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    Propertius on Happy Birthday to Me, Bit…
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Saturday: Drumbeat

Good Morning, ladies and gents. Sorry I’m a bit late this am. I had to take Brook to the pediatrician for a physical and the kid refuses to take her clothes off in front of the doctor. It’s a gorgeous day in NJ so I’m going outside to play.

The drumbeat is getting louder and steadier and harder to ignore for Dean, Pelosi and Brazile. The Dauphin of Democracy’s Road Trip didn’t turn out like they planned. (Steely Dan fans can finish that song)  They turned out the crowds alright but most Berliners can’t vote (at least, not last time I checked but you never know with the Chicago crew…). And “presumptuous” doesn’t even begin to describe the scene he set up in Berlin, acting like he’s already president and delivering his State of the World speech on terrorism, as if Europe doesn’t already have a more extensive history in fighting it. What’s next for Obama? Delivering a speech on trade with China in Beijing during the Olympics next month? Has anyone told him yet that he can’t have an award ceremony and listen to Hail to the Chief while the flag is raised if he doesn’t actually win a gold medal in a sport? No matter. I’m sure he and David Axelrod will figure out some reasonable facsimile — that the American public will see right through.

But back to Dean. edgeoforever reports that Dean’s road trip is getting rave reviews from the PUMA set. Dean has added a new description to the growing list of endearments the DNC and friends have been using to entice us to vote for Obama. Now, we are “low class”. Riiight.  I guess that’s why people who choose to express their first amendment rights at the Convention in Denver deserve to be put behind a chain link fence far away from the nice, clean, cultured convention attendees.

So, in the last week, we have become “fatiguing and irritating, low-class militants”. I’m having trouble conjuring up an image of that. Is it like a mullet headed Che Guevara with ADHD? And of course, we aren’t Democrats. Well, this much is true, at least for me. I’m not rejoining the Democratic party officially until Dean and Brazile are gone, gone, gone. I’m a Democrat in Exile, not a Republican.

The convention is 30 days away and the pace is accelerating. We’re getting attention. People are getting nervous. Their beautiful theories are getting brutally destroyed by ugly facts. The party is NOT unified just because they said so and now they in grave danger of losing face. Yes, well, what could be more embarrassing than losing a presidential election in a year when you had absolutely everything going for you? The DNC deserves a nomination for a Darwin Award for not recognizing that the old models based on gender, economics and education are no longer predictive. We are watching natural selection in action and it’s not pretty.

In the meantime:

  • Darragh Murphy is on tonight!  Tune into Meet Me In Denver with Darragh Murphy and friends on the NQR of blogtalkradio.  The show starts at 9:00pm EST.  She’ll catch us up on the latest plans for Denver and get an update from Brad and Lori on the film they’re making of the 2008 election process.  Set your batchannels.
  • Don’t forget that NO WE WON’T with Sheri Tag will feature two very special guests, Lanny Davis and Ricki Lieberman.  That’s Sunday at 8:00pm EST.
  • For those of you who want music to go with your politics, check out Goddess Radio with Swannie at CygnusRadio.  This morning, Swannie did an Eva Cassidy set and anyone who likes Cassidy is a friend of mine.  This is available on iTunes?  Cool.

Here’s a song that gets my blood pumping from the movie Working Girl.  Remember that movie?  The one about the smart girl who’s underemployed and finally gets her crack at running things?  Yeah, never settle for second.

28 Responses

  1. Always loved that song! Carly giving advice refreshing to hear many times! Thanks, RD!

  2. THANK YOU so very much for the mention Riverdaughter … I start every Goddess radio with a solid set of Eva Cassidy, all the DJS here at Cygnus lover her and when we gor permission to play her from Blix Street records we were Over the Moon and have been ever since … and her music is still available on AMAZON and part of the proceeds of the sale of her music goes to fund research for the cancer that took her from us so soon …
    Goddess Radio celebrates the women of independent music there are so many womens voices unheard that are so talented , and they have things to say that are not filtered thru a corporate filter ! 🙂 Again thank you for everything that flows from your generous heart !!

  3. Swannie, no doubt! Congradulations on your part in the work of getting them heard!

  4. This is the way with a true grassroots movement. If it is based in principles, not personalities, it will attract members on its own, and become a powerful force to be reckoned with.

    Thanks for this inspiring post, RD. Hope your eyes are feeling better! Have a great day! 🙂

  5. Megalomaniac Despot! Dauphin de ?
    Oh he’d so like to think it was the world — stop him.
    RD –those pumas are funneling through like mad behind the scenes — the posts link right to you, and you have all the links they can funnel to!

    And, yes they must be getting very nervous because I’m starting to see
    “f#$k puma pac” and various things about hating Democrats in 2008…

    Well you know what? You don’t cage Dems. Not Puma Dems or any Dems. I have links to what they have planned off this:


    And also, this is about Bushco skull & bones club at Yale –Kerry is part o’ that! McC, no.


    Now you know what has been behind him all along, money wise.
    We knew it, I guess. We just felt it. To much like the last eight years — except what they don’t know about him are his ties to things in Africa. Wright’s worldview is only about Africa. So all those tidy names you have like the sino-pervian lesbians, garlic noses, and so forth don’t matter one damn to that guy. Very dangerous worldview….it’s totalitarianism alright….

    The more I have researched, all of those films Flineo did for NQ make sense. No matter what, he has to lose. That is the conclusion I’ve come to. Is it ever anti-American. I like being an American, and I like all the different people who are Americans. We are this country. Funny thing is, boy has Brazile pulled a fast one on the likes of Kerry…and Dean.

  6. Good Morning Riverdaughter — I hope your vision is better this morning.

    I agree that the pace is picking up.

    I still haven’t changed parties. I’m waiting until after the coronation (if it happens) — if Obama’s the nominee, I’m outta there.

  7. I am sending my third penny donation to the NEW democratic party today.
    I am struttin (mummers) thru the house signing “Hey Big Spender”
    My neighbors think I am nuts but it makes me feel better.



  8. vbonnaire, this is heavy stuff and needs to get out there in the mainstream knowledge somehow.

  9. Good afternoon everyone! Great article (as usual!)

    I love it that PUMAs are growing and EXTREMELY resourceful. We’ve basically have had to “Live off the land” in terms of information. HAHA! PUMA POUNCE!

    Great Articled by VBonnaire & Edgeofforever too.

    “LOW CLASS?” Stealing votes is “low class” – fighting for your votes is called DEMOCRACY.

  10. River Daughter
    I am not sure if you live close to Rio Grande NJ.
    My daughter works for Pearle Vision in Rio Grande.
    She had made me glasses for twenty years. She made me glasses just for working on the computer.
    They have helped a lot. You might want to check out glasses just for working on computer.
    When my kids were young I wore one pair of glasses until I needed a new presciption, She went into the business now glasses a fashion statement.

  11. vbonnaire, do you have any links to the Africa connection or clear totalitarian worldview?

  12. helen: Thanks for that referral but my vision is perfectly fine today. I think I just pushed them too hard the last couple of days. Sleep seemed to do the trick!

  13. RD – Got a new play for ya. I can post it in an hour or so if you’d like.

    Bill Burton’s Secret Weapon

  14. “a mullet headed Che Guevara with ADHD?”…quite an image…SM..ms. satire on a budget, can you conjure us up an image? 🙂 I LOVE Working Girl….I must have seen it 500 times…and great song….

  15. How did they get their hair that HIGH?????

  16. Gary – right-o! Getting mullet heads & Ches as we speak!

    Please tell MAWM thank you for the GIMP software tip, I downloaded it & will work on it now!

  17. SM: I use GIMP at work. It never occured to download it to my mac until now. Do they have a mac version?

  18. SM: Go ahead and post whenever it looks good.

  19. garychapelhill, on July 26th, 2008 at 1:18 pm Said:
    How did they get their hair that HIGH?????

    AQUANET of course!

  20. RD: Yes they have MAC – go to www. gimp. org – thanks RD, I’m already conjuring up the images – hee hee!

  21. it still makes me tear up to see older video with the WTC towers…

  22. “I am not steak. You cannot order me.” Lovely words from back in the day. RD–my mom and aunt graduated from Hackettstown High School in ’57 and ’59. My grandparents built a house in Long Valley’s “Back Acres” back in the mid-50’s and lived there off and on until they sold it in the mid-80’s. I spent many a summer there growing up and it was beautiful. A good night’s sleep is very restorative. Hope you found a solution to your woes with the school situation. Is another run for the school board in your future?

  23. Gary, it is embarassing to look at those hairstyles and remember the days when …….. oh, never mind. S{S{ B^*

  24. gary: I know. When I used to take the train to NYC from Princeton, one of the first things i saw of Manhattan were the towers. I’d point them out to Brook and tell her we’d be in the city soon. Now, I take the PATH to the WTC station where it is still a cold and silent hole in the ground and travellers pass through it quietly so as not to wake the dead.

  25. I’m coming in late and trying to catch up. thanks for another awesome post and don’t forget we are also humorless which really pisses me off.

  26. He who is unable to live in society, or who has no need because he is sufficient for himself, must be either a beast or a god.AristotleAristotle

  27. I saw that New Republic article yesterday and loved it.

    It also tied in with some things I saw on Justin Webb’s BBC blog. He was so anti-Clinton and so pro-Obama it wasn’t true. Well imagine my surprise when I found 2 recent posts of his -one called “Obama’s domestic foreign trip” and the other “no foreigners rule”. He laments lack of access by the foreign press to the trip.
    Here he’s on holiday in the UK and blogs:

    As I prepare to re-enter the world of the US election I am seized with the fear that the whole thing has gone terribly flat. Hillary versus Barack had a Shakespearian quality that Barack against that other older fellow just does not have. …..
    The sudden “ordinariness” of Barack Obama seems to many Brits to have been confirmed by the journey on which he is now embarked, during which he appears to be speaking only to Americans in a manner that is, well, very American and somewhat imperious if not Imperial. As the London Times put it:

    “Should any of his hosts be under the illusion that the trip is not primarily a White House campaign event, Mr Obama, 46, is taking no foreign journalists. Instead, he has filled his campaign plane with US reporters, including three television news anchors, who are in discussions to hold prime-time interviews with him on consecutive nights.”

    I have written before about the brilliance and sure-footedness of the Obama team and as usual I suspect that they know exactly what they are doing in avoiding messy encounters with suspect foreigners. But is this change that foreigners can believe in? ”
    2days later he blogs
    ‘I must say – and I promise not to go on and on and on and on about this – that the other effect of the no foreigners rule in the Obama trip will be to create a somewhat exaggerated view among his supporters of how much of a worldwide bang he is getting for his buck. I have just watched the main evening news here in London and seen not a word from the Middle East.’

    Are the foreign press now under the bus too?

  28. Hi every body, back again-I just realised that your link thru NoQuarter is not the same as mine. (I don’t remember where I found it but the whole article is here:

    and it really is interesting:

    Around midnight on July 16, New York Times chief political correspondent Adam Nagourney received a terse e-mail from Barack Obama’s press office. The campaign was irked by the Times’ latest poll and Nagourney and Megan Thee’s accompanying front-page piece titled “Poll Finds Obama Isn’t Closing Divide on Race,” which was running in the morning’s paper. Nagourney answered the query, the substance of which he says was minor, and went to bed, thinking the matter resolved.

    But, the next morning, Nagourney awoke to an e-mail from Talking Points Memo writer Greg Sargent asking him to comment on an eight-point rebuttal trashing his piece that the Obama campaign had released to reporters and bloggers like The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder and Politico’s Ben Smith. Nagourney had not heard the complaints from the Obama camp and had no idea they were so steamed. “I’m looking at this thing, and I’m like, ‘What the hell is this?’ ” Nagourney recently recalled. “I really flipped out.”

    Later that afternoon, Nagourney got permission from Times editors to e-mail Sargent a response to the Obama memo. But the episode still grates. “I’ve never had an experience like this, with this campaign or others,” Nagourney tells me. “I thought they crossed the line. If you have a problem with a story I write, call me first. I’m a big boy. I can handle it. But they never called. They attacked me like I’m a political opponent.”

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