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Afternoon Silliness and a reminder

Up until today, I thought I had the most recessive genes on the planet.  Neither of my kids looks like me.  I frequently wondered who the real mother was.  But lately, Brook’s sense of humor has started to take on some familiar features.  Like, she *gets* Monty Python.  And she is learning how to snark.  Hmmm, maybe she’s related after all.  Today, I have confirmation.  She introduced me to Jonathan Coulton.  Yep, she’s mine alright.

Speaking of humor. the DNC has been trying to define us, with predictably humorous results.  Last week, Don Fowler and Alice Fermond called us “fatiguing and irritating”.  A few days ago, and ABC News affiliate referred to us as militants.  So, we’ve been trying to polish our army boots to make a good impression.  And on Friday, Howard Dean called us “low class” for exercising our first amendment rights.  So, SM77 got out her handy-dany gimp application and created a composite of a PUMA based on these descriptions: a mullet headed Che Guevara type with ADHD.   Great job, SM.  I like the way you have placed the PUMA in its natural habitat.

Do you recognize this person?

Finally, Don’t forget that Lanny Davis will be a guest on NO WE WON’T blogtalkradio with Sheri Tag and Will Bower tonight at 8:00 EST.  That’s like NOW!!!

35 Responses

  1. I just turned Lanny off.

    I’m NOT impressed with Barack’s behaviour over these last couple of months. And I’m not interested in hearing a BS defense.

    I AM grateful that he visited the show to talk to us — THAT’s impressive. But I’m done with him.

  2. Also, Riverdaughter? I think this show would be more interesting if you were one of the moderators.

  3. (still stewing) ssss

  4. Sounds like he has come to present the party line directly.

  5. Lanny is sucking.

  6. He’s sucking big time. I’m sick of the reproductive rights arguement. My uterus my vote. Fuck off.

  7. friends from prior days WTF does that mean?

  8. The country will suffer profoundly under an unqualified president.

  9. How rude! He just disappeared?

  10. Hey, KB, I have another graphic for you, if you want it. It’s a PUMA sticker. Small, yet snappy. Can I email it?

  11. I’m so glad I hung up on him first.

  12. Some peoples at corrente seem to have lost their sensayuma:


    Turns out them Casino-Owning Americans didn’t say Obama was full of shit after-all.

  13. Lanny is a good guy still.

    Cut him some slack. There is no way a prominent member of the Democratic party associated with Hillary would lead a movement such as ours.

    RD & SM;

    That image scares the bejeezus out of me. I know I’m in a secure location, but still…

  14. Sure! Thanks Ohio. And did Joanie tell me that you guys have met? Or was that someone else?

  15. Yeah, we all invaded Joanie’s house. And I coerced her into helping me drywall my house.

    And again, I’m agreeing with MABlue, Lanny’s all right. Think of it this way—when Sen. Clinton gets the nom at the onvention, all of her high-profile supporters can say they were ready to support Sen. Obama so now he and his better return the favor.

    katiebird at gmail dot com? Is that right?

  16. have been out of town for two weeks.

    must say that when i was walking around boston i was stopped twice by DNC volunteers who were ultimately trying to raise money for the party – obama. i told both that i was displeased with the party and would not be contributing. they said they understood. my husband even warned one of them about approaching me, lol. i got the impression that they have received the response before.

    after returning home, i received a call from the DNC — i am sure they are targeting NC to get grassroots investment in BO — again, i told them no — provided some details re my position. again, i got the impression that the speaker on the phone had heard this before.


    i thought some of Lanny’s comments were interesting. i lost my connection near the end though.

  17. MABlue, I know that he can’t endorse anything PUMA. But he could have found a better way to deal with The Wright issue than to say that he’s impressed with Obama’s behavior this summer.

    As a PUMA, I want to know HOW (among other questions) Obama and his supporters think he’s getting elected with those associations.

    Lanny blew that question off completely

  18. This image has to be put on a T-shirt!

  19. Or maybe this’ll just be my very obscure Halloween outfit!

  20. Ohio, Yes! hmm. I wonder if I could get Joanie to come out here for a couple of weeks?

  21. britgirls:

    You’ll scare away all the kids before they get any candy

  22. Is that Barack Obama or Rupaul?

  23. katiebird:

    joanie is on the west coast, you are in the middle of flyover country.

    We go “out” west and “back” east. (or “down” south vs “up” north)

  24. KB, if you tempt her with booze you’d be surprised what direction she goes.

    Uh, no double entendre meant there.

  25. (cough) Kansas is “out” in the middle of no where….

  26. Ohio,

    God knows if you dangle a bottle of scotch, I’ll come running.

    In all seriousness–can I come over to help? Now working till Friday, kids with Dad for 2 1/2 weeks, and I need the distraction. You need help? I’m there. Truly.

  27. Katie, if flights weren’t $600.!!!! I would’ve been there to see the fireflies this year.

  28. riverdaughter, the Lanny interview went much better than I had hoped. Aside from the Unity blah-blah, Lanny made two strong points that were made by implication:

    1) BO does not represent the will of the Democratic electorate.

    He made this point through the strong argument for election reform. Why would reform be needed if the outcome was fair and right, but only “disappointing”?

    2) BO will lose the general election.

    He made this argument through the VP argument by saying that BO NEEDS Hillary to win. He said that BO can win without her but with the caveat that John McCain continues to run a weak campaign which we know will not be the case. Since BO and McCain are running neck and neck, any improvement in the McCain campaign will cause BO to lose. And, since he said that it is not likely that she will be asked to be VP, BO will therefore lose the general election.

    These are two compelling arguments for the superdelegates to consider when they vote in Denver…

  29. myiq2xu,

    Wanna come UP to Seattle to help Ohio?

  30. Robin, I need that ray of hope. I didn’t hear Lanny, but I’ll gladly get behind your take.

  31. {{Robin}} I LIKE your take! It wasn’t mine. But, I do like yours.

  32. PS, there is a new post…

  33. Robin, nice catch. Was it your impression that was the point of the interview, tos end these two messages?

    I didn’t hear it. (Yeah, okay, Isuck.) But would you say that a third implication be that by being on the show lends legitimacy of and even respect for the PUMA view?

    Myiq, do you have any labor skills? if not, how much can you lift? I’ll exploit the lot of ya.

    Thanks so much, joanie. My heating guy has to install the heating system and I have to pass three inspections before I can do the rest of the spray foam insulation and get the drywall going. I’m very impatient to get moving on this. Luckily, I have tons of board feet to plane and prep, so I’ll probably just do that.

    I just mention the drywalling because it’s funny to me.

  34. Ohio, I’m the city mouse and you’re the country mouse. I want the excuse to get outta dodge, so say the word!

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