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Lanny Davis to guest on NO WE WON’T on Sunday

I got this email from Will Bower this evening:

*Double Header*
— LANNY DAVIS and then RICKI LIEBERMAN to be on “No We Won’t” P.U.M.A. Radio!!
Sunday, July 27th, 8pm EST

PUMAs! I can’t tell you how excited I am for EPISODE ELEVEN of “No We Won’t” P.U.M.A. Radio!

Beginning at 8pm EST, we’ll be hosting one of my (and our) heroes from this campaign season, LANNY DAVIS.  While it’s true that he is currently giving Obama his support, no one was braver or more articulate in supporting Hillary on the campaign trail than was Lanny.  I still consider him our friend.  We look forward to giving him a warm welcome, and to asking him about ways in which we can support the process of having Hillary Clinton’s name placed into nomination at Convention.

But the show doesn’t stop there!  At 9pm EST, we will be welcoming Hillraiser RICKI LIEBERMAN of “ToGetHer4Us” and “The Electability Watch” to discuss her ongoing efforts to make sure that the most electable candidate, Hillary Clinton, is the Democratic nominee.

As always, please be aware that — regardless of what blogtalkradio.com may tell you — the show will begin at 8pm EST Sunday night.

This is a Must-Listen-To episode, folks!   We look forward to meeting up with you again at “No We Won’t P.U.M.A. Blog Talk Radio!”

Will Bower & Sheri Tag
“No We Won’t” P.U.M.A. Radio

Hmmm, what to make of this…?  Lanny Davis was a strong Clinton supporter but he threw his support behind Obama.  Now, I don’t know about you guys but when I say I will not be voting for Obama, I really mean it.  Nothing he has done recently has convinced me to do otherwise.  In fact, the more I think about it, the less I am convinced that voting for Obama would be in my best interests  So, I sincerely hope this is not an attempt of a surrogate to try to change our minds.   When I have my mind set on something, I usually have a good reason for it and I am fairly resistant to persuasion.  It means I have considered all of the pros and cons carefully before I came to the decision.

Let’s put it this way.  My mother has been trying for more than 40 years to convert me to one fundamentalist evangelical brand of Christianity or another.  But as a child, I realized that I wanted no part of it.  She’s managed to convert everyone else in my immediate family and has branched out to some of her sisters and brothers.  I am the holdout and I’ll die before I change my mind.

That’s kind of the way I feel about voting for Obama.  And I’m not being stubborn or immature.  I have completely and rationally thought this thing through and have determined that there is nothing to be gained by electing him and some serious risk if he *is* elected.  So, I don’t want to cut off an avenue of discussion with Lanny Davis that might be productive but, speaking for me only, I would hope he would respect my decision and my intelligence and not try to talk me into the unpalatable and unacceptable.

Just sayin’

192 Responses

  1. You speak for me too. Nobama ’08 or ever.

  2. By the way, RD. Have you seen the news?:


  3. Check this out…

    July 21st Editions of Newsweek & Time Pander as Obama Travels: One “Revisits” His “Spiritual Quest,” the Other Uses Mandela (and Fudges His Birthdate, Prints an Old Web Story as Current, and Uses a “Black Power” Fist to Illustrate)




  4. masslib: I’m having trouble focussing my eyes tonight for some reason. None of my glasses help. I even tried my mom’s reading glasses and that made it worse. So, I won’t posting a lot tonight cause I can’t type or read a damn thing.

  5. Ok, I’ll give you the short story. He’s floating Bush’s former secretary of agriculture, Ann Veneman as his VP.

  6. here here!!! No way no how! I saw that email and had the same reaction…I hope those guys know what they’re getting into.

  7. It should be a great opportunity for us to make sure he takes our message back to Hillary:

    No VP.
    She must fight at the convention and win.
    We are the ones paying our campaign debt with her – tell her to let us know how much more.
    We are adament we will not be changing our minds – Hillary or McCain.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  8. {{riverdaughter}} That’s so frustrating. Could you be dehydrated? I’ve been dehydrated before and that’s affected my vision.

    Not that you should be reading this…. In fact, go away!

    (And please get your eyes looked at tomorrow)

  9. RD:

    What happened to the graphics and text style here? I’m wearing glasses already.

    What else do you want from me?

  10. RD, now looking at the post again and hearing about your eyes, I’m worried. Maybe sleep would help. This doesn’t seem right.

  11. Let me be blunt: Obama could promise me that Ed is ALL mine, no dibs, and I will not vote for him. I hope this explains my non vote.

  12. About Lanny Davis, if we can get information about entering Hillary’s name in nomination — and if through him we can make it clear to Hillary’s inner circle that she MUST be entered in nomination then the visit is worthwhile.

    I for him it’s just an opportunity to H.O.U.N.D. us about our activities? I’ll be bitterly disappointed.

  13. I expect Lenny to promote party unity. I understand why he will do that. So it will go to my left ear and out the right ear.

  14. But Lanny has the ears of both Clinton’s. That is a huge plus.

  15. It’s still interesting. I’ll be tuning in. Our host won’t fall for any bs.

  16. masslib: I think I’ve been reading too many damn computer monitors. It’s all I do all day at work too.
    It’ll probably snap back to normal after a good night’s sleep.

  17. I’ll vote for him, but I’m sad about it. How I’ll miss the Clinton’s clear, precise, and elegant speech, as opposed to Obama’s shallow rhetoric.
    I’m glad he swiped the entire Clinton policy agenda. I just hope the party elders are smart enough to run with it.

  18. Can somebody tell summarize the post?

    I really can’t stare at it for more than 15s.

  19. “I’m glad he swiped the entire Clinton policy agenda.” Actually, he hasn’t. Good luck with your vote.

  20. I am excited about the show. It is really important that Lanny hears what we have to say.

    I really don’t care what he has to say unless it’s how much he is looking forward to Hillary’s 8-10 years as President! LOL

  21. Me, too. Katiebird, I’ll be disappointed if he tries to H.O.U.N.D. us, too. I will never vote for Obama and if he is at the top of the ticket I will vote for McCain. I doubt it will make a difference in CA as Barky’s leading by quite a bit. But who knows miracles could happen.

  22. Riverdaughter, I have a pair of glasses for working at the computer. The focal distance is the distance I sit from monitors. I also spend my life looking at computer monitors. So, it’s made a huge difference to my life.

    I have to hold my head at a crazy angle to read monitors with my regular glasses. The other pair makes it a pleasure.

    Would that help your situation?

  23. madamab: I’m excited about this show and it truly does mean that Hillary knows about us. Perhaps she’ll even listen.

  24. GRL — Obama’s “spiritual quest”? I thought you had to have a soul to have a spiritual quest.

  25. I have two pair of glasses, one for distance like driving, the other strictly computer. The funny thing is I do not require reading glasses. Can still read the small print.

  26. Kbird: No, don’t think so. I think it must be either muscle fatigue or a medication related side effect. Sleep oughtta put it back to normal.

  27. Poor Lanny, he will get run over by a steamroller if he tries the HOUND stuff on us or insists on “party unity”.

  28. Hmmm, might this be an assignment from his new gig at Fox — a little PUMA research to be better able to better purrrrrrrfect the PUMA story.

    I want to give him the benefit of the doubt for the night he was standing proudly for HRC as they threw tables at his head while cleaning up the arena.

  29. Puma-SF: I’ve been wanting to do a play about Hillary and the PUMAs, but I am afraid I’ll jinx what I hope will happen. .

  30. OT BUT — anyone seen the cover of People magazine this week? It is “the Obamas at Home” with pictures of the girls (who are adorable). But wasn’t it about 2 weeks ago that Obama apologized profusely for using his two minor daughters as campaign props on ET? My question — how is the People story any different?
    PS — read on NQ that in the article Obama says they don’t give the girls Christmas or Birthday presents — that is just plain un-American if you ask me (well, ok no Christmas presents if you aren’t Christian — which he has gone out of his way to tell us he IS, but no birthday presents either? WTF?!?! Are giving birthday and Christmas presents only for us “little people”?)

  31. Hasn’t Lanny Davis already come out with the unity rah-rah?
    This whole thing seems suspicious.
    If he tries to rally us ’round Obama, he’s just going to harden my resolve, which is like granite hard already.
    If he supports PUMA, that’s major news and seems like something he should announce to a larger audience.
    I dunno, something’s screwy.

  32. RD, you’re getting sleepy…. sleepy …. sleee

  33. Blurred vision is usually a sign that I’ll have a debilitating migraine. Hope that’s not the case.

  34. I’m cutting Lanny, HRC & Carville beaucoup slack — they have to position themselves as “loyal” to the party so they can be in the best position to clean up Obama, Dean & Donna’s mess (whether that be at the convention or 2012). If they were “against” Obama now, they would not be able to recover their power in the party when the time comes — and it will come, one way or another.

  35. RD – listen to KB please. Go rest for the night. please.It is not pleasant to go without any of the five senses and we need you.

  36. Sometimes when I’m hungry I get blurred vision. But I have to be really hungry. 😉

  37. Here’s Newsday saying 3000 at event.


    Does this look like 3000 to you?


    It looks like 300 to me.

  38. Riverdaughter, I sent you an email.

  39. I would be happy to have a Harry Truman repeat in November:
    “McCain Beats Obama”. Then pass out towlettes for all those idiots with egg on their faces.

  40. angie re: that people magazine article, he also only pays them $1 a week allowance, and he never pays them on time, because according to his daughter he might be away 10 weeks in a row….that’s lame, but a dollar a week????? I wonder if he skims 10 percent off of that for the campaign?

  41. Gary, I remember you saying that about the allowance a couple of days ago. He’s embarrassing when he tries to talk like a regular guy.

  42. Bear in mind that both the Portland event and the one in Berlin were preceded by rock bands and refreshments. Hell, I would go to one of those even if Obama was the speaker.

  43. Okay everyone, have a great night. Feel better, RD!

  44. nite madamab

  45. Pat, Only if I could slide out before the speech. Even free booze wouldn’t be enough to keep me listening to that in public. Actually free booze would make it a horrible mistake for me to stay in that crowd. I’d be too inclined to speak my mind. And those Obots are dangerous.

  46. Goodnight, madamab!

  47. But they do spend over $10,000 yrly on the girls extracurricular activities. Michele was complaining about that not too long ago. But the Christmas thing has me a little confused. Why not?

  48. Sorry, here is the post of the North Carolina event that they said 3000 attended. I don’t think so.


  49. katiebird: The only reason for me to get up and go there would be the free booze. Not too surprising if 2/3rds of the crowd were just like me in that respect.

  50. That crowd is nowhere near 3,000. And to think I could not get into the Hillary event here in January because they ran out of space and at least, and I mean this sincerely, another 1,000 waited outside after the door was shut on us.

  51. Actually, Lanny David is a guy I would cut a slack the size of TX.

    I give some extras to people who joined the Clinton campaign full fledged when she was getting the living daylight kicked out of her.

    He remained very loyal and was taking on people, unlike that absolute creep Greg Craig (also a former Yale classmate) who was sitting by when little cockroaches like David Plouffe were calling Hillary a fraud and the most dishonest human being in the history of the cosmos.

  52. did you know that the PUMAs are now in Wikipedia? I feel much better now 🙂


  53. Lanny was so passionate about HRC and he said he’d support Obama only because he really had to say it. He even joined FOX News as a commentator because it was the only fair channel during the campaign. He seems sincere but we’ll see.

  54. madamab: I LOVE your plays but I know what you mean about jinxing it. Sometimes I even blame myself for not working hard enough during the primaries.

  55. Monk and Psych were very good tonight.

  56. I have Monk on the DVR . I just can’t leave my laptop long enough.

  57. Yes, it will be interesting. And I will enjoy the rest that he has got to say. Always like the man. Just that I won’t take his unity talk personal.

  58. I should know better but once in awhile I just have to see what is going on at the other blogs who I no longer read. C and L in particular. Tonight they “gushers” are in a thrall over the dog and pony show. One even went so far to exclaim how seeing Obama over there “really made him smile” something he said he had not done lately.

    It is not a good thing to read this bilge before going to bed.

  59. Oh, jesus, those people are just bat shit crazy.

  60. Wasn’t Murphy’s Prowl today so funny:


  61. RD–I’m the same way. The more someone pushes, the harder I dig in my heels. If I have a strong opinion, it is one I’ve come to only after a long while and a lot of thought. Good grief–you mean I will have to actually TOUCH a copy of People magazine? No birthday OR Christmas presents? Something is more than weird about this. Lanny Davis? Could be riding the fencerails for either side. Proceed carefully–and listen to your EXQUISITELY TUNED gut feeling, PUMAs.

  62. You have to watch Psych also. “Buddddddd” is on it and it is very good.

  63. Who is Bud?

  64. I am still waiting to see a single Democratic leader respect PUMA and the 25-40+% of Clinton supporters who have chosen not to vote for Obama. Instead of blaming PUMA, some of these Democrats should take a step back and realize that most of those people being polled still haven’t heard about PUMA yet or don’t have the time or resources to join the online movement.

    I also hope that I don’t hear the word “unity” come out of Lanny’s mouth. I understand and respect his decision to support Obama. I’m guessing that if I was a high profile politician, consultant, or campaign worker working in Washington that I’d probably keep my mouth shut even if I knew that I wasn’t going to vote for Obama on Election Day. Again, I am still waiting for a Democrat to acknowledge PUMA and express their understanding why we’ve made the decision not to vote for Obama and actually place the blame on the Obama campaign and the DNC rather than blame us for being Republican operatives trying to destroy the Democratic Party. And I also hope that he doesn’t say that Clinton does not want her name placed into nomination at the Convention. I wish there was someone in this party with the guts to support the 18 million voters Obama and the DNC threw under the bus.

  65. Buddddddd from The Cosby Show.

    It’s funny because periodically someone they meet will tell him he looks like Budddddddddd.

  66. Girls with blurred vision find me semi-attractive.

    Especially if they’re drunk. I look really good when you’re wearing beer goggles.

  67. (batting eyes)

  68. katiebird:

    Joanie said you got bad eyesight cuz you got big zucchinis.

    I think that’s what she said anyway

  69. What can I say? There’s a proven connection, yes?

  70. Pat: When Eddy’s not here, I step in with Craig Ferguson. He’s hot!

  71. Step in?

    Sounds more like someone’s “stepping out” to me.

  72. We don’t go anywhere!

  73. Okay – got to go. Eddy’s yanking on my arm to stop typing.

    He’s says goodnite Patty.

  74. Good Night, Carol!

  75. Eddy says to tell katiebird goodnite! He is really in love with all of us.

  76. I will be very interested to hear what Lanny has to say. He is close to Hillary and went to bat for her many, many times.

    Sure, he may be trying to spread the Unity disease but we’re about as resistant as can be. He may also be trying to communicate Hillary’s attitude or thoughts on PUMA to us, at least in some on the down-low fashion.

    At the end of the primaries he was very prominently calling for Hillary as VP. Maybe he still is. Or maybe he’ll push Hillpac — I’m very intrigued by its revival.

    The key for me is whether he treats us respectfully. If he pulls a Debbie “they just need wooing” Wasserman on us, then forget it.

    But it will be interesting to find out. I hope he at least speaks to the sexism in the campaign as well as the broken caucus system and the travesty that was the RBC meeting.

  77. (batting eyes) He’s Sooo good lookin’ !!

  78. I told Eddy that y’all were just using him.

    He said “So?”

  79. (giggle)

    Hick! I didn’t even find out his last name until this afternoon!

    (thinking) But, he’s NOT as good lookin’ as MyIQ. Not as smart either.

  80. I really respect Hillary and would do just about anything for her, but voting for Obama isn’t one them.

    I love my country too much.

  81. See? What did I say…

    MyIQ, I totally agree

  82. Flattery will get you nowhere.

    (But don’t stop trying)

  83. (fading away) Good Night!

  84. Not stopping, exactly…

  85. Did anyone here see the wonderfully hilarious parody of the “blessed Child” blabla on Hannity and Colmes tonight? Is there any way to capture it? I wonder if this is a result of all the Clinton people working over there now.

  86. lililam, I saw it. Don’t know about capturing it. Bet someway it will make it to YouTube.

  87. You’re probably right, thanks!

  88. Awww..Hillary will still “consider” Obama as VP!


  89. He’d have to promise to be good though.

  90. If anyone looked into the fox poll information like I did then you would have found near the end of it one very inportant question. I was amazed by it. First the poll showed that Obama only has a 1 point lead – Obama 41, McCain 40, 19% undecided or voting for someone else. But then they got to the question if it was a Obama/Clinton against McCain/Romney how would you vote then the numbers change dramatically. Obama/Hillary 59, McCain/Romney 37 it was amazing. I will not support Obama no matter what but it seems like alot of Hillay supporters will vote for him if she is on the ticket.

  91. No Obama for me ever but that is why Lanny David is cming to us, there are so many of us that are holding back. in the fox poll it was a 19 point undecided but with Hillary in the mis it went to 4 undecided it was amazing to see.

  92. Obama should be real scared by this poll result

  93. Hillary supporters are still trying to decide what to do and I think McCain can grab them with the drilling issue.

  94. I’m one of the many lurkers who rarely speaks. I like Lanny because he stood by Hillary, but I also hope this isn’t a “unity” speech or a lecture on “real” democrates. I’d find it condescending, and I’d feel insulted.

  95. These polling #’s show Hillary NOT Obama is the stronger candidate. With-out her HE CAN’T WIN .

  96. Well, well, well…here I am still up at just about 5:00 a.m. CDT and just watched Battlestar Galactica on SciFi. They run earlier episodes at 4 in the morning.

    In this episode Laura Roslin has just issued some edict banning abortions. During the presser, Gaius Baltar as veep sez he supports her and then announces he is a candidate for the presidency.

    As I watched it, it hit me: Eureka! The DNC is running/supporting Gaius/Barack for the Presidency. Gaius is attractive (well Barry has those ears…), Gaius is intelligent as Obama is supposed to be but both are clueless as to what’s really going on. Gaius is spineless and leads the citizens of the fleet to disaster on New Caprica.

    Laura Roslin is a ballsy woman who took charge in the Presidency when others doubted her. And she does regain the Presidency after Baltar’s disastrous tenure. (Hillary in 2012?)

    Okay, okay…it’s late/early and I played too many games of Zuma. Also, got some not-so-good news about our return to NOLA/St. Bernard. I was sooo hoping to get my Mom back home by her 83rd birthday. Now, I’m not so sure. I’ll post this later when there’s a new thread.

  97. I’m not listening to Lanny. I’ll bet it’s going to be propaganda. People here like Lanny, and who knows what kind of sympathy cards he may play?

    I’m a suspicious person, and Obama is going to be trying all kinds of new tricks to divide us. Yesterday rd warned us about becoming divided amongst ourselves.

    Pages 1 to 100 of Obama’s playbook are about Divide and Conquer tactics. Be alert!

  98. Oh, this is rich:


    Time remains for Obama to unify the party and find ways to win over skeptical voters. His campaign released ads last month that emphasize the parts of Obama’s life story that a typical voter might find appealing. Obama, for example, was raised by a single mother and grandparents who lacked substantial means.

    The campaign hopes that the images in those ads will boost his standing in the polls.

    “As we tell Sen. Obama’s story — being raised by a single mother, pulling himself up, working his way through school — people will become more familiar with him,” said Hari Sevugan, an Obama campaign spokesman

    His grandmother was the president of a bank. His grandfather ran a successful business. Obama attended one of the best private schools in Hawaii. I hope that some members of the MSM report on that.

    And from what I’ve heard, Obama did not work his way through school. Liar.

  99. So Fredster, your central message is that Hillary would have overturned Roe v. Wade? (snark). I doubt you are coherent enough to even get that reference, so just pass, if need be.

    Well, I won’t argue against it any longer. Since Senator Clinton would have clearly provided for forced and publicly funded abortions, I will abort my own attempts to support Senator Obama in favor of pro-choice candidate John “Senior Senator” McCain. In so doing I will become the dream child of left wingers.

    You gal/guy/things are pathetic, really. I know, I know…delete, rinse, repeat.

  100. Cela:

    We’re all just bitter, low-information rac*sts and GOP ratfuckers.

    Actually, we don’t even exist. All the people here and throughout the PUMAsphere are really just me and a bunch of online aliases.

    In fact, I don’t exist either, you’re hallucinating again. Better have the doctor adjust your meds.

  101. I don’t believe that a lot of Hillary’s most loyal supporters truly believe in Obama. I believe they are supporting him, as the nominee, because they have to for their careers, but I don’t think their hearts are in it.

    I can also believe that some (Not lanny, or Terry, or Shirley, or Howard!) of her supporters might have supported her in the beginning, because they believed she would win – I mean, it wouldn’t suprise me. Most I believe, supported her because they believed in her, and believed she was the best candidate. But I am sure there was at least one or two that did so for political reasons. So, it doesn’t suprise me that they now support Obama.

    That said, I believe her supporters are like the two characters in MIracle on 34th Street. (The newer version). Do you remember the two that worked for the competitors of Kohls, and they had their *I believe* buttons inside their jackets, hidden? I think they are like Hillary’s supporters in DC. They still *believe* and support her, but they are afraid to not fall in line.

  102. Thanks “AT”
    Obama & crew after all this time they just, “DON’T GET US”!
    “WE” are voters that can’t be “SPEECHED” into believing he has what it takes to be president. “If” he
    wants “ONE MORE SHOT AT OUR VOTE”, tell Lanny
    to give him this message:
    Do a “TOWN-HALL” meeting with us like Hillary always did & also John McCain. We’ll be gathered Aug.8-10 right in the town he’s supposed to be working.
    * Facing us head-on is what we need.
    The key for “us” is the “UN-SCRIPTED”
    venues & moments. I wrote that to Hillary’s camp thru-out the spring & one day I heard Maria C. repeat it exactly; I screamed, YES THEY ARE LISTENING TO US!
    OMG how I miss HRC!

  103. hey edge, thanks for that! I wanted to go tell him to cram it in raleigh but I couldn’t get out of work…glad my fellow north carolinians are on the ball!

  104. Howard called us low-class republicans!!!! what a jerk

    I’m not sure all of them are Clinton supporters,” he said. “I think some of them are having fun at the Democrats’ expense. I think shouting through somebody’s speech is low-class.”

    somebody get the wax back out!!!!!

  105. no howard, shouting through someone’s speech is called exercising your right to free speech, but then again I don’t think the democrats remember what that is

  106. Carolina PUMAs don’t let us down….check out their site:


  107. Blessings to Lanny Davis, he is a trooper.
    But with all due respect, if Moses showed me stone tablets that said I should vote Obama, I could not do it.

    Country First!

  108. Has this been posted? I post this for the entertainment value and to let like minded people know they are not alone. It is from Dems4McCain.

  109. Hi folks- I feel like I missed the whole week! I had to have one of the horses put down yesterday. She was brave and courageous to the end- noble in all she ever did, but I could not let her continue in pain and misery.

    That said- I got the e-mail re this show as well. I am exhausted from a week of caring for a sick horse- but my immediate thought was “Oh good- they know we are out here!”

    Now, Lanny Davis being one of Hillary’s staunchest defenders I just think that his appearing on PUMA related sites tells me Hillary knows we are out here. (bear with me- I am having a hard time organizing my thoughts to write them down- the horse was haunting me all night) Hillary MUST maintain appearances – ‘unity’ and all that. Now here we have one of her surrogates coming on to a radio program that has lots of PUMA activist listeners.

    So- a double edge? We get the message that they know we are here, we get to tell him what we think (and he will surely tell her) They get to say they did the unity shtick and tried to talk to us but we are not budging.

    I give up trying to be coherent- you guys will get what I am thinking I am sure.

  110. {{{ProudMilitaryMom}}} I’m very sorry!

  111. See this on Obama using Berlin to ask for cash:

    personally I think Cela’s a young man- “forced abortions” -don’t get it.

  112. Will definitely follow show.
    Hope he won’t use that old chestnut-“think about all the young, poor, single mother, college kid, newly enfranchised, Obama registereds.”
    Who will take the Dems to soaring heights of voter participation in the future. (Even if they lose this election in Nov)

  113. OMG…you’ve got to watch this video (I know msnbc is lame,but still) Obama’s “thesis” is missing, but according to princessa brewer that’s no big deal, we all lose them (That’s not what they said about HIllary, remember them screaming about hers?)…but anyway I don’t think they’re hiding it because it is controversial, I think they’re hiding it because it shows how not very bright he is. According to the video he took a YEAR to write it as a senior at Columbia….and it is only 25 pages long!!!!! I went to grad school and about every paper I wrote was at least 20 pages. I can’t wait to see it!


  114. Good Morning Gary!

    I’ve got to wait until the house awakes — everyone else is asleep and I don’t want to scare them with my screams.

  115. and how fucking morally bankrupt is contessa? she says that even if she could find her college papers, she would be selling them on the Internet!!!! these people are beyond disgusting…

  116. morning Katie! that video is really nauseating…watch at your own risk, but the 25 page thesis thing makes me laugh….

  117. Laurie,

    They ran those introductory ads in Kansas for a few weeks. Like telling Kansans that Obama shares our values because his grandparents grew up here is going to matter on election day.

    He does that in his speeches too: He always says explicitly that he “loves America” — how many other candidates have to say that in every speech?

  118. I’m sure they’re just embarrassed at how poorlly written it is….

  119. they ran them in NC too…Katie did you see the link above about the PUMAs greeting Dean in Charlotte? He called them/us “low-class” for interrupting his speech. I call that free speech. what a snob!

  120. Gary, It makes me laugh too. Even mine was 40 pages (plus supplemental material) and I’m no scholar.

  121. I thought about putting it in a post, but I figured RD would be posting any minute now…..c’mon…we need our morning fix!!!! 🙂

  122. …and it took him a year to write it!!!! that’s what, about a sentence a day?

  123. katie, he can’t even write a paper full time!!

  124. gary, I did see that — I’ve never heard a politician call voters names like that until this year. Obama was the first. Now Dean.

    And considering how Obots act at events (Even Booing during debates!) calling Hillary supporters low-class is a joke.

    Well, it would be a joke if it was funny. Which it’s not.

  125. Morning folks,

    Over and above it is an average of about two pages a month, to have the campaign go into a duck fit over it is telling. Gary, you must be right, it was written in crayon.

  126. Lanni Davis is part of VoteBoth so I think that might be the focus of his talking points.

  127. A sentence a Day!! Written in crayon!!


    And Cafferty thinks we’re humorless!

  128. Riverdaughter and Gary — I’ve sent you email (please read)

  129. “Gary”
    She’s SOooooo in the tank for Obama!
    By the way check out, http://www.hillaryis44.com; they’re
    comparing the recent “Troop-Snub” to the infamous
    “State of the Union-Snub”.
    I remember the next day he & Claire Mc. acting all HS-
    like in the plane; saying “He was turning to talk to me”
    Also I heard & think I saw myself Obama even gave the big “SNUB” to Pres. Bush!! We know he gave him the Obama “Stare-Down”!

  130. garychapelhill, on July 26th, 2008 at 9:16 am Said:

    OMG…you’ve got to watch this video (I know msnbc is lame,but still) Obama’s “thesis” is missing, but according to princessa brewer that’s no big deal, we all lose them (That’s not what they said about HIllary, remember them screaming about hers?)…but anyway I don’t think they’re hiding it because it is controversial, I think they’re hiding it because it shows how not very bright he is. According to the video he took a YEAR to write it as a senior at Columbia….and it is only 25 pages long!!!!! I went to grad school and about every paper I wrote was at least 20 pages. I can’t wait to see it!

    Gary, I think more than anything it shows how LAZY he is. I went to a public university for undergrad so I did not have to write a thesis. I attempted to write one for honors but I admit that I had senioritis and ended up not doing it. But from what I hear, ivy league schools require a thesis and my friend who went to ivy league schools for undergrad said that their thesis was at least 50 pages long.

    I also went to grad school and most of our seminar papers were 20-25 pages long but it was due by the end of the semester. I’m attending Columbia in the fall for a professional degree so I’ll ask some of the undergrads about the senior thesis.

    Also, even if the average paper is 25-50 pages long, the quality of his thesis might not be very good which would reflect more poorly on his work ethic than the actual length of the paper.

    It seems like Obama tries to hide or lie about every facet of his life. This is problematic for someone who wants to be president.

  131. I respect and admire Lanny Davis. But his schtick is sure to be all about “unity”. As a loyal Dem what else is he gonna say? If he was as concerned about his country as he is about his party he might be worth the time to listen. Since I don’t believe that, is there any politician that cares more about their country than they do about their party?

    I don’t care to hear it. It won’t change my mind and I don’t want to add another Democrat to my long list of “those whose words mean nohting to me”.

    I have about the same feelings for Dems spouting the “unity” crap as I do for Obamatrolls. Yuck!

  132. I’m all for party unity as long as we’re unifying behind Senator Clinton to take back the White House and the country in ’08.

    Other than that, I’ll have to think about it.

  133. Is RD okay? Can anybody check on her?

  134. Hi Marge (and waving at DisenfranchisedVoter)

    I’m just excited that we have the chance to talk directly to someone who Knows Hillary about P.U.M.A. — it’s a real opportunity to make our point to someone with influence.

    What he says isn’t so important as if he LISTENS. And how well we make our point.

  135. S — I’m hoping that she’s sleeping in. But I have sent her a message.

  136. Gary? If you’re around please check your email!!

  137. Thanks Katiebird. Sleeping in is good for tired eyes 🙂

  138. Many of you are questioning the appearance of Lanny Davis but I question the appearance of Ricki Lieberman also.

    I am not a fan of Ms. Lieberman’s group, Together4us. The founder of this group, Jill Iscoll, has publicly stated that if Barack Obama gets the nomination, she and her group will support him. Yes, her group wants Hillary to be the nominee but she will put her and her group’s full support behind Obama if he does get the nomination. She is also pushing for Hillary to be picked for Obama’s VP.

    Ms. Lieberman belongs to and represents the Together4us goup, so I have strong reservations about her.

    Here is a video of Jill Iscoll putting forth her feelings about Hillary and falling all over herself to basically praise Obama. Here is a quote from Jill Iscoll from the following video speaking about Obama:

    “Of course I am going to vote for Senator Obama [whether he names Hillary as his VP or not] and I’ll probably write a check at some point for Senator Obama. But what I’d like to do for Senator Obama is rally the troops that are around this country … and I want to knock on doors and I want to get the people to vote for an Obama/Clinton – – get them to vote for President Obama and take back the Whitehouse. Let the Democratic Party be one unified party again.”

    I do not like this group and the only thing I know about Ricki Lieberman is that she is associated with them.

  139. Seems more and more like we’re going to get the Dream Ticket talk. Who from PUMA is going to be on the show?

  140. OhVoter, I don’t think we have to have only people who agree with us on the show. We should take this chance to make our position clear to people of various attitudes.

    That Obama is an Illigitmate, Unqualified & Unelectable candidate and we’re not going down with him or the corrupt DNC.

    I’m excited by the possibility of a real exchange of opinions.

  141. Sophie, unless “Dream Ticket” means Hillary at the top — it’s just a nightmare as far as I’m concerned. In fact, any ticket with Obama on it at all would be a nightmare.

  142. Hi Katiebird. I’m also interested in what former Clinton supporters who now back Obama have to say about PUMA. But I agree with SophieL that we’ll probably hear about the “dream ticket” possibility.

    The dream ticket was a time limited offer. Obama obviously would prefer someone other than Hillary as his running mate so why are we still talking about it? The only way we’ll see a dream ticket is if Obama and Clinton are forced to come together for the sake of unifying the party. I’ve already decided that I will not vote for Obama even if Clinton is his running mate. That ship has sailed.

  143. Katiebird: I agree, I will be interested in what Davis and Lieberman have to say, but I’m afraid it is going to make me very angry — But anger is good, right?

  144. DisenfranchisedVoter,

    From what I’m hearing about the plans for the Convention “they” don’t have any concern at all about Hillary delegates. The plan seems to be that fake vote where delegates might even think they’re voting for Hillary’s nomination — but it’s just symbolic.

    If that happens they’ll have shown that our 18 million votes are meaningless to this year’s election. And that (very likely) they see the “Dream Ticket” as a nightmare too.

    And frankly, it seems like it would be a nightmare for Hillary. Can you imagine limiting her vision and brains to Obama’s? When she could be a “Maverick” Senator instead?

  145. Disenfranchised: The reason we’re still talking about it is because both of the guests on this week’s radio show are proponents of that scenario. I am guessing that either they will try to talk us into it or will be listening for clues that we’ll settle for it.

    For the record, I supported that scenario a while back but have come to realize that it would not be in Hillary’s or the country’s best interest. Hillary as Prez is in the country’s best interest. As for Hillary’s best Veep pick, I think it would be Ed Rendell, but I doubt we could pry him from Carol and Pat.

  146. OhVoter — Let’s just focus on what WE say to them. We’ve heard the Unity arguments. It’s very unlikely that they’ll say anything new. Even insults can’t touch us at this point.

    I know — I was just banned at dKos and it was totally painless. Fun even.

    In case it’s a call in show, we should all be prepared with statements and questions — messages to Hillary and her circle of influence.

  147. (cough) And Joanie — I hope Ed doesn’t think he can blow off Joanie that easily!

  148. Lanny Davis has always been the primary Clinton family and political inner circle First Lieutenant. He acted magnificently during those brutal years of right-wing assault. He always defended the Clinton White House through thick and thin, and has articulated our democracy with reason and common sense. I’d always breathe a sigh of relief when I saw him on the air. That’s why I’m especially sorry to hear that he is out front promoting BO. Although I’m relatively sure that he feels that he is doing the right thing for “party unity” and following HRC’s lead, I don’t think he has drunk the kool aid. I think he is an Ace that should have been held back. To the BO campaign, he nothing more than a throw-away tool to be used for the moment then discarded as they did to General Clark.
    My gut feeling is that the Clinton inner circle knows very well what’s going on in the real world and the depth of her support. Her people are watching these blogs closely. However, he should be very careful tonight; his longtime credibility is on the line.

  149. Good morning!

  150. I am going to listen to what he has to say .. I want to hear his response to PUMAS 🙂

    PS Am on the air at http://www.cygnusradio.com doing GODDESS RADIO if anyone wants to listen in 😉 or live chat the EVA CASSIDY set will go for about a half hour great start for a Saturday 🙂

  151. Jeralyn is a TL laughing about McCain meeting with the Dalai Lama. I’m sorry, but why is it funny? He’s spoken out for the Tibetans before. I don’t get it.

  152. Good Morning! Eddy says good morning!

    While Eddy never wants to leave me, I have made it perfectly clear to him that when Hillary gets the nomination he is out of here if she wants him for VP.

    Love is love, but Country comes 1st.

    The sacrifices I am willing to make for the country are astonishing!

    Great job in NC. You PUMA$ Rock! Loved the signs!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  153. I posted this the other day at the end of the posts and got no response. I have never been to a $250. minimum fund raiser. Do you think this is worthwhile to spend the $ to attend. do you think there is much chance of any any real conversation with Hillary?
    Mountain Sage….please tell me more about a floor fight. I need hope.
    I haven’t blogged in a while as this is my busiest time of year..for work….but I have been reading every day and participating in the daily puma actions.

    Hillary is coming to my home town of East Hampton for a fundraiser for her debt at a private home.. The minimum is $250 to attend. I have already given as much as I feel comfortable, but I am contemplating the opportunity to meet her and perhaps ask some pointed questions.
    I need to balance this vs either giving money for Denver or ACTUALLY going to Denver. The thought that the money and the time would be wasted in a “cage” is off putting…but, that of course is the point. It only matters if there are enough to overwhem the cages and I don’t think that can happen.
    What to do…what to do????

    I last travelled to a political demonstration when I was in college and attended an anti war demonstration in DC. That was when we still had a draft and people were very serious about not wanting to die in vietnam! It seemed like the whole country was there.

  154. katiebird, on July 26th, 2008 at 10:04 am Said:

    After listening to Hillary’s energy speech, I think she should stay in the senate and not become BO’s VP. BO is a liar and he flips too much. Do you know that before the FISA vote, Hillary said that BO would filibuster it? Look what he did? This was during the time when his supporters were asking him to change his mind and not flip-flop on FISA. Hillary in the senate has more power than as BO’s VP. I just don’t want her to do all the work and have BO take credit for it. He did it in Chicago why let him do it again

  155. Thanks for the heads-up, masslib. I made a comment too. I think you’re right!

  156. The Racism Cry Returns

    Joe Klein says that anyone horrible enough to suggest that Obama — who isn’t even the official nominee of his party — is being a bit presumptuous in touring Europe and the Middle East automatically couples that criticism with “the subterranean tinge of racism.”

    Andrew Greeley says that black Americans (all, apparently) and the rest of the world will “scream racism” if Obama is defeated by John McCain. Greeley says that “Only the innocent and the naive think that the November election will not be about race.”

    New York governor David Paterson recently suggested at the national meeting of the NAACP that an Obama loss is a racist victory.

    I will not insult your intelligence and vainly attempt to assuage my supposed white guilt by claiming “some of my best friends are black,” or revealing the racial background of my college roommate, and the artist who dominates my music collection. I refuse to do so not because it is a cliché, but because it is unnecessary for the non-racist to do so.
    continue reading http://countusout.wordpress.com/

  157. Don’t worry. Obama would never ask Hillary. She outshines him ten fold.

  158. masslib: You need to delete Talk Left from your bookmarks menu until after the election. Jeralyn and BTD are obviously in full attack mode for the general election. Their coverage has become more bias over the last several weeks. After the election there was a time period that they were accommodating to disaffected Clinton supporters but that time has passed. I’m not expecting them to be anything but unfair to anyone other than Obama now that they are full fledged Obamabots.

  159. DownListen?

    I didn’t hear Hillary’s energy speech. And I don’t remember typing that comment.

  160. Morning everyone!

    I agree with Katiebird. I think it is good to have the Unity folks on the show because it will give them a chance to gauge the strength of the movement. And as we know, it’s very strong indeed. You know for sure that our resolve will be communicated back to Hillary. It’s going to be a win-win for everyone, I think.

    As for Hillary as VP, it’s so not going to happen. I don’t know why people disingenuously keep putting that possibility forward. It was clear when Obama hired Patti Solis Doyle as his VP’s Chief of Staff that he was not about to put HRC on the ticket.

  161. (blowing coffee-flavored bubbles) Good Morning, Madamab!!

  162. Campskunk has the energy speech posted at alegre’s.

  163. PS, there are posts in the works. We’re just moving kind of slow this morning.

  164. DV – TalkLeft is horrible now. Their traffic has gone waaaaay down since they decided to push Obama. Jeralyn has completely lost her sense of fairness. She will allow the most obvious Obama trolls to lie and attack people, but won’t let anyone say anything bad about Obama even if it’s true.

    They used to fill up threads so quickly, but now I check the number of comments, and The Confluence is actually getting more than they are.

    The free market of ideas seems to be favoring Hillary these days. 😉

  165. [wiping coffee from forehead]

    Good morning, K-k-k-Katie!

  166. OK this is a must see —

    here is a video I hadn’t seen before (of course, the media would never show it) —

    What is he trying to say? That he is surprised white people sang happy birthday (in his wildest dreams) and that he spent July 4 in Butte, Montana of all places. How can he get away with saying things like this?

  167. madamab — I hadn’t looked at it in weeks until this morning. And I see that nothing on the front page got over 170 comments. And that was just one post. The rest didn’t even reach 100! Astonishing.

  168. OhVoter, on July 26th, 2008 at 9:47 am Said:

    I agree. I don’t understand their reasoning of getting Hillary for themselves by having her VP. Do they want to destroy Hillary’s carreer? That is not getting Hillary for yourselves that is helping BO win by sacrificing Hillary’s political future. BO is going down, maybe not now but he is going down and he will takeHillary down with him as his VP. They will put all the blame on HIllary. What is best for Hillary is not support the “Dream Ticket”. I was once a supporter of this but after all the things I have come to know about BO, no way in hell should Hillary be apart of that ticket. Most people are saying no to being his VP so why force HIllary to sacrifice herself for a party that stole her delegates, contributed in her being called a racist(no one forgets Donna), did everything they could to stop the primary process(Pelosi I still remember you saying you will do anything to make sure the fight never continued to the convention), never once defended her and made it clear they prefered BO to Hillary. It i the “devil’s ticket” and Hillary shouldn’t be sacrifice. They made this mess so let them clean it up themselves. BO’s supporters always said he didn’t need Hillary, the idiots forgot that he needed her moe than she needed him. He could never win without her while she could without him.

  169. KB – I know. Jeralyn started censoring people left and right for no reason at all. We Clintonites don’t like that approach, although it seems to be fine for authoritarian Obama cultists. 😉

    How big IS Obama’s so-called movement, really? I think his FISA vote was the death blow for Obama’s campaign. He just doesn’t know it yet because his team (and the media) keep him in a bubble.

  170. At least TalkLeft hasn’t attacked PUMA like Taylor Marsh but I’m waiting any day now for them to do just that. They likely will if we don’t fall in line after the convention. Dean & Co. think that this is just a phase for us. Trust me, I decided back in January at the height of Obamamania that I would never vote for him and nothing has changed my mind so far.

  171. Katiebird – you can watch her energy speech here

  172. Unity disease? Hope change unity. Who buys this stuff? Kids and racist white people:

    Stuff White People Like

    #8 Obama. Because white people are afraid that if they don’t like him that they will be called racist.

    The white people supporting him are just as racist now as they were a year ago. Don’t be fooled. It just gives them a get out of racism free card.

    A Republican VP? Instead of appealing to Republicans and Independents, he should appeal to working class and women Democrats.

  173. DownListen, I will. But, why did you quote me saying something I didn’t?

  174. Theories on what happened to bo’s thesis …
    The dog ate it
    A bus ran over it
    His grandmother threw it away by accident …
    the list goes on

  175. We are about to have a vote in November where the choices are Obama and McCain. Neither one of them should be president. What the hell is the matter with this country?
    Both are totally unacceptable.

    The media is choosing our candidates essentailly, by their slanted coverage, their non-coverage, their candidate creation and promotion.

    Oh yeah, and I hate that friggin weasel.

  176. katiebird, on July 26th, 2008 at 11:00 am

    I posted that comment.

  177. Hello everyone.

    Thanks to the Charlotte PUMAs, Charlotte Front and Center.

  178. sarah, I say let’s not give up the vision that the November vote will be between McCain and Hillary. I’m not giving up that vision, because it is the only thing we have to hold on to at the moment, and if we give it up—we are allowing BO to claim victory in our minds, the only place where it isn’t, right now.

    Never. Never BO in the White House.

  179. Good Morning, Mawm!

  180. “angry artist”
    There’s a LI/NY PUMA Party on Aug. 2nd.
    If your interested let it be known thru here; then we’ll figure out how to get you the details??
    There’s a great group forming already.
    You’d have FUN!

  181. madamab, there is censorship here too. When Obamabots try to hijack the thread. When they become vulgar or abusive, when they repeat the same old smear against Clinton.

    I don’t think of this blog as a a totally open forum. I think of it as a PUMA community blog that provides a welcoming place for us and still tolerates respectful, ontopic debate.

  182. Hi Katiebird,

    Just to show that there is more to me than stubborn old batdom I will listen to Lanny and see what he has to say. I just do not want to add him to the list of Dems whose words mean nothing to me. Because the list has become a scroll and it’s across the living room out the front door and endangering mototists on Sheridan Road.

    So if I listen, and he spouts the unity crap, and I get my knickers in a twist again, and that hurts, on your head be it.

    Maybe we can start a group. The Twisted Knickers. Has a nice ring to it.

  183. Marge, I don’t expect him to say anything other than the Unity/H.O.U.N.D. routines.

    I just want to make sure that anyone who talks to him makes it clear that they risk a mass walk out from the party if Hillary’s name isn’t entered as a serious contender for Nomination in Denver.

    And that nominating Obama will probably result in that action.

    It’s the first chance that I know of for us to talk about PUMA priorities to someone close to Hillary.

  184. I can’t resist posting this!!
    Maybe they’re calling us soccer mums now!!!
    according to Bloomberg:
    “Yes, the outcome of this election will be entirely determined by non- college educated white women between the ages of 50 and 69. In fact, political strategists have determined even more specifically that it will be 57-year-old women named Cynthia who skipped their high school reunion and live within three miles of a Pottery Barn.”

  185. There’s more; (from Bloomberg)
    “In pursuing non-college educated, older white women, Obama must appeal to voters who backed his primary opponent, New York Senator Hillary Clinton, Borick said. Obama “got killed in that group” during the primaries, he said.

    Because of the sagging economy under a Republican president, these female voters should look favorably on Democrats, said Dick Bennett, president of American Research Group in Manchester, New Hampshire. However, “at the moment, they are not buying Obama,” he said.”….
    “In the end, campaign success with these middle-aged women may be determined at the dinner table, in discussions with white male family members favoring McCain, Bennett said.”

  186. I am very suspicious that Lanny is wanting to talk Unity. I think he should tell me if he endorses the corruption of the primary system and the activity and behavior of Democratic party leaders Donna Brazille, Dean, and Pelosi.

    Or is this going to be another person trying to silence the 18M who voted for Hillary?

    I Will not Fall In Line

  187. Katiebird,

    The one thing that I do expect from Lanny is that when he does his “unity” thang, he will do it respectfully and not insult voters as Dean, Brazile, Pelosi et al have done. Oops nearly forgot the dimwitted Wasserman-Shultz who thinks we need to be “wooed”. I believe that Lanny is a gent.

    Now that I’ve calmed down a bit I understand your point better. We need interaction if we are to succeed.

    And WE can show that WE are smarter and better than THEY who will not listen. (quickly untwisting knickers.)

  188. I have the utmost respect for Lanny—but this is my take on him at this point. If I had my support behind Obama and knew that I was not disliked by an adversary, then I also would infiltrate into the adversaries turf with the intention to persuade and confuse. It is called the art of warfare. Keep on puma-ing regardless folks.

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