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Monday: Big O and the Obots

Is the crowd real or CGI enhanced?

Q: Is the crowd real or CGI enhanced?

A-Haa!  The truth comes out.  The best way to get HUGE numbers of young enthusiastic people to turn out to an Obama rally is to lure them with that rock-n-roll, bratwurst and beer.  From gateway pundit comes a description of how they did it:

OBAMA Lures Massive German Crowd With Rock Bands, Brats & Beer!


The choreographed Obamapalooza Tour 2008 continues in Berlin today complete with with rock bands, beer and brats.
Oh… And, German campaign flyers.

But remember- It’s not a political rally.
The German newspaper Berliner Morganpost reported on the rally today (translated):

The speech will begin clock to 19 and up about 20 clock time. Admission to the event area is from 16 clock. At 16 clock begins the inlet to Obama spectacle on the streets of the 17th June. For the spectators, the further back have been enlarged picture screens.

To the waiting time of up to the speech of the presidential candidates to shorten a second stage built on the musical framework programme to take place. The German Reggeasänger Patrice and the German pop band Reamonn 17.30 from occur there. Before and during the breaks, the British disc jockey Mantu.

Snack and drink stalls are also up – the area is converted Fabnmeile-Obama.

Hat Tip Dan

To many of you, this is old news, especially to those of you living in the Portland area where it was done before the Oregon primary and THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of Sports Illustrated Sweimsuit Models with PhDs in Architecture paddled their kayaks to a different Obama rally:

From CNN to the New York Times, the media hyped Barack Obama’s Portland, Oregon rally on Sunday, some comparing him to a rock star.

Unmentioned in national reporting was the fact that Obama was preceded by a rare, 45-minute free concert by actual rock stars The Decemberists. The Portland-based band has drawn rave reviews from Rolling Stone magazine, which gave their 2005 album Picaresque four and a half stars (out of five), and another four and a half stars for 2007’s The Crane Wife.

Now, as we mentioned before, two points are probably sufficient data for a biologist to draw a conclusion but we chemists need at least three. Fortunately for us, we may already have a third point. It’s called Invesco Field. How do you get 80,000 ordinary people into a stadium to spend some time with a bunch of political types? Think about it. What would it take to get *us* to spend time listening to Barack Obama, I mean, without earplugs and dramamine? The only thing that would get me in there is a Broncos game, U2 or Bruce Springsteen. I’m guessing the Broncos aren’t playing; I’m going with Bruce. Or the Dixie Chicks, whose normally astute Natalie Mains has donated to Obama. (I’m burning their songs on my iPhone.)

But why does Obama have to bribe voters in Oregon and the newly created congressional district of Berlin to get people to come and cheer for him? Did JFK or Reagan have to do that? Why isn’t his amazing record and speechmaking enough? (Don’t answer that) Or maybe it’s because his whole persona is a manufactured one, conjured up by some Madison Avenue type to meet a demand that did not exist before this election season. And if the demand isn’t really there then co-marketing and tie-ins and special bonus offers are necessary to entice the disinterested.

He’s like Teddy Ruxpin, Cabbage Patch Dolls and pet rocks. Artificially animated, oversold and useless.

Can we have Hillary back now?

220 Responses

  1. The Media is evil. Their owners have only one concern, to get us to buy their sponsors crap. The media has determined that Obama will help them make more money off of us, and will help us to accept, nuclear power, corn ethanol, privatization of social security, and health care status quo.

  2. Can someone tell me again the difference between a roll call vote and putting her name in nomination?

  3. It is so frustrating, isn’t it! Such a phony!

    masslib – Iheidi li and the denver group blog talk about the difference.


  4. I might need the dramamine for nausea, but I am sure I could sleep without it.

    Can we have Hillary Back Now?

    Punishment, Retribution, Reform 2008

  5. Masslib: go to Heidi Li’s Potpourri for the complete explanation but a brief summary is that any candidate can have his or her name on the ballot but only the votes for candidates whose names are placed in nomination count. Everyone elses votes are merely recorded as “present”. So, if the DNC and Donna B manage to prevent Hillary’s name from being nominated, then any delegate in CA, NJ, NY, MA, AZ, FL, MI, OH, PA, WV, KY and any other big D and swing state where she won huge or decisive victories will be completely nullified. THAT was the whole purpose of withholding FL and MI until they could be manipulated to extract *just* enough votes for him to wrap it up. They were withheld in order to minimize the effect of the bigger states that would go for Clinton in the convention. See? Doesn’t it all make sense now? If you live in a coastal state or a reliably blue state, your vote has been “normalized”. The only ones that count this year are the ones that OBAMA won.

  6. Thanks, sara.

    I personally could care a less how many germans came to hear BO speak. Why on earth would I care?

    Can we please have hillary back already?

  7. Here’s some more info on what really happened when Obama met Brown and Cameron in the UK!

    Tory leader David Cameron is a former PR exec!!!! The British public thinks he’s “lightweight” out Brits feel about but they are liking him MORE AND MORE!! Sound familiar?
    Meanwhile, Gordon Brown, it is rumored, is being maneuvered out from inside the Labour Party. Sound familiar? (Echoes of how the Clintons have been treated?)

    Brown, of course, is actually doing the hard job…apparently, Obama had a “reality check” British press comments on how Obama was all smiles going in to meet him, but came out “shattered.” Yet, when meeting Cameron, Obama still was talking about having a “bunch” of advisors who knew “10X more than we do.” This was after the chat about needing time to “think.”

    The guy’s moods flip flop as much as his positions on issues!!!

    I’ve recapped some of what the British press is saying and the little slogan really bothers me..

    British Commentators: The Chosen One Looks “Shattered” After Meeting Brown….and Did Cameron/Obama Discuss “Conservative Means” to Achieve “Progressive Goals”?


    Preview if preferred:

  8. Oh, check this out – Obama GAVE the media the Prayer from the Western wall in Jerusalem .


  9. Gordon Brown is a very smart man (in Alan Greenspan’s book “The Age of Turbulence” he mentions how impressed he was with Brown’s intellect and upon first meeting Blair and Brown he actually mistakenly thought Brown was the Prime Minister as he came across as the one in charge). However, Gordon Brown is pretty darn boring, so I guess after seeing Obama they’re looking for their own rock star type.

    Rock star? Not my kind of music I guess.

  10. I thought this was interesting, from that German article:

    To the waiting time of up to the speech of the presidential candidates

    Shou’dn’t that be “of the US Senator”? He wasn’t giving a speech as a presidential candidate would he? Because that would be campaigning wouldn’t it?

  11. britgirls – did you see the video of Obama ripping off Bono?

    (I have video of it posted on my blog, if you haven’t)

  12. Good point, gary. Just what was he doing there? Why would Berliners go to see a sitting US Senator? What makes him special? (Nothing, actually)
    It doesn’t need to be said that he was campaigning for the folks back home and the Germans were just there for the party.

  13. sarainitaly: What’s your URL?

  14. sarainitaly: Oooo, so close! It’s just a teaser though. He needed to rip off a few more phrases to make it sound a bit less generic,

  15. sara- I really am shocked. When I heard the prayer I know that it was written by a group of 300 advisers, but I figured it was because they feared that it would be compromised. The fact that he himself released it to the press is incredible. I dislike him more and more each day.

  16. riverdaughter, on July 28th, 2008 at 8:38 am

    I wouldn’t doubt if he did!

    Did you see the funny Quiz from the Campaign Spot? That was too funny. *we are the world* haha

  17. “When I heard the prayer I know that it was written by a group of 300 advisers”


    Yes, it is quite gross. I mean, if he did release it, he should have just said he was releasing it, because he knew the press might want it. But don’t let the controversy continue, like it was stolen!

  18. garychapelhill, on July 28th, 2008 at 8:31 am

    And if Obama *wasn’t* campaigning, why was he with ALL campaign staffers?

    He said he couldn’t go to the hospital because he couldn’t bring campaign staff (and media).

    Well, if he wasn’t campaigning, he shouldn’t have only been surrounded by campaign people. He didn’t have any senate staffers with him, to accompany him to the hospital.

    And lord knows, he can’t do anything without a full staff of people to support him/tell him what to say.

  19. I would love to see the written authorization for release or the copy of the prayer released to the newspaper. Since this has become a legal matter, perhaps that will be forthcoming. I think Senator Obama has trifled with something that many people hold sacred, and turned a private conversation with the Deity into a promotional scheme. There’s really no end to the unpleasant aspects of his character, is there?

  20. I personally could care a less how many germans came to hear BO speak. Why on earth would I care? (Masslib)

    It doesn’t need to be said that he was campaigning for the folks back home and the Germans were just there for the party. (RD)

    The problem is: IT WORKS! He got a big bump in the Daily Gallup Tracking poll from his “Berlin speech.” WTF? People are ridiculously impressionable. A friend of mine visited last week–he reads The Atlantic, The Economist and of course watches CNN & listens to Air America, god forbid. Basically, he’s a smart, more than average informed guy. He had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA about the truth of BO. I worry that we are all talking to each other, and we are trading valuable information, but most people are only seeing the “rock star” pictures and hearing the vapid talking heads drone on about how fabulous he is, and they are not receiving real information.

    Meanwhile, I watched “This Week” yesterday for the first time in months because I wanted to see what McCain had to say. He is too timid about BO. He keeps saying, “I’ll let the facts speak for themselves.” Well John, the problem is, people are not getting the “facts!” Anything that slips through is immediately pounced on and WORM-ed beyond recognition. I hate this.

  21. RD – I have another thought as to why Obama moved the venue to Invesco Field.

    The stated reason of an “open convention” is clearly laughable. Nothing Obama does is done without a level of scripting that makes Cheney look transparent.

    Obama wants to load the stadium with 60,000 Obots who have all pledged to campaign for him. That is the only way people will be allowed into those seats.

    I will bet you anything that there is something in the rules that prevents him from doing this if the Convention is held inside the Hall.

  22. I am very suspicious of their polling….I think its just more propaganda

  23. Patty Pressner, please…don’t go away mad, just go away.

  24. “Ma’ariv issued a response Sunday, saying that “Obama’s note was published in Ma’ariv and other international publications following Obama’s authorization to make the content of the note public. Obama submitted a copy of the note to media outlets when he left his hotel in Jerusalem.”

    OMG. This man is so vile. What a media whore.

  25. About the Wailing Wall note, I don’t speak or read Hebrew so I can’t verify anything from the Newspaper site. But here are two contradictory stories.

    According to the first story the Newspaper that originally published his prayer said yesterday that the Obama campaign released it to the press. For some reason they buried that explanation at the bottom of the story (was it added in later?):

    Lawyer seeks police probe into removal, publication of note Obama put in the Western Wall

    A Jerusalem lawyer petitioned the attorney general Sunday asking him to order a police investigation into the removal and subsequent publication of a personal note left in a crack of the Western Wall by U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama during his visit to Israel last week.


    Attorney Shahar Alon asked attorney General Menachem Mazuz to launch an investigation against the editor of Israeli daily Ma’ariv, who published the content of the note last week.

    Obama reportedly wrote in the note “Lord – protect my family and me. Forgive my sins, and help me guard against pride and despair. Give me the wisdom to do what is right and just. And make me an instrument of your will.

    “By making the note public,” Alon wrote to Mazuz, “the newspaper violated the law protecting holy sites, several clauses in the penal code and also infringed upon the basic rights of a person’s honor and freedom.”


    Ma’ariv issued a response Sunday, saying that “Obama’s note was published in Ma’ariv and other international publications following Obama’s authorization to make the content of the note public. Obama submitted a copy of the note to media outlets when he left his hotel in Jerusalem. Moreover, since Obama is not Jewish, there is no violation of privacy as there would be for a Jewish person who places a note in the Western Wall.”

    But (according to this post), the Paper itself blamed it on “worshippers” in it’s original story:

    Wailing Wall Row Over Obama’s note

    A message intended by Obama for his Maker alone, could be read by Israelis over their breakfast, reprinted in full on the front page of a national newspaper.

    “Worshippers could not resist the curiosity and pulled out the note,” reads the caption on Maariv, unable to resist publishing it, either.

    In the private note, handwritten on the headed letter paper of the hotel where he was staying, the presidential hopeful asks God to: “Give me the wisdom to do what is right and just” and “protect my family”.

    Predictably, the publication has ignited an unholy row.

    I’m writing this as a comment since the original documents are out of my range and verification is impossible.

    I wonder if anyone has addressed the contradictions in the Newspapers claims? Have other sources admitted to receiving the prayer from Obama’s campaign?

    [UPDATE] The mystery deepens:

    While the paper now claims that the campaign released the prayer, an Israeli theology student is now claiming partial credit for the brew-ha-ha.

    From FoxNews:

    A student at a Jewish seminary in Jerusalem apologized Sunday after admitting he and his friends stole a prayer note written by Barack Obama and inserted into the cracks of the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site.

    The student, in an appearance on Israeli TV2, said he got in touch with the television network seeking help in returning the note to its rightful place. He added that he hopes Obama wins the U.S. presidential election.

    He hopes Obama wins the presidency? I’ll just bet he does!

  26. Patty: Let me get this straight. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are separated by less than 100 legitimately pledged delegates and you don’t want to enter her name in nomination at the convention because your guy’s a chicken shit coward who’s afraid he’ll lose.
    Is that just about right?

  27. Patty Pressner, We expect MUCH better from our trolls. Off you go!

  28. Good morning.

    My, my the trolls have been busy this weekend.

  29. Patty–you are obviously new here “sweetie.” Many of us supported other Dem candidates. Listen carefully: IT IS NOT ABOUT HILLARY. We cannot stand Obama and the DNC manipulated and corrupted the entire process. I am loyal to the democratic principles upon which this country was founded (INCLUDING equal and fair representation), not a particular party.

    Re-read what I just wrote, because in my experience, Obots have severely impaired reading comprehension.

  30. (waving)

    !! Good Morning, Riverdaughter! I got distracted by the Prayer story and forgot to give you my morning wave — I’m sorry.

    This is a wonderful post. I love reading your stuff with breakfast.

  31. Patty Pressner, on July 28th, 2008 at 9:00 am

    People who plan to vote for the unqualified, flip flopping, lying, empty suit who has not accomplished ANYTHING, has changed jobs every two years, has served 146 days in the US senate, worked 55 days a year in the IL senate, served communities that were devestated by poverty, partly due to the fault of Obama’s good buddy, hangs out with Anti-American ministers and terrorists, and never once spoke out and defended the Former First Lady and Senator from New York against the sexist attacks from the media and his supporters Democratic nominee are slavish sheep.

    People who refuse to vote for him, and reward the DNC for their thug-like, anti-democratic behavior, and use their own brain to decide who is best to lead this country, and vote how they best see fit, are Democrats.

  32. Other candidates who didn’t have a prayer of winning and had nowhere near the number of delegates needed have had their names placed in nomination at past conventions.

  33. KB, Obama released the note to the press. It totally fits his MO.

    He doesn’t do ANYTHING unless he thinks he can score media points by doing it.

    The funny thing to me is that he thought people would like his prayer. To me, it is incredibly vain and self-centered. Where is the prayer for anyone except his family?

    And I pray god does help Obama guard against pride…
    By making him LOSE!

  34. small deluded band of sore losers

    steveeboy: then you won’t mind if we don’t vote for him, since we’re such a wee bunch. You can go now.

    p.s. it is not “your” democratic convention. Now run along and find a dictionary and look up d-e-m-o-c-r-a-t-i-c.

  35. Is peppermint patty back?

  36. pps: she did not concede, she suspended.

  37. hey everybody…wish Mawm good luck, he’s audtioning to go on Jeopardy tomorrow!!! Plus I heard Fuzzybear had a birthday this weekend and didn’t tell anyone until this morning 😦 make sure you wish him a happy one next time he’s around…

  38. Mawm — I was certain of that myself. But why did the paper’s own original story say, “worshipers couldn’t resist” ? Why didn’t THAT story say, “received from the Obama campaign”?

    Why is everything about this campaign shrouded in mystery?

  39. Steveeboy voted for Nader. –talk about a band of deluded, short-sighted losers….

  40. I hope being a sore loser AND deluded will not hinder me getting on Jeopardy.

  41. {{Mawm}} — Wow! That’s VERY exciting! Good Luck – Best Wishes – Positive Thoughts — are flying your way from me to you!

  42. KB, money! Chicago politicians are the kings of kickback. Every step along the way he has greased palms. That’s the reason they got so many SDs to back him. He paid them.

  43. I think we’re all expecting the GOP to wait to unleash their attack on Obama after Hillary is truly out of the running.

    The people that decide elections are the undecided independent voters … they’re out there just getting on with their daily lives and not paying any attention to this. It’ll take just one really good attack ad to sway them before they head into the polling booth.

    My husband is one of these voters. He is completely out of the loop as far as politics go … he heard about the Rev. Wright flap fully two months after it flared up!

  44. I am so sick of the sycophantic media, the brain-dead obamabots and the whole phony-baloney crap I seldom, if ever turn on the television except to watch Burn Notice, The Closer, Monk, and Stargate Atlantis. Even then I mute the commercials since I am so tired of being advertised at as if I was 12 years old.

    I’m glad to be a tired, bitter, oldiest, deadender. Because that means that I still make decisions on my own and am not stupid enough to “worship” at the shrine of any politician. I own my vote.

    I also see that we are now left with two choices come November; Corporate Candidate R or Corporate Candidate D. Peoples candidate? No where in sight.

    Oh and trollies? Obama’s yes vote on FISA would be a deal breaker for any real liberal/progressive or believer in democracy.

  45. katiebird, on July 28th, 2008 at 9:20 am

    I wouldn’t be suprised if the Paper was originally trying to cover for Obama, by saying it was stolen from the Wall, because Obama gave it to the paper, with a wink and a nod. (which wouldn’t suprise me)

    Once lawsuits were filed, the paper probably said, *hold the phone- the guy gave it to us!*

    Or else, the talked to two different sources, and one or the other didn’t know the real story?

  46. Good luck, Mawm!

  47. Mawm, you think the paper was paid to hide the fact of the prayer’s release. But (maybe) the threatened law suit forced the truth?

  48. Awwww … Fuzzybear’s birthday was missed? Carol should do a cocktail party/fundraiser for Hillary in his honor.

  49. KB, saraninitaly, Did you hear about the kid that has “confessed” to taking it, and has apologized to Obama saying that he “hopes” he wins?

    I about puked. That story is a complete LIE.

  50. Sara and Mawm — this is why I can’t write up a post. I can’t go back to the paper to read the original (or subsequent) stories. I have to take the reports at face value and THAT makes me nervous.

    Because as we all know newspapers get stuff wrong all the time. And they’re misquoted all the time. AND Obama — well, who knows if or when he’s speaking the truth.

  51. Mawm! Good luck on Jeopardy! Have you been practicing pushing the button? My dad auditioned a while ago and would have gotten in, but he wasn’t quick enough on the draw.

    I hear that the big champion (Ken Jennings?) used to flick the top of a pen over and over to practice the motion. 🙂

  52. Mawm, “Did you hear about the kid”


  53. kenoshaMarge … I’ve turned off the TV, too. When I’m not glued to the Web I’m reading.

    Can anyone recommend a good biography on Hillary Clinton? I know they’ve had zillions of books written on them. I want to find out more about her early life.

  54. Oh by the way – the “surge” is still “working.”

    Bombers kill 50 in Iraq

  55. KB, I don’t know about this instance. I just know from watching Obama that he always lies, he never does anything if it won’t score media points, and he uses money to buy votes(or bratwurst and beer as the occasion demands).
    The paper was offered something, something they wanted. There are two totally different stories. Someone is not telling the truth. If I were a betting man, and I am, I would go all in that it was Obama.

  56. mawm, can you find the link to the story about the student?? I can’t remember where it was.

  57. Mawm and Gary, I’ll add the link to the student story to my comment if you find it.

  58. Mawm, I agree. My policy has always been to assume that liars lie. Always. Funny how no one is quoting the campaign on this.

  59. Mawn and Katiebird – I didn’t hear about the kid apologizing. You would think a quick little statement from Obama would be able to clear this up. BUT we have learned we can’t believe a word Obama says, and he is so secretive about everything.

    Who knows. I don’t think it is a huge deal, unless he DID give it to the paper, but didn’t admit it. But, I wouldn’t be suprised if someone took it, either.

    Either way, I still don’t like Obama! PUMA! haha

  60. See How Dean/Brazile/Obama Plan To Win Caught: Illegal Voter Registration
    The left’s strategy for delivering close states

  61. I believe he gave it to them….I don’t think Obama does anything that isn’t orchestrated…if he had not wanted it leaked, he would have had someone go behind him and take it…..We have seen hundreds of dignitaries and heads of state do the same thing and i’ve NEVER heard of the prayer making it to the press before…If it quacks like a duck, it’s Obama lying again…

  62. BTW, is the entire 4-day convention now going to be held in Invesco Field or just the coronation on the last night? Does anyone know? I looked at the schedule for the Pepsi Center and it just said Democratic Convention TBD for those 4 days.

  63. and if I recall correctly, the student who “confessed” did so anonymously, and had his face blacked out in the interview….that’s convenient….

  64. Link for the apology


  65. britgirls….I don’t see how they could possible hold the whole thing there….

  66. Thanks, Kim!

    I’ll edit my comment to add this information.

  67. Uhhhh … bit scary but I just looked at the Invesco Field schedule and they’re having the “American Presidential Experience” on those 4 days.

  68. Mawm: I used to beat my mom regularly on the nintendo version. The secret to my success was to buzz in as soon as the question is revealed. It gives you a second to get the answer without having to worry about bearing someone else to the buzzer.
    Good luck and do us proud!

  69. This charade by O and Camp O is out of hand. I guess he is now the President of the World? Seriously, there is something truly delusional about a man that pretends to be President of the United States and needs to stage events to show the world how much he is loved. The O campaign is not grounded in reality and when something this creepy is pushed so hard, money is usually the motivating factor. Getting a D as President is not worth sacrificing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. To me, the ends never justify the means.

  70. reaction to Obama’s speech by an advisor to ex-chancellor Helmut Kohl:

    Will a German candidate for chancellor in the election campaign of 2009 want to speak to Americans at the Washington Monument?”

    “His opponent, John McCain, has been coming to Germany every year for decades. He knows all the most important politicians personally. An appearance by him would be far less spectacular.

    think about it, how strange would it be for a foreigner running for office to come and campaign in the US. Imagine, say the President of Mexico campaigning at the Alamo. Wonder how that would go over?

  71. OK, this makes me believe that Obama allowed the prayer to be released:

    “Yediot Aharonot, the country’s most popular daily, published an article Friday saying it had also obtained the note but decided not to publish it, to respect Obama’s privacy. Other Israeli media outlets initially ignored the story, or picked it up only after the initial publication had triggered a controversy.”


    How did other news outlets get the prayer, if only one kid stole it, and gave it to the newspaper? Did the kid distribute the note to ALL the newspaper? Wouldn’t the original newspaper want the exclusive?

    Sound suspicious to me.

  72. Here’s what you have to look forward to at the “American Presidential Experience”

    Have a picture taken sitting at the desk in the Oval Office

    Climb aboard Air Force One for a ride into history

    Look through the window of the Presidential Limousine

    Do you think if we send Obama there he’ll get his Presidential fix and then just GO HOME! I wish!

  73. Mawm: Am sending loads of good luck your way for the “Jeopardy” audition! To think that you got this far is a tribute unto itself. Got to admit, it is kind of exciting from here!

  74. You know, I wouldn’t mind the free concert ticket stuff if that’s all it was (I mean, didn’t we all like to get free concert tickets when we were young? It wouldn’t be fair of me to begrudge that to today’s youth.).

    What bothers me is that, in the context of Obama, it’s a symbol of the fact that he is about to get the nomination at least partly on appealing not to the better, more idealistic instincts of the young, but rather on their greed. And here, of course, I’m talking about health care.

    Hillary was, by all accounts, more progressive (and realistic) on the issue of health care. How did Obama fight this? By convincing young, healthy, economically secure young people that it wasn’t “fair” to make them pay in to the healthcare system. Obama campaigned like a republican on healthcare, and has now turned a generation of young Americans into republicans on healthcare (“Don’t dock MY salary…I don’t need healthcare…make someone else pay for the old, and for babies, and for chronically sick people, etc.).

  75. Obama hasn’t uttered a word about health care since the end of the primary, and I doubt we’ll hear about it again….

  76. Just saw this posted at NoQ:

    The findings of a just-released Quinnipiac College poll of U.S. electoral “swing states,” taken from July 17-25 while Obama was posing as President abroad, are that his putative November candidacy is sinking in those states. The large poll (more than 1,000 surveyed in each state) found that matched against Sen. John McCain, Obama’s 17% June lead in Minnesota had disappeared; he is now even with McCain in that state. In Colorado, Obama had gone from 5% ahead to 2% behind; his Michigan lead had shrunk from 6% to 2%, and his New Hampshire lead from 4% to even. Only in Wisconsin was a double-digit Obama lead holding up. Republican “mastermind” Karl Rove noted on Fox TV Sunday morning, that “In the Quinnipiac poll, only 75% of Democrats are for Obama.”

  77. I’m totally not surprised that Obama gave his note to the papers — he probably didn’t trust the media to go in and take it themselves. Also wouldn’t be surprised if his campaign is behind the lawsuit — just the kind of manipulation his campaign is famous for, to bring out (yet again) his victimhood riff. I am SO beyond caring.

    kenoshamarge — your tv lineup is uncannily similar to mine. When I was watching Stargate Atlantis last week, watching the Wraith mess with Ronan by sucking the life out of him, I was reminded of the Obots. They work exactly the same way — they surround you and suck all the air out of the room with their idiocy until you succumb or die. The live in (internet) hives, can do almost nothing on their own, and need to act within massive swarms.

    Anyone going to Denver, seriously should not go anywhere alone, lest you be surrounded by Obots who try to surround you and suck the life out of you, a la Stargate. Who ever said tv wasn’t educational?

  78. Gary,

    Of course he won’t. But it’s worse than Obama not considering health care a priority. He’s poisoned the idea of Health Care reform in the minds of many in the younger generation. He’s filled their heads with republican talking points on the issue.

  79. The Republicans Are Already Gearing Up To Make This Video A Massive Deal Of DNC Cheating.

    See How Dean/Brazile/Obama Plan To Win Caught: Illegal Voter Registration
    The left’s strategy for delivering close states

  80. fif – Remember, John Kerry had the backing of all Democrats, AND HE STILL LOST.

    Obama is not electable.

  81. “Will a German candidate for chancellor in the election campaign of 2009 want to speak to Americans at the Washington Monument?”

    LOL. But if Obama is already president of the world, what need will the Germans have for a chancellor?

  82. more polling news: Rasmussen reports the Rainbow Tour ‘bounce’ is fading already. It’s 48/45 with leaners.

    Whoosh! That was fast.

    I wish we had a real press in this country so someone would report on just how much that campaignapalooza cost.

  83. dk –

    He’s filled their heads with republican talking points on the issue.

    EXACTLY. That has been my problem with Obama from the very beginning of his campaign.

    “F&ck you, I’ve got mine” is not in the Constitution. The Constitution says, “We the People.”

    Selfish Libertarian f&ckwads. (Sorry, but I hate them so much.)

  84. fred,

    Thanks for the info. It is a sad day when the only people that care about voter registration fraud are Republicans.

  85. unless he plans to cheat as fred notes….If anything else it seems priority #1 for the campaign is voter registration….I read somewhere that their LGBT outreach guy was not given any talking points about what Obama would do for the community…his only job was to register people to vote…it’s like get them on the rolls and we’ll steal their votes later…I hope somebody is keeping an eye on that….

  86. When I read that Rupert Murdoch’s daughter hosted a fundraiser in London for Obama back when he was not yet selected as the nominee- it clarified how much this is about money and making money with a brand that can be sold to the youth market. A brand that can sell magazines and newspapers and tv shows. It’s too weird and too sad. Reminds me of one of those political thriller flicks from the not so far away future- where you can’t believe what is happening. Only this is for real.

  87. Well, I don’t know why it is such a problem that Obama was out there campaigning … doesn’t it look like he was just out covering states 58-60?

    Out of 9 immediate family members who vehemently refuse to acknowledge Obama as the candidate, and certainly won’t vote for him, I’m the only registered PUMA. All of us are formerly staunch democrats, and using us as an example, tells me the polls that show Obama favored are as falsified as the caucuses and the DNC RBC ruling.

  88. Obama voter drive slogan “If you don’t vote, we’ll vote FOR you!!”

  89. I saw this in the last post and thought it was interesting enough to bump up here. This is Heidi Li’s take on Lanny and where he’s coming from:

    Hello to RD, and the good souls here. I usually only have time to lurk these days, but I just HAD to comment on this especially good post. I wanted you to know that when I attended the very first “private” event Senator Clinton held to “introduce” Senator Obama to her top supporters, Lanny Davis was there. The majority of people in that room listened to Senator Obama, and got quieter and quieter, as he basically bombed. But a smaller group just could not wait to begin kissing up to Senator Obama. Senator Obama took some questions from the group, and Lanny Davis was of course given the mike, and he made one of the most cringeworthy slavering set of kiss up remarks I have ever heard. Mr. Davis blows more or less with the political winds, from what I can tell, and it certainly seemed that way that night.

    I assure you he was “detailed” by Senator Obama’s campaign to “reach out” to Clinton Democrats.

    I tend to think she knows what she’s talking about…

  90. GOOD MORNING Dearhearts and Gentle People ,
    I am hoping you are all well…….. when I saw the film of Obama at the Wailing Wall , andhe MOVED THE RABBI out of the way for cameraman , I knew whatever he put in that wall would be lacking in sincerity , and when I saw it published I really thought that it was wrong for it to be published . But truth be told I am not surprised that he did let it out to the news . which I absolutely believe he did
    Now .. he let the paper take the grief , let the Jewish people be upset and cause a small media war in a country that doesnt need any more stress for any reason …. How ( insert many cursewords here ) LOW can you go ???
    What a GUY !! I wouldn’t vote for him for street sweeper

    Now the spin will be ..??? He knew people wuold want to know?? he didnt want the news papers to be caught in the campaign 300 people are busy right now coming up with excuses …

  91. Obama’s ACORN Stole One Million Dollars From Charities
    Obama’s home political supporters, the leftist “community” organization called ACORN, is guilty of hiding the theft of one million dollars of its funds by the brother of the organization’s founder, Wade Rathke

  92. fred: Taken right out the mouths of the poor. Has he or any of his associates done anything for anyone?

  93. The note was incredibly juvenile exactly like his campaign and all of his followers. The piedpiper of America.

    Punishment, Retribution, and Reform 2008

  94. garychapelhill, on July 28th, 2008 at 10:11 am Said:
    I saw this in the last post and thought it was interesting enough to bump up here. This is Heidi Li’s take on Lanny and where he’s coming from:

    Hello to RD, and the good souls here. I usually only have time to lurk these days, but I just HAD to comment on this especially good post. I wanted you to know that when I attended the very first “private” event Senator Clinton held to “introduce” Senator Obama to her top supporters, Lanny Davis was there. The majority of people in that room listened to Senator Obama, and got quieter and quieter, as he basically bombed. But a smaller group just could not wait to begin kissing up to Senator Obama. Senator Obama took some questions from the group, and Lanny Davis was of course given the mike, and he made one of the most cringeworthy slavering set of kiss up remarks I have ever heard. Mr. Davis blows more or less with the political winds, from what I can tell, and it certainly seemed that way that night.

    I assure you he was “detailed” by Senator Obama’s campaign to “reach out” to Clinton Democrats.

    I tend to think she knows what she’s talking about…

    I knew he was an Obama CLOWN!!!

    (I won’t post the Hillary General vs. Obama Clown graphic again – BUT GAWD AM I TEMPTED.)

    Mawm, good luck & give Alex Trebek a hug for me!

  95. I thought this was pretty funny regarding the new Jet with the painted over US Flag in preference to the BO logo:

    Comment by space cadet
    July 21st, 2008 at 10:51 am
    I hear they need change on Pluto too.

    Top off the gas tanks and take Obama

    for a long ride to a far away planet.

  96. I am so sick of the lies, reinventions, excuses, spin, propaganda, photo ops, apologies, marketing, hype, bs, and make believe that is so much a part of this campaign. And I agree with Gary, universal healthcare has been shunted aside, never to see the light of day. Corporate America has spoken.

  97. A neighbor here just called and told me that last night on the TV news, there was a (Chicago) woman just bursting w/ delight as she was spouting serious praise about Obomba on his Magical Mystery Tour:

    “He’s a rock star!!!”

    Also, apparently Chicagoans were being reassured that if the Hillary nomination has to be done and taken care of, it will be done before hours and not in front of cameras.

    What a f*cking way to start the day.

  98. Another thing – to our Jewish Conflucians – isn’t that sacrilege to take a note from the Wailing Wall?

    Even if you’re not Jewish, it’s like crapping on the entire purpose. If a non-Catholic decided to talk to a priest, that priest CANNOT release your conversation by Catholic tenets and uis even protected by law as priviledged information, like a doctor, unless you do it yourself.

    Even a sacrosanct act as leaving a prayer on the Wailing Wall is a PR whoring opportunity. I have ZERO respect for him.

  99. Somebody please get this out there:


    I’m pretty sure this was no accident!

    Step 1: Punishment

  100. Just what I want as C in C, Mick Jagger!

  101. Good morning all!

    I think the dem leadership are afraid that the floor fight would be a media spectacle and average people might watch or see snippets of it. With the May decision, only some people would waste a perfectly good Saturday…

    Also, the fix could be picked up by the average person and that *could* be bad – but I am sure CNN and MSNBC would gloss over any fix-up as needed.

  102. Pat – please don’t insult Mick Jagger.

  103. Monday Poll…Obama bounce GONE!!!!!!

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that Barack Obama’s Berlin bounce is fading. Obama now attracts 45% of the vote while John McCain earns 42%

  104. As a Catholic, anything said to a priest is sacrosanct. Cannot be revealed. If he did reveal this on his own, it is just another act of his pure crassness. Anything for attention and the phony piety he spouts.

  105. That area is guarded – nothing happens without the cameras and military knowing about it.

    I call Bullshit – it was given to the press if the content is accurate.

  106. Where’s my comment with the Campaign button?

  107. The polls are driving me to distraction. One this morning shows Obama at 48, McCain 40 nationally.

  108. Exactly Pat!

  109. Don’t look at the polls.

  110. Mawm, the question is, “My wish for today for $1,000,” and the answer is, “What is good luck for Mawm to outshine all others?”

    In keeping with spirit of Jeopardy, here’s an answer and question:

    This politican who has shamelessly pandered about his ancestral roots in Africa, upon reaching the U.S. Senate promised his grandparents’ village that he would assist through financial aid to rebuild their schools during a celebration in his honor with the President of Kenya in attendance.

    Answer is: Who is Barack Obama?

    How appropriate, the question that might never be answered because I doubt even he knows.

  111. They want this “nomination” wrapped up and sealed with a kiss. If there is one thing we as Americans share is a sense of fairness. Once that gloss begins to peel off, and the public at large bears witness to the maneuverings to keep Hillary from bearing represented, this entire fiasco of an Obama “landslide” would not bear scrutiny. The public, at least those Dems who demand equal time, will desert en masse.

  112. Every morning, I start with this site and lurk. All of your comments inspire me and make me feel good. This is a little OT, but I ran accross this link on another site and it made me feel good. This caller doesn’t sound like a bitter, menopausal, and what was it that Mao Tse Dean called us? Oh nevermind. Sorry if you’ve heard this before, but it really made me feel that we are not alone.


  113. I am lurking again and occasionally have to say something, the polls are complete and total garbage. I have never, ever bought into a conspiracy theory, but this time around, I am starting to beleive in UFO’s

  114. Фку ызуфлштп ещ ьу Сфкщд?

  115. SM – you are right about the Wailing Wall. The whole point is that those prayers are between you and God.

    You would think Obama’s 300 political advisors would inform him about this. He doesn’t seem to care about anyone but himself.


  116. Question to Mawm: Too many to count?
    Answer: The number of people currently thrown under the bus.

  117. Oh, sorry Pat Johnson. You didn’t phrase your answer in the form of a question!

    The correct answer is, “What is the number of people currently thrown under the bus!” 😉

  118. Disrespecting someone’s religion or belief system is not the way to go about gaining votes. The Wailing Wall is sacred and to have some idiot disabuse the purpose of what it represents simply to gain publicity is a serious offense. We have seen Rev Wright dancing suggestively upon his altar which leads me to believe that there is little respect for religion and the meaning of a sanctuary. What’s next?

  119. janicen: I deserve the buzzer.

  120. This politican who has shamelessly pandered about his ancestral roots in Africa, upon reaching the U.S. Senate promised his grandparents’ village that he would assist through financial aid to rebuild their schools during a celebration in his honor with the President of Kenya in attendance.

    And his grandma still lives in a dirt hut. It’s terrible.

    MadamaB: THANK you. I just wanted to confirm that becasue from what I’ve read, the Wailing Wall note is SACRED. And then he blames a Yeshiva student?????????? Oy-vey!!!!

    Obama just crapped one of Judaism’s holiest acts.


  121. Pat the answer is not what’s next, but what isn’t next. Nothing is sacred to this guy and he gives the American people no credit for having any intelligence at all. His followers don’t care, for them this is a damn game and they are going to win at any cost.


  123. Corporate America has spoken no matter who gets elected.

  124. Pat–I thought it was the number of people at the Berlin speech!

  125. SM: But he has been “too busy” to attend to these trifles. Running for president takes up a lot of his time. Maybe as soon as his weeks long vacation comes to an end he will consider this once again. Gosh, you really expect a lot from him!

  126. Pat the answer is not what’s next, but what isn’t next. Nothing is sacred to this guy and he gives the American people no credit for having any intelligence at all. His followers don’t care, for them this is a game and they are going to win at any cost.

  127. MODERATION! What are the words that I used that are forbidden?

  128. garychapelhill, on July 28th, 2008 at 9:41 am Said:
    britgirls….I don’t see how they could possible hold the whole thing there….

    Know what could be REALLY interesting, gary. If it rained on that last day!


  129. gary: That number varies from publication to publication. Probably no more than 200 when all is said and done. Most of them there for the free beer and pretzels. Photoshopping and digital effects are one of today’s marvels.

  130. PAt: OH THAT RIGHT!!!! Between the oral massages he gets from the media, doesn’t anybody ask why his grandma in Kenya still lives in a dirt hut?

  131. Pat maybe it was like the moon landing…all down on a hollywood soundstage..LOL, he never actually WAS in Berlin, that’s why he had to cancel the visit to the troops…

  132. Diogenes is still searching the earth for an honest man. I want to tell him that man has yet to be born. All we get is a daily dose of lies. Nader does not hold back but his time is past.

  133. SM – For you:

    “The notes placed between the stones of the Western Wall are between a person and his maker. It is forbidden to read them or make any use of them,” Rabinovitz told Army Radio.

    The newspaper’s action “damages the Western Wall and damages the personal, deep part of every one of us that we keep to ourselves,” he added.

    Never mind. IOKIYO!

  134. Obama and his campaign are like the rabbi in Seinfeld, the one who lived in Elaine’s apartment building who spilled the beans on his tv show.

  135. Chris Matthews getting serious about a 2010 Senate run as a DEMOCRAT against Arlen Spector???!!!!

    Chris Matthews Serious About Running for Senate

    Matthews knows a Democrat has a better chance to win in Pennsylvania, and we better stop him with an anti-Matthews candidate. The article said he’s worried about female voters because of his actions during the Dem primary and he’s even contacting feminists for support. No feminist should help him, and we should mobilize if and when he decides to run. Matthews does know Hillary won the Pennsylvania primary, right?

    An easy way to torpedo his candidacy is to just air his sexist Hardball comments in attack ads.

    This also might suggest he is on his way out at MSNBC. Actions have consequences, Matthews, deal with it.

  136. And where’s Grandma in Hawaii? Is she allowed to leave her apartment?

  137. AAaaaaaagggh! Chris Mathews running as a Democrat in my state of PA. I’ll do a Jesse Jackson on his nuts!!!

  138. SM: That “grandma” was one of the 4 wives his father had when he was a Muslim. Then the father became a Christian. Or something like that. I have difficulty following the thread but I think Dad was a hard drinking womanizer who shunned earning a living. So I don’t think “grandma” was in the same category as your Grandma whom you know and love.

  139. Hillary fans, don’t give up White House hopes just yet

    By Jesse W. Brodey

    Don’t count Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton out of the presidential race. Sen. Barack Obama, the “hopeful” Democratic presidential nominee, may talk himself out of the nomination.

    He has yet to detail his solutions to programs he so ideologically outlined during his pied piper march to victory.
    If Obama of Ilinois and Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., the presumptive nominees of each party, continue talking the way they are, spouting pie in the sky without specifics while flip flopping and displaying their unfitness to be president, the delegates and superdelegates may switch their votes to choose more suitable presidential nominees.

  140. Oh, of only this were so!

  141. Susan at NQ is having Lynnett Long on caucus irregularities tonight and it just hit me why some of us are angry over how the primary came to pass and why we are outraged at Obama and his minions. It is the way he and his campaign (and the DNC) treated another one of his own — to win in a fraudulent way, think caucuses, over your own party candidate. We as democrats object to the way republicans run their campaigns and we don’t want to emulate that ever. But to witness another democratic candidate employ such behavior against your own party candidate is outright unacceptable. That is one big reason why we are not getting in line behind him.

  142. Chris Matthews in the Senate as a Dem? Oh my God! I would gladly contribute to any of his opposition just to block this from happening. The sexist pig!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. I will move to pennsylvania specifically so I can vote against him!!!

  144. Grandma supposedly has severe osteoporosis and can’t get out.

    I need to be talked up. I am seriously starting to question if we even live in a democracy anymore. Are we just pissing northerly in a southerly wind?

    If nothing is done, then the last three Presidential elections have been rigged and that is supposed to be just hunky-dory.

    I listened to Lanny last night and he was justifying and stating he supported Obama and I kept thinking, “Aren’t you the same guy who got pissed and walked out?” What happened since then.

    This war sucks, the American people want it over, butour congress doesn’t listen. The constitution is ripped to effing shreds and …

    Guess I am just down today.

  145. Matthews a Democrat! LOL

    Sexism and misogyny are not Democratic values, Tweety. Lord help us all.

    I’m sure we can find an actual Democrat to run against Specter. Specter is a bloviating tool.

  146. Kim, we must never give up. Even if he does win this election, after 3 fraudulent elections the sleeping masses will begin to arouse (we already have)…our numbers will only get bigger and bigger….just hang in there!!!

  147. I gotta get offline for a bit … my kid is hitting me up for his fourth lollipop. Poor thing is going to be toothless if I don’t back away from the computer … and soon.

  148. That tingle has made it up to his brain and is short-circuiting his common sense….

  149. pm317: You must know that Obama may have changed positions but that was done for the “good of the party”. After all, according to his supporters, it is just a wink, wink, nudge, nudge attitude we must live with until he becomes President. Then he will revert back to what he was originally. Come on, can’t you just accept this as just another brilliant “campaign tactic” on the road to victory? I am getting so good now at actually reading the mixed signals I could sniff out truffles as a side job!

  150. britgirls: That kid must love it when he sees you fire up the computer!

  151. Gary, I have been out there talking to a lot of people. I will probably get thrown into moderation for this, but in the past three weeks, I have spoken to quite a few AA’s who have changed their minds and sound an awful lot like PUMA’s. Now I know that is not an official poll, but if I talked to 10-15 who have changed their minds, then there are many more. So just who is his damn base? And who the hell are they polling?

  152. Kim, it is disheartening since we have very good reasons to suspect the worst. The clues keep coming every day. But we must stick this out. We may be only a small haven in the huge blogosphere, but we are not wrong. I firmly believe this. If for no other reason, we need a place to share those feelings of anger, mistrust, and disenfranchisement. Otherwise, we would all be headed for nervous breakdowns.

    Overall, I still trust the American people to do the right thing. With my fingers crossed.

  153. Pat, I am specifically thinking about all the fraudulent things he did (and the key is against his own party candidate) — think bussing people to caucuses, bullying , intimidation — there was a caller from Kansas on NQ’s last radio who had more new irregularities in Kansas (and his lead in delegates predominantly comes from caucuses), think Cook county from where he gets his lion share of the popular vote. But his minions think it is an asset to win against republicans and we are saying we don’t want that kind of fraudulent win.

    Your point is well taken too — I say that his minions are applauding being fooled saying that he is only fooling them to win. How twisted can it be?

  154. Fox just reported a new gallop poll which has Obama up by 9 points…his largest lead to date. What is wrong with people! This just makes me ill.

    Also, who ARE these people. I have never known so many democrats who say they will not vote for Obama and many say they will vote McCain.

  155. I don’t trust them Pat, not any more. I remember when Bush won, I cried like I had lost my best friend. I was told over and over that I shouldn’t worry so, he couldn’t be that bad. Well eight years later and he was worse, much worse. The dumbing down of America is unbelievable and I have six more days to spend with my son until he leaves.

    I hope I turn this sadness into anger, because I am just fed up. If Obama’s base are the trolls that visit here, and he wins, we have become a Nation of Fools.

  156. hey guys, I just got a cool email from Chevalier who was at the Dean bus stop in Atlanta…i’m just going to post his/her(?) report from the event with pics…just was wondering if anyone else had anything waiting in the wings????

  157. Don’t say anything nice, I will cry.

  158. Riverdaughter–you continue to amaze and astonish me with your brilliant commentary. Keep it up! Just love it!

  159. RE: Tweety — sorry, but he is just a mainstay of my vitriol against MSM. From the NYT profile:

    Matthews’s contract expires nest year, and NBC officials clearly would like to renew it for considerably less than the $5 million a year he is making now. Whether it’s a formal talking point or not, NBC officials seem bent on conveying the message that they could get the same ratings, or better one, for considerably less money.

    So, reading between the lines, he’s out unless he takes a pay cut and the tingly legs carrying around that elephantine ego won’t allow that.

  160. Everything about Obama is fraudulent. Think back to his “bio”. They are now saying that he has “neglected” those Kenyan relatives. Come on, he barely knows these people. He used the Kenyan narrative to build up his “worldly” connections and to incorporate his “black roots” into the dialogue for his own political gain. He was raised in a white culture. He met his father for the first time when he was 10. He lived in Indonesia until he was 10 years old which I hardly believe gives him “international” cred unless someone can show me he served in a political capacity there at that age.

    This stuff is all invented. To be base, his Mom and Dad probably had a brief liaison for a month or two, he was conceived, Dad was never involved, end of story. Something that probably has embarrassed him over the years. Invention, just to make him appear more a “citizen of the world” than the truth.

  161. Never give up. Never.

    It’s a long hot summer. I spent the weekend wrestling with my own demons. I am going through a crisis. But what choice to I have but to go on? The will to live is so strong that it is not extinguished easily. I will survive, but there have been moments when I have cursed myself for realizing this.

    We can’t give up, and that’s all there is too it.

    Plus, things have a way of changing you know.

    I chose to stay and fight.

  162. Gary – Go for it! I don’t think anyone is interested in what I have to say about the Democratic Convention. Maybe I am overreacting.

    Kim – I feel exactly the same way you do. Election fraud combined with media bias and uninformed voters kept Bush in office for two terms. I can’t believe what we are being pushed into deciding this year: a vote between two corporate wh&res

    I’m so sorry about what you’re going through.

  163. madamab: Take that back! We are always interested in what you have to write. One of the many reasons I hang out here is the excellent education you people who do these diaries afford me. XX00

  164. Re: the latest polls

    Do they include independents?

    Paul Krugman is predicting that unless Barky slips on one of the many banana peels with which the road to the White House is strewn, he’s a shoo-in. And we know how likely that is, given that he’s surrounded by handlers night and day, won’t debate, won’t take real questions should any “reporter” be inclined to ask one, etc.

    I want Hillary back.

  165. Thanks for everyone’s support. How about this for a Jeopardy question:

    The 44th President of the United States who reformed the government and brought about a golden age of prosperity and peace.

    Who is Hillary Rodham Clinton!

  166. Novak Smells Trouble for Obama: McCain “Closer Than He Should Be”

    What? No bounce from the Berlin Milli Vanilli concert (you remember – all flash and dazzle, but they were lip-synching somebody else’s tune)? How could this be? Couricwilliamsgibson tried so hard to turn a one week vacation into presidential-caliber foreign policy experience.


  167. Arabella Trefoil – You are my heroine. Never give up, never surrender!

    Just like Hillary. 🙂

  168. See what I mean! The polls and the pundits are all over the map. You read one and he is a shoe in, another says no. He is ahead, behind, even with McCain. Nothing is certain until November when the people speak.

  169. Arabella I hqaven’t given up, not yet. I have to fight now, for my son to come home. Hillary will keep her promise.

  170. Madamab, not to try and play Erato, but something keeps ringing in my head about the lyrics to A Chorus Line. I looked up the lyrics and they are perfect for BZero:

    Who Am I Anyway…

    I really need this job, I hope I get it, I think I got it…

    The Magic and the Mirror…

    My father didn’t pay much attention, to us anyway…

    The possibilities are endless if you want to try your hand at a musical…Just saying.

  171. madamab, on July 28th, 2008 at 11:10 am Said:
    SM – For you:

    “The notes placed between the stones of the Western Wall are between a person and his maker. It is forbidden to read them or make any use of them,” Rabinovitz told Army Radio.

    The newspaper’s action “damages the Western Wall and damages the personal, deep part of every one of us that we keep to ourselves,” he added.

    Never mind. IOKIYO!

    Are they going to blame Hillary about this too? Screw the whole Jewish/Non-Jewish dribble.

    IT’S SACRED. By you showing that note to the media, it destroys the religious and cultural meaning behind the act itself.

    It’s like pissing in the Lourdes grotto.

  172. Media Crickets in Berlin

    Singing rock sets stage
    Faint for the One in hot sun
    Chimera mirage

  173. Arabella – call me. I want to talk to you.

  174. madamab: Another homerun! This will surely garner many comments since it is so creepy. I usually back away from any Hitler analogies since that period was so extreme but the planning for Obama’s rise mirrors much of how the nazi’s went about quelling the opposition which allowed them to carry out their destruction. This at best is borderline.

  175. Prolix – LOL! Your suggestions are great!

    My grandfather’s genes seem to be manifesting themselves suddenly. He was a playwright and wrote music for films. Unfortunately he was blacklisted in the 50’s and never recovered from it, career-wise. 😦

    In any case, I’ve always been a performer and not a composer, but who knows what will happen next?

    Conflucians are so creative! I heart this place. 🙂

  176. “It’s like pissing in the Lourdes grotto.”

    This is the closest and best analogy for those of us Catholics who revere holy sites. Good work, SM!

  177. My PUMA bracelet just came in the mail!

  178. PJ – Thanks! Maybe I’ll post it in the afternoon or something.

    I see more of a Stalin than a Hitler in Obama’s model. Stalin was all about taking control of the Party apparatus and was famous for his purges. He kept the semblance of democracy going when everything was actually totally controlled by him and his minions.

    In any case, I think we have to start raising the alarm. The narcissism combined with the Chicago machine tactics are absolutely terrifying.

    It CAN happen here. I just thought Bush would be the one to bring it. Turns out he set it up quite nicely for his psychic twin Obama.

  179. When you are The Messiah, all the other religions are false gods. So it doesn’t he doesn’t care if he shows disrespect to them.

  180. I thought I’d mention that PUMA’s made it to the Letters to the Editor of the Seattle PI. Of course, the letter was derogatory, but they spelled the name right which is all that matters, yes?

    Here’s the link: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/opinion/372244_webltrs28.html

    Basically the guy is invoking the “sour grapes” straw man.

    Maybe one of the high ups in the PUMA movement can submit a reply.

  181. here are the lyrics from ALICE SMITH ( nominated for a GRAMMY ) FAKE IS THE NEW REAL

    Full speed ahead
    Rock n Roll is dead
    The girls and boys from the mickey mouse club clocked it in the head
    TV makes people so tired
    Bored like a bird on a wire
    I check the pulse and I light a match then i set the tele on, i set the tele on fire

    Tell me what’s the deal
    Tell me what’s the deal
    Cause it really seems to me
    Bonafide is the old deal
    Fake is the new real

    Take a bite out of crime
    As long as it’s not on your dime
    If honesty can put you in jail you know that we’re living in fony times
    You say you wanna get turned on
    You visit f*ck me hard dot com
    You take a moment and kick yourself then you drop yourself, you drop yourself a bomb

    Tell me what’s the deal
    Tell me what’s the deal
    Cause it really seems to me
    Bonafide is the old deal
    Fake is the new real

    Tell me what’s the deal
    Tell me what’s the deal
    Cause it really seems to me
    Bonafide is the old deal
    Fake is the new real

    Oh fake is the new real
    Fake is the new real

    you should hear the SONG!! I love when she sings I SET THE TELLY ON FIRE

  182. Swannie: These lyrics about sum up what the rest of us here are fleeing. Lies, lies, lies.

  183. Didn’t you hear? Obama is going to have Kanye West (at least) playing at the convention.


    Because to me, nothing better exemplifies you than a guy who is so arrogant he complains when he’s nominated for an award and loses.

  184. FYI, Sen. McCain will be on Larry King tonight. If someone braver and less public than me would love to call and ask him what message (if any) he has to Hillary supporters who are disaffected by Sen. Obama, here’s the number:


  185. Hello. Checking connection.

  186. Pat, the music keeps me sane , I swear …..

    you can listen here she is well worth listening to there are some videos of her but they arent too good


  187. Karolina – That’s better! Are you using Firefox now?

  188. The music, I am listening to Bob Dylan again. Like a Rolling Stone.

    All the pretty people thinking they got it made

  189. So I have come to a decision, I am moving. So friends, if you were able to move and go anywhere, where would you go? Must be near the beach.

  190. Swannie: Her sound is a blend of blues and jazz.. I liked her voice.

  191. Obama should have Vanilla Ice as his opening act.

    One big fake deserves another.

    Too bad Milli Vanilli isn’t available.

  192. madamab: Did you order to have yet a copy of the new book out on Dalton Trumbo? I ordered it last week from Amazon.

  193. Kim: New York City for me. Has everything.

  194. Kim – Move to NYC! Lots of PUMAs here. RRRRooooowwwr!

    PJ – No I haven’t! Will have to check it out! 🙂

  195. Pat NYC sounds great, but I am really southern. My drawl would have people rolling and the first time I let out a bless your heart. I don’t think I would fit.

  196. Madamab, I don’t really know what the hey I’ve got here. I’ll be trying to figure it out later today. Thanks!

  197. The only thing missing now from the convention is the Reverend Jeremiah Wright doing the invocation … or maybe he is saving him for the inauguration he thinks he is going to have

    PAT …..she has a four octave range and something to say 🙂 glad you enjoyed 🙂 I have to listen to Ruthie Foster doing People Grinnin In Your Face …too soothes my soul

  198. madamab: Your Dad will be familiar with many of the other blacklisters. Just another example of how something that insidious can and did infect this democracy. Made it easy to condemn and execute the Rosenberg’s with little or no evidence. Especially with Ethel. Their sons were raised about 5 miles from me and I have been to several of their lectures.

  199. Swannie: I am surfing for more of her. But I want Fr. Pflager to be the one invoking since he was also very “entertaining”. Nut cases abound.

  200. Kim: This is what makes NYC the city it is! The blending of all those varied accents. But I see where you are coming from; it is difficult for some of us northerners to appreciate the southern culture.

  201. KANYE WEST????? the sore loser ?? omfglmao

    NOW we have a preview of what bo will do when he loses the election…. he will crash the inauguration and say I SHOULD have won i spent more monwy !!!

  202. Pat said: “Nothing is certain until November when the people speak.”

    Are you including the dead people, and people who will speak multiple times ;).

    Expect massive voter fraud come November, and only we will care. Nothing has happened with all the reports of cheating in the caucuses.

  203. “Just another example of how something that insidious can and did infect this democracy. Made it easy to condemn and execute the Rosenberg’s with little or no evidence.”

    Pat: I get chills whenever I think or hear of that incident. It is a prime example of how, after FDR died, America was being pulled in a most brutish way toward conservativism (i.e. fascism). Everyone was required to fear Communism and anything that pointed toward it. Liberals were “commies” automatically.

  204. I see this whole European summer vacation as a last ditch PR effort to get BO’s numbers out of the toilet. The next week or so should tell the story. He knows he’s in bad shape and needs to prove to the Dean & Co. that he can take this nomination.

    It’s looking better for Hillary every day. Dean’s acknowledged the topic of HRCs name on the ballot and a floor voite

  205. Cheers!!!! Hip!!! Hip!!! Hooray!!!

  206. If Obama didn’t release his note, how many prayers would a devout Jewish person have to read before he found it?

  207. How did they know it was his anyway? did he sign it in case God didn’t recognize his handwriting?

  208. Pat Johnson, on July 28th, 2008 at 11:59 am Said:
    “It’s like pissing in the Lourdes grotto.”

    This is the closest and best analogy for those of us Catholics who revere holy sites. Good work, SM!

    All those years in parochial school paid off – we had to build stand up Lourdes models every Feburary 11.

    And yes it’s sacred Judaic tenet that all the parayers are private – no matter if you’re Jewish or not.

    How are the Rabbis & Yeshiva students to know exactly who’s Jewish or not when they collect the papers?

    It’s BS. He revealed it to the media, it lost it’s sacredness. No Yeshiva student would reveal that – I don’t buy that story. They wouldn’t commit sacrilege.

    NOT THAT I’m wanting or wishing anything bad to Obama, but I wouldn’t mess with Yahweh and the Chosen People’s rules. Just sayin’.

  209. Just saw that on AP that “McCain has spot of skin removed as precaution.” Jesus, hang in there old’un! Just unfair if Obama wins another promotion by default.

    Also another AP story “the next president will inherit a record budget deficit of $482 billion.”

  210. Truth is, they showed up because he’s the new Superstar:

    Ode To A Bama
    (To the tune of “King Herod’s Song” from “Jesus Christ, Superstar”)

    Opening Chorus:
    Hey Bama
    Ho Bama
    Bama, Bama Hey
    Bama Hey Bama Ho, Ba-ma
    Hey Bar-ry, Bar-ry, won’t you smile at me?
    Bama hey, Bama ho, Superstar

    Barry we are overjoyed
    to meet you face to face,
    You’ve been getting quite a name,
    all around the place
    Unifying liberals,
    Registering the red
    You’re the one who’s diff-er-ent
    – At least that’s what you’ve said.

    So you are the hope
    You’re the great liberal hope
    Prove to us that you’re electable
    Make our scrap-ple delect’ble
    That’s all you need do
    Then we’ll know it’s all true
    C’mon you candidate of change

    Continued here: http://thedamedomain.blogspot.com/2008/04/ode-to-bama.html

  211. OK, I hope that’s satire, because if not you’re one CREEPY LADY…right up there with the Obama bus guy….

  212. @ SM

    They knew the prayer was Obama’s because on the back was drawn a heart with “BO + MO 4eva” in it.

  213. Anybody done any research on other Obo events that had star teasers for the audience? That would be a nice little research project.

  214. apolitik, that ain’t fair. I got nominated for a big deal thing and I bitch about losing all the time.

    It’s the way I get free drinks.

  215. Hey Kim, Seattle is near the beach!

    Long, long drive from GSP area…

  216. I lived in Germany for 12 years, returned to the States 6 years ago.

    Part of time was lived in West Berlin, much time spent visiting the East. Was there when the wall came down.

    Many Westerners would still today like for the wall to be rebuilt……but, that is another issue for anothe time.

    My point here is that it is very easy to draw a crowd of 200,000 for most anything in Berlin, the people are already there, night and day.

    We often equate European cities with US cities regarding such. Big difference.

    In even a very large metropolitan US area, people would have to come for miles to form a diverse crowd of 200,000 in the innner city.

    In Berlin, and other German cities they only have to come for a few blocks. They are already there, they are active and mobile, and will turn out for most anything, from a fest. to Carnivale, to a concert, etc.

    Obama was merely a show, something to do following the concert. Curiosity was the order of the day, not support. It could as well been Hasselhoff, except the crowd would have been much larger.

    My Eur-Railing Grandson and 3 friends were there, they said the crowd often cheered when prompted to do so , but were primarily blase, as were they. Also by the time Obama sopke the crowd was pretty high and would have cheered anything if prompted.

    What the media showed, of course leaving out the concert factor and the other incentives was farce, and to be expected.


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