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Obama: Visiting wounded troops? That would be wrong.

In a rare attack of conscious conscience *, Obama changed his plans and dropped a controversial visit to wounded troops at the Rammstein and Landstuhl U.S. military bases in Germany today. At the same time he confirmed growing suspicion that his so-called “Fact-Finding Trip” was little more than an extended campaign photo-op:

From Jake Tapper (covering Der Spiegel)

Obama senior adviser Robert Gibbs told ABC News in a statement, “During his trip as part of the CODEL to Afghanistan and Iraq, Sen. Obama visited the combat support hospital in the Green Zone in Baghdad and had a number of other visits with the troops. For the second part of his trip, the senator wanted to visit the men and women at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center to express his gratitude for their service and sacrifice. The senator decided out of respect for these servicemen and women that it would be inappropriate to make a stop to visit troops at a U.S. military facility as part of a trip funded by the campaign.” (emphasis mine)

Thank heaven he came to his senses in time! Can you imagine what McCain would have said if Obama had so inappropriately made that visit? Thank heaven we don’t have to worry about that:

More from Tapper:

But the campaign of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., issued the following comment on Obama’s decision.

“Barack Obama is wrong,” said McCain spokesman Brian Rogers. “It is never ‘inappropriate’ to visit our men and women in the military.”

(WHAT did he say?)

Now I don’t know what Barack Obama is thinking. For weeks he and his campaign have been assuring us that this trip wasn’t a campaign event.:

From Politico:

“It is not going to be a political speech,” said a senior foreign policy adviser, who spoke to reporters on background. “When the president of the United States goes and gives a speech, it is not a political speech or a political rally.

“But he is not president of the United States,” a reporter reminded the adviser.

But is this change in schedule really a long awaited sign of respect? Or did Obama change his mind because the restrictions placed on Obama’s visit? Grayslady provided a significant link:

One military official who was working on the Obama visit said because political candidates are prohibited from using military installations as campaign backdrops, Obama’s representatives were told, “he could only bring two or three of his Senate staff member, no campaign officials or workers.” In addition, “Obama could not bring any media. Only military photographers would be permitted to record Obama’s visit.”

The official said “We didn’t know why” the request to visit the wounded troops was withdrawn. “He (Obama) was more than welcome. We were all ready for him.”

So when Obama was speaking to the crowds that wasn’t a political event and was therefore totally appropriate. But, a private visit to wounded troops? Thank God our Presumed Nominee came to his senses. The whole world would have recoiled in horror if that event had been allowed to proceed.

(What? You don’t think so?)

[UPDATE] SusanUnPC had story on this yesterday

* Thanks, Joseph!  I’ll never forget now. 🙂

243 Responses

  1. Everything is a photo op for this guy. It’s shameful. No conscience whatsoever.

  2. So, the truth comes out — he didn’t want to “bother” visiting the wounded troops if the media couldn’t take pictures — really, why do anything at all if the media isn’t there to record it? My disgust for him grows by leaps and bounds.

  3. Obama — the Paris Hilton of pols.

  4. Axelrod is shooting spin out threw Lynn Sweet and Andrea ($5 million ad buy of O on NBC Olympics) that the Pentagon advised his military advisor Scott Gration that they could not come and it was considered a campaign event. Twist the truth enough and it is a lie. The Pentagon did not tell Obama he could not come, they said his campaign staff and press could not come in. No one is allowed to go in with an entourage to gawk. Obama did not see a way to benefit from a visit so he canceled rather than go alone like everyone else does and has been required forever. This guy is a real prince. Tell Lynn and Andrea you are on to them like I just did.

  5. This is pathetic! NoBama should be ashamed of himself. Photo op is more important to him! Everyone is finally catching on to this Chicago Thug!


  6. though not threw. I can spell on most days but I am furious and even madder about the spin. Creeps.

  7. Obama is a flawed product. A recall is in order.

  8. I swear, if I have to see his f*cking dribble during the events I like in the Olympics, I will blow a gasket!

  9. Hey guys…

    I agree Barry’s campaign antics are shameful…

    I dont know if its me: being alligned with democrats for so long (not any longer) that i must have some sort of ‘loser’s complex’ or something…

    but I’d rather have my candidate be right and substantive on the issues and be a bad campaigner…vs a grandious campaigner that basically is saying nothing. Can you all believe what the democratic party has become in such a short time under Obama’s leadership…

    What a shame!!!

  10. He gives fake interviews in Iraq, the gives speeches in front of fake voters in Germany.

    But he doesn’t have time for real soldiers.

  11. You have to see this…….WOW!!!!!!!

    Mr. Hung Low & Dr. Know Nothing

  12. I love my child more than life itself, and even he knows not to be up in my face 24/7.

  13. I don’t blame Obama, hell they handed it to him. I blame Kennedy, Kerry, Pelosi, BRAZILE and DEAN. What the hell where they thinking?

  14. In that Tapper’s article there is chit chat about downtime — so he had time to spare. Why didn’t he go there with a few of his senate staff? Because (you guessed it) it would have been inappropriate!

  15. Slightly off-topic. I don’t know if you guys saw this. It may be posted elsewhere, and if so, I apologize. I actually got it from a fellow democrat in exile. I understand about the politics of the source! Anyway, I liked it so I thought I’d share.


  16. DRII:

    A good politician takes advantage of opportunities to look good for the voters, but not at the expense of substance.

    Bill Clinton would have gone to see the troops, photo op or not.

  17. Do you think DNC is kicking itself for moving the convention to August? After this foreign experience field trip, what else will they have to figure out to make him palatable? We should have a contest about what fruitcake idea they will come up with next to pump the empty suit up.

  18. Kim:

    The believed that crap about this being a “sure thing” election for the Democrats, but were determined to make sure that Hillary wasn’t the nominee.

    There are two groups supporting Obama in the Democratic leadership. One group is hoping to get jobs in the administration or to gain more power somehow if Obama wins.

    The other group just hates the Clintons. Some are probably both categories.

  19. myiq2xu….

    Yep you’re right…

    Bill Clinton was a good politician and policy maker…

    Hell; Hillary obviously is good at campaigning, She beat Barry (as long as beating still means getting the most votes)

    And we all know Hillary is full of substance, the kind that counts, not the kind Barry is full of…

  20. My take on this is a little different. Obama’s “handlers” have assured him that he will win in November. Absolutely guaranteed. They base this on the premise that the US is sick to death of the Repubs and McCain is an old man with little to offer beyond another 4 years of Bush. And the fact that he is black and offering an “historic” opportunity to become president. The fawning has paid off.

    This is why the DNC disses us, the hardcore Dems who have a different belief system. This is why he can ignore the wounded soldiers. This is why he can turn his back on the gay community. This is why he can walk away from appearances with the black community because he knows they will vote en masse for him at any cost.

    This man is solidly convinced that the job is his already. He can cast his Senate votes however he chooses and is assured that his “flock of fans” will just live with it.

    We may sit and wonder at his arrogance but if you were Barack Obama and have been repeatedly assured that this thing is just about over, you too would more than likely react in just the same way. As far as he is concerned, November is just another stepping stone to his moving into the Oval come January. Probably accounts for his bored demeanor on occasion. He is merely going through the motions as he packs up for the move.

  21. Never bet on a sure thing.

  22. You see, kbird, it is your kind of political cynicism that made Michelle not proud of America until recently. BTW, big hi from here.

    myiq, Vile Bill would have gone to see the troops, because he does not have the same kind of “respect for these servicemen and women” than O does. Silly.

  23. Any donor to the Obama campaign has no regard for the American troops in Germany!!!!!

    He DID NOT want to spend a penny out of the $350 collected to visit thse wounded troops and super military and civilian medical staff in germany!!!

    Any donors stilling giving money to Obama???who are the traitors????

  24. Bill would have spent time talking to every single wounded soldier and marine, even if he was late for his big speech.

  25. And he is the one we have been waiting for, it just pisses me off.

  26. Yipes, I am in moderation!

  27. It is when he does something this shallow and they find reasons to excuse this behavior that drives me over the edge. Had this been Hillary, the news cycles would be eating this up for days. Instead, he marches under the radar again.

  28. Does he see the speech as a way to describe how he could improve that relationship as president?

    “No,” Obama said. “I’m just giving a speech.”

    From the same Tapper’s article. There you have it! Straight from the horse’s mouth.

  29. NOT the one I’ve been waiting for. Anyone I’ve been waiting for would have known that it’s NEVER inappropriate to visit wounded troops.

    Unless of course there will be no photo op, then it’s not worth the time. Go shoot some more baskets you twit.

  30. Obama had to make a choice between, photo op, and speech. Or visit wounded troops, while in Germany.

    America seen his choice.

  31. The only thing I’m waiting for is for his 15 minutes to be over.

  32. Look – I think he did the troops a favor! They are already sick and injured – why hurt them some more!

  33. So now, Code Pink has decided Obama is wrong on Iraq and Afghanistan. WTF, why did it take you so damn long to come to this conclusion?

  34. “I don’t blame Obama, hell they handed it to him. I blame Kennedy, Kerry, Pelosi, BRAZILE and DEAN. What the hell where they thinking?”

    They were thinking “Home will be a jobless, dark , resourceless place for oh so many people and I don’t give a shit.”

  35. Just another group of people he has thrown under the bus. Honorable young men and women we have sent to the most dangerous spots on the planet and he could turn his back on them because of some spurious excuse. He could have gone alone, no photo ops, and just offered his best wishes. Instead he chooses to opt out based on flimsy excuses and then blame it on the Pentaton. Typical, typical Obama.

  36. A Senator would never be denied the opportunity to visit a military hospital.

    He or she not only has the right to do so, it’s part of their duties.

    It’s called “Congressional oversight.”

    They might be kept out of a combat zone or a top secret installation, but never a hospital.

  37. nobomo, I do not know….”traitors”, “no respect” Ouchie. 😉

  38. Carol has a good point, maybe he was just being merciful

  39. Carol: “I think he did the troops a favor!” heh.

  40. Campaign ….FIRST…..wounded troops…second…or not at all.

  41. I don’t mind being called bitter, I can handle being called old and hell at this point you can even call me a republican. But, to not visit wounded soldiers because there is not a photo opp there, just pisses me off.

    I am making less money than I have made in years. Food costs are soaring, the economy is in the tank, people are losing their homes, the dollar is worth about forty two cents, my son is going to the desert, and they want to throw this loser on us and expect us to fall in line. Well kiss my ass and call it a love story. I am not buying your product, not now, not ever.

    My rant of the day.

  42. I ranted and would up in moderation.

  43. Katiebird! You posted! Woooohooo!

    I am so glad Hillary suspended her campaign. The American people are finally getting a good look at Obama and just what he would be like as President. Liberals, conservatives, moderates, we agree: You owe the troops respect and thanks for the fact that they are willing to give their lives to defend our country.

    Obama has the worst case of narcissism I’ve ever seen. Soulless.

  44. I travel for business frequently – what I do on my on personal time during a trip is not charged off to the company. Maybe BO didn’t know he could have some personal time on his world quest!

  45. Katie I will be good and play nice if you will allow me out of moderation.

  46. Can you guys imagine what life would be like with Obama as POTUS? I’m not sure The Confluence won’t be shut down and some frontpagers here arrested:

    Check this scary story from TNR

    End Of The Affair

    Around midnight on July 16, New York Times chief political correspondent Adam Nagourney received a terse e-mail from Barack Obama’s press office. The campaign was irked by the Times’ latest poll and Nagourney and Megan Thee’s accompanying front-page piece titled “Poll Finds Obama Isn’t Closing Divide on Race,” which was running in the morning’s paper. Nagourney answered the query, the substance of which he says was minor, and went to bed, thinking the matter resolved.

    But, the next morning, Nagourney awoke to an e-mail from Talking Points Memo writer Greg Sargent asking him to comment on an eight-point rebuttal trashing his piece that the Obama campaign had released to reporters and bloggers like The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder and Politico’s Ben Smith. Nagourney had not heard the complaints from the Obama camp and had no idea they were so steamed. “I’m looking at this thing, and I’m like, ‘What the hell is this?’ ” Nagourney recently recalled. “I really flipped out.”

    Later that afternoon, Nagourney got permission from Times editors to e-mail Sargent a response to the Obama memo. But the episode still grates. “I’ve never had an experience like this, with this campaign or others,” Nagourney tells me. “I thought they crossed the line. If you have a problem with a story I write, call me first. I’m a big boy. I can handle it. But they never called. They attacked me like I’m a political opponent.”

    The similarities between Obama’s imperial attitude and Bush’s are astonishing.

  47. Ditto-Isolde on you 10:35 comment!
    He’s all smoke-n-mirrors!

  48. That is truly mind boggling. Just a warm up to what the press will receive if this moron gets elected. The same treatment the Bush administration parceled out: we know what is best so sit down and shut up! These tactics are becoming more and more familiar. Obama should never reach the WH. Ever.

  49. Terry McAufliffe has endorsed Tim Kaine from VA for VP. I guess he wants to ruin little Timmie’s political career.

    More to the point – it proves our Hillary told BO to go and take a flying leap, jump off the London Bridge, take comacausie (sp -1) lessons, drop dead, stick it up your ass, tell someone who gives a rat’s butt, figure it out yourself – Loser, hang ten over a volcano, click – buzz, the number you have reached is no longer in service, fat chance, give me a call sometime, Bill who?, tell MO to go F*ck herself, ………………………………………………., (and, lastly and most importantly) see you in the Loser’s Circle!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  50. Well, if there was ever any doubt… Yup, this BO guy seems to be competing to become the world’s greatest moron!

  51. Carol: Stop already!!! I am falling off the chair laughing my a** off and trying to do a little housework!

  52. So when Obama was speaking to the crowds that wasn’t a political event and was therefore totally appropriate. But, a private visit to wounded troops?

    Heavens to Betsy, OF COURSE he couldn’t visit the troops!!! His adoring fans wouldn’t have any moment that’s not photographed by His Royal Rockstar-ness.

  53. This article is uplifting, satire at it’s finest.
    Good to know that some Media across the pond can
    remain objective.


  54. His actions only highlight his arrogrance which only serves to validate what most of us had reasoned in the beginning. Love saying, “I told you so!!”.

  55. It’s really breathtaking that he could be so cruel and flippant to these wounded vets. I mean, if he hadn’t said anything at all that would be one thing (although still pretty bad) but to promise them and then cancel–my word, that is just vicious. The sadness of the hospital spokesperson’s statement (“We don’t know why…We were all ready for him”) just broke my heart. So did SusanUnPC’s story over at NQ, showing the lab puppy playing with the soldier. Heartbreaking.

    Not only is this a bad, bad, political move–one that I hope and pray the McCain camp will truly jump on–it also reveals quite a bit about Obama’s basic personality. And none of it good.

  56. Don’t know why that winky showed up…hmmm..

  57. Hell I can’t get out of moderation from thirty minutes ago. Check in on you guys later.

    BTW, that piece an Rove and Brazile is really good.

  58. Katiebird my friend, great job.

    What isn’t getting a lot of play in what has become in the “Infallibility Tour” is that the military has been quoted as saying the BZero minstrel troupe was told he couldn’t bring his own camera, press wasn’t allowed and he was limited to a few Senate staffers. But no, the military got it wrong according to the BZero jesters, “They said we shouldn’t come.”

    So under the bus they go with the rest of us.

    BZero is just like the Platte River, a mile wide and an inch deep.

  59. Hello all, just want to say this blog and all authors here are absolutely stellar.. thanks to all.

    AND if BO wanted to go see our wounded vets he could have gone, his excuses and shifting blame to the pentagon(with help from msnbo) is a new freaking low. GRRR!!

  60. Dancingopossum:

    Those winkys have a way of their own!!! 🙂

  61. GrapeApe – THANK YOU! I’m writing a piece on that Brazile-Rove article now.

    My jaw keeps dropping open in shock. The pieces are all coming together. No, we’re NOT paranoid. Obama IS a Rovian missile aimed at destroying the Democratic Party. And Donna Brazile is in it up to her eyeballs.

    These people must be stopped AT ALL COSTS. PUMA!!!

  62. Obama has all the credibility of that lying sack of sh*t for a mother in Florida whose baby is missing. Sociopaths would not recognize the truth if it bit them in the ankle. Which is where I would love to sink my teeth at both of these supposed “mothers” and “leaders”. Pieces of crap that should be dispensed with pronto.

  63. Katiebird,

    Wonderful post. I read this yesterday and it just made me sick. Then it became clear that the reason he didn’t want to go was there wouldn’t be any media allowed. This man is disgusting beyond belief.

  64. Lawd amighty, it was wonderful to hear Hillary’s energy speech.

    If you want to read/hear a really Best Speech Evah on Energy, go to the link DownListen so thoughtfully provided.

    WTH is it with the media, fawning over that jar of Marshmallow Fluff from Obama, when we have Hillary offering solutions, compassion, criticizing Bush/Cheney but reaching across the aisle to Repubs, giving facts & figures…. The contrast between her & Obama couldn’t be any clearer.

  65. bb: And just watch him standing in front of multi flags upon his return pretending that he cares. The whole thing turns my stomach. Questioning his patriotism is no longer out of bounds. He has none. His core values? Himself alone.

  66. Marshmallow fluff!!! Love it, parentofed!

  67. Katiebird, I just sent you an image for you to use it if you like, it’s not a satirical one, but definitely drives the message of your aricle.

    Check your email.

  68. I never watch MSNBC, NBC, CBS, or ABC, but I had to put MSNBC on after I heard how everyone is against this creep not visiting our vets. They all looked like they lost their best friend. Especially Chris Matthews! Wonder if he still has that warm feeling going up his leg? I think that warmth is him shitting his pants! Obama will not win the WH! He should turn this over to Hillary now….

  69. Pat, BB,

    In all leadership studies, core values are a must have criteria. It goes so far that as long as a leader’s core values pass the smell test, i.e. legal, ethical and moral, it doesn’t much matter what the values are, just that you have them.

    The most dangerous person to be put in any leadership position, whether it be in the community, church or in a home, is that person who has no core values.

    From the get-go, that has been my fear of BZero.

  70. I mentioned yesterday a cartoon in my local paper. Two soldiers, one holds a newspaper headlined “Sen Obama comes to Iraq” while the other soldier says “I’m on my 4th trip to Iraq.”

    I assume Axelrove intends to try & assault McCain on his strongest issue – military experience. Probably play on the old Bush meme that he’s unstable, affected by years as POW. It won’t work for Obama, certainly not now. Obama had a very slight chance to try & build up some creds, but he blew it.

    Oh, and twisting/lying the words of the military to excuse his failure to visit the troops, that won’t help.

  71. I recommend we put forth this proposal to BO and everyone in the tank for him:

    Call it a day, quit, say you figured out what a fool you really are – or not, and when we finish the investigation and gather all of the evidence against you regarding this criminal activity, we won’t press charges as long as you all retreat to an undisclosed location out of the universe!

    In other words, leave now, get out, don’t let the door hit you in the butt………………………………..


  72. How long before Tony sings?

  73. Carol,

    When he learns that his bunk mate Bubba is the choir director.

  74. From Francisca08 down below – coming to LA in August. Camp Obama. CAMP OBAMA!!!!

    From Obama’s website:

    “Sign Up to attend Camp Obama Los Angeles
    Attend a Camp Obama session

    Camp Obama trainings offer a unique, in-depth look at the strategies and techniques that have driven this campaign.

    These two-day sessions, to be held August 15th – 16th, are led by experienced Obama campaign staffers and other professional organizers who are eager to empower dedicated supporters like you.

    We’re sorry, this session of Camp Obama is full. Please sign up and we’ll be in touch to let you know about other volunteer opportunities in the weeks and months ahead.”

    CAMP OBAMA – I just don’t know what to say. I’m kind of in a state of disbelief.

  75. The spin from Axelrod ain’t working. This could end it all. There is not a reason in hell that he could cancel short of breaking his leg and then they would put him in Landstuhl. The military and veterans are picking up on it and it is not pretty. Axelrod tried to nip it in the bud with his media hacks putting out a lie but everyone with any sense knows the military does not cancel what a US Senator wants to do. They told him he can’t campaign and can only bring federal employees who work in the Senate and have security passes just like they require of all the other congresspersons. Axelrod could not go nor anyone else like the press so he canceled. Now he has to take his licks along with the hack press. This is ugly and Axelrod knows it.

  76. The Pentagon blocks Obama from visiting wounded troops:


  77. madamab – here’s another playet ready for you. No birthday or Christmas gifts for the Obama daughters.


  78. I just got an email about this from a friend who frequents DU and is an Obama supporter. Apparently, Andrea Mitchell, on Scarborough this morning said Obama was prevented from visiting the hospitaal by that eeeevil John McCain:

    “MITCHELL: But they thought that they couldn’t win. Yeah. They thought that they were, you know, you know, no-win situation, that the Pentagon, perhaps the military with cooperation from some Republican operatives and, that’s the sort of scuttlebutt, that there have been some foreign policy advisers of John McCain with connections in the Pentagon who had something to do with this. But that is, perhaps, just the normal political paranoia of the season. ”

    Slow news day, Andrea? Of course, the Obama supporters are in full froth mode.

  79. I read about this last night over at NoQuarter. The photo of the wounded vet hugging a dog is heartbreaking:
    Well, at least our troops can count on dogs when their own U.S. Senators refuse to visit them unless the opportunity is turned into a photo-op.

    OT- RD, do you know when Anglachel is coming back to write her posts?

  80. Delphyne, here’s the link to site where the whole letter is quoted. Sounds like something from North Korea.

  81. Paradox Assembly, can you read. This is spin from Axelrod. No one canceled but Obama who could not bring his circus with him. He is not allowed to exploit the patients. He could go alone with a couple of Senate staff but chose not to go. This is the spin sent from Chicago out to the press and bloggers last night and this morning. The military said he could not come with political staff and press. These rules apply to everyone.

  82. Delphyne, on July 25th, 2008 at 12:26 pm Said:

    From Francisca08 down below – coming to LA in August. Camp Obama. CAMP OBAMA!!!!

    From Obama’s website: “Sign Up to attend Camp Obama Los Angeles
    Attend a Camp Obama session

    Good thing they’re not a cult or anything…

  83. I am cleaning and have the tv on. I cannot stand listening to his halting speech. It sounds like when one of my kids was a teen and was trying his best to convince me that the “teacher just didn’t like him”. It did not work then, it won’t work now. He is positively BORING! Hillary reading the phone book would have gripped my attention faster than this bozo.

  84. Andrea Mitchell needs to retire. Her bias is stitched all over her botoxed face.

  85. Sorry. The man pictured in the link above is a wounded troop in Germany, not a vet.

  86. Pat, you’ve been trying to do housework for weeks now–just like the rest of us.

    I can’t call Obama a moron. He is too chilling to me. You got closer with sociopath.

    joanna…..”this creep not visiting our vets. They all looked like they lost their best friend. Especially Chris Matthews! Wonder if he still has that warm feeling going up his leg? I think that warmth is him shitting his pants! ”

    I think the campaign and their enablers shot their wad with “Eurotrip-the movie”. Now they have cum and shit to clean up.


    SO now the Obama spin was that he was PROHIBITED???/


    M-FER you can’t bring your makeup artist and chin fluffer, but yes you come and you come alone.

    NOW they are saying they “prohibited” him?>???

  88. On the Pentagon preventing him:

    I call Bullshit! He had time to arrange 50 photo op’s but he didn’t know what the rules were for visiting the troops – Bullshit!

    Oh Yeah! BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. “Yeah, um, right. This doesn’t look good for Obama. Who should we blame? oooh ooooh Bush! ooooh ooh McCain!”


    2.5 seconds until the psychotic Obama trolls start blaming Hillary.

    Absolutely fucking pathetic.

    (Delphyne – Thanks! I think I just got diabetes from that article though. LOL)

  90. I demand Hillary!

  91. “2.5 seconds until the psychotic Obama trolls start blaming Hillary.”


  92. Axelrod is a fluffer. Trying to make this floppy flacid piece of shit look erect for the straight to video movie.

  93. All the Pentagon did was say, “no reporters, no campaign staff, and only two or three senate staff allowed.”

  94. You guys probably haven’t noticed that I’m not as
    lady-like as Katiebird…..

  95. Honestly, these obamaphiles in the tank for Barackula need to be struck with a lightning rod full of common sense. Truly, you have to be quite dense to believe anything obama says or does. He is a pandering opportunist of the worst kind. Those who say they choose to vote for the lesser of two evils, will have to pick John McCain, who actually has a fairly good record regarding working with dems….better than what obama has shown so far!!

  96. Blaming McCain for this?! Unbelievable. They’re probably hoping McCain will say something regrettable, but McCain has my full sympathy here.

    It would be understandable if the military had prevented him from visiting the hospitals. Spreading Obama bullshit over wounded troops would be distinctly unsanitary. It’s bad enough they throw it on us.

  97. I’m sorry – I just can’t get over the Camp Obama thing. It’s just too much, like that Jesus Camp documentary. I’m creeped out by it.

    It makes me wonder if those Haliburton dentention centers can hold 18.2 million people. Perhaps the caged “free speech” areas in Denver are a sign of what’s to come if this insane man and his handlers do get the Presidency.

  98. joaniebone…..LMFAO

  99. Don’t you just love how they are trying to spin it and blame the Pentagon? All he had to do was obey the rules, fore go the photo ops and not campaign, but NO, it was all about Obama, not the troops.

    If you haven’t already read He Ventured Forth to Bright light to the world do yourself a favor…it’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time.

  100. katiebird, I love ya. But it’s “an attack of CONSCIENCE,” not “conscious.”

    Sorry. A pet peeve, that one is.

  101. Here’s an image that I posted above this article and direct people to comment here:



  102. Some folks like vulgar women, Joanie. But I’ve not seen you so peeved before…

  103. OT, but took the boys to see the Dark Knight-cool new Batman movie. There was a blatant reference to FISA. Morgan Freeman’s character told Bruce Wayne that he would leave Wayne Enterprises because he would not tolerate the full-scale spying that Batman wanted to do.

    The Irony.. I guess Morgan was just playing a character that cares about these things. Or maybe he may have regrets about supporting P.O.S. (piece of…)

    Anyway, I left the theater determined to create a graphic of Obama as “Two-Face”. Once seen as the savior of Gotham, but turned evil. Fitting! I am going to develop this.

  104. Delphyne: Jesus Camp! That was my first thought when I saw your post.

    Isn’t it nice, sending all the little Obots to summer camp for Obama. They must be lost, what with school out, and The One preaching to the One World.

  105. I’ve been told I’m beautiful when angry… (smile)

  106. Might we be choking on a gnat and forgetting the elephant main course.

    With all this hoohaa on the surge and infallibility with his decision to vote against it, he also voted to “defund” the war.

    Defunding would have undoubtedly put more soldiers in those beds.

    Just saying…

  107. sm77: You just created McCain’s new campaign ad. I wonder how low Obama’s poll numbers would drop if that photo was on every bus and subway in America.

  108. That picture is awful. It should be on every magazine cover, newspaper, etc.

    Fuck all of them for doing this to our brave and wonderful soldiers.

    Hillary or Bust!

  109. Let’s fund it – I’m sure our military is sick and tired of this shit not being reported.

  110. This would destroy any other candidate, but it will have no effect on o. The world is truly crazy.

  111. Thanks, DisenfranchisedVoter at 12:36 for the link to the No Quarter photo of the wounded soldier holding the puppy. While most of my extra funds have been going to Hillary, PumaPAC etc., after seeing that photo I gave money to the Red Cross for its services for military families, which includes its pet visitation program at Rammstein & Landstuhl that brings volunteers and their specially-trained pets to visit our wounded servicemen and women there. What a wonderful thing for them to do.

  112. SM77 – Thanks for putting that picture up.

    Obama has no soul.

    I wonder how many times Hillary and McCain have visited wounded soldiers without feeling it necessary to be fellated by the news media for doing so?

  113. I occasionally have an attack of concious, but I take tequila until it goes away.

  114. Mountainsage – very funny! Reminds of of liberalrapture.com reading from the Obama scripture, eg,

    A reading from the Obama Scriptures – the story of the ass kissers travels
    The Book of Katie, Brian, and Charlie
    Chapter 6
    Verse 66

    …which ends like this:

    And the ass kissers bowed down in adoration
    with gifts of airtime, and softball questions, and, occasionally, waffles and cigarettes.

    But many peoples knew


    And those peoples lay in wait.

    Like PUMAs.

    It’s worth the read – from their site and the article was posted on 21 July.

  115. Re: Brazile/Rove
    The City Edition article says the Rovezillian connection started in ’02, but according to DB herself, it goes back to 2000 or earlier.

  116. Someone go over and post it at kos.

  117. Camp Obama reminds me of the Hitler Youth groups. Come drink the kool-aid and do as we say.

    Isolde – I am hoping this story sticks — it seems nothing does to him.

    Oh– where is my Hillary. I am so happy I get to see her next week.

  118. Obama couldn’t talk to the troops cuz they wouldn’t let him bring his teleprompter.

  119. we do not live in a police state. Our military does not tell our politicians what they can and can’t do, thank god. These liars need to go

  120. Is katiebird still around?

  121. I have BABY cousins fighting in Iraq in their early 20s – and yes, I AM AGAINST THE WAR, always have been. But just because I’m against the war, doesn’t mean I can’t give respect to the people that serve the military.

    Obama wants to be Commander in Chief – but that M-Fer couldn’t even take out the time to give a soldier a sign of heartfelt support – without your fluffers around? He did it in Afghanistan, why not in Germany?

    F_k him.

  122. Is the press going to uncover Axlerod’s blatant lie that the Pentagon prevented Obama from going to visit the wounded soldiers? Oh yeah, I forgot — there is no more press in this country, only Obamanation.

  123. I can’t beleive our media. CNN is blaming the pentagon!!!

  124. I wonder how Obama’s media enablers will handle this one for him. One can only imagine the frenzy had Hillary spent time shooting hoops only to later cancel a visit to wounded soldiers.

  125. SimoFish — you nailed it — Hitler youth/Camp Obama — looks and smells the same to me. Anyone remember the “Kids for Obama” bs on his webiste? {shudder}

  126. fliedermaus, on July 25th, 2008 at 1:03 pm Said:

    Tears welled up in my eyes when I first saw that photo as well. I hope the man in the photo has family back in the US who can help him recover emotionally and physically from the injuries he sustained in combat. I’m glad that the pet visitation program is giving these troops some comfort while they are in a foreign country. It’s a shame that our politicians like Obama could give a rat’s ass about these men and women who already lack the support and health care to fully recover when they return from war.

  127. Obama/Axelrod have made a big mistake. A politician should never pick a fight with the spooks or the military.

  128. garychapelhill: I only hope that a good number of Americans don’t believe this lie that is being perpetuated by CNN and the Obama campaign. The MSM is too lazy to do actual research. They just accept as fact whatever Axelrove feeds to them.

  129. Why was the explanation for him not going different yesterday!

    Someone make the video!

  130. My girlfriends son did a tour in Iraq – he’s due to get out of the Military in March 2009, however looks like he will be deployed again in January and will have to do a full 1 year tour – if they don’t extend it to 15 months like the last time.

    I HOPE TO G-D that HILLARY is our next Commander in Cheif. She, like John McCain would NEVER NOT visit the troops. They would skip the “big speech” – the TROOPS would be number ONE —

    DisenfranchisedVoter, – I argree — new campaign ad

    John McCain needs to put the “speech” in a video — here’s where Barry would rather spend his time – Then show John McCain with the troops and say – this is where John would spend his.

  131. fox is reporting the prayer that Obama left at the western wall…I know its tacky, but not surprising in the least, its all about him, not a word about his country, or the troops, or israelis or palestinians….what a selfish ass;

    “Lord — Protect my family and me,” reads the note published in the Maariv daily. “Forgive me my sins, and help me guard against pride and despair. Give me the wisdom to do what is right and just. And make me an instrument of your will.”

  132. One thing for sure is that Obama doesn’t know what to say or do unless someone tells him. It’s kind of like Bush during the debates when he was having trouble with his ear piece. He needs to shut his yapper before he cause another war in the Middle East.

  133. All of Obama’s appearances are staged . . . like his Berlin caper. Two rock bands, free food and flags; yep I might have gone myself. But of course the media won’t tell us about that. Obama wouldn’t go see the troops if he couldn’t get a photo-op. The way to see Obama as he REALLY is happens rarely . . . like when he answered that reporter with; “we’ll take care of all that Sweetie.” THAT’S the real Obama.

  134. The media are not stupid.

    They are corrupt.

    They know damn well what the truth is, but they don’t report it.

    Don’t blame the reporters, they’re just whores. They do and say what they are told to earn their money.

  135. Just sent an email to CNN. Told them to check their facts before they spread spin for Axelrod and Obama. The military cannot cancel the visit of US Senator., but they can keep campaign workers and press out. He chose not to go in alone like all of the other Congresspersons. The hospital and patients were ready for him but not his campaign staff and press. He did not want to go without an audience.

  136. If the press had a picture of Obama pouring over maps with bin Laden while roasting a goat they would praise him for his rock climbing ability.

  137. gary: Please, I just lost my lunch.

  138. I can’t beleive I have to go to foxnews to get the truth!:

    Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman told FOX News the Pentagon did not tell Obama he couldn’t visit, but explained that he would be under specific restrictions.

    “We do have certain policy guidelines for political campaigns and elections and what is appropriate and what is not appropriate in those situations,” he said. “The issue here is that if you are both a sitting senator and a political candidate … you need to do it in your capacity as a sitting senator or you have to do it with the restrictions that apply to any other candidate out there that might be running for office that is not a sitting senator.”

    A memo sent out Wednesday from Undersecretary of Defense David Chu explained that Obama’s visit to such a military facility would be limited under these circumstances. Obama would not have been able to bring any of his campaign staff — only one Senate staffer and security. He also would not have been able to address the media or make any campaign-related statements.

  139. gary,

    He is horrible. He can’t help himself. He is sick, sick, sick.

    I do think that we’re listening to the just initial spin on CNN, and that bullshit will not hold water. Too easy to refute. You would have to wonder why some McCain supporting military official isn’t stepping up sooner though.

  140. Just for the record: joaniebone is older than katiebird by at least a dozen years. I have that on good authority.

  141. Well, there it is….

  142. Pat-

    Below the belt! Where you spend most of your time. At least are ya gettin paid for that???

  143. I think the military is doing what they’re supposed to do, staying out of a political matter. I can’t beleive, however, that the media is spinning it so that it looks like the pentagon prevented the visit. the report above from Fox makes it explicit that the Obama camp backed out when they found out they couldn’t take their press lap dogs with them. shameful. I wonder what groups like VoteVets has to say….

  144. It is appalling that the press is failing in its duty. All for the sake of this blithering idiot who lacks a record of ever doing anything for anybody ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. Here was yesterday’s reason for not going from Robert Gibbs – his communications person:


    Everything out of these people’s mouth is a complete and total lie. McCain knows full well BO could have gone. It was probably just too “icky” for him to have to be constantly “laying hands” on everyone and everything to fix them.


  146. Other than Katie’s rack, we’re indistinguishable.

  147. Once you’re over the hill you pick up speed.

  148. joaniebird: Only repeating what I heard. E.R. was astounded.

  149. Is it a spice rack or a coat rack?

  150. The press has no sense of duty. Does anyone know the day that media “duty” died? Was it before Reagan?

  151. myiq2xu: Sad, but so true. Must be all that rain in Seattle.

  152. myiq2xu,

  153. Standard procedure. You can’t campaign on military bases. Why wouldn’t he just go without his entourage?

  154. So his campaign was too afraid to have him go visit the injured troops on his own, what would he say or do? What will the soldiers say afterwards? What a coward hiding behind his campaign handlers and to pin it on the Pentagon — I think Sweet was doing everyone a favor by repeating Axelrod verbatim. We need to spread this far and wide.

  155. Must finish my vacuuming. We could “dish the dirt” right off my kitchen floor. I loathe Obama.

  156. A luggage rack?

  157. “that rain in Seattle”

    makes my skin so soft and youthful…

  158. The media died in the 90s. Gossip on the Clinton’s became sufficient–and almost required–to be called a reporter.

    There are still good reporters out there. They just get drowned out amidst everyone else.

    BTW, joanie, I’ve got my network up and running and am so far behind. Please resend anything I may have missed…

  159. The Pentagon sent him a memo! Proof that O campaign is lying. Where is a copy?

  160. I read at VetVoice http://www.vetvoice.com/showDiary.do?diaryId=1671
    McCain was denied a vist under the same rule back in April. However noone questioned McCain’s commitment to the troops or his patriotism.

    I am not an Obama supporter and don’t plan to vote for him. However I am concerned how likeminded people are unwilling to be fair in their commentary on this issue. I think it is important to be fair in order to maintain the credibility of our opposition.

  161. Does anyone else plan on posting anything soon?

    If not, I have one ready.

  162. Myiq,

    I just spoke to Katie, and she is in 20 min or so. Don’t tell her I’ve been talking about her gazongas.

  163. Feel Free, you’re wrong in the sense that Obama WAS GIVEN PERMISSION, it’s just that he could not bring his campaign entourage or press.

    OBAMA made the choice not to visit the vets and moved on to his Photo Op World Tour.

  164. feelfree:

    The story you linked is misleading. McCain wanted to make a campaign appearance at a military installation, but his request was denied. His only purpose in wanting to go there was to campaign. There were no wounded soldiers or marines there.

    Obama passed on visiting wounded troops because he couldn’t use it as a photo op.

    Now scurry back to Axelrod and tell him I said fuck off.

  165. Gazongas?

    Are those like zucchinis?

  166. GQ, I’ll forward links. I want to talk with you, ohio, and Jen to update. I haven’t heard anything from RonK in awhile.

    Back to work now……… 😦

  167. MYIQ, I’m ok, would you take a small request from me though? Could you do a page break (the “there’s More” thingy) within the first 2-3 paragraphs – that way the other posts can still show on the front page and not get pushed out. If it damages with spirit of your post, then I’ll take that back.

  168. Do you want a Rock Star President? Or a Commander in Chief?

  169. I am not surprised. This is who he is…aloof and only looking at himself in the mirror.

  170. It’s a short post, but how do you do the page break thingie?

  171. myiq2xu,
    Now scurry back to Axelrod and tell him I said fuck off.

    You just made me horse laugh. My work mates already think I’m weird so they can fuck off, too.

  172. MYIQ: On the formatting buttons, there is a button there that you can insert a “page break” and then a “There’s More” appears on your final post.

    Just hover your mouse arrow over each button, it’ll tell you what their function is.

  173. SimoFish: I want Hillary; the only candidate who is prepared to lead. Not some poseour who is wasting my time with his arrogance.

  174. What’s a mouse?

    I’m using a Commodore 64, it doesn’t have all the fancy stuff y’all got.

  175. “I just spoke to Katie, and she is in 20 min or so. Don’t tell her I’ve been talking about her gazongas.”

    Like any of us here would stoop to that level! I am outraged!!

  176. Feel Free — Barry choose to give a speech – which I suspect is the only way he can flex his penis —

    Hillary would visit the troops first.

    Puma SF — I agree – you’re a bit strange – but I love ya for it !!

  177. IQ, you can learn the HTML code if you are interested. I hate mousing and miss my Linux computers with command line and shortcut commands to do everything.


  178. Hillary would visit the troops first.

    Because she doesn’t have anything to prove. That makes for a better leader–when you can, ya know, just do your job.

  179. OMFG!

    Guess why all those “Germans” were chanting “Yes We Can!” at the Obamanation rally?

    Because he brought 700 aides with him!


  180. Linux was Lucy’s brother, right?

  181. myiq, I have something to post, but I’ll wait till later this evening. I just can’t wait for everyone to see the graphic, its a hoot…take a look ..Carol and I saw it simultaneously last night.

  182. wouldn’t that by Luxcy?

  183. Well, one of you post already. I’m hungry for change…in content.

  184. We have trolls loose in the old threads again.

    We need to get some spray or some sticky traps

  185. I disagree. They were both denied under the same rule. It was not a congressional visit. His purpose in Europe is part of the campaign. The Pentagon corrected itself. End of story.

    Hillary has been subjected to the same rule. When she went to Killeen, TX as part of her campaign she could not visit Ft. Hood.

  186. The Pentagon pushes back on Obama spin!


  187. then you’re calling Obama a liar feelfree, because he has said quite often this is not a campaign trip…the whole idea of a campaign trip outside of the US is unseemly. So he is now falling back on that excuse…he really is both ways barack.

  188. What are you talking about? He was allowed to go without the entourage. He choose not to.

  189. I call him backtrack barack.

  190. Feelfree to read the link to my post above:-)

  191. feelfreeky:

    You can disagree all you want, you’re still wrong.

  192. New post up

  193. Sorry I had to run out to help out the gang at my old job. And i just got back. I’m catching up on the comments now….

  194. Obama is a phony, his aides are liars, his campaign is a sham,what more do you need feelfree?

  195. feelfree to leave.

  196. masslib I wondered the same thing. Why didn’t he go alone?

    I think the answer is within the original request which probably didn’t involve or detail a congressional visit. The Pentagon took a long time to say they got it wrong, but on this issue of campaign visits on military installations they have consistently said no.

    It would have been a coup for him to visit troops in Germany. Someone somewhere is dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on Obama’s trip even if his campaign isn’t.

  197. Pat — here, here !!

    My new slogan –

    Do you want a Rock Star President or a Commander in Chief? Vote Hillary Clinton a leader who’ll put the troops first.

    Feel Free — here’s a napkin – you spilled some kool-aid. Is that lemon-lime?

  198. No one should be surprised by Obama’s decision not to visit the troops. He is a narcissist and lacking empathy. All decisions by narcissists are to gain narcissitic supply (ie adoration, attention).

    I feel for the rapturous followers when (if) they wake up and smell the koolaid. He’s exploitive and he doesn’t care about you.

  199. I want a President…”Anybody but Obama”; will be fine…

    McCain, Hillary, Gore, McKinney, Nader etc..

    These folks have principles and core values…even if I diagree with some of their policies.

  200. feelfreeky:

    When Obama was in Iraq he visited military installations without the media tagging along. It’s not like they didn’t know the rules.

    He didn’t want to visit the troops if he couldn’t bring the media.

  201. feelfree: Spin all you want. It won’t wash. No matter what the circumstances, a man who proposes to be a “leader” takes and makes the time to visit those wounded kids. Even if he had to cut the rock concert short to be there, a leader would demand to be present with them. You can rely on all the spin they are putting out there, he threw those kids under the bus for his own sake. Not a nice man.

  202. I’ll play devil’s advocate:
    It didn’t matter what he would do. If he went it would have been a photo op; if he didn’t go it made his whole trip seem less substantial… like a photo op. But he did it to himself, so I don’t have any sympathy for him at all. He should have gone under the radar, and not in some grandstanding event.
    Although, if you are really genuine it shouldn’t matter. He should have went.

  203. Another piece of the Bush legacy: if you had told me a year ago that I would be betting against a Dem candidate this year I would have had you arrested for impersonating a human being! Today, I have come to the realization that I can live with McCain for 4 years over Obama. I won’t campaign, and hopefully not vote for him as I truly do not agree with him, but Obama is less than what he is portrayed and his admin makes me a little skittish to say the least.

    No paper trail, no experience. What the hell are we doing championing this no nothing for?

  204. (blinking)


  205. zucchinis too!

  206. bonita your article in my opinion is saying what I am saying. When the Pentagon called Landstuhl to remind them of regulations regarding visits they were being told politely Obama’s visit is not going to happen.

  207. Pat Johnson:

    You used the right words.

    “live with McCain for 4 yrs” over obama.

    I personally have been going thru each major issue/difference with McCain and so far I have come up with 20 reasons that I can live with McCain….

    When the time is right, I will put up these reasons….

  208. feelfree, on July 25th, 2008 at 2:39 pm Said:
    bonita your article in my opinion is saying what I am saying. When the Pentagon called Landstuhl to remind them of regulations regarding visits they were being told politely Obama’s visit is not going to happen.


    The Petagon gave him the conditions under which he could visit. Since his fluffers couldn’t go in, Obama opted out.

    It’s like the same thing when you go on an airplane or visit someone in a regular hospital, they ask you to turn your cell phone off. Do you turn your cell phone off or do you not go because you can’t live with out your phone on?

    Obama had the choice and he threw wounded vets under the bus.

  209. did anybody notice the header on the window when you click on the abcnews report? it says “he’s not even president yet…” I didn’t see that in the story anywhere what’s up with that????

  210. xax you have a point there. Either way he looks like an opportunist.

  211. It is the Pentagon’s duty to remind Landsthul about no media and the press photos..

    Glad they are doing a good job.

    Sec. Gates is awesome….he is one real great person…cleaning up after Rumsfeld.

    Hillary and McCain both pushed long for Rumsfeld to be thrown out…since 2005.

    Actually Gates is very humble as well…and I saw him cry when talking with a soldier’s family…a really nice person.

  212. feelfreeky:

    I don’t know who you work for, but you’re trying to spin apples into oranges.

    Contrary to what you were probably told, we are not stupid or ignorant.

    It is an old troll trick to point to an article or other authority and try to misrepresent what it says.

    That’s what you are doing.

  213. From the link feelfreeky provided:

    But the Navy declined a McCain campaign request to speak at the Naval Aviation Museum at the naval base in Pensacola, Florida, because it is a military owned installation and is located on the base, the official said.

    IOW – McCain’s campaign requested permission to use the museum to give a speech, and the Navy said no.

    To the speech. But he was welcome to visit the museum.

    Obama wanted to use the wounded troops as a photo op, and the military said no.

    To the photo op, not the visit.

  214. Have been upstairs! Thanks to all my Conflucians for responding to feelfreaky for me.

  215. Katiebird, it looks PERFECT – it just drives the message of the post.

    How can you turn your back on the very people who are risking their lives for this country? And on top of that, want to be THEIR BOSS??

  216. There’s a whole back and forth of spin – with B0bots (TPM, Huffpo) trying to say B0 was forbidden to go and DOD saying it was his choice.
    reminded me of an older story from the Lizza interview: in his congressional race which he lost one of the reasons he lost was being in Hawaii when an important vote on gun laws was going on in Chicago – he missed it. He tried to say that one of the kids was sick – and he couldn’t travel – but “the perception was that he took a vacation instead of working” (Terry and Ryan seemed to think it was unfair)
    Guess what? Senate is also in session now!

  217. SM, it’s great! Thank you SO much! I wish I wasn’t gone all morning though. It would have been nice to have had it from the beginning.

  218. Katiebird – I’m sorry – the satire on a budget (although this image is NOT satire) moments happen sporadically.

  219. could someone do a post on the difference
    backtrack barack dissing the wounded
    Hillary Clinton being invited to the opening of a new phyical rehab for wounded military.
    this shows the difference between a leader and a slug.



  220. I am so sorry to have him be called American. We need to do some investagating quick. There is stuff out there we need to find it. He is to arrogant and professing to be leader of not just US but global one world leader. Any one read left behind series?Statue comeing up. This guy is so naive and looks like a kid trying to steal or upstage his peers.These Senators in back of him mute for sure make him look even more out of touch with Americans. Hope no one there is vp they dont know how to speak. He even tried to take over the french press conferance. How embarrasing was that he telling all how it would be run. Allowing French pres. to ask couple questions than he would. My Lord how arrogant and stupid looking. Better investagate this guy.

  221. He’s a sorry sack of shit.

    The injured troops in-country were the ones not as seriously wounded. The ones evac’d out to Germany and then back stateside are the seriously wounded troops.

    That asswipe could have gone as a private citizen, but that wouldn’t have served his purpose.

    I hope this comes back to bite him in the ass.

  222. katiebird: Please note that I stood by you unlike those who are blood related.

  223. On Tim Kaine & Terry McAuliff’s comment, I think it is a deeper game. Tim Kaine is a very conservative politician, and from Virginia. He’s anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, etc, and stands anti-immigration amnesty. Which means, he further weakens the attachment of the three most vulnerable groups for Obama – progressive women, LGBTs, and Latinos.
    He ‘may’ bring a little more independants and working class men into the campaign, but that’s a big hypothetical, considering John Edwards wasn’t able to do that either.

    So I’m only forced to conclude that Terry doesnt want Obama to win. In other words, TERRY MCAULIFF is a PUMA :-). YAY!!!

  224. Is this his wonderful sense of judgment they are talking about? We have aready witnessed that through his association with Rezko, Wright, and Ayres. How can anybody in their right mind score points with that one. He has no judgment. Unless of course somebody else is there pointing him in a direction and scripting his speeches. When we say empty suit, we mean empty suit.

  225. I am hearing the name of Ed Rendell being bandied around again for vp. If so, then Carol can claim him forever. As for Terry McAullife, he has been a Clinton operative for years. He may be just having a bit of fun at Obama’s expense. Terry loves to stir things up a bit.

  226. myiqu2xu- You know it is odd that other websites that support Obama use the “troll” label when I defend my view as democrat who found the sexism during the primary intolerable, the DNC unfair, the need for a substantive convention imperative, etc.

    I am surprised that you would engage in that type of dialogue I have found at sites unfriendly to Hillary supporters. What I heard about the site was it was a place where the grownups from the party were immersed in activism that focused on solutions and strategy to counter a broken democratic process.

    I have enjoyed reading the comments from Book Confluence about The Penelopiad. It is one of the best things about the site.

    I bid you adieu!

  227. a not a minute too late.

  228. Please God, this fool NEVER. BECOMES. POTUS!

    Adoration from Europeans is much more important than our troops? WTF????? If it ain’t about him, it doesn’t rank in his world.

    My son and my sister both did tours in Germany and both lived in Ktown (Kaiserslautern) God help our troops if Obama becomes their boss.

  229. My son leaves for Iraq in 8 days, I know how you feel.

  230. Pat, I noticed. And I secretly appreciate it while I suffer in silence.

  231. {{Kim}} I’m so sorry.

  232. Funny how feelfree never responded back to the article about the Pentagon. Typical!

    God Bless all those who have family in the military!

  233. […] commenter at The Confluence found this extraordinary chronology of the relationship between KKKarl and […]

  234. kim
    god bless your son and your family.
    thank him for his service .



  235. Bonita, feelfree’s shift ended at 5:00 PM CDT Chicago. The trolls always leave on the hour.

  236. feelfreeky:

    Whoever told you I was a mature adult was full of shit.

    I’m in touch with my inner child and he’s a juvenile delinquent.

    Don’t forget to tell Axelrod to fuck off!

  237. […] Obama: Visiting wounded troops? That would be wrong. [image]In a rare attack of conscious conscience *, Obama changed his plans and dropped a controversial visit to wounded […] […]

  238. this story has legs….all the major outlets updated their links tonight…..

    just say no deal sent out a press release – distributed widely….statement is on the homepage….i’m glad we’re all applying pressure on this one!

    Thanks KB!

    The ‘real’ story is that Obama could have visited the wounded soldiers, but the Pentagon said not with the huge entourage and media circus … however, Obama supporters are now trying to mislead the American people by enabling Obama to now blame the Pentagon for HIS bad decision. This is a typical form of damage control that the Obama and his people have used throughout his campaign. If Obama does something right, they shower credit upon him … if he does something wrong, they blame it on someone else, or they tell us we misinterpreted what happened.

  240. myiq2xu, on July 25th, 2008 at 5:33 pm
    Said: feelfreeky:
    Whoever told you I was a mature adult was full of shit.
    I’m in touch with my inner child and he’s a juvenile delinquent.
    Don’t forget to tell Axelrod to fuck off!

    Be sure to give him a wet-willy for me!

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