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Thursday: Those Meddling Kids

Way to go, Janis! Your ad catapulted The Denver Group into the NYTimes.  (BTW, Heidi Li has a very nice post this morning that elegantly lays out why the convention must be open and transparent.) In Clinton Supporters Try One More Tack, Heidi Li and Mark Rubin’s advocacy group is prominently featured and what’s more, the Times actually seems to get the point of the FDR ad. Whoa! They *can* be taught.

Update: edgeoforever found another reference to us and The Denver Group at a local affiliate of ABC News.  We are described as “militant”.  Damn, camouflage makes me look washed out and clashes with my hair.  The comments seem to be very supportive at the ABC site.  It’s like, “Well, an open convention *does* seem rather reasonable when you think about it.”

Add that to the list of media outlets that have featured PUMAs or made reference to us as humorless troublemakers. You know, I have no problem with the troublemaker part. It’s only trouble for the people who think we are ruining their beautiful plans.  But humorless?  That just frosts my crockies, Conflucians.

All this media attention is heady stuff but it does have a down side.  We’ve seen some evidence of this in the spam filter.  BTW, Francine, you really need to take a break and cut back on the Kool-Ade.  The Obamaphiles are none too pleased right now.  We are about to ruin everything.  The media is dipping its toe into the water because, hey, the summer is slow for news, even with, or *because* of Obama’s Grand European and Middle East Best President Evah Tour.  A little conflict keeps the news junkies strung out.  Give them a little tease now and then, show a little bit of Diane’s shapely gams on Fox and watch the revenue pour in.

Now, I like the publicity, but the DNC is going to want to squash us like a bug.  You know it’s coming, though, what can they throw at us at this point?  They’ve already called us every nasty name in the book including racists, though I draw the line at Republican.  So far, we have been immune to guilt trips, the sweet enlightenment of reason and ridicule,  That leaves only a few options.  The most powerful is to divide us from within.  I’m not being paranoid.  Obama is the presumptuous nominee because the Dems were divided from within.  C’mon, John Edwards would have been a perfectly suitable candidate but he was ignored by the media.  Barack Obama was a much more potent adversary for Hillary Clinton because he pitted two vital constituencies of the Democratic base against each other.  Oh sure, the DNC loved him as well but they stupidly fell right into the trap the GOP laid for them.  The DNC pissed off its biggest voting bloc for the smaller one that has no chanve of expanding outslde of the party.   But nevermind.

My point is, they have done a lot already to get us to shut up, sit down and go away but we seem to be holding out.  So, they will have to send in the SWAT team to take a wrecking ball and split us into factions.

Hmmm, how do we get around that one?   Think, think, think.  I know!  Let’s first keep the mission simple.  If there is no mission creep, there won’t be a lot to argue about.  So, as our goal, let’s get Hillary;s name nominated at the convention in Denver.  Let’s not look beyond Denver for the time being.  Simple goal, And let’s try to keep our egos in check.  We are all in this together.  We all have a role to play.  Some of us are writers, some of us are organizers, some of us are media persons.  None of us can succeed without the others and none of us are better than the others.  We only get to be famous if we succeed.  Otherwise, we’re merely pains in the ass.

Now, Conflucians, the $%&@’s about to hit the fan.  Find a buddy, hold hands, stay together and look both ways before crossing the street.  We will be ok if we stick together.

Of further interest: Terry Gross on Fresh Air recently interviewed Ryan Lizza. Lizza wrote about Obama and his Chicago ties in the New Yorker.  It’s pretty clearr to me that Terry is in the tank for Obama.  Her voice almost sparkles when she talks about his book “Dreams of My Father”.  Earlier in the primary season, she interviewed political watchers and the fawning over Obama as better than sliced bread really grated on me so I’ve had to avoid some of her podcasts.  It made me think less of her as an interviewer and generally, she’s unmatched.  I’m not surprised though that she went for the affluent liberal schtick.  But Lizza seems a bit more grounded, especially when he says, ” Obama is incredibly lucky to have always been at the right place at the right time”.  Yes, indeedy.  Don’t miss the section where they talk about Trinity Church.  It sounds like Lizza was intially willing to cut Obama a break on his genuine religious conviction and later came to a more level-headed conclusion.  Listen and critique: Obama and the Chicago Establishment.

224 Responses

  1. We’re PUMAs. That means nobama and Senator Clinton’s name in nomination. That is what we are about.

    Together we stand, divided we fall. Glad for that reminder and warning RD. Personally I think they’ll find it damn hard to separate PUMAs from their brethren and sisters.

    We love our country, we love democracy and we damn sure love other PUMAs. We are certainly smart enough to know we don’t have to agree about everything. After all, we are smart enough to be PUMAs in the 1st place.

  2. riverdaughter,

    You hit the nail on the head with this one!

    You’ve given us PUMA’s some excellent advice to follow because, as you so aptly put it, the DNC will be sending out the SWAT team to break us up and tear us down.

    BTW, I had the pleasure of speaking with both Darragh and Lori recently regarding the documentary film which is being made about the caucuses (Lori is coming to Texas and I will be meeting with her with some goodies I collected while participating in that totally corrupt and undemocratic process). I will be also there with ya’ll in Denver to engage in other PUMA activities.

    I hope everyone involved in this movement will constantly remind themselves of your very wise words that we keep our egos in check and most of all “stick together”. We will win this battle not by one blow, but by death from a thousand cuts!

    As I did while conducting investigations into election issues with Bev Harris, we found that the most effective way to get our message out about those issues is to promote via the “swarm effect”. By that I mean, if there is no one person leading the movement, but many, from all directions, they can’t shut us down because there are many leaders who will pick up where another leaves off and so on and so on.

    Keep fighting the good fight PUMAs and remember what it is we are fighting for…as Hillary told us many times while she courageously stood her ground to the bitter end of the primary — “our country is worth fighting for”.

    Indeed, it is.

  3. morning all I will be leaning tonight at the inter-blog hosted cocktail party fundraiser I am going to do a rigorus 4 mile walk to night looking for people to sponser a mile during the cocktail party with my fuzzy friend Tim his partner was just declared cancer free on Monday Yeah!

    A mile is just $ 5.00 I would love get lots of sponcers under “lean on Fuzzy once for $ 5 dollars a mile” I will stop at nothing to get our debt paid!

    Dont forget there is also a Ed Rendell kissing booth and a dunk cafferty in a vat of flaming oil sponcered by the Obama-Cheney-Bush energy bill.
    each $ 5.00 per pop! nothing better than carnival games and virtual causmo’s!

    gotta run see ya tonight-got my new walking shoes broke in for the walk a thon!

    fuzzybeargville-leaning tonight

  4. NY Times besides ABC featured the Denver group. Interesting to compare the 2 messages Burton gave each. Also, the fact that NYT called the DNC about this and was referred to the B0 campaign

  5. So, the call to action is 3 words:
    Denver! Denver! Denver!

  6. More for Clinton for the nomination, AOL News has Mccain winning a straw poll for the second time by a 2 to 1 margin. I live in a highly Democratic county in Ohio and I have yet to meet anyone who will vote for Obama. It makes me wonder how acurate the phone surveys are.

  7. I am astounded by Obama and his world tour. I find it utterly creepy that all the leaders are treating him as though he were already President. What the heck is that about?

  8. Wow – I just watched that ABC clip and was struck by the number of times PUMAs are referred to as militants. Asking for fairness and transparency makes one a militant? Didn’t know that!

  9. […] July 24, 2008 · No Comments It’s the PUMA growl right now. Come rain or come shine or brown shirts from the DNC as Riverdaughter anticipates […]

  10. It’s vital that PUMA remain Big Tent PUMA. I agree that important to keep the PUMA message as simple as possible. Anyone who truly empathises with the sentiments “Party Unity My Ass” should be seen as part of the cause. This means anyone who was a democrat during the primary, who felt the call for unity a fraud and who is willing to resist it.

    It’s great to have other sub and crossmovements sharing our aims. Some can wish to dismantle the party, set up a new party, can think Obama to conservative, to liberal, argue for primary reform, election reform, media reform, support a boycott, voting McCain, voting Green … whatever. But to try to define “a puma” as any of these things is a mistake.

    But the PUMA message needs to be simple. It needs to focus on calling the party to task for it’s actions, and salvaging what we can of the democratic process. And we need to be consistently respectful of those who share our short term aims but who may differ greatly in both the details of their motivation and their vision for where things will stand 5 years down the road.

  11. Was a vapid Obama speech here a minute ago?

  12. RD and Kathleen Wynne – I am in Las Colinas and worked from 7 am until after 10 pm for Senator Clinton at the precinct. I was actually the assistant precinct captain for the Fraudulent Caucus. If you want to have my group that worked that day I will try to get them together also.

    Not only were the Obama thugs out in force, they chidded us with insults, tried to block us, and intimidated several of the AA’s that stuck around to support Senator Clinton.

    We have photos.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

    RD can give you my email address.

  13. masslib,

    I thought it looked like spam. I don’t recall the words “yes we can” in the Constitution, do you?

  14. red,

    Please stop spamming now.

  15. bostonboomer, on July 24th, 2008 at 8:01 am Said:

    I thought it looked like spam. I don’t recall the words “yes we can” in the Constitution, do you?


  16. What do the Obamaphiles have against the Republic?

  17. The language they’re using against PUMAs (humorless, militant) is the same language used against feminists in the 1960s and 1970s. And shows that SOME still don’t get the scope of our organization. We’re not just women. I’d guess that we’re not just feminists either.

    We’re Democrats who want to win in November and we’re frustrated that the candidate who proved she could win in the big states and that she could win in the swing states was pushed out of the primary.

    Does Cafferty think we’re humorless? We’re the ones who can see what a joke the Obama campaign is. And has anyone ever heard an Obot laugh?

  18. The irony: Cafferty thinks we’re humorless.

  19. has anyone ever heard an Obot laugh?

    katiebird, that sounds like the title of a horror novel…
    The “humorless” epithet coming from the dour Cafferty struck me as rife with irony too

  20. like the title of a horror novel

    edgeoforever: (laughing) How can he say we’re humorless?

    (actually I have a sister who say’s I’m “bitter” is that true?)

  21. Morning PUMA’S
    You did it again RD-Great Post !!!
    Yesterday ( after many years of voting) I got my 1st phone POLLING CALL !!
    I’m in NY & they asked…. “If the presidential election was held today ,”WOULD YOU VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA”???
    I said, “Well since I was blogging on a PUMA SITE ( this one) when you called the answer is:
    ABSOLUTELY NO !!! She giggled & we moved on.

  22. “Has anyone ever heard an Obot laugh” – that one’s for you, Madamab! A Stephen King like comedy horror playlet.

  23. tpt/ny,

    She giggled? Boy we are getting well known, aren’t we. Good for you!

  24. edgeoforever–Yes, I thought it was both revealing and disturbing that calls to the DNC now go to the Obama campaign. This is the most crooked election I’ve ever seen.

  25. Hi Katiebird, {{waving}}

    No you’re not humorless or bitter. Eye of the beholder, I guess. Imagine anyone on the Situation Room being able to identify humor. They wouldn’t know humor if it bit them.

  26. Delphyne,

    You’re absolutely right! Katiebird has come up with a perfect title for a new madamab one-act play.

  27. calls to the DNC now go to the Obama campaign.

    My dad called me a couple of days ago totally outraged because he clicked on a link at the DNC site to sign up for one of the 1000 Local DNC Platform meetings and was sent to…. The Obama Site to sign up!

    He was fuming — and refused to sign up even though the meeting was going to be just a mile or so from his house.

    A friend of his went but, THAT’s another story (equally bad)

  28. BostonB!! Good Morning! It’s amazing what you can come up with when you’ve drunk a cup of fresh coffee laced with heavy whipping cream.

  29. RD,
    I agree you almost entirely. Here is where I differ slightly from you. It has to do with the mission i.e getting Hillary nominated. Having watched the video of Heidi Li on Fox, I realize that when the Denver group says it aims to get Hillary nominated, the msm will be quick to ask if Hillary wants to get nominated. And you know the usual lines “she has declared her support for Obama” so it means she does not want it anymore … you have to have a willing candidate etc. etc.

    While that question in itself does not worry me too much, what does concern me is that with the PUMA, the JSND and the Denver Group having become so visible and loud, there might be pressure on Clinton herself to concede and release her delegates and remove herself as a potential nominee.

    That is why I feel, it is important to make the mission one of keeping the democratic system democratic and following the due processes. Most of us here feel that this has gone way beyond Hillary herself in the sense that the stakes here are higher than Hillary’s candidacy alone. By moving the focus on to the processes and issues like fairness, we take the pressure off Hillary.

    We love it when the party idiots and the Obots criticize us and label us. Won’t you love it all the more when the idiots squirm and twist as they criticize us for upholding the due processes of democracy?

  30. This morning I got an email from pumapac giving me the email of another Maryland PUMA. I emailed her right away. I am so glad that they are doing this, we need to get local groups together so that we can marshall are resources on a local level. If we get local tv newspapers and the like covering us, them the PUMAs who do not even know they are PUMAs will be brought into the lair. As to us being ‘humorless’, I really don’t think what is happening to our democracy is very funny. It really worries me. So while I think that we are an incredibly funny group, I can see why we may come off as brutally serious when talking about how much we need an open convention and we need Hillary as our nominee.

  31. “Carol”
    Are you sending your findings to:
    web-site- http://www.lynettelong.com ??
    She really looking for stories.
    Sorry I can’t do “links”

  32. Each and every delegate must be on record for their vote. No wiggling out later. If this turns into the party ending disaster that I fear we must know who was complicit so they can be kept out of any future party organization and elected nitwits can be sent packing. They want to all vote “present” and still get the preselected outcome.

  33. Also if they don’t want a vote they need to be asked “Why are you ashamed of it? Don’t you want to be on record for your world changing vote at the convention? Stand up and be counted. Hillary’s delegates aren’t afraid.”

  34. Carol,

    Please email me – I’ll be in Texas and I’d love to meet up with you. pumadocumentary@yahoo.com. Drop me a line today and I’ll call you and set up a meeting!!!!



  35. tpt/ny – no I haven’t but I will.


  36. Anyone in Texas who experienced first hand caucus abuse or knows someone who did, should drop me a line at pumadocumentary@yahoo.com. If you know someone who witnessed really bad caucus abuse, or campaign abuse in another state, let me know that as well. Right now, I’m chasing down the story of a young African American mom in Philly who was walking to a Clinton rally with her six year old daughter, carrlying a Clinton sign, and had a group of guys in a car drive by, yell “traitor” and throw a glass bottle at her and her daughter.

    There are so many stories out there. If you know of one, let me know. And if you’re in Texas, write me today.



  37. Thanks Carol
    If you know anyone else like yourself with “stories to
    tell” pass it on.
    Her web-site has an AMAZING RESPONSE to the Fowler letter to “us”.
    I started listening to the NPR link; Lizza is really putting ( at least whay I’ve listened to so far) a “+ slant”
    on Obama’s TROUBLING background.
    I still feel in my soul that Frank Marshall Davis, Obama’s 1st mentor has somrthing to do with his Chicago connections. Also they never mentioned Michelle’s early connection to Bernadette Dorhn.

  38. For anyone with a strong stomach, Joe Cannon is compiling all the lovely things Obamanation has said about us.


    Warning: It’s disgusting.

  39. But Lizza seems a bit more grounded, especially when he says, ” Obama is incredibly lucky to have always been at the right place at the right time”. Yes, indeedy.

    Yep, the luck part of it is what amazes me. Or another way to look at it is if you throw everything, principles, convictions and common morality, out into the wind, then you can be where you want to be at all times — does not hurt to have some exotic personal story and a few other attributes that will make you an asset for other people in the know. Since you already don’t have any scruples you can be anything they and you want you to be.

  40. Oh, last night I found out that “steveeboy” is a poster at Balloon Juice. I thought I recognized the stench.

  41. I’m listening to Gary and Mawn on blogtalk radio from yesterday. They are fantastic. Gary’s story from the Unity event is just so wrong. That woman is completely representative of the Obots.

  42. Divide & Conquer
    Divide & Conquer
    Divide & Conquer

    It can’t be said often enough. Divide and conquer has been Obama’s stock and trade since he was in school. He got his position on Harvard Law Review by dividing and conquering. The tactic continues to work well for him.

  43. myiq, steveeboy (to me he’s stinkybutt) admitted that he voted for Nader in 2000. Don’t EVER let him say shit about what we do with our votes. stupid hypocrite.

  44. Gary:

    You believed something shiteeboy said?

  45. OMG! Madamab never wrote a play until one and a half months ago! Wow.

  46. I didn’t realize that the first one I saw was THE FIRST one — she’s really talented!

  47. I love the play! I hope you’ll do another one next week.

  48. gary – now we know who to blame for Al not becoming President. I personally believe 9/11 and the wars would have never happened if not for that!

    steveboy without the e – go hang your head in shame!

  49. I have reason to believe that S-boy isn’t an Obama supporter. I think he’s a GOP ratfuck troll (I know, it’s hard to tell them apart) It’s a long story I don’t care to tell right now.

    Either way, Conflucians should ignore him when he swims up out of the sewer until management can flush him again.

  50. Obama spends one hour with Olmert, Maliki, Kharzei, Petreus, and he becomes an “expert” in foreign affairs? I spent more time in Target yesterday.

  51. I spent more time in Target yesterday.

    Then Pat, by Obama’s reasoning, you’re an expert on sharp shooting.

  52. From what I saw on television, the Chosen One’s crowd in Irasel was very light. Contrary to what they say on camera, I don’t think Irasel is none to happy with the possiblity of an Obama Presdiency. I mean lets be clear, Obama cannot match Hillary on Jewish support.

  53. Maybe he stayed in a Holiday Inn

  54. Morning all. Getting my first cup of coffee late , so I am just gonna lurk. Got my stitches taken out this morning and I feel much better.

  55. Hi, Kim. I’m glad you’re feeling better. I get a lot of comfort by lurking here. There’s a strong healing force among Conflucians.

  56. Hi everyone! I LOVE this post, RD. Yes, we should keep it simple and stay unified, no matter what Obot concern trolls tell us otherwise.

    May I borrow from Bill’s campaign in 1992?

    “It’s the Convention, Stupid.”


  57. Doesn’t this all seem like the last gilded age when the socialist Party got 11% of the vote, and there were briefly 4 competing Parties. The Green Party(which I don’t support) has done something significant, which I do think signals this as the new gilded age. They are running the first all female of color national ticket.

  58. Thanks Arabella, I finally got to brush my hair this morning after two weeks. Seventeen stitches in your scalp can really give you a bad hair day.

  59. This is brilliant –

    “It’s the Convention, Stupid.”

    Well spoken, madamab!

  60. Lemme guess, beer bottle in a bar fight?

  61. Yeah, I wore my Hillary t-shirt to a rap bar.

    (They found a small skin cancer, but I am okay. These last few weeks have been hell.)

  62. OMG Kim! You are really going through it. Sending healing thoughts to you and your poor haid…

  63. Get well soon, and stay out of rap bars.

  64. Diamond Tiger has a new post up at No Quarter. Check it out. Here’s a sentence that says a lot:

    Where is that 20 point lead he should have by now? Sitting squarely in the PUMA’s camp.

    No matter how you slice and dice the numbers, Donna, no loss of Democratic voters is acceptable. The truth is starting to bit you in the ass. Hurts, doesn’t it?

  65. My head is all better, but I got this little spikey thing going on.

    “Find a buddy, hold hands, stay together and look both ways before crossing the street.”

    One more thing to that, make sure Bob Novak is nowhere around before you cross.

  66. Diamond Tiger with breaking news:

    UPDATE: 7/22/08: According to Rasmussen, John McCain now leads Barack Obama by 10 points in the SWING State of Ohio. So much for getting the rest of the world to elect our next president.

    I’m betting that Obama’s “internal numbers” look like ship wreck territory. No wonder Don and Alice are squealing.

  67. OT but fun: If you all want to listen to the Confluence Players perform my play, I have it up at my place. (Turn the sound up on your computer for a full appreciation.)



  68. By moving the focus on to the processes and issues like fairness, we take the pressure off Hillary.

    I agree with this completely. I feel the same way about the PUMA movement in general. The emphasis has to be on core democratic principles and our protest is about the violation and manipulation of those principles and rules by the Party itself. THAT is what makes Obama an illegitimate nominee. Most people do not understand anything about the caucus system or the RBC meeting. This has to be communicated in a simple, clear, and repetitive way to get our message out. Otherwise, they can portray us as “sore losers,” etc. and it diminishes our cause. Americans are patriotic–if they know we are fighting for the Founding Fathers core principles, it will resonate.


  69. How did it go last night, madamab?

    fif – Excellent summary!

    I love how Conflucians use the english language.

  70. “I’m betting that Obama’s “internal numbers” look like ship wreck territory. No wonder Don and Alice are squealing.”

    I hope this is true Arabella, because the Worldwide Wunderkind seems to be getting a bump from his rock-n-roll tour. WHEN will this bumbling stumbler actually be required to answer difficult questions?! He is EXACTLY like Bush with his “message management.” Where is the criticism for his lack of promised “transparency?” God, I am so frustrated.

  71. fif – I don’t trust polls. Common sense tells me that Obama should be 20 points ahead right now. Bush is the most unpopular president ever. The economy is on the rocks. The war grinds on.

    People are scared and they want to be reassured. I sense that Americans would roll up their sleeves and rally behind a leader who knew how to clean up this mess. Obama is not much of a messaih.

    The best thing for us is to “let Obama be Obama.” He is his own worst enemy. Any day now, he’s going to misspeak so badly that he’ll kill his chances.

  72. Cela – Just keep saying that. Maybe it will become reality.

    Or, maybe not.

    It’s the Convention, stupid.

    Buh-bye now.

  73. Meddling of a more serious type….

    The future of political manipulation??

    Welcome to “Brainwave Analysis”-Where Brainwaves are “Taken, Analyzed, Cleaned-up, Processed” and the Metrics are “Extracted” (Coming to a Future Political Campaign Near You?)




    This is the scariest thing I’ve learned about in a long time. As a former market researcher, I find it absolutely mind-blowing (literally)….

  74. why does everyone think the conventions are a beauty contest? Has the us education system gone so far south no one knows their role in the election process?

  75. Another fantastic post, RD. I couldn’t agree more. Focus on Denver. We’ll figure it out after that if we have to. But every ounce of energy, determination, and will has to go into that goal. We can fight the meme, and replace it with a new one: the Primary is NOT OVER!

    That said, sorry I haven’t been around much. The final moving day was this last Sunday, and I got a brand new job last Friday (teaching college, no less, yippee!). So I’ve been kinda busy. Tonight I get to wrestle with my in-laws over the family feud they started a few weeks ago. After that, I’m free and clear for a while, and I will be back here regularly again. I’ve missed y’all so much!

  76. Yesterday when BZero said, “I have voted pro-Israel time after time,” I thought he was actually making a joke. I thought he had taken a nip from the Dead Sea or something and he was being self deprecating .

    Given his nanosecond of tenure, I thought he was making a joke in that he had cast maybe a total of two votes, but no, he wasn’t joking — in his mind they were the “two most awesomest votes” since 1949.

    Then this morning when he went to the Wailing Wall and left his prayer between the stones, I knew he had written, “May I be given the talent of Siegfried and Roy and tame those PUMAs, Sincerely, Your Second in Command.”

  77. Prolix – Nicely said!

    Obama believes his own propaganda.

    He is scarily self-deluded.

  78. LOL@Siefried and Roy…Hehehe. Did you hear? He got heckled at the Wall. I’d like to see him heckled wherever he goes, but that might build sympathy for him.

  79. Once again, trollie tells us more about trollie.

    I’m sorry that you feel upset about Senator Clinton’s loss, her debt, etc.

    I haven’t seen any hurt feelings here. We are adults and this is not high school. This is not about personalities. It’s the convention, stupid. As for Hillary’s “debt” people here actually did something to help pay it back. (Brava, carol!) That shows problem solving ability and confidence.

    And last but not least we have this battered old chestnut:

    I’m disgusted that any of you would vote for McCain.

    You think you can shame me by implying I’m a Republican. You can’t. Obamadroids show me that the younger generation (Facebook Nation) is every bit as shallow as I feared. For you, having lots of friends is the most important thing of all. You fear ostracism more than anything else. The fact that PUMAs are “hold outs” is frightening to you. Our very existence threatens your view of the universe.

    Your dreams of usurping the nomination and coronating Senator Clinton are foolish.

    No, trollie. It’s your dream of coronating Obama that is foolish. Real leaders lead by gaining the trust of their people. A real leader doesn’t need to propped up by pomp and circumstance.

    Projection, thy name is obamanaut.

  80. I just got an infuriating email for Donna Edwards and Emily’s List. Donna is the one that won a Maryland House seat by taking Emily’s List money and then endorsed o the day before the election. She has the nerve to try to get money for Emily’s List by saying “elect[ing] unabashed, pro-choice, progressive women is exactly what we need to bring home victories up and down the ballot this November.” She ends by saying “When women vote and women win, we all win.” I was not as polite as I should have been when I informed her that her failure to stand by Hillary, makes women like me less likely to support Emily’s List now. Are we the only ones that get it???

  81. I quit listening to NPR earlier this season due to nausea, but I did catch Lizza’s interview, which was excellent. I guess I wasn’t listening for Terry’s stance, I was so enthralled with Ryan’s facts, which he eloquently allowed to speak for themselves. I would be disappointed if Terry drank the kool-aid, but not surprised.

  82. Madamab, Annabell, I imagine they had to call the Big & Tall Store to find a skull cap to fit that Three Mile Island melon that doubles for a head.

  83. Of course we have all lost our minds! That happened years ago.

    I like the morph image: picture Power Rangers and thing – PUMA! Crazy Power!!

  84. Why we won’t be fooled: Because we recognize the fact that they are trying to fool us.

  85. Oh Cela, your choice of the word “coronating” is revealing.
    You see, here’s the difference between you and PUMAs. We believe in electing candidates, we believe in votes. You believe in coronations and that’s what is happening with Obama if we do not have an open convention.
    To the best of my knowledge, in a democracy you vote you do not have coronations.

  86. Oh, and I couldn’t agree more about the slow news cycle thing. I’ve been encouraging people to take local action and contact their local media for the same reason. Local news trickles up on the wire, as well as down. If enough PUMA actions starts being reported from a variety of areas, national media entities like Cynical News Network will have to pay attention. Do keep that in mind folks, as you plan the rest of your summer.

  87. dakinikat, on July 24th, 2008 at 10:58 am :

    Yes! That’s why Hill is vital too, she’s seemingly
    the only one who remembers what a government for the people looks like….her rallies this Spring were like teach-ins on a goverment run for the adverage person benifit ! People had nearly forgotten!

    But the PUMA cry has got to be it’s not about Hillary!
    and you know it’s not. She’d be the first to say so!

  88. Bravo Arabella!

  89. So, as our goal, let’s get Hillary;s name nominated at the convention in Denver. Let’s not look beyond Denver for the time being. Simple goal, And let’s try to keep our egos in check. We are all in this together.

    Rock on. The Obama enablers at the top of the Dem party have to be reeeeaaaaallly nervous about us now that the wonderkid isn’t polling at twice McCain’s numbers and we’re showing no signs of surrender.

    I’m expecting the divide-and-conquer shock troops to come on out any minute now. I got my PUMA combat boots polished and ready.

  90. RE:
    But Lizza seems a bit more grounded, especially when he says, ” Obama is incredibly lucky to have always been at the right place at the right time”.

    Down the memory hole for some: His path to US Senator was assured when Republican Jack Ryan abruptly withdrew after a Chicago paper suddenly succeeded in getting his ugly divorce proceedings from Star Trek Voyager star Jeri Ryan (7of9 for non Trekkers) made public. Too late to find a viable candidate, the Illinois Repubs ended up with wackjob Alan Keyes as a placeholder against BO.

    Boy Howdy, some “luck” huh?

    O.T. Yippee…finally I got to read one of the dreaded troll posts before it disappeared, heh heh

  91. Madamab, awesome. The headline says it all. What a wanker.

  92. Speaking of polls, this is hot off the press:


    Headline: “McCain makes significant gains in four key battleground states”

    No wonder the trollies are sweating.

  93. cela’s use of “coronation” shows me 2 things:

    1] she’s a lurker, since we’ve been using this term to describe the big 0’s expectations at Denver and

    2] the Axelrove team is pulling another Bushism by accusing the opposition of what they’re doing. Jeez Louise, how many times did we have to endure that crap from team Bush? You know, when they tried to rewrite histories of Reagen, of FDR, of our Christian heritage, they would always preface that by saying the Dems were “rewriting history.”

  94. #
    Pat Johnson, on July 24th, 2008 at 9:58 am Said:

    Obama spends one hour with Olmert, Maliki, Kharzei, Petreus, and he becomes an “expert” in foreign affairs? I spent more time in Target yesterday.

    Laughable. How ludicrous can it get? See the link to realclearpolitics article. It will still work with people who don’t pay attention but hopefully they don’t add up to a majority.

  95. Why is McCain gaining ground, the wise men wonder. Conventional wisdom says that Obama should get a bump from his foreign tour. He did indeed get a bump, but not the kind he expected. The Magical Mystery Tour gave Obama a nice poke in the head.

    By focussing attention on the middle east, Obama only reminds voters how inexperienced he is. I’d take McCain over Obama any day when it comes to foreign affairs an national security.

    Obama is all “Gimme the car keys, gramps. I know how to drive.” Then he proceeds to rear end every car on the highway.

    Obama has acted like an entitled jackass during his trip. Americans are not stupid – they see GWB all over again. The more people get to know about Obama, the less they like him.

  96. Arabella said: Obama is all “Gimme the car keys, gramps. I know how to drive.” Then he proceeds to rear end every car on the highway.

    That is funny as hell. And so true.

  97. I wanted to just glance at the comments about the Devner Group NYTimes post. Predictably, they were ludicrous. When I got to the one where some (apparently by the name) woman was revealing to the world that the Clinton’s had manuevered the Gore and Kerry election losses in order to keep a space for Hillary in 2008, I knew I’d had enough entertainment from that sideshow and was ready to go on.

  98. Kim, I’m sorry about the stitches and the other tough times you’re having. Could I say that you must look very fierce with the spike & stitches? Maybe you’re the militant PUMA seen by the news?

  99. Arabella T, you are spot on. There was an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll this morning on which candidate was more of a risk — it was 55% BZero and 35% thereabouts for McCain.

  100. Went to Madamab’s site and listened to last nights play and radio show.

    Loved it!

  101. This risk thing is something I’ve thought would haunt BZero all along. The way I look at it, it’s like hiring a babysitter for your children.

    You have a choice, an inexperienced, kool, new kid in the neighborhood that the kids like since he feeds them Cheetos or your doddering uncle who the kids don’t like so much, but you know there won’t be any surprises and if something happens, he can take care of it.

    I’m going for the uncle every time.

  102. Scene: Drivers test course.

    I picture Obama as gunning his engine and knocking over orange hazard cones. Meanwhile, McCain justs gets into the gd car and shows the punk a thing or two. McCain hops into his old grampa car. He flies through the test course without touching a barrier. I can see McCains grouchy face peering over his shoulder as he backs the grampa car into a parking space. He’s got that manoeuvre down cold – you know right arm stretched across the back of the passenger’s seat.

    GD kids. They don’t know how to parallel park any more. Gimme the gd keys, punk. You don’t know how to drive.

    OK, people. Which of these drivers do you want to take the kids to soccer practice?

  103. Ah, prolix. Great minds think alike.

  104. Arabella T, we are channeling this a.m.

  105. Prolix, I was looking for you yesterday. Did you hear about Obama calling the Senate Banking Cmte “my committee” even though he’s not even on it? Guess who is on it? Bunning, haha. I said, too bad it wasn’t McConnell, he would have ripped the big o.

    Bunning & I refuse to communicate anymore, after several years of me trying to make him eco-friendly, but I’m tempted to email him about this.

  106. Thanks, you guys!

    You are making me laugh with the driving comparisons, Prolix and Arabella T.!

    In what world would Obama be deemed NOT a risk? Tell me how we know what he will do as President, when we have no record to rely on?

    This is the simplest thing in the world, yet the DNC is too enthralled with their Obama ATM to admit it.

    Obama is a disaster.

  107. Arabella, I think I can put it into even greater context. I have been railed against over and over for saying if I can’t have Hillary, then I will vote McCain. I have been told that it is utter insanity to vote McCain with my son headed to the desert.

    But I have to decide who I trust my son’s life with, a war hero, who knows what war is like and who understands foreign policy (even though he gets little confused at times) or a narcissistic twit who only cares about himself and thinks a rock star tour across Europe and the middle east entitles him to have my son’s future in his hands.

    I’ll take my chances with the guy who has seen war and knows it is no picnic.

  108. Go ahead and laugh at McCain’s grampa car. It’s not a cool car like Obama’s car, but there are no dents on it. Also the tires on McCain’s grampa care are properly inflated, and his car windows are clean.

  109. PofEd, I saw him call the Banking Committee his committee. Someone would have to wake Bunning up for him to grunt about it.

    Before everything is said and done, BZero will claim he wouldn’t have had to rest on the 7th day.

  110. “S: That is why I feel, it is important to make the mission one of keeping the democratic system democratic and following the due processes. Most of us here feel that this has gone way beyond Hillary herself in the sense that the stakes here are higher than Hillary’s candidacy alone. By moving the focus on to the processes and issues like fairness, we take the pressure off Hillary.”


    Exactly. This really has gone way beyond Hillary and to the basic democracy we say we love and respect. If the DNC gets away with this sham, what’s next? What is their purpose and goal in putting such an inexperienced, unqualified, and non-leader into nomination for the presidency?

    Obama did not get enough pledged delegates to win this party’s nomination. That is a clear and simple fact. We have the right to know the names of the SD’s who gave him their support and got him on the ballot. I am prepared to skip over the Presidential part of my ballot in the fall, but this won’t stop there. I will be actively working to get every SD in congress who denied the country its right to choose the most qualified, best leader we’ve seen in a long time as our candidate. The country is in a condition that needs to get away from arrogance and ignorance in its administration.

  111. Kim, I had no idea about your injury. I am saying a prayer for you and your family. My gosh, it sounds like you’ve been having more difficulties than I am having at this moment. Last few years have been heck family-wise for me too, and when I was being driven to ER after injuring myself accidently from the stress, I held on to the thought that everything happens in cycles, so even at worst the hell is only temporary. God bless you!

  112. RD once again proves her prescience – a lot of concerned citizens over at No Quarter seem to think that nominating Hillary would be “bad” because ZOMG TEH AA’S WILL RIOT AND STAY HOME OOOH SCARY BLACK PEOPLE!

    Don’t believe it, folks. Hold fast.


  113. See ya later, guys.

  114. By all means, please do contact Bunning, parentofed. He’d totally take the bait. And this is all out war, afaik.

    From what I can see, this is a two-pronged movement. Folks like the Denver group work on getting the rational arguments into the news cycle, and the other prong, represented by the folks at PUMApac, work on psy ops, advance missions, and demonstrating his electoral weaknesses while it still matters. We need both, and they are getting better and better at their missions all the time. We all are.

  115. Prolix (11:39): your argument, on the McCain side, reminds me too much of what many people said about Bush & Associates, especially after 9/11…you know, that they’re horrible in all sorts of ways, but when it comes to security they’ll do a good job because they’re all about security. It turns out they weren’t very good at it. McCain is all about judgment, but that doesn’t mean he has it. Sometimes your doddering uncle is just a fool.

    I say all of this without prejudice to what people think about Obama, by the way.

  116. Oh, you knew they were going to attack on race-based arguments first, madamab. You just knew it. It’ was their first fall-back way back when, it’ll be their first fallback now. They will work on that guilt and shame, and count on the dynamic I discussed in Eyes on the Prize.

  117. Karolina thanks! I will be fine, I am sure. Being here is very comforting.

    I have decent health insurance and a smart son who will come home. I am lucky, so I just have to keep in mind, that no matter how bad it gets, there is always somebody out there who is much worse off than I am.

  118. Rich in PA – I’m not a fan of McCain’s either. However, I think Obama is more dangerous than McCain, due to his extreme narcissism and naivete.

    I also don’t want an unfettered, Unitary Executive-favoring Obama deciding U.S. Policy. The Democratic Congress would surely support even the most boneheaded legislation by Obama. In contrast, McCain will be more hemmed in by divided government.

    Just my opinion.

  119. My latest in which I ask Hill to go all the way with universal health care. Yes, to adopt single payer:


    Don’t be mad at me PUMAs, don’t think I’m crazy nutz, but I think she should have done this from the get go. While the pundits continue to insist we don’t want single payer, polls say differently. Anyway, read if you are interested. Thanks.

  120. I find it very amusing that the Obama gaffes are happening what would have been the Dems convention. Of course, they changed it so he could be crowned & speak on the MLK Dream Speech Anniversary. Just think, there is another month for America to really get to know Obama.

    How can they say we’re humorless?

  121. Wow, I missed it while I was away. Hillary’s debt is paid off!

  122. Rich, certainly in a vacuum your argument stands, but the choice is much different here with one of the two being untested at anything other than political expediency.

    I can’t see giving a speech in 2002, as a fill-in speaker to impress an important fundraiser as any type of judgment. I’m not a McCain supporter except when I have to vote for one or the other and in that case, I’ll hold my nose. You have to admit that McCain has stood up to the Bushies when he was the real McCain.

  123. RD, hit the nail on the head there. Open nomination.

    What’s Sen. Obama afraid of?

    Heh. Bah-rawk* Obama.

    *”Baw-rawk is my attempt to spell a chicken sound. It’s easy to do but hard to spell.

  124. The reason he callis it “his senate banking committee”…Daddy Dodd Dude from CT is the chairman…you know the one who knows to wheel and deal with Countrywide for giving him VIP status..

    Dodd was the first culprit against Hillary as I remember it…and first to endorse BO and ask for Hillary to step down in the middle…as far back as Mar 08..

  125. ohio, agree completely. Let’s not let them put us on the defensive; after all, history and democracy is on the side of an open election. They should be on the defense. When it comes to an open conventon:

    What are they afraid of?

  126. annabellep, but are those numbers for primary and GE funds, or primary only?

    She had socked away over $20 million for the GE. She can’t use those funds for her primary debts but has to give the money back or transfer to her warchest. I think that may be reflected in the numbers you’re seeing, esp. since OpenSecrets says, “Clinton left the race with $22.5 million in debt, at least $11.4 million of which came from her own pocket.”

    And the July fundraising numbers haven’t come out yet.

  127. nobomo, yes but Edwards started the debating gang-up on Hill. Until that time, I had supported Edwards. The unfairness set me back some, and I really listened to Hillary from then on. And you know what happens when you actually start listening to Hillary, instead of just the diatribes against her. You become a Hillary supporter.

  128. Oh, they have a lot to be afraid of. They built Obama’s campaign based on the premise that once Obama knocked Hillary out of the primaries, the non-Obama fans would suck it up because we “have no place else to go.”

    Hillary turned out to be much more of a fighter than they thought. And rank and file Democrats (those dreary lunch box types) decided that they didn’t want to be forced to buy a shoddy bill of goods.

    For the Obamanauts, it’s as if water suddenly wasn’t wet anymore. Their universe is imploding.

  129. Ohio, on July 24th, 2008 at 12:41 pm Said:

    Hillary’s debt has become so fascinating. Some report it as 22.5 million, others 21 or 20 million and then there is 25 million, lets not forget the 23,2 million figure or the 30 million figure. It makes you wonder how much her debt really was.

  130. Love the post RD and your points are well taken.

    I am lurking, learning and laughing.

    Comment on the militant and humorless characterization – whatever. That’s what some would like others to think of and look no farther. I read that as an attempt to get in between PUMA and potential PUMAs so that when a PUMA speaks, others hear mwah mwah mwah mwah tie yr shoes mwah mwah stand up straight mwa mwa mwah don’t slouch mwa mwahh.

    Party on hearty and hardy, PUMAs! It’s 5 p.m. somewhere.

  131. Arabella, I’d like hear it from them.

    Let them explain their fear of democracy. Let them explain their hatred of fair play.

  132. I see the Obamadroids new talking point is “Hillary’s debt.” Trying to shame us again, eh?

    I’ve seen a lot of “I know you feel bad about Hillary’s debt” posts in the past 48 hours.

    Lack of money is a solvable problem.
    Lack of substance is an unsolvable problem.

  133. btw, Team O clearly wants to rush the hay into the barn:


    Last time I felt so rushed like this, we ended up in Iraq.

  134. While I agree that we are a boil on the DNC/Obama butt as far as they’re concerned, and that they are sure to be willing to do any and everything they can think of to try to get us to “behave” I’m not sure they’re as smart as they get credit for being.
    This whole drama seems to be very high-school like in its execution and motivation.
    The nerdy guy takes the prom queen down a peg kind of thing.
    That’s why I would expect their next move to be the same as their last move, only bigger.
    On a grand scale.
    They’ll use the media and blogosphere to point fingers and call us names just like they have been, only louder and from more prominent sources.
    They don’t have a “plan B.”
    Well, they do, but I don’t know if they have the power to pull it off.
    They could always try to get HRC to tell us directly to knock it off, but I’m not sure she would comply.
    Even if she did, it wouldn’t change my mind though.
    The bullies can take their lunch trays to the cool table and point and laugh all they want.
    I’ve graduated.

  135. josgirl – You hit the nail on the head.

  136. annabellep-I fear that 20M of that is her GE fund but not sure.
    There is conflicting info everywhere.

  137. Good afternoon everyone!

    JANIS ROCKS!!!!!!

    KIM/Kirafa’s Revolt – lots of love & healing your way!!!!!

    Pat & Carol & Fuzzy – I am SO SO tempted to a do another “satire on a budget” with Ed Rendell and a kissing Booth…..

  138. DownListen, I think the numbers fluctuate because there are specific FEC reporting dates but the bills and donations are still coming in.

    But RD made a very good point: focus on what we know:

    We know that money talks and bullshit walks. Regardless of the totals, paying down Sen. Clinton’s primary debt (or even a significant portion) is some serious talking.

    “The Story of the Money” may end up being the title of the book that covers this election cycle.

  139. Anyone else concerned that McCain and O seem to be having a contest to see who is the most gafferific?

  140. AAACK! I am so P-O’d right now.

    A poli-sci professor friend of mine just asked me this question:

    BTW, are all “PUMAs ” willing to sign a pledge that they won’t complain if we wind up with a McCain presidency? Cause it may be their fault if it happens.

    Could he be more f&cking condescending? Oh lordy, you’re right! We silly PUMAs could not possibly have thought that far ahead! Oh please enlighten my poor emotional brain with your incredible awareness!

    And what the hell? Who would sign a pledge not to complain about the government? It’s our right and duty to hold the government to account, no matter who’s in charge.

    I am so tired of being blamed and guilt-tripped because I am PAYING ATTENTION. Isn’t that what voters are supposed to do?!

  141. Arabella Trefoil, on July 24th, 2008 at 12:44 pm Said:

    So true. They ran an “I hate Hillary” campaign and now they can’t convince some of their own supporters to think positive of Hillary. Many BO supporters hated the Unity ticket because they believe that Hillary is ruining BO’s image as a new kind of politician. Evil Hillary is influencing BO and she is responsible for his latest flip flops. Yeah, it is Hillary’s former staff that is working for BO that is responsible for this changes in BO’s outlook on issues:grin:
    Hillary should be an action figure because of her evilness and deviousness. She caused the Iraq war, she is making Barky into a flip-flopper evil evil Hillary 🙄

  142. Joan –

    Has McCain claimed that the Banking Committee is “his committee” yet?

    That’s the biggest lie ever.

  143. Madamab, why not ask him to sign a pledge that he will personally take responsibility for an Obama presidency?
    When, and if (heaven forbid) Ogaffes become national security issues, I’d sure like to know exactly who to blame.

  144. Josgirl – LOL! Exactly.

    Thank you for making me laugh. Who said PUMAs were humorless?

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  145. The DNC is responsible for whatever happens so maybe they’ll sign your friend’s pledge, madamab. Oh, I forgot, they’re spineless losers so probably not.

  146. Great post, RD, and great comments everyone!

    RD said:
    So, they will have to send in the SWAT team to take a wrecking ball and split us into factions.

    I had a thought that, if they are truly desperate to split us AND get the vote for BO, they will force him to choose Hillary as VP. It would be painful, but I still wouldn’t vote for him! I have a feeling, however, that it might cause a split with some PUMAs and would bring votes. It’s just a fear I have.

  147. Does Obama think he’s the Pastor of the world?

  148. madam,

    Tell that “professor” that Party oaths pledges are for REPUBLICANS, and s/he can stuff it.

  149. katiebird, No, no, pastor is way below him. Pastors are his agents.

    Only Messiah will do.

  150. plural, I just hate this speech. I can’t seeing & hearing him talk down to the whole world like this.

  151. It’s like he’s pulling words out of a bag.

  152. Hee! Thanks annabellep!

    I told him to read the NY Times story and get back to me afterwards.

    I also told him I was too angry at his condescension to say anything else. 🙂

    I may send him to Heidi Li’s place if he continues to be a j&ck@ss. 🙂

  153. lakota, that’s a good point.

    The other side of it, though, is that many of Sen. Obama’s followers will feel (further) betrayed and he may end up splitting his conglomeration of supporters if he were to choose Sen. Clinton as his running mate.

    Choosing her is antithetical to the hopey-changey-Unity Pony-ness of his message. Of course, some of his followers will just come up with more excuses for his actions. But some may be well and truly pissed because they hate Sen. Clinton with a deep and abiding hatred.

    And that includes a swath of the MSM. And they might turn on him the way all mobs do.

    But strange bedfellows and all that, so it could happen.

  154. katiebird, on July 24th, 2008 at 1:33 pm Said:
    Does Obama think he’s the Pastor of the world?

    Something like that, but he has his sights on higher office than Pastor if you get my drift.

  155. Do you think the Obots followed him to Germany?

  156. Are you watching the speech in Germany?

  157. katiebird, on July 24th, 2008 at 1:41 pm Said:
    Do you think the Obots followed him to Germany?

    I have a joke I could tell but it’s in poor taste.

  158. masslib & plural, Does the world WANT Obama in that position?

  159. Plural, No I’m in Kansas but, I’m watching it on TV.

    (hanging my head in shame)

  160. They don’t get to vote.

  161. masslib, my email is katiebird@gmail.com — I love tasteless humor…

  162. I”m sorry — that was my poor grammar. 🙂

  163. They are sceaming and clapping for him in Berlin. I wonder how many actually have any idea of what he is saying. I had to turn it off; would rather hear the sounds of the wood chipper my next door neighbor is using right now. Boring……..

  164. Speaking of tasteless, has he hit every cliche in the book yet? Yikes!

  165. Is he talking about college opportunities for all of our kids? Does this mean we will be financing the German kids too?

  166. Pat – Obama may want to consider that having a German crowd yelling and screaming for him might not create the kind of image he’s looking for.

    Just sayin’.

  167. The CNN story is every cliche imaginable, yes.

  168. Pat, the stuff he says is beyond cliche. I’ve never heard anything like this. And somehow everything sounds like a lie.

  169. Plural, I was just kidding.

  170. madamab, OMG from a poly-sci professor? He actually wants you to not voice your opposition?

    Will he stay silent if Obama is elected?

    This guy should not be teaching political science to anyone. How un-American.

    Is it me, or are a lot of people asking, no begging for authoritarian government now?

    Scary, very Scary

  171. I just remembered what I forgot last night. It was that he lied when he claimed many times that he worked his way through college.

    He held two summer jobs that’s it. He did not put himself through college.

  172. BTW, are all “PUMAs ” willing to sign a pledge that they won’t complain if we wind up with a McCain presidency? Cause it may be their fault if it happens.

    Tell him it’s undemocratic to ask anyone to pledge away their right to free speech. I reserve the right to complain at any and all times!

  173. “BTW, are all “PUMAs ” willing to sign a pledge that they won’t complain if we wind up with a McCain presidency? Cause it may be their fault if it happens.”

    If the leaders of our country do not govern as expected, we will raise hell. PUMA is about THAT.

    If McCain is pres and doesn’t govern in line with *my* beliefs – I reserve the right to raise hell about it. If obama somehow survives to be elected, I’ll raise hell if he doesn’t govern in line with my beliefs. What a stupid question – he/she must have tenure.

  174. Speaking to “at least 10’s of thousands of people” Funny they don’t really show the crowd though. Isn’t it?

    And he’s so serious. Almost mean while he talks.

  175. Is Au Bama’s audience mainly young?

  176. He’s speaking to tens of people.

  177. Cafferty re: PUMA:

    “A humorless group, they accuse the party of rigging the primaries to favor Obama … ”

    So he admits that Barky’s nomination is a joke?

  178. The only thing I really know about this guy is that his ego is unbelievable. Gas is four and a half bucks a gallon, there are three foreclosures on my street, and all he wants to do is play JFK in front of screaming crowds. God it’s ugly.

  179. Mawm – I had that reaction too…but I don’t really think he realized the implications of what he was saying. He was just trying to guilt-trip me. He thinks I am still the emotional, impulsive girl he met in college. LOL!

    Anyway, I do think that a lot of people in this country, from all sides of the political spectrum, would be fine with an authoritarian form of government, especially if it came cloaked in a flag and carrying a cross, to paraphrase Sinclair Lewis.

  180. madamab, but it couldn’t happen here.;)

  181. Thanks all for filling me in.
    Obama & crew are looking MORE & MORE Bush-like everyday.
    Emmanuel=Tom Delay

  182. Obama Supporters Becoming Stalkers and terrorists

    Chynethia Gragg spotted the sticker — depicting someone urinating on the name “Obama” — Sugar Land police say, she stopped to express her disapproval, and that’s when things got ugly.


  183. #
    Arabella Trefoil, on July 24th, 2008 at 9:27 am Said:

    Divide & Conquer
    Divide & Conquer
    Divide & Conquer

    It can’t be said often enough. Divide and conquer has been Obama’s stock and trade since he was in school. He got his position on Harvard Law Review by dividing and conquering. The tactic continues to work well for him.

    I hadn’t heard that he got his position on HLR that way. Could you give more detail?

  184. I just got out of the shower. More refreshing than listening to that drivel. Five days abroad and he has the answers to everything. Amazing! In that case, gary must be ready to be sworn in since he lived a few years in Europe.

  185. Wasn’t it Ben Franklin who said we will all hang together or we will all hang separately?
    This country was not founded by a bunch of wimps.
    We standup for what we believe in and have fought for our rights for decades.
    It is our right to an open convention. It is not a privledge.
    If Obama supporters are so eager to give up all their rights, they will have to be reeducated on what this country stands for.



  186. Humorless group? I invite you to get off your high horse Jack Cafferty and meet us at The Confluence for a joke-off.

  187. Cafferty says I have no sence of humor I used to watch his snippets between the real news…If I ran CNN I qould perminately assign this jerk to cover every one of britany spears bowel movements….

    sorry all home for lunch


  188. Now this is what I call funny – I got fired on Monday. It was mainly political. One of the trumped up charges was that I made “too many typos” in a report. I haven’t signed my severance letter yet because I want to talk to a lawyer first.

    Doorbell just rung. It’s a FedEx with a revised severance letter. The letter states that there were “several typos” in the letter they gave me on Monday.

    Chicken sh!t company.

  189. masslib, Cafferty’s mamma is a PUMA.

  190. It looks like they emptied all the youth hostels in Germany for the speech.

  191. Oh, {{Arabella!}} I’m so sorry! Those creeps.

  192. Mawm, I have to disagree, Cafferty was raised by dogs.

  193. Robin: (giggle)

  194. When do you pass over from “self confident” to downright delusional? He already thinks he has been sworn in.

  195. Robin, It is the powerful Unions in Europe. They are able to strong arm everyone to get out there.

  196. Mawm, on July 24th, 2008 at 2:17 pm Said:
    Robin, It is the powerful Unions in Europe. They are able to strong arm everyone to get out there.


    Agreed. I was being snarky before 🙂

  197. katiebird – I feel really miserable right now, but I have to admit the letter made me laugh.

    I’ll get through this some how.

  198. One of the commentators just said, “It’s as if he is running for President of the world.”

    That is exactly the image I hope came from this hootnannie.

  199. Prolix, please don’t insult dogs. Seriously, what did they ever do to deserve Cafferty?

    It’s like calling Chris Matthews a weasel—it’s an insult to weasels.

    Though calling him Tweety Bird is just plain accurate.

  200. Arabella, just remember that the best revenge is a better job. If that letter is any indication of the company you were part of, you’re better off without them.

  201. President of the World?? It is bad enough WE had to listen to his crap for 16 months now they want to inflict this on the world? Jeesh!

  202. grayslady – By gum, you’re right!

  203. It would not surprise me in the least if he didn’t make a side trip to the Swiss Alps and declare to throngs of yodeling liederhausen clad masses that he has indeed found Heidi’s grandfather.

  204. I love this place. Thanks to RD and all the commenters, too.

  205. I hear Ricola is totally in the tank for Obama.

  206. Arabella Trefoil, on July 24th, 2008 at 2:09 pm Said:
    Now this is what I call funny – I got fired on Monday. It was mainly political. One of the trumped up charges was that I made “too many typos” in a report. I haven’t signed my severance letter yet because I want to talk to a lawyer first.

    Doorbell just rung. It’s a FedEx with a revised severance letter. The letter states that there were “several typos” in the letter they gave me on Monday.

    Chicken sh!t company.

    I only post occasionally, though I read RD’s site 3-4 times a day; sorry you lost your job, but…it’s true when they say that you can truly turn that into an opportunity for something even better!

  207. “Mawm, I have to disagree, Cafferty was raised by dogs.”

    He does remind me of my neighbor’s Basset hound.

  208. destardi – Thanks for your kind words. The number one challenge I have right now is not feeling as if all my self worth was tied up in that job.

    Kim wrote a great post yesteday about staying strong. She used a quote from Hillary. I find lots of inspiration among the PUMAs.

  209. I have a vision of Kenyan cow herders taking part in the coronation ceremony in honor of the father he never knew. Spectacle, spectacle, spectacle.

  210. I have a vision of Obama’s innauguration in Madison Square Garden where the cast from The Lion King performs prior to the installation.

  211. Humorless, Cafferty? We made you say “my ass” – how funny is that?

  212. Jack Cafferty is that mean old teacher who always graded papers in red ink.

  213. Arabella
    Just remember as one door closes another door opens.
    I am not sure where you live but look on the computer for railroad jobs.
    It is a different working enviroment but you will be paid well and never be bored. It is a bid and bump system so that seniority is what defines what job you get once you are hired.
    I worked for three different railroads and met people from all over the country and loved it.



  214. Woo-hoo! I hit my 40’s and NOW I’m militant! Love it!

  215. Oh noooooooooo! I missed the speech of the century? What did he say?

  216. Arabella,

    Everyone says when one door closes, another will open but it’s h#*l in the hallway! Something good will happen for you! Some years ago, I was in a similar position and now am very glad it happened! Lather, the company closed anyway! I got a much better job! Hopefully, you can get some rest and do some things you’ve always wanted to do while you are waiting.

  217. Everyone says when one door closes, another will open but it’s h#*l in the hallway!

    lol! I love that saying. I get so much comfort from all of you. It stinks to feel alone.

  218. Not mentioned in the Terry Gross interview was David Axelrod, Obama’s political mastermind since his Harvard Law School days. It was Axelrod behind Obama’s book Audacity of Hope, Axelrod behind his many stepping stones to power.

  219. […] 24, 2008 · No Comments I took Riverdaughter’s advice and invested 45 minutes into listening to […]

  220. […] Thursday: Those Meddling Kids Way to go, Janis! Your ad catapulted The Denver Group into the NYTimes.  (BTW, Heidi Li has a very nice post this […] […]

  221. http://www.thecityedition.com/Pages/Archive/Summer08/BrazileRoveConnect.html

    This longish article about the Donna Brazile-Karl Rove connection has probably already been mentioned, but definitely worth reading to the very end.

  222. […] Thursday: Those Meddling Kids (by riverdaughter at The Confluence) Now, I like the publicity, but the DNC is going to want to squash us like a bug… My point is, they have done a lot already to get us to shut up, sit down and go away but we seem to be holding out.  So, they will have to send in the SWAT team to take a wrecking ball and split us into factions. Hmmm, how do we get around that one?   Think, think, think.  I know!  Let’s first keep the mission simple.  If there is no mission creep, there won’t be a lot to argue about.  So, as our goal, let’s get Hillary;s name nominated at the convention in Denver.  Let’s not look beyond Denver for the time being.  Simple goal, And let’s try to keep our egos in check… […]

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