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The Scratching Post Cocktails with Riverdaughter & HireHeels – part deux

We have 500+ dollars!  Time for Howard’s back hair wax!!!

Evil PUMA humorless militants torture Howard Dean. Hey, HYGIENE is everything to us!

Satire on a budget – can’t help it! 

Carol Diamonds and Fuzzybear are leaning & campaigning for $$$$! 

Princess Wears Prada and Sista Christian Louboutin (with a small appearance by Piper) are here and what a party we got going on!

Riverdaughter doesn’t know what to do with this Ed Rendell lap dance ticket that just fell in her hands.  Is he H.O.U.N.D.ing her?  

Come and join us – drink a Causmo for Hillary!

286 Responses

  1. Yeeeeeearrrrrgggghhhhh!

    Happy scratching, SM. Hi-larious! 🙂

  2. SM, can you help me get the merlot off my monitor? I just spit all over it!

  3. madamab!!! Hi!

  4. Can someone please motivate me to go for my run in 45 minutes? Please…

  5. Hi KB! [wave]

  6. Katiebird – sure – let me get that Shammy whammy thing I keep seeing on TV.

  7. KB – Did I see earlier that you got yourself banned from the Big Cheeto? Good for you!!!

  8. Hello madamab, v did a good job with the play huh? has rd heard it?

  9. gq – when you get back all will be right with the world – Hillary will have b8tch slapped BO into the nether world and will declare herself President.

    So, leave now and hurry back! The world, universe and America is depending on you!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  10. SM,

    Hold Howie down while I pull out his nose hairs. I’ve got my tweezers!

  11. madamab, YES you did. I don’t know what came over me. It’s a huge relief!

  12. The comic possibilities of this picture are endless. Just got home and get on here for ONE minute and I’m already laughing like an idiot. It’s been one of those weeks–thanks for the funny. I’ll be whipping out the plastic later this eve for The Denver Group and giving them another $100. Right now I gotta go fix dinner and paint some more, dangit. Have fun.

  13. After we wax his back, maybe we can pluck his armpit hair– one at a time. Slowly. Drawing the hair out to its maximum tension before we pull it free from the hair shaft. And then dab the open follicle with a supersaturated salt solution.

    Why are you looking at me that way?

  14. katiebird,

    While I was at the Cheeto reading your one remaining comment, I saw your last diary on Sibelius’ son. I remember reading that at the time. It was funny.

  15. taggles – V rocks! Did a great job. I hope RD heard it.

    KB – You had fun doing it too. Not bad for a humorless militant sino-peruvian dwarf lesbian!

  16. WOW, how do the West Coasters catch up? This party is happening, if I try to read 500+ comments, you’ll all be in bed.

    I’ll have what what Pat is drinking, a Cosmo sounds great… After a day of listening about BO in Germany, I need it. This guy and his party planners are whacked out. Sorry, I don’t care what Germany thinks of him. I don’t live in Germany, I live is the U.S.A.
    Please, wake me when its over, or just keep feeding me Cosmos’s…
    I’m going to send Hill 10.00, I’ll be back…

  17. Riverdaughter,

    That’s a great idea. I forgot all about his armpit hair.

  18. TAGGLES!!! That was so funny!

    Actually, it freaked me out. Now I won’t be able to go to sleep after hearing the YEARRRGH and the Guinea pig’s eyes!

  19. the eyes say it all don’t they?

  20. madamab: dwarf?! Ok, now they’ve gone too far. i’m 5’9″ for gawd’s sakes.

  21. imustprotest, on July 24th, 2008 at 10:18 pm Said:
    Contribution Details
    Date: July 24, 2008 9:14 PM CDT
    Contact: Jennifer
    Amount: $39.48
    I decided to round out the total..if I did my math correct should be $600.00
    Hope you don’t mind, like you weren’t trying for a symbolic # or something.

    I posted this on the other thread and one of the remaining guests suggested I post it here as well so you can keep an accurate count.

  22. Boston & RD, LOL!!!! That damn Dean won’t stay still!!

    Now he made me poke his eye with the tweezers. Dammit Howard, stay STILL!

  23. Purrrrrfect SM & Boomer. You had better both hold down Howie… I’m coming in to exfoliate his newly waxed back with my electric sander… Anyone got a muzzle?

  24. BB: Well, I only wanted to be helpful

  25. madamab..I listened to it at your site, HILARIOUS. I left a comment but I think it went into moderation hell…

  26. BB, that was the first sign to me that something really weird was going on. They told me the only reason I disapproved of that game was because Sibelius had endorsed Obama.

    !! One comment left (sniff) that’s it, then.

    madamab, I think all the practice we get with trolls made it a lot more fun than it would have been back in January. I took things way too seriously back then.

  27. Hmph RD – SOME of us are vertically challenged.

    Are we going to run out of hair on poor Howie? We can go for the legs next!

  28. imustprotest, did you ever watch Monk? 🙂

  29. SM77 – jesus you’re funny.

    I’ll have an Alaskan Amber – yum.

  30. Gary – How did that happen?! I am supposed to get an email every time someone leaves a comment! I would have published you right away.


  31. carol, I posted this on the previous thread:

    Contribution Details

    Date: July 24, 2008 9:24 PM CDT

    Contact: Robin xxxx

    Amount: $25.00

  32. garychapelhill, sorry, no…what was/is Monk?

  33. CAROL-

    -Contribution Details
    Date: July 24, 2008 9:28 PM CDT
    Contact: ellane dean
    bellingham, WA 98229
    Amount: $10.00

  34. GQMartinez – THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!!! The guy did David Blaine well.

  35. But Comrade Sista, what about Donna? I’m just drawing a blank on her. There’s a void in my mind when I think of Donna. Like, how did such a thin skinned, politically clueless individual rise to the position of power that she now possesses? We know that Obama shmoozed his way to the top and one of the reasons why I think he will not be elected if nominated is because almost everyone recognizes the type of person he is. We have all encountered it in the business world from time to time. The guy who comes in and gets to the top with seemingly no effort. In a few years, he’s gone, bought out or passed onto a new company who doesn’t know the game he plays. But he can’t get much higher than president and for once, I think the public can see through this and knows the kind of person Obama is.
    But what about Brazile? She’s mean, abrasive, indiscreet. What do we do with her? She’s tough as nails.

  36. Monk is a tv detective with OCD. he always has to have things rounded off. my partner loves detective shows,and he makes me watch them, so I’ve seen them all, from poirot to columbo to monk LOL

  37. Laney $10
    imustprotest $39.48


    Grand Total so Far:


    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  38. I LOVE Monk.
    (I hope that’s straight, wait a minute, I have to adjus…)

  39. OMG, RD, did you say a VOID? With Donna? Like, a BLACK HOLE?

    That is so r&c!st….


  40. I love Monk too. He’s definitely a Virgo like me…:-)

  41. RD: Donna Brazile can’t be voted out, we just have to show the world that she’s an abject failure and should never EVER be given this much power again.

    How many presidential candidates did she get elected?


  42. Madamab, Please, not Donna’s black hole.
    Riverdaughter, Donna B. is Karl R’s best bud.
    They go waaaay back.

  43. No I don’t have OCD ….except for rounding off numbers when I donate. I googled Monk while I was waiting for your reply and found the perfect answer to give my husband when he asks about all the donations to Hillary lately…..”its a gift and a curse”

  44. Oh no, gary outed me on my detective show thing!

  45. gq – that David Blaine was hysterical – if anyone did not see it – you must go back and watch it!

    gary – I love Monk – just started watching it seriously in the last year. I also love Psych. The Closer – OMG – it is sooooooooooooooooo good!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  46. Mawm likes to lay on the couch and fall asleep while watching tv detectives….It is very strange.

  47. Girl, please!

    Donna’s black hole needs a Brazile-ian wax.

    (sorry! must. stop. it. with. the. depilatory. jokes!)

  48. Donna Brazile wrote this to me today in an email:

    “Just remember, we’re watching all the toxic waste from groups supposely upset with this or that. Yeah, print this!”

  49. Enough with Donna’s Black Hole! I have to try to sleep later!

  50. Come to think about it garychapelhill….I just noticed the total is up to $610.00…I have a sudden urge to round it up…I’d better watch how fast I drink my Causmo or I might just do it!

  51. “Just remember, we’re watching all the toxic waste from groups supposely upset with this or that. Yeah, print this!”

    That’s politics baby! It is dealing with a lot of upset people ALL the time.

    This woman is a complete idiot.

  52. Oh, sm77. You are soooooo bad.


    taggles – No freaking way. Can she even speak English? What an ignorant b&tch!

  53. Howard Dean is an Idiot. I just got this email from him:

    Gary —

    The Democratic Party is hitting the road to register voters, and I want you to join us.

    Starting Friday, July 25th, I’ll be kicking off the second part of the “Register for Change” cross-country bus tour.

    I don’t think he really wants me to show up–I wish I could I can’t get out of work though 😦

  54. gary and mawm: can we come to your wedding someday and sing “Going to the Chapel of Love”? It would be tres cool.

  55. SistaChristianLouboutin, on July 24th, 2008 at 10:28 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Purrrrrfect SM & Boomer. You had better both hold down Howie… I’m coming in to exfoliate his newly waxed back with my electric sander… Anyone got a muzzle?

    Maybe Howard needs to see the Dog Whisperer. Cesar Millan works MIRACLES.

  56. RD:
    Donna’s gonna need more than a little hair removal to get straightened out… might I suggest a “hot oil” treatment…

  57. taggles-
    “Just remember, we’re watching all the toxic waste from groups supposely upset with this or that. Yeah, print this!”-

    Give me a break!!! Are we suppose to be frightened?

  58. yes sm77 she did. it’s nice to know they are watching us.

    I told her I was a PUMA/PUMAPAC/JSND member.

  59. For some reason, Howard doesn’t send me email anymore.

  60. fuzzy is in charge of Donna’s “hot oil” treatment – he likes to get the vat really really really hot before he dips her in head first!

  61. that’s how i took it laney. try to scare me.

  62. I peeked in over at the Big Cheetoh…I had a hard time not leaving a comment behind. I wonder if they saw the Obama Love video; they could have starred in it.

  63. MadamaB – I see – I see….. another playet in your future!

    The DNC hires Cesar Millan “The Dog Whisperer” to rehabilitate “Ole Yeller” – whaddaya think, huh? Huh?

  64. imust lol….c’mon 390 will make it an even 1000…he he

  65. Gary, are you a Foyle’s War fan? This Sunday shows the last of the series.

  66. Gary and Mawm,

    I love Monk and I love detective shows and detective novels. I used to be a Law and Order junkie, but after Lennie died I just couldn’t watch anymore.

  67. Only the 3 amigos would think that having a friendly little democratic fundraiser for our Gal and demanding we count every vote would be a toxic waste situation. Maybe we can get Al Gore to weigh in on this!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock and Rule!

    Now, Donna – time for a little dip!

  68. RD< it doesn’t matter how much hate mail I send back to them, they continue to send me fundraising emails. I have begun to think it is just another psy-op. It’s like they are presenting Obama campaign as this giant machine(bus) that just keeps mindlessly running over people. And it won’t take NO for an answer!

  69. Wow!

    I have been traveling this week and it seems The Confluence is more on fire than evah!

    A 500+ comments thread?

  70. does anyone else live near raleigh? he’s going to be here tomorrow, not 5 miles from where I work and I can’t go… #*($#()…..

  71. Is anyone watching “The Closer”?

  72. Comrade Sista: You are so right. But why stop at her hair? Why not do the whole body?

    Oh, no, now I am reminded of that youtube parody of My Hump featuring Quasimodo and hot oil from the top of the Notre Dame. Or was that molten lead? Hey! Maybe THAT’S what Donna needs.

  73. Boston – me too. Although I LOVE Jesse L. Martin too.

  74. BB: I feel the same way (about Lennie Briscoe). Ala miss Adam Schiff as the DA.

  75. Madamab,

    katiebird came up with a good title for a play this morning: “Have you ever seen and Obot laugh?” It was in response to the Old curmudgeon on CNN Jack Cafferty saying that PUMAs are humorless.

    I don’t think Nancy P. can laugh because her skin is too tight from all the facelifts and Botox injections.

  76. Awwwww, now SM77…you know that dog done died.

    [moment of silence]

    Maybe Cesar Milan needs to rehabilitate Donna. She is a female dog, after all. 🙂

  77. I’m upset I will miss Dean tomorrow in Raleigh.

  78. Indeed, RD… I think Donna good use a steamy, molten dip… then we can cool her off in a kool-aid bath…

  79. taggles-
    they have all gone over the edge with power. they have become worse than the GOP, who would have ever thought???

  80. maybe dean will sign a permission slip for you to get u out of whatever it is that is preventing u from going, mawm.

  81. Hmmmm BB – food for thought! Although it sounds more like a sappy ballad than a play at first blush. 🙂

    Carol – “Burn Notice.” Jeffrey Donovan is my Ed Rendell.

  82. Madamab: LOL!!!! THAT’s right! Ole Yeller died. Gosh I forgot.

    (moment of silence indeed!)

    Maybe the DNC are sooo desperate, they hire Cesar Millan to rehabilitate PUMAs so that they can ACT like Ole Yeller …. huh? Huh? Whaddaya think?

  83. taggles, I’ll be 180 miles away, so anything Dean gave me would be worthless.

  84. Gary, $390!! ….. I know you’re just messing with me man! 🙂

  85. Has anyone here seen or heard Obama’s speech (the One Against Which All Furture Speeches Will Be Measured TM?

  86. well, mawm, i thought that since barack gives children excuse slips it may be a new dnc tactic to get more people to the rallies.

  87. taggles, they discourage old people like me from attending.

  88. MABlue, welcome back!

    Rico said to tell you he has your favorite drink ready.

  89. Seriously though, Madamab, have you ever seen either Barack or Michelle laughing? I never have. They both seem to have so much repressed anger that it is always close to the surface wanting to get out.

  90. Oooh oooh, hubby has finally taken his walk so I can purchase a Causmo!

    BRB with my receipt – Rico, make it a strong one!

  91. so what’s the deal with him saying its wrong to use his daughters as political props, and then they show up on the new People magazine cover. he really is “both ways” barack.

  92. Rico –can I get another Scotch please?

  93. Okie Dokie – I just picked up a few stragglers from the other post:

    Robin $25
    SherryNC $25
    J Chgo $10



    PUMA$ – Do You realize that since July 4th we have raised over

    $14,000 for OUR GAL!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock, Rule and Win!

  94. BO’s rallies remind me of old tent rivals, complete with the appropriate amount of fainters.
    There were fainters at the Unity rally too. Several ambulances carted them off. I wish we had gotten that on video. There is a story there. Someone has to be paying for these fainters.
    I can’t think about it is as being real. If people really are fainting over him that much, I would be really scared about the state of mind of Americans right now.

    I think its bullshit.

  95. [Emptying the martini glass] OK, night owls. It’s 11 eastern. TdF wrapup is over, and it is my pumpking hour. Night, all.

  96. did fuzzybear get lost on his walk?

  97. Bostonboomer, I’ve seen Obama laughing at voters several times …

  98. SophieL: What speech is that? I boycott MSM news, just use the Internet for news sources. Do tell!

  99. Bye BFF!!! Come back soon!

  100. RD: It’s time for Sista to hit the shoe rack.
    This broken leg inhibits my party potential a bit. Keep up the boiling oil bubbling. And BB and SM keep Howie in line. He should be good and raw by now. Perhaps we should help out Claire Mc with a little “treatment.” She’s been looking kinda rough on the tube lately…
    Carry on “militant” PUMAs!
    Comrade Sista

  101. he made a speech to the volkenreichen I think he pounded the air with his fist a lot…that may just be heresay….

  102. PUMA$ – Do You realize that since July 4th we have raised over

    $14,000 for OUR GAL!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock, Rule and Win!

    WOW!!! Carol Diamonds, that is AMAZING!

  103. BFF, do you have a ride home, because I don’t think you are any shape to drive?

  104. Carol, I had no idea about the extra $4,000 — I missed those updates. But, I’ve updated the sidebar total. What do you think?

  105. Sista, will do! Good night & get well

  106. Hey Gary! You just gave me a great visual.

    Scene from the Wizard of Oz, Obama as Scarecrow on his post:

    Dorothy: Now which way do we go?
    Scarecrow: Pardon me, this way is a very nice way.
    Dorothy: Who said that?
    [Toto barks at scarecrow]
    Dorothy: Don’t be silly, Toto. Scarecrows don’t talk.
    Scarecrow: [points other way] It’s pleasant down that way, too.
    Dorothy: That’s funny. Wasn’t he pointing the other way?
    Scarecrow: [points both ways] Of course, some people do go both ways.

  107. Mawm: 1000% right! The only difference between Benny Hinn and Obama is that Obama doesn’t have a horrendous combover.

  108. BB – Honestly, if Michelle ever laughed, that giant chip precariously balanced on her shoulder might fall off. We can’t have that, now can we? 😉

    Carol Diamonds – MOVE THAT TOTAL!


    DATE: July 24, 2008 10:06 PM CDT
    NAME: madamab
    ADDRESS: New York, NY
    AMOUNT: $10.00

    Woo-hoo! [sips] This Causmo is delish.

  109. katiebird – Beautiful!

    Okay people and pets let’s get it to $1000 so Carol Diamonds can go nite nite.

  110. SM: You can read it here:
    The One World speech.

  111. Katiebird,

    But it sounded more like a snarl and his eyes weren’t laughing, right? Like when he mocked Hillary and brushed his shoulders and scratched his cheek?

  112. SophieL: I can’t do it. Five minutes of him and I am bored. He is not dynamic at all.

  113. SophieL – Isn’t it a tad patronizing to explain their own history to them?

    And could he fearmonger a little more? Jesus Christmas, he is so Republican it hurts my teeth.

  114. they’re calling it the One World speech? Jesus, are they trying to get the “new world order” people all riled up? it’s all too creepy

  115. Catch this visual: Election night Obama comes into harbor on ship standing on the deck a la Leonardo DiCaprio screaming,
    “I’m King of the World”. Mass suicides will then occur.

  116. Yay madamab!

    Thanks SpohieL, I’ll read it in the morning. I’m in a good mood now.

    hey, Where’s Pat Johnson? Is she getting that lapdance from Ed?

  117. Pat, I’m going to fall asleep laughing thanks to you. That is a hilarious visual.

  118. Pat its more like that series V, remember that…obamabots are all reallly lizard people….they eat rats live and whole…gives me the willies

  119. (nodding) BB & Pat — exactly. Snarlling and dull.

  120. PJ – If people faint because of that, I’ll believe it.

    Gary – Cue the black helicopters! thwup thwup thwup thwup

  121. Gary, RD & I were discussing that very same thing. Between the Rapture folsk & Illuminati New World Order stuff, this is SCARY.

  122. SM: I watched Kathy Griffin. She had Mario Cantone on. He is another comedian from MA. Ed and I prefer the tango.

  123. Can you believe that Obama has cancelled his scheduled visit to wounded troops in Germany tomorrow? What an ass!


  124. Pat: ooooooh, the Tango!

  125. Pat – I promise to jump right in and try to retrieve BO’s body – after we celebrate here at RD’s.

  126. I simply cannot envision 4 years of that ingrate in the WH.

  127. we don’t get Bravo here (i know, in the fucking biggest tv market in the stat, and we don’t get bravo arghhhh), but when we go down to the beach we see Kathy Griffin then. It seems to me the whole show is scripted now which isn’t as funny. Pat? Fuzzy? comments?

  128. He is impossible. How many demerits has he chalked up now in not handshaking the troops in Afghanistan and then cancelling a tour of meeting wounded troops. Give McCain credit for at least doing that.

  129. katiebird – how about changing that to “our campaign debt with Hillary” – she was working for us.

  130. gary: It is to a certain extent but her stand up cracks me up.

  131. although Bravo is part of the MSNBObama empire, so we should all be boycotting them. Haven’t Kathy’s gays told here that it is so passe to be an obamatron?

  132. Donna B. ran Al Gore’s campaign which was a flop. Wouldn’t let Al be Al. Dressed him in green and brown suits, and adopted the slogan “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet”. A couple of months ago (before she closed her mail box) I asked her who thought of that stupid slogan—it lost the election for him.

  133. Obama (like all jerks) just can’t stop himself. I guess the biggest revelation this summer is how many people really like jerks. They admire them.

  134. Boston – THAT IS WRONG!!!

    The majority of Americans that live overseas are in the military. So he can’t visit the people that WILL and COULD vote for him? And that have honorably served their country and are wounded because of it?

    Bastid. I hope that Republican 527s get a hold of that.

  135. You just don’t diss the troops for any reason. These are kids who we sent there and to turn your back on them as he has is scandalous. There is no one lower than Obama. Must have had to get ready for his close up in London tomorrow. They should turn their backs on him. Not a nice guy.

  136. BB – Why would Obama trouble his beautiful photo-op with nasty pictures of people with no arms, legs or faces?


    All right everyone, time to finish up the dishes and go nite-nite. This was a great party and I hope everyone has a faaaaaaabulous night. Way to go PUMAs!


  137. nite madamab

  138. Yeeeeeaaaargh, madamab!

    Good night!

  139. Donna B is just a mean spirited person. You would expect better from someone with her education and high positions not to send e-mails that are akin to a high schooler on MySpace. Stupid.

  140. No matter how against the war you truly are, you don’t take it out on the soldiers who serve.

    We learned that lesson in Vietnam.

    WHY ON EARTH would Obama skip visiting American Citizens who are serving their country – and are WOUNDED as a result of it?

    How would a soldier feel about the possibility to have Obama as a Commander in Chief, one that couldn’t be bothered to visit a veteran’s hospital, YET had time to talk to a bunch of Germans that wouldn’t be voting for him anyway?

  141. Night Madamab. I’m about to doze off myself. See you tomorrow Conflucians!

    SM, I just love your art work!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. I need money people!

    $680 and holding!

    Who is taking us over $700?

  143. Goodnight, Madamab & BostonB. I’m starting to fade but I’ll try to hang in….

  144. When you are king of the world you can brush off a number of people. He is doing it to us, why not the soldiers. The Repubs should make hay out of this one since it is not invented and the truth.

  145. her education in “industrial psychology”??

  146. Obama is a narcissist! He doesn’t feel a need to participate in the lives of others. Don’t you realize he is busy living his!

  147. Good night Boston! Satire on a budget – if I had Photoshop -ahhhh, the masterpieces I could do!

    But the bad cut & paste jobs are part of the humor as well.

  148. “WHY ON EARTH would Obama skip visiting American Citizens who are serving their country – and are WOUNDED as a result of it? ”

    It’s all about numbers for him. The majority of Vets don’t vote Dem. and most especially this moron.

  149. Carol: As you typed it I can hear his whine coming through.

  150. Guess it’s bedtime on the east coast, certainly in New England.

  151. Carol, do you have email address? katiebird@gmail.com — If I miss getting the sidebar updated you can always let me know the total. And I’ll catch it up as soon as I get back.

    Tomorrow I’ll post the $14,000 number — That’s astonishing!

  152. I’m going to bed too.

    HireHeels & Confulcians, it was a great party!

    See you tomorrow!

  153. Goodnight, SM — I love your artwork. What are you using? Paint Shop Pro?

  154. SM, google “gimp”. It is an open source(free) program that does the same thing as photoshop.

  155. Sophie, and in Florida too.

    Pat, I’m handing you the special Yeeeaaarrrgh Tweezers. Maybe you can sculpt some cute PUMA topiary on Howard’s chest.

  156. Back from vacation and penniless, but I can scrape up $5.44.

  157. My Saporro just came out my nose. Damn I love this site. Have to wait until Aug. 5th to contribute,thanks for having me just the same.

  158. Gary-I don’t think it’s quite as funny now because she’s wearing Chanel all the time and it kinda kills the whole D-list idea. But she did a really crappy gig tonight that made me feel sorry for her-terrible audience(but she did get to go to Bora Bora). Last week she built a library for a poor Mexican school which was hysterical and heartwarming. She’s coming here in Sept. and my daughter wants to go but tickets are expensive so she’s not asking D-list prices. Can’t believe you don’t get Bravo-it’s my main channel now that the news channels are on my boycott list.

  159. SM,

    if you use windows Operating System

  160. Katiebird, it’s cheap ass MS Paint – Mawm, I’ll definitely look into the Gimp program!


  161. If Hillary had turned her back on the troops KO would have had a coronary and another excuse for his “special comments”. Not watching his show anymore, I have no idea how he treated this one. But I am sure he had some excuse handy.

  162. nite SM

  163. Wow, SM — that’s amazing! You’re really good!

  164. SM: What I want to do to Howard requires pinking shears.

  165. You want to pink Howard?! :-0

  166. Got back from dinner and drinks with hubby. Started posting on last thread until I realised (ok I can be slow sometimes) there was a new thread. Now to get caught up with the reading.

  167. is carol is still here?

  168. carol go to foxnews.com right now!!!! you’ll laugh your ass off!!!!!!!


  169. OMG carol, we must have seen it at the same time. I saved the picture and I have GOT to work it in a post tomortrow!!!

  170. gary – I beat you to it by 1 minute! At least these people were still alive when they were filling out their voting choice. BO likes to rob the casket for his!

  171. Go for it! It would also be cool to bring in the jail birds!

  172. I find fox so quaint now….they have one headline “should the dead vote” the other is “missle crew falls asleep”….we are becoing a nation of zombies and narcoleptics

  173. Hi all,

    I’m from PUMA PAC and I just posted this over there.


    Cindy Sheehan is running for Nancy Pelosi’s congressional seat (CA 8th District—San Francisco). Even if you don’t live in San Francisco, you can still help Cindy get on the ballot. She is raising money to get paid signature gatherers; they cost $1 per signature. Go here to donate: http://www.cindyforcongress.org/article.php?list=type&type=14. If you do live in the district, you can sign and collect signatures yourself from that page.

    I just donated $25 (which I don’t really have, but why worry about that now?).

    Cindy needs 10,198 signatures to get on the November ballot against Pelosi. She has 8764 signatures so far. Pelosi is the Democratic candidate, but Cindy is running as an independent.

    Pounce, PUMAs, pounce!

  174. How can you proclaim that you are a Citizen of the World when you have never really been out of the country for any length of time, speak only one language, have a problem with the number of states in the union, never held a full time job, and have only met a few world leaders for an hour tops? Someone please explain that to me.

  175. Pat- Can’t answer your question, can you answer mine?

    Are people buying into this crap?

  176. I think I’m going to call it a night. Thanks for the drinks, Rico. Thanks for a great party RD & SM.

    Pat: Looking forward to meeting you in MA. How do we get in touch?

  177. He hasn’t been out of the country because with that fake BC they aren’t going to let him back in!

    chatblu $5.44

    Grand Total:


    Someone takes us over $700 so I can go Nite Nite.

  178. Another reason why Obama is just like you and I. Read this.


  179. Pat Johnson:

    He is the annointed one, you know. 🙂

  180. SophieL: Here is my e mail address:

  181. Laney: I suppose if you see yourself in the Oval Office already it is not a stretch to see yourself as a Citizen of the World. The man is insufferable.

  182. Thanks Pat. Aren’t you nervous about posting it in public? Or do you just have an excellent spam filter?

  183. Pat – that was really fascinating reading …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Oh, Sorry. I just fell asleep on the keyboard! Is it morning yet!

  184. read somewhere that the reason Obama skipped the meetings with the wounded vets Friday is because they wouldn’t let him bring his own campaign photographers.

  185. 5) Allowance from Dad for doing chores: $1 per week. “I’m out of town all the time,” says Barack, “so Malia will say, ‘Hey, you owe me 10 weeks!’ ”

    Doesn’t see his kids for 10 weeks at a clip, yet he’s portrayed as the average family guy. Looks to me like Michelle is a married single parent.

  186. I can not stomach one more day of the Obama world tour and I have not watched even a second of it. I only hear about it from people on the blogs. I simply can not believe the Democrats would nominate someone so presumptious. It’s a visceral reaction. This empty suit speechifying with throngs of drolling fans is just like some sort of bizarre circus act to me. Am I the only one who feels this way?

  187. Carol: Ed did mention he was concerned about the sudden “naps”.

  188. Obama is post-nation.

  189. masslib: In a word, No.

  190. SophieL: Naw, I have the spam filter on.

  191. Hahaha look at these 2 AP/Yahoo Headlines right next to each other:

    Obama urges Germans, Americans to defeat terror

    Secret Service wants more money for candidates

    Jeez, I know AP is bad in the tank for O, but I hope & pray they leave these 2 together for folks to see

  192. But they spend hundreds of dollars on kid’s parties. So tell me what values they are supposedly instilling?

  193. Pat, Gary can erase that comment, so your email doesn’t hang around. You just wanted to give it to Sophie right?

  194. MawnL Yes. Thanks.

  195. Okay folks, I’m really going nite-nite now. Thank you all for a wonderful evening. In fact, thank you all for this week–I don’t think I’d stay sane without youz

  196. Well, when you send me to those riveting, indepth interviews with the presumptuous democratic nominee and his tacky (oh, I meant tackful) family, it is hard not to go off into a dream state.

  197. masslib: I couldn’t agree more. There is nothing inspiring about him. Just his chin jutting in the air. He is bad enough now imagine as C in C. Makes Bush look lovable.

  198. Mawm, Pat: Feel free to erase anytime…I wrote it down. (I’m a neurotic and would feel better if it were gone.)

  199. The kids are as boring as he is – he has to pay for kids to come over and have faux slumber parties. Little does he know, they would drift off minutes after entering his presence anyway!

  200. My last comments were pretty fucking funny. I am laughing my ass off!

  201. Mawm, on July 24th, 2008 at 11:59 pm Said:
    Obama is post-nation.

    LOL! And why stop there? this is a pretty small planet, the galaxy is sort of minor too, how about post-galaxial?

  202. Carol: Ed did mention something about “talking and giggling
    to herself” along with the naps. Just saying.

  203. I need $14.56 so that I can go nite nite.

    Hit it Rico – take off your shirt and loosen your belt!

  204. I was actually excited about having a President with a grown child who could just focus on the job at hand.

  205. Robin: He already has that covered. It is where he came from remember? He passed Xenu on the way down.

  206. sophieL, a dollar a week? are they living in 1952? I don’t want that man anywhere near our economy. by the time I retire, they’ll be giving us $10 a month in social security, and they’ll always be late with the check!!!

  207. Mawm, on July 24th, 2008 at 11:59 pm Said:
    Obama is post-nation

    He hails from Crypton. That’s why they can’t find his birth certificate. 😉

  208. Pat, lol!

  209. Yeah, but the way they will have it covered on Medicaid is through coupons. Be able to cash them in anywhere.

  210. Is there a ticker tape parade in the works for his return? I have a picnic to go to on Sat and don’t want to miss it.

  211. OMG. hehehehe. One of the Obamaphiles posted this pic on daily Obama. It’s from today’s Obamafest:

  212. masslib, Obama is bizzarro-superman.

  213. Is there any other workplace in the entire world that wouldn’t fire Donna for sending out these bizarre, creepy, and juvenile emails? She needs serious help.

  214. Someone give me $14.57 for Hillary – it will take us over $700!

  215. how the hell can they say this wasn’t a campaign rally? is that even legal??? they’re hocking t shirts for christ’s sake.

  216. She is a loser. E-mails can be forwarded all over the world. She needs an in-session on how e-mail works. They can be around for posterity.

  217. Carol: If I give you the 14.57 will you send the “package” back to MA??? For keeps this time?

  218. Pat – Don’t think so!

  219. Seriously, on July 25th, 2008 at 12:15 am Said:
    Is there any other workplace in the entire world that wouldn’t fire Donna for sending out these bizarre, creepy, and juvenile emails? She needs serious help.

    Seriously, have you ever seen my exchange with her where she told me she’d seen the Clinton’s “inner demons” and blacks had “kept their asses in office”? They NYTimes blog and ironically, redstate even picked it up and asked her about it. You think that would have been enough to stop her. I posted the exchange on TM before she threw herself under Obama’s bus.

  220. Pat – Eddy said to tell you he ain’t BO – he ain’t for sale!

  221. Carol: Looks like it will be a longggggggggggggg night for you then.

  222. masslib – I want to see that.

  223. At 11:25 CDST I’m heading to bed with the “package”.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock and Rule!

  224. Here Carol, I’m off to bed now, hope you can too. nite everyone….

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 24, 2008 11:22 PM CDT
    Contact: Gary xxxxxx
    Chapel Hill, NC 27517
    Amount: $20.08

  225. Carol, it’s in the archives at Taylor Marshes site. I’ll try to find it for you through goggle.

  226. Thanks garychapelhill $20.08

    Grand Total for tonight:



    Thanks everyone – keep contributing and I will update in the morning. Nite Nite.

  227. Was that the one where she talked about how Rebublicans have done so much for her, masslib?

    If anything should clue even Obots in on how unbelievably incompetent Dean is, it’s Donna’s antics. I don’t care who you’re for, you can’t have some loose cannon running around representing the Democratic Party talking to voters like that and trashing other politicians like that. Threatening voters (“we’re watching you,” “I’m going to publish emails,” or whatever) by an actual offical rep of the DNC is just, oh, completely insane.

  228. That’s the one. Yes.

    Donna is drunk with power. She’s been plotting the Barack attack for years.

  229. Just to clarify, I wouldn’t say “blacks”. That was Donna’s word.

  230. I had to go to a meeting… just got back – Full Sail Amber in hand.

  231. Hello you guys! I may have missed this from an earlier comment or post–haven’t caught up yet, BUT:

    Stephanie Miller gave us PUMAs more national exposure today. Accused us of being Republicans, of course. But man! The exposure is great! We’re a big scary movement.

  232. Eff Stephanie Miller. These people are freaking idiots. We are not Republicans. This is just complete non-reality from so-called liberals.

  233. Hi Joanie! Thanks for the drinks earlier!

  234. HAHA another poorly chosen word:

  235. masslib: I just checked a bit – but this really is a good beer and I don’t want to waste it.

  236. Well thank god the European press is reporting the facts — there were free concerts, food & beer at the Obamafest in Berlin today — and he still only got 200,000 to show up. Also, the Greek press, at least, saw the speech as anti-American in that it seemed to be “apologizing” to the rest of the world for America — kind of a “please like us, I’m begging you.” Oh, they’re having a ball laughing at Obama’s “audacity” to give a speech in Berlin when he isn’t even the official nominee yet, much less the President. I guess the “European Obama love” is greatly exaggerated.

  237. Hi Joanie. Me and jjm, and gqm had a round. Um, someone put it on your tab. I don’t think it was me.

    gqm, house is good, thanks for asking. We have to istall the heating system and solar thermal panels. My heating guy fell froma laddder and was laid up, but he’s getting around better now. he thinks next week we’ll get this done. Then the rough-in electrical can get finished.

    Then inspections.

    Then joanie comes to my house to hang drywall.

    Piece of cake. Delicious chocolate cake that wins a ribbon at the state fair.

  238. I’m officially done with TL. I like the people there but now I am supposed to support Obama because a guy who just got executed thought Obama would stop the practice even though Obama just argued it could be used in even non-death cases because he’s apparently better than McCain on the issue. Color me unimpressed.

  239. I didn’t know they included baking at the state fair. I need to get in line to be a judge!

  240. Puma-SF — he can’t take any criticism — what a big baby – he’s a rookie. He’s always starting out with “let me be perfectly clear” or “what I have been saying” – wake up America !!

  241. Puma SF – here’s one for you –

  242. Masslib, wow!
    Thanks for the link to Rovezilla’s e-mails.
    I’m keeping a file on her, so that one really comes in handy.

  243. Ohio, show me the drywall! Isez what I meant!

    I’m a little lushed up and flingin cash. Happy to buy the drinks. There’s a crazy Japanese guy at the Mariners that tips 300-500 at a time! Woo-woo!

    Stephanie Miller is a total idiot and a narcissist herself. I just love it when PUMA gets mentioned anywhere, though. A badge of honor.

  244. Good evening. Got home late from Asheville meet-up and was trying to catch up with earlier posts. Cover chg for this get together is $10 to Hillary?

  245. I’ve got to stop coming late to the party. Sigh.

  246. Contribution details:
    20.08 at about 1:22

  247. Good evening to all, soory I am so late but I was so discusted by Obama’s speach to day that I had to do a double workout and then drink alot, lol

  248. I was so taken aback by Obama’s speach that it took me awhile to take my claws out of the scrating post.

  249. Kim, was at the Asheville meet-up tonight and haven’t seen it yet. Wondering if I can see/listen and get some sleep before my road trip tomorrow. How is your son/family?

  250. Bush got over 1.5 million to protest his speach in Germany, Obama got 200,000 with free brauts, beer and 4 major bands.

  251. Don’t think he is getting a bump in polls here either even with McCain running a less than stellar campaign.

  252. Heard at mtg tonight that soldier reporting O not shaking hands of soldiers in Afghanistan was on news tonight. CNN I think but not sure

  253. Can’t wait to see how they spin his cancelling of visit to wounded soldiers tomorrow. Looks like everyone has called it a night

  254. I just read the politico article masslib linked to (at 12:33). I am sick to my stomach!! Are they actually going to screen all 60,000 people hoping to get tickets to this sham of a coronation? To see if they are serious about coming and will campaign afterwards?? They’re even gonna ask them how they’re going to get there!! Yeah, that’s an open convention allright. I can’t believe what I’m reading but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. They’ve reached a new low.

  255. Ok, its my first time posting here. I see Gary Chapel Hill and Mawm (heard you on the radio).

    Does everyone know about Leah Daughtry? She is Howard Dean’s Chief of Staff.

    She is a preacher and a political operative. In the recent NY Times article about her there is a passage about her speaking in the sanctuary and there is a banner about reparations and it reads: “The Owe Us.”

    Anyway, I was googling her and found this:

    “The Democratic National Committee takes another hit today. The Washington Blade has obtained a copy of DNC Chief of Staff Leah Daughtry’s deposition in the ongoing discrimination discovery hearings.
    When asked about whether she supports gay marriage, Daughtry replied that she does not.


    So I can now ask my question. Where is the Democratic Party going with all of this?

  256. I feel like I am in a time warp or something lately with what Bush admin is doing with birth control and I don’t recognize the Democratic Party anymore!!!!1

  257. I don’t recognize the Democratic Party anymore. That’s why I left because they left me.

  258. Interesting that no one has reported on the number of new Independents in the last couple of months.

  259. How many new independents. Do we know?

  260. I get so blue when I think that for eight years I thought that if we could just get the dems back, things would change. Even the last almost 2 years, I thought we just needed that 60 vote in the Senate. Without Hillary in the White House I worry about the mess that we will be leaving to my sons and their generation

  261. I think I will check to see if there are state websites for voter registration when I have some time. I’m curious now.

  262. I think a lot of dems will stay home which will hurt downticket. Someone told me that was what her family would do.

  263. btw, love your sign-in name. I loved the HBO series and Abigail Adams is someone I want to learn more about.

  264. Don’t get depressed. (When I do I think of everything we have done now.) We can change this.
    Women need to speak up loudly about what happened in the primary and not to be afraid of criticism.
    Look at what the suffragists went through…….We can survive this very well and win.

  265. Abigail was great. We need to learn more about he women of the past because they can help us through this. They were fighting for us then.
    The podcasts from my radio show on on my website.
    There are two
    Abigail Adams Radio Show: Athena’s Women and Ceaseless LIght.
    Good Night, sister. (CLick on my name in this post.)

  266. Good night. Noted you had your own site. Will check it out. I agree. Recently watched Iron Jawed Angels again.

  267. While Obama ‘World Citizen’ is traveling and giving speeches to become ‘WORLD PREMIER’ the democrats, those folks that count Hillary Voters as 1/2 a person are taking some heat!

    A new political action committee is on the rise and gaining speed post FISA vote! They are taking note of congress’s 9% approval rating and going for it. The are:

    Angry Bloggers On Left And Right Unite Over FISA
    “Blue America is a political action committee promoted by Democratic bloggers like Jane Hamsher. She is disappointed with Congress since it went Democratic.”

  268. Damn! I didn’t think Latino voters would go toward Obie so quickly:


    I thought McCain had a shot with Latino voters due to his Immigration policy after Hillary suspended.

  269. I’ve tried posting twice but it’s not showing up.

    Saw this poll and it surprised me a bit. I did not think Hispanic voters would go so quickly to Obama:


  270. Okay, that took. ??? The original post had the full URL instead of the tiny. If the URL wraps, does wordpress block it or something?

    (for whenever anyone wakes up) . 🙂

  271. Don’t know. Am on way to beddy bye but stopped by first. How do the Hispanic numbers compare to Bush’s.

    Interesting note while channel surfing. MSN Matthews talking about how close polls were now in Colorado, Wisconsin, and Michigan I think were the three. His polls in must win states while courting others like ND and going on this ego tour are dropping–I hope everywhere.

  272. I know not supposed to be on MSNBC. Forgive please late night error.

  273. Nice story womanvoter

  274. I find the grotesque, torture porn descriptions in this comment section disturbing, although I admit I now understand why you support “At least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt” and noted torutre victim/advocate McCain.” Honestly, do you have any sense of decorum?

    I know, I know, my post will be deleted, while the torture porn will remain…cheers, I guess. Ugh.

  275. from that Pew Hispanic Research Obama-Latino survey:
    “More than three-in-four Hispanics who voted for Clinton in a Democratic primary or caucus this year say they would vote for Obama or lean toward voting for him, while 8% of Clinton voters say they would vote for McCain or lean toward voting for him.”

  276. Morning all I still dont know what happened I walked away from the cocktail party to watch miss kathy and next thing I remember is its friday morning and my alarm is going off…sorry I missed the rest of the party Fuzzy was more Nakkered than he thought!

    well off to work


  277. Cela, why are you here?

  278. Torture porn?

    Damn, I miss all the fun

  279. Sorry I missed the Party last nite !
    Thanks to all for these posts that really caught my eye.
    SophieL- on the side of your link was a poll usual
    BO -46 %
    JM – 42 %
    BELOW !! shows “WE” PUMA are 7.6 %
    Dems 50.6 %
    Repubs 39 %
    Could it be PUMAS!!
    ** Someone posted about “early voting”.
    I commented giving Dr. Long website, because they talked about 1 person 1vote.
    Also I’d like to see primary’s with early voting vs. same day contests won; between HRC & BHO??
    Whoever brought up the point that Obama instead of going for the military overseas vote , was going more
    for the “others” was spot-on!!

  280. […] That would be wrong.Cocktails at The Scratching Post: Down by the RiversideThey’re Down With OPP!The Scratching Post Cocktails with Riverdaughter & HireHeels – part deuxObama: Full Votes for Zombies, Half Votes for Floridians?KKKarl Rove and Donna Brazile: Perfect […]

  281. Lovely. Made my day (which is saying something)

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