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    William on What’s in a Team Na…
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They’re Down With OPP!

   I was disappointed to learn that John Edwards was caught with his hand in the nookie jar the other night.  I was originally an Edwards supporter (because Gore didn’t run) and I began supporting Hillary after he dropped out.  Although I now realize Hillary was by far the superior candidate, I still felt kinda sentimental about John. 

Not anymore.  My sympathies are reserved for Elizabeth, along with best wishes for her health.

John Edwards was seen going to the Beverly Hilton to meet Rielle Hunter (aka Lisa Druck) who gave birth to a child allegedly fathered by Edwards.  Even though the story comes from the National Enquirer, I find it credible because it contains specific details rather than anonymous rumors.  The Enquirer was tipped off and staked out the hotel with several reporters, and Edwards was seen entering and leaving.  Edwards’ latest denial is unconvincing.

Normally I wouldn’t touch a topic like this (yeah, right, who am I kidding) but there is an angle I think is worth pondering.  Who tipped off the Enquirer, and why?

Back in 2004, Barack Obama was running in the Illinois Democratic Senate primary against several opponents, and was running second behind Blair Hull, who had a substantial lead, along with money and name recognition.  But when rumors of domestic violence surfaced in the media, Hull had to resign and Obama went on to win the nomination.

The winner of the GOP primary was Jack Ryan, but he also had to resign when juicy details from his divorce from actress Jeri Ryan were disclosed in the media.  The Illinois GOP asked Alan Keyes to take the nomination, but he was little more than token opposition and Obama was elected.

Last summer and fall, Barack Obama was running neck and neck with Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.  Edwards was the favorite of many in the so-called progressive blogosphere, having been Kerry’s running mate in 2004 and having positioned himself as a “populist.”  Obama needed to eliminate Edwards in order to turn it into a two-person race and to consolidate the anti-Clinton vote which he and Edwards were splitting.

Suddenly, rumors began to surface about Edwards having an affair, a particularly damaging allegation because Elizabeth Edwards was battling cancer and her condition generated enormous sympathy.  Then, shortly before the Iowa caucuses, the National Enquirer reported that Hunter was pregnant with Edwards’ child.  Edwards denied the allegations and a close friend of his, Andrew Young, claimed he was the father of Hunter’s child.  (Young is married with small children)

How much impact this had on the Iowa caucuses is unknown, but Obama finished in first place, with Edwards narrowly beating Hillary to claim second.  Five days later Edwards finished a distant third in New Hampshire, and shortly before Super Tuesday on January 30, 2008 Edwards announced he was suspending his campaign.

With his campaign suspended he was out of the public eye, and the scandal seemed to go away.  Although he stated he was not going to make an endorsement until the primaries were completed, on May 14th John Edwards (but not Elizabeth) unexpectedly endorsed Obama. 

He initially stated he was not interested in being Obama’s running mate, but on June 15th he walked that back and said he would take the job if it was offered.  There were rumors that he was on Obama’s short list of VP candidates, and his name was also suggested as a possible Attorney General if Obama won.

Senator Obama has shown he does not want any independent sources of power within the Democratic party that are not under his control.  He doesn’t want anyone donating to independent groups like Move On, and he hung Wes Clark out to dry when Clark criticized McCain.  For obvious reasons Obama doesn’t want a strong and experienced running mate (like Hillary) because he will look weak and shallow by comparison.  He has also moved the DNC offices to Chicago in order to place it under his control.

This makes me wonder if the Obama campaign was behind the tip-off to the National Enquirer.  Even though the mainstream media whores are mostly ignoring the story, it is enough to provide an excuse for them to pass on Edwards, even if there were promises made to secure Edwards’ endorsement. (“Gee, John, I know we promised you the VP slot, but with this scandal it’s just not possible now.  Sorry“)

I’m just speculating, but it fits the pattern.  The people at the Enquirer know who tipped them off.  Under the circumstances, the identity of the tipster is at least as important (if not more) than the tip.  And since this is the Enquirer, I don’t think they should try to hide behind “journalistic ethics” or any such crap.  C’mon boys, fess up.  Who told you?

(Cross-posted at Klownhaus)

162 Responses

  1. That was my first thought as well. Remember what Dick Cheney did. He vetted VP’s for Bush to get dirt on them to use against them and then declared himself VP. I also think Obama’s camp was behind the hair cut story. There were some reports that seemed to indicate that at the time. However, to be fair, the Enquirer has not so much as printed a picture of Edwards entering/emerging from the hotel so i reserve judgemment about the validity of the story.

  2. Oh, also, note Edwards was set to give a major poverty address while BO was on his Euro vacation. Hmmm.

    Did you see this?:


  3. Hotel security has confirmed to FOX that Enquirer reporters had Edwards cornered in a hotel bathroom.


  4. I was never an Edwards fan, but bedroom stuff is not my business.
    meanwhile, PUMAs are taken seriously – LATimes – and of all people – Tweety

  5. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that Edwards had a legimate reason to visit the Beverly Hilton that night.

    Someone tipped the Enquirer that he was going to be there along with Hunter.

  6. Actually, the bedroom stuff is not the concern of the post, rather who is targeting Edwards.

  7. Edge:

    I don’t really care if a politician is cheating on their spouse, that’s their business.

    I want to know who leaked the story.

  8. This is beginning to feel more and more like a Soprano’s episode. I wonder who they have as Paulie Walnuts counterpart in the Obama campaign? Loaded caucuses, cries of manufactured r**ism, uncounted votes, a fawning press, this stupid junket, it all smacks of an episode right out of Tony Soprano’s playbook.

  9. Bet the MSM is holding off in deference to Elizabeth who was genuinely liked throughout.

  10. Myiq – I just had an image of you as Sam Spade, Bogart style!

    I firmly believe that the Obama campaign plays dirty like this and has little concern for people like Elizabeth and children who would be the most hurt by this. I never did like John Edwards – he reminded me too much of my philandering ex husband. There was a sleaze factor I just couldn’t get past. I like Elizabeth Edwards, though and wish her the best in her recovery.

  11. I also hope there’s a legitimate reason for this visit, but it looks just damning. If it’s true, Axlerod for sure knew about it all & so did Obama.

    I went to the Hillbuzz link, and I only have one question.

    Who is the guy pictured below the bathroom stall, and what is he measuring with his hands?

  12. Not only that, Edwards has an adult daughter. And lost a teenage son…a kind of trauma that has never happened to The Precious.
    John Edwards’ private life should be just that: PRIVATE

    On t’other hand: Obama is shocked–SHOCKED–that his FAMILY is an issue. If you’re the candidate, that’s the price.
    Surprised? Aw..w…

  13. PJ:

    Since when does the MSM give a rat’s ass about anyone besides themselves?

  14. Well, she’s so attractive who could blame him for this tawdry affair.

  15. I’ve seen other pictures of her that are more appealing.

    Not a lot more appealing, but she looks like Linda Tripp in that one.

  16. It’s possible, but at this point I don’t see what there is to gain from Obama (or any other politician) doing this to Edwards.
    Edwards is a loser as a candidate and has little power nationally. He won a Senate race in ’98 and a primary in ’04. Since then, nothing, couldn’t carry his home state in the general as VP candidate.

    I supported Edwards initially, but was turned off by work he did for a hedge fund. But I hope the “love child” rumors aren’t true, Elizabeth doesn’t deserve that.

  17. Since David Axelrod is using Karl Rove’s Play Book, this makes sense.

    Jane Becker

  18. Obama wants to neutralize any threat to his authority.

    Look at the way he’s treating Hillary, and the way he’s attacked Bill’s record.

    He wants to turn the Democratic party into the Obama party.

  19. I didn’t put much stock in the story until he got caught this week.

    I don’t expect politicians to be pure and innocent, just discreet.

  20. Oh wow.

    Knowing that Brazile and Rove are in cahoots, and have been since 2000, explains a lot of Obama’s Rovian tactics. Whisper campaigns and smears about his opponents are certainly part of his M.O.

    Food for thought.

  21. Madamab,
    I’ve known about the Rovezillian connection for a while now.
    Considering all the things we know about this campaign, it seems the “One Party, One World, One Messiah,” conspiracy theory is not nearly as far-fetched as reasonable people would like to believe.

  22. Personally, I could care less who Edwards, or any politician sticks his you-know-what in, because that’s his problem and has nothing to do with how they do their job.

    But I do agree with MYIQ in that it could be Obama’s sneaky minions blasting it out there to take Edwards off the VP list.

  23. One of the things that has annoyed me during the campaign was that Obamanation could push negative talking points about Hillary and act like he was running a positive campaign, and the media let him get away with it.

  24. Thanks for that link, madamab. Not surprising from Brazille. The last couple of sentences sums it up quite nicely, don’t you think?

    “Mr. Rove proved you can win elections with rumors, fear, division and manipulation.” Brazile wrote back in 2007, after that friendly exchange with Air Force One. “But you can’t win hearts that way.”

    No, you can’t. But then, this influential political fixer no longer appears to have use for that particular organ. Which may be why she finds men like Karl Rove and Grover Norquist so appealing.”

  25. Obama will pick a zero to be his VP.

    Anybody of stature (Dodd, Biden, Clark, Hillary) would upstage Obama just by being better qualified.

  26. myiq, you have a very devious mind. It is interesting that an Edwards-Obama poverty tour was announced at an earlier moment, but now we see Edwards off by himself talking about poverty in Denver while Obama is on his own self-glorification world tour.

    I’m sure Obama promised Edwards all sorts of things, but now, as you say, O could look very righteous throwing Edwards under the bus with the rest of us. Even if the story isn’t true, the common perception will be that there’s no smoke without fire, and those are particularly insidious types of rumors to combat.

    Does this mean O thinks he truly doesn’t need traditional Dems, and that his voter registration efforts are going to make all the difference? No more Edwards? No more swing state efforts?

  27. josgirl – That article really connected a lot of dots for me. I knew that Rove and Brazile were friends, but I didn’t understand why Rove would back Obama instead of McCain.

    Now I know. It’s all about protecting his slimy traitorous butt. With either HRC or McCain, the Dem Congress would be emboldened to hold him and his BushCheney cohorts accountable for their crimes. With Obama, the same leadership would stay in power, and they would do whatever he told them to.

    Hillary or McCain. NoBama!

  28. MyIQ — Thanks for putting this story together with Obama’s history of dirty dealing. I agree with everyone about a total lack of interest in the sex life of public figures. I just wish their sex lives didn’t end up having such a dramatic affect on our lives.

    And THAT’s the responsibility of people like Obama.

  29. myiq – Obama will pick Chuck Hagel. Why else is he on the “Ich bin ein beginner” trip with Obama?

    Hagel will not outshine Obama because he is a Republican.


  30. Hagel would be impeachment insurance. The Democrats would vote against it so they wouldn’t lose the WH, but the GOP would vote for it no matter who the VP was.

  31. Nobody answered my tasteless question about what the man was measuring; I like to think it’s because y’all have more class than I do.

    But, now I have another question: why does this woman have 2 different first names and last names?

  32. I am going to go with the Gary hart rule here: Edwards was at least rumored to have an affair during his campaign – I am thinking the Enquirer had tails on him. That, or the VP race heating up – could have been an other aspirant to the dubious honor

  33. Just to put in my two cents, I can’t stand Obama and will probably vote for McCain or stay home, but to speculate that the Obama campaign had anything to do with this is a bit much. If there were any evidence at all, I’d say speculate away; but as far as I know, there isn’t. Hate to say, it but this idle talk is no better than those who were speculating years ago about whether the Clintons killed Vince Foster. Talking about this stuff makes us long dumb and petty; just my humble opinion.

  34. Whoever tipped off the Enquirer gave them enough solid info that they sent a team to the hotel to stake it out.

    They had 7-10 people there covering all the entrances and exits. They knew who rented the rooms, and which rooms they rented.

    The reporters even rented rooms themselves so they couldn’t be tossed off the property for trespassing.

  35. myiq – So, Hagel means the GOP won’t be able to impeach Obama?

    Interesting. I think the Dem Congressional majority will be so big that impeachment wouldn’t even get out of committee.

    I think Obama just wants the Village to Lurv him. A bipartisan ticket will keep them swooning…

  36. They didn’t follow Edwards to the hotel, they were already there waiting for him.

  37. hmmm, has Edwards gone the way of Newt Gingrich….gonna drop Elizabeth in her hour of need?
    I would not put it past the obama camp to have sicced
    the press on Edwards….please Lord…let obama NOT be a U.S. citizen….he makes me ill with his holier than thou act and he is nothing more than a fearmonger.

    All that hype from his tour….but here are the feelings of the governments from those countries he visited.


  38. madamab:

    Expect the GOP to return Nancy P’s “impeachment is off the table” by screaming for investigations, hearings and independent counsels.

    If Obama wins in November, the GOP will gain seats in 2010 and might even win back the Senate.

    And they don’t need the majority, there are enough DINO’s and blue dogs that will vote with them.

  39. Madamab, that may answer the “what’s in it for Karl” question, but what’s in it for Donna?
    For this thing to work out for her, one would have to believe that a Democratic president is a desirable or even acceptable outcome for him.
    I can’t buy that.
    I think that’s what Rove is selling to Brazile, but it seems more likely that his real motives are to fracture the Democrats and install a malleable Republican.

  40. Edwards’ political career is effectively over. He can do NGO charity stuff, but he’s toast at the ballot box.

  41. I no longer think Hagel will be the VP choice.

    He went on the Iraq/Afghan part of the jaunt because 1] the bipartisan Congressional addition makes it taxpayer paid 2] Hagel really is against this war 3] the Repubs hate him, so why not get free publicity & rub in their noses?

    Obama took him to get the taxpayer break, I’d say not many military-minded Repubs wanted to go with him, and it gives him those bipartisan creds he likes to wear. But he won’t take any chances whatsoever of a money tie-in/clash with the Repubs. And with Duncan as RNC head, I don’t smell collusion.

  42. josgirl – I think Brazile and Rove both want Obama in the White House.

    Brazile’s agenda: A New Democratic Party dominated by African-Americans, but resembling the Republican Party otherwise.

    I think Rove looked at his options and realized Obama would be the only one who would make sure he stayed out of jail. Simple self-preservation.

    myiq – You’re right, the GOP will have impeachment motions against Obama the second he gains the White House. That’s just how they roll.

    Yet another reason to leave the top of the ticket blank (unless Hillary is the nominee) or vote McCain. However, I am making sure to vote down-ticket Dem. I want as big a majority as possible to oppose some of McCain’s more odious tendencies.

  43. Far from me to try to exculpate Karl or Donna of anything – but I believe that the media didn’t jump at all on the first Edwards story. If it was leaked with intent to eliminate Edwards, it failed. I would think Karl would have enlisted a more effective media help.
    My feeling was that the party/media were equally benevolent to the 2 ABC candidates – in the beginning, with only Donna pushing for her boy.

  44. I wouldn’t doubt that BO staffers would have made sure that Edwards got caught with his “hand in the nookie jar” (another good one). However, it has also been his pattern to make sure all others have been laid to waste as to not show him up. I have asked several ‘bots about BO choosing a Republican VP and they’ve been all for it. I told one that that would be akin someone pissing in the punchbowl and then drinking it–being that it’s still mostly punch and just a little piss seems to be okay with them. Imagine my dismay when I was called “looney tunes”. This whole deal just gets loonier and loonier. Who’s side is he really on? Also of interest–Nancy Pelosi’s interview in Harper’s Bazaar. I managed to stay relatively calm until I read that she had been “converted” all the way back in 2004. It appears the fix was in along time ago.

  45. I thought Edwards’ political career was pretty much over when he faded away in this primary. That’s why I am not looking for dark plots to unseat him – I don’t see these revelations changing anything beyond their family.

  46. I agree josgirl, Karl is playing Donna and would never actively help install a Democrat – be it a DINO – in the White House.

  47. I like to think MSM is sitting out due to Elizabeth, but the evil side of me wonders if they’re waiting to make sure this is lawsuit-proof. Then it will be a bidding war for the pics.

  48. I believe that there’s now some corroboration witness – a guard – quoted at Politico. Enquirer caught Garry Hart and probably broke more legit stories than MSNBC

  49. I think Karl might well back an Obama presidency, with a Dem Congress, because he would expect them to pass legislation that would alienate the public and cause a shift back to Republicans.

  50. WTF? There is only one person in Washington evil enough to do this and she is married to an expresident.

    It is all H’s fault. All of it. Pure eeeevil, I tell you.

  51. Your scenario is probably correct. BO needed Edwards’ endorsement, promised him the VP spot to get it and is now in the process of making that impossible. How could BO make JE the VP with this salacious scandal hanging over his head? No can do…and that lets the asshole renege on his promise. I wonder what juicy tidbits we’ll get on Richardson in the coming days? You know it’s coming.

  52. You know, I’ve speculated before that this whole thing is a Rovezillian bet to see who could get the lousiest candidate in their party elected.
    Extra points for crossover majority.

  53. UpstateNY – LOL!

    IACF! (It’s All Clinton’s Fault!)

  54. Will…get the jack out..make room for Edwards under that bus….

  55. josgirl – Like Trading Places!

    Do you think they bet a dollar too?

  56. Oh EOF, IACF is always and forever the bots’ refrain.

    Notice that the Politico article totally debunks its own headline:

    A spokesman for American Media, Richard Valvo, said in an email that Altman has “no involvement in editorial, ever.” He said that Evercore owns 20 percent of the company through an investment fund. Altman didn’t respond to an email seeking comment or to a message left with his secretary.

    American Media has also published lurid and negative stories about the Clintons since its acquisition.

    Never mind! La la la la la la….[putting hands over ears]

  57. I don’t know who Obama will pick as VP but I agree that he doesn’t want anyone like Hillary Clinton or Clark to upstage him. I think in order for Obama to ensure victory he would have to pick someone like Clinton or Gore; someone who would win back a significant portion of Clinton supporters who have been alienated by Obama. Luckily for us, Obama is too arrogant to realize this and will take the chance of losing the election rather than deal with Clinton for 4-8 years. His arrogance will be the reason for him losing the election. I’ll truly be shocked if he picks Hillary for VP and Hillary actually would want to be his VP.

    I see Obama choosing Evan Bayh or possibly Hagel or Biden. I can see Bayh because he wouldn’t upstage Obama and could help him win some white working class votes. Still, I don’t think an Obama/Bayh ticket would be enough to win the election. Reagan Democrats, working class voters, Latinos, Asians, LGBT, and women came home this year to Hillary. I don’t think Hagel, Bayh or any white man besides Al Gore and Bill Clinton could electrify these groups more than Hillary.

  58. I wonder who told the National Enquirer. My bet is on Axelrod.

  59. C’mon, to those of you who say that bedroom stories are not your cup of tea, you know that if the National Enquirer were to catch the Messiah with his pants down together with someone else other than his wife, you will be all over it with glee. The Enquirer has done a good job at exposing the shenanigans of celebrities and politicians, like Rush Limbaugh’s addiction to Oxycontin.

  60. Thank you for that link, madamab. I think that Donna and Karl united to defeat their common enemies, the Clintons. Karl has used Donna for his own evil purposes. Donna probably realizes it but doesn’t mind figuring that she wields more power even if Obama loses as long as the Clintons are out of the picture.

    I guess they didn’t count on us because as long as we PUMAs are around, the Clintons will never be out of the picture.

  61. Gee, edgeoforever, why on earth would Politico want to blame this on HRC?
    I mean, it’s not like they’re in the tank for Obama or anything, huh?

  62. As to the Edwards love child, I wouldn’t put it pass Obama to do something like this since he’s done it before. We’ll just have to wait and see what else the Enquirer reveals and whether the MSM will eventually pick this story up. I’m sure FOX is currently investigating. They would never pass up a chance to destroy a Democrat. Hopefully they will help the GOP destroy Obama after the convention.

  63. edgeforever, you see? It all makes sense, now, right?

    If true, maybe Edwards can make a transcendental speech?

    It works for other pols, you know?

  64. what is IACF?

  65. OK, Joe, I plead guilty! If the bedroom stuff would take B0 out – I’ll be all over it! You’re right on that one!

  66. IACF= It’s always Clinton’s fault

  67. I actually don’t care about fidelity as a campaign issue.

  68. It is all Clinton’s fault, madamab coined it.

  69. myiqx2u: ” I was originally an Edwards supporter (because Gore didn’t run) and I began supporting Hillary after he dropped out. Although I now realize Hillary was by far the superior candidate, I still felt kinda sentimental about John. ”

    You’ve pretty much summed up my feeling to the tee. (With the exception of supporting John because Gore didn’t run. I think I was already supporting Al’s change of professional/political direction and, therefore, never expected him to run again. Besides, truth be told, I think Al proved to really shine beyond the political stage — a sharp, brilliant global “environmental” ambassador.)

    Well, my username gives you a clue as to my JRE support. Moreover, John and Elizabeth both inspired me; as a couple united for the type of awarness, change and action needed today. I continue to support many of the causes/grassroot social campaigns which have arisen from his presidential bid. That, I trust (whatever the outcome of these latest allegations) will continue to build and motivate folks toward real, longterm action where economic and social injustices are concerned.

    re: NE’s allegations – I really have little to say, or comment on, at the moment. If proven true, in any context, color me very disappointed and feeling DEEPLY for Elizabeth and their children.

  70. And, I maintain we don’t even know if this story is true, only that someone wants us to think it is true. It could also be a Repub or even Hillary, though I doubt the latter, given her own experiences with infidelity.

  71. Well, the Politico story debunks its own headline – but the concept was already floating withing the Oborg – so it turned out to be a good thing

  72. You know, NE dug up the worst icture they could find of this woman, and while she’s no Elizabeth Edwards, I really sdetest that. This is what they did to Hill and routinely do to hollywood women. It’s sexist.

  73. masslib – I agree it’s sexist.

    But, I think the timing of the story is quite interesting. I don’t care about what JRE does in his sex life, but why is it coming out now?

    I think it’s so Obama doesn’t have to pick Edwards as Veep or AG.

    Under the bus with you, John! And make room for Elizabeth and the kids, too.

  74. I agree with Dis… Obie’s done this shit before so I wouldn’t put it past him to do this.

    I was for Edwards until he dropped out, but if I’d know this I would not have been. The Edwards’ private affairs are just that-private, but it’s not right because of Elizabeth’s health.

    Besides, that woman looks like Camilla Parker-Bowles.

  75. “I think it’s so Obama doesn’t have to pick Edwards as Veep or AG.”


  76. This is how it happened: H needed Edwards voting block before Super Tueday to destroy O’s chances. So she told him that unless, he suspended his campaign, her surrogates would let the world know about his indiscretion…remember the misterious meeting before ST?

    Well we all know how ST went. She is so bitter though, that not happy enough with forcing Edwards out, she is leaking the truth out anyway and is determined to destroy him politically…..

    My senator is the worsest person ever.

  77. masslib: “It could also be a Repub or even Hillary, though I doubt the latter, given her own experiences with infidelity.”

    Hillary? Really? You think Hillary’s going around smearing the Edwardses? Tell me I just misread that one.

  78. Does cheating on your wife with a good-looking woman really make it better?
    Isn’t that a teensy bit sexist?
    Maybe that’s why history has been so kind to JFK’s indiscretions.
    As for the Rovezillian connection, while I think they may well be in cahoots, history also shows us that Karl is a better manipulator than she is, so if anybody’s being played, it’s Donna.

  79. josgirl – I think Donna is just audacious enough to think that she is playing KKKarl.

    I almost feel sorry for her, except that she has almost succeeded in destroying the Party I love.

  80. #
    masslib, on July 25th, 2008 at 3:47 pm Said:

    You know, NE dug up the worst icture they could find of this woman, and while she’s no Elizabeth Edwards, I really sdetest that. This is what they did to Hill and routinely do to hollywood women. It’s sexist.

    That’s usually what happens in order to take the heat off of the male involved – with the exception of Bill Clinton. Make it a fight between the 2 women a la Diana and Camilla, then Charles is out of the picture.

  81. I agree with all that has been said and I am confident that o and his campaign are behind this. That being said, Edwards is a creep and I do think that it reflects badly on him. Maybe it is that as a woman I will never fully understand ‘male urges’ , but if a person can not control him/herself enough to not get involved in an extramarital affair while running for president, then I do not think that they should be president. I know Clinton, Clinton, Clinton….

  82. it’s official


    A Democratic Party of Wisconsin committee voted unanimously this afternoon to strip the credentials of a Hillary Clinton delegate from Racine County who had publicly stated her support for John McCain this fall.

    The state party filed a formal complaint with the DNC seeking to revoke the credentials of Debra Bartoshevich, saying party rules and a pledge she signed required her to support the party’s nominee this fall.

    During the conference call, committee members tried to pin her down on whether she’d vote for Barack Obama after she publicly expressed questions about his experience earlier this year.

    “Are you going to vote for the eventual nominee of Democratic Party, irrespective of who it is?” asked Gary Sherman, a state Representative from Port Wing.

    “I’m making no comments on who I’m voting for in the fall election,” she replied, saying she want wants to hear platforms of candidates and that she is “still getting to know Senator Obama.”

  83. Edwards didn’t win, he wasn’t going to be BO’s running mate, he sold Hillary’s ass down the river, so my question is, why do we give a shit?

  84. I continue to be amazed by the degree to which Drudge is in the tank for o. Is Drudge just setting him up so that he can tear him down, or is there something more there?

  85. bumping my totally OT comment up from the earlier thread…

    On Tim Kaine & Terry McAuliff’s comment supporting him for Veep, I think it is a deeper game. Tim Kaine is a very conservative politician, and from Virginia. He’s anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, etc, and stands anti-immigration amnesty. Which means, he further weakens the attachment of the three most vulnerable groups for Obama – progressive women, LGBTs, and Latinos.
    He ‘may’ bring a little more independants and working class men into the campaign, but that’s a big hypothetical, considering John Edwards wasn’t able to do that either.

    So I’m only forced to conclude that Terry doesnt want Obama to win. In other words, TERRY MCAULIFF is a PUMA :-). YAY!!!

    If you were having any doubts/second thoughts about whether you should still be a PUMA, or whether we’re helping Hillary Clinton or harming her – this incident should answer your doubts.

  86. Were Mrs. Edwards not a lovely person with children of her own to protect, I would immediately suspect the wife of the faithless husband. Someone else with more to gain than lose is the answer. I don’t think the Republicans care about this so much…if it’s political and not personal, then it has to do with eliminating a rival. Obviously it’s someone more concerned with finishing Edwards politically than with consequences to themself if the truth gets out. Edwards also was very successful in his career as a lawyer, and may have hurt someone badly enough that they are out for revenge, and the political fall-out is just a side issue. We just need the lights to go out now so The Thin Man can announce who the real culprit is…

  87. Ms. Marple, on July 25th, 2008 at 4:13 pm Said:

    Were Mrs. Edwards not a lovely person with children of her own to protect, I would immediately suspect the wife of the faithless husband.

    Kind of like The Politician’s Wife?

  88. Madamab, I think you’re right about DB thinking she’s playing Rove.
    What better bait could he have to hook her?
    She most likely hooked herself.

  89. I’m not condemning John, but I’m not defending him either. He dodged a bullet last winter and he should have left it there.

    My point is that someone intentionally leaked it to the NE.

    Who was it and why?

    If someone was leaking it last winter and the media didn’t pursue it, that doesn’t absolve whoever was leaking it.

    Don’t forget, Axelrod represented Edwards before too, and probably has contacts in Edwards’ campaign.

  90. Edwards talked about family and family values, about honesty
    Hes another hypocrite and EVERYTIME you can expose these hiders in the dark it’s fine by me. They talk out of all the sides of their mouths. Edwards was down with Obama , Dodd, and Biden who couldn’t stomach a women being president.. He never fooled me once with his BS.

  91. OT but…

    No one can attend the Coronation At Invesco unless they swear to volunteer for The One.

    Could Obama be more un-American? What is this, Stalinist Russia? Bush loyalty oaths?


  92. myiq2xu, Axelrod represented Clinton, too.
    Both of them, I think.

  93. “Axelrod represented Clinton, too.”


  94. I am hearing the name of Ed Rendell being bandied around again for vp. If so, then Carol can claim him forever. As for Terry McAullife, he has been a Clinton operative for years. He may be just having a bit of fun at Obama’s expense. Terry loves to stir things up a bit.

  95. I can do the devil’s advocate (advocate = lawyer) and think of plausible arguments that make Edwards look less bad.

    Elizabeth is sick and can’t travel, he’s out campaigning, stressed out and lonely, this other woman is there, etc.

    It doesn’t make it right but he’s not necessarily a total scumbag.

    But that’s all gossip, not reasons to vote for someone.

  96. You gotta troll posting on “Action Alert…”

  97. This campaign has been running far too long. The sleaze level and dirty machinations are deplorable. Not content to just label the Clinton’s as r**ists, they certainly would call out Edwards for his extracurricular activities. It all points to the Obama campaign but may be the guy she claims is the father, or his long suffering wife, just got sick of the sheer hypocrisy. And Edwards ridiculous statement to the press that he won’t answer the charges is just another example of someone who is not doing right by the truth.

    If it were me, and I was innocent, you would be able to hear me all the way across country. Where there is smoke, there is usually someone languidly puffing on a cigarette.

  98. Actually, Axelrod represented all three, and all three wanted to hire him.

    But he committed to Obama way back in time.

    Which is weird, considering that Axelrod is the hottest Democratic campaign consultant right now and Obama is an empty suit.

    How did an empty suit lock up Axelrod so early?

  99. Myiq: Those are my thoughts, or even worse, he gets the news that she is no longer in remission, there is someone there offering a shoulder, things gets out of hand. No excuse, but shit happens.

  100. The Rock star persona snagged him

  101. myiq2xu: M.O.N.E.Y. And the chance to make “history”.

  102. May I get out of moderation please?

  103. I’m kinda suspicious about why the Enquirer was even that interested.

    It had to cost them a lot of money to do that stakeout. They could have just sent one person, not a team.

  104. Something’s definitely in the air today. I read on aol that Mathew Broderick is stepping on on Sarah Jessica Parker too.

  105. French fan for Hillary blogging about Obama’s visit to Paris:
    The rest of the website is interesting if you can read French.

  106. Why would JE meet up with her in the paparazzi capital of the world? I just don’t get that. I would expect more discretion given that he’s well known.

  107. Everyone wants to blow it off because it’s the Enquirer, but the way that story is written they would have to be knowingly publishing false and defamatory information. That’s actual malice and they would get sued to the eyeballs.

    They aren’t reporting rumors or anonymous sources. They name their reporters and give lots of detail.

  108. DisenfranchisedVoter: Great post! Love it when somebody else can see through this fraud.

  109. I don’t give a flaming **** who sleeps with whom.

    I want a president who can handle the job, period.

    WHY is that so hard to understand?

  110. myiq: “Elizabeth is sick and can’t travel, he’s out campaigning, stressed out and lonely, this other woman is there, etc.”

    Serously man….are you saying urges? Well, I was lonely/stressed out my wife was was sick so….what is a guy to do?

    Tell me it was snark…

  111. The paparazzi aren’t interested in him anymore, and LA is a long way from Elizabeth.

    He was out here for business, his buddy rents the rooms and she meets him there with the baby.

    If the Enquirer wasn’t tipped off, it would have been low risk.

  112. Plural,
    “Axelrod contemplated taking a break from the 2008 presidential campaign, as five of the candidates—Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Chris Dodd, and Tom Vilsack—were past clients. Personal ties between Axelrod and Hillary Clinton also made it difficult, as she had done significant work on behalf of epilepsy causes for a foundation co-founded by Axelrod’s wife, Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE). (Axelrod’s daughter suffers from developmental disabilities associated with chronic epileptic seizures.) Axelrod’s wife even said that a 1999 conference Clinton convened on finding a cure for the condition was “one of the most important things anyone has done for epilepsy.” – Wikipedia

    Partial Federal Client list AKP&D
    Obama for President
    Edwards for President
    Clinton for President
    Simon for President

  113. Joan: These people walk around with a sense of entitlement. He had no idea somebody had “blown” his cover. After all, he went there with the friend who “claims” to be the baby’s father. But he left shortly after dropping him off. Strange. At the same time, what was Edwards doing there anyway? No explanation given.

  114. Upstate:

    I said less bad, not okay.

    He wasn’t necessarily a horndog on the prowl.

  115. Actually, the guy who brought him there (and rented the rooms) was not the guy who claims to be the baby’s daddy.

  116. You all ready for a new topic? I’ve got something ready to go. 🙂

  117. what does to be a “horndog on the prowl” mean? Sorry, it is the whole English as a second language thing.

  118. Perhaps one of the reasons he decided he need not pay the injured troops a visit is that so many of them are AAs and he knows he already has their votes.

  119. Upstate: Horny. In the mood. Looking for action.

  120. Thanks Pat…always learning something new, aren’t I.

  121. madamab — Yes! ‘Can’t wait.

  122. josgirl, interesting. Thanks.

  123. “Upstate: Horny. In the mood. Looking for action.”

    Paris Hilton with a penis

  124. myiq: heh.

  125. Upstate: myiq2u and I could write a book.

  126. Axelrod committed to Obama NLT 2006, because that’s when the campaigns were hiring.

    Obama was a nobody with no money (officially) and Axelrod committed to running his campaign.

    If Obama had fizzled (as he should have) then Axelrod would have been unemployed, because whoever won would already have someone running things.

    Seems fishy to me.

  127. myiq2xu – Axelrod knew Obama had Rove’s money and connections at his back.

    Check the new post. 😉


    OK….OK…..OBAMA is a ……….

  129. OK, sorry again, what does NLT mean?

  130. John Edwards opposes gay marriage because of his “upbringing,” whatever the hell that means.

    I’ve been with my partner 17 years and have always been faithful. Looks like Johnnie can’t say the same thing.

    Wish we had the same marriage benefits that he has.

  131. NLT – no later than

  132. sino-peruvian lesbian – LOL!

    I love your name.

    And indeed, so many proponents of “family values” prove to be not so pure in their own lives.

    Look at Larry Craig…

  133. MyIQ, 40 years ago my father saw a blurb on the front page of The National Enquirer about a cure for Migraine Headaches.

    He bought the issue because he was so desperate for a cure he was ready to try anything. To his surprise, it worked and he’s used it ever since.

  134. Terry M may have just guaranteed Tim Kaine won’t be the VP choice. Can’t believe Axelrod/Obama would ever let him steal any thunder by preamble.

  135. I have said all along, and will continue to say, “Well, Karl Rove has certainly met his match, hasn’t he?” The Obamessiah will run circles around him!!

  136. myiq2xu, Axelrod has known Obama for years.

    “Axelrod met Obama when the senator was 30 years old and coordinating a voter-registration drive in Chicago and Betty Lou Saltzman, a doyenne of progressive politics in Chicago…”
    NYT April, ‘07

  137. Hypocrites, plain and simple. Hypocrites. Always telling everybody else how to live, what their values should consist of, always pointing at religion as the mainstay of their existence, then voila! Caught in the act. Unfortunately, far too many other people get caught up in this horrible vortex because these hypocrites can’t keep it inside.

  138. sino, you know it is OK for straight men to “deviate” every now and then, in spite of “upbringing”, right?

    Congrats on your relationship.

  139. kbird: must share remedy.

  140. I was watching the show about Greenberg, the tornado ravaged town in Kansas that decided to rebuild green.

    The city administrator, I think was his title, really impressed me. Here was a guy who seemed to really care about what he was doing, sometimes to the detriment of his family life unfortunately and certainly not for the accolades because he was getting none, but again seemingly because he though what he was doing was right and for the good of his town and indeed the country though its example.

    That’s what I want in someone who would aspire to high public office. I don’t even necessarily have to agree with his/ her policies. I want someone with some common sense and a desire for our collective better good.

    Unfortunately very few of these people seem make it out of local government and we’re left with mostly men that have developed a taste for power and entitlement that sooner or later affects their morality, personally or politically.

  141. Axelrod was a consultant/astroturfer for Exelon Corp.

    Exelon is the parent company of Commonwealth Edison.

    The former CEO of ComEd was William “Mad Bomber” Ayers’ father.

  142. Upstate,

    It’s pretty simple and it works for sinus headaches too.

    At the first hint of a headache:

    wet your entire head with water as hot as you can stand. You can do this at a sink with a sprayer or in the shower but, you want to get your head (through your hair to the scalp) as hot as possible.


    Immediately immerse your head in ice water until your head is as cold as you can stand. In winter when cold tap water runs very, very cold you can use the shower or sink as you do with hot water. But, the rest of the year a deep bowl of ice water is better. You want to get your head as cold as you can tolerate.

    That’s the cure my dad read in the National Enquirer in the early 1970’s. He used to get many migraines every year — and they knocked him out for days. But this “cure” changed his life. Sometimes he has to do more than one “treatment” — he can feel the headache creeping back. But another treatment keeps that initial warning from developing into a real pain.

    I’ve used it myself for sinus headaches.

  143. “caught with his hand in the nookie jar” another snort out loud inducer.

    I feel bad for Elizabeth. I thought this story was very possibly true when I read about it last year. That is why I thought he dropped out. I thought someone told him they had dirt…

    Then, seeing this today, I believe it. Also, when he was asked about it today, he was freaked.

    I don’t know… nothing suprises me anymore. Usually, when there is smoke, there’s fire.

  144. Sounds good, Kbird. If I get pneumonia I know where to find you. Thanks.

  145. If Terry M has made an endorsement for who he wants to see as VP and this person is not Hillary, you better believe she doesn’t want to have anything to do with the Obama ticket. Though I think we could have figured this out from Bill’s absence. If Hillary had really wanted VP, Bill would have been at some of those big fundraisers and would not have used the lame excuse that he needed to prepare/pack for his upcoming trip to Africa…

  146. 🙂 — I know what you mean, Upstate. And I don’t use it as religiously as my dad does. But, he’s bald and I’ve got thick hair that takes forever to soak. And the extremes in temperature are uncomfortable for me. But, after suffering through a series of pretty bad headaches this summer, I did do it. And it really made a difference.

  147. Gee John, I didn’t make anything up, I really wonder if that’s true.

    As for rumors, is it true that you were the model for the “before” pictures in those ads for male enhancement products?

  148. I have not read all the comments yet, so don’t know if this one has been floated yet. Mr Obama has a machievallian machine running his campaign. Whenever he starts receiveing bad press, presto chango, some contrived scandal or another miraculously appears to redirect the media from his own tenuous press results. It has happened many, many times in the past. I have no idea what the deal with Edwards/Obama was to begin with, but somehow, with much gnashing of teeth from Edwards supporters, he became an Obama supporter overnite. Then he sort of fell off the radar. Hillary became a sorta Obama supporter, and went back to work, and has received positive publicity for her Senate work since….Edwards not so much.
    Now with Obama not doing so well on the home front with his magical mystical mystery tour, suddenly this situation with Edwards becomes front page news, taking the heat away from the Obama campaign. It’s interesting, because the reporters, what few of them are left, are now scrambling to keep up with the National Enquirer (and wtf is that all about?) and not paying any attention to Obama, leaving the admiring minions formally known as the MSM focusing on Mr Wonderful.
    Conspiracy theory, perhaps, but I’m with Miq. The timing is just too convenient.
    Back to lurking, and now I’ll finish reading the comments. If I’ve copied other conspiracy thoughts, I apologize, but please give me a pass…I’m a lurker.

  149. Barack Obama’s MO is to remove all competition(opposition next?) by all means necessary in order to achieve his goals.

    Remember Alice Palmer and his successful plan to challenge every signature on the petition drive of Palmer in order to remove her from competition? Then, there is the ongoing attempt of his surrogates and followers to deflate the expectations of the Hillary supporters by acting as if Obama has already won the nomination when in fact he has not.

    What is fearful in this scenario is the fact that he might maintain this MO ( removing competition(opposition next?)by all means neccessary) in the future. His yes vote for the FISA bill could be such an indication.

  150. I think Judas, back-stabbing Richardson may have been behind it. Knock all his competitors out one by one for V.P. then he’s next in lline to be Prez. If I was BO, I would watch my back around Richardson.

  151. Is this a parody? Can you possibly believe this craziness? Did Obama somehow insert Edwards’ penis in this woman while he was plotting to secretly reveal the affair after the fact? Edwards was not a threat. And he certainly is not a threat now. And posting the crazy picture of the mistress is not just a little bit misogynistic?

  152. Thanks for this site, been lurking here for a while. But I think HT hit the nail on the head, because this is the first thing that popped into my head. Everytime BO receives just the slightest bit of bad press or tough questions, some other “scandal” seems to break to take the heat off him.

  153. BellinKY, thank you. I’ve studied the situation and thought I might have ingested too much calcium, cause, while I’m re-building strong bones…..
    Anyway, Nice to know I’m not the only one who has noticed the trend. Makes one wonder who he would be unwilling to discard….the only people left standing, that one of his ilk would consider sacrosanct are his wife Axelrod and his campaign staff and his “major” campaign contributers. And tHAT LIST DOES NOT INCLUDE the DNC, Dean, Brazille, Pelosi. Reid or anyone else. Silly democratic (so called) leadership that didn’t realise that they were holding aces over eights in a very nasty situation. .

  154. Wouldn’t a reporter be able to determine at a glance whether the father is Andrew Young or John Edwards?

  155. I wondered the same thing…and will Edwards delegates drift off somewhere else??

  156. Camp Obama tipped off the newspaper and planted the suspension on HRC. Why? Obama numbers are sagging and he can’t shake P.U.M.A. and the Denver roll call vote. So, John Edwards is expendable (who cares if it’s true) and by having his trolls blame Hillary, he can resurrect the MSM hatred for her while distracting everyone from writing about his inability to open a lead against McCain.

    Rove would be proud. Maybe, Rove is Obama’s guardian angle?

  157. I think it is a mistake to assume that this story is true just because the Enquirer printed details. Although theEnquirer is sometimes accurate, it also is perfectly willing to make stuff up and do it all them time – details included. They did that kind of thing to the Clintons over and over again.

    I am not saying it is not true, just that we need to consider the source. I would need confirmation from better ones to begin to take it seriously. After all, there was absolutely no truth to the Whitewater allegations, yet the NY Times was the paper that pushed the story. The WPost later joined in and we were off. Other media outlets figured if the Times and Post said it it had to be true. (Sound familiar? The same thing happened with the WMD story.)

    A good rule to remember:
    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

  158. […] They’re Down With OPP! (by myiq2xu at The Confluence, cross-posted at Klownhaus) Last summer and fall, Barack Obama was running neck and neck with Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.  Edwards was the favorite of many in the so-called progressive blogosphere, having been Kerry’s running mate in 2004 and having positioned himself as a “populist.”… Suddenly, rumors began to surface about Edwards having an affair… How much impact this had on the Iowa caucuses is unknown, but Obama finished in first place, with Edwards narrowly beating Hillary to claim second.  Five days later Edwards finished a distant third in New Hampshire, and shortly before Super Tuesday on January 30, 2008 Edwards announced he was suspending his campaign… […]

  159. BernieO: Nothing terribly extraordinary about this. He was visibly shaken by the paparazzi catching him and it was the hotel security staff who the media got their information from.

  160. John Edwards is no longer running for president so I don’t see why the press needs to butt into his personal life. I didn’t think the press needed to butt into the Clintons’ marriage, either – even though they were in the White House.

    There are more important things to focus on than to tear down an also-ran.

    I feel sorry for Elizabeth whom I greatly admire and this publicity only hurts her. That family has had more than their share of personal tragedy and they do not deserve this. They have young children, for God’s sake.

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