more. I gave money, I talked to people, but it wasn’t enough. I am so angry with myself. I should have done more. I should have done more.

  15. If anyone thinks of making a PUMA CD with with PUMA songs, can I nominate this one:

    Abe Messiah – The Tribe

    Liberty, this is our destiny,
    Liberty, this is our destiny,
    As long as were keeping our dignity,
    As long as were keeping our pride,

    We can all build a new history,
    We can all build a new history,
    Feeling something has set me free,
    Knowing I belong in the tribe, (PUMA)

    I believe in you and I,
    That together were theguiding light…

    Abe Messiah Eeya,
    I’ll be here for you night and day,
    Abe messiah Eeya,
    Ohh Just look this way…

    I can dream my heart is telling me,
    I can dream my heart is telling me,
    I have seen this new world or love and peace,
    I have breathed the air of life.

    We’ve arrived and can do anything,
    We’ve arrived and can do everything,
    Now’s the time for us to celebrate,
    Now’s the time to be alive.

    I believe in you and I,
    That together were the guiding light…

    Abe Messiah Eeya,
    I’ll be here for you night and day.
    Abe messiah Eeya,
    Ohh Just look this way…

    Ooh just look this way…

    Abe Messiah Eeya,
    I’ll be here for you night and day,
    Abe messiah Eeya,
    Ohh Just look this way…

  16. Magdalena: This is not over yet. Before the convention, I want to make them regret they ever took us for granted.

  17. did everyone donate for the “dinner with Hillary”? THAT would be a treat…although it seems like its going to be right before the convention….OMG..what if it was during the convention….free ticket inside, and sorry Hillary, I’m making some noise!!!

  18. magdalena, mawm says that to me sometimes, but I don’t think its fair to beat yourself up like that. They gamed the system…we played fair.. they’re the ones to blame…

  19. Magdalena, on July 29th, 2008 at 6:44 pm

    I don’t watch Hillary videos anymore. They are too sad.

  20. The video itself is not sad, it is the lost opportunity that is on display. The verbal beatings she took, the derision she had to endure, the meanspirited way she was portrayed. To see this lovely woman who gave and gave and gave to be overtaken by the like of a Barack Obama is appalling.

    The vindication will come in November when the majority of active voters reject him outright. Him along with the corrupt DNC who could have, but chose not to, stand beside and behind the best candidate to appear on the political landscape in a long time.

  21. YES! I love this song!

  22. RD you are so right she will remake america so that we can see and achieve the potential that our founding fathers and mothers believed in! I am so inspired by this video Pat!

    Remember it aint over until the Puma’s say it is!

    HILLARY 2008-Dump Obama in Denver elect a real Democrat now!!!

    remember-Dump Obama in Dever and we win in November!

  23. Thanks, guys. I have to leave now and have dinner with someone, and my face looking like this, too . . .

    I just can’t shake this feeling I really let her down. I’ll check back in later when I’m not so messed up.

    Head up, chin up, onward.

  24. Magdalena: The fix was in for his nomination long before you and any of us realized it. As gary said, it was gamed from the beginning. And no one with any balls stood up and said as much. That’s what makes it so galling! They stood there like lemmings hoping for a miracle than never came.

    Hopefully, that will come in Denver. I want to believe.

  25. It ain’t over till we say it’s over! Remember that! Because we ARE the millions that we have been waiting for to right this injustice!

    We will have our cake and eat their’s also.

    And because I just have to:

    Punishment, Retribution and Reform 2008

  26. Sometime to cheer you up a bit after the poignant video….I just came back from the drug store where I was befriended by a fiesty senior lady who informed me that Obama was losing ground to McCain the the polls because he was a “slip-slopper.”

  27. Magdelena- we are going to win and we will have the last word…

    Remember the words of the great and insperational Dr Maya Angelou-

    “Rise Hillary Rise!”

    You are our candidate we will never abandon you not to the ends of the world!


  28. “slip slopper” – I love it.

  29. I see Ed on the video. Where is he?

  30. My very favorite Hillary video thus far.

    She is beautiful. Thanks Hillary for what you did for all of us.


    Unfortuantely it is not that Hillary lost, the truth is how she lost. I want JUSTICE! I want only Hillary, never Obama. McCain will get my vote instead.

  32. Pat Johnson, on July 29th, 2008 at 6:51 pm

    For it to happen someone in the Democratic party has to grow a spine and I would really prefer it if it were an African American senator.

  33. The senator you refer to is spineless, no doubt about it. He has managed to throw any “impediment” he sees along the side of the road in order to reach his goal. My hope is that enough people see through this and reject him as easily as he had rejected everyone else.

    “Vindication is mine!” sayeth the PUMAs.

  34. I tenth the vote. Thanks RD, I loved it and the video. I got kinda teary. America really lost out here. Too bad.

  35. Okie Dokey since RD obviously took out stock in Kleenix this afternoon – do not watch this video unless you have some major drugs on hand!

    This is what the world is getting ready to lose if people don’t get it right – a loss greater than Elvis, Lennon, Princess Diana – the opportunity to make the most profound difference in world.

    I call for Punishment, Retribution and Reform 2008

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

  36. Michele Obama just sent me a plea for a donation some one suggest how I should answer-going to dinner now will ck back for some help on this….


  37. I do believe I have secured our sleeping arrangements for the Denver Convention:


  38. Yes I vote for that song.
    Pat Johnson
    When you see videos of Senator Clinton, look at her eyes.
    There is such life there, all emotions but mostly Joy. and Love for people and America.
    She will never be down and out.
    She makes people want to be better and believe that they can be better
    That quality will never be lost or forgotten.



  39. I’ll pass. I am too much of a blubbering fool right now.

  40. Helen just started my waterworks up again. Oh my God I am useless!

  41. michael P Varvel, on July 29th, 2008 at 7:14 pm

    “i will have to think about it”

  42. Pat – Eddy says you have to watch the last video I posted. He will be with you in spirit – He loves her the most!

  43. Carol: &&&%$#@!!!!!!!!!!!! *&^)(!!!!!!

  44. Pat
    I did not mean to make you cry.
    Senator Clinton has such a presence that she will outshine the so called New democratic party.
    If God wills that she should not be president at this time that does not rule out the future.
    Look what she can accomplish until the right time.




  45. Love it. A woman of substance, excellence and character.

  46. helen: Your words were so touching it just made me weep. I just watched the video that Carol presented and I am like one big puddle here. One of my kids just came over to mow the lawn, took one look, and patted me on the back. It was just enough reason to start another spurt. Don’t mind me, your words were lovely.

  47. I eleventh the motion!

    Let the RiverDaughter run!
    Let Hillary run!

    Please God. I’ll be good. I mean it this time.

  48. Obama was quoted as saying: When I am president I will cram immigration reform down the throats of the American public.” Lovely. He will do and say anything. Disgusting.

  49. In case you haven’t seen this:
    Debbie Bartoshevich, the former Democratic delegate from Wisconsin who was stripped of her convention credentials for being a Hillary supporter who vowed to vote for McCain if Obama was given the nomination. She says she’s finished with the Democratic Party. So sad:

  50. Amen. I nominated that song during her campaign song contest. Wow, those were heady days. I really miss her. We can not let up. I was telling a colleague at lunch a nice young guy who likes Obama that I was always a democrat but not any more. After the way this went down and some other more personal reasons….well, I’m now PUMA>

  51. Guess who’s going to dinner (hopefully).


    DATE: July 29, 2008 7:36 PM EDT
    NAME: SophieL
    AMOUNT: $20.08


  52. I like the video, the song and the emotion.

    Could this kitty be our mascot??


  53. That anyone could ever cheat this woman is “inconceivable”.

  54. Call 911 for the World – We have been robbed!

  55. Over at Corrente, a new term has been coined: FKD (Formerly Known as Democratic) Party.

  56. Is PUMA Pac down?? I can’t access.

  57. The song is perfect. Now I can wipe the tears off and agree with Magdalena that I too should have done more. I could have talked to more democrats. I could have screamed louder.

    Maybe it will all work out in the end. She connected with a lot of Americans. We will have another chance to fight for her.

  58. Jmac we are still fighting. It ain’t over until we say it is over!

  59. I was ready to let the waterworks flow but instead found myself moving to the wonderful beat and smiling ear to ear.

    Like Hillary, it is an uplifting song and I “mpth” the motion (whichever number it is).

    Ah, also got the invitation to dinner. Hopefully there will be a long, looooooong table sitting a bunch of PUMA winners ready to raise…Hil!

  60. Pat – have you recovered yet! I had to watch it again.

  61. Hi gqm!

    FKD – how perfect!

  62. hey jjm,
    How are ya? The weather today hasn’t been very cooperative with my marathon training schedule. Sigh.

  63. Loved the video.
    Also love the phrase, “Thank you, Senator Clinton, we’ll take it from here.”
    Both move me to tears.
    But I prefer the phrase “Freaking Knucklehead Democrats.”

  64. Hell yeah, I second it.

  65. Hey, it turns out that Carly Simon is a Hillary Fan! In my fantasies, Carly donates an ad to PUMAPac and rerecords the song with new footage from the campaign to show just how many potential PUMAs there are.

  66. This is great! I LOVE the song, I LOVE the video and I LOVE the synchronicity!

  67. Freaking Knucklehead Democrats. Okay, josgirl, you got me there. But shouldn’t it be “Frequent Knucklehead…”?

    Just asking.

    RD is right—it’s over when we say it’s over.

    Carol and Michael, when does the “I’m Having Dinner With Hillary” fundraising begin? Let’s retire the debt because mmoney talks and bullshit can’t even dance.

    How’s our usual Friday evening Bacchanal?

    I will check in later—got to go to the farmer’s market.

  68. P.S. RD, your girl-crush on Carly Simon is shared.

  69. I love the Carly Simon song as well. The link to the Rocky soundtrack was excellent. Check out the video to “Eye of the Tiger,” with Hillary talking about what she wants to do.

  70. Ohio, I wanted to say to use another “f” word, but we’re in mixed company.

  71. damn, that video is definitely a tear-jerker – tears of joy at the sight of her (it *is* a joyous song, a favorite of mine); but in sadness, too, for all we and our country lose if Denver doesn’t turn out well. And just because she’s so amazing and dear.

    Hillary, Rise!

    thanks for posting it, RD.

  72. Uhg. McCain isn’t making this easy. Can we push for the greens? Or, shudder, Nader?

  73. Thank you for posting this video. The song is beautiful and resonates with many of us who loved the movie too. I think that the tide *is* turning and it is not the time to go wobbly. PUMA is just the tip of the iceberg. I know many women who never blog and haven’t heard of PUMA, who are depressed about the election because they are afraid that BO is inevitable from watching MSM. They feel invisible and maybe they are, but they won’t be in November. They are hoping against hope that there will be a turnaround in Denver. That is the hope they are holding on to. Many of them are centrist and will not have a problem voting for McCain (although they would love Hillary), and some have been Democrats all their lives but view BO as the candidate of bullying brats and just won’t be persuaded. They have made up their minds, but they feel alone. They are always delighted to hear about PUMA!

  74. It feels as as*backwards as 2004. what the hell have we just done?!!!!
    We had the leader of a lifetime right in front of us. A woman
    that would fight tooth and nail for average americans but the
    idiotic fr*ckin college kids and liberal elites believed that obama
    was going to lead them to a new world. (one that they can’t even describe
    i might add). god, it’s heart breaking.
    I was at a party the other night and another woman was shocked to hear i didn’t support Obama. I rattled off a bit of his nonexistent record and his recent votes and statements throwing core dem values “under the bus”. she said “gosh i didn’t know all that. i just read the new york times. He does give great speeches and that’s important. Plus, it’ll be fun to watch all the racists heads explode when if wins.”
    That’s it folks. that’s why they went for him. speeches and “it’d be cool to vote for the black guy”.

  75. I’m Having Dinner with Hillary

    Date: July 29, 2008 8:20 PM EDT
    Amount: $20.08

    you guys hurry up – it says “those who contribute TODAY”.

    you snooze, you lose.

  76. This is beautiful! Thanks RD!

    I 100th the motion. The perfect song and video.

    I am welling up with emotion too. How could anyone look at this woman and see someone evil, someone to be despised and abused? How could anyone hate a person whose goodness radiates from her like light?

    It is so horrible what has been done to her by her OWN PARTY. She gave them decades of service, and for her efforts was tossed aside like trash.

    Yet she herself would never put it like that. She would say that she is blessed to serve us. Her strength is incredible.

    My Lord, I miss her so much. I know we may not succeed, but d&mmit, I am going to do everything I can to get her to realize that she is the leader we need in these difficult times.

    PUMAs and Bubbas rule! (helen – I love your signature! I’m borrowing it!)

  77. Oh, RD, beautiful video, and the song is one of my favorites! I cried all the way through! I’m still grieving! These last months have been so hard.

    I love Hillary and all of you for your courage and your perseverance.

    Rise Hillary Rise!

  78. RD, It is very inspirational and i too, don’t think it’s sad!!
    I too needed this today because I’m ready to just quit this whole thing! It’s as if BO is already the President and it’s a done deal. I am at the point where i just want to leave this country, because I feel that I hardly recognize it anymore. And the more I hear about the corruption in this country, the more I want to get out and leave it all behind.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m just tired right now. Keep writing RD, I look to you for inspiration.
    What a great video, with Carly singing over it.

  79. I just went over to read something at digby per all of the previous positive comments about her site .

    The 2nd short paragraph I started to read was regarding the earthquake my son was in today. No one was really hurt that I have heard about, but it did disturb a lot of people today as they were running and trying to get out of buildings, gas pipes broken, water pouring into some streets, phone lines down, accidents, streets opened up, ………………. not to mention the time taken away from productive work.

    My niece was in northern California and her 11 month old was about 20 miles from the epicenter with her grandmother. She couldn’t get through on her cell phone to her mother and daughter, so she called me in Texas to check on her cousin, my son, and to see if I could get her mother on the phone. It was pretty disturbing for the 10 minutes or more that we didn’t know exactly where the epicenter was and the strength. It turns out there was a lot of shaking, furniture moving around, but my great niece was safe once she was grabbed out of her nap although she screamed for about 30 minutes while she hung out in the open street with her grandmother in the heat and sun with nothing to drink.

    The point of my story is this: digby was very condescending that the media was reporting what she declared was a non-event. She was safe, the dog and spouse didn’t even wake up. The clincher was when she surmissed that this non event was only being reported was because she guessed ‘no white women missing.’

    I believe it is best that no one return to her site because it is obvious she doesn’t get what the word “r*cist” really means. I suggest she look into the mirror. Maybe she can share one with BO or MO.

    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008

  80. RD Said: Hey, it turns out that Carly Simon is a Hillary Fan!

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

    I love it when my loves love each other! (Like the thrill I got when Elton did a benefit for Hillary in Radio City, which was not as big as the thrill I got when I score tickets and held them in my hot little hands!!!)

  81. Jesus, can we have Hillary back now? I second, third and fourth the nomination. Damn it! Let the river run!

  82. Katiebird has a new post up!

  83. hey, dinner with Hillary sounds fantastic. What is the money for her Senate reelection?

    Is it for the Prez race? Is this a sign it aint over yet? Please Lord.

  84. I’m nearly always late ti the party. But I so wanted to comment on the song and the video.
    With tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat, the song, the singer and the Candidate – all my most favorite. I agree with SophieLabout Elton, too.
    And Peggy Sue, I hope Jesus hears you – and me – and the rest of us.

    Rise Hillary Rise !

  85. “Thank you, Senator Clinton, we’ll take it from here.”
    sob. sniff.

    Fatally Kooky Democrats.—wait, aren’t we “formally known as Democrats” too?

  86. GQ, marathon training? I guess that blows our night of debauchery.

  87. If HRC does not get the nomination, I sincerely hope that McCain takes on Karl Rove as SUPER SPECIAL campaign advisor. The Dems really need a category 7, prolonged quake!

  88. Hi Joanie!

  89. OK, I’m back and have dried my tears. The Margaritas helped. And I am firmly resolved:

    I will work my ass off for my candidate from now on. I hope it is Hillary, still. I still hope she will allow that. But if, someday, it is someone she inspired, I will work my ass off for them.

    I will not let this or any other incredible, competent, deserving woman slip through my fingers again.

    I will be ready for the cheats, the misogynists, the liars.

    I will be the one-person juggernaut I already should have been.

    I will rise and I will raise others with me.

    And I will raise f’cking hell.

  90. Carol .. that is as low .. really scraping the barrel , re: Digby ..

  91. RD,
    Thank you for that video.
    I teared up like I am sure alot of viewers did.
    But I can’t look back too much, because there is still so much yet to happen in this election.

    “For every one who’s ever stumbled, and been counted out…”

    Fight PUMA’s!

  92. Magdalena – honestly what more could we do ??

    we were fighting the press, the dnc , the rulz , the blogger boyz , caucuses .. sheeesh the rbc – the super delegates – what have I missed .. ??

    it was a stacked deck .

  93. Briana, I have no doubt you and many others here and elsewhere did enough and everything possible. I am saying that *I* didn’t do enough, didn’t do everything I could have. I’m still trying to figure out why. I don’t know if and in fact doubt that it would have made a difference if I had, given everything you (rightly) list. I am simply amazed at myself, that, given who I am, I didn’t do more. That’s all. It’s probably also the dedication I have found on this site that has awakened this feeling in me.

  94. I love the song & video!

  95. Okay, I ‘m not one of those people who cries at the drop of a hat, but this is killing me.
    She really got us didn’t she? She somehow knows or remembers what it’s like to work for a living and all the worry and uncertainty that’s involved. How much we care about Iraq and justice for all, but how that pales next to making sure that our babies have doctors and food to eat.
    And, oh my, how hard she worked and works.
    The indefatigable, the indomitiable and irreplaceable Hillary Clinton.
    And, yes, the song is perfect.

  96. People…what would it take to become the Third party… Puma Party?

  97. I miss her so much.

    It’s all a surreal nightmare.

    The scene that always gets me, and I’ve seen it in another video, is the one when she is listening to a woman talk about a health crisis of some kind. As she finishes, Hillary reaches out to her, and the look that comes over her face is heartbreaking–pure empathy and compassion. She is trying to keep her composure. That one moment, for me, perfectly captures who Hillary really is. All this insane demonizing of this beautiful woman with a huge heart and breathtaking intelligence.

    I am beyond sad. I am also furious.

  98. I have to say that, for inspiration, I look no further than the Eurythmics & Aretha Franklin’s “Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves.”

    I can’t tell you how often I’ve thought of this song since the primaries began.

    23 years after it was released, it’s still inspiring. And I’m a man.

  99. AOf all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these ” It might have been”

    Edna St Vincent Millay

    (or very close to what she wrote…)

  100. I miss her too….and am angry and heartbroken that we have to choose between these two schmucks for president…


  101. OK, now that I’m done copiously sobbing,I second the song. Can we have Hillary back now?

  102. I love this…. i second the nomination… and for the parting shot for the DNC I like Wooden Ships , because they dont need us …beautiful song RD

  103. Glad I’m not the only one crying all over my keyboard!

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  105. This would be a great song to play at the convention rally on a bull horn…make it fun. That would be attractive! sniffle..we need Hillary. Knot in stomach.

  106. Great song, yes I agree, should be the theme song.

  107. That song is the perfect PUMA song! And that video is wonderful!!!

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